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Community impact report June 2013

Building a better Barberton, now and forever

The Barberton Community Foundation

From the Executive Director This June marked my three year anniversary at the Barberton Community Foundation and I am delighted at the successes we have achieved in this short time. In January, we completed a community survey with our research partner CMOR where we asked, among other questions, what people thought was the greatest issue facing Barberton today. The top response was that there is a lack of available jobs. This tells us that job creation is an important issue to our residents and what we want you to know, is that it is an important issue in the work of the Foundation as well. Our mission is to strengthen our community “for current and future generations by providing leadership, fostering collaborations, and creating a legacy of giving to do good.” We pursue this mission through four strategic focus areas: Economic Development, Educational Excellence, Social Services, and Community Image. All of these focus areas can have a great affect on jobs, Barberton’s economy, and the well being of our community.

It has been said that perhaps one of the best social programs out there is a good paying job with good benefits. Residents equipped with the right education and skills are going to have a clear advantage in finding good jobs. Even in this economy, over 600,000 jobs nationwide are not being filled because businesses cannot find the talent and skills. We need to prepare for the future and the future is now. Bringing Barberton’s first permanent higher education facility to the City represents a significant step towards the preparation of our workforce for current and future jobs. I hope you take the opportunity to visit the campus to discover ways the resources and offerings at Stark State College can help you achieve your employment goals. It is truly an honor to serve the city of Barberton as the Executive Director of the Foundation and, as always, I welcome any questions you may have.

Warm Regards, Larry Lallo, Executive Director

About the Barberton Community Foundation Established in 1996, the Barberton Community Foundation has awarded over 2,500 grants and scholarships totaling more than $78 million since its inception and invested over $12 million more to promote job creation, neighborhood improvements and educational opportunities within Barberton. The Foundation strives to improve, now and forever, the quality of life for Barberton residents by providing leadership on vital issues, fostering collaboration, and creating a legacy of giving to do good. The foundation strengthens the community for current and future generations by proactively directing its flexible grant dollars to the community’s greatest needs: economic development, social services, educational excellence, and community image. Board of Directors Thomas Gough - C. Thomas Anders - Edna Boyle - Michael Chisnell - Mary Jo Goss - Thomas Harnden - William Judge - Steve Kelleher Dennis Liddle - Lois Matney - Fred Maurer - Bruce May - Ryan Pendleton - Richard Wiley Staff Larry Lallo, Executive Director - Carl Bako, Director of Development and Community Services - Laura Hoopes Ebie, Director for Advancement - Sandra Fry, Administrative Assistant - Debby Rolland, Director of Community Impact - Janice Stephenson, Director of Finance - Interns: Jason Miller University of Akron, Breanne Townsen Community Impact Report Editor & Designer Laura Hoopes Ebie Contact 460 W. Paige Ave. • Barberton, OH 44203 • (330) 745-5995 • • Connect with us on Facebook!

What’s YOUR IMPACT? The Barberton Community Foundation is seeking nominations until Friday, September 6 for the annual BCF Outstanding Organization and Outstanding Citizen awards. These awards are meant to highlight the invaluable contributions of individuals and organizations to our city and encourage others to follow the example they have set.


Nomination forms and a list of past recipients are available in the Press Room at Forms are also available at the Foundation office or by emailing More about the awards:

Outstanding Citizen Award

Building [the future of Barberton]

The recipient of this annual honor will be an individual who has given unselfishly to the Barberton community through service, over and above, but not excluding, his or her paid position. The Selection Committee will look at the candidate’s total community contribution. This person has made Barberton a better place.

The Barberton Community Foundation honored 90 graduating high school students from Barberton with over $125,000 in scholarships. As one of the Foundation’s signature community investment programs, the BCF Scholarship Program recognizes students’ academic achievement and helps propel promising students into the pursuit of higher education.

The recipient of this annual honor will be a not-for-profit organization that has greatly improved the quality of life of the citizens of Barberton. The Selection Committee will look at the organization’s mission, goals and accomplishments.

Senior-year students attending Barberton High School for at least two years and who met the academic requirements were eligible for the scholarships, ranging from $1,000-$4,000 per year. The scholarship is renewable for three additional years, valuing the awards from $4,000-$12,000. When taking the renewals into consideration, the investment the Foundation has committed to through these awards increases from $125,000 for just one year of scholarships, to $350,000. In addition to scholarships based on academic standing and class rank, students were also selected for BCF Athletic, Artistic, Character and Achievement Scholarships. For a full list of scholarship recipients, visit

Outstanding Organization Award

Mark your calendar Join us to honor the award recipients at the 14th Annual BCF Community Recognition Dinner Thursday, November 7, 2013

Stark State Barberton Satellite Center


What began as a commitment to education and economic development has now been fulfilled as a state of the art higher education facility in Barberton. In 2012, the Barberton Community Foundation funded a $1.8 million renovation of the former National Guard Armory on Norton Avenue to house the new Stark State

Building [partnerships for education and economic growth] College Barberton Satellite Center, a great step in fulfilling a longtime commitment to bring higher education to the Magic City. Construction was completed in early December of last year, paving the way for Spring 2013 semester classes in the new facility. The Foundation installed everything from new windows to current technology, repaved the parking lot and added new lighting. The college invested $800,000 in furnishings and equipment. The center officially opened in January, with community and business leaders in attendance to celebrate. The 13,500-square-foot facility houses five traditional and technology infused classrooms and labs, a study lounge area, plus the Advanced Materials Joining Center, which features 10 welding technology booths to address the need for trained welders in northeast Ohio. Don Ball, Stark State’s Dean of Engineering, Industrial and Emerging Technologies, says they are seeing a lot of heavy demand from the industry for welding jobs. “The [growing] oil and gas industry has fairly high-paying jobs and can attract people from other areas, leaving vacancies at intermediate welding levels.”

Above: Architects and contractors meet to discuss progress of the construction in August 2012. Top right: Before and after pictures of the building’s exterior. Below: Welding booths, technology lab, and student lounge.

For addressing the need for skilled labor in the region, the Barberton Community Foundation received a $15,000 grant from Alcoa Foundation to help fund the project. “We are grateful for this additional partnership with Alcoa,” said Larry Lallo, Executive Director of the Barberton Community Foundation. “Education and preparation of the workforce for the high technology jobs of the future has become a key driver for business success, as well as for economic development.”

Above: Instructors and welding students work and discuss projects

Before the opening of the Satellite Center, Stark State College had a small presence in Barberton, serving 125 students by utilizing three different locations for classes. With the opening of the new Center, enrollment jumped to 229 students, with the summer semester also showing substantial growth increasing from serving just 35 students in 2012, to 218 students in 2013. Enrollment for fall promises a substantial increase as well. Stark State’s Satellite Coordinator is Selena Myers, who heads recruitment efforts and is responsible for advising students, scheduling classes and community outreach. If you’d like more information on pursuing your educational goals at the Barberton Satellite Center, call 800-79-STARK (797-8275). .

Barberton Satellite Center Grand Opening Event

From left to right: Regional guests meet with Stark State tour guides, BCF Executive Director Larry Lallo addresses guests, University of Akron Vice President of Strategic Engagement Jim Tressel tours the facility and meets with Barberton leaders.

Third Grade Swim Lesson Program

impact Building [life-saving skills for children]

For the past several years the Barberton Community Foundation has been a proud supporter and advocate for our children’s fitness and safety by funding grants for the Third Grade Swimming program at Barberton Elementary Schools. In this dynamic and fun-filled program held at Lake Anna YMCA, our youth learn not only how to swim but also important safety skills that make a difference between life and death. According to the Centers for Disease Control, among children aged 1-14, “fatal drowning remains the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related death” in the United States. The CDC also reports that “for every child who dies from drowning, another five receive emergency department care for nonfatal submersion injuries.” From these statistics such as these it became clear to the Foundation that supporting the education and training of our children to help them not only feel safe, but to be safe in the water was of great importance. In addition to learning valuable life-saving skills at the swimming program, the health and fitness benefits to our third graders are invaluable! Learning this lifetime sport is fun, healthy, and is good for the body and mind. The Foundation receives thank you notes at the end of each program and we picked just a few to share with you (seen at right). We’re happy to provide the support making the Barberton Elementary School swimming program possible.


Barberton Community Health Clinic

Building [health and well-being for all] BCF is pleased to report our continuing support of the Barberton Community Health Clinic during 2012-2013. Established in 1984, the Barberton Community Health Clinic is a nonprofit volunteer agency which provides free, quality health care for those residents of Summit County who are perhaps un-or-underemployed, or do not have access to health care. The Barberton Community Health Clinic is served by a staff of highly competent and dedicated staff of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and others—all of whom volunteer to help the needy of Barberton and Summit county. Additionally, the Clinic has become part of a doctoral residency program, wherein medical students do rotations in the clinic as part of their medical residency training. Throughout its history, Barberton Community Health Clinic has relied on the generosity of community, civic, religious, and private organizations and individuals. In 1987, the Ohio Brass Hourly Employees donated the building which now houses the clinic and the City of Barberton awarded $17,000 for renovations—many of which were completed by volunteers. The Barberton Community Foundation is pleased to have supported the Barberton Community Health Clinic with nearly $1.5 million in mission related funds.

Small Grant Awards in 2013 Invent Now: Scholarships for underserved and economically disadvantaged children to participate in the STEM summer invention camp BCS Destination Imagination Teams (3 Awards): State and Global tournament presentation of student documentaries and projects at the University of Tennessee


City of Barberton Parks & Recreation Send a Kid to Camp: Scholarships to families that need financial assistance for Newton Day Camp and Youth Adventure Camp BCS STEM Unit: Students build and test beams, trusses, and bridges model materials as part of a structural engineering unit

Building [strength and capacity of local nonprofits] City of Barberton Neighborhood First: Purchased energy efficient light bulbs for residents for Barberton’s “Going Green” revitalization program

Quarterly Grant Awards

Barberton Public Library World Book Night: Events held all over the world with over 25,000 participants celebrating books, authors, publishers, and readers

The Board of Directors of the Barberton Community Foundation voted to award $32,500 in quarterly grants to two local nonprofit organizations serving Barberton at the board meeting held May 16. Grants are assessed and recommended for approval based on their alignment, strength and impact in the focus areas defined by the Foundation’s Strategic Plan 2020. Among those receiving funding this quarter:

City of Barberton Parks & Recreation Sip and Paint: Canvas painting for active adults providing socialization confidence building through art creation

Social Services Barberton Community Health Clinic, $30,000 for doctors and medications from patients who are 200% below poverty guidelines Community Image Barberton Historical Society, $2,500 for a zero turn mower to maintain current historical properties

City of Barberton Parks & Recreation Litter Collection & Receptacles (2 awards): Volunteers and the City helped create a cleaner, more attractive community Neighborhood Development Services/Parks & Recreation Lunch Concert Series: Joint collaboration to establish a summer lunch concert series in the downtown NCS Paint Your Heart Out: Provide supplies to volunteers to paint homes throughout the community at no cost to homeowners Barberton Historical Society Art at the Farm: Purchase and installation of ceiling fans in the O.C. Barber Piggery for better air flow and light during events

BCF Community Impact Report June 2013  

Barberton Community Foundation quarterly impact report to the residents and organizations of Barberton, OH.

BCF Community Impact Report June 2013  

Barberton Community Foundation quarterly impact report to the residents and organizations of Barberton, OH.