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Underground SF’s Lovin’ the Haight

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Country Girls: Russian River Women’s Weekend

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Mango returns to El Rio

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May Flowers: Polk’s drag acts

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6pm-8pm. 2124 Market St. at Church.

Honey Soundsystem’s hot list

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Editorial greeting Andy Bell’s new CD

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Bob Mould DJ Set at The Stud 10 PM

DJ 50 Pound Note

11 PM 1 AM

Bob Mould DJ Set DJ Medic

399 9th St. at Harrison $5 at the door

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BAR★TAB . . May 2010

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Tending his own, Cip Cipriano at the Underground SF on Cockfight night.

Club owner, rock singer and self-defense teacher Cip Cipriano • by Jim Provenzano

ometimes, success is right under your feet. Sometimes, it’s right downstairs. Cip Cipriano –entrepreneur, showman, and Crav Magra instructor– was asked what inspired him to start SF Underground, “I was living above it for years when it was The Top, and it just became available when I was looking at investing in something, I thought that the Lower Haight really needed some new life brought into it.” Home of the Lower Haight’s most popular mixed and gay events, Underground SF has settled in. “There had hardly been any gay stuff in this neighborhood at all, which was a shame, because you only had to walk ten feet to run into one of us,” said Cipriano. Cipriano’s conveniently located future investment became another spot for a diverse crowd. “Some thought it was controversial to do in this neighborhood, but it seemed like a no-brainer to me.” Cipriano’s eager to dispel preconceptions about the Lower Haight. “The cops have been really great, the neighborhood association, everybody’s taken an active hand in cleaning up the neighborhood and making it a safer place for people.” Not that it doesn’t maintain a scruffy edge, with about a dozen more bars up the street.



Mondays at the Underground include Stanley Frank’s “fantastic” disco Vienetta. Cipriano said, “To 6

BAR★TAB . . May 2010

Georg Lester



breathe life into this neighborhood on a Monday night, when really fun alternative people come out, is great.” Thursdays are frequent women’s nights, including Ships in the Night (first and third Thursdays). Money raised benefits queer activist groups. The night attracts what Cipriano calls, “the new lesbian crowd. They dance and dance and dance.” Other nights shift flavors and sounds, from queer Mall Madness to the straightish Gemini Disco. But every Saturday is pretty much gay, which is less a relevant term at such a diverse club. But the most known is the third-Saturdays Cock Fight – with DJs Earworm and Matt Hite and its signature gogo guys in a glitter football helmet, a panda head, and not much else – all of which creates a cheerful basement party ambiance that’ll leave you sweaty. While Cipriano knows that mixed programming works for his club, it might not work elsewhere. “Our nights are mixed because our neighborhood is mixed,” he said. Some clubs I know are trying to have mixed nights, and it’s an uphill battle.”


Many recall Cipriano for his longhaired rock performances in the band Sparrows Point, performing in the alt rock circuit with straight and queer bands through the 90s. Friends and band mates for decades, Cipriano met Kenny Stoned after moving from New York to Baltimore. “We were in various other hair metal bands together, and we moved out here together,” said Cipriano. Sparrows Point’s music transcended sexual identity borders for a simple reason. Cipriano explains.

“If it’s angry and loud and mean and rough, people tend to have a visceral response to it.” Thousands of miles and years later, after taking what Cip calls “our little gay SM rock and roll show” on the road, performing took a back seat. “We toured all over, sold a ton of records, and had a great time doing it.”


Before Underground, there was My Place, with Cipriano the driving force behind what he aptly calls, “a legendary leather sleaze rock and roll bar on Folsom Street.” Chaps II has been at the former location for two years. CIP The Pound, a CIPRIANO IN HIS Dogpatch/Hunter’s Point SPARROWS warehouse which premiered POINT ROCK DAYS an international array of rock, metal and thrash bands to capacity crowds, was Cipriano’s next feat. “I got into booking to bring these bands that deserved to be booked. At the time, Live Nation wasn’t paying attention to them. The other clubs weren’t ei-

ther. There was a whole swelling of the underground scene that became mainstream, and I was really lucky to ride that wave with it. Bands let kids have a great form of expression in a controlled environment,” he said of under-21 patrons. Such ventures have it tough, Cipriano said. “The ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control) rules have become so tough on all-ages venues.” He spends his days working out in a CrossFit training program, and instructing students in Krav Maga, the Israeli military self-defense form, which he calls, “no holds barred, and very brutal.” All of this comes in rather handy in his line of business. With a career on both sides of the music and nightclub business, Cipriano admits his success wasn’t based on any master plan. “One door just opened up into anCourtesy Cip Cipriano other door, and I just kinda walked through those doors as they opened up.” Including the one downstairs.✷

Meet me at 440. **&97IJHEIJH;;J"I7D<H7D9?I9E J>;**&$9EC

Melissa Black

Thee Merry Widows

Larry Utley

ANGST IM WALD Photography

Delicio Del Toro

Wet T-shirt fun

COUNTRY GIRLS < Russian River celebrates 30 years of women partying in the woods by Heather Cassell his month women will descend upon the sleepy resort town of Guerneville ready to sunbathe around the pool in their bikinis, cocktails and tanning lotion in hand, as they enjoy wet T-shirt contests, dating games and more for the annual Russian River Women’s Weekend May 20-23. Celebrating its 30th year, who knew a simple get-together barbeque of six or more women resort workers at the gay resorts in Guerneville would lead to dykes on bikes, women loosening up and dancing the night away, participating in jelly wrestling and more among the grapevines and redwoods? Certainly not the gay male resort owners who “didn’t want the publicity up there being a women’s weekend,” in 1980, said Mary Agneberg, organizer of RRWW, once called MayDay. Now, an eyelash is barely batted at gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender individuals congregating in the same space, especially in the age when sexual orientation lines are fading faster than those worn out ‘80s jeans. The Russian River Women’s Weekend is also changing from its signature poolside pleasures and nightlife escapades. The all-volunteer-run party has undergone a makeover within the last three years under Agneberg’s leadership, which has breathed new life into the annual women’s party. The onetime weekend retreat, which grew into a spring and fall event scaled back to its original May event several years ago, according to Agneberg. This was prior to her stepping into the helm of the weekend getaway, she said, but it was an indication of the weekend’s loss of appeal to women. While gathering attendance information from resort owners, Agneberg heard the numbers were down in pre-



BAR★TAB . . May 2010

vious years, but within the past two years there has been a spike in attendance, she said.


Three years ago Agneberg, 48, a lesbian who is also known as Sister Scarlet Billows of the Russian River Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, took over organizing the event. The former East Bay resident, who moved to the Russian River in 1995, immediately began diversifying the event, taking it beyond the pool, bar, and nightclub. Agneberg brought in well-known lesbian comedians such as Marga Gomez and Jennie McNult, and authors such as Jewelle Gomez, Starhawk, and Sister Spit members. Drag kings and burlesque shows are among the organized events, as well as a Texas Hold’em poker tournament, tattoo contests, fine dining, winemaker dinners, and outdoor activities such as hikes, dodge ball and drumming circles. “The event has been elevated,” said Agneberg, who is proud that RRWW has maintained its tradition while expanding to a much more diversified event that is attracting more women of color as well as women from a diverse array of ages and interests. “It’s a much more fun, well-rounded event.” Drag Kings are also not the only “men” allowed to attend the weekend’s events. Last year a group of transgender men attended RRWW, Agneberg said. “They each said they had a great time,” said Agneberg, who welcomes men to women’s weekend at the river, as long as they respect the fact that it’s an all-women getaway. Desiree Buford, also known as Delicio Del Toro, who is one of the headliners of RRWW, is looking forward to the “pool of lesbian soup.” Buford, who is reigning Mr. Gay East Bay and Mr. San

Francisco Drag King 14 and is performing for his third year in a row at RRWW, said “You never know what I have up my sleeve or down my pants.” “It’s going to be a great time to be out and be queer and have a good time,” said Buford. “It’s just lovely to be out in the woods.” Jenna Ferocious, upright bass of Thee Merry Widows, who is also headlining the weekend, couldn’t agree more with Buford. “Love it! Just got a cabin up there in Russian River and am looking forward to my ‘housewarming’ by having the band girls break it in,” with beer, watching the motorcycle rally, and enjoying the sunshine, said Ferocious. “I’m excited to see what it’s all about,” said Miss Eva von Slut, Thee Merry Widows’ front woman, eager to pop her women’s weekend river cherry. This year’s events are titled after former gay bars, such as the Monkey Pod and Vieux Carrere, and May Day, the original name of RRWW, as homage to when RRWW was founded. Some of the proceeds from the weekend will benefit the Lesbian Archives of Sonoma County and the Center for Sacred Studies, according to Agneberg. “I’m sure it is a rollicking good time, full of sin, sun, and seduction, but to tell the truth, 2010 will be my virgin RRWW weekend,” wrote Katie Gilmartin, the lesbian artist who designed the 30th anniversary poster, in an e-mail. “I hope I don’t get ravaged. I hope I do get ravaged!”


Boon Hotel + Spa and Boon Eat + Drink, a lesbianowned and operated boutique bed & breakfast spa resort and California cuisine restaurant, will host their second year of RRWW events. This year the Boon gals, Crista Luedtke and Jill McCall, both 36, who are life and business partners, are partying in partnership with Sweet, the latest lesbian travel company. “It’s been great. We like having a place for all girls to hang out,” said McCall, who likes that they are infusing RRWW with “Boon-flavored events” that she described as “swanky, but with a very down tempo vibe.” While the Boon parties are a part of RRWW, they aren’t included in the VIP package, according to Agneberg and the Boon gals. Tickets, which run $12 for the poolside cocktail party and $15 for the mimosa brunch and pool party, catered by Boon Eat + Drink, are sold separately from the RRWW VIP Pass.✷ Russian River Women’s Weekend is May 20 – 23. Tickets for events range from $5 to $10 per event or guests can get an all access VIP Pass for $45, excluding the Boon Hotel + Spa parties.

Too hot for shirts at the Powerhouse.

Beartastic afternoon at The Lone Star Saloon.

Photos by Rich Stadmiller

Spanking good fun at Chaps II.


LEATHER/KINK HAPPENINGS IN MAY • by Scott Brogan here are always a lot of events going on in the various watering holes of the SoMa district (see below). The newest event is called Wednesday SOMA Men’s Club, brought to you by the SoMa Bar & Business Guild (the same folks who created the popular Folsom Fridays). This promises to be more fun than you’ve had mid-week in a long time. Just show up at one the participating bars: Chaps, Powerhouse, Lone Star, Hold in the Wall, The Eagle, or Truck beginning May 12. You’ll get a special set of dog tags that will give you access to specials and discounts at each establishment. In addition to


receiving a buck off of featured specials everyday (not just that Wednesday), tag wearers will also get two bucks off of the specials at all of the bar’s Wednesday weekly parties. The parties are geared towards the leather/bear/gear /kink and cruise communities of San Francisco, with themes ranging from military to locker room to nipple play to ink worship and beyond! As an added bonus, SoMa retailers will also offer special discounts to “tagged” men. So come out, get your tags, and enjoy the benefits! Hump Day will most definitely be humpy.


1225 Folsom St. 255-2427

The newest of the SoMa gay leather/kink bars, Chaps offers something for everyone all week long, so be sure to check out the website. Lots of drink specials! Happy Hour every Monday through Saturday from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. May highlights: Monthly Red Hanky Night Thursday, May 8 hosted by Hell Hole SF, 9 p.m. – 2 a.m.; Rope on Friday, May 14, hosted by rope studs Jorge and Josh with GoGo studs at 11:30 p.m.; The weekly Sunday Beer Bust (4 – 9 p.m.) on May 9 will be hosted by Mr. SF Leather Lance Holman; Monthly Cheap Ass Contest on Wednesday, May 26, winner gets $100 cash.


398 12th St. 626-0880

The Eagle Tavern has the longest running, most festive Sunday Beer Bust around. It runs from 3 – 6p.m. and is hosted by a different beneficiary each week. The patio action is hot, and the food is always good. Saturday nights feature their new Back Bar Action, with the patio opened to all gear/fetish/leather folk, from 10pm to close. Their nightly happy hour is from 4 – 8 p.m. If you like punky rocking music, stop by on Thursdays, when a variety of bands crank out the jams.


1369 Folsom St. 431-4695


BAR★TAB . . May 2010

Just a few doors down from The Powerhouse, The Hole In The Wall is always fun and festive with some great pool table action. The bar recently celebrated its 16th anniversary, so stop in and help them celebrate, especially during their Saturday Beer Bust from 4 – 7 p.m.


1354 Harrison St. 863-9999

The Lone Star is known as the world’s premiere Bear Bar. But don’t let that fool you. You don’t need to be a bear to have a great time. Highlights: Castrobear presents 100% SOMA Beef & Co. All Beef Saturday Nights the last Saturday of each month (for May it’s the 29th), at 9 p.m. after the weekly Saturday Beverage Benefit that runs from 3 – 7 p.m (only $9). Other weekly staples include the Sunday Beverage Benefit from 4 – 8 p.m. ($9) and the Thursday Night Beer Bust from 8 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., also only $9.


1347 Folsom St. 552-8689

Home bar to Mr. SF Leather 2010 Lance Holman and the Bare Chest Calendar, The Powerhouse has a long tradition of celebrating leather/kink/fetish/gear – you name it! Happy Hour is every Monday through Saturday night from 4 – 8 p.m. Some May highlights: Mark Palladini’s monthly Meat Packing contest on May 21 at 10 p.m. Dirty Dicks every Monday night at 9 p.m.; Underwear

Night every Thursday beginning at 8 p.m. – drink specials if you strip down to your underwear; IML Send Off Party for Lance Holman, Saturday, May 22 at 8 p.m.



1900 Folsom St. 252-0306

Home to the new Renegade 2010 George Schaeffer, as well as the one and only Suppositori Spelling, Truck is another great leather/fetish bar that features nightly specials and good bar food. Beer Bust every Saturday from 4 – 8p.m. May highlights: Suppositori’s weekly Cocktail Gate show every Sunday at 9:30 p.m.; Speakeasy every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ✷

For more ✭ kink events go to bartabsf.c om

MANGO’S RIPE< The party goes on at El Rio •

ithout missing a beat, Mango, the popular women’s afternoon dance party hosted at El Rio, returned after its annual winter hiatus, but under new leadership and with a new mission: to party with a cause. An estimated 600 women danced the afternoon away last month for Mango’s rebirth in memory of the late Chantal Salkey, 45, lesbian club promoter and founder of Mango, who passed away unexpectedly earlier this year. “The energy was so high and the people were so nice, good and supportive … it was such a great time,” said Carol Hill, manager turned promoter of Mango, who was an occasional business partner for some of Salkey’s lesbian parties. “This is a good beginning to the next chapter of Mango.” Hill undertook Mango’s revival along with Dawn Huston, owner of El Rio; Salkey’s family and her best friend, June Johnson. “It’s a labor of love that I do in honor of my friend, Chantal,” said Hill, who is proud that Mango and Salkey’s legacy will continue on under Walk Good! Productions, the new company created to carry on Salkey’s legacy. Salkey was known for promoting not only new music, but queer women of color disc jockeys and her philanthropic ventures. Walk Good, was a phrase Salkey signed off her e-mails and letters with, said Hill who is happy that “It’s a family endeavor now, it’s not just me.” “Among our friends and the community [Salkey] was the connector between a lot of different kinds of people and that’s the same thing as Mango,” said Hill, 45, about the emotional revival of the popular tea dance, now in its 13th year, which Salkey imported from Washington, D.C., when she came to San Francisco. Hill was approached by many members of the community who expressed the importance of Mango to their lives and to the community, she said. “If Mango were to disappear … that mix and vibe



BAR★TAB . . May 2010

Mango Photos courtesy Carol Hill

by Heather Cassell

would disappear. I didn’t want to be responsible for the mix and vibe disappearing,” said Hill, who is also from Washington, D.C., with a laugh. “Who am I not to carry it on?” The party goes on with a cause. Mango’s unique blend of hip-hop, salsa, and world music with barbeque remains the same, but the $8 to $10 cover charge to get into the afternoon dance party is now all donated to communitybased organizations that support the lesbian community, women of color, health, and youth. “We’re taking Chantal’s legacy of supporting local lesbian organizations to the next level. At each Mango, folks ‘Party for a Cause’!” said Hill. “Chantal always gave away money every year. She gave away lots of money to lots of organizations and to individuals,” added Hill, who hopes to connect the community with organizations that provide much needed information and services to queer women. Mango raised nearly $1,000 for Community United Against Violence, the party’s first beneficiary in March, according to Prentis Hemphill, a CUAV staff member. Hill has a list of other community organizations who might be future monthly beneficiaries, she said. “Community United Against Violence was incredibly grateful and honored to be a beneficiary organization to the Mango party in San Francisco,” Hemphill wrote in an e-mail. Hill hopes that Walk Good! Productions will continue to grow and spread Salkey’s message and memory, “Everybody come and party for a cause, have fun and support the issues and the things that help us in the community.”✷

Mango happens the 4th Saturday of every month (the next is May 27) from 3 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at El Rio bar, 3158 Mission Street.

The Neigborhood Bar is Back. Happy Hour 5pm-8pm Weekdays • Open 3pm Weekdays • 12pm Weekends

2124 Market Street, San Francisco

Aunt Charlie’s Lounge has been described as a John Waters film just waiting to happen.

MAY FLOWERS < by Coy & Sal Mez Ellison

ometimes, to find something beautiful, different and downright titillating, you have to step away from your comfort spot. We’ve talked to everyone we know and have come up with picks for May that will remind you why the Tenderloin is called the “theatre district” and that gay life is alive and well in the Polk. Anyone who was around in April for Phalice in Wonderland will tell you not to miss Duplicity Presents: Canned Hairspray at the Deco Lounge (510 Larkin St.) on May 7th starting at 9. Duplicity has a line up of performance artists and cabaret performers of every imaginable gender and persuasion who will be paying tribute to the legendary John Waters film and play. We hear that Ginger Snap will be taking her turn as Motormouth Maybelle and Kitty Tapata will transform into Edna Turnblad. Aunt Charlie’s Lounge at 133 Turk Street has been described as a John Waters film just waiting to happen. The place is a little tacky, a little raunchy and a whole lot of fun. Drop in to see the $65,000 Silicone Wonder Gina La Divina, Ms. Collette LeGrande, Lady Bear and the rest of the infamous Hot Boxxx Girls on a Friday or Saturday night at 10. If you’re only in town during the week you can catch The Dream Queens Review every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month hosted by Ruby Slippers. Shows and parties at this watering hole attracts a crowd ranging from cute young boys and girls, old school regulars and even Sal’s mother when she’s visiting. Everyone is welcome and there is never a cover. John Weber invites you to the Mother Daughter or Son Talent Showcase at the Cinch Saloon (1723 Polk St.) on Mother’s Day, May 9, from 6-10. If you are new to the



BAR★TAB . . May 2010

local drag scene this is your opportunity to see presentations from all of our local drag families. Empress Renita Valdez and Mr. Gay San Francisco David Slack will be on hand to fill you in on how to win a title of your very own. This will raise funds for the Monarch 2010 Charity Fund and is a great way to find the family that is right for you. Saturday, May 15 at 10 be sure to catch the FauxGirls at Kimo’s Penthouse Lounge (1351 Polk St.) just one block from the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway. This fantastic cabaret show is currently in its 9th year and is now free! Victoria Secret and mistress of ceremonies Alexandra serve up glamor, feathers and sequins and always have surprise guest performers. Current performers Tiger Lily, Chanel, Davida Ashton, Pink Bubbles and many more of your favorite stars. The more adventurous among us make our Friday night pilgrimage to Diva’s (1081 Post St.) for Alexis Miranda’s Midnight Show. Tiger Lily and Victoria Secret take turns as hostess at the only bar in town that caters to the transgender community. Diva’s is a three floor wonderland full of exotic beauties and very talented performers. You can also catch Landa Lake’s Talent Tuesdays, Naughty Schoolgirl Wednesday and Diva’s Darlings Thursdays. Need we say more? So know that you know where to go in the old gayborhood, you might want to make a quick visit to the Mission to catch Pretty Pretty Look At You for a Cockettes-style extreme drag make-up tutorial performed by lady drag queen Kegel Kater at Steven LeMay’s Retro Fit (910 Valencia). This drag beauty workshop happens on May 29 from 3-5 and will be sure to get you ready for our June picks.✷

photos: Josh Cheon

AW, HONEY, HONEY< by Jim Provenzano

oney Soundsystem continues to churn out groovy lovable music mixes each Sunday at the Paradise Lounge, and at multiple other venues. The collective of DJs came together through a shared love for similar sounds and influences. “We all met through the gay club scene here in San Francisco,” said Ken Woodard (DJ Ken Vulsion) wrote in a succinct email. Honey was originally supposed to be the name of a new bear party at then–Daddies (now 440) in the



1. Gay Marvine, “Lost In Music” Honey Soundsystem 2. Martin Buttrich “You Got That Vibe” Desolat 3. Jori Hulkkonen “I Am Dead” (Hercules & Love Affair remix) Sugarcane 4. Phortune “Can You Feel the Bass” Hotmix 5 5. Toby Tobias “Macasu” (MCDE Loft Party Mix) Late Night Audio 6. Zwischenfall “Heute” Dark Entries 7. Tres Gueros “Underneath (I’m out of it)” (B-Team remix) Odds & Ends Music 8. The Force “It’s OK” Jes Say 9. DJ Duke / Pleasuredome “ 12 Minutes To Do It” Power Music 10. Omar Khorshid “Guitar El Chark” Sublime Frequencies


BAR★TAB . . May 2010

Castro district. “When that idea got canned, we kept the name and decided to become something more mobile, i.e. a sound system,” said Woodard. “Honey soon became about staking our butch-fem heel in the postrave post-top40-pop dance music scene by throwing events that created a community not around false promises but around heart. We run the weekly Sunday nights in the most sexually abrasive and peculiar district in town.” Honey’s Sundays represent the classic, the futuristic and anything in between. Their Sunday night gig, the Paradise Lounge, has a rich history, being the first bar to have a leather shop/sex shop in the actual venue (then called Febes). Honey is Ken Vulsion, Pee Play, Robot Hustle, Jason Kendig, Josh Cheon, and Derek Bobus. Aside from all being dedicated “discaires,” Woodard noted how each artist has fallen into their own perspective roles of producing music, making art, starting record labels, and throwing events. In April, Honey Soundsystem released an un-mixed compilation of original tracks by a network of “likeminded” dance music producers from around the world. The disc will be available through our website and will be dirt cheap. But, Woodard stated, “because we are geeks, it will be limited to 500 copies.” Later this year, the Honeys will be playing in Los Angeles, New York and a few cities in Europe. In between, they’ll continue with their resident Sunday nights at the Paradise Lounge.✷

CAN’T STOP NOW < Jim Provenzano

his is supposed to be where I only review NonStop, Andy Bell’s terrific new solo CD, but we ran out of space for a blathering editorial, so I’ll do both. Non-Stop will be released on June 7 on CD and via download and features the singles “Running Out,” “Will You Be There?” and “Call On Me” alongside a further seven electro anthems including “Honey If You Love Him,” a duet with Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell. There are fewer soaring uplifting as in Bell’s earlier Erasure years, though. This is down low, with the raucous “DHDQ” (“Debbie Harry Drag Queen”) being a highlight. But it’s more appropriate to hear Bell’s ruminative lower register songs of love gone sour. His vocals remain sweet, though. It would be best to hear Bell’s new music in a bar, late at night, when a cute guy’s written his number on a coaster for you, but you’re not sure if you want to


Hard rd Cruising Ads Ad and Live Liive Chat

go home with him yet, or just tease him. Well, we didn’t want to tease here in our premiere issue of BARtab. We hope you enjoy our diverse array of May’s lesbian, gay, bi, trans, straight and cool fun things to do. From the pastoral pleasures of the Russian River to the funky fun in the Lower Haight, from the dragtastic Polk to the manly South of Market, from dive bars to galas, our vision reflects a broad spectrum of nocturnal culture. Thanks to the rapid-smart staff at our parent publication, the Bay Area Reporter, I was able to hone my skills from two decades of gay media-dom into one single guide to local fun. So, enjoy. For those who missed our first deadline, you can add events to our brand spankin’ new website, updated daily. Thanks for reading. ✷ Listen to Andy Bell at

FREE to listen to t ads. FREE to reply tto ads.



San Francisco

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For other local numbers call:

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Thu 6

BARtab Premiere Parties @ Blackbird, The Stud Join the editor of San Francisco’s newest nightlife publication (that would be yours truly) and its staff and friends at one or both of two events; schmooze over cocktails at Blackbird, 6pm-8pm. 2124 Market St. at Church. Then, dance to grooves in a DJ set by Bob Mould (Husker Du, Blowoff) with 50 Pound Note and Medic. $5. 10pm-2am. 399 9th St. at Harrison.

Ex-Boyfriends, The Shondes, Excuses for Skipping, The Bruises @ Café du Nord Queer and queerish local bands rock it up. $10. 9pm. 21+. 2170 Market St. 861-5016.

Glam @ Medjool Betty’s List women’s night at the fab terraced restaurant and bar; with DJ Olga. 6pm-10pm. 2522 Mission St.

Juicy @ The White Horse, Oakland Hip Hop, R&B and soul. 9pm. (karaoke, drag king shows other nights, too). 6551 Telegraph Ave. (510) 652-3820.

Fri 7

Cubcake @ Lone Star Saloon Monthly party for those with a sweet tooth. DJ Medic spins and hosts give away a ton of sweets, candy, cupcakes. 9pm - 2am. 1354 Harrison St. at 11th. 863-9999.

Sat 8

Bootie @ DNA Lounge Bootie and its mash-up guru DJs Adrian and Mysterious D return from their various globe-trekking spin gigs to their home, including a live set with mash-up band Smash-Up Derby, and guest DJs Loo & Placido, all the way from France. Other Saturday events are May 15 and May 22, the last of


BAR★TAB . . May 2010

which is the Bootie Prom. $6-$12. 10pm-2am. 21+. 375 11th St. www.DNA

Frolic @ The Stud Furries, Plushies, costume fetishists, former theme park employees who ran off with their work uniform… whatever you think of them, people who love costumes as a lifestyle really love their costumes. And you can love them back on the dance floor at this festive dress-tive event hosted by Dex Stakker, with DJs Neon Bunny & My Pet Rhino, with visuals by MaliePono. $7 cover, only $3 in costumes. 21+. Each second Saturday. 9pm-2am. 399 9th St. at Harrison.

Splish @ Bar on Church What’s more fun than a gay water polo team? A gay water polo team showing off swimwear while you drink. VivvyAnne Forever More hosts the fashion show and annual fundraiser for the SF Tsunami Water Polo and Syncro teams. Drank specials, raffle, and hot jocks! 7pm-10pm. Church St. at Market.

Sun 9

Bijou @ Martuni’s The eclectic live cabaret showcase celebrates five years of highlighting both new and established performers with a pseical Mother’s Day party and show Since May, 2005, Bijou has presented more than 1,200 songs and 165 different performers. They’ll celebrate with a few of the Best of Bijou moments, including performances by Janet Fly, Leanne Borghesi, Katya SmirnoffSkyy, Chave Alexander, John Cavellini, Litz Plummer, Tom Shaw and more! $5 7pm. 4 Valencia St. at Market.

Haus @ Club 8 DJs Jay Santos and Guy Ruben, hostess Mercedez Munro and

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page 22

performances by Miss Rahni and Ana Mae Coxxx. Party starts at 6pm. $5-$10. 1151 Folsom St.

Honey Sundays @ Paradise Lounge Fab dance night for the SoMa folk, produced by the Honey Sound System’s eclective electro collective. 8pm-2am. 1501 Folsom St. at 11th.

Mon 10

Piano Bar 101 @ Martuni’s Sing-along night with talented locals, and charming accompanist Joe Wicht (aka Trauma Flintstone). 9pm. 4 Valencia St. at Market.

Tue 11

Nine Vines Dinner @ Grand Café Angove Nine Vines and co-host Vivien Gay have partnered with the Grand Café to create a three course dinner paired with Nine Vines wines from South Australia. A minimum of 30% of ticket sales will benefit Project Open Hand. Wines featured will include: 2008 Grenache-Shiraz Rosé, 2008 Viognier, and 2008 Shiraz-Viognier. Each of these wines are sourced from Angove’s own Nanya vineyard and premium growers in South Australia, 150 miles northeast of Adelaide. Nine Vines and Vivien Gay Host Three Course Wine Dinner. $55. 6:30-9pm. 501 Geary St. (707) 963-3104 x2634.

Wed 12

SoMa Men’s Club From the group that brought you Folsom Fridays, the SoMa Bar and Business Guild is gearing up to unleash a series of events aimed at the leather, bear, gear, kink and cruise communities of San Francisco. See “SoMa Do” on page 10.

Ladies Night @ Infusion Lounge Twice-monthly (2nd and 4th Thu) women’s night at the Union Square club. 5pm-9pm cocktails, optional dinner. Dancing til 2am. 124 Ellis St.

Fri 14

Latin Explosion @ Bench and Bar, Oakland Renovated gay Latin dance club (eight bars, more dance floors, lounge) shows off their hottests gogo studs. 9pm-2am. 510 17th St. (510) 444-2266.

Rope @ Chaps II Fetish-kink night for guys into getting tied up, or tying others up. 1225 Folsom St. at 8th. 255-2427.

Salsa Club @ Cafe Cocomo Same-sex dancing and lessons with a live band. 21+. 8:30pm12am. 650 Indiana St. Lexbians? Bad Girls at the Lexington CLub

Bad Girl Cocktail Hour @ The Lexington Club Every Friday night, bad girls can get $1 dollar margaritas between 9pm and 10pm. All drinks being served up by the fabulous bartending duo of Tanya and Amy. Mondays, free pool and dollar beer. Tuesdays is Schwing! With DJ Noelle Skool spinning grunge tunes. 2nd Wednesdays is Secret Lovers, with slow soul jams from yesteryear. Last Saturday of the month is Shameless Saturday, which is always a racuous party. 3464 19th St. between Mission and Valencia. 863-2052.

Thu 13

Sat 15

Bike to Work Day Party @ Rickshaw Stop

40 & Fabulous Benefit @ Contemporary Jewish Museum

Check out the latest in bicycle fashion and celebrate cycling in style at the SF Bicycle Coalition’s Bike to Work Day party and fashion show. Watch cycling models pedal the runway and get tips for dialing in your functional finery. Keep your bicycle secure with the complimentary bike valet and enjoy an evening with DJs and fabulous fashion-y raffle prizes. Free for SF Bicycle Coalition members; $10 for non-members (or join at the door and get in free). 6-10pm. 155 Fell St at Franklin.


BAR★TAB . . May 2010

Join Honorary Co-Chairs, California State Senator Mark Leno and Kate Kendell, Executive Director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights for San Francisco Pride’s first fundraiser. This spectacular community event will be held at the elegant Contemporary Jewish Museum, one of San Francisco’s new architectural landmarks. The night promises to be fab, with DJ’s Robbie Martin, DJ Edaj & DJ Ryan spinning in two amazing settings, a

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page 24

Lucha VaVoom @ The Fillmore

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silent and live auction featuring shopportunities that can only be described as fabulous—including hotel packages, symphony tickets, couture fashion and more. Entertainment includes the Lesbian Gay Chorus of San Francisco, in their 30th Anniversary year, and other exciting performers. $65. 8:00pm. 736 Mission St. 655-7800.

Antares @ Mist Gay and mixed dance night, with DJ Jeffy DJ F, and DJ Pornstar; special performance by Bebe Sweetbriar. $10-$20. 10pm-2am. 316 11th St. at Folsom.

Lucha VaVoom

Bearracuda @ Deco Lounge It’s beartastic fun with DJs Brian Maier and Craig Gaibler. Also, Saturday, May 29, another underwear “Underbear” party with DJs sixTEN and Medic. 510 Larkin at Turk.

Fauxgirls @ Kimo’s Drag Cabaret at its best, showcasing both glamour and camp! The Fauxgirls revue features San Francisco’s finest female impersonators: Victoria Secret, Alexandria, Chanel, Davida Ashton, Pinky Bubbles, Tiger Lily, Maria Garza, Shelly Wilde and special guest stars. Showtime is always 10:00 pm. No cover charge. Reservations are recommended. Every third Saturday at Kimo’s Penthouse Lounge, 1351 Polk Street, at Pine, (415) 885-4535, or 695-1239.

Industry @ Mighty May’s event brings the return of DJ Joe Gauthreaux - one of the hottest DJ stars on the circuit, who is heating up clubs all over the world. Luke Johnstone joins Joe for a fierce night of big room anthems. $15 Advance $25 Door.


BAR★TAB . . May 2010

Masked men in tights, gal strippers sashaying about, little people in chicken costumes all create the wild hilarious and (if you’re in a front row) in your face entertainment that’s queer enough for us. With frequent celebrity guest commentators, Los Angeles-based Va Va Voom always puts on a fun night by relishing in the truth that all professional “wrestling” is merely show biz. $32.50. 9pm. 1805 Geary Boulevard.

Wet and Wild @ Club Eight Thrown by “The Boys” and features a fun line up of club talent, Cassandra Cass will be hosting the Wet And Wild Underwear Contest presented by Hostess for the night is Lady TaTas, also performing with Suppositori Spelling and Cookie Dough. DJs Lee Decker and Haute Toddy will be spinning. $10-$15. Wet And Wild is Free before 10pm and 2 for 1 drinks till 10pm. Party starts at 9pm.

Sun 16

Bay to Breakers AfterParty @ Triple Crown If you didn’t get enough drinking in while running in Bay to Breakers, stop by for more, or to celebrate your completion of the race. DJ Sneak, Fred Everything, Deron. 12:00pm - 2:00am. 1760 Market St.

Palace @ The Café The big boys have a home in the Castro, finally, with a full scale, vocal anthem T-dance each Sunday night. Palace will feature top-notch circuit DJs spinning your favorite ‘T’ tunes, all at the amazing, newly remodeled Café. 2369 Market at Castro. 6 p.m. – Midnight. No cover. 21+. 2369 Market St. at Castro.

Salsa Sunday @ El Rio Dance lessons and hot music at the neighbhorhood bar where

everyone (over 21) is welcome. Free BBQ 3pm. Show 4pm. $8. 3158 Mission St. at Cesar Chavez.

Sundance Saloon @ Space 550 GLBT country-western dancing night celebrates its 12th anniversary. Free. 5pm-10:30pm. 550 Barneveld Ave. at Industrial.

Mon 17

Piano Bar 101 @ Martuni’s Sing-along night with talented locals, and charming accompanist Joe Wicht (aka Trauma Flintstone). 9pm. 4 Valencia St. at Market.

Testarossa @ Trigger New weekly 80s costume party with 80s videos and music; VJ Mark Andrus, with Don Lynch. 9pm-ish. 16th St. at Noe & Market.

Tue 18

Jackstraw, T.V. Mike and The Scarecrows, Forest Fire @ Café du Nord Country and rock blend together with these three bands. $12$14. 8:30pm. 9:30pm. 2170 Market St. 861-5016.

The Castro’s Got Talent @ Midnight Sun Open mic night with host Dee Spencer. Weekly at 9pm. 4067 18th St. at Castro 861-4186.

Ladies Night @ Q Bar Women’s night, with DJ Ms. Jackson, half-off drinks. 9pm2am. 456 Castro St.

Wed 19

A-List Martini Nights @ Bar TBA Ongoing popular weekly social and networking event for gay men and their friends. Sign up to get invites to a different bar each week. 9pm-12am.

Booty Call @ Q Bar Juanita More! and her More Boys entertain and debauche with; hot gogo studs, too. 9pm-2am. 456 Castro St.

Frat House @ 440 Bar College guys and those who impersonate them enjoy cheap drink and tunes spun by DJ Matt. 440 Castro St.

Live Bands @ SF Eagle Live music with local queer or simply cool bands. 12th St. at Harrison.

Mary-Go-Round @ The Lookout

Cookie Dough, Suppositori Spelling and Pollo Del Mar host a weekly drag show. $5. 10:30pm show. 3600 16th St. at Market.

page 26

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Thu 20

Chuck Palahniuk @ Café du Nord The hyperactive love child of Page Six and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, Chuck Palahniuk’s Tell All is described as soaked, nay, marinated in the world of vintage Hollywood. A Sunset Boulevardinflected homage to Old Hollywood when Bette Davis and Joan Crawford ruled the roost; a veritable Tourette’s syndrome of rat-tat-tat namedropping, from the A-list to the Z-list. Let’s hope it doesn’t leave his fans swooning, as occurred several times at his more gruesome readings about people caught in pool drains (spontaneously swooned? Yeah, right, and with a convenient aisle seat). Hype or no, hearing the Fight Club author weave a tale while you sip a beer sounds good. $36.00. All ages. Doors: 6:00 pm Show: 7:00 pm. 2170 Market St. 8615016. 2170 Market St. at Sanchez.

The Dream Queens Review @ Aunt Charlie’s Lounge Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month hosted by Ruby Slippers, shows and parties at this watering hole attracts a crowd ranging from cute young boys and girls to old school regulars. Everyone is welcome and there is never a cover. 133 Turk St. at Taylor. 441-2922.

Fri 21

69 Stories: One Pervert’s Tale @ Phoenix Annex Solo show written and performed by Mollena Williams, who shares stories from her life in the leather community. $25 in advance, $35 at the door. VIP tickets on May 21 are $50. May 21-23. 414 Mason St., Suite 406.

Club Dragon @ Club Eight Weekly Asian gay dance club. Called the “Gay Asian Paradise”. Doors open at 9PM, always free before 10PM and 2 for 1 drinks till 10pm. 1151 Folsom St. at 7th. 431-1151.

Boy Bar @ The Café Full Frontal Fridays at the renovated popular club. Matt DJs, twinky bois gogo dance. $5-$15. 9pm-2am. 2369 Market St. at Castro.

Sat 22

$3 Cosmos & Lemon Drops; no cover. 10pm-2am. 2298 Market St. at Noe. 621-8579.

Black and White Ball Tony Bennett and k.d. lang headline the annual glamorous society ball, with parties in the opera house, symphony hall, and outdoors areas surrounding the arts buildings across from City Hall, with dancing at five custom-designed stages in the War Memorial complex with music Kool & the Gang, Faith Evans and many more. This magical concert and party benefits Adventures in Music, which brings music into the lives of every single student in grades 1 through 5 in the San Francisco Unified School District. $200-$325. 6pm-1am.

Hayes Valley Follies @ Marlena’s Weekly old-school drag show, hosted by Miss Galilea. 10pm. No cover. 488 Hayes St. 864-6672.

Pornstar @ Club Eight Andre Shannon combines a relaxed ambiance with a charged erotic live show featuring the sexy porn pup newcomer Aden Jaric, with hostess Paju Munro, DJs Shane Stiel and Nash Lawler. $10. 2 for 1 drinks till 10pm. Doors open at 9pm. Club Eight 1151 Folsom St.

Sun 23

Blessing of the Animals @ Café Flore Make a date with your four-legged companion because your favorite pal is going to feel extra special at the “The Blessing of the Animals.” Your dog or cat can strut its stuff down the catwalk and win some serious swag in the Pet Costume contest. 4pm-7pm. 2298 Market St. at Noël.

Jock @ The Lookout Afternoon schmooze and booze, with door and donations benefiting gay sports teams. $2. 3pm-8pm. 3600 16th St. at Market. 431-0306.

Leche @ Trigger New Sunday Latin T-dance, with Margaritas, tequila shots, gogo studs and drag show by Sasha. 4pm-10pm. 2344 Market St. 675-9763.

Mon 24

Piano Bar 101 @ Martuni’s Sing-along night with talented locals, and charming accompanist Joe Wicht (aka Trauma Flintstone). 9pm. 4 Valencia St. at Market.

Sacred Cocktails @ The Lookout Religious discussion group for LGBT Christians and others. Free. 8pm-9pm. 3600 16th St. 2nd floor.

DJ Ken Vulsion of Honey Soundsystem spins tunes. 8pm-2am,


BAR★TAB . . May 2010

Bistroteque @ Cafe Flore page 28

the ta26b on Cont from page ✭

Tue 25

Ronn Vigh hosts the weekly LGBT and gay-friendly comedy night. Tonight, Candy Churilla, Dave Thomason and Katie Compa. One-drink minimum. 9pm. 500 Castro St. at 18th. 431HARV.

Tank @ Trigger Muscle guy happy hour with DJs Hawthorne and James Torres. 7pm-10pm. 2344 Market St. 551-CLUB.

Gay Day at Great Amercia

Funny Tuesdays @ Harvey’s

Cheap Ass Contest @ Chaps II

Timbaland, Rihanna, The Pussycat Dolls, Annie Lenox). Dancing, rides, Club Papi gogo guys and gal. All ages welcome, however children’s rides are closed for this private event. 5pm to 2am. 4701 Great America Parkway (between Hwy 101 and 237) in Santa Clara, CA.

Butt, of course! Show off your best side, win a prize. 1225 Folsom St. at 8th. 255-2427.

Tainted Love @ Bimbo’s

Wed 26

Frat House @ 440 Bar College guys and those who impersonate them enjoy cheap drink and tunes spun by DJ Matt. 440 Castro St.

Thu 27

The Glitter Emergency @ Supperclub World premiere of Paul Festa’s film starring Peggy L’Eggs, various Cockettes, and live musical accompaniment. Also, Festa’s Apparition of the Eternal Church, with Justin Bond, Marga Gomez, Jackie Beat, John Cameron Mitchell and more. $10. 8pm. 657 Harrison St. at 2nd.

Mango @ El Rio The wild fun dance, eat, drink and enjoy party for women. Mango happens the 4th Saturday of every month from 3 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Also, Gym Teacher Day! Okay, it’s not really called that but with Monica Nolan, author of Bobby Blanchard, Lesbian Gym Teacher, reading from her new faux-retro novel, and a gym teacher contest, plus the Dixieland Dykes Plus Three, it’s a guaranteed recess of fun. 6pm. back patio. 3158 Mission Street.

Fri 28

Gay Day @ Great America The Producers of Fresh at Ruby Skye, California’s Great America, and Dig-It Talent present Gay Day at Great America features one of the largest West Coast outdoor dances by the Park’s landmark double-decker carousel - this year featuring live performances on the Main Stage by Kelis, plus comic Pam Ann, actress Candis Cayne, Trannyshack’s Heklina, Ashe Wednesday, Sister Roma, and Cheer SF. DJ set by Moto Blanco (International Superstar Re-Mixer/Producers for Lady Gaga,


BAR★TAB . . May 2010

Friday, May 28 & Saturday, May 29 Retro 80s cover band performs the groovy tunes you loved you’re your hair was mucked up with a gallon of hair gel. $23. Doors at 8pm. Show at 9pm. 21 & over. 474-0365. 1025 Columbus Ave.

Sat 29

Bearracuda @ Deco Lounge Special Underwear Party. DJs sixTEN and Medic. 510 Larkin at Turk.

Big Top @ Club Eight … and little bottoms, queens and clowns and freaks and hunks. That’s only the opening act at Joshua J. Cook’s monthly glamfest that’ll put a dent in your tent. Get there early to see the Big Top gogo sluts give you a private show. This long time running party for fags, dykes, and tranimals is a gay adult wonderland. Come get lost in the maze that is Big Top, with three bars, two floors, and a private smoking patio. 2 for 1 drinks 9pm-10pm. No Cover before 10:30 in drag or club kid attire. 1151 Folsom Street at 8th St. Our website is always current and up-to-date

Ceremony @ DNA Lounge Gus Presents and Industry return for another huge megadance party at always-naughty DNA Lounge. They’re bringing back the one and only Tony Moran with their own Jamie J. Sanchez getting the night started. Backroom DJs Don Tix and Jay Santos. 375 11th St. at Folsom. Doors: 10 p.m. ‘Till late || 21+

Stomper’s Boots Night @ Chaps II Get a polish and maybe a few licks in your hot boots. 1225 Folsom St. at 8th. 255-2427.

Shameless Saturday @ The Lexington Club DJ Astro will be spinning dirty Bay Area jams, Nasty Electro, and Filthy Old School Jamzzz to make you dance. Aysha & Sarah will be serving you up a good dose of drinks until 2 am. Every 4th Saturday. 3464 19th St. at Mission. 863-2052

Sun 30

Fresh @ Ruby Skye The popular monthly gay T-dance lets out all the stops at this Memorial Day weekend event, with DJ Manny Lehman, and a 7pm show with Candis Cayne (Dirty Sexy Money). $20-$25. 21+. 6pm-12am. 420 Mason St.

Madonna Tribute @ DNA Lounge Heklina and the Trannyshack clan pay tribute to the Material Girl with hilarious routines by a truckload of drag queens and their entourages. DJ tunes, too. $12. Doors 10pm, show at midnight. 375 11th St.

Sanctuary @ 1015 Men, music and muscle, or Marys, depending on where you are in the popular dance event. DJs Luke Johnstone and David Knapp. $20-$30. 1015 Folsom St. at 6th.

Mon 31

Karaoke Mondays @ Bar On Church Drink specials as the meagerly talented get an opportunity to sing. 198 Church St. at Market.

Testarossa @ Trigger New weekly 80s costume party with 80s videos and music; VJ Mark Andrus, with Don Lynch. 9pm-ish. 16th St. at Noe & Market. Submit your June events info to: See more events, plus comprehensive bar and nightclub listings of interest to the LGBT community, on

★★★★★★★★ Looking ahead…

June 4

More Glitter - Less Bitter @ Electric Works Gallery Opening reception for a new exhibit of photographs by Daniel Nicoletta from 1975 – present, including images of colorful nightclub people. Reception 6pm–8pm. Exhibit through July 10, 2010. 130 8th St. 626-5496.

barchive no by Jim Provenza

ers were forced to sell the bar once they realized they could no longer keep the bar staffed and stocked to keep pace with the increase in business. And the regulars who had made the bar their semiprivate clubhouse began seeing caricatures of themselves walk through the door. While they dressed the part well enough, most did not own motorcycles and therefore were considered inauthentic. Within a short period of time, the first group of bartenders, managers and patrons left the Tool Box behind just as the scene exploded, spawning not only new bars, but laying claim to an entire neighborhood of San Francisco, South of Market. Thanks to the initial publicity and the long-term legacy of the Life article, San Francisco’s gay world not only increased in size, but it was built with the images and ideals migrants and tourists learned first through the media and only secondarily through their experience.”

n BARchive, we’ll step back in time to visit the early days of gay San Francisco nightlife. Although then-undefined downtown bars that catered to queer sailors and crossdressing entertainers and prostitutes go back to the late 19th century, the starting gun for a national identity of San Francisco as a town with a growing gay nightlife scene, and which propelled homosexuality into the national spotlight, was an expansive feature article in the June 24, 1964 issue of Life magazine, with photos by Bill Eppridge, including a compelling two-page spread of the Tool Box bar and its wall mural. Martin Meeker‘s fascinating book Contacts Desired: Gay and Lesbian Communications and Community, 1940s–1970s offers a highly detailed exploration of the phenomenon the Life feature creThe Tool Box opened in 1961 at 339 4th Street and ated, and how a once-intimate motorcycle-leather bar closed in 1971. It’s now the location of a Whole Foods became a national gay tourist site: supermarket. ✷


“Following the publication of “Homosexuality in America,” the men of the Tool Box bar were struggling with the consequences of publicity as well. Not only did just about every gay man residing in the Bay Area want to visit the newly famous bar, it also became a prime attraction for the rising tide of gay tourists visiting the city. Not all were pleased, however. The absentee own30

BAR★TAB . . May 2010

For more about San Francisco’s illustrious queer past, visit Passionate Struggle at the GLBT Historical Society, an exhibit about Bay Area LGBT historical events and people. Also, Man-IFest, a new exhibit of letters and documents by FTM transgender pioneer Lou Harrison and friends. $3. Wed-Sat 1pm-5pm. 657 Mission St. #300. 777-5455.

<:I=>B DCI=: A>C: ;G::IG>6A

CODE 2166

)&*#)(%#&&'* Find your local number: 1.800.777.8000 18+

May, 2010 editon of BARtab  

The most comprehensive entertainment and nightlife guide for the San Francisco Bay Area LGBT community.

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