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Benefit to Your Home Country Commonwealth Scholarships in the United Kingdom receive funding from the UK Department for International Development. An important selection criterion is therefore the potential contribution that a candidate will make to development as a result of the receipt of a Commonwealth Scholarship. Candidates must provide a statement explaining how their proposed study relates to a development need. You are advised in your statement to describe how your plan of study or research relates to development in your sector and country. Please say how, on your return, you will apply your new skills and qualifications, and what outcomes you will hope to achieve. This could usefully be related to a national development priority or objective. Please also suggest how the impact of the potential benefits of your work might be measured. This section will be given a specific grade in assessing your application. You are advised to make use of, but not exceed, your limit of 500 words.

The threats of haphazard urbanization, climate change and disasters awfully concern my mind to have a conscious look to the urban-environment. I have keen interest working on urban planning and the adverse impacts of climate change in community, with a goal of incorporating modern technologies in a meaningful way of contributing to city planning in Bangladesh and help create a better world for us and the generations to come. Bangladesh is among the countries that are expected to be worst affected by climate change. The Government of Bangladesh is very much aware of this and realizes that climate change is an environmental as well as a development issue. The Government is fully committed to manage it in a way that the country is protected well from its adverse impact and that the growth path remains stable. The Government of Bangladesh’s vision is to eradicate poverty and achieve economic and social well-being for all people. This will be achieved through a pro-poor Climate Change Management Strategy, which prioritizes adaptation and disaster risk reduction. There is no doubt that climate change adaptation is our national development priority. Š Bayes Ahmed

On the other hand, my career objective is to do the best I can in the field of Urban Planning and Climate Change. I want to conduct research related to land cover changes and its implications for climate change adaptation. Therefore, my research is clearly related to the development need of my country. As a professional working in urban planning sector of a leading organization, I am at a better position for disseminating knowledge. The output of my research will be a model that can be utilized in urban areas to help predict, manage and monitor land cover changes in order to combat climate change. In the coming future, this will help the decision makers and urban planners finding the strengths and weaknesses of the climatic change induced impacts and its adaptability in community level of Bangladesh which has not been explored yet. I realize that contribution of urban planners to a developing country like Bangladesh is inevitable. Time is now to develop the capacity of the urban planners to equip them with adequate modern technologies and knowledge. Being a citizen of Bangladesh and intended to develop my career in urban planning sector, I believe that the new skills and qualifications achieved by me would contribute in improving the proper management of climate change adaptation policies in Bangladesh. My aim is to introduce the concept of disaster responsive pro-poor policies in urban planning activities through local level planning authorities of Bangladesh. I think, when my planning skills will interact with most advanced tools and techniques, it will create successful and up-to-date contribution to my country. This aim can be fulfilled when I can apply 'best practices' learned from the programme in UK. Lastly I do believe such an opportunity will pave the way for new avenues of my country’s future by ensuring better planning practices in Bangladesh.

Š Bayes Ahmed

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Home country benefit_Bayes