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Persönliches Engagement ist uns wichtig. Walde & Partner vermittelt Wohnträume seit 1985. Dass nicht alle Menschen die Ressource Wasser so sorgenfrei nutzen können, ist uns bewusst. Wir engagieren uns nicht nur für den erfolgreichen Abschluss Ihrer Immobiliengeschäfte. Mit diesem Inserat möchten wir auch einen kleinen Beitrag an das Engagement des Schweizerischen Roten Kreuzes leisten, Menschen weltweit Zugang zu sauberem Trinkwasser zu verschaffen.

Tel. +41 44 396 60 60

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9 The Swiss federal government and the Swiss Red Cross have been working closely together to help Nepal for more than 50 years. The two nations are drawn together by their similarities: their location between lowlands and mountain peaks, their existential dangers and tourism opportunities provided by geography and nature, and the knowledge and know-how of their people as their one major resource. I therefore consider it to be a highly fortuitous omen that the Red Cross Gala is being held in St. Moritz, a privileged resort in the Alps, in favour of Nepal whose mountain location time and again causes pain and suffering. For this reason, I was extremely pleased to be invited to be the honorary patron of this Gala. Thanks to its own experience, Switzerland has always been in a position to provide Nepal with support in the various areas of its development. We have striven to improve the safety of countless households by extending irrigation systems and building infrastructure such as roads and suspension bridges. Not only have the Nepalese been given a better foundation for improving their nutrition, but also better access to the outside world, markets, schools and health centres. We have also invested in reforestation to prevent landslides and flooding – something that will resonate with the people of the canton of Graubßnden. And we, the Swiss government and the Red Cross, are of course providing reconstruction assistance for those who were hard hit by the consequences of the earthquakes in April and May 2015. This is an expression of our commitment to Nepal that has been unwavering, even during the years of internal political conflict.

In the view of the Swiss government, political cooperation is also important. We stood by Nepal as it came out of civil war. And we want to continue supporting the country, by helping it establish and consolidate its governmental structures at all levels to ensure the rule of law, the democratic participation of all Nepalese in the political life of the country, and to safeguard human rights. Our collaboration with Nepal has always focused on improving the lives of the most vulnerable people living in remote regions. And this is the very reason for this evening's Red Cross Gala. The proceeds will be used to extend the safe water supply system, thereby preventing disease and improving people's lives. This is all part of the humanitarian vocation shared by the Swiss government and the Swiss Red Cross: protecting the health, life and dignity of human beings. I thank you, dear guests and sponsors of the Red Cross Gala, for your generosity and support in this major undertaking.

Johann N. Schneider-Ammann President of the Swiss Confederation

© 2015 – Coca-Cola, Coke, the contour bottle and the dynamic ribbon are registered trademarks of The Coca-Cola Company.

© 2015 – Coca-Cola, Coke, the contour bottle and the dynamic ribbon are registered trademarks of The Coca-Cola Company.

Coca-Cola is more Swiss than you might think. Switzerland has been our home since 1936. With our workforce of around 1,000 employees, we produce locally for Swiss consumers. We work with over 50,000 retail and gastronomy partners to provide Switzerland with approx. 500 million litres of refreshing drinks each year. In addition, we are involved in multiple environmental protection projects and support an active, healthy lifestyle.

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In a region where water – whether free-flowing or frozen – adds so much to the beauty of our environment and quality of life, it is difficult to imagine that in other regions the opposite is true. In countries such as Nepal, an excess of water increasingly causes flooding and landslides, accompanied by disaster and destruction. At the same time, a lack of access to water forces people to walk for hours every day to fetch this vital resource, often a job left to children who then cannot go to school. And a lack of clean water is far too often the cause of infectious diseases that in many cases result in death. Our sympathy for Nepal has only become greater with the passing years. Our work there includes ensuring clean water supplies and improving the basic living standards of the poorest, most vulnerable people. Having access to clean water is a question of survival. This is why it is essential for it to be included in health promotion programmes that are part of the 'Victims of Forgotten Disasters' campaigns. It is even more important in the help we provide for the victims of a far-from-forgotten disaster, by which I mean the earthquake that hit Nepal barely a year ago, bringing so much additional distress to an already longsuffering population.

We run these programmes in Nepal as elsewhere to help people who struggle for survival every day. For many of them, the Red Cross is their only hope of finding better long-term prospects. Unquestionably, it is our duty to provide this hope. We are sincerely grateful to the guests and sponsors of the Red Cross Gala for giving us their generous support and thereby helping us turn this duty into tangible action. We would particularly like to thank all those involved in organizing this event. I am very pleased that you, dear guests, by attending this gala are once again displaying solidarity with extremely vulnerable people of this world. I thank you for your support and wish you all a most enjoyable evening.

Annemarie Huber-Hotz President of the Swiss Red Cross

7th / 14th / 21st february 2016 - st. moritz

‌ PASSION FOR RACES White Turf St. Moritz – Surrounded by the shimmering landscapes of the world famous spa resort, this exclusive signature event knows how to delight year after year. Prime horse races with international participation, culinary highlights, stimulating artistic performances and, of course, seeing and being seen in a fairy tale ambience.

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16 What grew from the seed planted by Henry Dunant and his friends 150 years ago? The Swiss Red Cross has grown into an impressive tree, visible throughout the country and with deep roots in the community. It is still important to protect human lives, health and dignity, and quickly provide assistance for people in need. "No more war" has remained wishful thinking. Quite the opposite. Resources are becoming scarce. Owing to extreme weather conditions and unstable political circumstances, the locations of refugee crises and famine are changing fast. Henry Dunant, founder of the International Committee of the Red Cross

The Red Cross is active everywhere.

© ICRC The battle of Solferino in June 1859 marked the birth of the Red Cross. The battlefield was littered with corpses and wounded soldiers. They died of their wounds, thirst and hunger because there was no-one to take care of them.

Birth of the Red Cross 1859: Solferino Have you ever seen a battle? Not in the newspaper or on TV, but a real one. Close enough for you to hear not only the shooting, but also the horses' hooves or the rumbling tanks, and the soldiers' screams. And yet far enough away for you not to be directly involved in the tumult. Henry Dunant witnessed a battle like this, when he was a young man on a business trip and wanted to meet Emperor Napoleon III. That was in Solferino, not far from Lake Garda where the French allies of Piedmont-Sardinia engaged in battle with the Austrian troops.

"The women of Castiglione, seeing that I made no distinction between nationalities, followed my example, showing the same kindness to all these men whose origins were so different, and all of whom were foreigners to them. 'Tutti fratelli' (all brothers), they repeated feelingly."

It was an experience to give anyone pause for thought. Yet very few people would be spurred into action. Once the cannons had fallen silent and the smoke had dispersed, the battlefield was littered with corpses and wounded soldiers. Most of the victims did not die during the fighting, but later on from their wounds or from a lack of water and food. Henry Dunant acted. He called for a relief operation and persuaded men and women from nearby Castiglione to help the wounded soldiers abandoned by their troops, regardless of whether they were French, Sardinian or Austrian.

Henry Dunant described the battle in a book and his account culminated in the demand for an international agreement to protect the victims of war. All countries were to set up relief societies to train volunteers – just like those who assisted him in Solferino – so that they could perform first aid.This was the birth of the Red Cross. In 1866 the Swiss Red Cross became the 11th national society to answer Henry Dunant's call to action: to train volunteers in times of peace to treat the wounded in times of war.

Henry Dunant, 1859



© SRC, Regula Zellweger

Assistance for refugees: the Swiss Red Cross was there in 1956 when Swiss Post vehicles brought 14,000 people to Switzerland after the Hungarian revolution. Nowadays Red Cross volunteers take care of refugees in various crisis situations around the world. For example, here in Lebanon, where they are distributing food parcels near the village of Ketermaya. The parcels are paid for by the SRC.

Assistance for refugees 1870–71: Internment of General Bourbaki's army What can be done if a whole army appears on the border and asks to be allowed in? Not because it wants to conquer the country, but to seek protection from its powerful opponent. What does a neutral country do then? Four years after it was founded, the Swiss Red Cross (SRC) faced its first major challenge as part of a relief operation. General Bourbaki's army of 85,000 exhausted and badly equipped soldiers and officers asked for asylum, having been beaten into retreat by German troops in the Jura mountains. The Red Cross was given the task of finding shelter for them throughout the country. At that time 2.6 million people lived in Switzerland, so the foreign troops made up 3% of the population. It was a huge effort for a small country.

Today the SRC still provides help for refugees and other people in distress, whether in their countries of origin, along their migration routes, or in Switzerland. For example, it supplies Syrian refugee families living in Syria's neighbouring countries with food, basic medical care and emergency treatment. Along their migration routes, Red Cross volunteers provide first aid for the large number of people who arrive each day. And in Switzerland the SRC assists migrants with the asylum procedure, helps them to integrate into society, and provides psychosocial counselling.

© SRC © Remo Nägeli

Disaster relief as core competence: the Swiss Red Cross had its first mission abroad in Messina in 1908. 'Swiss villages' were built as emergency shelters after the earthquake. In Nepal last year it became clear shortly after the earthquake that providing a roof over people's heads was an urgent need.

First deployment in a natural disaster 1908: Earthquake in Messina Have you ever had the ground disappear from under your feet? On 28 December 1908, at 5:20 am in the vicinity of the Strait of Messina, the strip of sea between Calabria and Sicily, a rumbling was heard and the earth started to shake. Most people were taken by surprise while they slept. As many as 65,000 people, almost half the population of Messina, died in the rubble. And after the earthquake came water: a tsunami gushed into the ruins of the coastal area, sweeping away whole villages with its powerful wave. For the Red Cross this was its first operation in response to a natural disaster. In Switzerland a call for donations went out – and in present-day value as much as 5 million francs was collected. The survivors were supplied with foodstuffs, clothing, bandages and medicines. Emergency shelters were built, including two 'Swiss villages' comprising 35 wooden chalets with Swiss names such as William Tell, Pestalozzi or Saint Gotthard. What do people need when they have lost everything? A roof over their heads.

Immediately after the earthquake struck Nepal last year, it was clear that the most urgent need was for a roof over their heads, clean water, food, and blankets. Even today it is just as important to protect human lives, health and dignity, and quickly provide assistance for people in need. Disaster preparation has become one of the SRC's most important sectors. As many as 97% of all fatalities in extreme natural disasters nowadays occur in developing countries. And they are always the poorest of the poor. But we do not need to go so far away. Just imagine if avalanche barriers and protective forest did not exist in our mountains. Many human lives have already been saved in Switzerland by the various preventative measures.

Š Lindenhof Nursing School Alumni Association Health as a core competence: millions died during the First World War, and then the Spanish flu struck. It was an enormous challenge for the health service in Switzerland. The SRC provided 750 nurses for hospitals and the medical services of the Swiss armed forces: 69 of them died during their mission.

Health as a core competence 1918–1920: Spanish flu Can you imagine? Someone has survived the war, perhaps as a soldier on the front line. Finally he arrives home. Only to die in bed from the flu. In November 1918 the First World War was over, and the armies had been demobilized. Everyone was exhausted, both the civilian population and the military. Exhausted and weary of a war, the likes of which Europe had never seen before, that had left millions dead, accompanied by revolutions and famines. Shortly before the guns finally fell silent, a flu epidemic arrived from America and swept across the weakened continent. It was particularly tragic that the Spanish flu, as it became known, should mainly affect men aged between 20 and 40. As if the remains of a generation that had spent its most hopeful years in the trenches should be completely wiped out. In all, 25 million people fell victim to the three waves of flu that ravaged Europe between 1918 and 1920. The Spanish flu was an enormous challenge for the health service in Switzerland. The SRC provided 750 nurses for hospitals and the medical services of the Swiss armed forces. As many as 69 of them paid for their devotion with their lives. Soon after it was founded, the SRC was not only training volunteers to care for the wounded in wartime but also professional nurses to care for the sick and injured in times of peace. An important milestone was the founding of the Lindenhof Red Cross nursing school in Bern. Up until then training for nurses had been in the hands of religious organizations. Now anyone was free to train as a nurse regardless of their religious affiliation

20 After the Second World War, the focus shifted more and more from helping the military to helping civilians. The SRC made a major contribution to setting up the healthcare and social services in Switzerland. Preserving, promoting and restoring human health has now become one of the SRC's main tasks. Helping marginalized sections of the population to play an active role in society, whether or not they have a migrant background, is another. Tens of thousands of volunteers and staff work in the Swiss Samaritans, the Swiss Life-Saving Association, the Swiss Disaster Dogs Association REDOG, the Swiss Army Medical Corps, the Swiss Air-Rescue Association Rega, the cantonal associations and at SRC headquarters.

Do you want to invest and donate at the same time?

A perfect match. The Swisscanto Swiss Red Cross Charity Fund is the ideal combination of a low-risk investment and support for humanitarian projects. This information is for advertising purposes only and neither constitutes investment advice nor an offer. The sole binding basis for purchasing Swisscanto funds is the respective published documents (contracts, contract terms, prospectus and/or key investor information and annual reports). These can be obtained free of charge from or in paper form from Swisscanto Asset Fondsleitung AG, Europaallee 39, 8021 Zurich, as well as at all branch offices of the cantonal banks in Switzerland and of Bank Coop AG, Basel.

Š SRC, Roland Blattner Today, the Swiss Red Cross works worldwide: Laos was the first country where the SRC carried out a medical aid project. Today, it is helping to set up health services and fight epidemics in about 30 countries. It is extremely important to help people whose situation no longer makes the headlines, but who are still suffering from the long-term consequences of violent conflicts and poverty-induced diseases.

Helping people to help themselves 1970: Development aid When people are given aid they come to rely on it. But is that inevitable? Laos 1970. On behalf of the Swiss government, the SRC sets up a medical aid project in Luang Pradang, a province of the SouthEast Asian country. Like many other countries, Laos has gained independence from colonial rule. Decolonization brings insecurity with it. Decolonization also had an impact on the work of the SRC. As many new states came into being, there were also many new national Red Cross or Red Crescent societies. But initially these were not in any position to take on specific projects. The SRC started submitting its own projects to these countries. These were projects that could be carried out in partnership with the local authorities and the local Red Cross or Red Crescent societies. The SRC's work focused on healthcare and reconstruction in the wake of natural disasters. How could we help without making the other country dependent? In China there's a saying: "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life."

22 Poverty and social adversity are often less apparent in Switzerland than in the countries of the south. However, for those affected, often families, the hardships are no less difficult to endure. The SRC provides fast, effective help for people whose misfortunes are no fault of their own. With targeted financial support. Small contributions can often make a huge difference.

Being a part of something big. Working together to create something that can change the future. This year the Swiss Red Cross is not just any institution celebrating its 150th anniversary, but the best known and most multi-faceted organization in Switzerland.

Nepal – It’s not over yet

Become a pioneer for reconstruction The cameras have gone. After the struggle for survival, the whole country is in ruins. Reconstruction needs competent partners like the SRC. And you.



will buy a toolbox for essential repairs to infrastructure



will train 5 members of the local community how to build earthquake-proof buildings



will enable one family to rebuild their home, with a latrine and running water supply, including construction materials and labour

An earthquake-proof home for a safer future. The SRC helps the local population to rebuild their homes and infrastructure. A total of 540 young people are being trained as bricklayers and carpenters. As many as 5,400 families will then be able to count on the expertise of these trained professionals when rebuilding their homes. Training young people and providing a safe infrastructure are the cornerstones of a safe future for the population of Nepal. Your contact person Donation account: 30-9700-0 Endorsement: Gala St. Moritz IBAN: CH97 0900 0000 3000 9700 0

Swiss Red Cross Rainmattstrasse 10 P.O. Box 3001 Bern Phone 031 387 74 64

Exquisite wines, excellent service. No wonder some guests just don’t want to leave.

Š SRC, Caspar Martig


Thanks to the long water pipe, Rita Sarki now has water close to her home in Diwang, Nepal. Rita used to have to walk five hours every day to fetch water.


Have a seat and take a sip of water from the glass in front of you! Just imagine, while you are quenching your thirst, what a blessing a glass of clean drinking water is for a child in Nepal. And just take a moment to fetch water with Rita Sarki from Nepal. Just 50 metres from her front door, there is a tap. Even though it has been there for a year, this source of water is still something special for Rita Sarki. Some children have already arrived. Laughing and chattering, they wait until 5 pm when the tap will be turned on. Now the women flock from all directions carrying the traditional metal canisters on their backs. None of the 60 families in the scattered mountain community of Diwang needs to walk more than 10 minutes to reach a tap. For those of us who are used to having running water inside our homes, even that would be a chore. Because it's not just drinking water that has to be carried, but all the water for washing clothes, daily hygiene, cooking and sometimes also for the livestock. Women's burden But for Rita Sarki and the other women of Diwang, everyday life has now become much easier. The 23-year-old remembers all too well how many hours she used to spend fetching water and how exhausting it was. She would set out before dawn for the remote water source. It took all her concentration not to lose her footing walking down the steep path. "Once I got to the source I had a long wait ahead of me," she explains. "The water flows so sparingly that it took forever to fill our canisters." She then had to carry the 20 litres back up to the mountain village. Eight to 10 times a day to meet the family's needs. Often she had backache in the evening. Or her head hurt. Most of the burden of this poverty is borne by women and girls, who in most societies are responsible for fetching water. Whether in Asia, Africa, or Latin America, millions of girls and women spend several hours each day carrying water from distant wells and rivers. Canister after canister, bucket after bucket, they haul

© SRC, Caspar Martig

© SRC, Caspar Martig

© SRC, Caspar Martig

She then had to carry the 20 litres back up to the mountain village. Eight to 10 times a day to meet the family's needs.

Rita Sarki would set out before dawn for the remote water source. The terrain was steep and slippery.

"I used to spend more than five hours every day fetching water."

the precious resource – while the boys are at school. For families, water is a much greater priority than educating their girls. Any society in which the women and girls waste most of their time and energy fetching water and where every year thousands of children die from diarrhoea is fated to remain incapable of fulfilling its potential. This is also true of economic development: according to the World Health Organization (WHO), as many as five billion working days and more than 440 million school days are lost every year in developing countries because so many people fall ill owing to unhygienic living conditions. Infants' health Thanks to the taps, some of the burden on women in the village has been lifted. But that's not the only improvement. Clean water and hygiene go hand in hand and are a prerequisite for good health and development. Whenever clean drinking water is rare, people have no choice but to drink poor quality water; for example from ponds. This is often contaminated with animal or human waste and causes severe diarrhoeal diseases. Every 20 seconds a child under five years old dies from a diarrhoeal disease because of contaminated water and a lack of hygiene. Almost all these fatalities occur in developing countries. Washing hands with soap, using latrines, drying crockery in the sun to kill germs, these hygiene measures have now become routine for the villagers in Diwang. No children have died in the 18 villages where the SRC has installed water pipes over the past few years.

The well becomes a meeting place twice a day when the tap is turned on. Nine taps guarantee that the women of Diwang no longer need to walk more than 10 minutes to fetch water.

Villagers' responsibility All the villagers lent a hand in building the new taps – a total of nine for the whole village – and the seven-kilometre long water pipe. Even Rita Sarki dug and shovelled for 45 days. "It's important for people to do their part and also to be responsible for maintenance. This brings down the cost and encourages the villagers to take better care of their water supply," explains Raj Kumar Kshetri, the Red Cross water programme coordinator. Experiences in various countries show that with a central water supply, women can better realize their own potential. They have more time and energy to spend looking after their children, tending their gardens, or are able take a paid job, thereby contributing to the well-being of the whole family. Shortly after the water tank was built, the women of Diwang were already planning to irrigate their gardens so that they could grow vegetables all year round and feed their families more healthily. The Red Cross ran courses to teach them how to do this. "As the water was in such short supply before, the villagers didn't have any experience of planting and irrigating their gardens. Thanks to the water tank, this has now changed," explains Raj Kumar Kshetri. The Red Cross has a long-term commitment to improving access to water, sanitary facilities and hygiene worldwide. The total proceeds of the 2016 gala are earmarked for the victims of forgotten disasters and the water programme in Nepal. We thank you for your trust in our work and your support.


North Africa and Middle East s


South-east Asia

30 million people by 2025

We don't look away!

Over the past 10 years, the Red Cross movement has given more than 15 million people access to clean water and sanitary facilities. By 2025 this should be the case for 15 million more. This is the goal of the Global Water & Sanitation Initiative that the International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies launched as part of the UN Decade 2005.

The Red Cross remains, even when no-one else cares. When the mighty earthquake or devastating flood are no longer in the media spotlight or are ignored by the general public. We help wherever forgotten disasters and poverty rob people of their lives or livelihoods. Thanks to your support, thousands of people have access to clean water and better hygiene, even the poorest people receive medical treatment, and expectant mothers, babies and infants are taken good care of.

Facts and figures 7.2 billion The number of people living on the Blue Planet. 750 million The number of people who have no access to even a minimum of clean water. This means that they have under 20 litres a day – less than half of what we use for our morning shower. 2.5 billion One-third of the world's population has no or insufficient sanitary facilities, such as latrines and toilets.

20 seconds ‌17, 18, 19, 20. Every 20 seconds a child under 5 years old dies from a diarrhoeal disease due to contaminated water and a lack of hygiene. 5 billion The number of working days lost to illness caused by a lack of hygiene. 440 million The number of school days lost because so many children fall ill due to a lack of hygiene.

Š SRC, Nathan Beck Š SRC, Caspar Martig

Before the village community built a watersupply with the help of the SRC: a girl and a boy at a provisional water point in Salyan, Nepal

With help from the SRC, the villagers in Diwang have installed a seven-km long water pipe and built nine taps.




Sandra Maria Gronewald has been a television and event presenter for many years (ZDF, Deutsche Welle TV). In her diverse career she has presented a number of TV shows, as well as many international events in multiple languages. Mrs. Gronewald studied journalism, and achieved the title of Dr. phil. in romance philology and journalism. Tonight, she welcomes you as your host throughout the evening.

Service for little lord, 1931 (hotel archive)

Your TradiTion. our SpiriT. S i








MajESTiC and ElEganT, in ThE CEnTrE of ST. MoriTz, aT ThE hEarT of ThE SwiSS alpS. ThiS iS whErE You find ThE BadruTT’S palaCE hoTEl. lEgEndarY, uniquE and diSTinCTivE! SinCE 1896 guEST wiShES havE BEEn anTiCipaTEd and fulfillEd, howEvEr grEaT ThEY MaY havE SEEMEd. wiTh uS You arE ThE guEST and warMlY wElCoMEd.

Badrutt’s palace hotel, via Serlas 27, 7500 St. Moritz, Switzerland, Telephone: +41 (0)81 837 1000, fax: +41 (0)81 837 2999 reservations: +41 (0)81 837 1100,, Badruttspalace, Badruttspalace












Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great! Welcome to Kulm Hotel St. Moritz The original in winter tourism.

Kulm Hotel · 7500 St. Moritz · Schweiz

T +41 81 836 80 00 · ·

From left to right: Daniela Spuhler-Hoffmann, Siro Barino, Marianne Walde, Richard Dillier, Bettina Friedli-Munz, Silvio Martin Staub, Tamara Raich


On behalf of the Swiss Red Cross (SRC), we most warmly welcome you to the Swiss Red Cross Gala 2016 in St. Moritz. We are proud to be part of the launch of the 150th anniversary of the Swiss Red Cross, one of the most renowned NGOs worldwide. It’s the first time that a Swiss Red Cross Gala has been celebrated in the Engadine and on the frozen lake of St. Moritz. The Red Cross Gala Board is deeply moved and impressed by the work being done by the SRC in all regions of the world. The proceeds from the Swiss Red Cross Gala 2016 in St Moritz will go towards helping the victims of forgotten disasters and the water program in Nepal. The earthquake that hit Nepal in late April 2015 caused unimaginable suffering.


We would be very grateful if you would support us by giving generously. Yours faithfully The Swiss Red Cross Gala Board



In 1956, medica was established by Dr. Lambelet as a laboratory. From 1972 onward, it constantly expanded in line with medical progress under the auspices of Dr. Käppeli. The laboratory has been operated under the name “medica” since 1976 and was recognized by the Swiss national authorities that same year under Dr. Käppeli. medica provides a broad range of high-quality services in laboratory diagnostics and pathology, which are also available inter-regionally to referring parties, such as physicians in private practice, clinics and patients. Our work revolves around our patients and around the challenge of always being able to offer the best. As a teaching institution recognized by FAMH, it is a matter of course for us to support and co-organize advanced and continuing training for physicians and medical personnel. Our humanitarian commitment is part of our guiding principles. It is therefore only natural for us to cooperate with and support non-profit humanitarian institutions. Examples of our numerous and diverse projects are the Theodora Children's Charity, Kids of Africa, Special Olympics Switzerland, the Muri Competition for young musical talents and the Swiss Red Cross (SRC).

Our connections with the SRC are special, given our routine use of laboratory diagnostics and our emergency medical services. SRC is the best known and most multi-faceted humanitarian organization in Switzerland and we are proud to be allowed to support it in this major anniversary year. We enjoy looking back with you on a successful 150-year history and want to help you to continue making your motto “For more humanity” a reality. May all your various anniversary activities be highly successful and have the public relations effect you deserve. That is medica's wish for you.






Julius Baer is delighted to support the Swiss Red Cross by sponsoring its 150th anniversary Gala dinner. Philanthropy and community engagement are of great importance at Julius Baer, both at home in Switzerland and further afield. Established over 50 years ago, the Julius Baer Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Julius Baer Group and is complemented by Julius Baer Cares, which supports bottom-up community engagement projects and organisations, created and driven by the employees of the Bank in a variety of locations. Both initiatives focus on improving the education of children and young adults and facilitating the provision of equal opportunities for all, to mitigate the gap in life’s basic building blocks that poverty creates. The Swiss Red Cross work tirelessly to help the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world and give them access to these vital resources, which is why Julius Baer is proud to support its ongoing work. Julius Baer is the leading Swiss private banking group, dedicated to providing unparalleled service and advice to its private

clients. With a history spanning more than 125 years, the Bank is proud of its strong Swiss heritage. Headquartered in Zurich, Julius Baer is present in over 25 countries and more than 50 locations worldwide, including 14 locations in Switzerland. We wish you an enjoyable evening.

Barend Fruithof Member of the Executive Board Head Region Switzerland & Global Custody For more information, please visit our website at


DJ ANTOINE With the biggest European hit of 2011 "Welcome To St. Tropez", and the unbelievable million-selling and Impala-awarded hit single "Ma Chérie" DJ Antoine launched himself at an international level. But the life of one of Europe’s most booked star DJs, most successful Swiss music export and producer didn’t start with just glamour and fame. Antoine Konrad’s huge passion for music, endurance, commitment and his confidence in the things he believed in, have always been loyal companions on his way to the top. Also his flair for trends, the right partners, a strong team and of course his fans provided him with the support needed. The results of DJ Antoine’s tireless motivation are: over 60 CD releases and more than three million records sold. He has received 39 Gold-Awards, two Triple Gold-Awards, seven Platinum-Awards, four Double Platinum-Awards, two Triple and one QuadruplePlatinum-Award!

43 After the release of the last album "DJ Antoine - 2014 We Are The Party", DJ Antoine and his longtime studio partner, Mad Mark, spent many weeks in the Blackrock Studios on Santorini (Greece) working with various producers and songwriters on new singles and a new album. This has already resulted in exciting anthems, the summery and refreshing single "Holiday" feat. Akon which has conquered many European charts and the brandnew, extraordinary single "Thank You", released in January, with its smooth and warm vocals. The new album "Provocateur" will follow in March 2016.


ANDREAS RUMBLER Andreas Rumbler began his career at Christie’s in London in 1989. Ten years later, in 1999, he was appointed Director of 20th Century Art. In addition to his specialist activity, Andreas Rumbler was also appointed Director of Christie’s Germany and in 2000 he left London to return to Christie’s German head office in Düsseldorf. In 2012, he was named Chairman of Christie’s Switzerland. As an auctioneer, he conducts sales for Christie’s in London, New York and Zurich. He also assists organisations, museums and institutions around the world with their charity auctions.




THE SWISS RED CROSS: CONDITIONS FOR SALE OF GOODS AT AUCTION METHODS OF PAYMENT: cash, CCP, bank transfer, Amex, MasterCard, Visa Absentee bidders’ credit confirmation should be established before the auction Each lot shall be at the buyer’s risk at the fall of the hammer, but must be paid for in full before the goods pass to the buyer. When a bid is accepted by the auctioneer’s fall of the hammer, the successful bidder shall be deemed to be personally liable and the amount of the accepted bid shall be immediately payable to SWISS RED CROSS, recognised as a charity by Zewo. The buyer of each lot shall give their name and address and proof of identity to SRC at the sale and shall pay the purchase price in full at the conclusion of the auction.

The charity auction is one of the major highlights of the Swiss Red Cross Gala in St. Moritz. Fortunate buyers can win themselves exceptional lots, priceless experiences and unique opportunities. An exclusive VIP experience with DJ Antoine, luxurious trips to Abu Dhabi including business-class flights by Etihad, the Soneva Resorts in Thailand and the Maldives, to New York or to the Antarctica with Claude Nicollier! A very special BMW i3, jewelry by Van Cleef & Arpels, a private ski evening with friends on the Corvatsch mountain with an exclusive stay at the Kulm Hotel St. Moritz, impressive works of art and much more will give you every reason to join the bidding process and thus support the work of the Swiss Red Cross worldwide. So get caught up in the auction fever and up the ante! The auctioneer Andreas Rumbler, Chairman of Christie’s Switzerland, will be more than happy to see you taking part.

This memorandum of contract is by way of confirmation only and successful bidders will be liable to pay the amount of an accepted bid notwithstanding that they fail to complete a memorandum of contract. Neither SRC nor its servants or agents are responsible for errors of description or for the authenticity of any lot or for any misstatement as to any matter affecting the lot. Neither SRC nor its servants or agents make or give, nor has any employee of SRC any authority to make or give, any representation or warranty in relation to any lot and any implied conditions or warranties are excluded. SRC reserves the right to fix a reserve price for any lot, and may without giving any reason refuse to accept a bid of any person. In the case of a dispute, SRC may immediately determine the dispute or put up the lot again at the last undisputed bid or withdraw the lot. All goods are sold with faults and imperfections and errors of description. Illustrations in catalogues or brochures are for general identification only. SRC sells the items as the beneficiary of the generosity of the named donor. Any holiday, event or any other service sold is subject to any restrictions stipulated by the donor and referred to in the catalogue/brochure or advertised at the auction. SRC accepts no responsibility for the performance of any service (i.e. holidays, excursions, etc.) sold. The buyer shall pursue any claims in respect of the supply or failure to supply the service against the supplier of that service and not against SRC. Buyers should satisfy themselves before the auction as to the condition of each lot. Any statement by SRC as to the lot is a statement of opinion only and all bidders should rely on their own judgement as to all matters affecting the lot. The highest bidder for each lot shall be the buyer of that lot. Some lots are subject to a reserve.

Charity Auction

NO1 Private Corvatsch Night. It's all yours! Enjoy Switzerland's longest illuminated night skiing slope exclusively for you and your friends and have a wonderful stay at the Kulm Hotel St. Moritz. The Corvatsch Mountain, which rises to an altitude of 3,303m above sea level, has the highest mountain top station in the eastern Alps and offers fantastic conditions for all kinds of winter sports. However, it is at night that it comes into its own, when Switzerland's longest illuminated night slope (4.2 km) is lit up privately just for you. The Kulm Hotel St. Moritz is pleased to offer the winner and their friends an unforgettable private night skiing experience in connection with a wonderful stay at the legendary hotel. The package includes the Private Corvatsch Night skiing experience, a one-night stay in four double rooms with a guaranteed upgrade to luxurious rooms lakeside view, the Kulm sumptuous breakfast buffet, access to the state-of-the-art Kulm Spa and use of complimentary WiFi. Value: CHF 16,000

Charity Auction

NO2 Explore New York City like a VIP at Mandarin Oriental, New York, Eleven Madison Park and the New York Stock Exchange Fly to New York, and dine at the world-famous restaurant Eleven Madison Park by the Swiss chef Daniel Humm. Eleven Madison Park draws inspiration from the incredible bounty of ingredients grown in New York, as well as the centuries-old culinary traditions that have taken root here. Under the leadership of Chef Daniel Humm and co-owner Will Guidara, the restaurant has garnered international acclaim: awarded four stars from The New York Times, three Michelin stars, and number four restaurant in the world on the San Pellegrino World's 50 Best list. Learn about the New York Stock Exchange with an exclusive guided tour by none other than TV host Jens Korte and spend two nights in a luxurious room for two at Mandarin Oriental, New York. Offering a bird’s eye view of the city from Columbus Circle, the five-star hotel offers the ultimate in service complemented by spectacular views of Central Park, the Hudson River and the city skyline. Value: priceless

Charity Auction

NO3 The ultimate lucky charm "To be lucky, you have to believe in luck" Jacques Arpels used to say. In 1968 the High Jewelry maison of Van Cleef & Arpels created a true icon of luck: Alhambra. The collection became an immediate success and has constantly renewed itself over the years. Today, this symbol of harmony, edged with golden pearls, is available in many different variations. The floral motifs of the collection have become an ultimate lucky charm all around the world. Van Cleef & Arpels Bahnhofstrasse 37 8001 ZĂźrich Vintage Alhambra bracelet and necklace in yellow gold with white mother of pearl. Value: CHF 10,300

Charity Auction

NO4 Spend an exclusive VIP weekend with a star - on tour and backstage with DJ Antoine Bid for an international unique weekend adventure and stay close with a star DJ. You and your guest will enjoy an exclusive VIP weekend on tour and backstage with the international successful DJ Antoine. The Swiss DJ and producer is well known for the biggest European hit of 2011 called "Welcome To St. Tropez" and the unbelievable million-selling hit single "Ma ChĂŠrie". He has already sold over three million records and has more than two million fans and followers on his social media channels. With his enthusiastic shows he reaches people from all over the world. Now you get the opportunity to accompany DJ Antoine in this glamorous showbusiness world, enjoy a luxury dinner and celebrate with him. This weekend with the star DJ includes flight, transfer, overnight stay in a 5* hotel, luxury dinner, champagne and VIP and backstage access during the show. The date will be clarified with the management. Value: priceless

Charity Auction

NO5 An exclusive luxurious tailor-made boxspring bed by Schlossatelier Schlossatelier from Switzerland with time and attention for detail. For decades our traditional business in Zurich has been synonymous with a royal sleep. We offer highly precise handcrafted products tailored to your personal wishes, technology combined with tradition, elaborate cushioning without foam and glue, and only the finest and purest natural materials from the best weaving mills in the world. The exclusive Swiss Red Cross Gala boxspring bed is customdesigned and the ergonomics of the mattress are custom-made. It is covered with the finest natural materials from Loro Piana. The mattress includes materials such as horsehair, fine baby cashmere, exquisite raw silk and, to top it off, “HD-pocket springs” that received the “Best innovation” award from the British monarchy. Finally, everything is handmade in Switzerland. Schlossatelier – only the best is good enough. Value: CHF 70,000

Charity Auction

NO6 “Did you look around?”, Oil on wood panel, 60 x 60 cm, 2014 Artist: Bob & Roberta Smith Bob & Roberta Smith is a single artist persona who has achieved a skyrocketing reputation in the UK art scene, especially acknowledged by the Royal Academy. With rotating exhibitions at the Tate Modern London and the PS1 in New York, Bob & Roberta Smith is one of the most puzzling contemporary artists worldwide. His art work is witty but still political: Bob & Roberta Smith (*1963) sees art as an important element in democratic life. Central to Bob and Roberta Smith’s thinking is the idea that political campaigns are extended art works that include a variety of consciousness raising artefacts. Much of his art takes the form of painted signs. These colourful slogans on banners and placards challenge elitisms and advocate the importance of creativity in politics and education. Value: CHF 10,000

Charity Auction

NO7 Exclusive VIP training with Iouri Podladtchikov, Olympic Gold Medallist Snowboard 2014, photographer and lifestyler Bid for a VIP trip to Engadine-St. Moritz in autumn/winter 2016 This exclusive package includes: - Driver service roundtrip within Switzerland - Two-night stay for two persons in the 5* luxury hotel Giardino Mountain in St. Moritz - Champfèr - Exclusive training and coaching day with the Olympic Gold Medallist Snowboard Halfpipe Iouri Podladtchikov. - Three individual follow up personal sessions in the Engadine for two persons with Gut Training

©KEYSTONE/SPUTNIK/Mikhail Voskresenskiy

This exclusive program will give you and your guest a sporting experience of a lifetime. This offer is in co-operation with the Orthopaedic Hospital Klinik Gut, Gut Training and the Giardino Hotel Group. Value: priceless

Charity Auction

NO8 Meet and greet with the FC Bayern Munich team, enjoy an exclusive lunch and VIP seats Enjoy an experience of a lifetime with one of the history’s most iconic football team to date, the FC Bayern Munich and stay at the Mandarin Oriental, Munich. Witness amazing players like Manuel Neuer, Philipp Lahm, Franck Ribéry, Medhi Benatia and many more during a training session, get the chance to share an exclusive lunch with one of them, attend a Bayern Munich home match during the season 2016 (home-games between March and May 2016), sitting in the VIP area and bring back home a signed shirt. This experience will definitely be a unique football thrill! In addition, your exciting stay in Munich will be rounded off by two nights in a luxurious suite for two at the centrally located five-star Mandarin Oriental, Munich. Value: priceless


Charity Auction

NO9 Explore Soneva Resorts A total of ten nights, staying five nights in the ultra-luxurious Soneva Fushi Resort in Maldives and five nights in Soneva Kiri Resort in Thailand. Soneva is a world leading sustainable luxury resort operator, which owns and manages Soneva Fushi in the Maldives, Soneva Kiri in Thailand and Soneva in Aqua, a new yacht experience in the Maldives. With breathtaking ‘remote but accessible’ natural locations, effortlessly chic accommodation, incredible food, truly memorable activities, an inspiring ethos of sustainability, and service that is uncannily intuitive, the Soneva Resorts are the ultimate luxury hideaway to return to again and again for many years to come. The voucher entitles a family of four to a stay of five-nights duration in Soneva Fushi, Maldives and Soneva Kiri, Thailand for the total of ten nights as per the following details; five nights accommodation on room-only basis for four persons at each resort, sharing a Beach Pool Villa Suite, upgradeable to a private residence category (subject to availability) at the General Manager’s discretion. The voucher is valid from 13 February 2016 until 13 February 2017. Value: CHF 25,855

Charity Auction

N O 10 INA DEDERER Adriana Lima - Angel, 2015 Oil on canvas 120x140 cm Ina Dederer, currently living in Zurich, is a painter with Russian and German roots whose works sell around the globe. The talented artist has developed her own painting style over many years; she technically reinterprets contemporary works and refines them with harmonious and soft-flowing posterized contours. The work, Adriana Lima - Angel, like many of the other pieces from the series Beauties, shows a woman who embodies the typical western ideal of feminine beauty. At first sight, the image is perceived as perfect. However, as soon as you get closer, you notice large areas of color and unusual shades used for the skin. The technique applied shows us that the perfection of these icons is created through distance. The beautiful women we are familiar with in film, television, advertising and fashion magazines are simply a distant, manipulated depiction of reality. The artist uses posterization, a technique for creating powerful contrasts by means of refinement, detachment and the emphasis of certain lines in the image. Value: CHF 40,000

Charity Auction

N O 11 Exclusive journey to Antarctica with Claude Nicollier On this Background Tours "Journey of a Lifetime" you visit the Falkland Islands (Malvinas), South Georgia and the Antarctic peninsula. On board the expedition's cruiseship "MS Bremen" (4star-plus), there are experts like Claude Nicollier, Reto Brennwald, Thomas Kleiber (from SRF Meteo) and Benno Lüthi (President Antarctic Research Trust). Date of journey: 4-22 December 2016 Offer: a comfortable outside cabin for two persons. Includes transport from/to Switzerland (economy class flights). Value: CHF 40,000


Charity Auction

N O 12 Two Executive rooms for three nights at the 5-star Rosewood Abu Dhabi including business class tickets with Etihad Airways ** Fly with the World’s Leading Airline * and experience the sophisticated and innovative products onboard Etihad Airways. The modern design and thoughtful features of the Business Studios create a sense of space and freedom, with direct aisle access, convenient storage spaces and mood lighting. With stunning views of the Abu Dhabi waterfront, the 154 guest room and 35 suite Rosewood Abu Dhabi provides a sophisticated environment for both business and leisure. Five lounges and four restaurants serving international cuisines provide an authentic dining journey from around the world. The hotel encompasses Sense, A Rosewood Spa® with nine treatment rooms, including two traditional hammams, a 24-hour state-of-the-art fitness centre, a swimming pool and, for the little ones, the Rose Buds children’s programme. Throughout, Rosewood Abu Dhabi encompasses Rosewood’s A Sense of Place® philosophy by reflecting the culture, history and geography of its location. **not valid during Formula One weekend, 25-27 November 2016 *World Travel Awards 2009-2015 Value: CHF 23,600

Charity Auction

N O 13 Exclusive experience package at the 2017 White Turf St. Moritz: the Racing Association St. Moritz offers you and your personal guests a table for 10 people in the VIP tent, followed by a dinner courtesy of the Kulm Hotel St. Moritz inside the ‘surprise object d’art’ on the frozen lake of St. Moritz! The International Horse Races St. Moritz on Ice combine all the attributes of modern Switzerland in terms of lifestyle, innovation, ambiance and style. Year after year, international jockeys and noble thoroughbreds from all over Europe enthrall more than 35,000 spectators on all three race Sundays on the frozen lake of St. Moritz, where the world-exclusive Skikjöring races count among the most spectacular disciplines. As well as the equestrian sports, art, gastronomy, concerts and culture provide excellent entertainment in the elegant tent city on the frozen lake of St. Moritz. On the first and second race Sundays at the 2017 White Turf, you and your friends can have your own personal table for 10 in the exclusive VIP tent, where you can enjoy the unique, stylish setting surrounded by high-ranking personalities – including an ‘apéro riche’, exquisite lunch, live music and direct access to the VIP terrace! Furthermore, a memorable dinner awaits you and your guests, prepared by the Kulm Hotel St. Moritz, insidethe ‘surprise object d’art’ on the frozen lake of St. Moritz. Value: CHF 13,100

Charity Auction

N O 14 BMW i3 Swiss Red Cross Edition Redefining urban mobility means thinking far beyond environmentally-conscious and agile driving. The result: with its visionary design, the BMW i3 design defines the automobile of tomorrow. Its innovative BMW eDrive power train was designed as part of the BMW EfficientDynamics technology and is not only locally emission-free, but also offers an incomparable and nearsilent driving experience. The intelligent BMW ConnectedDrive Services bring you easily and conveniently to your destination. This particular car is a one-off production called Swiss Red Cross Edition with an individual exterior developed by a famous Swiss designer. Value: priceless

Charity Auction

Access to clean and drinkable water in the foothills of the Himalaya is not readily available. In some valleys water sources can be accessed only at a depth of 100 metres. With big villages of up to 1,000 inhabitants, a water tower helps to supply all year round clean water directly to all households. All family members have clean water to drink and in which to wash. Women can now safely shower at their house. Thank you for your bet! Value: CHF 60,000


Let’s build a water tower for a Nepalese village


N O 15

Charity Auction

Drinking water, washbasins and toilets for a primary school Latrines and washing facilities in schools don't just enable children to attend school regularly, they also learn a practical lesson about hygiene and how important it is to wash their hands. Latrines and washing facilities will be built or renovated in 17 public schools in the poorest neighbourhoods of Nepalgunj, a town on the border of Nepal and India. An important side-effect is that thanks to their new knowledge, the children also influence the behaviour of their parents and siblings. With rigorous hygiene, epidemics can be avoided in the poorer neighbourhoods. Thank you for your bet! Value: CHF 15,000


N O 16

POST-WAR AND CONTEMPORARY ART EVENING SALE AUCTION • 11 February 2016 • 8 King Street • London SW1Y 6QT CONTACT • Katharine Arnold • • +44 (0) 20 7389 2024

The Arthur and Anita Kahn Collection: A New York Story

ALEXANDER CALDER (1898–1976) Crag with Yellow Boomerang and Red Eggplant standing mobile: painted sheet metal and wire 78 x 94 x 41 in. (198.1 x 238.7 x 104.1 cm.) Executed in 1974 © 2015 Calder Foundation, New York / DACS London.



HOW TO PLACE A BID AT THE SILENT AUCTION STEP ONE Insert your smart card into the top of your keypad, logo facing upwards. STEP TWO Enter the lot number using the numerical keypad and then press the green button to enter. The highest bid will be displayed. STEP THREE To bid, press the green button, then key in the amount you wish to bid, without punctuation (press ‘clear’ to cancel or amend the amount). In addition to the official charity auction, we provide you with yet more opportunities to give yourself and your loved ones something special while supporting the Swiss Red Cross. Throughout the evening, exclusive and beautiful items are waiting to be purchased directly at your table. You will be seduced by the numerous attractive items on offer, including exclusive works of art, an unforgettable cooking class and dinner at the famous Talvo by Dalsass, a VIP-trip to the Champions League Semi Final, a special prize presented by the famous adventurer Álvaro de Marichalar, thrilling trips and luxurious overnight stays at the most exclusive hotels in Switzerland and the rest of the world.

STEP FOUR When you have entered the correct amount, press the green button again to confirm.

The silent auction lots are displayed individually in the foyer or on screen with details and can be bid for directly through your personal electronic bidding card at your table. They are also described in the following pages. The Swiss Red Cross looks forward to your active participation!


FURTHER INFORMATION To bid on another item, simply press ‘back’ and follow the above steps again. If your bid is the highest, the display panel will reflect this. If your bid is less than the current highest bid, the display panel will indicate that the leading bid is held by another guest.

Silent Auction

N O 17 Enjoy five nights in a Suite St. Moritz at Badrutt´s Palace Hotel in summer The legendary and unique Badrutt's Palace Hotel is known as the famous symbol of St. Moritz. Set in the breathtaking natural surroundings of the Swiss Alps and embedded in more than a century of history, the Grande Dame of Swiss hotels is home to royalty, stars and sport lovers who value quality. Lake St. Moritz, surrounded by picturesque alpine peaks and the shimmering Engadin light, is the ideal background for a destination that abounds with traditional hospitality and discreet service. Badrutt's Palace Hotel is renowned for its exquisite luxury, first class service and limitless indulgence – a gem amongst world-class hotels which is constantly changing but still preserves its historical inheritance. It has been an icon of hospitality since its opening in 1896 and guests' high expectations are the yardstick for innovation and change. The stay during the summer season 2016 or 2017 includes five nights for two persons in a Suite St. Moritz at Badrutt´s Palace Hotel with daily breakfast and one dinner for two at Le Restaurant. Value: CHF 10,735

Silent Auction

N O 18 Vabbinfaru – Banyan Tree – seven nights The art of doing nothing – barefoot luxury at its best Enjoy seven nights on full board basis in one of our Beachfront Pool Villas (two guests), inclusive of return speedboat transfers from/to Male airport. Cocoon yourself in a web of shimmering turquoise waters, swaying coconut trees, indigenous blooms and pure white sand. Free your spirit on the Maldives' North Male Atoll. In Maldivian, Vabbinfaru refers to a round island circled by a round coral reef. In this circle of peace, claim sanctuary at Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru resort. Feel the natural sea breeze sweeping in from the majestic Indian Ocean and let the resort's signature bring you peace and tranquility. Value: CHF 10,160

Charity Auction

N O 19 Champions League Semi Final You bid for a travel package for two persons to a Champions League Semi Final offered by Müller Baumanagement GmbH in co-operation with TRAVELclub AG. The package includes journey by flight, one night at a luxury hotel and tickets to the match. As VIP guests, you will have access to the stadium’s hospitality area and watch the match from the best seats. Enjoy the unique experience of attending a decider with some of Europe’s top clubs such as Bayern Munich, Real Madrid or Barcelona. Value: CHF 6,000

Silent Auction

N O 20 Experience IBIZA (the Balearic Islands) as never before with the Spanish record-holder Álvaro de Marichalar y Sáenz de Tejada. Three unforgettable days on the magical island with the sailor, adventurer, entrepreneur and aviation pilot, aboard his 11-foot vessel on which he won two world records with his solo crossing of the Atlantic, from Rome to New York, in 2002. The academic member of the Royal Sea Academy of Spain, born in Pamplona (Navarra), has carried out more than 40 maritime expeditions since 1982, breaking 12 world records. With his sea-crossing expeditions, Álvaro raises humanitarian aid for NGOs and is the Golden Anchor winner of the Royal Spanish Naval League. An adventure of a lifetime. Value: priceless

Silent Auction

N O 21 "Echelle au Paradis" from the artist Pet L. Rudin This work is a synthesis-seeking, abstract-figurative representation of time in the painting (space-time continuum, fourth dimension) and can in its objective also be understood as an evolution of Futurism. This is impressively shown in this painting "Echelle au Paradis". PET LIBERTY RUDIN - The "New School of Ascona" Explorer and founder of temporalism and relativism in the art of the 20th and 21st centuries. As an important avant-garde artist-philosopher, Pet L. Rudin founded the "New School of Ascona" Monte Verita – an artistic development of the “School of Ascona”, the main representative of which was the great artist Marianne von Werefkin, who also influenced her partner A. von Jawlensky and Wassily Kandinsky. Value: CHF 25,000


Silent Auction

N O 22 Exclusive Designer Edition The Black Stallion A TREASURED MASTERPIECE The Exclusive Designer Edition represents the most exclusive and technologically advanced crystal object. These masterpieces display the extraordinary accomplishment of Swarovski designers, whose mastery of crystal-cutting techniques is combined with consummate artistry in creating objects of exquisite beauty that are without parallel, demonstrating the heritage, roots and DNA of Swarovski in an extraordinary, new and innovative approach. POWERFUL BEAUTY AND ELEGANCE Designed by Heinz Tabertshofer, “The Black Stallion” Exclusive Designer Edition is exquisitely crafted in a unique mix of faceted jet crystal, carbon components and metal, giving it its dynamic and sculptural appeal. THE DETAILS - Jet crystal head - Carbon accents - Shiny black PVD metal legs - Numbered & hand signed by the designer - Black granite base - Limited to 888 numbered pieces - Delivered in a premium blue suitcase with a certificate of authenticity Value: CHF 7,000

Global expertise, local to you A different way of thinking. Investec take an out of the ordinary and innovative approach to private banking and wealth & investment. Helping our clients make the most of their money. To find out how we can help you, contact us at our office in Zurich. Loewenstrasse 29 CH-8001 Zurich Switzerland Tel: +41 44 226 1000 Email: Visit:

Australia Botswana Canada Hong Kong India Ireland Mauritius Namibia South Africa Switzerland Taiwan United Kingdom & Channel Islands United States Investec Wealth & Investment is the trading name for Investec Bank (Switzerland) AG. Authorised and regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Authority FINMA. Investec Bank (Switzerland) AG is licensed and registered in Switzerland. Registered No. CHE-101.093.387 Registered Office: Loewenstrasse 29, CH-8001 Zurich.

Silent Auction

N O 23 Two invitations to the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2016 Gala Be a VIP guest at the FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala on 9 January 2017 where the world of football meets to celebrate the achievements of the best players and coaches. Join us for an evening full of excitement and entertainment, and mingle with the biggest celebrities in football. Tickets to the FIFA Ballon d’Or Gala cannot be purchased and are made available by FIFA via invitation only. Value: no guided price

Silent Auction

N O 24 AC/DC Champions Lounge package Be our SPECIAL GUEST and enjoy an unforgettable and rocking evening! Watch the concert from the best seats and spend the evening together with selected VIP guests. A varied range of dishes and drinks is offered throughout the whole evening in a relaxed and unique atmosphere. The package includes: - 2 reserved numbered seats (“1st categorie”) - Seated dinner with buffet - Drinks of your choice (prosecco, wine, beer and soft-drinks) before, during and after the show - Miniature pastries for tea and coffee - Separate entrance - Wardrobe - Service by hostesses on site - Free parking Value: CHF 1,198

Football breaks down barriers Football builds bridges. It has a unique power to inspire friendship, respect and equality. FIFA’s Say No To Racism campaign is part of our commitment to tackle all forms of discrimination in football. Everyone should have the right to play and enjoy football without fear of discrimination – say no to racism. For more information visit

Silent Auction

N O 25 Engadine mountain summer - five nights for two persons in a junior suite including half-board and participation in the summer programme 'Fit and Fun with Suvretta House' Suvretta House emerges from the trees of the Upper Engadine as if from the pages of a fairy tale, its imposing turrets and Belle Epoque exterior standing out against the rugged valley landscape. The century-old property is part of the premium category of Swiss Deluxe Hotels and The Leading Hotels of the World. Suvretta House is an oasis of rest and relaxation with its 181 rooms, full and junior suites, and a wellness and spa area of 1,700 sq. m., including a 25 m indoor swimming pool, outdoor whirlpool, sauna worlds and fitness. The Grand Restaurant (14 GaultMillau points), the homely Suvretta Stube, two bars, the Club Hall and the legendary lobby ensure great culinary variety. During the summer season, endless options exist for exploring the region by foot, bike, horseback or even abseil. A tennis pro is on hand for lessons on the hotel’s three clay courts, and golfers can choose from three nearby courses. A driving range, putting and pitching green are on property. Suvretta House has been the epitome of tradition, generous hospitality and restraint since 1912. Experience its own kind of magic. Value: CHF 6,500

Silent Auction

N O 26 Exclusive cooking class at Restaurant Talvo by Dalsass Bid for a cooking class for 10 people with Martin Dalsass at his Restaurant Talvo by Dalsass in St. Moritz. After a welcome aperitif, you discuss the menu of your choice with the chef himself and prepare for the actual gourmet experience. The actual gala dinner for 10 people with accompanying wines includes an exclusive olive oil tasting and a cookbook for all participants. Value: CHF 4,600

Silent Auction

N O 27 Discover the pleasures of a luxury-class city resort and the GaultMillau hotel of the year 2016: The Dolder Grand in Zurich. Enjoy an unique experience with this voucher for two nights in a top suite including breakfast for two persons. Our Chef Fine Dining, Heiko Nieder, will treat you to an exclusive Chef ’s dinner in The Restaurant kitchen, awarded with two Michelin stars and 18 GaultMillau points. Let your thoughts and gaze wander – over Zurich, over the lake and beyond into the Alps. At The Dolder Grand you will find time for yourself, far away from the everyday. Since 1899, our hotel has been the setting for personal and inspiring moments that live long in the memory. Occupying a unique elevated location – between pulsating city and invigorating nature – 175 luxurious rooms and suites, outstanding cuisine, a spa covering 4,000 square metres and a remarkable art collection create the perfect environment for our exceptional City Resort. Value: priceless

Silent Auction

N O 28 Discover the mystique of central Vietnam. Enjoy three nights in a Lagoon Pool villa at Banyan Tree Lang Co and three nights in a Sea view Junior Suite at Angsana Lang Co, including daily breakfast and private return airport transfers. Enter a world steeped in deep-rooted history, dramatic vistas spread across a rugged landscape, unspoiled nature and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Explore the beauty and charm of Lang Co. Feel the warm waves of the East Sea tickle your toes, and raise your gaze to behold the magnificent stretch of the Truong Son Mountain Range. Within touch of three UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the imperial city of Hue, charming old town of Hoi An and My Son‘s historical ruins – culture aficionados will be satiated. Those with a bent for the physical will also find joy in a wide range of activities. Golfers can tee off in style at the Sir Nick Faldodesigned 18-hole championship golf course. Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts Audra Arul 4th floor, LANT Building, 56 – 58 – 60 Hai Ba Trung Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Phone: +84 8 3822 9252 Mail: Value: CHF 3,885

Silent Auction

N O 29 Belvedere RED CROSS Silver Saber Belvedere offers this year a Silver Saber Magnum, a unique masterpiece only served in the most exclusive places. Belvedere is a luxury vodka, made with Dankowskie Gold rye, distilled and bottled in Poland by Polmos ZyrardĂłw. Value: CHF 400

Silent Auction

N O 30 Ernest Borel - Royal Collection automatic couple watches GS6155-2590 & LS6155-2590 All the essential attributes of Ernest Borel are gathered in one in the Royal watch. In the brand’s 160-year history, the Royal Collection is definitely a jewel in its product family. The silken cloth inspired dial is contained in the brushed stainless steel case; the hour, minute and second hands appear in a blue velvet look, and the engraved EB logo at the end of the second hand adds delicacy to this classy dial. Value: CHF 3,160

Silent Auction

N O 31 Exclusive ski trip to St. Moritz at the Carlton Hotel Exclusivity and privacy are the defining characteristics of the Carlton Hotel St. Moritz, which opens for the winter season from early December to mid-April. This luxury five-star establishment beguiles the senses with its extravagant world of colours, its culinary creations of the highest standard, and its unrivalled generosity. The 60 junior suites and suites designed by Swiss interior designer Carlo Rampazzi using the finest materials offer the highest levels of comfort with plenty of light and space. Culinary excellence is celebrated in both the Romanoff and Da Vittorio – St. Moritz restaurants, for an authentic and informal fine dining experience. For a light lunch or afternoon tea, the spacious sun terrace – undoubtedly the resort’s finest – is the place to be. The 1,200 m2 Carlton Spa also offers countless opportunities to withdraw, relax and unwind. The voucher includes two nights for two people in one of the luxurious Carlton Suites (95sqm) including daily Swiss breakfast buffet, butler service, access to the 1,200 sqm Carlton Spa, minibar, Wifi, shuttle to Corviglia ski station, 24-hour Bentley limousine service in St. Moritz, service and VAT. Value: CHF 7,400

Silent Auction

N O 32 Exclusive visit to the Maison Ruinart including a tour of the famous Crayères and a guided tasting of the full Ruinart range. A visit to the most ancient Champagne House and a tour of the famous Crayères is a truly exceptional experience. This exclusive journey for two people includes both a guided tasting of the Ruinart range and a visit to the Crayères, which were classified on July 4th 2015 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A House Ambassador will accompany you during your visit. The journey includes transport from and to Switzerland, transfer, one hotel overnight stay and meals. The house of Ruinart is unlike any other. It was the first established Champagne House in 1729, inspired by the intuition of a Benedictine monk well ahead of his time, Dom Thierry Ruinart. He passed on his passion for the "wine with bubbles" to his nephew who founded the House and forever ingrained his uncle's name in the history books. Since then and still today the precious wine slowly matures in the cool of the underground chalk tunnels, the famous Crayères. Reservations six weeks in advance. Tours from Tuesday to Saturday availability. Valid to 31 December 2016. Value: priceless

Silent Auction

N O 33 Be a VIP at the Swiss Deluxe Hotels Golf Trophy 2016 in Crans-Montana Participate as our exclusive guest of honor at the “Swiss Deluxe Hotels Golf Trophy” tournament in Crans-Montana situated at an altitude of 1,500 metres on a sun-drenched plateau high above the Rhone Valley in the beautiful canton of Valais. Spend a night at the Guarda Golf Hotel & Residences - the refined luxury boutique hotel delivering personalized guest services on the highest level. With its exceptional location in the heart of Crans-Montana, close to the main shopping street with luxury boutiques and restaurants, it has a full south orientation offering breathtaking views over the Swiss Alps and the fairway of the Jack Nicklaus golf course. The gorgeous Guarda Golf SPA sets new dimensions to recreation: 600 sq m are home to an extensive wellness area carved in stone and featuring an indoor pool, whirlpool, sauna, Hammam, solarium and four treatment rooms. The VIP-package includes a participation for one flight during the golf tournament on Monday 22 August 2016, a night in luxurious rooms at the Guarda Golf Hotel & Residences (valid from Sunday 21 to Monday 22 August 2016) with dinner and breakfast for four persons. Value: priceless

Silent Auction

N O 34 Claudio Gotsch: Aug um Aug, Galerie LUMAS LUMAS and Claudio Gotsch proudly present a series dedicated to the Engadin. For many decades, the La-Punt-Chamues-chbased photographer has been fascinated by the flora and fauna in the canton of Grisons. In spring 2016, LUMAS will publish intense wildlife photos as well as four landscapes by Gotsch. The photographer tracks down the animals in their natural habitats, waiting with great patience and endurance until a spectacular moment presents itself up close. With their pared-down approach, the photographs are tremendously powerful. “The LUMAS Black Edition series puts the animals in focus with nothing to distract from them. That’s the only way to recognize the spirit of the animal in the picture. The landscapes are the perfect companion pieces, depicting these animals’ habitats, the wonderful places they live in. And I can count myself lucky to call it my home, too,” states the photographer. Value: CHF 1,599

Silent Auction

N O 35 Exclusive VIP tickets for the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships St. Moritz 2017 The FIS Alpine World Ski Championships St. Moritz 2017 is pleased to offer four exclusive VIP tickets for one of the races held in February 2017. This is your opportunity to experience one of the most spectacular ski racing areas in the world. We are already looking forward in eager anticipation to the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2017 in St. Moritz atmospheric, authentic and modern world championships set among the incomparable mountain scenery. This will be the fifth time that St. Moritz has hosted the world championships since 1934. A long tradition that accords perfectly with the aim of organising the most forward-looking world championships, in unquestionably the most scintillating of Alpine destinations. Value: priceless

Silent Auction

N O 36 INA DEDERER Ice Princess, 2014 Oil on canvas 100x100 cm Ina Dederer is a Zurich-based painter with Russian and German roots whose paintings are sold around the world. Over the years, Ina has developed her unique painting style using inspiration from posterization, a technique for creating powerful contrasts by means of refinement, detachment and the emphasis of certain lines in the image. This talented painter reinterprets contemporary works and refines them with harmonious and soft-flowing contours. The work, Ice Princess, like many of the other pieces from the series Beauties, shows a woman embodying the typical western ideal of a feminine beauty, this time an image in white, and wintery cool color tones. Initially, the princess is perceived as perfect. However, when you look closer, large light areas and unusual shades used for the skin become visible. Through the applied artistic technique, we see that perfection of these icons is created through distance. The beautiful women we see today in film, television, advertising and fashion magazines are simply a remote and manipulated depiction of reality. Value: CHF 18,000

FIS Alpine World Ski Championships St. Moritz 2017 6.– 19.2.2017

Silent Auction

N O 37 Golden Eagle Ski – a flawless combination of the elements with state-of-the-art perfection Skiservice Corvatsch offers a pair of Golden Eagle Masterpiece Skis. An all-round carving ski with high-end design manufactured from premium materials. A ski should be an experience, a surprise, the ultimate enjoyment. We never compromise when it comes to quality, material and innovation. Nothing compares to the feeling of riding a Golden Eagle ski with its distinctively smooth, stable and dynamic ride performance. You can be sure that this ski will never reach its limits. The Golden Eagle's ski core is made from ultra-light poplar wood, which reduces the weight of the ski and minimises vibration. The top and bottom surfaces are made from titanal, in order to increase the strength of the ski and maximise torsion. The integrated wooden surface reduces vibrations caused by momentum injection. The steel edges come in two different widths for different snow conditions and are a unique feature of the Golden Eagle ski. It was important to develope a new Ski that shows exactly what it represents in every way – a combination of tradition and stateof-the-art technology, created by the people at the forefront of ski manufacture. Value: CHF 1,800

Silent Auction

N O 38 "Le Soleil tourne au Plage de Bregançon" from the artist Pet L. Rudin This work is an important painting by the figurative temporalism, the representation of time in the painting (space-time continuum, fourth dimension) and is seen as a development of Futurism. It was painted by the artist Pet L. Rudin while staying in Bregançon, Provence, where the French president holidays. PET LIBERTY RUDIN - The "New School of Ascona" Explorer and founder of temporalism and relativism in the art of the 20th and 21st centuries. As an important avant-garde artist-philosopher, Pet L. Rudin founded the "New School of Ascona" Monte Verita – an artistic development of the “School of Ascona”, the main representative of which was the great artist Marianne von Werefkin, who also influenced her partner A. von Jawlensky and Wassily Kandinsky. Value: CHF 25,000


Silent Auction

N O 39 Exclusive VIP training with Nicola Spirig, Olympic Gold Medallist Triathlon 2012 This exclusive package includes: - - - -

Driver service roundtrip within Switzerland Two-night stay for two persons in the 5* luxury hotel Giardino Mountain in St. Moritz - Champfèr Exclusive training and coaching day with the Olympic Gold Medallist Triathlon Nicola Spirig Three individual follow-up personal sessions in the Engadine for two persons with Gut Training

This exclusive program will give you and your guest a sporting experience of a lifetime. This offer is in co-operation with the Orthopaedic Hospital Klinik Gut, Gut Training and the Giardino Hotel Group. Value: priceless

Silent Auction

N O 40 Baloise Session 2016 Experience the stars close-up with a seated club table experience.The auction price includes two concert tickets for the 31st edition of the Baloise Session, taking place from 21 October until 8 November 2016 in Basel. Additionally you will get two VIP Zone passes for the Backstage Village with an exclusive "Behind The Scenes Tour" and on top an exclusive Baloise Session artists calender with portraits of the performing artists in 2015. Value: priceless

Silent Auction

N O 41 VIP at Weltklasse Zürich, stay at the Widder Hotel Zurich Weltklasse Zürich and Widder Hotel are offering an exciting VIP program. Be in Zurich for the final of the IAAF Diamond League. After the Olympic Games, many of the world’s top track and field athletes will make their appearance at the legendary Letzigrund Stadium. Stay in the heart of Zurich at the famous Widder Hotel and enjoy Zurich at its best. The VIP package includes an overnight stay in a Superior Suite for two including breakfast. Valid only on the 1 September 2016. Value: CHF 3,600

Silent Auction

N O 42 Palmer P02 Carving Carbon Plus 163 Confident, effortless carving This smart FLF rocker shape offers effortless, easy handling with carbon boost! Carbon gives the ski additional liveliness and more pop, strength and edge grip on hard, icy slopes. Really fun and very addictive. Pure confident riding. The P02 is designed for skiers looking for ultimate agility and speed in any terrain. Effortless, precise turns in the blink of an eye. SKI SPECIFICATIONS Length 163cm, radius K12.5m, tip 120mm, waist 68mm, tail 107mm + smart FLF mini-rocker shape design + titanium and beech/poplar sandwich construction + carbon fiber + NCF Prepreg + Speed Plate Plus 13 + race structured 7200 graphite base. Value: CHF 950

Silent Auction

N O 43 Iouri Podladtchikov: aérien point deux, Galerie LUMAS “A man of many talents” would be the best way to describe Iouri Podladtchikov, the young Swiss snowboarder and Olympic gold medallist. Alongside his extraordinary sporting endeavours, he has also succeeded in making a name for himself as a photographer – a balancing act few are able to manage. His impressive work covers a broad spectrum, encompassing fashion photography, atmospheric landscapes, portraits, and curious scenes from everyday life. “I aspire to depict every subject in a way that won’t agitate viewers, but rather encourage them to dream and make their momentary thoughts more profound.” His intense landscapes – taken in New Zealand, the USA, and the Caribbean for starters – arouse a longing for travel and reveal Podladtchikov’s unique fascination with the world around us. They leave little doubt that beauty can be discovered anywhere – sometimes it is just a change of perspective that allows us to see things in a different way. Value: CHF 1,999

Silent Auction

N O 44 Charmes Chambertin GRAND CRU 2012 Maison Olivier Bernstein, Beaune, Burgundy The prize consists of a OWC (origional wooden case) of six bottles of Charmes Chambertin Grand Cru, 2012 Maison Olivier Bernstein. Olivier Bernstein has established himself as a new star in Burgundy, receiving superb press notices since his very first vintage in 2007 from both Jancis Robinson and Allen Meadows among others. Naturally, production of this wine is tiny, considering the low yields coming from old wines. The appellation of Charmes Chambertin consists of only 29.57 hectares and is part of the AOC Chambertin in the sub-region of Côtes de Nuits in Burgundy, France. Grand Cru Club GmbH is a fine wine and Burgundy specialist and imports wines from Maison Olivier Bernstein. Value: CHF 1,700

Silent Auction

N O 45 'Dinner for Six' at Mulo’s restaurant, the meet-and-greet hotspot during the International Horse Races on Ice – 2017 White Turf St. Moritz After an eventful White Turf Sunday, the race participants and fans usually meet at Mulo’s restaurant, the official White Turf hotspot in St. Moritz. After one of the 2017 White Turf race Sundays, the Racing Association St. Moritz offers you a dinner for six persons in this exceptional, authentic ambiance. Together with the White Turf family, you can review the thrilling races in film adaptations, and exchange ideas about the favourites for the coming race Sunday. You can find further information about the White Turf hotspot here: Value: CHF 600

Silent Auction

N O 46 Roger Federer shirt and baseball cap Credit Suisse offers a Roger Federer shirt together with a baseball cap, exclusively signed by the Swiss tennis star. Value: CHF 600

Charity Auction

N O 47 Mainau 2, Schattenskulptur, H60 x B40, Kgst.Nr.113 Born in Munich in 1951, Stefan Szczesny is among the protagonists of the ‘Junge Wilde’ movement that emerged in the late 70s in reaction to minimal and other non-figurative art. The goal of this movement was to break free from the ‘less is more’ dictates of the time and to breathe new life into the subject matters of figurative art. In his unmistakable style – light, spirited and for-ever positive – Szczesny falls back on the traditions of classical modernity. He feels connected in particular to Picasso and Matisse. "The main duty of art is to convey a positive, humane vision of life," Szczesny says. The shadow sculptures depict women, plants, fishes and abstract forms. Szczesny's Shadow Sculptures embody a striking simplicity of line and material.They are life-affirming ambassadors of the south, sending sunny springtime greetings. "Enjoy life! Enjoy peace and sensuality!", they seem to say. Value: CHF 5,200


N O 48 Exclusive 100% cashmere plaid from Ermenegildo Zegna The Ermenegildo Zegna Group is a leading luxury menswear brand and one of the most renowned businesses in Italy. Founded in 1910 in Trivero, in the Biella Alps, by the young entrepreneur Ermenegildo, whose vision was to ethically create the world’s finest textiles through innovation and the sourcing of the noblest fibers directly from their markets of origin, the company is managed today by the fourth generation of the Zegna family with Gildo Zegna as CEO. Since the late 1980s, the company has implemented a comprehensive strategy of verticalization, creating a global luxury brand that now ranges from fabric to clothing to accessories, as with this cashmere plaid. The plaid is made in one of the rarest and precious fibers that exist, cashmere, which is woven with perfection into exquisite style, reflecting a legacy of elegance, refinement and sophistication. Bid for this 100% cashmere plaid from the exclusive fashion label. Value: CHF 1,500

*Picture is only representative. Plaid auctioned might differ.

Silent Auction

N O 49 VIP personal shopping experience at Bogner Boutique St. Moritz Bid for a personal shopping experience at the Bogner Boutique in St. Moritz. While enjoying a glass of finest champagne, your style advisor will help you to put together your customised Bogner outfit and you´re ready to conquer the slopes in the latest high fashion. Value: CHF 2,500



In recent years, Bianca has had much success as an international top model and host of a show on Swiss national television. For the Swiss Red Cross Gala 2016 in St. Moritz, she will help the audience gain more insight into the exciting auction lots by interviewing VIPs and donors on stage. Thank you, Bianca!

The world‘s largest selection of finest Cashmere knitwear.

Cashmere House Lamm Via Maistra 15, 7500 St. Moritz Tel.: +41 (0)81 833 33 15

LEBEN, STIL UND FARBE. Blumengalerie

Blumengalerie St. Moritz Via Rosatsch 9 7500 St. Moritz-Bad +41 (0) 81 832 24 94

BGS-15.12.16_InsRedCross.indd 1

18/12/15 14:46



1 «Bergwelt» in Grindelwald | 2 «Peaks Place» in Laax

Ob in den Alpen oder im Mittelland, wir entwickeln, planen und bauen überall in der Schweiz ...

HRS Real Estate AG • HRS Renovation AG Immobilienentwickler, Total- und Generalunternehmer Walzmühlestrasse 48 • CH-8501 Frauenfeld • T +41 52 728 80 80 • • BASEL • CHUR • DELÉMONT • FRIBOURG • GENÈVE • GIUBIASCO • GÜMLIGEN/BERN • NEUCHÂTEL ST.GALLEN • ST-SULPICE • VADUZ • ZÜRICH

KLINIK GUT – FÜR SAUBERES WASSER IN NEPAL Schulter-/Ellenbogenchirurgie Handchirurgie Hüftchirurgie Kniechirurgie Sprunggelenkchirurgie Fusschirurgie Via Arona 34 CH-7500 St. Moritz Tel. +41 81 836 34 34

Wirbelsäulenchirurgie Sport- und Unfallchirurgie Allgemeine Chirurgie/Venenchirurgie 24h Notfalldienst

Lürlibadstrasse 12 CH-7000 Chur Tel. +41 81 258 44 00





The tombola is a regular feature of the Swiss Red Cross Gala. The tension mounts as the tombola tickets are opened. To increase your chances of winning one of the larger or smaller prizes, ideally you should buy one or more of the coveted books of 10 tickets immediately. How the tombola works: – Tombola tickets are sold individually or in books of 10. One ticket costs CHF 20. A book of 10 tickets costs CHF 200. – A book of 10 tickets includes at least one instant prize. – Each ticket displays a number between 1 and 2,500. – Each number divisible by 10 – i.e. which ends with a zero (10, 980, 1,340, etc) – wins an instant prize. Further lucky numbers may also be eligible for a prize. – The instant tombola prizes must be collected from the tombola collection point before the end of the event. No prizes can be claimed after the event has finished. The Swiss Red Cross looks forward to your active participation! The following prizes have been provided once again by the numerous generous sponsors. More prizes will be waiting for you at the gala evening. Please consult the tombola list distributed at the gala evening.




SI_Meine_Schweiz_Anz_Caminada_210x147_JEDEN-FREITAG-NEU.indd 1

DANIEL MARTINEK 10% of all orders made between February 13th and 29th 2016 will be donated to the water project of Swiss Red Cross in Nepal

Findings / Mongolian Girl, 70 x 105 cm, Edition of 10

15.12.15 10:54

Handeln ist unsere Stärke

Handeln auch Sie mit uns

83 10,500

The Racing Association St. Moritz offers 15 admission tickets for two persons to the exclusive lounge in the VIP tent at the 2017 White Turf


myStromer AG offers the e-bike Stromer ST2 Stromer ST2 - more design, more power, more range, more connectivity Ushering in a new era for the chic and smart urban lifestyle, the ST2 combines digital connectivity with Swiss efficiency and mobility to deliver a truly groundbreaking e-bike experience.


Giardino Mountain offers two people a two-night-stay in a double room including breakfast


Giardino Ascona offers two people a two-night-stay in a double room including breakfast


Cashmere House Lamm offers three plaids of the limited edition line 'St. Moritz', each worth CHF 850


Ringier AG offers 10 annual gold subscriptions to Schweizer Illustrierte


BIOEFFECT - Switzerland offers 10 luxurious beauty sets


Duke & Earl from offers 10 x pocket square sets


Sevenfriday offers the watch "M2/02" with rose gold PVD and exclusive "Red Cross Gala St. Moritz 2016" engraving


Moncler offers a Doudoune lÊgère with fur details from the Fall/Winter 2015-2016 Collection (size 1).





Nach allen Regeln der Kunst smARTec Veranstaltungstechnik AG Wässermattstrasse 7 | 5000 Aarau | 062 888 19 19 | |

85 1,309

Swarovski offers three necklaces: "Bonus", "Ariane" and "Accent"


Biohotel Stanglwirt Tirol offers a two-night, half board stay at the five-star resort, wellness included


Festival del film Locarno offers four pairs of VIP tickets for the 69th Festival del film Locarno (3-13 June 2016)


Samsonite offers two suitcases from its premium collection Lite Cube DLX


Fossil offers one women's and one men's set, including a watch, jewellery and a handbag


swiss smile offers three exclusive dental suitcases with special toothbrushes, dental floss and whitening toothpastes - because a smile can change the world


Hotel Steffani St. Moritz offers a voucher for a two-night stay for two persons including breakfast


Lucerne Festival offers three pairs of tickets for LUCERNE FESTIVAL at Easter (concert on 18 March 2016)

1,000 CIGAR MUST offers 1 handmade cigar humidor by Gentili Italy- Elm Wood and Iguana Leather finished – Limited Edition to celebrate the 125th Anniversary Numbered 30 of 100.


Credit Suisse offers a tennis shirt and cap, originally signed by Roger Federer

86 800

Nespresso Suisse SA offers four Koenig Pixie coffee machines


LK International AG offers one KJUS men's Blackcomb hooded jacket (size 50) and one KJUS women's Cypress hooded jacket (size 36)


Lausanne Palace & Spa offers a an overnight stay for two people in a deluxe room including breakfast and access to the spa


nana Jewelry by Caroline Meyer offers two necklaces with semi-precious stones and pearls


Coiffeur Murat Tokay offers three vouchers, each worth CHF 200


Martel AG St. Gallen offers 12 bottles of "Corimbo Uno, 2011, Bodegas La Horra" in a wood box


HILTL offers two places at its cooking academy "Vegetarisch kochen nach Lust und Laune"


St. Moritz Tourism offers two vouchers for a bobtaxi ride on the Olympia Bob Run St. Moritz - Celerina


Transgourmet Schweiz AG offers a 6l bottle of Champagner Taittinger Brut Réserve 12%


CULTI by Simex Trading AG offers a magnum bottle of CULTI Decor Diffuser


CeCo Ltd. offers its cutting board "Bread" and serving board "Surf"


Mérat & Cie. AG offers Grand Cru jerky specialities from the Swiss mountains


Fröhlich 49 offers a handmade unique glass bowls by Christina Meyer


Mydays offers three Magic Boxes (gift boxes), each worth CHF 99


Molton Brown offers two bundles of exclusive products for bath, body & home


HAUSER Hotel ¦ Restaurant ¦ Confiserie offers a voucher for a Hot Stone Piöda dinner for four persons including a bottle of red wine

249 BaByliss offers the hairdryer "Pro Digital" 240

Barbara Wagner - Stoffgeschichten offers a handprinted scarf


Selfnation offers a voucher for a customised pair of jeans handcrafted in Switzerland and Germany


Confiseur Läderach offers a premium wooden box of 144 assorted chocolates


SodaStream offers the SodaStream Power - Special Edition by Swiss industrial designer Yves Béhar


Bindella Weinbau-Weinhandel AG offers six bottles of "I Quadri, 2012, Tenuta Vallocaia"


HATO Restaurant, Bar & Lounge St. Moritz offers a voucher


Baur au lac Vins offers six bottles of "Sio Bodga Ribas"


Wella offers a "Wella Professionals Elements" premium haircare set


Bernard Zernegin offers a voucher for a handmade shyrdak designer pillow (50cm x 50cm)

Verein internationale Lauberhornrennen Wengen offers two Gold Cards, including ski pass for the Lauberhorn Slalom (Sunday, 15 January 2017)

…and many more!

Behind every Antinori label is a 600-year pursuit of excellence.

Find this and other selected wines on

SHARE ANOTHER SIDE OF WINTER. Winter is packed with stories that take our breath away. With a Canon connected camera, you can share your unique winter moments in ways that have never been seen before.

Search: Canon come and see

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OUR SINCERE THANKS On the occasion of the Swiss Red Cross Gala 2016, we offer our sincere thanks to our premium sponsor.

OUR SINCERE THANKS On the occasion of the Swiss Red Cross Gala 2016, we offer our sincere thanks to our sponsors and partners.

Gold sponsors

Supporting sponsors and partners

Via Rosatsch 9 7500 St. Moritz-Bad Blumengalerie Via Rosatsch 9 T 081 832 7500 24 94St.FMoritz-Bad 081 832 24 35 Blumengalerie T 081 832 24 94 F 081 832 24 35






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Photography: Unless otherwise credited, photos are supplied by courtesy of the authors. Every effort has been made to trace copyrights holders and any who have not been contacted are invited to get in touch with the publisher or editor. Swiss Red Cross Gala Board picture (page 35) taken by Arnaud Delalande. Outfit of the Board sponsored by Cashmere House Lamm and parenti’s finest cashmere. Printed by: Buchdruckerei Lustenau GmbH, Lustenau Print run: 1,000 copies Copyright: Unless otherwise indicated, all images/content are copyright of the Swiss Red Cross and may not be reproduced in any form and/or reused without the written consent of the Swiss Red Cross.

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