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William Preston, Gymnastics Academy Coordinator

INDIVIDUAL APPARATUS RESULTS Girls Level 5 Emily Cannon - 3rd Place Beam Dewi Hollema - 3rd Place Beam Girls Level 6 Nyasha Manda - 3rd Place Vault Kaitlyn Dibbayawan - 3rd Place Uneven Bars Girls Level 7 Roisin Sehmar - 2nd Place Vault ut of the 15 member schools in the SEASAC league, Paengrum Chatchupong - 3rd Place Beam only nine schools participated in Senior SEASAC Boys Level 3 Gymnastics. Out of these, Bangkok Patana entered teams in William Stuart - 1st Place Vault, 1st Place High Bar, six out of 10 levels, making it the school with the most teams. 2nd Place Ring Bangkok Patana has one of the most comprehensive Gymnastics Alexander Leiler - 1st Place Pommel Horse, 1st Place programmes in SEASAC, which caters for full teams in both Rings, 2nd Place Floor, 2nd Place Vault Boys and Girls throughout levels 1-7. There were many teams Sam Jones - 3rd Place Vault Boys with girls in one level but none in another, or just Girl teams but no Boy teams, or some Boys in one level but not another. The Boys Level 4 number of teams we entered shows depth in all levels for both Jacob Broadhurst - 3rd Place Rings Boys and Girls. Moreover, on the individual level, the gymnasts Tund Theerawit - 2nd Place Ring 1st Place High Bar Miles Tang - 3rd Place Pommel Horse were able to perform very strongly. Cody Finnegan - 3rd Place Floor The coaches are very proud of every gymnast. Their behaviour was exemplary and they represented Bangkok Patana as great Boys Level 5 ambassadors in line with the school’s vision and values. This Aron Steinmetz - 1st Place Vault, 2nd Place Pommel was demonstrated by the fact that Bangkok Patana has won Horse, 3rd Place High Bar, 3rd Place Rings, 3rd Place the Sportsmanship Awards for two years in a row at SEASAC! Floor, 3rd Place Parallel Bars Giles Kinsella - 3rd Place High Bar Go Tigers!


Team Results Boys Level 3 – Champions Boys Level 4 – 2nd Place Boys Level 5 – 3rd Place Girls Level 5 – 7th Place Girls Level 6 – 4th Place Girls Level 7 – 2nd Place


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