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ever, the investors are said to have ties to the Battlefords. The Battlefords Trade and EducaPlans have been put forward for a crafy brewery to move into Battlefords Trade tion Centre was housed in the building and Education Centre’s old home in the at 702-102nd Street until last October, *Before taxes. **See in-store sales associate for instant BTEC 100-year-old armoury building. savings details and list of available when qualifying models.moved to their new location At council Monday night, Planning and on Railway Avenue and 105th Street. The Development Director Jennifer Niesink building was then put up for sale. There had been considerable speculaoutlined the plans of investors to turn the aging building into a craft brewery and tion the aging building might be a prime restaurant, with up-scale food services candidate for demolition. available. However, the plan for a craft brewery At the moment, the names of the indi- would save the building from the wreckviduals putting forward the proposal has ing ball. not been made public by City Hall, howFor more on this story, please see Page 3.


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Tuesday evening, the streets of North Battleford saw a march take place in honor of missing and murdered Indigenous women in memory of Courtney Johnstone, a young indigenous woman from North Battleford who was killed in 2014. The march raised awareness of the ongoing issue and drew a large number of participants, The march began shortly after 5pm at the Allen Sapp Gallery on 11th Avenue and 100th Street, and made its way to 15th Avenue before turning and going down 101st Street on the way back to the gallery. Photo by John Cairns

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The Battlefords, Thursday, February 16, 2017 - Page 3

Craft brewery plans for old BTEC location By John Cairns Staff Reporter

It looks as if the 100-year-old armoury that formerly housed the Battlefords Trade and Education Centre could see new life as a craft brewery. At council Monday night, Planning and Development Director Jennifer Niesink outlined plans put forward by some local investors to turn the aging building into a craft brewery and restaurant, with up-scale food services available. The armory building is located at 702-102nd Street which is zoned R2Low Density Residential. An application was received at City Hall to amend the zoning bylaw so the property is zoned “C2 - Neighbourhood Commercial.” A discretionary use application to council would then be needed to allow a craft brewery to set up there. Administration also recommended adding the term “tavern” as a discretionary use in that zone. To accommodate the rezoning, council passed a resolution Monday authorizing administration to prepare the necessary bylaw amendments. Those will return to council for passage. There is also a public notice period for the application.

Spring Fling to

Len Taylor voices support at council for a potential craft brewery at the former BTEC building location on 102nd Street. The historic old armory building has graced that location for 100 years. Photo by John Cairns

At the moment, the names of the individuals putting forward the proposal has not been made public by City Hall, however it is known it consists of investors with ties to the Battlefords. City administration sees the proposal as a positive for the location. According to Niesink’s memo to council, the use could complement the overall residential neighbourhood in Riverview and would provide tax revenue and a boost to the local economy, as the craft brewery industry is increasingly popular. The new owners are also looking to restore the existing building and highlight its heritage, ac-


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cording to her report. A particular positive is that the existing building will not sit empty. All prior inquiries of the property had proposed industrial uses.

Niesink pointed out at council Monday that the building itself has some unique features as it has no direct neighbours and is surrounded by roadways, so it was “a good

candidate” for making this sort of zoning change. Battlefords Trade and Education Centre was housed in the building until last October, when BTEC moved to their new location on Railway Ave. and 105th Street. The building was then put up for sale. There had been considerable speculation the aging building might be a prime candidate for demolition. However, the plan for a craft brewery would save the building from the wrecking ball, something that pleased councillors on Monday night. Councillor Len Taylor was particularly enthusiastic about the opportunity to save a historic building in the Battlefords. “We’ve lost a lot of our architectural history over the years,” said Taylor.

He was also excited by the proposal. “I have seen these small micro-brewery operations in other centres, including downtown Halifax, where they have converted heritage buildings into a meeting place, where they just happen to brew some excellent beverages,” said Taylor. Mayor Ryan Bater was also excited about the opportunity, noting, “The idea of preserving a historic building in our city as well as introducing a modernized product is quite exciting.” The next step in the process now is for a first reading of the bylaw at the next council meeting, followed by a public notice period and a public hearing after that. Once those steps are complete, second and third reading can proceed.

Formalized neighbourhoods coming By John Cairns Staff Reporter

A long-talked about proposal to bring in formalized neighbourhoods to North Battleford is moving forward at City Hall. Council has given its approval to a resolution supporting the Formalizing Neighbourhoods project. The resolution’s passage means the process towards formalizing neighbourhoods can now get moving, but it will still take plenty of time and consultations before the process is completed. The initiative comes from the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design committee. The committee has put forward a recommendation for the creation of formalized neighbourhoods, with the



FREE BATTERIES NORTH BATTLEFORD 31-9800 Territorial Dr (Co-Op Mall) Now with Full time service

Ryan Mackrell, city planner, speaks at council Monday about plans to move ahead with their Formalizing Neighbourhoods project. Photo by John Cairns

thinking that it would improve community safety and promote more community pride. City Planner Ryan Mackrell noted at council Monday that right now there are only about three identifiable neighbourhoods -- Killdeer Park, Fairview Heights and Riv-

erview. “What we found is most of our residents really do not know their neighbourhoods outside of your ‘top three’,” said Mackrell. They want to start a program to create identifiable neighbourhoods and start reinforcing them through local, small events

throughout the city. To begin the process, the idea is to go out and gather some feedback from residents and report on their findings through a series of community engagements. The plan is to hold a number of low-cost events throughout the city, with various activities ranging from street hockey to barbeques. The proposed budget is approximately $1500 a year for three years, which had been included in the Planning and Development operating budget. The purpose of the events is to encourage as much participation as possible. According to Mackrell, people would get to know their surroundings and their neighbours, and that would increase civic pride. By 2019 the goal is to work on “branding” the neighbourhoods so that they could be clearly identified. This could include putting up neighbourhood signs in these areas as well.




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Going out of town and need an oil change? Don’t forget about our Quick Lane no appointment needed 1ST COME • 1ST SERVED! Phone 445-4491 Hwy. 4 North, North Battleford 1-800-667-1320


Page 4 - The Battlefords, Thursday, February 16, 2017

Regional Optimist

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The boiling frog syndrome and the citizens of North Battleford By Richard W. Hiebert Back in the 1970s, I taught high school biology for a few years. One of the classic experiments my Grade 12 class did was the “boil a frog” exercise. We caught a few frogs in a marsh not far from the school. We lightly sedated the biggest frog with sodium phenolatic solution and placed it in the middle of a pot that had been heated to 165 F. The frog, who was in no way hurt, immediately jumped the pot and hightailed it for the door. Every student in the class theorized correctly that it would. We retrieved the frog. We then put Kermie in the middle of a pot of cold water. The docile frog stayed put. We placed the “frog in the pot” on an electric stove. Then we gradually applied heat over the course of 40 minutes. The water was heated gradually from cold to 165 F. There appeared to be no discomfort or pain. Some students theorized the frog would jump before the temperature reached 165 F, but he didn’t. Why he didn’t is a mystery. Some students suggested we just picked a stupid frog. Others thought that he (she?) might have been genetically programmed to sustain heat. Perhaps he sunned himself a lot out in the marsh on a lily pad. We don’t know. Personally, I think it was a matter of the frog becoming gradually acclimatized to its environment with no perceived reason to escape . We know from experiments conducted by Dopiddy and Wangle (1979) in a university setting where they brought a frog in cold water to boiling point (212 F) that the little amphibian succumbed to the heat with apparently no desire to jump. We don’t know why for sure but the “gradually getting used to the environment” made the most sense to my class and me. But we do know the boiling frog syndrome has a connection to the nature and the psychology of human beings. Take the citizenry of North Battleford for instance. Recently in the Regional Optimist, there was a half page of police reports –fights, assaults, break and enters, alcohol-related offences, robberies, businesses being held up – typical, every week North Battleford stuff. It appears to be getting worse week by week and month by month. The usual. We’re used to it aren’t we? We’re like the frog. Yep, good old North Battleford has bit the top of the crime severity index five years in a row is it not? I remember I was yawning when I read the report. I live on the west side of the city. It’s not as bad, even though, our neighbours were robbed of valuables a couple weeks ago, and that morning we noticed tracks in the snow to our three vehicles and front and garage doors. So, I was reading the crime report. Wham, it hit me. Three individuals wearing balaclavas, with one carrying a long-barrel rifle, broke into a house on 101st Street and robbed the inhabitants at gunpoint. Hello. Seriously? Are we as responsible citizens going to respond to this? Or are we going to succumb like the frog did? Are we so

used to escalating crime in this city that we just shrug it off. Are we pathologically used to it? How close are we to the boiling point? Here’s an idea, a strategy to fight crime in our city. My career in public education spanned 36 years, 20 of which were served as a high school principal. I had the reputation of being a strong principal. My school had rules. When a student breached the rules there was a consequence – a penalty, a punishment. If he vandalized something in the school, he paid cash to cover the loss, or if he didn’t have cash he worked it off – shovelled snow, washed desks, swept and scrubbed hallways. Restitution? Sure. Then after the student had paid his debt, there were obligatory counselling sessions with a paternalistic, fatherly principal. Authority figures in schools and in society need to be caring and empathetic as much as they need to be resolute. Important moral lessons were learned. Rarely did this kind of student re-offend. When laws are broken in society, there need to be consequences. The penalties need to be stiff enough to act both as a deterrent and restitution. Here’s another. I have a carpenter friend who keeps a set of expensive of tools in his truck box (locked at night). A few years back, two young offenders stole his truck and drove it at high speeds to 30 miles west of the city. They rolled it about five or six times destroying the truck and most of the tools. These two got some time added to their sentences, but there was no restitution. My friend got his keys back and a few tools, but he sustained a large loss. It cost him a lot of money. The youths in question did not have to apologize or even write a note of regret. Now of course there was too much damage here for the boys to work it off. But that’s no excuse for simply leaving it. What should have happened? These young offenders should have been required to put in two months of hard work – shovelling, digging,

A community newspaper published Thursdays by Battlefords Publishing Ltd. 892 - 104th Street, North Battleford, Saskatchewan S9A 1M9 Telephone: 306-445-7261 • Fax: 306-445-3223 E-mail: Publications Mail Agreement Number 40051948

2012 SWNA


NEWSPAPER (Circ. Class E)

hauling lumber, nailing, moving drywall working with the carpenter. Too hard? Nope. Hard lessons? Yes, but not too hard. These boys learned nothing other than they could get away with committing a major crime. They did not learn that it is fundamentally and morally wrong to steal. They re-offended of course. A couple of years down the line, they ended up in the Prince Albert Penitentiary. And that’s tragic.

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Regional Optimist

The Battlefords, Thursday, February 16, 2017 - Page 5

Dennis Pidwerbeski: An extraordinary musician

Keeping it County band playing at Haterleigh: Duane Heinz, Dennis Pidwerebeski and Larry Symynuk (circa 2013).

I count it a privilege to be able to write the story on Dennis Pidwerbeski’s life and musical career. He is a remarkable individual and musician, having played a key role in the great Mellotones dance band for many years. He has also played in a number of smaller bands since 1967. And, he was exceptional as a solo artist. Dennis and I met a number of times at the Writer’s Café (Co-op Cafeteria) over multiple cups of coffee. I got the full story. Dennis Pidwerbeski was born on Aug. 27, 1943 to Steve Pidwerbeski (who emigrated to Canada from Ukraine in 1914) and Dora Pidwerbeski (nee Srayko) on the home farm with a midwife in attendance. Dennis came from a large family of three brothers and four sisters (one broth-

er died in infancy). He was the youngest child in the family. Dennis took grades one through eight at Dominion School located three and one-half miles southwest of the Pidwerbeski farm. He generally walked to school. Sometimes it was too muddy. In winter, the children drove to school in a sleigh pulled by horses. In the summer, transportation was by horse and buggy. He then attended the North Battleford Collegiate Institute completing grades nine to 12 and graduated in 1961. He vividly remembers the “unforgettable” Harry Sharp, principal, vice-principal Mr. McGinnis and English teacher, Miss Fletcher. Dennis farmed eight and a half miles south of Whitkow (five miles south

of Redfield) – a mixed farming operation first, and then straight grain. Dennis married the love of his life, Greta (nee Waters) on Oct, 18, 1969. They have two adopted children (now adults) and two grandchildren. When Dennis was 14, his brother, Roman, gave him a hollow-body acoustic guitar. This certainly was one of the best presents Dennis could have received. He was fortunate to have a teacher, Phil Babish, give him three lessons – a few open chords and how to chord and sing. In high school, Dennis got together at a house with some friends (Rick Kildaw on guitar and his brother, Allen, on the bongo drums). He also jammed with Cliff Nesset (who became one of the Battlefords’ premier

guitar pickers). These were wonderfully enjoyable times. And the youthful musicians learned about music and playing in a band. Dennis exhibited ingenuity and mechanical ability when, at one point, he built and installed a pick up in Roman’s guitar, thereby transforming it into an electric guitar. Then he built an amplifier from a kit with about 10 watts of power. That was some accomplishment for a teenaged boy. In 1963, Phil Leibel asked Dennis to step in with his band, Phil Leibel and the Knights of Rhythm. He played guitar and bass guitar with the Knights for four years. It was a great experience. In 1967, Russ Iwanchuk, band leader with the newly formed Mellotones, asked Dennis to join the band. Dennis immediately accepted. He wasn’t about to turn down an opportunity to play with the greatest dance band in the Northwest and one of the best bands in the province. His first dance with the Mellotones was in Meadow Lake. Dennis was somewhat unsure, nervous and sweaty. Who wouldn’t be? Still, it was a big thrill and a learning opportunity. Dennis still lacked the experience he needed to play with this phenomenal

iebert on Heritage Richard W. Hiebert, Ph.D

President, Battlefords Heritage Society

band, but he learned quickly and soon acquired the reputation as a great musician and one of the Mellotones key anchors. As a musician, Dennis had a great work ethic. He never missed practices, which were held in Russ Iwanchuk’s basement every Monday night. The Mellotones became one of the most popular bands in Western Canada. Their new style of music included old time, LatinAmerican, rock, jazz and everything in between. They were exceptionally versatile. Appearance and conduct was of first order importance to the band. They dressed smartly in Las Vegas style sports jackets and ties. They played for weddings and anniversary dances, RCMP, Beta Sigma Phi, firemen, Kinsmen, New Year’s Eve and Knights of Columbus balls, and for an array of dance clubs, The Mellotones were one of the first bands to play the Auditorium Ho-

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11902 Railway Ave. North Battleford, SK

Purchase tickets at the door or Blue Rentals Visit the many exhibitors showcasing their products and services! Creative Interiors Milbanke Flowers Bill & Don’s Mens Wear Epicure – Christine George We Coordinate Yours – Peg Gilchrist Andrea McDonald Professional Make-up Artist 7. Little Bunchkin Children’s Clothing 8. Warne Photography – Paula & Warne Noyce 9. Parklane Jewellery – Colleen Seed 10. Travelmasters – Cathy Northcott 11. Flight Centre - Stephanie Mykytuk 12. Cass Kos Photography 13. Dream Realty Ltd – Kaley Knight 14. Rockin Entertainment – Robert Nagy 15. Sigstads Catering – Annette Signstad 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

16. Renee Dawn Photo – Renee Hopper 17. Absolute Beauty by Cindy – Cindy Bidart 18. Valentus Coffee – Raeleen Prescesky 19. Isabell Make-up Artist 20. Aurora Boutique - Olivia Staples 21. Xyngular – Linda Hebert 22. Jennifer Price Nail Technician 23. Blue Rentals 24. Gold Eagle Casino 25. Gold Eagle Lodge 26. Infinity Management – Colleen Shalley Event Planner 27. Battlefords Boutique - Angie Friedrich 28. Mary Kay – Tiffany Brown 29. Cloud 9 Limousine - Kelly Wouters 30. Logan’s Day Spa 31. Blaine Lake Liquor – Bartending Service


Above and Beyond!

Great family home in sought after Fairview Heights subdivision. Located on a quiet cul-de-sac, this 1370 sq. ft. home features cathedral ceilings, open concept living, dining, and custom kitchen areas with upgraded lighting throughout! Spacious living and dining room leading to a large deck overlooking patio and pond. Custom kitchen boasts large island, bi-dishwasher, Samsung stainless steel appliances. 6 bedrooms in total, with Master bedroom showcasing spa bath and walk-in closet. Main floor bath has luxurious marble finishes including a couple’s jacuzzi tub! Developed basement with family/rec rooms and additional 3 pc. bath. This executive home offers a beautiful landscaped yard, vinyl fencing, shed and stucco exterior. Extra wide drive and home is roughed in for central air and central vac. Call Donna Ray for your personal viewing of this home. MLS®597779.




Prime Location!

This 6,000 sq. ft. building (currently Kal Tire) is a steel frame, metal clad building located on the 100th Street business corridor. There are two 14’ x 10’ doors and two 12’x10’ doors, 2 mezzanines 24’x24’ and 18’x18’. Central heating and air conditioning in the office and showroom areas. The shop area has 2 radiant heaters and overhead furnace. The mezzanine above the office and showroom is the lunch area and has two washrooms. Outside has a fenced compound. Call Brian Lampitt at 306-445-5555 on MLS®588198.

It’s All In The Location

End Unit

Check out this end unit with extra windows and lots of natural light. Large master bedroom with full attached bathroom. Main floor laundry room. Large bedroom in basement with potential to easily add another bedroom or leave as storage room/workshop. Enjoy outdoor living on the back deck or on the ground level patio. Double attached garage with direct entry. Call Tracy to arrange your personal viewing. MLS®596599.

Battleford Furniture; Exquisite Fashions & Bridals; Arbonne Make-Up (Abbie McLeod & Amber Stewart); Park Lane Jewellery (Sharon Mohagen); Milbanke Flowers & Home Decor; Aurora Boutique; Jennifer Price - Nail Technician; Rockin Entertainment; Q98 and The News-Optimist

1291 - 100th Street, North Battleford

Brian Lampitt 306-441-6433

1541 - 100th Street

Gold Eagle Casino Event Centre

Fashion Show - 3:00 p.m. Swag Bag for every bride Tickets: $10.00 per person Grand prize draw for registered brides

tel Lounge. The Auditorium was the first hotel in the Battlefords to provide music for its patrons. The Mellotones played in many different communities throughout the province. Dennis said he learned the most about music and playing in a band when he was with the Mellotones, from Russ Iwanchuk and Garnet Speer. Dennis played with the Mellotones for 17 years until 1984, when the great band broke up. The reason was that they couldn’t get a drummer. Actually, the Mellotones didn’t break up permanently because the Battlefords and area citizenry wouldn’t let them. So they picked up established drummers from dance bands, or unattached musicians, as necessary. They were lucky to book Don Tatchell on occasion, who was without question the best drummer ever to come out of the Battlefords. Continued on Page 6.

Very nicely kept 3 bedroom bungalow in a great location. 1 gas fireplace upstairs and 1 wood burning fireplace downstairs. Main floor utility. Laminate flooring throughout main floor except for the living room. Some newer appliances. The developed basement includes family room, 3/4 bath, bedroom, summer kitchen and lots of storage. Single attached garage (16’x26’) c/w electric opener. Fenced and landscaped. 66’x120’ lot. Call Brian Lampitt to view MLS®593840.

TARA - West Side Condo

Valued Priced - You Get To Renovate

1,302 sq. ft. bungalow with 2 bedrooms up & 2 down. Has large living room, formal dining, large open kitchen. Full basement development w/ large family room c/w gas fireplace, full bath, bedrooms and bar area. Fully developed 100’x120’ double lot, huge 2 tiered deck & more. 2 car garage plus workshop. Priced at $239,000.00. Call Archie Robinson soon re: MLS®587198.

Affordable and sought after Westside Condo this “Tara” condo is located on a quiet street. Move-in ready, has had recent reno’s including flooring and paint. U-shaped kitchen, oak cabinetry and includes appliances. Large dining area and living room with patio doors to balcony. 2 bedroom with 1/2 bath off the master. Utility and storage room with additional cabinets, this unit comes with underground parking. Elevator and wheelchair accessible and spacious common area for entertainment and family functions. Tara is a very well maintained complex. Additional parking for visitors in side lot. Call Donna Ray to take advantage of this great opportunity! MLS®597427.

Page 6 - The Battlefords, Thursday, February 16, 2017

Regional Optimist

Dennis Pidwerbeski Continued from Page 5. The greatest singer the Battlefords ever produced, George Armstrong, was with the Mellotones from their inception until the band called it quits in 1984. Then he joined Blue Denim. George now lives in Victoria, B.C. Every dance band experiences some unusual and humorous happenings and the Mellotones were no exception. Dennis said on one occasion the band was travelling to Meadow Lake when the trailer full of equipment lost a wheel. The trailer fishtailed and rolled over on its side. The back door was wrenched open and Dennis’s bass amplifier flew out and into the ditch. Fortunately, the amplifier was not damaged other than a few surface scratches. The band loaded all of their equipment on the truck and made it to Meadow Lake in time for the dance. Singer, Ken Magnuson, died from a heart attack in the winter of 1974. It was a tremendous loss and a terrible shock to the band. The band had been working on an album. Sadly,

Ken never got to hear it. The band dedicated the album posthumously to Ken. Dennis played with the Mellotones until 2001, switching to a toned-down version of the 1960s and ‘70s band, when Leon Charabin died. Leon’s passing and the break up of the Mellotones began a new chapter in Dennis’s musical journey. Dennis played with the North Battleford Dixieland Jazz Band, anchored by percussionist Don Tatchell, from 1985 to 1986. The band also included Garnet Speer, Jack Tatchell, Russ Iwanchuk, David Dekker and Maurice Shaw. They even entered a float in the annual North Battleford Exhibition Parade and played Dixieland music to the crowd. It was a warm day and the band was concerned about dehydration so arrangements were made to have plenty of refreshments on board the float. One of the refreshments was not legal in public. One creative and enterprising band member came to the rescue. He placed a two gallon jug inside the covered truck box

Pidwerbesky-Waters wedding: Russ Iwanchuk and Dennis Pidwerbeski (circa 1969).

with a small submersible pump with a small hose attached that ran to the back of the trailer. All that the band members had to do was turn on the tap. By the time the parade was over, the band was well hydrated. From 2005 to 2008, Dennis, Garnet Speer, Russell Iwanchuk, and Don Wakeland formed the Melody Four dance band. The quartet played seniors’ facilities, lodges and nursing facilities and were very well received. Russ Iwanchuk died in 2008 and the Melody Four


WINTER IS HERE... Be sure to get your vehicle checked before it leaves you COLD!

FOUR K AUTO 1761-100th St.,North Battleford



FEBRUARY 24 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

For tickets contact The Dekker Centre Box Office

Kaha:wi Dance Theatre presents their world premiere of NeoIndigenA. A performance of the soul exploring our relationship to all living entities and elements. It promises to be both transcendent and primordial.

disbanded. In 2006, Larry Symynuk asked Dennis to step in with him and Don Heppner in a threepiece band called Keeping it Country. The band consisted of members Larry Symynuk on rhythm guitar and vocals and Dennis on electric bass guitar and vocals. Don Heppner unfortunately passed away and Duane Heinz (steel guitar and fiddle) replaced him. The trio played primarily classic 1960s and ‘70s country. Dennis is still with this band. They’re popular and solidly booked. Dennis also plays with another group called Cool Creek. Band members include John Archer (guitar and vocals) and Jeanette Beckman (vocals).

He has also put together a CD entitled Just Me. Dennis is the only musician on the CD, which features 14 songs. The CD was recorded in Dennis’s home studio in his basement and produced and pressed in Rosetown. And he is by no means finished, because he has another CD in the works. It should be out by the end of March. Dennis bought a Fender bass guitar from Gordon Racicot in 1967 for $400. It is now worth more than $3,000. He also purchased a German-made, big and heavy bass amplifier. In his other life, Dennis was always interested in flying. He got his pilot’s licence in 1998 and took flight training from Fran Becotte. Dennis owned two ultralight planes. He

Dennis Pidwerbeski at his high school graduation from the North Battleford Collegiate Institute in 1961.

took his ultralight training at the Cormon airport and got his licence in 1990. He also built a gyroplane from a kit made in Kindersley. He also took his gyroplane training at the Kindersley airport. After he sold the ultralight gyroplane, Dennis bought a fixedwing Pelican plane kit. Music has been good to Dennis over the years. But with every good thing comes a price. Dennis said he missed out on a great deal of family life and community functions and is thankful for his wife Greta and their children for standing by him through the years. I have truly enjoyed getting to know and discuss the life and musical career of one of the Battlefords great musicians – Dennis Pidwerbeski.

Regional Optimist

The Battlefords, Thursday, February 16, 2017 - Page 7

Free fishing weekend Staff

The province has announced that the annual free fishing weekend is coming up on Feb. 18, 19 and 20. One weekend a year is designated annually to encourage participation in ice fishing. Residents and visitors may fish in any of Saskatchewan’s public waters with an open sport fishing season without purchasing a fishing licence. However, national parks are excluded and anyone planning to take fish out of the province must purchase a licence first. Also, anglers on Lac la Ronge must have a free endorsement and associated

harvest ledger and these may be obtained through private issuers, the environment ministry or at select provincial park offices free of charge. People taking part in the ice fishing this weekend are reminded that all other fishing regulations, including possession limits and reduced limits on some lakes and rivers, remain in effect. Also, the province is reminding people to use caution and common sense by wearing good clothing and by testing the ice thickness before walking on it. A minimum 10 cm of good ice is required for walking and 30 cm is needed for light vehicle travel –

important information as Saskatchewan expects to see milder weather conditions throughout this week. “Fishing is one of Saskatchewan’s most popular activities, attracting more than 250,000 people each year,” said Environment Minister Scott Moe in a statement. “This weekend is a great opportunity for people and their families to learn about and enjoy the sport of ice fishing and to recognize the value of this provincial resource.” More information is available in the 2016 Anglers’ Guide (available wherever fishing licences are sold) or online at www.


1391 - 100th Street, North Battleford, SK


Each Office Independently Owned & Operated

Kayla Petersen

Owner/Associate Broker


Prince Albert Parkland Health Region

The Prince Albert Parkland Health Region is in need of caring, compassionate and committed volunteers to fill the following service positions: Entertainment – Evergreen Health Centre, Leoville 306-984-2136. Volunteer performers (musicians, magicians, actors) share their talents with residents in longterm care. Other volunteers assist by inviting residents to a specific area for entertainment, parties and sing-a-longs and assist

with snacks and lunches. Parent-Tot Program Spiritwood and District Health Complex, 306883-4432. Parents along with their young children may visit residents on a one-to-one basis or in small groups. Parents are responsible for their children at all times. Shifts are flexible, once or twice per week. Pet Therapy – Hafford Special Care Home 306549-2108 Volunteers with well-trained, friendly pets may visit the residents at the nursing homes. The pets must meet the necessary requirements prior to visiting. Shifts are once or

twice per week with flexible hours. If you are interested in this or any other volunteer service position, or if you have a particular skill or talent you would like to share with the patients, residents or clients in the health region, please call your local health care facility to apply. You can also reach the PAPHR Volunteer Services Department at 306-765-6010, by email at volunteers@ or find us on the web at www.paphr. ca. We look forward to matching your talents and interests with the right position for you.

What will your future look like?




Volunteer opportunities

Volunteers brighten the day

LOCATED IN FAIRVIEW • 1,410 sq. ft. bi-level home • 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms • Direct entry from heated garage • Landscaped yard & vinyl fencing • All appliances remain, Central vac, central air

Brett Payne


• 3 bedrooms home built in 2014 • 66X165 ft. lot • Triple E windows, A/C, underground sprinklers, composite deck • Heated, wired, & insulated 26X30 attached garage • Located on Jackfish Lake



1491 95TH STREET

Wally Lorenz


Dorothy Lehman REALTOR®

• 952 sq. ft. home, 3 bedrooms • Some upgrades done • F/S/W/D & metal shed included • Located on a fenced corner lot • Close to School and down town • Excellent starter home or rental property



GREAT LOCATION IN BATTLEFORD Beautiful quality built 3 bedroom bungalow features bright kitchen cabinets, island, walk-in pantry, dining area with French doors to deck. Developed basement. Nicely landscaped yard, fenced. Check it out this amazing family home!









Lloyd Ledinski

1,202 acres of fairly good pasture with the little shell River running through pasture of it. Approx. 660 acres of cultivated tame hay and the balance main natural and bush pasture. Fairly good fences, also the seller has done some gravel test holes. What was found is very interesting. The buyers would be responsible for their own testing. As well there is some spruce timber.




Marlene Kotchorek


• 864 sq. ft. Magnificent view overlooking Murray Lake • 2 bedroom year round home • 11X22 living room with large window • Lower level ready for finishing • Newer eaves & shingles • 2016 taxes - $1,527, Total lot size 65X124



496 33 STREET

JoAnne Iverson

Broker/ REALTOR®

Elaine Elder REALTOR®

• 1,216 well maintained mobile home • 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths • Water heater replaced in 2016 • Appliances included • Carport, yard, 2 sheds, patio & BBQ cover also remains • Leased lot ($155/month)



10343 BUNCE CRESCENT Interested in a custom built home? Features 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, ICF construction from basement to rafters, triple glazed windows, NG hot water in floor heating… Call now for your personal viewing.




Build your investments with a TFSA and RRSP

Canadians have never had so many rewarding ways to make their hard-earned money go even further. Enjoy deferred tax, tax savings, and investment growth to help you save money today and in the future with a TFSA and RRSP combined approach to investing..

Al White

Associate Broker/ REALTOR®

Ask us how. We’d love to help. Shawna Schira-Kroeker REALTOR®


Amazing 1,859 sq. ft. home. 2+3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms with double attached garage. Master ensuite with Jacuzzi tub, walk-in closet, main floor laundry, wrap around deck, high end windows, vaulted ceilings, living room complete with natural wood burning fireplace, lower level walk-out. So many extras – come and check it out this Acreage in town.



RM OF SPIRITWOOD • 38 Acres cultivated • Seeded into green feed in 2016 • Remainder of the quarter is pasture & bush • Power, Nat gas close by • Good building site



Page 8 - The Battlefords, Thursday, February 16, 2017

Regional Optimist

Big Brothers Big Sisters Jet Away raffle winner says: ‘It was just a miracle!’ Submitted

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Battlefords

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Battlefords wrapped up a Jet Away Raffle draw Dec. 16 with Valerie Tootoosis-Bull named as the lucky winner of a voucher that allowed her and a guest to fly round trip to any regularly scheduled WestJet destination, thanks to a donation of a “gift of flight” voucher through the WestJet Cares for Kids program. “I had forgot entirely that I bought the ticket,” Tootoosis-Bull admitted. “It was just a miracle!” She had been trying to book flights to attend a family wedding in Trinidad & Tobago just weeks prior, but with rising ticket prices, she was starting to lose hope they would be able to attend. Although TootoosisBull and Kakike, her greatgranddaughter who came as her guest, were not able to make it for her grandson’s wedding on Jan. 1, they were able to join Musa, his new wife, and their families Jan. 10. “It was absolutely amazing! It was just wonderful. I had never been there before.” Of all the special memories from the trip, Tootoosis-Bull thought the time with family, the food and getting to experience the ocean and scenery were among her favourites.

Not being a fan of flying and nervous for the flight, Tootoosis-Bull was happy to report that it was a smooth flight and that she easily forgot about her fears, adding, “They are very good on WestJet. They are very accommodating for everything.” “We were really excited to be able to offer this opportunity to our community and the surrounding areas, while also raising important funds for our programming, through such a great partner like WestJet Cares for Kids,” said Renee Sperling, program co-ordinator for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Battlefords. “We were even more excited to hear the story behind the planned trip from Valerie. It really adds an extra special component to opportunities like this.” Sperling shared the news of the win with Tootoosis-Bull the day after the draw was held and by the end of the following week they were able to get Tootoosis-Bull in touch with the customer service team at WestJet and get her flights booked to Port-auPrince. “[WestJet] were absolutely fantastic to work with and really went the extra mile to ensure that Valerie and Kakike were able to fly out as soon as they could and that they would have a great trip to celebrate with family,” Sperling said.

3 Pre-employment 3 Random 3 Post-accident 3 Reasonable suspicious 3 Return-to-duty

Fundraisers such as the raffle are important to the organizations like BBBSB because they allow them to continue to offer programs and services to the community. Among some of their other programs, BBBSB matches youth in the community with community members who are interested in providing friendship, support and guidance to them. Sperling said there are still a number of youth in the Battlefords who are waiting to be matched. “We’re always looking for new volunteers, absolutely. It’s pretty amazing to see matches meet for the first time and realize how many things they have in common and the adventures and activities they want to try with each other.” The essential trait they look for in volunteers is a willingness to build that connection with a youth and work as a team with program staff and the families to create a support system for the youth. “It’s honestly like being a real life big brother or big sister, or an aunt or uncle. You get to go out there and have fun with each other!” Tootoosis-Bull admitted that she purchased a ticket in large part because of what it would support, adding “there’s so many parents trying so hard and it’s very stressful and it’s great when there’s a safe place for the kids to go.

Valerie Tootoosis-Bull, far right, and her great-granddaughter Valerie, centre, met up with family in Trinidad & Tobago after using a round trip voucher that she won in a Jet Away Raffle draw by Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Battlefords. Photo Submitted

They can do something that affirms who they are and uplifts their spirit, and makes them feel good.” She also pointed to the extra-curricular and recreational activities that organizations like BBBSB help connect youth and families to as being something that motivated her to purchase a ticket.

“I really commend all of the organizations in town that do work with the kids,” she added. BBBSB is thankful for the support they have had for their organization, as well as many of their community partners, from the Battlefords and surrounding area each time they have ran a fundraiser over

the years. “We wouldn’t be able to be a part of these awesome stories and moments without their support” Sperling noted. For more information on Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Battlefords, please contact Renee Sperling at 306-445-7845 or visit






Canmar Drug Testing Inc 1261 100th St. North Battleford, SK

306-400-2384 Scott Moe, MLA

Rosthern/Shellbrook Constituency

Box 115, Shellbrook, SK S0J 2E0 Toll Free: 1-855-793-3422 Fax: 306-747-3472

Randy Weekes, MLA

Biggar Constituency

Box 1413, Biggar, SK S0K 0M0 Toll Free: 1-877-948-4880 Fax: 306-948-4882

Herb Cox, MLA

The Battlefords Constituency

1991 - 100th St., North Battleford, SK S9A 0X2 Phone: 306-445-5195 Fax: 306-445-5196

Larry Doke, MLA

Cut Knife/Turtleford Constituency

#6 - 116 - 1st Ave. West, Maidstone, SK P.O. Box 850, S0M 1M0 Phone: 306-893-2619 Fax: 306-893-2660

Regional Optimist

Wintertainment coming to the B’fords By John Cairns Staff Reporter

For the third year in a row the North Battleford Leisure Services department is hosting the week of Wintertainment in the Battlefords. Events are taking place from Feb. 19 to 26 and a wide range of family-oriented activities are scheduled. Things kick off Feb. 19 at the Battlefords River Valley Visitors Centre,

where a number of activities are planned including sleigh rides, snowshoeing, as well as food such as a wiener roast and hot chocolate. Also on Sunday is a screening of the movie The Little Prince at the Dekker Centre at 2:30pm. Cost is $5 per ticket. Monday between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. at NationsWEST Field House is a one-year launch celebration in advance of the 2018 Saskatchewan Win-

ter Games. A number of games will take place, as well as a Mascot Challenge, in which up to 14 different mascots participate in the challenge. There will also be the unveiling at that time of the official mascot for the Games. On Feb. 21 is the Kaleidoscope of Snowflakes at the Allen Sapp Gallery, an afternoon of colourful craft making. It will include hot cocoa and a bannock bake on an open

The Battlefords, Thursday, February 16, 2017 - Page 9

St. John Ambulance SAVING LIVES at work, home and play

fire. This is between 1-3 p.m. Feb. 22 is Red Cross Pink Day and Ice Games at the Battlefords Co-op Aquatic Centre will be held between 1-3 p.m. There will be pink ice ball and frozen t-shirt races, ice running and door prizes. Admission is 50 percent off if you are wearing the colour pink, and pink apparel will be available for purchase. Feb. 23 will see a chilli cook-off and frozen family game night at NationsWEST Field House between 5 and 8 p.m. A visit from Elsa, Anna and some Princess Friends takes place between 6 and 7 p.m. Feb. 24 will be dropin curling at Northland Power Curling Centre between 6-8:30 p.m.

St. John Training Centre - Located at

1225C 100th Street. Proud to offer

OHS Standard First

RegAid/CPR/AED and u l a r admisBabysitting courses. sion is $10 for adults and 306-445-3472 $5 for youth. Saturday, Feb. 25 Call and register will see the Wintertainment Outdoor Clastoday! sic 2017, which will include two outdoor hockey ship games and other activities w i t h between 12 and 4 p.m. at B a t Connaught School’s out- t l e f o r d s door rink. If the weather Immigration is too mild for hockey, Resource Cenactivities will move in- tre. That day will side Connaught School include making snow that day. angels and bird feeders, Finally, on Feb. 26 is a a snow treasure hunt, and Discover Winter event in decorating trees with sun Central Park in partner- catchers.


Bill Samborski, at council Monday, outlines the city plans for Wintertainment week. Photo by John Cairns

Warning about potholes By John Cairns Staff Reporter

The warm spell that has arrived in North Battleford this week is starting to do a number on the city’s roads. The melt is creating a lot of puddles around the city, but it is also creating a lot of potholes and city officials are worried. At council Monday the acting Director of Infrastructure and Maintenance, Stewart Schafer, urged motorists in the city to beware of potholes and puddles. He especially warned of the issues associated with water puddles that are hiding potholes inside of them. “Please, please, do not drive through the puddles fast,” said Schafer. “You may find a nasty pothole inside one, and it could damage your vehicle.” Driving through puddles also could splash other pedestrians and private property, he noted. Schafer is asking people to act responsibly.


















NW 24-42-13






Wheat, Canola

Main grid along north side


SW 24-42-13






Wheat, Canola

Seasonal access only. Dirt trail (sw corner)

GRAIN BINS: ·2150 bu Westeel Hopper bin ·2300 bu Westeel bin, Steel floor Will be sold separate following the land sale by online auction

ONLINE BIDDING - THURSDAY, MARCH 9th - THURSDAY, MARCH 16th call-1�888�470�7997 Call 306-445-7261


Page 10 - The Battlefords, Thursday, February 16, 2017

Regional Optimist

Speech arts adjudicator has extensive performance resumé By Kelly Waters

Battlefords Kiwanis Music Festival Committee

Over the last two weeks, two of this year’s Festival adjudicators were introduced. Marcia McLean, the adjudicator opening the Battlefords Music Festival, will offer her valuable experience for vocal solo, duets, ensembles and choir entries from Saturday, April 1, to Monday, April 3. Wayne Toews is scheduled to adjudicate band entries from Tuesday, April 4, to Thursday, April 6. Speech arts entries are scheduled over the same dates as band. Returning as adjudicator this year for speech arts is Ian Nelson.

Nelson is a bilingual actor-director-dramaturg and award-winning playwright. He trained with Catherine Dasté in Paris and Wesley Balk (The Complete Singer-Actor) in Minneapolis. He has taken vocal workshops with Kristin Linklater and master classes with Jo Estill. Nelson was the 1996 recipient of a lifetime achievement award and inducted in 2014 into the Theatre Saskatchewan Hall of Fame for contributions to the development of English and French theatre in Saskatchewan. He has performed more than 130 roles, including most of the G & S patter repertoire and has appeared in more than a half

• Mobile Service • Expert Installation by Qualified Technicians • All Insurance and Fleet Claims Welcome


231 - 30th Street, Battleford, SK


Standard Hill Connection Sale Friday, February 24, 2017 2:00 pm MST

Located approximately 45 minutes east of Lloydminster, Sask, or 25 minutes northeast of Maidstone, Sask.

106 HEAD SELL: 20 Black Angus Yearling Bulls 9 Black Angus 2 Year Old Bulls 21 Polled Hereford 2 Year Old Bulls 13 Polled Hereford Yearling Bulls 2 F1 Hereford x Angus 2 Year Old Bulls 8 Black Angus Yearling Heifers 12 Polled Hereford Yearling Heifers 21 f1 Black Baldie Heifers

FOR MORE INFORMATION Contact Stephen Myer at 306-893-8414

estival Fanfare April 2-8, 2017 Battlefords Kiwanis Musical Festival dozen world première stage productions in French and English. Original musical roles include that of Paul Hiebert in Sarah Binks, Sweet Songstress of Saskatchewan by Ken Mitchell and Doug Hicton (stage and CBC Radio) and Jérôme in the French version of Connie Kalder’s Dust & Dreams (Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg). Nelson has directed opera, operetta and musical theatre productions for various companies in Montreal, Western Canada and the Yukon, including productions of The Consul (with Lynn Channing

Staff The latest public offering of Saskatchewan’s Crown petroleum and natural gas rights this week has raised $1.7 million for the province. That brings the total for the 2016–17 fiscal year to $50 million. It is the last of the current fiscal year, with the total surpassing the $43 million raised during the previous fiscal year. The public offering

Feb. 7 included four leases north of Lampman receiving bonus bids totalling $537,079 for 583 hectares. Their targets include the Midale and FrobisherAlida Beds of the Madison Group, as well as the Bakken Formation. The highest bid per hectare was $3,201.87, for parcel west of St. Walburg of a 48.564-hectare. The province is encouraged by the sales, and credits the Integrated Resource Information System

(IRIS), implemented in 2015 to provide enhanced service to the industry, in allowing companies to conduct a wide range of business and regulatory tasks online with the Government of Saskatchewan 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “This is an indicator that a tough, forwardlooking industry continues to see opportunities for oil and gas development in Saskatchewan,” said Energy and Resources Minister

Tootoosis passes away Staff A prominent First Nations historian, performer and activist has passed away. Tyrone Tootoosis has died at the age of 58. The news was confirmed at his Facebook page this weekend. A wake began on Monday and the funeral service was scheduled for Wednes-

• Home • Farm • • Commercial • Personal • • Life/Disability • • Auto• Motor License Issuer •

Evelyn Cooper - Owner

Ian Nelson ody. Even the clouds in the sky sailed slowly along in time to a stately march in her brain, or danced to the tune of a merry schottische that sounded for her ears alone. And when she saw the sunset from the hill behind her home, there was always music then — low and tender if the colors were soft and pale-tinted, grand and awful if the wind blew shreds and tatters of storm-clouds across a purpling sky.” — Eleanor H. Porter, “A Delayed Heritage,” 1904

Latest offering for petroleum and natural gas rights nets $1.7 million


2005 Main Street, Edam, SK

and Philip May) and The Merry Widow (with Émile Belcourt). The Pirates of Penzance, his adaptation of the G & S classic, was a highlight of the province’s centennial year. In 2014, he similarly adapted H.M.S. Pinafore and played the role of Sir Joseph Porter. Nelson’s work has been seen literally from coast to coast in Canada as well as in France and Norway. He is one of the panelists in the Saskatchewan Musical Festival Association’s Art of Adjudicating DVD. Once entries are compiled and the program organized, official dates

and times for the various disciplines will be officially set. Meanwhile the tentative discipline schedule is voice/choir April 1-3, band/instruments/ensembles April 4-6, speech arts/musical theatre April 4-6, strings on April 7 and piano April 7-9. With the overlapping schedules, solo participants are asked to email the committee if they are part of an ensemble to help with co-ordinating the festival program. It is also helpful if teachers entering ensembles email a list of participants so as to minimize schedule conflicts. The festival will culminate with a celebratory gala at the Dekker Centre where festival highlights will be showcased and awards distributed. Email battlefordsmusicfestival@ with any questions or if you are interested in volunteering. “To Hester, all the world seemed full of mel-

Phone: 306-397-2361 Fax: 306-397-2546 Email: Toll Free: 1-855-697-2361

day, Feb. 15 at 11 a.m. at Poundmaker First Nation Veterans Hall. Tootoosis is best known for his efforts in preserving and recounting the Cree culture. He was an active writer and columnist and was a tireless advocate for First Nations accountability. In this region, Tootoosis was prominent in the effort to lobby Parks Canada

to drop references to the “Siege of Battleford,” making the point that the events of 1885 at Fort Battleford were not a “siege” at all. In 2010 Parks Canada agreed to drop that reference. More recently, he was involved in the Kisiskatchewan Water Alliance Network which was formed in the aftermath of the Husky oil spill into the North Saskatchewan River

Dustin Duncan in a statement. “Saskatchewan is considered one of the world’s top jurisdictions for petroleum investment. We continue to work on building that reputation and improving our capabilities to meet the needs of the industry to help grow our economy.” According to the province the next public offering of petroleum and natural gas rights will be April 11.


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The Battlefords, Thursday, February 16, 2017 - Page 11

Page 12 - The Battlefords, Thursday, February 16, 2017


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AAA Stars to miss playoffs By Lucas Punkari Sports Reporter

As the Battlefords AAA Stars are facing the fact that they’ll be missing the Saskatchewan Midget AAA Hockey League playoffs for the first time since 2012, goaltender Lance Alm is among those looking back on some of the points that they missed cashing in on. “We were just missing

that consistency that you need on a nightly basis in this league and we lost some key games that we needed to win to be in a playoff spot,” Alm said. “There was a game at home against Beardy’s earlier in the season (where the North Stars coughed up a 5-1 lead to the Blackhawks before losing 6-5 in overtime) that stands out, and it’s those kind of games that you can’t lose if

you want to make it to the post-season.” The Stars were officially eliminated from playoff contention Saturday as a result of a 5-4-road loss to the Moose Jaw Generals and a 3-2 win by the Saskatoon Blazers over the Regina Pat Canadians. While their season will come to an end Thursday night with a 7:30 p.m. battle against the Beardy’s Blackhawks at the Civic

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Centre, the Stars are not going quietly into the night. They snapped a sevengame losing streak in dramatic fashion Tuesday, as they came back from a 2-0 deficit to defeat the Blazers with a 3-2 overtime win on home ice. “It feels really good to get that win,” Stars defenceman Luke Reid said. “We’ve been playing well as of late, but not over the course of a full 60 minutes, and we did that tonight thanks to some hard work from everyone in the lineup.” “It’s important for us to have a really good finish to the season,” Alm added. “It gets everyone fired up for their spring camps for whatever team they are trying out for, and for the guys that will be coming back, to get a couple of wins before the season comes to an end is huge for them.” Reid was the hero in

overtime Tuesday, as he blasted the puck by Blazers netminder Jacob Wasserman at the 2:56 mark of the extra frame. “Jaden (Shewchuk) made a nice play along the wall and he fed the puck to me in the slot,” Reid said. “I just shot the puck as soon as I got it and it went in the back of the net.” Alm was stellar once again in goal as he made 40 saves, with his biggest coming on a diving crosscrease save during the overtime period when the Blazers were on a power play. “Their guy got the puck and I thought he was going to one-time it by me at first,” Alm said. “I was on the other side of the crease and luckily I had enough time as he was waiting to shoot the puck to get across, and I was able to get enough of my glove on the shot to keep it from going in.”

Shewchuk and Adam Beckman had a pair of assists for the Stars in Tuesday’s win, with their other goals coming from Jordan Mish and Matthew Flodell. Battlefords North Stars prospect Matthew Fletcher led the way for the Blazers on offence with a goal and an assist, while Luke Puto also found the back of the net in the loss. Prior to Tuesday’s triumph at home, the Stars fell 5-1 to the Generals Sunday in the second game of their weekend series. “We didn’t play well in that game, but I thought we had a pretty good game in the 5-4 loss we had against them Saturday,” Stars head coach Norm Johnston said. “We ended up running out of gas at the end of it, but I was fairly happy with how we played.” Tyson Meyers and Reid each had two points Saturday, while Beckman had the lone goal Sunday.

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The Battlefords, Thursday, February 16, 2017 - Page 13



Some limitations.

Battlefords Sharks captain Jordan Kulbida fired a long-range shot on goal against the Saskatoon Stars at the Battleford Arena Sunday. Photo by Lucas Punkari

1642 - 100th Street North Battleford

Sharks swept by Stars By Lucas Punkari Sports Reporter

The final regular season home games for the Battleford Sharks saw a pair of polar opposite results. After matching up well with the Saskatoon Stars in a 5-2 loss at the Battleford Arena Saturday night, the Sharks had a tough afternoon in their rematch with the top team in the Saskatchewan Female Midget AAA Hockey League Sunday afternoon as they lost by a score of 11-1. “There was no effort on our part,” Sharks head coach Gary Berggren said. “Right from the drop of the puck, we were outskated by them until the end of the game. “On Saturday, I felt we played our best game of the season. We had a couple of breakdowns and we lost by a couple of goals, but I felt like the entire team played really well.” The biggest difference between the two games, according to Berggren, was how well the Sharks were able to slow down an impressive Stars offence. “Their speed is incredible,” Berggren said. “They have so much talent on their forward lines and that makes them a very good

team. “Our main game plan was to try and clog up the middle and keep them to the outside, which is where most of their shots came from Saturday. It was a different story on Sunday though, as we ended up getting caught deep in their end of the ice and we gave up too many odd-man rushes.” Willow Slobodzian led the way for the Stars on Saturday with a goal and an assist, while Katlin Jockims, Kianna Dietz, Grace Shirley and Joelle Fiala also scored. Sunday’s win, which was the 12th in a row for the 23-2-1 Stars, was highlighted by a four-goal afternoon from Mackenna Parker. “We’re generally pleased with how we played during the weekend, but I don’t think Sunday’s game was a true indication of how Battlefords plays,” Stars assistant coach Curtis Leschyshyn said. “They are a good hardworking team and they did an excellent job of clogging up the scoring area Saturday and we weren’t able to capitalize on our scoring chances as much in that game.” The Sharks, who have

lost their last six games, got goals from Jordan Kulbida and Ashlee Wolfe Saturday night while Dakota Peterson found the back of the net Saturday. Next up for the Sharks, who have a 6-19-1 record, are two road games against the Swift Current Wildcats this weekend to wrap up the regular season. “Swift Current has two really good offensive players (Taylor Lind and Chloe Smith) so we’ll need to focus on shutting them down,” Berggren said. “We also need to get some more traffic in front of the net. We’re getting a fair amount of shots at the moment, but we just aren’t hitting the net.” Both teams will square off at the Fairview Arena in Swift Current at 7:45 p.m., with the rematch taking place Sunday at 1:15 p.m. The SFMAAAHL season wraps up on Sunday, with the playoffs slated to being at the end of the month. Depending on how the final weekend of the regular season plays out, the Sharks will play either the Prince Albert Northern Bears or the Regina Rebels in a best-of-five quarterfinal series.

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Junior Vikings win district title By Lucas Punkari Sports Reporter

The North Battleford Comprehensive High School Vikings junior girls’ basketball team concluded an impressive season in style Saturday. The Vikings captured the Battle West District Championship Saturday evening at John Paul II Collegiate with a 58–17 victory over the Unity Warriors. “We had played Unity three times this season so we had a pretty good idea of what to expect when we played them,” Vikings head coach Kara Wilkinson said. “We had great shooting from our guards, but unfortunately, one of our starters was injured in the first quarter and had to leave the game. “Our entire team has had a lot of court time this season, so I was pretty confident that everyone would be able to make adjustments.” The Vikings advanced to the championship game thanks to wins over the Hafford Viqueens and the Kerrobert Rebels.

Joelle Mercer of the North Battleford Comprehensive High School Vikings guarded a member of the Kerrobert Rebels Saturday at John Paul II Collegiate. Photo by Lucas Punkari

“All season long, I felt like the girls were getting better and better, and they showed how much they have improved over the course of the tournament,” Wilkinson said. According to Wilkinson, half of this year’s team will be moving up to the senior ranks while the rest of the squad can come back. “I think the confidence that those graduating players have gained this season will be huge for them as they step up to a new league,” Wilkinson said. “They have spent a lot of hours in the gym on their own time getting better

Better Plan

Better Life...

and the hard work they put in has paid off, especially when they matched up against older and bigger girls. “I want to see those girls that are coming back practicing in the gym as much as possible, and most of them will be playing club basketball and attending camps during the summer. I think you’ll see that extra time on the court pay off when they return next year.” The John Paul II Collegiate Crusaders also competed in the tournament and came away with a bronze medal after a win over the Rebels.

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Page 14 - The Battlefords, Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hasselberg fired from Ice Flyers Staff Former Battlefords North Stars general manager and head coach Kevin

Hasselberg is looking for a new job. The Southern Professional Hockey League’s Pensacola Ice Flyers fired





Hasselberg from his role as head coach on Monday, which came just a day after the team had completed a three-game weekend sweep at home over the Peoria Rivermen. The Ice Flyers, who are the defending President’s Cup champions and have won three out of the last

four SPHL titles, are currently in seventh in the 10-team league’s standings with a 15-15-16. Hasselberg was hired by the Ice Flyers in the summer after five seasons as the general manager and head coach for the North Stars. Rod Aldoff, who had

coached the Ice Flyers from 2013 to 2016, was announced as the new bench boss by the team Tuesday. Aldoff had started the season as the coach of the ECHL’s Norfolk Admirals, but was relived of his duties in late November after putting up a 2-11-4 record to start the year.

Giving Back

Saturday, February 18

7:30 pm at the Civic Centre North Battleford

Gold Eagle Casino Game Night

Evan Zimmer of the Battlefords Community Disc Golf Club presented Battlefords District Food & Resource Centre with a cheque for $500 and 87 pounds of food donations that was raised during their Ice Bowl tournament last month. Photo Submitted

Regional Optimist

Outlaws advance Staff The Wilkie Outlaws are headed to the Senior A provincial men’s hockey quarter-finals. In the third and deciding game of their opening round series with the Meadow Lake Broncos, netminder Jared Herle made 40 saves as the Outlaws picked up a 4-0 win on the road Saturday night. Derek Keller, Patrick Cey, Brett Harrison and Rory Gregoire all scored for the Outlaws in the victory. With the win, the Outlaws will now take on the Prairie Outlaws from Waldheim in the quarterfinals. The first game in that best-of-three series is scheduled to take place in Waldheim Sunday. Both teams will square off in Wilkie on Feb. 25, while a third and deciding game will be held in Waldheim a day later if required. The winner of the battle of the Outlaws will take on either the Kindersley Red Lions or the Wakaw Lakers in the semifinals. Meanwhile, the semifinal series are now set in the Saskatchewan West Hockey League. The Outlaws, who earned a first round bye as the best team in the regular season, will be taking on the Red Lions in a best-offive affair. The first game between the two sides will take place Friday in Wilkie at 8:30 p.m., with the rest of the dates and times still to be determined. The fourth-ranked Red Lions completed a sweep of the fifth seeded Eatonia Huskies Sunday evening. The other semifinal matchup will see the second ranked Macklin Mohawks go up against third seeded Luseland/Dodsland Mallards. That best-of-five affair will get underway Friday night in Macklin at 8:30 p.m. The Mallards advanced with a two-game sweep over the sixth ranked Kerrobert Tigers, while the Mohawks avoided an upset with a 3-2 win at home over the seventh seeded Biggar Nationals in a third and deciding game Sunday night.



Regional Optimist

The Battlefords, Thursday, February 16, 2017 - Page 15




talent show

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Skate Battlefords had their CanSkate Valentine’s Day Party on Feb. 6, which saw the young skaters at the club bring their friends for a day of skating lessons, decorating and eating heart shaped cookies. The club is currently getting ready for their Skating Showcase event, which is called with Glowing Hearts and will celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary as a nation. The show will take place at the Civic Centre. on March 19 at 2 p.m. Photos Courtsey of Emily Simon

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Top, the Crush dance team pose for a picture. Above, Shelby Martin, third from left, from Unity poses with other members of the Saskatoon Rush Crush dance team. The Crush perform at every Rush home game at SaskTel centre in Saskatoon. Photos submitted by Shelby Martin


By Sherri Solomko Correspondent

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Back in September, 21-year-old Shelby Martin of Unity learned she had earned a place on the Saskatchewan Rush dance team. In the ensuing months there has been little down time as dancers are committed to multiple appearances and rehearsals, as well as their game day performances as part of the Saskatchewan Rush lacrosse season. Martin is one of 24 members of the Crush dance team and says she feels fortunate her family were all able to attend the season opener Jan. 21 and watch her in action in this new role. In addition, many fans from Unity and area have commented they are proud to see a hometown girl front and centre on game nights. Martin’s first official performance with the team took place at the exhibition match up Dec. 16. “It was a ton of fun seeing everything come together after months of rehearsal and preparations, such as costume fittings,” she says. “It was also nice to experience it with a great group of ladies who were always there to help if I had any questions.” Martin says life as a Crush dance team member keeps her busy, as she attends twohour practices twice a week, in addition to her university studies and dance teaching. On game day, the dance team meets around 2:30 p.m at SaskTel Centre to get in a field practice and work out any last minute kinks before the game starts. The dance team performs prior to the game and at half time, as well as helping to stir up the crowd during the game. The dance team can also be found before games on the concourse greeting fans and taking pictures. They are also part of the post game autograph session and fan photos. Other promotional events for the Saskatchewan Rush that the dance team attends are on a voluntary basis. “Game days are a little hectic,” Martin admits. “We call them game days because we are up early doing hair, makeup and getting things prepared.” Martin welcomes the opportunity to continue with an activity she enjoys following high school graduation. “It has also introduced me to lots of amazing people who I would otherwise not get the opportunity to meet. Before I became a member of the Crush dance team I knew that the team had gained a lot of attention in Saskatoon in a short amount of time and that it had become a popular event to attend for all ages.” Martin notes it has taken hard work to get to where she is and she’s gratified to see the dedication pay off. “It’s even better when I see my younger students get excited for me and come to see me dance. A few of them will be joining us representing the Mini-Crush at the next home game, Feb. 18.”

Page 18 - The Battlefords, Thursday, February 16, 2017

Regional Optimist

Brad Johner a hit at Unite for a Miracle event nity News

By Sherri Solomko Correspondent

Mid February and you know by the ads in our local paper and posters on our local bulletin boards there is plenty of activity coming up in the next six to eight weeks in Unity. A few of the events upcoming in Unity: • Annual Oilman’s Bonspiel and social March 3-5. • March 5, Unity Skating Club host their annual ice carnival. • March 6, Celebrate Unity, with supper, awards and entertainment by Duelling Pianos. • March 8, special skating event featuring Team Saskatchewan as well as skaters from Skate Canada. • Unity Museum annual St. Patrick’s Day supper. Tickets are available at the town office. I would like to wish a very happy birthday to my husband whose birthday is Feb. 17. He’s always there when we need him. Brad Johner and his boys were a big hit last weekend at the Unite for a Miracle event. The crowd was a sellout, supper was fabulous, silent auction and raffle prizes were a big hit and organizers were left with heartwarming feelings of pride in the community’s spirit for supporting this Telemiracle campaign. There are just two weeks left for everyone to support the Telemiracle efforts taking place around town or drop off their donation with the Wagners, so they can take an exciting total on stage during the Telemiracle 41 broadcast. The wildlife supper Feb.

Brad Johner on stage during the Unite for a Miracle Treat Your Sweet fundraiser Feb. 11 in Unity. Johner and his boys entertained the crowd of 300 at the Unity Community Centre hall for three hours. Photos by Sherri Solomko

4 saw 15 awards handed out. This week, in honour of staff/teacher appreciation week – please extend your thanks to our teachers. From report cards, lesson plans, extra curricular activities and those much needed words of encouragement, they are there working in the best interests of our kids. The UCHS Volleyball Alumni is a non-profit group made up of 10 former UCHS volleyball players. The alumni held a tournament last Thanksgiving weekend for former UCHS players and their spouses. The volleyball tourney was a success, with six teams registering and 18 games being played between two gyms. The tournament is still being planned for 2017, and is expected to be held on Thanksgiving weekend again this year. The committee hopes to have an increase in interest and players registering. The $300

entry fee is a donation to the school to be used however they need. On top of the donation the alumni are working on a scholarship for a UCHS graduate. The UCHS ACTIVATE campaign and anti-bullying initiatives had students participating in a video circulated through social media and other sources by the Government of Saskatchewan. UCHS basketball teams are in high gear in preparation for district and regional playdowns. Senior curling teams competed Thursday and Friday at district playdowns. Junior curlers are still working towards improvement before their districts in Spiritwood March 1 and 2. Feb. 16 is movie and popcorn day at Unity Public School. The rink was alive with excitement after having the privilege of hosting a neutral site SJHL game between the Battlefords North

Stars and the Kindersley Klippers. This calibre of hockey was a treat for the 500 or so fans who braved the frigid temperatures to come out and watch. The game belonged to the Stars as they allowed only one Klippers goal. It was a big hit and there are hopes that an event like this can happen again in the future. The addition of initiation teams playing at first intermission and three championship banners raised at the second intermission kept the local flavour in this event hosted by Unity Minor Hockey. The Midget AA Lazers continue to hold tight to second place in the Centre Four Hockey League. This Sunday, Feb. 19 they play their last regular season home game against the Riverkings. This team holds the number one and two top spots in the scoring race with both Jaxon Georget and Casey McDonald at 45 points. Curling fans are anxious to see if the senior men’s 2016 provincial curling champs, Team Heidt that includes UCC president Glen Heitt, can hold on to their title to compete at senior provincials starting Feb. 22 in Swift Current. The Museum thanks folks for their continued support of their main fundraiser, the weekly Sunday brunches. Some big expenditures coming up include an office building project and painting of the Swarthmore Church and steeple roof work It is saddening to learn of the disbanding of the Unity Legion Ladies Auxiliary after 64 years of service. Only five members of the group remained, one of whom had served for 60 years. A big thank you and congratulations goes out to this group of gals who served so many roles in our community.

Coffee row folks are loving having the sun out a little longer each day. They are also excitedly talking of the many events that are taking place or will be taking place in town over the next six weeks or so. They are feeling fortunate that so many groups, individuals and organizations choose

to continue these activities for residents to enjoy while not having to venture too far from home. And just so you know, when you folks aren’t at this familiar setting, I miss you! So you see we keep busy in Unity with activities and wisdom from our friends on coffee row. Until next time …

Above, the championship teams were recognized during the second intermission of the neutral site SJHL game hosted in Unity on Feb. 8. Below, No. 30, the “Gryz,” goalie for the Battlefords North Stars impressed many fans with his goaltending skills at the neutral site SJHL game hosted in unity the night of Feb. 8, as he stopped all but one shot on net, helping his team to end the win streak of the Kindersley Klippers.

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Regional Optimist

The Battlefords, Thursday, February 16, 2017 - Page 19

Celebrate Canada 150 by discovering parks and historic sites eota News

By Lorna Pearson Correspondent

To celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, Parks Canada is offering a free discovery pass to all national parks, historic sites and marine conservation areas in 2017, so order your pass now. Also enter their Discover Canada contest to win a variety of trips and merchandise. There will be bi-weekly draws until Sept. 15. Every winner gets a 2018 Parks Canada Discovery Pass and a merchandise package. The draw Oct. 2, 2017 will award a grand prize of a seven-day, six-night trip to Deer Lake, N.L. The address to enter and learn more is parkscanadacontest.cato. Another repeat of Contract bridge winners this week, Feb. 6, when Linda Ard and Eric Callbeck had top scores. Duplicate bridge played in Meota on Feb.7 found top score by Maureen Campbell and Eric Callbeck, followed by Gerry Craig and Mary Greenwald. Third were Robert Iverson and Linda Ard. I really do enjoy the life stories printed in this paper each week written by Richard Hiebert, president of the Battlefords Heritage Society. When I searched Google for a gluten free recipe it suggested cookies made with cricket flour. So I searched, “whatever is cricket flour?” It is flour made out of crickets which contains more protein and less starch than grain flour. It takes 5,000 crickets to make a pound of flour. They even went on to emphasize that they are killed humanely by cooling them. Because they are

cold blooded, the crickets go into stasis and are then processed. My granddaughter who just holidayed in Mexico says they are standard fare down there. She tried them and found them OK. They add a nice crisp topping on any dish. Access Communications has a proposal out to build a new antenna system at Meota. Hopefully this will lead to improvements and choices in packages and programs available. Maybe then we will be able to get the programs on Channel 7 that now are unavailable to us, yet appear on the program schedule. The monthly meeting at the Do Drop In was held on Feb. 10 with more than a dozen folks out. The shed out back and the storeroom off the kitchen have been cleaned up. The shuffleboard tournament held Jan. 18 was a success and the next one is slated for Feb. 18. Two new tables have been purchased. John Jangula, credit union representative, addressed the group explaining the new policy of combining equity accounts. The name Elmer Hall will be added to the plaque in the hall, as he was a veteran from this area, and is now 97 years old, but his name was missed when it was made up in 1946. The nominating committee named for this spring are Lawrie Ward and Nestor Fransoo. Members discussed whether to buy an outdoor shed for storage or to build onto the building. A speaker from the oil patch could not be found to explain to our group what is still going on out there. We are all interested. Happy Birthday was sung to February snowfall last week and the Coquihalla Highway was closed, one vehicle stopped in its tracks carried a group of hockey players. They got their sticks out and were playing hockey


on the icy road surface. Other folks stayed in their cars overnight, listened to their radios or played video games. The Sons of Norway, Nisse Lodge No. 4-567 held their Norwegian noon meal in the Pioneer Hall on Feb. 12 with about 65 people attending. A delicious buffet was enjoyed by all, with tasty Norwegian dishes offered. Three tables stayed on and played a game of Canasta and then cleaned up the hall. Two draws were made. The picture was won by Dave Ottas and the gift basket was won by Jane Policha. There was a huge pod of pilot whales beached in Golden Bay, New Zealand near Farewell Spit, off the north end of the South Island. About 500 volunteers gathered and made a human chain to keep more than 100 from coming to shore. They saved many by doing this. It is a mysterious occurrence and it's not understood why they do this. It doesn’t happen often, but has a few times in the past. Norwegian whist was played in Meota on Feb. 2 with top score tied by Marie Bruynooghe and Linda Ard, followed by Yvonne MacPherson and Eric Callbeck.


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Meota seniors enjoy a noon meal together following their monthly meeting at the Do Drop In.

During the Meota Housing Authority’s annual Christmas banquet held Jan.5 at Porta Bella Restaurant, board member Betty Colliar was honoured for her service to the board. Betty’s long-term dedication, serving more than 21 years, will be missed. Photos by Lorna Pearson

Page 20 - The Battlefords, Thursday, February 16, 2017

Regional Optimist

Rosthern Junior College chorale group performs in Rabbit Lake

Rosthern Junior College Chorale group performed Sunday, Feb. 12 at Rabbit Lake Hall. Photo by Elaine Woloshyn

By Elaine Woloshyn Correspondent

Negative stories about travelling to Mexico do not seem to deter vacationers, as a few people in our area have recently returned. In spite of the negative news there are safe areas in the country.

Victor Pushee and Jacqueline Bessette have returned after vacationing for many weeks. They always enjoy the sunshine and the salty ocean waters in Mexico. Michael and Theresa Toews have also returned after an allinclusive holiday at the Mayan Riviera in Mexico.



INCLUDED: Visual inspection & hearing screening

For the ratepayers of the Rural Municipality of Reford #379 Rural Municipality of Buffalo #409

Thursday, February 23, 2017 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the RM Office in Wilkie

Call 306-843-2342 for an appointment Co-sponsored by Canadian Centre for Health & Safety in Agriculture

Michael’s mother, Marion, came from Saskatoon to help the children while the parents were away. Marion enjoyed the craft days at Mayfair Library on Wednesdays and had a chance to visit. What a delightful performance the Rosthern Junior College chorale group put on this past Sunday at the Rabbit Lake Hall. Twenty-seven students from Grades 10-12 entertained an audience of about 70 people. Three local students in the group are Emily Heppner from Spiritwood, Makena Laventure from Leoville and Daniel Martens from Rabbit Lake. There are also five students from Hong Kong and China. The director is Richard Janzen, who works in a busy choir schedule around regular school studies. Each year they release a collection of recordings highlighting the best of the year that can be purchased online at The Hoffnungsfelder Mennonite Church of Rabbit Lake had invited this four-part chorale group to sing at the church service. People from many different denominations

ayfair News

By Helen Menssa

thoroughly enjoyed the morning and we had a delicious hot meal served after. Thank you! The Chitek Lake Bush Buddies Snowmobile Rally is this Saturday, Feb. 18. They always have an excellent, groomed, scenic trail in the forest and on lakes and prairies. For more information please call Isabel Dalpe at 306984-4715 or Dale Daniels at 306-984-2388. Chitek Lake and Leoville areas have good snow cover, so with co-operative weather many should show up for this great time. There are also many donated prizes to be won through the raffle draws and there is food available from the canteen at the hall all day. Hockey playoffs have started in most areas and all of a sudden the season seems so short. Get out and cheer your local team as the members depend on the fans support. Hockey is truly Canadian!

Battlefords Art Club members enjoyed a sunny, warm day Feb. 14. Valentine’s Day found an enthusiastic group of artists in the craft room of the Don Ross Centre. The Art Club look forward to the Chapel Gallery members exhibition reception this Thursday, Feb. 16 from 6-9 p.m. in the Chapel Gallery. The  watercolour workshop scheduled for Feb. 24 and 25 is now to be held at the Allen Sapp Gallery instead of the Chapel Gallery. Registration deadline is Feb. 16.

Student of the Week Ruth Misiurski — Grade 10; favourite subject – English; favourite food – perogies; favourite app – Snapchat; last book read – Night by Elie Wiesel; future occupation - forensic pathologist. Photo submitted

What should a zoning bylaw do? By S. Yvonne Prusak Municipal Planner

A discussion that has occurred with many municipalities over the past

few months is determining exactly what a zoning bylaw should do. What is the general content associated with it, and is there any variability in what it can include? In the Planning and Development Act, there is a section that describes what a ZB “shall” provide and another section that describes what a ZB “may” provide. These two words are very important within the planning and development world. The word “shall” is committal, which means it is mandatory these topics be provided within the ZB. For example, the development officer shall require the submission of a development permit appli-

cation for the construction of structures or buildings over 100 square feet. The word “may” is not binding, which means it is optional that these topics be included within the ZB, and subsequently, when this word is used within the ZB, it means discretion is used to determine whether the requirement is requested. For example, council may attach approval conditions to a development permit application to receive the go ahead on the project. To first discuss what must be included within a ZB the reader of the act can turn to section 49, which outlines contents that are mandatory. If a ZB is to be written, then there must be

creation of zoning districts that list what are permitted uses within each of the districts. Districts are created to regulate land uses, so uses and associated regulations are necessary to ensure land use is managed effectively. Council must also clearly state who the development officer is, which typically is the administrator, unless the municipality states otherwise. The document must outline the procedures for development permits, such as when they are required, processing and notification, issuance and relevant validity periods for specific types of permits. Continued on Page 22.

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Regional Optimist

The Battlefords, Thursday, February 16, 2017 - Page 21

4-H Beef Club holds public speaking competition

Members of Crown Hill 4-H Beef Club reciting the 4-H pledge at their public speaking competition in Hafford Feb. 12. Photos by Lorraine Olinyk

held their Feb. 6 meeting at the home of Tina Hessell. Donations of $50 were sent to Telemiracle, $25 to the Radisson Canada Day Committee, $50 had been given earlier to the Hafford Music Festival and $50 to Sask. Brain Injury Association, which is a charitable organization the Saskatchewan Royal Purple Lodges support. Happy birthday was sung to Linda Yuskiw and Lorraine Olinyk for January and the lodge raffle was won by Lorraine. Radisson Royal Purple is a small group, with only six members, and would welcome any new members. We hold eight to 10 informal meetings a year. Our dues are subsidized by the lodge. The lodge organizes an ice cream booth at the Radisson Fair, host a December tea and bake sale, host the annual Remembrance Day service and invite people from Borden, Radisson and Maymont to an annual tea and program in May or June. We donate most of our funds locally except for the two mentioned plus the Elks and Royal Purple Fund for Children. The members are selling charity appeal tickets available at Wally’s General Store in Radisson, with early bird draw May 14. Condolences to the

orden Radisson

By Lorraine Olinyk Correspondent

Borden School Book Fair was held Feb. 3 in the School Gym. For the program the school band played four numbers. Librarian Linda Yuskiw introduced the book club members who assist her and the Grade 3 and 4 class told favourite jokes relating to books. Kindergarten children did an action verse and Grades 1-4 did a hip hop dance. Grade 7 and 8 were doing a 24-hour hunger event with money raised going to World Hunger. Linda showed some interactive books, which were interesting for kids. The sale of more than $1,000 worth of books will bring in many more books for the library and they also get an extra 10 per cent for holding it in February. From the previous book fair they received over $1,000 worth of new books. The Borden Friendship Club held a meeting Feb. 8. They have received a Sask Lotteries grant of $1,000. The potluck supper on Feb. 22 will have Dave and Laurie Summers of Radisson entertaining. Celtic Country will perform at the March supper. Winners at the Kaiser tournament Jan. 31 were Ted Mandziak and Doreen Flath. Upcoming Kaiser tournaments will be hosted Feb. 21, March 14 and April 4, with bingo dates Feb. 15 and March 15, all at 7 p.m. in the Club Room. Radisson Royal Purple

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dition 2016 e

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families of Ellen Cousins (nee Anderson), who passed away Feb. 3 at the age of 83. The memorial service was held Feb. 10 in the Radisson Hall. Ellen was born near Radisson, attended school at Hopewell and Fielding, raised eight children mainly by herself and had worked at various places over the years. While at Radisson in her retirement years she belonged to the Royal Purple and seniors’ club and drove many seniors to events and appointments. She received the Radisson Citizen of the Year award in 2012. The Borden Library held a free movie matinee Feb. 5th, showing Lego Club. Winning the door prizes were Ruben Kolosky and Ailynn Larner. The dessert of the month was won by Claudia Dyck. You can renew your tickets in the dessert of the month at a cost of $10 for the year. Borden Parks and Recreation board held a bowling tournament Feb. 11 with nine teams of four players each. Winning the $300 for first prize were Luke and Kandice Walker, Russell Orchard and Jill Lundquist. Second prize of $150 went to Dana Derbowka, Jill Golding, Jess Peraz and Brettt Larsen. The $50/50 of $95.50 went to Tanner Pidwerbesky. High scoring

Winners of the oratory contest were: back row - Jessica Attrux, Boden Letkeman, Justin Yasieniuk, Cole Reid, Rachel Sutherland, Jamie Attrux; front row - Hunter Reid, Zayne Letkeman, Taylor Reid, Cheyanne Roth and Ariana Mulder.

team was Luke Walker’s team and Dana won the individual high score. Crown Hill 4-H Beef Club held their annual public speaking competition Feb. 12 in the Hafford School Gym with 23 members participating. General leader is Richard Yaseniuk, club officers are president Kolten Yasieniuk, treasurer Justin Yasieniuk, secretary Brittany Attrux and Rachel Sutherland is vice-president with club reporters being Cole Reid and Boden Letkeman. The judges for the afternoon were Connie Jessop of Leask, Elaine Bella, Sandi Hamp, a teacher at Hepburn, and Peter Kingsmill from Hafford. In Cloverbuds, first was Taylor Reid who spoke on Ways to Drive her Mom Mad and second to Zayne Letkeman who talked about his rabbits. In ju-

niors, first went to Hunter Reid who chose "Cooking is a Skill" as his topic. Second went to Boden Letkeman who spoke on "What to Appreciate on Sask Farms in a Cold Winter." Third went to Cheyanne Roth who had researched the sinking of the Titanic. Other Junior speakers were Keardyn Cairns and McKinna Cairn. In intermediates, first went to Justin Yasieniuk who compared Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to U.S. President Donald Trump. Second was Jamie Attrux who spoke on the many aspects of 4-H and how it has helped her. Third went to Cole Reid who talked of ways to be successful. Other intermediates speakers were Abigail Roth, Cody Shumanski, Hanna Remus and Courtney Yasieniuk. In seniors, first went

to Rachel Sutherland who spoke on "Living An Active Lifestyle." Second went to Ariana Mulder who spoke on leaving home and the pitfalls you can encounter. In third was Jessica Atturx who spoke about Canadian stereotypes and ways to overcome what others think of you. Other Senior speakers were Anna Verbonnac, Tyler Yasieniuk, Morgan Atturx, Kolten Yasieniuk and Layne Cairns. All of the members received certificates and the winners each got a medallion and cash prize. Those earning first and second go on to districts in Rosthern on March 5. After the judges gave their opinions on the great speeches and how much the members have improved the last five years, they were each presented with a gift from the club.

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Page 22 - The Battlefords, Thursday, February 16, 2017

Regional Optimist

Skiers place well in Alberta giant slalom By MCS Staff

The February break has arrived, so the school will be closed from Monday, Feb. 20 to Sunday, Feb. 26. Classes resume Monday, Feb. 27. Last weekend, Allison and Kimberly Wawryk participated in the giant slalom ski races in Red Deer, Alta. Kim finished in fifth place and was the fastest racer from Saskatchewan. Allison finished eighth in her age category.

The Grade 12 class is currently selling Mom's Pantry items to raise money for their graduation. If you are interested, please contact a member from the graduating class or the school to place an order. The senior boys' basketball team played an exhibition game against Spiritwood last week. The boys are playing well and it was a great opportunity to develop their skills. They have a few more exhibition games

scheduled. The SLC sponsored a red and pink day Feb. 14. Many of the elementary classes exchanged valentines, cookies and candy. The high school students participated in the heart game. The girls were given a paper heart in the morning. If they talked to a boy during recesses or noon hour, the boy could confiscate their heart. The idea for the boys was to collect as many hearts as possible

and the girls tried their best to keep their heart. Winners received a small prize. The senior curling teams participated in the Battle West district playoffs this week in North Battleford. The playoffs were held Wednesday and Thursday. Maymont School sent a boys’ and girls’ team to the playoffs. The junior girls' curling team will participate in the Battle West District playoffs in March. They

which also has more specific requirements. The additional content include items like: discretionary uses and their associated evaluation criteria and regulations; specific lot regulations like site coverage, building heights and sizes, and landscaping; parking, storage and loading requirements; hazardous land development (slope instability or floodprone areas) controls; lighting and sound pollution; and performance bonds, levies, and servicing agreement requirements for development and subdivision. As you can, see some of these items are not an issue within some low-development rural municipalities, which is why they are

listed as optional in the act. Essentially, ZBs can be as simple or complicated as the municipality wants, but depending on how you want to control development, some of the optional contents become essential for implementation. Just keep in mind there are only 11 items that a ZB must have, and that all municipalities need to adopt if they want to implement a ZB alongside an official community plan. — S. Yvonne Prusak, BASc, MA, MCIP, RPP, is a municipal planner with municipalities and communities in Northwest Saskatchewan. She specializes in land use planning and development. She can be reached at 306-845-6702 or at

Municipal planning Continued from Page 20. The ZB must discuss minor variances to building setbacks, and the creation of a development appeals board to hear appeals for enforcement completed by the municipality. Finally, the ZB is to provide for any other matter that may be necessary to regulate and control the issuance of development permits as council deems necessary. When these documents are reviewed by the Province of Saskatchewan, these items are necessary to be approved. If these fundamental components are not provided for, then the document will be rejected and the municipality and their planning consultant will have to rescind

readings and start over including the public notification for ratepayers. Optional content that may be included within a ZB is far larger, but these items may not be applicable to every municipality. The act governs all municipalities within the Province of Saskatchewan, but urban areas like North Battleford, Meadow Lake, Saskatoon and Regina have the Cities Act permitting them approving authority, which gives them more decision-making power within their municipal boundaries. The Northern Administration District, areas like La Loche, La Ronge, Black Lake and Sandy Bay have the Northern Municipalities Act,

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aymont Central School News

About Me ID for children in the community and surrounding area, held in the Maymont School gym Saturday, March 4. It will be held from 10:30 a.m. to noon. For more information, contact Jenny Thomson at 306-389-4779.

Skating carnival enjoyed By Margaret MacEachern Correspondent

Ruth Enright had her daughter and two grandchildren visit for the weekend — Loretta, Andrew and Nicole Calleho of Lac La Biche, Alta. They all took in the carnival where Ruth's great-granddaughter was skating. Rita Marrison (Taylor) spent a few days with her son Murray Taylor at Shellbrook. Bev Stewart’s granddaughter, Devon Hope, played basketball in Saskatoon. They were very proud to bring home a bronze medal. Colleen and Chantal

ine Island


Koski enjoyed the painting class held at the Legion Hall. There were 100 people there. This was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. Tuesday morning coffee was enjoyed by a number of the ladies from the apartments. We always enjoy the education, jokes and bingo. Although the weather has been cold the sun is shining which makes it much nicer.



Available at Concorde Mall North Battleford

will travel to Spiritwood for their games. The elementary classes held a successful hot dog sale during the Winter Olympics. Thanks to the parent volunteers for helping with the sale. Kandice Walker, a member of the staff, instructs a boot camp Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15 to 4:00 p.m. in the school gym. Everyone is welcome to attend and there is no fee. There will be an All

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Regional Optimist

The Battlefords, Thursday, February 16, 2017 - Page 23

Some folks are not satisfied with insulting you Ed, my old neighbour from Saskatchewan, found himself on the wrong end of some petty insults and lies last week. A friend shared the insults and the falsehoods he had heard about Ed. Ed thought his friend might have spared telling him what he heard. “Why do people believe someone would want to listen to the mean things others are saying about them?” he asked me. It is hard to decide the motives of our friends at times. Are they trying to help us or hurt us? Sometimes people may not like us simply because we are friends with someone they despise. Jesus warned his

disciples that people would insult, persecute and falsely say all kinds of evil against them because they were his followers. God sent Jesus from heaven to Earth to be both salt and light. Salt was good when it added flavour to food and preserved meat and fish. It did not necessarily feel good when it was salt water cleaning and disinfecting cuts and wounds. Those shipwrecked in the ocean died of thirst surrounded by salt water. Jesus came to clean up or disinfect the use of the law. The Pharisees and the teachers of the law had turned the law into destruction like salt

eighbourly Advice According to Ed

By Raymond Maher water for the people shipwrecked in sin. Jesus came as a light to shine before everyone. A light to expose how the law was being interpreted, practiced, and honored on Earth by the religious leaders before their people. Jesus came to fulfill the law. He would deepen the law into its full

meaning. Jesus began to shine God’s light on its deep underlying principles, rather than mere external acknowledgment and obedience. The law had become dark and hollow, legalistic and hypocritical through the Pharisees and teachers of the law. They kept the letter of the law outwardly for their own

merit before God. They did not know the spirit of the law or the need for mercy and justice before God. They were intent on a righteousness, by their detailed obedience to the law. Jesus came to show that the purpose of the law was to bring everyone to Himself and God’s righteousness for sinners through his life and death for all. Jesus came to help us become salt and light in his example. He showed that love is the fulfillment of the law. Jesus loved God with his heart, soul, mind and strength, so that he laid down his life for all as a sacrifice for our sins. He kept the laws of God his Father

on Earth to fulfill God’s righteousness. Jesus loved others like himself. He knew we could not free ourselves from sin, so he died in our place to free us from the punishment of our sins. Friends can help us or hurt us. They can include us in their lives or exclude us. Love does no harm to its neighbour. As Christians, do we flavour, preserve and cleanse others with Christ-like love? Can others see the light we offer is respect and a willingness to treat them as we would like to be treated? Jesus lived as salt that was love and light which was seeing others with forgiveness.

Page 24 - The Battlefords, Thursday, February 16, 2017

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Happily ever after starts here Plan the perfect wedding in 15 steps

You’re getting married! Congratulations! Now it’s time to plan the wedding. Here are 15 steps you should follow (not necessarily in order) so that everything is perfect on the big day. Before you start, set your budget and stick to it at all costs. If you think you might lose your head, your best bet is to hire a wedding planner. on your 1 Decide theme. Holly­wood glamour, car-themed, turquoise and white — you know the possibilities are endless! Draw up your guest

2 list and send invita-

tions. Will it be a grand affair or an intimate gathering? Who do you want by your side on your special day? Make sure everyone can make it by sending out save the date cards and invitations early. the wedding 3 Plan procession. Who

will you pick to be the best man, and who gets to be

the maid of honour? Have you found a flower girl and a ring bearer? the officiant 4 Select and the type of cer-

emony. Courthouse wedding or religious tradition? Officiated by a priest or by a friend? Make sure that the option you choose welcomes your personal touch. Find your venues. 5 Where will the cere-

mony and the reception be held — in a church, at the beach, in a grand hotel, at the park or in a cozy cabin? Will you need to rent any equipment? Dream up the floral

6 arrangements and

decor. Which flowers will be featured in the bride’s bouquet, the boutonnieres and the centrepieces? What kind of accents (balloons, candles, draperies) will create the perfect ambiance? your reg7 Prepare istry and your gift bags. What household

items do you and your partner need — a toaster, wine glasses, silk sheets? Open a registry to avoid receiving duplicate gifts. And remember to thank your guests with a personalized keepsake. an enter8 Secure tainment team. Do

you need a master of ceremonies? Will a DJ, a string quartet or a rock band be in charge of the music? a photogra9 Hire pher and a videog-

In a limo, a sports car or a hot-air balloon? your rings. 12 Purchase What will the objects symbolizing your union look like? Will they be golden, diamond-studded, massive or subdued? Choose wisely, because you’ll (hopefully!) be wearing them for life. for your out13 Shop fits. Bowtie or regu-

lar tie? White gown or colourful sundress? Your attire for the event should reflect your personal style and make you feel absolutely stunning! your beauty 14 Book appointments. Have

you called your hair stylist, your makeup artist and your esthetician yet? And what about the nail salon? Don’t forget to plan for trial sessions.

rapher. Who will immortalize your magical day? Take a look at several portfolios to find the pro that understands your vision.

10 Find a caterer and

a bakery. What will be on the menu, and how will food be served? Will there be a candy bar, or even a chocolate fountain? Don’t forget the cake! your grand 11 Plan entrance. Will you

arrive at the ceremony on horseback? On your bike?

Photo courtesy of Warne Photography

Write up your vows.

15 What words will you

choose to describe your feelings? Time to brainstorm! Finally, draft your prenuptial agreement and marriage contract — a task that’s decidedly unromantic, but essential nonetheless. Remember to book everything as early as possible to avoid scrambling for a backup plan. And one last thing: where will you spend your honeymoon?

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Setting your WEDDING DATE: four things to consider

Are you and your partner about to take the leap into marital bliss? Here are four things to look into before you send out your save the dates. 1. THE SEASON First, decide during what time of year you want to get married. Every season has its own charm, but know that the high season for weddings is over the summer. If you’re dealing with a small budget, consider an off-season ceremony to get the most bang for your buck. Winter weddings can be absolutely stunning. 2. THE DAY OF THE WEEK If you feel like getting married on a Monday, there’s nothing stopping you from doing just that! However, the traditional Saturday wedding is a convenient option if most of your guests work Monday to Friday. Getting mar-

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ried on a Saturday is more expensive than on a Friday or a Sunday though, and you’ll need to reserve early to ensure that your dream venue is available. 3. THE SCHEDULES Open up your planner and carefully study your own schedule, and then ask your close friends and family about their own plans for the foreseeable future. Remember to consider time off work, vacations and holidays, various appointments and other significant events (birthdays, baptisms, other weddings, etc.) that are already planned among those in your circle to avoid any major scheduling conflicts. 4. THE PROFESSIONALS Before you send out your invitations, make sure that the pros you want to hire are available on the chosen date. If you have your heart set on a certain photographer or caterer, secure their services as soon as possible so you don’t get left high and dry.

Do you dream of saying “I do” to the love of your life barefoot in the warm sand?

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If so, know that getting married in paradise is relatively easy to do. Follow these three tips to plan an unforgettable ceremony under the sun. 1. DETERMINE YOUR NEEDS First, decide what you want and set your priorities. Brainstorm with your partner about your ideal destinations and discuss when you’d like to hold the ceremony. Draw up your guest list

and establish a firm budget to avoid getting carried away. 2. CALL ON AN EXPERT A travel agent can give you the inside scoop on the best deals and destinations for your special day. Thanks to his or her expertise, the agent will make recommendations based on your needs, your budget and your expectations. Most beach resorts offer all-inclusive wedding packages; if that’s

something you’d be interested in, ask your agent for details. 3. SEND OUT YOUR INVITATIONS EARLY Send out your wedding invitations as soon as you’ve settled on a wedding date. The earlier you inform your invitees about your plans, the better. Aim for at least six months notice to allow your guests to prepare for the trip.

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The history of the wedding cake The tall, tiered wedding cake — with or without toppers — is one of the most widespread wedding traditions in the western world. You’ve probably tasted a slice or two over the years, but what do you know about the origins of this sweet nuptial custom?

Historians believe that the concept of wedding cakes can be traced back to ancient Rome. At that time, it was customary to break a wafer or loaf of sweet bread over the bride’s head with the goal of invoking happiness and fertility. In medieval Europe, wedding guests typically stacked

A SYMBOLIC GESTURE The tradition of the wedding cake being sliced by the bride and groom dates back to the Middle Ages. The gesture symbolized the first action taken by the bride

small pastries as high as possible, and the bride and groom would kiss over the resulting pile of sweetness. The higher the pastry tower was, the happier the couple would be. Sweet, tall, tiered cakes like those seen today in weddings across North America only became commonplace

around the eighteenth century. Nowadays, bakeries create wedding cakes that are true works of art. Anything goes when it comes to the shape, flavour and colour — and toppers are no longer limited to the tiny bride and groom model.

and groom as a legitimate couple. Traditionally, the groom rests his hand on the bride’s as a sign of fertility and protection.

When it comes to your WEDDING DRESS, white isn’t your only option If, at a time in the past, the boldest move you could make when it came to the colour of your wedding dress was to pick off-white instead of a pristine snowy shade, that’s simply no longer the case. Like most rules, the one that dictates the colour of your wedding dress is meant to be broken — and more and more bri­ des are taking the plunge. Read on for some inspiration. Did you know that the white wedding dress has only been popular in North America since the nineteenth century? Before then, it was customary for the bride to wear — you guessed it — a colourful dress! Today, the brightly coloured dress is making a comeback and designers from around the world are reinventing this vintage trend. While shopping for a non-white wedding dress might have been a tricky task a few decades ago, boutiques are now stocked with gowns in every colour of the rainbow — and then some. Whether you’re in the market for an electric pink ball gown or an emerald green A-line, your local bridal boutique is sure to deliver the goods. On the fence about your

colour choice because you fear you’ll shock your guests by choosing an unconventional gown? Remember that this is your day and that you have the final say on what you wear. That being said, there are ways to compromise: you

Icing on the

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could incorporate a coloured sash or veil in your look or choose an all-white dress with colourful stitching. So, will you let your true colours shine through with your dream wedding dress?

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The right way to wear a BOUTONNIERE Many grooms choose to follow the tradition of wearing a small floral ac­ cessory called a bouton­ niere on their wedding day. If you’re about to put a ring on your sweet­ heart’s finger, read on to find out how you should wear your bouton­ niere.

First off, know that this accessory isn’t an es­ sential part of the groom’s traditional attire and that many prefer to opt for the subtler handkerchief. So don’t worry — you’re free to wear whatever you think looks best. If you do choose to say yes to this floral adornment, here’s

how to wear it: • Attach it to the lapel of your suit or jacket • Always pin it on your left side, above your heart • Choose a delicate or magnetized fastener to avoid damaging your jacket • Make it match your bride’s bouquet (this is not

The traditional bridal veil just might be the most archetypal wedding ac­ ­ cessory — which is why picking out this special ornament takes time and thought. Follow these three tips to find the one that will suit you perfectly. 1. AIM FOR BALANCE If your heart is set on an extravagant dress, opt for a subdued and sophis­ ticated veil that won’t out­ shine your splendid gown. A model with plain satin edging is a safe bet. If, on the other hand, your

dress is on the more clas­ sic side, feel free to add a touch of sparkle with some crystals, pearls or other trimmings. 2. PLAY WITH LENGTH Veils come in a num­ ber of lengths, from the coquettish birdcage to the majestic train. Every bride can find a version that will complement her dress flawlessly. Don’t be shy about trying on the various models available in your region’s bridal shops. 3. STAY TRUE TO YOUR STYLE Whether you’re a hope­

less romantic or a thrillseeking rebel, choose a veil that showcases your unique personality. You can also select one-of-akind accessories (flowers, je­welry, nails) to create a look that’s one hundred per cent yours. If you’re still un­ sure what veil to choose, swing by your local bridal shop and take advantage of a professional sales­ person’s experienced eye. He or she will help you find your dream veil in a jiffy!

Guidelines for choosing your BRIDAL VEIL


optional!) • Match it to your wed­ ding’s colour palette WHO SHOULD WEAR IT? If the groom decides to wear a boutonniere, all male members of the wedding procession must follow suit. This means that the impor­ tant men in the groom’s entourage — his father, godfather and grooms­ men, for instance — should all sport the bou­ tonniere with pride.


Photo courtesy of Warne Photography

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OBITUARIES O’GRADY: Ms. Erin O’Grady of Calgary, Alberta and formerly of North Battleford, Saskatchewan passed away on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 at the age of 39 years. A Celebration of Life Service was held on Friday, February 3, 2017 @ 2 P.M. from Battleford United Church with Reverend Frances Patterson officiating. Interment will follow at a later date. Erin is survived by her loving son Braxton; parents Dale and Penny O’Grady; brother Darby O’Grady (Brandy Reade), niece Chloe Reade O’Grady; Braxton’s dad Curtis Blais; Braxton’s step-dad Shaun Lavoie; Uncles Grant Howell (Gail), Brian O’Grady (Eleanor), Chris O’Grady (Louise) and Jack Ritchie; Aunts Elsie McCabi, Alice Glowatski (Roger), and Gail (Danny) Dowbush; and lots and lots of cousins! She is predeceased by grandparents Mary and Bill O’Grady and Art and Bernice Howell; Uncles and Aunts Ken and Hope O’Grady, Bruce O’Grady, Jim O’Grady, Betty and Clarence Boyce and Kathy Ritchie. Memorial donations in memory of Erin may be directed to the Battleford’s Humane Society, 751 114 St, North Battleford, SK S9A 2M7. For those wishing to leave a condolence you may do so at Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to Trevor Watts of Eternal Memories Funeral Service & Crematorium.

CLARKE: Helen Clarke December 23, 1945 ~ January 28, 2017. With great sadness the family of Helen Barbara Clarke (nee Hujber) of the Meota district announce her passing. Helen slipped away peacefully with her family by her side on Saturday, January 28, 2017. A long battle with cancer seldom changed the smile on Helen’s face. She fought with dignity and grace and did not let the disease define her. A Celebration of Life Service was held Saturday, February 4th, 2017 at the Meota Community Complex with Joyce Salie officiating. Left to cherish her memory are her mother Mary Hujber; loving husband Larry; son Dwayne (Tracy) - Cody and Kiara; daughter Tammy (Rod) Fedler - Shelby, Shayln and Taylor; sister Linda Hujber Frerichs (common-law Dwight Powell); brother Larry Hujber (Shirley); sisters-in-law Shirley Fitch (Fred), Gaye Clarke, and Dora Clarke; and numerous nieces and nephews. She is predeceased by her father Steve Hujber; parents-in-law Delisle and Dorothy Clarke; brothers-in-law Elmer Clarke, Lorne Clarke, Gordon Scorgie; sisters-in-law Clara Scorgie and Gladys Clarke. The family of Helen Barbara Clarke would like to thank their family, friends and neighbors for their support and caring during this time of grief. The food, flowers, visits and phone calls were very much appreciated. Thanks to Joyce Salie for officiating. A special thank you to Trevor Watts and staff of Eternal Memories Funeral Service for your respectful and highly professional services. Thanks to the Meota Funeral Lunch Committee for preparing the luncheon. Thanks to Shirley Hujber for preparing and presenting the eulogy. The family would also like to thank the staff at Battlefords Union Hospital for the wonderful care Helen received and the consideration her family received throughout this trying time. Memorial donations in memory of Helen may be directed to the Saskatchewan Heart and Stroke Foundation, 1738 Quebec Ave #26, Saskatoon, SK S7K 1V9 or Canadian Cancer Society 1141 101 St, North Battleford, SK S9A 0Z5. Funeral arrangements entrusted to Trevor Watts of Eternal Memories Funeral Services & Crematorium. For those wishing to leave a condolence you may do so at

STABLES: Herba Stables, April 28, 1934 – January 30, 2017, Drumheller, Alberta. It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Herba Stables (nee Goodfellow), beloved wife of Harry Stables on January 30, 2017. Herba was born in Cutknife and grew up near Carruthers, then moved to North Battleford to work where she met Harry and they raised their family, before moving to Drumheller in 1985. Herba was predeceased by her two sons, Randy and Travis Stables, her brother Gordon Goodfellow, and her sisters Luella Armstrong, Laura Mireau, Doris Lovejoy, and Sheila MacLeod. She leaves behind her husband of 59 years, Harry; her daughters and their families, Valerie Stables (Garry Wilkie), Heather Stables Fofonoff, and Janice Jessop (Donald Jessop); her grandchildren Emily DeWolfe (Mike Heseltine), Carolyn, Sarah, and Rebecca Jessop, and Declan Wilkie; and her great grandchildren Nolan and Norrah Heseltine; along with her sisters Winnie Elliott, Cora Gamble, and Olive Goodfellow and many brothers and sisters in laws, cousins, nieces, and nephews who all cared for her deeply. Herba did not wish to have a service so her ashes will be interred with her sons in North Battleford, Saskatchewan at a later date. The family respectively requests that no flowers be sent, instead a donation to either Muscular Dystrophy Canada, Cancer Society Canada, or Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada would be greatly appreciated. __________________________________________________ BYL: In Loving Memory of Hillevi Desire Byl born July 18, 1921 at Marlin District, SK, passed away January 29, 2017 in North Battleford, SK. Survived by her loving family: children and grandchildren: Martha & Pat Hobbs: Lyle & Marie, Randy & Denise, Corie & Stacey, Trudy & Jay Price; Patty & Carl Sankey: Brian & Sharon, Barry & Adrienne, Brad & Christine; K.C. & Bonnie Byl: Brett, Jodi & Brian Hargreaves; Shirley & Gerry Boyd: Melanie & Jeff Deline, Desmen & Michelle; Jim & Darlene Byl: Robin, Darci; Brenda & Brian Jordan: Derek & Tanya Gayowski, Darren Gayowski; 31 Great-Grandchildren and 5 Great-Great-Grandchildren; brother-in-law, Don Meyer & sister-in-law, Annie Hudson; numerous nieces and nephews & relatives in Sweden. Predeceased by her husband Klaas; grandson Jamie Byl, 2 infant grandchildren: James & Corinna Byl; son-in-law Peter Gayowski; parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters. Celebration of Life was held on Saturday, February 4, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. from Third Avenue United Church, North Battleford, SK with Minister Rev. Frances Patterson. Shared Memories were given by Brian Sankey. Music Ministry: Glenn Goodman – Organist; Third Avenue Sanctuary Choir - “The Old Rugged Cross”; Kaileigh Hargreaves – Soloist - “In The Bulb There Is A Flower” - Accompanist - Karen Nichol; Hymn Selections: “In The Garden”&“The Lord’s My Shepherd”; Processional: “Here I Am Lord”; Recessional: “Where The Roses Never Fade.” Honourary Pallbearers were Grandchildren, GreatGrandchildren and Great-Great-Grandchildren. Urn Bearers were K.C. Byl & Jim Byl. Memorial Donations are requested to Battlefords Union Hospital Foundation Inc., Box 1358, North Battleford, SK S9A 3L8 or to the donor’s choice. Interment was at the Robinhood Cemetery, Robinhood, SK. Arrangements were entrusted to Battlefords Funeral Service. Card of Thanks Thank-you to the Battlefords Union Hospital & River Heights Lodge for their care of mom. Bob MacKay & staff, Rev. Frances Patterson, the choir & the ladies for serving and looking after the lunch. Everyone who brought food & flowers & anyone who helped in any way, your hugs & support is greatly appreciated. The Byl family __________________________________________________


MILLER: Shirley N. Miller 1935 - 2017. It is with great sadness that the family announces the passing of Shirley Nancy Miller, beloved wife of Max Charles Miller, at St. Joseph’s Home Carmel Hospice, Medicine Hat, on February 10, 2017, at 82 years of age. Shirley was born in Perth, Western Australia on January 10, 1935. She completed her Registered Nurses training at the Royal Perth Hospital in 1957. Her adventurous spirit had her travel to many countries before Canada, where she met and married Max Miller in 1962. Shirley will be lovingly remembered by her husband of 55 years, Max; children, Glenn, Lloyd (Madison), Lynne (Kerry); five grandchildren and one great-grandson, along with many family members in Canada and Australia. She was predeceased by her parents, James Thomson Smith and Agnes Wilson Smith (nee Miller); sister, Margret and niece Deanne King of Western Australia. Shirley had simple needs and pleasures which included a great novel, English comedies, HOT cuppa, historical documentaries, current events, flower gardening, crocheting and taking a good long walk. She enjoyed numerous trips to visit her family in Australia, traveling to visit her children and grandchildren and shopping for the ultimate “bargain”. Shirley will be silently remembered by family who will have an interment at a later date. Memorial tributes in honour of Shirley may be made to the Salvation Army Community Church, 164 Stratton Way S.E. Medicine Hat, Alberta, T1A 4C2, St. Joseph’s Home - Carmel Hospice, 156 - 3 Street N.E., Medicine Hat, Alberta, T1A 5M1 or to a charity of ones own choice. (Condolences may be expressed by visiting our website at Honoured to serve the family is COOK SOUTHLAND Funeral Chapel, 901 13 Street S.W., Medicine Hat, Alberta T1A 4V4 Toll free 1-877528-6455. __________________________________________________ RUD: Elsie Joyce Rud passed away peacefully, surrounded by the love of her family, on Sunday, January 29, 2017 at the age of 84. Elsie was born to Myrtle Pederson on March 12, 1932 on the John Pederson family farm near Fosston, Saskatchewan. She was the oldest of eight siblings. Elsie attended Westport School. Elsie met Melvin Rud when she worked as a cook for John Nygren and Melvin was the hired man. The fall of 1951 they decided to head west and married on January 5, 1952 in Prince George, B.C. They have 7 children. They lived throughout BC where they worked in the logging industry until moving to Brightsand Lake, Saskatchewan in 1973 to farm. After retiring they travelled between the Okanagan and Saskatchewan before settling in North Battleford in 2010. Elsie was a hardworking, intelligent woman with a keen sense of wit right up until her passing. Elsie enjoyed the outdoors and nature whether it was tending to the farm animals, working in the garden, camping, fishing, hiking or cross country skiing. She was a fabulous cook and loved entertaining family and friends. She loved listening and dancing to old time country music usually singing along. She was a loving Mother and Grandmother who adored her family. She was passionate about reading and learning new things especially current events, politics, cooking, gardening, western pioneer stories, business ventures and healthy living. Her favourite place was Brightsand Lake where she enjoyed spending time down at the beach with her family around the campfire. She was predeceased by her parents; brother Allan; and sisters, Doris, Della and Mable and her grandson Jody. Elsie is survived by her loving husband of 65 years, Melvin, seven children Wayne (Debbie), Larry (Shirley), Debbie, Judy, Jackie, Sherry (Doren Nyholt), Michael (Lynn) and 16 grandchildren, 22 great-grandchildren and 1 great-great-grandchild, siblings, Gladys (Stan) Svoboda, Dorothy Larson, Gilbert (Hazel) Anderson; in-laws, Skip Brewster, Ray Larson, Rosella Anderson, Leonard (Lynn) Rud plus numerous nephews and nieces, cousins and friends. Donations in lieu of flowers can be sent to Villa Pascal Home, 1301 113 St. North Battleford SK S9A 3K1, care of the Social Fund. __________________________________________________

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KULCHISKY: Edythe Mae Katherine. May 25, 1940 – February 4, 2017. Edythe Mae Katherine (Mae) Kulchisky, beloved wife of Michael F. Kulchisky passed away at the Red Deer Regional on February 4, 2017 at the age of 76 years. She will be lovingly remembered by her children, Michael (Cindy) of Red Deer and Dean (Nola) of Innisfail; as well as her grandson Kohlten (Reann, Carver and Maelyn) of Penhold; and her granddaughter Taylor (Cody) of Bowden. Condolences may be forwarded to the family by visiting Arrangements entrusted to RED DEER FUNERAL HOME 6150 - 67 Street, Red Deer. Phone (403) 347-3319.

YONZ: In loving memory of Diane Yonz, born Nov. 1, 1954 – passed away peacefully the morning of February 13, 2017. Funeral Service will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, Feb. 20, 2017 from the Ukrainian Catholic Church Of All Saints, 902-108th St., North Battleford, SK. Memorial donations can be directed to the Battlefords Humane Society or to the Ukrainian Catholic Church Of All Saints. Interment will take place at Prairie Willow Columbarium – City Cemetery. Condolences can be sent to Arrangements have been entrusted to Battlefords Funeral Service. (306-446-4200) __________________________________________________________

DUBNYK: Walter (Wally) Dubnyk was born in Hague, SK on January 29, 1929 and was called to coffee row in Heaven on February 10, 2017 after a brief battle with cancer. Always an entrepreneur, many will remember him as the founder of Wally’s Food Basket (1969). “Wally sells meat that even grandma can eat.” From there he carried on to start the Battleford Food Fair, The Town Butcher and Choice Family Foods to name a few. Wally is survived by his five children Debbie (Victor Proctor), Barry (Barb), Doug (Brenda), Bonnie (Leigh Redding) and David (Barb). Twelve adoring grandchildren and eleven adorable great grandchildren: Kristy Dawn (Matthew, Macy, Jessika & Andrew), Christianne (Anaka), David (Jackson), Devan (Nathaniel, Parker), Drew (Cash), Cody, Nikki, Amanda (Blake), Breanne, Bailey, Dane (Hunter) and Chad. Sisters Vicky (Lethbridge) & Ollie (Burnaby) as well numerous extended family. Wally will be sadly missed not only by his family but also special friends Al White (left winger), Al Ulmer (driver and shopping buddy), Thelma Schmidt (good friend), Betty and Ray Turner (dads earth angels), coffee row buddies, North Star hockey friends and many others. Wally was predeceased by his wife of 60 years, Ina. A big thank you to Dr. Engelbrecht, Nurse Danielle, and all the BUH staff as well as RUH (Saskatoon) staff who helped make dads final days comfortable. An Informal Celebration of Life will be held on March 11, 2017 at the Pioneer Association Hall 792-101 Street (South Railway Avenue) (Riverview). Drop in for coffee between 1pm and 4pm to share your Wally stories. Interment at a later date. Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to Trevor Watts of Eternal Memories Funeral Service & Crematorium. For those wishing to leave a condolence you may do so at

FREY: Peter Joseph Frey June 26, 1935 - January 29, 2017. Peter passed away at the age of 81 surrounded by family at BUH, North Battleford, SK. Mass of Christian Burial was held February 3, 2017, from St. Vital RC Church. Peter grew up and farmed near Battleford from a young age until retiring to North Battleford in 2001. Peter served as Reeve for RM of Prairie, on the Board of Trustees for Battleford School Division, as a member of the 4th Degree Knights of Columbus, along with many other community organizations. Peter enjoyed his family and friends immensely and was known for his joking nature by all. Peter was survived by his loving wife Eunice Frey; children Carrolynn (Pat) Pernitsky, Roxanne Frey (Brian Mark), Denise Frey (Derrin Raffey), Becky (Kevin) Anderson, Peter Frey (Sherrilyn Phelps). Grandchildren: Trent Pernitsky, Amelia Mark, Jaxon Raffey, Luke & Ty Anderson, Jessica Phelps & Ethan Frey. Sisters: Louise Bonamici & Joan Hopkins. Card of Thanks The family would like to express our thanks to the staff of Ward 5, Battlefords District Care Centre for their compassionate care of our husband and father over the past 3 years. Thank you to Father Greg Elder for his spiritual support and wonderful funeral mass; Dave McQuaid for his uplifting music ministry; Brother Kendrick for assisting with mass; 3rd and 4th Degree Knights of Columbus for their Honor Guard and the St. Vital CWL for providing lunch. Thanks to all those who sent food, flowers, cards, mass offerings and expressed words of condolence. Thanks to Trevor Watts and staff of Eternal Memories Funeral Service & Crematorium for the kindness and support provided to our family.It is the family’s wish that any contributions in honour of Peter J. Frey be made to the BUH Foundation, Box 1358, North Battleford, SK., S9A 3L8. Condolences may be forwarded to


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OBITUARIES WINTERHOLT: Penelope Florence (Penny) passed away peacefully on February 1, 2017. Born at Vancouver General Hospital, along with her twin brother, Peter, on January 2, 1949. Predeceased by her mother and father. Penny is survived by her loving husband Mike, three wonderful children; Amanda (Kevin), Jesse (Panmela), Aaron (Jen) and two beautiful grandchildren; Hugo and Emmett. Rejoice, I have a wonderful new home. On February 11, 2008 I received my ticket and now I’ve left. My new life will be with our Heavenly Father in a magnificent location far away. The journey has been wonderful but the destination will be awesome. My life has been truly blessed with three wonderful children; Amanda (Kevin), Jesse (Panmela), Aaron (Jen) and two beautiful grandchildren; Hugo and Emmett. Mike, we have had forty great years together and you were my everything. You always made life an adventure in the unexpected. I love you all so much, both family and friends. Thank you for being there. Funeral date to be announced in the Spring. Any donations to be made to the Canadian Cancer Society. Condolences for Penny’s family can be left at Arrangements entrusted to First Memorial, Kamloops BC (250) 554 2429. RUBERRY: Mrs. Dolly Ruberry passed away on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at the Wilkie Health Centre at the age of 96 years. A Celebration of Life Service was held at the Chapel Gallery, Saturday, February 4, 2017 at 2:00 p.m., North Battleford, Saskatchewan, with Reverend Jan Trost officiating. Dolly is survived by her son Edwin (Susan); daughter Kathleen (Boyd) Bagnall; son Elroy (Joyce); son Wayne (Gail); sister-in-law Cam; 18 grandchildren; 32 great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren. Dolly was predeceased by her husband Roy of 75 years; parents Liberal and Attilia Vidotto and daughter Esther; siblings Lidio, Nello and Norma. Memorial donations in Dolly’s memory may be directed to the CNIB, 1929 Bayview Ave, East York, ON M4G 0A1 or Bethany Assisted Living, Wilkie, SK S0K 4W0. For those wishing to leave a condolence you may do so at Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to Trevor Watts of Eternal Memories Funeral Service & Crematorium.


Eternal Memories Funeral Service & Crematorium 2741 - 99th Street, North Battleford, SK 306-445-7570

Trevor Watts - Director/Owner

The Battlefords only Locally Owned Funeral Provider

“The only crematorium in the Battlefords area” Traditional Casket Burial and Cremation Services Serving Families with Dignity, Respect & Compassion Counsellor for Bronze and Granite Memorials Free pre-planning guides available, assistance with pre-planning services


Community Safety and Crime Prevention


Men have a responsibility to stop male violence against women. A message from the Canada Safety Council



Professional Services Provided with Heart and Compassion ROBERT MACKAY GEORGE HAEGEBAERT P.O. Box 806 North Battleford, SK S9A 2Z3

306-446-4200 IN MEMORIAM

Feb. 19, 1969 - Feb. 19, 2016

Happy Birthday Dear Kim If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane. We would walk right up to Heaven and bring you back again. No farewell words were spoken, No time to say “Goodbye”. You were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why. Our hearts still ache with sadness, and secret tears still flow. What is meant to love you No one can ever know.

In loving memory of a dear wife & mother

But now we know you want us to mourn for you no more; To remember all the happy times life still has much in store.

Dec. 4, 1949 - Feb. 14, 2012

Since you’ll never be forgotten, We pledge to you today A hollowed place within our hearts is where you’ll always stay.

Rita Anna-Maria Haegebaert Missing You We’re missing you a little more Each time we hear your name, We’ve cried so many tears Yet our heart’s broken just the same. We miss our times together Things in common we could share, But nothing fills the emptiness Now you’re no longer there. We’ve so many precious memories To last our whole life through, Each one of them reminders Of how much we’re missing you Forever missed and never forgotten, With all our love,

Always in our thoughts, Love Mom & Dad, Lana - Colby, Austin Shelley - Ariana, Shaelyn


GIFT One heart... remembering another... helps other hearts beat on. Provincial Office 279 - 3rd Ave. North Saskatoon, SK S7K 2H8 Phone: 244-2124 Call Toll Free: 1-800-565-9000

Camille & Sarah CARD OF THANKS

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Bertha Salzl Lacey Gallinger Tony Dewald Dean Hetlinger Delia Starchief Stan Neufeld Jamie Scwark John & Shirley Vany Maurille Corbeil Sherri Larfermann Joey Beland Ray Nolin Colleen Happ Louise Olan Audrey Fendrich Pauline Poulin Evelyn Schnaider Viola Schaumberger Adeline Knox Caydence Wild Heather Arthur Alex Stevenson Jim Biggins Greg Mamer S. Gilchrist Evelyn Schnaider Julius Kurjata Lesa Ritter M. Wintonyk Georgina Thomas Don Ulrich

Paradise Hill, SK $1,000 Macklin, SK $50 Denzil, SK $50 Goodsoil, SK $25 Battleford, SK $25 Loon Lake, SK $25 Cando, SK $25 North Battleford, SK $25 Meota, SK $25 Paradise Hill, SK $25 St. Walburg, SK $50 Cochin, SK $50 Dorintosh, SK $25 Goodsoil, SK $25 Wilkie, SK $25 Battleford, SK $25 Barthel, SK $25 Goodsoil, SK $50 Macklin, SK $50 Pierceland, SK $25 Unity, SK $25 Wilkie, SK $25 Goodsoil, SK $25 Wilkie, SK $25 Lloydminster, SK $50 Barthel, SK $50 St. Walburg, SK $25 Goodsoil, SK $25 North Battleford, SK $25 Wilkie, SK $25 North Battleford, SK $50

Congratulations to all winners! Thank you for your past and continued support!

Regional Optimist



Harley B. Frank

Feb. 18, 1991 - Oct. 14, 2016

Antique & Collectibles Sale, February 20-26 during mall hours at Market Mall, 2325 Preston Avenue, Saskatoon. BIG RIVER FISH DERBY on Cowan Lake. SATURDAY, MARCH 18, 2017 For info visit: or email: k r i e n k e m a i To register call: 306-479-7424.


Today, Feb. 18, marks the day you made your journey into our lives meaningful, Your journey to the celestial lands on October 14, 2016 left a painful void; However: Today I choose to share the memories of your life with humor: I laugh now; when you ran over the skunk; You said “It was him or us, I choose him” I laugh now, when you came laughing in at 5 am after a jog; You said “I ran right into a horse-its pitch dark” I laugh now, when you pulled out snakes from your backpack and I locked you out You said “Let me in, I’m your son.” I laugh now, when I pulled a garbage bag over your head and shoulders to cut your hair; You said “Don’t do it mom, I’m your son.” I laugh now, when Kaidon was clearing his itchy throat; You said “I thought he was breaking out a round dance song” Hiy, hiy, Mom


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REBUILT APPLIANCES Washers/Dryers Refrigerators & Freezers Ranges & Dishwashers 90 DAY GUARANTEE Battlefords Refrigeration & Appliance 11152 - 8th Avenue North Battleford, SK

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New floor plans for 2017

CANADA BENEFIT GROUP - Attention Saskatchewan residents: Do you or someone you know suffer from a disability? Get up to $40,000 from the Canadian Government. Toll-free 1-888-511-2250 or

March 2, 2017

We sell & service homes across Western Canada, On Site Consultation.

Don Ross - Room #107

HWY #16 West of Yorkton (Sheho, SK.)

LAND FOR SALE FARMLAND WANTED NO FEES OR COMMISSIONS! SUMMARY OF SOLD PROPERTIES North - 10 1/4’s North East - 14 1/4’s North West - 12 1/4’s East - 57 1/4’s West - 50 1/4’s Central - 219 1/4’s South - 100 1/4’s South East - 46 1/4’s South West - 65 1/4’s PURCHASING: SINGLE TO LARGE BLOCKS OF LAND.

The disability tax credit allows for a:


Yearly Tax Credit


Lump Sum Refund and Rebates


For Expert Help


APARTMENTS/CONDOS FOR RENT 1 Bedroom Apartment for rent in Battleford, quiet working adults, no pets, no children, no smoking, reference required. Must be employed. Phone 445-2943

1 Executive Town Home on Foley Drive, available March 1st. $1400/month, $1400 security derposit. Total Reno’s, No Pets, No Children. Call to view 306-2287940 or 306-481-2836.


Hey guys my name is Harmonie and I was brought here to the shelter so I could have some help finding my furrever home and family. I am a super sweet little girl who loves attention and affection. I also luff luff luff peoples and belly rubs and tummy scratches and chin scratches too. If your thinking of adding a new furr baby to your home and family then come on down to the shelter today. I know one of us will be the purrfect match for you. Hey guys my name is Montana and I am here at the shelter looking for my forever home and family. I am a super sweet girl that loves to give kisses. I love attention and affection and I love to play with toys. Balls and ropes especially. If your thinking of adding a new furr baby to your home and family come on down to the shelter today. PLEASE SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR PETS! Check out all our Shelter animals in need of homes at:



Chartered Professional Accountants 1282 - 101st Street North Battleford, Sask. Telephone 306-445-0488 Facsimile 306-446-3155 -PARTNERSGarth Swanson, CPA, CA Greg Gryba, CPA, CA

300 - 1291 102nd Street North Battleford, SK, S9A 3V4

Phone: 306-445-6234 Fax: 306-445-0245 PARTNERS

Notice is hereby given that 102006699 Saskatchewan Ltd. has applied to the Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) for a Tavern permit to sell alcohol in the premises known as Delmas Hotel at Hwy 16 Delmas, SK. Written objections to the granting of the permit may be filed with SLGA not more than two weeks from the date of publication of this notice. Every person filing a written objection with SLGA shall state their name, address and telephone number in printed form, as well as the grounds for the objection(s). Petitions must name a contact person, state grounds and be legible. Each signatory to the petition and the contact person must provide an address and telephone number. Frivolous, vexatious, or competition-based objections within the beverage alcohol industry may not be considered and may be rejected by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Licensing Commission, who may refuse to hold a hearing. Write to: Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority Box 5054 Regina, SK S4P 3M3

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS for the Board of Directors for the Turtleford Credit Union Ltd. The Turtleford Credit Union is seeking eligible members who may be interested in running for vacant positions on our Board of Directors. The responsibilities of a director include regular monthly meetings, policy development, review operations and future planning.

Completed nomination kits must be submitted to the credit union before close of business (4 pm) on Friday, March 3, 2017.

Dale L. Cameron, CPA, CA Suzanne L. Odishaw, CPA, CA Jacques la Cock, CPA, CA Derek Sieben, CPA, CA Stephen Mann, CPA, CA

Annual Meeting is March 20, 2017 in Turtleford.

Let Us Help You Keep Your Business Rolling! PLACE YOUR AD ON THIS PAGE

Fax: 306-445-1977 Email:

(Under the provisions of The Alcohol and Gaming Regulations Act, 1997)

A nomination kit may be picked up at the credit union or for more information you may contact Mitch Rokochy, General Manager at (306) 845-2105 or one of the Nominating Committee Members: Roger Bissonnette (306) 845-7762, Jamie Little (306) 845-7775 or Travis Oster (306) 845-7439.


CALL 306-445-7261

Application for Re: Liquor Permit




7:00 - 9:00 p.m.


Other medical conditions that lead to Restrictions in Walking or Dressing?

Call or Text Perry at 306-980-7090 for further information.

Custom Orders Welcome

Hip or knee replacement?



Annual General Meeting

Weekend calls Personalized Service

FREE FREE VENDING MACHINES & Countertop Profit Centers. Can Earn $100,000.00 + Per Yr. Retire in just 3 Years. Prime Locations Provided. Plus Raise Money for Breast Cancer Research. Full Details CALL NOW 1-866-668-6629 WEBSITE

Flin Flon/Creighton/ 35Denare linesBeaCh

Battleford Minor Ball Inc.

Single wide, Multi Sections, Lake House, Motel Units





Black and Red Yearling and 2yr. old Angus Bulls on moderate growing ration - performance info available. Adrian or Brian and Elaine Edwards. Valleyhills Angus - Glaslyn, SK. Phone 306-441-0946 or 306-3424407.

20,000 person primary market

REACH OVER 500,000 Saskatchewan Readers Each Week!

Ken is his name Mechanics is his fame 70 he will be, on Feb. 22 you see. Buy him a coffee or give him a hello He is the best little dude that you will ever know.


The Battlefords, Thursday, February 16, 2017 - Page 31


CALL 306-445-7261

your news all the time and online

Page 32 - The Battlefords, Thursday, February 16, 2017


1&2 Bedroom Suites • Fridge, stove, washer, dryer • Some are air conditioned Rental rate: $650 to $1,200 per month Complete application: 1441 - 100th Street Or Phone 306-445-8571 or 306-441-0950

SUITES FOR RENT Available 1 bedroom suite. F/S/W/D utilities included $750 per month. No pets and no smoking. Reference required. Available March 1st. Call or text (306) 4801347.


Western Commodities 877-695-6461 Visit our website @

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AUTO MISCELLANEOUS Wrecking over 250 units... cars and trucks. Lots of trucks... Dodge... GMC... Ford... Imports... 1/2 ton to 3 tons... We ship anywhere... Call or text 306-821-0260. Lloydminster.



PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that nominations of candidates for the office of:

Motor Licence Issuer

1292 - 102nd Street, North Battleford

306-445-8059 “serving ALL your insurAnCe & motor LiCenCe needs�

RENTALS & LEASES Land for Lease 137 acres of alfalfa to be cut and baled with the option that cattle can be grazed after, with remaining 20 acres of grass, pasture, water SW Sec 22 46 14 W3 RM of Round Hill For more information and Terms call: 446-2379 or 480-4145 All offers need to be submitted by February 28th 2017 to: 882-111th St. North Battleford, Sask. S9A 2K1


MAKE IT SPARK Get the skills you need to begin your career as an ELECTRICIAN or WELDER and be eligible to qualify for apprenticeship and trade-time credit.

(Municipal Elections)

Councilor: Village of Speers will be received by the undersigned on the 8th day of March 2017, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the village office located #123 Main Street, Speers, Sask. and during regular business hours on February 21st to March 8th, 2017 at the same location. Nomination forms may be obtained from the village office located #123 Main Street, Speers, Saskatchewan. Dated this 21st day of February, 2017. Dean Nicholson Returning Office

RURAL MUNICIPALITY OF MERVIN No. 499 Public Notice of Discretionary Use Subdivision Public notice is hereby given that pursuant to section 55 of the Planning and Development Act, 2007 that the RM of Mervin No. 499 has received an application for a discretionary use parcel subdivision. The application RURAL  MUNICIPALITY   MERVIN  for No.  4the 99   intended use includes the creation of one (1)OF  parcel Public   N otice   o f   D iscretionary   U se   S ubdivision   of single-parcel country residential development within the is  SE 1/4 0553bythat  the   Public  notice   hereby   given  Section that  pursuant  to   section   55  o21f  the   PW3M lanning  and  represented Development  Act,  2007   RM  of  Mervin  No.  499  has  received  an  application  for  a  discretionary  use  parcel  subdivision.    The  application   Parcel A, as shown in “Schedule Aâ€?. This is currently includes  the  creation  of  one  (1)  parcel  for  the  intended  use  of  single-­â€?parcel  country  residential  development   permitted a discretionary within   the   SE   Âź   Section  as 05-­â€?53-­â€?21-­â€?W3M   represented   by  use Parcel  in A,   as  the shown  Agricultural         currently   permitted   as   a   discretionary   use   in   the   Agricultural   District     Schedule   A,   section   (B)(f)   of   Bylaw   District - Schedule A, section (B) (f) of Bylaw 94-4 known 94-­â€?4  known  as  the  Zoning  Bylaw.   as the Zoning Bylaw. Schedule  A  

Schedule A

Peter’s Bros. Paving, south Okanagan paving company seeking experienced paving personnel (min. 3 years) for their highway division throughout BC. Relocation allowance may be available. Competitive wage $24.00 to $31.00 per hour plus benefits, full time seasonal. Please send resume to

for more community events

Community Events Calendar ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS

Please call our 24 hour helpline at 306-446-6166 for support or information.


If someone’s drinking troubles you attending Alanon Family Group provides understanding and support. Meetings Monday at 7:00 p.m. and Friday at 10:00 a.m. at the Zion Lutheran Church, corner of 15th Ave. & 108th Street. Contacts 306-937-7765, 306937-7289 or 306-441-9324.

Thursdays, January 19 - March 30

LEGO Club at the North Battleford Library from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. Join our Kids Lego Club where you can create, build and use your imagination. Lego provided.

Fridays, January 20 - March 31

Tales and More at the North Battleford Library at 10:45 a.m. Come and enjoy 45 minutes of stories, rhymes and finger plays for ages 3 to 5 years.

Saturday, February 18

Crystal’s Home Craft & Trade Fair at the Living Faith Chapel, 1371 - 103rd Street from 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Free admission.

Saturday, February 18

Club 70 Dance - Harry Startup at the Royal Canadian Legion, 1352 - 100th Street, North Battleford from 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. Lunch service at 12:00 p.m. Everyone welcome.

Saturday, February 18

Green Screen Fun - Come and play with our new green screen and see yourself in ways you never imagined at the North Battleford Library from 2:00 - 5:00 p.m. for all ages.

Saturday, February 18

2nd Annual Murray Lake Fishing Derby at Murray Lake. Registration from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. fishing from 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. Tickets available at Whiterock Gas & Confectionery, Hwy 4 North, North Battleford 306-445-8444. Major prizes & 50/50 draws.

Tuesday, February 21

Kaiser Tournament in the Borden Senior’s Room at 7:00 p.m. Â

Council will consider this application at the regular scheduled Council meeting on Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 at 11:00 am in the RM of Mervin office. If you wish to comment on this proposal, CAREER OPPORTUNITIES S.  Yvonne   Prusak,  Bdo ASc,  so MA,  in MCIP,   RPP   please writing prior to Friday, February 24th, MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION! In- Municipal  Planner   2017 to the RM of Mervin No. 499, Box 130, Turtleford, February   6 ,   2 017   demand career! Employers have SK S0M 2Y0. For additional information please visit work-at-home positions available. Get online training you need from or contact the Municipal Planner an employer-trusted program. Visat (306) 845-7333 or at it: or 1-855768-3362 to start training for your work-at-home career today!

Wednesdays, January 18 - March 29

Apply by April 30, 2017, to be eligible for a $500-$5,000 Entrance Scholarship.

or call 1-866-296-2472.

Visit our website

Time for Tots at the North Battleford Library at 10:45 a.m. at the North Battleford Library. Come and enjoy 30 minutes of simple stories, rhymes and finger plays for ages 18 months to 3 years and their parents or caregivers.

Seats are available in the Electrician (Biggar) and Welding (Rosetown) certificate programs.

To find out if Quinoa (Keen-Wa) has a fit on your farm call 1-866-368-9304 or visit




Apply today at


Regional Optimist

Council  will  consider  this  application  at  the  regular  scheduled  Council  meeting  on  Tuesday,  February  28th,   2017  at  11:00  am  in  the  RM  of  Mervin  office.    If  you  wish  to  comment  on  this  proposal,  please  do  so  in  writing   prior  to  Friday,  February  24th,  2017  to  the  RM  of  Mervin  No.  499,  Box  130,  Turtleford,   SK  S0M  2Y0.     For   additional  information  please  visit  or  contact  the  Municipal  Planner  at  (306)  845-­� 7333  or  at    

S.Yvonne Prusak, BASc, MA, MCIP, RPP Municipal Planner February 6, 2017 COMING EVENTS

36th Annual Ducks Unlimited Canada

Dinner&Auction Saturday March 4, 2017

Gold Eagle Event Centre

Tickets: $50.00 each

(includes host bar & guns and jewelry prize draws)

For tickets call


or they can be purchased at the Ducks Unlimited Office 202-1301-101st Street

306-445-7261 your CLASSIFIED line

Thursday, February 23

Dream Catchers Workshop at 1301 - 104th Street, North Battleford at 9:00 a.m. Khodi Dill, spoken-word artist, emcee and educator and share your dream for Canada through art. Visit dreamingcanada. ca to learn more about the workshops and register, or to submit your dream online.

Saturday, February 25

Orolow Church Snowmobile Rally starting at 11:00 a.m. Call Peter at 306-997-5703 for information.

Sunday, February 26

Magic Show Live at the North Battleford Library at 3:00 p.m. One hour family illusion show performed to music written/produced by J. Lamoureux. Please bring a non perishable food item to the show. Proceeds go to support our local food bank. Doors open at 2:30 p.m.

Monday, February 27

North Battleford Library Adult Book Club at the North Battleford Library from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. Join us for a discussion of being mortal: medicine and what matters in the end by Atul Gawande.

Tuesday, February 28

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper in the Senior’s Room from 5:00 - 6:30 p.m. - by donation. Hosted by Borden Anglican & United Church.

Saturday, March 4

Snowmobile Rally at the Borden Community Centre at 11:00 a.m. Chili lunch and ham supper. Sponsored by Radisson Senior Hockey Club.

Saturday, March 11

St. Patrick’s Day Bake Sale at Co-op Territorial Mall starting at 10:00 a.m. Delicious home baking. Sponsored by the St. Vital Catholic Women’s League coordinated with the St. Vital Parish, Battleford.

Sunday, March 12

St. Vital Parish Family Perogy Supper at St. Vital Parish Center, 11 - 18th Street West, Battleford. Gathering and fellowship 4:00 p.m. Supper 5:00 p.m. Entertainment 6:00 p.m. Advance tickets only. Tickets available at St. Vital Parish Office, 306-937-7340, Marilyn O’Driscoll 306-937-3998 - take out orders (leave a message if not in). Sold in the church entrance before Mass. Orders must be place by Thursday, March 9.

Monday, April 3

Recruiting Pipes and Drums Band Members - open invitation to any old or young, male or female interested in pipes and drums players or learners but only pipes and drums. Battleford Royal Canadian Legion #9 needs a pipes and drums band for various functions and therefore the Battleford Legion would like to sponsor the reorganization of this unit. A special meeting at the Legion Hall, 272 - 22nd Street, Battleford at 7:30 p.m. Entry is via the street level door to the right of the outside stairs. Contact Piper Jim Ramasy 306-937-3347 or 2nd Vice President Robert Tannahill, C.D. Captain (retired) 306-937-2165. This section, which will appear weekly in Tuesday's News-Optimist and Thursday’s Regional Optimist, is provided free-of-charge to non-profit organizations. To list the Community Calendar please call News-Optimist at 306-445-7261 or fax the information to 306-445-3223. Please provide complete information including event, time, date and location. Although we will do our utmost to make sure your event appears in this section, News-Optimist does not guarantee all submissions will appear. Deadline for submissions is 5:00 p.m. Thursday prior for Tuesday's & Thursday’s publication.

Regional Optimist

The Battlefords, Thursday, February 16, 2017 - Page 33


Prairie Employment Program

TOWN OF BATTLEFORD Summer Student Employment Opportunities


Positions are available in Tot Lot, Campground, Parks, Fred Light Museum, Works and Utilities Departments. Some positions require a valid Saskatchewan Driver’s License. Please send a detailed resumé with cover letter specifying your department of interest. If you are interested in more than one position, please indicate this on the cover letter as well. Full job descriptions may be obtained at the Rec Office (address below). All positions starting on or about May 1. Salary as per union contract. Please submit to: Jordan Schechtel - Director, Parks and Recreation, Town of Battleford, Box 1240, Battleford, SK S0M 0E0, (or drop off to south side, Alex Dillabough Centre, Battleford); fax: (306) 937-3103; email: Note: please supply a valid email address for correspondence. Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

Applications are now being accepted for summer student work with Prairie Employment Program. The position requires that the student work 37.5 hours per week with people who strive to maintain ongoing employment. Wages $14.00/hr. Prairie Employment Program is a diversity and representative workforce employer. Applicants may submit an up-to-date resumé with references by April 21, 2017 to: Maurice MacGregor, Executive Director Prairie Employment Program Inc. 1202 - 101st Street North Battleford, SK S9A 0Z8

! team! Join Join our! team

Join our

team our TRAVEL

Employment Opportunity

and become part of Canada’s LARGEST retail Travel network We are presently looking for a

Join Marlin Travel and become part of Canada’s LARGEST retail travel network.


to our team Wejoin are presently looking for Minimum experience in a Leisure2 years Travel Consultants travel agency a travel course Join Marlin Traveltoorand become part oforCanada’s join our team. general office experience. LARGEST retail travel network. Minimum yearsflexible experience required. Start 2date Start date flexible.

We are looking Please forward your resumé in presently confidence to: for

Leisure Travel Consultants Marlin Travel Please forward your resume in confidence to

301 - 18th Street, Brandon, MB R7A 5A8 to join our team.Marlene Fax 727-2354 Attn: 14A - 9800 Territorial Place North Battleford, SK S9A 3W6 Minimum 2 years experience required. Attn - Barb Schmidt Start date flexible.

Please forward your resume in confidence to

301TOWN - 18th Street, Brandon, MB R7A 5A8 OF BATTLEFORD Fax 727-2354 Opportunity Attn: Marlene Employment

Parks/Recreation Department Parks/Arena Maintenance Attendant Position (Seasonal Position)

is accepting applications for the following positions:

1. MAINTENANCE: 40 hour weeks: 8 hour days from May 1st to Sept. 30. Must have valid driver’s license; be able to work well with others; Be able to work weekends. List expected salary. 2. CONCESSION OPERATOR: Rent building and run your own business with some regulations from the Park Board. Must have valid “Food Handling Course”. At times will need two workers. 3. QUALIFIED SWIM INSTRUCTOR: Required certified lifeguard, CPR and first aid. Needed for one week starting 3rd week of July or 1st week of August to teach all levels.


All positions listed must provide a “Criminal Check” before being hired.

Applications are now being accepted for the position of Seasonal Grader Operator. The successful applicant will be required to maintain and operate the municipal grader as well as other various duties as required. The Municipality offers a comprehensive benefits package including the Municipal Employees Pension Plan. Please submit resumés by March 3, 2017 including references and work experience along with salary expected to:

Deadline for applications February 23, 2017

The R.M. of Mervin No. 499 Attention: L. Ryan Domotor Box 130 Turtleford, SK S0M 2Y0 Phone: 306-845-2045 Fax: 306-845-2950 or Email: We thank all interested candidates for applying, however only those selected for an interview will be contacted.


A seasonal position under the supervision of the Director of Parks and Recreation. The position begins April 1 and ends September 30 annually. This position requires versatility in performing the day to day tasks involved in the parks, sports fields and arena operation and maintenance, and in the operation and maintenance of the vehicles and equipment related to the Parks and Arena. Qualifications: - Grade 12 education - possess and maintain a valid driver’s license - general knowledge of operation and maintenance/repair of equipment related to the Arena and Parks maintenance - ability to work under supervision and to work independently; to follow oral and written instructions, to meet and deal tactfully with the public

Route 57

All 23rd Street, All 24th Street • 66 papers •

Route 63

Battlesprings Way, Battleriver Place, Battleford Place, Battlesprings Lane, Battlespring Place, Battlespring Dr., Battlesprings Cove • 81 papers •

Open to male and female applicants. Evening and weekend shifts may occasionally be involved. This is a union position with wages as per current union contract. A full job description is available from the Parks and Recreation office. Only those applicants granted an interview will be contacted.

FOR MORE DETAILS CALL CHUCK Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

at 306-445-7261

Deadline: Friday, Feb. 27, 2017 at 1:00 p.m.

OR Leave Message if after hours or weekends

Submit resumé, including references to: Jordan Schechtel - Directors of Parks and Recreation Parks and Recreation Department Box 1240, Battleford, SK S0M 0E0 or in person to Parks and Recreation Office 428-28th Street (south side of Alex Dillabough Center)


Redberry Lake Regional Park

892-104th Street North Battleford, SK

Phone 306-445-7261



Employment Opportunity

Send to email: or by mail to Box 250 Hafford, SK S0J 1A0. For more information call Bernedette Harach 639-317-4346.

Automotive Office Manager North Battleford Hyundai is seeking a full time Office Manager who will be responsible for the day to day operations of the accounting department. The right individual will love challenges and be determined to make a positive impact in the business. Responsibilities Include: • Providing exceptional customer service to internal customers • Preparing monthly financial statements in a timely manner • Completion of payroll • Bank Reconciliation • Preparing remittances for all applicable taxes • Work with office staff to ensure timely completion of assigned tasks • Reconcile all accounts and schedules prior to month end • Complete end-of-month accounting reports as assigned Requirements: • Minimum 5 years of accounting experience • Strong communications, customer service, leadership and organizational skills • High level of accuracy and analytical ability • Proficiency with Microsoft Office applications • Proficiency with PBS Dealership management software an asset. • A valid driver’s license Compensation and Benefits: In addition to competitive pay, we offer our employees; • Group Health • Dental • Life and Disability Insurance • Paid vacation • Consistent hours If you are a self-motivated individual with strong values, integrity, transparency, and professionalism, please apply: Interviews will be scheduled during the week of February 21-25. Submit resumés in person or send by email to:

Looking for a talented and experienced HAIR STYLIST to join our upbeat and modern salon. Great working atmosphere. Lots of potential clients. Please apply in person by March 4 with a resumé and references.

1381B - 101st Street North Battleford


Cathy Martin, Office Manager North Battleford Hyundai Hwy 4 North, North Battleford

North West College Instructor, Security Officer, Full-Time, Term North Battleford Posting #66-BC-1617 Reporting to the Program Coordinator, this Instructor position is responsible for the planning and delivery of the Security Officer Certificate program. This position runs from March 1 – May 30, 2017 (62 days). For a complete position profile, and application visit Applications will be accepted until February 21, 2017 at noon.

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Living Sky School Division No. 202 Growth Without Limits, Learning For All

Now accepting applications for the following positions:

Teacher • Bready Elementary School - North Battleford • Lawrence Elementary School - North Battleford Closing noon, Tuesday, February 21, 2017 Details and link to online applications can be found on our website at All applications must be submitted online. We are looking for Bus Drivers and Casual Caretakers for our rural locations! If you live near Cut Knife, Hafford, Spiritwood or Wilkie, we would love to talk to you. Training opportunities are available.

Please call our office at 306-937-7972 for more information.

More than a job. Think career. Think ownership.

WE WANT YOU!! Cando is currently seeking qualified candidates for various positions at customer sites throughout Saskatchewan. Visit our careers page at for more details on the following opportunities: Locomotive Mechanic/Locomotive Electrician Locomotive Engineers Railway Conductors Mechanical Railcar Repair/Railcar Cleaners Strong teamwork and communication skills along with a passion for safety and customer satisfaction are essential for all positions. Individuals must be in good physical condition, meet all site security and safety requirements and be able to maintain safety critical medical status including passing drug and alcohol testing. Top candidates will be able to hold and maintain CROR qualifications, and have experience working in an industrial switching environment. Please note the position title and location of interest on your resume. We thank all applicants for their interest however only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Cando Rail Services is a dynamic, employee-owned company that provides railway support services to industry.

For more details on this and other postings, visit

To submit a resume: E: F: 204-725-4100

Reporter Correspondents required for all rural areas

• • • • • • • •

All District First Nations Cando Cochin Cut Knife Glaslyn Hafford Lashburn Livelong

• Mervin • North of the Gully • • • • •


Maidstone Paradise Hill Medstead St. Walburg Turtleford

NOTE: These are freelance opportunities, not salaried positions. Ideally, reporter correspondents should reside within the communities listed above.

For more information contact:

Becky Doig (Editor)

email: or toll free 1-866-549-9979




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Douglas Shearer (1899–1971)

Pioneering sound engineer and special effects artist Douglas Shearer is most remembered for his role as an innovator in the field of motion picture sound technology. Over the span of his 40-year film career, he continuously challenged technological limitations and completely reshaped industry standards. Among his most significant advances were the development of a recording system able to eliminate unwanted background noise and the Shearer at the 13th Academy Awards co-creation of MGM Camera 65, a wide-screen photogra(1941). Photo: Academy of Motion phy system first used in the production of Raintree County Picture Arts and Sciences. (1957). He also made improvements to projection work, colour balance and background process photography. His trailblazing work was met with high praise, including 21 Academy Award nominations and seven wins for Sound and Special Effects. He remains to this day the most honoured Canadian by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Born in 1899 in Montreal, Douglas Shearer was drawn to the science and technology of light and sound from an early age. As a youngster he built an electrical lab in his basement, and by the age of fourteen quit high school to work for Northern Electric. He eventually returned to academia, studying physics and engineering at McGill University for a year before his family’s financial hardships forced him resume his old job. Douglas had two sisters, Norma and Athole, both of whom moved to New York with their mother in the early 1920s in hopes of becoming actresses. Of the two, Norma was the most successful—so much so, in fact, that she was brought to Hollywood to work for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) and quickly became one of the studio’s biggest stars. Douglas followed his younger sister to California and soon began working for MGM himself, starting as a prop handler. Shearer’s skills, which were far beyond those required by his entry-level position, quickly drew the attention of executives, and it wasn’t long before he was made head of the studio’s sound department. While in this position, he played a key role in MGM’s transition from making silent films to making “talkies,” and is credited as Recording Director in nearly all of the studio’s productions between 1930 and 1953. In addition to the critical role he played in advancing sound and picture technology in film, Shearer also aided the Allied Forces during the Second World War by lending his innovative mind to further the development of sonar radar technology. Shearer passed away in 1971, only a few short years after he’d retired from MGM. He was honoured by the New York Times with a front-page obituary; an honour usually reserved for heads of state and industry giants. In 2008, Douglas Shearer was inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame along with his sister Norma.


The word ᓀᐦᐃᔭᐍᐏᐣ (Nēhiyawēwin), or “Cree language” in English


The Cree make up the most populous and widely distributed Indigenous group in Canada. They are dispersed from the subarctic region of Alberta all the way east to Quebec and spanning portions of the Plains regions in Alberta and Saskatchewan. As of 2015 more than 317,000 Canadians claimed to have Cree heritage and there are more than 130 registered Cree bands. According to the National Household Survey of 2011 there are over 95,000 speakers of Cree and it is the most widely spoken aboriginal language in Canada. Like other First Nations groups, the Cree had lived in Canada for thousands of years before Europeans ever laid foot on North American soil. They first encountered Europeans in the 17th century and this contact eventually lead to the fur trade. The Cree nation transformed greatly upon contact with European colonizers and their culture deteriorated due to epidemics, the destruction of bison herds and government policies forcing First Nations to surrender land through treaties. The Cree were ultimately relocated to reserves and were subjected to decades of systemic cultural demolition through abuses suffered within the residential school system. In 2008 the Government of Canada offered a formal apology to all former students of residential schools. Today, self-government and economic development are major goals of the Cree communities in Canada. About half of the Cree population continues to live on reserves, while the remainder have made their homes in cities and towns across the country. Several Cree leaders have a national role in furthering the aims of Indigenous peoples in Canada. Additionally, the Cree have played an important role within United Nations negotiations, especially in regards to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.


Question 1:

What satirical television series, currently in its 24th season, debuted on CBC in 1993 with original cast members such as Rick Mercer, Mary Walsh and Greg Thomey?

Question 2:

Where is the most easterly point in North America located, and what is it called?

Question 3:

On February 23, 1909, engineer Douglas McCurdy took off from Baddeck, Nova Scotia to complete Canada’s first airplane flight aboard a machine he’d designed himself. What was the aircraft called?

Question 4:

On April 1, 1992, NHL players did what for the first time in the league’s history?






The Canadian who gave Hollywood its voice


1: 2:


This Hour Has 22 Minutes Cape Spear, Newfoundland and Labrador The Silver Dart Went on strike (players would return to the ice just over a week later)

Canadian treasures


3: 4:

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PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND BIRD: BLUE JAY In 1977, after a province-wide vote, Prince Edward Island made the blue jay (Cyanocitta cristata) its avian emblem. This non-migratory bird makes its habitat all across Canada, and thrives on a varied, omnivorous diet. The handsome but noisy blue jay is highly adaptive, nesting in wild forests, city parks and suburban backyards.


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