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A testament to understated luxury. Profound and striking, there is immense beauty in the details. An assertive line that demands a second glance. A perfect blend of high end and everyday style, the BARE Slate Collection is a versatile companion for a limitless life. Made with hemp twill, plush leather and solid brass hardware, the BARE SLATE Duffel is a perfect blend of sleek design, luxury and intricate detail. The BARE SLATE Collection:

For A Life Well Lived.

SLATE: Duffel

SLATE: RollTop Backpack



There is an innate feeling of adventure, mystery and resilience, in each and every piece composing the BARE Burlap Collection. The bags encompass the excitement of travel, checkpoints passed and the vast crossing of oceans. Each holds the allure of unseen lands and carries the strength of the soil from where it came. It holds the power of the backs on which it was carried. Much like you, this bag has lived. It breathes stories, memories and experiences. It has scars and imperfections. It has flaws. Yet much like you, it is authentic, beautiful and one of a kind. The BARE BURLAP II Collection: As Unique As You.

Oaxaca II Duffel

Tacuba II RollTop Backpack

Salento II Reversible Tote


Life’s possessions find an elegant and functional home with the BARE HIDE Collection. Selectively minimal design meets top quality hide and handmade craftsmanship to be noticed, carried and styled at your own discretion. Natural leathers, hemp twill, brass hardware and zipper pulls paired with BARE’s traditional branded logo make the BARE HIDE Collection staple items with functional, classic style. The BARE HIDE Collection: For a life well lived.

HIDE: Clutch

HIDE: Portrait Card Holder

HIDE: Landscape Card Holder

HIDE: Create Case