Patana News Volume 23 Issue 9

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A Wide Range of Professional Learning (CPL) Opportunities Katherine Hume, Cross Campus Assistant Principal Continued Professional Learning t Bangkok Patana we pride ourselves on being a ‘learning community’. We aim to support the ‘Continuous Professional Learning’ (CPL) of our academic staff to ensure they are lifelong learners. Encouraging them to grow and develop as educators, who provide high-quality learning and teaching experiences, which positively impact our students, enabling them to achieve their full potential.


We strive for CPL to be high-quality, relevant, sustainable, and future-focused, with rich opportunities for self-development. CPL should foster professional curiosity and creativity, encouraging dialogue and collaboration with colleagues building professional trust. Professional learning opportunities are offered in-house and externally and at a variety of levels - individual, team/faculty, whole school and through wider networks, with an emphasis on collaborative partnerships. Due to the global COVID pandemic many of the traditional models of professional learning have changed and evolved. We are seeing a surge in professional learning providers and consultants moving their core business virtual and online, as opposed to the normal face to face courses, workshops, and conferences. This term, academic staff have accessed external CPL through webinars, podcasts, professional reading and a wide range for online and virtual courses and workshops. EXAMPLES OF EXTERNAL CPL • Several of our new staff in the Primary Learning Support team collaboratively undertook an online workshop, upskilling and preparing them to effectively support their students during Social Thinking sessions. • The Primary Extended Learning team have been taking part in live webinars delivered by a ‘Project Based Learning’ educational specialist. • Primary Leaders of Learning and Curriculum have committed to a 4-week self-directed, online course which supports their understanding of how best to assess student learning when teaching online through CSL. • In the Secondary school, IGCSE and IB workshops have also transferred online and this term we will have 20 plus teachers undertaking this training to keep current and up to date with the IGCSE and IB syllabus in their subject areas. • Several staff across the school have begun their Master’s degree distance learning journey, partnering with universities in the UK. 2

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