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Letter from Neil Dear Friend, The elders and I want to invite you to join us on our quest as we passionately pursue Jesus Christ together. Our mission here at Northwest is to equip people to passionately pursue Jesus Christ – to do whatever He asks of us in this world. Our values expand on our mission – in other words, they answer the question: What does a passionate pursuer of Jesus Christ look like? We believe it involves five key attributes: • • • • •

WORSHIP… Extremely Devoted to God CONNECT… Vitally Connected in Community GROW… Graciously Focused on the Truth SERVE… Fully Invested in Christ’s Church GO… Actively Loving a Lost and Broken World

In the following pages, you will see each of our five values explained and the ministry events related to those values. This should give you a clear sense of not only what our vision as a church is, but also how you can be a part of fulfilling that vision. This brochure will serve as a guide as you join us in passionately pursuing Jesus Christ. In Him,

Neil Tomba Senior Pastor

Meet the Elders

Clockwise, from rear: Robin Wantland, Dick Giesiecke, Doug Williams, Doug Sullivan, Dan Bailey, Neil Tomba, Jay Zelesky

Table of Contents I. Extremely Devoted to God


II. Vitally Connected in Community • Connecting Ministry • Small Groups Ministry


III. Graciously Focused on the Truth • Starting Point • Core Classes • Expansion Classes • Life Skills Classes • Classic Bible Classes


IV. Fully Invested in Christ’s Church • Family Ministry


V. Actively Loving a Lost and Broken World • Local Outreach • International Outreach


VI. Wednesday Nights • Dinner • Small Groups • Women’s Bible Study • Equipping Classes • Wednesday Night Live! • Adult Choir Rehearsal


Extremely Devoted to God Every heart worships because every heart gives its love and loyalty to something. We believe that the beauty and supremacy of the Godhead compels us to an unrivaled loyalty to Him. By the grace of God through Jesus Christ we long to love God with our whole being and with reckless abandon. We invite you to worship with us every Sunday morning. We have three services to choose from:

8:30AM – Traditional Service 9:45AM – Contemporary Service 11:15AM – Contemporary Service We hope that everything we do flows from devotion to God, and that every ministry event offered here presents you with an opportunity to fuel the passion of your pursuit of Him.


Neil Tomba, Senior Pastor (, ext. 140) Travis Jones, Minister of Worship (, ext. 423)


Vitally Connected in Community The gospel of Jesus Christ creates a unique community that provides care and a taste of God’s coming kingdom. A community of people loving one another creates an exciting yet safe place to be honest with ourselves, with God, and with others in order to grow. Our ultimate desire is that you would lock arms with 10-12 other believers and pursue Christ in the context of authentic community. Small groups can be multi-generational, based on where you live (community small group), or can include primarily people who share your life stage. Connecting Ministry New Connections Class This three-week series will help you discover and solidify your connection to Northwest’s people, vision, and values. We meet across from the Welcome Center every Sunday 11:15AM– 12:30PM. New Member’s Workshop Sunday 9AM – 12PM (Quarterly) Interested in becoming “fully invested in Christ’s church”? If you would like to be a member at Northwest, please sign up to participate in this required workshop. (Pastor’s Luncheon follows Workshop.) Pastor’s Luncheon Sunday 12:30PM (following the New Member Workshop) If you are new to Northwest, please join us for a time to meet the pastoral staff and to hear from Neil about the church’s vision and direction. Lunch and children’s programming is provided. RSVP by contacting Jonathan Deatherage at or 214-368-6436 ext. 421.


Vitally Connected in Community Small Group Ministry

A small group is a group of 8-15 people who meet for the purpose of life-changing community. We have many different types of small groups, but with the same purpose, to Connect in Christ for Life Change, which is the fruit of true maturity. Our groups worship, fellowship, study the Word, pray, and serve together. Community Small Groups Women’s Bible Study Men’s Small Groups Singles Small Groups Newly Married Small Groups


Jeff Holck, Minister of Community (, ext. 186)


Graciously Focused on the Truth God’s Word is the authority which instructs, guides, and corrects us in everything we do and experience. Christianity is more than thinking but never less; therefore, we challenge our minds and hearts to understand the Biblical story and apply it to the story of our own lives and culture. We follow Jesus’ model of love, grace and humility as we communicate His truth to each other and to the world around us. A primary way we live out this value at Northwest is to grow in an Equipping Class. Starting Point* Sundays at 11:15AM (W 102) This course meets in a relaxed and interactive small group setting to explore the basics of Christian beliefs: Who did Jesus claim to be? Why is His death significant? What is Christian spirituality? We hope you’ll use Starting Point as a safe place to better explore the Christian faith.


Core Courses are designed as fundamental training for the Christian life. These six courses form a solid foundation for a life of devotion to God. Bible Basics Remix* Spiritual Life* Essentials of Bible Study* Deeper In Doctrine* Evangelism Training* S.H.A.P.E.* *Register online at


Vitally Connected in Community Expansion Courses

Expansion Courses provide further training for the Christian life. These classes build on the foundation laid in the Core Courses and are designed to prepare you for a lifestyle of ministering to others. Prayer: A Cry for the Kingdom* Church History* End Times* The Theology of Community* World Religions*

Life Skills Courses

Life Skills Courses provide a context in which to live out the Christian life as it relates to your family, your finances, and your relationships. Leadership Coaching* Don’t Sing Songs to a Heavy Heart* Introduction to Peacemaking* Pre-Marital Equipping* Marriage Enrichment* Crown Ministries* Living Your Legacy Now*


*Register online at

Graciously Focused on the Truth Classic Bible Classes

There are seven Classic Bible Classes targeted for mature believers every Sunday morning starting at 9:45. Some of the classes emphasize in-depth, expository Bible teaching in a lecture format. Others follow an inter-active discussion format with relevant application to daily life. Class sizes vary from 20 to 80 and each serves as a warm, caring community. Agape Ambassador Barnabas Berean Grace Hesed Salt & Light


Matt Dumas, Minister of Equpping (, ext. 155)


Fully Invested in Christ’s Church We believe the church is God’s chosen vessel to share God’s love and truth with believers and unbelievers by becoming the tangible presence of Jesus Christ. Someone fully invested in Christ’s body serves with their time, talents, and treasure to contribute to the kingdom call of the local body. Family Ministry

The Family Ministry is designed to help families draw closer to God and connect with each other.  That is why we are here.  We acknowledge this connection happens in several different ways.  We want kids and students to passionately pursue Jesus and we desire for families to know that Jesus is real and He wants us to know Him. Early Childhood 1st-6th Grade Junior High High School Learning Center


Brian Radabaugh, Minister of Family (, ext. 136)


Actively Loving a Lost and Broken World The message of Jesus’ life, death for sins, and resurrection is of first importance. Having been found and restored by Jesus, we accept the commission to be His mouth, hands and feet to the city of Dallas and around the world even at great cost to ourselves. Christ’s followers are called to bring the love of Jesus to every circle of people by giving water to the thirsty, food to the hungry, love to the unloved, direction to the lost, and connecting broken people to the One who can heal them. Local Outreach

Local Outreach provides care and ministry to those who live in our communities, across local and international cultures. Our goal is to care for the entire person, spiritually and physically, recognizing that our physical needs often overwhelm the awareness of our spiritual needs. Refugee Ministry Hispanic Ministry Homeless Ministry West Dallas Sports & Recreation


Actively Loving a Lost and Broken World International Outreach

Our international efforts are focused on six specific strategies. In addition to partnering with native missionaries and organizations, Northwest sponsors short-term missions trips to the following six countries: Kazakhstan India Russia Sudan China Guatemala


Mark Hoy, Interim Minister of Outreach (, ext. 162)


Wednesday Nights Why is Wednesday the new Friday? Because Wednesdays will be the most exciting day of the week. Northwest is revamping the way we do Wednesday night. It’s not just about dinner anymore. Take a glance at our new Wednesday night schedule (with contact information for each opportunity). Dinner - 5:15-6:30 PM 6:30-8:30 PM* Small Groups • Community Groups - Community Groups at Northwest abound! While the majority of these groups meet in homes across the span of a given week, a handful meet during this Wednesday time frame. Contact Jeff Holck, Minister of Community, • Men’s Groups - What’s it take to be a man of God?  Both current and new men’s small groups will be meeting on Wednesday nights for the purpose of being surrounded by other men who will lift them up, discuss issues uniquely geared to them, and help each other become passionate pursuers of Jesus Christ. Contact Mike Cassell, Minister of Connecting, Women’s Bible Study Join women of all ages and stages as we connect closer to Christ and to one another through intergenerational small groups of women. Each lesson includes personal study to help you spend time with God each day. Then, your group comes together in an encouraging and interactive discussion of what God showed you personally. The weekly small group discussion is followed by a time of large group teaching and worship. Contact Kay Daigle, Minister of Women, *End time may vary according to ministry opportunity


Wednesday Nights Equipping Classes A primary way we live out the value of being Graciously Focused on the Truth is to grow in an Equipping Class. Whether it is interacting with the essentials of the Christian faith, or getting grounded with a Core Course, or going deeper with an Expansion Course, or gaining practical know-how in a Life Skills Course, we’re sure that there’s a place for you to enhance your grasp of the truth we have in Christ Jesus. Contact Matt Dumas, Minister of Equipping, Wednesday Night Live! Does your child love to laugh, learn, play silly games, hang with friends and just have a crazy good time? If your answer is, “yes” or “no” then Wednesday Night Live is the place to be. Johnny and Susie will love meeting new friends, experiencing dynamic and relevant teaching each week. I’m sure it’s the next best thing since peanut butter and jelly! 6:00-6:30 - Kid’s Choir and Worship (e-mail Brian Radabaugh, Minister of Family: 6:30-8:30 - Nursery and Preschool Ministry (e-mail Brian Radabaugh, Minister of Family: 6:30-8:30 - 252 Live, 1-6 Grade (e-mail Brian Radabaugh, Minister of Family: Junior High and High School students will do life together from 7:00 – 8:30 This is an authentic time of building friendships and discipleship. (e-mail Jason Hughes, Junior High Minister: or Brian Lonergan, High School Minister: Adult Choir Rehearsal (e-mail Daryl James, Assistant Minister of Worship:


*End time may vary according to ministry opportunity

Staff Family Ministry

Brian Radabaugh, Minister of Family: Amanda Herron, Minister of Children (1st-6th): Jason Hughes, Minister of Junior High: Brian Lonergan, Minister of High School:


Travis Jones, Minister of Worship: Daryl James, Adult Choir Director: Andy Huff, Creative Director: Rocky Presley, Technical Director:

Outreach Ministry

Mark Hoy, Interim Director of Outreach:

Adult Ministry

Mike Cassell, Minister of Connecting: Matt Dumas, Minister of Equipping: Kay Daigle, Minister of Women and Marrieds: Matt Klingler, Minister of Singles: Liz Freethy, Asst. Minister of Singles:

Community Ministry

Jeff Holck, Minister of Community: Phillip Williams, Minister of Community Care: Ryan McCreery, Asst. Minister of Community:

Pastor’s Office

Brandt Wright, Executive Pastor: Neil Tomba, Senior Pastor:


If you have any general questions concerning the Ministry Guide, please contact Jonathan Deatherage, 8505 Douglas Ave. Dallas, Texas 75225 214-368-6436

Northwest Bible Ministry Guide  

A ministry guide I created for Northwest Bible Church in Dallas, TX.