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Scaffolding And Its Types

About Scaffolding Scaffolding work has to be planned safely before the work starts and people working at high risk construction work must make a safe work method statement, before they start their work. Purchase professionally designed guard rail sales for temporary or permanent installation of your roof. Fully galvanized guard rail sales are available for installation which is maintenance free. The working knowledge of the people who design the safety tools have made this our company a well known name. The company not only manufactures scaffolds, it also manufactures Geelong light-duty work platforms. These platforms are so designed that the worker can balance himself on it for a longer time period. Using these platforms, the worker can concentrate on proper installation of roofing materials and plan the guttering.

Types of Scaffoldings ▪ Scaffolding ▪ Anchor points ▪ Roof access ▪ Handrails ▪ Light duty options ▪ Cover platforms

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Seventh Outline LevelClick to edit Master text styles There is no harm in buying construction safety tools from this Geelong based company. The safety equipment sold here are well within the standards of Occupational Health and Safety as decided by the Australian government. Being cost effective, it becomes quite affordable for everyone.

Contact Us Geelong Safety Rail Ph: (03) 5248 7988 22-26 Denbigh St Moolap, Vic, 3221

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Scaffolds market of Australia is best known for none other than, Geelong's own Kwikstage Scaffolds by GeelongSafetyRail. For more details vi...

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