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Jack m. pine room may 2o11

John Lennon was best known for changing rock and roll music in America. Also, he was a pacifist- he talked and wrote songs about peace.

Birth: 1940 liverpool, england

Died: 1980 new york city

john lennon was born in liverpool, england. john started the beatles. he was born in 1940 during A world war ii bombing raid. his childhood was hard because he was an only child, and when john was only 5 years old, his dad left to be a soldier. so, julia, john's mom, sent him to live with his aunt. julia thought it would be better for him to live with a mom and a dad. still, she stayed close by.

bye, john. come along now, john!


John had to persevere because at first, john wasn't a successful musician. at first, he didn't even have a guitar! luckily, his mom new how to play the banjo. she new how to play a few guitar chords. john never really got a real guitar lesson. but he never gave up!

He must have been pretty good to go from being a kid without a dad and a guitar, without lessons, to being the biggest rock star in the U.K. and the U.S.!

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john was compassionate because when he didn't really want george in the quarrymen, he thought: "hmmm. maybe i should be a nice guy and give this harrison kid a chance." at first, john thought harrison was too young to join the quarrymen, but when he heard him play, he changed his mind!

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john was creative when he recorded his music backwards for an interesting sound! i do not know if it worked or not, but one thing i know, for sure, it was creative! He wrote about peace In most of his songs.

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The first drummer of the Beatles was a mistake! The second Beatles drummer was a mistake, too! The first drummer got into a fight with John and paul and then quit. the second drummer was doing well when his girlfriend said he should get a paying job. so he ended up working in a bottle factory. Then ringo came along. he didn't get into fights that often, and he didn't have a girlfriend.

told 'ya!


so they kept ringo!

RIngo, playing the drums

"john lennon's message was love and peace," said ringo, "we all know that." john wanted peace on earth, so when he died in 1980, one of his friends set up a no guns campaign in his honor.

John Lennon made an impact on the world because of his music and he was a pacifist. because of john lennon there's rock 'n roll in the united states. elvis presley was a big impact on the beatles. they were all huge elvis presley fans. without Elvis and john, there wouldn't be much rock 'n roll.

I'm Similar to my changemaker because i like music, just like john lennon.

I'm A changemaker when I play baseball with my brother and teach him how to hit a baseball with a metal bat.

My Changemaker is connected to paul McCartney because they both had a tough childhood, and they both played guitar in liverpool, (england)

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The Beatles

the beatles: Getting to know

the book of rock stars

a person who changes something unfair or invents that helps people.

a person who believes in peace and no violence.

Elvis Presley made an impact on John Lennon. John really liked his music.


Jack m. pine room may 2o11 Birth: 1940 liverpool, england Died: 1980 new york city come along now, john! bye, john. why?

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