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THE CEO’S DESK 3 FROM Can you be trusted?

YOUR CHRISTMAS 11 PERSONALISE Theme your tree to suit your business this Christmas

4 CALENDAR Branch closures over the Christmas period

WINTERLESS NORTH 12 THE Exploring Northland, New Zealand

5 NEWS Platinum Card & Bartercard Foundation 6 DIY PR BASICS 8 SOCIAL MEDIA 102 SUCCESS 10 NETWORKING How to prepare so you get the most out of networking events Not a member of Bartercard? To find out more and join the world’s largest trade exchange phone 0508 BARTER (227 837) or visit

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Can you be trusted? I

am continuing the Servant Leader Series from the last 4 issues. Trust is a tough word and one that is not often highlighted in business, but let me ask you this, can you be trusted? Think long and hard about this question, in the last week have you misled anyone? told a lie? or cheated in anyway? Trust is easily broken and the road back is often difficult and can take years in many cases to be restored. People do not like being questioned about their integrity but as business leaders this is the one issue above all else that your people not only expect but demand of their leaders. A leader can no longer lead if they have lost the trust of the people following them. If you cannot be trusted your people will discover this and your ability to get things done through others will be greatly diminished. I had an employee a number of years ago; they were working in the accounts team and had access to some very confidential information including credit balances of closed client accounts. This person thought they would never get caught refunding these credit balances to their own personal credit card, needless to say they could no longer be trusted and were immediately dismissed. That person has to live with that break in trust to this very day. I have seen another situation where a leader broke trust with their senior leaders in the organisation and the entire company collapsed because of it. Imagine having to live with taking an entire organisation down for the rest of your life, not a pretty picture! So how do you build trust and how do you keep it? The first step is never break trust, no matter what motivation there is just don’t do it. Every day in everything you do trust must be earned with every person you interact with. When the difficult calls need to be made, and you make the right one, your staff will respect you and you will earn more of their trust. If you say you are going to do something, do it. If you have agreed to keep something confidential then keep it confidential. Become a person who is known by their word and what they say is what they do. The worst thing any leader can do is to say one thing and do another, believe me you will be held accountable every time, if not upfront it will be at the harsh judgment of the water cooler or the lunch room informal staff gatherings, either way your credibility is shot. Take positive action this week to become a person that can be totally trusted. Look back at the areas of your life where you have not been strong in trust and list these, write them down and as you are writing state clearly your desire to be unquestionable on this issue in the future. Trust can be rebuilt; it takes a decision and time and ultimately forgiveness.

Paul Bolte, CEO Bartercard New Zealand

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S A M S H E T C S R I N U R 0 A S H 1 R O 0 C B L 2 C

THE FOLLOWING BRANCHES WILL BE CLOSED DURING THE CHRISTMAS PERIOD The following branches will be closing at 5.00pm on Friday 24th December 2010 and re-opening on Wednesday 5th January 2011.

Waikato Hawkes Bay Rotorua Taranaki Manawatu Wellington Nelson (Closed until 10th January) South Canterbury (Closed until 17th January) Dunedin (Closed until 10th January) Invercargill (Closed until 10th January)

The following branches will remain open with skeleton staff (Excluding Statutory Holidays). Auckland Central Auckland North Auckland South Tauranga Christchurch


NEWS Bartercard News


ince Platinum Card was launched in 2008 we have had members asking how much Trade Volume they had to achieve to be in the top 1% of traders so they could qualify to become a Platinum Card holder (Business Directors only). In an effort to make the qualification for Platinum Card easier to understand we have moved away from the 1% and put an actual Trade Volume amount and Transaction number on this. As of January 2011 any member who has traded over T$300,000 OR over 1,500 transactions in the previous 12 month period will be sent a Platinum Card. After consultation with current qualifying Platinum Card members we have also made changes to how long you qualify for when receiving your Platinum Card. It was fairly unanimous that Platinum Card members should be the current top traders for Bartercard so Platinum Cards will expire after 12 months. We hope these changes will make Platinum Card membership qualification easier to understand and we look forward to rewarding our top traders from 2010 with their Platinum Cards next month.

Bartercard Foundation .... Brain Injury New Zealand Spread a little joy this Christmas - donate to the Bartercard Foundation to assist those affected by Brain Injury. Brain Injury New Zealand is the current recipient of donations to the Bartercard Foundation. Brain Injury is a significant issue in New Zealand. 90 New Zealanders sustain a brain injury every day – that’s one incident of brain injury nearly every 15 minutes! Brain Injury New Zealand provides support, advocacy information and education to people with brain injuries, their families/whanau, and the wider community. The goal is to raise T$100,000 for the nominated charity by gaining the support of Bartercard members. We have currently raised T$11,000 so still have a long way to go. If 1,000 members donated just T$100 each we would already be at our goal and assist Brain Injury to make a huge difference in the lives of many more New Zealanders. If you would like to make a donation visit and click on Bartercard Foundation. Remember your donations are tax deductible. (

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BUSINESS Understanding Personalities


or small businesses with limited marketing budgets, public-relations campaigns are an effective way to find new customers and boost your reputation. Unfortunately few small business owners know how to approach the press, what kinds of things to highlight about their businesses when they do, and whether or not they ultimately need to hire a PR firm. The main problem with many small businesses that are trying to do PR is that they expect too much too soon. They immediately want their business to be on the evening news or featured on the front page of the Herald. However, often there just isn’t a sufficient angle to hit these types of media, and business owners need to remember that just because something is interesting and important to them, doesn’t mean it’s newsworthy. When considering PR, business owners can target public-relations messages to the press about their companies themselves, if they have time. Or alternatively there are lots of experienced people around who do freelance PR at a low cost. Usually you’ll get good results using freelancers because they will be more savvy about approaching the media and send out more targeted messages.

When to get started with PR Start thinking about PR when your word of mouth has run its course. You can usually get some publicity in the local press when you start your company, but your first customers are going to come from the contacts in your Rolodex and word of mouth from your friends, family, and acquaintances. Eventually all of that exhausts itself, and you need to start getting new leads.

Getting started Start with your small, local press and pitch an article on you, what makes you unique and interesting, why you started the company, and what it is that you do. As you approach reporters and editors, emphasise the things that differentiate you from other local business owners. Once you’ve gotten some publicity locally, move on to regional media outlets in the geographic areas where your customers are located. Building up your credibility with clippings from smaller papers can help get you on the radio, into internet columns and newsletters, and even on television shows. Put together a brief press kit with a mission statement, brief company bio, and some quotes about what you do. Also include a backgrounder on you, complete with interesting, relevant anecdotes that just might grab a reporter’s attention, as well as copies of any media coverage you have received, testimonials from important customers or awards you have won. If there is an important technical aspect to your product, include an easy-tofollow description of how it works and why anyone needs it.

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Make the kit in an electronic format, with your company logo on it, and send it in the body of an email to the press person you’re targeting. You can find specific individuals by looking at the websites of local media outlets and figuring out who covers your industry or who covers small business. If you can’t get an e-mail address from a website, call the news desk and ask.

Know Your Audience It all comes down to knowing your audience and where your customers are. If you’re looking to bring in the general public, your local media is the way to do it. But, for example, if your customers are all insurance agents, they’re reading the newsletters and magazines and websites sponsored by the insurance industry trade groups. The trade publications are like little gems that a lot of people overlook, but they can be powerful for the right kinds of companies.

Pitching to Media

Start your pitch with the newsworthy points right at the front. Don’t bore the reader with a lot of background information at the top of an email. Keep it brief. Before you send it, make sure that you’re targeting the right reporter or editor by checking what else they write about, ask yourself: Is your story really right for their audience? Another idea is to pitch yourself as a writer on your industry or on business in general. Particularly in the trade publications because they are often looking for free content that comes from an expert perspective. If you’ve got some expertise, and you can write, it’s an excellent way to get your name and your company’s name out in front of the public.

Enter Business Awards Finally, like a positive news story, awards give real credibility and more opportunities for media stories. There are a large number to enter each year through a variety of sources, including the local Chamber of Commerce, trade groups and even trade and mainstream publications.

Before you write anything, stop to think about whether you, as a consumer or customer, would want to read it. Is it interesting? Is it attention grabbing?

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TECHNOLOGY Your Social Media Guide

Social Media 102 With rising advertising costs Social Media and Social Networking are a great way to connect with a broad reach of people at a low cost. Although before diving into the realms of the Social Media landscape you need to have a plan‌. What are you are trying to achieve? Where will you find your customers/prospects? This internet has empowered people and caused a shift to community and collaboration rather than some of the traditional forms of advertising so it is important you choose the right platforms for your business. The social marketing options available to you are continuously evolving however in this article we will look briefly at four of the more common ones.

You Tube YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world behind Google. It is all about video content. You are able to easily upload videos then embed them to your page. You can create a branded You Tube channel for your business. This platform allows you to entertain and inform and has great viral marketing capabilities.

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TECHNOLOGY Your Social Media Guide

Twitter Tweets are short messages, similar in length to a text message (only 140 characters). It is a conversational platform that allows your personality to shine through and tells others to see what you are thinking at that moment in time. You can follow or be followed by other Twitter users.

Facebook You can connect and share photos, video and opinions with other Facebook users. It is best to keep your business profile professional and current.

Linked In Create a personal profile, provide references for colleagues and network with associates. You are able to create open or closed groups to discuss topics/ ideas and gain feedback. This tool is more about engaging in effective communication rather than having hundreds of contacts. According to the September 2010 Social Media & Online PR report by Econsultancy in association with bigmouthmedia Twitter and Facebook are the most popular sites, used by 83% and 80% or respondents respectively. When asked how many organisations are using Facebook – more than two thirds are using it as a marketing channel (67%). Companies are typically favouring Twitter over Facebook for brand monitoring and reacting to customer issues. It is important that you review each of the platforms available to you and make an informed decision on which is the most appropriate for your business and will help you achieve your goals.

If Facebook were a country it would be the world’s 3rd largest ahead of the United States and only behind China and India. If you were paid $1 for every time an article was posted on Wikipedia you would earn $1,712.32 per hour.

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BUSINESS Networking Success


How to prepare so you get the most out of networking events


ummer is a very social time in New Zealand, and people gather together for a host of parties and events over the summer months. Most people are aware that networking is an important part of a successful business. Creating and taking opportunities to connect with people who can assist you, and who you can assist and provide value to, is an effective and economical way to grow your business. From social gatherings, seminars and events it’s important to plan ahead and be prepared in order to maximise the opportunities that these provide. Research ahead of time Making inquiries before you decide to attend an event is important. You should know who is hosting the event and who will be there. Are the attendee’s people you would like to make a connection with, will there be a lot of competitors at the event, or will you stand out? Know your host and other attendees Make time to visit the company websites of your hosts and any other attendees you are likely to target and find out the most you can about them. Having plenty of information ahead of time will help make initiating conversations easier and help you look knowledgeable and interested. It will also help you determine how many people are expected to attend the event and who those people might be. It will also give you a better idea of what you may talk about. When you attend a networking event you should have some goals set ahead of time. Before you arrive determine the reason you are actually attending, this will help you focus your preparation. Are you looking for new clients, services, partners, or leads? Depending on what you are looking for you will approach the situation differently. Knowing ahead of time what you expect to accomplish can help you use your time effectively. Rehearse your pitch Rehearsing conversations ahead of time can also help you fully benefit from the networking event. This includes preparing a 30 second pitch. The pitch should be a brief way to introduce yourself and explain what you do. Having your pitch introduction prepared and rehearsed ahead of time might help you stumble over you words less and will avoid drawing a blank when the conversation begins.

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Cards and Notes When attending events you should always ensure you take your business cards, it’s surprising the amount of people who don’t take time to check they have them! Handing out your contact information on a piece of scrap paper or crumpled napkin is unprofessional and will probably be ineffective. Also ensure you take a pen and a small notebook. These will be important in jotting down any important information or contacts that may come your way or to jot down notes on the back of any business cards that are given to you. Final preparation In your pre-event preparation make sure you allow time to eat. Eating before you go will give you more time to network at the event. It will also free up your hands so that you can exchange business cards, shake hands, and write down information. It is also important to check the dress code as part of your preparation. Some events will be business formal, while others will require more casual attire. Knowing what to expect ahead of time will help you feel comfortable once you are there. Finally make sure you know where the event is, how you will get there and where you plan to park etc to avoid arriving late and flustered. Being well prepared before you attend a networking event can help ensure its success. Planning what you want to accomplish ahead of time will help you get the most out of the time you spend networking.

BUSINESS Your Christmas Tree in 2010

Personalise your Christmas tree this season Y

our office Christmas tree is up but is it in theme with your business? Just because you are a restaurant or accountant it doesn’t mean you can’t take a different approach this year and theme your Christmas tree creating a talking point amongst your customers. Why not take items that you sell or promote and use these as an opportunity to escape the traditional decorating rut and create a fun festive “theme” for your tree. Here are some ideas to tackle the Christmas decorating in your business…. If you are a restaurant think about the style of food you sell. In the case of a Chinese Restaurant why not use fortune cookies and chopsticks as a novel approach to decorating the Christmas Tree. If your restaurants food has no particular theme why not look at what is around you that is unique to your region and use this for inspiration. Retail stores are probably the easiest to decorate – look at what is in your store that you could use and use this for inspiration! Combs, miniature hair products and void gift vouchers would add an interesting twist to the traditional tree in a hair salon, a gift store can easily hang items on the tree that they have available for sale. This of course has an added benefit in customers being easily able to see some of the items you have available and in the case of using Gift Vouchers may increase the sale of these as they are more prominent in the minds of the shoppers. If your business or workplace is not product orientated why not use items with the company logo and finish it off with decorations in the companies colour scheme? The theme of your tree is only limited by your imagination, get others in the company involved and most of all have fun with it!

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TRAVEL Northland, New Zealand


his beautiful subtropical region is rich in New Zealand history with some of the oldest traces of Maori settlement found here. As legend has it Maui hooked an enormous fish with the North Island being known as Te Ika-a-Maui, Maui’s great fish. North Cape (near Cape Reinga) is the tail of the fish, Te Hiku o Te Ika, and Wellington, Te Upoko o Te Ika, its head. The South Island was Maui’s canoe and Stewart Island the anchor stone. In February 1840 at his home in the Bay of Islands, James Busby the British Resident in New Zealand, hosted the formal signing ceremony of the Treaty of Waitangi by representatives of the British Crown and Maori chiefs from the northern tribes. The Treaty is widely considered to be the founding document of New Zealand and today evidence of Northland as the ‘Birthplace of a Nation’ is everywhere. No visit to Northland is complete without seeing Waitangi. This is New Zealand’s most historic area and with free entry for New Zealand residents to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds it is a place you must visit. There is a wide range of accommodation options available on Bartercard in the region from the hotel/motel rooms or powered camp/campervan sites at Haruru Falls Resort Panorama in Paihia to fully equipped units at Driftwood Lodge Motel in Mangonui in the far north, you will be spoilt for choice. If relaxation is top of your list check into Bay of Islands Country Lodge or Avalon Resorts in Kerikeri.

Cape Reinga, Lighthouse at the edge of NZ

The top of the North - Doubtless Bay, Cape Reinga and 90 Mile Beach are places worth exploring. Clear waters, stunning white sand and abundance of sights make these areas worth a visit. Don’t forget to take your togs as the beaches are fantastic and the water is warm. If swimming or surfing is not your thing there are plenty of other activities such as walks, wine tastings, tours, horse treks, sailing, shopping and bird watching to take part in throughout the region.

Contact Bartercard Travel for further information on visiting Northland with Bartercard. Freephone 0800 228 722 or visit December through February are the busiest times in Northland so it is best to travel outside these months. 12 vivere

Northland Address Book Northland is also the home to many excellent water activities such as sailing, fishing, diving and cruising. You can swim with dolphins or explore the wreck of the infamous Rainbow Warrior. Arline Fishing Charters has one of the best value fishing trips in the Bay of Islands at five and a half hours with Rods and Bait supplied. Good weather, good times, great fish - it is worth looking into and the snapper you catch will be great for dinner. Waipoua Forest is one of the best examples of a kauri forest left in New Zealand. It is home to the two largest living kauri trees, Tane Mahuta (Lord of the Forest) which is said to be around 2,000 years old and Te Matua Ngahere (Father of the Forest). Be sure to pick up the informative brochure on the forest at the information centre when there as there are a number of excellent hiking & tramping tracks throughout the forest to be explored. Take the time out to explore this beautiful region. It is perfectly suited to driving and with its stunning scenery, fascinating history and combination of adventure and relaxation you are sure to find something for everyone to enjoy.

HARURU FALLS RESORT PANORAMA Old Wharf Road, Paihia Ph: 09 402 7525 Fax: 09 402 7191 Contact: Jan Gerritsen-Molloy DRIFTWOOD LODGE MOTEL Cable Bay, S H 10, Mangonui, Northland Ph: 09 406 0418 Fax: 09 406 0005 Contact: Jackie Briers BAY OF ISLAND COUNTRY LODGE Puketona Junction, State Highway 10, Kerikeri, Northland Ph: 09 407 7801 Contact: Bill Maclennan AVALON RESORTS 340a Kerikeri Rd, Kerikeri, Northland Ph: 09 407 1201 Fax: 09 407 1204 Contact: William De Jong

Waka on the beach at Waitangi

ARLINE FISHING CHARTERS Good weather, good times, great fish! Please check out our website for more info and booking information. Snapper is our target species. 340 Puketona Rd, Haruru Falls, Paihia, Northland Ph: 0508 275 463 M: 021 549 416 Contact: Murray Chisholm

Russell, Bay of Islands

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