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An Architecture of Removal Three Diets for Nutritional Design

One of our most popular and successful dietary plans is our Subterranean Diet. For this example, we will look at the case of Lai Brarie to see just how effective the Subterranean Diet actually is. This is another diet that challenges the notion of “building” in architecture and suggests that in certain cases, it is an extraneous component. However, this diet is unique from the Field Fast in that it deals with completely submerging the architecture underneath the earth, rather than entirely removing the building. As a result of this process, the architecture is forced to exist contextually. Through this diet, Lai is able to exist entirely independent from the “building”, which is defined as “a structure with a roof and walls.” Lai Brarie has neither a roof nor walls. His “roof” is the ground plane and his “walls” are merely cuts of the earth. This diet completely removes the visible object of architecture and displaces the fat to a hidden and subterraneous context. This radical discovery has spread rapidly, becoming one of the most popular fad diets in our contemporary age. For anyone who is looking to cut large amounts of weight on a fast schedule, the Subterranean Diet is the one for you.

One of our very first patients, Hou Zing, underwent the “Twist and Out” Diet. This age-old diet has proven itself from time and time again. Hou Zing had the responsibility of containing 15 families, acting as a Machine for Living. This lofty task carries great weight and baggage that no one should have to burden. Recognizing the expansive size of the lot, we decided to avoid the traditional short and wide building that sits heavily upon the site. Instead, w e maximized the building height and turned and twisted this thin bar across the site in order to achieve a d e q u a t e building square footage as well as creating a private courtyard in the center of the twisted bar. After achieving more than ample square footage for the users, we thinned down Hou even further by punching out and removing sizeable masses to create private outdoor patios for each of the residents. This crucial part of the diet removes over one third of the building’s fat in a single step. The “Twist and Out” Diet is extremely popular with our customers simply because it only requires a couple of easy steps, twisting a slender bar through and around the site, and punching out all extraneous mass. The result is a slender and porous physique, while maintaining a robust architecture.

Another diet which has flourished don’t take it from me, take it from Lan satisfied clients from t h i s only field Lan a strict regimen of notions of “building”. By completely the architecture is immediately rejecting and thus removing extraneous mass. We began by existing site and then lifting up one edge of this greenscape to support to you, this diet is extremely difficult and requires enigmatic completely bypass “building” is a seemingly impossible request for see how this critical element can be entirely foregone. However, after to the conclusion that in certain cases, the “building” is an extraneous the architecture and is better off removed. In Lan Skaype’s case and as many others, this diet was precisely appropriate. In addition, the thin plane of field was cut and subtracted in various locations to support the existing conditions of the context. By surviving from field exclusively, and fasting from all “building” elements, Lan found herself with a thin and flat figure that continues to boast architectural life and character.

abundantly is the Field Fast. But Skaype, just one of our many revolutionary diet. We prescribed components, fasting from all eliminating the element of tectonic, unrolling a layer of field over the program underneath. We won’t lie determination and focus. To some, as many individuals cannot extensive research, we have come facet to with

An Architecture of Removal  
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