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Bobble Water Bottles

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These are the perfect alternative to single-use plastic water bottles. The Bobble reusable water bottle contains a carbon filter that acts as a magnet to chemicals and impurities, leaving your drinking water fresh and clean. Plus, each filter equates to 300 singleuse bottles, which of course makes Mother Earth smile. BPA, phthalate and PVC free, Bobble is guilt-free as well!

Live Good Luxurious Organic Sateen Sheets Bamboo loves Live Good! With the trend toward sustainable, environmentally-friendly products, more and more organic cotton goods have cropped up. And that’s a wonderful thing! But not all are of the standard of Live Good. These sheets are high quality, luxurious, comfortable and made right here in the U.S.

Oxylent Oxygenating Multivitamin Drink Oxylent not only tastes great but it oxygenates, hydrates, circulates and rejuvenates! These drink packets are perfect when you are on-the-go and are sweetened with stevia (original Oxylent only has less than 2 grams of organic cane sugar). Prenatal and children’s formulas, too!

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Auromére Ayurvedic Products Auromére’s Rejuvenating Mud Bath is wonderfully potent! Its skin-nourishing properties are sensed immediately after use as its four types of clay work to extract the toxins that can leave the skin feeling clogged. The result is fresh, smooth skin that can breathe again! For skin that needs extra attention, Auromére’s Ayurvedic Neem Balm helps soothe the driest areas of the skin. Great for cracked heels and elbows!

Cold Eeze Oral Throat Spray Cold Eeze is a homeopathic cold remedy that is proven to shorten the duration of colds. We at Bamboo love this product! With the addition of the great-tasting, sugar-free oral throat spray, Cold Eeze has made it even easier to get relief.

World Centric Compostable Toothbrushes What a wonderful idea – one of the most discarded necessities, toothbrushes, made from plants instead of plastics. The result? A compostable product that will not take up space in a landfill and is BPI certified, giving you one more opportunity to do something good for the planet.

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Nordic Naturals Not all fish oil supplements are created equal! Bamboo loves Nordic Naturals because of their commitment to meeting or exceeding pharmaceutical standards for quality, ensuring that each product is rigorously tested for freshness, heavy metals and chemicals. Nordic Naturals has a complete line of omegas and EPA/DHA oils to choose from to help support heart health and anti-inflammatory response… and none leave that fishy aftertaste. We also love them because our kids love the Omega-3 Gummies!

Mandala Serving Board by Tanja Sova Biologist and woodworker Tanja Sova’s designs are so unique and lovingly made that we just had to share! Handmade from salvaged cherry firewood and cured with food-safe conditioner, Tanja’s mandala serving board is a work of art – a beautiful complement to any kitchen ware. The mandala design is manually wood-burned into the piece; no two are exactly alike. Visit Tanja’s Etsy shop for more original, natural works of art!

Jonathan Product Green Rootine for Hair Jonathan Product’s Green Rootine shampoos and conditioners are wonderfully moisturizing and nourishing. Their styling products definitely do the trick without using those nasty chemicals. Plus, they are 100% natural and smell divine! Synthetic free, paraben free, petrochemical free and vegan!


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show + tell Naked Organix Soaps and Body Butters Completely plant-based, Naked Organix products are created to help moisturize, protect and repair the skin. The Argan Body Butter is a delightful moisturizer for face and body, helping to repair even the driest skin, with a delicate scent. The Naked Organix Cleansing Bars are made in small batches with organic, wild-crafted ingredients. Check out the Neem Cleansing Bar to help soothe common skin ailments.

Puristics Totally Ageless Skincare How wonderful is it that Puristics has created a product that is pure AND easy on the wallet? The Bamboo Team had the opportunity to test the entire Puristics line and we were impressed! We’ve tried many high-end natural skincare lines and these products definitely compare. Our skin became plump, happy and smooth again!

Wee Essentials Bamboo and Organic Cotton Nursing Pads Super soft, super comfy alternatives to those plastic disposable breast pads found in stores. Wee Essentials creates custom orders in any pattern you choose. Made with bamboo and organic cotton with a PUL center, these pads will not only keep you dry but you will be doing the environment a favor by reusing these necessities!

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The majority of our immune system is in our GI tract, so it makes sense to get the right nutritional support before and after vaccinations. For vaccinating families, Vaccishield provides immune-boosting ingredients formulated by a naturopathic physician, aiding in brain, immune, detox and gastrointestinal function.

Ladybug Jane Flavor Balms These lip balms are sure to be your child’s favorites. Not only do flavors like Wacky Watermelon, Crazy Coconut, Vanilla Cupcake and Orange Bliss smell divine but these moisturizing balms truly are THE alternative to those artificial, petroleumbased ones. Ladybug Jane Flavor Balms are totally natural, 100% vegan, organic, non-toxic and to top it off they are paraben and phthalate free!

Zaza Hammocks These fabulous reversible, convertible hammocks are perfect for babies through teens! It can be used as a cozy crib for babies and toddlers or as a swing for older children. These hammocks provide the perfect place to cuddle up with your little one and read or nap. Hang it indoors or out; its sturdy construction will give you peace of mind. Zaza Hammocks are handmade using upcycled fabrics and come with a carrying bag for easy transport for picnics or camping.


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MamAmor Dolls We are in love with these gorgeous dolls! MamAmor has handcrafted one-of-a-kind dolls that bring focus to a muchneeded component in the toy industry: the normal, natural processes of birthing and breastfeeding. Each heirloomquality doll is completely unique and is a great educational tool. The team of mothers behind MamAmor have created these dolls with soul and intention: a breastfeeding mama with merino hair who nestles her baby close as he/she suckles; a birthing mama who delivers her baby naturally (even via VBAC!); a just-birthed baby with his/her cord, placenta and receiving blanket; a baby-wearing papa and toddler-wearing mama team. Not only will MamAmor dolls be cherished by your child for years to come, but they are an ideal resource for birth professionals and play therapy as well. We are so impressed and inspired by MamAmor and their wonderful craftwork. You and your child will love celebrating breastfeeding, babywearing and birthing with MamAmor dolls!

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NurturMe Organic Baby Food

show + tell Wee Can Too Edible Art Supplies How brilliant are the ladies at Wee Can Too? Chalk, crayons and finger paint may not be on your list of edible delicacies but no worries here if they happen to end up in your baby’s mouth! Although not intended as food, you can rest easy knowing that the ingredients in Wee Can Too Art Supplies are completely non-toxic, organic, vegan and contain no preservatives, dairy, wheat or sugar. And the quality? Superior. You’d never know you were using art supplies made from food-based ingredients.

Organic and made in the U.S., NurturMe baby food is all natural, gluten-free and rich in nutrients. Each pouch contains quick-dried (preserving nutrients better than jarring) fruits and veggies great for when you’re on-the-go -- simply mix with breast milk or water. NurturMe has recently partnered with Feed the Children – for every 18-serving Variety Pack purchase they will donate an additional product!

Wee Essentials Reusable Sandwich Bags Bamboo loves to support small businesses! Wee Essentials has created these adorable reusable sandwich bags that contain no phthalates, BPA, PVC or lead. Made with high-quality, durable cotton, these “baggies” can be washed and reused again and again. Why buy those plastic bags to store your child’s sandwich in when you can use these lovelies?

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Be Kind Glassware Be kind to the earth by using Be Kind glassware! A great alternative to plastic dishes and cups, Be Kind products contain no PVC, BPA, phthalates, lead or other toxins that plastics can have. Made with durable tempered glass, you can be confident that this glassware is impact- and chip-resistant. Be Kind’s glass tumbler also comes with an attachable Sillisipper sipping lid, made of 100% food-grade silicone. We highly recommend this safe, high-quality tableware for even the most rambunctious child! Plus, a portion of Be Kind’s proceeds benefit charity:water!

Live Good Organic Baby Pillow Live Good Baby Pillows are of the same high quality as their bedding sets and they are comfortable, soft and luxurious! With simple, unique designs these pillows will fit nicely with any décor. Using water-based ink, the Endangered Species Organic Pillow Line depicts animals that are now facing extinction, bringing about awareness and appreciation to these precious creatures.

Maty’s Cough Syrup Although winter has passed and the bulk of the cold and flu season is waning, it’s still a good idea to keep supplemental cough support on hand. Maty’s is allnatural and made with immune-boosting, antioxidantrich buckwheat honey. Completely food-based, this cough syrup is a powerful, great tasting alternative to chemical-laden over-the-counter medicines.

Organic Baby Shoes from Kaya’s Kloset These adorable baby shoes are hard to resist. Kaya’s Kloset makes them from unbleached organic cotton with reclaimed corduroy soles. The delightful hand-painted design on each shoe is made from water-based, non-toxic pigment. You baby will look so cute and her feet will feel so comfy!

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Bamboo Magazine Show + Tell Spring 2012 Gifts + Goodies  

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