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Community impact report June 2012

Building a better Barberton, now and forever.

The Barberton Community Foundation

Dear Reader, Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Barberton Community Foundation’s Community Impact Report. In the following pages, we hope to highlight some of the programs and organizations the Foundation funds and show, how together, we are all striving to build a better Barberton. Last year, the Foundation identified four critical focus areas central to fulfilling our mission and making an impact on our community. Every decision and action we take is filtered through the lens of the focus areas to help maintain our vision and course. These are first, to encourage economic development within the city–fostering the growth of local business, while creating a climate welcoming to world-class industry. Second, to ensure the viability of social services and outreach for community residents who may be on fixed incomes, struggling with un- or under-employment, or buried under the weight of medical hardship, among other challenges–with a goal to offer help and hope. Third, to support educational excellence for our students, schools, faculty, and staff, recognizing that when a city has excellence in their school district, children excel, graduation rates improve, and home values improve dramatically. Fourth, to improve our community image both for residents and non-residents alike, creating a welcoming environment, and a renewed sense that Barberton is a great place to live, work and visit. The Barberton Community Foundation works toward our strategic goals through what we like to think of as “grants in action.” What does this mean? It’s simple, really. We want to help Barberton be the greatest place it can be. The BCF aggressively supports

funding opportunities for projects and activities that show positive movement forward and observable, measurable impact toward improving Barberton for it’s residents. In the pages that follow, you will find short summaries and accompanying pictures highlighting just a few of our grants in action. Through this document, we hope you will see that the Barberton Community Foundation is focused on improving the unique and special place we call home and working with our community partners to build a better Barberton, now and forever.

About the Barberton Community Foundation Established in 1996, the Barberton Community Foundation has awarded over 2,500 grants and scholarships totaling more than $78 million since its inception and invested over $12 million more to promote job creation, neighborhood improvements and educational opportunities within Barberton. The Foundation strives to improve, now and forever, the quality of life for Barberton residents by providing leadership on vital issues, fostering collaboration, and creating a legacy of giving to do good. The foundation strengthens the community for current and future generations by proactively directing its flexible grant dollars to the community’s greatest needs: economic development, social services, educational excellence, and community image. Board of Directors Dennis Liddle - C. Thomas Anders - Edna Boyle - Phil Canfora - Michael Chisnell - Mary Jo Goss - Thomas Gough - Thomas Harnden - William Judge - Kim Karson Lois Matney - Fred Maurer - Bruce May - Ryan Pendleton - Richard Wiley Staff Larry Lallo, Executive Director - Carl Bako, Director of Development and Community Services - Thomas Hastings, Chief Financial Officer - Laura Hoopes Ebie, Director for Advancement Holli Mallak, Director of Community Impact - Mary Ann Shunko, Administrative Assistant Editor & Designer Laura Hoopes Ebie Photography by Laura Hoopes Ebie, Craig Megyes, Karen Schiely, Frank Smrdel Contact 460 W. Paige Ave. • Barberton, OH 44203 • (330) 745-5995 • • Connect with us on Facebook!


Magical Theatre Company’s PACT/Barberton

Building [avenues of expression and literacy] For the 2011-2012 academic year, the Barberton Community Foundation awarded a $40,000 grant to the Magical Theatre Company to help continue bringing performing arts and literacy education to Barberton City Schools through the Performing Arts Can Teach (PACT) program. Part of the PACT/Barberton program brings every 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th grader to the downtown theatre to watch a live performance, then participate in a post-show Q&A session with the actors. The program also provides a traveling show to engage the remaining grade students at in-school performances. Supplemented by thematic learning and teaching packets for use in the classroom, the comprehensive program thoroughly engages the learning process through fine art education methods. PACT/Barberton serves nearly 3,300 Barberton children, providing no-cost theatre experiences to every K-9 student in the Barberton City School District. This type of art education provides an alternate powerful avenue to develop skills of expression and literacy in students. The arts provide cultural enrichment, build reading and oral language skills, develop cognitive and social competence, and help to improve student behavior and reduce truancy.

Above: First graders smile before watching their first live theatre performance Middle: Cast of “Miss Nelson has a Field Day” answers questions from the audience Bottom: Thrilled students exit the theatre and head back to school


Junior Achievement Economics for Success

Building [confidence in education and career choices] The Educational Excellence initiative of the Foundation’s 2011 strategic plan reinforces that graduation from high school is not enough – that further training is expected and required. For our students to be successful in the 21st century workforce, we must provide a clear picture of what they need to do in order to reach their goals and provide opportunities to help them achieve. The Junior Achievement Economics for Success program helps students identify their skills, potential careers and the difference in salary earnings of a high school graduate vs. a college graduate. Every 8th grade classroom in Barberton City Schools participated in this program through a $7,500 grant to the Junior Achievement organization. Eighth grade is a critical time for students, one where individuals start to make choices that shape their future. Activities in the classroom focused on understanding choices: can I afford that sports car if I drop out of school? What type of career could I have with my interest and skill in biology? What would my work-week look like if I were nurse at a hospital? This program provides our students a glimpse of the future and sets the stage for creating a successful life.

Exxon Mobile volunteers lead a hands-on classroom discussion and game to help students better understand the consequences of educational and career choices and help them make a plan for the future.

Barberton Community Foundation Scholarship


Building [the future of Barberton through achievement] The Barberton Community Foundation honored 84 graduating high school students with $120,000 in scholarships at an awards ceremony this May at Barberton High School. As one of the Foundation’s signature community investment programs, the BCF Scholarship Program recognizes students’ academic achievement and helps propel promising students into the pursuit of higher education. Additionally, presentations from 15 different donor funds within the Barberton Community Foundation honored students with scholarships ranging from $250 - $3000 based on student financial need or career interest. The Barberton Community Foundation Scholarship program was started in 1997, with only $50,000 allocated to award each year. In 2008, in an effort to expand the impact and award every student who met the eligibility criteria, the Foundation pledged $480,000 of the annual budget to the program, providing both new scholarships to high school seniors, but also allowing past recipients to renew the scholarship for an additional 3 years. Since the program’s inception in 1997, over $2.2 million has been awarded to Barberton students. Above: Holli Mallak (left) and Dr. Douglas Gormley (right) present scholarship awards Middle: Lois and Gary Matney pose with their fund scholarship recipient Taylor Slatten Bottom: Academic award winners smile during the reception following the ceremony

The scholarship program not only celebrates the achievements of the Barberton community’s best and brightest but also provides the opportunity to encourage young people to educate themselves and pursue careers locally, especially in Barberton. These students represent Barberton’s greatest community asset and truly are the future of this community.

PNC Jeep Davis Memorial 5K


Organized by the Barberton Community Foundation, the 5K race held annually at Lake Anna continues a rich tradition of community and regional support for Barberton and promotes local athletics through the Jeep Davis Olympic Hopeful Fund.

Building [community spirit and athletic legacy] In the spirit of athletic tradition, hometown Olympian Glenn “Jeep” Davis established the Jeep Davis Olympic Hopeful Fund at the Foundation in 1999, which awards grants to non-profits assisting young aspiring athletes, granting over $24,000 since the fund’s inception. The fund is supported by the annual community event and honors Barberton’s greatest athletic hero. The event typically draws thousands to the Barberton downtown area, providing an opportunity to unite as a community and promote a positive image of the city to visitors. During the strategic planning process, the Foundation committed to take a leadership role in the challenge of improving the overall image of Barberton. Focusing a portion of grants and resources to events such as this, reflects the belief that self-image, as well as outside impressions, affect the community’s health and strength and the city’s ability to distinguish itself within the marketplace to residents, businesses, tourists, and investors. This year’s Jeep Davis Olympic Hopeful Fund award recipients included three grants of $1,500 each to the Barberton Youth Soccer Association, the Lake Anna YMCA-Middle School Traveling Basketball League and the Barberton All Town Little LeagueState Challenger Event, for a two-day tournament event for young special needs athletes across Ohio (shown right).

Towpath, Wolf Creek Trailhead Project In 1999 the Barberton Community Foundation granted $100,000 to the City of Barberton to be used toward the development of the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath and trailhead in Barberton. On May 10, 2012 the project was completed with the dedication of the Wolf Creek Trailhead, near Snyder Avenue. Mayor Bill Judge and Summit County Executive Russ Pry among others attended this event marking completion of the final section of the trail in Summit County, which officially completed a continuous 63 of 101 total miles along the old canal system, stretching from Cleveland to New Philadelphia. A prominent feature of the Wolf Creek Trailhead is the 494 foot bridge which spans a portion of the Tuscarawas River. A second bridge over the canal and a tunnel under the railroad tracks add to the intrigue of the trailhead and provides visitors and Barberton residents with a

impact Building [quality of life for Barberton residents]

lovely setting for exercise, recreation, and historic discovery. Built on a 40-foot-wide swath of land the park district leased from the railroad, plus land owned by PPG Industries, Barberton and the Barberton Community Development Corp., the new trail weaves through previously unused areas along scenic and industrial sites. According to the National Park Service, which opened the first parts of the Towpath in 1993, the Ohio and Erie National Heritage Canalway attracts some 2.5 million visitors per year. Now, Barberton welcomes these visitors and our own residents to our portion of the historic canal, and recognizes the significance of Barberton’s participation in this renowned National Park Service project.

Above: Ceremonial ribbon-cutting with city, county, state and organization representatives present Below (from left to right): Officials walk through a tunnel on the final section of the Summit County Metro Parks Towpath Trail, A cyclist crosses Snyder Ave. after riding the final section before the official dedication, Mayor Bill Judge and Summit County Executive Russ Pry walk across the 450 ft. bridge over the Tuscarawas River (Photos by Karen Schiely/Akron Beacon Journal)


Quarterly Grant Awards

Building [strength and capacity of local nonprofits] Educational Excellence A grant of $15,000 will support the Barberton City School District, to help prepare 8th and 11th grade students for the expectations, competencies, and processes of going to college. The program provides higher education campus visits, specialized software matching student’s interests with career competencies and coursework outlines, and a workbook and checklist for parents and students to more easily navigate the complexities of getting into college.

On May 18th, the board of directors authorized $595,000 in quarterly grants to nonprofit organizations serving Barberton with focus areas common to those determined by the Foundation’s Strategic Plan 2020. Defined focus areas help the Foundation continuously filter and align actions to more effectively realize their vision of positive community change. Among those receiving funding: Economic Development A $500,000 grant was approved for the Summa Barberton Hospital emergency department expansion project. This grant will be paid over five years using money from the Foundation’s reserve fund and will be recognized through the education and community section of the expansion. Social Services The board awarded $15,000 to the Barberton Community Health Clinic. This grant will function in collaboration with other funds provided by Tuscora Park Health and Wellness Foundation and the Summa Foundation to cover the cost of the replacing the clinic’s existing roof. A $5,000 award was granted to Mobile Meals Inc. Foundation, to assist the organization in providing limited mobility and financially stressed Barberton residents of all ages with meals and supplements in their homes each day.

Community Image The board approved $5,000 for City of Barberton Parks and Recreation Department to replace the frequently used basketball courts throughout the city. Barberton Public Library was awarded $5,000 and Magical Theatre Company was awarded $15,000 for architectural and engineering studies needed to plan for future renovations and development.

Build today, then, strong and sure With a firm and ample base; And ascending and secure Shall tomorrow find its place. - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow from the poem The Builders

Community Impact Report  

Barberton Community Foundation quarterly impact report to the residents of Barberton, OH.

Community Impact Report  

Barberton Community Foundation quarterly impact report to the residents of Barberton, OH.