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Take Stock


Dream Big. Take Stock

The Barbados Stock Exchange (BSE) is encouraging businesses of all sizes to dream big and ‘take stock’ in the Barbados economy. As a major stakeholder in the development of Barbados’ economy, the BSE plays an important role in helping businesses raise capital for expansion and helping investors gain returns on their investments. A main component of the BSE’s communications with investors, businesses and other financial stakeholders is the BSE ‘Dream Big|Take Stock’ advertising campaign which highlights the importance of dreaming big and taking stock, both of which are vital aspects of the investment process. The aim of the ad campaign is to encourage investors and businesses to more actively participate in the development of the Barbadian economy. The main thrust of the campaign will focus on encouraging investors to buy stocks listed on the Barbados Stock Exchange and encourage businesses to consider raising capital by listing on the Exchange. The campaign will also encourage stakeholders to ‘take stock’ of related areas which have an impact on their long-term financial viability, including the environment, their personal and professional health. The tagline Dream Big|Take Stock will be used as the anchor of the campaign. As the campaign develops and diversifies, various derivatives will be utilised based on the groups being targeted. For instance, ads targeted towards small businesses and young enterprises will use the tagline Start Small|Dream Big|Take Stock Ad placement has already begun, and we’ve released various advertisements to specialty magazines including BARP Magazine, Work & Wealth Magazine and The Sports Almanac. Our online presence of the Dream Big|Take Stock visuals includes placement on and We’ll also be placing ads in the business newspapers and using e-blasts to spread the word. Check out some of our Dream Big\Take Stock ads.


Dream Big|Take Stock ads


We Are All Family

Brokers, individual investors, corporate investors and business owners: we are all a part of the investment community! We’re excited about building stronger bonds with our family so we can ‘dream big’ and ‘take stock’ together. As part of our communications with the investing community and the general public, we will be releasing a series of ads, press releases and articles which highlight the roles of our ‘family members’: our brokers, individual investors and business investors. Our aim is to let everyone know who are our family members are and how important each family member is to the development of the Barbadian economy. Our Newsletters will help to keep you informed about important developments at the Barbados Stock Exchange and in the investment community of Barbados. *See below for a snapshot of some of our Broker ads coming soon.


Working With The Public Sector The Barbados Stock Exchange is committed to working with the Barbados Government to develop the investment sector in Barbados. Strong communication between the public sector and the investment community is extremely important as legislation must be advanced for our country to be on a competitive level with other international investment markets. Over the years we have maintained open communication with the government to help establish and advance legislation. We anticipate continued enhancement of the relationship and we have begun working towards the possible actions to develop legislation. We will continue to keep the investment community informed about our developments.


Update We have our new ‘Burster’ machine! The Burster Machine works with our Tally and Inserter machines to tear cheques for us and our clients. It can also work for businesses that would like to make their direct mail out process easier. This is great news for businesses that list on the Exchange, as it means that we can deliver dividend cheques to investors more efficiently. It’s also great news for the wider business community, as we provide a cost-effective service for businesses needing to process direct mail to their mailing lists. If you’d like more information on our services, please give us a call today.

We will be happy to help!

Event Corporate Governance and Accountability Seminar Join us on November 21st and 22nd as we guide you through the intricate framework of Corporate Governance and help you in boosting your accountability to stakeholders. Learn from renowned speakers Professor Richard Leblanc, CMC, BSc, MBA, LLB, JD, LLM, PhD - Corporate Governance Academic, Lawyer and Board Advisor Sylvia Groves - President and Creative Director, Governance Studio Janis Riven - Adjunct Professor, John Molson School of Business, Concordia University David Masse - David Masse is Assistant Corporate Secretary for CGI Group Inc., Current Chair Listen out for more details soon.

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