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Opening children’s hearts, minds and worlds

Illustrations from Rooftop Garden

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25 Best S ma Compani ll es in America

Raising Global Citizens for 30 Years

We’ve come a long way since we started our small home-based business in England in 1992. Since the beginning, we’ve wanted to create visually captivating books that celebrate diversity, spark curiosity and capture children’s imaginations. Our mission has endured over the decades and feels more relevant today than it has ever been.

Opening children’s hearts, minds and worlds Our vibrant Spring 2022 Collection blooms with themes of sustainability, compassion and courage. We continue to inspire budding environmentalists with our newest singalong about urban gardening (Rooftop Garden, page 6) and a unique story about cleaning up pollution and creating art (Scrap Metal Swan, page 8). Zahra’s Blessing (page 4) immerses young readers in a multi-layered story of Muslim traditions, generosity and belonging, while Nour’s Secret Library (page 2) tells the true story of brave children who created a refuge of books in a landscape of war. As always, the timely lessons in these books are delivered with gorgeous artwork from both established and up-andcoming illustrators. Happy browsing,

Nancy Traversy CEO & Co-Founder



this season!

HOPE and



Discover how brave Nour creates a beautiful, secret world of books amidst the hardships of war.

Wafa’ Tarnowska is an award-winning writer, translator and storyteller. She was born in Lebanon and currently lives between the UK and Poland, writing and translating books and documentaries as well as offering storytelling sessions in English and Arabic. Wafa’ has also written The Arabian Nights for Barefoot Books.


Barefoot Books

Vali Mintzi was born in Romania and studied at the prestigious Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. She works as an illustrator and graphic editor for the children’s art magazine Einayim. Her vibrant and evocative style is influenced by painters such as Bonnard, Hockney and Matisse. She has also illustrated The Girl with a Brave Heart for Barefoot Books.

Illustrations and interiors from Nour’s Secret Library



An ageappropriate window into the lives of children who are surrounded by war.

Detailed endnotes include information about Syria, the real secret library of Daraya and famous libraries of the Middle East.

NEW! MAY 2022 Nour’s Secret Library Written by Wafa’ Tarnowska and illustrated by Vali Mintzi

| Forced to take shelter when their Syrian city is plagued with bombings, young Nour and her cousin begin to bravely build a secret underground library. Based on the author’s own life experience and inspired by a true story, Nour’s Secret Library is about the power of books to heal, transport and create safe spaces during difficult times. Illustrations by Romanian artist Vali Mintzi superimpose the colourful world the children construct over black-and-white charcoal depictions of the battered city. AGES 6–10

32PP 272 X 216 MM PAPERBACK 9781646862924 £7.99

Also illustrated by Vali Mintzi The Girl with a Brave Heart Visit us online to learn more! PAPERBACK 9781846869310 £7.99

Autumn / Winter 2021




this season!

When Shirin Shamsi became a mother, she began writing stories her own children would see themselves in. When she’s not busy writing for children, Shirin spends her days sharing her love of Barefoot Books as an independent bookseller in her community. She currently lives in the city of Darien, Illinois, USA, with her husband and cat. Manal Mirza is a designer and illustrator based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Being a young Muslim American Pakistani woman, her illustrations highlight the different identities that she juggles day to day. Manal brings her own positive outlook to her work, aiming to empower women around the world.

• Learn about asylum seekers, refugees, shelters and longterm foster care. • Endnotes provide additional facts about Ramadan, Islam and variations in Muslim traditions. 4

Barefoot Books


Zahra’s wish for a sister gets fulfilled in an unexpected way in this beautiful, multi-layered story of loss and growth.

Illustrations and interiors from Zahra’s Blessin



a’s heart like a sigh r h a Z m o r A prayer rose f the starry sky. o t n i p u d and floate NEW! FEBRUARY 2022

Zahra’s Blessing A Ramadan Story

Written by Shirin Shamsi and illustrated by Manal Mirza

| Zahra hugs her cherished teddy bear and prays that Ramadan will bring her a longed-for sister. When her bear subsequently goes missing, Zahra finds herself grappling with intense feelings of loss. Over the next few weeks, as she volunteers with her mother at a local shelter for asylum seekers, Zahra befriends a displaced child, resulting in a newfound sense of gratitude and an unexpected Ramadan blessing.

AGES 4–9

32PP 272 X 216 MM PAPERBACK 9781646864942 £7.99

More Books about Displacement A Place to Stay PAPERBACK 9781782858256 £7.99

My Panda Sweater PAPERBACK 9781782859802 £6.99

Autumn / Winter 2021



this season!


s r e w o

hers t a g unity m m o c ood! a f s n a w e fun heir o h t t w n i o Jo to gr r e h t toge NEW! MAY 2022


Rooftop Garden

Written by Danna Smith, illustrated by Pati Aguilera and sung by Holly Turton AGES 3–7 | A group of city friends work diligently together to grow herbs and vegetables in a rooftop garden. Set to a foot-tappin’ original tune, this rhythmic, rhyming story will have kids singing enthusiastically about the six stages of plant growth. The story concludes with a summer harvest and feast that celebrates the gardeners’ commitment. Includes online access to singalong audio and video animation. 24PP 247 X 255 MM PAPERBACK W/ AUDIO & VIDEO 9781646864966 £7.99

Our singalongs with this icon include online access! Scan the QR code to stream the video animation and song.

More Singalongs About Sustainability New


The More We Get Together Visit us online to learn more! PAPERBACK W/ ENHANCED CD 9781782859338 £8.99

Whole World Visit us online to learn more! PAPERBACK W/ ENHANCED CD 9781782858553 £8.99

A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea Visit us online to learn more!


Barefoot Books

PAPERBACK W/ AUDIO & VIDEO 9781646865048 £7.99


Endnotes contain information about plant science and care

Introduces the six stages of plant growth Illustrations and interiors from Rooftop Garden

Danna Smith is a poet and an award-winning author of numerous books for children, including the critically acclaimed nonfiction picture book, The Hawk of the Castle: A Story of Medieval Falconry. She currently lives and writes in northern California, USA. Chilean artist Pati Aguilera has lived a large part of her life in the city of Santiago, where she studied design and became a book illustrator. Pati creates her artwork digitally so she can change the composition and palette until she achieves the desired balance and harmony. Taking care of the planet is a form of empathy — and we can nurture it! But how do we inspire the next generation of Planet Protectors? We start by teaching children about conservation, community and connectedness. Our sustainability titles present scientific information in ways children can understand — and provide concrete ideas for how they can make a difference in their communities every day. To find more titles about sustainability, look for our Planet Protector badge throughout this catalogue! Autumn / Winter 2021



this season!

from Watch creativity flow neighbours unexpected places as cal riverfront! lo a up n ea cl to er th ga Joanne Linden grew up in Kinney, a small town in northern Minnesota, USA, where everyone knew each other and children spent their free time at the small library or playing outside. Joanne loved to read picture books. She still does! Today, she lives in the woods of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA.

New! NEW! MAY 2022

Scrap Metal Swan A River Clean-Up Story Written by Joanne Linden and illustrated by Estrellita Caracol

| When community members work together with trucks and ships to clean up the town’s riverfront, an artist and her child hammer, chisel, weld and zap the found materials into something beautiful. Young makers will find inspiration in the playful, rhyming text and mixed media illustrations, while endnotes provide recycled-art activity ideas. AGES 3–7

32PP 247 X 255 MM PAPERBACK 9781646864997 £7.99


Barefoot Books

When Estrellita Caracol was a child, she loved stars, books and cutting out shapes from paper . . . and none of that has changed! Estrellita lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with her son and three cuddly cats. She loves to travel and make collages with artists young and old wherever she goes.


Illustrations and interiors from Scrap Metal


In sp ir e ki ds to cr ea te a rt fr om re cy cl ed or fo un d ma te ria ls

Spa rk int er es t in en vir on me nta lis m

a Po re ov er la n d n d wa te r ve hi cl es


Endn otes intro duce ma ny type s of visua l a rtist s

More Titles About Earth’s Treasures

Barefoot Books Water

Planet Power

Kids’ Garden

A Rainbow of Rocks

Visit us online to learn more!

Visit us online to learn more! Visit us online to learn more!

Visit us online to learn more!

HARDBACK 9781646862801 £14.99

PAPERBACK 9781646862795 £7.99

PAPERBACK 9781782859925 £6.99

DECK 9781646861606 £12.99

Autumn / Winter 2021



this season!

Yog a Tots New!


Yoga Tots: Brave Bear Written by Tessa Strickland and illustrated by Estelí Meza

| Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions take little ones through a grounding series of basic yoga poses. Simple, descriptive language invites young children to pretend to be a bear, moving their furry bodies into specific yoga poses designed to both energize and inspire bravery. AGES 2–4

14PP 165 X 165 MM BOARD BOOK 9781646864911 £5.99

Interior from Yoga Tots: Brave


More Mind & Body Products Mindful Kids Visit us online to learn more! DECK 9781782853275 £12.99

Yoga Pretzels Visit us online to learn more! DECK 9781905236046 £12.99

Mindful Tots: Animal Antics Visit us online to learn more! BOARD BOOK 9781782859369 £5.99

Mindful Tots: Loving Kindness Visit us online to learn more! BOARD BOOK 9781782857495 £5.99

Mindful Tots: Rest & Relax Visit us online to learn more! BOARD BOOK 9781782859352 £5.99

Mindful Tots: Tummy Ride Visit us online to learn more! BOARD BOOK 9781782857488 £5.99


Barefoot Books

Each book includes a shor t yoga routine


Bolster courage and happiness with the newest additions to our yoga board book series! NEW! JANUARY 2022


Yoga Tots: Happy Tiger

Written by Tessa Strickland and illustrated by Estelí Meza AGES 2–4 | Delightful illustrations and clear step-by-step instructions take little ones through a series of simple yoga poses. Happy Tiger playfully invites young children to pretend to be a tiger, moving their feline bodies into specific yoga poses known for increasing feelings of happiness. 14PP 165 X 165 MM BOARD BOOK 9781646864928 £5.99

Fun, rhyming text on one side

Interior from Yoga Tots: Happy

Interior from Yoga Tots: Happy



Step-by-step instructions on the other ‘Clear and bright illustrations will be helpful to readers as they begin to attempt their own [yoga] routine’ — School Library Journal Yoga Tots: Calm Bunny

Yoga Tots: Strong Puppy

Written by Tessa Strickland Illustrated by Estelí Meza

Written by Tessa Strickland Illustrated by Estelí Meza

AGES 2 – 4

| Charming illustrations and step-by-step instructions take little ones through a soothing series of basic yoga poses.

AGES 2 – 4

14PP 165 X 165 MM BOARD BOOK 9781646861583 £5.99

14PP 165 X 165 MM BOARD BOOK 9781646861590 £5.99

| Lead very young children through a simple sun salutation! Playful text invites young yogis to pretend to be a puppy, moving their doggie bodies into specific yoga poses.

Illustrations from Yoga Tots

Be Still • Breathe Out • Look over your shoulder • F l ick your tail

Autumn / Winter 2021




this season!

Our adorable must-have series helps navigate the highs and lows of new experiences.

Talk about sharing and taking turns

NEW! JANUARY 2022 That’s Mine! Written by Sumana Seeboruth and illustrated by Ashleigh Corrin

| When one toddler in a childcare setting takes all the toy animals for herself, she discovers that monopolizing all the toys can be a bit lonely. Will offering one of the animals to another child help bridge the gap? In this gentle exploration of early friendship, toddlers will recognize the tension between wanting everything to be ‘mine!’ and the desire to connect with other children. AGES 1–4

26PP 165 X 170 MM BOARD BOOK 9781646862993 £6.99 Illustrations and interiors from That’s Mine!

uage Models realistic lang children can use 12

Barefoot Books


Support potty training!

Illustrations and interiors from Undies, Please!

Gender-neutral main character creates a relatable story for everyone NEW! JANUARY 2022 Undies, Please! Written by Sumana Seeboruth and illustrated by Ashleigh Corrin

| Motivated by new undies and Daddy’s support, a relatable toddler adorably navigates the excitement and challenges of learning to use the potty. Age-appropriate language and engaging illustrations make this simple and sweet story a perfect potty training support for little ones and adults alike. AGES 1–4

Sumana Seeboruth writes books inspired by the natural world and her two young children. A night owl, she is most likely to be found writing when her husband and children are fast asleep. Sumana is based in London, UK.

26PP 165 X 170 MM BOARD BOOK 9781646863570 £6.99

Ashleigh Corrin is an award-winning children’s book illustrator and graphic designer. Ashleigh lives in Virginia, USA with her young daughter and her husband. Visit AshleighCorrin.com.

More SEL Board Books

Baby’s First Words

Baby Play

Visit us online to learn more!

Mummy, What’s in Your Tummy?

BOARD BOOK 9781782858720 £5.99

Visit us online to learn more!

BOARD BOOK 9781782857280 £5.99

Visit us online to learn more!

BOARD BOOK 9781782859765 £6.99

Autumn / Winter 2021


Browse our collection of newly released, critically acclaimed and bestselling titles!

Early Learning

Bear in a Square

Bear on a Bike

Red Hat, Pink Boots

1 Smile, 10 Toes

BOARD BOOK W/ AUDIO 9781841482873 £6.99

BOARD BOOK W/ AUDIO 9781841483757 £6.99

MIX-AND-MATCH BOARD BOOK 9781646862849 £8.99

MIX-AND-MATCH BOARD BOOK 9781646862832 £8.99


Critically Acclaimed






Award Winner

The Animal Boogie

Driving my Tractor

Walking through the Jungle

We All Go Travelling By

PAPERBACK W/ AUDIO & VIDEO 9781646864898 £7.99

PAPERBACK W/ AUDIO & VIDEO 9781646864386 £7.99

PAPERBACK W/ AUDIO & VIDEO 9781646864409 £7.99

PAPERBACK W/ AUDIO & VIDEO 9781646864423 £7.99


Critically Acclaimed






If You’re Happy and You Know It!

Yoga Adventure!

A Farmer’s Life for Me

The Farmyard Jamboree

LARGE BOARD BOOK W/ AUDIO & VIDEO 9781646862863 £10.99 PAPERBACK W/ AUDIO & VIDEO 9781646864430 £7.99

PAPERBACK W/ AUDIO & VIDEO 9781646864249 £7.99

PAPERBACK W/ AUDIO & VIDEO 9781646865024 £7.99

PAPERBACK W/ AUDIO & VIDEO 9781646865062 £7.99


Barefoot Books

UN Sustainable Development Goals, “Life Below Water” Reading List, 2021


Critically Acclaimed

Award Winner Critically Acclaimed

Award Winner

Barefoot Books Water

Planet Power

Kids’ Garden

The Beeman

HARDBACK 9781646862801 £14.99

PAPERBACK 9781646862795 £7.99

DECK 9781646861606 £12.99

PAPERBACK 9781846862601 £7.99

STEAM Award Winner

Slide-and-See Series: Crack!

Slide-and-See Series: Tweet!

Slide-and-See Series: Poop!

SLIDE-AND-SEE BOARD BOOK 9781646860937 £14.99

SLIDE-AND-SEE BOARD BOOK 9781646860920 £14.99

SLIDE-AND-SEE BOARD BOOK 9781646860913 £14.99

Critically Acclaimed Critically Acclaimed

Barefoot Books Incredible Animals

Barefoot Books Solar System

HARDCOVER 9781646860661 £14.99

HARDCOVER 9781782858232 £14.99

Illustrations from Rooftop Garden

Critically Acclaimed

I Took the Moon for a Walk

Listen, Listen

LARGE BOARD BOOK 9781846862007 £10.99 PAPERBACK 9781841488035 £7.99

LARGE BOARD BOOK 9781846862014 £10.99

Autumn / Winter 2021


Social Emotional Learning

Mind and Body Critically Acclaimed

Critically Acclaimed

Critically Acclaimed

Award Winner Critically Acclaimed

Dinner on Domingos

Family Reunion

PAPERBACK 9781646862948 £7.99

PAPERBACK 9781646862191 £6.99

Whole Whale

Jet the Cat (Is Not a Cat)

Ready, Set, Go!

Fun and Games

HARDCOVER 9781646861637 £14.99

PAPERBACK 9781646861675 £7.99

PAPERBACK 9781782859918 £6.99

PAPERBACK 9781646860548 £6.99

Critically Acclaimed

Critically Acclaimed

Award Winner

Mindful Kids

Yoga Pretzels

DECK 9781782853275 £12.99

DECK 9781905236046 £12.99

Mindful Tots Series Animal Antics BOARD BOOK 9781782859369 £5.99

Loving Kindness BOARD BOOK 9781782857495 £5.99

Rest & Relax BOARD BOOK 9781782859352 £5.99


The Boy Who Grew Flowers

The Bread Pet

PAPERBACK 9781846867491 £7.99

PAPERBACK 9781646860654 £7.99

Barefoot Books

Tummy Ride BOARD BOOK 9781782857488 £5.99

Award Winner

GlobGlobal al

Critically Acclaimed

Award Winner

Award Winner

Global Kids

Barefoot Books Children of the World

Let’s Celebrate!

DECK 9781782858294 £12.99

PAPERBACK 9781782853329 £12.99

PAPERBACK 9781782858348 £7.99

Barefoot Books World Atlas Sticker Book

Barefoot Books Amazing Places

Critically Acclaimed

Barefoot Books World Atlas HARDBACK 9781846863325 £14.99

HARDBACK 9781646860678 £14.99

PAPERBACK 9781782858300 £9.99 Critically Acclaimed

Critically Acclaimed

Critically Acclaimed

Critically Acclaimed

Award Winner

Dumpling Day

A Gift for Amma

To Carnival!

Run, Little Chaski!

PAPERBACK 9781646862825 £7.99

PAPERBACK 9781646860623 £7.99

PAPERBACK 9781646861620 £7.99

PAPERBACK 9781646861651 £7.99

Illustrations from Rooftop Garden

Browse our complete collection online at www.barefootbooks.com Autumn / Winter 2021


Live Barefoot

To is to: believe in the transformative

ytelling stor know that

power of

embrace the connection between

everyone honour diversity

grassroots networking and global communication

can make a in every sphere of life:


cultural and social; ecological and economic; emotional and spiritual

and everyone has balance doing with being: a right to be here doing work with being alive encourage creative play, make mistakes,

laugh and cry,

remembering that learn a little more,

to play is to learn and start again

the art of story-making tread celebrate in all of its forms: in songs and stories, softly arts and crafts, music and movement step into our power as individuals who know that together we are part of something

more powerful than we can be on our own.


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andard for excellence ‘T he st in child ren’s books’ — Forbes New!

Sing along with eners! neighbourhood gard See page 6.

Read a beautiful tale of unexpected sisterhood. See page 5.



Discover how children in Syria created a space for hope. See page 3.

Find us on social media @BarefootBooks To learn more, visit www.barefootbooks.com

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