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[Letter from Gulf Coast Mariner] Admiral Photo: Kelly Groce

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exas summe r is upon us and inshore and offshore fishing is as hot as these temperatures we’ve been experiencing. There has been some great tournaments going on up and down the coast so we have included photos and results from inside this issue. If you’ve never participated or been a spectator at a fishing tournament, I suggest you give it a try. Especially offshore tournaments, like the Texas Billfish Classic, make for an exciting and fun day. Our website, www. gulfcoastmariner.com, has a list of upcoming tournaments to keep you in the know. Local and experienced fishing guides like Capt. Joe Kent and Capt. David Dillman have written articles with all the information and tips you need to get in on the summer fishing action. Also, if you are planning an offshore trip for


Gulf Coast Mariner Magazine

July/August 2018

tuna, we have the right lures you need to bring along. Grilling and chilling? That’s what summer is all about. Betha Merit has some delicious drink and food recipes for you to consider for the next time your grilling on the boat, hanging out in your backyard or at the beach. Here’s a challenge for you. Each time you do visit the beach, pick up at least three pieces of plastic or trash. If everyone did this, it would make a huge difference. It’s up to us to keep our beaches clean! Have fun this summer on the water, catch a lot of fish, and enjoy this issue of Gulf Coast Mariner. Tight lines!

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Sailfish. Bill Busters Sportfishing - Port Aransas, Texas

| July/August 2018 6|Babes on the Bay

Photography and results from this Rockport favorite.


YOUR fishing and water recreation photos. Submit photos for next issue to art@baygroupmedia.com

12|Zodiac Open 5.5 RIB

Zodiac-Nautic introduces the new Open 5.5 RIB at an exclusive, day-long media event in Charleston, SC.

14|Swimwear & Apparel by Scales

Women’s bikinis and apparel inspired by the protection and hydrodynamic advantage fish scales provide. By Kelly Groce

18|Texas Billfish Classic

One of the fastest growing competitive billfish events in Texas returns to Freeport on August 1-4. By Brandon Rowan

20|Yellowfin Tuna Lures

Tie on these proven lures and poppers when fishing for tuna at night in the Gulf of Mexico.

22|Saltwater Fishing Tips for Summertime Visitors

Visiting the coast or just new to fishing? Follow these tips to catch more and better fish on your trip. By Capt. Joe Kent

23|Hot Speckled Trout Fishing

Hot and getting hotter! Trout fishing will only get better over the next two months. By Capt. David Dillman

24|FishHide Sportswear

Meet Texan native and saltwater enthusiast Bryan Barnard, creator of FishHide, innovative fishing apparel that allows you to hide in plain sight. By Kelly Groce

26|CCA Ladies Fishing Tournament

Results from the third annual CCA Galveston Ladies Fishing Tournament in Galveston.

28|Summertime Herbs & Grilling


Summertime is for grilling and enjoying refreshing drinks! By Betha Merit

Down South Lure weedless rigging __________________p. 6

29|Marina Bar & Grill

Sanctuary identified as Manta Ray nursery __________________p. 7

This new restaurant at the Galveston Yacht Basin is the perfect pit stop before or after your day on the water. By Xander Thomas

30|Lakewood Yacht Club News

Clear Falls sailors place 4th; LYC and Galati help teens become responsible boaters; Saltwater-Recon.com’s newest webcam.

ON THE COVER The highly anticipated Texas Billfish Classic returns to Freeport on August 1-4

2018 Bay Cup II __________________p. 7 Name That Fish __________________p. 7 Nautical Numbers __________________p. 7 2018 Outlaw Challenge __________________p. 27 Gulf Coast Marine Seabrook Location __________________p. 31 Troubleshooting with the Boat Coach __________________p. 32 Boats for sale __________________p. 33 Galveston Bay tide chart __________________p. 34



Doonan Photography

Non-Guided Any Bait: 1st: Screamin’ Seaman 2nd: Just One More 3rd: Girls Gone Hookin’ 4th: Back Bay Bitchez 5th: G Stringers Guided Any Bait: 1st: Rods and Thongs 2nd: 101 Bar Ranch 3rd: Outta Line 4th: Best Catch Around 5th: Show and Tail Non-Guided Artificial: 1st: Dietze 2nd: Anchor Management 3rd: Ashore Bet 4th: Tyoneon 5th: Wading The Line Guided Artificial: 1st: Reel Artificial 2nd: Bay Berry Babes 3rd: Reel Capt’s Wives of Rockport 4th: Mojo 5th: Speck Tacklers Babettes Non-Guided: 1st: Dolphins - Isla 2nd: Dolphins - Addy Babettes Guided: 1st: Little Mojo - Zurie 2nd: Terry’s Triple Threat - Celeste


Down South Lure - Magic Grass

By Brandon Rowan This is a great way to rig a Down South Lure when fishing for flounder that are super tight to rocks, pilings or heavy shell. Fish as close as you want to structure with confidence and lose less tackle. Just be sure to tuck the barb of the hook back into the plastic and set the hook like you mean it.


Gulf Coast Mariner Magazine

July/August 2018

2/0 Gamakatsu EWG Worm Hook

1/8 oz. Tungsten weight. Use 1/4 oz or 3/8 oz. depending on current or depth

Rubber Bobber Stop


27 Sanctuary Identified as Manta Nursery Where do young manta rays spend their time? Finally, researchers have an answer: Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary. In a paper published in Marine Biology, Dr. Nancy Foster Scholar Joshua Stewart and sanctuary researchers Marissa Nuttall, Emma Hickerson, and Dr. Michelle Johnston suggest that Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary and the area surrounding it may represent the

first documented nursery habitat for oceanic manta rays (Manta birostris) and a potential new species of manta (Manta cf. birostris). In light of the fact that oceanic manta rays were recently listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, this is quite significant. The protections provided within the sanctuary keep juvenile mantas relatively safe from threats affecting them in other parts of the world.

2018 Bay Cup II, Saturday Aug. 4 Lakewood Yacht Club will host the 2018 Bay Cup II Aug. 4, along with the post-race party that evening. Liquid trophies will be awarded by Southwest Spirits, and artist Robert Greaney will perform for the crowd. Register at www.lakewoodyachtclub.com

Name that fish

D. Flying Fish

ANSWER: D. The Atlantic Flying Fish uses its large pectoral fins to “fly� above the water and escape predators. They are a favorite prey of tuna, dorado, billfish and other pelagics. The longest documented flight was 45 seconds out of water.

C. Longfin Mullet


The southern stargazer fish has poisonous spines on each pectoral fin that can discharge up to 50 volts of electricity.


A. Striped Mullet B. Rayed Herring

Female blue marlin are significantly larger than males, reaching up to 14 feet long and living up to 27 years. Males are usually in the 11 foot range and have a lifespan of 18 years.

Texas shrimp landings average almost 32 million pounds valued at $88 million to the commercial shrimper. If not caught by fishermen or eaten by fish, shrimp may live to be 2 years old.



GOT GREAT PICS TO SHARE? Send your photos to art@baygroupmedia.com Lann Brizendine fights a blue marlin on Draggin’ Up during the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic. Owners Chris and Erika Heule, Captain Kevin Deerman, Mates Andy Hollen and Conner Golightly.

Spots on rocks: a fat little flounder shows off its colors. Photo by Brandon Rowan.

Max Conner caught this little tarpon on a down south lure. A Port Aransas sea turtle. Photo by Kelly Groce.

Caitlin Patteson with a pair of big red snapper.

Dolphins jump near the Port Aransas Jetty. Photo by Kelly Groce.

Melody and son swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii.


Gulf Coast Mariner Magazine

July/August 2018

Zodiac Open 5.5 RIB

Zodiac-Nautic Introduces the New Open 5.5 RIB


Marine North America (Zodiac Nautic), a subsidiary of worldleading inflatable and Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) manufacturer Z Nautic Group (Zodiac), has announced the launch of the new Zodiac OPEN 5.5 in the Americas. The versatile, 17’7” RIB made its debut at an exclusive, day-long


Gulf Coast Mariner Magazine July/August 2018

“With its highly stable hull and tube, the OPEN 5.5 offers comfort and extralarge cargo storage.”

media event in greater Charleston, S.C., home to the facility where Zodiac RIBS are assembled in America. An adventurer-style Rigid-Hull Inflatable Boat (RIB) with sleek lines, the new OPEN 5.5 offers a perfectly ergonomic cockpit and an exceptional reinforced deep-V hull, with control and stability even in rough conditions. “The Open 5.5 fully expresses Zodiac’s DNA. Its versatility makes it a unique concept, matched nowhere else on the market, in line with its new slogan: ‘Keep Exploring’,” said Dominique Heber-Suffrin, CEO of the Zodiac Nautic Group. “With its highly stable hull and tube, the OPEN 5.5 offers comfort and extralarge cargo storage. Its versatility and performance make this RIB well-suited for a variety of activities, including fishing, diving, water-skiing and cruising,” said Zodiac Nautic North America President Gary Durnan. “This is a real Swiss-Army knife of a boat.’ For more information, please visit www.zodiac-nautic.com About Zodiac For 120 years, Zodiac has been making every moment on the water an unforgettable adventure. With extensive production, distribution and customer service operations worldwide, Zodiac is the world’s largest and oldest manufacturer of RIBs, inflatable boats, life rafts and safety equipment. With over 1 million boats sold, Zodiac is positioned and ready to help you Keep Exploring!

ZODIAC OPEN 5.5 Specifications Length overall: 17’7” Inside length: 13’8” Width overall: 8’4” Inside width: 4’7” Tube diameter: 1’11” Total weight: 1,290 lbs. Airtight compartments: 5 Max power: 130hp Passengers: 12




Gulf Coast Mariner Magazine July/August 2018




Gulf Coast Mariner Magazine July/August 2018

Charity-minded tournament brings billfishing back to Freeport

By Brandon Rowan


he Texas Billfish Classic celebrates its third year of bringing highly competitive billfishing back to Freeport. Over the past three years, the tourney has grown steadily and produces one of the most popular and enjoyable tournament formats on the Texas Gulf Coast.

with a rich history of record catches and great times. In 2015, Tournament Director Jasen Gast resurrected the Texas Billfish Classic and added much more. “One of the biggest success stories of the TBC is not the fishing, but what we are able to do on land,” Gast said. “Since 2015, the TBC has donated more than $25,000 to local and regional non-profit organizations.” The tournament works closely with three charities – the Freedom Alliance, The Billfish Foundation and the Freeport to Port O’Connor Toy Run. • The Billfish Foundation operates worldwide to advance the conservation of billfish and associated species to improve the health of oceans and economies.


The original tournament was formed in the 1980s by many of the bluewater pioneers who put Freeport on the map as a Blue Marlin hotspot in the 80s and 90s. During this time the Billfish Classic was a premier event


Veteran group after a solid day catching fish on Galveston Bay in 2017.

The Freeport to Port O’Connor Toy Run has delivered toys, clothing and Christmas meals via boat to thousands of needy children on the Texas coast since 2006.

The Freedom Alliance goes above and beyond to meet the needs of wounded warriors and their families. This includes rehab/recovery funds, customized wheelchairs, care packages to deployed troops and a scholarship fund for the children of fallen heroes.

A Patriotic Tournament

Tournament Director Jasen Gast

Gulf Coast Mariner Magazine July/August 2018

Jasen Gast has owned REHAB, a tournament winning 45’ Davis sportfisher,

for five years now and has a history and passion for taking disabled children, veterans and others out on fishing trips. The opportunity to further help the needy came to Gast after meeting the Freedom Alliance’s Pepper Ailor while fishing in Costa Rica. “I met Jasen during the Triple Crown in Los Sueños, Costa Rica. He wanted to bring a more patriotic aspect to his tournament,” Ailor said. Since that meeting, the Texas Billfish Classic has already donated thousands to the charity and much more in the way of real life experiences and trips for our nation’s heroes. “We are not a one and done charity,” said Pepper Ailor, who has worked with the Freedom Alliance over the

Marty Griffith’s Over-Ride with the tournament record blue marlin at 410 pounds. Photo by Brandon Rowan.

“The TBC continues to be one of the fastest growing competitive billfish events in Texas.” past 13 years. “We stay in the lives of these heroes and bless the troops with genuine relationships.” Each year the TBC invites a group of veterans down to Freeport to be involved in the week’s events and also embark on an offshore trip. With no cell phones or distractions, deeper connections are made during the inevitable lulls of a fishing trip and the shared exhilaration during the high excitement moments. Last year’s group of invited veterans enjoyed a great inshore fishing trip. Marine Sgt. Cory, Army Sgt. Bill, Cpl. Jeramie and Master Chief Kevin spent a day on Galveston Bay catching redfish, flounder and trout.

“He has so much fun on those trips! Jeramie’s wife Lindsey said. “He comes back with new friends and so many stories! Thank you for inviting him! He is keeping in contact with several people through text. He just had the best time!” Great things continue to be born of the relationship between the Freedom Alliance and TBC. Dudley Wood, a tournament participant and owner of the 54’ Bertram

donate and volunteer for the Freedom Alliance and other worthy veterans charities but Pepper Ailor wants to see something greater happen. “Form a genuine relationship with a veteran.” Ailor said. “There is too big a gap between the lives of our defenders and the public sector. Our veterans need to do a better job opening up and civilians need to listen better.

People’s Choice

The TBC continues to be one of the fastest growing competitive billfish events in Texas. The high number of billfish catches in August along the Texas shelf also adds to a spirited weigh-in and awards banquet on Saturday night. Fishing the TBC is known to REHAB with the tourney record 169.1 pound tuna. be hot by day and festive at night. Smoker II, even donated a “He puts on the best as hunting trip to a group of five far as I’m concerned,” said veterans he met during the Dudley Wood of Smoker II. tournament last year. “He lets us leave during Gulf Coast Mariner daylight and that is huge. encourages our readers to That’s why I quit some other

tournaments that start you running out at night. The safety of my captain and crew is paramount.” “It is a great tournament,” said Shawn Kurtz, owner of Hey Girl, the winning boat of the 2017 tourney. “Jasen has put together a pretty good program. It gets better and better each year.” New for 2018 is the inclusion of the Billfish Classic Cup trophy. The winner of the BCC will be decided by the boat with the highest total release points from both the Texas Billfish Classic and Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic, and in turn, take home a minimum of $10,000 cash. This conservation minded tournament also encourages billfish release with the highest minimum in the state for harvesting Blue Marlin at 107 inches. Don’t miss the hot fishing and festive nights this revived classic brings to Freeport. The general public is welcome and encouraged to attend the weigh-in on Friday and Saturday. For information on the Texas Billfish Classic visit them online at www. TexasBillfishClassic.com or contact TexasBillfishClassic@ yahoo.com GulfCoastMariner.com


OTI’s Wombat Chugger produces explosive topwater action to excite large tuna and trigger strikes. These poppers come fully rigged and ready to fish with Raptor XH split rings and Raptor 4X treble hooks.

Color: Laser Purple. Available in 5 colors and mini/full sizes. oceantackle.net

Yo-Zuri has upgraded the new Bull Pop with patented Power Body, 3X treble hooks and through wire construction to give it the durability to handle the biggest Texas tuna. The large cupped mouth creates extreme surface commotion that draws fish in from long distances.

Color: Holographic Black and Mackerel. Available in 9 colors and 2 sizes. yo-zuri.com

Color: Pilchard. Available in over 10 colors and 3 sizes. halcotackle.com

Shimano’s Orca popper features a unique “Bubble Chamber” open mouth design based on how a jet engine turns low pressure into high pressure. Water flows through the hole at the top of the lure to create a unique bubble trail and splash. Less effort is required to work compared to traditional poppers.


Gulf Coast Mariner Magazine July/August 2018

Color: Black. Available in 7 colors and 3 sizes. fish.shimano.com

Look to the Halco Max 130 when tuna won’t commit to surface lures. This versatile Australian lure can be trolled but is best cast with spinning gear and steady retrieved during your drift.



Plastic shrimp lures like the DOA Shrimp, Egret Bait’s Vudu Shrimp or Berkley Gulp Shrimp are good alternatives under a float if you can’t find live shrimp. Pop the cork more often when using artificial lures.

Saltwater Fishing Tips for Summertime Visitors By Capt. Joe Kent Each summer, hundreds of visitors flock to the Gulf Coast for vacation and to enjoy some of the best saltwater fishing around. Many, however, are not experienced in saltwater fishing and others have had limited experience and have had difficulty catching fish. Perhaps a few of the pointers discussed in this article will contribute to some successful fishing while here. While a few visitors have never been fishing, others have had experience freshwater fishing which they soon find out is very different than saltwater fishing. For over 12 years I have been the fishing columnist for the Galveston County Daily News, writing a daily column about Galveston area fishing. During those years, vacationers have asked a lot of questions about how, when and where to fish and from them we will focus on those asked most frequently. Among the most common questions are; where to fish, equipment needed and baits. Following those are questions about when to fish, where to fish without a boat, the


best times to fish and fishing licenses.

In the hot summer, when the water temperature is above 80 degrees, fish will tend to be deep thereby making a bottom rig the best choice. We call this bottom bumping and the rig is fairly simple consisting of a swivel, 15 to 24 inches of 20-30 pound leader and treble hook of the sizes mentioned earlier, or a small kahle hook. Above the swivel, a slip sinker from 1/8 to 3/4 ounce should be used. The size will depend on the strength of the current and the idea is to use as small a weight as possible to get the bait near the bottom.

and West Bays, Galveston Ship Channel shorelines and gas well shell pads. The key for all of those areas is having tidal movement and at least fair water clarity. Unfortunately, the locations are limited for those anglers without boats. Fishing piers along the beachfront, Jamail Bay Park, Seawolf Park and a few private subdivision piers are about it. For those willing to wade fish, the surf can be red hot with action during the summer. The keys to success are light wind and good water clarity. Moon phases play into the equation, as days on both sides of the full and dark moons offer some of the best tidal movement. The best wind direction is a light to moderate southeast wind while the worst winds during the summer are from the


Let’s start by addressing the equipment needed. For inshore fishing (bays and jetties), a medium action rod and reel equipped with 10 to 15 pound test line is the most popular choice. Among the most popular riggings are popping corks with treble hooks. Popping corks with a leader ranging from say 15 to 28 inches in length using 20 to 40 pound

“The keys to success are light wind and good water clarity.” test line work well. Treble hooks are the most popular, with sizes 6 to 10 being the most common. My preference is size 8. Prepared popping corks are available at most tackle and bait shops and my recommendation to the newcomer is to start with one of those.

Gulf Coast Mariner Magazine July/August 2018


Live shrimp and croaker are the two most popular summertime baits and for the newcomer, I recommend live shrimp. The bait camps can show you how to hook the shrimp, as it is a fairly complicated process of getting the hook just under the horn of the shrimp. For newcomers, I do not recommend artificial baits. Where and when to fish are not quite as easy to answer, as weather conditions have a major impact on that choice. If you are fishing from a boat, there are many spots including the jetties, Causeway Bridge area, East

southwest and east. Wind velocity plays a big role in both of the adverse winds, as light winds from either direction are often tolerable; however, moderate to strong velocities are usually just not worth fighting. A saltwater fishing license and stamp are needed and can be purchased at sporting goods stores, many bait shops and online at tpwd.texas.gov. Try to get your licenses ahead of time to avoid delays on the morning of your trip. Hopefully the information above will help you have a productive fishing trip while enjoying the many attractions that the Texas Gulf Coast has to offer.

given well in this location can be productive but some wells are better then others. The shell pads located adjacent to the ship channel will see its share of trout too. Some of the oyster reefs are marked by PVC pipe. Some reefs must located using your depth sonar. Channel markers 50-62 are popular areas to fish in July.

good structure for the fish. Trinity is a big open bay that can get rough, so plan fishing the open water there according to the wind speed and your boat’s capability. Live natural baits work best in the heat of July/August. Live croaker and shrimp are the baits of choice this time of year. Croakers should be fished on the bottom, while

“The wells located in the middle of Trinity Bay will also see an increase in the population of trout.” In August, trout will begin their annual migration north. There will still be plenty of fish in the areas mentioned earlier. Some fish will move farther up the channel, staging on the reefs from markers 66-72 and around the tip of Atkinson Island. The wells located in the middle of Trinity Bay will also see an increase in the population of trout. These wells, just as the wells in the A-Lease, provide

shrimp can be used on the bottom or under a popping cork. Eagle Point Fishing Camp in San Leon offers easy access to all of these areas and has a great supply of live bait during this time of year. They can be reached at 281-339-1131 for updates on conditions and bait. Enjoy the heat of the summer and its hot fishing! Remember to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated!!

Hot and Getting Hotter! By Capt. David C. Dillman galvestonbaycharterfishing.com



ummer has finally arrived here along the Texas Upper Coast. This June, the Galveston/Houston area broke record or near record high temperatures on several days. But the trout fishing in June was really good. As the heat sets in the

next two months, the trout action will only get hotter! As the doldrums of summer set in, the water temperature rises in the bay. This rise will cause trout to seek the deep water structure Galveston Bay affords them. In July, the area known as the Exxon A-Lease should be loaded up with trout. The deep water structure of shell pads near these numerous gas wells will hold the fish to this area. Any Jesse Glecker, son Preston and cousin Jackson.   GulfCoastMariner.com



Gulf Coast Mariner Magazine July/August 2018




Gulf Coast Mariner Magazine July/August 2018

Racing and good times on Clear Lake! See you in 2019!



Summertime Herbs & Grilling Grilled Asparagus


umm er i s in full swing! Time for grilling and refreshing drinks by the pool. Fresh herbs abound, perhaps in your own garden. Each of these recipes employs a different savory choice for a palate awakening experience. It’s a great way to discuss the nuances of herbal flavors, and discover which are the favorites. Many offshore fresh catch options are available, including red snapper, mahi-mahi, tuna and cobia. And of course veggies are offered everywhere, from the supermarket to the farmer’s market. Enjoy these recipes one at a time or all together, if your tastebuds dare.

• • • • •

Strawberry Basil Infused Vodka Soda • • • • •

3 strawberries sliced 3 basil leaves plus more for garnish 1 ounce wild strawberry vodka 6-8 ounces club soda Ice

1 pound asparagus, stalks trimmed 3 TBSP butter, cut into small pieces 1 TBSP chopped parsley salt, pepper, garlic powder to taste lemon wedges.

Preheat grill to medium high heat or an oven to 425 degree F. Divide the asparagus evenly among squares. Sprinkle with chopped parsley, salt, pepper, and garlic powder to desired amount. Divide butter pieces among each square. Fold the foil into sealed packets. Grill for 15 minutes, flipping once. Or bake in oven for 12-15 minutes. Carefully open the foil packets and stir to make sure the butter and seasonings are evenly coated. Squeeze with lemon wedges if desired.

Place strawberry slices and basil in bottom of glass. Add vodka and muddle well with a wooden spoon. Let sit for a few minutes. Fill glass 1/2 full of ice, then fill with club soda. Splash with more wild strawberry vodka. Stir and enjoy.

Garlic & Thyme Tuna Steaks • 4 tuna steaks (6 oz. each) • 2 TBSP fresh lemon juice • 1 TBSP olive oil • 2 garlic cloves, minced • 2 1/2 tsp minced fresh thyme • salt & pepper In a resealable 1 gallon plastic bag, add lemon juice, oil, garlic and thyme and mix. Add the tuna and seal bag, turning over to coat. Refrigerate up to 30 minutes, turning occasionally. Remove tuna from bag, and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Drain and discard the bag. Grill tuna, covered, over mediumhot heat or broil 4 in from the heat for 3-4 minutes on each side for medium-rare or slightly pink center.


Gulf Coast Mariner Magazine July/August 2018

Creamy Cucumber Dill Weed Salad • 2 large cucumbers, halved and sliced • 1/4 to 1/3 cup sliced red onion •1/4 cup greek yoghurt, plain • 1/4 cup white vinegar • 1 Tablespoon dill weed • salt & pepper to taste •1 clove garlic, minced • 1 teaspoon honey or sugar Mix all ingredients in a large bowl. Let salad chill in refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Marina Bar & Grill at GYB Quick breakfasts before your day on the water, or ice cold beer and hearty meals at day’s end By Xander Thomas


new haven for fishermen

and boaters has come to Galveston Island. Marina Bar and Grill opened just over a year ago on the yacht basin, and is an ideal spot to relax for anyone out on the water for the day or for folks looking for a bite or a beer in a calm, friendly atmosphere. Owner, Paul Murdoch, says they do see the sailors and anglers often. “They love it here” said Paul Murdoch, “they can come in from fishing and they don’t have to leave the basin to get something to eat and have a beer” Opened in mid-2017 by husband and wife duo, Michele and Paul Murdoch, Marina Bar and Grill is a small, outdoor place where people can look out on the water, have a few drinks and watch the yachts or listen to the birds. The menu is comprised of mostly hearty foods, like burgers, fish n’ chips, po-boys, chili and pastas, and includes some appetizers for less hungry guests, too, but most of these are heavy snacks as well. For those up a little earlier in the day, there is a breakfast menu also made up mostly of foods meant to stick with you through a busy morning. Paul says that there wasn’t really a reason why they chose the yacht basin specifically; or even Galveston; except that it’s where they live. He says the

location was chosen just because the property was up for lease when they were ready to open their restaurant. Of course, the beautiful view of the water didn’t hurt their decision. “We just fell in love with it” he said, “and the chance came to open up this place, we just took the chance.” Interestingly, Paul was not even much of a cook himself to begin with, but Michele says he turned out to be a great chef! He just thought it was an interesting idea to open a restaurant. Michele, however, came up with some of the recipes that they used for the menu, like the fried brussels sprouts and the crab and jalapeno hushpuppies. It isn’t to say that Paul has no credit in the menu; he did inspire them to bring in an authentic version of fish n’ chips from Scotland. Although he says it is spicier than what you will find across the pond. “The only people not turned on by it are people from the UK” he said with a laugh, “it’s too spicy for them!” He did it this way because, as he says, Texans love their spicy foods, nothing bland for us here! So what is it on the menu that Paul recommends? “Everything’s really good” he said with confidence. “There isn’t anything that doesn’t sell”

But if he must give a recommendation, he says that you can’t go wrong with the fish n’ chips, or for the smaller appetites, go for the hushpuppies or gator bites. Aside from good food, he also promises a quick meal if you don’t have the time to wait. “Not everybody wants to come and sit and take an hour for lunch” he said, “it’s not fast food, but it’s quick food.” Along with a great meal with a nice view, though, a major draw of this spot is the calm and quiet. Since they are not on the “tourist trap travel” as he calls it, the patrons here enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle that can be other parts of the island. “Just try it out, I guarantee you, you’ll like it” he said, “You’ll come back.”



Photo provided by Event Chairman Steve Harris

Clear Falls Knights sailors place 4th at Nationals


lear Falls High School Knights sailors Katie McGagh, Dutch Byerly, Matthew Morrell, Cade Morrell, Noah Zittrer, Asher Zittrer, Phillip Adams, Zane Rogers and Wylie Rogers traveled to San Diego to compete against the 11 other high school teams that earned a spot at

Nationals. The San Diego Yacht Club was the selected venue by the Interscholastic Sailing Association to host the High School Team Race Nationals for the Baker Cup. The 12 best high schools in the country in their respective districts qualified for this event, a two-day regatta where, after completing a full

Round Robin on Saturday, they split the teams into three different fleets on Sunday: Top 4 in gold, next 4 in silver and the last 4 in bronze. “The racing area was set right off Shelter Point, an easy spot for families and friends to follow racing, and very close to the floating dock where coaches and sailors would work to get some wins in,” reported LYC Coach Bernat Gali. “Conditions were beautiful with clear skies and temperatures in the 60s, and the wind speed was excellent, but the race area made racing challenging, with strong currents coming from all over and power boating wake affecting every race. With the race area being so close to shore, geographical wind shifts were part of the game plan, and unexpected puffs changed the strategy while racing on several occasions.” CFHS had a great first day, despite some trouble getting off the start, and finished the first day in 3rd overall, qualifying for the Gold Fleet

and earning the right to fight for a spot on the podium. The last day rose with light winds, lighter than Saturday, and although they displayed great racing skills against some of the best teams in the country, the Knights lost the battle for third at the very last run to finish 4th overall. LYC extended congratulations to all the winners. Point Loma High School, locals out of San Diego, won their second High School Nationals in a row after Fleet Race Nationals with a clean score of 17-0. Antilles High School from USVI claimed second while Christchurch High School from Virginia beat CFHS for third overall. The Clear Falls sailors represent the South East District of Interscholastic Sailing Association and are all part of the LYC Sailing program. Learn more about Lakewood Yacht Club or its sailing programs by emailing waterfrontdirector@ lakewoodyachtclub.com

LYC and Galati Yacht Sales help teen sailors become responsible boaters Clear Lake cam now live


akewood Yacht Club is hosting the newest SaltwaterRecon camera: View Clear Lake Mariners can now take advantage of the live feed from the LYC vantage point to view weather and other live events on Clear Lake Saltwater-Recon.com’s newest cam shows a user controllable live feed over a large portion of the lake. View the Clear Lake Camera at the following link: www.saltwater-recon.com/clear-lakecam Site visitors can get in a queue to control the camera for up to a minute at a time. Zoom, pan left and right or tilt the camera to get the best view.


Gulf Coast Mariner Magazine July/August 2018


ifte e n Lak e wo o d Yacht Club teens took the next step to become safe, responsible boaters recently as they earned their U.S. Sailing Powerboat Safety Certificates. “This was a great opportunity to give these kids necessary powerboat training at a time in their lives where they will be joining us out on the water more and more,” said LYC member Duane Guidry. “We owe a special thank you to Galati Yacht Sales which generously financed the two-day, intensive safety course.” The class was taught by Margaret Candler and Cassidy Brown from the Sea Star Base Galveston, and included both classroom and on-the-water instruction covering:

On the water sessions: • Engine & electrical systems • Starting procedures • Docking • Leaving & returning to a slip • Close-quarters maneuvers • Anchoring • Steering a range • Person in-water rescue Classroom sessions: • Safety, preparation & weather • Maneuvering concepts • Registration & capacities • Equipment requirements • Navigation rules of the road • Aids to navigation • Environment regulations Participants had to have earned their Texas Boaters Education License.

Gulf Coast Marine Powers into Clear Lake By Rick Clapp


ell-known boat dealers Gulf Coast Marine have come to Seabrook. This legend of the marine industry, trusted since 1954, is now located on the shores of Clear Lake. The Holmes family and owners of Gulf Coast Marine are very proud of their impeccable reputation in

selling premium center console fishing boats with ‘moves’ like Everglades, Contender, World Cat, Sea Hunt and Tiburon. Gulf Coast Marine prides themselves on customer service, repair and working long term with their valued customers. They are very excited to be working with their experienced and highly trained staff of their own and the Endeavor Marine Group. According to marine

maven and manager Richard Branscomb, their goal is find you the premium boat that is perfect for you and your needs. They also want you to enjoy what they call the ‘Ultimate Boating Experience.’ They have been delivering this promise since the first day that the esteemed Bill Holmes Sr. started this business 64 years ago. Son of the founder, Bill Holmes Jr. continues to carry on the family integrity

in boating and marine sales. There is no substitute when it comes to their reputation and good name. They have three locations; Corpus Christi, Hitchcock and now Seabrook. The Holmes family had the vision to see and understand the affluent Seabrook market. Our region is the third largest boating community in the nation. Their goal is to be the best boat sales and repair on Clear Lake. Gulf Coast Marine will work closely with the talented team at Endeavor Marina. The soft opening for the Seabrook location will be early this July. The Holmes family has made a major commitment to our community. It will enhance and increase our economic development and our image in the marine industry. They also promise to support local community programs. Look to Gulf Coast Marine and enjoy the ultimate boating experience they will provide. Visit them online at www. gcmboats.com



did anything sound out of place? Shut down and start again if you need to. What noise is different that the last time you started the engine? Any screeching or knocking? While still tied to the dock, or anchored, engage forward gear/neutral/reverse-about 5 seconds each to confirm each gear is working properly. If a strange noise continues, it’s time to look in the area that it seems the noise is coming from. Check the

WHAT IS THAT NOISE!? By the Boat Coach


ave you ever wondered what that strange new noise might be while starting up the engine or underway? We all have. How to deal that situation starts with really paying attention and recognizing what are


normal sounds on your boat. Let’s start the engine: be sure that the gear shift is in neutral (neither forward or aft), run the blower to evacuate the engine room of fumes, then turn the key to START. Some engines will need a bit of throttle to start and then quickly back to idle. So far, so good. Now, listen:

Gulf Coast Mariner Magazine July/August 2018

engine room, exhaust area or access other areas as required. Run through the routine again; watch the prop shaft while turning and listen to the noise until the general area may be identified. It also helps to have assistance when troubleshooting. Often it takes two persons; one to operate the controls up top and someone in the area of noises to find a problem. It is also time to inspect anything that can be accessed. Check a list of items from loose hose clamps, cooling water strainers and fluid levels in the engine and transmission. All are easy to do once you familiarize yourself on how it is done. Do the instruments on the dash actually show the conditions at the equipment? These should be adjusted to display the accurate indications. If all else fails, The Boat Coach is here to help.

[ B O A T S


SA L E ]

1998 Robin Smith 65 Convertible

2005 Hatteras 54

$799,000 Cory W. Webster 281-636-2228 www.galatiyachts.com

$719,000 Larry Smith 850-259-8989 www.galatiyachts.com

2016 Formula 400 SS

2009 Robalo 265 Walkaround

$499,000 David Hunt 713-819-7426 www.galatiyachts.com

$80,000 Jordan Butler 409-939-5524 www.galatiyachts.com

2018 Albemarle 29 Express

2016 Sea Hunt 21 Ultra

$319,900 Texas Sportfishing Yacht Sales (Tommy Nolan) 281-535-BOAT(2628) www.tsfyachts.com

$46,500 Texas Sportfishing Yacht Sales (Tommy Nolan) 281-535-BOAT(2628) www.tsfyachts.com



Galveston Bay Tides EAGLE POINT, TX NOAA Station Id: 8771013

JULY Sun 7/1 03:23 AM 03:15 PM

-0.19 L 0.95 H

Mon 7/2 03:58 AM 03:19 PM

-0.13 L 0.90 H

Tue 7/3 04:31 AM 03:04 PM

-0.04 L 0.83 H

Wed 7/4 05:02 AM 02:37 PM

0.07 L 0.75 H

Thu 7/5 05:30 AM 02:07 PM 10:12 PM Fri 7/6 02:10 AM 05:47 AM 01:36 PM 09:34 PM Sat 7/7 01:01 PM 09:47 PM Sun 7/8 12:15 PM 10:17 PM Mon 7/9 10:22 AM 10:56 PM Tue 7/10 10:37 AM 11:41 PM Wed 7/11 11:34 AM Thu 7/12 12:31 AM 12:40 PM

Gulf Coast Mariner Magazine July/August 2018

Tue 7/17 04:47 AM 01:33 PM

-0.06 L 0.78 H

Wed 8/1 03:58 AM 12:37 PM

0.20 L 0.78 H

Wed 7/18 05:31 AM 01:14 PM 08:13 PM

0.18 L 0.71 H 0.36 L

Thu 8/2 04:19 AM 12:04 PM 07:14 PM

0.35 L 0.75 H 0.48 L

Thu 7/19 01:35 AM 06:07 AM 12:54 PM 08:42 PM

0.49 H 0.41 L 0.71 H 0.16 L

Fri 7/20 12:27 PM 09:19 PM

0.74 H -0.01 L

Sat 7/21 11:31 AM 09:58 PM

0.40 H 0.38 L 0.68 H 0.20 L

Sun 7/22 09:12 AM 10:38 PM

0.71 H 0.01 L

Mon 7/23 09:43 AM 11:19 PM

0.79 H -0.18 L

0.92 H -0.36 L

1.05 H -0.49 L

1.14 H

0.82 H -0.14 L

0.92 H -0.21 L

1.00 H -0.25 L

Tue 7/24 10:29 AM

1.03 H

Wed 7/25 12:02 AM 11:22 AM

-0.25 L 1.04 H

Thu 7/26 12:43 AM 12:18 PM Fri 7/27 01:24 AM 01:12 PM

-0.24 L 1.04 H

-0.21 L 1.02 H

-0.57 L 1.18 H

Sat 7/28 02:01 AM 01:51 PM

Fri 7/13 01:23 AM 01:42 PM

-0.59 L 1.18 H

Sun 7/29 02:35 AM 02:07 PM

-0.11 L 0.95 H

Sat 7/14 02:17 AM 02:25 PM

-0.55 L 1.12 H

Mon 7/30 03:06 AM 01:48 PM

-0.03 L 0.89 H

Sun 7/15 03:09 AM 02:24 PM

-0.44 L 1.01 H

Tue 7/31 03:33 AM 01:13 PM

0.07 L 0.83 H

Mon 7/16 03:59 AM 01:56 PM


0.21 L 0.70 H 0.37 L


-0.27 L 0.88 H

-0.16 L 0.99 H

Fri 8/17 10:09 AM 07:22 PM

0.96 H 0.23 L

Sat 8/18 08:08 AM 08:13 PM

1.06 H 0.15 L

Sun 8/19 07:44 AM 09:06 PM

1.17 H 0.10 L

Mon 8/20 08:21 AM 10:00 PM

1.24 H 0.09 L

Fri 8/3 12:28 AM 04:25 AM 11:32 AM 07:31 PM

0.56 H 0.52 L 0.77 H 0.31 L

Sat 8/4 10:56 AM 08:05 PM

0.83 H 0.14 L

Tue 8/21 09:06 AM 10:54 PM

1.27 H 0.09 L

Sun 8/5 10:11 AM 08:48 PM

0.94 H -0.02 L

Wed 8/22 09:54 AM 11:44 PM

1.27 H 0.11 L

Mon 8/6 09:32 AM 09:37 PM

1.07 H -0.16 L

Thu 8/23 10:41 AM

1.25 H

Tue 8/7 09:47 AM 10:31 PM

1.19 H -0.26 L

Fri 8/24 12:30 AM 11:23 AM

0.14 L 1.22 H

Wed 8/8 10:32 AM 11:28 PM

1.27 H -0.33 L

Sat 8/25 01:10 AM 11:45 AM

0.19 L 1.18 H

Thu 8/9 11:27 AM

1.30 H

Sun 8/26 01:45 AM 11:37 AM

0.26 L 1.13 H

Fri 8/10 12:24 AM 12:24 PM

-0.34 L 1.28 H

Sat 8/11 01:18 AM 12:58 PM

-0.28 L 1.20 H

Mon 8/27 02:15 AM 11:12 AM 03:18 PM 05:53 PM

0.35 L 1.07 H 1.02 L 1.04 H

Tue 8/28 02:42 AM 10:43 AM 03:38 PM 07:42 PM

0.47 L 1.03 H 0.92 L 0.98 H

Sun 8/12 02:10 AM 12:21 PM

-0.17 L 1.08 H

Mon 8/13 02:59 AM 11:52 AM 03:57 PM 07:12 PM

0.01 L 0.97 H 0.90 L 0.94 H

Wed 8/29 03:07 AM 10:14 AM 04:06 PM 09:36 PM

0.61 L 1.01 H 0.80 L 0.95 H

Tue 8/14 03:44 AM 11:30 AM 04:49 PM 09:35 PM

0.23 L 0.89 H 0.71 L 0.83 H

Thu 8/30 03:28 AM 09:44 AM 04:40 PM 11:55 PM

0.77 L 1.02 H 0.67 L 0.97 H

Wed 8/15 04:27 AM 11:11 AM 05:41 PM

0.47 L 0.87 H 0.52 L

Fri 8/31 03:39 AM 09:12 AM

0.93 L 1.07 H

Thu 8/16 12:15 AM 05:05 AM 10:47 AM 06:31 PM

0.81 H 0.70 L 0.89 H 0.36 L

Profile for Bay Group Media

Gulf Coast Mariner Magazine July/August 2018  

The Texas Billfish Classic returns to Freeport, TX on August 1-4. Also: Scales swimwear, Zodiac Open 5.5 RIB, Yellowfin Tuna Lures and Galve...

Gulf Coast Mariner Magazine July/August 2018  

The Texas Billfish Classic returns to Freeport, TX on August 1-4. Also: Scales swimwear, Zodiac Open 5.5 RIB, Yellowfin Tuna Lures and Galve...