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Bath and North East Somerset Events Forum Terms of Reference Agreed 23 July 2012


Making Bath & North East Somerset an even better place to live, work and visit

Events Forum: Terms of Reference Purpose of the Events Forum •

To provide strategic leadership to identify the type and timing of events that should take place within Bath and North East Somerset

To advocate for a co-ordinated approach to the planning of events in the district (including capture of event data through T-stats or other methods)

To advocate for the effective promotion and marketing of events

To encourage partnership working through advocacy and by brokering relationships between event organisers

To develop an events strategy and priorities for Bath and North East Somerset

To identify opportunities and ensure that Bath and North East Somerset can take maximum advantage of, and be adequately prepared for, staging and bidding for major events

To reflect and support the priorities of the Cultural Strategy, Tourism Strategy and BID Business Plan

Aims to be achieved through the Events Forum •

Increase residents’ and visitors’ participation and attendance at events

Enable residents and visitors to mark and celebrate key annual events in the life of the community

Increase the attraction of the district for visitors

Add interest and vitality to the district as a place in which to live and work

Enhance the reputation of Bath and North East Somerset as a visitor destination

Produce economic impact on businesses in the district through employment and through secondary spend by customers

Sustain and develop existing successful events

Ensure that events are safe, successful and high quality

Work with communities and event promoters to support new events that have the potential to grow into major events

Functions of the Events Forum At each quarterly meeting the Events Forum will: Note major events that have taken place in the previous quarter, identifying: • Successes and weaknesses • Attendance/participation numbers • Impact of the event Review major events for the coming quarter, and in the medium- and longterm, identifying: • Aims and intended outcome of each event • Risks and potential problems • Promotion & marketing opportunities Consider proposals and plans for new events Events Forum members: 7 + Chair The membership of the Events Forum comprises representatives of Cultural Forum for the Bath Area, Bath Tourism Plus, Business Improvement District company, and officers of Bath & North East Somerset Council. The Cabinet Member for Sustainable Development is invited to attend and is kept informed of the activity of the Events Forum. Cultural Forum for the Bath Area – 2 members Martin Pople, Director Two others from the Cultural Forum Executive Group, of whom one will attend each meeting Bath Tourism Plus Nick Brooks-Sykes, Chief Executive Business Improvement District company – 2 members Andrew Cooper, Manager Two others from the BID company, of whom one will attend each meeting Bath & North East Somerset Council Lynne Locker, Events Officer Ann Cullis, Senior Arts Development Officer Chair To be confirmed Administration Elspeth Hinde, Administrative Assistant (Events), Bath & North East Somerset Council Frequency of meeting Quarterly [April, July, Oct, Jan]

Process for submitting events to the Events Forum Event promoters wishing to bring new large-scale events to the district are invited to present their proposals to the Events Forum. The proposal will comprise: • Business plan for the event • Budget for the event • Risk assessment & risk management for the event • Children & vulnerable adults protection plan for the event (if children and vulnerable adults are involved as participants or spectators) Dates of meetings will be published on the Council website, and proposals must be received by 10 working days before the date of the meeting. Event promoters should contact the Events Administrator at , who will advise the promoter of the next Events Forum meeting date and the information required. The Events Forum will consider: • The extent to which the event meets the Forum’s aims • The robustness of the event promoter’s business plan • The proposed timescale and event date in relation to other events

Bath and North East Somerset Events Forum: Terms of Reference  

Bath and North East Somerset Events Forum: Terms of Reference. Agreed July 2012.

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