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13825 JEFFERSON HWY. 225.757.6138 PECBUILT.COM

WHAT INSPIRES YOUR STYLE? Our style is inspired by a mixture of traditional and modern. We always strive to accommodate the client’s tastes more than our own because we realize that what makes our community special are individual tastes and styles.

DOES LIVING IN THE SOUTH INFLUENCE YOUR WORK? Few other places enjoy such a rich history of culture—food, music, sports, and family. Keeping these things in mind helps us deliver a product we know our clients will enjoy.

WHAT SETS YOU APART FROM OTHERS? We are unique in the construction industry because we can self-perform multiple trades with our own crews. This gives us the ability to more closely manage the process and keep our quality at the highest level. We can be a small part of a large job or turnkey a large job comprised of many small parts.

WHAT IS A HOT TREND FOR 2019? One that constantly grows in appeal is the outdoor living experience, which includes kitchens, pools, and lounging areas.

WHAT IS YOUR PASSION? Our passion is to create. We understand as a business that revenue is very important, but even more important is that we provide efficient, high-quality work, which is the predecessor to growth.

WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO ACCOMPLISH IN THE NEXT 10 YEARS? We’d like to find the balance between humility and success as individuals rather than financially. We hope to become a fixture in the construction industry in this region over the next decade. 52

[225] SPACES & PLACES 2019

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Shane Dantin, left, and Ryan Martino

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[225] Spaces & Places: Come on In  

Meet the local experts behind Baton Rouge's dream homes.

[225] Spaces & Places: Come on In  

Meet the local experts behind Baton Rouge's dream homes.