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Four SF galleries show ‘They Knew What They Wanted.’

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LGBT travelers to Zurich will find lots to do, plenty to see in gay-friendly city.

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. No. 30 . 29 July 2010

Serving the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities since 1971

Sonoma County settles bias suit

Leather season opens

Police decoys to end in Palm Springs by Ed Walsh alm Springs Police Chief David Dominguez says he won’t be doing more sting operations using police decoys to curb public gay sex. “I don’t see us using decoys in this type of prob- Police Chief David lem,” Dominguez Dominguez told the Bay Area Reporter last week. Dominguez said he plans to deal with the problem of public sex through more uniformed patrols, education, and community outreach. Dominguez told the B.A.R. that his department is working closely with hotel owners in the city’s gay


onoma County officials have agreed to pay $650,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by an elderly gay man who claimed the county separated him from his longtime partner and auctioned off their belongings. The plaintiff in the lawsuit, Clay Greene, Harold Scull and will receive $275,000 Clay Greene in an from the county and undated photo. an additional $53,000 from a co-defendant,

he Up Your Alley street fair, held Sunday, July 25 in San Francisco’s South of Market District, is the prelude to the larger Folsom Street Fair in the fall. Nonetheless, the day saw several thousand people take part in the festivities, including Kelly Anthony and Horehound Stillpoint, above, who enjoyed a dance and a kiss.


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Lydia Gonzales


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by Lois Pearlman

Supes forum highlights AIDS issues Choi discharge H is official

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Bob Roehr



District 6 candidate James Keyes

District 6 candidate Jim Meko

slaught And the Band Played On. He recounted how he cared for one of his best friends as he wasted away and fell further into dementia. “I met my best friend Matt Aronica at the Ambush. Bright guy. A lawyer who even argued cases before the California Supreme Court,” said Meko, who brought with him a copy of Shilts’s book. “I was the one to lift Matt’s 90-pound emaciated body out of the bath and put him back to bed ... to deal with the ravages of dementia ... The night Matt died I spent three hours in the corner of a bar crying until closing time.” Having moved to San Francisco in 1981, Walker said it wasn’t long before her gay male friends were being admitted into San Francisco General Hospital on a “minute by minute basis” due to the then little understood disease. “I had dozens of friends move up from San Diego and Los Angeles because the hospitals there wouldn’t care for them,” said Walker. In a sign of how little attention HIV and AIDS had received prior to last week’s forum, all of the candidates were taken to task for not having anything about the city’s HIV endemic on their campaign websites. As of Wednesday morning of this week, none had added a specific section discussing HIV or AIDS issues. Even during last week’s forum the candidates


Lydia Gonzales


District 6 candidate Theresa Sparks

had few specifics for how they would ensure funds for HIV and AIDS would not be cut from the city’s budget or where the money would come from to build affordable housing for people living with HIV or AIDS. And the forum’s format wasn’t exactly equitable when it came to hearing from all of the candidates, who were seated alphabetically on stage. All 15 answered at least one question directed specifically to them as well as two yes-orno queries everyone answered. It was left to the seven panelists to decide who among the candidates would answer their questions, and several noted they had ties to certain campaigns. Tim Durning, president of the group San Francisco for Democracy, is the campaign treasurer for both Walker and D8 candidate Rafael Mandelman, a local attorney. Randy Allgaier, director of the San Francisco HIV Health Services Planning Council, recused himself from asking specific questions to D8 candidates because of his outspoken support for Rebecca Prozan, an assistant deputy attorney on leave to focus on her campaign. Despite his backing of Mandelman, local architect Alan Martinez did not restrict himself from querying the D8 candidates. Several candidates ended up answering four


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t was official first. Now it’s public. Army infantry officer and Arabic language specialist Lieutenant Dan Choi has been discharged from the armed services, effective June 29. “Based on Lieutenant Dan Choi board findings that [Lt.] Daniel Choi did publicly admit, on more than one occasion, in person and through the media, that he is a homosexual, such conduct being in violation of [Army and National Guard regulations], I direct that Choi be discharged from the New York Army National Guard with an Honorable characterization of service,” wrote Brigadier General Patrick A. Murphy. Choi, 29, first learned of his honorable discharge by telephone, a call from his commander, according to a Newsweek report last week. From yet another source, the Iraqi war veteran discovered that his father, living in Orange County, California, had received a letter, the official discharge notification, sometime earlier. But the West Point alumnus and his father, a Southern Baptist minister, are not on speaking terms, a family communications breach, explaining the information time lag. Still, Choi stands resolute. Issuing a

Lydia Gonzales

by Chuck Colbert

ousing and employment for people with HIV and AIDS, as well as city funding for prevention and health care, topped the list of issues discussed at a forum last week, the aim of which was to ferret out where candidates in three of this fall’s San Francisco supervisor races stand when it comes to AIDS issues. Fifteen people running for supervisor in Districts 6, 8, and 10 took part in what was billed as the city’s first-ever HIV listening session with candidates for public office Friday, July 23. A panel of seven people living with HIV spent two and a half hours questioning the candidates on a random basis about numerous concerns. While all of the candidates talked about how HIV has impacted their lives, several candidates’ stories particularly stood out. Glendon Hyde, the drag queen known as Anna Conda seeking the D6 seat, disclosed how he has been HIV-positive for 21 years. “My HIV can now drink legally,” he joked. Kidding aside, Hyde said he struggles to buy his lifesaving medications. “One of the largest problems I have had with HIV in my life is being able to afford my drugs,” said Hyde, adding that he would be missing his drug regimen until Monday due to a lack of funds. Another HIV-positive candidate, James Keys, choked up in discussing how he had full-blown AIDS in 1999. A native of Oakland who had moved to New Orleans, Keys said he moved to San Francisco to find help and thanked the San Francisco AIDS Foundation for putting him “on the right track.” “San Francisco saved my life,” said Keys, a gay man who chairs the San Francisco Mental Health Board and was a onetime aide to District 6 Supervisor Chris Daly, who is termed out of office. Two D6 candidates, out lesbian artist Debra Walker and gay business owner Jim Meko, spoke about the numerous friends they cared for and lost to AIDS in the early days of the epidemic. Meko lived around the corner from the long gone gay bar Ambush, made famous in Randy Shilts’s 1987 nonfiction account of AIDS’ on-

Lydia Gonzales

by Matthew S. Bajko

BAY AREA REPORTER . . 29 July 2010



Know thyself: Take the Oakland LGBTQI census by Jason Victor Serinus or a city rich in LGBTQI people of every age and ethnicity, Oakland remains somewhat in the closet about itself. Despite U.S. census data, released earlier this century, that reveals Oakland as home to more lesbian couples per capita than any other big city in the U.S., and third nationwide in gay and lesbian households combined, its geographically separated community knows surprisingly little about its economic, social and cultural makeup, let alone its needs. Thanks to the efforts of out Oakland Councilwoman and mayoral candidate Rebecca Kaplan and members of Oakland’s LGBTQI Roundtable, that is about to change. The LGBTQI census of Oakland and the East Bay, which is available online at ride, has begun collecting invaluable data on the particular makeup and needs of the community. The census is one of the fruits of the Oakland LGBT Roundtable, which meets monthly in Oakland City Hall. Last year, soon after Kaplan resurrected the roundtable begun by former gay councilman Danny Wan, discussion began on establishing an LGBTQI community center in Oakland. When the roundtable consulted CenterLink, the community of LGBT centers nationwide, it was urged to conduct a community-wide census that would help determine what the community looks like, and what array of activities and services located in a center might best serve people. Ada Chan, Kaplan’s primary policy analyst, next contacted Mills College Professor Margaret Hunter in search of a student who might help develop the census. Hannah Forsberg, 22, who has been out since her high school days in San Francisco, answered the call. Embracing the census as her independent study project for her sociology degree, the survey analyst teamed up with Mills student Christina Morrow. With input from Kaplan, Chan, Kaplan office intern Stephanie McLeod (another recent Mills graduate), and survey committee volunteers from the roundtable, Forsberg spent months developing the first LGBTQI census of Oakland and the East Bay. The compact, 29-question census,

Jason Victor Serinus


Hannah Forsberg, Ada Chan, and Stephanie McLeod look over the online survey for LGBTQIs being conducted in Oakland and the greater East Bay.

which takes only 5-10 minutes to complete, was posted online June 8. It received immediate support from the city of Oakland, which posted a link on its homepage ( Another essential partner is Oakland Pride, which is in the midst of preparing for the Pride street festival on September 5 at 19th and Franklin streets. Oakland Pride printed information about the census on a placard that is being distributed far and wide. As of July 25, 677 East Bay residents had responded to the survey. Though the number is statistically significant, the demographics are heavily skewed toward white lesbians in the 25-55 age bracket who apparently seem to spend lots of time hanging out in cafes. This may reflect the fact that 29.4 percent of respondents are 25-35 years old. Only 0.4 percent of current respondents are younger than 25, and less than 7 percent are over 65. Those conducting the survey are aware of the need to get a broader representation of the area’s queer residents. “We are now exploring ways to widen the demographic and make it more representative,” Forsberg explained during a census brainstorm session in Kaplan’s office. “Is the percentage of women and men accurate? We don’t know. The current results speak to who we know and who we’ve succeeded in reaching so far.” “It also speaks to who’s in cafes using their laptop,” quipped Chan. “We got 100 responses in the first day

from young people who sit in front of their computers. Computer access is crucial. That’s definitely a regret we have. I wish the census could be more accessible, but we have budget and person-power restraints.” In an effort to widen participation, Kaplan’s office is undertaking a concerted outreach to community organizations, youth centers, college campuses, bars, and businesses. Postcards advertising Oakland Pride and the LGBTQI census will be distributed at Oakland’s annual National Night Out on August 3, and special efforts will be undertaken to reach people of color, transgender people, youth, and seniors. “I think that we have created a survey which allows for more accurate representation for each individual by providing space for openended answers and multiple responses,” said Forsberg. “While social research sometimes confines people by not providing space for people who are marginalized or without power, we are doing everything possible to make the survey inclusive.” “We’re asking for help in distributing the census to currently underrepresented groups,” Chan said. “We want every LGBTQI person in Oakland and the East Bay to fill it out.“ The next meeting of the survey committee is Tuesday, August 3, 6 p.m., in Oakland City Hall. For information, or to help spread word of the census, contact Chan at achan1@, (510) 238-7083 or McLeod at (510) 238-7008. ▼

SF LGBT center closer to adding restaurant compiled by Cynthia Laird he city’s LGBT Community Center is one step closer to seeking a restaurant operator after winning approval for a zoning change from planning officials. At its meeting last Thursday, July 22 the Planning Commission voted unanimously to create a special use district for the building at 1800 Market Street that would allow center officials to bring in an eatery and N EWS outdoor bar to its fourth floor. The city’s Historic Preservation Commission also approved the zoning change last week. Center Executive Director Rebecca Rolfe told commissioners a restaurant could provide the facility with $100,000 in revenues its first year in operation. The center has struggled financially due to the recession and is looking for new fund-


ing streams to balance its $1.85 million budget. The center loses $83,000 each year from operating the building and when its debt service is added in, its total yearly loss is $263,000. This spring city officials lent the center $157,500 in order for it to restructure its debt payments. The center still owes $3.15 million from construction of the building. The Board of Supervisors must now adopt the zoning change. It will first go before the board’s B RIEFS land use and economic development committee. A hearing has yet to be scheduled; it will either be August 9 or sometime in September.


Drugs the cause of business owner’s death Popular Castro merchant Brad Villers died in March from acute polysubstance intoxication, according to the report on his death by the

San Francisco Medical Examiner’s office. The Bay Area Reporter viewed the report this week. Villers, who owned the Kard Zone at 2286 Market Street, died Saturday, March 13, at the age of 53 the report says. The report, which refers to the death as accidental, indicates methamphetamine and inhaled nitrites were mainly involved. According to the report, Villers, who lived in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood, checked into the Best Western Inn at 364 Ninth Street, Room 45, on Friday, March 12. A maid found his body the next afternoon, the report says. Two bottles of isobutyl nitrite (often referred to as “poppers”), a straw, and a glass microwave dish with white residue were also found in the room, according to the report. Methamphetamine and nitrate were in his blood, and gamma hydroxybutyrate (also known as GHB) was in his urine, according to the report, which also indicated Villers

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29 July 2010 . . BAY AREA REPORTER



Lydia Gonzales

LGBT Lutheran pastors received

he Reverends Craig Minich, Megan Rohrer, Sharon Sue Stalkfleet, Dawn Roginski, Jeff Robert Johnson, Paul Richard Brenner, and Ross Donald Merkel are welcomed into the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America during a Rite of Reception ceremony held at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in San Francisco Sunday, July 25. The national Lutheran Church last year revised its policies, dropping the requirement that LGBT pastors need to be celibate. Those taking part in last weekend’s service are now full-fledged ministers.


SF Pride ‘close to breaking even,’ but director silent by Seth Hemmelgarn inancially, it appears San Francisco’s LGBT Pride Parade and celebration may not have been so fabulous after all. However, it’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on, since Amy Andre, the San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration Committee’s executive director, is refusing to speak to the Bay Area Reporter and won’t allow other employees to speak on behalf of the organization. Mikayla Connell, the president of the Pride Committee’s board, did speak with the B.A.R., but according to her, final figures for how much the parade and celebration raised this year weren’t yet available. “I believe we’re pretty close to breaking even,” which Connell said, considering the current economic climate, “is a miracle.” Pride’s budget for this year’s events, which were tagged with the theme “Forty and Fabulous” in honor of the celebration’s 40th anniversary, was about $2 million. In May, Pride had a $65-per-person benefit. Connell said this week that the event brought in less than officials had hoped, but she couldn’t provide a more definitive answer Tuesday, July 27. Asked whether the event lost money, Connell repeated, “It brought in less than we hoped.” Connell spoke to the B.A.R. during a phone interview on Tuesday, while she was on vacation. In April, the paper obtained detailed budget data for Pride from the city, after officials with the organization declined to release their own budget figures. That data suggested the committee had had high hopes for activities like the benefit. Fundraising from Pride’s special events was projected to be at $358,000, up from just $2,405 last year. The information was included in documents the committee submitted to the city’s Grants for the Arts office in February. The office provided $58,400, which came from the city’s hotel tax fund, this year. Connell said this week that the May benefit “went really well ... but you can’t really expect to make a whole lot of money the first time you

Rick Gerharter


Pride Executive Director Amy Andre has been silent on the ogranization’s current financial picture.

throw an event like that.” The kick-off event was “paving the way for what’s going to become an annual gala,” the next of which will “most likely be held in December,” said Connell. She also said that donations at the gate were down this year at the Pride festival. There was no cost to attend the festival, but a minimum donation of $5 was requested. Connell said there were “big gaps” when it came to the people making requests for donations at the gate and “as a result, tons of people got through without ever being asked.” She said she was speaking from “anecdotal evidence” and didn’t have any direct evidence. “I think we ran loose gates this year,” Connell said Tuesday. She added, “We either didn’t prepare our people well enough, or we didn’t run the gates tight enough. I think that was our fault, and we just didn’t run tight gates.” Pride’s donations manager, who’s listed on the organization’s website as Brian Probst, didn’t respond to an emailed request for comment Tuesday afternoon. Since 1997, Pride has granted over $1.6 million to beneficiary organizations. Donations from this year’s event were to support over 80 Bay Area nonprofit organizations through the committee’s community

partners program. Connell didn’t immediately know when this year’s check distribution would take place. In other Pride developments, it appears the committee is looking for a new director of sponsorship. Lindsey Jones, who had been the Pride Committee’s executive director until she resigned last year, was the sponsorship director this year. It’s not clear if the committee is looking to replace her, or add a second sponsorship director. An ad for that position has appeared online at least once in the past week, in a SmartBrief listing posted Thursday, July 22. The ad listed a deadline of August 5 to apply. Jones responded to a B.A.R. phone message requesting an interview about her position by sending an e-mail Monday, July 26, that said, “…[A]ll media goes through Amy [Andre]. I let her know you may be contacting her on deadline.” Jones did not respond to a followup e-mail asking if she was still the sponsorship director and when she would be leaving. Her e-mail signature included the title “director of sponsorship,” and that’s how she was still listed on the Pride website as of Wednesday morning, July 28. Asked about Jones’s status and the job posting, Connell said Tuesday that Jones is an independent contractor and her contract isn’t up. “No negotiations have started one way or another that I know about,” said Connell. Andre, who became the Pride Committee’s executive director in October, didn’t respond to recent interview requests made over the phone. Following those requests, on Tuesday, a reporter went to the Pride Committee’s Market Street office to try to speak with Andre in person. She was in the office, but Kim Westrick, the outgoing office manager, said Andre was unavailable that afternoon and that any appointment for Wednesday had to be made through Andre herself. Andre did not respond to a subsequent phone message left with Lucky Gutierrez, the incoming office manager. She also did not respond to an e-mail sent directly to her after that call.▼



BAY AREA REPORTER . . 29 July 2010


BAYAREAREPORTER Volume 40, Number 30 29 July 2010 PUBLISHER Thomas E. Horn Bob Ross (Founder, 1971 – 2003) N E W S E D I TO R Cynthia Laird A R T S E D I TO R Roberto Friedman ASSISTANT EDITORS Matthew S. Bajko Seth Hemmelgarn Jim Provenzano CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Dan Aiello • Tavo Amador • Matt Baume • Erin Blackwell Roger Brigham • Scott Brogan • Victoria A. Brownworth Philip Campbell • Chuck Colbert • Richard Dodds Raymond Flournoy • Brian Gougherty David Guarino • Liz Highleyman • Brandon Judell Robert Julian • John F. Karr • Lisa Keen Matthew Kennedy • David Lamble • Michael McDonagh Paul Parish • Lois Pearlman • Tim Pfaff • Jim Piechota Bob Roehr • Donna Sachet • Adam Sandel Jason Serinus • Gregg Shapiro • Gwendolyn Smith Robert Sokol • Ed Walsh • Sura Wood

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Dems need to get a spine he national Democrats need to toughen up and not succumb to right wing distractions, which have stalled the congressional calendar. Congress has one week before the August recess and then doesn’t return until after Labor Day, leaving only eight working weeks before the November midterm elections. In the meantime, right wing talking points and hijinks cause President Barack Obama’s administration to stumble and congressional Democrats to fritter away opportunities because they are worried that taking a strong stand will cost them re-election this year. We say it’s time for the Democrats and the administration to buck up and stand up to the rhetoric of the right wing and not lose the focus on passing legislation.


Race Nothing has distracted the administration more than race, a vulnerability that has been expertly exploited by the right wing. Obama has been hesitant to address the topic. The country’s first African American president should be leading an elevated discourse on race, yet he and his administration continue to duck when confronted with racially sensitive incidents amplified by the media. Last July it was the Henry Louis Gates Jr. arrest in Cambridge; this year it was the sudden firing of a black Agriculture Department official before an investigation of the facts. By now everyone has heard how conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart posted a heavily edited video of a speech Shirley Sherrod gave before the NAACP that seemed to suggest she did not help a white farmer keep his farm. In fact, the opposite was true, Sherrod did help the farmer, and this was 20 years ago. Once the Agriculture Department heard Fox News’ Glenn Beck planned to air the clip, an official called Sherrod on her cell phone and told her she must resign immediately. Even Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack (good thing he wasn’t elected president) “jumped the gun” in the president’s words. But the damage had already been done. For an administration that openly labels Fox News as irrelevant, officials fed right into the network’s spin. (As an aside, the NAACP isn’t off the hook either. Its officials denounced Sherrod before seeing her full comments. Yes, it was “snookered,” as officials later acknowledged.) The Tea Party and other conservative activists have deftly played the Obama administration’s hypersensitivity on race. We need an honest conversation that addresses race in this

country. We don’t need any more hideous placards and sound bites.

LGBT Americans are suffering as much as anybody in this sluggish economy, yet action on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act LGBT rights is stalled in the House and the Senate. This week marked the 20th anniversary of passage If the president keeps getting distracted by of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a these side issues, it should be no surprise that groundbreaking law that forced businesses and he can’t effectively move his legislative government to provide access to those goals forward, and the distractions inwith physical disabilities. It also had crease the chances that LGBT rights wide bipartisan support. Surely, in this will be deferred. But in this case, it’s time of high unemployment, Republimore than just the president; the Decans and Democrats can come together mocratic leadership, particularly in to ensure that people can’t be fired for the Senate, is missing in action. The who they are. House has passed the amendment to repeal The bottom line is this: it has been “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” but the effort has demonstrated that California lawstalled in the Senate, and now it apmakers who vote for equality do pears a vote won’t take place until E DITORIAL not lose at the ballot box, even in September. This is a vote that was on conservative districts. Congress track for late June. Meanwhile, gay could take a valuable lesson from and lesbian troops continue to be the Golden State. Our elected representatives discharged under the anti-gay law that prevents must stand up for equality and fairness, and them from serving openly. Lieutenant Dan not succumb to the hysterical rantings of conChoi became one of the latest official statistics servative pundits and activists. When we see when he was honorably discharged. In a sympictures of nooses at anti-gay marriage rallies bolic gesture at the Netroots Nation conference – implying that gays should be killed – as hapin Las Vegas, Choi gave Senate Majority Leader pened this week, it’s really a sign that Congress Harry Reid his West Point ring to keep until needs to take action. And by taking action, we DADT is repealed. It appears unlikely that the mean moving forward with votes on ENDA move will prompt Reid to call for a vote soonand repealing DADT.▼ er rather than later.

LEGAL COUNSEL Paul H. Melbostad

Join us in making history: Kolakowski 4 judge; Sparks 4 supervisor San Francisco Bay Area Publicity Club

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by Cecilia Chung, JoAnne Keatley, Miss Major, Masen Davis, Shannon Minter, and Tita Aida e’re working hard to make history this November by electing two openly transgender women to public office. When we succeed, Victoria Kolakowski will take her place as a superior court judge in Alameda County and Theresa Sparks will join the San Francisco Board of Supervisors representing District 6. These hardworking, qualified candidates are running dynamic campaigns, securing important endorsements, and building momentum to win on November 2. Now is your chance to make sure this unique moment in history doesn’t pass us by. Each of you has something to contribute to these campaigns: your support, your networks, your Facebook page, your money, your sweat, and/or your positive energy. As we move into late summer, Kolakowski and Sparks need you G UEST to make sure they can achieve these historic victories. As transgender people, we each remember a time when a campaign by a transgender candidate (especially a transgender woman) was considered, at best, a long shot. If our community member’s campaigns were noticed at all, they were usually mocked, trivialized, and dismissed as stunts. However, thanks to trailblazing campaigns by people like Denise D’Anne, Joan Roughgarden, and Gabriel Haaland, those conditions have changed in the Bay Area. This year, both Kolakowski and Sparks are rightfully viewed as serious, formidable


candidates. It is now up to each of us to seize this moment and send a loud and clear message to the country: Transgender Candidates NEED Apply. It is no coincidence that these two campaigns are being waged here by these remarkable public servants. Both Kolakowski and Sparks have spent countless hours over long years working with the community, local governments, and civic organizations to make sure that our region is one where homophobia, transphobia, and inequality cease to exist in our lifetimes. In addition to helping to start Equality California, Kolakowski currently holds leadership positions in Marriage Equality USA and the Transgender Law Center. She has long been a strong voice for inclusion of LGBT people in faith communities, most recently through her work with the Interfaith Working Group and the California Council of Churches. She has been a lawyer since 1989 and, as an administrative law judge with the O PINION California Public Utilities Commission, is the only candidate in her race with judicial experience. In the June primary, she was the first-place vote getter winning over 45 percent of votes. She is now the favorite heading into the November 2 election. Sparks has been a strong advocate for the entire LGBT community through her leadership of the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club and her membership on the Horizons Foundation Board. She also knows how to get things done in city government. As a San Francisco Human Rights Commissioner, she (among other things) chaired the Task Force


on Environmental Racism in Bayview Hunters Point and created a task force that successfully improved how LGBT people are treated in San Francisco’s criminal justice system. She was then appointed to the city’s Police Commission (including two years as president of the commission) where she increased SFPD transparency and accountability and led the process to hire current Police Chief George Gascón. These descriptions include only a portion of each woman’s accomplishments. You can find out more about Kolakowski and Sparks, including their goals as elected officials, at their campaign websites: www.kolakowskiforjudge .com and While there, you can also sign up as volunteers for their campaigns. Joining us in volunteering for Kolakowski and Sparks is the single biggest thing you can do to help deliver these historic victories for our communities. These are not statewide races where the electorate is counted in the millions. These are local races in which the votes of your families, neighbors, co-workers, and friends may make all the difference. Each volunteer’s ability to deliver victory is profound when, as in past District 6 races, about 1,500 votes separated victory from defeat. It would be a tragedy if our community missed this opportunity to make history because 200 voters didn’t get calls informing them about Kolakowski’s outstanding judicial qualifications; or if 50 households didn’t hear about Sparks’s vision for San Francisco simply because their doors didn’t get knocked on. Don’t let this happen. As a community, we often talk about what

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Best Bay Area Community Newspaper 2006

29 July 2010 . . BAY AREA REPORTER


Walker unfairly criticized

has done within the district and citywide that has directly and indirectly benefited the HIV/AIDS community. As I must take issue with the July 22 column in the Bay both president and a current member on the Building InArea Reporter [“Former AIDS czar pulls support of Walker in spections Commission, Debra Walker has worked to create D6,” Political Notebook]. I believe the story has unfairly safer living conditions for those living in SROs. Many of criticized Debra Walker as being out of touch with the these residents are HIV-positive and/or transgender. HIV/AIDS community. Through her effort, the SRO collaboratives were provided I have been friends with Debra for five years. She has alsustainable funding sources. Walker’s advocacy for more ways been a strong advocate for those of us infected with affordable housing continues to create more housing opHIV/AIDS. For many years she has worked to help people portunities for those living with HIV/AIDS. Her hours with HIV/AIDS have safe and affordable housof work supporting public health and ing through her position as a commissioner AIDS/HIV service providers during countless with the SF Department of Building Inspecbudget processes at the Board of Supervisors tion and she continues that work to this day. has directly impacted the lives of those living I was her colleague on the Harvey Milk LGBT with HIV/AIDS. Democratic Club board and her message has As a former Milk Club president, and a always been to increase services for those of us four-time elected member of the Democratin need. ic County Central Committee, I am proud to I was an early organizer of the forum on M AILSTROM join both the Harvey Milk LGBT DemocratJuly 23 and the organization I represent, San ic Club, an early leader in educating the pubFrancisco for Democracy, was the first colic about the dynamic of AIDS and Assemblyman Tom sponsor of the event. I was also one of the panelists. Ammiano (D-San Francisco) in supporting Debra Walker In addition, I am Ms. Walker’s volunteer campaign treafor District 6 supervisor because we are confident that she surer. One of the most important reasons I have been will continue to be sensitive to and strongly advocate for working to help Debra Walker get elected supervisor in not only the HIV/AIDS community but the broader specDistrict 6, is because I personally know how important the trum of challenged communities in District 6. many issues surrounding HIV/AIDS are to her. I encourage Mr. Sheehy to reconsider his position. On a personal note, I cannot tell you how many times Ms. Walker has inquired of my health, given me direction Michael Goldstein around housing issues related to my health, and expressed San Francisco with great concern and compassion her desire and intention to make things better for all of us either infected or afStark differences in statewide candidates fected by HIV/AIDS. Californians will go to the polls to elect the major As far as Mr. Sheehy withdrawing his support, I found statewide officeholders in November. The philosophical it rather odd because the article indicated Mr. Sheehy was differences between candidates for governor and senator supporting the campaign but not the candidate. What does on issues that are relevant to the LGBT community are that mean, anyway? Either way, how could Mr. Sheehy pull rather stark. his support of the candidate if he had indeed never supIn the gubernatorial race, Republican nominee Meg ported the candidate in the first place and why did the Whitman supported the passage of Proposition 8 while headline for the story say he had? Democrat Jerry Brown argued against its constitutionality before the California Supreme Court. This was a couraTim Durning, President geous decision, since he is charged to defend California law SF4Democracy in his capacity as attorney general. San Francisco The person who is elected governor will have the abiliWalker responds ty to sign or veto legislation that will affect the LGBT community. I have no confidence that a Governor Whitman My record as an LGBT community advocate in San would sign any measures that serve the interests of the Francisco stands tall against any other candidate in this LGBT community; a Governor Brown may be a more rerace. My long history of fighting for adequate housing and liable ally. health services for all San Franciscans – particularly those In the Senate race, Republican Carly Fiorina also supliving with HIV/AIDS – has won me the support of promiported Prop 8; incumbent Senator Barbara Boxer (D) opnent community advocates including former San Francisposed it and she has been a consistent supporter of LGBT co AIDS/HIV czar Bill Barnes, Michael Goldstein, and Asrights. semblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco). They are In the coming years, the U.S. Senate may have the opendorsing my candidacy because I have worked alongside portunity to vote on bills that are crucial to the LGBT comthem for the past 25 years to fund research, education, munity: the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the Employhousing, and the supportive services required to support ment Non-Discrimination Act, perhaps even the Defense those living with AIDS/HIV. of Marriage Act. I believe we can count on Senator Boxer to Our community fought for years to have HIV/AIDS support this community when these votes occur; I have no recognized as a serious and widespread health issue desuch confidence in Ms. Fiorina. serving of the same focus, funding, and treatment as other Since there is so much at stake in this year’s election, I diseases. It is irresponsible to suggest that HIV/AIDS is not urge all eligible voters to turn out on Election Day and a communicable disease. While the CDC laudably removed support Brown and Boxer. The defeat of Whitman and HIV from the list of diseases that prevent entry into this Fiorina will send a simple but powerful message: if you country and subject persons to intrusive examinations, the support discrimination against an entire class of people, CDC still classifies it as a communicable disease. then you don’t deserve to hold elective office in the state My objective is to continue my advocacy for HIV/AIDS of California. and it is my position that during these tough budget times, we should come together instead of politicizing the chalMark Boorstein lenges of people living with HIV/AIDS. San Francisco Debra Walker Candidate for District 6 Supervisor

Walker issue a non-story I write to express my disappointment that Jeff Sheehy chose to expound negatively on only one half of Debra Walker’s response to a question in her questionnaire provided in advance of last Friday’s HIV forum, neglecting to credit her for her two-part response, which in fact was in no way dissimilar to the responses of the other leading supervisor candidates participating in the forum. I am further dismayed that B.A.R. reporter Matthew Bajko decided to exploit Mr. Sheehy’s opinion to create a non-story. Surely Mr. Sheehy, in his capacity as a former unpaid HIV/AIDS adviser to Mayor Newsom and currently as a communications director for UCSF, recently reported to be the largest land holder in California, is aware that certain CDC definitions – which UCSF and the health department rely on to acquire funding for their work in direct services and policy to the HIV/AIDS community – oftentimes and I believe, rightfully and understandably so, illicit negative personal reactions from words that are charged, challenging, and insensitive to those of us living every day with HIV/AIDS. Due to the effort of those of us in the HIV/AIDS and the immigrant rights communities, along with our allies, the CDC did change its policy definition regarding AIDS/HIV precluding non-citizens entry into this country, however, the CDC still defines HIV/AIDS as a serious health risk. After having read all the candidate questionnaires provided to the HIV forum attendees, I believe all the respondents spoke to the current CDC definition or omitted it completely, and no one, including Debra Walker, likened HIV transmission to that of TB. As a gay man who tested positive for HIV 22 years ago, has lost two lovers and hundreds of friends and acquaintances to AIDS, volunteered countless hours fundraising for AIDS organizations and has worked providing direct services to the AIDS/HIV community and a District 6 resident, I am strongly supporting Debra Walker for District 6 supervisor – in part – because of the 25 years of work she

Mental health funding restored I am writing with good news for the supporters of Citywide Case Management and Community Focus mental health services. Our programs serve the highest risk mentally ill adults in San Francisco with wraparound services including support for housing, access to health care, SSI advocacy, outreach, and crisis services in addition to counseling and psychiatric medication monitoring. We were facing the prospect of a 38 percent budget loss and cutting services to 240 of severely mentally ill clients that we treat. On July 20, the Board of Supervisors voted for a full restoration of outpatient mental health services. This means that we will not need to cut services to the clients we serve. The phone calls, e-mails, and letters from supporters made clear to the mayor’s office and to the Board of Supervisors how critical our services are. Citywide/Community Focus supporters generated more input than any other budget cut issue. The mayor restored 40 percent of our cuts, even after submitting his budget to the Board of Supervisors. Ours was the only cut to be so restored. The board restored the remainder along with other outpatient mental health programs. Thank you all for your support. In return, we are rededicating ourselves to providing comprehensive, cuttingedge, quality treatment to those San Franciscans at highest risk because of their mental illness. David Fariello, LCSW, Division Director Citywide Case Management Programs/Community Focus San Francisco

Send letters to the Bay Area Reporter, 395 Ninth Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, or e-mail to Letters must be signed and include an address and daytime phone number for verification. Unsigned letters will not be published.

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BAY AREA REPORTER . . 29 July 2010



Businesses learn new ways to connect by Raymond Flournoy “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” s true as that was in Oscar Wilde’s day, the maxim seems relevant now more than ever. Online conversations are going on all day, every day, and a smart business needs to figure out how to be part of that buzz. That was the message of the PR Summit, a daylong seminar for marketing professionals held July 22 at the San Francisco LGBT Community Center (1800 Market Street). B USINESS The summit brought together marketing and technology experts from the business and nonprofit world to discuss the potential of social media. According to organizer Shaun Saunders, principal at GraffitiPR (, “the modern technologies and social media are not a fad. Businesses can choose to participate in the online conversations or not, but the conversations are happening. Social media tools allow a business to have a bigger presence than just the physical storefront.” For Saunders, the key to harnessing the power of the web is moving beyond talking about a product or service itself. The successful social marketers position themselves and their businesses as “expert resources,” within the industry or among tastemakers in the community. Two success stories that Saunders points to are Trigger (2344 Market Street) and David Mast Design (461 2nd Street #t656), a GraffitiPR client. “Trigger is genius at using Facebook to galvanize a community and also create awareness of the charity causes that Trigger supports,” Saunders noted. Mast uses his online communication to position himself as a “lifestyle


connoisseur,” providing a stream of tips such as “3 ideas for small spaces” or “3 basics for a bathroom redo.” Mast also actively encourages his clients to post reviews on Yelp to help evangelize his work. Saunders stressed that marketing strategies are not “one size fits all,” and he encourages businesses owners to target their audience as specifically as possible. Saunders, an out gay man, sees this mistake made frequently when businesses market to the LGBT community. “Just slapping a rainbow on something isn’t good enough,” he said.


Social success stories

Saunders noted that there are blogs and communities on every topic imaginable – “from custom cars to cupcakes.” The blogger community was key to the initial success of Castro retailer Unionmade (493 Sanchez Street), which specializes in historic American and European brands. Owner Todd Barket noted, “Blogs and shopping sites helped launch and sustain my business.” He uses Facebook to continue to update and interact with that community. The only pitfall that Barket warns against is lack of authenticity. “The customers that I work with ... definitely cannot be swayed by inauthentic buzz. They are quick to call out when they sense something [is] rotten.” For pet goods retailer Best in Show (545 Castro Street), social marketing has already produced an uptick in sales, and it is continuing to branch out with new strategies. Store manager Andy Farriester is in charge of Best in Show’s online presence, and he has worked out a schedule of regular updates to Facebook, Twitter, and the store’s blog. The updates alternate between

Steven Kasapi


Best in Show manager Andy Farriester introduces the star of the store’s upcoming YouTube videos, “Osama Bone Laden.”

coupon specials, information and tips for pet owners, and fun items like the “Pet of the Week” photos. Farriester said that they are still learning about the best way to use the web, but he reports that over the last three months the amount of customer feedback and interaction has grown considerably. Encouraged by this growth, Best in Show now has its sights set on YouTube. In the works is a video series based on the store’s newest creation, “Bony Babies,” a collection of plush toys containing rawhide bones. The video series stars “Osama Bone Laden” and will challenge viewers to answer the question, “Where in the world is Osama Bone Laden?” No debut date has been announced yet for the videos.

Southern cooking to go The Internet can also humanize the process of opening and operating a business. The owners of The Southern Sandwich Company, brothers

Brett and Nathan Niebergall, used their blog to chronicle the odyssey of buying an old “roach coach” and transforming it into a rolling kitchen for their gourmet southern cooking. After the brothers closed their Castro restaurant, Frisee, they wanted a way to continue to engage with their fans and update people on their new venture. The blog, and later a Facebook page, has provided an arena for Brett and Nathan to share photos and hear back from potential customers. The Southern Sandwich Company truck is currently serving lunches in Redwood City near the intersection of Chestnut Street and Broadway, but the brothers are also in the process of completing certification to operate within San Francisco County. Soon they plan to team up with Matt Cohen’s website, which helps to encourage street food within San Francisco. The social web has also served another purpose beyond simple marketing. As the brothers seek help and advice, they have turned to their online community. Currently, they are running an informal contest to find a spot within San Francisco where they can park and operate the Southern Sandwich Company truck. The prize for a successful referral is a catered meal for you and 20 of your friends. For more information about The Southern Sandwich Company, links to the blog and other pages, and detailed locations of operation, visit

New law firm for the LGBT community Bill Ambrunn, the openly gay former chief of staff to former Supervisor Susan Leal, has recently opened his own law practice at 1906 Market Street, #938. More recently, Ambrunn has served as a senior staff member for a number of nonprofits,

including Project Open Hand and Jewish Family and Children’s Services. His firm specializes in legal services for individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits, with expertise in LGBT issues. For more information, visit

Lawyers party at Home Bay Area Lawyers for Individual Freedom is hosting an LGBT attorney happy hour at Home Restaurant (2100 Market Street) Thursday, August 5, from 6 to 8:30 p.m. The event is timed to coincide with the American Bar Association national meeting being held in San Francisco from August 5-10, and is co-sponsored by the ABA Section of Litigation LGBT Litigator Committee. The networking event is open to the public and will feature complimentary appetizers supplied by Home. For more information on BALIF, visit

Center space The San Francisco LGBT Community Center (1800 Market Street) has office space available for tenants with smaller space requirements. The latest center newsletter advertises “offices from 77-250 sq. ft. at prices starting under $175/month.” Interested parties should contact Mike McLeod at

GGBA mixer The next Golden Gate Business Association “Make Contact” mixer will be held on Tuesday, August 3, from 6 to 8 p.m., at Supperclub (657 Harrison Street). The event is free for GGBA members, and $15 for the public. Reservations are encouraged. For more information, visit ▼ Contact Raymond Flournoy at

Who’s at fault? recently stumbled across a blog called My Fault, I’m Female (, which describes itself as “a blog that shares stories of women who’ve been made to feel it’s their fault that they are female at work, at home, or wherever.” In short, it is a collection of readersubmitted stories of sexism directed at women. My Fault seeks to provide a place for women to tell their stories of sexual harassment in a largely unfettered fashion, and the stories presented are jarring. Interviewees turned down for jobs because they did not wear makeup, women assumed to be lesbian because they spurned a man’s lustful advances, and police blaming victims of sexual harassment. As one might suspect, I cannot look at these stories from the point of view of a dispassionate observer. I look back over my own experiences as a


end of the day. Oh, and I also had a transgender woman and find I have boss who would call me and the other my own share of eerily similar stories. woman in the office his “girls,” and When I first discussed my transiregularly explain to us how to do our tion with my supervisor, more years jobs. ago than I care to admit, the assumpThis was one of the things I was tion was that I would show up for not all that ready for, by the way. work as a stereotype of a woman – inIt is regularly assumed that I deed, assumptions of heels and a need everything explained boa were brought up. This was in to me. It is as if one asspite of a strict dress code that sumes that I have nothing mandated fairly unisex unimore substantial than pilforms and flat, closed-toe low stuffing in my head, and footwear. Indeed, the asneed even basic skills continsumption was that if I was ually reinforced lest going to be a woman, they dribble out my I was going to be T RANSMISSIONS ear holes. over the top – as if I had been any of the other warned in advance by other women women in the office were somehow just how one is perceived when you going to do the same. stand up for yourself. What is rewardLater, after I was let go from that ed as assertive when one is viewed as workplace and entered another, I male, is dismissed as “bitchiness” when found that yes indeed, the 30 percent one is perceived as female. It was aspay differential is alive and kicking. I sumed that we simply should accept found myself with the same job, with the behavior of our male counterparts, additional responsibilities and expecwith excuses such as “it’s just how he tations, yet a smaller paycheck at the is” or “I was just joking.” Another almost stereotypical experience was when I took my car to a mechanic, and ended up with a bill for hundreds of dollars of work that I never asked for. I have since learned that not only did they charge me for work they never did, but also the work they did do was done so poorly that I should have refused to pay. Like I said, the notion of a mechanic taking advantage of a female driver is so stereotypical as to be clichéd. Now like I said, some of this I knew or suspected going into my transition, and some of it was new to me. Our society is rife with examples of sexual harassment and other inequalities. I learned of this in my youth, at the height of the push for the Equal Rights


Christine Smith

by Gwendolyn Ann Smith

Amendment, and learned of it more in the ensuing months and years as I grew to adulthood. Now I willingly admit that my experiences are going to be different than most other women. My upbringing was not the same. My life experiences today – even those that overlap what others have experienced – are not exactly the same. I can look at the experiences of others on a site like My Fault with a certain level of kinship, but I know some of my experiences are distinctly unique to being a transgender woman. I know too that while I may find a certain level of camaraderie with the other women populating such a blog, I cannot assume the opposite to be true. But here’s the thing: there are those who will tell you that my transition is also part of some misogynist plot, that I am attempting to supplant women, or make a mockery of women, or in some other way to harm. Yet somehow, in doing so, I have only put myself at the same ridiculous societal level of other women, if not a bit further hampered by those who would view me as infe-

rior for my transgender status. I suspect that most transgender men have plenty of stories of sexual harassment over their birth gender including many detailing how their own feelings of masculinity were erased by those same people who would worry about me wearing a boa to work – or would tell any woman, trans or otherwise, that they’re feelings and opinions are moot simply based on their gender. When we divide ourselves out like that, when we draw lines and decide who is or isn’t able to feel discrimination, we only aid those who would wish to hold all women down. We all have our differences, but we all have something to gain and learn from each other, much as I did. We all benefit by ending sexism, by breaking down rigid gender dichotomies that hold us all back, regardless of our transgender status. That’s something in which I can find no fault.▼ Gwen Smith may be a woman, but she is no one’s girl. You can find her online at

29 July 2010 . . BAY AREA REPORTER



Gay-friendly Republican challenges Pelosi credits. Now if the right way to resolve that is whether through marriage or not is another matter.” ohn Dennis, an anti-war, gayHe also has concerns about friendly Republican running in ENDA and the unintended conseSan Francisco’s 8th Congressionquences it might bring. al District, is hoping he can attract “In principle I agree with it. Peodisgruntled Democrats and indepenple shouldn’t be discriminated dents to his effort to defeat Democagainst based on their sexual orienratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tation. But you have to be careful this fall. about it; it is a two-way street,” said “Pelosi needs to be challenged on Dennis. “I don’t think a gay business things. She is vulnerable on a numor employer should be forced to hire ber of issues,” said Dennis. “I just love a homophobe. Should black business the idea of an anti-war Republican owners be forced to hire Klansmen taking on Pelosi.” and keep them? There are complicatPart of his strategy is to target ed issues there.” LGBT voters who are increasingly Before Dennis gets to explain upset with Democrats’ inability to where he stands on gay issues, he pass pro-gay legislation despite their faces the bigger hurdle of convincing controlling both the House and the LGBT voters to abandon Pelosi for a Senate. After Congress sent President Republican when there is little Barack Obama a pro-gay hate crimes chance of the GOP pushing forward bill last fall, the rest of the gay comany pro-gay legislation should they munity’s legislative priorities have reclaim the House. stalled in either the House or “If I pull off the political event of the Senate. the century, I wouldn’t drop these isLGBT activists have sues. I would push for them,” said been particularly irked Dennis. “I am a good fit for the this summer with Pelosi gay community and gay voters. for so far failing to call a I am strong on gay rights and vote on extending federal building the economy. I am workplace protections to a different kind of Republicover sexual orican and a differentation and genent kind of cander identity. P OLITICAL N OTEBOOK didate for this Just this week city.” about 50 local acHis gay friends say Dennis’s tivists picketed Pelosi’s offices in San stances are not an election year ploy. Francisco while several members of Dan Vazquez, a gay events producer the group GetEqual were arrested infrom Miami, has known Dennis side the Capitol’s Rotunda. Both since 1986 and was a groomsman at demonstrations were meant to preshis wedding. sure Pelosi to schedule a vote on the “Knowing his best friend is gay, he Employment Non-Discrimination understands my views and my politAct, which she promised LGBT leadical views. He supports them,” said ers in May would happen this year. Vazquez. “While he is a Republican, The actions came after Pelosi he has never challenged me. He is once again hedged on the timeline quite liberal versus some other Refor passing ENDA during an appearpublicans.” ance this past weekend at the NetVazquez, who is a Democrat, told roots Nation conference in Las Vegas. the B.A.R. that while he was surAsked by moderator Cheryl Conprised to hear his friend wanted to tee when she would schedule the run for Pelosi’s seat he is supporting vote, Pelosi said, “I can’t give you a him. He said Dennis is smart to go time. But I can tell you that it is a priafter LGBT voters. ority and it had been our hope to do “A lot of the gay community is it this year. We have to finish ‘Don’t not happy on what has not been Ask, Don’t Tell’ and hopefully we can done, like with ENDA,” he said, do both this year.” adding a vote for Dennis would be “a Sensing an opening, Dennis, 46, clear message from the gay commurecently campaigned in the Castro, nity they are not getting what they going on a pub-crawl with Dan are expecting from their Democratic Brown, the president of the local Congress.” chapter of gay GOP group Log Cabin This is Dennis’s second stab at Republicans. elective politics; he ran for the Re“When people got over the shock publican County Central Committee of a Republican campaigning in the two years ago and came in dead last. Castro it was okay. Some people were This year he not only received the a little rough,” said Dennis, who lives most votes to win a seat on the local with wife Heather and daughter party committee but survived a Devan in Pacific Heights. “My posibruising GOP primary battle for the tions are not traditional Republican congressional seat against partypositions.” backed candidate Dana Walsh, comDuring a recent interview with ing in first with 55 percent of the the Bay Area Reporter, Dennis said he vote. is in favor of repealing both the milHe has no delusions that defeatitary’s anti-gay DADT policy as well ing Pelosi will be easy. as the federal anti-gay Defense of “I know this is going to be diffiMarriage Act. He voted against Calicult but I am running to win,” said fornia’s Proposition 8, which banned Dennis, who has lived in San Fransame-sex marriage, yet he doesn’t cisco 20 years and started Foundaconsider himself a marriage equality tion Real Estate, a local investment supporter. company. “I don’t think marriage is a federIt is a Herculean task. Since Pelosi al issue. It certainly is not a governbeat former gay Supervisor Harry ment issue,” he said. “I am for people Britt for what was then the open 5th having equal rights and the same tax Congressional District seat in June

by Matthew S. Bajko

Guest Opinion ▼

page 4

we want the world to be like. Between now and November 2, we have the opportunity to do more than talk. By joining us, you can help shape our region, and influence our nation, in significant and lasting ways.▼ Cecilia Chung is chair, San Francisco Human Rights Commission, where Sparks is currently executive

director; JoAnne Keatley is director of the Center of Excellence for Transgender Health; Miss Major is executive director if the TGI Justice Project; Masen Davis is executive director of the Transgender Law Center; Shannon Minter is cofounder of the Transgender Law and Policy Institute; and Tita Aida is vice president of the San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration Committee. (Titles and organizational names listed for identification purposes only.)

Lydia Gonzales


GOP congressional candidate John Dennis is taking on Nancy Pelosi.

1987, she has had little reason to worry about her re-election campaigns. And this year seems to be no exception. One look at this year’s June primary results helps explain why: 12,860 Republicans voted compared to the 78,343 Democrats who cast ballots, with less than 1,200 picking a write-in candidate over Pelosi. Known for her tenacious political skills, Pelosi has remained resolute that her party will remain in the majority with her as speaker despite polls showing voters upset with the direction of the country and Democrats’ leadership in Washington. “I remain more confident than ever that Democrats will keep control of the House, so long as we stand together, work together, and fight together in these final 100 days,” Pelosi wrote in a fundraising appeal to supporters this week. Another clear indication that the only electoral doubts surrounding Pelosi is whether she will remain speaker come November or see Democrats returned to minority status is where the two national parties are spending their money. The only local race Democrats are worried about is the re-election of Congressman Jerry McNerney in the state’s 11th District running through the East Bay and Central Valley. The party has reportedly secured television ad time on behalf of McNerney. Dennis has yet to see any largesse from Republicans in D.C. According to his latest campaign finance reports, he has not received any money from national Republican committees. “When we make our own way and success, then they will get involved,” said Dennis, who reported having raised $600,000 so far and loaned his campaign $50,000. According to the July 15 report, he had less than $58,000 in cash on hand. Dennis hopes to raise up to $1.7 million by the November 2 election in order to get his message across to voters. “I suspect I will attract votes from people who feel Pelosi abandoned them,” he said. Interviews with people protesting Pelosi this week indicate Dennis has his work cut out for him. While union organizer Sarah Sherburn-Zimmer, who identifies as queer, doesn’t plan to vote for Pelosi, she isn’t inclined to cast a ballot for a

Theresa Sparks’s campaign kick-off will be on Saturday, July 3 from 10 a.m. to noon at the Passion Cafe, 28 Sixth Street. Her campaign headquarters is located in the historic Warfield Building, located on 986 Market Street, San Francisco. Victoria Kolakowski will hold a fundraising event on Sunday, August 29 from 5 to 7 p.m. in San Francisco. More details are on her website.

Republican. “She has horrified me on her lack of leadership on [ENDA]. This is the most important bill I can think of when it comes to gay rights,” she said. “I am definitely not going to vote for her because of this. I probably will not vote for a Republican, but I will organize people to vote against her.” Masen Davis, the executive director of the Transgender Law Center, said he is still hopeful that Pelosi will come through on ENDA this year. While he declined to say how he will vote come November, Davis said he has heard growing consternation among LGBT voters. “There is a lot of concern that legislation to protect all aspects of the LGBT community are not being prioritized. Certainly, we are hearing supporters asking what can we do to hold our policymakers accountable,” said Davis, who lives in Pelosi’s district. Should the House not vote on ENDA before it adjourns in October, Pelosi can expect some political fallout locally. David Waggoner, co-president of the Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club, said, “It is a safe bet if Pelosi doesn’t bring ENDA for a vote in September, the Milk Club will not endorse her.”▼ Web Extra: For more queer political news, be sure to check Monday mornings around 10 a.m. for Political Notes, the notebook’s online companion. This week’s column reports on the local gay politico promoting PG&E’s disputed SmartMeters. Keep abreast of the latest LGBT political news by following the Political Notebook on Twitter @ Got a tip on LGBT politics? Call Matthew S. Bajko at (415) 861-5019 or e-mail

BAY AREA REPORTER . . 29 July 2010


Swiss no miss: Zurich welcomes gays by Ed Walsh ou are from San Francisco, so Zurich must seem very boring,” said Cosimo Baumeister, a man I met in Zurich’s Cranberry bar last month. I told him in all honesty that I found Zurich anything but boring. While London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin may get more press, Zurich may be among the most underrated gay-friendly destinations in Europe. The city has a busy gay nightclub scene. And thanks to Swiss International Airlines, you can now fly nonstop to Zurich from San Francisco. Service began last month. Zurich, incidentally, is one of San Francisco’s 17 sister cities. Zurich is the capital of Switzerland and its largest city, with a population of about 380,000. That increases to nearly one million if you include the suburbs. Switzerland itself is a small, landlocked country with a population of just 7.5 million, about the same number of people as live in the Bay Area. Zurich calls itself downtown Switzerland but that is somewhat misleading because while the city contains all the culture, convenience, and cacophony of any big city, you can find much more within the city limits. Zurich has some wonderful swimming areas and hiking trails that will give you the feeling of being in the Swiss countryside without having to venture outside the city. The gayest part of Zurich is also conveniently the “Old Town,” where Zurich began; it is also the biggest


Ed Walsh


Ari Miller, left, and Maria Saluz enjoy the patio outside of the Cranberry bar in Zurich.

tourist attraction of the city. Old Town is divided by the Limmat River; the gay part is on the right bank, or Niederdorf section. It is also where you find the highest concentration of nightclubs, bars, and restaurants. The left bank of Old Town is quieter and more residential with the notable exception of Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich’s famous shopping street. Some of the city’s most exclusive and expensive shops are in the first-floor storefronts, while the city’s big money movers and shakers conduct business above. Both sides of Old Town have cobblestone streets and are zoned mostly for pedestrians only. Many of the streets are very narrow, giving you a glimpse back to what it must have been like in the old days. One of the best views of the city can be found on the left bank at Lindenhof, a quiet square overlooking the river. On a clear day, you can see the Alps. If you walk downhill from the square, you will find St. Peter’s Church, with a tower that boasts the biggest clock face in Europe. Also on the left bank, art lovers will find a lot to enjoy at Fraumunster, a gothic church featuring a modern touch. The church’s plain glass windows were replaced in 1970 by stained glass windows designed by famed Russian-born artist Marc Chagall. The landmark church, Grossmunster, is on the right bank of the Limmat. With its distinctive twin towers, it is an iconic symbol of the city. The Schweizerisches Landesmuseum, or Swiss National Museum, is right next to the Hauptbahnhof, the main train station, and is not to be missed. Admission is free and it is a great showcase of Swiss history, culture, and all things for which the Swiss are best known. The biggest hall in the museum has a giant spinning wheel embedded with iconic symbols of Switzerland. If you want a rural Swiss experience, you don’t have far to go. You will find it on just a 23-minute train ride from the main train station. The S-10 train scales the hillside to the peak known as Uetliberg. It has sweeping views of the city. The second half of the train ride is an adventure itself as it scales the hill through a forest, with a restaurant, hotel and walking trails at the top. If you aren’t afraid of heights, take a free walk to the top of the observation tower for a spectacular view of the city and the Alps. Zurich has its own version of San Francisco’s South of Market. It is called Zurich West. It was once strictly an industrial area. For a time, the city banned homes from being built there out of concern that the industrial fumes could hurt resi-

dents. But now most of the textile and other manufacturing has gone elsewhere and many of the old buildings are being rehabbed, turning the area into one of the trendiest places in the city. The status bag for both men and women in Switzerland and beyond is the Freitag. It is made out of recycled material from trucks, cars, and bicycle inner tubes. The strap is a seat belt. The bags are made in Zurich West. The flagship store for the company is Zurich’s latest iconic building: a tower made of stacked cargo containers. Just a few blocks away in West Zurich, a new skyscraper, the Prime Tower, recently topped out at 36 stories. At 413 feet, it is half the height of the Transamerica Pyramid but that is still high enough for it to be the tallest building in Switzerland.

Nightlife The Cranberry bar and the GColors complex are the most popular gay nightspots in the city. They are conveniently located a block apart. Switzerland officially went smoke-free in May. You can only light up in restaurants and bars if there is a separate smoking room in the establishment. There is an exception for very small bars or restaurants that are less than 80 square meters (861 square feet). Cranberry is on the left bank of the Limmat and is a two-level upscale bar and lounge. It opens at 5 p.m. When the weather is nice, most customers sit outside. It closes at 1 a.m. during the week and 2 a.m. on weekends. It gets busy early and after midnight or so, people migrate up hill to G-Colors. The T&M Disco is downstairs and the cruise bar with a back room, Club AAAH, is upstairs. There is no cover charge for the disco during the week. A cover of 15 Swiss francs or about $14 will get you in to AAAH and includes a free drink. One cover of 23 francs or about $22 gets you in both places on the weekends. A small storefront bar with a patio called Pigalle is busy early and is a great place to people watch on Niederdorf, Old Town’s main street. Barfusser has been around for 60 years and claims to be the oldest gay bar in Europe. For years it was a dark leather bar. But it is completely different now. It is a bright, trendy, and upscale sushi restaurant and lounge bar. It still has the rainbow flag prominently displayed out front but it’s not exclusively gay like it once was. It draws a gay-straight mix weekdays but the lounge bar is still mostly gay on Saturdays and Sundays. The Lobby bar is a gay-straight mixed bistro bar on the same block



Ed Walsh

The Freitag Tower, in foreground, shares the skyline with the new Prime Tower that is under construction in Zurich.

indoor pools. In sheer concentration, the gayest of the swimming areas of Zurich may be the river at Utoquai, a public bathing facility with wooden docks, sundecks, changing areas, and showers. The right side is for women only. The middle is mixed. Gay men tend to gather on the men-only left side dock and sundecks. On a couple of recent trips there, I would estimate that there were around 200 people on the docks and easily a third were

gay men. You can walk to Utoquai, along the river, from Old Town. It is near where the river meets Lake Zurich. It costs 7 francs or about 6 bucks to get in. The Tiefenbrunnen water park is on the lake just a short ride away from Old Town on the #4 tram. The #4 runs along the river through Old Town. Remember that the river runs from the lake, so take the tram in the opposite direction of the river flow and get off at the last or second-tolast stop and walk to the lake. Admission is 7 francs. Gays gather on the grassy knoll to the left side of the park by the restaurants. A clothing optional sunbathing level is on the roof level above the dressing rooms. There are separate sections for men and women. Among the most crowded of all the swimming areas is on the river at Oberer Letten, between Old Town and trendy West Zurich. It’s free to get in, which may help it attract a younger, hipper crowd. People gather on wooden planks on both sides of the river. Another swimming hole is just down stream from that. Swimmers can jump in the water upstream and float down. You don’t have to worry if the current is too strong there. Metal grates are set up to keep swimmers from going too far. Oberer Letten doesn’t seem to have any unofficially gay section, but you will find clusters of family

everywhere. It’s closest to the Lima Platz stop on the #4 tram streetcar.

Accommodations The Hotel G-Colors Goldenes Schwert or G-Hotel is the gayest hotel in town. It has 22 rooms and is directly over the aforementioned T&M and AAAH nightclubs. Rates start at $140 but you can usually get a room for about $20 cheaper through The hotel also offers a 10 percent coupon that is available in the Spartacus Guide. A continental breakfast is in-

cluded. If you are on a tight budget, rates at its sister guesthouse, just a couple of blocks away, start at $100 for a room with a shared bath. That satellite guesthouse has 15 rooms. Keep in mind that for all prices in Switzerland, the price you see is the price you get. Posted prices include taxes. Restaurants also include the tax and tip with the bill. The GHotel markets itself as a gay hotel. Most of the guests are gay but the hotel is not exclusively gay. The main

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of Barfusser. It has a popular patio that draws big crowds when the weather is warm. There are no lesbian bars in Zurich but both Cranberry and T&M are women-friendly. A lesbian event called Tanzleila convenes parties several times a year. For more information visit In Old Town, the remainder of the smaller gay bars tend to get a higher number of rent boys the farther south you go, past Muhlegasse Street. Once you’ve made it as far south in Old Town as the Carousel bar, you have hit the height of the hustler bars. Just about everybody in that place is buying or selling. The Dynasty bar is in Old Town north of the Carousel and draws a lot of male prostitutes because of its proximity to Carousel, but the new owner has begun to try to move the rent boys out. If you want a very unique gay bar experience in Old Town, check out the Tip Top bar. It is on a hill a couple of blocks from the center of Old Town on Seilergraben 13. It plays “schlager” music made famous by the wildly popular Eurovision music competition show. The management says that although most of the clientele is gay, they get a healthy mix of non-gays. The Sprit bar is a Sunday tradition during the summer. Gays pack the terrace of the Kaufleautere disco for a nightcap to what has undoubtedly been a fun-filled weekend. Check out the sites www.Angels .ch and for information about gay parties held in Zurich at various locations. Also, a great guide to nightlife and all things gay in Zurich can be found on the city’s official web site www.Zuerich .com/lgbt. (Not, which is a financial company.) There are a handful of bathhouses in Zurich. They usually open around lunchtime and close by 11 p.m. but some stay open late on the weekends. Locals say early on Sunday and Monday nights tend to be more popular, especially when the weather is bad. The Paragon Wellness Club is in the heart of Old Town but it is notoriously a rent-boy bathhouse. They don’t advertise it as a pay-for-play place, but locals looking to give it away don’t go there. Outside Old Town, the Moustache Relax Club sauna has a mix of old and young people but tends to skew younger. Nearby, Reno’s Relax Club Sauna has overnight hours on the weekends and tends to draw a clientele a little older than Moustache. The sex club Rage has themes that include a naked night and leather and fetish nights. Prostitution is legal in Switzerland as long as the prostitutes don’t actively solicit clients. The Swiss aim to avoid the problem of street prostitutes harassing people in the streets. Earlier this year, a brothel for gay men opened in Zurich. It is called the Golden Gay Spa. It was set up like an upscale bathhouse with options for men to pay for sex. But it recently shut down. Its website says it is only temporarily closed for reconstruction/conversion.

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per month*

Own a home for as little as

Beaches The banana-shaped Lake Zurich feeds the Limmat River, which eventually runs into the Rhine. Beaches are probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Zurich, but this time of year it is one of the best and most unique experiences you could have in the city. A number of beaches and swimming docks are scattered throughout the city. Some are on Lake Zurich (Zurichsee) itself while a few others are on the river. So far this summer has been warmer than usual in Zurich, so the Swiss have been getting a lot of mileage out of the swimming holes. Zurich boasts the highest density of public bathing areas in the world. All told, the city has 18 outdoor swimming facilities and 22 public










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The right price in the right location. Right now, at Zephyr Gate. A stylish, townhome neighborhood convenient to major cities and close to public transportation. If you seek a quiet community feeling with the perks of a big city, close to shopping, entertainment and a premiere commuting route, welcome home! Pulte Homes. Life beyond measure.™

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Gay Games VIII start this weekend “This is like back to 1982,” Schaaff added. “That’s my impression. They might have about four people on staff who are getting paid. It’s a tribute to the Germans. You go in and there’s lots of faces and they’re very excited.” The Gay Games will be nine time zones ahead of San Francisco: evening events in Cologne will wrap up around lunchtime in California. But this being the electronic information age, fans on the home front won’t have to juggle sleeping schedules and long distance phone calls to keep track of their loved ones’ results in Germany. Bay Area athletes can post pictures and stories through the Team SF website, www.teamsf.ning .com; on sites provided by their individuals clubs; or on the FGG’s Facebook page or blog, www.gaygames- Visitors to the Gay Games can also access information on parties and other events through a Gay Games Cologne iPhone application. On Sunday, August 8, the day after the games end, the FGG will hold its annual General Assembly meeting. Normally the annual meeting is spread over several days, occurs later in the year, and has several hours of committee meetings and social networking events. This year the entire meeting is scheduled to finish in four hours. The agenda is likely to be heavily loaded with Games Cologne follow-up questions, outstanding issues with Gay Games IX in Cleveland, and board elections. Discussions about work with the Outgames, the subject of numerous reports and rumors during the past year, will probably be broached but are likely to be limited because of time constraints. The next FGG membership

measure of personal comfort,” said Amy Todd-Gher, the lead attorney in the case for NCLR. Greene, 78, is now living in a small assisted living home in bucolic Kenwood, surrounded by organic gardens and large wineries. Until the settlement he occupied a studio apartment in downtown Guerneville. According to Gregory Spaulding, the private attorney representing the county, the settlement cost the county less than it would have spent on a trial. He estimated that “the attorneys fees and costs for both sides going to trial would have exceeded $1 million.” But the settlement, coming less than a week before the lawsuit was scheduled for trial, leaves the public wondering what really happened, in a case that garnered national attention.

According to the lawsuit, Greene said his late partner, Harold Scull, 88, tumbled down the stairs, setting off a county response that ended with Scull dying alone in a nursing home and all of their possessions sold to pay for Scull’s care. But Spaulding said after interviewing over 50 witnesses, he was sure that Scull was the victim of domestic violence and satisfied that the county acted appropriately when it placed him in a nursing home. According to the county, Scull said he was afraid to go back to the house he had shared with Greene in rural Sebastopol and asked county officials to find him another place to live. “I had plenty of evidence. I was confident that if I had tried the case I would have established that there was domestic violence,” Spaulding said. But he admitted that county’s

Public Guardian office violated state regulations by confiscating and selling off Scull’s and Greene’s possessions without seeking permission from the court. According to state law, public conservatorship agencies can sell their clients’ property and use the proceeds to pay for the clients’ care, but they must get court approval for property worth more than $5,000. The contents of the couple’s home brought more than $25,000 at public auction. Spaulding said county officials didn’t realize the value of the men’s possessions because their house was “unkempt and in disarray” and many of their things were packed away in boxes. Friends of the men have said their house was filled with antiques and works of art from Scull’s years in the film industry and as an artist. Todd-Gher said the settlement

sends a message that all elders must be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of their sexual orientation. “We urge every citizen in Sonoma County to demand more oversight of the Public Guardian’s office. They need to be watched,” she said. However, attorneys on both sides agreed that legalizing same-sex marriage, and encouraging same-sex couples to file for domestic partnership until that happens, would help gay and lesbian couples retain control over their lives as they get older. “It [the settlement] also highlights, in the absence of gay marriage rights, the benefits to couples to register as domestic partners,” Spaulding said. Greene and Scull had executed both mutual powers of attorney for medical and financial decisions and wills naming each other as beneficiaries.▼


$1.80. Coffee is a little pricey. The cheapest cup in Starbucks is about $3.75 but you can find coffee in convenience stores for about a dollar less. The Coop supermarket next to the main train station has a great selection of hot and cold foods to go. You can buy a sandwich there for as little as $3. If you get thirsty while walking around, there is no need to buy bottled water. There are 1,200 fountains throughout the city that are constantly running and are free for the sipping. Being surrounded by fresh water, Zurich has a lot of water to waste and it certainly does with all the fountains constantly running. A few decorative fountains use circulated water but the drinking fountains run fresh water constantly.

Switzerland. Swiss German is a variation of German. The Swiss usually have no trouble understanding “high German” but sometimes the Germans have trouble understanding the Swiss. Fortunately for American tourists, just about everyone speaks English, especially younger people. English is the mandatory second language in school. About 22 percent of the Swiss, near the French border, including Geneva, speak French. The remainder near the Italian border speak Italian and about 1 percent speak Romanish, a language that is expected to completely die out from attrition. Switzerland has its own currency, francs, but most places will also accept euros. A dollar is currently worth slightly more than a Swiss franc. Each dollar will buy you roughly 1.05-1.15 francs, depending on the current exchange rate.

Getting there



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Agua Caliente Villa, the nursing home where he lived after the county intervened in his life. Additionally, $25,000 will go to the estate of Greene’s late partner, Harold Scull. Greene’s lawyers, the National Center for Lesbian Rights in San Francisco, and private attorneys in Sonoma County, will split the remaining $300,000. County supervisors still need to accept the settlement at their next weekly meeting, August 3, but it appears to be a done deal. Both sides in the case said they are satisfied with the conclusion to the suit that was filed nearly a year ago in Sonoma County Superior Court. “It puts this tragic episode behind everyone in a way that gives Clay a

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hotel is over an all-night disco. If you are noise sensitive, you might want to stay at the guesthouse or ask for a room on one of the upper floors. (The rooms on the upper level are also larger but more expensive.) If you stay in the hotel, the cover charge to the clubs is free. WiFi in the hotel is also free. The Hotel Adler is a mainstream three-star hotel with a big gay following. It is perfectly situated in the heart of Old Town, less than a fiveminute walk from Cranberry or the G-Colors complex. Rates start around $115 for a single room. A continental breakfast is included in the rate. Free WiFi is also included. The downstairs restaurant is one of the best places in town to get the traditional Swiss fondue.

Zurich is an expensive city but there are plenty of ways to save money if you are on a budget. First, there is no need to take cabs. The city is very compact and easily walkable. The public transportation system, made up of streetcars and buses, goes everywhere. It is only a 10-minute train ride between the Zurich airport and the heart of downtown. Restaurants are not as expensive as they appear because, as mentioned, all taxes as well as a gratuity are included in the bill. It is customary to round up the bill to the nearest franc, or a little more than that if service is exceptional, but it’s not expected. You can get a good meal in a decent restaurant for as little as $20. A hamburger or cheeseburger in McDonald’s costs about $2.50 or about double what it costs in the U.S. A McDonald’s apple pie is about

Darl Schaaff, ceremonies officer for the FGG, is in Cologne making final preparations for Gay Games VIII, which begin Saturday.

Language Swiss German is spoken in Zurich and about 70 percent of

“There will be some speeches, but not too many,” Schaaff said. “It’s scheduled to start about 7:30 p.m., and they’re shooting to have it done by 10 o’clock. That might be encouraging to those who were unhappy with how long the ceremonies went on in Chicago.” The closing ceremony Saturday, August 7, will be at Tanzbrunnen Köln, an outdoor stage with an artificial beach on the Rhine. Beyond the medals awarded in sports competitions, several Bay Area residents will be among the recipients of awards at this year’s event. Gay Games pioneer Sara Waddell Lewinstein, the widow of Gay Games founder Dr. Tom Waddell, is one of three female finalists for the FGG’s highest honor, the Waddell Award. Gene Dermody, president of Golden Gate Wrestling, is one of the three male finalists for the award. Cheer SF, winner of the

2010 FGG Legacy Award for fundraising, will be represented by Anthony Alston as one of 10 flag bearers to bring the Gay Games flag into the ceremonies. Also bearing the flag will be San Francisco trumpet player Loren McGlade, who has played in every Gay Games except Gay Games I and is a winner of the Legacy Award for outstanding cultural participant. The two winners of the Waddell Award will be announced during the opening ceremonies as will a new Out Olympic Athlete Solidarity in Support program. Specifics about the program have not been publicized, but according to the FGG’s website the program “will offer support, financial and non-financial, to openly gay and lesbian athletes who are preparing to compete at the 2012 London Olympic Games. The FGG is hoping that this OOASIS program will help pave the way for a much larger number of ‘out’ athletes at future Olympic Games.” Funds from the program will also support the FGG scholarship fund. “I think people will be pleased,” Schaaff said. “Some things will go wrong because something always goes wrong, but I think for the most part people will be happy.” Schaaff said the economy has proved challenging for organizers, but he thinks people will be surprised and inspired by the manner in which the citizens of Cologne have taken to their event. “I think there’s a remarkable story here, and it’s a tribute to bad times and generous people,” he said. “The money is very tight, and the [financial] contributions have not been great. The way this has been dealt with is that the volunteer effort has rallied. It’s remarkable to go into the Gay Games office and see the enthusiasm of the volunteers.

ed in the current economic conditions.” Hotels and food are not expenhe sports event Cologne, Gersive in Cologne, but airfare to Eumany has prepared five years rope is around $1,500 this summer, for kicks off this weekend even with advance booking. This is when the Gay Games, the quadrena tough price point for many people. nial LGBT sports and cultural festi“Some speculated only 6,500 or val that began in San Francisco in 8,000 maximum [participants] after 1982 holds its eighth iteration on the Copenhagen was only able to have banks of the Rhine River. 4,300 athletes and cultural particiInformation about the games has pants,” Stevens said, referring to been painfully difficult to obtain. the host of last year’s Which means that either orWorld Outgames. “Fortuganizers are incredibly nately, Cologne is a welladept at secrecy, or less loved gay city in Europe adept at organizing. What and is very affordable for is known is that nearly Europeans. The Gay Games fo10,100 athletes and artists cused on marketing to estabare descending on one of lished sports clubs around the Europe’s gayest cities world. It helps to have 27 ready for action. years of history.” As of press time, a Darl Schaaff, FGG J OCK TALK ceremonies breakdown of particiofficer and a pants by region and former site selection ofsport was not available ficer, has been in Cologne for despite several requests. Federation months helping oversee preparaof Gay Games spokesman Kelly tions. “Busy,” he said this week when Stevens said registrations were at asked how things were progressing. 9,475, which would be the smallest “Everything that hasn’t gotten done Gay Games since the 1990 Vancouhas to.” ver Gay Games and well short of the Rob Smithermann, a sports coor12,000 Games Cologne had origidinator with the Chicago 2006 Gay nally marketed but about what many Games, also has been in Cologne for insiders were forecasting for a down months working with sports planeconomy. The 35 sports disciplines ners. are supposed to be covered by 40 Among the highlights of the journalists, and announcements are opening ceremonies Saturday, July expected about live television and 31, when the athletes march into web coverage. RheinEnergieStadion will be an anStevens said 70 countries are repthem sung by vocalist Taylor Dayne; resented, with the largest contina speech by Guido Westerwelle, the gents coming from the host Geropenly gay German vice chancellor many (2,955), the United States and foreign minister; and the Ath(2,219), United Kingdom (841), the letes Oath delivered by Olympic divNetherlands (658), France (524), ing gold medalist Matthew and Australia (363). There are about Mitcham. For the first time an LGBT 375 athletes from the Bay Area. orchestra will perform, in addition “The last count shows around to the traditional band and choral 2,500 from the USA,” Stevens said. groups. “This is a bit low, but not unexpect-

by Roger Brigham

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If you want to get to Zurich with the least amount of hassle and in style, Swiss International Airlines is the best bet. (Everyone still calls it Swiss Air even though it has changed its name.) It began the Bay Area’s only nonstop service to Zurich in June. The airline created a specially painted plane for the occasion. The plane has “San Francisco” painted on it with a flower-power theme, honoring the city’s hippie heritage. Swiss Air has a deserved reputation for great service. It uses new A340 aircraft on the SFO-Zurich route. If you can splurge for business class, its redesigned planes feature lie-flat seats. ▼ For more information: For free iPhone apps and an iTunes city guides, visit the main page at

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Lesbian couple dies in car crash by Cynthia Laird ongtime partners Ina Mae Murri and Stella Lopez-Armijo died within moments of one another on Saturday, July 17 in southeast Idaho near Preston after they were involved in a car accident. Ms. Murri, who was 75, was driving to a family reunion when she suffered a massive heart attack and died at the wheel. In a heroic and courageous act, Ms. Lopez-Armijo, who was 76, grabbed the wheel and drove into a pickup truck to avoid pedestrians. She died en route to the hospital. Police said that the driver of the pickup was transported to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Ms. Murri and Ms. Lopez-Armijo lived in Fremont and were original founders and active in Lavender Seniors of the East Bay. The women were together for more than 35 years and were pioneers in recognition for lesbian mothers as well as role models for many in the LGBT community. The couple was also very active in Women Over Fifty and Friends. Ms. Murri was active in Affirmation, an organization for Mormons who believe in the worth of every soul regardless of their sexual or gender orientation. Ms. Lopez-Armijo was Roman Catholic. “I can’t say enough about how much they helped to improve the lives of others,” said Dan Ashbrook, director of Lavender Seniors. “Their ties to the community are far reaching which has always been a benefit to Lavender Seniors. They added a

Joseph Arthur Figueroa August 27, 1972 – July 14, 2010

On July 14, 2010, Joseph passed suddenly at his home in San Antonio. Born August 27, 1972, son of Robert & Wanda Arthur. Joseph is survived by his biological mother, Debby Van Deventer, her husband, Bill, and her brother and sisters, Robert Lewis, Judy Vogt, Sherril Arthur, Nancy Strickland, and Tina Arthur. Joseph is also survived by his father Leo Figueroa, his wife Terry, their daughters Marissa, Jamie and Sarah. Joseph lived in San Francisco from 2004 to 2007. He was an insurance consultant with CIC, CISR licensing, his career spanned 17 years of Property & Casualty Insurance specializing in Technology and Commercial Biotechnology.

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had atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

East Bay church marks 10th anniversary New Spirit Community Church in Berkeley will celebrate its 10th anniversary with several activities this weekend. The church, a gay and straight together congregation, is affiliated with the Metropolitan Community Churches, United Church of Christ, and the Disciples of Christ. On Saturday, July 31, the church is hosting a garden party fundraiser from 2 to 5 p.m. at Easton Hall, 2451 Ridge Road (at LeConte Avenue) in Berkeley. There is no admission to attend, but contributions will be accepted. The party will feature current pastor Jim Mitulski and founding pastor Karen Foster. Entertainment will include On Q, a section of the Oakland/Bay Gay Men’s Chorus, and the New Spirit choir.

Cathy Cade


Ida Mae Murri, left, and Stella Lopez-Armijo last year during Stella’s 75th birthday party.

great deal of personality to our group programs and outreach activities. There will never be another Ina and Stella. We will miss them incredibly.” Added Bobbie Jarvis, a longtime friend of the couple, “We will miss them both terribly.” Jarvis said that the women met at a Pride Parade in San Francisco 35 years ago. She said that the women’s trip to Idaho was to be their last trip to the annual family reunion of Ms. Murri’s siblings. Jarvis said that the women loved comedy shows. Ms. Lopez-Armijo was the more outgoing – she always had a smile and a joke, Jarvis said – while Ms. Murri would often read from her extensive collection of gay literature. Ms. Murri was born on January 15, 1935. In an essay she wrote that was published in Peculiar People: Mormons and Same-Sex Orientation,

Joseph attended Keystone School and Heath Careers High School in San Antonio. He attended University of Texas at Austin from 1990-1991, San Antonio College from 1991 to 1993, Joseph was continuing his education in Medical Technology upon his death. We miss and love you, Joseph.

she discussed her life growing up in Newdale, Idaho, a typical small Mormon town. After high school she worked as a nanny in Washington, D.C. In 1955 she enlisted in the Air Force, but wrote that she was discharged after 14 months “as a result of that homosexual friendship.” She then moved to Los Angeles where she attended church regularly and dated men. She married James Sanders in 1960 but they were divorced seven years later. The couple had one son, Eric. Ms. Murri also worked in the Alameda County Public Library and the lending library for patient services at the Alameda County Hospital. Ms. Lopez-Armijo was born on March 21, 1934. In an essay she wrote for the 1995 book, From Wedded Wife to Lesbian Life, by Deborah Abbott and Ellen Farmer, she said she was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The family later moved to the Bay Area, not far from where she and Ms. Murri lived for 14 years. Ms. Lopez-Armijo went to work at Owens-Illinois glass container factory when she was 18. She married Harry Horten and wrote that she had four children in less than four years. The couple later divorced, but remained friends, she wrote. Ms. Murri is survived by her son Eric Sanders of Hawaii; and several siblings. Ms. Lopez-Armijo is survived by her children, Victoria Richie, Catherine Horten, Christel Cantlin, and Harry Horten III. Both women are also survived by several grandchildren and a couple of greatgrandchildren. “They each loved the children of

Bright, caring, funny and pathologically disorganized, our friend John Maybauer died on June 26, interestingly during Gay Pride week. Openly and defiantly gay before it was fashionable, he was passionate about politics and particularly gay issues, subjects about which he could argue strenuously. Years before the idea of same-sex marriage was taken seriously, he insisted that it was

the only factor that would legally equalize gays and straights. John was born and raised on Chicago’s Southside. A comfortable inheritance allowed him the luxury of non-employment. His only steady job was a ten-year stint with the Chicago Police Department’s 911 call center. He became an active original member of the Chicago Gay Alliance and helped found the Howard Brown Clinic, one of the foremost healthcare providers for gay men. An avowed atheist, he was opposed to all Judeo-Christian dogma, which he perceived as homophobic, hypocritical and corrupt. After moving to San Francisco in 1988, John participated in Prime Timers, Toastmasters, Gay Atheists and a brief flirtation with the San Francisco Unified School District as an elementary substitute teacher, an educational experience for all concerned. A scattering of John’s ashes is being planned. For details, contact Bill Thek at (415) 252-7282.

On Sunday, August 1, Foster will be preaching at the church’s 11 a.m. service. New Spirit is located at 1798 Scenic Avenue on the Pacific School of Religion campus. Following the service, a hot dog picnic will be held. The cost is $5 per person, although no one will be turned away for lack of funds. For more information, visit the church’s Facebook page (search for New Spirit Community Church), website (, or call the church office at (510) 8498150.

documentation of services. Additionally, the center is seeking home delivery volunteers on Thursday mornings and afternoons to help pick up and deliver food to its elderly and HIV-impacted clients. This program ensures that these underserved communities will continue receiving much needed basic goods. The center is especially looking for volunteers with trucks to pick up and deliver large quantities of food. Contact Wade at (925) 6920090 or via e-mail at wade▼

John Maybauer April 26, 1943 – June 26, 2010

Rainbow center seeks volunteers The Rainbow Community Center of Contra Costa County has started a program to increase the social connections of RCC’s community through volunteers making home visits and phone calls to program participants. The center is seeking volunteers who can make a time commitment of five hours per month (four with clients and one in meetings and training) and regular

the other so it was a great big happy household,” Jarvis said. The funeral mass and a reception is being held Friday, July 30 at 10 a.m. at the Transfiguration Catholic Church, 4000 East Castro Valley Boulevard in Castro Valley. The entombment is being held Saturday, July 31 at 2 p.m. at Chapel of the Chimes, 32992 Mission Boulevard in Hayward. A memorial service was held in Preston, Idaho on July 23. In lieu of flowers, donations would be appreciated to the Fisher House; Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays; or Lavender Seniors of the East Bay.▼

Matthew S. Bajko and Seth Hemmelgarn contributed to this report.

Web content Online content this week includes the Wockner’s World column.


Folsom Street Fair September 26 Castro Street Fair October 3



BAY AREA REPORTER . . 29 July 2010


page 1

Warm Sands neighborhood to install more motion sensor lighting and cut back overgrown bushes. Like most of Palm Springs, there are no streetlights in Warm Sands. Palm Springs has long had a policy against street lighting except downtown and at main intersections, to maintain the city’s tranquil ambiance, and so that views of the stars would not be obstructed. The city has been stung by criticism following the police sting a little over a year ago that resulted in 19 men being charged for public exposure. The men had been urged by a police decoy to expose themselves in a dark parking lot of a gay resort in Warm Sands. If convicted, the men would be required to register as sex offenders for life in a registry that is visible by law enforcement only. “We are not homophobic and we are not a biased police department. Our history shows that,” Dominguez said. The police chief added that the department has a history of reaching out and working with the city’s LGBT community. Dominguez is participating in the Protect and Defend gathering this week of LGBT police, fire, paramedics, and military professionals in Palm Springs. The nonprofit group hopes to raise $30,000 during the week, with $1,000 going to local Palm

Supes forum ▼

page 1

or more questions, while it was up to moderator Donna Sachet, a local drag persona, to ensure those the panel had overlooked were given a chance to address a question. School board president Jane Kim, who is seeking the D6 seat, and Prozan both answered six direct questions, the most of anyone on stage. Deputy City Attorney Scott Wiener, running in D8, took five questions, while Mandelman and Walker both answered four. The following are some of the more noteworthy answers from the candidates at the forum, broken out by district.

District 6 In the race to represent South of Market and the Tenderloin on the board, once again Kim dominated the discussion, as she has at other debates. Kim pledged she would work closely with nonprofits in determining how to prioritize cuts to the city’s budget. “I would work with community based organizations to make sure we have an equity lens on the budget so we are not making cuts in communities that need services the most,” said Kim, who talked about losing several teachers to AIDS growing up in New York City. In terms of housing, Kim wants to see another affordable housing bond passed by voters. And she said the city needed to do a better job of ensuring the “quality” of the numerous singleroom-occupancy hotels where many low-income people live. She suggested setting aside whole floors or buildings as women-only to safeguard female tenants. “We need to create safe environments for all of our residents,” she said. Theresa Sparks, a transgender woman who is the executive director of the city’s Human Rights Commission, called for having a two-year budgeting process and holding meetings in the community about how to balance the city’s finances. She also called for the creation of a HIV budget oversight panel. “I think we should have an HIV/AIDS commission and it would have real say so in the budget. Right now it is an afterthought,” she said. “Multi-year budgeting allows us to have a forward looking planning process.”

Springs community charities. The chief also noted that all 140 employees of his department would undergo a two-hour LGBT sensitivity training. The city has been criticized for not having any openly gay male officers on its force, which currently numbers 94. Dominguez said that there are out lesbian officers on the force and that he would welcome openly gay male officers. Dominguez stressed that the department has long recruited officers from the LGBT community.

Investigation continues

a tacit agreement between police and the Riverside County District Attorney’s office to prosecute the men with a 314 penal code charge and not allow them to plead down to a lesser charge as had been routine in the past. The 314 charge requires those convicted to register as sex offenders for life.

being gay-friendly and that may have ultimately hurt business. Van Etten, like Stone, agrees that the community itself, in cooperation with neighborhood hotel owners, is best suited to deal with the problem of public sex. Van Etten said he supports the recommendation for the hotels to use more motion sensor lighting and changing behavior through education. He told the B.A.R. that when police catch people having sex in public, they should be issued a ticket or citation, not have to face charges that will require them to register as sex offenders for life. Roger Tansey, a public defense attorney representing six of the men who were accused in the sting, is trying to get the cases thrown out of court on the grounds that the sting was discriminatory because Palm Springs never conducted a sting aimed at public heterosexual sex. Last month, a judge ordered the Palm Springs Police Department to turn over to the defense two years of records related to complaints about public sex and enforcement of laws against public sex. Tansey said that those records show no complaints about public sex in Warm Sands and only two complaints about public sex involving gay men. Ten of the 12 complaints about public sex were for heterosexual sex, Tansey said. The attorney plans to use those figures to argue for dismissal of the cases in a hearing that will likely happen in September. ▼

In terms of the budget, Prozan said she would want to see more information about the numerous nonprofits the city contracts with to provide services. In particular she said it would be important to know how many private donors they have. “When dealing with community based organizations, you have to have a handle on what is happening on the ground,” she said. “Look, next year isn’t going to be any better. I wish it were.” Wiener also expressed concern that the city is increasingly relying on nonprofits. He called from more coordination between the groups and bringing them into the budget process so that city funds are better spent. “We need to start looking at nonprofits that provide so many services as part of the city family,” he said. “Part of the onus is on the nonprofit community to become more cohesive.” He also wants to see the city increase its reserves so there is a “better rainy day fund.” Of the four D8 candidates at the forum, Hemenger was asked the least number of questions. He did say he saw no need to raise taxes in order to balance the budget. “I would cut some of the waste out of the budget first,” said Hemenger, who worked for Oracle. “Raising taxes is always the easy answer.” Speaking as a private citizen and not a prosecutor, Prozan said she supports the legalization of marijuana and professed support for opening more medical marijuana dispensaries within D8. Currently there is one cannabis club operating within the supervisorial district on Market Street near Guerrero. “I will use my office to make sure treatment for those in need of medical marijuana is available and safe,” she said.

need action. We need a health clinic.” He also called for expanding onthe-job training programs so that HIV-positive people could find meaningful, long-lasting work. “We need to create careers in San Francisco,” said Jackson. Another candidate, theater professional Tony Kelly, admitted he was ill informed when it came to HIV issues prior to the forum. “Working on this questionnaire was definitely an eye opener,” said Kelly, who directed the 2010 GLAAD Media Award-winning Off-Broadway show A Boy and His Soul. Asked if ADAP, the government program that provides discounted AIDS drugs, is broken, Kelly responded more generically about the city’s finances. “Our budget system at this point is broken,” he said. “It is not upside down, it is screwed.” Engineer Stephen Weber said he believes many city programs are “suffering from proper management” and that nothing should be protected from being cut. “It has to be every issue of the budget needs to be looked at,” he said. Stephen Moss, the publisher of the Potrero View community newspaper, said he doesn’t see the need to pass a sit/lie law, the controversial ballot measure Haight residents are pushing to deal with aggressive panhandlers in their neighborhood. Because he is a father, he also expressed concerns about legalizing marijuana by the passage of state Proposition 19. “We don’t need to have sit/lie but I understand the philosophical need to have sit/lie,” said Moss, who has assigned Shilts’s book as required reading of his students in public administration at San Francisco State University. “On Prop 19 I am instinctively for it, but again, I have a 9-year-old daughter. My concern is not about crime, because no one smoking a joint ever committed a crime.” Notable for not being on stage were two people running for the D10 seat with strong ties to the LGBT community: BART board member Lynette Sweet and legislative aide Bill Barnes, a former AIDS czar under Mayor Willie Brown. Barnes, a gay man who is HIVpositive, told the B.A.R. he opted to skip the forum because he felt it was unnecessarily politicizing HIV and AIDS issues. Sweet’s campaign, which has been endorsed by Dufty and lesbian Oakland Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan, said she was unable to attend due to a family emergency.▼

We are not homophobic and we are not a biased police department. Our history shows that.

In the course of the sting in June 2009, an officer who was observing the operation from a police vehicle could be heard referring to a potential suspect as a “cocksucker” as another officer laughed. Dominguez told the B.A.R. that he was embarrassed by the remark and has apologized for it on behalf of the department and the city. The chief said that the police internal affairs department is still investigating the slur, which he first learned about last month. The department is also investigating the statements made by a police sergeant and a lieutenant who had worked on the sting. Both said in sworn testimony that there had been

Accounting for the fact some HIV-positive people eschew seeking full-time work so they do not lose their federal health benefits, Sparks promoted co-employment as one way to allow them to enter the workforce. At the forum Walker was not asked about losing the support of former city AIDS czar Jeff Sheehy due to her answers to the questionnaire all candidates filled out prior to the event. As the Bay Area Reporter reported last week, Sheehy was particularly upset that Walker described HIV as a communicable disease similar to tuberculosis rather than a life-threatening chronic illness. Zachary Richard with Bay Area Young Positives did ask Walker how to house LGBT youth who age out of publicly-financed programs. Walker said she has spent two decades working on the issue of how to pay for affordable housing in the city and wants to see more projects include supportive services on-site. She also endorsed the idea of using city-owned parking lots in the Castro for housing LGBT youth and people living with HIV and AIDS. “We need to create really affordable housing,” she said. D6 candidate Renato Cazares, a gay man who works in the education sector, also took part in the forum but was mostly overlooked by the panelists. In his opening remarks he talked about an elderly neighbor he considered his grandma who contracted AIDS through a blood transfusion back in the 1980s and how his brother also worked at a clinic in Berkeley that treated many early HIV patients.

District 8 The most significant news to come out of the forum among the candidates running to replace District 8 Supervisor Bevan Dufty, who is also termed out this year, is that all the candidates, including Bill Hemenger, a gay business executive, said they back seeing a homeless shelter for LGBT and HIV-positive people built in the Castro along Market Street. While Hemenger simply said “yes” when asked about supporting a shelter, the other three D8 candidates all added the caveat of wanting to work with neighbors to address any concerns. Prozan, in answering a question posed to just her, suggested dedicating some of the below-market-rate housing developers of several Castro

hood Involvement Committee. He attended one of the meetings with the chief. Stone called the chief “pretty responsive” and said that for many in the gay community the use of decoys was a big issue. “Entrapment is a nonstarter in the gay community because it has been used against us for decades,” Stone said. He added that the sting was the shock the city needed to induce change. “In a way, good came out of this even though what happened was not good,” Stone said. He noted that the problem of public sex in Warm Sands as well as the traffic from cruisers is way down – Palm Springs Police Chief this summer. Dominguez David Dominguez echoed that observation. Thomas Van Etten, a member of the Palm Springs’ LGBT Police Outreach ComDominguez said it would be illegal for mittee, also attended a meeting with the department to make an agreement the chief about the sting. Van Etten has like that with the DA’s office. called on Dominguez to be fired over Dominguez had held a number of the sting and he told the B.A.R. that meetings with community representatives to discuss criticism over the the meeting didn’t change his mind. sting. “This backfired in his face and now he is protecting his ass,” Van Etten said. B.A.R. contributing writer Robert He added that he has spoken with Julian Stone, who uses the pen name hotel owners who have told him that Robert Julian, is on the advisory coungay tourism is down. Van Etten suscil of the Warm Sands Neighborhood pects that the bad press over the sting Organization and he represents Warm has tarnished the city’s reputation as Sands on the Palm Springs’ Neighbor-

Lydia Gonzales

Palm Springs


District 10 candidate Chris Jackson

housing projects will be required to build for HIV-positive people. She also said she would like to see the city work with banks now in ownership of thousands of foreclosed properties on making them available for people living with HIV and AIDS as well as teachers, police, and firefighters. In response to another question directed at them specifically, Prozan, Mandelman, and Wiener also pledged their support to seeing more affordable housing built within the Castro-centric district even if current residents expressed “strenuous objections” to the units. The three also stated they would back projects in other districts even if the area’s supervisor were opposed. “I would be willing to stand up and take the heat on that,” pledged Wiener, who noted he opposed a push by neighbors to close down a Castro LGBT youth center when he lived on Collingwood Street. Prozan recalled how D8 residents lambasted her when she worked for former Mayor Willie Brown as his liaison to the district for supporting the 1 Church Street affordable housing development. “Ten years later it has now become the jewel of the neighborhood. People who opposed it tell me they can’t believe I am now running for supervisor after what we did to you,” she said. “It is not going to lessen property values.” Mandelman noted how he voted to approve a Hayes Valley project as a Board of Appeals member over the objections of the neighborhood. “The neighbors were apoplectic. They were convinced it would destroy their neighborhood and I voted for the project,” he said.

District 10 Chris Jackson, a straight black man who is on the city’s community college board, criticized what he sees as a “lack of political will” to combat HIV issues within communities of color, especially in D10’s Bayview and Hunter’s Point neighborhoods. He bemoaned the lack of community health clinics located in the city’s eastern neighborhoods and called on developers of the mega housing project at the old navy shipyard to build a health care center. “People have to travel across the city to get care,” said Jackson. “We have been studying it for too long. We

29 July 2010 . . BAY AREA REPORTER


Choi ▼

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statement following his discharge notice, Choi said the news is “both infuriating and painful,” coming after 11 years of military service, beginning at the U.S. Military Academy, and including 17 months of openly gay service. “But my service continues,” he said. “To all those veterans who have endured similar trials and injustices or prematurely ended their military service because of the unjust policy: Our fight has only begun.” Choi’s military discharge brings to a close 17 months of whirlwind activism that began on national television May 7, 2009, when he said three words on The Rachel Maddow Show: “I am gay.” The admission was a clear violation of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. Since then, the articulate and passionate all-military man has spoken out continuously, advocating coast to coast for the repeal of the nearly 17-year old federal law and Pentagon policy that bans openly gay service. Choi’s lift-the-ban odyssey even included a March 18 arrest outside the White House for a non-violent civil disobedience protest against the DADT policy, an incident in which he and another former Army officer, Captain James Pietrangelo, handcuffed themselves to an iron fence surrounding 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Consequently, both men faced charges for refusing to obey a lawful order, but those charges were dropped by the District of Columbia on July 14. For the most part, Choi’s activism has been well received among LGBT activists, bloggers, and gay media – and within the larger gay and lesbian community. But after a seven-day hunger strike ended on June 3 without achieving its ends, criticism of Choi’s direct action approach gained some traction. For example, blogger Bil Brown-





ing, co-founder of the Bilerico Project, wrote, “With all of Choi’s recent actions, tons of media appearances, chaining himself to the White House fence and this hunger strike, many in the community think Choi’s gone off the deep end. They say this has become more about his ego than a smart strategy to repeal DADT quickly.” But dynamics for grassroots activism seemed to shift significantly most recently. This past Saturday in Las Vegas, Choi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid embraced at the Netroots Nation conference. In a poignant moment, moderator Joan McCarter presented the Nevada senator with Choi’s West Point ring, along with a copy of his discharge papers. When Reid promised to return the ring after DADT’s repeal, Choi said he would hold Reid accountable for his word. On stage together, the two men shook hands and embraced. Truth Wins Out ( Executive Director Wayne Besen, in attendance at the Netroots Nation gathering of bloggers and progressives, offered a positive assessment of Choi and recent direct action of the new grassroots organization Get Equal ( “The new generation of activists, such as Choi, are the best crop I have seen,” he said. “They have added incredible verve to the movement and immediacy to our issues. While they are known for direct action, it is important to note they are not one-trick ponies. These are intelligent, media savvy, multi-dimensional people who are reasonable, rational and very focused.” Besen, whose organization fights religious extremism and the “ex-gay” myth, also addressed Choi’s detractors. “Some of the critics appear stuck in the past or they seem to be trying to defend the ineffective strategies of old. It is time to give the new generation a chance to accomplish our unfinished business. They deserve our full support for their valiant efforts.”▼




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Jock Talk ▼

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Check it out @


meeting will be in Toronto 2010, although dates have not been announced. It will be preceded by a mid-year board meeting in Santiago, Chile.

Call David @ 415-861-5019 for more details


Tennis player found her love match

Carla McKay, left, and Martha Ehrenfeld will take to the tennis courts during the upcoming Gay Games.

Games,” she said. “Last time, tennis was a little bit disorganized. I run tournaments in San Francisco, and Cologne has already contacted me to help them run it, so that’s a good sign.” She said she is excited by the size and scope of the event. “It’s the closest I’ll ever get to any event like the Olympics,” she said. “Everyone is coming in and taking over the city.” And she already has plans for Cleveland in 2014. “In Cleveland, the facilities are amazing,” she said. “It’s going to be the biggest event for Ohio. So I’ll be excited to come back.”▼ Information about the Gay and Lesbian Tennis Federation is available at Information on Gay Games 2010, July 31-August 7 in Cologne, Germany, is available at

WWW.QUEERHYPNO.COM More Than Just Talk - Get Results.


I WANT GAY NEIGHBORS Courtesy Martha Ehrenfeld

The 2006 Gay Games in Chicago provided tennis player Martha Ehrenfeld her perfect love match. She’s hoping this year’s event in Cologne, Germany proves to be the perfect honeymoon. “I grew up in New York,” she told the Bay Area Reporter recently. “I was always a volleyball and basketball player in high school. Then I started playing ice hockey right after college. I love the Winter Olympics and I’ve gone to several of them. But when I moved to San Francisco, I switched to tennis. All of my friends play tennis in San Francisco. It’s a sport I plan to play all of my life.” In 2006 Ehrenfeld competed in both the Gay Games in Chicago, then a week later in the World Outgames in Montreal and enjoyed them both. “The really fun thing about Montreal was they had shut down the village to cars, so it was a big walking area,” she said. “They did a really good job of it. It was a nice big sports complex from the Olympics. I could walk over to other sports from the courts.” Playing doubles in Chicago with Carla McKay deepened a friendship they already had off the court. “We were friends, but in Chicago we took it to another level,” Ehrenfeld said. “We got married in Massachusetts but we’ve never really had a honeymoon. We’re hoping this is it.” Ehrenfeld, 44, will compete in the B Division women’s doubles and mixed doubles. “They will be my second Gay

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The following person(s) is/are doing business as:Bay Motor Works, 800 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94107. This business is conducted by an individual, signed Clifford Kwong. The registrant(s) commenced to transact business under the above listed fictitious business name or names on 07/07/10. The statement was filed with the City and County of San Francisco, CA on 07/07/10.

The following person(s) is/are doing business as:Cafe Capriccio,2200 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA 94133. This business is conducted by a husband and wife, signed Jalpa Patel. The registrant(s) commenced to transact business under the above listed fictitious business name or names on NA. The statement was filed with the City and County of San Francisco, CA on 07/09/10.

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JULY 8,15,22,29, 2010

JULY 15,22,29, AUG. 5, 2010 STATEMENT FILE A-032895500 The following person(s) is/are doing business as:Psychotherapy in Motion, 3769 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94110. This business is conducted by an individual, signed Kathi Grace Barg. The registrant(s) commenced to transact business under the above listed fictitious business name or names on 07/01/10. The statement was filed with the City and County of San Francisco, CA on 07/09/10.

JULY 15,22,29, AUG. 5, 2010 STATEMENT FILE A-032902300

The following person(s) is/are doing business as: Bureau, 498 Waller Street,#9, San Francisco, CA 94117. This business is conducted by an individual, signed Lawrence Li. The registrant(s) commenced to transact business under the above listed fictitious business name or names on NA. The statement was filed with the City and County of San Francisco, CA on 07/01/10.

The following person(s) is/are doing business as:Guest House, 3535 Clement Street, San Francisco, CA 94121. This business is conducted by an individual, signed Dong Young Lee. The registrant(s) commenced to transact business under the above listed fictitious business name or names on 07/13/10. The statement was filed with the City and County of San Francisco, CA on 07/13/10.

JULY 8,15,22,29, 2010

JULY 8,15,22,29, 2010

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The following person(s) is/are doing business as: Apres Collective, 601 Minna Street, San Francisco, CA 94107. This business is conducted by an individual, signed Jeanne Feldkamp. The registrant(s) commenced to transact business under the above listed fictitious business name or names on 07/01/10. The statement was filed with the City and County of San Francisco, CA on 07/01/10.

The following person(s) is/are doing business as: Mix & Match, 168 Hyde Street,#208, San Francisco, CA 94102. This business is conducted by an individual, signed Olga Salakhutdinova. The registrant(s) commenced to transact business under the above listed fictitious business name or names on NA. The statement was filed with the City and County of San Francisco, CA on 06/29/10.

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JULY 8,15,22,29, 2010

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JULY 22,29, AUG. 5,12, 2010

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JULY 29, AUG. 5,12,19, 2010 STATEMENT FILE A-032916400 The following person(s) is/are doing business as: School 2 Career Coach, 442 Collingwood Street San Francisco, CA 94114. This business is conducted by an individual, signed Yukari Baba. The registrant(s) commenced to transact business under the above listed fictitious business name or names on 07/19/10. The statement was filed with the City and County of San Francisco, CA on 07/19/10.

JULY 29, AUG. 5,12,19, 2010 STATEMENT FILE A-032927700 The following person(s) is/are doing business as: The Irish Times, 500 Sacramento Street San Francisco, CA 94111. This business is conducted by a limited liabilitycompany, signed John Lillis. The registrant(s) commenced to transact business under the above listed fictitious business name or names on 04/30/10. The statement was filed with the City and County of San Francisco, CA on 07/22/10.

JULY 29, AUG. 5,12,19, 2010 STATEMENT FILE A-032929000 The following person(s) is/are doing business as: Brass Fly, 25 Capra Way, Suite 305,San Francisco, CA 94123. This business is conducted by a general partnership, signed Victor Colborn. The registrant(s) commenced to transact business under the above listed fictitious business name or names on 07/01/10. The statement was filed with the City and County of San Francisco, CA on 07/23/10.

JULY 29, AUG. 5,12,19, 2010

You got served! It’s on now!

29 July 2010 . . BAY AREA REPOR TER 15





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BAYAREAREPORTER Vol. 40 . No. 30 . 29 July 2010

ne has to marvel at the impressive marketing savvy of the four galleries who pooled their resources and p.r., invited four artists from their respective stables to choose favorite works from the galleries’ collective inventories, then asked each artist to curate a group show for the gallery that represents them. Artistic talent does not necessarily translate to curatorial aptitude, but the results, though uneven, are interesting enough to warrant a look-see at the brainchild entitled They Knew What They Wanted, a collaborative production, if you will, of the Fraenkel, Altman Siegel, John Berggruen and Ratio 3 galleries. It’s a clever way to generate buzz during the summer, a season that can be a lethargic one for galleries. But a little more context – background on the choosers, and further elaboration on what they had in mind – would have enhanced the cross-gallery experience. The umbrella title, taken from the 1940 Garson Kanin film, is not only catchy but also apt, because the artist/curators, unconstrained by a prevailing theme or directives, were guided purely by taste and instinct. Those freedoms may have left room for surprise, but they haven’t ensured coherent exhibits; and despite the tempta-


Installation view, They Knew What They Wanted at Fraenkel Gallery, SF.

tion to make connections between them, the shows are tenuously linked at best, by educated impulse, improvisation and the slender premise that prompted the project; though, for obvious reasons, works by many of the same artists surface across exhibitions. For Ratio 3, painter Jordan Kantor selected at least one piece from each gallery, then proceeded to include works by Trevor Paglen, Ed Ruscha, Eadweard Muybridge, August Sander and a host of others, while, according to the hand-out at Altman Siegel, Shannon Ebner focused on objects and images reduced to “units, elements and denominators.” Lee Friedlander’s “Egypt (1983),” a photograph of a pyramid peaking over the edge of a sandy hillside; Sam Gordon’s idea-laden “Sketchbooks (1995-2010),” 21 binders filled with mixed-media works/notations on paper; and a small, gnarled bronze by Tom Otterness, “Broken Humpty Dumpty (1990),” which has taken up residence on the floor, are among the standouts. At Fraenkel, photographer Katy Grannan picked exciting pieces by sculptors (Jim Dine’s striding “Pinocchio”), painters (Nathan Oliveira’s reddish-yellow “Golden Head (1986)” is a haunting alien presence or a patient recovering from a facial graft) and fellow pho-

tographers Robert Adams, Friedlander and Garry Winogrand. Diane Arbus’ shot of James Brown primping is on view, and Richard Avedon is represented by In Cold Blood ’s infamous murderers Dick Hickock and Perry Smith, brandishing their tattoos. Grannan has also put together fascinating pairings that produce unexpected alchemy; she hung one of E.J. Bellocq’s disturbingly clinical, blackand-white photos of New Orleans prostitutes, “Storyville Portraits (ca. 1912),” near “Untitled Standing Figure (1957),” Manuel Neri’s headless plaster sculpture streaked in garish mustard yellow and blood-red, and another above a Matisse etching. Ignition, impact! Comparisons are inevitable, and Robert Bechtle’s effort at Berggruen successfully coalesces into a satisfying whole. (Unfortunately, Saturday is the last day to see it.) Bechtle, a San Franciscobased photorealist whose paintings explore the interplay between color, light and scenes of everyday life, as well as the relationship between photography and painting, chose pieces that form a dialogue with one another and, in his words, capture “the formality of the ordinary.” Add beauty to that list with Richard Misrach’s chro-

page 22

Gender-bending genre-buster n Sally Potter’s ambitious 1992 film adaptation of Virginia Woolf ’s comic novel Orlando now enjoying a limited re-release, Tilda Swinton inhabits a title character whose androgynous beauty as a fawnlike boy so charms an aging Queen Elizabeth I – a real casting coup as the late, incomparable Quentin Crisp truly nails the gender divide embodied by the great queen – that the monarch grants him immortality. “Do not fade, Orlando, do not grow old!” The idea of an Elizabethan aristocrat who so abhors killing that he undergoes a spontaneous sex change in his sleep, then travels agelessly down through four centuries, was so ahead of its time when Woolf first penned it in 1928 that it’s not surprising it took over five decades to turn into a film. The film, at least commercially, was also ahead of its time. “You see, same person, no difference at all – just a differ-


page 21



Liam Longman, courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

Tilda Swinton is the nobleman in the re-released ‘Orlando’ • by David Lamble

Tilda Swinton in Orlando.



‘They Knew What They Wanted’ at four SF galleries • by Sura Wood

Courtesy Fraenkel Gallery

Choosy artists chose this


BAY AREA REPORTER . . 29 July 2010




language of symbolism and obscure references with over-the-top, Hollywood-like production values, but offer not much if anything in terms of plot or coherent narrative. If you go to a screening, don’t expect mindless entertainment. Following are a few remarks on each film based on our own recollections, exhibition catalogs and production notes. Cremaster 1 (1995) Biological beginnings are reenacted by an elaborate choreography of burlesque figures in an actual football stadium, with blimps overhead representing – what? The testes is our guess. It’s Busby Berkeley meets Boise, Idaho, with perky showgirls on blue Astroturf. Cremaster 2 (1999) Intercut in this Western-themed entry are scenes of the natural movements of a bee colony, evocations of Harry Houdini and Johnny Cash, and a reenactment of the crimes and punishment of serial murderer Gary Gilmore (played by Barney). The latter scenes are based on the nonfiction work The Executioner’s Song by the odious novelist Norman Mailer, who appears as Houdini. Some sort of biological transformation goes on at a service station; there is a cavalry formation, and a visit to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Don’t ask us; we found this one especially impenetrable. Cremaster 3 (2002) We also didn’t understand the references to Celtic mythology and Masonic ritual, but this three-hour film, in which the Chrysler Building plays a starring role – lobby, elevator shaft, and “Cloud Club” – did hold our interest. Barney undergoes some weird dental/epidermal torture ritual; sculptor Richard Serra plays a mad architect; punk bands get to act out; and the spiral ramps of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum are transformed into a kind of demented Vegas showroom. It’s complicated and confusing, but sometimes fascinating to watch unfold. Cremaster 4 (1994) We don’t know why, but Barney hamming it up as a tap-dancing, horned satyr is somehow emblematic of the whole series. Fairies, motorcycles, and more gnomic Celtic lore: we guess the testicles really are descending now! Cremaster 5 (1997) This is indisputably the masterpiece of the series, in the form of a lyric opera set in late 19th-century Budapest, with movie star Ursula Andress playing the Queen of Chain, and vocalizing from atop the span of the city’s iconic bridge. A score by composer Jonathan

Matthew Barney as a tap-dancing satyr in Cremaster 4.

Bepler lends at least musical coherence and interest to another wacky Barney production. Sexual differentiation completed? We’ll sit through this one again. The films are screened over four different programs, two of which include Barney’s 2004 performance piece De Lama Lamina. We haven’t screened that, but here’s what the press release promises: “By invitation of the local Afro-Brazilian Carnival bloco (or krewe) Cortejo Afro, Barney and musician Arto Lindsay paraded with their own trio-electico, and collaborated with hundreds of guest musicians as part of the Carnaval de Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. The result is an ecstatic and very erotic blend of music, image and myth.” We’re game.

Courtesy the artist

he five films that comprise the Cremaster Cycle created by artworld darling Matthew Barney are getting a rare re-release in a series of screenings beginning this Friday, July 30, at the Roxie Theater in SF. They are an offering of arty spectacles that purport to represent, via bizarre ritual and arcane symbolism, the biological process by which sexual differentiation occurs in the fetus. That such elucidation never really occurs is largely irrelevant. Fun fact: Testicles descend in the male of the species O UT by means of an involuntary spasm of the cremaster muscle. Yay, team! Out There has been following Barney’s heady career since its ballsy beginnings, and though the artist is not gay (married to Icelandic pop star Bjork), many of his concerns, such as the body beautiful and the

limits of hieratic art, mirror ours. We’ve seen the Cremaster films as they were unleashed; studied his museum shows full of talismans and sculptures made from sports equipment and frozen petroleum jelly; watched the videos in which the artist, formerly a Yale football star, scaled the walls of galleries and museums in climbing gear and no clothes; and even met him once, at a museum social. He seemed shy but approachable, mild-mannered and seemingly sane. The Cremaster films (1994-2002), though not created in chronological order, will be T HERE screened from 1 to 5, in mixed programs (see the schedule at If you watched them all in one sitting, they’d run to 7.5 hours. But you won’t, because they’re offered in separate screenings, and because your head would explode. Many art-lovers find the films unbearably pretentious; they combine a highly idiosyncratic

Ursula Andress as the Queen of Chain in Cremaster 5

Casting couch San Francisco Opera has announced a public casting call seeking three supernumerary men to appear in SFO’s upcoming Fall 2010 production of Massenet’s Werther. As part of the directorial concept for the production, three men who are approximately 5’10” tall will be cast as doubles for the title role of Werther, played by renowned tenor Ramón Vargas. This is a non-speaking, nonsinging, non-dancing, volunteer role.

Supers volunteer their time and act as extras (in costume, with full make-up) on the stage in non-speaking roles. The casting call will take place on Mon., Aug. 9 at 7 p.m. in the Ballet Studio of the War Memorial Opera House in SF. To reserve a place in the casting schedule, auditioners should call (415) 551-6205 and leave name and phone number, or send an e-mail to Good luck to all the super wannabes!▼

Courtesy the artist

by Roberto Friedman

Courtesy the artist

Cremasterpiece theater

Matthew Barney with birds in the culmination of the series, Cremaster 5.

29 July 2010 . . BAY AREA REPORTER



Transforming Holly Golightly by Tavo Amador penly gay Truman Capote’s 1958 novella Breakfast at Tiffany’s was unlikely movie material in the waning Eisenhower years. Its self-invented heroine, Holly Golightly, was a backwoods Alabama girl who became a free-spirited Manhattan sophisticate and expensive prostitute. She was neither redeemed nor punished for her “sinful” life. The story had no romance – the central male character was gay. Yet three years later, much altered, it became a landmark film. In the engrossing Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M., Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and the Dawn of the Modern Woman (Harper Studio, $19.99), Sam Wasson shows how that happened, and analyzes its unforeseen impact. The central problem, Wasson argues, was how to suggest Holly’s profession without its unsavory trappings. Capote had wanted Marilyn Monroe, but she would have been too obviously a hooker. In 1960, Hollywood’s real-life “bad” woman/adulteress, Elizabeth Taylor, won an Oscar playing prostitute Gloria Wandrous in Butterfield 8, but her atonement was insufficient, and she died in the last reel. Audrey Hepburn (1929-93), the era’s leading romantic actress, would bring a different persona to the role. The challenge would be getting her to play it – assuming a suitable script could be written. Wasson, in short, punchy chapters, explains how George Axelrod, author of the salacious, lowbrow The Seven Year Itch, a Broadway success but a heavily censored and plodding film starring Monroe (1955), longed to write a sophisticated, Noel Cowardtype screenplay. Top directors like William Wyler, Billy Wilder, and


George Cukor weren’t available, or were uninterested. So Blake Edwards, best known for television’s Peter Gunn, got the assignment. The producers, Marty Jurow and Richard Shepherd, believed it could be made, and campaigned to get Hepburn, who was under contract to Paramount. Wasson recounts Hepburn’s ascent to stardom, but misses her initial appeal. Citing designer Edith Head, he claims her legs were too long and her waist too small (hardly possible in a dancer). Hepburn thought her feet too big, and admittedly, her bust was modest. More surprisingly, he’s critical of her face. Yet, after dancing in the chorus of the London production of High Button Shoes, she attracted attention in two revues, Sauce Picante (1949) and Sauce Tartare (50). Picturegoer magazine, noting her photogenic appeal, praised her lavishly. In 1951, she had small parts in six British films. While making one, Monte Carlo Baby, on location, Colette spotted her. She had authorized a Broadway adaptation of her novel Gigi, but no lead had been signed. She chose Hepburn, who triumphed. Just before the opening, Hepburn tested for the runaway princess in Roman Holiday (53). Wyler and Paramount were so impressed that they waited until her Broadway commitment ended to start shooting. She would win the Best Actress Oscar and return to Broadway, earning a Tony as Ondine, co-starring future husband Mel Ferrer. Eventually, the producers and Edwards convinced Hepburn to play Holly. A very insecure actress, she needed strong, patient directors – she required many retakes. She was, however, the consummate professional – kind, thoughtful, generous, with virtually no star ego. Ferrer had

a huge and generally negative influence on her. As her career took off, his faded. He was controlling and publicly critical of her. Axelrod’s script turned the gay narrator into Paul Varjak, a gigolo and novelist, well-played by handsome but difficult George Peppard. This made them equal – both were having sex for money. Patricia Neal, superb as the

woman keeping Paul, makes his profession very clear, while Holly’s is handled more subtly. Hepburn’s wardrobe was also crucial. Her clothes for Roman Holiday had been designed by Paramount’s Head, but while filming her second Hollywood picture, Sabrina (54), Hepburn met Hubert de Givenchy, and together they made fashion histo-

ry. Over Head’s objections and lifelong resentment, he designed Hepburn’s clothes from then on, including the famous black dress Holly wears. Head’s jealousy explains her criticisms of Hepburn’s figure. Givenchy’s deceptively simple creations emphasized Hepburn’s height, her elegant neck, and showcased her superb carriage. Wasson writes that women identified with Hepburn in ways they couldn’t with Monroe or Taylor, but he’s mistaken. Like them, Hepburn was unique, and audiences knew it. Witness the parade of Monroe wannabes, like Jayne Mansfield and Mamie Van Doren; Joan Collins was called “the poor man’s Elizabeth Taylor.” Hepburn had no imitators. He’s at his best, however, in describing the impact Hepburn’s freespirited Holly had. He’s right that she was a new heroine, perhaps the daughter of a pre-Production Code woman that Hollywood celebrated in the early 1930s. Like them, she was independent. She didn’t care what others thought. She was funny and sexually adventurous. She wasn’t as hard as they were – her romantic nature conflicts with her practical, materialistic goals. True, Hepburn is an unlikely ignorant rural girl, but enchanted viewers were so dazzled by her that they accepted her origins. Wasson’s judgment about Hepburn’s post-Tiffany films is flawed. He underestimates the effectiveness of Charade (1964) and her sexiness in How To Steal a Million (66). But he’s right that Two for the Road (67) is her finest romantic comedy and probably her greatest performance. Disagreeing with an informed and sympathetic writer about Hepburn makes this book compelling – Wasson challenges the reader. Authors don’t do that often enough. ▼

Resource: LGBT archives ere at the Bay Area Reporter, we are often asked about archival resources for gay media and gay books, so we present a partial list of many LGBT libraries/archives in the US, and their websites. They deserve support, donations of time, materials, energy and money, in saving our 60 years of history in working for the civil rights of LGBT Americans.


Burritt Library (CT) Gay & Lesbian Archives of the Pacific NW (Portland) Gerberhart Library (Chicago) GLBT Archives of Philadelphia Archives (gay center) GLBT Historical Society (San Francisco) GLBT History Month (Equality Forum) (PA)

Lesbian Herstory Archives (New York) LGBT Religious Archives Network Lombardi-Nash (has Ura nia manuscript) (FL) Madeline Davis GLBT Archives of Western New York-Buffalo Milwaukee LGBT History Project Nancy & Joe McDonald Rainbow Library (OK) National Archives of GLBT History (gay center) Northeast Ohio LGBT Archives (Cleveland) Northwest Lesbian & Gay History Museum Project Ohio Lesbian Archives


ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives LA (USC)

Gulf Coast Archive & Museum (Houston) (CLAGS, New York project)

Homosexual Information Center (Inc.) (Cal State, Northridge),

Pacific Northwest Lesbian Archives

James C. Hormel Gay & Lesbian Center (San Francisco, part of city library) June Mazer Lesbian Archives (West Hollywood)

Quatrefoil Library (MN) Sexual Minorities Archives (Northhampton, MA) Stonewall Library & Archives (FL)

Kinsey Institute (not just LGBT)

Sunflower Archives (KS)

Lambda Archives of San Diego

Terry Mangan Memorial Library (gay center, CO)

Lavender Library, Archives & Cultural Exchange of Sacramento Leather Archives

Tretter Collection in GLBT Studies (MN) ▼ (Courtesy of Gayellow Pages.)



BAY AREA REPORTER . . 29 July 2010


Field guide to the SF Theater Festival Enzo Lombard explores Love, Humiliation & Karaoke as part of the San Francisco Theater Festival.

Courtesy photo


racial queer couple looking to adopt. In Lady Parts, Martha Rynberg uses her lesbian perspective to riff on women’s obsession with their bodies. Nicole Maxali pays tribute to her grandmother in an excerpt from I Heart Lola. Thao P. Nguyen explores her experiences as an emerging Vietnamese lesbian in a selection from Fortunate Daughter. Among the gay-centric shows, you’ll find solo performer Enzo Lombard offering an abridged version of his popular collection of quick-paced monologues Love, Humiliation & Karaoke. Thrillpeddlers will offer a taste of its now-and-forever revival of the Cockettes’ Pearls Over Shanghai. SF Boylesque will be represented with selections from its ever-changing neo-retro tribute to burlesque. New Conservatory Theatre aims for a younger audience with OutSpoken, from its YouthAware Educational Theatre program. In the hard-to-categorize column we find Fifi and Fanny Live at the Texas Whorehouse, a musical-comedy collaboration by Stephanie Lynne Smith and Carolyn Eldson, who have had managerial and performing connections to the Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco. In the most-unlikely-title category there is Jerry The future is now Springer: The Opera, which actually Theaters usually keep under wraps was a big success for the National plays planned for upcoming seasons Theatre in London several years until they can all be packaged for a big back. Ray of Light Theatre is preannual announcement. But New senting a preview from its coming Conservatory Theatre Center is tipproduction at the Victoria Theatre. ping its hand a bit in an announceThere is room here for one final ment for the August staged readings pick, and that goes to Florodora, of three plays in its New Plays Propartly because of childhood televigram. Each comes with a notice that sion memories of Spanky, they are headed for full Alfalfa, and fellow Our productions, and when to Gang members donning expect them. bustles and bonnets when For example, Brad Erthe Flory-Dory girls don’t ickson’s American Dream show up for their variety will be seen during the show. That short film was 2012-13 season, though a from 1936, which was 36 play-in-progress preview years after Florodora is available on Aug. 6-7. opened on Broadway, Erickson was previousand its cultural impact, ly represented at at least of its fabled choNCTC with The War at B ACKSTAGE rus line, was still reverHome, and his new berating. That has play deals with the rofaded, but the Lyric Theatre of San mance of a recently divorced CaliJose dusted off the first Broadway hit fornia man and a male Spanish of the 20th century last year as part teacher he meets during a learn-aof its Discovery series, and will revive language vacation in Mexico. The it one more time for the omnivorous American must enlist some unlikely San Francisco Theater Festival. compatriots in his effort to smuggle As if all this isn’t enough, the feshis beau across the border. tival is also hosting a benefit launch Waiting for Giovanni, having its party on Aug. 6 at 111 Minna official premiere at NCTC in the fall Gallery, and then on Aug. 7 will take of 2011, will receive staged readings different bills of festival samplings to on Aug. 13-14. Written by author-acvenues in five neighborhoods tivist Jewelle Gomez in collaboration around the city. There is no admiswith Harry Waters Jr., the play is a sion charge, but $10 donations are fantasia on the life of James Baldwin, being encouraged to help defray fesinspired by the controversy surtival expenses. It’s all explained at rounding Baldwin’s 1956 novel vanni’s Room, with its focus on a gay relationship. NCTC’s Artistic Director Ed Deck-

Dan Dion

ueers and clowns, tragedies and glee, on stages abound, and all of it for free. Moved to poetry, I am, by the awesome scope, both logistical and artistic, of the San Francisco Theater Festival taking place on Aug. 8. This one-day event features 130 shows on 17 stages in and around Yerba Buena Gardens, and the presentations, all 30 minutes or less, range from fringe-y unknowns to excerpts from Beach Blanket Babylon. This is the seventh year for the free festival, and is its most ambitious undertaking to date. While attendance is

expected to surpass the 10,000 theatergoers who turned out last year, the abundance of choices at venues large and small, outdoors and in, means that with a schedule, a map, and a little flexibility, you can stay entertained from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. And even then you’ll have only scratched at the surface of possibilities. Here is a sampling menu, actually more of a mere amuse-bouche, with a slant toward LGBT offerings. For times and venues, go to In the “L” file, you can find these lesbian solo artists. Comedian Julia Jackson mixes laughs and drama in I Didn’t Sign Up for This, about a bi-

Julia Jackson mixes comedy and drama in I Didn’t Sign Up for This during the Aug. 8 theater extravaganza.

er and his husband, Robert Leone, are the creators of Rights of Passage, receiving its staged readings on Aug. 2021 in anticipation of a 2012 world premiere. Created from research, interviews, and worldwide contributions, it focuses on international LGBT human rights progress, and its storytelling uses adaptations of Indonesian performance styles. The readings are free and open to the public, but seating is limited. Reservations can be made at 861-8972.▼ Richard Dodds can be reached at

Thao P. Nguyen makes a fest appearance in Fortunate Daughter.

Beth Allen

by Richard Dodds

29 July 2010 . . BAY AREA REPORTER



Scene from Chinese director Lou Ye’s Spring Fever: passionate love in a dark room with dirty sheets.

Erotic overdrive by David Lamble n Chinese director Lou Ye’s torrid new romance Spring Fever, we are abruptly introduced to two young men driving through the rain. The guys stop to piss in a river; they push each other around on a small bridge like frisky schoolboys; and before we can get our bearings, the two are making rough, passionate love in a dark room with dirty sheets. It’s an important new work from a filmmaker who has already suffered banning and banishment from his government for the cultural crime of dealing with taboo subjects like the rights of the individual and the events surrounding the brutally repressed demonstrations in Tiananmen Square. Spring Fever kicks into a very kinky gear when we notice that our couple is being tailed by an impetuous young


runaway locomotive of a story that features three handsome men, two women scorned, and, along the way, some amusing insights into the messy behemoth of the modern Chinese economy. Lou Ye breaks his story into chapters with whimsical headings like, “Nanjing, March, just after the Day of the Insects’ Awakening.” He keeps the erotic pot boiling by filming his rutting boys close-up in seedy surroundings that don’t distract us from the business at hand. The result is one of the most boldly sensual/sexual Asian film feasts since Ang Lee’s Lust, Caution. Spring Fever should definitely be caught in a theatre, but if you miss the commercial run, the DVD will hit stores on Aug. 17 from Strand Releasing (suggested retail price: $24.99). By the way, if you’re a big fan of Hitchcock’s Vertigo, be sure to grab a copy of Lou Ye’s splendid 2001 homage to the master, Suzhou River. ▼

private eye, a bisexual stud who boasts the libido of a 17-year-old, and whose brazen disregard for the line between business and pleasure will more than once put this drama into an erotic overdrive. Eventually a line will be crossed that will put everybody involved in peril, in the process producing a robust, obsessive love triangle that rivals classics like Jules and Jim. “A girl, okay, but a boy? You want to destroy us?” A fierce admirer of such Western homo-friendly lower-depths slumfests as Midnight Cowboy and My Own Private Idaho, director Lou Ye means his rutting bareback boys to be a device for, as he says in a recent interview, “penetrating the interior life of a person, reversing the momentum of recent decades of Chinese history and revealing an individual’s innermost desires, secret impulses.” Spring Fever doesn’t let these intellectual musings get in the way of a

Check out the Bay Area Reporter online at:

Orlando ent sex.” To her credit, writer/director Potter dispensed with much of Woolf ’s literary conceit: the novelist insisted that the book was a biography, even including an index at the back. Contemporary critics and readers were in on the joke that Orlando was an imaginative valentine to Woolf ’s dear friend, Vita Sackville-West. As a modernist novel, Orlando falls into the fertile middle period of Woolf ’s most celebrated work, following Mrs. Dalloway and To the Lighthouse, and preceding A Room of One’s Own. As a film, Orlando’s pleasures are mostly front-loaded. The opening set-piece of Elizabeth’s court is visually stunning, with cameos by Crisp and Bronski Beat frontman Jimmy Somerville. It’s followed by Orlan-

Liam Longman, courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

page 17

Tilda Swinton in Orlando.

do’s ardent and ultimately unsuccessful wooing of the Russian Princess, Sasha (Charlotte Valan-

drey). While Swinton’s take on a feminized boy’s magical transformation into an aspiring female poet is believable the same way we accept the Elizabethan stage custom of boys playing the female characters, the sex change pretty much stops the plot dead in its tracks, with the rest of the film becoming a series of set changes as title-cards flip the centuries by. There’s not a whole lot to occupy the mind unless you happen to be an ardent fan of the wit and wisdom of Alexander Pope. While a must-see for Woolf devotees, gender theorists, and most especially the huge fan-club of the remarkable Tilda Swinton, Orlando represents an intriguing missing link between Swinton’s early experimental work for Derek Jarman and her more recent art-house fare, especially the sumptuous I Am Love. This revival exhibition of Orlando leaves ordinary filmgoers with more to admire than to love.▼

BAY AREA REPORTER . . 29 July 2010


page 17

mogenic prints of a magisterial Golden Gate Bridge, shot at different times of day and with varying layers of fog; and Trevor Paglen’s images of the distant lights of an Air

Force Flight Test Center gleaming in the night. Other works call up a sense of place, yearned for or abandoned, and David Hockney, who never seems far away. Take the color aquatint etching by Isca GreenfieldSanders “Green Suit Bather (2006),” or Tom McKinley’s idyllic “Sardinia (2009)” and the gorgeous “Pool

House (2008),” glass dream-houses set in a paradise of glacier-blue infinity pools beckoning at sunset. There’s lots to like here. John Berggruen through July 31; Fraenkel through Aug. 21; Altman Siegel through August 7; Ratio 3 through Aug. 13.

Courtesy John Berggruen Gallery



“Pool House (2008),” oil on panel by Tom McKinley.

Berkeley Art Museum Perpetual and furious refrain. Whether deliberately enigmatic, an indulgence of ego, a flight of imagination or a combination of all three, installations are vehicles that can dazzle, intrigue or confound. Judging from Perpetual and furious refrain, an enthralling installation, and its companion, Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then, an animated fable, Brent Green has a sensibility to be reckoned with, and a talent that deserves to be cultivated. Builder, sculptor, inventor of music-making machines, Green, who has constructed houses and movie sets, crashed cars and hung wooden stars and a giant glowing moon from wires, among other things, is a multifaceted fellow with ideas to burn. Some of the elements in his latest opus look like battered time-traveling contraptions that dropped in from a Terry Gilliam film. One is enticed into the gallery by

two tattered paper accordions on iron music-stands which appear to have endured some hard knocks, and a “choir” of 13 tall and willowy, elongated Watusi-like wooden figures with hand-scrawled faces and hair. Holding megaphones or old-fashioned phonograph speakers in the shape of flower blossoms and “singing” to an unseen audience, each warbler is attached by copper tubing to a continually rotating drum resembling a cement mixer (actually a salvaged water tank), a creaky sound machine emanating 13 separate tracks, which Green modeled on Thomas Edison’s wax cylinder recorders. Perpetual motion generates a perpetual refrain, and music is a means to deliver coded, ecstatic messages. Don’t miss it.▼ Perpetual and furious refrain through Sept. 12. Info:

Rhapsody in Gershwin by Tim Pfaff t’s summertime again for Gershwin fans, but weirdly enough, in Gershwin land the livin’s not all that easy. Never has been, really. At the superficial level, who doesn’t love Gershwin? But the way his music straddles the fences between jazz and classical – and at the demi-mondial level, between jazz and pop – has always made Americans uneasy. It’s that weird, contradictory vein in the national character that wants (or thinks it does) to know what’s what, where a guy stands. As Jean-Yves Thibaudet points out in the notes to his new recording of Rhapsody in Blue, the “I Got Rhythm” Variations and the Piano Concerto in F (Decca), “Having grown up in France, Gershwin has always been a really important part of my life. He’s been underappreciated in the United States. There’s still a stigma [in the classical-music world] about him being a jazz, film and cabaret composer. But he’s a star in France and always has been.” Performing the Rhapsody and the Piano Concerto in the jazzband versions by Ferde Grofe, while not new (MTT was a pioneer in the practice) or precedent-breaking, is virtually the point of Thibaudet’s recording, with the Baltimore Symphony led by Marin Alsop, a trenchant American-music advocate. Advocate together these two out musicians do, dazzlingly, in what already feels like this year’s gay record of the year. (Thibaudet, a far-out pianist I love in any repertoire he chooses, somehow keeps snagging that non-existent prize.) When their platter is spinning, it’s all I want. And yet, when I’m drawn into the same music, in the same versions – but in a wholly different ethos and soundworld – on the almost simultaneously released Gershwin by Grofe (Harmonia Mundi), the music feels, if notably less glitzy, a touch more savvy – dare I say authentic? – and, at least while it’s weaving its time-warping magic, con-


vincing. Steven Richman and his Harmonie Ensemble/New York go to the extra trouble of performing the Grofe arrangements with the same number of players the Paul Whiteman Orchestra, for which Grofe made the arrangements (writing specific players’ names on each of the parts), used, with the predictable result that the music feels less “symphonic” but not less potent for being more band-sized. More important, Richman’s musicians are to the style born, none more than the late Al Gallodoro, in his late 90s when this recording was made but a young whipper-snapper in the Paul

Whiteman Orchestra when these arrangements were new, and who plays alto saxophone, clarinet and bass clarinet on the CD. Hearing the famous clarinet glissando with which Rhapsody in Blue begins played by the man who played it first, and more than 10,000 times after that, brings new meaning to the word authority. Clarinetist Steven Barta’s scoop for Alsop is juicier, but Gallodoro’s is breath-taking. Lincoln Mayorga has nothing approaching Thibaudet’s pizzazz – or, to be fair to Thibaudet, the French pianist’s huge expressive range, tonal palette, and emotional directness – in either the Rhapsody or the “I Got Rhythm” Variations, but then he also stays closer to the note values in the printed score and is a consummate ensemble musician. Mayorga has plenty of verve, but the microphone doesn’t lick him the way it does Thibaudet.


page 23

29 July 2010 . . BAY AREA REPORTER



Tea-dance divas whip up a frenzy by Gregg Shapiro oming as it does just a few years after her triumphant and accomplished Back to Basics disc, Christina Aguilera’s Bionic (RCA) is a disappointment. Identity Crisis would have been a far better name for the record. Combining the worst and most dated elements of Madonna’s early sexpot period and those of Madge’s pre-fab Disney clone Britney’s, Aguilera gets lost in the process on songs “Not Myself Tonight,” the Nicki Minaj collaboration “Woohoo,” “Glam” and “Prima Donna.” The album isn’t a total loss. Aguilera’s gorgeous reunion with Linda (“Beautiful”) Perry pays off, as does the resilient M.I.A. co-write “Elastic Love,” all three of the Sia numbers (“My Heart,”“I Am,”“You Lost Me”) and the stimulating LeTigre/Peaches copenned “My Girls,” featuring an appearance by Peaches. Crystal Castles vocalist Alice Glass alternates between disco diva status and punk banshee, sometimes in the same song, on the Canadian electro duo’s aptly named sophomore effort II (Fiction). You can get a taste of that in the suitably titled opening track “Fainting Spells,” which should come with its own smelling salts. “Doe Deer” and “I Am Made of Chalk” pack a similar punch. Seasoned clubgoers who survive those cuts are in for a real treat for the remainder, including the heavenly disco of “Celestica” and “Baptism,” the fat stomp of “Year of Silence” and “Pap Smear,” the eerie “Empathy,” the airy “Suffocation,” and the exotic “Vietnam.” Sia delivers her most dance-driven disc with We Are Born (Monkey Puzzle/Jive), and one listen confirms that she was born to be a dance diva. “The Fight” struts and pumps, and gets the juices flowing. But it’s the ecstatic and irresistible “Clap Your Hands” (go ahead, try not to clap your hands or dance, I dare you) that sounds as though it’s destined to be the teadance tune of the summer of 2010. The retro “Stop Trying,” crunchy “Bring Night” and thumping “You’ve Changed” prove that Sia is nothing if not versatile. There’s more to Sia than that, as you can hear on the soulful “Be


Gershwin ▼

page 22

Where the Harmonie Ensemble’s music-making really shines is in the arrangements of the eight Gershwin songs sandwiched between the Variations and the Rhapsody. They pull you so strongly into the sound world of the 1920s and the 30s that you completely lose sight of the fact that these are present-day musicians at work. As if to drive home the point, they play “The Yankee Doodle Blues,” first straight, then in a wax recording made on a 1909 Edison Fireside phonograph. It’s deliriously confounding. What makes this more than an issue of which CD to have (neither is better, let alone “righter” than the other; avoid listening to them back-toback and the issues disappear) is the difference in actual repertoire. The New Yorkers have the songs, but the Baltimorians offer the Piano Concerto in one of its most convincing performances to date. The truth is, I’ve never cared much for the piece, and felt my prejudice nicely confirmed until Thibaudet and Alsop leaned into its wonderful middle movement, and all my reservations melted away. The thrill of conversion never wears off. In project after project, from Bill Evans to Duke Ellington to “movie music” and beyond, Thibaudet has proved that he’s not “crossing over” into a side repertoire, but meeting other music at depth. The sparkle and polish – and delicacy and exoticism – of his playing are just icing on a rich American cake.▼

Good to Me,” the atmospheric “Cloud,” the bouncy pop of “The Codependent” and a respectable reading of Madonna’s “Oh Father.” Dragonette, led by Martina Sorbara, isn’t afraid to toss in a banjo sound on a dance track such as “Gone Too Far,” from the trio’s Fixin To Thrill (Bandroom) disc. “Liar” is a truly delirious dance cut, and the syncopated “Easy” is hard to resist. “Pick Up the Phone” has the ring of a dance anthem, “We Rule the World” has the potential to rule the dancefloor, and “Big Sunglasses” sounds like an homage to Lady Gaga. As tea-dance divas go, few can hold a candle to Swedish sensation Robyn. Her brilliant 2008 eponymous disc (and its preceding Rakamonie EP) put some distance between the Robyn of the 20th and 21st centuries. Body Talk Pt. 1 (Konichiwa/ Cherry Tree/ Interscope) continues in a similar vein. A list of things that are “killing” her, “Don’t F***ing Tell Me What To Do” is a rant that you can dance to. “Fembots” is everything that Aguilera’s “Bionic” track isn’t. “Dancing on My Own,” the best track, is that rare dance cut that stirs up emotions while whipping the listener into a dance frenzy. “None of Dem” (featuring Röyksopp) is almost as good, while “Cry When You Get

Older” is a pleasant pop song. The Euro reggae of “Dancehall Queen“ is the only misstep. Longtime tea-dance goddess Kylie Minogue retains her status with her dynamic new Aphrodite (Atralwerks/Parlophone) disc. There’s no question about what’s on her mind, because the first word she sings on album opener “All the Lovers” is “dance,” and you have no choice but to obey. “Get Outta My Way” is something you might shout on your way to the dance floor to cut loose, while the

exuberant “Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)” could be kissing cousins with Sia’s “Clap Your Hands.” But the big news on this disc is Kylie’s interesting choice in collaborators. “Too Much,” co-written by Minogue, Jake Shears and Calvin Harris, is just right for dancing, while the pop-oriented “Everything Is Beautiful,” co-written by Keane’s Tim Rice-Oxley, is striking. One of the more surprising entries into tea-dance territory is from Kelis of “Milkshake” and “Caught Out There” fame. When Kelis chants

“we control the dance floor” at the end of the intro from her Flesh Tone ( full-length, you know that a change is in the air. Turns out there was a full-fledged dance diva under her tough urbancookie exterior all along. Just listen to “22nd Century,” the explosive “4th of July (Fireworks),” the slamming “Acapella,” the liberated call of “Scream” and “Emancipate,” and the motherhood anthem “Song for my Baby” as audible proof of this distinctly different side of Kelis.▼


BAY AREA REPORTER . . 29 July 2010

Sidney June’s art at the Castro Country Club, Fri.

OUT&ABOUT Balls out ~ by Jim Provenzano ~

Fri 30 >>

Sat 31 >>

Carly Ozard @ The Rrazz Room

African Continuum @ Museum of the African Diaspora

Local cabaret singer with a witty edge performs her show, Bewitched, Bothered and Bipolar. $20. 2-drink min. 10:15pm. Hotel Nikko, 222 Mason St.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof @ Actors Theatre Tennessee Williams’ acclaimed Southern family drama gets a local production. $26$38. Wed-Sat 8pm. Thru Sept. 4. 855 Bush St. at Mason. 345-1287.

Matthew Barney in his Cremaster films

ovies have a way of perpetuating gender stereotypes about people. But with an eye for subtext, satire, or symbolism, some sexist films can age well, given a camp perspective. July 31, Macho Man-iacs at the Castro Theatre presents a quintuple feature of manly science fiction thrillers and comedies, including Sylvester Stallone in Nighthawks (2pm), Jean Claude Van Damme in Bloodsport (4:15), Big Trouble in Little China , starring Kurt Russell and Kim Cantrell (6:30pm), They Live, Jon Carpenter’s closet-zombie masterpiece starring Roddy Piper (9:30pm) and a secret midnight film at 11:45pm. $13 all-day pass, plus macho movie trailers. 429 Castro St. Dennis Hopper recently died, and the Castro Theatre offers a diverse array of classic films in which he starred, most often as a sensitive non-macho male, and occasionally as a nutty freak. August 4, Easy Rider, 2:40, 7pm. Colors 4:35, Kurt Russell and Kim Cantrell 8:55. Aug. 5, Blue Velvet, 2:30 & in Big Trouble in Little China 7pm. River’s Edge, 4:55, 9:20pm. Aug. 6, Rebel Without a Cause, 2:30, 7pm, and Hoosiers, 4:40, 9:10pm. Aug. 8, Giant, 2pm, 7pm. $7-$10. 429 Castro St. One of the metaphoric aspects of The Cremaster Cycle, Matthew Barney’s strange and compelling 7.5-hour symbolic art film series (see “Out There,” page 18), involves the idea of gender, as a biological shift, specifically related to the growth or non-growth of genitals. That’s just one of the many layered and odd symbols in the films by Bjork’s hunky boyfriend. The entire series screens in a rare complete schedule (not to be released on DVD, ever, allegedly). Also, Barney’s Carnival-set De Lama Lamina , filmed in Brazil. $9.75. All-day passes for complete screenings July 31, Aug 1, 7, & 8 are $24. Thru July 30-Aug. 8. Roxie Cinema, 3117 16th St. at Valencia. 431-3611. Man Dance, Fri. Men dancing with men incurs laughter on TV shows, but we know better, and so do the guys with Man Dance. The local dance company performs It Takes Two to Tango, an evening of ballet, ballroom and dances with male duets and more, at the SF Conservatory of Music. $25-$45. ($150 sponsor tickets include artist reception). 8pm. July 30 & 31. 50 Oak St. at Van Ness Ave. (800) 838-3006. For more on gender and sexism through dance, see Laura Arrington and Jesse Hewit’s new works at CounterPulse, opening August 5 (thru Aug. 8). The paired concert of works by the gay and lesbian choreographers takes on sexism and feminine identity in darkly comic ways. $15$20. 1310 Mission St. at 9th. Opening July 30, the theatrical re-release of Orlando, Sally Potter’s brilliant film adaptation of Virginia Woolf ’s classic novel, about a British noble who live four hundred years, first as a man, then as a woman, pretty much clearly sums up the argument over gender inequity through history, but it says a lot more. Tilda Swinton stars with Billy Zane, and Quentin Crisp as Queen Elizabeth I. 1572 California St. at Polk. 267-4893. Also at Berkeley’s Shattuck Cinema. ▼ Rory Earnshaw


Tilda Swinton as Orlando

Cowardly Things @ New Conservatory Theatre Cindy Goldfield and Scrumbly Koldewyn’s duo cabaret show inspired and including songs by Noel Coward. $20-$28. Thu-Sat 8pm. Thru July 31. 25 Van Ness Ave., lower level. 861-8972.

Joe Goode Performance Group @ Old Mint Bldg. The acclaimed site-specific dance-theatre work Traveling Light returns by popular demand. With four stories in separate interconnected rooms inside the historic building, it’s worthy of multiple viewings. $34$44. Wed-Sun 8pm. Fri & Sat 10pm. Thru Aug. 1. 88 Fifth St. at Mission.

Judy Gold @ The Rrazz Room Fiercely funny lesbian comic performs Jewdy, Jewdy. Jewdy. $35. 8pm. Also July 31, 8pm; Aug. 1, 7pm. 2-drink min. Hotel Nikko, 222 Mason St.

Piaf: Love Conquers All @ Eureka Theatre Naomi Emmerson stars as French chanteuse Edith Piaf in the Off-Broadway musical hit. $25-$36. Thu-Sat 8pm. Also Sat 3pm. 215 Jackson St. Thru Aug. 7. (800) 838-3006.

The Real Americans @ The Marsh Dan Hoyle (Tings Dey Happen) premieres a new multiple-character solo show based on his road trip to Middle America to explore the profound disconnect in a politically polarized country. $15-$50. Thu-Fri 8pm. Sat 5pm. Thru Sept. 25. 1062 Valencia St. at 21st. (800) 838-3006.

Rosemary’s Baby, See No Evil @ Castro Theatre Two classic thrillers starring Mia Farrow. $10. 7pm, 9:35pm. 429 Castro St.

Sidney June @ Castro Country Club Opening reception for Seeds of Love, the artist’s exhibit of iconic symbol art. DJ Ezzy, Funky co, Medina and Coloni Anderson. Exhibit thru Sept. 15. Reception 6pm9pm. 4058 18th St.

Summer Sampler @ ODC Dance Commons Annual showcase of ODC favorite dances choreographed by Brenda Way and KT Nelson, with wine and hors d’oeuvres before the show. $10-$20. 6:30pm, July 31 at 4:30 & 6:30pm. 351 Shotwell St. 8639834.

TechnoCraft @ Yerba Buena Center for the Arts New exhibit of work subtitled Hackers, Modders, Fabbers, Tweakers, and Design in the Age of Individuality, which includes works in many media by dozens of technicians, artists and designers who remake and revision technology, art and culture. Special evening shows on various Thursday, Friday eves and Sunday afternoons. $12-$15 Exhibit Thu-Sat 12pm-8pm. Sun 12pm-6pm. 700 Mission St. 978-ARTS.

Travesties @ Forest Meadows Ampitheatre, San Rafael Marin Shakespeare’s outdoor theatre production of Tom Stoppard’s Tony Awardwinning spoof of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. $20-$35. Fri-Sun 4pm & 8pm. Sun 5pm. 1475 Grand Ave. Dominican University campus. 499-4488.

New exhibit of prints by Bay Area historian Bryan Wiley documenting altars and ritual practices of U.S. African descendants of other countries. $5-$10. Wed-Sat 11am6pm. Thru Aug. 28. 685 Mission St. at 3rd.

Animation Exhibits @ Walt Disney Museum See biographical exhibits about Walt Disney, early sketches and ephemera from historic Disney movies. Frequent lectures and film screenings. $12-$20. 104 Montgomery St., The Presidio.

The Art of Dr. Seuss @ Dennis Rae Fine Art Fascinating exhibit of rarely seen prints, paintings, sculptures and a few of the more known drawings by Theodor Geisel, the author/illustrator of the immensely popular children’s books. Ongoing, with updates and new items. 351A Geary St. 391-1948.

Beach Blanket Babylon @ Club Fugazi Musical comedy revue, now in its 35th year, with an ever-changing lineup of political and pop culture icons, all in gigantic wigs. $25$80. Wed, Thu 8pm. Fri, Sat 6:30, 9:30pm. Sun 2pm, 5pm. (Beer/wine served; cash only). 678 Beach Blanket Babylon Blvd. 421-4222.

Birth of Impressionism @ de Young Museum Masterpieces from the Musee d’Orsay includes approximately 100 paintings from the Musee d’Orsay’s permanent collection and highlights the work of William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Gustave Courbet, Edgar Degas, Edouard Manet, Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Alfred Sisley, and James Abbott McNeill Whistler, among others. Thru Sept. 6. Free-$25. Thru Sept 2, Orsay Soiree every Thursday evening, features reduced admission fees for extended viewing hours through 8:45 pm, a special French menu in the de Young Cafe, and magnificent sunset views of the city and the Pacific from the de Young Tower’s ninth-floor observation deck. $10-$25 (free/members). Golden Gate Park, 50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive. 750-3600.

Blithe Spirit @ Live Oak Theatre, Berkeley Actors Ensemble of Berkeley’s production of the Noel Coward comedy about a man and his two wives, one of them a ghost. $12-$15. Thu-Fri-Sat 8pm. Thru Aug. 21. 1301 Shattuck Ave. at Berryman. (510) 649-5999.

Calder to Warhol @ SF MOMA The first public exhibit of some of the works collected by the Fishers (The GAP empire owners), with some pivotal works by Andy Warhol, Alexander Calder, Frank Stella, Chuck Close and others. Other exhibits include visually striking contemporary works. Free-$18. Thru Sept. 19. Fri-Tue 10am5:45pm. Thu til 8:45pm. 151 Third St. at Mission. 357-4000.

The Fantastiks @ SF Playhouse Local production of the classic Off-Broadway musical about young love and interfering parents. $30$50. Wed-Sat 8pm. Also Sat 3pm. Thru Sept. 4. 533 Sutter St. at Powell. 677-9596.

Jimmy James @ The Rrazz Room Gay singer, known for impersonations, sings as himself. $25. 10:30pm. Hotel Nikko, 222 Mason St.

Local Wonder @ Tenderloin Community Gallery Art by Tenderloin artists challenging stereotypes about local residents. Fri-Sat 12pm-3pm. Thru Aug. 31. 134A Golden Gate Ave. at Jones.

New Exhibits @ Oakland Museum of California Oakland Museum re-opens after major renovations. Exhibits include Pixar: 25 Years of Animation, opening July 31, with more than 500 drawings, paintings and sculptures from their hit films (Thru Jan 8, 2011). Also, Bay Area figurative art, Dorothea Lange archive, Early landscape paintings, Gold Rush Era works, California ceramics. Gallery of California Natural Sciences focuses on California’s unique status as a region of extreme biological and geological diversity. $6-$12. 1000 Oak St. Oakland. (510) 238-2200.

Pastor Tom Show @ KUSF Dr. Tom Polcari’s LGBT music and talk show. 4pm. Weekly on 90.3 FM.

Pearls Over Shanghai @ The Hypnodrome Thrillpeddlers’ revival of the comic mock operetta by Link Martin and Richard Koldewyn, performed by the gender-bending Cockettes decades ago, and loosely based on the 1926 play The Shanghai Gesture; with an all-star cast. $30-$69. 18 and over only! Extended, Sat 8pm, Sun 7pm, thru Dec 19. 575 10th St. at Division. (800) 838-3006.

Point Break Live @ Metreon Action Theater Ridiculous live staged version of the surferbank robber movie, where a chosen audience member plays Keanu Reeves’ role with cue cards. Warning; wear cheap clothes. Rain tarps provided, but you will get wet and/or fake-bloody. $25. 9pm. Fri & Sat. Thru July 31. (866) 811-4111.

Taming of the Shrew @ Forest Meadows Ampitheatre, San Rafael Shakespeare’s feistiest lovers pair off in a swashbuckling version of the classic sexist comedy. $20-$35. Fri & Sat 8pm. Sat & Sun 4pm/5pm. 1475 Grand Ave., Dominican University. 499-4488.

Teatro Zinzanni @ Pier 29 Hearts on Fire is the current show at the theatre-tent-dinner extravaganza with new guest chanteuse Liliane Montevecchi, comic Frank Ferrante, twin acrobats Ming and Rui, Vertical Tango rope dance, plus magic, comedy, a five-course dinner, and a lot of fun. $117-$145. Saturday 11:30am “Breve” show $63—$78. Wed-Sat 6pm (Sun 5pm). Pier 29 at Embarcadero Ave. 438-2668.

Wicked @ Orpheum Theatre Mega-hit musical based on the book about the two famous Oz witches as young college roommates. $30-$99. Tue-Sat 8pm. Wed, Sat, Sun 2pm. Sun 7:30pm. Thru Sept. 1192 Market St. at 8th. $30. 512- 7770.

Uni And Her Ukulele at Q Comedy, Mon.

29 July 2010 . . BAY AREA REPORTER

Judy Gold at The Rrazz Room, Fri.

Sun1 >>

Wed 4 >>

Cabaret Showcase Showdown @ Café DuNord

Chris Schiavo @ ArtHaus The Backyard, an exhibit of darkly witty photos of cluttered Queens, New York back yards. Also a garden installation by Deanna Glory. Thru Sept. 30. Tue-Fri 11am-6pm. Sat 12pm-5pm. 977-0223.

The grand final contest of winners in each sub-category of the popular cabaret conest (held at Martuni’s) goes all out, with hosts Katya Ludmilla Smirnoff-Skyy and Mrs. Trauma Flintstone. Hear 11 talented contestants, along with the Tom Shaw Trio and The Whoah Nellies. 8pm. 2170 Market St. 861-5016.

Enrique Chagoya @ Galeria de la Raza YTREBIL, a fascinating exhibit of highly detailed, collage-like politically satirical prints and drawings. Exhibit thru Aug. 28. Tue 1pm7pm. Wed-Sat 12pm-6pm. 8268009. 2857 24th St.

The English Beat, Squeeze @ The Fillmore Legendary British ska band (“Save It For Later”, “Mirror in the Bathroom”) and Brit pop group (“Tempted”, “Pulling Mussells From a Shell”) pair up in a concert. $42.50. 8pm. 1805 Geary Blvd. 346-3000.

Fresh @ Ruby Skye Monthly T-dance features DJs 8Jamie J. Sanchez and Lee Decker. Proceeds benefit Healing Waters. $20-$25. 6pm-12am. 21+. 420 Mason St. at Geary.

Happy Hour @ Energy Talk Radio Interview show with gay writer Adam Sandel as host. 8pm.

Shanghai @ Asian Art Museum New exhibit about Asian artists from Shanghai, 130 works exploring and visualizing the city’s vibrant and turbulent history. $7-$17. 200 Larkin St. 581-3500.

Sunday’s a Drag @ Starlight Room Donna Sachet and Harry Denton host the weekly fabulous brunch and drag show. $45. 11am, show at noon; 1:30pm, show at 2:30pm. 450 Powell St. in Union Square. 395-8595.

Sundance Saloon @ Space 550 Country-Western dancing with lessons. $5. Free clothes check. Beginner lessons at 5:30pm, dancing til 10:30. 550 Barneveld Ave. 820-1403.

Mon 2 >> Al “A. Jay” Shapiro @ James Snidle Fine Art Exhibit of original drawings by the late gay erotic cartoonist and creator of Harry Chess and other muscular comic characters. Open run. Also, the Rodney Thompson Estate collection. Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. Sat 9am-2pm. 1190 Bryant St. 552-0500.

Q Comedy @ Martuni’s Marie Lake, Uni And Her Ukulele, Carla Clayy, Cookie Dough, Nick Leonard, Sandra O. Noshi-Di’n’t and more performers share LGBT-themed wit, music and hilarity. $5-$16. 8pm. 4 Valencia St. at Market.

Queer Ballroom @ Live Art Gallery

Leanne Borghesi @ New Conservatory Theatre Center

Tue 3 >> Cinematic Titanic @ Castro Theatre Joel Hodgson and the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 gang do a live joke commentary of the Z-grade 1968 horror flick War of the Insects. $25-$30. 8pm. 429 Castro St. (866) 468-3399.

The Drag Show @ Channel 29/76 New weekly talk show with local drag performers; Zachary Davenport and Stu Smith cohost. Free (with cable). 7:30pm.

Foto Ada @ Robert Koch Gallery Exhibit of 1930s German photomontages that commented on the Nazi uprising. Also, Miroslav Tichy vintage photos. Tue-Sat. 10:30-5:30pm. Thru Aug. 21. 49 Geary St. 421-0122.

Fred Lyon @ Modern Book Gallery Exhibit of the local artist’s iconic black and white images of 1940s and ‘50s San Francisco. Thru Aug. 28. Sun–Thu 11am-9pm; Fri-Sat 11am-10pm. 49 Geary St., 4th floor. 732-0300.

Funny Tuesdays @ Harvey’s Ronn Vigh hosts the weekly LGBT and gayfriendly comedy night. Tonight, guest comic Cheril Vendetti. One-drink minimum. 9pm. 500 Castro St. at 18th. 431-HARV.

Meditation Classes @ Kadampa Buddhist Temple Tessa Logan teaches drop-in meditation classes. $10. 7-8:45pm. 3324 17th St. 503-1187.

Miranda Sings @ The Rrazz Room Comic singer Colleen Ballinger’s YouTube sensation character (9 million views) shares a live night of her favorite offbeat songs and fashion tips. $17.50-$35. 8pm. Hotel Nikko, 222 Mason St.

Stephen McCauley, Sebastian Stuart @ A Different Light

Weekly beginners same-sex dance classes in salsa and other styles. Also swing classes on Wednesdays, Standard ballroom Thursdays, $10 each, $35 for series. 151 Potrero Ave. 305-8242.

Two celebrated gay novelists read from and discuss their new works, Insignificant Others, and The Hour Between. Free. 7:30pm. 489 Castro St. 431-0891.

Ten Percent @ Comcast 104

Fun, friendly weekly classes for beginners or experienced with Bill Mohler. $10-$20. 6:30pm. Also Wednesdays. Room 302, 1800 Market St. at Octavia.

David Perry’s new talk show about LGBT local issues. New times: Mon-Fri 11:30am & 10:30pm, Sat & Sun 10:30pm.

Yoga Classes @ LGBT Center

Bubbly local singer performs Divalicious, cabaret-style tunes made famous by gay divas from Streisand to Cher. $22-$40. WedSat 8pm. Sun 2pm. Thru Aug. 22. 25 Van Ness Ave at Market, lower level. 861-8972.

Monica Mancini @ The Rrazz Room Two-time Grammy nominee performs classic cabaret-style songs. $40. 8pm. Also Aug. 5. Hotel Nikko, 222 Mason St.

Thu 5 >> David Boies @ Commonwealth Club One of America’s most prominent attorneys, David Boies, will discuss his controversial cases, including his current bid to overturn Proposition 8, California’s ban on gay marriage. $7-$20. 6pm. 595 Market St., 2nd floor.

Lighten Up @ Castro Country Club New monthly book club (first Thursdays) focusing on humor, at the sober space; discussion will be about Eric Poole’s Where’s My Wand? One Boy’s Magical Triumph Over Alienation and Shag Carpeting. 2pm2:30pm. 4058 18th St.

Passionate Struggle @ GLBT Historical Society Exhibit about Bay Area LGBT historical events and people. Also, Man-I-Fest, an exhibit of letters and documents by FTM transgender pioneer Lou Harrison and friends. Free/donations. Wed-Sat 1pm5pm. 657 Mission St. #300. 777-5455.

Sex Tapes for Seniors @ Victoria Theatre Mario Cossa and Tyler Flanders’ new musical comedy about senior citizens who make educational sex tapes, despite outrage from younger adults. $20-$40. Fri-Sat 8pm. Sun 2pm. Thru Aug. 22. 2961 16th st. at Capp.

SF Hiking Club @ North Beach Join GLBT hikers for a 3-mile, after-work urban hike around Telegraph Hill, North Beach, and Chinatown. Enjoy steep hills and great views. Meet 6:00 pm at Peet’s inside the Ferry Terminal Building at the foot of Market Street. Bring hat, water, good shoes, layers. For info,

To submit event listings, email Deadline is each Thursday, a week before publication.

Chave in the Cabaret Showcase Showdown at Café DuNord, Sun.

For bar and nightclub listings, go to our new website and monthly print nightlife guide,


BAY AREA REPORTER . . 29 July 2010


David Meyer is SF Leather Daddy XXVIII David Meyer became SF Leather Daddy XXVIII on Fri., July 23, at the SF Eagle.

hew! It was a busy, crowded Dore Alley (Up Your Alley) weekend here in San Francisco. There were too many great events and fun parties to choose from. The weekend got of to an early start on Thurs., July 22 when the International Leather Sir/boy and International Community Bootblack (ILSb/ICBB) competition held their meet-and-greet at Mr. S Leather. The store was packed with contestants, staff, and what seemed like every other leather person in town. After a quick stop back at the Hotel Whitcomb for a roast of the outgoing titleholders, the festivities continued at the welcome/kick-off celebration at Chaps Bar. Friday night brought us part one of the ILSb/ICBB contest, while over at the SF Eagle the long-standing SF Leather Daddy (SFLD) contest took place. The SFLD dates back to 1983, when it was created by the original SFLD, the late Alan Selby, as a means to raise funds for people with HIV. The three contestants for SFLD XXVIII were Dick Manning, Ryan Winslow and David Meyer. The emcee duties were ably accomplished by SF Leather Daddy VI Jason Ladd. Daddy to follow. Most titles are I was honored to co-judge the con“yearly” and are done when that test with Daddy Tom Rodgers year is over. Not so with the Dad(SFLD IV), Daddy Doug Mezzadies. Their titles are for life (hence capo (SFLD XXII – he’s my husthe numbers), and they are a real band!), Daddy Richard fraternity of Daddies who Sprott (SFLD XXIII), continue to serve our comDaddy’s boy Mikey Shirts munity. Although I’m not (SF Leather Daddy’s boy at liberty to divulge what XXVII) and our most rewas discussed during the cent SFLD (XXVII) Gauge pre-contest interviews, I Strongarm. Strongarm, can report that all three who gave a thoughtful contestants were more and concise step-down than worthy of the title. L EATHER speech, will be a tough


Scott Brogan

by Scott Brogan

It’s tough picking one winner from such exemplary candidates, who ranged in age from 29 to 63. The youngest, Ryan, was especially impressive, possessing knowledge beyond his years regarding his sexuality and dominant side. I’m thrilled to see a representative of this so-called “new guard” step up and show sincere interest in helping the community. But only one person can have the title, and our new SF Leather Daddy (XXVIII) is the equally impressive

page 27


Coming up in leather & kink >> Thur., Jul. 29: Hot Draw! at the Mark Chester studio (1229 Folsom). Still running (through Aug. 22): Men - photographs by German photographer Ulli Richter. Viewing hours 1-6 p.m. Go to: Thur., Jul. 29: Cheap Ass Contest at Chaps Bar (1225 Folsom). Hosted by and benefiting Stop AIDS. $100 prize. Contestants register at 10 p.m., winner chosen by audience applause at Midnight. Free clothes check. Chaps Bar donates $1 per patron to Stop AIDS Project. Thumpin‘ new beats by Hotwire. Go to: Thur., Jul. 29: A Real Women’s Guide to the Art of Bedroom Striptease with Goth Kitty Jen at the SF Citadel (1277 Mission). This will be a women’s and woman-identified class only – sorry, no boys allowed! 8-10 p.m. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. $20 admission. Go to: Fri., Jul, 30: Skank, the sleazy new SoMa men’s party at Chaps Bar. Starts at 9 p.m. Skank go-go studs at 10:30 p.m. Go to: Fri., Jul. 30-Sun., Aug. 1: Cleo Dubois’ Erotic Dominance Intensive for Women: Professional’s Course, given by the Cleo Dubois Academy of SM Arts, SF. Expand your understanding of fetishes, learn more about different Domina styles and archetypes, refine your play skills, and get some great business tips, too! The full 3-day weekend starts Fri., 11 a.m., at a private SoMa playspace, and continues Sat. & Sun. at the SF Citadel. Go to: or Fri., Jul. 30: Tryst at the SF Citadel. This is a specialty party for those who consider themselves to be “on the market” for new dating partners. This is a pansexual party that caters to both the monogamous and polyamorous communities. 8-10 p.m. Admission is $25, plus one-year $10 membership. Go to: Sat., Jul. 31: All Beef Saturday/100% Soma Beef & Co. at the Lone Star Saloon, presented by Castro Bear. 10 p.m.-2 a.m. DJ Craig Gabler. No chicken, no fillers, byproducts or preservatives. Go to: or Sat., Jul. 31: Boot Lickin’ at the Powerhouse (1347 Folsom). 10 p.m. Go to: Sat., Jul. 31: Open Play Party at the SF Citadel. 8 p.m.1 a.m. $25 per person. Go to: Sat., Jul. 31: Back Bar Action at the Eagle Tavern (398 12th St.). Back-patio bar opened to all gear/fetish/leather. 10 p.m. to close. Go to:

Sat., Jul. 31: Boots! Hosted by Stomper’s Boots, at Chaps Bar. 9 p.m. Bootblack on duty. Come hang with some boot pigs. Sun., Aug. 1: Castrobear presents Sunday Furry Sunday at 440 Castro. 4-10 p.m. Go to: Sun., Aug. 1: Panther’s Beer Bust at Chaps Bar. 4-9 p.m. $1 Bud Light on draft. $8 all you can drink Bud Light or soda from 5-9 p.m. Bootblack on duty. DJ Jim provides music from 5-10 p.m. Go to: www.chapsbarsanfrancisco .com. Mon., Aug. 2: Citadel’s Peer Rope Workshop at the SF Citadel. Madame Butterfly & Mr. Madame Butterfly host. $10 donation encouraged. 7:30-9:30 p.m. Go to: Tue., Aug. 3: 12-Step Kink Recovery Group at the SF Citadel. 6:30-8 p.m. Go to: Wed., Aug. 4: SoMa’s Men’s Club. Every Wed., the SoMa Clubs (Chaps, Powerhouse, Truck, Lone Star, Hole in the Wall, the Eagle) have specials for those who have the Men’s Club dogtags. See your favorite SoMa bar for details. Wed., Aug. 4: Naked Buddies at Blow Buddies (933 Harrison), doors open 8 p.m.-12 a.m., play til late. Go to: Wed., Aug. 4: Dominant Discussion Group (DDG) at the SF Citadel. Doors open at 7 p.m., discussion from 7:30-9:30 p.m. Go to: Wed., Aug. 4: Busted! at Chaps Bar (1225 Folsom). This week’s edition: Fisting, hosted by Hell Hole. Starts at 9 p.m. Go to:

Mark your calendars: Tues., Aug. 24: Watch your favorite 2011 Bare Chest Calendar men walk the catwalk as the auctions get a facelift. For the first time ever, they’re teaming up with Donna Sachet and Lenny Broberg for a new gala at the Empire Ballroom of the Sir Francis Drake Hotel. All 12 men will be auctioned off after a formalwear and sportswear fashion show. Go to: Fri., Aug. 27: 10th (yes, 10th!) annual Breast Cancer Emergency Fund at 7 p.m. at the City Forest Lodge ( in SF. Thank you, Sandy “Mama” Reinhardt, for starting this worthy cause in 2000. Tickets are $22, get them at: /event/113713/.

29 July 2010 . . BAY AREA REPORTER



Double trouble share. They’re so happy to sex it up. In the first scene, dentical twins Milo and Elijah Pethe brothers bring ters are big news because in the home blond, bodanew Bel Ami movie Taboo, they ciously hung athlete Do It. Including Everything and Trevor Yates. I like Thensome. his sand-colored, Yet Taboo is a misleading title. clipped pubic hair, Though the sex in this handsomely and I like his Speedo crafted movie will get you off and off tan-line. The brothand off, it’s hardly in the lurid, transers are awfully hot gressive way the title suggests. That’s for Trevor, and largely because the heterosexual uncrawl all over him. derstanding of incest is DNA. It simThey devour his ply Does Not Apply to gay brothers, cock, and Trevor twins or otherwise. No matter what fucks both. He’s a twins do together, they aren’t going little uninvolved, to beget any half-wits. There is permore picturesque haps some psychological concern. than passionate. But physically? Go ahead, love thy When he cums, the brother as thyself. twins open their The taboo element thusly demouths to catch his fused, I can say that when it comes to jiz as it spurts out, trippin’ with twins, Taboo will likely and then their lips remain unsurpassed for a loooong intertwine as they time. Strange, though, that after an lick the remaining initial viewing, several friends and I strands off Trevor’s asked, “Is that all there is?” still-stiff pole. Perhaps it was director Lukas Whew! I need a shower. So do Ridgeston’s simple steps toward senthey. So they’re off to a huge, glasssation abatement. The movie’s pretwalled shower room, where they ty laid-back, easy. The image has a clean up while playing with each slightly soft focus, and the environother’s dicks. Then it’s back to the ment is safe, daylight-flooded and divan, for some turnabout sex – it’s comfy. The romantic (and fairly they who top him. Once mushy) music has been again, they get really built to soothe. The subtiworked up, while Trevor tles read a little formal; remains professional, the whispered urgeneven aloof. Maybe he’s cies heard on the just holding on for soundtrack must carry dear life. They fuck more passion than him, spit-roast him, and their hardly colloquial shoot their loads in his translations. But my mouth. ah-ha moment came In Scene 2, the Peters when I realized my K ARRNAL have a threeway with friends and I felt disK NOWLEDGE handsome, debonair tanced by more than Dolph Lambert. As soon Ridgeston’s efforts. as trou is dropped, the We’re just not used to watching boys get hard in unison. It’s uncantwins. Our focus was divided beny. The scene is largely a replay of cause as we watched the twins have the preceding, but with a more beausex, we were also watching their retiful top who is vastly more involved. sponse to it and each other. Merge And so happily horny that he smiles. those two strands into one movie, Yes! a porn star who smiles and is and you’ll find the twins much more still a butch top. Imagine. One twin tempestuous than you first thought. gets spit-roasted, after which he’s left They’re young, cute (that snaggle with yet another overflowing, goopy tooth is endearing), and physically mouthful of cum. perfect – my god, the abs! And they In the third encounter, the twins aren’t performing; this isn’t just a play with Manuel Rios and Brandon paid gig. This is who they are – in Manilow. I’d comment, but I gotta love with each other, and eager to get to the final scene, in which the

by John F. Karr


twins do it Alone Together. First, there’s a brief interview, in which they testify, “We’re crazy for each other – there’s a sexual chemistry, for sure!” The aforesaid chemistry is plenty obvious, as they playfully kiss and grind their groins together. When one starts suckin’ the other, you want it to go on forever, because it’s so pleasurable to sit there jackin’ while watching such a fantasy beautifully lived out. It’s a good thing they don’t 69, or I woulda blown it. Where will you blow? Will it be when they smooch? Or when they rim? Will it be when one whispers in the other’s ear, “Do you wanna stick it in?” or will it be when the other actually sticks it in? Will it be when you realize they’re barebacking – something they do only with each other? Ah-ha, this is where you’ll blow – when the fucker pulls his dick out of his brother’s ass, wriggles forward til his cock strikes chin, and pumps a whopper load into his brother’s mouth. And so the movie ends, in a double orgasm, each twin taking seminal sacrament from the other, and moaning, mouth full, in gratitude.▼

Leather + David Meyer. Congratulations to all three for giving us judges and the packed crowd at the SF Eagle a fun and thought-provoking contest. Over at the Hotel Whitcomb, the ILSb/ICBB contest stretched across Friday and Saturday nights. Good thing, as there were 10 contestants each for the Sir and boy titles, and seven for the Bootblack title. The big finale was Saturday, with fantasies from the Sir/boy couples and speeches from the Bootblack contestants. Most of the fantasies were appropriately clever and nasty (yes, it’s possible to do both at the same time!), and the bootblack speeches were equally good. The standout for me was Gulf Coast Community Bootblack 2010 Kristen, who gave an especially charming and passionate speech. I can’t pick just one standout in the fantasies, there were so many. Although I do question the “Blue Collar” “fantasy” (quotes on purpose) not really being a fantasy but rather an intended social statement that came off as just plain depressing. Regardless, and thanks to Mark Frazier and staff (who once again gave us a great contest weekend), the entire contest was fast-paced, fun, and well organized. Leather Leadership Award recipient Graylin Thornton was an excellent emcee, with banter that was

Scott Brogan

page 26

International Leather Sir 2010, Sir Hugh; International Leather boy 2010, boy ian; and International Community Bootblack 2010, “redwarrior,” pose for photos after winning their titles on Sat., July 24.

actually witty. I regret that I was unable to attend Friday night’s events and hear the rest of the speeches. After judging the SF Leather contest I sure didn’t envy these judges, having so many great contestants. I also regret that I don’t have the space here to list each contestant and judge. They deserve as many accolades as possible. In the end, the 2009 titleholders (Sir Tony Palazzo, boy Brad Hill, and Syr Evan)

stepped aside for the 2010 winners: International Leather Sir, Sir Hugh (Northwest Leather Sir); International Leather boy, boy ian (Eastern Canada Leatherboy) and International Community Bootblack “redwarrior” (Southeast Community Bootblack). Congratulations and good luck in the coming year! July 17-19 brought us American Brotherhood Weekend (ABW) in Chicago. Louie Pacheco won American Leatherman 2010, and Bryan Teague won American Leatherboy 2010. There were no contestants for American Leatherwoman, but luckily American Leatherwoman 2009 Dakota has agreed to complete the family by helping to promote the mission and values of the ABW. Congratulations, men, and thank you, Dakota, for embodying what being a titleholder is all about. For more details, visit Oh yeah! There was that street fair on Dore and Folsom this past Sunday. It was the perfect ending to a busy weekend, and seemed more intimate than in the past few years. I mean that in a good way – who doesn’t want to get intimate with a crowd like that? Luckily, the sun came out for a while, which, of course, prompted the clothes to come off. It was a real treat to see so many friends I hadn’t seen in a long time (except on Facebook), and to make some new friends in the process, if you know what I mean.▼

Coming August 4

Get Outta Town! Our local travel issue for rates and info. call 415.861.5019


BAY AREA REPORTER . . 29 July 2010


Killing me softly by Jim Piechota Imperial Bedrooms by Bret Easton Ellis; Knopf, $24.95

here are a lot of intersections in Bret Easton Ellis’ sleek, hip new sixth novel Imperial Bedrooms, a sequel to his 1985 blockbuster Less Than Zero. There’s the elegant commingling of the superficial to the realistic, the glamorous with the grisly, Pinkberry meets Grey Goose, and a Mapquested mass of real-life Los Angeles street junctions where Clay, a bicoastal screenwriter, finds himself trying to decipher who broke into his Art Deco, Doheny Plaza condo while he was in Manhattan for four months. The mystery interloper stole nothing, but managed to use his computer, drink his Diet Coke, and shuffle things around, which strikes


fear in the heart of a guy who chomps Altoids, drinks too much, and takes Ambien “to get to sleep since there’s not enough vodka.” Boyhood friend Julian hangs around, and there’s a blond gal named Rain Turner who is young and predictably eager to audition for Clay’s new film, but offers nude photos and sex to buffer the rejection that is bound to appear on her Hollywood doorstep any day now. Implausible love blooms between them, but it’s that peripheral, hollow-smiled kind of love since she’s hiding a secret that will surely piss Clay off. Because this is Bret Easton Ellis’ world, where the damned rise to fame and power and the rest of LA is doomed to swim in the mucky waters of depression, drugs, faceless sex, and boredom. Oh, and there’s this mysterious blue jeep that keeps following Clay around, and a series of random terror-text mes-

sages saying things like, “I’m watching you,” and, “Hey gringo, you can’t hide.” Snuff films and their aftermath begin to float to the surface – on video, and unapologetically posted on the Internet. Actually, the corpse count is one of the more interesting things about Imperial Bedrooms; Ellis serves them up with missing hands, dissolved in acid, mutilated, cemented, urinated on, facefucked, and lain out in a mass grave. The novel’s title derives from an Elvis Costello album (its predecessor’s title was from a Costello song). The novel itself is thin but packed with the sort of Ellisisms one would expect from such a sequel. It’s made up of pages of

clipped paragraphs stuffed with vibrating iPhones, BMWs, SUVs, JFKs, and lots of that faux-communication

via text-message rather than IRL (in real life). While the story veers toward the elliptical and sullen, there’s dramatic tension ramping its way up and up, while the modish LA sensibility should satisfy label-hounds who will eat up all of the author’s gratuitous namedropping. This is definitely not his best effort, but Ellis remains a good writer with such a secretive literary persona that it demands attention (much like that of Donna Tartt). Having lived through a damaged youth with an abusive father, braved the Brat Pack era, and the death (at just 30) of his boyfriend after a six-year relationship, there’s sorrow and a deep-seated detachment framing the pages of his books, and that’s the kind of baggage no amount of brooding bestsellers can disguise. ▼

Historic beefcake by Ernie Alderete trongman: Vintage Photos of a Masculine Icon by Robert Mainard (Council Oak Books, 2001) is a succulent peek into the past. It’s as if yesterday’s buff and handsome men have reached across the centuries to mesmerize us with their 19th-century muscles and handsome faces. From the dawn of the invention of photography, beautiful men have been inexorably drawn to pose before the most primitive camera. The men in Strongman are the best of the best, culled from hundreds of pictures from around the world. They’re not necessarily representative of every nation, but nevertheless it’s a delicious cultural and racial smorgasbord. Virtually all of the photographs are of European men, primarily from the United States, Great Britain, Germany and Russia, but also from Italy, France, Belgium and Czechoslovakia. There are a couple of pictures, no more than two or three, of African-American bodybuilders. There’s quite a nice action silver print of a relay race, pennants fluttering in the brisk breeze, from the 1913 California State Prison Games taken at the notorious Folsom Prison. A menacing-looking gun turret in the background is a grim reminder that those convicts better not run too fast, or too


far! It is surprising that the Prison Games were integrated. We see whites and blacks competing, apparently as equals in the sprint. There are too many anonymous pictures unattributed in national origin, model’s identity, photographer and time frame, which is a shame and a loss. But having the pictures themselves is reward in itself. Most of them are strictly-posed muscleman compositions made for use as penny postcards. Several of these postcard-style photos from the Gay 90s feature Eugene Sandow, the Arnold Schwarzenegger of his era. A good minority of the pictures are action snapshots taken at the beach or at some other informal setting such as a park, gymnasium or backyard. Virtually all of the photos are in black & white, except for a few that are hand-tinted (and none too subtly!), and two more that are in actual glorious living color. My absolute favorite strongman is the exquisite Luigi Borra, described as a wrestler and strongman in a professional photograph taken in 1894. The photo is so clear and crisp that your thirsty eyes can absorb every subtle nuance of his precious skin and firm body, from his tiny, well-knotted belly button on up. His thick, upturned moustache (like that of contemporary Italian King Vittorio Emmanuel) is the only clue that his is a beauty preserved

from another time and place. The only regret I have concerning luscious Luigi is that we have but one sole photo of him to savor. But that lone print confers upon him eternal youth and immortality. Virtually all of the subjects in Strongman are unknown to us Luigi, from today, although Strongman. they might have been celebrities in their time. The only exception might be Steve Reeves, who was immortalized as Hercules in several post-war Italian movies. They were the kind of motion pictures that were dubbed into a dozen languages, where the movements of the lips rarely kept pace with the words pouring out of their out-ofsync mouths. The photo of Reeves here is particularly enticing, taken about the time he first won the Mr. America title, his dark, wavy hair serving as his crown, a few years before he hit the silver screen. His face still had a boyish charm at this point, but his body was already fully developed, especially his

Runaways & showgirls by Gregg Shapiro iopics continue to be a hit-ormiss proposition, and The Runaways, now on DVD (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment/ Apparition) is a good case in point. An all-girl (emphasis on “girl,” as the members were in their teens) rock band that actually played its own instruments and (co-) wrote its own songs, The Runaways was formed in the mid-1970s, a time when such a thing was still on the risky side. As the story (director Floria Sigismondi’s screenplay based on Cherie Currie’s book) goes, Southern California girls Joan Jett, nee Larkin (Kristen Stewart) and Cherie Currie (a suddenly grownup Dakota Fanning), who both shared a love of rock music and coloring outside of the lines, were groomed by record producer/ songwriter/ starmaker Kim Fowley (Michael Shannon) to be lead guitarist and vocalist, respectively, in the next big thing. With other band members recruited, including Sandy West (Stella Maeve), Lita Ford (Scout Taylor-


Compton) and someone – a possible composite? – named Robin (Alia Shawkat), taskmaster Fowley puts the band through their paces, and eventually unleashes them on the world. They caused a ripple Stateside, but in Japan they were tsunami-strength. This fact is illustrated in a scene where a mob of rabid and screaming Japanese fans shatters a glass wall separating them from the band. Unprepared for even the least amount of success, the already unstable personalities inside and outside the band begin to clash. Cherie especially feels pulled in a multitude of directions. After being abandoned by her self-absorbed mother (Tatum O’Neal), she feels guilty for having left sister Marie (Riley Keough) behind to care for their alcoholic father. Heading down a path similar to dear old dad’s, Cherie also becomes involved in a romantic relationship with Jett. Things come to a head during a recording session where tempers flare and instruments are thrown. Since the devil is in the details, it’s interesting that in Sigismondi’s vision, she gets certain things, such as the fash-

ions, the hairstyles, the make-up, even the cars so right, while she drops the ball on others. The Runaways were more than just Jett and Currie, yet their story is the main focus. This holds true right to the end where, post-band-breakup, the two young women who hadn’t spoken to each other for quite some time find themselves reunited on the radio – one as an interview subject, the other as a listener and caller. Kudos, however, to Sigismondi for not shying away from the same-sex love story aspect of The Runaways’ tale. DVD bonus features include the featurette Plugged In: Making the Film, commentary by Joan Jett, Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning, and more.

Steve Reeves, from Strongman.

massive torso and incredible arms. There’s nothing in the least bit offensive about Strongman. You could show it with confidence to your mom. There are a few completely nude men, but most of them are wearing swimming trunks, posing straps or even an actual fig-leaf. Some wear laced-up sandals, perhaps evoking the ancient Olympic ideal. Of course, these photos are from the pre-enhancement era. None of their muscles are the result of steroids or implants. These men earned their muscles the old-fashioned way, through hard work, sweat, and yes,

some tears as well. These vintage photos beg to be presented in poster size. I asked the publisher if they could make posters available and was told that the original pictures were too small to enlarge. But I was able to enlarge my darling Luigi on my own, and the results were superb. About the only ancillary product available is a postcard version of Strongman, which runs from about $10 to $25 on several websites. Strongman, not to be confused with the movie of the same title, is a classic, an absolute must-see for any admirer of the male physique.▼

Summer camp

Molly (Gina Ravera), Nomi “dances” at strip club Cheetahs, but clings to her dream of being a Vegas showgirl just like Crystal (Gina Gershon), the star of Goddess at the Stardust. But Nomi still has dues to pay, including a $500 private dance for Crystal and boyfriend/manager Zack (Kyle MacLachlan and his important hair). Before you know it, Nomi lands an audition at the Stardust with Tony (a toupeed Alan Rachins) and his gay assistant Marty (Patrick Bristow), and despite some unpleasantness, gets cast in Goddess. Soon Nomi and Crystal are thick as thieves, dishing about dog chow over lunch (don’t ask!) and flirting with lesbian titillation (it’s a testament to Gershon’s talent that she survived this car wreck). Of course, Nomi can’t resist banging Zack, which only heightens the sexual tension between her and Crystal. In a twist on the 42nd Street myth, Nomi becomes Crystal’s understudy, then proceeds to fix it so that she gets the lead in the show. But Nomi’s world is about to be turned upside down when Molly is brutally raped and beaten by rock heartthrob Andrew Carver (William Shockley) and Zack discovers the truth about Nomi’s sordid past. The Blu-Ray+DVD set boasts a bevy of bonus features.▼

A late arrival to the cult of Showgirls (MGM/UA), newly reissued in a Blu-Ray+DVD set, it’s safe to say that the film’s value, camp or otherwise, is completely lost on me. As camp classics go, Showgirls ranks low on the list when compared to Valley of the Dolls or Mommie Dearest. It’s a rabidly misogynistic mess, a corny, softcore porn, toxic baby-oil spill of a movie, and probably Ann Coulter’s favorite flick of the 1990s. Switchbladewielding hitchhiker Nomi (barely human blow-up doll Elizabeth Berkley) is on her way to Las Vegas to be a “dancer,” a career goal as vague as the dull look in her eyes. Once there, she’s propositioned on a regular basis. One perv even tells Nomi that “sooner or later, she’s going to have to sell it,” and sooner comes sooner than later. Crashing with costume mistress

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