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Availing Construction Safety Products Is Easier Construction industry is prone to accidents due to many reasons, like lack of safety measures or failure of the safety equipments etc. These accidents can be avoided by using proper safety devices and ensuring that these devices or equipments are well looked after during working hours and after that. For better safety of the workers at a construction site one needs the best safety measures to avoid any mishap and injury. Therefore there are different kinds of safety equipments like rails, platforms, hooks etc. for safety of the workers at the construction site. “Geelong safety rail � is one of the major providers of safety equipments for construction works at a height. Some of their products include guard rails, work platforms, anchor points, scaffolds, access towers, etc. Geelong has their staff well trained about the safety standards. Geelong safety rail was started in the year 1996 in the Geelong area as the first guard rail company of that region.

After these years they have developed into a business service which provides safety temporary and permanent safety measures to their clients through various standards of equipments. Initially they provided only temporary safety measures for working at height but now they have broadened their scope by also introducing “Anchor Point Safety Victoria� which includes a range of products for permanent height safety equipments. The business managers always keep updating their methods of safety as and when they required and keep themselves ahead of others by innovating the methods of safety at heights. The management team is well experienced with knowledge of all the products that are provided by the company. Geelong safety rail covers the area of Geelong, Melbourne to Western District. Geelong safety rail provides for building scaffold hire Geelong, job site safety work platforms, construction guard rail hire and many more.

Types Of Scaffolds And Work Platform With Their Use: 1. Light duty job site safety work platforms are designed for use while installing fascia, guttering, roof trusses and roofing material. 2. Building Scaffolds hire Geelong of different types are available with them for sale and hire they are roof scaffolds, modular scaffolds and kwik stage scaffolds. construction guard rail hire is available at Geelong for better safety of construction workers.

Roof scaffolds are designed to be set on sloping roof portions so that workers can reach the windows near roof tops. Kwik stage scaffolds are built from ground level and have multiple decks available for climbing at a height easily during construction. 3. Access towers are used to reach at a height during construction by workers, Geelong provides for movable and stationary access towers in variable sizes according to the client’s needs. 4. Anchor point safety Victoria is arranged of permanent anchor points which are installed on high rises which can be used any time for different purposes. 5. Geelong safety rail works under Occupational Health and Safety Standards of Australia and they design their products to meet thy standards. 6. Geelong safety rails puts the safety of their customers first which makes their products more cost effective and reliable for the users. They provide for solutions for working at heights and you can contact them or visit their website for any further guidance.

Contact Us Ph: (03) 5248 7988 22-26 Denbigh St Moolap, Vic, 3221

Construction guard rail hire  

Choose wisely to secure the lives and avoid accidents of workers working at great height with the best construction guard rail hire services...

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