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Chai Lifeline’s Achim B’Yachad Group Visits Baltimore

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A record overflow crowd of 9500 people attended this year’s Chometz Burning event. PAGE 12

TI Preschool students enjoying a handson matzah baking experience




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APRIL 23, 2015

CHAI invites all prospective homebuyers to attend its annual



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• Tour Open Houses in the CHAI neighborhood

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 5:00 p.m. at the Weinberg Park Heights JCC 5700 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore

• Meet with realtors, lenders and other housing professionals

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Safety&Service The Maryland Jewish Community Award for Exceptional Service, Safety, and Security

Sunday, April 26, 2015 7:00pm

On the heels of the great success of our Youth Award, Project Ezra & the Chesed Fund are announcing our Community Safety Award, giving recognition to adults who have gone above and beyond to help ensure the safety and security

DoubleTree by Hilton Baltimore North - Pikesville of our community. Submit your nominees and join us for a special awards ceremony, held in conjunction with the Youth Award ceremony, to honor those who have contributed outstandingly to our community.

SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO HATZALAH, SHOMRIM & CHAVERIM! This program is in memory of Philip Kauffman, vwwg, affectionately known as Pop-Pop, who was a proud Jewish World War II veteran. A family man par excellence, he was truly devoted to his dear family and wife of over 70 years; a man of great humility, kindness and patience. Also dedicated in memory of Rosalie Zwagil, vwwg, had a vivacious personality and an energetic personality. She loved to be a part of Jewish culture and Jewish music. More importantly, she had a passion for helping people in need especially sick children. Her organization, Kappa Guild, in which she was involved in donated charity to various causes which aided sick children. Also dedicated in memory of Paul Naden, vwwg, who was the embodiment of kindness. ▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼

The Chesed Fund Limited is dedicated in memory of Mordechai & Rebecca Kapiloff vwwg, Dr. Bernard Kapiloff vwwg and Rabbi Norman & Louise Gerstenfeld vwwg




Climbing the Mountain:

APRIL 23, 2015

This Sunday!


How Sefiras HaOmer is a Training Program for Greatness Charlie inspires people from every background with his rare blend of passion, professional expertise, academic rigor, and spiritual wisdom. He is an active community leader and a sought after speaker, inspiring hundreds of thousands of people across the globe with his TV media .and online video campaigns He is the founder and president of Milvado Inc., teaching spirituality in modern ways. He is also a Senior Lecturer for the OU, Aish Hatorah and NCSY. He is the CEO of H3 Capital LLC in NY, and a member of the Executive Board of the OU and the Conference of Young Jewish .Presidents

Sunday, May 3, 2015 NEW 8:00 pm TIME! Bais Yaakov High School for Girls M. Leo Storch Auditorium 6300 Smith Avenue

7:15 pm: Mincha 7:30 pm: Weekly M. Leo Storch Memorial Lecture by Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, Faculty, Ner Israel Rabbinical College and Rav, Agudas Israel of Baltimore 8:00 pm: 43rd Annual M. Leo Storch Memorial Lecture by Charlie Harary .A sign language interpreter will be available upon request with one week notice


43 43



Project Ezra of Greater Baltimore, Inc. & the Chesed Fund Limited Present

Charlie Harary rd




All-New Program Honoring Deserving Youth & Adults

the community is invited to attend the




APRIL 23, 2015

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HUMOR & ENTERTAINMENT Centerfold. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Notable Quotes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40

COVER STORY Bobker On Hakoras Hatov and Yom Ha’atzmaut . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Creating the Kosher Kitchen on a Budget. . . . . . . 36

LIFESTYLES 7 Ways to Deal with Bad Credit When Renting. . . 44 Book Review - When Less is More. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 In The Kitchen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Political Crossfire. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 Spring into Salad. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Forgotten Heroes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 My Israel Home. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54

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Dear Readers, Last night, as I was working on some editing, I needed something sweet to munch on. I opened up my cabinets and surveyed the offerings. Well, why not snack on some macaroons? I was surprised that I was eating them. Macaroons? After eight days of eating nothing else? Well, Pesach is now in the rearview mirror and it’s a distant memory. I can almost say that I don’t remember all the matzah, marror and macaroons. I do remember, though, the wonderful time we had on yom tov. It truly is a time to spend with family and the children had a wonderful time with their cousins. Hiding the afikomen, jumping on couches (don’t tell Bubby!), making concerts, and staying up ‘til the wee hours of the morning—it couldn’t have been more fun for them. Last week was Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, and as I was reading memoirs about Holocaust survivors, as I do every year at this time I stopped for a moment and asked myself: Will my children ever meet a Holocaust survivor? Will they ever meet someone who survived the concentration camps? Will they ever remember that they met a survivor, when it ac-

tually means something to them? I feel extremely connected to the Holocaust. After all, the six million kedoshim were each and every one of ours sisters and brothers. My grandfather was a survivor, but sadly he passed away almost three years ago. The survivors of Hitler’s atrocities are sadly slipping away. It’s been seventy years since the camps were liberated, but where are those witnesses today? And where will they be in ten years from now? Twenty years from now? Will there be any left to tell their story and witness the horrors that the world once refused to acknowledge? “What will become of all the memories,” Abie Rotenberg writes in his song, “Memories.” “Are they to scatter with the dust in the breeze?” he poignantly asks. This year, I urge you to reach out to those you know who survived the war. Listen to their stories, record them, and write them down. This way, you can bear witness to our nation’s tragedy. You can be their eyes and ears and mouths, and remember the horror for future generations “when the very last survivor fades away.” Wishing you a wonderful week, Yaakov

National News. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 That’s Odd. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25

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APRIL 23, 2015


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“The Tribe” at Shomrei Emunah Welcomes Shabbos The time of the Isaiah was drawing to a close. The miraculous and glorious time of prophecy was beginning to wane. A veil of secrecy began to envelop God, the long and dark exile of the Jewish people was starting. Desperation fills the air. You can almost hear a sense of urgency in the final chapters of Isaiah. A feeling of remorse and intense sadness replaces the warnings of impending doom. Isaiah begins to prepare his people for the precarious future that lay ahead. Sefer Isaiah is divided primarily into three segments. The first admon-

Isaiah. Herein lies a call to the myriads of Jews yet to be born. Herein lies our flight manual. Herein lies our banner for eternity. Be strong. Be patient. Be resilient. You’re going to be okay. In the midst of this passionate foretelling of the positive future, Isaiah seems to momentarily interrupt his national directive, and did the slightest of moments, seemingly once again speaks of gloom and doom. Chapter 57 opens with a story that is all too familiar to us in today’s day and age. The children will rebel, cries Isaiah. The children will reject the ways of

people will stray. They will be lost. The exile will take its toll on them. Thousands of years of persecution and victimization will wound them. Tire them. The people will be holding on by a thread. Judaism will be strained and the allegiance of its members worn thin. It is then, says the eternal Rav Shwab, at our darkest hour that the children will rebel. They will not rebel from Judaism but rather the lackluster prosaicness that preys on Judaism. They will not reject their parents but rather the melancholy of their parents. Judaism will be reborn with the

Emunah, a group of individuals join together to welcome the holy Shabbat. Ten. Twenty. Thirty. Forty. Fifty. Slowly but steadily, a conglomerate of Jews of all ages bond together to create a cohesive mesh of personalities. A beautifully unified minyan forms. They call themselves “The Tribe” a diversified group of identities that all have one mission in common. To welcome Shabbat Kodesh with excitement and joy. Singing ensues. Magnificent harmonies of classical Jewish songs and more modern tunes. Enthusiastic dancing. The place is electric,

ishes the people for straying from God. The second consoles the Jewish people. The third and final component contains a message of hope and glimpses of a time yet to come-a time when the Jewish people will rise once again. In the 57th chapter of Isaiah, Isaiah is in the midst of this third and final message. Isaiah had begun to paint a picture of the day when God and the Jewish people will again walk arm-inarm. Herein lies the lasting legacy of

their parents. Rav Shimon Shwab is perturbed by this apparent incongruence. Isaiah did not just lose his train of thought. He did not merely get distracted while telling the prophecy of God. So what happened? What’s going on here? Why a note of sadness in a song of hope? Grappling with this question, Rav Shwab had a fantastic realization that he shares with us. A beautiful realization. As the years go by, the Jewish

vitality and verve of its youth. Literally. This, says Rav Shwab, is the reason that the location of 57th chapter of Isaiah is correct. The children rebelling is not a message of despair, but a harbinger of a turning of the tide. An indication that the Messiah is coming. A bastion to the world that “Am Yisroel Chai”. Our world has seen this vision come to fruition in recent years. Our children search for meaning and connection. It is evident in their questions and apparent in their struggles. European Jewry holds meaning to them. The educational formats of fifteen years ago are not working for many of them. They are searching for God. Some, more thorough than we ever did. There are encouraging signs of searching Jews all around us. A renewed sense of devotion to Judaism is on the horizon. It’s all around us. It’s even in our backyard. In one of the small and more intimate rooms of Congregation Shomrei

and you can feel it within every fiber of your being. This is Kabbalat Shabbat. You can feel it in the air. Shabbat is coming. The Tribe is a weekly minyan that takes place every Friday evening at Congregation Shomrei Emunah. On Shabbat M’vorchim, the Shabbat before Rosh Chodesh, the Tribe has an instrumental Yedid Nefesh before candle lighting. If you have not heard their Yedid Nefesh with guitars, violins, and bongos, you have not experienced a real Yedid Nefesh. It is the message of our prophet Isaiah. The children are rebelling. They look for God in a godless world. The Tribe is a manifestation of that yearning for truth and connection. They are searching for God. As the sun goes down over Baltimore and you hear the incredible sounds of their voices, I think you might just agree. They are finding Him too.


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APRIL 23, 2015

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Sassoon Family Initiative On Shabbos Parshas Vayikra, seven pure neshamos were taken from the Sassoon family, and from us as a nation. Since the horrific tragedy, a palpable sense of sadness has overcome our community. Many individuals took on kabbalos or did special mitzvos as a zechus for the aliyah of the children’s neshamos, or, as a zechus for the refuah sheleima for the surviving mother and daughter. We cried for them, and continue to. Jews

the Sassoon family has been consulted regarding this initiative and he has given his approval, expressing that this would be appreciated by the family. Please submit any letters of comfort, condolences, or best of all - sharing how you personally or as a community have changed as a result of the Sassoon family’s tragedy. Whether it be a one time change (e.g. baking challa or lighting Shabbos candles

early), or a long-term change to better yourself as a person or as a Jew (e.g. being extra careful in one area of shmiras Shabbos, shmiras halashon, learning a daf, focusing on bettering a particular midda, or getting rid of non-tzanua clothing), please help us by sharing these words and stories of chizzuk with the Sassoon family. You do not need to have taken on any kabbala- even just letting them know


Ma alot Balt IMo R E P R E sE n ts

Regis ter now!

U Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser Rav, Khal Bais Yitzchok

U Mr. Charlie Harary

Entrepreneur Professor, Sy Syms Business School

U Mrs. Debbie Greenblatt

Senior Lecturer, Gateways Organization

U Mrs. Bracha Goldberger

Rebbetzin, Congregation Tiferes Yisroel

locatio Moses Monte n: fio Emunah Con re Anshe gregation 7000 Rockla nd Hills Drive Baltimore, M D 21209

Sunday, May 3, 2015 $18 couvert includes lunch – $15 for Maalot alumnae Register at or email For further information, please call the Maalot office, 410-358-3144 ext. 18

F u n d i n g p R o v i d e d t h R o u g h t h e C h a R l e S C R a n e F a M i ly F o u n d at i o n

9:30 am – 4:30 pm For women only

that you, as a complete stranger to them, are thinking of them and davening for them is a huge nechama. We may all know that our hearts are with them- but we cannot assume that they are aware of the massive impact the tragedy has had on us. Please, take the time to write a letter of your own and let them know that they are not alone. We all still daven, still care. Feel free to include your name and where you are from to make the letters more personal. Emails can be sent to: . Please share this initiative with everyone. The more letters collected, the more powerful the impact. May we share only simachos with one another and merit Mashiach tzidkeinu b’imheira biyameinu! Tefilos for the refuah sheleima of both Gila bas Francis & Tzipora bas Gila are still very much needed. Please note that this initiative is collaborating with, “sassoonkabala@”. Emails sent to both addresses will, be”H, be presented to the Sassoons in the same book.

Women in the Workplace

pportunities hallenges


of all different religious affiliations, from all backgrounds and political views, came together in mourning the loss of these seven pure neshamos. As an effort to let the Sasoons know that Klal Yisrael is together in this with them, an initiative has been established to collect letters of nechama and chizuk for the Sasoon family. B’ezras Hashem, these letters will be compiled into a beautiful book and presented to the family. The Rav of


APRIL 23, 2015




WHAT IS DAF HAYOMI B’HALACHA? A mere 7 years ago, Daf HaYomi B’Halacha started a movement, embarking on a journey to know the Halachos of everyday living. Today, tens of thousands worldwide have benefitted and are joined together by the daily limud of Mishnah Berurah and Mussar from Sifrei Chofetz Chaim. Gedolei Yisrael have endorsed and encouraged Dirshu’s Daf HaYomi B’Halacha program’s unique retention and accountability methods, as a way to master Halacha.

Q: How do I keep track of the Daf HaYomi B’Halacha schedule?

Q: What does the “daily limud” cover?

A: No enrollment is necessary. Simply learn the daily Halacha limud of Mishnah Berurah. Additionally, you can join a Daf HaYomi B’Halacha shiur in your neighborhood. Live shiurim are available in dozens of cities throughout the world.

A: A pocket luach, which lists the daily limud by date, is available. Call 888-5-DIRSHU or email to receive your free copy.

A: The program consists of learning a daily amud of Mishnah Berurah and an amud of “Biurim Umusafim” - contemporary halachic applications from today’s Gedolei Haposkim, as well as a selection of Mussar from Sifrei Chofetz Chaim.

APRIL 23, 2015

Q: How do I join Daf HaYomi B’Halacha?

Q: What does the“daily learning program” entail? A: One side in the Mishnah Berurah, 5 days a week, with Friday and Shabbos reserved for Chazara of the limud of the previous 5 days.

Q: How long is an average shiur? A: Approximately 30 minutes a day.

A: No. Tests are optional. They are administered once a month, usually on a Sunday. For a listing of the testing sites, call 888-5-DIRSHU, press 1 and then 7.

Q: If I miss my shiur, are other shiurim recorded? A: Yes, you can access shiurim via Kol Haloshon or Torah Anytime. Live Shiurim and recordings

Audio and video shiurim recordings

USA: 718-906-6400 Canada: 416-800-2146

Q: Are there any other resources to assist me? A: Yes. The program offers a free daily email, which features a synopsis of halachos covered that day. Simply send an email to to be added to the list.


Bottom Line Marketing Group: 718.377.4567

Q: If I learn Daf HaYomi B’Halacha, must I take the bechinos?

Around the YKY-TI Model Matzah Bakery Trip

Community Northrop Grumman Engineering Presentation and Experiment at YKY-TI


APRIL 23, 2015


Bill Saks delivering a fascinating presentation to the 7th grade on the importance and significance of engineering

Dr. Adean Zapinsky examining a bridge that students were to construct using just 3 sheets of paper and few inches of tape. The bridge needed to be strong enough to hold a role of pennies and large enough for a 2 liter bottle to pass through.

National Aquarium Visits YKY-TI

Preschool students enjoying a hands-on matzah baking experience

A scene from the 12th Annual Pre-Pesach Car Cleaning at the home of Frank and Danielle Sarah Storch

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades enjoying an interesting and interactive Shark and marine-lfe presentation

Around the TA 4th Graders had a special visit from Rabbi Yisroel Greenwald of Melbourne, Australia, who regaled the boys with a special presentation on Parshas Shemini. The boys asked great questions and gave some great

answers. Thank you, Rabbi Greenwald, for taking time out of your busy schedule to help our talmidim understand more clearly some of the halachos that pertain to Shemoneh Sheratzim.

OCA Student Government Runs Pre-Pesach Food Drive Right before Pesach break, Rabbi Margolese dropped off the food that the Ohr Chadash families donated to the Creative Charter School in a

Pre-Pesach Food Drive. Everyone at the school was so thankful and excited. Jaymon, a student there, helped bring in the loads of boxes.


Rabbi Yisroel Greenwald of Melbourne Australia Visits TA



APRIL 23, 2015

TA First Grade Visit to the Model Matzah Bakery Before Pesach, our first graders visited the Model Matzah Bakery. Thank you to Rabbi Hillel Baron for

Monday Latte & Learning in Potomac Potomac Latte and Learning was back in action right after Pesach break with a great turnout at Starbucks! We discussed the greatness of Rabbi Akiva to pick himself up and rebuild with

new students after 24,000 of his students died in a plague. We must push ahead and keep cracking away at our struggles until we can overcome them and not give up!

bringing matzah baking to life for our talmidim.


APRIL 23, 2015


Around the


Chai Lifeline’s Achim B’Yachad Group Visits Baltimore Cohn

Tuesday morning, April 14th a group of children and their counselors of the Achim B’Yachad - Chai Lifeline organization left New York City making their way to Maryland for a three-day trip. The following day they went to visit the government officials in Washington DC. Thanks to our considerate and caring Senators and House of Representative’s efforts, they were given a tour at the U.S. Capitol, the Bureau of Printing and Engraving and a special tour at The Pentagon. That was all an amazing experience and a great source of courage for these special children in need. The Medieval Times horse show was a nice way to finish off their day. Yesterday, Thursday, April 16, on the third day of the trip as the group is heading back home safely to NYC, they gave the Baltimore community the opportunity to welcome their group. They experienced an exciting adventure at the Urban Pirates at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. That was a beautiful boat ride filled with sun, fun and action.

By Isaac Draiman

For lunch they visited Tov Pizza. The children and counselors were welcomed by the Tov Pizza’s friendly owner Ronnie Rosenbluth and courteous staff members whose priority was to meet all their needs. “The lunch at Tov Pizza was such a success. The main thing is that the kids liked the food and enjoyed the cozy environment,” says Reb Shea Wagschal, the group’s leader. On Thursday morning, the group had a difficult time obtaining a Sefer Torah. Through the help of Mr. Rosenbluth and Rabbi Yitzchak Neger arrangements were made for a Sefer Torah to be brought to the store for them on short notice so they could all hear krias HaTorah. Additional kudos to Dovid Heyman of Hatzalah and Rachel Rosenberg, a Camp Simcha Physical Therapist, for their help in creating such a warm and hospitable environment for this group. It was beautiful - but, not surprising, to see how devoted the Baltimore community was to this special group.

A record overflow crowd of 9500 people (according to Fire Department estimates) attended this year’s Chometz Burning event. Our thanks go to Project Ezra and the Chesed Fund for sponsoring this event.



HOW DO YOU MENTSCH? Men are born; mentschen are made. Learn how at This project was supported by Grant No. 2013-CY-AX-K010 awarded by OVW, DOJ. The opinions, findings, conclusions and recommendations expressed in this program are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the OVW, DOJ.


APRIL 23, 2015


Introducing to Baltimore‌

Hair extension + Hat system Comfortable, easy, affordable Transforms the way you cover your hair

Want to find out more? Come check it out! Call or Text Lolly Friedman 443-929-6100 3101 Bonnie Rd 21208


Our 6th incredible summer!!!

ente Temimah haim Zvi S hiva Torah s e Y With R’ C in r iu Sh lita, Magid uchni. ch Posy Sh Manhig R & r iu h S id Rav Chano g a M s a rning will be retu



th 3 1 21st -August






l er Yisroe ssaic • N a P f o a h t a emim Mesiv • Torah T g Beach • ATISFIED S F ore • Telz yahu (Toronto) ta of Lon O iv im s S e lt D a E M B R • f D z HUN h • TA o ron Shma Kaminet ’ar HaTora Rockaway • Zich i Torah • iva • Sha r • Darche h a s F in e f rl Y o e B ia S AT eshiva delph Chaim elipol • Y sk • Phila OK FUCH tzky • Vy Novomin LL YITZCH re A e C V E • S s A a da CE, PLE Torah Vo EXPERIEN T YEAR’S S LA F O VD lievable R FOR A D er’s unbe OR EMAIL ATION, O last summ M f R o O ts F h IN lig e h E d video hig rience at www.a FOR MOR e heck out




78 917.543.11

mmer aderessu



APRIL 23, 2015

SWATCH MEDIA 347.403.2744


retz Yisroel! E In r e m m u S Amazing Join Us For An r Shlita of Yeshiva Aderes Hatorah.




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AnniversAry bAnquet 1 9 5 2 1 9 7 7 th monday, June 8 , 2015 1 9 5 3 1 9 7 8 1 9 5214 sivan 5775 1 9 7 9 Beth tfiloh  3300 old Court road  Baltimore, maryland

1 9 5 5 5:45 Pm  dinner: 1 96:45 8 CoCktails: Pm 0

1 9 3 0harBotzas torah awards 1 9 5 6 rabbi Boruch Brull 1 9 3 rabbi 1 1 9 5 7 Peretz dinovitz

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1 9 3 exCellenCe 2 1 9 5 8 in eduCation award mrs. leah Girnun 1 9 3 3 1 9 5 9 

1 9 8 alumnus 3 of the year 2 0 0 8 mr. yanky statman 1 9 8 4 Class of ‘99 2 0 0 9

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Couvert: $180 Per Person  CorPorate taBle: $5,000 sCholarshiP taBle: $3,600  sPonsor taBle: $1,800

1 9 3 5

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of the year 1 9 GrandParents 8 1 2 0 0 6 rabbi menachem & rebbetzin Bracha 1 9 8 2Goldberger 2 0 0 7


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1 9 6 2 1 9 8 7 2 0 1 2 For dinner reservations & ads please contact Mrs. Sandy Guttenberg: 410-484-6600 1 9x304 6 • 1 9• 8 8 2 0 1 3 

1 9 6 4

Mr. Ari Krupp


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rAbbi yehuDA LefKovitz

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rAbbi yAAKov LefKovitz

direCtor of develoPment 1 9 9 0 2 0 1 5 

& Mrs. Dov ocKen 1 9 4 1 Mr. 1 9 6 6 exeCutive direCtor 1 9 9 1direCtor of aCtivities 2 0 1 6 Banquet Co-Chairmen Mr. & Mrs. Aryeh Gross

1 9 4 2


rAbbi yAAcov cohen

rAbbi yehuDA zeLinGer



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1 9 2 4

APRIL 23, 2015

1 9 4 8 1 9 7 3 1 9 9 8 Talmudical Academy of Baltimore cordially invites you to attend its 1 9 2 3 1 9 4 9 1 9 7 4 1 9 9 9

1 9 4 3


1 9 1 7


APRIL 23, 2015


The Week Global Hundreds Missing as Boat Carrying Libyan Refugees Capsizes

A large boat carrying hundreds of migrants from Libya tragically capsized in the Mediterranean on Sunday. Italian authorities and foreign ships and helicopters searched through the night to find possible survivors. To date, 28 people were rescued and 24 bodies were recovered. There are still almost 900 bodies unaccounted for. The 20 meter-long vessel sank 70 miles from the Libyan coast, south of the southern Italian island of Lampedusa, as a large merchant ship approached it. A survivor told the United Nations’ refugee agency UNHCR that the 900 people on board, hopeful the ship would save them, moved to one side, tipping the boat. As the crisis in the Middle East worsens, more and more people are attempting to flee. Europe has downsized its seek and rescue border protection program, hoping it would deter migrants. But international aid groups have strongly criticized the decision. Many migrants have been fleeing illegally. If the death toll is confirmed from Sunday’s tragedy that would raise the number of people who died this year while trying to reach Europe to 1,500—a drastic spike from the same period last year. After news of Sunday’s disaster broke, several government leaders called for emergency talks and EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said foreign ministers would discuss the immigration crisis at a meeting in Luxembourg on Monday. European

Council President Donald Tusk said he was considering calling a special meeting of EU leaders, a summit that Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi had called for earlier. Around 20,000 migrants have reached the Italian coast this year, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) estimates. That is fewer than in the first four months of last year, but the number of deaths has risen almost nine-fold. Last week, around 400 migrants were reported to have died attempting to reach Italy from Libya when their boat capsized. French President Francois Hollande charged the EU has to do more, saying rescue and disaster prevention efforts need “more boats, more over flights and a much more intense battle against people trafficking.” In response to the tragedy, European parliament president Martin Schulz asked, “How many more people will have to drown until we finally act in Europe? How many times more do we want to express our dismay, only to then move on to our daily routine?” He added, “Words of grief are not enough. We cannot continue like this.”

Iran: U.S. Created “Myth” of Nuclear Weapons

A few short weeks ago, Iran and the P5+1 powers, a global group that includes the U.S., reached a framework nuclear agreement. However, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is now singing a very different tune. He says that America is responsible for creating the “myth” of Iran’s nuclear weapons in order to portray the country as a threat. “They created the myth of nuclear weapons so they could say the Is-

In News lamic Republic is a source of threat,” Khamenei said in a televised address to Iranian military commanders, Reuters reported. “No, the source of threat is America itself, with its unrestrained, destabilizing interventions. The other side is methodically and shamelessly threatening us militarily. ... Even if they did not make these overt threats, we would have to be prepared,” he added. As part of the agreement, Khamenei demanded that all current sanctions against Iran be lifted immediately. The White House, though, insists on a gradual lifting of sanctions. The deadline for Iran and the world powers to reach a final agreement is June 30.

“Accountant of Auschwitz” on Trial

It is a trial that will bring back gruesome memories for some and fittingly commenced the week after Yom Hashoah. The “accountant of Auschwitz,” Oskar Gröning, 93, is on trial for his deeds and many travelled to Germany to see the monster and hear his words. Gröning recounted his two years spent at the extermination camp after volunteering for the SS as he is being charged with complicity in the murder of 300,000 Jews. “It is without question that I am morally complicit in the murder of millions of Jews through my activities at Auschwitz,” the Nazi said, clutching his notes and looking directly at the bench. “Before the victims, I also admit to this moral guilt here, with regret and humility. To the question as to whether I am criminally culpable, that’s for you to decide.” His statement came at the end of a

detailed 50-minute account of his time at Auschwitz-Birkenau, which included how he was initially sent there and his attempts to get transferred elsewhere because of the atrocities he had seen, including seeing an SS colleague bashing a baby to death against the side of a truck. What will be one of the last Nazi trials in Germany is being watched closely by historians, Holocaust experts and human rights lawyers around the world. Judge Frank Kom Pisch said for everyone present it was “anything but an easy event.” “Without exaggeration … this trial will attract a lot of attention and cause many emotions to be released, but we must remember that it is a criminal trial, albeit one with its own historical context,” he said. The trial marks the second attempt to bring Gröning to court. An investigation that began in 1978 collapsed seven years later with prosecutors ruling that unless it could be proven that Gröning was directly responsible for the deaths of prisoners, he could not be put on trial. But since the 2012 conclusion of the trial of John Demjanjuk in Munich, in which judges ruled he was an accessory to mass murder simply by working at the Sobibor extermination camp, a change of practice has taken place, in which an individual’s mere presence at a concentration camp coupled with the knowledge they knew what was happening there, is sufficient to secure a conviction. Gröning was quiet as Jens Lehmann, the state prosecutor, read from the 85-page indictment in which he detailed Gröning’s tasks at Auschwitz-Birkenau, including taking the suitcases from prisoners as they arrived at the camp and were selected into groups of those who would work and those who would be sent to their deaths. He said he had also been responsible for collecting the money in an array of currencies that was found in prisoners’ clothing and luggage, for recording it in a ledger, keeping it in a steel safe, and at various intervals taking the money to the Reich headquarters in Berlin. “Already on his first day the accused was informed by a colleague that those who were not chosen to work would be sent to their deaths,” Lehmann said.

The Week

On any given day can you estimate the amount of calories you consume? According to new estimates, the average person worldwide consumes about 1,860 grams of food a day. But the average American consumes close to 50% more than the global average. The typical international plate is comprised of nine percent meat, 22 percent grains, 39 percent produce, 15 percent dairy and eggs, and a 15 percent block of sugar, fat, alcohol, and others.   However, in the U.S., we eat twice as much meat as the average global citizen and less grains. Additionally, U.S. citizens eat proportionally more dairy, eggs, sugar, and fat.  Of all countries, people in China eat the most produce and Indians eat the least meat—only 2 percent of their daily diet since many are vegetarians. In the U.K. residents eat less sugar and fat and more produce. Brazilians eat less food overall.

Armed Guards Protect Rhino in Kenya Kenya is home the world’s one and only remaining male northern white

the Czech Republic. At the time three other rhinos were acquired: Najin, Fatu, and Suni. In order to facilitate reproduction, the animals were moved to Kenya hoping that its more natural conditions would increase the chances of reproduction. “While Kenya has not been a white rhino range state in the last 200 years, evidence from fossils and cave paintings in Kenya and northern Tanzania suggests that the white rhinoc-

eros was widespread and a part of the East African savanna fauna until 3,000 years ago or less,” the IUCN’s Red List of Endangered Species reports on its website. Among the four acquired, two were males. In December San Diego’s Zoo’s male rhino died and along with one of Kenya’s leaving one male rhino, Sudan, still alive.

APRIL 23, 2015

How do you Fill Your Plate?

rhino, Sudan. Due to its one-of-kindness the mammal is being watched by four armed guards at all hours of the day. Intricate and intense security operations are situated throughout the Ol Pejeta Conservancy’s 3,229-squarefoot property. International experts are working closely with the rhinos to facilitate reproduction. The rhino was transported to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya in 2009 from the Dvur Kralove Zoo in


Prosecutors have concentrated the charge on the period between May and July 1944, the time of the mass deportation of Hungary’s Jewish community during which 137 trains brought 425,000 people to Auschwitz, of whom at least 300,000 were killed in the gas chambers. Hopefully, after 70 years, some of those who perished will have a small measure of justice.

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APRIL 23, 2015

The Week

If Sudan does not reproduce, white male rhinos will become completely extinct. However, if experts are able to help him reproduce not via natural channels, Sudan will be responsible for keeping his species going.

Train Breaks Speed Record

Need a quick ride to work? On Tuesday, Japan’s state-of-the-art maglev train clocked a new world speed record in a test run near Mount Fuji, smashing through the 600 kilometer (373 miles) per hour mark, as Tokyo races to sell the technology abroad. The seven-car maglev train – short for “magnetic levitation” – hit a top speed of 603 kilometers an hour, and managed to stay at over 600kph for nearly 11 seconds, operator Central Japan Railway said. The maglev hovers 10 centimeters above the tracks and is propelled by electrically charged magnets. About two hundred train buffs gathered for Tuesday’s record-setting run, with the crowd cheering as the train broke through 600 kph per hour. “It gave me chills. I really want to ride on the train,” an elderly woman related as the carriage rocketed past her. An AFP reporter who previously rode on the super-speed train said the experience was like taking off in a plane, with the feeling of g-force gathering as the speedometer is pushed ever higher. JR Central wants to have a train

in service in 2027, hoping to service the 286-km route between Tokyo and the central city of Nagoya. The ride, which would run at a top speed of 500 kph, is expected to connect the two cities in only 40 minutes, less than half the present journey time in Japan’s already speedy bullet trains. The shortened commutes are wonderful but they come at a price. Construction costs for the dedicated lines are astronomical – estimated at nearly $100 billion just for the stretch to Nagoya, with more than 80 percent of the route expected to go through costly tunnels. Japan is looking to sell its shinkansen bullet and maglev train systems overseas, with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe acting as a travelling salesman in his bid to revive the economy partly through infrastructure exports. He is due in the United States this weekend, where he will be touting the technology for a high-speed rail link between New York and Washington. Last year, Abe took US ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy on a test ride. “This technology is something that will bring great benefits to Japan and hopefully the United States one day,” Kennedy said after the ride. The maglev train is a contender for US President Barack Obama’s multi-billion-dollar national highspeed rail project. The proposed 60-kilometer link will represent the first phase in the U.S. government’s plan to connect the capital and Boston.

In News in addition to all his amazing accomplishments, the 32-year-old is an unbelievable mountain climber. State news agency KCNA reported on Saturday that Jong Un “climbed the top” of the nation’s highest mountain. Both The Guardian and The Telegraph were skeptical about the news: he was photographed wearing a long coat without gloves and a hat and wearing shiny shoes. There were also recent reports of health problems with the dictator. Most likely he was dropped off at the summit of the nearly 9,000foot Mount Paektu, where he was joined by a crowd of North Korean fighter pilots. Kim reportedly made the trip to the “sacred mountain of revolution associated with the soul of the Korean nation” to commemorate the 23rd anniversary of his late father Kim Jongil being named marshal. While North Korea claims that his father was born on Mount Paektu, historians say the dictator was actually born in a refugee camp in Russia.

Israel Breakthrough Tunnel Detector Developed

Kim Jong Un Climbs Highest Mt.

We know that the sun, the moon and the stars revolve around North Korea’s leader but now we know that

In the way of the Iron Dome, Israel has once again invented a defense system that is unique, advanced, and very much needed. Haunted by Hamas’ success in infiltrating fighters into Israel through tunnels, Israel has announced the development of the first effective system for detecting tunneling activity at a distance. One of Israel’s leading defense electronics firms, Elbit Systems, said the system it developed in conjunction with the Israeli Defense Ministry is based on a series of sensors. Data that they furnish is analyzed by a con-

trol system, using algorithms. Terming the system “the first of its kind in the world,” the firm said the method enables the precise identification of tunnel building “without false alarms.” Last summer, during the 50-daylong war, 32 “attack tunnels” built by Hamas were uncovered by Israeli sappers, or combat engineers. All started from built-up areas in Gaza, with most stopping just short of the Israeli border. Some, however, continued under the border fence. On several occasions, Hamas fighters emerged from the tunnels inside Israel wearing Israeli army uniforms and ambushed troops. Some succeeded in escaping back into Gaza. The greatest fear by Israelis was that the terrorists would penetrate nearby civilian settlements. The militants often appeared within a few hundred meters of kibbutzim, but thankfully they were halted before reaching them. Residents of border kibbutzim expressed a measure of relief at the development. “For us, the tunnel threat registered as insoluble,” said Amit Caspi, of Kerem Shalom, the kibbutz most threatened by tunnels, “so if there is a breakthrough here it could really improve personal security, even though we know there is never 100 percent certainty.” Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza succeeded in 2006 in digging an 800-yard-long tunnel under the border near Kibbutz Kerem Shalom and killing two Israeli soldiers and capturing a third, Gilad Shalit. Shalit was brought back to Israel five years later in exchange for more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners. Other cross border tunnels were discovered two years ago packed with explosives, apparently to be exploded under Israeli tanks. The Israeli army has been looking for a solution to the tunnel threat for a decade and has examined some 700 project proposals, according to a military source. A number of projects were implemented but did not succeed.   The estimated cost of constructing the system is $3.5 million per mile. The intention, said officials, is to build the system along the entire 35-mile land border between Gaza and Israel.

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The Week Beer Drinkers: Apply Within

Anyone out there who is looking for a job with one really big benefit, listen up! Israel’s largest brewer, Goldstar, is looking for a chief taster, and they’ve opened the search to the public. The brewery, part of beverage company Tempo Beer Industries Ltd. — which also makes Maccabee Beer and Nesher Malt, as well as the Jump juice brands and is the local bottler for PepsiCo — is looking for someone with two to three years’ experience drinking beer, 18 or older, and not currently in the army. According to the job description, the taster can be male or female, and will earn NIS 12,000 plus travel expenses per month, because this is not a job where you can drink and drive. There’s also no telecommuting, as the taster must work out of Tempo’s Netanya headquarters, but only has to show up once a week to sip and taste the brew emerging from the company’s barrels. Palate cleansers will also be included. It sounds like an easy job, but it’s not, according to the company’s statement. The taster’s judgment calls on Israel’s leading beer brand will affect hundreds of thousands of beer drinkers, according to Tempo. Looking to apply? Better work fast. I’m sure there are many lining up for this plum position.

Violent Anti-Semitism Rising According to Israeli researchers, Jewish communities around the world faced an “explosion of hatred” in

2014. Last year, the number of violent anti-Semitic attacks increased by 38 percent, mostly concentrated in Western Europe.

The report by researchers at Tel Aviv University recorded 766 incidents – ranging from armed assaults to vandalism against synagogues, schools and cemeteries – compared to 554 in 2013. Many Jews feel like “they are facing an explosion of hatred toward them as individuals, their communities, and Israel, as a Jewish state,” wrote the researchers from the university’s Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry. The center releases a report every year on the eve Yom Hashoah. The researchers said the increase in attacks on Jews was partly linked to last summer’s conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip as well as to what they called a “general climate of hatred and violence” fostered by the rise of the Islamic State group in the Middle East. 2014 was the second most violent year for Jews in a decade after 2009, which also saw a surge in anti-Semitism following an Israeli military operation in Gaza. The violence in 2014 spiked during the July-August war in Gaza, particularly in demonstrations organized in France, Germany and other countries, during which protesters chanted anti-Semitic slogans, looted Jewish shops, and attacked synagogues as well as people identifiable as Jews. However, researchers stressed that attacks had been on the rise also before the summer and said the controversy over Israel’s operation was used as a pretext to attack Jews. “Synagogues were targeted, not Israeli embassies,” said Dina Porat, a historian, who edited the report. The reported incidents do not include the killing of four shoppers at a kosher supermarket in Paris fol-

In News lowing the deadly shooting at French magazine Charlie Hebdo, since those events occurred in January. However, the researchers noted that the wave of attacks has continued this year, and that the gruesome acts and propaganda videos of the Islamic State are also encouraging the radicalization of Muslims in the West. As in past years, the highest number of attacks was reported in France, which saw 164 incidents as compared to 141 in 2013. In Britain there were 141 attacks, up from 95, and in the United States there were 80 incidents versus 55, including a shooting at Jewish sites in Overland Park, Kansas, that killed three people.

Coalition Close but Not Quite There

As the May 6 deadline approaches, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has started getting more personally involved in the effort to form his next government. This week, Netanyahu formally received a two-week extension to form a government from President Reuven Rivlin. After May 6, Rivlin can ask any MK to form a government except for Netanyahu. In recent days, Netanyahu has met personally with all the heads of the parties he intends to bring into the 67 member coalition he is forming. He faced criticism and muscle-flexing from all of them. Netanyahu told Rivlin that coalition talks had advanced, but he would need more time to complete negotiations to build a stable government. Rivlin granted the request because party heads who recommended he form the government had not changed their minds, but he urged the prime minister to complete the task as soon as possible. “The entire nation of Isra-

el wants you to succeed,” Rivlin told Netanyahu.

Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein z”l Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein, among the most prominent rabbis in Modern Orthodoxy and the Israeli national-religious movement, passed away this week at the age of 81. Rabbi Lichtenstein was a noted and prolific Jewish legal authority, head of the Har Etzion Yeshiva, and the son-in-law of Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik z”l. He received smicha from Rabbi Soloveitchik in 1959 and held a PhD in English literature from Harvard University conducted under the tutelage of literary critic Douglas Bush. Rabbi Lichtenstein was awarded Israel’s highest civilian honor, the Israel Prize, in 2014. Rabbi Lichtenstein was born in Paris in 1933, the year the Nazi party rose to power in neighboring Germany, but fled Vichy France with his family in 1941 for the United States. The family settled in New York in 1945, where Rabbi Lichtenstein eventually entered Yeshiva University. He was invited to jointly head, with Rabbi Yehuda Amital, the Har Etzion Yeshiva, located in the Etzion Bloc in the West Bank south of Jerusalem, in 1971, and had lived in Israel ever since. At the funeral on Tuesday, Rabbi Lichtenstein’s son, R’ Moshe, tearfully recalled, “Your students were your children, and your children were your students.” He added. “You were a scholar and a devoted father. You’ve set up an entire world.” R’ Yitzchak Lichtenstein spoke about his father’s humility. Explaining that his father always taught the dictum of being moderate in all ways – except for humility and anger – R’ Yitzhak added  that his father was “never angry in his life.”  “My father always gave a person the benefit of the doubt. He had a good eye,” Rabbi Yitzchak said, adding, “My father did not know what anger was. He never engaged in slander or small talk. He was diligent; he and the Torah were as one, but despite this he never turned anyone away, receiv-


The Week In News

Terrorist Admits to Targeting Jews in Attack

National Man with a Flight Plan Last week, Khaled Kutina confessed to deliberately ramming his car into two Israelis waiting for the bus in Jerusalem, killing a man and wounding a woman. The information was cleared for the public on Tuesday.    The investigation found that several hours before the attack, Kutina

The letter carrier who caused a full-scale security review in Washington when he violated national airspace by landing his gyrocopter on Capitol Hill last week expressed frustration that his message wasn’t getting through. Doug Hughes had hoped to raise awareness about the influence of big money in politics by deliberately breaking the law to deliver 535 letters,


“Respite Care is Here!”

APRIL 23, 2015

Another son, Rabbi Meir, related a story about Rabbi Lichtenstein’s love of Torah. “Last summer a team of emergency management team came to Gush Etzion. Father said, ‘Only electricity is considered an emergency? Studying of Torah isn’t urgent? You have come to the yeshiva in order to study,’” “You were always a ner tamid,” Rabbi Meir said. “Many wanted to learn from you and hear your Torah words, but you were so humble. You had a big heart.”

drove his family from ‘Anata to East Jerusalem. At the exit from ‘Anata, the car was held at a checkpoint, which Kutina said made him angry. He decided to commit the attack after dropping off his family. In his interrogation, 37-year-old Kutina admitted he was driving along Highway 1 looking for Jews to harm as revenge for his “miserable life.” When he stopped at a light at the French Hill junction, he noticed two people who appeared Jewish walking towards a bus station and decided to target them. He veered off the left lane at high speed towards the right lane, drove onto the sidewalk and hit the two, who were waiting at the bus station. Immediately afterwards he drove in reverse and hit a stop light.  He was arrested at the scene. Shalom Yohai Cherki, who was critically wounded, succumbed to his injuries at the hospital. The second victim, Shira Klein, remains in serious condition at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem’s Ein Karem.  Police say Kutina is married and known as a very religious man who worked as a cleaner at a mosque in ‘Anata. He used to send his friends text messages that were religious in nature, praising Prophet Muhammad. The prison psychiatrist said that Kutina seemed lucid and was fit to stand trial. About a year and a half ago, Kutina’s driver’s license should have been suspended pending an examination into his mental state. The suspension may not have taken place because of a miscommunication between the Transportation Ministry and the Health Ministry.


ing them hospitably and never letting visitors feel as if they were bothering him.”

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APRIL 23, 2015


The Week one for each member of Congress. Instead, the overwhelming focus of news coverage has been about the gaps he exposed in national security. The message he intended to send was overshadowed by security woes. “We’ve got bigger problems in this country than worrying about whether the security around DC is ironclad,” Hughes related. “We need to be worried about the piles of money that are going into Congress.” Hughes, 61, spoke as he returned to his home in Florida to await prosecution on charges of violating national airspace and operating an unregistered aircraft. His house arrest begins next week, and he will wear an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet until a May 8 court hearing in Washington.

Hughes said people weren’t scared when they saw his gyrocopter. He says they waved as he flew in low and slow over the National Mall, over the reflecting pool and onto the Capitol’s West lawn. Hughes spent a night in jail after Capitol Police arrested him. The ultralight aircraft and its cargo — a U.S. Postal Service bin carrying the letters — were seized. “The message was two pages long to Congress that they are going to have to face the issue, OK, of campaign-finance reform and honesty and government so that they work for the people,” Hughes said. Hughes’ Russian-born wife, Alena, told reporters that her husband acted out of patriotism for the United States. “I am very proud of my husband. He is a countryman,” she said. Asked if he too thinks he’s a patriot or simply crazy, Hughes said, “Everyone gets to make up their own mind about me, that’s what I’d say.” “But do you consider yourself a patriot?” a reporter asked. “No, I’m a mailman,” he said.

Millions of Creatures Wash onto West Coast Beaches Millions of small, jellyfish-like sea creatures known as by-the-wind sailors—or purple sails—are getting blown onto beaches from California to Washington. The latest sighting came this week at Ocean Shores, Washington, where swarms of the purple-colored, oval-shaped creatures washed ashore and died in amazing numbers. The scientific name of the by-thewind sailor is velella velella. It is a free-floating hydrozoan that lives on the ocean surface. They sting to stun prey but are harmless to humans. The Weather Channel went so far as to say billions have washed ashore along the West Coast, reporting that it is a result of strong winds and above-average sea surface temperatures. “Since March, the component of surface wind blowing from west to east over the northeast Pacific toward coastal Washington and northwest Oregon has been stronger than average,” meteorologist Jonathan Erdman pointed out.

Steve Green with the Coastal Interpretive Center reported that the bythe-wind sailors could continue sailing onto West Coast beaches throughout the summer months, which will make for a gooey mess for beachgoers. With small dorsal sails, the by-thewind sailors are powerless to avoid getting swept onto beaches where they die. A similar event occurred last summer. was created with support by the Monterey Bay Aquar-

In News ium and tracks sightings of jellyfish. Since the by-the-wind sailor is similar to jellyfish, sightings of these purple blobs appear on the site—from Big Sur, California, to Charleston, Oregon, to Ocean Shores, Washington. Beachgoers better watch where they step.

Remembering the Oklahoma City Bombing

in a manner that none of us could have foreseen.” The bombing was carried out on April 19, 1995 by Timothy McVeigh, an anti-government militant who was convicted on federal charges and executed. His accomplice, Terry Nichols, received multiple life prison sentences for his part in the bombing, which also injured hundreds. Also attending last week’s ceremony were some of the so-called “miracle babies” who were at a daycare center in the building when the bomb exploded. Despite seared lungs and faces and mental and psychological scars, they try not to dwell on the past and look towards a bright and productive future.

Running for the Gold at the Boston Marathon Hundreds of people gathered this past week at the site of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing to remember the 168 men, women and children killed when a truck crammed with tons of explosives blew up at a downtown federal building 20 years ago. Former President Bill Clinton was among the dignitaries who addressed the crowd outside the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum. “Oklahoma City, you had to choose to redeem your terrible losses by having to begin again,” said Clinton, who was in his first term in office at the time of the attack, one of the deadliest of its kind ever staged on U.S. soil. The museum, built over the spot where the destroyed Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building once stood, includes a permanent display of 168 empty chairs, one for each person who died. On Sunday morning, the seats were adorned with flowers, teddy bears and other mementos. The name of each victim was read aloud by relatives, co-workers and survivors. “It was 60 minutes of terror,” Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett recalled. “But our finest hour has lasted 20 years. This city has progressed

It would take far more than just a few rain showers and gusting winds to dent the spirits of Boston and its runners at the Boston Marathon this week. On Monday, Boston hosted its annual marathon, marking two years since the tragic bombing in 2013. Around 30,000 geared up early Monday morning to compete in one of the world’s most prestigious races; the route covers over 26 miles of Boston’s mountainous landscape. Add in Monday’s rain and 20-mph winds and you’ve got a solid competition. The women’s race featured Mare Dibaba of Ethiopia and Caroline Rotich of Kenya running it out for first place. Rotich made her final winning move with just 500 feet to go, ripping past Dibaba, and winning with a time of 2:24:55, just four seconds ahead of Dibaba. This is Rotich’s first victory at the Boston Marathon.

The Week rors, not revealing his profession. He did have two security guards accompanying him who stood watch at the door. Ultimately, he was not selected. Too bad: it would have been nice to see him on the other side of the bench.

The Bird Did It

Why’d the woman crash her car? Well, the parrot made her do it. State police say that a woman blamed her coffee-drinking pet parrot for distracting her moments before

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with Cantor Allan Berman

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This Bug’s for You Looking for something different to serve for dinner? Well, an increasing number of “entopreneurs” are launching businesses to feed a growing appetite for crickets, mealworms and other edible insects. They’re trying to convince Americans to include bugs

popular snacks in her native Mexico. Among her specialties are spicy superworms and chocolate-covered, salted crickets. “The idea is to offer another type of protein into the food market,” said Martinez, an artist and industrial designer who launched Don Bugito as a street food project in 2011. “The biggest job that we have to do is to try to get more people to try our foods.” Across San Francisco Bay inside at a kitchen in Berkeley, Megan Miller and her assistants shape clumps of orange-ginger cookie dough, carefully arrange them up on a tray and slip them in an oven. The key ingredient: flour made from ground-up crickets. Miller acknowledges that insects have a “branding problem,” so she’s trying to change people’s minds and palates by mixing them into familiar foods in attractive packaging. Perhaps we can just stick to food— real food—and then we won’t have any branding problems.

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APRIL 23, 2015

After living on the streets for years, a homeless man will finally be able to come home. John Helinski lost his home in 2012 and lived near bus stops and under benches in Tampa, Florida, until a stroke of fortune and two good people helped him get back on his feet. Incredibly, the 63-year-old has been collecting Social Security disability benefits for years. A police officer and a homeless shelter manager managed to help him find stolen documents and gain access to the forgotten bank account that now contains enough money to purchase a home. Helinski has no idea that the money was being paid to him and now the overjoyed Polish-born man can finally lay down his hat. “I guess I’m exhilarated, excited, you know,” he said. He will also be receiving a pension and hopefully be able to enjoy his newfound income.

The United Nations has been promoting edible insects as a way to improve nutrition, reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and create jobs in insect production. At least 2 billion people worldwide already eat insects as part of their diet, according to the 2013 report by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. But it could be a hard sell for Westerners who would prefer to swat flies than to eat them. “Insects are viewed as what ruins food — a roach in your soup, a fly in your salad. That’s the biggest obstacle — the ick factor,” admits Daniella Martin, the “Girl Meets Bug” blogger and author of Edible: An Adventure into the World of Eating Insects and the Last Great Hope to Save the Planet. Inside San Francisco’s La Cocina, a commercial kitchen for food entrepreneurs, Monica Martinez empties hundreds of live mealworms, each about 2 inches long, into a plastic container. She uses chopsticks to pull out dead ones before pouring the squirming critters on a tray and sliding them into an oven. Martinez started Don Bugito PreHispanic Snackeria to entice American consumers with treats inspired by

Graphics by Leah Mostofsky

Want to get out of jury duty? Well, it shouldn’t be that hard if you’re the chief justice of the United States. Last week, it was reported the Chief Justice John Roberts reported for jury duty as “Jury 49” in Rockville, Maryland. He was being considered for a case relating to a 2013 car crash. The judge asked a group of about 50 potential jurors to identify any potential conflicts of interest. What could have been a conflict for Roberts? He told the judge that his sister is a nurse, but he said her profession would not impair his impartiality in a case involving someone in the medical field. Potential jurors were then asked whether they had friends or acquaintances that dealt with automotive accidents. Roberts responded that his sister’s husband was an Indiana State Police officer but that it would not keep him from being impartial. Roberts sat alongside potential ju-

in their daily diet—a crunchy, yummy staple, they say.

A Place of his Own

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Lelisa Desisa and Yemane Adhane Tsegay, both of Ethiopia, were neckto-neck heading towards the men’s finish line but during the last mile Desisa surged seven-seconds ahead, winning the race with a time of 2:09:17. Desisa also won the Boston Marathon in 2013 but gave his medal to the city after the tragic attacks at the race. Last year’s winner, Meb Keflezighi, crossed the finish line at 2:12:42. He was the first American to win the race since 1983. His patriotic win was sentimental and emotional to many viewers since it was the first race since the bombings.



APRIL 23, 2015


The Week

she crashed her car into a guardrail in Pennsylvania. The 35-year-old woman was driving along the road when she noticed the bird pecking at the lid of her coffee cup. She glanced down to see what he was doing and then struck the guardrail. Apparently her bird likes to drink coffee—and needed a caffeine fix. Police found birdseed in a cup holder next to the coffee along with a few feathers nearby. Sure gives a new meaning to the woman eating like a bird.

Sweatworking: the Newest Thing in Business

Want to develop a better rapport with your clients? Why don’t you head out for a yoga or fitness class together? Sweatworking seems to be gaining traction as a business practice, elbowing networking out of bars, restaurants and the golf course. “Sweatworking was born out of a desire to connect with clients on a deeper level that wasn’t so sales-y,” said Sarah Siciliano, 32, an advertising executive who has been entertaining clients with workouts. “A lot of sales jobs revolve around drinking.” Siciliano, who is based in New York City, considers taking her mostly female clients, who range in age from 22 to 52, to yoga, spinning, boot camp and dance studios a great tool to develop relationships.

Sweat marks aside, “people like to move along with the trends,” said Siciliano, who organizes her workout events. “I do all the legwork but I exercise everyday anyway so for me it’s a winwin,” she said. “If you can knock out a client event and your workout at the same time, why not?” The newest networking trend is not just used in off-the-path professions. Lawyers and bankers are utilizing this practice as well. Pushups, anyone?

Mom Downs 13 Lbs. of Steak

Everything is big in Texas—including their food competitions. On Sunday, Molly Schuyler took home the prize when she devoured 13 pounds of steak, beating out professional wrestlers and college football players. The professional eater chowed down on three 72-ounce steaks in 20 minutes at the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo. The feast also included salad, potatoes, shrimp and dinner rolls. The restaurant is home to the 72-ounce steak challenge: if a diner can finish the massive steak and its sides in under an hour, the $72 meal is free. Last year, the California mom of four devoured the meal in just 4 minutes and 58 seconds, setting a new restaurant record. So for her return, the Big Texan pitted her against four two-person teams and upped the challenge to three massive meals. The teams: Two indoor football

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players, two professional wrestlers, two former West Texas A&M football players and two randomly selected steak lovers. Each duo was allowed to split the gigantic dinner of 216 ounces of beef, three salads, three baked potatoes, three rolls and three shrimp cocktails. Schuyler, who weighs just 120 pounds, competed solo. She devoured the first 72-ounce meal in 4 minutes and 18 seconds, beating her own previous record. She finished the second at 11 minutes and 47 seconds, and the third was demolished by minute 20. After taking two bites of her fourth steak, she threw in the towel, claiming to be tired of the taste. Last month, Schuyler downed a five-pound pile of bacon in mere minutes. Last July, Schuyler ate 26 hamburgers in ten minutes during a Washington, D.C. competition. It took her half an hour to devour 363 chicken wings last January. Wonder how long it’ll take her to slam down 20 bowls of cholent?

Present Particulars

Don’t know what to buy your oneyear-old grandchild on his birthday? Don’t worry, they’ll be sure to tell you. A demanding email regarding presents for a one-year-old has been circulating the web, eliciting giggles, raised eyebrows and snorts of disbe-

lief. Redditor razz32 posted the email on April 17 with the heading “Most demanding 1st birthday invite ever” after a co-worker, who was one of the original recipients, printed it out and shared it around the office. Here’s how the letter begins: “With [name redacted]’s birthday coming up, we thought we’d ask for 4 items that he will really get a lot of use out of in the coming months. I provided my mom and sister-in-law [name redacted] with a list of 4 other items [baby] would like for his birthday so that they can buy from their list and avoid duplication. We’re asking for gifts only from grandparents and the direct aunt/uncle for [baby]’s birthday party … and would like to restrict it to 2 items total per household.” Not to leave anything to chance, the particular parents list the four specific items, along with links on where to purchase them. But wait, there’s more. If you choose to purchase something that doesn’t appear on the list, “anytime regardless of birthdays or holidays, please be sure to always include a receipt going forward.” Without a receipt, they say, they “only get about 50% of the value” when they return the item (and I’m sure they will). And of course, please don’t buy their little cutie another book, aside from the one listed in the letter. Right now, the young boy has “32 board books on his shelf, and 25 additional books waiting for him in storage once he is 3+ years of age. (And at this point, he hates when we try reading to him.)” Oh, and if you want to personalize any presents, forget it. That could lead to kidnapping, according to these uber-helicopter parents. In conclusion, feel free to reach out to them if you have any questions. Oh, and by the way, “a formal invite from [baby] will be arriving in your mailboxes soon…” Can’t wait to join in the festivities. That’s if they let us smile.


LAG B’OMER Rabbi Shimon’s Torah teachings shield and enlighten us. He advocates in Heaven on our behalf.

Lag B’Omer marks the Yarzheit of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. One of the five surviving talmidim of Rabbi Akiva, his holiness was legendary. He enlightened the world with the fire of torah and the greatness of the Zohar. For countless generations, Jews seeking yeshuos have journeyed to the kever of Rabbi Shimon on Lag B’Omer, to daven and learn. In doing so, they have merited the eternal zechusim of this holy tzadik. On Lag B’Omer night, the Meron division of Kollel Chatzos will gather at their nightly location at Rabbi Shimon’s kever and immerse in torah and tefilla. By supporting their learning on this auspicious night, you have the opportunity to reach the ultimate level of shmira and zechusim.

1.855.CHATZOS 2









718.887.9114 (24 HOURS)

1 . 8 5 5 . CHAT ZOS

APRIL 23, 2015

.‫ היא מאירת עינינו‬,‫תורתו מגן לנו‬ ‫ אדונינו בר יוחאי‬,‫הוא ימליץ טוב בעדינו‬




The Lev Shlomo


APRIL 23, 2015

Kumzitz on the Harbor 2015

Thursday May 14th 7:00 pm Baltimore Marine Center 2700 Lighthouse Point E #130, Baltimore Anchor up at 7:30pm • Docking at 10:00pm Sushi Bar, Hors D’oeuvres, Dinner Buffet, Kumzitz & Spirits Limited seating, RSVP only Corporate Sponsors

Commitee Members

Yossi Burstyn Lonnie Borck Elazar Engel Reuven Goodman Nechemia Isbee Levi Friedman Gavriel Kelemer Yakov Majeski Dov Ocken Gershon Seidel Yitzy Seidel Shuie Steinharter Nechemia Weinreb

SpeedyGraphic 410-457-7755

Join us for an uplifting evening as we recognize and support the integral role Lev Shlomo fills in our community.




Newly renovated 4BR/3BA Cape Cod. Huge great room w/ porcelain tile flooring. Beautiful modern kitchen w/ silestone counters & stainless appliances w/ adjacent family room & breakfast room. Main level also has bedroom, bath & sunroom. Upper level has master bedroom w/ new master bath, 2 bedrooms & bath. Brand new HVAC system, baths, windows, flooring & freshly painted throughout! Large rear deck, Detached garage.

Completely Renovated 4BR/2.5BA Rancher with 2-car garage! Living & dining room combination with wood floors. New kitchen with stainless appliances, granite counters and center island. Lower level has large rec room, laundry area and powder room. New baths, new windows, new doors, new carpeting, freshly painted throughout & much more!







OWNERS RELOCATING Beautiful sprawling 5BR/4BA home in Dumbarton. Modern updated kitchen with granite counters, stainless appliances & adj. breakfast room. Formal living room & dining room with hardwood floors. Upper level master bedroom suite with balcony and study. Lower level rec room, bedroom & bath. 2-car garage.

Spacious 4BR/3.5BA brick & stone detached home on 1/3 acre lot. Living room with wood burning fireplace. Modern updated kitchen with new cabinets & granite counters. Main level also has master bedroom suite, 2 additional bedrooms & den. Upper level has bedroom, bath, cedar closet & two additional areas that could be used as a playroom & den.


3BR/1FB/2HB brick semi-detached home. Living room & dining room have hardwood floors. First floor powder room. New carpeting in the bedrooms. Finished lower level has a family room, powder room & large laundry / utility room. Spacious rear yard.


Move right into this Bright & Spacious 2BR/2BA unit. Living room & dining room combo with sliders leading to balcony. Eat-in kitchen.


410.581.1000 1517 Reisterstown Road, Corner of Old Court Road • Baltimore, MD 21208

APRIL 23, 2015




Barry Nabozny Broker/Realtor 410-977-7600



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abbi Yehuda (“Reb Yudee’le”) Horowitz, the former an infant. The plague comes via Aharon instead. dayan of Klausenberg, Romania, a son-in-law of Rabbi Remember: the entire Pesach drama begins with a new Pharaoh that Chaim Meir Hager, the Vizhnitzer Rebbe, survived the “knew not Joseph.” This doesn’t mean he didn’t recognize him in downDzikov ghetto, settled in Tel Aviv in 1947, and town Cairo. It refers to the rudeness reflected moved to London in 1985 where he lived out in ceasing displays of hakaras hatov to the the rest of his days in a self-imposed ta’anis man who prevented a catastrophic famine to Rabbi Yisrael Zev Gustman dibbur. Speech was no longer a vehicle he the Egyptian people. And G-d detests “the unwished to use. When asked about his war grateful,” the Pirke of Rabbi Eliezer ben Hyrexperiences in Hungary he politely declined canus, the rebbe of R’ Akiva, tell us. Why? never forgot that a canopy with a mere scarcity of words, “It is not feaBecause R’ Eliezer was convinced that those sible.” When asked for advice or a blessing he who are ungrateful to others eventually bewould not utter a word. come ungrateful to G-d. of trees hid him from the But he made one exception. When Rabbi Rabbi Yisrael Zev (“Avrohom Tzvi”) Yitzchok Friedman, who had become the BoGustman was a Holocaust survivor in the Hitlerites and “repaid” them husher Rebbe in the middle of the war (1943) mold of the Talmud’s R’ Nachum Ish Gamzu after his father-in-law R’ Mendel died, came who, no matter what misfortunes life handed to visit, he couldn’t stop expressing his hakohim, responded with Gam zu le’tovah. by taking special care of a ras hatov to the Rebbe for sheltering him in A popular alumnus of Grodno yeshiva, Romania during the Holocaust. Rav Gustman was the head of a yeshiva (Rasmall patch of trees, bushes, Rabbi Shlomo Halberstam, the Bobover meillis) and an up-and-coming dayan in VilRebbe, did the same. When he heard that the na, Lithuania. When the Germans arrived in Bohusher Rebbe was spending a Shabbos in 1941 he fled with his family and hid “among and plants outside his small New York he sent followers to his Shabbos corpses, in caves, in a pig pen” before fleetish to show gratitude for the shelter also proing to the forests to join the partisans. His yeshiva in Crown Heights. vided him during the war by Rav Friedman, family subsisted on plants. On liberation the an incredible one-man whirlpool of rescue Gustmans made their way to Crown Heights, activism who converted his beis medrash in Brooklyn, where he never forgot that the canBucharest into a dining room and dormitory for refugees. opy of bushes and trees hid him from the Hitlerites. In his desire to “reNone of this is surprising. Gratefulness and showing appreciation are pay” the protective foliage he took special care tending a small patch of in the Torah’s DNA. Consider the G-dly nod to hakaras hatov in the first trees, bushes, and plants outside his small yeshiva. three plagues of Egypt starting with G-d not wanting Moses to turn “the No matter what their new matzav was, the majority of survivors rerivers, canals, ponds, and all gatherings of water” into blood because that tained a life-long gratitude for those who selflessly helped them in their would show insolence to the very rivers of the Nile that protected him as hour of need. Whenever R’ Mordechai Dovid Bornster, a survivor of sev-

APRIL 23, 2015

Hakoras Hatov and Yom Ha’atzmaut




APRIL 23, 2015

32 104 eral camps including Auschwitz and a Nazi death march, saw his grandchildren he would instinctively say Baruch Hashem in gratitude for the extra days G-d gave him. Rabbi Moshe Yitzchok (“Reb Itzik’l”) Gewirczman of Pshevorsk never forgot that Itta Barber, a refugee from Lemberg, the capital of Galicia, cooked for him and his family when they were trapped in Siberia. He stood up for her whenever he saw her. “When I get up in the morning and recite Modeh Ani,” says Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, whose life’s experiences include three years at Buchenwald as a child, “I really mean it!”

being driven by emotions and not Torah sources. Yom Ha’atzmaut is no more than a display of hakaras hatov to a Jewish State that performed the largest act of pekuach nefesh and hachnosis orchim by taking in several hundred thousand refugees and survivors 67 years ago when the rest of the world didn’t want Jews. It’s a display of hakaras hatov for a Jewish State that has been the largest financial supporter of Torah causes since its inception in the history of Every motzei Yom Kippur Rabbi Chaim Shmulevitz, the long-serving Mir rosh yeshiva in Poland, Shanghai, and the Jewish people. ConJerusalem (above left), would urge his students not to take for granted the risks that Jewish soldiers take on sider: In 2013, through their behalf. Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, rosh yeshiva of Kol Torah (above right), included the graves of fallen the Israeli taxpayer, Israeli soldiers in the category of kivrei tzaddikim the Jewish State gave $300,000,000 to educate the children in the Chinuch Atzmai chareidi school system, $120,000,000 to educate children in the Maayan HaChinuch HaTorani schools, and $180,000,000 so Kollelim can pay those who study full-time, not counthazal frowns on those who lack hakaras hatov. To be un- ing the money given to the schools of the Mizrahi Party. In addition, grateful is to be unpleasant, cold, hostile even. To give thanks $80,000,000 was given to fund religious needs throughout the country is a fundamental human goodness and was the driving force (Moatzot Datiyot) such as mikvos, shuls, kashrus, rabbi’s salaries, upkeep to turn the early Jew into a makir tova (i.e. a mentsch) via of cemeteries. This does not count money given to Orthodox causes by lothe mitzvah of voluntarily and readily giving up the “first cal municipalities. And the Jewish State contributed $40,000,000 towards fruits” (bikkurim). The introduction of brachos was for this purpose. The sustaining a network of betei din. very expression of a Jew (Yehudi), from Yehuda, the name Leah gives her If gratitude is a recurring theme in the Torah what then about its lack fourth child, is derived from the verb (l’hodos) “to acknowledge” which thereof? Its absence is a corruption of Torah values. Rabbi Yitzchak Hutis the prerequisite of giving thanks. ner, rosh yeshiva of Chaim Berlin, minced no words when he saw ingratiRav Moshe saw nothing wrong in orthodox American Jews keeping tude. He described them as “acts of self-destruction.” Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July (“I would rather be a street sweeper in America where I would be able to learn Torah freely, than a Rav in the Soviet Union suffering religious repression”). Hakaras hatov is a manifestation of deeds (such as a seudas hoda’a) fter the Jewish State was declared, a significant bloc of gedand words; its absence is offensive to all men of decency. “Doing the olei Yisrael were gracious and public advocates of praising right thing” is why parents insist children send “Thank You” notes after the Jewish State and all it did to help a Torah lifestyle take receiving gifts as an essential part of their chinuch. To stay silent as a benroot in the Holy Land. eficiary is arrogance, aloofness. Or as the chassidic master Reb Nachman Rabbi Avraham Yeshaye Karelitz (Chazon Ish) cauof Breslov articulates, “Gratitude rejoices with her sister ‘joy’ and doesn’t tioned Jews to be extremely sensitive before rebuking a fellow Jew and much like the old cronies of boredom, was opposed to efforts that tried to spiridespair and taking life for granted.” The tually “correct” other Jews if the results charismatic Rabbi Menachem Mendel of made matters worse. He was appalled Kotzk could never just throw away a pair at what he saw: a raw hostility that was of old shoes that had served him well. He chipping away at the basic goodness would gently wrap them and put them in of all Jews whether chassidic, Litvish, the garbage with care and affection. Mizrahi, Agudas Yisrael, Poalei Aguda, Which brings us to Yom Ha’atzmaut. Sephard, secular Zionist, unaffiliated. He This day of the year has nothing to do had not an ounce of bitterness or anger with differences of belief or ideology or toward fellow Jews. He was turned off politics or grievances past. It is not a tired by petty behavior, triviality, and recoiled excuse to bring up animosity or contenfrom intolerance. He never displayed tion, the antitheses to darchei shalom; any negativism, antagonism, or hostilnor is it a calendar bogeyman to dredge ity to the Jewish State. He supported After the war, Rabbi Yekutiel Yehuda Halberstam, the Klausenburgup machlokes. On the contrary, for orthoanything that bettered the life of Jews, Sanzer Rebbe (above left), embraced achdus Yisrael as the only viable dox Jews it should be a serious, solemn religious or not, on condition it didn’t modus operandi for continued unity and thus safety. Rabbi Yosef Shlomo yet joyful time to show appreciation. encroach on practical Jewish law. He Kahaneman, the optimistic and restless seer from Ponevezh (above Rabbi Avraham Weinfeld, a prominent encouraged Jews to work together for right), displayed genuine hakaros hatov to the Jewish state for rescuing the remnants of Hitler, even flying the state’s blue-and white flag over posek from Monsey, was correct when the overall good of the community and his yeshiva every year on Yom Ha’Atzmaut despite the pressures from he expressed concern that the issue was the new country and, unlike recent years, his colleagues not to do so



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Seeking Elementary Teachers for the 2015-2016 School Year


his is a day of hakaras hatov to the Jewish soldiers who protect Jews regardless of their level of religiosity. Every motzei Yom Kippur Rabbi Chaim Shmulevitz, the long-serving Mir rosh yeshiva in Poland, Shanghai, and Jerusalem, would urge his students (nosei b’ol chaveiro) not to take for granted the risks that Jewish soldiers take on their behalf. Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Aubarch included the graves of fallen Israeli soldiers in the category of kivrei tzaddikim. Today, this hakoras hatov is reflected in the persona of Rabbi Gershon Edelstein, a rosh yeshiva at Ponevezh, who reminds his talmidim to praise IDF soldiers “even those who do not adhere to Torah and mitzvos

Experience in Education preferred.

Warm atmosphere.

Part time, afternoon hours.

Qualified candidates please email resume to .

APRIL 23, 2015

Talmudical Academy


refused to call secular Zionist but are moser nefesh towards Jews sonnei Hashem or sonnei saving others for they too have Yisrael. a share in Olam Haba just like Rav Karelitz paskened that the martyrs of Lod who gave the traditional pre-Holocaust their lives for the city.” category of heretics no longer Yom Ha’atzmaut is a day applied. When pressed for speto display hakaras hatov to cific halachic sources, he simthe only country in the world ply responded, “I don’t know today where a Jew threatened the source, but my heart tells in Paris or Ukraine or Antme this is the absolute truth.” werp can simply hail a cab to This broadminded policy the airport, catch a plane, and was supported by many. Rabbi “go home” without begging to Rabbi Shaul Yedidya Elazar Taub, the Rabbi Gershon Edelstein, a rosh yeshiva at Ponevezh, popular second Modzitzer Rebbe, reminds his talmidim to praise IDF soldiers “even those who Aryeh Levine, the tzaddik of be admitted, Evian-style. We begged his colleagues to “cast aside do not adhere to Torah and mitzvos but are moser nefesh toYerushalyim and mashgiach should all show gratitude for self-interest…and rectify it with wards saving others for they too have a share in Olam Haba ruchani of Etz Chaim, never this because there but for the ahavas chinam, undeserved love” just like the martyrs of Lod who gave their lives for the city” uttered a negative word about Grace of G-d go you or I. irreligious Jews. Rabbi MeRemember: It’s never asnashe Yitzchok Meir Eichensur to give thanks. And finalstein, the Ziditchover Rebbe and former Rav of Petrozhen, Romania, set- ly: The only fact of indisputable import to know on Yom Ha’atzmaut tled in Petach Tikva after the Holocaust and avoided machlokes like the is this: The number of Jews who have died in the past 67 years (under proverbial plague, as did Rabbi Nosson Gestetner, a survivor who served 25,000) from wars and terrorism is less than three days at Auschwitz – as the Rav of the Agudas Yisrael neighborhood of Bnei Brak and on Rabbi and Auschwitz was not the only insatiable death camp.  Shmuel Wosner’s Zichron Meir bes din for thirty years, who was careful never to degrade another Jew. He disciplined himself not to use the word chiloni to describe a nonreligious Jew because it came from a negative Aramaic term (zar) for “foreigner.” Joe Bobker is the publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Los Angeles Jewish Times, When the Jewish state came into being, the Gerer Rebbe, R’ Avraham author of the popular Torah With a Twist of Humor series, and of the 15-volume Mordechai Alter, was asked by his chassidim how they should respond. Historiography of Orthodox Jews and the Holocaust, due to be published this Rav Alter, who had massive personal family losses, went to the window year. He can be reached at and saw Jews, for the first time in years, happy, dancing, singing, clapping in the streets of Tel Aviv. He said nothing. In an astonishing essay titled An Aktueler Maamar Fun Modzitzer Rebbe (“A true word from the Modzitzer Rebbe”), Rabbi Shaul Yedidya Elazar Taub, the popular second Modzitzer Rebbe and a senior member of Agudas Yisrael in Europe, is scathing in his criticism of his colleagues for their extreme anti-Zionist leadership and begs them to step forward in support of a Jewish state (“Each party must cast aside its egotism, and each person his self-interest, when it comes to the matter of Eretz Yisrael… As my great-grandfather, Rav Yechezkel of Kuzmir would say: ‘The Temple was destroyed because of sinas chinam, undeserved hate; we must rectify it with ahavas chinam, undeserved love’”). Before the war Rabbi Yekutiel Yehuda Halberstam, the Klausenburg Qualified elementary classroom teachers are Sanzer Rebbe, despised Zionism and Zionist Jews. After the war, armed with enormous energy and faith, he embraced achdus Yisrael as the only needed. viable modus operandi for continued Judaic unity and thus safety. Meanwhile Rabbi Yosef Shlomo Kahaneman, the optimistic and restless seer  Excellent classroom management skills a must. from Ponevezh, changed the landscape of Torah in Palestine and did so not only without alienating other Jews but earning their respect and admi Knowledge of center based learning with ration in the process. He displayed genuine hakaros hatov to the Jewish differentiated instruction preferred. state for rescuing the remnants of Hitler, even flying the state’s blue-and white flag over his yeshiva every year on Yom Ha’Atzmaut despite the pressures from his colleagues not to do so.  Must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree.





You Gotta be

APRIL 23, 2015


ncern: it May Co To Whom rsuant the IRS, pu in d e st e v er (which By the pow ment C32 d n e m a ) ii 3(B)( 0 of the tax to article 5 age 638,00 p n o d n u Centerfold can be fo rant the TJH g y b re e h on to write code), we eek extensi w e n o a r e n are made Commissio s no jokes a g n lo so Day ents of about Tax working ag rd a h e th f nse o warned. at the expe r yourself e d si n o C the IRS… Signed, Deputy IRS erner ner Lois L Commissio


A person about to enter a hospital sees two white coated doctors searching through the flowerbeds. “Excuse me,” he says. “Have you lost something?” “No,” replies one of the doctors. “We're about to do a heart transplant for an IRS agent and want to find a suitable stone.”

Riddle! e How can you stand behind someon when they are standing behind you? See answer below

How I Celebrated April 15th • Took every dollar bill I have and ripped almost half of it off and threw it in the trash. • Took all of the old and useless phones from my attic, hooked them up and called the IRS. When I got through I slammed the receivers on the ground until they shattered into millions of pieces (one piece for each page of the tax code). • Made a bonfire and roasted my calculator. • Called my broke friend and assured him that paying taxes is overrated. • Stood outside of a welfare office with a big sign: “Thank me very much!”

• Wasted money on the most nonsensical things I could because after all, that’s where my tax money went anyways, so what’s a few more dollars?! • Called my local politician and told him that I just filled his allowance account. • Hugged a lawyer…because it’s the only day of the year that accountants are hated more than them. • Dumped all of the Wissotzky tea that I had down the toilet. • Took a three hour lunch because after all, don’t I work for the government?

ANSWER TO RIDDLE: Stand back to back with them.




I'm the Tax Man Trivia

2. The word “tax” is from the Latin word “taxo.” What does that word mean? a. I estimate b. Go ahead, rob me blind c. I appreciate d. My share 3. With regard to tax collection, what were the terms under the Articles of Confederation? a. That taxes are a remnant of British rule and are unnecessary. b. That the federal government should tax each person according to his means. c. That the federal government could request taxes from states on a voluntary basis only. d. That the federal government could give the death penalty to those who don’t pay taxes. 4. How many employees did the IRS have in 1913? a. 115,000 b. 110,000 c. 100,000 d. 90,000 e. 80,000 f. 65,000 g. 50,000 h. 40,000 i. 30,000 j. 15,000 k. 4,000 5. How many people currently work for the IRS? a. 4,000 b. 15,000

c. 30,000 d. 40,000 e. 50,000 f. 65,000 g. 80,000 h. 90,000 i. 100,000 j. 110,000 k. 115,000 6. Who was Joseph Nunan and why was he jailed in 1952? a. He was a hardworking guy who was jailed for not paying a parking ticket, on which accumulated many fines. b. He was a bank robber who was jailed for a string of robberies. c. He was the former Commissioner of the IRS who was jailed for tax evasion. Answer key: 1. B- In New York State there is an 8 cent tax to all “altered” bagels, whether it is sliced, toasted or served with a “shmear” of cream cheese or butter. 2. A 3. C 4. K 5. K 6. C Trivia Form CF026: 5-6 correct: No wonder you did so well, you have 364 days a year (minus 352 vacation days, sick days, personal days, accrued time days and legal holidays) to sit in your leather chair at the IRS and play TJH trivia. 3-4 correct: You get it right sometimes. You are like most politicians, who pay taxes “sometimes,” like right after they are exposed for not having paid their taxes. 0-2 correct: If you are a Democrat, you probably don’t know any of the answers because you never had to pay taxes and are more concerned about where to collect from the government. If you are a Republican you probably don’t know the answers because your money is offshore somewhere.

Tax his land, tax his wage, Tax his bed in which he lays. Tax his tractor, tax his mule, Teach him taxes is the rule. Tax his cow, tax his goat, Tax his pants, tax his coat. Tax his ties, tax his shirts, Tax his work, tax his dirt.

Tax his chew, tax his soda float, Teach him taxes are no joke. Tax his car, tax his grass, Tax the roads he must pass. Tax his food, tax his drink, Tax him if he tries to think. Tax his sodas, tax his beers, If he cries, tax his tears. Tax his bills, tax his gas, Tax his notes, tax his cash. Tax him good and let him know That after taxes, he has no dough. If he hollers, tax him more, Tax him until he’s good and sore. Tax his coffin, tax his grave, Tax the sod in which he lays. Put these words upon his tomb, “Taxes drove me to my doom!” And when he’s gone, we won’t relax, We’ll still be after the inheritance tax.


Comm Let the ission er dec




your s t

uff to


ltim fivetow ceonrteejrefowlids@hhom nsjewis hhome. com

APRIL 23, 2015

1. So, you are on Central Avenue in a bagel shop and you order a plain bagel. The guy behind the counter asks you whether you want your bagel sliced in half. Should you have him slice it? a. Sure, why not, it won’t cost you anything. b. No. If you have it sliced you will have to pay an 8 cents bagel tax.

An Ode to Taxes


Yeah, Yeah,


113 35



APRIL 23, 2015



here’s something about a kitchen that demands action. Perhaps it’s because kitchens are all about doing: baking, cooking, whipping, stacking, mixing, washing. Even kitchen designers are more like engineers, astronauts, or math teachers. They use graph paper and talk in eighths of an inch. They manipulate triangles to accommodate stations. Because, like small shuttles or remote NASA rovers, kitchens have stations. A cleaning station. A baking station. A range. This all makes doing a kitchen somewhat intimidating, if not in the design, the expense. Especially since a kosher kitchen is really two kitchens in one. We have two sets of pots, two sets of dishes, two sets of cutlery. Since kosher keepers are also shomer Shabbos, we play host and hostess a lot: Friday night

dinner and Shabbos lunch. We have everyday dishes and good china, serving pieces and trays. Somewhere along the line, most frum families acquire a KitchenAid/Bosch/Magic Mill, space-hogging appliances, for challah baking. And on Pesach, everything starts again. Another (at least) two sets of dishes and pots. While it seems prudent to keep the Pesach stuff in storage or a basement closet, in designing a kitchen everyone wants extra Pesach cabinetry—above the regular cabinetry or in a separate high cabinet. So how do we plan a kosher kitchen? And how do we take kitchen basics and double them for a kosher kitchen? And most importantly how do we do this without taking out a new mortgage?

Creating the Kosher Kitchen on a Budget Fresh Options Make New Kosher Kitchens Possible BY BRENDY J. SIEV

Kitchen Planning Basics

We started researching this several months ago. To begin, we learned the “Secrets of a Hardworking Kitchen,” by the doyenne of housekeeping, Martha Stewart. She breaks down kitchen planning to five points: 1. Keep the things you use most within reach. 2. Take on the tricky stuff: find a place for chargers, baking sheets, containers, spices. 3. Create stations. These include four essentials: a breakfast station, a baking station, a recycling station, a coffee station. 4. Customize storage. This keeps your drawers organized. 5. Put your pantry to work. This means pull-out drawers, baskets, and labels. With those basics in mind, we bought a bunch of manuals on affordable kitchen makeovers. What we read was in part eye-opening and in part terrifying. Statements like “After using a handsaw to enlarge the opening in the countertop, Mitch and his dad installed a stainless-steel sink and a high-arc, pull-down faucet” or “We wanted our kitchen to be updated but also unexpected and 100 percent DIY” are not for the faint of heart. And they certainly aren’t doable. But on a closer look, we saw that half the featured kitchens included Ikea cabinetry. In fact, one designer recommends an Ikea hack: using Semihandmade (, which makes custom drawers and doors to fit Ikea cabinetry at 30-40 percent less than a custom kitchen. So we took the logical next step: we called Ikea and challenged them to help us build a kosher kitchen on an Ikea budget. And here’s what we learned.


TJH: How can the Ikea cabinetry work for a kosher kitchen? How can we use it to maximize space, accommodate all those dishes and pots, a large mixer, and kosher family function? JS: SEKTION [the new IKEA cabinetry line] is all about flexibility and utilizing every last inch of space. The extreme modularity that the SEKTION kitchen system offers is no accident; the IKEA designers in Sweden put a tremendous amount of thought into every last detail. The variety of sizes and the way you can stack and combine the cabinets allows you to build storage even into tight or odd-shaped spaces, so you get the custom look without the custom price tag. The IKEA designers found a way to squeeze up to 18% more storage space inside each cabinet (compared to the old kitchen system). This means you can now have up to six drawers inside one base cabinet, and the drawers come in a variety of sizes, from 5” tall for things like utensils up to 15” tall for things like large pots, and due to the modularity of SEKTION, you can even hide the drawers inside other drawers or behind doors, so you’ll never have to compromise form for function. TJH: As you mentioned, classic kitchen design is all about triangles. But a kosher kitchen isn’t about a triangle: it’s about over-

TJH: In a kitchen with a lot of entertaining and often young guests and children, what are some of the practical suggestions you have in terms of cabinetry and door/drawer front selection? Is there a specific type and style that you suggest that will cover any scuff marks and minimize visible chips and scratches? JS: With IKEA kitchens, quality is forefront; the kitchens carry a 25-year warranty and the cabinet frames are made in the U.S.A. For the



APRIL 23, 2015

TJH: Can you give us an overview of kitchen planning considerations? JS: In terms of creating a functional layout, you should envision your kitchen not as a collection of cabinets and appliances or even as a single entity, but rather as several “zones,” one for cooking, one for washing, and one for storing. The arrangement of these zones is referred to as the “work triangle.” In a kosher kitchen you will see two triangles due to the fact that you need two of each of these zones. After you have your zones worked out, then it is time to start thinking about the details. When detail planning your kitchen, it is best to think about what your needs are first, and then build the kitchen around these needs in the most convenient way. Instead of thinking “I need X number of cabinets” or “I need to fill a span of X inches with cabinets,” take an inventory of what you have (and/or plan to have), then think about what the most convenient place for each type of item is. Things usually have a logical home; it’s just up to you to be cognizant of where that logical home is. Dishwashers should be next to sinks, pots and pans next to cooktops, casserole dishes and baking trays next to the oven, etc. Since breakfast is usually dairy, you may want to plan storage for your dairy service next to the breakfast nook/bar. Similarly, you may want to plan your storage for your meat service in or closer to the dining room. After you have your zones and you needs worked out, design each cabinet to suit your personal requirements. Do you have dishes that you want to show off? Plan a glass-door cabinet. How many sets of flatware do you have? Make sure to plan at least one drawer for each, and make sure the drawer is large enough for the number of place settings you have. What about table linens? Wouldn’t it be convenient to have them right there when you are setting the table? Where do you naturally look for the recycling bins/trash can? Plan a recycling cabinet there. Also, consider limitations of your current space are in terms of square feet, obstacles, where water pipes and gas lines are, and architectural barriers such as vaulted ceilings, beams, or soffits. If these limitations are just too much to plan around, then it is time to start looking at the cost vs. benefit of changing the structure of the room. The more things you need to change, such as tearing down/putting up walls, moving or upgrading electric, running water or gas lines, etc., the more it will end up costing and the longer the project will take. This is not to say that you should not take this type of work into consideration, but to look at the project holistically and be honest and realistic when balancing your needs, time, and budget.

lapping triangles. How does Ikea suggest that we envision kosher kitchen planning? Is there a preferred shape? JS: The U-shape kitchen layout usually works best for kosher kitchens, because it will give the most storage while still keeping everything comfortably spaced out. So if there is more than one person working in the kitchen at once, they are not always in each other’s way. That being said, not every space can accommodate a U-shaped kitchen, but this is no reason to fret, as due to the modularity of the cabinetry, you can comfortably plan kosher kitchens in many popular layouts such as L or broken L-shape, galley, and straight line with an island.


s it turns out, Ikea just started a new kitchen line called SEKTION. But how would it work for a kosher kitchen? We got in touch with Jessica Sinaly, who, as an Ikea Brooklyn kitchen planner, has planned too-many-to-count kosher kitchens. Here’s what she told us.

practical purposes of ease-of-cleaning and hiding the inevitable scratch or two that may happen in a household with children, your best bet is to go with the RINGHULT door style (available in white and grey). These doors feature a flat front and a high-gloss finish for super easy cleaning. In households with children, we also recommend installing child safety latches on drawers and doors where curious kiddos will try to explore, and having rounded edges or corner bumpers on countertops.

Prices and Dimensions

Kitchens come in different sizes, and there’s just so much you can do before hauling in the wrecking ball and moving walls around: you’re generally bound to the original room size. So, after hearing from Jessica, we asked Brooklyn kosher kitchen expert Lorna Montalvo to create some kitchen mockups for us. Toward that end, Lorna came up with two different designs for us for kosher Ikea kitchens. At the very least, a kitchen that’s only 12’ x 15’ will cost around $9,000—with separate sinks, cabinetry, and appliances. A 16’ x 21’ kitchen with two sinks, two dishwashers, two microwaves, and two ovens costs for cabinetry and appliances—at most $25,000.

Seeing for Ourselves

After seeing this, we met with Chantal Nichtowitz and Marissa Willison at the Ikea Sunrise in Florida. They gave us a full tour of the kitchens and planning process. Here’s what we saw and learned. In general, getting an Ikea kitchen is not like picking up a dresser or $14 coffee table. Ikea puts most of its quality and time into their kitchen line. They want it to be most functional and able to withstand


APRIL 23, 2015

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everything. Hence the 25-year warranty on the cabinets. Here are the highlights: • The drawers within drawers: drawers for flatware can be nestled in other drawers. • Deep drawers with optional super-high sides for your pots. • Drawers have 12 - 15 percent more space, hold 55 pounds, and close softly. • Corner cabinets can house a traditional Lazy Susan (so pots don’t

It is best to think about what your needs are first, and then build the kitchen around these needs in the most convenient way. get lost in the dark hole) or a new pull out system. • Integrated appliances, if you’d like your dishwasher to blend with the cabinets. • Quartz and other stone counter options with a lifetime warranty. • Under-cabinet lighting can run 90 lights on one outlet. • Under-sink storage and pullout drawers. • Plastic toekicks so that cleanup is easy and moisture on your baseboards is not an issue. • Ikea now has a new appliance line with Whirpool. Most of the appliances have Shabbat modes; most of the ovens are selfcleaning. Chantal and Marissa showed us “endless possibilities.” In fact, one section of the store groups cabinet and drawer fronts by style so that you

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can create a kitchen using different colors and textures seamlessly. They even placed the cabinet hardware—handles and knobs—on plexiglass, so that you can hold them up to drawers and doors to see what looks good and what works for your kitchen.

Planning for Change

My parents’ home is a solid brick house with a 1920’s provenance. But when they moved in during the 70s, the kitchen was so unpleasant that it hurt even our bell-bottom sensibilities and tastes. The cabinets were wood with exposed “country” hinges, the sink and refrigerator were dark brown, the wallpaper was covered in waves of yellow and orange tulips, and—here was the worst—the counters and backsplash were orange formica. Not the color people delicately call “pumpkin” or “melon.” Nope. Full on, Florida citrus orange. We must change this kitchen! my parents would cry. But how? Budget-weary and wary, they would enter different kitchen design stores and walk out with $50,000 designs. For that price, they would say, we should move! So they would go house hunting. This happened for years, until the kitchen planners and real estate agents starting flipping the “CLOSED” sign when they saw our family approaching. Seventeen years later, my parents put in a new kitchen (natural maple cabinets, dark countertops and backsplash) with help from wonderful designers. Now that Pesach is over, and we’re sure many of you, teetering on steep basement stairs holding 75 pounds of pots and silverware, were thinking like my parents once did. You’re ready for a change. Whether it’s dealing with one sink or two, a poor kitchen design, or need for more space so that you don’t need to shove everything into a basement closet, we think we’ve finally learned how to design a kosher kitchen at reasonable price, without breaking the bank or expending the down payment on a dream house. 

Parenting Pearls

77 Rabbi Dani Staum, LMSW

us. Only then can we develop feelings of gratitude for the good done for us. I remember during my youth, while we were in the car on the way home from Chol Hamo’ed trips, my father would ask the family who remembered to thank “Mommy and Abba” for taking them on a trip. It is up to us to remind our children to thank us for things we do for them, even the daily things we take for granted. Children should thank their mother

was surprised when her son rolled down his window and thanked the worker, who smiled and waved back. When she asked her son why he did that, her son explained that a few days earlier he had heard his rebbe do it.

If you want to have polite and grateful children you have to model it and expect it. even say thank you, there is something wrong. Truthfully the child should be opening and holding the door for their parent, but at the very least the child should thank their parent. Parents can also make a big deal in front of the family when one child remembers to express gratitude for something done for them, e.g. “It was so special when Dovi thanked me for making the cookies he likes for Shabbos.” When I drive carpool and drop off my children in yeshiva, as they are getting out, if they don’t remember to do so on their own, I say, “Thank you Abba.” If they don’t get the hint I’ll repeat it again, and even again. One of our young children had a hard time getting the hang of it and even after he exited the car, his father rolled down the window and called out loudly, “Thank you Abba,” until he got the hint. B”H now I hardly ever have to remind them. It wasn’t that I needed the recognition. It was that I wanted him to realize that driving him to yeshiva is a favor and therefore it is his responsibility to be thankful. I want my children to thank their bus driver every day when they get off the bus. I want them to be pleasant and thankful to the cashier in the store. I want them to thank the garbage men or mailman if they happen to see them. So I try to ensure that they hear me doing so. It will make them far more pleasant people, and their future spouses (and mothers-in-law) will be ever grateful. A mother related to me that she was driving with her son in the car when they arrived at a construction zone and had to wait a few minutes. When they passed the construction workers, she

People are by nature self-centered and self-absorbed. Your children’s ingratitude is not the result of bad parenting. Still, if you want to have polite and grateful children you have to model it and expect it. Hakaras hatov is like a muscle which needs constant exercise and attention in order to keep it healthy and strong.

Parents are often afraid or uncomfortable to demand respect and gratitude from their children. But if we as parents don’t demand it, our children won’t learn it. In your situation I think you should tell your daughter (after you have gotten over the audacity of her asking) why her question wasn’t appropriate. If it’s explained to her gently she probably will realize why it was wrong, and she will even learn to appreciate the things you do for her lovingly. Rabbi Dani Staum, LMSW, is the Rabbi of Kehillat New Hempstead. He is also the fifth grade rebbe and guidance counselor in ASHAR in Monsey, Principal of Mesivta Ohr Naftoli of New Windsor, NY, and a division head at Camp Dora Golding. Rabbi Staum offers parenting classes based on the acclaimed Love & Logic Program. He can be reached at His website is


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Rabbi Staum Responds: We live in an “es kumt mir” world, where everyone, especially our children, feels a sense of entitlement. We must train our children to recognize that what we do for them is a gift done for them with love. The ba’alei mussar note that hakaras hatov is not a natural feeling. It is something we must first develop within ourselves, and then work on conveying to our children. The first step is the hakarah – recognizing what is done for

for making supper, and their father for learning with them. Of course the best way to teach is by example, as in when a child hears one parent thank the other. When a parent opens and holds the door for their child and the child doesn’t


Hakaras Hatov I feel like no matter what I do it’s never enough for my kids. For example, on Shushan Purim morning after we had a wonderful Purim, my older daughter asked me to make her pancakes. I was so upset. The night before we had a seudah with over 30 people after we had run around all day (in the snow) going to her and her siblings’ teachers and friends to deliver shalach manos. It was also Erev Shabbos and the house looked like a jet had landed in the living room. Am I wrong to be upset at my daughter for being so ungrateful? How can I teach her not be so selfish?



APRIL 23, 2015



Notable Quotes Notable


Compiled by Nate Davis

Compiled by Nate Davis

“Say What?” “Say What?” I’m starting to worry that when Hillary Clinton travels, there’s gonna need to be two planes – one for her and her entourage, and one for her baggage. – Republican presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)

For the first time, a vegan gluten-free bakery has opened at Disney World. The place is called “It’s a Sad World After All.” - Conan O’Brien

President Obama has reduced the sentences of 22 federal prisoners who were arrested for drug-related crimes — eight of whom were serving life sentences. It marks the first time someone has said “Thanks Obama” but actually meant it. – Jimmy Fallon

Ben & Jerry’s is working with a beer company to develop a “salted caramel brownie brown ale” that will be sold later this summer. It’ll mark the first time you’ll actually feel great after finishing a second pint of Ben & Jerry’s. – Jimmy Fallon

Former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez has been convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. His lawyer plans to appeal. He’s trying to get the sentence reduced down to two seasons with the New York Jets. – Conan O’Brien

Everything comes from above. Everything just comes from above. - Jeralean Talley, 116, of Michigan, who just became the oldest person in the world

It’s something I always wanted to do. And I didn’t have the opportunity to go and now 100 years later, here I am. - At a ceremony for Marie Hunt, 103, who received an honorary high school diploma from River Valley High School in Wisconsin (after 8th grade she started working to support her eight younger siblings) A Wisconsin woman recently got a high school diploma at the age of 103 and says she is now considering going to college. Friends are recommending a two-year college. - Conan O’Brien

We have a giant garbage can called YouTube for usergenerated content. – Jerry Seinfeld during a discussion about comedy and the internet

Hillary’s trying to appear downhome. Earlier today she was sitting on the front porch of a general store whittling a pantsuit. – David Letterman

The only fun thing about filing your tax return is getting a refund. About 80 percent of taxpayers get money back, which is a weird thing to be happy about. That means you’ve been overpaying all year long. It’s like if someone broke into your house and the police recovered the stuff and brought it back and you said, “Oh, presents.” – Jimmy Kimmel

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be sent to Shriners Hospital for Children. Also, the family respectfully asks that you do not vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. R.I.P. Grandaddy. - Obituary for Larry Upright, an 81-year-old man who passed away in North Carolina last week

– Jimmy Kimmel The ex-governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, said the presidency of the United States is not some crown to be passed between two families. Jeb Bush said that’s true. It should really just belong to one family. – Conan O’Brien All my grandparents, you know, came over here. – Hillary Clinton talking about immigration during her swing through Iowa (three of her four grandparents were born in the continental U.S.)

I think they’re all losers. - Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) on MSNBC, when asked about the field of Republicans He comes from a coal state. I don’t mean to be meanspirited, but he is a lump of coal. – Ibid, when asked about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell(R-KY)

Hillary is in Iowa to listen to what the people are saying — because if you want her to speak, that will cost you $200,000. So she’s there listening. – David Letterman Have we all decided who we’re going to vote for president yet? You know you only have 574 days left to figure it out. - Jimmy Kimmel

We do have a plan. We have a plan for my plan. - Hillary Clinton when asked by the Washington Post for details of her campaign plans

If I put together a finance team that will make me financially competitive enough to stay in this thing… I may have the first all-Jewish cabinet in America because of the pro-Israel funding. - Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) joking about the fundraising he may have to do if he decides to run for president

Hillary’s roll out was about as spontaneous as open heart surgery. - Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld

A 95-year-old man has officially become the world’s oldest pilot. He’s also become the first pilot to fly at 25 miles per hour. - Conan O’Brien

I’m inside a plane, and I feel like it’s moving in the air. Flight 448. Can you please have somebody stop it? – From the 911 call made by a baggage handler who had fallen asleep inside the cargo hold of an Alaska Airlines jet bound for Los Angeles, and woke up when the plane took off (the plane returned to the airport)

Well, that’s got to be a first. - The TV announcer at a San Francisco Giants game when a play was disrupted by a fried chicken finger which fell from a bird’s mouth onto the field

It’s April 15, tax day. The federal tax code is over 74,000 pages long. But stick with it because after page 72,000, it gets really good. - Conan O’Brien

Jeb Bush welcomed his fourth grandchild. The new Bush grandchild is happy, healthy, and will be running for president in 2048. – Conan O’Brien

Hillary Clinton announced she’s running for president. Yesterday in Ohio, Hillary popped into a Chipotle and she ordered a burrito bowl with chips and salsa. And on her way out she said, “That locks down the Hispanic vote.” – Conan O’Brien

The Hillary team is driving around in a van. Sometimes people get those gag bumper stickers put on their van. Hillary has one on her van, and it says, “If this van’s rockin’, I’m deleting emails.” – David Letterman Tomorrow President Obama will host NASCAR racing champion Kevin Harvick at the White House. They both said they look forward to spending an hour or two not having the slightest interest in what the other is saying. – Jimmy Fallon

Hillary Clinton announced that she is running. Then she drove from New York to Iowa in a van. You can’t be president of the United States unless you agree to eat a corn dog in front of a small group of farmers. – Jimmy Kimmel

APRIL 23, 2015

The IRS specifically selected April 15 as tax day. They knew it was going to likely be a beautiful spring day and they wanted to ruin it for us.

What’s a gyrocopter? - Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson recalling what his first reaction was when a gyrocopter landed on the Capitol lawn

91 41


As long as I have control of the craft, no one was going to get hurt. If I get blown to smithereens, I have no control of the smithereens. - Douglas Hughes, who flew a gyrocopter onto the Capitol lawn, recalling what he was thinking as he was flying through Washington, DC

In her Iowa round tables, she acted as though she were following dating tips from 1950’s advice columnists to women trying to “trap” a husband: listen a lot, nod a lot, widen your eyes, and act fascinated with everything that’s said. – Maureen Dowd, writing in The New York Times about Hillary’s recent swing through Iowa


It Could Have Happened To You


APRIL 23, 2015

Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk Rabbi Eli Scheller

I was in shul with my son this past Shabbos, and at age five years old sitting still was a struggle for him. When he dropped the siddur for the fourth time I knew this would mean a nasty rebuke from Alan, age 60, sitting directly in front of my son. Alan is that man in shul who is not able to tolerate any noise. Excessive coughing, chair movement, or even the crackle of a lollipop wrapper can set him off. At one point in my life I would be completely indifferent to Alan’s issues. This is a story of how I met another gentleman named Steven, and how he unknowingly helped me with Alan and those like him. I met Steven for no more than two minutes on only one occasion. Here’s what I learned from him. My wife and I were about to celebrate our sixth anniversary. We had a babysitter for the kids, reservations at a restaurant, and now that we lived in California, perhaps we could end the

evening with a nice walk along the ocean before getting back to our busy lives. I drove home from shul to pick her up, anticipating the special occasion. My wife needed a couple of extra minutes so I pulled up in front of my house. As usual, there were no parking spots in front of the house, being a native New Yorker I simply double-parked without a second thought. I noticed a man walking in the street alongside the parked cars. He was headed in my direction, on my side of the street. It did seem a bit strange for someone to be walking in the street rather than on the sidewalk, but I was more focused on my wife’s impending arrival. The gentleman continued to walk towards my car and became more difficult to ignore. I then realized that since I was double-parked very close to the adjacent car he would not be able to continue his path on the street. Instead, he would have to turn to the

sidewalk when he reached my car – isn’t that what sidewalks are for? He reached my car and surprisingly did not go to the sidewalk; he just stood there and stared at me. I figured I must have blocked entry to his car. I turned to the side and realized that the car I was blocking was my neighbor’s car, not this man’s. I clearly did not think it was necessary to move my car to allow him to pass when he could [and should] be using the sidewalk. He waited a couple of minutes, saw that I was not moving, and squeezed in between my car and the parked car and continued walking. I found this behavior bizarre. Why not use the sidewalk like most normal people? As he brushed against my car my curiosity got the best of me. I rolled down my window and asked him [with a smile] “Do you really enjoy walking in the street?” He looked at me, and with a serious look on his face answered, “Yes”. He then leaned





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closer to the car and said something that left me shocked and speechless. “My right leg is slightly shorter than my left and it’s usually very painful for me to walk. But the street slopes a little and provides the right balance for me. I try to walk on the side of the street whenever I can.” I had nothing to say and could only stare at him. I felt like a fool for [mentally] attacking him and for not moving my car out of his way. I would never have guessed this reason for his strange walking behavior. I apologized to him for not being more considerate and chided myself for jumping to conclusions. I asked him his name, and he told me it was Steven. I wished him well, and as he walked on he said, “No worries.” When my wife finally joined me in the car I told her what had just happened. In the story’s repetition I realized most people have one leg shorter than the other, only not in the physical sense. Rather it represents an area of life where they don’t feel secure, and perhaps slightly off balance. For some this means turning the air conditioner on high to keep the room temperature below 65 degrees. For others it means insisting on having only an aisle seat on the plane. And for some, simply finding a fork in the spoon compartment of the silverware drawer causes undue stress. We all have situations that cause us pain and we’ll do things that appear to be extreme to avoid them. We will all meet someone, and we probably already know someone who has a need we can’t comprehend. Perhaps we are not eager to help that person fulfill that need. But the least we can do is get out of his way and let him continue on his path. -Rabbi Eli Scheller is the author of the popular series ‘A Minute Vort’ on the parsha. He produces inspirational videos which are featured on major Jewish websites such as and Currently Rabbi Eli resides in Baltimore, with his wife and their four children, where he teaches and inspires Jews through his program, J-BAL, a division of Etz Chaim.





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Real Estate 7 Ways to Deal with Bad Credit When Renting Submitted by: Ben Schwartz | Founder

Bad credit? You might have a tough time qualifying for that rental you love so much. Let’s be real: most landlords use a credit check to vet potential renters. So when you’re looking for an apartment to rent, a lackluster credit history can pose problems. Your prospective landlord is going to peek at your credit history and use it to assess how much of a financial risk you might pose. Let’s be even realer: some of us have bad credit. So what should you do if your credit history is less than stellar? Here are seven ways you can walk in with a poor score and walk out with a signed lease: 1. Find a guarantor or co-signer This is both the easiest and most complicated approach — ask a trusted friend or relative with good credit to co-sign the rental application with you. It’s easy because while you’ll be the only one living in the apartment, your co-signer agrees to cover the payments in the event that you default on your rent. This can provide a landlord the extra reassurance he needs. Of course, it’s complicated because someone else is on the hook for your good behavior; you don’t actually want your co-signer to be forced to take over payments for you, so make sure the monthly rent is an amount you can afford comfortably. Be realistic about what might happen to your relationship if you default on the lease. 2. Be honest and show progress Sometimes, bad credit isn’t a reflection of bad money management. You may have lost your job, suffered from medical problems, or experienced another financial setback that was out of your control. If this is the case, be upfront about it — before the landlord even runs your credit check. Your willingness to

admit and own up to your bad credit is a point in your favor. It also helps demonstrate the steps you’ve taken, and are currently taking, to fix the problem. Whether it’s a proven track record of paying your bills on time or references from recent landlords, this will show your prospective property manager that you’re responsible and committed (even if your credit isn’t perfect). 3. Pay in advance or increase your security deposit Bad credit makes landlords nervous because it indicates you might default on the rent. By paying a month or more in advance or offering a twomonth security deposit, you can alle-

of the losses and damages should you skip out on the rent. (Which, of course, you won’t.) 4. Get a roommate Willing to share your living room and kitchen? Find a roommate. If the landlord will allow just one person to sign the lease, see if your roommate is

willing to sign it solo. (Alternatively, try to move in with a roommate who is mid-lease.) This way, the person on the lease is the one with more solid credit. Roommates come with another benefit: you’ll be able to share the bills. By reducing your financial burden, you can continue to pay down your debt and repair your bad credit faster — a true win-win! 5. Show solid income and offer to pay via direct deposit Even if your credit history is a little shaky, being able to show a history of regular, solid income can go a long way toward making a landlord feel better about you. When applying for an apartment, have proof of income ready, such as recent pay stubs, tax returns, and even a letter from your employer verifying your employment status and income. Offering to have your rent automatically deducted from your bank account can also help.

viate their concerns. Not only does this show your commitment, but it also provides them with extra cash that can cover some

6. Compromise by paying a little more Some landlords — especially if you’re renting from a property management company —charge additional “risk” fees if your credit score is poor. You may want to consider taking

the hit if you really love the apartment, or if you need to quickly find a place to live. If you’re dealing with an individual manager who is inclined to deny your application, you may be able to negotiate a slightly higher rent as a gesture of good faith. 7. Bring recommendations You’d bring letters of recommendation for a job application. Why not bring the same when you’re trying to rent? Letters of recommendation can reassure a potential landlord that you’re a responsible person who won’t cause him any problems. Ask for letters from current and previous employers, current and previous landlords, and even past roommates who can vouch for your character. Even if your previous landlords were only for short-term arrangements, their endorsements can hold weight. Submitted by: Ben Schwartz | Founder Are you looking for a tenant for your vacancy? can help! uses their professional and simple systems, to quickly find quality tenants for landlords. Founded by Ben Schwartz in January of 2014 in response to the needs of landlords who lack the proper time and resources to find tenants by themselves, has already assisted in the signing many leases for landlords just like yourself! For more information, please visit:


From the Files of Beis Din A project of the Choshen Mishpat Chabura of Kollel Avodas Levi Article written by Rabbi Gershon Segal Reviewed by ‫הרב מרדכי שוחטוביץ אב בית דין דבאלטימאר‬

informs Chani of her plans to leave at the end of the month. In the course of their conversation she shares her difficult financial situation, and her plans to open her own business. Chani is completely unprepared for this and is extremely hurt. She runs to her office and comes back with their contract. Putting the non-compete clause in front of Devorah, she blurts out, “I hope it will not be necessary for me to take you to court.” Devorah is surprised by her boss’s strong reaction, but she maintains her composure and replies, “I was sure you would be able to understand my situation. I see now that this is not the case. I’ll gladly go to Beis Din if that’s what you demand”. Chani responds, “I don’t think that Beis Din would be the appropriate court in this case. The contract gives me the right to petition a court of competent jurisdiction that has the power to prevent violations. I’m going to need a court that is part of the United States legal system.” Devorah insists that the Torah forbids us from going to a non-Torah court. Reluctantly Chani calls her Rov who confirms that it is strictly prohibited for a Jew to take a fellow Jew to a non-Jewish court1. And so, the next week the two women arrive in Beis Din. The Beis Din asks Chani to present her claim and Devorah to state her defense. After hearing both sides, the judges discuss the case and arrive at a ruling. The Av Beis Din (head Judge) begins. “The claim that was presented here today is regarding a non-compete contract which states that ‘the employee agreed that she shall not compete with the employer’s business.’ In Torah law, a contract, in which one accepts not to do something, is no more


binding than a verbal commitment2. Let us try to understand what the Torah teaches us about this matter. There is a mitzvah from the Torah of ‫הין שלך צדק‬. This Mitzvah is interpreted by the Chachomim to mean that when one says he will or will not do something, he is obligated to fully intend to keep his word3. If at the time when one gives his word he truly means to follow through, but he later changes his mind, he is not in violation of this positive commandment. The Rabbis, none the less, consider a person who does not stand by his word when someone is counting on him to


be an untrustworthy person4. However, when an unforeseen or unexpected change in circumstance happens after the commitment is made, retracting one’s word is not seen as a lack of trustworthiness5. Even if one did transgress the Mitzvah of ‫הין שלך צדק‬, or is acting in an untrustworthy manner, the Beis Din cannot force him to honor his word6. In our case, Devorah did not intend to open her own business at the time she signed the contract, and she is only asking to do so now due to the loss of her husband. According to what we just explained, no transgression is being violated and Devorah is not acting

‫אמלעב םירבד ןינק יוהד‬, ‫אי – ז םיפיעס ’דר ןמיס‬. ‫ ושע וליפאש ’ב ףיעס ’זנק ןמיסבכ‬4 ‫לע וריבח ךמוסש אכיה לכד םש ראובמ יוהד רוזחל םילוכי קולחל ןינק םיפתוש‬ ‫םירבד ןינק‬. ‫וב רזוח םא הנמא רסוחמ ירקימ ורוביד א”מרה ’ד ףיעסב םשד ףאו‬. ‫א”מרה ’אי ףיעס ’דר ןמיסב‬ ‫ תונביל ןינק ושע יא תקולחמ איבמ‬5 ‫יוה יערת ירתב םא תוטיש יתש איבמ‬ ‫אל וא םירבד ןינק יוה יא‬, ‫ןמיסב ןכו‬ ‫הנמא רסוחמ‬. ‫תונקל םכסיה םא ונייהד‬ ‫ב – א םיפיעס ’המר‬, ‫אכיה אקווד הז‬ ‫רוזחל הצור ןכלו רעשה הנתשנ ךכ רחאו רמימל אכיאד רבדב ומצע בייחל אבש‬ ‫הנמא רסוחמ יוה יא‬. ‫קיסמ א”מרהו‬ ‫ויסכנו ופוג דבעשל ותנווכש‬. ‫אכיה לבא‬ ‫רסוחמ יוהד םירבוסהכ רקיע הארנד‬ ‫קוליס יוה רבד תושעל אלש ןינק לבקמש‬ ‫אמלע ילוכל ינהמ אלו דובעיש‬. ‫הנמא יכה‬. ‫ח”בהד איבמ ’ה ק”ס םש ך”שה‬ ‫ןניקספ יכיה קפוסמ‬, ‫ןחלושה ךורעהו‬ ‫תבושתמ א ףיעס ’גר ןמיס א”מרה קספ‬ ‫אנידמד הארנו ל”זו קיסמ ’ח ק”ס ףוס‬ ‫א”בשרה‬. ‫ק”ס םש א”רגה שרפמ יכה‬ ‫קר הנמא רסוחמ םושמ הזב ןיא יאדו‬ ‫ןינקד םירבוסהל ףאד קסופ א”מרהד ’ט‬ ‫תודיסח תדיממ‬. ‫יערת ירתב הז לכו‬ ‫ינהמ אל תושעל אלש ןינק ינהמ ןתא‬. ‫רעשב יוניש שיש םלועה ךרד יוהד ונקש ימ ה”גהב ש”ע ה”ד םש ז”טה ןכו‬, ‫לבא‬ ‫ותעד לע הלע אלש יוניש היהש אכיה‬ ‫ב”י ןמיס םירואה וטקנ היתווכו יכה רבוס‬ ‫’גי םישודיח םש תוביתנהו ’גי ק”ס‬. ‫ירקימ אל אמלע ילוכל ילוא הרקיש ללכ אלד‬ ‫הנמא רסוחמ‬. ‫ד”וי ז”טהמ עמשמ יכהו‬ ‫ש”ייע ’כ ק”ס םש ע”מסהכ‬. ‫’ה ק”ס ’דסר ןמיס‬. ‫םש קספ א”מרהד‬ 3 ‫טמ ףד אעיצמ אבב‬. ‫ןיה‬ ‫רוסא דחאל הלימ לש דוביכ ןתנ םאד‬ ‫וכו קדצ ךלש‬. ‫ואלו קדצ ךלש ןה אהיש‬ ‫קדצ ךלש‬. ‫וב רוזחל דחא רבדי אלש ייבא ושריפו‬. ‫רחא ול ןמדזנ םאד בתכ ז”טהו‬ ‫אכיל קידצ וא ובהוא אוהש להומ ךכ‬ ‫בלב דחאו הפב‬. ‫טכ ףד ףסוי יקומנהו‬: ‫הנמא רסוחמ‬. ‫ף”ירה ואיבהדמ ייבאכ ןניקספד שרפמ‬, ‫דועו ’א ףיעס ’טפק ןמיס‬ ‫ בתכו ה”ד ’אי ק”ס ’דר ןמיס השירפהו‬6 ‫תומוקמ הברה‬. ‫ואיבמ רואמה לעב‬. ‫א ףיעס ’וכ ןמיס מ”וח‬

APRIL 23, 2015

Chani is a talented shaitel macher who has built up her reputation over the past ten years and now has a large customer base. She needs to hire an assistant to help her since she is no longer able to keep up with all her customers. Like many business owners, she is worried that after training a worker and sharing all her business secrets, the employee will open her own business and potentially hurt Chani’s bottom line. She downloads a standard non-compete contract which states: ‘the employee agrees that he shall not compete with the employer’s company for ____ years after cessation of employment within a _____ mile radius of the employer’s business. If the employee should violate the agreement, the employer shall have the right to petition a court of competent jurisdiction to prevent further violations.’ After some searching Chani is ready to employ Devorah. The two woman review the employment contract, including the non-compete clause. Devorah signs a copy of the contract and hands it to Chani. The non-compete clause doesn’t bother Devorah at all. She is a young newlywed and is happy to have found a good job she will enjoy in her new hometown. The two work together very nicely for five years. Devorah’s family grows and she is a proud mother of three young children. Tragically Devorah’s husband suddenly gets very ill and passes away. She is now left with three young children to care for all by herself. She continues working for Chani for a few months, but soon realizes that she cannot make ends meet if she continues to work as an employee. She has the expertise to open her own business and sees this as her only option. Devorah


*Story is fictitious, to illustrate the Halacha. In an actual case a Halachic authority should be consulted.


APRIL 23, 2015


From the Files of Beis Din in an untrustworthy manner. She is permitted to open her own wig business.” Chani thanks the Beis Din for explaining to her what the Torah teaches regarding her case. She is very relieved that she took her case to Beis Din and was saved from causing any further pain to Devorah. (Look at the beauty of a Torah observant Jew! She’s not disappointed about ‘losing’ the case, she is so happy she was saved from inadvertently violating the Torah and hurting another Jew!) She asks the Av Beis Din, “Before I go, may I please ask if there is any way to write a non-compete contract that would be Halachicaly binding?” The Av Beis Din responds, “A possible method would be to create a deterrent by requiring that the employee accept on herself a significant penalty that she will have to pay if she should compete. The Torah does recognize acceptance of a monetary obligation7. The non-compete could therefore have a clause that if the employee competes in the future, she obligates herself to pay a large sum of money to the employer. Such an obligation, if written properly, is enforceable by Beis Din and should serve as a significant deterrent to keep the employee from competing.”


‫’א ףיעס ’מ ןמיס‬

“That method would work for me,” Chani responds, “But can you explain why you said, ‘If the obligation is written properly?’” What is the proper way of writing that obligation?” The Av Beis Din explains, “There is a significant problem that must be properly dealt with in order to use this method I’m suggesting. Since the penalty is conditional, it is considered to be an ‫ אסמכתא‬and is not binding. The idea behind ‫ אסמכתא‬is that in order for a personal liability to be binding, there has to be full resolve to assume the liability at the time when it is undertaken. If liability is accepted conditionally, the Torah assesses that full resolve is not in place. In the case of the non-compete agreement, the employee does not really think that the penalty will ever come to be. He only accepts it in order to make the employer confident that he is serious in his commitment not to compete8. However, if a conditional penalty is undertaken in front of a Beis Din Chashuv (literal translation: important, see footnote)9, then it shows


‫’גי ףיעס ’זר ןמיסב ראובמ‬

9 There are a few opinions brought by the Rema 207:15, as to what the interpretation of Beis Din Chashuv is. One interpretation is a Beis Din that is fluent in the laws of ‫אתכמסא‬. A second interpretation is

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that the employee has full resolve to accept the liability10. When someone is in front of Beis Din we assume that he fully means to accept upon himself what he says.” “So you’re saying that in order for me to be able to write a non-compete that is binding, I have to come to the Beis Din each time and have my employee accept the penalty in its presence? I suppose that it would not be too hard for me since I don’t hire a new worker very often. But wouldn’t it be a little difficult for a larger company to have to come to Beis Din each time they hire someone?” “There is a method that would not necessitate coming to Beis Din. There is a principle of ‫הודאת בעל דין כמאה עדים‬ ‫דמי‬, the admission of a litigant is like one hundred witnesses. This means that if the litigant himself admits to something which gives him greater liability, it is as though there are one hundred witnesses testifying to what he is admitting to. The Rema applies this rule to ‫ אסמכתא‬by ruling that if the contract says that the employee admits that the liability was undertaken in front of Beis Din, it is as if there are a hundred witnesses that saw him do so. That being the case, if a Beis Din were to rule regarding this case in the future, they would consider the liability to have been undertaken in front of a Beis Din and therefore to be binding11. There are opinions that have additional requirements to make an ‫אסמכתא‬ the top Beis Din of the city. See the Rema for a third interpretation.


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‫’וט ףיעס ’זר ןמיס‬. ‫םשו‬ ‫םג יא א”מרו רבחמ תקולחמ אתיא‬ ‫אלש ידכ ןיד תיבב ויתויוכז ספתמל יעב‬ ‫אתכמסא אהי‬. ‫ךירצד רבוס רבחמה‬ ‫ילב ףאד םירמוא שיד איבמ א”מרהו‬ ‫ינהמ ויתויוכז סיפתה‬. ‫ש”ארהש קיסמו‬ ‫אמלע יגיהנ יכהש בתכ‬. 11 ‫א”מרב םש‬. ‫םש ע”מסבו‬ ‫א”מרה ןושלמ ראובמד בתוכ ’במ ק”ס‬ ‫לביק אל תמאבש ונעדי םא וליפאד‬ ‫ינהמ ןיד תיבב‬. ‫ןויכד םושמ ומעטו‬ ‫הז ןיד תיבב ומצע בייחש רטשב בתכש‬ ‫ומצע בייחל תעד תורימג ול שיש הארמ‬. ‫המ םישודיח תוביתנהו‬, ‫ןחלושה ךורעהו‬ ‫ותומכ םיקסופ דמ ק”ס‬.

agreement made in front of Beis Din binding, but those are not practical for a non-compete agreement12. However, we can still make the deterrent binding even according to these opinions, since they have a different ruling regarding conditions that are an ‫אסמכתא‬, which can be applied in this case. They rule, that if it is stated that the monetary obligation is undertaken to be effective immediately, but will only have to be paid if the condition is ever met in the future, it would be valid. Putting both opinions together, one could use the following clause to create a deterrent which is enforceable by Beis Din, and would effectively make the non-compete agreement binding13. The employee agrees that he/she shall not compete with the employer’s company for ____ years after cessation of employment within a _____ mile radius of the employer’s business. If the employee should ever compete, he accepts upon himself a monetary obligation of $_______, which is effective from the time this document becomes binding. The employee admits that this obligation was accepted with a proper Kinyan and was undertaken in front of a Beis Din Chashuv. The employee agrees to abide by the opinions that rule that this obligation was undertaken with full commitment and is not an ‫אסמכתא‬.” “Thank you very much,” Chani says. “I wrote down the entire text and will use it next time it is needed.”


‫ הרעהב ראובמכ‬9 ‫רבחמלד‬ ‫ןיד תיבב ויתויוכז סופתי םגש יעב‬. ‫לכ תא תתל ךירצ היה הז ןודינב אליממו‬ ‫ןיד תיבה דיב סנקה םוכס‬. 13 ‫’די ףיעס ’זר ןמיס‬. ‫רבחמל‬ ‫יוהיל אלד וישכעמ הנק יא ינהמ‬ ‫אתכמסא‬, ‫וילע קלוחש ףא םש א”מרהו‬ ‫יעבד בתכ לבא דוחל וישכעמ ינהמ אלד‬ ‫וישכעמו בושח ןיד תיב‬. ‫ק”ס ע”מסהו‬ ‫ךרציה אל א”מרהש קוחדיל הצר מ‬ ‫םהינש‬, ‫קלוח ואיבמ תוביתנו ז”טה לבא‬ ‫םהינש יעבד וילע‬. ‫היהיש ךיא השעמלו‬ ‫םיק רמול לכוי אלש ידכ א”מרה תטישב‬ ‫םהינש בותכל יעב רבחמהכ יל‬. ‫יפ לעו‬ ‫םלוכ ידי תאצל ידכד םינפב יתבתכ הז‬ ‫וישכעמ םג בותכל יעב‬.

Book Review

95 Joe Bobker

Few graduates of today’s yeshiva are as comfortable in their street cred skin as Rav Kamenetzky is in his. dots in “reflections” of his “amazing journey” (so far) through life, until 120. Rav Kamenetzky, alumnus of “Philly” and the skilled pedagogue principal at the Yeshiva of South Shore, founded by his father R’ Binyomin in 1956, is the scion of a “mixed marriage” – which is obvious from his Litvishe lamdus and contagious joyful chassidishe bounce. His maternal grandfather, R’ Pinchas Eliyahu Spiegel, was the Admor of Ostrov, a community on the border of Lithuania and Poland, who arrived in the United States in the late 1920s; his paternal grandfather, Rav Yaakov, was a young family man in the small Lithuanian village of Tzitivyan mired in such extreme poverty that “the room he sat in had no floor, the table and other sparse furnishings stood directly on the ground,” recalls a visitor. America became the beneficiary of the horrific poverty. The Jews of Tzitivyan couldn’t afford to pay a rabbi’s salary so Rav Kamenetsky, desperate, and like many other bread winners, (reluctantly) left for the United States in 1937 seeking a job, bringing his family out later, a decision that saved the family from Hitlerism. Both families are early American Jewish history’s Exhibit A of that famous rabbinic adage: “If you keep the Torah, the Torah will keep you.” Both resisted all temptations to adjust to their new country, neither compromising their values fun der heim, both considered themselves to be “in” America but not “of” America’s version of Yankee Yiddishkeit. And it shows with Rav Mordechai. Here is a learned einikel who has enough self-confidence to admit he went to such non-Jewish events as circuses at Madison Square Gardens in the 1960s. But this is where his spiritual strength lies. Being raised in what was considered “out-of-town” (Woodmere, Long Island) where “we had no kosher restaurants, no sefarim stores, no shtieblach, no eruv, no high schools…”, but in a home with a strong anchor of Yiddishkeit and menschlichkeit, he developed into a worldly, live-and-let-live guy with a

Joe Bobker is the publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Los Angeles Jewish Times, author of the popular Torah With a Twist of Humor series, and of the 15-volume Historiography of Orthodox Jews and the Holocaust, due to be published this year. He can be reached at

APRIL 23, 2015


fondness for self-deprecating humor without compromising the chain from Sinai. This was not easy; it was in fact a great challenge at a time when the Americanized Torah Weltanschauung was listening to Bob Dylan on tiny transistors, playing Ping-Pong on Shabbos afternoons, and going to mixed dances. The variety of the stories in Streets of Life will impress, and one need not read it from beginning to end. Pick it up at will, take any chapter, and within sixty seconds you will be smiling, within 120 seconds you will have learned something, and within a minute or more you will feel better about life, and yourself. Rav Kamenetzky belongs to that (disappearing) generation of Torah scholars and educators who know when and how to use an anecdote from the Chofetz Chaim as easily as from a populist Clarke Kent, as Rav Abraham Twerski did with his Charles Schulz Peanuts character and the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s urging that a children’s magazine have a more Dick Tracey feel. Meanwhile, any rabbi who mentions Abbot & Costello has my vote! The characters who drop in and out of this book – from Isaac Bashevis Singer to Jesse James to Gil Hodges (I had to look him up) – rub shoulders with the Seder Hayom from the 16th century and Likutei Meharich from the 19th century. Few graduates of today’s yeshiva are as comfortable in their street cred skin as Rav Kamenetzky is in his, a tribute to the wisdom and tolerance (and probably tons of patience and prayer) of his parents who let him collect baseball cards, although “my father never got a warm feeling about Mickey Mantle or Sandy Koufax,” the author admits. This book (check out the great photo of the rabbi and VP Biden!) has multiple appeals; it is light-hearted, a joy to read, but don’t be fooled, the author is very serious about his Judaism and the lessons that life gives us if we are willing to listen. “Savor the small stuff,” is his advice, incidents that are often overlooked in the “congested streets” that are sometimes “paved with pain,” sojourns that Rav Kamenetzky bravely faces and never flinches from. This engaging and sentimental collection of memories of “days of old” is a mature, intuitive, and thoughtful treatise. And his own passion with life shines through; and it’s infectious. Rav Kamenetzky reminds us that looking back does not just define the past but informs the present, a status that is wobbly unless there are legs of support from yesterday. Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetzky with his grandfather, R' Yaakov My personal favorite chapter? I don’t have one. For each was more poignant than the one before. Here’s to a sequel!


When Less is More

he toughest form of writing is the short story. Most authors know how to start a tale but are not disciplined enough to know when to stop. A short story requires the art of less is more. It’s very difficult to be educational, informative, witty in 1,500 words. But I’m happy to report that Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetzky, a popular and prodigious writer (Parsha Parables), has mastered this looks-easy-but-is-not format. His latest book, Streets of Life, consists of fifty-one short biographical gems that feel like installments of one long text where he connects Divine



APRIL 23, 2015



In The Kitchen

Naomi Nachman

Shwarma Salad


his week is Yom Haatzmaut and I wanted to make an Israeli style dinner. I came up with a shwarma salad. Shwarma is my husband’s

favorite Israeli dish and this is a salad version of the shwarma sandwich. It’s a nice combo of a sandwich and a salad -- if you’ve had taco salad, now try the shwarma salad! It is also perfect salad for a Shabbat lunch. I served the salad with a side of homemade baked French Fries.

Chicken Shwarma Salad Ingredients 2 ½ pounds chicken cutlets, sliced into strips 2 onions, cut into ¼ inch-thick rounds 1 tablespoon turmeric 2 teaspoons kosher salt 2 teaspoons ground coriander 1 teaspoon ground cumin 1 teaspoon ground black pepper 1 teaspoon ground white pepper 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper ½ cup extra-virgin olive oil, divided 2 whole wheat pitas 1 head romaine lettuce, shredded 1 large tomato, cubed 5 Israeli pickles, diced 1 container prepared techina Preparation In a large Ziploc bag place onions and cutlets. Set aside. In bowl, mix turmeric, kosher salt, ground coriander, ground cumin, black pepper, white pepper, cayenne pepper and the olive oil and mix well. Set aside 1 tablespoon of spice mixture to brush on pita. Pour spice mixture into the Ziploc bag, coating the cutlets and onions well. Marinate in fridge for several hours. Preheat a grill pan (or an outdoor grill) and brush with a little oil. When pan is heated, place chicken and onions in batches on the grill and cook until chicken is no longer pink inside and onions are soft. Split the pita into 2 lengthwise so you have 2 round circles. Then cut each slice into 8 pizza wedges. Brush with remaining seasoned oil and place on the grill pan until they become crisp. TO SERVE: On a large platter toss lettuce, tomato, and pickles with techina until well mixed. Place chicken, onions, and pita crisps on top of vegetables.

Naomi Nachman, the owner of The Aussie Gourmet, caters weekly and Shabbat/ Yom Tov meals for families and individuals within The Five Towns and neighboring communities, with a specialty in Pesach catering. Naomi is a contributing editor to this paper and also produces and hosts her own weekly radio show on the Nachum Segal Network stream called “A Table for Two with Naomi Nachman.” Naomi gives cooking presentations for organizations and private groups throughout the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area. In addition, Naomi has been a guest host on the QVC TV network and has been featured in cookbooks, magazines as well as other media covering topics related to cuisine preparation and personal chefs. To obtain additional recipes, join The Aussie Gourmet on Facebook or visit Naomi’s blog. Naomi can be reached through her website, or at (516) 295-9669.



Political Crossfire Charles Krauthammer


so obvious that actual events disappear. The story is their symbolism – campaign as semiotics. This quality of purposeful abstractness makes everything sound and seem contrived. It’s not really her fault. True, she’s got enough genuine inauthenticity to go around – decades of positioning,

place? Because it’s the next inevitable step in her career path. But that’s not as damning as it seems. It can be said of practically every presidential candidate. The number of conviction politicians – those who run not to be someone but to do something – is exceedingly small. In our lifetime: Ronald Reagan. And argu-

There’s something surreal about Hillary Clinton’s Marie Antoinette tour, sampling cake and commoners. framing, parsing, dodging – but the perception is compounded by the obvious staginess of the gigantic political apparatus that surrounds her and directs her movements. Why is she running in the first

ably, Barack Obama, although with him (as opposed to Reagan) a heavy dose of narcissistic self-fulfillment is admixed with genuine ideological conviction. Hillary Clinton’s problem is age, not chronological but political. She’s been around for so long that who can really believe she suddenly has been seized with a new passion to champion, as she put it in Iowa, “the truckers that I saw on I-80 as I was driving here”? Or developed a new persona. She will, of course, go through the motions. Her team will produce a “message,” one of the most corrosive, debased words in the lexicon of contemporary politics – an alleged synonym for belief or conviction, it signifies nothing more than a branded, marketing strategy. She will develop policies. In Iowa, she’d already delivered her top four, one of which is to take unaccountable big money out of politics. This is rather precious, considering that her supporters intend to raise $2.5 billion for 2016 alone and that the Clinton Foundation is one of the most formidable machines ever devised for extracting money from the rich, the powerful and the unsavory. She will try to sell herself as champion of the little guy. Not easy to do when you and your husband have for the last 25 years made limo-liberal Davos-world your home. Hence the van trek to Iowa, lest a Gulfstream 450 invade the visual.

Clinton’s unchangeability, however, is the source of her uniqueness as a candidate: She’s a fixed point. She is who she is. And no one expects – nor would anyone really believe – any claimed character change. Accordingly, voters’ views about her are equally immutable. The only variable, therefore, in the 2016 election lies on the other side, where the freedom of action is almost total. It all depends on who the Republicans pick and how the candidate performs. Hillary is a stationary target. You know what you’re getting. She has her weaknesses: She’s not a great campaigner, she has that unshakable inauthenticity problem and, regarding the quality most important to getting elected, she is barely, in the merciless phrase of candidate Obama in 2008, “likable enough.” But she has her strengths: discipline, determination, high intelligence, great energy. With an immense organization deploying an obscene amount of money. And behind that, a Democratic Party

united if not overly enthusiastic. That’s why 2016 is already shaping up as the most unusual open-seat presidential race in our time: one candidate fixed and foregone, the other yet to emerge from a wild race of a neardozen contenders with none exceeding 20 percent. So brace yourself for a glorious Republican punch-up, punctuated by endless meta-coverage of the Democrats’ coronation march. After which, we shall decide the future of our country. Just the way the Founders drew it up.  (c) 2015, The Washington Post Writers Group

APRIL 23, 2015

ee Hillary ride in a van! Watch her meet everyday Americans! Witness her ordering a burrito bowl at Chipotle! Which she did wearing shades, as did her chief aide Huma Abedin, yielding security-camera pictures that made them look (to borrow from Karl Rove) like fugitives on the lam, wanted in seven states for a failed foreign policy. There’s something surreal about Hillary Clinton’s Marie Antoinette tour, sampling cake and commoners. But what else can she do? After Barack Obama, she’s the best known political figure in America. She has papal name recognition. Like Napoleon and Cher, she’s universally known by her first name. As former queen consort, senator and secretary of state, she has spent a quarter-century in the national spotlight – more than any modern candidate. She doesn’t just get media coverage; she gets meta-coverage. The staging is


The Queen Travels by Van


In The Kitchen

Spring into Salad


APRIL 23, 2015


Avocado Strawberry Spinach Salad with Poppyseed Dressing Ingredients Salad 6 cups fresh baby spinach 1 pint strawberries, hulled and sliced 1 avocado, diced 4 ounces crumbled kosher blue cheese ¼ cup sliced almonds, toasted Half a small red onion, thinly sliced Dressing ½ cup olive oil

Strawberry Quinoa Salad Ingredients 6 cups baby spinach 2 cups strawberries, halved 1 avocado, diced ½ cup cooked quinoa ¼ cup pecan halves ¼ cup crumbled feta cheese For the Vinaigrette: ¼ cup olive oil ¼ cup balsamic vinegar

2 cloves crushed garlic 2 teaspoons sugar, to taste Directions To make the vinaigrette: whisk olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic and sugar in small bowl. Set aside. To assemble the salad: place the spinach in a large bowl, top with strawberries, avocado, quinoa, pecans and cheese. Pour dressing over salad and toss gently to combine. Serve immediately.

3 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar 2 Tbsp. honey 1 Tbsp. poppy seeds Salt and pepper Directions Whisk all dressing ingredients together until combined. Toss all salad ingredients together with your desired amount of dressing until combined. Serve immediately.

Caprese Salad

Directions In a small saucepan, bring balsamic vinegar to a

boil over medium-low heat. Cook for 10 to 20 minutes, or until balsamic has reduced to a thicker glaze. Remove from heat and transfer to a bowl or cruet. Allow to cool. Arrange tomato and mozzarella slices on a platter. Slip basil leaves between the slices. Drizzle olive oil over the top of the salad, getting a little bit on each slice. Do the same with the balsamic reduction. Store extra balsamic reduction in fridge for a later use. Sprinkle with kosher salt and black pepper to taste.

APRIL 23, 2015

Classic Greek Salad Ingredients ½ head romaine lettuce, chopped ½ large tomato, diced ½ cucumber, diced 2 green onions, sliced ½ cup pitted kalamata olives, sliced ¼ cup crumbled low-fat feta cheese ¼ cup olive oil 2¼ tsp. red wine vinegar 2½ tsp. parmesan cheese, grated 1½ tsp. lemon juice 1½ tsp. garlic, finely diced



Ingredients 2 cups balsamic vinegar 3 whole ripe tomatoes, sliced thick 12 ounces mozzarella cheese balls, sliced thick Fresh basil leaves Olive oil, for drizzling Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper


1½ tsp. dried oregano ¼ tsp. dried basil ¼ tsp. salt, to taste ¼ tsp. pepper, to taste Directions Combine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green onions and olives in a large bowl. In a cruet or jar, combine olive oil, vinegar, parmesan cheese, lemon juice, garlic, oregano, basil, salt and pepper. Shake until combined. Pour dressing over lettuce mixture and toss with feta cheese. Serve immediately.

Watermelon Salad Ingredients ¼ cup balsamic vinegar ½ cup olive oil 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard 1 tablespoon honey 1 clove of garlic, minced salt and pepper, to taste 1 medium seedless watermelon, cubed ½ red onion, thinly sliced ¾ cup fresh mint, chopped 8 oz. feta cheese, crumbled

Directions In a small mixing bowl, whisk together vinegar, olive oil, mustard, honey and garlic. Season with salt and pepper and set aside. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Spread 2/3 of watermelon on serving platter. Top with onion, mint and cheese and season with pepper. Pour dressing over salad and garnish with remaining watermelon cubes.



Forgotten Heroes


APRIL 23, 2015

Avi Heiligman

The Jews behind the Resistance in North Africa


ovember 1942: World War Oran and Algiers were all to be invaded a French soldier and army was pivoted II had been raging for three on November 8, 1942 by an amphibious politician, who put against the Geryears. The Americans had force led by General Dwight Eisenhow- them in touch with man Afrika Corps been a belligerent for close to a year but er. The landings in Algiers were helped the Allied high comled by the Desert they hadn’t done anything significant by the resistance network led by Jose mand. Fox, General Erwin to fight the Nazis. They had stopped Aboulker who was assisted by his cousRommel. The Allies needthe Japanese advance in the Pacific and in Roger Carcassonne who founded the ed the cooperation Vichy French had won some important battles in that resistance movement in Oran. from the resistance still controlled theater of operations. However, only The resistance networks played that would start the Algiers and even the beleaguered forces of England and heavily into Allied strategy because no night before Opthough the high Russia were fighting the Nazi war ma- one knew the Vichy French’s intentions eration Torch was to commissioner, chine. British Prime mainly because they launch. This was arGeneral Henri GiMinister Churchill were still angry with ranged with a secret raud, cooperated understood that it the British for sink- meeting with Ameriwith the Allies, he American troops landing in North Africa, took time to build ing their fleet. As it can General Mark ordered the arrest of November 1942 the massive army turned out, the French Clark (who was also Aboulker. Giraud’s that America was were surprised by the Jewish). The Americans agreed to sup- predecessor, Admiral Darlan, was ascapable of but Ruslandings and agreed ply the resistance with radios, weapons sassinated, and Giraud had his suspisian Premier Joseph to capitulate. Many and other supplies to the 400 civilian cions set on the resistance. Aboulker Stalin wanted a secof its members later resistance members in the area. In turn, and 26 other members who were also ond front opened imserved with the Free these men and women would occupy arrested were released following the mediately. The U.S. French out of Eng- strategic positions and stop anyone that Casablanca Conference in January 1943 wasn’t prepared for land and in June was loyal to the Vichy French. (it was at this conference that the term a frontal assault on 1944 were among the This turned out well as the resis- “unconditional surrender” became a remainland Europe just Allied troops that re- tance forced the Vichy French to ne- ality for the Allies who would only acyet so they decided captured France. gotiate with the Americans. The Vichy cept a surrender that would end the war Jose Aboulker to attack Axis-held Jose Aboulker were unable to put up much of a battle immediately). North Africa. The Vichy French con- was from an Algerian Sephardic fam- against the landings because they were In October 1943, Aboulker made his trolled many territorial areas in North ily and his father was a prominent doc- busy dealing with Aboulker and his way into German-controlled France to Africa but weren’t expecting a seaborne tor. Jose was in medical school when men. He was able to convince many provide medical services to the underattack. France had capitulated to Ger- WWII broke out, was recruited into the of them to give up their defensive po- ground. He returned to England for the many and many Frenchmen were offi- army and by 1940 was an officer cadet. sitions which were filled by men from invasion and then back to France to help cially fighting for the Axis under the Vi- In September of that year, he formed the resistance. The resistance members establish military commissioners after chy French government. (Free French a resistance network of students at the were poorly armed but set out to occupy the liberation. After the war he went troops were fighting out of England University of Algiers that soon swelled strategic buildings and mess with Vichy back to medical school and became a for the Allies under General Charles de to 800 strong. His cousins, Roger and communications. Many of his men sat professor in neurosurgery in Paris. Gaulle.) These landings, called Opera- Pierre Carcassonne, had done the same in the police headquarters impersonatCarcassonne was also sent back to tion Torch, were assisted in a major way thing in Algiers. Their mission was to ing officers while giving misinforma- England to work for the general staff. by underground resistance forces that harass the Germans in any way pos- tion to the Vichy. Algiers surrendered His main job was to prepare agents had several Jewish members prominent sible and with a to the Allies in fif- for special missions in occupied terriamong their ranks. good number of teen hours without tories. Both of these men were highly The situation in North Africa was their members bemuch bloodshed or decorated by France and were awarded a bit confusing. Morocco, Algeria and ing Jewish (up to fighting. American medals, the Medal of FreeTunisia were all under the French but 85% were known In the other dom for Aboulker and Carcassonne resince its capitulation in 1940 were run to have been Jewtwo landing zones ceived the Bronze Star, for their courunder the Vichy French regime, which ish) it was very easy the Vichy French age and daring before and during the in turn was the puppet government of to convince them to gave into the Allies landings. It was these landings that led the Nazis. The Allied high command help the Allies. Anwithin three days in to the German defeat in North Africa was banking on the fact that the Vichy ti-Jewish laws had large part due to the and soon opened the door for the invaFrench didn’t want to fight for the Nazis been decreed by the distractions pro- sion of mainland Europe. Without the and would be willing to lay down their Vichy French, and vided by the resis- Jewish members of the resistance these weapons. The question then arose: who the Jewish populatance. Now Eisen- landings would have taken much longer would command the French forces after tion in North Africa hower was able to with more lives being lost. the landings? After many heated discus- came running to the send forces to link sions, Admiral Darlan was selected. The call to start a moveup with the British Vichy French Navy was another story ment against their Eighth Army who Avi Heiligman is a weekly contributor to The and the Allies were taking all precau- antagonists. They had been fighting Jewish Home. He welcomes your comments Jose Aboulker – figure 2 – and Roger Carcastions including preparing their troops soon were in contact sonne – figure 1 – received the Cross of Libera- in North Africa and suggestions.for future columns and can to fight the Vichy French. Casablanca, with Henri d’Astier, for two years. This be reached at tion medal at the end of 1947 for their efforts


A Parsha Thought Rabbi Shmuel Silber

Metzorah and make him think that he would never reintegrate. In fact the Midrash comments, “And he shall be brought to the Kohen; on the day that he becomes pure he should not delay ... even if we must bring him against his will.” Could we imagine a scenario in which the Metzorah was reticent to return for his purification process? Yes, the Torah could imagine the Metzorah saying to himself, “Look what I have done to myself. Look how I have sullied my soul and reputation. I have hurt others and how will they every forgive me. I have fractured relationships, caused heart-break - I don’t think I can ever go back.” The Torah tells us - on the day he is to be purified he should come on his own. He has paid the price for his negative behavior, he has repented, learned his lesson and will hopefully be more vigilant in his inter-personal conduct. But God tells the Kohen, “If

you see he is not showing up - go get him. Run to him, embrace him, bring him back, tell him we, the community, love, care and forgive him. Make him feel wanted. Remind him that we do get second chances.” There are times when people wrong and hurt us. As a result of that hurt I want nothing to do with that individual who emotionally injured me. And truth be told, after difficult or hurtful interactions a little distance (sometimes for a long time) is what is needed to heal the wounds and rebuild the self. But we must learn from the Metzorah the need to give second (and sometimes third) chances. We must remember that if the person who harmed me is truly penitent, understands what he has done and has shown a desire to do things differently going forward – I must leave my heart and the door open to reconciliation.

APRIL 23, 2015

It was a gift. Not the type of gift that makes you feel loved and appreciated; but the kind of gift that opens your eyes and your heart to the realities of life. The gift to which I refer was the gift of Tzaraas (loosely translated as leprosy). Tzaraas was a physical manifestation of a spiritual malady. The Talmud explains that if one spoke Lashon Hara (slander against another) they would be stricken with a strange skin disease. The afflicted individual would be exiled and sent out from the community. His punishment was middah k’neged middah, reciprocal; he sought to isolate another through negative and slanderous speech and therefore, we punish him in kind by isolating him from the community. Yet, despite the difficulties this punishment brought to the sinner - it was indeed a gift. It was through this sickness that the sinner was made aware of his negative and deleterious behavior and was given an opportunity to fix it. The Torah then proceeds to discuss the purification process. “This shall be the law of the person afflicted with tzara’ath, on the day of his cleansing: He shall be brought to the kohen (Vayikra 14:2).” Yet, the very next verse reads, “The kohen shall go outside the camp, and the kohen shall look, and behold, the lesion of tzara’ath has healed in the afflicted person (Vayikra 14:3).” At first glance it appears the verses are contradicting one another. Is the Metzorah (person afflicted with Tzaraas) brought to the Kohen? Or is the Kohen brought to the Metzorah? The answer is – both. As a result

of his behavior the Metzorah was rejected by the community. The verse states, “All the days the lesion is upon him, he shall remain unclean. He is unclean; he shall dwell isolated; his dwelling shall be outside the camp (Vayikra 13:46).” The Talmud explains that even others who were themselves ritually impure had to avoid contact with the Metzorah. He is away from his family, distanced from his community, cut-off from his people. All this to impress upon him the severity of his actions, “You created a distance between one man and his fellow, therefore, you must sit alone outside the camp (Ararchin 16b).” The Metzorah was taught a harsh yet profound lesson – there is no room within the camp and community for those who sow the seeds of hatred and animosity within our ranks. But along with this lesson came a fear - a fear that this feeling of rejection would forever isolate the


Tazriah Metzorah: From the Outside Looking In


My Israel Home

APRIL 23, 2015


Gedaliah Borvick


Small Town Values



ashmonaim, located on the outskirts of Modiin, is a popular community for Englishspeaking olim (immigrants). Its appeal emanates from the town’s warm, closeknit “small town” environment and its excellent central location. Also known as Ramat Modiin, Hashmonaim was established as a “yishuv” – or settlement – in 1984 and its first families moved into their homes in 1987. Today, the community has grown to a population of over 3,000 people. Over fifty percent of Hashmonaim’s residents are olim, most of whom having immigrated over the past fifteen years, and a majority of these families  are professionals, ranging from doctors 

and lawyers to high-tech and business people. As this is a commuter population, the residents appreciate Hashmonaim’s central location, situated equidistant between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and a short drive from Ben Gurion Airport. Abutting Hashmonaim is a neighborhood called Ganei Modiin. Anglos initially gravitated toward Hashmonaim, while Ganei Modiin’s population has traditionally been more eclectic, including Jews of Ashkenaz, Sefard and Yeminite descent. Interestingly, there is a growing trend of Anglos buying homes in Ganei Modiin, as it is in short walking distance to Hashmonaim’s shuls, yet real estate prices

 

                    

 

                          

are significantly lower. Hashmonaim is a religious community, comprised primarily of dati leumi (national religious) and also some chardal (charedi leumi) families. Accordingly, the roads are closed on Shabbat to cars (with the exception of ambulances and security vehicles). The yishuv has ten synagogues, offering a variety of daily and weekly Torah classes in both Hebrew and English. Hashmonaim’s Anglo sub-population in some ways mirrors Jewish communities in the U.S., in that it is a shul-centric community, whereby the synagogue is not merely a venue for prayer and Torah study but also serves as a focal point for social and chesed activities. Hashmonaim is known for its strong sense of community and a feeling of family, particularly amongst the new

Glenwood Shul in Hashmonaim

Many young couples have moved in to Hashmonaim, including numerous second generation residents. Interestingly, many of these couples are “home grown” as there are over seventy couples in which both the husband and wife grew up in Hashmonaim. Reflecting the community’s Anglo sensibilities, Hashmonaim has a baseball field, and its younger residents participate in baseball leagues. The yishuv also has several basketball courts, a soccer field, a new running track and numerous parks. In addition, construction of a brand new indoor sports complex will begin shortly. Hashmonaim has a makolet (grocery store), a bakery, a take-out food store, and a pizza shop. Due to its central location, many residents do Israel's baseball teams always have Hashmonaim representation their large shopping – olim. The yishuv has a couple of major and can enjoy many entertainment acemail groups and, reflecting the strong tivities – within a few minutes of home communal bonds, even a WhatsApp in nearby Modiin and Shilat. group for empty nesters to plan Shabbat meals together when their children are away. When interviewing people for Gedaliah Borvick is the founder of My Isthis article, I was impressed that many rael Home (, a real people focused on the feeling of being estate agency focused on helping people enveloped in friendship and warmth from abroad buy and sell homes in Israel. and being supported during joyous To sign up for his monthly market updates, contact him at times as well as in challenging times.



APRIL 23, 2015










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Baltimore Jewish Home - 4-23-15

Baltimore Jewish Home - 4-23-15  

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