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Do you really listen? L

istening is a subject that we all hear about at management & leadership conferences yet how many of us actually make any changes in this area? We’ve all heard the saying “God gave us one mouth and two ears so we can hear more and speak less” yet still some of us talk twice as much as we listen, we are always thinking what we want to say next rather than just listening. It’s time to shut our mouths and let our mind take in what we are hearing. I want to suggest that when dealing with staff or customers that we need to not just listen with our ears but also with our eyes. One thing I always try and do is notice when any of my female staff change their hair or have new shoes, you’ll be amazed how something as simple as this can make a difference. Notice when things change and make a positive comment about it and people will feel better because of it. Listening with our ears and not our mouth is something many people struggle with and yet we wonder why we are not building stronger relationships with people. When someone comes to you with a problem they may actually just want to verbalise it with someone and are not actually looking for a solution. I think us men are guilty of this with our wives many times, often times they are just looking for empathy and not the solution to a problem. Here’s a formula for handling people from General George Marshall :” 1 Listen to the other person’s story. 2 Listen to the others person’s full story. 3 Listen to the other persons full story first.” Can I suggest the next time one of your staff or a customer comes to you with a challenge or just wants to air something, reference something that will cause you to remember that you agreed to this, make it something you can visualize, like “Dumbo” the elephant with huge ears, and actually proactively determine not to speak until they have finished speaking. Then if you want to speak, the first words out of your mouth must be a question, even if that question is reflecting back what they have just said to you so you can show them that you understand what they are saying. The better questions are ones that help you to clarify the issue and to allow them to continue speaking until they have fully articulated the situation; this also shows them you are truly listening as your questions are focussed on what they are saying. You have a choice to make and sitting here reading this right now you can determine to change the way you listen. No one else can do this for you and ultimately you will be the beneficiary of this decision. So let me lay down a challenge to you to be a better listener, you can do it.

Paul Bolte, CEO Bartercard New Zealand

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Bartercard Maps is Launched!

After 5 Sprig & Fern

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WAIKATO Breakfast - Subway

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Gold Card Luncheon

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Platinum Card Dinner Willowbank

Meet the Hawks After 5

Pre-game Function Icons Stadium Bar & Cafe followed by Basketball game at TSB Stadium.



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Mid Year Trade Show Ellerslie Events Centre

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Bartercard Maps - IS LIVE

Bartercard News


artercard Maps is the smart new mapping tool developed by Bartercard New Zealand to enable you to find other Bartercard Members in New Zealand with ease.

Log onto Bartercard Maps and discover other members to trade with in your area or search for members by category. If you want to search for all members in one area or just one category such as restaurants in Wellington it is a breeze you can even view their directory listings! The map is refreshed every day with new members’ details as they join and any changes to existing members’ details. Bartercard Maps will always be up-to-date and showing the latest listings for all members.

The quick guide to Bartercard Maps...

Other Helpful Hints... •

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To get started log on to •

Enter your card number & cardholder name (your personal name, not your account name) in the fields provided. You can use the remember-me facility on the login page by ticking the box so the site will remember who you are the next time you log on using the same computer.

If you have a Bartercard Gift Card just enter your Gift Card number, and your name in the fields provided.


There are 3 textbox search filters that you can use to perform Bartercard Maps Member searches. You can use one or more of these textbox search filters.

To change the sort order of search results click on the sort drop down above the search results. In addition to the default sort, you can sort by closest to your location, or alphabetically. All searches performed within the last 2 weeks are visible by clicking on the recent tab on the top left hand side of the page. You can then click on a recent search to bring up the results for that particular search. After performing a search you can bookmark your search for future use. Click on the bookmark icon above the search results (Green Star). Then choose your own bookmark name for the search. You can also bookmark a Member. To do this, click on the Member icon to display the Members full details. Click on the Member bookmark (Green Star), at the bottom right of the listing window. Bookmarks are available under the favourites tab. To delete a Bookmark look for the red cross to the right of each bookmark under the Favourites tab. Click on the red cross to delete that particular bookmark.

- If you are looking for a particular member, you can type the members name in the Business Name textbox. - To look for all members in a particular industry use the Category/Industry textbox. As you start typing, a list of possible categories will be displayed. Alternatively, you can browse the available categories by clicking on the browse button above the Category/Industry textbox. - View all Members nearby, or in a particular area. To do this, you would use the Location textbox. You can provide an actual street address, or just a suburb or town. As you start typing the address in the Location textbox, a list of possible addresses will be displayed. Once you select a location from the displayed results, the map will zoom to your chosen location. Rather than providing an actual location to search, you could tick the limit search to current map view (below the location textbox). This will perform a search for Bartercard Members that fall within the displayed map.


If your search returned more than 10 results, you can use the paging facility located below the search results (on the left hand side of the page). Although only 10 large result icons are displayed at one time, smaller dots are displayed on the map for all returned Bartercard Members. You can hover over these to see the name of the Bartercard Member. You can also click on these to jump to the page displaying that Members full listing details.

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FEATURE Bartercard NBL

THE BARTERCARD NBL The New Zealand NBL was formed in 1982 with Auckland beating Waitemata to take the first NBL title in what was then an eight team competition. Bartercard is proud to be the naming rights sponsor of the NBL for 2010 - 2013. The 2010 Bartercard NBL comprises of the following ten teams with a mix of Basketball Association run teams and privately owned teams, giving wide coverage throughout New Zealand. • Harbour Heat • Waikato Pistons • Taranaki Dynamos • Bay Hawks • Manawatu Jets • Wellington Saints • Nelson Giants • Christchurch Cougars • Otago Nuggets • Southland Sharks The 2010 NBL season culminates in two weeks of play-off basketball at the end of June. The play-offs consist of six teams with the 3rd and 6th place teams and 4th and 5th place teams playing off to find two winning teams to enter the semi finals with the 1st and 2nd place teams from the regular season. All play-off games will be shown live on Sky TV. The winner is found from a best of three final series with the second place qualifier hosting game one and then the top qualifier hosting games two and three. An overview of the teams viying to become the 2010 Bartercard NBL Champions.....

Harbour Heat Last Year’s Placing: 5th (7-10), Lost Quarter Final to Christchurch Cougars Coach: Judd Flavell (Debut season) Gains: Dillon Boucher (Auckland Stars), Kavossy Franklin (Australia), Rick Rickert (NZ Breakers), Reece Cassidy (Wellington Saints), Sam King, Houston O’Reilly, Morgan Nathan, Brad Anderson (Rookies). Losses: Mychal Green (US), Mike Bell (US), Mike Townsend (Not Playing), Daniel Munday (Southland) Returning: Corey Webster, Darryl Cartwright, BJ Anthony The Heat is arguably one of the biggest movers from last year with the signing of Breakers Dillon Boucher and American big man Rick Rickert. Last year’s second leading scorer Corey Webster returns and will be teamed up with another high scoring guard Kavossy Franklin who will fill in the second import spot. Franklin has been an import in the Australian League for many years winning a championship with the Sydney Kings in 2003. Heat have also picked up the versatile Reece Cassidy who returns back to the Auckland region after spending a season with Wellington. Tall Black BJ Anthony has returned to Harbour halfway through the season after playing in Germany.

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FEATURE Bartercard NBL

Waikato Pistons Last Year’s Placing: Championships (17-2) Coach: Dean Vickerman (2nd season with the Pistons) Gains: Tony Ronaldson (NZ Breakers), Gerard Bowden (Christchurch Cougars), Hayden Allen (Auckland Stars) Losses: Pero Cameron (Wellington Saints), Adam Ballinger (Adelaide 36ers), Justin Bailey (Sweeden), Mike Fitchett (Nelson Giants) Returning: Thomas Abercrombie, Puke Lendon, Mike Homik, Alex Pledger, Kurtis Elliot Pistons are looking for a three peat, but will be without their leader Pero Cameron who has joined the Saints to be their Head Coach. Pistons have replaced Cameron with the Australian equivalent Tony “The Bear” Ronaldson who will play his first season in the New Zealand League. Veteran guard Hayden Allen joins the team from Auckland and shooting guard Gerard Bowden comes up from Christchurch to provide some deadly scoring from the outside. Rookie and Forward of the Year Thomas Abercrombie returns as do veterans Mike Homik, Puke Lendon and Ray Cameron. Expect the Pistons to be a high scoring team in the league that should make playoffs.

Taranaki Mountainairs 2009 Placing: 9th (0-16) Coach: Angelo Hill (Debut Season) Gains: Tyrone Davey (Auckland Stars), Jeremiah Trueman (NZ Breakers), Demarshay Johnson (USA), Jack Leasure (USA), Jordan Mills (Wellington Saints) Losses: Phillip Gilbert (USA), Eric Vierneisel (Germany), Link Abrams (Injured), James Paringatai (Southland Sharks), Warrick Siddall. Returning: Aaron Bailey-Nowell, Alex Wastney, Josh Paurini, Eli Paurini, Tim Cleaver, Peter Northcott, Todd Fisher Last season will be one the Mounatinairs would like to forget with the early injuries of Link Abrams and Damon Rampton which then led on to a winless season which is only the second time in the history of the NBL a team has gone winless in a whole season (Northland Suns did this in 1998). But that was last year and the additions of point guard Tyrone Davey and NZ Breakers big man Jeremiah Trueman will make the Airs very competitive this year. New import guard Jack Leasure has impressed pre season with his lights out shooting ability and forward from Nevada University Demarshay Johnson has shown glimpses of athletic ability and should be a handful in the low block. Aaron BaileyNowell returns after having a career best season last year.

Bay Hawks 2009 Placing: 6th (7-10), Lost to Wellington Saints in Quarter Final Coach: Shawn Dennis (6th season with the Hawks) Gains: Josh Pace (Estonia), David Langrell (Canterbury Rams), Paul Henare (Christchurch Cougars), Nat Connell (Otago Nuggets), Losses: Charles Bailey (USA), David Cooper (Adelaide 36ers), Jeremy Kench (Christchurch Cougars), Mark Morrison (Christchurch Cougars), Clifton Bush (Retired) Returning: Ben Hill, Chris Daniel, Miles Pearce, Jarrod Kenny, Everard Bartlett.

Bartercard NBL Schedule ROUND 10 Thursday, May 6 Friday, May 7 Saturday, May 8 Sunday, May 9

Manawatu Jets v Nelson Giants, Arena Manawatu, 6pm Bay Hawks v Nelson Giants, Pettigrew Green Arena, 7pm Christchurch Cougars v Waikato Pistons, Cowles Stadium, 7pm Otago Nuggets v Wellington Saints, Edgar Arena, 7pm Southland Sharks v Wellington Saints, Southland Stadium, 7pm Harbour Heat v Waikato Pistons, NSEC, 7pm Taranaki MountainAirs v Bay Hawks, TSB Stadium, 7pm

ROUND 11 Thursday, May 13 Friday, May 14 Saturday, May 15

Wellington Saints v Bay Hawks, TSB Bank Arena, 7pm Southland Sharks v Waikato Pistons, Southland Stadium, 7pm Christchurch Cougars v Taranaki MountainAirs, Cowles Stadium, 7pm Otago Nuggets v Waikato Pistons, Edgar Centre, 7pm Nelson Giants v Taranaki MountainAirs, Trafalagar Centre, 7pm

ROUND 12 Friday, May 21 Saturday, May 22

Harbour Heat v Bay Hawks, NSEC, 7pm Wellington Saints v Nelson Giants, TSB Bank Arena, 7pm Southland Sharks v Manawatu Jets, Southland Stadium. 7pm Christchurch Cougars v Nelson Giants, Cowles Stadium, 7pm Otago Nuggets v Manawatu Jets, Edgar Centre, 7pm Taranaki MountainAirs v Waikato Pistons, TSB Stadium, 7pm

ROUND 13 Friday, May 28 Saturday, May 29 Sunday, May 30

Manawatu Jets v Taranaki MountainAirs, Arena Manawatu, 6pm Nelson Giants v Waikato Pistons, Trafalgar Centre, 7pm Southland Sharks v Harbour Heat, Southland Sharks, 7pm Bay Hawks v Otago Nuggets, Pettigrew Green Arena, 7pm Wellington Saints v Waikato Pistons, TSB Bank Arena, 7pm Otago Nuggets v Harbour Heat, Edgar Centre, 7pm Taranaki MountainAirs v Wellington Saints, TSB Stadium, 2.30pm

ROUND 14 Thursday, June 3 Friday, June 4 Saturday, June 5 Monday, June 7

Harbour Heat v Christchurch Cougars, AUT, 7pm Manawatu Jets v Otago Nuggets, Arena Manawatu, 6pm Wellington Saints v Otago Nuggets, TSB Stadium, 7pm Nelson Giants v Manawatu Jets, Trafalgar Centre, 7pm Manawatu Jets v Taranaki MountainAirs, Arena Manawatu, 7pm

ROUND 15 Thursday June 10 Friday, June 11 Saturday, June 12 Sunday, June 13

Christchurch Cougars v Otago Nuggets, Cowles Stadium, 7pm Wellington Saints v Manawatu Jets, Te Rauparaha Arena Porirua, 7pm Bay Hawks v Taranaki MountainAirs, Pettigrew Green Arena, 7pm Nelson Giants v Harbour Heat, Trafalgar Centre, 7pm Waikato Pistons v Southland Sharks, Hamilton Boys High, 4pm Otago Nuggets v Bay Hawks, Edgar Centre, 7pm Taranaki MountainAirs v Southland Sharks, TSB Stadium, 5.30pm

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FEATURE The Bartercard NBL Bay Hawks were the only team last year to make the playoffs with a losing record. But the Hawks improved as the year went on nearly upsetting the Wellington Saints in the quarter finals. This season the Hawks are much improved with NZ Breakers Paul Henare returning to his home province after spending a year with the Cougars. Veterans Dave Langrell and Nat Connell have joined the Hawks for the first time in their careers.

Manawatu Jets 2009 Placing: 8th (4-12) Coach: Ryan Weisenberg (Debut Season) Gains: Richard Jeter (USA), Ronald Allen (USA), Matt Te Huna (Wellington Saints), Calum McLeod (Wellington Saints), Callum Brock (Out of Retirement) Losses: Gareth Dawson (Southland Sharks), Marcel Jones (USA), Jamil Terrell (Bay Hawks), Aidan Daly (Christchurch Cougars), Dan Peck (Christchurch Cougars). Returning: Kaine Hokianga, Paul Bristol, Logan Funnell, Piers Finch, Josh O’Connell Former coach of the Los Angeles Sparks Ryan Weisenberg comes to New Zealand with high hopes in turning the Jets franchise around and hopefully making the playoffs for the first time since 2003. Weisenberg brings with him two highly regarded imports Richard Jeter who played pre season for the Memphis Grizzlies and big man Ronald Allen. After losing young New Zealand talent Dawson and Peck, the Jets have recruited Wellingtonians guard Matt Te Huna and bigman Calum McLeod. Big expectations will be expected of McLeod, a seven foot centre who did not feature much with the Saints last year and will most probably start for the Jets this season. Captain Kaine Hokianga plays his 5th season with the Jets and also point guard Paul Bristol returns to shoulder some of the load that is left after the departure of starting point guard Aidan Daly.

Wellington Saints 2009 Placing: 3rd (13-5), Lost Semi Final to Nelson Giants Coach: Pero Cameron (Debut Season) Gains: Darryl Hudson (USA), Erron Maxey (Gold Coast Blaze), Nick Horvarth (South Dragons), Damien Ekenasio (Bay Hawks) Losses: Luke Martin (Southland Sharks), Mike Efevberha (Switzerland), Damon Thornton (USA), Brendon Polyblank (Switzerland), Reece Cassidy (North Harbour Heat), Jordan Mills (Taranaki Mountainairs), Calum McLeod (Manawatu Jets), Arthur Trousdell (Overseas) Returning: Troy McLean, Leon Henry, Lindsay Tait Tall Black veteran Pero Cameron will begin his coaching career from ironically the team he has played against in three NBL Grand Finals. Cameron will have Tall Blacks starting point guard Lindsay Tait to carry the helm, playing his third season for the Saints. Big things are expected of arguably one of the most athletic players in the league Leon Henry who will finally play with the Saints at the beginning of the season. Former NBL All Star Nick Horvath returns to the Saints after a one year break. Import Darryl Hudson who can play both guard positions will team up with Lindsay Tait to form the biggest back court in the league. The other import will be the versatile forward Erron Maxey who is a team mate of Cameron’s at the Gold Coast Blaze.

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Nelson Giants 2009 Placing: Runners Up (13-6) Coach: Chris Tupu (3rd Season as Head Coach) Gains: Mike Fitchett (Waikato Pistons), Mika Vukona (Gold Coast Blaze), Michael Harrison (USA) Losses: Jarryd Loyd (Poland), John Barber (USA), Chris Reay (USA) Returning: Phil Jones, Tony Rampton, Darryl Jones, Josh Bloxham, Ben Wright, Nico Ritschny, Bronson Beri, Samuel Dempster, Steve Bill 2009 runners up Nelson Giants have bolstered their side with hometown boys Mike Fitchett and Mika Vukona returning. Import for the Giants in 2008 Mike Harrison also returns to form arguably one of the beat starting lineups in the league. Last year’s MVP Phil Jones returns after a successful stint captaining the Cairns Taipans and his teammate Tony Rampton also returns. One of the question marks over the Giants may be their bench, but players Darryl Jones and former Junior Tall Black Josh Bloxham have impressed in the preseason. Vukona will have to be one of the favourites for this year’s MVP, having a very good season with the Gold Coast Blaze in the ANBL.

Christchurch Cougars 2009 Placing: 4th (11-7), Lost Semi Final to Waikato Pistons Coach: Andrew Gardiner (2nd Season as Head Coach) Gains: Aidan Daly (Manawatu Jets), Jeremy Kench (Bay Hawks), Mark Morrison (Bay Hawks), Dan Peck (Manawatu Jets) Losses: Paul Henare (Bay Hawks), Sam Toomata (Otago Nuggets), Luke Ruscoe Returning: Tim Behrendorff, Trent Wurtz, Paora Winitana, Adrian Taylor, Lionel Hopgood The Cougars franchise had a very successful debut season winning their quarter final against the Harbour Heat and nearly coming close to knocking off the eventual champions Waikato in the semi. Unfortunately their leader from last season Paul Henare returns to his home town team the Bay Hawks, but the Cougars have found a couple of handy replacements in former Jet Aidan Daly and former Hawk Jeremy Kench to share the role of point guard. Kench returns to his home town where he played six seasons for the Canterbury Rams. Cougars retain the front court duo of Wurtz and Behrendorff who both fill the import spots. Cougars other major signing of last year Paora Winitana returns to the Cougars franchise and will bring his much needed leadership to the team.

Otago Nuggets Coach: Anthony Arlidge (Debut Season) 2010 Squad: Antoine Tisby (USA), Tyler Amaya (USA), Matt Gillan, Chris Hepburn, Steve Robinson, Sam Toomata, James Ross, Hayden Miller, Riki Buckrell, Tom Rowe, Matt Trueman, Luke Aston After a one year absence, the Otago Nuggets return to the National League and bring with them a very youthful but talented team including Junior Tall Blacks Tome Rowe and Riki Buckrell. Former rebounding champ of 2008 Antoine Tisby returns to the Nuggets who averaged 24 points and 10.7 rebounds. Tisby will be teamed up with new import Tyler Amaya who has played in the top league in China. Veteran Nugget Matt Gillan rejoins the team and promising guard Sam Toomata who played for the Cougars last season will most likely start at the point guard.

Southland Sharks Coach: Richard Dickel (Debut Season) 2010 Squad: Luke Martin (Wellington Saints), Martin Iti (Holland), James Paringatai (Taranaki Mountainairs), Gareth Dawson (Manawatu Jets), Rene Rougeau (USA), Mike Rose (Melbourne Tigers), Daniel Munday (Harbour Heat), Ian Cathcart, Paratene McLeod, Bubba Lau’ese, Andrew Wheeler, Pete Burgess, Izaac Williams, Tavita Bauer, John Cantrell Finally the Southland Province has a team in the National Basketball League and will hopefully have instant success in their debut season like the Cougars had last season. Debutant coach Richard Dickel has recruited well with the likes of point guard Luke Martin, promising forwards James Paringatai and Gareth Dawson joining the new franchise. Another promising player to watch out for will be former Australian Universities player Martin Iti who has a New Zealand born mother and is considered a naturalised player. Iti is a very tall 6 foot 11 centre that will be one of the heavy favourites to win rookie of the year. Rene Rougeau is a six foot six guard from the University of Las Vegas and will fill in one of the import spots. Rougeau has been compared to Dillon Boucher with his hustle defence. Sharks have temporarily filled the second import sport with American guard Mike Rose who played for the Melbourne Tigers this year.

Bartercard NBL Schedule continued ROUND 16 Thursday, June 17 Friday, June 18 Friday, June 19

Waikato Pistons v Wellington Saints, Te Awamutu Event Centre, 7.30pm Harbour Heat v Taranaki MountainAirs, NSEC, 7pm Bay Hawks v Manawatu Jets, Pettigrew Green Arena, 7pm Nelson Giants v Southland Sharks, Trafalgar Centre, 7pm Manawatu Jets v Southland Sharks, Arena Manawatu Jets, 6pm

PLAYOFFS - QUARTER FINALS Tuesday, June 22 Game One Wednesday, June 23 Game Two

4th v 5th Place 3rd v 6th Place

PLAYOFFS - SEMI FINALS Thursday, June 24 1st v Winner of Game One Friday, June 25 2nd v Winner of Game Two FINALS Monday, June 28

Game One Game Two

Wednesday, June 30 Thursday, July 1

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BUSINESS Making the Internet work for you

Basic Internet Marketing for Small Business T

oday’s consumers seek what they want using Internet Search engines and then an ever increasing number go on to purchase online. Because of this increase it’s easy to see why Internet Marketing is quickly becoming the primary method that SME’s use to represent their products and services. To many small business owners internet marketing can be daunting but you don’t need to be a technical whiz or spend a fortune to do it properly. First things first, make sure your website looks professional. Treat your website like you would treat your business premises in real life. Make sure it looks professional, is designed properly and really reflects the type of business you are in.

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Professionalism and how you present yourselves is a major factor when people are deciding whether or not to do business with your company. If you have no design skills and your website looks like it was designed by a four year old, it will reflect badly on your name and may scare away potential customers. Web design is now relatively inexpensive and many website designers will create your site and then teach you how to make updates by yourself, so it is just a one off expense.

Start a newsletter

Email newsletters are a great way to communicate with your existing customers and let them know about new products, sales etc. More importantly, if you ensure that the offer or information you are sending is worthwhile, most customers will not hesitate to forward them on to friends or family extending your network even further.

Start a Blog

Starting a blog is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. It also gives potential customers a reason to come back to your website. Regularly writing about news and new products in your industry will also make your site look more authoritative to search engines as you will have many pages of content focusing on your niche.

Use Social Networking Sites to boost your visibility

Many companies are now using sites such as Facebook to increase their visibility and customer base. With social networking sites you can create a page for your company and then invite customers to become ‘fans’. The social networking page can be used to advise of sales, new products and any special events that you are holding. It also gives you another way of communicating with customers and gaining feedback on your company products and service.

10 advantages of internet marketing over conventional marketing 1. Low cost compared to other conventional forms of marketing 2. Prospects find you – there is no need for hard sell 3. Customers qualify themselves 4. Prospects build automatically 
 5. Customers can be anywhere in the world 6. The sales process can be fully automated 7. Any time or effort expended today is banked and is compounded with tomorrows’ effort, unlike conventional marketing where a repeat run, costs the same again 
 8. The Internet sells your products and services 24/7 
 9. The Internet doesn’t go home sick, take holidays, require a car, mobile phone or a salary. 10. Once set up, Internet Marketing can become a 1 hour a day activity and just continues to build and build on what has been done before. 

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BUSINESS How to live a more successful life


Did you ever notice that people who are the most successful in life seem the least busy? Somehow, these people are able to put their attention on things that really matter and, as a result, get extraordinary results. They know what is important and are able to organise their life so their best effort is focussed on what matters most. For the past 20 years I have been working with and coaching people from all levels in organisations. My interest in helping people gain great success in their lives began when I systematically studied 10 senior executives from a variety of backgrounds with the objective of better understanding how they worked. Since then, I have coached many people (650 in the past 3 years) wanting to experience a greater level of success in their lives. The pattern I see is that people who achieve success do so because they take great care in how they have organised their lives and how they make certain choices. In short, they live by choice, not by chance. To help explain the various patterns and behaviours of success, I suggest that successful people live DELIBERATE lives. A deliberate life is one where the person actively sets out to choose certain ways of thinking and working. This is in contrast to a passive life, where the person feels like a victim of circumstance without any real choice or any control over what happens to them.

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BUSINESS Deliberate Living To further explain Deliberate Living, I have taken each letter of the word DELIBERATE and expanded on what this could mean for someone seeking to be more successful.


Decide. There is no question, but successful people have taken the time to sit down and articulate exactly what they want their lives to be about. For them, success is no accident or a matter of being “lucky” – no, they have focussed their mind on exactly what it is they want to achieve. Success then, is the achievement of worthwhile dreams. While successful people are realistic enough to know that things never exactly work out as planned, they understand that it is better to be moving in some direction rather than simply living day-to-day opportunistic lives. They know that having decided on a direction, they are more likely to seize opportunities which move them closer to their goal.


Eliminate. For many of us, our lives are far too complex. Successful people know that less is indeed more. By removing all kinds of clutter and excess from their lives, successful people are able to concentrate on what is truly important. Clutter can take many forms such as unnecessary “stuff” in our lives, too many material possessions, untidy work environments, and not knowing what to eliminate or to keep. Successful people are masters of managing their network of friends, colleagues and associates ensuring their relationships are high value and closely aligned to their goals and aspirations. This may involve actively eliminating some relationships and fostering others.


Language. We can tell a lot about a person by the words and language they use. If you listen to successful people, you will notice that they use positive language and “can do” words. In fact, they realise that by seeing the glass as half-full, they will attract other positive people into their lives. Positive people can help successful people achieve their goals quicker than negative people.

Successful people have also developed the habit of using positive language in their self-talk. By deliberately choosing the messaging they give themselves, they can program themselves to continuously move forward towards their goal despite apparent setbacks or problems. In contrast, less successful people, because of their negative internal language, are easily discouraged and give up far too quickly.


Information. Every person has a unique way of working with information. For example, some of us prefer to read and reflect, while others like to discuss, debate and decide quickly. While our unique style is not important, what matters is that we know our own preferences and can organise our lives to reflect what will work best for us. By being deliberate about how we work with information, we can organise our lives and use technology appropriately. This impacts on how well our filing systems serve us, how well we organise our computer data, and ultimately how effective we are at identifying key issues and acting on what is most important.


Beliefs. When we take the time and care to deliberately articulate what we believe in and what we want our lives to be about, we greatly simplify our daily living. You will notice that successful people have an inner stability and calmness that comes from knowing what they are truly about. As a result, successful people are less influenced by temporary setbacks. They know – and indeed expect – setbacks. They see setbacks as starting blocks, rather than stumbling blocks. In contrast, less successful people, tend to be driven by what other people think of them and, as a result, run their lives continually seeking external approval. Such uncertainty leads to fickle behaviour, unreliability, and ultimately, a life which is without direction.

“If you listen to successful people, you will notice that they use positive language and “can do” words.

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BUSINESS How to live a more successful life


Energy. Being able to effectively manage our energy level is critical. Without energy, we simply do not have the strength to perform what needs to be done. Successful people know they can be deliberate about how they manage their energy in four key areas: body, mind, emotions and spirit. Taking good care of your body is the first step in effective management of your energy levels. With a plan of care covering nutrition, regular and appropriate exercise, cardiovascular activity, and proper rest you have laid the foundation for having sufficient energy.

“By being DELIBERATE, a person can effectively architect the life they want.

Developing the skills of using your mind well allows you to use the power of attention to maximum effect. Through various mental exercises and techniques it is possible to expand your mental capacity enormously. With practice, you can also develop the skill of managing your emotions so that you control your feelings, rather than them controlling you. The successful people I have worked with have mastered this skill and, as a result, they handle pressure better and are much more adept at dealing with stress. At the end of the day, it is having a strong spirit which gives meaning to our lives. When someone has spirit, they can feel a connection between what they are doing and what they consider to be the purpose of their life. Without this connection, life is just a series of disconnected events that do not contribute or have any real meaning.


Responsibility. Successful people accept 100% responsibility for their lives. They clearly see that the situation they find themselves is not an accident, but the result of choices that they have made in the past. For many people, this is hard medicine to take. Many of us live our lives blaming others (or the government) and we therefore see ourselves as victims of circumstance. When you deliberately choose to accept total responsibility, your life begins to change in a most fundamental way. By realising that your current life is the result of past decisions, it follows that the shape of your future will be determined by the decisions of today. It therefore is a logical conclusion that choice is always available to you and the consequences of your choices – not the action of others – determines your future.


Action. Without action, nothing happens. The successful people I have worked with are experts at using their energy to execute what needs their attention. They know that all the planning and goal setting in the world is wasted without action.

The first step in executing work effectively is being able to make a direct connection between what needs to be done with your unique purpose and goals. If that connection is crystal clear, procrastination is easily overcome, motivation is high, and energy flows to get the task done. Successful people can maintain 100% focus on the task in front of them without the distraction of other priorities. In my experience, this is a skill that can be learned.


Time. We do not manage time – we manage the use of our time. Because each of us has exactly the same amount of time available – 168 hours a week – the choices we make about the use of these hours is what determines the outcomes we receive in our life.

Successful people have worked out ways of planning the usage of their time so that their energies are directed to what matters most to them. They work in a focussed way to make the time available really count and then they stop when it’s time to stop.


Evaluate. By deliberately putting in place ways of evaluating your performance you can receive ongoing feedback about what you are trying to achieve and your progress towards your goals. This feedback is critical in maintaining your energy and in making sure that what you are targeting continues to be what you truly want. Successful people actively seek out feedback because they are constantly looking for ways of improving their performance.

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The Organisational Impact By being DELIBERATE, a person can effectively architect the life they want. From an organisational point of view, it is critically important that employees are encouraged to take this journey. An organisation comprising individuals who are clear about their purpose is far healthier than one where people are confused. In essence, gaining alignment between individual and organisational goals and aspirations only makes sense when there is clarity from both sides. Where this clarity exists, there is direct connection between the individual and their organisation. In my experience, getting clarity leads to alignment, and alignment leads to magic happening.

About the Author David Keane, PhD works with organisations of all kinds to help them and their employees become successful. His unique workshop and coaching programme – Achieving Success – has been attended by over 650 people in the past 3 years. His website, has a list of useful resources as well as details of in-company and public programmes throughout New Zealand and Australia. Attend Davids next Short Course at Auckland University: Achieving Success Monday, 11 Oct 2010 -Tuesday, 12 Oct 2010 8.30AM - 5.00PM You can book on-line at

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TECHNOLOGY Top 5 FREE programs for businesses

Top 5 programs businesses should have for FREE As explained in the title of the article, the main goal of this piece is to outline and provide a little information around some ‘must-have’ business applications that are available on the market for free. At a time where saving any penny possible is most welcome, and with businesses still feeling the recession, it seems only fair to create a top 5 list of business applications everyone can get today for absolutely nothing, and yet they also perform as good or at least extremely close to as good as their commercially priced counterparts. Much like all reviews these are my selection of free applications available for download on the internet. General caution should be applied when downloading these programs and applying them to your business processes. However, all these programs have been used and tested by me personally with fantastic results.

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To kick it off in a countdown style fashion...


The Bullzip PDF Printer

Most of us have come across the file type PDF in our everyday lives, however not many of us have actually created one. The Bullzip PDF Printer works much like a printer does however instead of printing onto paper, it prints to a seperate ‘un-editable’ file. That means they are perfect for sending invoices, contracts or any other documents you wish to have un-editable.


GFI Backup

Although often drilled into our brains that we need to back-up as often as 2 times a day or something highly improbable, it is usually only until your system breaks that you wish you really should have done so. GFI Backup is an incredibly easy to use backup system with a well presented interface with a large button that reads “BackUp” and it’s off. Now you can continue on with your business knowing that if anything was to happen, your files would be safe.



Many of us have come across this program once or twice or heard the word ‘Skype’ used in conversations. The beauty of this program is in someways it can replace your telephone and in doing so allow you to call people completely free anywhere in the world, provided they too use skype. The free calling is used provided they are using their computer. However, their landline calling is also at extremely low market rates.


AVG Antivirus

AVG AntiVirus has been around for over a decade now and is constantly amazing its users at its reliability. Although they offer a ‘pay’ version they also offer a completely free version which is perfect for your personal computer. AVG offers a great solution that delivers advanced protection and simple use. AVG’s free version is one of the most downloaded files for computer security



Open Office is quite literally a real alternative to the Microsoft Office Suite. If you’re looking to save yourself plenty of money, download it instead of buying Microsoft Office - you could save yourself hundreds of dollars, and not lose out on many features. Given that the full suite is free, this is one of the best deals you’ll find in all of computing. It’ll do just about anything you expect from an office suite, whether creating documents, spreadsheets, or presentations. You’ll find solid formatting tools, as well as extras including mail merge, macros, charting capabilities, and more. One of the suites most useful features are its wizards, which walk you through creating spreadsheets, presentations, and other documents. For this reason Open takes out the number 1 spot on the list. It can be used everyday much like you may use the Microsoft Office Suite, however it’s completely free thus saving a lot of money each and every time you use it. Highly recommended.

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TRAVEL National Destination - Christchurch


hristchurch, The Garden City. Located on the South Islands East Coast, the city is easily accessible via Air, Rail and Car. With views ranging from the Majestic Alps to the sparkling Pacific Ocean this vibrant city is just waiting for you to explore it. When in Christchurch you must visit SOL Square. The busy South of Lichfield area is a hot spot in the city with numerous bars, cafes and popular restaurants giving the area an urban edge. It has been compared to Melbourne and London due to the unique mix of heritage buildings and lanes. Speakers Corner, Cathedral Square is the home of the controversial but well renowned Christchurch Wizard and Wednesday to Sunday you will also find a local market in the square. For more bargains visit the Arts Centres Weekend markets. Rain or Shine you will find a plethora of local art, fashion and fresh produce.

Sunset over the Canterbury Plains taken from the Port Hills

The Strip is another iconic part of Christchurch. No visit to the region would be complete without lunch overlooking the river or a night out visiting the bars. This is where the night really comes alive in this city. During summer a visit to Sumner Beach is a must. Whether dining at a local cafÊ or enjoying an ice cream on the beach, take the time to explore Cave Rock, or for a more secluded spot visit Taylors Mistake. Get out on the course for a round of Golf at Pegasus Golf & Sports Club, home of the Pegasus NZ Women’s open. This 18-hole Championship Golf Course is at the very heart of this remarkable region, occupying an area of 116 hectares and forming a landmark entranceway to the town of Pegasus. The par 72 Pegasus Golf Course provides four sets of tees at each hole to offer challenge, enjoyment and a memorable playing experience for all levels of golfers. The course plays approximately 6300m from the championship tees to 5000m from the forward tees. Only a short drive from the city and Christchurch Airport you will find the friendly Coringa Golf Club. This course boasts a large practice area and two greens.

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Waterfall at River Rere

Contact Bartercard Travel for further information on visiting Christchurch with Bartercard. Freephone 0800 228 722 or visit

Black Cat Cruises help create some of the most memorable experiences on the water anywhere, on New Zealands Canterbury coastline. If you’ve always wanted to swim with dolphins, get an insiders view of marine wildlife or charter an unforgettable trip with friends, you are in the right place. Black Cat has been cruising the waters of Banks Peninsula for more than 25 years, and know all there is to know about the harbours of Lyttelton and Akaroa – their volcanic origins and their marine inhabitants. For a Magical Sky experience visit Aoraki Balloon Safaris. Just 1 hour from the central city of Christchurch you will find Methven, by Mt Hutt in the Central Canterbury Plains. This is considered New Zealands finest ballooning location. Aoraki Balloon Safaris is recognized as a principle leader in the New Zealand tourism industry for innovation and very good record in Hot Air Ballooning adventures. If you are looking for a quieter escape however, why not visit the botanical gardens in the heart of the city, or go punting on the Avon through the beautiful gardens – the perfect way to take in your surroundings in relaxation. A stroll through Hagley Park will find you in awe of the stately old English trees. If you are a runner or cyclist this is the perfect playground for you – this park becomes a hive of activity after work filled with locals soaking up these wonderful surroundings whilst they exercise. There are also trails in the Port Hills for walking and biking – here you will see breathtaking views of Christchurch and the Southern Alps on one side and Banks Peninsula on the other. After exploring the city, relax in the sun filled contemporary space at Beauty Progress, Christchurch. They will provide the perfect ambiance for you to unwind and take time out to be pampered in a private, boutique environment. Don’t forget your Bartercard when visiting the region as there are ample places to spend your Trade Dollars. From accommodation to adventure and pampering there are many great spending options available, so be sure to download a tourist guide from the Bartercard Travel Website

Christchurch Address Book CENTRAL CITY BARS & DINING Vespa Group - Vespa, The Bard, His Lordships Bar Beleza Alvarados ACTIVITIES Pegasus Golf - contact Bartercard Christchurch office Coringas Golf - contact Bartercard Christchurch office Beauty Progress Aoraki Balloons Black Cat Cruises ACCOMMODATION CONTACT BARTERCARD TRAVEL FOR ACCOMMODATION Camelot 161 Hereford Living Space Hotel So Luxury B&B’s Clearview Elmtree House Tangley On Clyde Transport Road Runner Christchurch Limos Wheels Rent A Car Better Rentals

Autumn in Hagley Park

Christchurch Cathederal at Night

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Gavin and Julia Brown had their hearts set on a little slice of paradise up north. Unfortunately it was a little out of their price range until they discovered that Bartercard – which they were already using for their jewellery business – could help them out. By paying their deposit with Bartercard Trade Dollars, they were able to secure the property they fell in love with and reduce their monthly mortgage repayment. Not to mention making significant savings on interest. If you’d like to know how not spending money – and a sparkling setting – can work for you, visit us online or simply give us a call.




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