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Thursday, May 17, 2018

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Downtown parking disrupted

Cinema construction underway By John Cairns Staff Reporter

Summer-like conditions made for a great day for track and field action Saturday in North Battleford at the SOLE-stice Classic hosted by the North Battlefords Legion Track Club. Photo by Lucas Punkari

Sports Badminton pair win gold Page 22


Samborski to retire Page 7


Champions of Mental Health Page 8

Old bridges must be addressed: Leslie By John Cairns Staff Reporter

News that the old Battleford bridges are “no longer safe,” in the words of Mayor Ames Leslie, surprised Battleford residents in the audience of the recent state of the City/Town of theaddress at Western Development Museum. Leslie told the audience the bridge, which serves as the lone artery to Finlayson Island, needs urgent attention. He said town council will need to make deci-

sions within the “next six months” as to what the viability of the bridges will be. Decisions town council will make on that issue will have wide reach, as Finlayson Island is a prominent attraction for those who like nature and the outdoors in the Battlefords. There are implications for tourism marketing for both Battleford and North Battleford, who share responsibility for the river valley. The immediate focus of attention is on the south

bridge, which connects Battleford to Finlayson Island. This is the only portion by which vehicular traffic can access the island. But deterioration is evident. Cracked asphalt and potholes can be found on the south bridge itself. As for the north bridge, which connects North Battleford to the island, it was closed to vehicles years ago, with only foot and cycle traffic still allowed there. Continued on Page 3

Construction work has begun on the new Magic Lantern cinema complex in downtown North Battleford. Director of Planning and Development Jennifer Niesink confirmed at Monday’s meeting of North Battleford city council that the first shovel went in the ground that day at the lot south of 11th Avenue and west of 101st Street. She said temporary service lines were put in Monday, and construction activity would ramp up Tuesday. “It will take about a year,” said Niesink of the timeline for completion. The space for the cinema, as well as an adjacent lot to the west, are barricaded. That means vehicles can no longer park at those locations, even though it was not an actual parking lot to begin with. The reason both lots are closed off is the City is obliged to provide a landing space for the heavy equipment being used, explained Mayor Ryan Bater. Eventually, the west

lot will be developed into a parking lot that will include paid parking during weekdays. The new cinema is to be built on the corner of 11th Avenue and 101st Street. Already, activity is apparent at the downtown location. Orange barricades were up Tuesday as workers were on the scene. By Wednesday, a blue fence was put up and surrounded the downtown lots along Railway Avenue and 11th Avenue. While no heavy equipment was on the site this week, that is expected to change soon. Putting in the foundation in will be the focus of the construction early on, and that is expected to begin over the coming week. With the two lots closed, the concern is about parking congestion in the rest of downtown. Councillor Kelli Hawtin, who had inquired about activity at the lots, asked about whether the city would be enforcing two-hour parking downtown. Niesink confirmed that would be happening and would bring back a report on that at a later meeting.


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Page 2 - The Battlefords, Thursday, May 17, 2018

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VOLUME 20/2018

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City of fficial) North Battleford (O




Waste Management Facility WILL BE CLOSED from SATURDAY MAY 19 to MONDAY MAY 21, for maintenance on the scale

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Regional Optimist

The Battlefords, Thursday, May 17, 2018 - Page 3

Bridges subject to inspections

Engineering firm to conduct thorough study Continued from Front While the mayor had used the words “no longer safe” to describe the state of the bridges in his address, the immediate situation is not quite as dire, as the bridges remain open and continue to be subject to bi-annual inspections. Town officials acknowledge the bridges have been in rough shape ever since they were handed control of them. The main issue now is struggling to keep up with maintaining them. “In 2003, when the government downloaded the bridges onto the town of Battleford the bridges were … in poor condition,” said Leslie to reporters Tuesday. “Unfortunately, it’s one of those things that the bridges are deteriorating faster than we can fix it.” In speaking to the Regional Optimist May 10, the town’s CAO John EnnsWind noted the bridges were still in “poor” condition. For town officials, that’s a concern. “When the town received the bridges from the province they were rated, even after the province poured some money into it, in poor condition. In the last report in 2016 they’re still considered in poor condition,” said EnnsWind. The report Enns-Wind

is referring to is from Associated Engineering (Sask.) Ltd., dated Dec. 2, 2016, addressed to Eric Bilanski, superintendant works/utilities of the Town of Battleford. That report was provided to the Regional Optimist. The report states that a visual inspection took place of both the north and south bridges on Sept. 27 and 28, 2016. According to that report, the south bridge “is still considered to be in poor condition due to the age of the structure and the condition of critical elements.” Among its observations: a number of missing signs, “loose spacers, split spacers, missing bolts and impact damage” along guardrails, “wide transverse cracks and depressions along bridge deck wearing surface,” as well as “potholes and severe alligator cracking.” Corrosion and peeling paint were also reported, and several other issues were identified as well. “Given the age of the structure, the Town must consider the long-term plan for the bridge,” the report states. “A significant investment has been spent to repair the concrete identified in 2012, and further annual expenditures will be required in order to repair ongoing deteriora-

An expert inspection of the South Bridge from Finlayson Island to Battleford reveals the bridge platform is in poor shape, dotted with pot holes and broken pavement. Experts say what’s underneath is also in poor shape. Photo by John Cairns

tion.” A number of repair recommendations were also made, including sealing cracks in the asphalt, installing sealant in the checks and splits in interior stringers, cap beams and piles, and monitoring the concrete substructure. While concrete repairs were done in the fall of 2014 on both bridges to restore the most seriously deteriorated concrete, it still continues to deteriorate, according to the report.

There were similar recommendations for repairs for the north bridge, including monitoring the concrete substructure. Like the south bridge, the north bridge was considered in poor condition. “Similar to the south bridge crossing … the Town must consider the long-term plan for the North Channel crossing,” the report stated. Town council was informed about the situation in a presentation from con-

sulting engineers during an in-camera session Monday, May 7 at Town Hall. Mayor Leslie said Tuesday that council was informed an “in-depth study needs to be done to see what the state of these bridges are and whether or not they can still handle the eight-ton rating that has been approved for these bridges.” Enns-Wind said the town needs to know more about the state of the bridges. “Of course, these bridges are now about 110 years old, and the question is just how safe are they. They’re heavy, they take a beating from the ice and also from the elements. So we’re working with the inspectors of the bridges, because it’s a provincial requirement. We just want to understand what is the exact condition that they are in, what is the work that needs to be done to ensure they can be used.” One of the considerations, he said, is to ask “is it more cost-effective to allow vehicles over them, or should they only be restricted to pedestrians and cyclists, as an example.” Both Leslie and EnnsWind have confirmed the next step is for the town to engage an engineering firm to do that study. Leslie said that study should

be completed in about a month. It will be extensive, and go beyond what is already known about the bridges. “They’re not just going to be doing a visual inspection, they are also going to do a physical examination,” said Enns-Wind. “They’re going to be opening up the bridge to different parts, looking underneath. They’re going to be ... examining some of the structural components, such as where metal’s on metal ... because we want a more comprehensive analysis or assessment on the condition of the bridge, because all that’s been done so far is the visual inspection.” The indication from Enns-Wind is that the town is looking to be proactive and consider its options, particularly with respect to Finlayson Island access. “We don’t want an incident to happen,” said Enns-Wind. “The bridges have been rated in poor condition for decades ... How do we ensure that either we can maintain them so that the next generation can use them, or is it time that we start working with our regional partners so that there is some type of access to Finlayson Island and the outdoor amenities that it provides.”

ers, Mayor Ryan Bater outlined how the investment policy, and the investing of funds, will work. “The City has tax reserves, we have had cash reserves for decades,” said Bater, “which is used to form the capital plan and capital planning of the City government.” Now, some of those funds are being transferred to the investment advisors to be invested. “We will now start using those reserves to generate revenue for the City,” Bater said. “This is an out-of-thebox way to access more funds on an annual basis that the City can use to

operate. It’s something new, it’s something we’ve never done before as a municipality. It took several months of careful planning and discussion to develop the policy, and so now it’s a matter of putting it into action.” There are risks to investing, he acknowledged, but council’s policy was “based on low-risk investments and ensuring a consistent level of return for the taxpayers of North Battleford.” Council will also be receiving quarterly reports on the returns, while City administration will be monitoring the returns on a monthly basis as well.

City investment to generate revenue: Bater By John Cairns Staff Reporter

The City of North Battleford has approved an institutional investment policy and will put it to work right away. The City approved the policy at its Monday meet-

ing and also awarded RBC Wealth Management Dominion Securities the contract to provide investment services for a five-year term, running May 1, 2018 to April 30, 2023. As well, an investment policy bylaw was passed at Monday’s meeting in three

readings. The bylaw established guidelines, roles and responsibilities, investment objectives, return expectations, investment manager monitoring and control, investment constraints and diversification requirements, among others.

The final item of business at Monday’s council meeting, after the bylaw passed, was a resolution to transfer $12 million to the RBC reserve account, and allow the investment advisers to work on the investment. In speaking to report-

Man’s body found in submerged slough Staff ONION LAKE — Onion Lake RCMP report a deceased man was found submerged in a slough late Monday. An individual travelling about one kilometre south

of Chief Taylor Road intersection alerted police to the situation. Members went to the scene along with EMS personnel and located an adult male submerged in a slough just off the west

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Police say the man has been identified and Major Crimes Unit North is in the process of notifying the next of kin, while trying to determine how and when the man died and became submerged in the slough.

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Regional Optimist

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Anonymity doesn’t cut it in print media this FromCorner

By Becky Doig Editor

The note in the illustration came into the newsroom affixed to Page 13 of the May 3 edition of the Regional Optimist. The page featured sports reporter Lucas Punkari’s coverage of the Kinsmen indoor rodeo hosted at the

Last week’s News-Optimist online poll:

Are you concerned about wildfires?

Civic Centre at the end of April. The featured photo was of a bull and rider. For starters, the commentary is anonymous. There is a name printed on the sticky note and a certain federal government department is identified, but we have no way of knowing if the individual making the comment is that person, so anonymity is point number one. If you feel that strongly about an issue, why not identify yourself? We welcome all points of view, but if you’re not willing to be identified, credibility is seriously diminished. The disclaimer often printed on this page says “all letters must be signed.” Credibility is the reason behind that requirement. The disclaimer also notes that personal attacks will not be published. I’m breaking that rule slightly here. In this case the attack is misplaced. The reporter and newspaper were the note writer’s first targets. I might venture so far as to say only, since this individual might have trouble slipping an anonymous sticky note to the rodeo’s organizers, or to the

company providing the rodeo stock. No, the community newspaper is the obvious entity to attack, because of our visibility and accessibility. So, did we actually do anything wrong? As a community newspaper our job is to reflect the culture, events and activities of the communities we serve. We take the responsibility seriously and for us to ignore an event so ingrained in the community’s tradition and history as the Kinsmen rodeo, would be nothing other than gross negligence. That said, there is also room in the newspaper for a debate on animal rights. Having grown up in cowboy country ,and harbouring a fondness for the whole cowboy mystique, I’d probably be a hard sell for the antirodeo message. But if the viewpoint was thoughtfully presented and signed, I’d be more than happy to give it a prominent space on the op-ed page.

Letters welcome Letters to the editor are welcomed by the Regional Optimist. All letters, including those which are faxed or emailed, must be signed and bear the address and telephone number of the writer. The name of the writer will be published. Letters are subject to editing. Personal attacks will not be printed. Letters will be rejected if they contain libelous statements or are unsigned.

• Yes, we always seem to get fires this time of year. 43% • Yes, our community is full of people who like to start fires. 36% • No, I’m confident we’ll get rain soon.

15% • No, fire bans should keep us safe.


This week’s News-Optimist online poll: The old bridges that connect to Finlayson Island have been in poor conditions for many years. Now the Town of Battleford is commissioning a study to gauge the feasibility of keeping the south bridge open to vehicle traffic. What’s your opinion? • It’s time to stop pouring money down that hole. Close the south bridge and ensure it is safe for pedestrian traffic. • Finlayson Island isn’t that important. Close both bridges entirely. • I would be devastated if the City was unable to get to the island to set the ski trails. • Get money from the province to pay for bridge repairs.

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Regional Optimist

The Battlefords, Thursday, May 17, 2018 - Page 5

My wife is going to live, and I am going to die At 1:55 p.m., Wednesday, May 8, the alert went out. It was a test of the new Alert Ready nationwide emergency alert system. At the time, I was sitting in my basement office, with my SaskTel iPhone 6s on my desk right in front of me. My wife, Michelle, was nine feet above me and about 10 feet over. She got the alert. I did not. My wife is going to live, and I am going to die. That’s kind of the point, isn’t it? If you are being sent a for-real message, it is because you might die if you do not heed its warning. I just hope it’s reserved

for only the absolute most dire emergencies. As in, you should hear it maybe only once in your lifetime. I understand they might use it for amber alerts. I think there has to be a line somewhere. There has to be a tornado at your doorstep, not just a warning. Nuclear war. Tsunami. Earthquake. Alien invasion. That’s it. I sent SaskTel a chat message a half hour later. They responded, “Thank you for your inquiry and response. Just to let you know. You need to be on LTE to receive the alert. If you are on UMTS or WiFi, you will not receive it, so please confirm this.”

From the top of the pile By Brian Zinchuk To which I responded, “Well what the hell use is an alert system if it only works in Regina and Saskatoon? “If North Korea, Russia or China decides to lob nuclear missiles at Minot and the 150 surrounding missile silos around it, including one 50 km from

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my house, shouldn’t I get an alert?” They replied, “We are sorry to hear that. Thank you for your inquiry and your response. We understand your frustration. Looks like the reason is because of iOS 10.3.3, you need to have iOS 11.3 or higher. “We apologize for any inconvenience. For more information please see:” It turns out my lack of updating my phone may secure my untimely demise. Curse you Apple. Your iOS updates apparently aren’t insistent enough that I update my software. It should be reminding me every 20 seconds instead of every 60 seconds. It could also have been that my wife got a LTE signal upstairs, while I get just 3G downstairs. So I looked up their link, which said, “Federal, provincial and territorial governments are respon-

sible for issuing emergency alerts. “Federally, emergency alerts are issued most frequently by Environment and Climate Change Canada. “Each provincial or territorial government decides who will have the authority to issue alerts within their jurisdictions. For example, emergency alerts could be issued by provincial or territorial emergency management offices, or in some cases, by municipal emergency management offices or local police and fire departments.” Further investigation found that it does appear to be largely limited, but does not include alien invasion. However, amber alert is indeed on there. And that, I think, is a mistake. Amber alerts are a serious consideration. However, with social media and every other avenue already available and flooding everyone with amber alert messages (often for days, long after it has passed), sending a heart-stopping alert to everyone’s cellphones is a bad idea. Amber alerts are relatively frequent, unlike the other perils that are listed as warranting alerts, like flash floods, tornado or hurricanes. I fear we run the risk of crying wolf too often,

of people becoming jaded to it. Case in point: Hawaii, Jan. 13, 2018. A similar alert was sent out to cellphones in Hawaii, warning, “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” It wasn’t a drill, but it was a false alarm, one that opened many eyes and frightened many more to tears. With the rising tensions with nuclear-armed North Korea peaking around that time, there was enough probability that it was the real deal to be terrifying. So what happens if another alert like that goes out – except a real one? Will anyone take shelter? Will they think it’s real? I don’t know if that foul-up prompted the new alert system in Canada. If it did, kudos to those who got if off the ground in such short order. But if not, testing it was a good idea, so the bugs could be worked out. My wife didn’t bother to tell me the world was ending when she got her alert. I wonder if that was a mysterious happening or intentional? I don’t know if I want to know. — Brian Zinchuk is editor of Pipeline News. He can be reached at brian.

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Regional Optimist

Battleford Industrial School

Provincial designation sought for cemetery By Josh Greschner Staff Reporter

At a public meeting Monday evening, a local group reported their progress regarding historical designations of the Battleford Industrial School Cemetery. The RM of Battle River, within which the cemetery is located, has passed a bylaw granting municipal historical designation of the site. The next step, lawyer Ben Feist said, would be provincial designation, which the group plans to work toward in the next 30 days. About a dozen people were at the meeting at the North Battleford Public Library, including members of the historical society. The project, along with Feist, is led by lawyer Eleanore Sunchild, who has worked on a number of former residential school claims, and Sherron Burns, who works as a learning consultant with Living Sky

School Division. Burns got involved with the cemetery as a result of trying to do a project with high school students. The cemetery site is located on land owned by Wayne and Catherine Kopp of Stettler, Alta. Burns wanted to visit the cemetery site for educational purposes, but was refused access. Reasons for denying access have reportedly included the presence of broken beer bottles and garbage in the area. The cemetery is located near the former Government House. The Battleford Industrial School occupied the building, and the school was in operation from 1883 to 1914. Feist said the school near Battleford was the first federally sponsored Department of Indian Affairs residential school in Canada. Indian children were removed from reserves and brought to residential schools. Schools intended to assimilate children. Tuberculosis was an oft-cited

occurrence, according to contemporary newspapers. Many former students have come forward speaking out against residential schools, citing physical and sexual abuse and trauma. In the mid-1970s, University of Saskatchewan students and staff found 72 graves at the site as part of an excavation. A cairn was later erected featuring names of some of those buried there. Some of the known names can be found in northern Saskatchewan, the Meadow Lake area, and nearby First Nations including Sweetgrass, Poundmaker and Mosquito. Surnames found on the cairn include Armstrong, Bird, Crookedneck, Moosomin, Peyachew and Pooyak. Albert is also engraved. Feist explained the process of obtaining historical designations. The group looked at the title for the property the cemetery is on, and saw there were no designations registered

under the title. The group went to the RM of Battle River. Councillors then communicated with the landowner. This was followed by passing a bylaw. “Getting a municipal heritage designation means that there’s a permanent interest that’s registered on the land title,” Feist said. The designation would legally prevent current and future landowners “from doing things like removing the cairn or removing the gravestones or plowing through the site” and turning the surrounding area into farmland. Legally accessing the site has been a problem for the group. The provincial Cemeteries Act states “an owner shall provide reasonable access to the public for visitation to any lot in the cemetery.” The act defines cemetery as “any land or place that is set apart or used as a place of interment, and that is approved as a cemetery pursuant to this act.”

Feist said the language was circular. The Battleford Industrial School Cemetery is a cemetery according to the normal meaning of the word, Feist said, but it is not a cemetery as the term is defined in the act. Thus no public access is guaranteed under the act. The cemetery isn’t covered under the act because it was a cemetery before Saskatchewan was a province, and hasn’t been registered as such since. A representative of the province’s Financial and Consumers Affairs Authority, which is responsible for such matters, wrote to Feist saying an “absurdity” exists in the law, and the matter would be brought up for amendment “the next time the act comes up for amendment,” according to Feist. The goal would be grandfathering historical cemeteries to allow for pubic access. The government division sent a letter to the landowner stating its position. The landowners can

legally restrict visiting hours to certain times. At it stands, accessing the site requires permission not only from the landowners, but also the oblates, who own the land that currently allows easiest access to the site, Feist said. Feist said representatives of the oblates they’ve talked to have been accommodating. One representative of the oblates who was in attendance at the meeting expressed dissatisfaction with the way the group went about obtaining permission, and wanted to be asked in a more direct way. Feist said the group would pursue federal historical designation after obtaining provincial designation. Presenters and audience also discussed future possibilities pertaining to the site, including establishing a foundation to raise money, obtaining grant money, purchasing the land and establishing on-site interpretive information.

École Père acceuille La Grande Traversée By Josh Greschner Staff Reporter

With plenty of pancakes, École Père Mercure showed a group of travellers some Saskatchewan hospitality. The travellers were participants in La Grande Traversée, a cross-Canada bicycle tour that started in Vancouver. Students, along with some adults, travel on bicycles and travellers stop and sleep at francophone schools, until they reach the Maritimes.

This year’s tour began April 29 and should finish June 16 in Prince Edward Island. Participants, who are between Grades 8 and 12, attend francophone schools, and are subject to training programs hosted by the schools. Forty-six students, along with about 20 adults, stopped by the French school. École Père Mercure hosted La Grande Traversée Thursday before the group continued its Saskatchewan leg of the tour

onto Regina. The school cooked up a pancake breakfast, and La Grande Traversée gave a presentation. “It’s a good opportunity for our kids to see what other kids are doing and what opportunities there are or them in francophone schools in the future,” said principal Julie Lemire. The presentation involved introducing the participants, promoting active lifestyles and entertaining Père

Mercure students. Grade 1 student Jordyn Hurley and a Grande Traversée participant raced around the gym on small bikes. La Grande Traversée

Your curiosity fuels our commitment to keep you informed on local news, events and businesses. Together, we make a community that’s connected every minute at and every Thursday in your Battlefords Regional Optimist.

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46 th Street 306-4 - 100 ialist! 1281 ir spec ur repa MACS yo e ar We DING INCLU AN

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for Battle

school are elementary-age. Some student could participate in the future. “We’re very happy to host La Grande Traversée,” Lemire said. Grade 1 student Jordyn Hurley was given the opportunity to race around the Père Mercure gym against a Grande Traversée participant. La Grande Traversée is a program for French students who travel on bikes across Canada. The group stopped at École Père Mercure last week for a night, and the school hosted a pancake breakfast in the morning. Père Mercure students in turn sang a song to the travellers. Photo by Josh Greschner

We’re HERE because YOU’RE here.


sometimes picks up students from schools as it travels across Canada, but Père Mercure students didn’t go this year, Lemire said. Most students at the

t time the firs ok for new lo selves. says, for them sheid also really e Fo r Germ be a By Jayn ing to the staff to ito go Ed m t’s “I for Interi the place gn for ord nice as well.” ghtw desi new li ef The ne in Battl an- work re will be security he ce C T fi by of e tional d post nalize contrac- ing and addi ated with th . fi en integr m system has be t and local uilders being ar ada Pos ght Line B days a is isting fire al ai e tor Str king seven led as ex e adds. ys sh al sh eid sa been is wor get it inst Germshople have the ly posto pe n week human he s w as ow t y e kn rious abou ilding will quickl rs Jess s bu cu sible. says it’ office g owne ndra Buildin d and Cassa ted post n, but she me time ci pe an -o ex n so an the er re ke zi are Cro ly ta pl ab d to . ei t ob Germsh e new design design pr r Canada Pos spect to the th , fo e y re about e sam building anagn to pa “It’s th the new C says desi ter of the matter of of ” charac not just a as any t buildings, paint. s d it’ an r os so plaste be a really da P eid. doing ost co Germsh Canada P orated, re “I want it to er so that The this open incorp ill be she doesn’t nice eye- n say, yes, w s ur t lo uch t.” le ca ys, bu too m ada peop orth the wai t saying she sa give n’ w an is as t to C w ts plan a Pos want she wan enjoy Canad t when they his away as omers to says abou the

Regional Optimist

The Battlefords, Thursday, May 17, 2018 - Page 7

Bill Samborski to retire from City By John Cairns Staff Reporter

The first act for Bill Samborski as acting city manager on Monday was to announce he is leaving. Samborski is retiring, having submitted his notice to the City of North Battleford on April 27. That news was made public at Monday’s council meeting. Samborski, who began working with the City in 1992, has served the last number of years as director of Leisure Services. He has recently agreed to take over duties as acting city

manager while the search goes on for a replacement for Jim Puffalt, who left for the city manager’s position in Moose Jaw. The same executive search firm that is handling the recruitment of a replacement to Puffalt will also handle the search for a new Leisure Services director. Samborski’s retirement takes effect at the end of November, however Samborski indicated he has a number of banked days and vacation days owed to him which means his departure will actually

be earlier, likely the end of August. At Monday’s council meeting Mayor Ryan Bater acknowledged Samborski’s efforts with the City. “Your contributions made a great impact,” said Bater. “Thank you for the advance notice and thank you for all the work that you’ve done over the years.” For his part Samborski is looking forward to his retirement, but made clear it is still in the future. “It’s exciting but we’ve still got some work to do,” said Samborski.

The Power of Love


1391 - 100th Street. North Battleford, SK

(306) 446-8800

Each Office Independently Owned & Operated R

RM of Battle River

2,436 sq. ft



1 car attached

10 ACRES on the edge of Delmas, SK. Open floor plan split level home with a summer kitchen & a big covered deck with beautiful views. Dual furnaces each with central air conditioning. Two large shops that are suitable for semitractors/large equipment/work shop with close to 9,900 SQFT of floor space in total. Give us a call.


Wally Lorenz MLS®SK722573



Multiple Juno Award nominated performer Donny Parenteau was the star attraction at an event hosted by Light of Christ Catholic School Division May 10. Antibullying was the theme presented to 16 Light of Christ elementary school students. According to a news release, Parenteau asked students to imagine a world with no bullying and where the power of love could accept everyone. Photo submitted








2 car detached

Located on a quiet street in Battleford with scenic river views this 1 ½ story home has had many renovations done to it in the last 2 years! Bright living room with river views, spacious kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a formal dining room and a second dining room off the kitchen. The home has also been upgraded from electric heat to natural gas with a brand new furnace and duct work installed. Water heater and water softener are 2 years old. Some landscaping has been done and a fire pit added, perfect for hanging out in the backyard.


Kayla Petersen MLS®SK726647



2 car attaced & RV Parking


Marlene Kotchorek MLS®SK718904


121-28th Street, Battleford


EXQUISITE HOME-WITH A VIEW! Jetted tubs and heated floors, 2 laundry areas, open concept kitchen/dining/living room, this house is everything you could dream of! Central air, central vac, alarm system, UGSS front and back, fully fenced, natural gas BBQ hook up (x2) and partially covered deck, NO backyard neighbors, bus stop right outside and park nearby. This could be your perfect home!!



1,637 sq. ft


14062 Battle River Place

1,580 sq. ft




202 Princess Ave., W, Hafford

1,072 sq. ft.

1072 SQFT home with two large bedrooms, a bathroom, a large living room and a bright kitchen/dining area on the main. The lower level has a separate suite that includes a full kitchendining area, large bedroom and laundry room. The suite has two entrances from outside for added privacy. There is a 12x26 attached garage, large garden area, and storage shed included. Call today for more info or to arrange for a showing.


Shane/Elaine/Lloyd MLS®SK731586




102 Hill Ave., Cut Knife

1969 sq. ft



2 car attached, RV parking

Take a look at this very well maintained family home in Cut Knife. This 4 level split home features three bedrooms, a 4 pc en-suite, and a 4 pc bath on the upper level. A large dining area, kitchen, and living room on the third level. Large family room and 3 pc bath, and laundry on the main level, and a large craft/storage room and mechanical room on the lower level. 125 ft x150 ft park like yard. Cut Knife offers a K-12 school and is about a half hour drive to Battleford. Call today for more info or to arrange a showing.

Shane/Elaine MLS®SK731379


RM of Canwood

1,136 sq. ft


1261-102nd Street



Lloyd Ledinski MLS®SK722390


120x50 ft. parking lot in downtown North Battleford. Power has been run to each of the stalls for the chilly winter days! Brennan Veikle MLS®SK710618 $88,000


373.50 Acres. Running Cattle Operation, barn, Quonset, heated shop, water bowls, possible lease of 5 crown lease pasture quarters.




2342 Ross Crescent

Duplex-Revenue Property! 1,564 sq. ft. building has two units, both with 2 BEDS/1 BATH on main and 1 BED/1 BATH in the finished basement! Some updates have been done to this property! Perfect revenue property! Live in one side and rent the other! Dorothy Lehman MLS®SK731436







RM of Meota

10.71 acres in the RM of Meota conveniently located just 2 miles north of the Village of Aquadeo. Beautiful landscape overlooking Jackfish creek, walk down and take advantage of the private waterfront and the nature that surrounds you. Jackfish Creek is spring fed and is approx. 100 ft wide, (sellers have used their sea-doo on the creek). Old yard site provides you with a great start whether you want to put the TLC into fixing up the existing house and buildings or starting fresh with a new vision. Services currently on the property are power, telephone, spring fed well, and septic tank. Call today for more information.

Shawna Schira-Kroeker MLS®SK727310




1611-92nd Street 1,628 sq. ft

4 2 1 car attached Come take a walk through this very spacious home located on North Battlefords west side. Home is in a great neighbourhood with a very quiet street. This home has many upgrades like all new windows and siding in 2013, new mid-efficient furnace in 2010, main bathroom Reno in 2013, new carpet in 2013, and a complete basement Reno in 2013. This home needs someone like you; give me a call today for your private viewing.






525 Leeson Place West, Unity 908 sq. ft 4 2 1 car detached Prime location with a playground just behind and a dog park just across the field. Extensive Reno’s in 2002 include windows, exterior doors, vinyl siding, and kitchen cabinets. New laminate flooring installed in 2014 as well as new fridge and built in dishwasher. Main floor features an open and bright kitchen, dining and living room area. Garden doors off the dining room lead to a deck and spacious back yard. Call Today.

Nicole Lovell MLS®SK730407

Kayla Petersen Owner / Broker

Lloyd Ledinski REALTOR®

Brett Payne

Owner / REALTOR®

Elaine Elder REALTOR®


Wally Lorenz

Owner / Branch Manager

Dorothy Lehman REALTOR®


Randall Cote MLS®SK731451




2301 Kildeer Drive 1,077 sq. ft



2 car atttached with direct entry

Brett Payne MLS®SK731799


Looking for the perfect home in Kildeer? This is it! This bungalow has something for the whole family. Main floor has a large & bright living room with laminate floor, 3 bedrooms, one full bath and a 3 pc bath off the master. Basement development includes a big rumpus room, a fourth bedroom and a den (add a window and it’s a 5th Bedroom!), another full bath and a big laundry/storage room. Completely closed in private backyard has a large double deck. Perfect for summer days and nights. Home has central air conditioning & underground sprinklers front and back.

Marlene Kotchorek Owner/ REALTOR®

Brennan Veikle REALTOR®

Nicole Lovell

Shawna Schira-Kroeker

Shane Murdoch

Randall Cote





Page 8 - The Battlefords, Thursday, May 17, 2018

Regional Optimist

Champions of mental health

One of the employee awards went to Lisa Chapman, child and youth mental health social worker who was nominated by Battlefords Mental Health Centre staff. Lucy Bendall presented the award.

The second employee award went to Cindy How, RPN, and the Ward 5 staff of Battlefords District Care Centre. Photos by John Cairns

By John Cairns Staff Reporter

Community champion award for making a positive impact on mental health in the community went to Carol Johnson. Judy Lavoie made the presentation.

The supportive employee award went to Battlefords Publishing Ltd. Publisher Gord Brewerton accepted the award from Linda Shynkaruk.

Saturday night marked the ninth annual Champions of Mental Health Awards, held once again at the Dekker Centre. North Battleford branch of the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of Saskatchewan hosted the event, which closed out another busy Mental Health Week in the Battlefords. There were four awards handed out — two to mental health employees, one to a supportive employer and one to a community champion. In the employee category an award went to Lisa Chapman, child and youth mental health social worker, who was nominated by Battlefords Mental Health Centre staff. Her primary role is to act as liaison to youth patients admitted. According to presenter Lucy Bendall, “Lisa has

By Josh Greschner

Inspired by her daughter, a former North Battleford resident is turning previous helplessness into creativity. Amanda Sanderson, who grew up on Saulteaux First Nation and lived in North Battleford for a year and a half, is the founder of SHB Apparel, a clothing company that raises awareness for mental health. Sanderson now lives in Saskatoon. The clothes feature quotes and other messages that helped people who were close to Sanderson cope with difficult times. The clothes includes messages such as “Be strong, brave, fearless;” “Live your life fearlessly;” “Strength, honour, bravery;” and “Warrior.” SHB Apparel recently had its first photo shoot and Sanderson worked with youth “who had their own powerful stories.”

MLA for Rosthern-Shellbrook 1-855-793-3422

Randy Weekes

MLA for Biggar-Sask Valley 1-877-948-4880

News Optimist May 14, 2018 Doctor Numbers.indd 1

“Cindy How and the Ward 5 staff have gone above and beyond in providing compassionate care plus looking after the total needs of the residents of Ward 5,” she said. “They have successfully carried out the proposed goals of the Behaviour Unit in spite of staffing challenges and suggested education.” The community champion award for making a positive impact on mental health in the community went to Carol Johnson. She was credited with her volunteer efforts on the board of AMGITS in its early years, and for serving on the boards of Interval House and River Heights Lodge. She has also provided dozens of hand-crafted artistic quilts to clients in the hospital and in the community, and also delivers meals on wheels. “Carol quietly goes about doing, sharing and

giving with no fanfare,” said nominator Judy Lavoie. “She makes the community and world a better place in which to live.” Finally, in the supportive employee category, the award went to Battlefords Publishing, Ltd., for employing individuals impacted by mental health challenges. Publisher Gord Brewerton accepted the award on behalf of the company from Linda Shynkaruk. “They are an equal opportunity employer, hiring a diverse cross-section of people,” said Shynkaruk. “Our current mental health clients working at Battlefords Publishing Ltd., say that it’s a great place to work. They feel supported, they feel part of the team. They feel that they have a fulfilling experience on a daily basis when they’re there.”

“It was a wonderful experience to watch them,” Sanderson said. “Some of them have never modeled before. It was just amazing to watch them at the beginning of the photo shoot when they were super shy and the end of the photo shoot where there was laughter.” The reactions of the models and the encouraging phone calls from parents afterwards, Sanderson said, made her realize “this is why I have my business.” “Sometimes that person just needs that one person to listen to them, and not judge them, and just to be there for them because sometimes that’s what the problem is, they don’t have that support.” The inspiration for the project, Sanderson said, was her now 18-year-old daughter Caitlyn, who struggled with and overcame feeling suicidal. Sanderson said she learned a lot from the experience.

“To me all my kids, it doesn’t matter what age they are, are my babies,” Sanderson said. “So as a mother watching one of your babies having to go through what she went through, it hurt, like a hole in your heart.” Caitlyn spent time at the Dubé Centre for Mental Health in SasAmanda Sanderson, who has roots katoon and is in the area, hopes to raise awarenow doing betness for mental health. Sanderson ter. said she was inspired by her daughSa n d e r s o n ter Caitlyn, pictured here. Photo hopes to raise submitted money to start up the business, and 10 per for mental health, recently cent of profits will go to at Saulteaux First Nation the healing retreat Living and upcoming, on May 27, Proof Empowerment. in Saskatoon. Sanderson has also orSHB Apparel has a page ganized and participated in on the website indiegogo. rallies to raise awareness com.

SHB Apparel raises awareness Staff Reporter

Hon. Scott Moe, Premier

an extensive knowledge of services within our community and connects patients and families with every possible resource and tool they will need to succeed. Lisa pushes herself, is flexible, dependable and ensures no child falls between the cracks. She does this even if it means a schedule so compact she forgets about going home at the end of the day and stays on duty for all hours of the evening.” The second award in this category went to Cindy How, RPN, nursing unit co-ordinator, and the Ward 5 staff of Battlefords District Care Centre. According to presenter Cathy Watson, How and the staff were credited with being able to manage many challenges on a daily basis. They also went beyond their duties by taking residents out to the lake, out shopping and to barbecues at their homes.

Our government prioritized physician recruitment and retention upon coming to office in 2007. Since then we’ve seen a 51 per cent increase or nearly 900 more doctors available to provide high-quality, timely health care services to the people of Saskatchewan.

Herb Cox

MLA for Battlefords 306-445-5195

Larry Doke

MLA forCut Knife - Turtleford 306-893-2619

5/14/2018 2:33:29 PM

Regional Optimist

The Battlefords, Thursday, May 17, 2018 - Page 9



Optimist The Battlefords Regional

A supplement to the

J U M P I N T O S AV I N G S ! 2018 Princecraft Vogue 27 XT Tritoon Wake Edition Mercury 300 HP, Verado 4S List Price $134,900

S $15ave ,00 0






List Price $34,500


SA $4, VE 60 0



2018 Princecraft Jazz 210 Mercury 60 HP 4S CT



List Price $26,900




2018 Princecraft Amarok DL WS Mercury 60 HP 4S







SA $2, VE 30 0



List Price $39,900

2018 Princecraft Sportfisher 21-2S Mercury 115 HP 4S CT

THESE BOATS ARE ON OUR LOT NOW! 2701-99TH ST., HWY. 4 N. NORTH BATTLEFORD 306-445-2079 | 1-888-373-7878

*Some conditions apply. See dealer for details. *All bi-weekly payments based on 120 months.

Page 10 - The Battlefords, Thursday, May 17, 2018


CAUTION: Do not use this map for navigational purposes. This map may not reflect current conditions. Uncharted hazards may exist. Base MapŠ Province of Saskatchewan

Jackfish Lake

Regional Optimist

Jackfish Lake, just north of North Battleford, is a popular pike, perch and walleye lake. Jackfish Lake is ideal for its location, which is easy to access for a quick trip or a weekend. There are several places where shore fishing is possible, which makes it a great place to take the kids. The fish are average sized, according to reports on iFish Saskatchewan. While not huge, they can be plentiful. The north end can be a productive place to target pike. Another spot to set up is right out form the Golf Club on the northeast side. Farther south, out from Delorme Beach on the east side, is another reported hot spot. Pike are feisty, and are exciting to catch. Spoons are a good choice for lures. Pike prefer shallow water, so many shallow-working lures will be ideal. Crank Baits are another good choice. Western Sportfishing ( reports that fly fishing for pike is catching on in many parts of Canada. Spring and fall are the best times for this. Good patterns can be minnow imitations, larger Woolly Buggers, or frog imitations. During the winter, the ice fishing is great. One of the main events of winter season is the Battlefords Northstars Ice Fishing Derby. The team hosts this popular event as a fundraiser and there are thousands of dollars in prizes, making it a busy derby. Along with cash, prizes include everything from boats to bags. LAKE ACCESS From North Battleford, take Hwy. 4 north for about 50 km. The park access is on the left. Alternatively, head north along Hwy. 4 and turn left (west) along Hwy. 26 and then turn onto Hwy. 697. After about 5 km, turn right and drive another 3 km or so to the lake. Battlefords Provincial Park lies along the northeast edge of the lake and provides camping, a boat launch, concessions and a beach.

On the Creek in Cochin Phone


Authorized Koenders Dealer

Golf & Conference Centre

18 Hole Championship Golf Course Full Service Pro Shop Lakeside Family Restaurant Licensed Outdoor Patio Lakeside Lounge

Stone Guards

The Lodge features 58 spacious hotel rooms with panoramic views & conference facilities designed to facilitate your function in style.

Experience the Difference

P.O. Box 10

Cochin, SK S0M 0L0

P 306-386-2800 F 306-386-2840 Pro Shop 306-386-2877


Marine Marine Lifts Docks

Regional Optimist

The Battlefords, Thursday, May 17, 2018 - Page 11

of the Battlefords

(306) 446-8800

1391 - 100th St., North Battleford, SK Each Office Independently Owned & Operated



525 Beach Ave. Meota

Brett Payne NEW





211 Al Drive,Turtle Lake





62 Murray Street, Murray Lake









1103 Marlbo Place, Brightsand Lake

1,455 sq. ft., 3 beds, 2 baths, 1 car detached. Open concept kitchen and living area complete with a wood stove. Sunroom equipped with heated tile flooring and skylights. The kitchen was renovated in 2014 with all new appliances including an island with a ceramic stove top. There is an upstairs loft that serves as a guest/office/craft area.The yard offers a large east facing deck, fire pit area, storage shed, and detached garage. The fishing boat, ATV, canoe, and hot tub are included in the list price.

936 sq. ft., 4 beds, 2 baths. Interested in moving to the lake year-round? Then check out this 4 bedroom, 2 bath home located at Pelican Point, Murray Lake. This home offers an attached single garage with direct entry into the home. Mature landscaped yard, imagine sitting on your deck with a view of the lake. Includes all your appliances, storage shed, window treatments and central air... Do not wait! Call today for your personal viewing.

1,206 sq. ft., 4 beds, 2 baths. 2 car detached. Located on Marlbo Place, Evergreen Beach, Brightsand Lake. This home was built in 1992 but totally remodeled in 2013. It boasts Alder Wood Kitchen cabinets, RO system, garburator, central vac and much, much more. Open concept in KI-DI-LV, but still has places to go if you want to find peace. 8 ft by 16 shed, own well with lots of good quality drinking water, heated shed that is an outdoor bathroom & laundry facility!







5 PARCELS AVAILABLE! Power and Sask. Energy easement will be at the back of the property and the Interlake water will be at the front of the property. There will be a common driveway between A, B, C, D and E will have its own. GST and Water levy is included in the price. Seller is getting a road built to access the properties and was told there is no time limit on building.






24 Sleepy Hollow Road, Murray Lake

732 sq. ft., 3 beds, 1 bath. Only a few feet from the water, maintenance free cottage. It is being sold fully furnished and is heated with a natural gas fireplace, electric awning, on demand water heater, NG BBQ hook-up, water is seasonal. Attached garage to store your water toys. Check it out if you want a lakefront cabin!


MLS®SK724467 NEW




142 Blueberry Lane, Attons Lake

1,192 sq. ft. , 2 beds, 1 bath. Cozy cabin on a leased lot at Atton’s Lake with a well treed lot gives a private setting in the middle of the Regional Park. Spacious kitchen, separate dining room with wood burning stove. Connected to year round water and has a 1000 gal septic tank. There is also a sand point well on the property. The park has a golf course, ball diamonds, is perfect for swimming with a sandy beach for the kids and 2 fishing lakes nearby.

Brennan Veikle






Lot 19 - Blk 3, Meeting Lake

1,152 sq. ft., 4 beds, 2 baths. Located in Meeting Lake Regional Park with two large balconies, two fireplaces, includes all furniture and is move in ready. Meeting Lake offers excellent snowmobiling and ATV trails in the area plus great fishing. Water is supplied by the park and a long term lot lease is available. Call today for a showing.

50 Elks Drive, Attons Lake 576 sq. ft., 2 beds, 1 bath. Leased lot, property is being SOLD AS IS with all furniture, appliances and tools being included in the sale. Book your showing today!

Lloyd/Shane/Elaine MLS®SK731096

Brennan Veikle





Lot 1, Sunshine Place,Turtle Lake

Wally Lorenz






RM of Spiritwood

OPEN HOUSE MAY 19 - 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM 621-Aqualane Ave., Aquadeo











Lots 1 to 4 Gabruch Place, Meota

Vacant lots with amenities to the property line gas, power, telephone and potable water. Septic tank to meet the hamlets specifications will be necessary. Outstanding municipal levies will be the responsibility of the Buyer(s).

Dorothy Lehman MLS®SK719463 MLS®SK703509 MLS®SK719453 MLS®SK719463



3-3 Ahlstrom Drive,Turtle Lake


128 Golden Sands Dr.,Turtle Lake


Scenic Ridge Estates, Cochin Prime location lots, 57 lots in total, water power & natural gas to all lots! Buyer buys GST! Wally/Marlene MLS®SK709179 WA TER





808 Lakeshore Dr. , Horseshoe Bay - Turtle Lake


Lot 11 Beach Road

sq. ft., 4 beds, 3 baths. 3 Car detached. Lovely year round 768 sq. ft., 2 beds, 1 baths. Year round cabin on a very large 1,603 sq. ft., 4 beds, 3 baths, 1 Car Attached, 2 Car De1,228 sq. ft., 3 beds, 2 baths. 2 car at- 2,520 situated at Golden Sands Resort at Turtle Lake. Private treed (73 x 103 ft) & fenced lot. Open floor plan, bathroom reno- tached. 4 season home along the shores of Little Loon tached, RV parking, parking spaces. 2 home driveway leads you to a beautifully landscaped yard on .62 acres. vated 2008. Sold with fridge, stove, washer and all furniture. Lake. Breathtaking views from every room, and open ACRES. Hardwood and tile flooring, Hardwood floors & open concept floor plan, large living room with 32 x 8.5 ft deck, 10 x 10 storage shed, shallow well high in floor plan. 1000 SQFT wrap around deck, attached 3 fp and b/i cabinetry. Huge kitchen with white cabinets & din- minerals, water tank for cabin use in attached storage shed, season sunroom, & walk out basement. 120 ft of Lake oak kitchen cabinets, wood burning gas area. Spacious family room with bow windows & patio doors natural gas line to the cabin ready to be installed into the Frontage with additional privacy as your neighbour to fire place, covered patio, IN FLOOR ing to verandah. Large garden area, garden shed, pond & patio. Two cabin. Cabin is sitting on concrete pilings. Give us a call for the west is public reserve with no development. Private HEATING. furnaces, 2 water heaters & alarm system. Short walk to the beach! a viewing! boat dock! Wally Lorenz MLS®SK715022 Wally Lorenz MLS®SK616095 Wally Lorenz MLS®SK612359 Shawna Schira-Kroeker MLS®SK719830







RM of Meota




Aquadeo Hotel


1,045 sq. ft. , 2 beds, 1 bath. 2 car detached. Live life at the beach with the perfect starter or retirement home! You could even use it as a cottage! Only 5 mins from the beach this home is ready for a new owner!

#49 - Macklin Lake Regional Park

422 Poplar Place, Chitek Lake







Shawna Schira-Kroeker MLS®SK712356


OPEN HOUSE MAY 19 - 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM 770 Birch Street, Meota


796 sq. ft., 2 beds, 1 bath. 2 car attached. Scenic Ridge Estates, Cochin Sits on a 6,141 sq. ft. leased lot, this 4 season cabin is walking distance to PRIME development in Scenic Ridge Estates, 57 lots in total. Water, power and natural gas to all amenities and is lake front! lots! Buyer to pay GST. MLS®SK709065 Nicole Lovell MLS®SK708264 Wally/ Marlene

Shawna Schira-Kroeker MLS®SK727093



35,900 - $90,000


Shawna Schira-Kroeker MLS®SK716509

Your business opportunity starts here!! Great potential with its thriving location situated on 6.8 acres in the Resort Village of Aquadeo. This Hotel serves Aquadeo, and surrounding lake communities. This property consists of a 2800 sqft tavern, which features pool table, bathrooms, outdoor patio area, leased jukebox, leased ATM machine, walk-in cooler, area that was designated for VLT’s . 1400 sqft second level has 6 rental accommodations, deck and a private entrance from the north side of the building. Additional opportunity for generating income is the proposed campground, (approval in process).




1,120 sq. ft., 3 beds, 1 bath. Move in ready 4 season home tucked away and surrounded by spruce trees and nature. Laundry/storage room, private well, covered deck, low maintenance yard, wood fireplace, garden doors, storage, 3 sheds, boat dock space, all appliances, alarm system that is transferrable to the new owner. Call today for more information.


OPEN HOUSE MAY 19 - 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM 1032 Sylvan Street, Cochin

1,150 sq. ft., 2 beds, 1 bath. Year-round home in the Resort Village of Cochin, located on 2 large titled lots approx. one block from the beach. Comes with all the appliances. Cochin water in the summer and for winter they have a well. 1,000 gal holding tank, natural gas & electric heat. There are 2 sheds and 2 garages for all your toys. (One of the garages in insulated & heated.) Call now for your personal viewing.

1,600 sq. ft., 5 beds, 3 baths. Rare opportunity to own 107 acres of Lakeview property, family home was completely remodelled inside and out in 2014 and boasts 5BD, 3 BA, open concept floor plan, large entrance, and main floor laundry. Garden door off the dining room provide you not only with a new deck but spectacular views in all directions, attached garage with direct entry. 30X40 shop, 30X40 pole shed, a single detached garage, and several other storage outbuildings as well, 3 watering bowls, 65 acres fenced and seeded into grass for grazing.




1,200 sq. ft., 2 beds, 1 bath. Located one row back from the lake, year round home, large open kitchen - living - dining room, Deck out front with a view of the lake and a deck out back with a view to the golf course! This home has been totally renovated in 2010, right down to the studs. Double detached garage and year round water.

1,444 sq. ft., 5 beds, 4 baths. 2 CAR ATTACHED. 288 ACRES IN TOTAL! Beautiful home with newer insulation, stucco, rock work, and flooring! FEATURES: Central Air, an air exchanger, a cell phone booster, R.O. water & filtration system, and a finished basement with in floor heat! Home heated with propane furnace; Water is a 240 ft. small bore well. (40X50) heated shop with a (14X20) overhead door, (20X30) cold storage, and several other outbuildings for storage.


255-1st Street West, Meota

1,334 sq. ft., 2 beds, 2 baths. 1 car attached, 2 car detached, RV parking. Four seasons home in the Resort Village of Meota. This home was built in 2013 and is only about 1 block from the water. The concrete slab design has in floor heating with ceramic tile flooring and in floor heating in the attached garage. The kitchen has cherry wood cabinets, granite counter tops and a built in oven with a natural gas range. The yard is (150x150 FT).





65 x 130 ft bare lot on the corner of Sunshine Place and Lake Shore Drive at Kivammaa-Moonlight Bay on the west side of Turtle Lake








Behind “DAYS BEACH” LOTS!, Jackfish Lake



Lot 8 & Lot 19 Lakeshore Drive, Meeting Lake

Well treed & private lots located on the North side of the lake. Power and phone lines to property. Meeting Lake has a Regional Park with many facilities; mini-golf, concession/restaurant, chapel, hall, showers, laundry, playgrounds. GREAT fishing, quading, and snowmobiling at Meeting Lake. Call for more details.

Shawna Schira-Kroeker MLS®SK73094/MLS®SK730958 NEW






573 Loon Drive, Big Shell

912 sq. ft., 2 beds, 1 bath. Waterfront 4 season cabin tucked in the trees, large wrap around deck with a west facing lake view. Big Shell Lake is perfect during all seasons with fishing, watersports, ATV’s, snowmobile trails, cross country skiing and so much more. Cabin is turnkey ready and comes with appliances including a nat gas stove, most furniture, kitchen items, dock, sheds (one shed does have power and could be turned into a bunk house if desired!)

Shawna Schira-Kroeker MLS®SK728238






Live & work at Turtle Lake! 151 acres 18 hole golf course + 1,120 sq. ft. 3 bedroom house & barn & well & pond.

Lake front lot at Aquadeo ready for someone to build their dream home. 50x100 ft. lot nestled on the shores of Jackfish Lake. Good fishing and golfing.

Dorothy Lehman MLS®SK713364

Dorothy Lehman MLS®SK731479

Dorothy Lehman MLS®SK731472






2 Highland Ave. Bayview Heights, Jackfish Lake



1,208 sq. ft., 2 beds, 1 bath. 6.78 acres. Bright living room and dining area, custom oak kitchen cabinets and built in china cabinet. Cozy sunroom (16x6), office and porch. Crawl space is part of the home. A great place to live near the lake with lots of wildlife.

356 sq. ft., 2 beds, 1 bath. Start planning your summer now! This 2 bedroom, 1 bath cabin located on a leased lot in Cochin is priced to sell! All you need to bring is your personal belongings as it is fully furnished. Situated on a well treed lot, right next to the playground, there is a camper trailer for extra sleeping as well. Fully fenced yard, good size deck and ample parking. With only a 2 block walk to the beach you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to own your own cabin! Call today!

Dorothy Lehman MLS®SK705583

Kayla Petersen

Kayla Petersen


Dorothy Lehman MLS®SK719484 MLS®SK719479






931 Terry St., Cochin

2,180 sq. ft., 3 beds, 2 baths, 2 car detached. Close to the Battlefords Provincial Park this home has beautiful views of Jackfish Lake, a large living/dining area with hardwood floors, bright kitchen and main floor laundry. There are 2 large decks with views of the lake and another more private deck in the back. Ample parking and RV parking with hook ups for water and sewer.

RM of Mervin,Turtle Lake

RM of Mervin

792 Poplar Crescent, Aquadeo




Timber/ Bush Land

782 Poplar Crescent, Aquadeo

644 sq. ft., 2 beds, 1 bath. Prime location at Aquadeo Beach, Jackfish Lake. Cozy lake front 644 sq. ft. cabin with 2 bedrooms. In the last 10 years the windows were replaced, siding and toilet. Gorgeous view from living room window and kitchen. The warmth of a wood stove for heat. Shed, 40 ft. aluminum dock, 55x100 ft. lot.

Blueberry Hill Golf & Country Club,Turtle Lake




110 Peterson Way, Brightsand Lake

Water front lot on the west side of Brightsand Lake. Amazing views and easy access to the lake. Call today for more information and you could be living in your dream home before you know it! Buyer responsible for GST.

Kayla Petersen


Sought after lake front property for sale! Ready to occupy or develop! Depending on your plans this is an opportunity you will not want to miss out on. The older existing cabin would be perfect for anyone wanting beach front property without the hassle of a second home.Alternately the large lot could be developed to boast a year round home. Location is excellent with close access to all the amenities that the resort village of Meota has to offer.

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Promoting Safe Boating Practices to Canadians North American Safe Boating Awareness Week will take place across Canada from May 19th to May 25th, 2018. The purpose of this initiative, managed by the CSBC (Canadian Safe Boating Council) and its partners, is to promote safe and responsible boating practices to the estimated 15 million recreational boaters in Canada. Although boating related fatalities have trended downwards in past years, there continues to be an average of over 100 boating related deaths annually in Canadian waters. With people gearing-up to launch their boats after a long winter slumber, the goal of the week is to continue to bring those numbers down by ensuring that Canadians who head out in any type of boat have the appropriate knowledge to help them have a safe day on the water. The timing of the week, starting on the May long weekend, is perfectly aligned with the unofficial start of summer and a time when many boating fatalities occur. There are five key boating safety behaviours to be delivered, all directed towards the most common boating related accidents. They include: 1. Wear a Lifejacket 2. Boat Sober 3. Take a Boating Course 4. Be Prepared – Both You and Your Vessel 5. Be Aware of the Risks of Cold Water Immersion

To help media in communicating safe boating messages, short stories to be used as discrete articles and 30-second audio and video PSAs are available. They are easy to download and free of charge on the www.csbc. ca website. Beta quality is also available upon request. In addition to offering media ready materials, a number of activities are taking place during this year's campaign. Launches In Canada, there will be five launches for media, public

and boating safety educators alike. On May 17th, Toronto, Dartmouth and Winnipeg will kick of North American Safe Boating Awareness Week. Vancouver will launch Safe Boating Awareness Week on May 19th and Saskatoon on May 22nd. 2018 Focus The impending legalization of cannabis along with the rise in prescription narcotic use is causing significant additional concern for boating safety advocate groups, enforcement agencies and first responders alike. Alcohol alone has long been proven to be a contributing factor in 40% of boating fatalities across Canada but the legalization of recreational cannabis has the potential to significantly increase this statistic. In response to this, at each of our launches, there will be media conferences put on by local and regional police to discuss emphasize the importance of not consuming ANY alcohol or drugs either before or while boating. The Safe Boating Awareness Week initiative is promoted by the Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC), a registered charity, with support from its members, partners and Transport Canada Office of Boating. For additional information on both the event and boating safety information, please visit Social Media: Facebook: @csbcboatingtips Twitter: @csbc_bt_tips Instagram: csbc_boatingtips

Seven tips for keeping mosquitoes at bay when you’re camping Destination...

Summer Fun!

We all love camping. Mosquitoes, not so much! Do you think that you can’t have one without the other? Well, these tips will help you avoid being attacked by a horde of bloodthirsty insects so that you can finally enjoy your time in the great outdoors.

1. Be sure there aren’t any holes or tears in your tent’s fabric, and keep it zipped shut at all times. 2. Choose a campsite surrounded by deciduous trees rather than conifers. 3. Pitch your tent in an area that has a nice breeze and is far away from any

For all your fishing, camping and water sports needs, be sure to shop Canadian Tire

standing water, electrical posts and toilets. 4. Avoid entering and leaving your tent frequently and don’t leave its flap unzipped unless it’s really necessary — you should also take off your shoes and turn off your flashlight before entering the tent (you can place a tarp near the entrance for your shoes). 5. Light a fire before the sun sets (the smoke will chase away the mosquitoes). 6. Arm yourself with a good bug spray or other insect-repellent product. 7. Wear long shirts and pants in light colours.




11802 Railway Ave. East, North Battleford 306-446-3333

SERVING THE AREAS OF • Meota • Jackfish Lake • Murray Lake • Cochin • North Battleford • Aquadeo


Regional Optimist

The Battlefords, Thursday, May 17, 2018 - Page 13

Murray Lake

Murray Lake is a great lake for both pike and walleye. Pike tend to prefer shallower areas. In Murray Lake, the north end is a better spot for pike.   The deeper parts of the south end are where you'll find more of the walleye. Crawlers and minnows are useful for catching walleye. Set up with a lindy rig in the deeper sections. Reports are that right out along the east shore from Lanz Point is a hotspot for walleye. Another good spot to try is along the western shore. Troll slowly with minnows.   Do you have photos, videos or fishing reports for Murray Lake? Head to The Angler's Atlas at anglersatlas. com/lake/690731. Along with fishing reports, members can post map markers for hot spots, trails and more. Keep all your favourite lake maps organized and share with friends or keep them to yourself. Sign up at Membership is free! LAKE ACCESS From North Battleford, take Hwy. 4 north for about 50 km. The park access will be on the left. Alternatively, head north along Hwy. 4 and turn left (west) along 26, turning onto Hwy. 697. After just about 5 km, turn right and drive another 3 km or so to the lake access. Battlefords Provincial Park lies along the northeast edge of Jackfish Lake, just to the north, and provides camping, a boat lunch and beach. Concessions are also available.

Fishing Weekends


July 14 & 15, 2018 CAUTION: Do not use this map for navigational purposes. This map may not reflect current conditions. Uncharted hazards may exist. Base Map© Province of Saskatchewan

February 16, 17 & 18, 2019

The Carpet People Sara Houk

Interior Design Consultant

Kaila Owen

Interior Design Consultant

Roddy Whitwell

Over 30 years experience



Provides additional insulation and eliminates air flow through the shade while providing filtered light.


We pride ourselves on being North Battleford’s flooring and blinds specialist, and are dedicated to providing quality products & workmanship to each and every customer we serve. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


2741-99th Street, North Battleford 306-445-1221

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Licensing Fees and Requirements

Canadian Resident (see definition below) Age 16 and older   - Annual.................................................................................................$75.00   - Three-day (consecutive days - southern and central zones only....... $40.00   - One-day (southern and central zones only)....................................... $20.00 Youth (under 16) - no licence required...........................................................N/A Non-Resident (see definition below) Age 16 and older   - Annual ..............................................................................................$100.00   - Three-day (consecutive days - southern and central zones only) ..... $50.00   - One-day (southern and central zones only) .......................................$25.00 Youth (under 16) - no licence required ..........................................................N/A Competitive Fishing Event Licence ........................................................ Free *Annual angling licences expire as specified on the licence

What’s New For 2018

Saskatchewan Resident A person who is a Canadian resident, has their principal residence in Saskatchewan and has lived in Saskatchewan for three months immediately preceding the date of licence purchase, or is a regular member of the Canadian Armed Forces who was a Saskatchewan resident when recruited or deployed from the province. Canadian Resident A person who has their principal residence in Canada and is a Canadian citizen or has lived in Canada for 12 months immediately preceding the date of licence purchase. Non-Resident A person who is not a Saskatchewan or a Canadian resident. Senior Licensing • Saskatchewan resident seniors 65 years of age and older who produce proof of age and Saskatchewan residency do not require a licence to angle. • Seniors from out of province are required to purchase an angling licence. • Senior anglers still must meet all other fishing regulations. Saskatchewan Resident (see definition below) Age 16 to 64   - Annual (*auto renewal option also available in HAL self-serve) .........$37.00   - Three-day (consecutive days - southern and central zones only) ......$19.00   - One-day (southern and central zones only)........................................$13.00 Senior (65 and older) - no licence required ...................................................N/A Youth (under 16) - no licence required...........................................................N/A

Lawn Needing Repair! Sale • Sale • Sale

Bagged Fertilizer 25 kg bag


While supplies last.





906 Battleford Road • North Battleford 306-446-7288

• Automatic licence renewal: As a convenience to anglers, an automatic renewal option in HAL (self-serve only) will be available to Saskatchewan resident annual licence holders. • AIS Prevention: To prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species, it is unlawful to transport any watercraft in Saskatchewan with the drain plug in place. • Diefenbaker Lake Tailwaters: From Gardiner Dam to 12.5 km downstream at approximate N 51°21' W106° 59' (Enbridge pipeline crossing) – stocked trout limit 1. *Wollaston Lake: No change. CR waters designation will remain as CR1. *Madge Lake: No change. Walleye limit 4, none 38 cm or less can be retained.

Recommendations for first-time campers Are you taking your first steps into the world of tent camping? Here are a few tips that will help you ensure everything goes smoothly. Get set up right • Inspect your gear before leaving home • Arrive at the campsite early so you have plenty of daylight during which to get set up • Choose where you pitch your tent carefully — don’t set up underneath a single tree, for example, as it can act as a natural lightening rod; at the same time, remember to choose a spot that has lots of shade in the morning • Remove any rocks and branches from the area before pitching your tent • Put a waterproof tarp underneath your tent for a little extra protection • Place some rocks on the tent’s stakes if the

Check us out online for Lakeside Listings Ltd. Meota, SK

Debbie Oborowsky Broker

Cell: 306.441.2163 dreamrealtysk

Phone 306.937.4440 Fax 306.892.2193

Devan Oborowsky

Kaley Knight

Janaya Pollard

Cell: 306.441.5123 devanobe

Cell: 306.386.7832 kaleyeknight

Cell: 306.441.4162 janayapollard

Associate Broker®



ground is moist • Pack an extra waterproof tarp — they’re always helpful on rainy days Avoid unnecessary problems • Wear light-coloured clothes to avoid attracting mosquitoes • Remember to pack at least two flashlights and spare batteries, just in case • Keep the cooler and other stronger-smelling items (such as scented soaps) in the car, and don’t leave dirty laundry or garbage out in the open — the scent is likely to attract wild animals

• Keep an eye on open flames at all times and be sure that your cinders are no longer hot before going to bed or leaving the campsite Be a good neighbour • Don’t take shortcuts across other campers’ sites • Don’t make unnecessary noise after the park’s curfew • Keep your dog on a leash and pick up any of his or her droppings when necessary • Don’t leave any garbage on your campsite when you strike your tent and head out

TEE OFF T ME Regional Optimist

The Biggest, Meanest, Greenest Greens in all of Saskatchewan!


Aquadeo Beach Golf Resort Ltd.

North End of Jackfish Lake 306-386-2211



SaSkatchewan’S Municipal cOurSeS!



18 Holes, Pro Shop, Driving Range, Licensed Clubhouse


#1 Riverside Road Ph: Join our e-club at


The Battlefords, Thursday, May 17, 2018 - Page 15


Discover. . A Golfer’s Paradise

Golf & Conference Centre Lodge: 306-386-2800 Pro Shop: 306-386-2877


• 18 holes • Grass Greens • Fully stocked Pro Shop • Driving Range • Putting Green • Licensed Restaurant • CPGA Lessons Available

A challenging 9 hole course with grass greens overlooking Jackfish Lake

• Licensed Club House • Power Cart • Pull Cart • Club Rentals •

Located 1 mile south of Meadow Lake on Hwy #4

Visit us at

ProShop 306-236-6388 Kitchen 306-236-6545 Email:



Eagle Ridge Golf & Country Club

A Family Park with a 9 hole Grass Green

Silver Lake


Golf Course

formerly St. Walburg Elks Golf Course

St. Walburg, Saskatchewan


Located 9 miles North on Hwy 21, 1 mile East and 1/2 mile North of Maidstone




8 More than just great golf • 18 Holes Championship Golf • Pro Shop with Rentals • Driving Range • Licensed Dining • Rental Cottages and RV Park • Recreational Community


Goodsoil, SK 2 KM south of Lac des Isles Ph: 306-238-4653


• 18 holes • Licensed clubhouse • Mens,couples, ladies nights • Kids club • Friday steak nights







(4 km East/North along Hwy 26, then 23 km East on Grid 795) Phone



1 2 4


(May to Sept.)

9-Hole sand green golf course 18-Hole miniature golf course


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Canadian Made Quality Twin/Twin or Twin/Double


SALE ENDS MAY 30, 2018






ON QUALIFYING MAYTAG® MAJOR APPLIANCES** 192-24th Street West, Battleford

Phone 306-937-7474

priced from



Fax 306-937-7676



e in-store sales associate for instant savings details and list of available qualifying models. † Visit to find appliances with Fingerprint-Resistant Stainless Steel.

Regional Optimist

The Battlefords, Thursday, May 17, 2018 - Page 17

Lumen Christi awards to Bellavance, Masich By John Cairns

contributions to Catholic education. This year the Lumen Christi award in the alumni friend category went to Gil Bellavance. Light of Christ board vice-chair Adrienne Welter recognized his military service and his volunteer efforts on boards in the community, as well as his efforts in the school division, including as a lay minister. “Deacon Gil is a man of faith and has been a member and supporter of St. Andre

Recognized on her retirement is Brenda Nabe, an educational assistant at John Paul II Collegiate. She is seen with Cory Rideout and Glen Gantefoer.

Catholic Church for many years,” said Welter. He is also an active volunteer within several parishes where he acts as a deacon, and performs lay mass at Villa Pascal and on First Nations south of North Battleford. He was credited as being a large part of the St. Mary community for 15 years. Bellavance’s various activities, Welter said, show “how a Catholic man can live with integrity in every aspect of his life.” The Lumen Christi award recipient in the staff award category is Sylvie Masich of École Monseigneur Blaise Morand, who has been a teacher in Light of Christ schools for 26 years. Board chair Glen Gantefoer paid tribute to Masich by saying “her experience, knowledge and talents, particularly in the music ministry, can be felt the moment you enter her classroom. It’s permeated throughout all that she

Honoured on his retirement is Conrad Baum, whose last year teaching was at Unity’s St. Peter’s School in 2018.

Charlene Ferron, recognized on her retirement as receptionist and administrative assistant with the division office.

Staff Reporter

Two outstanding leaders in Catholic education and four long-serving retirees were among those honoured by Light of Christ Catholic Schools at an annual staff celebration Friday at LOCCS Learning Centre in North Battleford. Presented were the Lumen Christi awards, which recognize faculty or alumni who have demonstrated leadership and made significant

Above left, Lumen Christi award in the alumni friend category is presented to Gil Bellavance by Adrienne Welter. At right, Lumen Christi award in the staff category is presented by Glen Gantefoer to Sylvie Masich of École Monseigneur Blaise Morand. Photos by John Cairns

does as a teacher. She’s committed to ensuring success for each student, celebrating the inherent dignity of each human being and fostering a culture of inclusion while responding to the diverse learning needs of her students.” Three of the four retirees were in attendance at the event. Retirees this year are: Conrad Baum, whose

first year of teaching was Unity RCSSD No. 88 in 1986 and whose last year teaching was at St. Peter’s in 2018; Charlene Ferron, who has retired as receptionist and administrative assistant with the division office; Brenda Nabe, who began at Kids First in 1993 and who has been an educational assistant at John Paul

II Collegiate for the last 13 years. Vivian Zimmer, whose first year of teaching was at École St. Joseph in 1992 and whose last year was at EMBM. Zimmer was not in attendance on this evening. The evening also included long-service awards from five years to 30 years. Receiving the 30year recognition this year

Receiving recognition for 30 years in Light of Christ School Division was Shauna Blackmer of St. Mary School.

18051AA2 18051AA3 18051AA5


The results of the latest Totum Research Study on Media Usage in Cities (population 10,000-50,000) shows that people living in communities like those served by this newspaper are more likely to be inspired to take action by an ad in a printed community newspaper than any form of online ad.

Respondents Who Said Print Ads in Local Community Newspapers Inspire Action (In-Person Store Visit, Website Visit, Purchase Etc.) by Sector



Glenbogie SAGD Thermal Project Township 55 Range 22 W3M

Glenbogie SAGD Thermal Project Township Thursday,55 MayRange 31st, 201822 W3M



4:00 PM to 8:00 PM







ElksMay Hall 31st, 2018 Thursday, OPEN HOUSE th 521 4 Street East 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM St. Walburg, S0M 2T0 Glenbogie SAGDSK Thermal Project Township 55 Range 22 W3M


Serafina Energy Ltd. is planning to constructsta new Central Processing Facility Thursday, May Hall 31 , 2018 Elks (CPF) for its SAGD Project at Glenbogie. CPF 4:00 PMThe to 8:00 PMwill be located within the RM of th Frenchman Butte in Section 33-55-22W3M. 521 4 Street East






Elks Hall

A pipeline will transportSt. rawWalburg, water the SK CPF from infrastructure within the 521 to 4th Street EastS0M 2T0 Walburg, SK S0M North Saskatchewan River in St.the vicinity of2T0SE27-53-26W3M within the RM of Frenchman Butte. Sales oil produced from the CPF will be trucked to a Energy Ltd. is planning to construct a new Central Processing Facility midstreamSerafina terminal.


Serafina Energy Ltd. is planning to construct a new Central Pro RE-THINK NEWSPAPERS

(CPF) for its SAGD Project at Glenbogie. The CPF will be located within the RM of Frenchman from Butte in Section 33-55-22W3M. Land, Representatives Construction, Regulatory, Environment,

* Totum Research Inc. March 2018 Study on How Geography Impacts Media Access, Usage and Engagement in Rural Communities Across Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

(CPF) for its Operations, SAGD Project Glenbogie. The CPF bewithin located w Engineering, Geology will infrastructure bewill available to answer any A pipeline willat transport raw and waterMarketing to the CPF from the North Saskatchewan River in the vicinity of SE27-53-26W3M within the questions. Frenchman Butte inRM Section 33-55-22W3M. of Frenchman Butte. Sales oil produced from the CPF will be trucked to a midstream terminal.

Representatives fromwater Construction, Land, CPF Regulatory, Environment, A pipeline will transport raw to the from infrastruc For more information, contactGeology Jason and Bezruchak (587) 390-8954. Operations, Engineering, Marketingat will be available to answer any questions. North Saskatchewan River in the vicinity of SE27-53-26W3

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Herb Cox, MLA

The Battlefords Constituency

1991 - 100th Street North Battleford, SK Phone: 306-445-5195 Fax: 306-445-5196

Larry Doke, MLA

2492 - 98th Street North Battleford

Cut Knife/ Turtleford Constituency

P.O. Box 850 Maidstone, SK S0M 1M0 Phone: 306-893-2619 Fax: 306-893-2660 Email:

11802 Railway Ave. E. North Battleford 306-446-3333

306-445-8867 Toll Free 1-888-445-8867

H&R BLOCK Professional Services Provided with Heart and Compassion P.O. Box 806 North Battleford, SK S9A 2Z3

306-446-4200 1091A - 102nd St. North Battleford


Discovery Co-op



Hein Financial Group 2401-99th Street

1421 - 100th Street


Tel. (306) 445-9455

North Battleford, SK

Valley 306-446-3833

Regional Optimist

North Battleford, SK



192 - 24th Street Battleford, Sask. Phone


Doug’s Paint Shoppe Inc.


1561 - 100th Street North Battleford

Highway #4 North North Battleford, Sask.

Hwy 4 North North Battleford, SK

“the Professionals” Get Hooked on Us







231 - 30th Street W. Battleford, SK

104-2062-100th Street North Battleford Phone




370 Railway Avenue East North Battleford Phone


Furniture & Appliances Ltd.


11301 - 6th Ave. North Battleford, SK


10010 A Thatcher Avenue North Battleford

Hwy. #4 North North Battleford


During the week that emphasizes the hard work and dedication done by our law enforcement agencies, the following businesses say



Hwy 4 North North Battleford

306-445-4690 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK

102-22nd Street West Battleford, SK

Phone: 306-937-3303 Fax: 306-937-3349


892 - 104th Street North Battleford


306-937-2273 2501 99th Street North Battleford

(306) 445-3300

PAWLUS Saskatchewan

Land of Living Skies

520 Heritage Way North Battleford, SK

Insurance Services Ltd. License Issuer

1292 - 102nd St. 306-445-8059


or 1-800-263-7741 9802 Thatcher Avenue North Battleford, SK

The Battlefords Regional

781 - 110th Street, North Battleford

“Serving ALL your Insurance Needs”

Your Water Systems Specialists



Battleford Drug Mart



North Battleford


GUY’S 1822 - 100th Street North Battleford

#7A 11204 Railway Ave. East, North Battleford, SK

5th Avenue West, Battleford, SK

(Battlefords Industrial Park)

306-937-3330 or 306-937-3707

1281-100th Street North Battleford


Regional Optimist

The Battlefords, Thursday, May 17, 2018 - Page 19

National Police Week MAY 13 - 19, 2018


NORSASKLAW Richard Gibbons Law Office

Adjacent to the Gold Eagle Casino North Battleford


218 - 22nd Street Battleford, SK


1811-100th Street North Battleford Phone


Eternal Memories Funeral Service & Crematorium

Serving the Legal Needs of the Battlefords and Area

2741 - 99th St., North Battleford


Phone: 1381A 101st St. North Battleford, SK



Funeral Director/Owner Operator


Serving the Battlefords & Area Flat Bed Services Compound Facilities Lock Out & Boosting

Four things you probably don’t know about the RCMP

Every year in May, Canadians all over the country take part in a weeklong event to celebrate the bravery and commitment of our nation’s law enforcement officers. In Canada, we have one particular group of officers that stands out from the rest: the RCMP. Beyond their iconic red uniforms, the function and history of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is often something of a mystery to most Canadians. Just in time for National Police Week, here are a few facts about the RCMP you may not know! 1. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police wasn’t always known as such. When the force was established in 1873, it was called the North-West Mounted Police. The switch over to RCMP occurred in 1920. 2. Their iconic red uniforms are simply an amazing fashion statement, right? Wrong. They actually adopted the colour as a way to distinguish themselves from their American counterparts, who wear blue uniforms. It’s also a reference to the red coats of the British military. While the Red Serge is a widely recognized Canadian symbol, it’s worn mostly for ceremonial purposes (most RCMP officers wear blue uniforms on a daily basis). 3. You can’t use the likeness of the RCMP without paying a licensing fee. All proceeds from licensing go directly toward community awareness programs. These fees are in place to help the RCMP regulate their image and prevent private companies from abusing their likeness for commercial purposes. 4. With the exception of Ontario and Quebec, the RCMP operates as both a national and provincial policing body.




eet rd


Twin City

Four K


Auto Service

Professional Guaranteed Workmanship


9901 Thatcher Ave. Parsons Industrial Park North Battleford

1761 - 100 St., North Battleford





(306) 883-2168

P.O. Box 1270 Battleford, Saskatchewan S0M 0E0

300 - 1291 102nd Street North Battleford, SK


1271 - 103rd St., North Battleford


1541 - 100th Street

306-445-5555 or 306-445-6666

North Battleford

Serving the Battlefords & Area for over 40 years 142 - 5th Ave. Industrial Battleford


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Torch Award earned by Prairie Sky Recovery

Prairie Sky Recovery accepts a Saskatchewan Better Business Bureau Torch Award in Saskatoon May 2. In the photo are Joyce Dewolfe, Ardyth Wilson, Jaqueline Hoffman and David Hoffman. Photo submitted by Helen Urlacher

By Helen Urlacher Correspondent

Just two years into the rebranding and reconstruction of Saskatchewan Prairie Sky Recovery, an addictions treatment centre located at Leipzig, and two years of membership in the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, management

and staff have been recognized with a Better Business Bureau Torch Award. The awards were presented at a BBB event in Saskatoon May 2. Joanne DeWolfe, managing director at Prairie Sky Recovery, and Jaqueline Hoffman, CEO, accepted their plaques as the Northern Saskatchewan

Small Business Award winners. Kristen Benn, marketing and communication co-ordinator for the Better Business Bureau told Hoffman after the award ceremony the judges were moved by Prairie Sky Recovery’s origin story. She said they felt it was unique and said the organization

provides a much-needed service within the province of Saskatchewan. According to the Saskatchewan BBB website: “The BBB Torch Awards for Ethics Program seeks to elevate and celebrate the commitment made by for-profit and non-profit enterprises to the highest standards of leadership, character, ethics and ethical enterprising. These awards bring attention to the practices that these organizations employ, to generate a high level of trust among their employees, customers and their communities.” History of Prairie Sky Recovery Leipzig was founded as a town in 1905. Four sisters from the School Sisters of Notre Dame, the Canadian Motherhouse out of Hamilton, Ont. arrived in Leipzig on Aug. 26, 1926. A small house served as temporary living quarters, until a larger convent could be built the following year. Volunteers constructed the convent/boarding school. The convent could accommodate 20 girls and boys from the Leipzig area. It eventually became a residence for high school girls and an elementary school for local girls and boys during the day. Originally named

Leipzig Convent, it was later named Notre Dame Convent and Boarding School. When the nuns knew the school was shutting down, one of their last prayers in the chapel was to one day bring the facility back as a place of education. In 2008, after many years of sitting empty and various owners, the facility reopened. Leipzig Serenity Retreat was born that year spearheaded by Ardyth Wilson, a women on a mission to help people who were addicted to drugs and alcohol by helping them to overcome the underlying issues behind addictions. When the sisters learned about the revamping of the building, they wrote a letter to Wilson giving her their blessing, as their prayers of returning the site back to a place of education were answered. During Leipzig Serenity Retreat’s 10 years of operation they treated 800 people. In a process of restructuring and the rebranding in 2016, the name was changed to Prairie Sky Recovery. Award Signals Acceptance Wilson was sitting in the audience when the award was presented. She was seeing her “baby”

being recognized, while handing the reins to her “baby” (Hoffman is Ardyth Wilson’s daughter). It was a proud moment to see her dream being accepted in the business community. “My entire job really is to make sure we are always honouring Ardyth and the foundation she has laid for us,” Hoffman said. “With no Ardyth, there would be no Prairie Sky Recovery. We will continue to stay on the path that she set us on.” The future, Hoffman said, includes achieving accreditation to ensure the organization is meeting standards set forth for addictions services. “Working hard to finalize our accreditation is our top priority.” Prairie Sky Recovery launched a Family Care Enhancement Program last year and has also added a few more services including an After Treatment Care Program and a 90-day program for those who need more than a five weeks. Prairie Sky Recovery’s 18 staff members say they are committed to providing not just care and treatment, but returning the lost and the wounded to productive lives while treating them with compassion, respect and dignity.


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Regional Optimist

The Battlefords, Thursday, May 17, 2018 - Page 21

North West Museums Association

Museum reps exchange ideas By Dorothy Schwartz Correspondent

Eugene Mooswa is congratulated by Gold Eagle Casino General Manager Kelly Atcheynum on his $94,000 prize. Photo submitted

Cochin resident wins SIGA jackpot Staff A Cochin man is $94,642.89 richer after a visit to Gold Eagle Casino. Eugene Mooswa won the Rider Nation Touchdown Progressive jackpot May 10. He says he plans to use the money to buy a new van for his family. “We’re always excited to see one of our patrons walk away a big winner. This is a life-changing event, and, on behalf of Gold Eagle Casino and SIGA, I wish to offer Mr. Mooswa our heartfelt congratulations,� says Kelly Atcheynum, GEC general manager.

The Rider Nation Progressive consists of 32 slot machines across all six casinos with patrons spinning to win one of four jackpot tiers. This mystery jackpot is guaranteed to pay out between the minimum and maximum value at each tier level. Each time a patron plays a Rider Nation Progressive game, they could win up to $100,000. The jackpot has now been reset. SIGA’s Rider Nation Progressive has paid out more than $8 million in total jackpots since it was introduced in 2015.

Strawberry tea hosted at centre By Dorothy Schwartz Correspondent

MAIDSTONE – Cribbage was played at the Maidstone Drop In Centre March 31 with high score going to Jean Hartman who also supplied lunch. Low score was by Lois Myer. Bingo was played May 2 with Joan Smith and Margaret MacEachern doing the calling. The loonie pot was won by Denise Newton. Cheryl McCaskill supplied lunch. A strawberry tea and bake sale was held at the centre May 4 hosted by the hospital auxiliary. Door prizes were won by Marilyn Owens, Esther Jesse and Rena Johner. Cards were played May 7 with high score going to Jean Hartman and low to Denise Newton. Margaret MacEachern supplied lunch. Bingo was played May 9 starting at 1 p.m. and running to 2 p.m. Joan Smith did the calling. After lunch of ice cream cones, the monthly meeting followed with Margaret MacEachern chairing. In the absence of the secretary, Jean Hartman read the minutes and re-


rop in Centre

MEADOW LAKE — The Meadow Lake Museum members hosted the North West Museums Association spring meeting May 5. In attendance were 47 members representing 12 of the 15 museums belonging to the association. Represented were Glaslyn, St. Walburg, Turtleford, Frenchman Butte, Lashburn, Maidstone, Neilburg, Wilkie, Loon Lake, Goodsoil, Rabbit Lake and Meadow Lake. Not represented were Bresaylor, Cut Knife and Unity. At the registration table

were Millie Henderson and Beatrice Skopyk. A guided tour of the Meadow Lake Museum’s main building and a building housing antique machinery was given. We then adjourned downtown to the seniors’ clubroom for a meal catered by the centre members. Western music was supplied by 93-year-old Wilf Morgenstern on the keyboard. He was accompanied by Dennis Lehoux, Larry Eback and Dave Moore. Networkers Laura Heilman of Wilkie and Meadow Lake chairman Jack Moffet welcomed all to the meeting.

entitled What it Means to be a Museum Volunteer. Everyone signed the printout and it will be sent to the Museums Association of Saskatchewan, which has all paid workers. Zwiefel gave a report on the progress of the book Women of Influence. Delegates for the Museums Association of Saskatchewan convention in Humboldt were named. A time for problem solving and sharing of fundraising ideas followed. Special events at the various museums this summer were announced, as members support one another whenever possible.




corded the meeting. Contact person for booking the centre is still Cheryl McCaskill at 306-893-9131, assisted by Dorothy Schwartz at 306893-2663. As we have no president, meetings will be chaired by different members. There are no monthly meetings in July and August. Cards and bingo will be hosted by whoever turns up for the summer months, both starting at 2 p.m. The next movie night will be May 18 at 7 p.m.. The movie is Wonder, which is not animated. The June meeting will be June 13 after bingo at 1 p.m. Flowerbeds and planters were discussed and a report on damaged shingles was made. A number of seniors enjoyed the Mother’s Day Tea held at the Legion Hall May 11 sponsored by the Legion Ladies’ Auxiliary. May 11 was a day for town-wide yard sales.

On behalf of the City of Meadow Lake, Deputy Mayor Merlin Seymour gave a brief history and welcomed us. The first Hudson’s Bay post in the area was opened in 1873 by the Cyprien Morin family. It burned down in 1919. When the land was opened up for settlers, the settlement became a village in 1931. With the coming of the railroad, nine elevators were built. They were dismantled in the 1990s. Each member introduced themselves and provided one word that described what their museum means to them. Gwen Zwiefel presented a poem, which she wrote,



Page 22 - The Battlefords, Thursday, May 17, 2018

Regional Optimist


Wilkie badminton duo repeat as provincial high school champions By Lucas Punkari Sports Reporter

It was the perfect conclusion for the high school badminton careers for Wilkie’s Jacob Mamer and Megan Sutherland. The Grade 12 students at McLurg High School repeated as Saskatchewan High Schools Athletic Association mixed doubles champions Saturday as they picked up a straight sets win (21-5 and 21-7) over Kara Miskolczi and Taevan Athmer of Englefeld on their home court. “We only started playing together three years ago, so to see what we’ve done together has been pretty impressive,” Mamer said. “We won a silver medal two years ago and a gold medal last year, so we set our goals high again this year to try and repeat, especially since we knew that the provincials would be at our school. “To be able to repeat is pretty special and to have everyone from our hometown watch us play made it an incredible experience,” Sutherland added. Although they entered this past weekend’s tournament as the defending champions, Mamer and

Sutherland had struggled in their final tune-up before the provincials a week earlier at a regional tournament in Osler. “Even though we advanced to the provincials, we weren’t even close to how we wanted to play during that weekend,” Mamer said. “There was a little bit of nerves as we were in a new gym, and we ended up getting into a rough patch where we didn’t play anywhere near our best. “We put in a lot of work at practice this past week to improve on any mistakes that we made, and I think that allowed us to play at our best at the provincials.” The attention to detail that Mamer and Sutherland put into the game is something that their coach Laurie Churchill has seen first hand over the last three seasons. “Whenever they do anything wrong in a game, they are back out on the court and making a lot of shots to fix those mistakes,” Churchill said. “They are always looking for people to up their game against and play against the best competition possible. “Megan and Jacob really do play together as a team. They trust each other

McLurg High School Grade 12 students Jacob Mamer and Megan Sutherland smile after winning the SHSAA mixed doubles badminton gold medal in Wilkie Saturday. Photo courtesy of Laurie Churchill

out on the court and give it everything they have every time they play.” Mamer and Sutherland used the home-court advantage to full effect Saturday as they had a perfect round-robin record and had a straight sets win (21-5 and 21-14) in the semifinal

over Ella Brady and Liam Schmidt of Regina O’Neill to punch their ticket into the gold medal contest. “After a strong week of practice, we were in a really good mindset of knowing what we needed to do in order to win, and I think that showed with the scores

in our games,” Sutherland said. “We had a better idea of what to expect this year and I think we were a lot more comfortable as a result,” Mamer added. “Last year, we really didn’t know what the other teams had to offer, but we had the chance to play them at the Saskatchewan Winter Games in North Battleford a couple of months earlier so we had a really good idea of the strengths and weaknesses of our opponents.” Looking towards the future, Mamer and Sutherland are both preparing to study kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan this fall, but still hope to play badminton as much as they can. “I think we’re both in a wait and see approach to how our schedules will be with our studies before we take to the court,” Sutherland said. “I’m planning to try out for the Huskies football team in the fall, so it’s going to be really busy early on,” Mamer added. “Badminton’s one of the sports though that you can play all year round and there’s something going on every

night of the week in Saskatoon. It’s a lot like curling in a small town, as there’s always a game going on.” Meanwhile, the McLurg girls’ doubles team of Josie Huber and Abbey Sittler made it to the medal round but fell in a three set thriller (21-10, 17-21 and 9-21) to Megan Tumbach and Kerstyn Wenzel in the bronze medal game. “They really had a strong year and they were right in the mix to win a gold medal,” Churchill said. “I think there was a little bit of pressure for them being in the medal round for the first time, especially at home, but they had an excellent weekend. “Josie’s graduating but Abbey will be back next year for her Grade 12 year, and I think she’ll learn a lot from this experience.” Also competing at the tournament were the boys’ doubles tandem of Deivid Rico and Blaise Sieben and the girls’ doubles pair of Guiel Salunga and Kaitlin Tarasoff of John Paul II Collegiate. North Battleford Comprehensive High School was represented by the mixed doubles team of Ahmed Ali and Kiara Clarke.

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Regional Optimist

The Battlefords, Thursday, May 17, 2018 - Page 23

Nagel captures WHL title with Broncos


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Sustained success for Wayne Pruden Memorial Golf Tournament

Swift Current Broncos forward and former Battlefords North Stars player Tanner Nagel keeps his eye on Everett Silvertips netminder Carter Hart during the Western Hockey League final. Photo courtesy of Robert Murray/WHL

By Lucas Punkari Sports Reporter

There’s little time to dwell on accomplishments in the world of major junior hockey. That’s something that former Battlefords North Stars forward Tanner Nagel is experiencing first hand this week along with the rest of the Swift Current Broncos. After the team captured their first Western Hockey League championship since 1993 Sunday with a 2-0 shutout win on home ice over the Everett Silvertips in game six of the league final, the team is now gearing up to travel to Regina to take part in the 100th edition of the Memorial Cup this weekend. “We’re back into that competitive mindset here once again,” Nagel said. “The entire town’s buzzing after Sunday night and it was a pretty unbelievable feeling to win the league at

home. It’s something that a lot of us are still trying to find the words for, but we all know that there’s still a lot of work to be done here over the next week in Regina.” On their way to beating the Silvertips to win their third title in franchise history, the Broncos had a number of close battles just to reach the league finals. They went the full seven games against the Regina Pats and Moose Jaw Warriors in the first two round of the playoffs, and then went six games in the conference final against the Lethbridge Hurricanes, a team that Nagel played for until he was traded to Swift Current in January. “It took everyone on the roster to get through those three series,” said Nagel, who had a goal and an assist in 26 playoff games for the Broncos. “We have a pretty deep and everyone was buying in to doing the right things.

Better Plan

Better Life...

The games that we played our best in were when we stuck to the system and shut down our opponents.” The Broncos will begin their quest for their second Memorial Cup title, and their first since 1989, in Regina on Saturday as they’ll face the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League champion AcadieBathurst Titan. After facing the Ontario Hockey League champion Hamilton Bulldogs Monday night, they’ll conclude their round-robin schedule Wednesday evening against the host Pats. “To play in the Memorial Cup is an honour, but for it to be an hour-and-ahalf from where I live in Mossbank is just incredible,” Nagel said. “I know a lot of family and friends are going to be coming out to watch us play and I can’t wait to get started.” The tournament will conclude next Sunday.

Innovation Credit Union regional vice president Chad Gartner presented a cheque for $6,000 to the Battleford Union Hospital Foundation Tuesday ahead of next month’s Wayne Pruden Memorial Golf Tournament. Photo by Lucas Punkari

By Lucas Punkari Sports Reporter

With donations coming in every year to help the Battlefords Union Hospital Foundation and a waiting list just to tee off at the North Battleford Golf and Country Club, the Wayne Pruden Memorial Golf Tournament is just as popular as it was when it started 22 years ago. “I think that’s a tribute to Wayne and the number of things he did in the community,” BUH Foundation chair and tournament committee member Jay Crockett said. “With what his friends and family have done over the years and with the funds that are raised from the region for the hospital, it’s something

that’s very easy for people to want to be involved in.” The 2018 tournament, which will be held Monday, June 4, kicked off Tuesday at the North Battleford Golf and Country Club with a $6,000 donation by the event’s master sponsor Innovation Credit Union. “We’re just a small part in the whole machine that makes the tournament a success,” Innovation Credit Union regional vice president Chad Gartner said. “To see the entire community get involved year after year is something that makes us proud to be a part ot this.” That donation, along with the funds that are raised from this year’s tournament, will go to-

wards the purchase of a new mammography unit for Medical Imaging that will replace the current unit that has been in use for over a decade. A full field of 240 golfers have signed up for the event, in addition to a waiting list that is often called upon to fill any holes left ahead of tournament day. “It fills up fast each year but we’re lucky to have so many people wanting to take part,” Crockett said. “Quite often, other commitments come up for those that have signed up, so we encourage people to get on the waiting list.” For more information on the Wayne Pruden Memorial Golf Tournament, contact the BUH Foundation at 306-446-6652.

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Page 24 - The Battlefords, Thursday, May 17, 2018

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Mayors’ Prayer Breakfast

Nurse earns national A hopeful message award By John Cairns By Josh Greschner

Staff Reporter

Staff Reporter

Bodiene Dussion is just getting back to work after accepting an award in Ottawa. Last week, Dussion, a community health nurse at Saulteaux First Nation, accepted an Award for Excellence in Nursing. The award “celebrates the dedication, initiative and excellence of nurses employed by First Nations communities, Indigenous Services Canada and Inuit communities who work in partnership to improve the health of Canada’s Indigenous peoples.” “This year’s recipients of the Award of Excellence in Nursing have shown tremendous dedication to the nursing profession and to delivering quality health care to First Nations and Inuit communities,” Minister of Indigenous Services Jane Philpott said in a press release. Other award winners included Lyrithe Villeneuve from the Ungava Tulattavik Health Centre in northern Quebec and

Community Health Nurse Bodiene Dussion accepts an Award for Excellence in Nursing from Thunder Bay-Rainy River MP Don Rusnak. Dussion, who works on Saulteaux First Nation, accepted the award last week in Ottawa. Government of Canada photo

Cheryl Yost at Sandy Lake Nursing Station in northern Ontario. Dussion, who lives in Battleford and who has worked at Saulteaux for three years, has a range of duties. She is in charge of different programs in the community, along with pre-natal and post-natal matters, school immunizations and referring people to other health care facilities. “Whatever comes in I take care of,” Dussion said. Saulteaux Health Centre, where Dussion works, performs health promotion and prevention.

Dussion is originally from Cumberland House, and before coming to Saulteaux, worked on Opaskwayak First Nation, near The Pas, Man. Leslie-Ann Smith, RN, nominated Dussion. Smith won the award in 2012. Nurses learn substantially from other nurses, Dussion said, and said she has also learned from good nurses. Dussion is First Nation, and has spent her nursing career dedicated to First Nation communities. “I love working for my own people, and advocating for them,” Dussion said.

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came about in the wake of his battle with addictions and depression. He was in a dark place emotionally only a few years ago and spoke openly about how he had tried to kill himself. “I wanted to end it all so bad,” he said. It was during his time recovering from his unsuccessful suicide attempt that Cross Child turned to faith. He prayed for direction from his hospital bed. “God, if you’re real, if you have a plan for my life, I need you to show me a sign right now,” he re-



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Tarrant Cross Child


3 - 4:30 pm


Overcoming the ravages of addiction and depression through faith was the positive message put forth by guest speaker Tarrant Cross Child Saturday. He was the guest speaker at the Mayors’ Prayer Breakfast. This year’s event, put on by the Battlefords Ministerial Association, took place at St. Paul’s Anglican Church in North Battleford. Both Mayor Ryan Bater of North Battleford and Mayor Ames Leslie of Battleford were in attendance, as was Battlefords-Lloydminster MP Rosemarie Falk and former mayors Chris Odishaw and Ian Hamilton. Cross Child, an athlete who has run the Saskatchewan marathon six times and won in 1998, conducts faith-based running clinics entitled Child of the Cross across the province. He is also an active speaker, and had been at both North Battleford Comprehensive High School and at John Paul II Collegiate the previous day to give presentations. In Cross Child’s address Saturday’s he spoke of a spiritual awakening that

called. “Not tomorrow, not next week, I need a sign right now.” He then described how it was at that moment that a nurse came over to him and told him he would not need the IV anymore, and encouraged him to enrol in Teen Challenge, a faith-based rehabilitation program, saying she had heard good things about it. “As she’s talking to me this peace comes over me,” said Cross Child. Cross Child said he felt hope again. He also described getting down on his hands and knees, and how he gave his heart to Jesus Christ. “I started to see things in a new way, a fresh way. My problems didn’t seem so big anymore.” Cross Child also described how he started running again, setting a goal to compete again in the Saskatchewan marathon. He said that the 2015 race, which he competed in, stands out for him the most now, because of all he went through. Now he combines spirituality with athletics and promoting healthy lifestyles in travelling to different communities, providing running clinics. “Is this my mission? Yes it is,” said Cross Child.

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Page 26 - The Battlefords, Thursday, May 17, 2018

Regional Optimist

Make room on the roads for farm equipment By Sherri Solomko Correspondent

The long weekend is here, but farmers are busy. Please remember to be mindful of extra time needed to navigate roads as farm equipment also needs to navigate highways while being transported to the fields. Next weekend will be the annual Unity Minor Ball Day which will feature at least one game from every team in every division. There is a baseball tournament on the June 2 weekend. Last Sunday was the inaugural adult co-ed soccer event and the activity will take place at the UCHS fields each Sunday at 7 p.m.. The games are open


nity News

to any adult who wants to participate. There is no registration needed or cost to play, just show up and have fun. The Unity Credit Union Aquatic Centre will be open for the season soon. Lesson registrations are underway. Today is the first lunch offered in conjunction with the Unity Farmers Market that continues each Thursday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Adanac Hall at the museum grounds. Lunch, catered by Jann Venn, will be offered once

a month. This market offers home made and home baked items. For details on the market contact Carmen Bowker or follow the Unity Farmer’s Market Facebook page. The Unity motorcross track is ready and waiting for bike enthusiasts. You can also purchase memberships by contacting Dylan Ganter. Next week is the first of the monthly burger sales at long-term care, fundraising funds for their recreation department. Residents and families appreciate those who come to support their efforts. Last week, long-term care played host to the annual hospital auxiliary tea, bake and book sale with a large crowd coming out to

enjoy the event. The hospital auxiliary uses funds raised to purchase equipment used in both acute and long-term care wards. The last Unity Public School spirit day takes place May 30 with a Wacky Day scheduled. St. Peter’s School students enjoyed a performance by the John Paul II Collegiate band from North Battleford May 15. Thursday, the Grade 6 class enjoyed a soccer play day in Cut Knife. St. Peter’s has announced they will be introducing a pre-K program starting in the fall. Interested parents are encouraged to contact the school to register their little ones or find out more details. At UCHS, students witnessed a mock accident

presented by SADD and some students to emphasize the message of distracted or drinking and driving consequences. Track participants who advanced to districts compete May 23 and 24. The May 7 town forum highlighted plans for the future of the community. The discussions included budget highlights, proposed road repairs and problem resolutions for other areas. A new recycling mandate was discussed with the emphasis on reducing and reusing plastics that are no longer recyclable. Local stores will be talked to about an alternative to plastic bags. Shoppers are encouraged to use reusable bags as much as possible. The Unity Museum

has opened a new office building, which features a picture gallery as well as a registration desk for visitors. The office is open 2 to 5 p.m. every day until Sept. 5. Coffee row folks are enjoying the emerging green environment as well as the fresher air, sounds of birds and sights of summer. Community activity is always a source of inspiration, as there are always events and activities to keep the conversation humming. Everyone smiles at the positives we get to experience on a regular basis right here in Unity. So you can see life is full of fun and activity in Unity with our friends at coffee row sharing this traditional part of community culture. Until next time …

Raven She Hollers preps for music video By Corrina Murdoch Correspondent

On the fabulous Saturday evening of May 12, at Ubettchas Tavern in Medstead, local band Raven She Hollers performed a live show to raise awareness and funds for their forthcoming music video. The video is slated to be filmed later this spring

at the old schoolhouse by Birch Lake. According to Chandra Pederson, band member, it will have an “old timey” theme. The rustic countryside seems a perfect fit for the band that combines bluegrass, country and folk sounds into a unique and pleasant experience. The popular albums are for sale at the local store and the

ThyroSense available at Nutter’s


great community event to celebrate spring with sounds native to the area. The video will be an adventure for performers and audience alike. band frequently performs locally. Though many already follow the band on Facebook and Instagram, a live performance served as a


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increase production. These two herbs have a systergenic effects with ashwagandha producing an increase in T4 thyroid hormones while guggul enhances T4 to a more potent F3 hormone form. Panthotenic acid helps to support the adrenal glands, which in turn helps to support the thyroid since the function of these glands are closely linked. When or if the adrenals become exhausted, thyroid hormones can be depleted. Panthothenic acid helps to increase energy production and improve the ability to handle stressful situations. Copper and manganese are important minerals for normal thyroid function, however the metabolism of both of these minerals can be altered in patients suffering from hypothyroidism. Thyrosense can help a person: - support optimal thyroid health - support those with low thyroid - enhance conversion of TF to TB3 - improve weight loss - increase energy - improve metabolism - reduce temperature sensitivity - reduce fatigue Always contact your health care provider before starting any supplement program.

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thyroid (hypothyroidism) you should go to your health practitioner for testing. Thyrosense does not replace your prescription thyroid medication, but can help provide some additional support for your symptoms. Thyrosense is a combination of important nutrients that can help enhance thyroid function. The amino acid L-thyrosine and iodine are essential building blocks of thyroid hormones. Inside the thyroid gland, iodine is added to thryosine to make T3 and TH thyroid hormones. Thyrosense provides additional thyrosine and iodine to help support and facilitate hormone synthesis by an underactive thyroid gland. Iodine deficiency in particular has been shown to be a common cause of thyroid dysfunction and supplementation with iodine can help support thyroid function and help reduce the symptoms of hypothyroidism. Thyrosense contains Ashwagandha & Guggul extract which have been shown to help thyroid function. Ashwagandha is a well known herb that is used for a variety of health concerns including stress and inflammation. Guggul extract is best known for its cholesterol lowering benefits. Studies have shown that both these herbs together can stimulate the thyroid gland to help

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our thyroid is located in the front of your neck attached to the lower part of the voice box (or larynx) and the upper part of the windpipe (or trachea). It has two sides or lobes, making it look like a butterfly. The thyroid produces thyroid hormones. These are peptides containing iodine. The two most important hormones a T3 & T4. These hormones are essential for life and have many effects on body metabolism, growth and development. As well for proper functioning of many systems throughout the body. For example, thyroid hormones help the body to use energy efficiently, stay warm and help to keep the brain, heart, muscles and other organs working as they should. Many peoples bodies do not produce as much thyroid hormones as it needs, which causes many of the body system to slow down and become less efficient. When this happens it is called hypothyroidism. This can lead to a variety of unpleasant symptoms including feeling cold, fatigue, moodiness, anxiety, dry hair skin & nails, insomnia, reduced libido, poor concentration, hair loss and constipation. It is important to remember that if you suspect that you have a low

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Mother’s Day pancake breakfast hosted

St. Rita’s Parish sponsored a pancake breakfast to celebrate the mothers of Medstead and area May 13. The village hall filled with families celebrating the maternal figures of the area. St. Rita is the namesake of the Catholic Church of Medstead. Located just south of the school, the white church hosts its services on Saturdays at 6

p.m. St. Rita is a noted maternal figure within Catholic lore. According to Catholic Online, St. Rita was born surrounded by white bees and left unharmed. Rita became a wife and mother at the age of 12 and is said to have had an abusive husband with many enemies. It is said that Rita’s influence served to soothe his nature. Her husband died because of a blood feud between families. Rita declared publicly a pardon to the killers. Her sons, on the other hand, wished to continue the feud and avenge the death of their father, under the influence of their uncle. Rita appealed to her



children to not succumb to the lure of vengeance, unsuccessfully. She then turned to the Lord in prayer, asking Him to take her children before they succumbed to the mortal sin of murder. Her prayers are said to have been answered a year later when the children died of dysentery. It was due to the bubonic plague that the feud was finally ended and, at the age of 36, St. Rita was allowed into a monastery. She died on May 22, 1457, was beatified in 1627 and canonized in 1900. The story of St. Rita, whose parish sponsored the event of Mother’s Day, is a reminder to all mothers and their children of the struggles of motherhood and the rewards which it brings.

Maidstone High School

Student of the Week Ken Sroka — Grade 11; favourite subject - gym; favourite app - Snapchat; favourite sport- hockey; last book read - To Kill a Mockingbird; future occupation - police officer.

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The Battlefords, Thursday, May 17, 2018 - Page 27

Badminton duo conference champions

trict champions of Central Valley Athletic Conference. Eleven other players also represented Borden in badminton. Borden School held an information and appreciation night May 8. Principal Mitch Luiten introduced guest speakers RCMP

constables Sean Nave and Jay Slack. They spoke on students and cellphone use, addiction, rural crime watch and Citizens on Patrol Program. Cst. Nave is a school resource officer. He talked about the addictive qualities of cellphone apps such as games, Instagram, Snapchat and others. He said students who overuse these programs can lose their ability to think and verbalize. He also spoke on drugs and bullying. The school community council held their annual meeting prior to the open meeting and, with some resigning from the committee, they need new members. On the SCC the past year have been chair Alana Gunsch, Pam Pidwerbesky, Corinne Szwydky, Marcia Parker, Danielle Grasby, Gwen Dyck and Kim Worona, staff members Allison Dyck, Ken Crush (division board member) and Mitch Luiten. The SCC is losing Corinne as her daughter graduates. They met seven times in 2017-18 and attempted to bring positive change in a variety of areas including student learning, extra-curricular opportu-

nities, school equipment and supplies and community engagement in school activities. Some programs they helped to fund were Book and a Bagel, Munsch Mania Puppet Show, Borden School’s Got Talent, student agendas, Sask. Student Leadership Conference and Encounters with Canada. Mitch spoke of changes happening in the upcoming year. He is moving to Rosthern School as principal and Brody Morris will be the new principal at Borden. Teachers Jackie Locke, Jennifer Doratti and Shaun Dyck are all moving to Warman School. At Borden, Gina Smith from Shellbrook will be special needs staff member and Allison Dyck and Terri Troupe-Logue will become full-time teachers. Danika Pidwerbesky and Jade Matte spoke on attending the Student Leadership Conference along with five other students from Borden. One of the guest speakers was Alvin Law. Brooke Brazeau spoke on going to Ottawa for one week in March for Encounters With Canada where she met students from all

over Canada and attended workshops. She said she learned much about Canada and toured Ottawa and area. She found it helped plan her future, as they explored careers and she experienced new things and gained self-confidence. Mitch told of some of the money spent at the school from fundraisers and donations such as the new chairs that cost $2,000 and two new speakers for more $2,000. An elementary track meet will be in Borden June 6 and awards night will be June 14 preceded by a barbecue. In 2018-19 there will a senior girls’ volleyball team and Borden will host conference playoffs. The Borden Lions held a Mother’s Day brunch on May 13 in the Borden Community Centre, with the guys doing the cooking and the ladies helping with clean up. The proceeds from the brunch will go to diabetes research and there were pamphlets and brochures on diabetes and healthy eating available. Winning the Mother’s Day basket raffle filled with goodies was Gloria Derbowka.

Though the informality may be unique, it has reaped its rewards. The Canadian Open Old Time Fiddle Contest is held each year in Shelburne, Ont. Woods’ great-grandfather was among the top finishers the first few years of the contest (in the early 1950s). Woods started competing there in 1979 and has won many awards over the years. Woods has not competed since about 2004, though is often asked to adjudicate or sometimes MC the competitions.

 This year’s show is brand new and is called Fiddling up a Storm. “My sister Kendra Norris plays fiddle with me and she also doubles on piano, accordion and vocals,” Woods says.

She also does some comedy, including a tribute to Cousin Minnie Pearl. Steve Piticco is the band’s guitar player. He has been named the Canadian Country Music Association’s guitar player of the year and instrumentalist of the year. Drummer Bill Carruthers is a four-time winner of drummer of the year at the CCMAs, He has toured with Michelle Wright, Ronnie Prophet, the Family Brown and even the Kitty Wells Show. Carruthers also provides vocals. Pete Sisk is bass player. He also sings. He has been the bass player for the past 13 years with Juno Award winning group, the Good Brothers. “We are pleased to have 13-year-old Leo Stock as our special guest,” says Woods. Leo is a champion fiddler, a singer and a champion Ottawa-Valley style step dancer.

“His feet go about 100 miles per hour.” Everyone sings and plays and there is a lot of interaction within the band as well as with the audience. The show is described as Branson Missouri style. It is two hours of fastpaced scripted entertainment. The band combines fiddle tunes, traditional country music, western swing, some bluegrass and country gospel as well as the step dancing and comedy. 
Woods notes that this will be the band’s first time to Medstead. They have

been in the Battlefords, Prince Albert, Lashburn, Turtleford and Lloydminster several times in the past. Sandra Sommerfield, Medstead resident, saw the show last year and reached out to the band to do a local show.

Conference mixed doubles badminton champions Clayton Wiebe and Kirsten Szwydky with coach Mitch Luiten, wearing the Central Valley Athletic Conference medals they won. Photo submitted by Lorraine Olinyk

By Lorraine Olinyk Correspondent

Representing Borden School, Kirsten Szwydky and Clayton Wiebe played mixed doubles in badminton. They placed first in two rounds of playoffs in Martensville and Warman,


orden& Radisson

then playing for Prairie Spirit School Division in regionals at Osler. The team members are the dis-

Fiddle aficionado Woods makes Medstead debut By Corrina Murdoch Correspondent

Excitement fills the air of Medstead in anticipation of Canadian fiddle champion Scott Wood’s performance on the evening of May 18. Advance tickets have been for sale for some time and according to Debbie Dzialo of the local store, folks are looking forward to the event. Woods took time from his performance preparation in Ontario to speak about his upcoming show and explain his rise to success. Woods started playing violin at age four. Being the youngest of four siblings, Woods grew up listening to his brother and two sisters playing violin, his dad on the fiddle and mother on the piano. Scott notes his parents met when his dad’s band was looking for a piano player. Clearly, music is in the genes. Woods says learning to fiddle in the Don Messer style was a reward for practice of classical form. Woods began competing at old time fiddle contests across the country at age eight, joining the family band at around the same time. The musical family has not been without its hardships. “In 2003, my mom and I were on tour with a show called Memories of Don Messer’s Jubilee,” Woods says. “My dad was not on tour with us, but he had a heart attack and passed away. Mom and I went

back on the road after the funeral and we travelled on our own rather than riding with the band. “We had a conversation on one of those trips about how she would like to go on a mission. I said that I would rather just play a show to help raise funds for those who are better suited to do that sort of work. “Mom said, ‘well, let’s take the whole band and do a tour of shows to help churches and charities.’ We did about a dozen shows as fundraisers the following spring and it mushroomed from there.” From tragedy sprung success, as today Scott Woods and band do about 150 or so shows across Canada and the United States, which are almost all fundraisers. Woods was born, raised and resides in Fergus, Ont. In addition to Canada and the United States, they also travel to Europe with their music and will be in Germany once again this coming October. Woods has studied violin with brilliant teachers over the years, including Eduard Minevich (who recently retired as concertmaster of the Regina Symphony). “I have never had any formal fiddle lessons, but I have listened to every major fiddler from the past on recordings,” Woods states. “I find it is the best way to learn style tempo, feel and subtle nuances of their playing. My biggest influences in my playing are Don Messer, Al Cherny and Graham Townsend.”

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Your views matter Environmental Impact Assessment Notice Section 10 of The Environmental Assessment Act (Saskatchewan) Husky Oil Operations Limited (Husky) is proposing the Saskatchewan Gathering System North Leg Pipeline Project (Project) to replace the 16Tan pipeline and provide capacity for future production increases. The Project would include a 50 km pipeline east of Lloydminster in the Rural Municipalities of Brittania No. 502, Eldon No. 471 and Frenchman Butte No. 501. A portion of the pipeline would be installed under the North Saskatchewan River and Big Gully Creek. The Project is subject to an environmental assessment under The Environmental Assessment Act (Saskatchewan). To learn more about the project, visit the Ministry of Environment's website at: For more information, please contact the project administrator: Alvin Yuen | (306) 787-5971

Battlefords News-Optimist – Thursday, May 17, 2018

Page 28 - The Battlefords, Thursday, May 17, 2018

Regional Optimist

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SCHELL: Funeral Service for Clayton William Schell will be held at 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 19, 2018 from Cando Memorial Hall with Bruce Wilson officiating. Interment will take place at Cando Cemetery. Memorial donations are requested to the Canadian Cancer Society or the Cando Cemetery Fund. Condolences can be sent to Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to Battlefords Funeral Service. (306-446-4200) __________________________________________________________

OBITUARIES HUARD: It is with sadness the family of Mrs. Hilda May Huard, resident of North Battleford Sk., announce her passing, with family at her side and in their hearts, on Friday, April 27, 2018 at the Battlefords Union Hospital. Hilda was born on May 15, 1927 in London, Ontario to Carrie Esther and Constantine Mattson. It was there she met and married Charles (Bud) Huard in September, 1951. They moved out west and lived in the house on the farm for several years. With an expanding family they moved to North Battleford making do with small spaces until they finally settled on 97th Street. This home became the Center of life for family and friends. This was where Hilda and Bud raised their 8 children. Both lived there until their death. While the west became home for Hilda, she never lost her love for Ontario and her family that lived there. Children were very important to Hilda and her life was spent caring for her own family (grandchildren included) as well as the numerous friends of her children, nieces and nephews that visited the home often. She was often called Grandma Hilda, Auntie Hilda or blue eyed grandma by those children related or not. She did, however, find time to master the games of bowling, bridge, scrabble, Yahtzee, and in later years golf. She also worked at the Dairy Queen and a jewellery store once her kids were in school. It was noted by one of her former neighbours that she had great gardening skills and as a result the garden was raided frequently by the neighbourhood kids. Hilda is survived by her children and their families: Randy (Kathy) Huard - David; Cheryl (Bernie) Nolin – Shannon (Todd) Stone - Briana and Kiara, Christopher Nolin - Ethan, Taylor and Hadley; Linda (+Dennis) Cameron, Tina Cameron - Dakota and Danielle, Tracy Cameron - Kincaid and Noah; Donna Lee (Wayne) Hnatyshin - Danny and Steven; Heather (+Richard) Rorke - Becky (Mark) Gantz - Lily and Jasper, Katie (Jonathan Sattin) Rorke, Jimmy (Braidee Cameron) Rorke; David (Pat) Huard - Kendra (Tanner Polishuk) Tyler and Devin; Bob Huard – Aimee (Jeff Proulx) Huard - Darien, Jessica Huard; Janet (Stan)Wasilewski - Amanda Wasilewski, Jeffrey (Cassandra) Wasilewski - Helena, Isabella and Jett, Thomas (Erin Pylypow) Wasilewski; numerous nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by her Mother, Carrie Esther Mattson; Father, Constantine Mattson; by her loving husband, Charles (Bud) William Huard; brothers and sisters: Ken (+Trudy) Mattson, Norman (+Dolly) Mattson, Ted (+Betty) Mattson, Jack (+Eva) Mattson and Helen (+Doug) Cooke. The Funeral Service was held Friday, May 4, 2018 at 2:00 pm from ‘The Garden Chapel’ - Battlefords Funeral Service with Father Anthony Afangide MSP Celebrant. Honourary Pallbearers were Shirley Michnik, Leona (Lee) Halter, Cathy Turner, Marion McEachern. Private Internment followed at Garden of Christus - Woodlawn Memorial Gardens, North Battleford, Sk. For those who wish, please forward donations in lieu of flowers to the Sandra Schmirler Foundation, 18 Burndale Road, Ottawa, ON K1B 3Y5 or to the Donor’s Choice. Thank-you to Dr. Holtzhausen, Dr. Lipsett, the nursing and dietary staff on second and third floors as well as the therapists at the Battlefords Union Hospital for the excellent care and support provided. Special thanks go out to Jostin, Mary, Travis and Jamie who went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our mother’s comfort. You are our heroes and we take pride in having met you. Thank-you to Hilda’s grandchildren, Kendra Huard, Amanda Wasilewski, Devin Huard, Chris Nolin for the readings and son-in-law, Stan Wasilewski for the eulogy at the service. Job well done. Thank-you to the music ministry - M. Junice Headley and Robert MacKay. Thank-you to the staff of Battlefords Funeral Service for their kindness and services provided. Mom you are loved by all and will be greatly missed. Funeral Arrangements were entrusted to Battlefords Funeral Service. __________________________________________________

Ph.: 306-445-7265 / 306-445-7266



TKATCHUK: It is with proRose City found sadness the family of Rose City Agnes Irene Tkatchuk, beMemorials Memorials Ltd. loved wife of Henry Tkatchuk, Ltd. announce her passing SaturGranite Monument day, May 12, 2018 at the BatPRODUCTION PLANT Professional Services Provided tlefords Union Hospital with AND INDOOR SHOWROOM Specialists family at her side. Mass Of with Heart and Compassion Dedicated to Quality, 102 Canola Cres. Christian Burial will be held at Cut Knife, SK S0M 0N0 Craftsmanship and Service ROBERT MACKAY 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 306-398-4717 GEORGE HAEGEBAERT 19, 2018 from St. Joseph 306-398-4717 Calasanctius Roman Catholic 102 Canola Cres. P.O. Box 806 Church, 1942 – 98th Street, Cut Knife, SK North Battleford, SK S9A 2Z3 North Battleford, SK with Fr. Check out our new website Cuong Luong Celebrant. terment will take place at the City of North Battleford Cemetery. Memorial Donations are requested to The Saskatoon CanOBITUARIES cer Centre (designate to research), 20 Campus Drive, SaskaRose City Memorials.indd 1 18-02-26 2:26 PM toon, SK S4N 4H4 Condolences can be sent to Robert (Bob) Higgs: October Arrangements are entrust28, 1940 – May 10, 2018Bob ed to Battlefords Funeral Service. (306-446-4200) passed away unexpectedly at __________________________________________________ the age of 77 years, at Royal University Hospital. He is surIn Loving Memory of Elaine vived by his loving wife of 59 Florence Eisenkirch, November years, Darlene; his daughter 28, 1947 – May 5, 2018. It is with Brenda, grandson Nico: his great sadness that we announce son Robert JR (Stacey): the sudden passing of Elaine Florgranddaughters Ashlyn, Casence Eisenkirch nee Whittles, late sandra, Alexis, great-grand of the Baljennie District on Saturdaughter Charly Rae and day May 5, 2018 after a short batbrother Brent plus many coutle with cancer. Elaine was sursins, nieces and nephews. rounded with family at the time of Predeceased by his parents, her passing at the Battlefords UnRobert (Sammy) & Gertrude ion Hospital at the age of 70 Higgs and brother William years. Elaine was born in Battle(Bill). Bob was born and raised in North Battleford. After Bob & ford, SK on November 28, 1947. Darlene married they lived in North Battleford, Yorkton, Moose Left to cherish her memory are her Jaw and Saskatoon where he retired. The family expresses a Children; Grant (Bailey), Battlespecial thank you to all the staff on 6200 & CTU5th at Royal Uniford, SK; Alana, Eatonia, SK; Mark versity Hospital for their care during his stay. At Bob’s request (Michelle), Battleford, SK; Grandthere will be no funeral. A private family interment of his crematchildren; Skylor, Jesse, Austin, ed remains will be held at a later date in North Battleford. In Ashley, Jordan; Brothers: Bruce Bob’s memory, donations can be made to Alzheimer Society of (Gladys), Wilfred (Gladys), Dale Saskatchewan, 1405 Faulkner Cres Saskatoon S7L 3R5 Condo(Shirley) all of the Battlefords; Sisters in Law Phyllis, Regina, SK; Brother lences for the family may be left at www.saskatoonfuneralin Law Mike, Windsor, ON, and George, Regina, SK, as well as many Arrangements have been entrusted to Saskatoon Funieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and many wonderful friends. Elaine was neral Home (306-244-5577) met at the Gates of Heaven by her infant daughter Sheri-Lyn, her hus__________________________________________________ band Wilfred, mother Mary, father Raymond, sister Jean; sisters-in-law


Elizabeth, Margaret, and Diane; brothers-in -law Dan and Cliff; grandparents Russel and Lucy Waines as well as many aunts uncles, nieces and nephews. Elaine grew up on the family farm south of Battleford where her strong love for animals, farming and family began. This was apparent throughout her life. Elaine married Wilfred on November 7, 1970 where they lived in Regina, SK. They welcomed their first child Sheri-Lyn December 2, 1973. Grant would follow March 16, 1975. Sadly Sheri-Lyn would pass at the tender age of 23 months. Alana was born May 9, 1977. They moved to the farm and Mark came along March 21, 1979. Elaine enjoyed doing things with her children; 4H, curling, football, she was always there. She decided one day she needed a job, so she applied at Gainers which eventually became Maple Leaf Meats. She worked there from the 1st day they opened their doors until the day they closed in 2014. The love Elaine had for her children was only dimmed by the immense love she had for her grandchildren. They were her world and brought her so much happiness and joy. When Elaine retired she enjoyed going on trips with her friends and living at the farm where she had many birds to feed, her dogs Rambo and Buddy that were always by her side, horses, and her cats Cuddles and the psycho Rocky. She enjoyed gardening and her flowers. She was not in pain in the end for which we are all very grateful. She was able to leave this world as beautiful as she was while she lived in it. The family has asked in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Canadian Cancer Society 101 440 2nd Avenue North Saskatoon, SK S7K 2C3 or any Animal Rescue. Interment of the cremated remains will take place at a later date. For those wishing to leave a condolence, you may do so at Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to Trevor Watts of Eternal Memories Funeral Service & Crematorium.


Jean Lousie Forbes-King (nee Louden) July 16, 1935 – November 30, 2017 Jean Louise Forbes-King passed away at the Ridge Meadows Hospital, Maple Ridge, BC on November 30, 2017, at the age of 82 years. She was the loving wife of the late Bill Forbes-King, who passed in October of 2012 in Saskatoon, SK. She was also the loving mother of, Darrell (Stamford, Connecticut, USA), and Gregory (Maple Ridge, BC); she will be dearly missed by her 3 grandchildren, Tyler, Victoria Lynn, and James; she is also lovingly remembered by her twin sister, Joan (George) Sinclair and family (Oakville, ON); her brother, Don (Inez) Louden and family (Saanichton, BC); her sister, Audrey Sadler and family (Saskatoon, SK); and all of her friends and family with whom she graced by her kind and loving presence. Jean was a loving mother, a devoted wife, and because of her Christian kindness, and quiet wisdom, made better the lives of all she came in contact with. She will be sorely missed by her family and friends. God bless. A Celebration of Jean’s Life was held Saturday, May 12, 2018 at Hillcrest Funeral Home. Arrangements entrusted to Lisa Bos. A full obituary, and condolence messages may be left for the family, by visiting __________________________________________________

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BROWN: With great sadness we announce the passing of William Grandville Brown, born September 19, 1939. Passed away peacefully May 8, 2018 with his family by his side. William will be sadly missed by his wife Patricia of 57 years, his Son, Ken (Lenore) Brown – their children: Lisa (Mark) Parker – Emily & Jolene; Tarrah (Cody) Frickelton – Lila; Kerstyn Brown (Mark Spencer); his Daughter, Cheryl Brown (Moon) – her children: Lloyd Elias – Avery, Nathan; Trish Elias (Andrew) – Kai, Rylin, Harper; Carl Whiting (Jisteen) – Briar, Frankie; Sister-in-law Mary Klassen; along with numerous nieces & nephews. William was predeceased by his Parents, Bill & Reta Brown; sister, Edith Sarkany. William grew up & went to school in Fielding. On November 4, 1961 he married the love of his life Patricia Thompson. They started their life together in Maymont where William worked as a mechanic in Fielding, Maymont, North Battleford and for Department of Highways. William & Patricia moved to the family farm in Fielding and farmed for over 20 years. His son Ken took over the farm. William then opened up Brown’s Axles in North Battleford. He retired in 2010. William was very active in his children’s lives, coaching baseball and hockey for Ken and attended all figure skating, 4-H events and team rodeo events with Cheryl. William loved summer. He took the family to many places. He and Patricia went on a European tour where they saw the Pope give the Christmas speech from the Vatican. A Private Graveside Service was held at the Maymont Cemetery. We ask that donations be made to the BUH Foundation (designate to the Palliative Care Unit) or to the donor’s choice. We would like to express our thanks to Dr. Johnson and Gilbert & staff at BUH Palliative Care Unit. Condolences can be sent to Arrangements are entrusted to Battlefords Funeral Service (306-4464200) __________________________________________________




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In Loving Memory of


May 19, 2009


Come Celebrate

The special days will not return When we were all together. But all the love within our hearts Lets you walk with us forever.

Love Mike, Chris, John, Sue, Cathy

Muriel Tebay

(Chapman, Fennig)

95 Years Old

Sat., May 19, 2018 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

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Oct. 20, 1985 - May 20, 2012

In Loving Memory of

Elmer Rizen Peters Born January 16th, 1951 Glaslyn, SK Passed Away March 22nd, 2018 North Battleford, SK

Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us everyday... unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear. WE LOVE YOU FOREVER AND MISS YOU ALWAYS. Love Mom, Dad, Kerri, Kris, Jaylene, Brad, Ashleigh, Nathan, Cassie, Cam, Tristen, Kailee, Bret, Ivy and Otto.

Elmer’s memory will live on in the hearts of his family, wife Doreen Peters, sons Calvin Peters (Tracy Bunko) & Randy Peters, daughters Corinne Caron (Mike Lascelle) & Cindy Peters (Daniel Kirby). As well as his 11 grandchildren & 9 great grandchildren. Elmer was predeceased by his parents Pete & Harriet Peters, brothers Bob & John Peters, sister Gladys, brothers-in-law George Rallison & Johnny Landry, mother & father-in-law Arthur & Mary Landry, niece Roxanne & nephew Dean Rose.

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1 Bedroom apartment for rent. 961 107th Street. Fridge and stove included. References required. Rent $650. Call 306-445-4646.

A single Bedroom Apartment for rent in Battleford, mature quiet working adults, no pets, no children, no smoking, reference required. Phone 306-445-2943






Two bedroom suite in quiet adult complex, available June 1. Total reno’s. No pets, No children. Security Deposit $800.00 Rent $800.00 Call to view: 306-4812836


DECKS, FENCES, ROOFING, RENO’S Call 306-480-8199 306-4812836. LAND FOR SALE


Battlefords Trade and Education Centre Inc.

JUNE 20, 2018 7:00 P.M. at the


Co-op Café Territorial Place Mall Supper - 6:00 pm Meeting - 6:45 pm


Vesta Homes Inc. 306-242-9099 canadIan BuIlt modular Homes New In-Stock Homes Starting at $92,500. Heated Showhomes! Free Delivery & Insulated Skirting Custom Orders Welcome. Spring Sale On Now!

Serving All of Saskatchewan New Home Warranty

Classifieds keep you on the right track.

PUBLIC NOTICE City of North Battleford Currently there are no developments being presented to Council. All the proposed changes listed below are text amendments and will not be applied to any property without an application from the property owner. Public notice is hereby given, Pursuant to Section 207 of the Planning and Development Act, 2007 that the City of North Battleford intends to pass a bylaw to amend the Zoning Bylaw No. 1971 as hereinafter provided. Intent The intention of this bylaw amendment is to update the City of North Battleford’s Zoning Bylaw No. 1971 so that it is aligned with current Federal and Provincial legislation. It is the City’s intention that these amendments will support North Battleford’s position as a competitive Saskatchewan City, attracting business and development, while ensuring the well-being and safety of its citizens. Bylaw Inspection Any interested person may inspect the proposed changes to the Zoning Bylaw at City Hall, 1291-101st Street, North Battleford, SK Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Copies are available to persons through the Office of the City Clerk.

News-Optimist The Battlefords

Public Hearing



presents our 30th ANNUAL




This show features all of our competitive Dance Connection group performances

Thursday May 24th, 7:00 pm & Friday May 25th, 7:00 pm Dekker Centre “TAKE A BOW”

This show features our youngest students and some small group performances

Saturday May 26th, 12:00 pm & Saturday May 26th, 3 pm Dekker Centre “30TH GALA CELEBRATION”

This show features a selection of our competitive group dances and returning alumni dancers

Saturday May 26th, 7:00 pm Dekker Centre



Advance Meal Tickets - $6.00 Day of Meeting - $7.00

- Announcement of 2017 Allocations



Tuesday, May 22, 2018

- Audit Report

1 bedroom basement suite, Newly renovated, includes F,S,W,D microwave. Approx. 800 sq. ft. Private entrance, rent includes utilities. No pets. Phone 306-4461398

Rob’s Lawn and Yard Care. Grass cutting, roto tilling, power raking, general yard maintenance. Phone 306-445-2736 or 306-441-5677. Will do rototilling at reasonable rates. Call 441-7579


- Financial Statement

• Fridge, stove, washer, dryer • Some are air conditioned Rental rate: $650 to $1,200 per month Complete application: 1441 - 100th Street Or Phone 306-445-8571 or 306-441-0950


Applications for membership must be in by May 18th, 2018 and renewal of memberships must be paid by close of business June 4th, 2018.

- Board of Directors Report

1&2 Bedroom Suites

Available for rent 2 bedroom home. Monthly rent or Sign one year contract get one month free. Ref required. Call 306-441-6728 or 306-937-7252. No Text please.

Pfeifer Learning Centre 801-105th Street - North Battleford, SK

Tickets available at the Administration Office, Pharmacy, Agro Centre, Glaslyn & Radisson


TICKETS: Available at The Dekker Centre Box Office and online at

DEKKER CENTRE • 623 Carlton Trail • North Battleford

Representations respecting the Bylaw will be considered by Council on Monday, May 28th at 8:00 PM, in the Council Chambers at City Hall. Council shall hear any person or group of persons or person acting on their behalf, who wish to make a representation. Council will also consider written comments received at the hearing, information session, or delivered to the undersigned at City Hall before the hearing. Proposed Amendments The following changes to the Zoning Bylaw No.1971 are being proposed: 1. Cannabis retail outlets a. As a definition in the zoning bylaw b. As a discretionary use in the following zoning districts: i. C1 – Downtown Commercial, ii. C3 – Arterial Commercial, iii. C3A – Large Lot Arterial Commercial, and iv. C4 – Regional Commercial Districts c. Requiring a 225m buffer around public schools, playgrounds, the public library, and municipal recreation facilities. 2. Cannabis cultivation, processing and manufacturing a. As definitions in the zoning bylaw b. As a permitted use in M2 - Heavy Industrial Districts c. Amending Medical Marijuana Facility from a discretionary use to a permitted use in Heavy Industrial Districts 3. Solar Collectors and Wind collection a. Adding definitions for solar collectors, and wind collectors as an accessory structure to the principal building or use of a property b. Adding wind collectors to section 4.8.7 Satellite Dishes and Solar Collectors i. Wind farms will not be allowed in the City c. Adding a definition for a solar farm as a principal use, discretionary use in FUD Future Urban Development Districts, and M2 - Heavy Industrial Districts 4. Secondary Suites a. Removing 65m2 (700ft2) as the maximum floor area 5. Clubs a. As a permitted use in the following zoning districts: i. C3 – Arterial Commercial District, and ii. C4 – Regional Commercial District 6. Rezoning part of Henderson Drive from an R1 – One Unit Residential District to an R2 – Low Density Residential District, and from FUD - Future Urban Development District to an R2 District. 7. Permitting Home-Based Businesses Type I as an ancillary use in R4 – High Density Residential Districts Issued at North Battleford this 24th day of April 2018. Debbie Wohlberg, City Clerk

Regional Optimist



Buying/Selling FEED GRAINS heated / damaged CANOLA/FLAX Top price paid FOB FARM

Western Commodities 877-695-6461 Visit our website @

CERTIFIED SEED. Go early HRS Wheat. Super hardy Pintail, Winter Wheat, AC Juniper, AC Morgan, AC Mustang & Derby Oats. Busby, Seebe, Sundre Barley. Very early yellow peas. High yielding Silage Peas. Polish Canola. Spring Triticale.; 403-5562609.



LETTERS PATENT OF CONTINUANCE Notice is hereby given, pursuant to subsection 25(2) of the Bank Act (Canada), that Innovation Credit Union intends to file with the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, on or after June 4, 2018, an application for the Minister of Finance to issue letters patent continuing Innovation Credit Union as a federal credit union under the Bank Act (Canada) in the name Innovation Federal Credit Union to carry on the business of banking in Canada. Innovation Federal Credit Union’s head office will be located in Swift Current, Saskatchewan and it intends to offer a full range of banking services to individuals and businesses. Any person who objects to the proposed continuance may submit an objection in writing to the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, 255 Albert Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H2, on or before July 3, 2018. May 12, 2018


FEED & SEED EARLY VARIETIES. Want to be finished combining in August? Go early HRS Wheat, AC Juniper Oats. Busby & Sundre Barley. AAC Peace River Field Peas (earliest yellow pea). Early One Polish Canola (one month earlier); 403-556-2609. FORAGE SEED FOR SALE: Organic & conventional: Sweet Clover, Alfalfa, Red Clover, Smooth Brome, Meadow Brome, Crested Wheatgrass, Timothy, etc. Free Delivery! Birch Rose Acres Ltd. 306-921-9942.


Motor Licence Issuer

INSURANCE SERVICES LTD. 1292 - 102nd Street, North Battleford

306-445-8059 motor LiCenCe needs”

For sale: 1984 - 24 foot Ford Motorhome. Everything works, in good shape, 55,000 miles. $5500.00 or O.B. Phone: 306-4417530

Visit our website Heavy duty mechanic required

Tools required and experience is an asset. We offer competitive wages, benefits, pension and apprenticeship for heavy duty equipment or trailer technician. Contact us or submit resume to: P: 204.571.1531 E: F: 204.726.4910 Online application@


More Farmland Wanted

• Powerful multiple marketing networks • Powerful English & Chinese websites • Farmland marketing specialist • Featured on CTV / Global TV • Featured on The Globe & Mail • Featured on The Western Producer 112 Reindeer Road, Saskatoon SK

- Justin Yin

Cell: 306-230-1588 Office: 306-361-8926 Fax: 306-665-1443 NOA Realty


St. Vital, Boiler Replacement Sealed bids marked “Bid for Living Sky School Division, St. Vital, Boiler Replacement” will be received at the offices of Associated Engineering, 1-2225 Northridge Drive, Saskatoon, SK S7L 6X6 up to Thursday, May 31, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. local time. The work involves the supply and installation of new heating boilers, a water heater, and appurtenances. The work also includes removal of all materials made redundant.

Issued at the Town of Battleford this 10th day of May, 2018. John Enns-Wind, Chief Administrative Officer




PUBLIC HEARING Council will hold a public hearing on Monday, June 4, 2018 at 7:00 pm at the Town Office to hear any person or group that wants to comment on the proposed bylaw. Council will also consider written comments received at the hearing, or delivered to the undersigned at the Town Office before the hearing.

PLEASE SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR PETS! Check out all our Shelter animals in need of homes at:

MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION! Indemand career! Employers have work-at-home positions available. Get online training you need from an employer-trusted program. Visit: or 1-855768-3362 to start training for your work-at-home career today!


PUBLIC INSPECTION Any person may inspect the bylaw at the Town Office, located at 92-23rd Street West, in the Town of Battleford, between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:00 pm on Monday to Friday excluding statutory holidays. Copies of the proposed bylaw are available at the Town Office at a cost of $5.00.

Hey guys my name is Pawpaws and yes I only have 3 legs. I was hit by a car and had to have my leg removed. Don’t you worry though because that hasn’t slowed me down at all. I am still a normal happy healthy puppy, just missing my leg. I am super sweet and love attention and affection. I love to be outside playing and going for walks. If your thinking of adding a new furr baby to your home and family then come on down to the shelter today.



REASON The reason for the amendment is: • To provide for clairty in the bylaw; • To facilitate a subdivision of the District Care Facility site.

Hey guys me and my 4 other siblings were brought into the shelter when we were just 3 weeks old after our mom left our farm and abandoned us. We went straight into a foster home and were bottle fed and well taken care of. Now our Foster mommy and shelter has told us that we are all grown and it’s time for us to find our forever homes and families. If your thinking of adding a new furr baby to your home and family this holiday season come on down to the shelter today.

for more community events

Note: The publication of this notice should not be construed as evidence of the issue of letters patent continuing the federal credit union. The granting of letters patent will be dependent upon the normal application review process under the Bank Act (Canada) and the discretion of the Minister of Finance.

INTENT The proposed bylaw amendment will: • Add a new definition for “Public Hospital”; • Rezone proposed Parcel T on the Plan of Proposed Subdivision, prepared by Regan W. Rayner S.L.S., dated October 26th, 2017 and amended on January 21st, 2018 and April 4th, 2018 as shown within the hatched area on Sketch “A”, from FUD - Future Urban Development, RDI - Restricted Development District, and RD2 - Restricted Development District to CS - Community Services District.

PAWLUS ADOPT A PET “serving ALL your insurAnCe &

Wrecking over 250 units... cars and trucks. Lots of trucks... Dodge... GMC... Ford... Imports... 1/2 ton to 3 tons... We ship anywhere... Call or text 306-821-0260. Lloydminster.

Innovation Credit Union

PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that the Council of the Town of Battleford intends to adopt a bylaw under the Planning and Development Act, 2007 to amend Bylaw No. 7-2016, known as the Zoning Bylaw.





The Battlefords, Thursday, May 17, 2018 - Page 31

Contract Documents will be available for pickup by interested General Contractors at the offices of Associated Engineering, 1-2225 Northridge Drive, Saskatoon, SK S7L 6X6 on or after Tuesday, May 15, 2018 upon deposit of $200.00 per set, GST included. Deposit will be refunded if Bid Documents are returned complete, undamaged, unmarked and reusable within seven (7) days of bid submission. Failure to comply will result in forfeiture of deposit. Technical inquiries by bidders are to be directed to Jared Suwala, P.Eng. at (306) 653-4969 or by email: A Bidders’ Briefing is scheduled for Friday, May 18, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. It is in the best interest of the Bidder to attend this briefing. The lowest or any bid will not necessarily be accepted Owner Contact Information Living Sky School Division #202 509 Pioneer Avenue North Battleford, SK S9A 4A5 Tel: (306) 937-7702 Fax: (306) 937-7721 Contact: Brian Bossaer Facilities Manager

Engineer Contact Information Associated Engineering (Sask.) Ltd. 1 - 2225 Northridge Drive Saskatoon, SK S7L 6X6 Tel: (306) 653-4969 Fax: (306) 242-4904 Contact: Jared Suwala, P.Eng. Project Manager

Community Events Calendar Alcoholics Anonymous

Please call our 24 hour helpline at 306-446-6166 for support or information.

Al-anon Family Groups

If someone’s drinking troubles, attending Al-Anon Family Group provides understanding and support. Meetings Monday at 7:00 p.m. and Friday at 10:00 a.m. at the Zion Lutheran Church, corner of 15th Ave. & 108th Street. Contacts 306-937-7765, 306-937-7289 or 306-441-9324.

Tuesdays & Thursdays

North Battleford Table Tennis at the Living Faith Chapel gym, 1371103rd Street at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Accompanied youth (13+) and adults. All skill levels are welcome and the facilities are accessible. Drop-ins welcome

Relay for Life - Friday, June 8

Relay for Life on June 8 at the North Battleford City Track - it’s not to early to start getting your teams together or register as a survivor. For more information call Laura at 306-481-5395.

Saturdays, May 12, June 9, July 14

Parenting after separation and divorce program from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Registration is mandatory.There is no fee for these sessions. To register call 1-877-964-5501. Location will be advised when you register.

Friday, May 18

3rd Annual “Spring Fling” BBQ Steak Supper at the Battleford Legion Hall. Happy Hour 4:30 p.m. Supper 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. Advance tickets to purchase call 306-446-1983 by May 16 at 4:00 p.m. Raffles, games, 50/50. Sponsored by the Saskatchewan Baseball Museum.

Friday, May 18

Scott Woods Fiddling up a Storm at the Medstead Community Hall, Medstead at 7:00 p.m. Purchase tickets in advance at Hometown Grocery in Medstead 306-342-4711, Glaslyn Credit Union 306-3422145 or by phoning Richard & Sandra Sommerfeld at 306-342-2143 or Scott Woods Band Office 1-855-726-8896.

Saturday, May 19

Frenchman Butte Heritage Center & Museum reopens for summer. Weekends - 10 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. in May and June. July and August open everyday. Guided tours, log cabin tea - House serves lunches and refreshments. RV park with 10 full hook-up sites in services. Phone 306-344-4478. Only 45 minutes drive NE of Lloydminster. We have “So much History”.

Wednesday, May 23

Thinking of Quitting? It is a 6 week, smoking cessation program held in North Battleford, led by the Clinical Nurse Educators out of the Primary Health Centre from 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. at the Primary Health Centre. To register call 306-446-8635.

Saturday, May 26

Spring Garage Sale at École Père Mercure, 1881 - 99th Street, North Battleford from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Funds go to school activities.

Saturday, May 26

Topline Social Dance Club with Harry Startup at the Sloan Auditorium Royal Canadian Legion Hall, 1352 - 100th Street from 8;00 p.m. to midnight. Contact Sharon 306-446-0446, Leela 306-445-7240 or Jean 306-445-8815.

Saturday, May 26

Spring Tea & Bake Sale at St. Vital Parish Center, 11 - 18th Street, Battleford from 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. Door prizes. Everyone welcome.

Monday, May 27

Annual Walk For Lupus at River Landing in Saskatoon. Registration at 12:30 p.m.Walk to begin at 1:00 p.m.To receive your pledge sheet, sponsor a walker, or for more information, please contact Irene Driedger by email at or by cell 1-306-227-9562.

Tuesday, May 29

Paint Nite at the Blend Restaurant & Bar at 7:00 p.m.Visit PaintNite. com to view this painting, access event details and to purchase tickets. Use coupon code SAVESK to save 40% on your tickets!

Thursday & Friday, May 31 & June 1

St. Paul’s Anglican Church Garage Sale at 1302 - 99th Street, North Battleford from 12:00 - 6:00 p.m., Upper Hall. Something for everyone. This section, which will appear weekly in Tuesday's News-Optimist and Thursday’s Regional Optimist, is provided free-of-charge to non-profit organizations. To list the Community Calendar please call News-Optimist at 306-445-7261 or fax the information to 306-445-3223. Please provide complete information including event, time, date and location. Although we will do our utmost to make sure your event appears in this section, News-Optimist does not guarantee all submissions will appear. Deadline for submissions is 5:00 p.m. Thursday prior for Tuesday's & Thursday’s publication.

Page 32 - The Battlefords, Thursday, May 17, 2018


NOTICE of ANNUAL MEETING The annual meeting of Battlefords Residential Services Inc. is being held: Date: Monday, June 25th, 2018 Time: 4:30 pm Place: Pennydales (Upstairs) CAREER OPPORTUNITIES

Living Sky School Division No. 202 Growth Without Limits, Learning For All

Now recruiting various positions to start the 2018/19 school year. Please see our website at: for details about the opportunities as well as the application process. All applications must be submitted online.

WANTED: FULL-TIME WAITRESS Leading into a Supervisory Role Shift work - evenings and weekends Apply in person with resumé 2401-99 Street, North Battleford No phone calls please!

Battle River Treaty 6 Health Centre Inc. is recruiting for the following positions

Casual Receptionist Casual Janitor

Please view the full job advertisements in their entirety in the careers section on our community website:

Invites applications for the following position: Night Time Janitor Sakewew High School has an enrollment of approximately 220 Grades 9 - 12. Students and has a well-rounded program, operating within a four quadrant system. Submission deadline is June 5th and duties will commence once a suitable candidate has been selected.

Regional Optimist

See You at the Theatre

Season ends with a classic By Donna Challis

Battlefords Community Players

The 2017-18 season for Battlefords Community Players has ended with a wonderful production of a time-honoured murder mystery, The Mousetrap. Great job to everyone involved. Now our attention is turned to the creation of an exciting 2018-19 season. Our focus will be to present four productions with a minimum of four evening performances as part of our season. There will be a combination of show only and dinner theatre and the productions will be either at the clubhouse or the WDM. The productions will be in the genre of comedy or comedy/dramas as they are the most popular with our audiences. So, stay tuned for our season announcement. Battlefords Community Players Clubhouse is a wonderful, compact performance space and this past year we performed

three of our shows in the facility. We also hosted two other productions by visiting theatre groups and it is our plan to continue to develop the clubhouse as a space that can bring more live theatre to the Battlefords. I hope those of you who have been in attendance have enjoyed the space as much as we have in creating it. It is available to rent for cultural activities if anyone is looking for a smaller performance space. Call 306-446-3133 or contact us through our website The organization was started back in 1932 and recreated in 1952 by Laura Logie and friends. Since those humble beginnings Battlefords Community Players have produced more than 300 shows, with thousands of performances and have won hundreds of awards for our company and individuals. In 1977 we introduced dinner theatre — still running strong after 40 years. We have also produced original lo-


Battleford’s Family Health Centre is recruiting for the following positions

• Kids First Home Visitor - Permanent Full-Time • Kids First Home Visitor - Temporary Full-Time (ONE YEAR TERM) Please view the full advertisements in their entirety in the careers section on our company website:

Battle River Treaty 6 Health Centre Inc. is recruiting for the following positions

• Temporary Full-Time Community Health Nurse

Please view the full job advertisements in their entirety in the careers section on our community website:

cal pieces of work and have endeavoured to present a number of Canadian written plays. It’s a wonderful legacy that we strive to improve each year. This fall our first auditions will be held during the last weeks of August for both our October and November productions. Watch our Facebook and website for detailed information and if you know you would like to be a member contact us either by email or through our website and your will become part of our contact list. BCP tends to shut down

Mother’s Day brings visitors By Margaret MacEachern Correspondent

MAIDSTONE — Saturday and Sunday Barb Lefazre of Gull Lake, Alta and Barb, Lorne and Brenda from Lloydminster visited Marlene Pike. Lorne made supper for them all. Sunday they worked digging up her flowerbeds and planting flowers. Marlene took them out to supper. They also took in some of the yard sales Saturday. Marilyn Stewart had her boys bring lunch from Lloydminster for Mother’s Day. Morris Stewart of Leduc, Alta. was here Sunday took his mom Jean and me for a drive to Paynton and then to Marion and Bill Stoughton’s for a turkey dinner. The drive was enjoyable and the trees are leafing out. Saturday, Jean Hartman had Gerald and Marie Hartman, grandson Kurt and Gina Hartman and Keith and Dawn Harman of Lloydminster take her for a drive. They stopped at Turtle Grove Café for supper. Ruth Wienhandl had some of her family visit. Crystal brought ice cream cake. Ralph and Colleen,

For details contact Ms. Petra Elliott at 306-446-0501 Applications including names of references and current criminal record check may be emailed to: or Fax to: 306-446-0502



Flexible, Reliable, Hardworking Individuals who are willing to work NIGHTS and WEEKENDS. Willing to be called in, and able to handle cash. Must have valid driver’s license and your own working vehicle to be a driver. Apply in person with resumé and or application. Contact Kaelyn (cook) Ryan (driver).

1642C - 100th Street, North Battleford 306-446-1212

Financial thinkers wanted. We’re looking for fresh customer service talent to join our team. We create an exceptional experience for members and potential members both face to face and online/mobile. Visit the careers section of our website to view full details on any of our positions. Innovation Credit Union offers

• Competitive wages • Comprehensive benefit program • Matched company pension of 7% • Attractive variable incentive program • Career advancement • Financial education support • Learning on work time • Fast paced exciting environment

for the summer months to refuel, but this year we are thinking that small productions over the summer might give more people the opportunity to partake. If there is enough interest these would begin early in June with performances in July and early August. Anyone interested can contact Donna Challis at or through the website. Thanks to our audiences for continuing to support live theatre and we look forward to seeing everyone at the theatre. Have a great summer!


ine Island Apartments

Trevor and two greatgrandchildren also helped her celebrate Mother’s Day. After cake they all went home to garden, The warm weather has certainly brought the leaves. The tulips are blooming and the grass is green. Legion Ladies’ Auxiliary No. 142 The Legion ladies hosted 50 people at the annual Mother’s Day Tea and Bake Sale. The afternoon was spent visiting and enjoying tea and the goodies at the bake table. The door prize was won by Amanda Schumacher and the cake raffle by Lucy Dopcon. Thank you to everyone who helped with baking and serving.

A Voice for Victims Battlefords Victim Services is a non-profit organization, mandated by the Government of Saskatchewan, Ministry of Justice and overseen by a board of directors. The organization work wclosely with the RCMP to assist victims of crime in the community. Battlefords Victim Services is dedicated to supporting victims of crime and trauma. Victims are given as much support and information as possible to ensure they feel more comfortable within the criminal justice system and all facets of their individual situation. In response to incidents happening in the community Battlefords Victim Services welcomes anyone to set up an appointment with someone in the office or call 306-446-1550.

Regional Optimist

The Battlefords, Thursday, May 17, 2018 - Page 33

Nisse Lodge marks 40th anniversary By Lorna Pearson Correspondent

Finally fieldwork has begun, the leaves are coming out, first on the poplar trees and then the maples. Yet, on Sunday, we still had ice patches on the lake. A Viking feast celebrating the 40th anniversary of Nisse Lodge, was held in the Do Drop In May 6, with a full house of guests. The evening started out with the entrance of King Hardrada and Queen Tora (Russell and Alysson Wiggs) from Calgary. The anthem of Norway was sung followed by the Norwegian grace. Serving wenches brought out first servings of rommegrot, eaten with a wooden spoon, then the food was served in long wooden trays and no cutlery was used. Charter member Nancy Iverson from Saskatoon was in attendance. Skal, a drinking toast, was celebrated often. It was noted that Lief Erikson discovered Newfoundland 500 years before Columbus sailed to North America, and this celebration was to let us imagine what life was like for the pioneers back then. The menu consisted of baked chunky potatoes, turnips, carrots and chicken, ribs, sausage and fish. There was flot bread, bread, potato lefse, cheese, rommegrot and glogg. Desserts were Anniversary Cake, cookies, krumkake and rosettes. In two Saskatoon High Schools students are offering help to seniors in understanding their tech devices – laptops, tablets, iPads, smartphones and others. There is a $10 fee

An example of the way the food was served at the Sons of Norway 40th anniversary Viking feast May 6 at the Meota’s Do Drop In. In the photo are King Hardrada and Queen Tora (Russell and Alysson Wiggs) of Calgary. Photos submitted by Lorna Pearson


eota News

Laurie Ward dressed in a Laplanders costume performed the duties of the “Skald,” who watched for misdeeds and problems and ordered punishment. For more feast photos visit

and free transportation to those needing it. There will be a presentation on Internet safety and financial fraud plus one hour or more of one-on-one help. This is sponsored by Sas-

katoon Council on Aging. Duplicate bridge was played May 8 in Meota and top score was by Margaret Dyck and Maureen Campbell. Tied for second were Vern Iverson and Eric Callbeck and Gerry Fernandes and David Sharpe. On May 10 in the Pioneer Hall in the city, top score went to Vern Iverson and David Sharpe, second were Donna Scherman and Catriona Winterholt and third were Bernard and Lucille Gregoire. Gladys Lehman is happy to be out of the hospital and settled in River Heights Lodge where her life can get back closer to normal – wearing her own clothes, moving about visiting friends and enjoying entertainment and social meals. A trip to Chitek Lake to attend the funeral service for the late Don Smith was sad, but rewarding for his family. The road in the Penn area is nearly impassable. Don was a railroad worker all his life, so that was the theme of the service. The hall was full, as friends and family gathered to support Don’s wife, Kay, and their children and grandchildren. The last shuffleboard tournament for the season took place at the Do Drop In May 12, with a good turnout. Top score went to Maurice Bru and Stella Rendle, tied for second were Eric Callbeck and Jack Stewart, along with Nestor Fransoo and Louise Haubold. Third were Linda Ard and Shirley Gies. Starting off about 9:30 a.m., all teams had played three games by 2 p.m. A potluck meal was shared during the noon break. With the busy summer months ahead the next tournament will be in September. After Greyhound pulled their service into northern British Columbia last summer, there has been a new group of three 30-passenger buses now serving Highway 16 from Prince George to Prince Rupert. It’s a service badly needed by this area where there’s only one road in or out, distances are considerable and many folks need to move about for health services and many other reasons.

If You Are...

Moving Expecting a Baby Call Welcome Wagon Today!

Call: (306) 490-8140 Internet:

It’s absolutely FREE!

Bringing Local Community Information & Gifts

Vern Iverson, a charter member being punished. Nancy Iverson is the only other charter member.

Changes to school staff By Corrina Murdoch Correspondent

Medstead Central School is known throughout the area for its successful students in the realms of academics, arts, music and sports. The school is a stable environment for the children of the area who have a place to learn and grow within themselves and the community. Dedicated staff facilitate that environment. Certainly, this will continue in the face of the forthcoming changes to the administration. Kelly Schneider will be retiring from his role as principal at the end of this school year. The position has been filled by former vice-principal Greg Knot. In the last 52 years, the school has had only three principals — Alan 18054WW0 18053WW1


edstead News

Short, Percy Grist, and Kelly Schneider. The 53rd year will bring a fourth. The school is clearly special to Schneider, who has noted his passion for hiring teachers who show love for their students and passion for their work. According to Schneider, vacant positions caused by retirements are in the process of being filled. Stacy Hill will be the vice-principal for the 2018-19 school year. With the passion she has shown

in the classroom, it is sure to be a fruitful adjustment. This is not to say Schneider has let up on his passion for productive administration. In the last school newsletter, Schneider noted the need for a focus on attendance. Certainly, students will remember Schneider’s smiling face, his lunchtime songs and enthusiastic costumes that made for a welcoming and spirited environment for students and staff alike. Though the shoes to fill are large, the staff will rise to the challenge and continue to provide a prime environment for learning and growth for students.

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COPY DEADLINE: Friday, May 18, 2018 ADVERTISING DEADLINE: Monday, June 4, 2018 This only happens once a year!


Call today 306-445-7261 to place your advertising Sponsored by


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Mothers pray to be able to have children Ed, my old neighbour from Saskatchewan, is getting busier on his farm and complaining that company always comes when you don’t have time to visit. Ed learned family from Edmonton was coming for the weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day. I told Ed it might be wise to be around on Mother’s Day even if he wants to work the land and seed. My old neighbour feels he does not need to be home for Mother’s Day because Ruby is his wife not his mother. I told Ed that he could be with his family in honour of his mother. He replied that his mother

has been dead for 10 years now. I suggested, then, it might be a good year to put some flowers on his mother’s grave. My old neighbour said his mother wouldn’t know if he put flowers on her grave. I told him he would know he honoured her with some flowers. “It doesn’t say anything about Mother’s Day in the Bible,” Ed said. I agreed with Ed, but reminded him it does say, “Honour your father and mother, that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land.” I also told Ed many of us could no longer call our mothers and tell them

that we love them, but we will not forget their love for us, especially on Mother’s Day. Many folks do honour their mothers with the attitude that their mom was one of the very best ever. In the Bible, Hannah wanted to be a mother but could not have children

for many years. She was one of two wives to Elkanah. The two wives were known as Peninnah, the wife who could have children, and Hannah, the wife who could not bear children. Each year Hannah went with her husband to Shiloh to worship at the temple and

pray. Eli and his two sons were priests there. One year, Hannah prayed in great anguish at the temple. She was praying so intensely that her lips moved, but no words came out. Eli, the priest, noticed her and accused her of being drunk. Hannah assured Eli she was not drunk but praying in high anxiety. She was asking God for a son and promising that if the Lord gave her a son she would give her son back to God for as long as he lived. Eli told her that she should go in peace and let the God of Israel, grant her prayer. The Lord blessed Hannah and her husband.

She conceived and bore a son. She called her son, Samuel for she had asked for him from the Lord. Hannah kept the child Samuel until he was weaned. Then she took Samuel to Shiloh, to the priest Eli, at the house of Lord, and left him there. Samuel was given to God as Hannah had promised. Samuel was to be the Lord’s for as long as he would live. Hannah understood Samuel was given to her so that God could claim Samuel’s life for His purpose. God blessed Hannah with other children after Samuel.

Worship Together Spend some quality family time together. Worship at the church of your choice. Our community has a number of churches and a variety of denominations for you & your family.

(RC) St. Joseph Calasanctius Parish 1942 - 98th Street, North Battleford, SK S9A 0N4 306-446-1695

PASTOR: Fr. Anthony Afangide, M.S.P.

DAILY: Tues., Wed., Thurs. & Fri. - 9 a.m. unless otherwise noted WEEKEND: Saturdays - 7:30 p.m. Sundays - 9:00 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

Battlefords Grace Community Church

1401 - 98th Street, North Battleford, SK


Pastor: Bill Hall

191 - 24th Street W., Battleford, Sk. 306-937-7575

SUNDAY 10:30 a.m.

WORSHIP SERVICES - 11 a.m. Sunday

Everyone Welcome

Everyone Welcome

Hope Mennonite Fellowship

Pastor Patrick Carty

1291 - 109th Street, North Battleford

Sunday School - 10:00 am Sunday Worship - 11:00 am

SUNDAY - 11:00 a.m. - Worship Service Pastor Gerhard Luitjens & Abel & Sonya Zabaleta (Spanish Ministry)

1231 - 104th Street North Battleford Phone 306-445-7777

Church Phone 306-445-4181

Various weekly programs “A Community of believers seeking more of God’s presence”

All Saints Ukrainian Catholic Parish 902 - 108th Street, North Battleford

Divine Liturgy: May 6, 13 & 20 at 9:30 am May 27 at 11:00 am (Praznyk, lunch & cemetery services) Wednesdays at 10:00 am Moleben: Fridays at 7:00 pm Contact: Fr. Ivan Derkach at (306) 937-3767 or (306) 317-8138

TerriTorial Drive alliance church

1372 102 St 306-445-3009

ROMAN CATHOLIC ST. VITAL’S 11 - 18th Street, Battleford, SK

Phone 306-937-7340 PASTOR - Fr. Roque S. Concepcion Saturday Evening Mass - 5:00 p.m. Sunday Mass - 10:30 a.m.

Battleford United Church 52 - 4th Avenue West Battleford, SK

306-937-3177 Rev. Gayle Wensley


Third Avenue United Church Sunday Worship Service - 10:30 a.m. Sunday School 1301 - 102nd Street, Phone 306-445-8171 Rev. Frances Patterson

Everyone Welcome Email:

Pastor: Rev. Allen Huckabay



Living Water Ministry

Sr. Pastor Brian Arcand Pastor Anand George Phone: 306-445-3803 Cell: 306-441-9385 Fax: 306-445-4385

1371 - 103rd Street (Use East Door)

Battlefords Seventh-Day Adventist Church

SUNDAY SERVICES Rev. Trevor Malyon

St. George’s Anglican Church - 9:00 a.m. 191 - 24th Street West, Battleford, SK

St. Paul’s Anglican Church - 11:00 a.m. 1302 - 99th Street North Battleford, SK

St. Jean Baptiste de la Salle Roman Catholic Church DELMAS - Fr. Roque S. Concepcion SUNDAY MASS - 9:00 a.m.

Box 10, Delmas, SK

S0M 0P0

Phone 306-937-7340

Sunday Evening Service 7:00 p.m. Bible Study Wednesday 7:30 p.m.

1702 - 106th Street, North Battleford

Come Join Us Sundays at 11:00 am Loving God Growing Together Serving Others Phone Church: 306-445-4818 Fax: 306-445-8895 Email:

Pastor James Kwon

Corner 16th Ave. & 93rd Street, North Battleford

Phone 306-445-9096

Saturday Services Bible Study - 10:00 a.m. Worship Service - 11:00 a.m.

Regional Optimist

New, re-roofing & roof repair

Todd Patterson Owner/Operator

Patterson roofing Where we always try to be the lowest price and best value. - Guaranteed Workmanship -

FREE Estimates & Senior Discounts

Phone: 306-445-8439 Cell: 306-441-3690


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Mobile Hot Water Pressure Washing For Building Exteriors, Vehicles and Equipment

306-481-4465 • Tree Removal



• Trimming & Pruning • Stump Grinder • Fully Insured

Call Trever at 306-480-6018

CITY COURIER & MOVING 306-441-6419

18 Years Custom Picture Framing Experience

Jocelyn Schmunk Phone: 306-445-1488 Fax: 306-445-1484

Suite 2 2062 - 100th Street North Battleford, SK S9A 0X5

Alain Martel


• Horizontal Directional Drill • Excavation • Hydro Vac • Trenching • Septic Tank Installation

Call Dean


Let us take care of your move, short haul or long distance moves... Box 1828 Phone: 306-446-3535 Battleford, SK Cell: 306-441-0111 S0M 0E0 Email: Fax: 306-446-3500


Lee Ganzert

Rene Michaud

IP Journeyman Carpenter

“The Roofing Wizard”

1171B - 100 Street PO Box 1013 North Battleford, SK S9A 0V3

306-446-2345 306-445-ROOF (7663) Email:


PO Box 2268 Battleford, SK S0M 0E0

Ph: 306-441-4173

Fax: 306-445-2258


We accept all dental insurance plans

Rodney Sternig - Licenced Denturist • Satisfaction Guaranteed HOURS:

Mon. - Thurs. ~ 9 am - 5 pm Fri. ~ 9 a.m - 3 pm


1492 - 100th Street, North Battleford Easy access parking behind building


Phone 306-445-7261

Fax 306-445-3223

Have a "To-Do" List? We Will Take Care of it!

Precision Denture Clinic

We Carry Liability Insurance

Valorie Higgs Scott McMillan Candace Mack-Horton


C ALL PETER 306-446-2155


Jeff Schommer

CONTRACTING Serving North Battleford & Area

Specializing in Exterior & Interior Renovations Roofing • Siding • Facia • Soffit • Decking • Fencing


SERVING THE BATTLEFORDS & AREA Flat Bed Services Compound Facilities Lock Out & Boosting

Betty's & Trailer Repair Battleford Industrial Park






• Service & Parts • Extended Hours

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Regional Optimist

Jamie Turuk



Journeyman Electrician


TRUCK DRIVING Training Division


TEACHING YOU • Class 1 • Air Endorsement • Class 3 • 1A Tutoring • Class 5 • Driver Improvement Training

Battleford, SK

• Residential • Commercial • Rural • Service • Free Estimates AVAILABLE EVENINGS & WEEKENDS

Marv & Sancia 306-441-9650

Phone/Fax 306-446-2606 Passing you on to Perfection

Derrick Shynkaruk

Devan Oborowsky Realtor®

General Contractor

• New Construction • Renovations

306.441.1980 306.445.3144

• Shops • Driveways • Patios

Jason King

Ph: 306-445-5452 • Cell: 306-441-6161 Serving the Battlefords & Surrounding Area

(306) 490-ROCK (7625)

We Deliver! Three locations in Saskatchewan to serve you better Whitkow • Cochin • North Battelford



Pedicures Manicures Facials Body Waxing Lash/Brow Tinting

Gift Certificates Available

Sharon Colliar

2030 Foley Drive North Battleford, Sask


Janaya Pollard REALTOR®


Box 1331 Battleford, SK S0M 0E0


One Store For All Your Needs! Call us about your project today!

2741 - 99th Street, North Battleford

Esthetics By Sharon

Glenn Day

Kevin Ryhorchuk

The Carpet People


Cell: 306-441-3342 E-mail:

Res. 306-445-9969

Flooring, Tile and Blind options to personalize your home!

your news all the time and online


306-481-5714 or


NEW! Spring Discount

Ph: 306-490-7625 Fax: 306-445-5920


North Battleford, Saskatchewan S9A 2J9

Bob Frolek's


881 - 111th Street

FREE ESTIMATES Call Dion Call Dion or Pat 937-2083

Dallas Campbell



Locally Owned & Operated

WCB • Fully Insured Locally Owned & Operated FOR FREE ESTIMATES • WCB • Fully Insured Serving the • References Available Battlefords & Area • Senior Discount

3 miles N.W. on Hwy. 16, 2 1/2 miles west on Sunshine Road

Owner/Operator CUFCA Certified Polyurethane Foam Sprayer HMI Certified Polyurethane Concrete Raising Technician

Kaley Knight


• Older Tractors • Combines • Swathers • Balers & Tillage • Other Ag related equipment


Blair Geering


"Quality that doesn't cost, it pays"

“Quality that doesn’t cost, it pays”



King's Concrete • Garage Floors • Sidewalks • Basement Floors

J&D Roofing


Big Mike's Contracting

1001 - 113 Street, North Battleford, SK

Owner: Mike Huber • Expert Tree Removal • 17 Years Experience • Fully Insured • Free Estimates • 60 Foot Bucket Truck • NOW OFFERING Stump Grinding

Call 306-446-2283 Cell 306-441-7570

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Regional Optimist may 17, 2018