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YOUR GUIDE To local Council spending and Council Tax 2013 - 2014

Contacting the Council Council Tax and Benefits For Council Tax enquiries including benefits, exemptions and discounts: l Visit and follow the links to Council Tax and Benefits l Email us about your Council Tax: l Email us about Benefits: l Tel: 01225 47 77 77 (during office hours) Fax: 01225 47 78 09 l Post: Customer Services, PO Box 2797, Bath, BA1 1WF l Visit us in person at Council Connect.

Reporting suspicions of benefit fraud All reports are treated confidentially. Call us on 01225 47 77 77 (during office hours) or the National Benefit Fraud Hotline on 0800 854 440. You can also email:

Council Connect Report It online – use our web form to report issues about litter, graffiti, broken paving slabs, missed waste collections, abandoned vehicles and more. Go to You can also contact us by phone or email with enquiries relating to waste, recycling, transport, roads, general planning applications and libraries. This service is available Monday - Friday, with some self-service options out of hours. Tel: 01225 39 40 41 Text (SMS): 07797 80 65 45 Twitter: @ccbathnes Email: or visit In person Most of the above services are available at Council Connect in Bath, Keynsham and Midsomer Norton. Opening times of our offices may vary. Please visit www.bathnes. or call 01225 39 40 41 for more information.

This publication can be made available in a range of languages, large print, Braille, on tape, electronic and accessible formats from the Communications & Marketing Team on 01225 477495 or email Photography courtesy of Bath News and Media Group 2

Foreword Welcome to your Council Tax Guide and Services Directory for 2013/14. Dear Resident Bath & North East Somerset Council is striving to deliver excellent services to local people and make our area the place to live, invest, and visit in the UK. This is a challenging target given the national economic downturn, rising costs, and increasing demand for our services. It requires us to manage our finances sensibly on behalf of local taxpayers. We have a good track record of balancing our budgets, making back office savings of more than ÂŁ25 million over recent years, and built-up a strong level of money reserves. Our three year budget reflects what matters most for local people as we plan for an area which offers opportunity and positive lives for everyone. In putting people first and communities at the heart of everything we do, our priorities are: l l l

Cllr Paul Crossley, Leader of Bath & North East Somerset Council. Follow me on Twitter: @BathnesLeader

Protecting frontline services; No increases in Council Tax; Investing in homes and jobs for local people.

You can find more information about our priorities at Whilst the Council does all it can in partnership with the private sector and other Government agencies to create new places to live and work through investment in our communities, we will not forget how important it is to support the most vulnerable people and families to improve the quality of their lives. The Council values the views of local people when making decisions about the services we provide. We listen and act upon the things residents tell us are important. If you have any views about what services we should make a priority, or improving services at lower cost I’d be keen to hear them by writing to me at the Guildhall or emailing paul_crossley@


# t f

Go Digital in 2013/14 If you are accessing this Guide, you are probably doing so via For the first time ever, the Council is not required to print 76,000 copies and send them to each household, only ensure that it is available online. Over the coming years, even more information and services will become available digitally; there are already many ways in which you can access Council information and services – 2013/14 really is the year to Go Digital. There is lots of information about our services at 1. Report It – people can report all manner of issues like missed waste collections, potholes, litter grot spots, graffiti, abandoned vehicles, and broken street lights quickly and conveniently. Website: 2. Get Tweeting – access and share the latest news and information, or use Twitter to get in contact with Council Connect instantly. Share your photos and experiences instantly. Tweet us: @ccbathnes to get in touch with Council Connect Follow us: @bathnes for News, Events, Information 3. Pay for it – 24 hours a pay online payment service for Council Tax, Business Rates, Council Invoices, Commercial Rent, Mortgages, PCN - Penalty Charge Notices, Annual Garden Waste subscriptions, FPN Fixed Penalty Notices and Business Improvement District bills. Website: 4

4. Email & Text SMS – Contact Council Connect 24 hours a day with reports, concerns, and issues – you can also obtain information about services like local libraries, public transport and waste facilities. Email: Text SMS: 0779 7806545 5. What’s On – Find out about the latest events going on in your community all year round and add them completely free of charge. Website: 6. View Planning and Licensing Applications – anybody can view planning and licensing applications in their communities online swiftly and easily. Can’t find what you are looking for? Email or Text SMS Council Connect. Website: 7. View Cabinet Meetings Live – Watch Council meetings live via computer, tablet or smartphone, from the comfort of your own home. Watch the latest meeting


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@ t f


Contents Council Tax information.......................................................7 What if your circumstances change?....................................8 Council Tax appeals.............................................................9 Your Council Tax bill explained..........................................10 Living within your means - delivering value for money......12 Why spending has increased/decreased.............................13 Reserves & Council debt...................................................13 Where each £1 of your Council Tax will go in 2013/14......15 Summary of average Band D charge..................................15 Further information............................................................15 Parish & Town Councils - Precepts....................................16 Directory of services..........................................................18 Environment Agency South West Region...........................23 Avon & Somerset Police....................................................24 Avon Fire Authority............................................................26 This document is published on the Council’s website at Bath & North East Somerset Council will not use or disclose your Council Tax information for a purpose that falls outside the limits of its statutory responsibility, unless you give your consent. The only exception to this is where the disclosure of Council Tax information is required or permitted by law.

Published by Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Print Services, Dartmouth Avenue, Oldfield Park, Bath BA2 1AS DP 3716 03/13 SC


Council Tax information Some Council spending is financed by Central Government and the balance is raised through the collection of Council Tax. The money we collect goes towards the cost of services provided by the Council, Avon & Somerset Police Authority, Avon Fire Authority and Parish and Town Councils. Your Council Tax bill is the legal notice that details the amount you need to pay.

Could you reduce your Council Tax bill? The following sections provide an introduction to Council Tax discounts, exemptions and other help available to reduce your bill. Get in touch with Customer Services if you need more advice. Our contact details are provided on page 2.

Council Tax discounts Your Council Tax bill is based on two or more adults living in a property. If you are the only adult living in your home, your bill may be reduced by 25%. There are also some people we don’t ‘count’ when looking at the number of adults in a property. A discount may apply if someone who lives with you is: l

a full-time student


in prison


a person who is severely mentally impaired


a care worker, depending on certain conditions


an 18 - 19 year old school leaver


a religious community member


a member of visiting Forces

Property & student exemptions Some properties are classed as ‘exempt’ and this means that you will not have to pay any Council Tax. For example this includes: l a granny annex occupied by a dependant relative over 65 l properties occupied wholly by students l properties left unoccupied, under certain circumstances.


Council Tax reductions for people with disabilities

Help paying Council Tax for people on a low income

Do you, or someone who lives with you, need extra space in your property to meet the special needs arising from a disability? For example, you might qualify for a reduction if this included using a wheelchair indoors, or needing an extra room, bathroom or kitchen.

If you’re on a low income, you might be entitled to some help towards paying your Council Tax. Council Tax Support reduces the amount you have to pay and is taken straight off your bill. To apply, you’ll need to give us information about your income and any savings, and details about the people who live with you.

What if your circumstances change? If your bill shows you are receiving a discount or you apply in the future, any change in your circumstances could affect your entitlement. You have a legal duty to tell us within 21 days, or you may incur a penalty charge. This authority is under a duty to protect the public funds it administers, and to this end may use the information you have provided for the prevention and detection of fraud. It may also share this information with other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds for these purposes. For further information, see the Council’s website ( under National Fraud Initiative) or contact the Information Compliance Manager.

Paying your Council Tax - new 12 month option Your annual Council Tax bill is currently broken down into 10 monthly instalments that are paid between April and January. You now have the option to ask us to spread your payments over 12 months instead of 10. If you wish to take up the option of 12 monthly instalments, please write to Customer Services (see page 2). The number of instalments you pay will depend on when we receive your request to extend your payments. 8

Council Tax appeals By law, you must continue to pay your Council Tax as normal until your appeal has been resolved. You can appeal if you think that: l l

we have made a mistake in the calculation of your Council Tax bill you think that you are not liable to pay the bill

In these cases, please write to Customer Services (see page 2). If you disagree with the valuation banding for your property, you need to contact the Valuation Office Agency (VOA). Their contact details are provided on the right. The grounds of appeal are restricted to specific circumstances. More information about valuation bands and when you can appeal are available at in the Council Tax section.

For further information and appeals about valuation bands contact: The Listing Officer, Council Tax West, Overline House, Blechynden Terrace, Southampton, SO15 1GW Telephone: 03000 501 501.

Council Tax valuation bands The amount of Council Tax you pay depends on your property band, which is included on your bill. The VOA, which is part of H.M. Revenues & Customs, puts every property into one of eight valuation bands according to its open market value at 1 April 1991. All the bands are shown in the table below: Valuation band

Ranges of values

Proportion of Band D


Up to and including £40,000



£40,001 - £52,000



£52,001 - £68,000



£68,001 - £88,000



£88,001 - £120,000



£120,001 - £160,000



£160,001 - £320,000



More than £320,000



Your Council Tax bill explained This is the number you need to quote when making a payment or contacting us about your Council Tax account Name of liable person(s)

Council Tax Bill 2013-2014 Customer Services, PO Box 2797, Bath, BA1 1WF Telephone: 01225 47 77 77 Web: Account Number

Date of Issue


Property for which bill is due if different from the correspondence address:


Your property has been valued in Band

Charge set by Avon Fire Authority Charge set by a Parish or Town Council - if you live in a parish or town area, your Parish or Town Council may issue an amount to finance its expenditure

Address of property if different from billing address


Billing address The general charge by the Council - this is the amount which the Council needs to raise from the Council Tax in order to provide its main services

Date your Council Tax bill was issued

7th March 2013

Reason for Bill


Amount for 2013/2014 %change £ from 2012/2013

How the tax is rrived at for your band

Bath & North East Somerset Bath & North East Somerset Combined Fire Authority Combined Fire Authority Town/Parish of Town/Parish of Avon Police Avon&&Somerset Somerset Police

£879.48 0.0 £5.16 5.7 £43.32 0.0 £116.75 0.0 £1044.71 0.0


Charge for period Band C Less Void Property Relief

01-Apr-2013 01-Apr-2013

31-Mar-2014 31-Mar-2014

£1044.71 -£1044.71

Charge set by Avon & Somerset Police Authority

Details of any exemptions or discounts you are receiving Notes to inform you of any credits or debit from previous financial years


The adjustments made as a result of any exemptions or discounts


If this bill shows you are receiving a discount or you apply in the future, please read the important message overleaf. INSTALMENT DETAILS As at 22-Feb-2013 your 2012/2013 Council Tax a/c is in credit by This has reduced your 2013/2014 account to leave a balance of The credit from 2012/2013 has been used to reduce your 2013/2014 instalments First instalment due 01-Apr-2013 9 other instalments due on 01-May 2013 to 01-Jan 2014 Instalments to be paid by: Cash Payments Monthly

Dates of instalments

Number of instalments and amounts due

-98.50 19.03 1 x 1.03 9 x 2.00

New 12 month payment option _ see overleaf for details.

Method of payment


Total due for the year before any reductions for discounts or exemptions

Total amount payable AMOUNT PAYABLE BY YOU

Charge for the year

The Council Tax Band for your property which is set by the Valuation Office Agency

Please Note: This is a fictitious Council Tax bill made up for explanatory purposes


Living within your means – delivering value for money The following information shows where every £1 of Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Council Tax is spent. This is based on net spend after deducting income generated by services of £104m and Dedicated Schools Grant of £75m. Children’s Services 24.3p The Council ensures school places for around 25,000 pupils in 78 schools and Academies locally and funds home to school transport and support services for schools. Funds and provides youth services and children’s centre services plus social care and support for 750 of the most vulnerable young people. Adult Social Services 42.9p Each year Adult Social Services provides around 2,200 care packages for elderly and disabled people, supports 1,100 people to use our Personal Budget programme giving them choice over their care, and home improvement services to around 2,000 people.

Transport, Planning & Economic Development 4.6p Over 50 supported bus services, around 5,000 parking spaces, three Park & Ride sites. Deal with around 3,000 Planning & Listed Building Applications each year. Development of the planning policies and visions for Bath, Keynsham and Radstock / Midsomer Norton. Housing & Environmental Services 6.2p Responsible for undertaking the Council’s strategic housing role to assist over 5,000 households each year, inspections and interventions in 2,000 food businesses and over 3,400 licences.

Refuse Collection & Disposal 9.4p Weekly kerbside collection of domestic food and other recyclables, fortnightly collection of garden waste and a weekly collection of general waste. Three Recycling Centres, over 120 mini recycling centres and an overall recycling rate of over 52%.

Funding Capital Projects and charges 3.8p Payment of debt charges on loans to fund spending on current and previous capital schemes and payment of debt charges on the Council’s allocation of debt inherited from the former Avon County Council.

Highways 7.2p Over 960 miles of highway maintenance, surfacing, gullies, street lighting, winter gritting and traffic signals. We also improve network safety and manage public rights of way.

The remaining 1.6p funds services including libraries, parks, cemeteries, recreation, tourism and cleansing.


Why spending has increased/decreased

The Council has set its net revenue budget for 2013/14 at £123.632m This represents a decrease of £2.202m, excluding the impact of technical changes relating to Local Government Funding Reforms. The build up is shown below. £m Net Revenue Base Budget rolled forward 2013/14 120.865 Technical Changes relating to Local Government Funding Reforms Revised 2013/14 Base Budget

4.969 125.834

Contractual and Unavoidable Inflation 3.206 New Legislation / Government Initiatives 1.346 Increased Service Volumes 1.839 Impacts of the Economic Downturn & Increased Competition 1.341 Other 1.423 Total including Growth


Change Programme and Efficiency Savings Increases in Income from fees, charges and other grants Service Reduction Council’s Net Revenue Budget 2013/14

-5.634 -3.887 -1.836 123.632

Reserves & Council debt At the start of 2013/14 the Council is expected to have unearmarked reserves of £9.7m against a risk assessed target level of £10.5m. The difference of £0.8m relates to the temporary use of reserves for invest to save schemes which pay back reserves in the future. The Council’s risk assessed minimum level of unearmarked reserves is set at £6m. In addition to these reserves, the Council has provision in earmarked reserves, including for affordable

housing (£3m), supporting costs of change and restructuring (£5.6m), financial planning and contingency (£2.9m) and £2.7m to support the Council’s Change programme. These reserves are expected to be fully used over the next three years. The Council has £15.1m of debt that is managed by Bristol City Council and relates to the former Avon County Council. The estimated level of the Council’s own borrowing at the start of 2013/14 is £120m. 13

Revenue Budget 2013-14

Where the Council spends money 2013/14 - £303.5m - gross spend before taking account of income Refuse Collection & Disposal £13.41m 4.4% (12/13 £13.34m) Housing, Environmental & Consumer Services £9.92m 3.3% (12/13 £10.27m)

Funding Capital Projects/Charges £5.10m 1.7% (12/13 £6.75m)

Other Services and Balances £26.42m 8.7% (12/13 £27.72m) Children’s Services £41.00m 13.5% (12/13 £45.48m)

Libraries, Recreation & Tourism £16.78m 5.5% (12/13 £17.67m) Planning, Transport & Economic Development £19.66m 6.5% (12/13 £19.09m) Dedicated Schools Grant Spend £75.40m 24.8% (12/13 £77.28m)

Highways £9.45m 3.1% (12/13 £9.20m) Public Health £7.19m 2.4% (12/13 n/a)

Adult Social Services £79.17m 26.1% (12/13 £84.60m)

Where the money comes from to pay for all the services Public Health specific grants 2013/14 - £303.5m £7.19m 2.4% (12/13 n/a) Children’s Services specific grants and charges £10.91m 3.6% (12/13 £14.40m)

Adult Social Services specific grants and charges £26.13m 8.6% (12/13 £31.78m)

Planning, Highways and Car Parking Charges £14.55m 4.8% (12/13 £14.44m)

Council Tax £71.34m 23.5% (12/13 £77.45m)

Museums, Leisure, Recreation & Tourism £14.10m 4.6% (12/13 £14.09m)

Non Domestic Rates £20.26m 6.7% (12/13 £40.69m)

Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) £75.40m 24.8% (12/13 £77.28m)

Property rental and fees income £17.32m 5.7% (12/13 £16.76m)

Government Revenue Support Grant (RSG) £31.11m 10.3% (12/13 £0.79m)

Housing and Environmental & Consumer Services £2.23m 0.7% (12/13 £2.23m) Operational Services and other income £12.96m 4.3% (12/13 £21.49m)

Capital Budget 2013-14 Total Approved Spend £59m Property and Support Services £5.6m 9%

Capital Contingency £1.5m 2%

Workplaces Programme (incl Keynsham Regeneration and Office Replacement) £23.4m 40%

Transport & Highways £13.0m 22% Neighbourhoods & Waste (incl Vehicle Replacement) £0.5m 1% Tourism, Leisure & Culture £1.3m 2% Children’s Services £5.7m 10%

Development & Major Projects (incl Public Realm Improvements) £2.3m 4%


Adult Social Care & Housing (incl Bath Western Riverside) £5.7m 10%

Where each £1 of your Council Tax goes in 2013/14 Bath & North East Somerset Council Avon & Somerset Police Avon Fire Authority Average Parish / Charter Trust

82p 12p 4p 2p Avon & Somerset Police 12p

Avon Fire Authority 4p

Bath & North East Somerset Council 82p

Average Parish / Charter Trust 2p

Summary of average Band D charge

Band D

% increase

Bath & North East Somerset Avon & Somerset Police Avon Fire Authority Average Parish Overall Average Band D

£1,201.85 £168.03 £64.02 £34.45 £1,468.35

0.00% 0.00% 1.99% 2.47% 0.14%

(Figures shown are for at least a two person household). The Council’s Council Tax Requirement (excluding Police, Fire & Parishes) for 2013/14 is £71.342m and including Parishes is £73.387m.

For further information If you have any questions on the 2013/14 budget for Bath & North East Somerset Council please write to: Director - Resources & Support Services, Bath & North East Somerset Council, Guildhall, High Street, Bath BA1 5AW or email finance@ or visit our website at


Parish & Town Councils - Precepts The Council Tax charges shown below relate to the charge for the Parish Council, Town Council or Charter Trustee element only.

2012/2013 Precept £

207,808 24,000 10,000 18,560 18,750 11,000 1,500 650 21,500 15,000 3,000 16,402 8,000 7,009 9,500 7,500 6,844 8,500 4,402 14,000 11,000 13,500 23,000 4,285 11,860 1,500 443,811 5,400 16

2013/2014 Precept £ Parish 190,550 Bath 23,000 Bathampton 20,000 Batheaston 17,495 Bathford 18,750 Cameley 11,240 Camerton 1,470 Charlcombe 350 Chelwood 21,500 Chew Magna 15,000 Chew Stoke 3,000 Claverton 17,585 Clutton 8,500 Combe Hay 6,710 Compton Dando 8,960 Compton Martin 6,900 Corston 6,719 Dunkerton 8,150 East Harptree 5,028 Englishcombe 12,880 Farmborough 10,260 Farrington Gurney 12,920 Freshford 23,000 High Littleton 4,483 Hinton Blewett 12,432 Hinton Charterhouse 1,500 Kelston 409,616 Keynsham 5,120 Marksbury

Band D £ 6.58 32.40 18.81 22.61 44.40 49.16 7.15 5.81 36.06 32.99 43.50 32.34 94.45 24.08 37.57 37.07 30.50 26.98 40.29 31.76 32.83 45.99 30.18 32.97 53.03 19.02 80.27 28.96

2012/2013 Precept £

2013/2014 Precept £ Parish

330,994 300,872 Midsomer Norton 3,600 3,490 Monkton Combe 1,700 1,700 Nempnett Thrubwell 1,625 4,000 Newton St. Loe 0 0 North Stoke 3,700 3,780 Norton Malreward 210,500 193,175 Paulton 139,108 150,108 Peasedown St. John 4,360 4,800 Priston 11,000 11,000 Publow & Pensford 227,872 191,538 Radstock 500 750 St. Catherine 24,000 22,710 Saltford 6,528 6,118 Shoscombe 4,790 4,680 South Stoke 6,683 8,416 Stanton Drew 16,000 16,000 Stowey Sutton 2,800 2,800 Swainswick 30,000 40,000 Timsbury 7,000 6,730 Ubley 10,138 9,368 Wellow 7,500 7,500 West Harptree 170,818 152,065 Westfield 17,000 20,000 Whitchurch 2,166,497 2,044,718 TOTAL

Band D £ 86.16 21.29 19.20 64.21 0.00 34.31 115.32 74.68 38.97 23.90 133.85 18.74 12.96 38.62 20.62 27.25 27.38 21.89 45.58 41.03 40.03 38.75 96.79 45.10

For information on calculating the charge for different property bands, see the Council Tax Valuation Bands paragraph on page 9. If your parish precept is £140,000 or above in 2013/14, a leaflet which includes details about how the parish money is spent in your area is also available online at


Services Directory Do you need some information about a local service? Help is at hand with this comprehensive guide... To be put through to someone who can help call the Council switchboard on 01225 477000 or visit for further information

Aa n Adoption and Fostering Placements, recruitment of adopters and support services. The team also provides counselling for adopted adults and support in accessing birth records. W: T: 01225 394949 Google Search: Bathnes Fostering

Cc n Cemeteries and Crematoriums Find out about Council-administered cemeteries, when organising a funeral. W: T: 01225 396020 Google Search: Bathnes Cemeteries

Bb n Benefits: Housing and Council Tax Benefits Visit Council Connect in Bath, Keynsham or Midsomer Norton or contact a Benefits Officer by phone or email W: T: 01225 477777 (option 2 for Benefits) Google Search: Bathnes Benefits n Birth Registration Register a birth, which occurred in the district, at Guildhall, High Street, Bath BA1 5AW or The Hollies, High Street, Midsomer Norton BA3 2DT W: T: 01225 477234 Google Search: Bathnes Births


n Community Meals Service This service provides hot meals to those who have difficulty cooking for themselves. W: T: 01225 394350 E: Google Search: Bathnes Community Meals

Council Connect n Bus Passes n Dog Warden Service n Fly Tipping n Garden Waste

n Council Tax Enquiries For account queries about your Council Tax bill, ranging from online payments to exemptions. W: T: 01225 477777 Google Search: Bathnes Council Tax

n Grass Cutting

n Curo Curo is the largest provider of affordable housing in the area and offers a range of high-quality care and support services. Contact us using the details below. W: T: 01225 366000 T: 01225 366111 (repairs) T: 0300 123 2468 (anti-social behaviour) E: (enquiries) E: (repairs)

n Pavement and Road Maintenance

Dd n Death Registration Register a death, which occurred in our district, at Guildhall, High Street, Bath BA1 5AW or The Hollies, High Street, Midsomer Norton BA3 2DT W: T: 01225 477234 Google Search: Bathnes Deaths n Disabled Car Users (Blue Badges) The UK-wide Blue Badge scheme provides parking concessions for people with severe mobility problems. W: T: 01225 477133 or 01225 477134 Google Search: Bathnes Blue Badges

n Graffiti Removal n Gritting of Roads (except motorways) n Libraries n Parks and Open Spaces

n Planning Enquiries n Public Toilets n Public Transport n Recycling and Waste n Road Faults and Potholes n Road Safety n Street Lighting

For all of the above services, contact Council Connect:

Twitter: @ccbathnes Telephone: 01225 39 40 41 Email: councilconnect@ Monday to Friday 08.00 to 18.00 (except Wednesdays 09.30 to 18.00). Closed Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays. At other times, for emergencies or dangerous incidents only, call 01225 477 477 19

m, Wedn w.roma Saturday 09. esday an nbaths.c and Sun d tion for a day. m inimum oCard n Fire Service, Avon n Discovery f one yea Fason hiothe r receive and residdiscounts get updates and Discovery Card holders n latest Musenews e n t um the work we use wor incidents in your area and view for numerous attractions in the ill rfree O esultentry pen daily in confis do within the community. area. cation of the Card Novemb W: er – Feb Baths aW: ruary n d to T: 017 926 2061 01225th477737 M a e r ch – Oc(non-emergency) Fashion ticket Google 10.30– to MBathnes b desk to g Search: useum d Discovery er ain free uring w w w .f ashionHh entry. RomanCard 10.30–l museum Baths an d Fashio nEe Museum n Housing up to VictoriServices e but ma Support andaadvice of your housing Art Gforalall y be with l e ry drRegistration awn at a rd remnainElectoral issues. and Elections Opening ny time a s the pro ti m e s t W: For queries on voting rights or other election perty of Bath & N Tuesday396296 T: 01225 matters. orth – Satur il areaW: y Sunday Search:daBathnes Google Housing d should 10.00–1 be return lders w T:h01225 477333 7.0 ed to o move w Monday ithin Bath Search: Bathnes Electoral y CardGoogle 1 3 Jj .3 0 –17.00 Enquiries www.vic , Pump R & North Registration toriagal. c oom, lo s ed excep with the Council t FnreJobs e admiss information roof of id Up-to-date about job vacancies, io Ff n entity an to th perm Charges d addres ane and equal opportunities, apply to e employment s must b te mporary nt upstairs galle e training initiatives. n Family Information Service ry. exhibitio r than fo ns. r uService The se at theholds up-to-date information MuW: ums an d Gall(24hrs) participa T: 01225 396409 about all Ofsted-registered ery are ting childcare, as c sed 2 Google Search: BathnesloJobs well as information about working with 5 and 2 6 De children and family support. W: T: 0800 073 1214 Google Search: Bathnes Fis

Shown not to scale

WHAT IS A DISCOVERY CARD? The Resident’s Discovery Card enables local residents to visit your Council-run museums free of charge. In Bath & North East Somerset we are fortunate to have two world famous museums on our doorstep. For the benefit of everyone, the Council runs the Roman Baths and Fashion Museum in Bath, together with an exceptionally fine art collection at the Victoria Art Gallery. The Council’s Heritage Services runs a full programme of adult, children’s and family activities throughout the year, culminating in Heritage Open Week during the autumn half-term. In Heritage Open Week, dozens of independent organisations join us in providing a programme of heritage-based activities for all ages, most of which are free.

Telephone: 01225 477785 24 hour information: 01225 477867 20


21.00, la st exit 22 entry 17 .00 .00, last exit 18.0 Ll 0

n Leisure Centres Bath Leisure Centre, North Parade Road, Bath BA2 4ET –lastW: try 16.0 T:en01225 486905 0, last e xBathnes last Google it 17.00 Fis Search: entr


y 17.00,

BE INSP IR Victoria Art Gallery EXPLOR E T: 01225 477233 L O CAL HE Bath’s Historic Buildings (venue hire)

Roman Baths and Pump Room T: 01225 477785

T: 01225 477786 or 01225 477782



st exCentre, it 18.00 Culverhay Sports Rush Hill, Bath BA2 2QL T: 01225 486882 (office hours)

Keynsham Leisure Centre, Temple Street, Keynsham BS31 1HE T: 01225 395164 South Wansdyke Sports Centre,

0 Rackvernal Road, Midsomer Norton BA3 t so2UG me Bank Holidays T: 01761 415522

. n Licensing Offers a range of information regarding licensing including alcohol, cinemas and taxis. eceW: er T: 01225 477531 Google Search: Bathnes Licensing

Mm n MOT Testing We offer vehicle MOTs to members of the public and trade for cars, taxis and some coaches. Book today! W: T: 01225 477531 Google Search: Bathnes Mot Testing n Museums and Art Galleries Assembly Rooms and Fashion Museum W: T: 01225 477789 Google Search: Bathnes Museums

n NHS Service, Bath and North East Somerset Find out how to register with your local GP or NHS Dentitst, plus information on other key services. W: T: 01225 831800

Pp n Parking Services For parking queries, Park & Ride, clamping, fines, permits, Blue Badges, Pay & Display, enforcement of restrictions. Visit the website to download maps. W: T: 01225 477133 Google Search: Bathnes Parking n Pest Control The Council offers a comprehensive pestcontrol service for residents. W: T: 01225 477551 Google Search: Bathnes Pests


the laand n Police Service,rAvon tesSomerset t discoun www.what Stay informed about is ts and bathnehappening in your area, with regular newss.updates, is as well as useful information about crime cove reduction. W: T: 101 (non-emergencies)


Rr n Record Office The office holds a wealth of information and archives. W: T: 01225 477421 Google Search: Bathnes Records

Ss n School Admissions We deal with applications and can advise about your right of appeal, as well as home-to-school transport. W: T: 01225 394312 Google Search: Bathnes Schools n Sirona Care & Health Providing community health and adult social services in Bath and North East Somerset. For detailed information on the services we offer, as well as online contact forms. Visit our website. W: T: 01225 481744 n Social Services Visit the Health and Social Care pages on the website for information and advice. W: T: 01225 477000 T: 01225 615165 (out of hours emergencies about adults or children) T: 0808 800 4444 (emergency housing advice, contact the Shelter England 24hour freephone advice line) Google Search: Bathnes Social Services


Tt n Taxis and Private Cars - complaints If you have a complaint regarding any licensed vehicle contact the Council Licensing Enforcement Officer. W: T: 01225 477689 Google Search: Bathnes Taxi Complaints n Trading Standards The Council is responsible for enforcing a range of consumer legislation including misleading advertisements and counterfeit trademarks. W: T: 0845 396753 Google Search: Bathnes Trading n Travel Information (Traveline) Traveline provides timetables and journey planners for bus, coach and rail services in the South West. W: T: 0871 200 2233 (7am to 10pm. Calls cost 10p per minute from landlines.) Google Search: Southwest Traveline

Yy n Youth Services Working with young people aged 11-25. W: T: 01225 396980 Google Search: Bathnes Youth Services



The Council Tax (Demand Notices) (England) Regulations 2011.

The Tax Environment is a levying body for its Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Council (Demand Agency, Notices) (England) Regulations 2011.

Management Functions under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 and the Environment Agency (Levies) (England and Wales) Regulations 2011. Environment Agency is a levying body for its Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Functions under Agency powers respect of Agency flood and coastal erosion FloodThe andEnvironment Water Management Acthas 2010 and theinEnvironment (Levies) (England andrisk Wales) management 2813 kilometres of main river and along tidal and sea defences, in the ulations 2011. area of the Wessex Regional Flood and Coastal Committee. Money is spent on the Environment Agency has powers in respect of flood and coastal erosion risk management for 2813 construction of new flood defence schemes, the maintenance of the river system andCoastal metres of main river and along tidal and sea defences in the area of the Wessex Regional Flood and existing flood defences together with the operation of a flood warning system and mittee. Money is spent on the construction of new flood defence schemes, the maintenance of the river em and existing floodofdefences witherosion. the operation a flood warning system and management of management the risktogether of coastal The of financial details are:

isk of coastal erosion. The financial details are:

Wessex Regional Flood and Coastal Committee

Gross Expenditure Levies Raised

GrossTotal Expenditure Council Tax Base

evies Raised

Wessex Regional Flood and

2012/2013 2013/2014 Coastal Committee ‘000s ‘000s 2011/2012

£23,234 '000s £3,167


£25,861'000s £3,167

1,027 £22,810




The majority of funding for flood defence comes directly from the Department for the Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). However, under the1,013 new Partnership 1,027 otal Environment, Council Tax Base Funding rule not all schemes will attract full central funding. To provide ‘matching’ funding the Agency may seek funding from County and Metropolitan Councils, Unitary Authorities and London Boroughs in the form of a Local Levy. The Local Levy is shared on for theflood basis of Band D Equivalents between all contributing bodiesFood within majority of funding defence comes directly from the Department for the Environment, and the (Defra). Committee Area.under the new Partnership Funding rule not all schemes will not attract full central l Affairs However,

ng. To provide 'matching' funding the Agency may seek funding from County and Metropolitan Councils, Changesand in the Gross Budgeted years ary Authorities London Boroughs in the expenditure form of a Localbetween Levy. Thethe Local Levyreflects is sharedthe on impact the basis of of the Government and national prioritisation of capital projects. d D Equivalents between allSpending contributingReview bodies within the Committee Area.

The total Local Levy raised has remained the same in 2013/2014 as 2012/2013 at

nges in the Gross Budgeted expenditure between the years reflects the impact of the Government Spending £3,167,000. ew and national prioritisation of capital projects.

total Local Levy raised has remained the same in 2012/2013 as 2011/2012 at £3,167,000.




Your new Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Sue Mountstevens has set a balanced budget for 2013/14 ensuring the frontline is protected and honouring her pledge to freeze the policing part of the council tax. Spending plans for 2013/14 are shown below with comparative figures for 2012/13 and details of how the budget is financed: Spending Plans Gross expenditure Specific grants and other income Net Budget requirement

2012/13 £296m £13.3m £282.7m

2013/14 £295.4m £18.1m £277.3m

Where does the money come from Funding from central government Amount paid by council tax Government council tax freeze grant Government council tax support grant Total income

2012/13 £180.5m £96.9m £5.3m £282.7m

2013/14 £177.4m £85.3m £3.3m £11.3m £277.3m

2013/14 £277m Total net budget

ChaNGeS IN SPeNDING The gross expenditure for the Police will be £5.4m lower in 2013/14 compared to 2012/13 following a 1.7% reduction in central government funding. The PCC will accept the Government’s 1% grant of just under £1m for 2013/14 and 2014/15. Although inflation and other unavoidable spending pressures will increase costs by £4.2m, spending will be reduced by £9.6m to balance the budget. This means the average band D precept will remain unchanged at £168.03 a year.

Policing costs you £168 a year ) (on average


Just over £3 a week

£221m spent on officers, PCSOs & staff

No frontline cuts in 2013/14

2012/13 £283m Total net budget

70+ new ers police offic will be recruited

hOw we SPeND the bUDGet 2013/14 The chart below illustrates spending total.

Police Officers - £156.4m Police Staff - £54.7m

bUDGet 2013/14

Community Support Officers - £10.9m Running Expenses - £58.2m Police Pensions - £6.7m

Capital Funding Costs - £4.7m

Community Safety Fund - £2.4m

Office of the PCC - £1.4m

Changes to the policing landscape have not overshadowed the continued progress of Avon and Somerset Police. The overall detection rate is still at its highest ever level and there are significant improvements in rape and serious sexual offence detections. In 2013/14 the PCC will continue to focus on protecting the standards of policing delivered to communities ensuring the service meets local needs, provides value for money and importantly supports you to be safe and feel safe.

YOUr New POLICe & CrIme PLaN Bath & North East Somerset now has its own Police & Crime Plan which sets out the local priorities for your area and PCC Sue Mountstevens’ four priorities. It focuses specifically on requirements from our consultation with you. Jointly with Bath & North East Somerset Council and other partners we will cut crime, so that together we can make your streets and homes safer. To read your area’s Police & Crime Plan visit or pick up a copy in your local library or council building.

we aLL waNt tO LIve IN a COmmUNItY that IS StrONG aND Safe.

Remember call 101 in a non-emergency and always dial 999 in emergency To contact your PCC Sue Mountstevens call 01275 816377 email AandSPCC @AandSPCC visit


YOUR FIRE AND RESCUE SERVICE Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) is here to protect the communities of Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. Your fire service costs the average household around £64.02 a year – or £1.23 a week. The service we provide gives you the peace of mind that in an emergency we’ll be there to help. A large part of our work now focuses on preventing fires happening in the first place and you can play your part in that. House fires are devastating but installing and regularly checking a smoke alarm

Where does each pound

go? 26

will reduce the risk of you or your loved ones getting hurt. You can contact us to receive useful home fire safety advice. We will also come out to the homes of those most at risk in our area to provide face-to-face advice which really can prove to be lifesaving. If you would like fire safety advice about your home, or you are worried about a loved one and want to know how we can help, please call us on 0117 926 2061 or visit our website at

Supplies & Services 10p Transport 4p Premises 4p

Other 8p Employees (including pension cost) 74p

Annual budget Avon Fire Authority has set its net budget for 2013/14 at £44.813 million. This represents a Council Tax level of £64.02 a year for a Band D property, an increase of 1.99%. The budget takes into account a reduction of £1.948 million (8.7%) in formula funding from Central Government.

Spending plans 2012/13 (£m)

2013/14 (£m)

Total fire expenditure






Net budget before use of reserves



Use of reserves


Net budget


(£m) 46.454

Inflation etc.






Use of reserves






Central Government Formula grant



Council tax freeze compensation



Business rate - Top-up



Localising Council Tax Benefit grant





Local Funding

Collection fund surplus



Council tax






Main changes in expenditure 2012/13 Budget


Locally retained business rates

The main changes in spending from 2012/13 to 2013/14 are listed below:

Savings This year savings totalling £2.2 million have been identified in the following areas: Savings

2013/14 (£m)

Employees Running Costs:

-1.375 Premises








Capital requirements Funding has been identified within the budget to finance £7 million spending on the rationalisation of premises to assist with future savings targets. The programme also includes the replacement of vehicles, equipment, IT and other essential building maintenance.

2012/13 (£m)

2013/14 (£m)




Vehicles and equipment



Protective equipment



IT and communications






For further information please contact: Avon Fire & Rescue Service, A: Temple Back, Bristol, BS1 6EU T: 0117 926 2061 W:



Recycling Centre Resident’s Permit

From 2 April 2013 you will need a free electronic Resident’s Permit to use all of our Recycling Centres. Registering is free. The easiest way to register is online at By registering, your vehicle licence plate will be recognised as you enter our centres.

Council Connect 01225 39 40 41

Text SMS 07797 806545

Council Tax Guide 2013/14  

Your guide to spending by Bath & North East Somerset Council in 2013/14.

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