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Yu Xin Tan, Year 13 n 8th March, the Bangkok Patana Dance Company sent two groups of dancers, the senior and junior dance groups to compete in the annual KPIS International School Music Challenge which included a dance category. This is the first time that Bangkok Patana has sent dancers for competitive dancing. Due to the rising talent and reputation of the Dance Academy, Patana has been given tremendous amounts of dancing opportunities this year thus discovering hidden talents according to their skills, abilities and the types of dance. Moreover, it is incredible to see many students so passionate about dancing, allowing Patana to deepen and expand their dancing capacity, leading dance to be part of the competitive sports in the near future. Throughout the process of training, practising and preparing for this competition, we have become more open-minded to others suggestions, increasing our awareness of each other’s spacing, timing and expressions. Dancing as a group can be challenging at times, as we have to coordinate and cooperate using our performance skills and techniques. As most of us come from different dancing styles/background we have to be adaptive and



flexible with the music and dance we are told to perform. Ultimately, this first dance competitIon was an amazing experience, both groups worked really hard and had persevered, throughout all of the training sessions from lunchtimes to weekends. Although there are still improvements to be made, we did our best and what’s most important is the experience and progress which is already the reward. Congratulations to the Juniors who came fifth with 79% overall and the Seniors who came eighth with 72%, both teams placed in the top 10 out of 17 schools. Lastly, I would like to thank Miss Spalding and our student coach NiKi who have helped in the choreography of both dance groups. I hope there are still more opportunities to see our school dancers shine on stage and bring glory to Bangkok Patana! “This is a great effort considering this was Bangkok Patana’s first ever international Dance competition. I am really proud of both groups and their efforts. Special thanks to Niki in Year 13 for working with the senior group.” Tamara Spalding, Head of Dance and Drama Academy

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Patana News Volume 21 Issue 24  

A weekly round up of news from Bangkok Patana School

Patana News Volume 21 Issue 24  

A weekly round up of news from Bangkok Patana School