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Industrial, political, scientific, philosophical and, not least, musical: revolutions of many kinds shaped the 18th century. It opened with Bach, Scarlatti and Handel all hitting the ripe old age of 15, and ended as the 29-year-old Beethoven was writing his 1st symphony. Explore this extraordinary age throughout ENF 2018 in the best possible company – Zacharias, Queyras, Scottish Chamber Orchestra, Castalian Quartet, and many more… As ever, we offer a wide, wide range of music to enjoy: you can travel back in time to the Renaissance with The Tallis Scholars or forwards to hear the Scottish premiere of a quartet by Caroline Shaw, the youngest ever recipient of a Pulitzer Prize for music. You can shift sideways for some jazz, traditional or brass band music, or perhaps we can tempt you to sample the kemençe? [see page 11] Whichever path you take through ENF 2018, enjoy the musical feast!

2 Tickets: +44 (0)131 473 2000 or hubtickets.co.uk/eastneukfestival

BIG DAY OF BACH Bach’s 6 cello suites are the Himalaya of cello music. The legendary Spanish player Pablo Casals described them as “a new world of space and beauty”. He spoke of how they “shine with the most glittering kind of poetry”. Their range is incomparable. Yo-Yo Ma played the 5th suite’s Sarabande at Ground Zero on the first anniversary of 9/11. There could be no more fitting memorial – yet within the suite, that profound, moving reflection has earthy dances either side of it. This is what makes this music so humanely great. No recent cellist has inspired greater acclaim in these wonderful pieces than Jean-Guihen Queyras and we are thrilled that he will perform all 6 suites over the course of a single day in 3 very different locations to suit the music. [see pages 10 & 11] Tickets: +44 (0)131 473 2000 or hubtickets.co.uk/eastneukfestival 3

MISERERE King David, so the story goes, wrote Psalm 51 in deep shame and penitence for seducing Bathsheba then arranging for her husband to be killed in battle. It is a heartfelt plea for mercy and forgiveness that has inspired many composers to set it to heart-achingly moving and dramatic music, none more so than Gregorio Allegri. Is any piece more wreathed in mystery and myth than his Miserere? For centuries it was performed only in the Sistine Chapel, until young Mozart smuggled it out in his memory. How much of it is actually by Allegri is uncertain; certainly the stratospheric high ‘c’s that fill us with such awe were probably added later by some amazing singer. Allegri inspires both concerts by The Tallis Scholars this year. More than 40 years ago, they recorded their 1st version of the Miserere and it made their name. For us, they perform it alongside music by Arvo Pärt, partnered by bassist Renaud Garcia-Fons and 8 (yes 8!) cellos of the SCO. They then give a second concert including a setting by the earlier Renaissance master Josquin – lesser known perhaps, but so powerful, and if anything, yet more expressively beautiful. [see pages 11 & 13]

4 Tickets: +44 (0)131 473 2000 or hubtickets.co.uk/eastneukfestival

GUITAR GUITAR “The guitar is a small orchestra Every string is a different colour, a different voice.” We’re with Segovia on that quote, but we’d add that it is the most wonderfully universal, versatile instrument too. It can play percussion or sing softly, swing, rock, or lull you into a reverie. This year, we welcome two superb guitarists to Anstruther to play classical, jazz, tango and more in a pair of wonderful concerts. [see pages 12 & 14]

RENAUD GARCIA-FONS This magnificent bassist is an ENF favourite, and each time he comes to Fife he does something completely new. This year, hear him team up with Turkish musician Derya Türkan, a virtuoso of the bowed lute – the kemençe – or hear him with The Tallis Scholars, improvising between pieces by Arvo Pärt. [see pages 11 & 13]

Tickets: hubtickets.co.uk/eastneukfestival 5

THE FUTURE! On these pages you will read about 2018 ENF events kicking off on June 27th, but in fact, the festival will have been underway for the best part of a week! 13 musicians from all over the world will converge in Fife, including 5 acclaimed professionals and 8 outstanding younger players. They come together in restful, lovely Elie to spend 8 days working intensively on some of the greatest chamber music in the repertoire. The young musicians will get some seriously vigorous and challenging coaching, learning and inspiration from the older artists; experiences that will nourish their musicianship for years to come. This is one of the ways ENF invests in the future of music.

And it’s not just all about them! Hear what they have been working on in 2 concerts during the festival ‒ the first is listed opposite, the second you'll find on page 12. If you'd like to read more about the participants, visit: www.eastneukfestival.com/2018-retreat 6 Tickets: +44 (0)131 473 2000 or hubtickets.co.uk/eastneukfestival


RETREAT 1 4pm, Elie Church Hall £15 (£5 for 7-17 year olds) Approx. 65mins An hour of informal music with the musicians of the 2018 Retreat. Over the course of this week, the young musicians work on a wide range of repertoire, and this concert is a chance to meet them and hear what they have been doing. Programme announced from the stage. For more info about the Retreat, please visit our website. We are grateful for The Misses Barrie Charitable Trust’s support of The ENF Retreat

Patrons’ Reception All Bronze patrons and above will be sent an invitation to a reception to be held somewhere in Crail at around 6pm. We’ll be in touch closer to the time...

ZACHARIAS & CASTALIAN QUARTET 7.30pm, Crail Church £25 / £18 (£5 for 7-17 year olds) Approx. 105mins with interval HAYDN Sonata in G minor, Hob XVI:44 BACH French Suite No 5 in G, BWV 816 HAYDN Sonata in A-flat, Hob XVI:46 MOZART Piano Concerto in E-flat, K449 Zacharias teams up with the Castalian Quartet for the pure, life-affirming joy that is Mozart’s 14th Piano Concerto. Setting the scene, he plays solos by the 2 composers who inspired Mozart more than any others: his idol JS Bach, and his great friend Haydn. The A-flat sonata is an astounding piece with a sense of space and introspection that looks ahead to Schubert’s late works. “Now there is music from which a man can learn something.” Mozart on Bach Generously supported by Dunard Fund

Tickets: hubtickets.co.uk/eastneukfestival 7




11.30am, Crail Church £17 / £13 (£5 for 7-17 year olds) Approx. 65mins

2pm, Crail Church Hall £7. Approx. 45mins

GERSHWIN When you want ’em, you can’t get ’em...; Rialto Ripples Rag; Swanee RAVEL Le Tombeau de Couperin STRAVINSKY Petrouchka Musical fireworks to get Thursday underway! Yeol Eum Son won prizes at the prestigious Tchaikovsky and Van Cliburn International Piano Competitions, and her career is soaring – this past season has seen her make major debuts across the world. Her programmes are both sparky and thoughtful: here are 3 giants of 20th century music from the USA, France and Russia who knew each other personally and influenced each other too. All 3 played piano, and wrote these breath-taking tours-de-forces for the instrument traversing classical, jazz and nationalist styles.

8 Tickets: +44 (0)131 473 2000

Christian Zacharias is a wonderfully insightful, sharp, thoughtful and provocative conversationalist. Here he talks about Bach, Scarlatti, Mozart, Haydn and Rameau – the composers he performs this year. Generously supported by Dunard Fund

MAD WOMEN, QUEENS & LOVERS CASTALIAN QUARTET 4pm, Kilconquhar Church £15 (£5 for 7-17 year olds) Approx. 60mins

7.30pm, Kilrenny Church £25 / £15 (£5 for 7-17 year olds) Approx. 90mins with interval

Mhairi Lawson soprano Paula Chateauneuf lutes

HAYDN Quartet No 64 in D, Op 76 No 5 CAROLINE SHAW Entr’acte SCHUMANN Quartet No 1 in A minor, Op 41 No 1

Mhairi Lawson steps in and out of character to portray Mary Queen of Scots, Mad Bess, Venus and Juno – women depicted by Purcell, Dowland, Monteverdi and Carissimi. These men created some of the most colourful female characters of their age but we also bring you a rarity: songs by an actual woman who was their contemporary, Francesca Caccini, the first woman to write opera and a star in her own time.

“The thought of quartets gives me pleasure”, wrote Robert Schumann to his young wife, and in time he would write 3 as a birthday gift to her. The Castalian Quartet plays us the 1st – a cracker, showing Schumann at his mercurial, poetic best. Intense, melodious, dramatic, driven, passionate and highspirited by turn – the perfect showcase for this superb young ensemble. They also bring Caroline Shaw, a new face at ENF, who is the youngest ever recipient of a Pulitzer Prize for Music, and composer of numerous chamber works for strings. Her short Entr’acte is inspired by Haydn, so who better to open with? His Op 76 No 5 is a piece to leave you with a huge smile on your face!

Tickets: hubtickets.co.uk/eastneukfestival 9




This is the day when you can follow JeanGuihen Queyras as he plays all 6 of Bach’s cello suites in 3 different East Neuk locations – or join him for just part of the journey.

2pm, Crail Church Hall £7. Approx. 45mins

BACH, SCARLATTI & SOLER 11am, Crail Church (please note: earlier than usual start time) £20 / £13 (£5 for 7-17 year olds) Approx. 70mins

David Watkin talks about music with inspiring knowledge and passion. He recorded his own award winning account of Bach’s Cello Suites and knows this music as well as anyone – here he offers insights and context to these marvellous pieces.


BACH Suite No 1 in G for solo cello SCARLATTI & SOLER works to be announced from the stage

4pm, St Monans Church £17 / £13 (£5 for 7-17 year olds) Approx. 70mins

Jean-Guihen Queyras cello Christian Zacharias piano

BACH Suites Nos 2, 3 & 4 for solo cello

The perfect music for the morning – the sunniest of Bach’s cello suites followed by an hour with Christian Zacharias as he dips into Scarlatti’s 555 sonatas and music by Catalan composer Antonio Soler, whose fandango was a hit tune of his age. Irresistible.

Each of Bach’s suites is a world unto itself, rich in different moods, styles and seasons. Here, Queyras offers the tragic 2nd suite, the sensuous, extrovert 3rd and, finally, the grand and joyous 4th. What a journey! Hearing them in St Monans Church will be an especially intimate, immediate experience.

Generously supported by Dunard Fund

10 Tickets: +44 (0)131 473 2000

Jean-Guihen Queyras cello



7.15pm, The Bowhouse (please note: earlier than usual start time) £25 / £18 (£5 for 7-17 year olds) Approx. 120mins with interval

8pm, Anstruther Town Hall £12 (£5 for 7-17 year olds) Approx. 75mins Renaud Garcia-Fons bass Derya Türkan kemençe

BYRD Vigilate BYRD Mass for Five Voices JOSQUIN Miserere JOSQUIN Stabat mater JOSQUIN Absalon, fili mi BYRD Plorans plorabit CARVER Gloria (Missa Dum sacrum mysterium)

The wonderful French bassist Renaud Garcia-Fons returns to the East Neuk to partner Turkish virtuoso Derya Türkan in a fusion of Eastern, Mediterranean and Western jazz. An hour of astounding musicmaking – 2 instruments creating a whole orchestra of sound.

The Tallis Scholars Peter Phillips director


Byrd and Josquin have been described as being to music what Michelangelo and Raphael were to art. Marvellous musicians of the Renaissance, they are heard side by side in this sequence built around Byrd’s 5-voice Mass and Josquin’s immense setting of the Miserere. To close, a Scottish gem: Carver’s Gloria for 10 individual voices brings a spectacular finale to an evening of ravishing a cappella singing from one of the greatest choirs in the world.

9.45pm, The Bowhouse £12 (£5 for 7-17 year olds) Approx. 65mins BACH Suites Nos 5 & 6 for solo cello Jean-Guihen Queyras cello Each and every one of Bach’s cello suites is a miracle of life and music, but the final 2 are arguably richer and more compelling than the rest. Technically formidable, expressively profound and absorbing, they are ideal late night music. Queyras performs them in near darkness in the great space of The Bowhouse – this will be one to remember!

Tickets: hubtickets.co.uk/eastneukfestival 11




Tullis Russell Mills Band hit the road to give 3 concerts in different East Neuk locations. There is nothing quite like the sound of a full brass band!

4pm, Kilrenny Church £20 / £15 (£5 for 7-17 year olds) Approx. 65mins

Each performance will last approximately 45 minutes and include a mixture of classical and popular favourites. 11am, Elie Beach Near junction of South Street / Fountain Road 12.30pm, Kellie Castle Grounds Why not book a tour of the castle and its gardens - visit their website at www.nts.org. uk/Property/ Kellie-Castle-and-Garden. The cafe will be open or bring a picnic. 3.30pm, Anstruther Harbour Beside Harbourmaster's Office These are all outdoor events, so if the weather looks like it will turn nasty we will sadly have to cancel. Please check our website, Facebook and Twitter for updates before you set off.

RETREAT 2 11.30am, Kilrenny Church £20 / £15 (£5 for 7-17 year olds) Approx. 70mins MENDELSSOHN Quintet No 1 in A, Op 18 BRAHMS Clarinet Quintet in B minor, Op 115 Take 8 stunning young musicians from around the world and put them together with 5 acclaimed, older musicians for a week of coaching and music-making – this is the essence of the ENF Retreat. An annual highlight of ENF, the end of Retreat concert features the 2 masterworks they have all been focusing on most intensely. We are grateful for The Misses Barrie Charitable Trust’s support of The ENF Retreat

BEETHOVEN Quartet in F minor, Op 95 ‘Serioso’ MENDELSSOHN Quartet in A minor, Op 13 Don’t miss the Elias Quartet’s return to ENF! They present 2 concerts pairing Beethoven with a composer influenced by him. Mendelssohn venerated Beethoven and wrote his 1st string quartet just months after the great master’s death. It is full of allusions and tributes to him, and although Mendelssohn was just 18 when he wrote it, it is a masterpiece. The Elias Quartet pair it with the shortest but, arguably, most intense and searching of Beethoven’s own quartets. “Playing of wonderful exuberance and fire” The Guardian

GUITAR GUITAR 1 – THIBAULT CAUVIN 5pm, St Ayle Church, Anstruther £12 (£5 for 7-17 year olds). Approx. 60 mins Programme includes: ALBÉNIZ Mallorca; Cadiz PIAZZOLLA Milonga del angel; La muerte del angel STRAYHORN Take the A train JOBIM Felicidade Thibault Cauvin guitar In his ENF Debut, Cauvin takes a world journey from Spain (Albéniz) to Argentina (Piazzolla) to New York (Billy Strayhorn) and beyond. He’s amazing – don’t miss this hugely enjoyable hour of superb playing. “Just incredible, don’t miss him” Los Angeles Times “Une superstar de la guitare” Grazia Generously supported by Le Bureau Export

12 Tickets: +44 (0)131 473 2000



8pm, The Bowhouse £25 / £18 (£5 for 7-17 year olds) Approx. 120mins with interval ARVO PÄRT Magnificat Antiphons ARVO PÄRT Fratres for 8 celli  RENAUD GARCIA-FONS Improvisation  ARVO PÄRT Magnificat  STEVE REICH Cello Counterpoint RENAUD GARCIA-FONS Improvisation  ARVO PÄRT Nunc dimittis KRZYSZTOF PENDERECKI Agnus Dei for 8 celli ALLEGRI Miserere The Tallis Scholars Scottish Chamber Orchestra Cellos Renaud Garcia-Fons bass

8pm, Anstruther Town Hall £12 (£5 for 7-17 year olds) Approx. 75 mins Duncan Chisholm’s playing is a joy to the ear – expressive and nuanced. He can be heart-breakingly tender and moving but equally well stride out with superbly uplifting, up-beat tunes. He and his band are joined by the Elias Quartet as we have never heard them at ENF; their Donald Grant is both violinist and fiddler, a regular at Celtic Connections, and he’s created a trad-quartet fusion especially for them.

A magnificent choir, an ensemble of 8 of Scotland’s finest cellists, and 1 of the world’s great bassists. Deploying the large spaces of The Bowhouse to full effect, these musicians weave a thread of atmospheric, moving music, culminating in Allegri’s Miserere. The Tallis Scholars made their name with it over 40 years ago and it remains their signature piece. More recently they have released an acclaimed CD of Arvo Pärt, and it is to him that the lion’s share of this evening belongs. Drawing on his orthodox choral traditions, his music is bell-like in its purity and power – a joy to the ear and spirit.

Tickets: hubtickets.co.uk/eastneukfestival 13


GUITAR GUITAR 2 – INSPIRED BY SEGOVIA 11.30am, St Ayle Church, Anstruther £12 (£5 for 7-17 year olds) Approx. 60 mins BARRIOS La cathedral TANSMAN Inventions et Passacaille BACH Chaconne, D minor partita BWV 1004 LLOBET El testament d’Amelia; El noi de la mare DUŠAN BOGDANOVIĆ Suite Brève   OLGA AMELKINA-VERA The Heaven’s Hundred Thibaut Garcia guitar Young French guitar superstar Thibaut Garcia revisits music made famous by the legendary Andrés Segovia: Bach dominates, both his own music and famous tributes to him, then there’s folk music of Segovia’s native Spain, before Garcia closes with the superb and dramatic The Heaven’s Hundred, inspired by recent events in the Ukraine. Generously supported by Le Bureau Export

14 Tickets: +44 (0)131 473 2000

ELIAS QUARTET 3 2.30pm, Kilrenny Church £20 / £15 (£5 for 7-17 year olds) Approx. 65 mins SHOSTAKOVICH Quartet No 7 in F# minor, Op 108 BEETHOVEN Quartet No 12 in E-flat, Op 127 For their 2nd concert this year, the Elias Quartet bring Beethoven’s immense, lyrical, late quartet alongside Shostakovich’s shortest, most personal quartet: a tribute to his wife. Passages of great tenderness and humour stand alongside inconsolable grief – this is powerful music.

FAREWELL SYMPHONY 5pm, The Bowhouse £25 / £18 (£5 for 7-17 year olds) Approx. 120 mins with interval RAMEAU Les Indes Galantes Suite (arr. Zacharias) MOZART Clarinet Concerto in A, K622 HAYDN Symphony No 45 in F# minor ‘Farewell’ Maximiliano Martín clarinet Scottish Chamber Orchestra Christian Zacharias conductor A truly festive end to ENF 2018! Zacharias and the SCO open with Rameau’s vibrant, exhilarating dances before Martín joins them for Mozart’s sublime Clarinet Concerto. To close, perhaps the most apposite of all symphonies, Haydn’s ‘Farewell’. Generously supported by Dunard Fund

See you

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@EastNeukFest find us on facebook Photo credits: p2 Zacharias: Marc Vanappelghem, p3 Queyras: Francois Sechet, p4 The Tallis Scholars: Nick Rutter, p5 Guitars: SonyMusic, p5 Garcia-Fons: Colin Hattersley, p7 Castalian Quartet: Kaupo Kikkas, p8 Eum Son: Marco Borggreve, p13 Elias Quartet: Benjamin Ealovenga, p14 Garcia: Marco Borggreve, p15 Bowhouse: Svend McEwan-Brown

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