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Granny Annie’s cherries Granny Annie’s cherry tree is full of cherries and Granny is looking forward to eating them. But then she discovers a couple of naughty magpies are keeping an eye on the cherries too. Who will get to them first?

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Wonder with Whizkid

Why do storms make a noise? SamSam

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Animal world

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Fun and games

Artist’s studio Pa r e

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Gold Awar d.

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Time for a rhyme

“Clap, clap your hands” Written and illustrated by Dušan Kállay Page 44

Polo Look at the pictures and tell

the story in your own words. Page 47


Granny Annie’s cherries Written By A.-M. Abitan Illustrated by G. van Genechten

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Granny Annie’s cherry tree was full of cherries. “I can’t wait for the cherries to be ripe, so that I can eat them,” she said. But there were two magpies chattering in the tree. They chuckled, “We can’t wait for the cherries to be ripe, so that we can eat them.”

Granny Annie heard the magpies. “Well, I never!” she thought. “Those cherries are mine and the magpies can’t have them!” So that night, Granny Annie tied some coloured ribbons to the branches of the cherry tree to scare the magpies away.

The next morning, the wind was blowing. The ribbons fluttered and danced in the breeze. But the magpies weren’t scared! They said, “Those cherries will soon be ripe… and we’ll have a feast!”


“Well, I never,” said Granny Annie who had heard them. “Those magpies are stubborn! They’re still here!” So that night, Granny Annie hid a radio in the cherry tree to scare the magpies away.


The next morning, loud music was blaring out through the branches. But the magpies weren’t scared! “Well, I never,” said Granny Annie. “Those magpies are stubborn. They’re still here! Now, my cherries are almost ripe.”




So Granny Annie went to the pet shop. “I need a big cage, please!” she said. The shopkeeper asked, “Is it for a parrot?” Granny Annie replied, “No, it’s for a cherry tree!”


Granny Annie put the cage over her tree. Then she locked the door and popped the key in her apron pocket.



The magpies banged their beaks on the cage but they couldn’t get to the tree. The door was locked and the bars were very close together. “Bad luck, magpies,” said Granny Annie. “By tonight my cherries will be ripe.” 18



That night, by the light of the moon, Granny Annie picked her cherries very quietly so as not to wake the two magpies. She picked a whole basketful!


Early the next morning, she sang in her kitchen as she prepared a big cherry pie, a pot of cherry jam and a bottle of cherry juice. The two magpies watched her through the window.



Then Granny Annie made two little cherry tarts. She put them on the window sill. “There you are, you stubborn magpies!” she said. “I made these for you…” The End

ries 24


Co m

p et it i o n ic 10 fantast s WWF prize ! to be won

in partnership with

1st prize: a WWF tiger adoption pack (includes a cuddly toy tiger + updates about your tiger 3 times a year + other surprises); 9 runner-up prizes: an adorable WWF plush toy

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Photos: Isabelle Franciosa (child), Randy Olson/National Geographic/GettyImages (lightning).

o d y h W


e k ma a n

? e s i o Let’s go and see what the answer could be‌


Maybe storms make a noise to scare children?


Maybe big clouds start crying and that makes a noise?

Maybe it is because the clouds bump into each other and that makes a noise?

Let’s go and find out why storms make a noise!

Photos: Randy Olson/National Geographic/GettyImages.

Maybe the flash of lightning makes a thundery sound?


1. When a storm starts,

there are big, dark clouds called storm clouds.

2. Inside the storm clouds, high up in the sky, there are snow flakes, drops of icy water and very strong winds. But what makes the noise?

o o Brrr


o o

o o


3. The wind blows the snow flakes and drops

of water about. All this movement in the clouds creates electricity which makes flashes of light zigzag across the sky. This is lightning.

mmmm m o

Big storm clouds are called cumulonimbus. They form when the weather is hot and humid.

In a storm, we see lightning first and then we hear thunder. Why? It is because light travels much faster than sound.

So is it the lightning that makes a noise?

it heats the air so much and so fast that it causes a violent explosion and a huge noise. The noise is thunder.

Now I understand! During a storm, the rumbling sound of thunder is caused by lightning shooting through the air.

Concept and text: N. Viallet and H. Secher. Illustrations: R. Faller.

4. When lightning shoots through the sky,

A kind of mini lightning can also happen naturally. You may have seen it – or felt the electric shock – if you have ever walked across a nylon carpet and then touched a metal object.


SamSam and SamTeddy set off on another adventure in their SamSaucer.

The smallest of the big heroes

Let’s go to Marth…

Trip to Marth


After a short journey, they land on the green planet.

SamSam says, “Let’s take a look behind this hill. I can hear strange noises!”

Creeak Creeak



It is Marthial the 1st, King of the Marthians, coming out of his den to spy on the universe with his telescope.

“Thith telethcope is thuper! Let’th thee whooth having fun in the univerth today…” says Marthial who cannot say the letter ‘s’.

Higher, Higher!

4 32

Let’th thee!


SamSam spots a tiny Marthian spider… It gives him an idea. He catches the spider by its thread…

“Come on, SamTeddy, we are going to play a trick on King Marthial!” SamSam flies off followed by SamTeddy.



King Marthial shrieks in horror when he sees what he thinks is a huge monster!

SamSam slowly lowers the tiny creature in front of King Marthial’s telescope.

He falls off his seat… and then he sees the two rascals flying away.

He goes into a rage and calls for his soldiers to attack the SamSaucer. But it is too late!

et my revenge! l will g

! Ouch


11 Play with SamSam and see some of the TV series at: www.bayard-magazines.co.uk

Story and illustrations: Serge Bloch. Colours: R. Chaurand.




mal world Ani

Magpies European magpies look black and white. But in the sunlight, you will notice that their wings are blue and their tail is shiny green.


Where do they live?

In cities and in the countryside.

What do they eat?

Insects, slugs, fruit, dead animals, eggs‌

Text: E. Chanut. Illustrations: S. Lefebvre

How big are they?

45cm They are as long as your arm. 35

This magpie is hopping around on the grass. She is not out for a walk‌ She is looking for tiny creatures she can eat.

She has just caught a dung beetle. Now she will swallow it whole. What a treat! 36

After this tasty meal, the magpie flies off. But she does not go far. She lands in a bush.

Look! She has broken off a branch with her beak. What will she do with it? 37

The magpie and her male partner are busy building a nest. It is a big bundle of twigs. Magpies always make their nests high up in the trees so they can see what is going on all around! 38

Amazing but true‌

St o p !

Male and female magpies that have babies stay together for their whole life.

Th i e f !

Magpies love shiny objects. They have been known to pick up things they see glittering on the ground or even on window sills. That is why they are often called thieves. They also have a harsh, chattering call and like to make a lot of noise.

Text: E. Chanut. Illustrations: Y. Calarnou.

Magpies make their nest in early spring. They collect sticks and cement them together with mud. Then they line the inside of the nest with fine roots. Magpies cover their nest with a roof of prickly branches, leaving one small entrance. In winter, when trees have no leaves, you can easily spot these huge nests.


and games Fun


Concept: A. Almeras and Robin. Illustrations: M. Puech.

Join the dots of different colours to see all the finished statues Artymiss the artist has made.


Artist at work

Put the pictures in the correct order and write down the letters from each picture. Then read what Artymiss says.





Artymiss says, “_ _ , _ _ _ _ _ _!” Answer: “Oh, dear me!”


Be an artist

Artymiss wants to make a weird creature. She has done some sketches of her ideas. Help her by drawing your own strange creature using some of her sketches.


e for a rhyme Tim


Illustrated by

StoryBox supports the International Board on Books for Young People, a non-profit organization

This traditional rhyme, illustrated by Dušan Kállay, was first published in Under the Spell of the Moon - Art for Children from the World’s Great Illustrators © 2004, Groundwood Books Ltd. If you would like to buy this book and support IBBY, please go to www.groundwoodbooks.com

DuŠan Kállay, slovakia

working to defend every child’s right to read. Visit www.ibby.org




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5VQT[$QZ )33. X









Answers: A–3 arm

Animals ines.co.uk



D–2 feet.


, B–1 nose, C–4 ear,



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t words An adventure withou nto the world of dreams‌ to lead you i

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to be continued‌


Storyline and Illustrations: RĂŠgis Faller.

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N. 145


Text: Simona Sideri. Illustrations: Bridget Strevens.



Summer fruits

2 I am a small, soft, purple ball, made of lots of tiny balls with hard seeds. I am a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

Match each picture to the riddle that best describes it.

3 I have a hard green skin and loads of seeds inside. My orange flesh is sweet and watery. I am a _ _ _ _ _ .

I am sweet and red and made of delicious, soft flesh. On my head I wear a hat of green leaves. I am a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .



StoryBox was great… now I’m ready for



Answers: A–4 strawberry , B–3 melon, C–1 peach, D–2 raspberry.

I have a furry skin with juicy flesh inside. In the middle I have a big stone. I am a _ _ _ _ _ .

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For children from 3 to 6 years old. A high-quality magazine to share and cherish with the little ones. Every month enjoy: - a book length-s...


For children from 3 to 6 years old. A high-quality magazine to share and cherish with the little ones. Every month enjoy: - a book length-s...


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