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4.1 What factors led you to choose the above institutions? (100 words maximum) My chosen UK institutions have the right kind of faculty expertise that can help achieving my research objectives. These institutions do broad range of research in my fields of interest. Moreover, these institutions have excellent education system which is perfect for conduction research. Most importantly, I have found supervisors from these institutions with whom my research interest matches. The supervisors are also very interested to give me the opportunity to conduct PhD based on my research proposal and study plan. In short, these universities have excellent reputation for research facilities and faculty expertise, which helped me to select the opportunity.

4.2 The Committee will pay particular attention to contact you have had with institutions listed above. Please indicate details of any applications submitted, or acceptances obtained. I will apply in the University of Cambridge in the second week of December, 2012. I have already applied in the University College London and hoping to get unconditional offer letter in no time. I have applied in the Glasgow Caledonian University and got unconditional offer letter. My Student ID is S1232441.

4.4 Has the following plan of study been discussed with, or produced in conjunction with, any prospective supervisor or host institution in the UK? Please provide details: I have discussed my plan of study with all the three prospective supervisors as mentioned above. All of them have read my research proposal properly and found it quite interesting. They have also agreed to supervise me based on my proposed PhD research proposal. They will help me to get unconditional PhD offer letters from respective universities. Moreover, all of them have confirmed that they will support my PhD application for Commonwealth Scholarship in the UK by providing the supporting statements as required by the CSC. Š Bayes Ahmed

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Why these Institutions_Bayes