2017 Baton Rouge Faces of Family Business

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Louisiana Office Solutions Company Laurie Genius Chapple, Sidney Genius, Rodney Genius 225.927.1110 | losco.com

Founded in 1936 by the current managing owners’ uncles, Louisiana Office Supply Company’s focus was the sale of office products—from paper clips to filing cabinets and everything in between. As the decades marched on, much has changed. Now known as Louisiana Office Solutions Company, with three divisions, Office Supply (including school supplies), Furniture, and Janitorial & Facility Supply, LOSCO still provides the same great service, now with a much larger variety of merchandise.

WHAT VALUES OR PRINCIPLES GUIDE YOUR BUSINESS? Our No. 1 value is family first. Most of our employees have worked here for over 20 years,


BUSINESS REPORT, July 18, 2017 | BusinessReport.com

so we have all been through births, sicknesses and deaths of family members. Since we have known each other for so long, we ride the waves of joy and sorrow together. No. 2 is to treat our customers like we want to be treated ourselves. We have had some of the same customers for over 20 years as well. They have become our friends. This core value ensures that we always provide exemplary service and fair, stable prices.

HOW HAS YOUR BUSINESS CHANGED OVER THE YEARS? So many of the products we used to sell now show up on Facebook “do you remember these” posts—items such as list finders, diskettes (we love to show our college interns what the save button looks like in real life), columnar pads, lift-off tape and so on. As these items became obsolete and offices adopted more digital practices, we have adapted to stocking different office products, emphasizing our furniture department through an extensive line of items that are in-stock/available for immediate delivery as well as extensive custom-order availability. We’ve also added gift items, backpacks and school supplies, and branched out into janitorial and facility supplies. Back in 2000, we never would have thought that we would stock floor buffing pads and floor wax.

WHAT’S THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE THE BUSINESS HAS FACED OVER THE YEARS AND HOW DID YOU MEET IT? Market changes. The early ’90s saw the advent of box stores and national contract office product dealers. As we lost business from the local offices of industrial plants that are headquartered across the country, we expanded our delivery area and replaced the sales with locally owned companies. Now, as some corporate business has shifted to internet sales, we have responded with a more userfriendly website, attention to customer service that we can provide locally, and shifted more advertising funds to keeping the website content current.

HOW MANY FAMILY MEMBERS CURRENTLY WORK IN THE BUSINESS? We just have three Geniuses, but most of our staff is related to someone. We have three sets of sisters, a mother/daughter, father/son, grandmother/grandchildren, two sets of husband/wife and numerous cousins. After working together so long, our staff is close knit like one big happy family.

DO YOU OFFER FREE DELIVERY? Yes. We no longer deliver by bicycle, but it is still quick and free.