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Self-Titled Kevin Johnston

BandWagon Magazine

“Hide Me Away” features the second set of surprises: vocal harmonies bursting through on the chorus and a guitar-riff breakdown that could be lifted from a Guns N’ Roses deep cut. It’s a prime example of the breadth of rock influences Decatur bring to the table. Speaking of which, “Shadows” is the sharpest turn away from the general whiskey-verb-rock tone of the EP. A straight-up latin groove with vibra-slap and con-

Denver-based quintet Decatur gas evoke a Santana-like crossproclaim their sound as “slither- over at the record’s mid-point. The rapid flow of 32nd note hiing guitar rock.” It’s an apt descriptor for the ominous atmos- hats on “Every Little Step” bring phere, overdriven guitars and to mind even more crossover cigarette-flecked vocals that stylings. This time, it’s late 90’s funk-rock á la 311 with vocals permeate their eponymous EP. A dark intro of floating guitar, organ and understated drums allow us to “dip your toes” (as vocalist Sean DeCrescenzo rasps in “Don’t Talk”) before we fully

adrift on reverb and layered fuzzy guitars. Though the boys from Decatur jump though modern-rock’s sub-genres, an atmosphere of

“get our feet wet” with a band dark expanse is ever-present. who come across as loaded with First impressions of their sound life experience - especially for land us somewhere between having just released their first EP. Wilco’s croak, The Dropkick Track two, “Cold,” claims that Murphy’s frankness and The “whiskey and cigarettes ain’t National’s idea of a lead-barithe same without you… I’ve been tone cloaked in well-produced fighting my vices cuz I hate the smoke and mirrors. But as the truth.” It’s a bleak verse, but it EP chugs along, we realise what leads us to one of the records’ a role hard-hitting 90’s bands first surprises: a lifting, Nada have played in Decatur’s particSurf-style plea of a chorus.

ular rock n’ roll formation.


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Michael Olivier Tired Bones

Jed Murphy

BandWagon Magazine

For Michael Olivier, putting out a solo record was an important part of his personal growth. After the disbanding of his wellregarded post hardcore band Disguise The Silence, Olivier filled his time as the go-to producer of local musicians at the University of Northern Colorado Recording Studio. And while he had his hands in several great

projects, nothing was scratching the musical itch he was feeling. Booking himself a week in the UNC studio, Olivier went in with an album’s worth of material and came out with Tired Bones, some of his best music yet. Tired Bones is still very much an emo/hardcore album, which is Olivier’s natural habitat, but his rock and roll roots peek out from time to time, giving us a glimpse at the scope** of this maturing songwriter. While his work in Disguise The Silence pushed for an intense heaviness, the end result could at times come across as sporadic to the casual listener. Tired Bones is much more concise, with tight guitar licks and dare I say poppy melodies, clearly showing Olivier as the captain of the ship.

Recording most of the instruments himself, he did recruit a solid troupe of studio players made up of some of the best local bands including members of Silver & Gold. He also got together a group of his friends in many of the best local groups to record gang vocals on the the track “I’m Not Sad Anymore” this group included his parents, because he’s classy like that. At the end of the day, Michael Olivier tops himself with Tired Bones. As with everything he has recorded in the past, the tracks are clean and polished. The angst that has played such a key element in his music still floats to the top, but underneath you’ll find a musician exploring a new side of himself that’s a bit wiser, a bit more practiced, and still willing to take risks. Fans of DTS will love it, new listeners might be cautious, but just wait until he get his band together to gig the album. You won’t be disappointed.


Staff Picks | 105.5 The Colorado Sound


Ron – Aretha Franklin: Lady Soul January 22 was the 50th anniversary of Aretha Franklin’s Lady Soul album. A week prior, Rhino Records released this seminal collection in a limited edition, 180-gram vinyl version. It’s worth revisiting this landmark album, not just for the songs that have become like old friends (“Since You’ve Been Gone”, “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman”) but also for the songs that help to remind us of what life was like in 1968 (“People Get Ready”, “Groovin’”). Aretha started her recording career with Columbia, the label that gave us Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel and Miles Davis. But it was Aretha’s switch to Atlantic in 1967 that gave us “Respect”, “Do Right Woman, Do Right Man” and more. She was already a star at this point but Lady Soul (with King Curtis’ sax and a track with Clapton!) showed us Aretha is here to stay. And 50 years later, she still is! Margot – Big Star: Live At Lafayette’s Music Room After more than 40 years, one would think there wouldn’t be anything left to mine from the long defunct band Big Star. As the years go by, the myth has only grown. Which is why one might hesitate to listen to the new release Big Star Live At Lafayette’s Music Room, fearing that finally the releases are scraping the bottom of the barrel. Have no fear! Big Star Live At Lafayette’s Music Room is not a full concert, it’s an amalgamation of three 1973 shows Big Star did but it showcases them fracturing at the seams and performing beautifully in spite of it. The Big Star represented in these shows is sans Chris Bell, who left the group shortly before. The liner notes to this new addition to the Big Star canon are thorough and set the scene nicely. The overall performance makes one wish for having attended a concert from Big Star in their heyday. It would have been a memorable night. Standout tracks: “When My Baby’s Beside Me”, “The India Song”. Stacy – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Wrong Creatures Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC) returns with their eighth release Wrong Creatures. The opening track “DFF” sets the tone with an eerie, atmospheric drone that hints at darker things to come. But full-on dark never arrives. The crunchiest track is “Little Thing Gone Wild”, with their signature growl and snarl, replete with blistering guitar and driving bassline. The rest of Wrong Creatures sits pretty steady in psychedelic tuneful pop. From “Ninth Configuration” (which sounds like they’re paying homage to Love and Rockets) to “Circus Bazooko”, a seriously creepy, haunting romp through the funhouse, BRMC delivers an utterly listenable album. While it may not deliver the punch of their debut, there is something to be said for longevity and (in light of their 20 year career) they’re still rocking - just a little more selectively. They’ll be on tour throughout the US in support of Wrong Creatures this winter, including a show at Denver’s Ogden Theater on Feb 15. Benji – Railbenders: The Medicine Show Colorado’s favorite Americana band is back. The Railbenders have just released The Medicine Show, their first album of originals in more than 8 years. This album is the ‘Benders at their hard-drinking best with songs guaranteed to win-over any Honky Tonk on a Friday night. “Bourbon County Line”, “Have A Drink On Me”, “Ass, Gas or Grass” and “Whiskey and Woman” are all built in the classic Railbender sound of loud guitars, catchy lyrics and foot stompin’ rhythm. The Medicine Show also includes a nice tribute to the band’s favorite watering hole, “Lincoln’s”, a song guaranteed to put a tear in your beer and a smile on your face. The Medicine Show is everything you expect from a Railbenders record: plenty of hard driving honky tonk tunes about drinking and good times.


WASHINGTON’S OPENS TO A SOLD OUT CROWD Rebecca LaPole | BandWagon Magazine

The warehouse of Fort Collins’ Akin Building was erected in 1903, converted to the beloved Washington’s Sports Bar and Grill in 1978 and February 3, will once again be re-birthed as a Ft. Collins landmark simply dubbed Washington’s.

Greta Cornett, a member of the Bohemian Foundation’s Live Music Team and Marketing/Talent Coordinator at Washington’s, squeezed in an interview with us about what we can expect from this new 900 person capacity venue. “It’s been designed to be an incredible, intimate listening room for an exceptional experience for both the listener and the performer. We’re looking forward to playing a role as part of the local music scene and finding our place with our other venues. We want to be a great partner to them and a good neighbor. We’re looking to help grow our live music scene in Fort Collins and keep working towards making this a place that’s known for its live music.”


Ben Desoto, The Bohemian Foundation’s talent buyer and head of artist development, pictured in front of Washington’s new marquee. Desoto will be looking to add around 150 shows of world-class entertainment each year to Northern Colorado’s thriving music scene.

With the 2018 lineup that Washington’s has announced so

one you’ll notice is the Washington’s [Bar & Grill] stained

far, I think they are doing their part by bringing some fantas-

glass, which is beautiful, sitting in our front window right

tic names to town to perform with “state-of-the-art sound

now. We backlight it at nighttime; it’s gorgeous to look at.

and lighting systems.” The upcoming shows include local

When you walk through the entryway into the venue, if you

favorites Stella Luce opening for Denver’s DeVotchKa on

look up you’ll notice that we kept the trolley top from one

Valentine’s Day, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe two days later,

of the trolleys that was inside; it’s been incorporated into

Fort Collins celebrity Michael Kirkpatrick & The Honey Rider

that design there. We kept the stained glass that’s inside

Band on March 8th, The Oh Hellos on March 16th and many

the venue. If you look up to the ceiling in the listening room,

more. “Anything goes,” Cornett said. “We want to be inclu-

you’ll see this beautiful oval stained glass. We also kept

sive of all parts of the music scene and we want to have a

one of the benches that was in the upstairs at the original

very diverse lineup… and book a lot of different genres for

Washington’s, and it looks really cool in the sound booth.

people. A lot of our shows are selling out, so I would recom-

There are some little pieces in there that people will recog-

mend that if there’s something you really want to see, you

nize and we hope they enjoy them.”

should probably get your tickets for it now.” Cornett mentioned that the Oh Hellos VIP meet and greet sold out imme-

“Cultivate peace and harmony with all,” George Washington

diately, and that they are happy to work with artists on VIP

once said. This historically preserved building which de-

experiences for fans any time.

picts our first President’s initials in stained glass will certainly provide a place for music, celebration and community

For those of you who remember the business that was hou-

for much of Northern Colorado this spring.

sed inside “the formidable sandstone walls” since 1978, the nostalgic artifacts that remain in the new venue might send you down memory lane - in a good way. Cornett divulged,

Purchased by The Bohemian Foundation in early

“We wanted to incorporate some parts of its history and

2016, the space underwent major renovations in

past, and pay homage to that. Probably the most notable

2017 and will open its doors with Trombone Shorty to a sold out crowd on February 3rd, 2018.


Trial & Error, the brand new EP from Longmont’s One Flew West, kicks off with a false claim: “I know no one’s listening, but I’ve gotta get a little something off my chest.” Tried and true emo-honesty comes off OFW’s chest in spades, but the truth is, more and more of Northern Colorado is all ears. Shout-y openthroated hooks throughout the EP evoke images from its release show last month at The Bluebird Theater, packed with hoodied disciples bopping and shouting along.


“One thing we tried really hard to convey on this EP was the energy of our music that we display at our live show” OFW says. “A big part of that was incorporating gang vocals into the recording. We always get the audience to sing along when we play live and we wanted to harness the energy that comes with that into a recorded song.” The title track and EP’s first single pulls out all the expected stops from a tune featured on a “Pop Punk’s Not Dead” Spotify playlist, having racked up 75,000 spins in two months. “I wan-

na say f*ck you in a million different ways” sung in Linden Jackson’s clean vocal above thundering tomtoms from drummer Jonah Bartels certainly gives fans of the band’s snide humor what they want.

Trial & Error provides more than the band’s signature juxtaposition of frank relationship woes with sweet, singable melodies, though. A frequent shift of substyles and the occasional not-so-pop chord structure keeps the record interesting enough to catch the ears of kids who didn’t

grow up on Blink 182 & New Found Glory. Maybe the fact that Jackson has been “playing this game into my adult years” (“Best Worst Thing”) - or that his “friends are getting married - moving far away” has dictated the band’s song-writing approach as they strive to “do their own damn thing” as sung in “What Do I Know.” “The feeling of watching everyone around you grow up while you still feel like a kid for pursuing music as a career was a major source of inspiration for this entire EP,” Jackson says. “Every

member of the band has felt this way at some point, but this is our life. We can’t imagine not being a band, and not doing what we’ve always loved to do.” Most stand-out in the doyour-own-damn-thing department is the choral chain-gang refrain and swampy lead guitar via David Di Salvo’s slide in “Staying In.” It’s the most genre-crossing effort on the EP, showing a lean into southern rock. “This is the first time that David has incorporated slide guitar into one of our recorded

songs,” the guys say. “It displays another dimension of our musical style while still meshing well with the more fast-paced rock songs.” “Out Of Time” finishes off the EP with more classic Pop Punk textures, complete with a reference to Twin Peaks and claims of running away together. Strident electric guitars and a soaring “pretending everything is fine - we are running out of time” round out this collection of songs for the band’s ever growing fanbase.

Kevin Johnston | BandWagon Magazine All in all, Trial & Error does well to satisfy fans of the band’s heavier material but maintains an identity that can’t quite be pinned down. In their words, “it isn’t heavy in the sense that it would terrify your grandma - the band is still driven by an acoustic guitar just as it always has been, but we’ve cranked up the tempo and energy. We think we’ve finally found that sweet spot that balances light and heavy.”

With pure vocals and the aforementioned acoustic guitar on nearly every track, there’s still a sense of vulnerability and quirk among the crash cymbals, X-Files nods and whiskey bottles in One Flew West’s trials, errors and (in the case of this EP) their successes. Catch One Flew West on February 7th at The Mesa Theater in Grand Junction, Colorado and nationwide throughout 2018.

Kyle Eustice | BandWagon Magazine Maryland-based rapper .idk (for-

his shoulder. When asked what

t’s been a tireless road for the

merly Jay IDK or IDK for short) lost

the dove was meant to symbol-

25-year-old London-born artist,

his mother in 2016, but out of that

ize, he replied, “My mother.” It im-

who started pumping out mix-

tragedy, he’s delivered some of

mediately becomes clear, as an

tapes religiously in 2014 with Sex,

his most personal work to date

only child, he was very close to his

Drugs and Homework. Since then,

with his debut album, IWasVery-

mother, so naturally, her loss has

he’s dropped 2015’s SubTrap and

Bad. Released in October 2017 on

impacted him greatly.

2016’s Empty Bank, which really

Adult Swim’s imprint, the 12-track

started to get him noticed. Now,

project features hip-hop royalty

“[When I wrote the record],

with one official studio album un-

like Del The Funky Homosapien

I was figuring things out,”

der his belt, he’s getting ready to

and MF Doom (now DOOM), and

he explains. “I was not a

hit the road with A$AP Rocky of

veteran beatsmith Swizz Beatz.

bright place. It was kind of

A$AP Mob fame and Denzel Curry

like, I had just lost my mom.

as part of Mad Man Tour in support

The cover art alone is telling. It

It was a cloud over your

of his inaugural effort.

features .idk in an orange prison

head that you can’t get rid

jumpsuit with D.O.C. (Department

of it. Even if it’s a bright

With the title of the album— IWas-

of Corrections) written across the

day, it’s like something is

VeryBad — .idk aimed to keep it

back and a white dove sitting on




“I wanted to get straight to the point,” he says. “I didn’t want people to think too much about it, even though it still makes you think. I wanted it to be selfexplanatory.”

Throughout the album, he opens up about his mother and captures the heartbreak of suffering such a monumental loss but at the same time, is able to keep the momentum with uptempo, bass-heavy beats.

For someone who was born in the late ‘90s and missed the golden era of hiphop entirely, .idk has a deep appreciation for the pioneers who laid the foundation for the culture. Without respect for those who put in the work at the ground level, he knows he wouldn’t be here.

“Those foundations are what helped mold me into not just a good artist or a good rapper, but a great artist,” he says.

.idk, who rarely drinks and doesn’t do drugs, has a good head on his shoulders, and is poised to have a breakout year. He’s been bouncing back and forth between Maryland and Los Angeles where he’s working on new material.

“I collaborated with Lil Gnar just yesterday, and I’m working with Denzel Curry and DJ Carnage, too,” he says. “I’m working on a lot of things.”



Kyle Eustice | BandWagon Magazine


hen Eric Earley gets on the phone, he doesn’t seem like he wants to talk — at first. But the longer the Blitzen Trapper vocalist/ multi-instrumentalist speaks, it soon becomes clear he’s just super laid back. Earley, who has fronted the Portland-based band since 2000, has always played music, but it didn’t really evolve into a “career” until later in life. In fact, he started touring and making music on his 30th birthday. “We started playing in 2000, but we didn’t tour, have a record deal or make money doing music until seven years later,” Earley says with a laugh. “We weren’t really trying that hard. We were just messing around for a long time. “I guess I wasn’t very deliberate or thoughtful about the future,” he adds. “I was just doing whatever I felt like doing. It got me somewhere.” Nine albums and several Rolling Stone nods later, Blitzen Trapper — Earley, Erik Menteer, Brian Adrian Koch, Michael Van Pelt, and Marty Marquis — is at the forefront of modern Americana. Serving as a follow-up to albums like 2008’s critically acclaimed Furr and 2015’s All Across This Land, the group’s ninth studio album, Wild and Reckless, is filled with personal anecdotes about a bygone era. From the moment the album opener “Rebel” begins, it immediately draws comparisons to Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, something he hasn’t grown tired of… yet.

“Everybody does that to everybody,” he says. “It’s just the way it all works. I don’t really care, personally. I listen to all those guys and steal stuff. Their influence is definitely there. It doesn’t really bother me. “Music is just a long chain of artists,” he continues. “In my opinion, Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen were both kind of copying [Bob] Dylan. Dylan was copying Woody Guthrie and I’m sure Guthrie was copying some black blues guy. It all goes back and back and back. To me, that’s how I look at it.” Earley refers to Blitzen Trapper’s rise to notoriety as “dumb luck” - it started with MySpace (remember MySpace?). “I wasn’t doing much of anything at the time,” he recalls. “We were just kind of hanging out. It was kind of just dumb luck. Getting a record deal back then wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. It just happened without us really trying.” He goes on, “When I was making Wild Mountain Nation, we were just putting it out ourselves. Before we did that, I put a song up on MySpace and an A&R guy from Domino over in England just randomly heard it or something. He wanted to sign us, but wanted us to re-record the record, and I didn’t want to do that. So they sent our demos to Sub Pop and Sub Pop signed us, so it was kind of a random thing.”

Fast forward to 2018 and Blitzen Trapper is preparing to embark on another extensive tour in support of the new record. Wild and Reckless marks a return to the group’s own label. They’ve had stints on both Sub Pop Records and Vagrant, but find doing it independently makes things less complicated. “This time we were like, ‘Oh we don’t really need to do that,’” he explains. “They take such a huge cut of everything and nobody buys physical copies, so it doesn’t really make sense. We got a distribution deal instead. It’s kind of our own deal.” Although he’s now married with a child (which naturally brings along more family responsibilities), he hasn’t slowed down. He’s still touring like a mad man. “The thing I enjoy the most is performing every night,” he says. “That’s kind of where I am now. It’s fun to play on stages [laughs]. It’s hard for me to say, ‘Well, having a family now I don’t care about the music as much.’ That’s just not true. I still love music. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t.”

Blitzen Trapper will perform with Liz Cooper and The Stampede at 6pm on Thursday, February 1st at Washington’s in Fort Collins. Tickets are $15 to $18. Visit for more information.


CONCERT CALENDAR Thursday February 1st BandWagon Magazine Battle of the Bands – Night 1 @ Moxi Theater, Greeley - 7pm w/ Trash Cat, Igaus Davis, R-E-S, Higher Intentions Krizz Kaliko @Hodi’s, Fort Collins – 7pm w/ Slo Pain, Special Guests ZZ Ward - The Storm Tour @Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins – 8pm w/ Billy Raffoul Magic Giant @The Downtown Artery, Fort Collins – 8pm w/ The Brevet Zack Michael and PlasmaAcoustic @Surfside7, Fort Collins – 9pm Holly Brewing @Bluebird Theater, Denver – 9pm Beijing Guitar Duo @Rialto Theater Center, Loveland – 7pm Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue *SOLD OUT* @Washingtons, Ft. Collins – 6pm

Poudre River Irregulars @Avogadro’s, Ft. Collins – 4pm The Main Squeeze @Bluebird Theater, Denver – 9pm w/ The Burroughs Vicious Vinyl @Surfside7, Fort Collins – 9pm

Saturday February 3rd Maiden Denver (Tribute to Iron Maiden) @ Moxi Theater, Greeley - 8pm w/ Rush Archives Leftover Salmon @Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins – 9pm w/ The Jauntee Big Gay Horror Show @The Downtown Artery, Fort Collins – 8pm Shakedown Street (Acoustic) @Avogadro’s, Ft. Collins – 8pm Reverend Horton Heat @Bluebird Theater, Denver – 8:30pm w/ Voodoo Glow Skulls, Igor and the Red Elvises

The Sound Tracks @Lost Lake, Denver – 7pm

Harmony @Rialto Theater Center, Loveland – 7:30pm

Friday February 2nd

Pan Astral @Lost Lake, Denver – 8pm w/ GhostPulse, LubeJob (Digital Beat Down)

Demun Jones @ Moxi Theater, Greeley - 7pm w/ Bryan Thomas, JT An Evening with That 1 Guy @Hodi’s, Fort Collins – 7pm w/ special guests Leftover Salmon @Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins – 8pm w/ Woodshed Red

Sunday February 4th Reverend Horton Heat @Bluebird Theater, Denver – 8:30pm w/ Voodoo Glow Skulls, Igor and the Red Elvises


Father Mountain @Lost Lake, Denver – 7pm w/ Pout House, Left Hand Shakes, Silver & Gold

Diet Cig @Lost Lake, Denver – 7pm w/ Great Grandpa, The Spook School

The Bluegrass Patriots @Avogadro’s, Ft. Collins – 8:30pm

Thursday February 8th

Fed Rez @Larimer Lounge w/ Its Just Bugs, Rarebyrd$, Bouxku Jones

Chaos Improv Theatre @ Moxi Theater, Greeley - 8pm w/ Musical Guests: Slake Dransky, Frederiiick The Great

Monday February 5th

Dirty Revival @ Hodi’s Half Note, Fort Collins–8pm w/ Bill Smith, Muscular Housecat

Singer-Songwriter Showcase @Moxi Theater, Greeley–6pm w/ Elias Armao, Pie Lombardi, Valienta, David Burchfield, Trisha Adams, Luke Cockroft Mug Night: Stand-Up Comedy @Hodi’s, Fort Collins–7pm Destroyer @Bluebird Theater, Denver – 8pm w/ Mega Bog

Tuesday February 6th Dave East @Bluebird Theater, Denver – 9pm w/ ITsEvi, Chy Reco

Keys N Krates @Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins – 11pm w/ Falcons, Jubilee [LATE SHOW] BandWagon Battle of the Bands - Night 2 @The Downtown Artery, Fort Collins – 7pm The Scutches / Came & Took It / Plasma Canvas @Surfside7, Fort Collins – 9pm Echoes In Reverie @Lost Lake, Denver – 8pm w/ Past of Ashes

Friday February 9th

Of Mice & Men @Summit Music Hall, Denver – 6pm w/ blessthefall, Fire From the Gods, MSCW

Saints Of Never After @ Moxi Theater, Greeley - 7pm w/ 1000 Miles of Fire, Soul Solum, and Hot Sisters

Wednesday February 7th

Post Paradise @ Hodi’s Half Note, Fort Collins–8pm w/ Holdfast and Citral

Goose w/ Amorphic @Hodi’s, Fort Collins–8pm w/ Amorphic

The Russ Liquid Test @Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins – 8pm w/ Skydyed, TwoScoops


Tuesday February 13th RE:Turn Tuesdays Feat. Evanoff w/ FunkStatik and Special Guests @Hodi’s, Fort Collins–8pm w/ FunkStatik and Special Guests Mardi Gras @The Downtown Artery, Fort Collins–7:30pm w/ Gumbo le Funque and Johnny and the Mongrels Mickey Avalon & Dirt Nasty @Bluebird Theater, Denver – 8pm Free Kittens and Bread @Surfside7, Fort Collins – 6pm w/ Nearby Liars, T.V Boy


Rise as Legends @The Downtown Artery, Fort Collins – 9pm W/ Unreasonable Human/ A Flood Foretold/ Goathill Massacre Zoso (The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience) @Bluebird Theater, Denver – 9pm BATCAVE @Surfside7, Fort Collins – 10pm w/ DJ Scott Ancient Elk

@Lost Lake, Denver – 8pm w/ King Eddie, Prettiest Eyes, Grass Ron Pope @The Gothic Theatre, Denver – 8pm w/ The National Parks, The Heart Of

Saturday February 10th Wake Up and Live - A Bob Marley Tribute - Bob Marley Birthday Show @ Hodi’s, Fort Collins – 8pm w/ Rastasaurus and Chivalry

Joyner Lucas / Dizzy Wright: The 508 / Still Movin’ Tour w/ Marlon Craft, Eli, Reezy @Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins – 8pm Special Guests Zoso (The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience) @Bluebird Theater, Denver – 9pm Sour Boy, Bitter Girl @Surfside7, Fort Collins – 9pm w/ Typesetter, I am The Owl Paul Reiser @Rialto Theater Center, Loveland – 7:30pm Instant Empire @Lost Lake, Denver – 8pm Set It Off @Marquis, Denver – 6:30pm w/ The Gospel Youth, Almost, Maine, Rain in July

Sunday February 11th Jeffrey Foucault @The Downtown Artery, Fort Collins – 7pm “For The Love of Hip Hop Competition” (MC and DJ battle) @Hodi’s, Fort Collins–6pm Sliver @Lost Lake, Denver – 7pm w/ Television Generation, Mr. Atomic, Bad Nostalgia

The Dangerous Summer @Marquis, Denver – 6pm w/ Microwave, The Band Camino

Wednesday February 14th Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal @Hodi’s, Fort Collins – 8pm w/ Rush Hour Train and Special Guests Redlands @Moxi Theater, Greeley–7:30pm w/ Valienta, this broken beat Devotchka @Washingtons, Ft. Collins – 8pm w/ Stella Luce Floating Teeth @Lost Lake, Denver – 7pm

Thursday February 15th Flaw @ Moxi Theater, Greeley - 8pm Blacklite District, Infinite Conscious, The Crowned BandWagon Magazine Battle of the Bands. Round 1 : Night 3 @ Hodi’s, Fort Collins – 8pm Pimps of Joytime @Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins – 8pm w/ Toubab Krewe Burlesque Ball presented by BlueStocking Burly-Q @The Downtown Artery, Fort Collins – 7pm J.I.D & EARTHGANG @Bluebird Theater, Denver – 8pm w/ Chaz French + Lute


Jeezy @Summit Music Hall, Denver – 6pm Tee Grizzley Tim Barry @Surfside7, Fort Collins – 8pm Dent May @Lost Lake, Denver – 7pm w/ Moon King

Friday February 16th New Kingston Come From Far winter tour w/ The Late One’s and Special Guests @Hodi’s, Fort Collins – 8pm w/ The Late One’s and Special Guests Sinister Pig @Avogadro’s, Ft. Collins – 9pm w/ Plasma Canvas, Bomb Threat, Scum Cult Write Minded & Project 432 @Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins–8pm w/ Special Guests


The Swashbuckling Doctor @Avogadro’s, Ft. Collins – 7pm w/ Wheelchair Getaway Drivers Viceroy @Bluebird Theater, Denver – 8pm Pruitt, Ventus

Grace Vanderwaal *SOLD OUT* @Bluebird Theater, Denver – 7pm

The Hacks @Lost Lake, Denver – 8pm w/ Dryer Fire

Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe @Washingtons, Ft. Collins – 8pm

Sunday February 18th

Waker @Lost Lake, Denver – 8pm

Baeza @ Moxi Theater, Greeley - 7pm w/ Special Guests

Neck Deep @Ogden Theatre, Denver – 7pm with Seaway, Creeper, Speak Low if You Speak Love

An Evening With Chris Robinson Brotherhood @Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins –8pm

Saturday February 17th Wildermiss @ Moxi Theater, Greeley - 7:30pm w/ Special Guests: The Still Tide, Quentin

RE:Turn Feat. Defunk @Hodi’s, Fort Collins–8pm w/ SuperVision (Pretty Lights Live), ELCTRX & Special Guests An Evening With: John Kadlecik Band @Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins–8pm

. Lauv *SOLD OUT* @Bluebird Theater, Denver – 8pm w/ Jeremy Zucker Walk The Moon @Ogden Theater, Denver – 8pm w/ Company of Theives

FUNK CLUB @The Downtown Artery, Fort Collins – 8pm The Wind + The Wave @Bluebird Theater, Denver – 8pm w/ Haley Johnsen, Rachel Price

Old Shoe and Chicago Farmer Present Dylan & The Dead @Hodi’s, Fort Collins–8pm w/ The Mighty Pines

Shaky Hand String Band @Lost Lake, Denver – 7pm The String Resistance, Pistols in Petticoats

MURS @Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins–8pm w/ Tristan Moore, Stay Tuned, Redcoat Kid, Kanon Lebron Kid Reverie, Anthony Ruptak,

Monday February 19th

Alright Alright @The Downtown Artery, Fort Collins – 8pm

Tuesday February 20th

The Wind & The Wave @Moxi Theater, Greeley–8pm w/ Rachel Price, Haley Johnson Bahamas @Bluebird Theater, Denver – 8pm w/ The Weather Station


Wednesday February 21st Whitey Morgan @ Moxi Theater, Greeley - 8pm The Lil Smokies @ Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins–7pm w/ The Wooks and Special Guests Margo Price *SOLD OUT* @Bluebird Theater, Denver – 8pm w/ Blank Range

The Lil Smokies

Brent Faiyaz @Lost Lake, Denver – 7pm Diana Gordon, Amber Olivier


Thursday February 22nd

Danielle Ate The Sandwich @Avogadro’s, Ft. Collins – 6:30pm w/ Peter Mulvey

Whitney Peyton @Moxi Theater, Greeley–8pm w/ 5280 Mystic, W, Sacramento, Carti Ferrari, Young Potion, Lil Z, Neon Noir

Attack on Venus @Surfside7, Fort Collins – 9pm w/ The Leshen

The Sibling Rivalry Tour: Hannah Wickland and the Steppin’ Stones & The High Divers @Hodi’s, Fort Collins – 8pm

Davina And The Vagabonds-] @Lost Lake, Denver –7pm

J Boog - L.O.E. Tour @Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins –8pm w/ Jesse Royal and Etana

BandWagon Magazine Battle of the Bands @ Moxi Theater, Greeley - 7:30pm w/ Soul Solum, Infinite Conscious, Nelson

Friday February 23rd

The Travelin’ McCourys and Billy Strings @Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins – 8pm w/ Special Guests We are William/ Kenaima/ Triton/ The Leshen/ Boar Worship @The Downtown Artery, Fort Collins – 8pm Dreamer’s Delight @Bluebird Theater, Denver – 9pm w/ Nym, Tortuga, Telemetry, Edamame The Piano Men @Union Colony Civic Center, Greeley – 7:30pm Slow Caves (7” Release) @Lost Lake, Denver – 8pm w/ Gleemer, Panther Martin

Monday February 26th Palm @Lost Lake, Denver – 7pm w/ The Spirit Of The Beehive, Plague Survivor

Tuesday February 27th Blitzen Trapper @Bluebird Theater, Denver – 8pm w/ Liz Cooper & The Stampede The Academic @Lost Lake, Denver – 7pm w/ Modern Suspects New Politics @Ogden Theatre, Denver – 7:30pm w/ Dreamers, The Wrecks

Saturday February 24th Wednesday February 28th The Alternate Routes @ Moxi Theater, Greeley - 7pm Porlolo EP Release @The Downtown Artery, Fort Collins – 8pm with Wildermiss and The Still Tide


Why? @Bluebird Theater, Denver – 8pm w/ Florist


Rob Drabkin @Bluebird Theater, Denver – 9pm

Kyle Hollingsworth Band @ Aggie Theatre - Ft. Collins - 8pm w/ Hot Buttered Rum - Kyle’s 50th Birthday & Album Release Party

Lotus @Fillmore Auditorium, Denver – 8pm

Blitzen Trapper @ Washington’s - Ft. Collins - 6pm

Sunday February 25th

Saturday March 3rd

Ces Cru @ Moxi Theater, Greeley - 7:00pm w/ G-Mo Skee

Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal @ Moxi Theater, Greeley - 8pm w/ Ben Pu & Crew

Motionless In White - The Graveyard Shift Tour @Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins–6pm

Musketeer Gripweed @ Hodi’s Half Note - Ft. Collins - 8pm w/ Special Guests



February 2018 - Blitzen Trapper  

In This Issue: One Flew West | IDK | Washington's Grand Opening Decatur | Michael Olivier | The Colorado Sound

February 2018 - Blitzen Trapper  

In This Issue: One Flew West | IDK | Washington's Grand Opening Decatur | Michael Olivier | The Colorado Sound