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92nd Agudah Convention Welcomes Baltimore Young Leadership Delegation

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The Jewish Caring Network is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing a full range of personal services to families facing life-threatening, lifelong, and serious illnesses while preserving their privacy & dignity.

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Dear Readers,

Last Tuesday morning, I awoke to a peaceful morning here in Baltimore. But my serenity turned to horror when I saw the devastating news of the terror attack in Har Nof. I kept searching the news sites, trying to get more information. It couldn’t be true; revered individuals slaughtered in cold blood in middle of davening in a quiet, residential neighborhood. Just a few minutes before the attack, they were wrapping their tefillin and talleism around their arms and bodies, ensconcing themselves from the outside world as they began to pray. Terrorists, especially those who call out in the name of G-d, crave torture. They hunger for the opportunity to afflict pain and they yearn to dismember the innocent. It’s hard to view them as human when they salivate at the thought of spilling Jewish blood. They come armed with knives and axes, the better to feel the life ebbing from their pure victims. Israel is in a tough place now. It’s imperative that we stop these killings—and the only way to stop them is with a strict hand and an unbending approach. But we know that the world is not on our side. We know that the world doesn’t really care about a few more Jews being slaughtered. Even our “allies” have shown us disrespect, most recently calling Prime Minister Netanyahu a disparaging term on the world stage. When our friends announce that that’s how they view us, then our enemies are given more power. May Hashem grant the families of Rabbi Moshe Twersky hy”d, Rabbi Kalman Levine hy”d, Rabbi Aryeh Kupinsky hy”d, and Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Goldberg hy”d a true nechama, and may He guide us to be able to navigate this precarious chapter in our lives. May we have a comforting Shabbos,


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NOVEMBER 27, 2014

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Gala of Gratitude HaRav Zvi Dov Slanger to Celebrate 70 Years of Freedom On Sunday, December 14, Baltimore will celebrate a historic milestone of one of its venerated Roshei Yeshiva. On this day 70 years ago, Rav Zvi Dov Slanger was granted a new lease on life as he crossed into Switzerland and out of the hands of the Nazis. This was not the end of a fascinating and inspiring saga; it was only the beginning. Born in Budapest, Hungary, life was serene until the Nazi occupation began in March, 1944. Within a short time life became miserably intolerable for Hungary’s Jews. Rav Slanger’s family was fortunate to secure passage on the “Kasztner Train,” the only mass ransom of Jews from the Holocaust. The train was diverted to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where they endured the horrors of the German brutality for five months. After protracted negotiations, the group was finally released from Bergen-Belsen and allowed into Switzerland on 21 Kislev, 5705. From there, Rav Slanger journeyed to Eretz Yisrael. For twenty years he grew from the avir (air) of Eretz Yisrael and

was zoche to learn from the Gedolim of the generation, including the Chazon Ish, Rav Shach and Rav Elya Lopian. Treasuring their mesorah and transmitting it to the next generation has been Rav Slanger’s calling throughout the years. Since arriving in the United States in 1965, Rav Slanger has been directly involved in chinuch in various schools and Yeshivos. After a few years in Philadelphia and New York, Rav Slanger joined the Hanhala in Yeshivas Ner Yisrael where he remained for twenty six years. Impacting hundreds of talmidim that were in his class and influencing many more in his capacity as Mashgiach of the Mechinah, he remains in close contact with many of those talmidim as they seek his guidence regularly. Founding the Bais HaMedrash and Mesivta of Baltimore eighteen years ago was a dream come true. Backed by the brachos of Rav Shach and the Baltimore community Rabbonim, the Yeshiva was intended to replicate the Yeshivos that had been destroyed by the Nazis. With great dedication by the entire Hanhala, and with

special Siyata Dishmaya, the Yeshiva continues to reach new heights with each passing year. The Gala of Gratitude is a celebration for all of the above and the program will reflect the excitement and historical significance of this milestone. Chairing the evening will be Mr. Howard Tzvi Friedman and Dr. Michael Elman. Rav Slanger will use this opportunity to publicly thank the government of Switzerland for providing him, his family and all of the passengers aboard the train refuge in their country. Senator Ben Cardin will carry out the presentation, which will be accepted on behalf of the government of Switzerland by Mr. David Best, Consular from the Swiss Embassy. A dramatic documentary video will be shown for the first time, detailing Rav Slanger’s incredible story. A touch of class will be added by Zemer Orchestra, accompanied by the heartfelt singing of Rabbi Abish Brodt and sons. “Al kol neshima u’nishima tihallel kah” – each step along the way paved the road to where we all stand today. The

TA 5th Grade Trip to Washington DC Since the school year started, our 5th graders have been learning about the three branches of government. To make the learning come alive and to gain a greater appreciation for living in a medinah shel chesed-a country of kindness, we went on a full-day trip to Washington, DC. We started our bus trip with unique learning experiences. We learned about the Torah’s view on copyright, focusing on the approach of the Chasam Sofer, and about Torah laws relating to employers and employees.

Our itinerary included a tour of the Capitol, a visit to the Supreme Court building, and a walk around beyond the fences of the White House. We spoke with Secret Service agents, and we heard a presentation from a Vietnam veteran at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The Derech Eretz throughout the trip was impeccable. There were a number of comments from people who were at the venues that we visited how impressed they were by our talmidim.

simcha and gratitude is not just a personal one, it is an opportunity for us all to remember the ashes of Europe and appreciate the rebirth and flourish of Torah in our times. The Bais HaMedrash and Mesivta of Baltimore is a living memorial, not only remembering the past, but impacting the future. Supporting the Yeshiva that Rav Slanger established strengthens our link to the past and builds the bridge to the future. Gratitude: Gratitude to the Ribbono Shel Olam for providing life, gratitude to our leaders who have shaped our future, gratitude to every individual who has a share in reviving our past and building for tomorrow. Join the celebration! For banquet reservations or to place a journal ad saluting Rav Slanger, please call Rabbi Yisrael Friedland at 410-486-0006 or email at Make your impact felt today!

7 Journal Deadline Next Week!



Friday, December 5

NOVEMBER 27, 2014


Beth Tfiloh, Baltimore MD


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campaign strategy: h. leiner & co.

Giving Shevach V’Hodaah to the Ribbono Shel Olam for taking Harav Zvi Dov Slanger from the Ashes of Building Tomorrows


NOVEMBER 27, 2014


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Agudah Convention- 92nd Agudah Convention Welcomes Baltimore Young Leadership Delegation Cohn

By Issiac Draiman

Last weekend Agudath Israel of America held its 92nd Annual National Convention. Many hundreds of community minded men and women from across the country joined together with leading Rabbonim to give and receive chizuk on the challenges of the day and to focus on the many important issues facing the greater Orthodox

added to address some of the issues that are unique to a younger crowd, and were received very favorably. Preceding this year’s convention, Rabbi Markowitz, working with Rabbi Ariel Sadwin, Agudath Israel’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, discussed the idea of appealing to the large cadre of engaged young com-

being greeted by Rabbi Sadwin at the door of the hotel. The group was quickly ushered in to one of the meeting rooms where they were served a delectable multi-course dinner. They were greeted by a number of Agudah officials, including Executive Vice President, Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel, and Executive Director, Rabbi La-

delegates re-boarded their bus and headed back home. The trip gave many of the participants a new appreciation for the work of Agudath Israel, both on the local level, led by Rabbi Sadwin, and on the national level as well. Community member Jacob Slone commented, “as a participant on this trip, I gained

Jewish community. The 2014 Agudah Convention was held at the Hilton Woodcliff Lake in northeast New Jersey and was centered around the theme of “Shouldering Responsibility – For Our Communities, Our Families, and Ourselves”. Numerous other topics were the focus at sessions Thursday afternoon and evening, on Friday, and then on Sunday morning, including sessions on parenting, relationships, politics, and parnassa, to name just a few. Over the last few years, convention programming has been modified to create increased interest among younger community activists. To that end, the Agudah launched an entity called the Lefkowitz Leadership Initiative and hired Rabbi Shai Markowitz to reach out and engage young ba’ale batim in the Orthodox communities throughout New York and New Jersey. Already at last year’s 91st Convention of Agudath Israel, new sessions were

munity activists of Baltimore to join in to experience the Agudah Convention. With the impressive programming slated for Thursday evening and the ability to travel in and out without missing too much time from their work schedules, the “Thursday Night @ The Convention” idea was launched. Rabbi Sadwin put out the idea to a small group of people and it spread around rather quickly. Within a mere few days an entire coach bus was full. The delegation gathered members of many different shuls, all passionate about serving the community and “shouldering responsibility”. The Baltimore delegates left from Bnai Jacob Sharei Zion at around 2 pm on Thursday en route to Woodcliff Lake, NJ. Their bus was forced to navigate through some traffic delays and even had to deal with a minor fender bender along the way. However, any frustration due to their delayed arrival at the Hilton quickly dissipated upon

bish Becker. In his address to the group, Rabbi Zwiebel reminisced back to his first convention in the early 1980’s while working as a litigation attorney for a well-known Manhattan law firm. His experience at that Convention ultimately led him to accept the position of director of government affairs at the Agudah, a position he held for many years. The group was also addressed by Agudath Israel’s Chairman of the Board, noted philanthropist, Mr. Shlomo Werdiger. After dinner, the group made its way to the Thursday night Keynote Session where a number of stirring lectures were delivered on the convention theme of “Shouldering Responsibilities”, including one from Rabbi Yissochor Frand. After the Keynote session, the group divided itself up to attend one of four different plenary sessions, all focused on timely topics. At around midnight, the Baltimore

tremendous chizuk from attending the Convention together with so many like-minded individuals. The speeches and presentations were inspiring and thought-provoking and it gave me an increased appreciation for the vital work of the Agudah.” With the success of this trip Rabbi Sadwin looks forward to future trips and perhaps similar initiatives locally in Maryland. “I was initially excited with the enthusiastic response that I received while assembling this trip – even by those who were unable to join, but the feedback has been even more thrilling”, said Rabbi Sadwin. “An event with so much emphasis on achrayus and addressing the needs of the community is something that truly speaks to the goals and ideals of the many talented and dedicated young askanim we are lucky to have in our community.”





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Jewish Community Football League In a dramatic regular season that included many ups and downs, the playoff picture is finally set. Postseason positioning came down to the final week of the season, resulting in some highly competitive games. Based on the regular season results, the top tier playoffs will feature Northwest Refuse vs. Early Steps Therapy and Elle Remodeling vs. Y and L Landscaping. The second tier playoffs will feature Harris Automotive vs. Limited Goods and Park Heights Roofing vs. Jerusalem Rentals of Distinction. The final regular season standings are as follows: To learn more about the league, check




Northwest Refuse



Elle Remodeling



Y and L Landscaping



Early Steps Therapy



Recruiting Innovators



Harris Automotive



Park Heights Roofing



Jerusalem Rentals of Distinction



Limited Goods



out their website: http://www.leaguelineup. com/welcome.asp?url=jewishcommunityfootball&sid=283687172 For a recap of some of the exciting games from the past few weeks of the season, read on: November 2

Northwest Refuse Y and L Landscaping

33 32

In a battle for first place, and in what was arguably the most exciting game of the season, Northwest Refuse defeated Y and L Landscaping 33-32. Both teams were missing key personnel as NWR Captain (and QB) Chaim Finkelstein, as well as Y and L star WR/CB Shuli Hochman,

were both out of the country, celebrating a friend’s wedding in Toronto. In place of Finkelstein, NWR turned to backup QB, Dan Gutman. (Gutman had played QB in the league in previous seasons but for the 2014 season, joined forces with Finkelstein as a WR and backup QB.) The new QB arrangement took NWR some getting used to and the team struggled to score in the early minutes of the game. Y and L took advantage of this and capitalized on their offensive sets, as their QB, Yoyo Strauss, ran circles around NWR’s defense the entire first half. NWR thought they were turning things around when their DL Yitzy Wach delivered a Pct. huge hit, but unfortunately, the hit was on his own teammate, .857 Yaakov Spatz. After a disastrous start, NWR was down 20-0, and things were looking grim for the .857 boys in “burnt orange.” However, NWR started chipping away at the lead and was able to cut .857 the deficit to 26-14 by the end of the first half, thanks in large part to a key interception by .571 WR/CB Shmuly Luxenburg (despite the fact that he possesses old, strained hamstrings.) .500


However, once the second half began, NWR looked like a totally different team. Dan played .286 like the star NWR knew he could be, as he led the offense on numerous, long touchdown drives. The offensive line gave .143 him time to get in rhythm and the receivers made some tough catches in traffic. On the de.143 fensive side of the ball, CB Rafi Strum, and linemen Justin Nicholas and Wach shut down the Strauss-led offense for the rest of the game. This was despite the fact that NWR’s chatty, shut-down safety Nadav Spiegler left at halftime to take family pictures. (NWR WR/CB Josh Erez reported “I heard the pictures were pretty good.”) When the game ended and the dust settled, the score was 33-32 in favor of NWR. All players involved in the game, on both the winning end and the losing end, described this as the most competitive game they had played all season.

Jerusalem Rentals of Distinction Limited Goods

25 13

Determined to not finish an anti-perfect season (à la the 2008 Detroit Lions), Jerusalem Rentals of Distinction got their act together and pulled off a huge upset, defeating Limited Goods 25-13. Thanks to strong QB play from Rafi Kristall-Weiss, who accounted for 1 running TD and 2 throwing TDs, JRoD was able to grab their first win of the season. While the game was low scoring due to strong defensive play on both sides of the field, JRoD sealed the win with a dramatic pick 6, with under two minutes left to play.

Elle Remodeling Early Steps Therapy

50 12

It was a game that most expected to be a fairly even match. This year’s Cinderella story (Early Steps Therapy) vs. last year’s league champions (Elle Remodeling.) Many hoped for an upset and a continuation of ESTs feel-good story. However, it was not meant to be as Elle stepped up their game, playing with the tenacity and skill that won them the league title in 2013. Elle welcomed back most of its regulars, including hard-nosed center, Ben Edinger, and last year’s unofficial league MVP, the versatile DL/TE/WR, Mordy Friedman. After a hard fought opening 5 minutes, ER took over and never looked back. The tide of the game turned when EST lineman, Jake “The Vermicious Bulldog” Wittenberg, had to leave the game with a calf injury. No longer able to withstand the fierce Elle rush, Early Steps Therapy’s QB found himself having to elude rushers and throw on the run. This proved to be a recipe for disaster as Elle was able to pick off 4 of those throws which eventually led to a dominant, 50-12 win. November 9

Harris Automotive Park Heights Roofing

32 26

It was a last second nail biter but after opening the season at 0-5, Harris Automotive won their second consecutive game, thanks in part to the strong leadership of free agent QB pickup, Asher Sondhelm. Throughout the game, the lead went back and forth as both teams came out to play. However, with only a minute and a half left in the game, HA cornerback Yaakov Willner jumped a PHR receiver’s route, intercepting the pass and returning it to the opposing team’s five yard line. Sondhelm then connected with WR Chaim Kazen for a five yard TD strike, putting HA up for good.

Y and L Landscaping Limited Goods

26 0

After suffering its first loss last week, Y and L came into this contest missing star QB, Yoyo Strauss, and 3 other starters, including mauling blockers, Lazer Margaretten and Jacob Robin. Despite suffering a shoulder injury on the first defensive series of the game, #1 WR Shulie Hochman started the game at QB and led Y and L to a halftime lead of 26-0. As usual, Y and L was led by its typically stingy defense and aggressive pass rush. Limited Goods countered by regularly keeping in 3 blockers, but it didn’t provide much of an impediment to the Y and L D-line. WR Shua Reznick came in at QB for Hochman after the halftime break and moved the ball down the field but Y and L was unable to punch it in the endzone in the 2nd half. However, that wasn’t an issue as Y and L’s defense blanked Limited Goods in the second half as well. Y and L’s regular season ended with a final record of 7-1.

Elle Remodeling Northwest Refuse

25 12

Holy Moses! What a game! Week nine’s Game of the Week between defending champs, Elle Remodeling, and undefeated juggernaut, Northwest Refuse, did not disappoint! While most fans expected a high-scoring match between these two prolific offenses, it was the defenses that came to play as the game remained scoreless until midway through the first half. Following a turnover on downs by NWR with 7:23 remaining in the first, Elle’s star QB Moshe Afrah led his team down the field, culminating in a 15 yard TD strike to 6”6 WR Eliave “Lt. Herbert” Sobol for the game’s first score. Elle’s stingy defense continued to hold the normally high-octane offense of NWR scoreless through the first half and Afrah capitalized, connecting with Naftali “Sound” Gardyn for another TD late in the first half, giving Elle a 13-0 lead at halftime. However, Elle’s big lead was short-lived as Northwest Refuse got themselves back in the game on the opening drive of the second half when QB Chaim “Everything but the kitchen” Finkelstein hit dependable WR, Yaakov “Domino” Spatz in the corner of the end zone for a “hadto-be-there-to-believe-it,” remarkable one-handed catch. Spatz then somehow managed to get one toe down in bounds for the breathtaking completion and score.



410.484.5850 508 REISTERSTOWN RD.

0 3,00 Over s Sold ka Lat nukah Cha 13! 20

! e n i h S e l b a T

d e z i m o t s s y u a C r T i l e g n i D l z Siz Latkas! r u o y t r Y a k BoCo hanukah P TR








! s b u S t f 5 BS L D S UE! O C & N H OT E V E RYO FO R


O M!

at 4 0 + B a r/ B s h’ va z M it k ed a lr ea d y b oo th is ye a r!

NOVEMBER 27, 2014

r u o y e k a M


NOVEMBER 27, 2014


Around the Elle struck again on their next possession as Afrah leveraged his scrambling ability to elude pass rushers, buy time in the pocket, and eventually hit Gardyn for his second touchdown of the day. But the two score lead didn’t last long as only a few possessions later, Spatz came through on the defensive side of the ball, picking off an Afrah pass and running it back for a pick-6, bringing NWR within 7 points as only 3 minutes remained in the game.

So, both teams took the field again for a 3rd attempt at 4th down. On what was ultimately the final play of the game, Finkelstein was pressured again and as a result, threw off his back foot to Luxenburg. But game MVP Moshe Afrah jumped the route and intercepted the pass. Afrah then followed his blockers down the field and into the end zone for a 102 yard defensive touchdown. As the game ended, Finkelstein and Afrah met at midfield in a big emotional and tearfilled embrace. No words were spoken but it was clear to all onlookers that the two QBs had tremendous respect for one another. The intensity of this regular season game won’t soon be forgotten and a not-too-distant playoff meeting between these 2 teams seems inevitable.

The next Elle drive stalled at their own 20, and Finkelstein and NWR began the final drive of the game with 1:40 left on the clock. After 3 plays brought NWR to near midfield, Finkelstein picked up the 1st down with a well-timed QB sneak. With neighboring games completed, participants from other teams began to surround the field and cheer on both teams. The large crowd and the ramifications of the outcome, suddenly gave the game a post-season-like feel.

Recruiting Innovators Jerusalem Rentals of Distinction

With 4 downs to drive 50 yards for the game tying touchdown and less than a minute to do so, the game’s intensity was brought to a new level. NWR team sponsor Dovid Ehrenfeld, attending the game in his patented seersucker suit, orange bowtie, and “Tom Landryesque” Fedora, could be seen with a confident grin on his face, knowing that his team would finish off their drive with a touchdown and pull itself out from the throes of defeat. 1st down went for an incompletion to NWR tight end, Justin “Sparks” Nicholas. 2nd down went for another incompletion after NWR receivers Shmuley “Cream Cheese and” Luxenburg and Josh Erez collided and the ball landed between them, untouched. On 3rd down, Finkelstein hit the elusive Rafi “Upstroke” Strum on a short screen pass who then, due to a well-timed block by Spatz, took the ball 42 yards to the Elle 8 yard line only to be stopped by a game saving flag pull by Moshe Afrah. On 4th down, with the game on the line, Elle’s Defensive End Jeromy “Rouge” Bittan provided pressure, rushing Finkelstein into throwing another incomplete pass. Just when Elle began celebrating the win, the refs called their attention to a thrown flag; an encroachment penalty on Bittan. Elle would need one more stop. On the replay of 4th down, Finkelstein eluded the fierce Elle blitz and threw to an open Erez in the front corner of the end zone for what looked to be an easy score. However, Elle’s recent free agent pickup, Yisroel “Tuukka” Raskin, wasn’t about to let that happen. The Defensive End quickly dropped back into coverage and batted the pass down for what most assumed was the final play of the game.


53 0

Recruiting Innovators started the game strong and never looked back. Behind a prolific offense and strong defense, RI continued its hot streak and has now won four straight games.  JRoD played tough and with passion, but RI’s offense was rolling and was able to keep JRoD out of the end zone.  Shalom Ryback and Nesanel Jacobowitz controlled the line of scrimmage and had receptions for big gains; Dovid Flamm intercepted two JROD passes; and Aryeh Feld, Dovid Fink, Dovid Krakauer, Nachi Shifrin, and Levi Zaslow all caught touchdown passes for RI.  Next up for RI is a showdown with Northwest Refuse in the regular season finale. November 16

Park Heights Roofing Jerusalem Rentals of Distinction

As the players began walking off the field, the refs surprised both teams by signaling that it was still 4th down. While many of Elle’s players felt that the refs had erred and prepared to politely submit a complaint, ER sponsor Yossi “Opie” Openden (the true heart and soul of the team) quickly gathered his players together and stated, “Guys! I’m so proud of all of you for the way you’ve played. Remember, it’s only a game! We now have a great opportunity to make a Kiddush Hashem by keeping our opinions to ourselves. Let’s go out there and try to stop them again. And if we don’t, we know that we did the right thing.”

59 20

It was the last game of the regular season and with a 1-6 record, Park Heights Roofing had no intentions of ending a long season on a losing note. Scoring early and often, PHR pounced of Jerusalem Rentals of Distinction from the jump. On the first drive, Jake “The Snake” Karasik threw a pass into the endzone, which got tipped a couple times, and in the end, came down with it himself, leading to the first ever TD throw and reception on one play in JCFL history. At halftime, PHR held an imposing 37-6 lead. In the second half, it was more of the same suffocating D and explosive offense that fueled PHR in the first half. With a final score of 59-20, PHR heads into the playoffs brimming with confidence. Touchdown tally for the day: 1 from Jake to himself, 2 for Daniel Goetz, 2 for Yoni Strauss, 2 for Simcha Malin, 1 for Yoni Chesner, and 1 for Hudi Oratz.

Northwest Refuse Recruiting Innovators

44 20

In a game that had big playoff implications, Northwest Refuse’s defense was the difference in the 44-20 victory. Led by CB Yaakov Spatz, NWR intercepted Recruiting Innovators QB David Flamm a whopping six times! Spatz had two interceptions and Josh Erez, Nadav Spiegler, Rafi Strum and Chaim Finkelstein each had one. On the offensive side of the ball, Dan Gutman was the star, catching a touchdown, throwing a touchdown, and attempting to get his younger brother Ben in on the action. (On one extra point attempt, Dan threw a pass to Ben and Ben almost caught it!) However, Ben did lead the offensive and defensive line all game, and has proven to be a force you don’t want to reckon with. NWR took an early 20-0 lead with touchdown catches by Dan Gutman, Rafi Strum and Nadav Spiegler. Eventually they went up 32-14 after a touchdown catch from Josh Erez and a long run by Spiegler, following a lateral from Finkelstein. With a second half surge, RI cut the lead to 32-20 with about seven minutes left in the game, but it was all NWR from that point forward. On a 4th down play with less than five minutes to go, Finkelstein showed off his speed and elusiveness, running for a critical 1st down that kept the drive (and the clock) going. After a holding penalty negated a deep touchdown to Strum, Finkelstein went right back to Strum for another touchdown that put NWR up by three scores. With two minutes left and RI hoping for a miracle, Flamm threw up a prayer in the middle of the field but the ball was tipped and intercepted by Finkelstein, who ran it back for a touchdown to seal the win for NWR. NWR enters the playoffs as the number 1 overall seed and will face Early Steps Therapy in their first round matchup.

Elle Remodeling Harris Automotive

35 12

It was a game that most of ELLE viewed as only a tuneup for the playoffs. However, former ELLE backup QB Asher Sondhelm, now at the helm for Harris Automotive, had other plans. Sondelm’s knowledge of ELLE’s offensive and defensive schemes proved evident as he led his new team to a very competitive opening half. But ELLE’s depth and fortitude proved to be key as they put the game away midway through the 2nd half behind stellar QB play by Moshe Afrah and relentless pressure by DE Aaron Dinovitz who batted down numerous Sondhelm passes.




Tudor Heights is now “Peregrine’s Landing at Tudor Heights”

NOVEMBER 27, 2014

Here’s to New Beginnings When it comes to assisted living and memory care, Tudor Heights wrote the book. Now, we’re pleased to introduce a new name and a new chapter dedicated to upholding the traditions we hold most dear.

Call 410-318-8000 or visit today. We’ll help your loved one turn an exciting new page every day with the most gracious accommodations and an honored lifestyle that sets us above and apart. Meat Kosher Dining Services

Dairy Kosher Dining Services

7218 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21208


NOVEMBER 27, 2014


‫ העולמי‬‫דרשו סיו‬ ‫ היומי בהלכה‬‫ של ד‬‫למחזור הראשו‬


‫ הלכה‬‫תהא שנת עיו‬

A mere 6 years ago, Daf HaYomi B’Halacha started a movement, embarking on a journey to know the Halachos of everyday living. It then spread like wildfire, spanning 5 continents across the globe. Today, many thousands worldwide have benefitted and are joined together by the daily limud of Mishnah Berurah, as well as Dirshu’s unique retention and accountability methods. Gedolei Yisrael have endorsed and encouraged Dirshu’s Daf HaYomi B’Halacha program as a way to master Halacha.





Rosh HaYeshiva, Kamenitz


“It’s already public knowledge, the activities the organization Dirshu does to increase Limud HaTorah and strengthen those who learn it. And now they intend to institute a program to help promote limud halacha in an organized fashion from the sefer Mishnah Berurah, as the Chofetz Chaim recommends in his hakdama that the point of a person’s learning is that it should lead to practical application. I bless them that they should see blessing in their toil.”

“There is nothing more important than learning a page of Mishnah Berurah every day. There is no better way to increase one’s desire to learn than by learning and joining. There is no learner of Daf HaYomi B’Halacha who can say, “I didn’t need to do this! Mishnah Berurah is something that virtually everyone needs to learn and wants to learn. There is no sefer as pleasant as the Mishnah Berurah...”



“I reiterate...there should go out the call to strengthen the Dirshu organization’s Daf HaYomi B’Halacha, to make great effort in the daily study of halachos in the Sefer Mishnah Berurah...and especially at this time, that is an Eis Tzarah L’Yaakov especially in Eretz Yisrael...”



“Ashreichem! Fortunate are you participants that ‘Your work has been done by others.’ Instead of having to devise your own chazarah method, your own approach to accountability in learning and the associated chizuk, Dirshu has done it for you. Dirshu has created a tremendous program that ensures above all, that, Kol hashoneh halachos b’chol yom muvtach lo shehu ben Olam Habah – he who studies – and reviews halachos daily is assured that he will be in the world to come!”

Rosh HaYeshiva, Mesivtha Tifereth Jerusalem “…And therefore, I was glad that Askanim came and were mizake the rabbim and established the national organization to promote Torah and Halacha, Dirshu HaShem V’Uzo…And I too, participate in the haskama, and bless them with the bracha “baruch asher yakim, ...” and Hashem should give hatzlacha to this matter for the sake of the Torah HaKedosha.”

Now it's easier than ever to join Daf HaYomi B’Halacha, the largest worldwide daily Halacha program: Join LIVE shiurim worldwide!

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Bottom Line Marketing Group: 718.377.4567

Maran, Posek Hador


NOVEMBER 27, 2014







NOVEMBER 27, 2014


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DATA Weekend Retreat in Baltimore! The Baltimore community was privileged to host a shabbaton and weekend of inspiration for Young Jewish Professionals from Dallas, Texas on Shabbos parshas Chayei Sarah. The group of men, led by

their excitement to teach on any level that makes DATA so loved throughout the Dallas Metroplex. Programs like last week’s shabbaton are highly successful due to the enthusiastic participation the kollel enjoys from the

of the elite members of Kollel Avodas Levi. The subject at hand was the halachos of Channukah, and it was a brand new experience for most of the participants to engage in active Talmudic study as part of the group of

attitude about the work that he does. He has no airs about him, and he has a real passion for helping the Jewish people.” After an enjoyable afternoon touring Baltimore’s famous harbor and a

Rabbi Yoni Sonnenblick and Rabbi Mayer Hurwitz of DATA, the Dallas kollel, were treated to Baltimore’s finest in ruchniyus and gashmiyus throughout their whirlwind weekend in our community. The annual weekend retreat was a project of the Dallas Area Torah Association, one of the nations’s leading kiruv kollelim. The kollel was founded 22 years ago by four ambitious young rabbis, and since its inception, it has consistently been one of the most successful of its kind. Upon the rabbis’ arrival in 1992, the future of the Dallas community looked bleak. Fast-forward 22 years, the city now boasts two frum days schools, a girls high school, a flourishing mesivta, five kosher restaurants and seven shuls. And of course, one popular kollel learning center, which is the engine of the community’s astronomical growth. It is the non-judgmental warmth of the kollel rabbis and

greater Jewish population throughout the area. As soon as the group flight landed on Wednesday evening and baggage was collected, the group was on their way to Yeshivas Ner Yisroel, which would become the hub of their activities throughout the weekend. Breakfast Friday morning was hosted by Rabbis Sheftel and Boruch Neuberger, the dynamic duo at the helm of Baltimore’s premier Torah institution, who discussed the history of Ner Yisroel and its impact on the greater Jewish community. The group then proceeded to the office of the rosh yeshiva, Rav Aharon Feldman, who spoke to them for an hour and a half, fielding questions on Jewish thought and offering encouraging words on their growth in Torah and Mitzvos. Following the discussion, they proceeded to the beis medrash where they spent a while in traditional chavrusa learning together with some

300 some odd energetic young scholars in the yeshiva. “I was extremely impressed by the students in the beis medrash,” says Mr. Isaac Heller, Strategic Business Developer at Sabre Airline Solutions, and a first-time participant of the shabbaton. “These days I am used to seeing everyone around me multitasking. These guys were purely focused on their learning, and that was extremely impressive.” What is a weekend in Baltimore without hitting up some of its world famous restaurants? First stop was David Chu’s for a lunch meeting with Mr. Howard Tzvi Friedman, founding partner at Lanx Management, LLC, and former President and Chairman of the Board of AIPAC. Mr. Friedman discussed some of his activities on behalf of the Jewish community, and he emphasized the need to stay connected to a yeshiva no matter where life takes you. “I was most inspired,” said Mr. Heller, “to see Mr. Friedman’s

satisfying Kosher Bite dinner, it was off to Ahavas Yisrael for the Thursday night packaging and delivering of the food packages distributed weekly to Baltimore’s needy. Rabbi Boruch Brull, one of Ahavas Yisrael’s tireless directors, met with the group in his home and discussed with them the organization’s operations, fielding many questions from the inspired men. They came away with a palpable sense of awe for the dignity and sensitivity with which Ahavas Yisrael treats its beneficiaries. The exciting and tiring day was topped off with a kumzitz, complete with cholent, at the home of Rabbi Yonasan Mussman, during which the group heard warm words from Rabbi Yissachar Dov Eichenstein, Rav of K’hal Merkaz Torah U’Tefilah. Friday’s highlight was a trip to the Star-K corporate headquarters, where the group met with Rabbi Boruch Beyer, a senior kashrus administra-

Around the

a hearty breakfast at Goldbergs. Because, after all, what is a good Sunday morning here in Baltimore without a bagel from our very own world-renowned breakfast joint? Then, it was off to the airport. Tired, spent, but immensely uplifted, the men looked forward to returning to Dallas and getting back to real life to apply the lessons learned in Baltimore. Having spent quality time in a yeshiva setting, many for the first time in their life, they were eager to share the wealth of knowledge and inspiration they received over the weekend with their friends. “It was gratifying to see how interested everyone was in learning all they can from the special people here in Baltimore,” says Rabbi Son-

nenblick, “And it was overwhelming to have such a positive response from the yeshiva and the community. We are indebted to our hosts and organizers, especially Rabbi Boruch Neuberger, for all their excitement in helping this trip become the amazing success that we envisioned.” Mr. Heller added that the yeshiva made a lasting impression on the men. “The yeshiva and the boys learning there were extremely impressive,” he said, “Much credit goes to the Neuberger family. Watching how Rabbi Herman Neuberger’s vision is being carried out by his children and grandchildren was very special”

The New York Experience- Upperclassman Edition This past week NCSY’s Upperclassman really got a chance to make a difference while having a great time. Starting Thursday night with an intro to how they affect the world, the teens followed up with an amazing day at the OU hearing from all the different divisions, including OU and Israel advocacy, Kashrus, Yachad and a few others as

well. The Philadelphia Chapter board got an added bonus to hear from Philadelphia Native Josh Landes, who has been influential in shaping the Jewish future. The teens then made their way to Brooklyn for an amazing and inspirational shabbos capped by a Saturday night boat tour around the city!!!!

Hapoel Soccer - Week Seven and The Finals Hapoel Baltimore Soccer played Game 7 as well as The Final game of the fall soccer season. Girls In Week Seven, the GK123 (Girl’s Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade) League had a game between Hapoel Blue and Hapoel Red which ended with Red winning 4-1. Hapoel Red’s four goals came from Shayna Gittal Baden (two) and Esther Baden (two). Hapoel Blue’s goal came from Faigy Lefkowitz. In Week Seven, the G4567 (Girl’s 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Grade) League had a game between Hapoel Green and Hapoel Blue with Blue winning 3-1. Hapoel Blue’s goals were scored by Shaindy Goldstein (as well as two assists), Hinda Leah Feigenbaum and Elana Openden. Shulamis Seidel had Green’s lone goal.

In The Finals, the GK123 (Girl’s Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade) League had a game between Hapoel Blue and Hapoel Red which ended with Blue winning 3-1. Hapoel Blue’s three goals came from Shayna Gittal Baden, two, and Miriam Schwartz. Hapoel Red’s lone goal came from Miriam Liebman. . In The Finals, the G4567 (Girl’s 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Grade) League had a game between Hapoel Teal and Hapoel Columbia with Columbia winning 3-0. Hapoel Columbia’s goals were scored by Hinda Leah Feigenbaum, two, and Elana Openden. Shaindy Goldstein had an assist on one of Hinda Leah’s goals. Boys In Week Seven, the BK12 (Boy’s Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade) League had a game between Hapoel Green and Hapoel Blue with the final

score being 4-4. Gedalya Blau had all four of Green’s goals with Eli Lazewnik assisting two of these goals. The Blue goals were scored by Yair Rakhminov, Abie Prero, Noam Englard and Moishy Kaplowitz. In Week Seven, the B3456 (Boy’s 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Grade) League had a game between Hapoel Purple and Hapoel Crimson. Hapoel Purple won 4-1 with goals from Yishai Eagle (three) and Yaakov Neuman. Shmuel Prero scored Crimson’s lone goal. Both Boy’s Championship Finals games went into Over-time. In the BK12 (Boy’s Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade) Championship Final, Hapoel Green played Hapoel Red with Hapoel Green winning 3-2 in Overtime. Red’s goals were scored by Yossi Friedman, Noam Englard and, in Overtime, Naftali Don. Naftali Don

also assisted Friedman’s goal. Green’s goals were scored by Moishy Kaplowitz and Gedalya Blau. In the B3456 (Boy’s 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Grade) Championship Final, Hapoel Purple played Hapoel Blue and won4-3 on Overtime. In Regular time, Purple and Blue were tied 3-3 with Purple’s goals coming from Yoseph Seinfeld, Shmuel Prero, and Mendel Berman. Blue’s goals were scored by Yishai Eagle, two, and Naftali Lazar. In Overtime, Hapoel Soccer plays with a system where every two minutes. a player is removed from each squad. So, while the game may start 11 vs. 11, after two minutes, it is 10 vs. 10, then 9 vs. 9, etc. In this case, the game was 3 vs. 3 when Yoseph Seinfeld threaded a through ball to Mendel Berman for a breakaway which proved to be the game winning, golden goal.

NOVEMBER 27, 2014

the night. Impromptu speeches were delivered by the emotional participants expressing their appreciation to the yeshiva for inspiring them, and by the bochurim, expressing their own thankfulness to the visitors for giving them a fresh perspective on how to have a passion for growing in yiddishkeit. The highlight of motza’ei shabbos was a melava malka get-together at the home of Mr. Yehudah Neuberger. Joined by bochurim and members of the community, the spirited singing and shmuzing in the relaxed atmosphere did much to create a sense of achdus among the participants. The trip was capped off Sunday morning with some more learning in the beis medrash, but not before


tor. He discussed the process a company goes through to become kosher, and led an animated discussion about keeping kosher in today’s society. To reinforce the message that keeping kosher these days is not as difficult as it once was, the group finished off their day by heading over to Seven Mile Market, the largest all-kosher supermarket in the United States. Shabbos was spent in the company of the hanhalah and bochurim of Yeshivas Ner Yisroel on the yeshiva’s picturesque campus. They were honored to eat with some of the yeshiva’s most respected rabbeim, and they joined together with many bochurim of the yeshiva to participate in a special oneg shabbos held in their honor, which continued into the wee hours of




NOVEMBER 27, 2014


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What it Took for STAR-K to Certify the GA, Under Secret Service Surveillance By Margie Pensak Security was tight at STAR-K Certification’s largest and most challenging food service supervision, to date--The Jewish Federations of North America’s 2014 General Assembly (GA), the premier annual North American Jewish communal event, held at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, in National Harbor, Maryland, November 9-12. Vice President Joe Biden was one of the several scheduled speakers and I had to make sure I arrived early enough before Gaylord’s security lockdown. I never did get to see the Vice President, while I was touring the kosher kitchen with STAR-K Assistant Director of Supervision Rabbi Mayer Kurcfeld, who spearheaded the kashrus team for this event. But, I did feel the thrill of the anticipation of his arrival, as I went through more than one security checkpoint and watched a sniffing K-9 attack trained German shepherd police dog check out the crowd! The Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center is a luxurious city in itself, with its 19 floors; 1,886 rooms;

oversee such a gargantuan event in his 30+ years in kosher supervision. Before any food could be prepared, half of the kitchen which Gaylord permitted to be partitioned off for the event, had to be kashered. By Friday afternoon, two days before the arrival of the 3000 expected GA convention participants, Rabbi Kurcfeld oversaw the 90% of the kashering which was completed. The remainder he did on motzei Shabbos. The list of things to be kashered included: a dishwasher, multiple ovens, a stove, hotboxes, two soup kettles, industrial-sized pots, a steam kettle, silverware, serving pieces, metal pitchers, and bread baskets. Unlike the 2012 GA event, held in the Baltimore Convention Center-where the entire facility was kashered and participants and non-participants, alike, were served kosher--this event would be preparing for approximately 3000 participants who would be served Star-K certified kosher meals, while approximately 1500 non-participating Gaylord guests would be served treif at simultaneously held events and in six on-premises treif eateries. To give you some idea of what was involved, Rabbi Dovid Lapin, Star-K’s Head Mashgiach and Kosher event planning specialist, put in 67 hours for the four day GA Convention. His longest stretch of consecutive hours was clocked in from midnight on motzei Shabbos until 11:30 p.m. STAR-K Assistant Director of Supervision Rabbi Mayer Kurcfeld on Sunday evening. In and his Mashgichim Kashering utensils at Gaylord those 67 hours, he oversaw 110 suites; 89 meeting rooms; and the supervision of, among other things, 470,000 square feet of total meeting Sunday breakfast which was held in five space. That is more than eight times separate locations, and Monday breakthe size of an American football field, fast which was held in six separate loor 10.8 acres. This was the facility’s cations. One of the six locations served first-time ever to host a kosher event 1100 of the 3000 conventioneers; anothand Rabbi Kurcfeld’s first-time ever to er upscale one was served on china with

STAR-K Kashrus Administrator (L-R) Rabbi Sholom Tendler, STAR-K Assistant Director of Supervision Rabbi Mayer Kurcfeld, and STAR-K Mashgiach Dov Chapman

silverware. “On Monday evening, there were nine receptions held at one time, in one area of the convention center/hotel, while in another area, simultaneously, there were five other receptions taking place for 300 people,” related Rabbi Lapin. “More than 500 people attended one of the nine receptions; the other eight were attended by between 30-100 people.” Veteran Star-K mashgicha, Emunah Friedman, clocked in 67-3/4 hours in the six days she worked. She was one of the 13 mashgichim posted at various food checkpoints in Gaylord, “manning” the area between the kitchen and the hallway adjacent to the loading dock. Describing the kosher kitchen scene prior to Vice President Biden’s arrival, she noted, “On Monday, the Secret Service shut down our production at 4 a.m. The kitchen staff had to report in by that time, although we were shut out of the kitchen until 6:30 a.m. We had to be down the hall from the kitchen, and the Secret Service kept changing our location throughout the process, constantly clearing the hallway. After they ensured that there was nothing dangerous for the vice president, with the help of a K-9

unit that checked every nook and cranny, we were able to return to the kitchen. By the time we were let back into the kitchen, at 6:30 a.m., it left the staff little time to prepare for breakfast, which was scheduled to start at 7 a.m.!” What does it take to feed close to 3000 conventioneers for four days? “A lot of advance planning went into ensuring that an event this size would be a success,” explains Rabbi Kurcfeld. “I started planning and talking about the GA event more than a year before it happened. Our initial Gaylord-Star-K meeting took place before Pesach, on March 27. From then on, there were four in-person on-site and subsequent in-office meetings plus many communications via email, text messaging, and phone calls. I faced my biggest challenge in food service yet, with much trepidation. Somewhat like Eisenhower must have felt when planning “D-Day”, I thought of it as “GA-Day”. Boruch Hashem, in the end, all went as planned.” According to Gaylord’s Food Purchasing Manager, Wazir Chagla, the GA Convention order comprised of: 4000 chicken breasts,400 pounds of raw turkey breast, 3 cases of chicken wings, 120 pounds of chicken fajita meat, 250 pounds of fish, 500 pounds of beef, 23 cases of eggs, 198 cases of yogurt, 75 pounds of Greek yogurt, hundreds of pounds of potatoes, fruits and vegetables, and thousands of pre-made salads, sandwiches, cookies, and muffins, in addition to various baked goods and groceries. Not having had the opportunity to see the vice president with my own eyes, I was curious to know if he partook of the Star-K certified food. My reliable sources tell me that he did not. Of course, with such impeccable kashrus standards as Star-K’s, no doubt, it had nothing to do with religion and, presumably, everything to do with politics—White House policy is strict when it comes to the president and vice-president eating out!


he has closed 60 million in loans since entering the Baltimore market and was named #4 loan officer in the country according to Scotsman’s Guide. See for yourself why so many people choose Shimmy for their mortgage needs. Call today for a low rate mortgage–

Shimmy Braun

Vice President of Mortgage Lending


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NOVEMBER 27, 2014

Shimmy Braun has built his business by providing the best service possible for your home loan. That’s why


Great Service is Good Business

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Yeshivas Kochav Yitzchok’s Annual Kristallnacht Program by Rabbi Daniel Skurnik, M.Ed. Director of Development

November 10 / 17 Cheshvan marked 76 years since Kristallnacht. In commemorating this day, Dr. Werner Cohen shared his experiences

Shortly after Kristallnacht, Dr. Cohen was sent to the Dachau labor camp, the youngest prisoner at the camp at the time. The working and living con-

Erich Klibansky was able to pose him as an 8th grader and thus was one of 130 children who were saved through the Kindertransport.

growing up in Nazi Germany in the 1930’s with Yeshivas Kochav Yitzchok/Torah Institute’s middle school, an audience of 200 talmidim, rebbeim, hanhala and guests. Dr. Cohen related that he was a young teenager when Kristallnacht occurred. He remembers very vividly the outright anti-Semitism pervasive throughout Germany at the time.

ditions at the camp were terrible. After 9 months of forced labor, Dr. Cohen was released. Dr. Cohen was saved from the ensuing destruction of the Final Solution due to the heroic efforts of Erich Klibansky, a Jewish principal who worked tirelessly to procure sponsors which would allow his students to flee to England via a Kindertransport. Although Dr. Cohen was already 16,

Dr. Cohen expressed, that despite being educated and sophisticated, the German view of greatness comprised of power and supremacy. As Jews, we know true greatness is something completely different. Following his address, there was a brief question and answer session where talmidim had the opportunity to ask Dr. Cohen specific questions about


NOVEMBER 27, 2014


his experiences and the Holocaust in general. Yeshivas Kochav Yitzchok/Torah Institute was founded in 1952 by Rav Yitzchok Sternhell, a Holocaust survivor, as a memorial for those who perished in the Holocaust. It is therefore befitting for YKY/TI talmidim to hear first-hand what it was like to live during those turbulent times and what the previous generations had to endure - “zichor yemos olam.” Remembering the Holocaust is becoming increasingly important as time passes and younger generations are less familiar with the extreme challenges, sacrifices and persecution that our parents and grandparents had to undergo. As per the previous Kristallnacht program’s message, the ability to openly live as Jews and learn Torah must be appreciated and utilized, and not taken for granted. The entire YKY/TI family is very grateful to Mrs. Marlene Resnick, a dear friend and supporter, for sponsoring this meaningful event. We appreciate her partnering with us and for her dedication in remembering what we lost in Churbon Europe.

Ohr Chadash Kicks-Off Family Saturday Night Learning Program On Motzei Shabbat, November 8th, the OCA PTA hosted its first Saturday Night Learning of the season. Under the direction of our very own Rabbi Bennett, the SNL was a smashing success! Over 25 families filled our multi-purpose room to the gills. The sound of

Torah learning could be heard throughout the hallway of OCA, whether it was reviewing the Par-

sha studying for a test, or just learning for enrichment. Some families even brought siblings and friends from others schools! The learning was followed by a beautiful Dvar Torah by Dani Carter, 4th grade student and OCA Student

Government Vice President. The night ended with pizza for everyone and a grand raffle. It was inspirational seeing families taking time out of the weekend learning and spending quality time together.

Special Latte in Honor of the Terror Victims and Wounded in Har Nof Attack This past Tuesday night Latte was led by Lidor Hayun, who shared inspirational words of moving forward from the devastating attack in Har Nof. Lidor completed his words by having everyone rise and say Tehilim with him for the wounded and the victims. Over 50 teens stood together to recite Tehilim

and collected a few hundred dollars for the victim’s families, it was a powerful sight to be seen. Advisors followed the Tehilim with learning sessions with the learning in honor of the victims as well.




NOVEMBER 27, 2014


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Cong. Shomrei Emunah Pays Tribute to Chazan Chaim Gartenhaus at Packed Dveykus Reunion Concert Cohn

Around the


corporate planning and goal-setting for companies. With his wealth of knowledge and experience dealing with an evolving market, Bodner is a visionary with clear insights into the ever-changing marketplace. Adam Li-

on how to use philanthropy as a means of corporate development. Perhaps the quintessential model of a successful entrepreneur, Ira Zlotowitz serves as President of Eastern Union Funding. One of Crain’s “Forty-Under-40,” Zlo-

eberman, President of The Liberman Group, demonstrates his expertise in leadership as he discusses how to construct and maintain a motivated, successful sales team. Jacob Engel, CEO of Yeda, gives a comprehensive overview on how to hire wisely, offering advice on identifying both the technical and personal skills of hire-worthy individuals. When it comes to closing a deal, Jack Friedler, President of CityView Commercial, has practical advice on making profitable, sustainable decisions. With over four decades of successful practice, Saul N. Freidman offers his experience and wisdom in strategic business and financial planning. As managing partner of Saul N. Friedman & Company, Friedman has what it takes to help any business grow exponentially. Marketing plays an integral role in the running of a successful business. Yitzchok Saftlas, founder and President of Bottom Line Marketing Group, shares effective, personally-developed strategies for developing a successful marketing campaign. Knowing what it takes to keep a business growing, Richard Bieler, President of R. Bieler Consulting Services, offers calculated advice

towitz offers techniques to maximize employee productivity. In recognition of the shailos that arise in the corporate world, Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser, noted Rav, orator and author, explores the multi-faceted halachic and hashkafic considerations of business. The event moderator will be Nachum Segal, noted radio personality. For attendees to glean the most out of the sessions, the second portion of the conference involves individual breakout sessions, in which attendees can choose a track and join in on an interactive discussion with each of the presenters. During these workshops, presenters will confront burning business questions relating to their topics and participants will be encouraged to give voice to their concerns and opinions. Bottom Line Marketing Group is excited to introduce an exclusive women’s track to this portion of the conference. Women will hear from Miriam L. Wallach on properly presenting yourself as the woman in the room, Suzy Schwartz on effective communication skills and Fanny Zigdon on profitably navigating social media, as they lead interactive work-

shops catered for women in the workforce. The conference is to be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Fort Lee, NJ. This venue is centrally located to the tri-state area and major airports. Bottom Line Marketing Group has partnered with Uber for those seeking transportation. An anticipated objective of The Winning Edge is to provide opportunity for attendees to enjoy interacting with other business professionals. For that reason, breakfasts, lunch, as well as a post-conference dinner are formulated to allow for interaction, collaboration and connection. All meals will be prepared by the renowned Mi Chicas Catering, under the hashgochos of Rabbis Wosner and Teichman of Monsey, NY. As a takeaway to promote maximum post-conference growth and retention, all participants will receive Bottom Line Marketing Group’s post event signature whitepaper: an organized compilation of key points and ideas from each presentation. Concise yet comprehensive, the whitepaper will certainly be referenced for years to come. With innovative presentations, interactive workshops and interspersed mealtimes designed for networking, The Winning Edge 2014 promises to be a productive and rewarding event where professionals will communicate, collaborate and gain critical tools to advance in the corporate world. For Conference registration visit: or by calling 718-412-3508

JTED NCSY Training Weekend with R’ Dovid Bashevkin! Last weekend, 13 teens came to Potomac to learn public speaking skills from Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin, NCSY Director of Education. The goal is to train teens in public speaking, and prepare them for their JTED session.

Each teen in the program will deliver speeches starting January 6 and continuing every other week at KMS. A special thank you to Rabbi Bashevkin for coming down to Greater Washington to lead this program. Thank you

to all the teens who were courageous enough to be the first teens to participate in the JTED program!

NOVEMBER 27, 2014

The Winning Edge 2014: A Meeting of Minds for Innovation, Strategy and Growth for the Corporate World (Brooklyn, NY)—Bottom Line Marketing Group has announced a conference to take place on Wednesday, December 10, titled The Winning Edge 2014. For the past six years, Bottom Line Marketing Group has coordinated many successful and highly acclaimed conferences geared towards non-profit organization leaders. In response to positive feedback from past attendees and high demand from others, Bottom Line Marketing Group has decided to focus on the corporate community for 2014’s conference. The Winning Edge 2014 is designed to be an event where professionals—from small business owners to CEOs of large enterprises—will share business strategies, insights and tips with other professionals. The goal of this conference is for people to gain invaluable business knowledge. Pesach Tropper, The Winning Edge coordinator explains: “When embarking on the creation of this conference, one of the key elements that we wanted to incorporate was the presentation of successful and established business leaders from within our community; professionals who are closer-to-home and therefore more accessible to our attendees.” The conference will feature presentations on a wide array of topics. Marc Bodner, CEO of L&R Distributors, which has over 1,000 employees nationwide, will discuss effective


Bottom Line Marketing Group Announces Business Professionals’ Conference



NOVEMBER 27, 2014


Around the


HaGaon HaRav Moshe Tzadka, Shlita, Tests Talmidim of Acheinu Yeshiva on Entire Masechta Sukkah

HaGaon HaRav Yisroel Belsky to Deliver Keynote Address at Acheinu Parlor Meeting By Yosef Sosnow

It was a surreal scene. HaGaon HaRav Moshe Tzadka, shlita, the distinguished Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Porat Yosef, with an open Gemarah, Maseches Sukkah in front of him. All of the talmidim of Acheinu’s Yeshiva Hakedosha sat

dei hayeshiva, all of them secular but… so very proud of their children’s accomplishments. Acheinu’s Yeshiva Hakedosha is an absolutely unique yeshiva that plays a prominent role in the overall success rate of Acheinu. How was the Yeshiva Hakedosha conceived? Acheinu’s pe’eilim, all bnei Torah who learn at least half a day, work with teens from non-religious homes. As these teens came closer to Yiddishkeit, ultimately making the life-altering decision that they wanted to go to yeshiva, they were faced with a problem. On the one hand, HaRav Moshe Tzadka gracing the Acheinu Siyum they were not yet at the level, with great yiras hakavod as Rav Tzadka neither academically nor socially to be fired one question after another on the able to join a regular yeshiva. On the othmasechta. Each question was answered er hand, there was no proper framework with lightning speed by the talmidim. al taharas hakodesh that they could join. Rav Tzadka was clearly very moved by Acheinu therefore decided to open up its the sight, especially in light of his knowl- own yeshiva headed by the Rosh Yeshiedge that in the recent past, these boys va, Rav Zev Hofstedter. Acheinu’s Yeshihad not been religious at all! va Hakedosha is tailor made to serve as This is indeed the unique quality of a bridge to a regular yeshiva. All of the Acheinu kiruv. Acheinu, the kiruv arm talmidim are eventually mainstreamed to of Dirshu, has used Dirshu’s template - a regular yeshivos throughout Eretz Yisrasystem of limud haTorah with account- el. ability that has transformed Klal Yisra“The Only Way is Through Learnel and enriched them with Shas Yidden, ing Torah” Poskim and Daf HaYomi B’Halacha After Rav Tzadka, Rav Dovid HofstYidden who truly know and retain what edter also tested the bochurim. Later, Rav they learn. So too, Acheinu has devised Dovid gave a powerful drasha outlining a unique kiruv system with a success rate the difficult situation in which Jews find of more than 93%. themselves throughout the world and From Public School to Siyum! the terrible nisyonos posed by the yetzer The major test and siyum at Acheinu’s hara. “The only way to detach ourselves Yeshiva Hakedosha was the culmination from the bad is through learning Torah!” of a year of hard work invested by the Then, turning to the parents, he said, “It talmidim and their devoted Rabbeim. The is such a zechus for parents to merit sons yeshiva instituted a “Marah D’Sukkah” who are learning Torah in a holy yeshicampaign to encourage every talmid to va!” learn the entire Masechta Sukkah and to A deeply poignant moment was when be tested on it. It was the first siyum these every bachur who made a siyum was boys ever made in their lives! called to the podium accompanied by his Just a couple of years ago, these ye- father. The fathers, most of them non-reshiva bochurim- who just made their first ligious, beamed with joy as did their siyum on a masechta and been tested on mothers who watched from an adjacent it- were secular public school kids im- room on a closed circuit hook-up. They mersed in pop culture! received from Rav Hofstedter a special The siyum was attended by HaGaon diploma congratulating them on finishing HaRav Moshe Tzadka, shlita, and the Masechta Sukkah as well as a brand new Nasi of Dirshu Rav Dovid Hofstedter, Gemara Bava Kama, the next masechta shlita. A particularly moving moment that the yeshiva will be learning. was the sight of the parents of the talmi“I Would Have Sent All of My Chil-

dren Here!” One of the most powerful speeches was given by Shaul Maimon, President of the Chevel Ha’aretz Company. Mr. Maimon is a successful businessman. His son learns in the yeshiva and was one of the bachurim who made a siyum. Mr. Maimon spoke openly about how it was initially very difficult for him when his son became religious but, “Now,” he said, “I cannot tell you how happy we are and how proud we are of him! He illuminates our entire home. The light that he brings is Rav Dovid Hofstedter greeting Acheinu boys, and their parents In recent years, its name and most importhe light of Torah. It was missing from our home. If I would have known tantly its success has spread to the United before what the Yeshiva Hakedosha does, States as the kiruv movement which deI would have sent all of my children velops bnei Torah who remain dedicated to limud haTorah. here!” The Flatbush community at this The dancing after the siyum was simply unforgettable: Fathers, secular Jews year’s annual Acheinu Flatbush Parlor far from Torah, dancing with their sons, meeting will have the tremendous zechus wonderful yeshiva bachurim. Not only to hear words of chizuk from the keynote were the mothers shedding tears of joy on speaker, HaGaon HaRav Yisroel Belsky, their personal simchas Torah, the fathers shlita, Rosh HaYeshiva of Yeshiva Torah Vodaas. Rav Belsky, one of Amerand sons were too! ica’s foremost poskim, is familiar with Acheinu’s outstanding work in bringing lost Yiddishe neshamos back to Hashem. Without a doubt, he will inspire the audience with a practical message that will remain with them long after the parlor meeting is over. The event will be held on Thursday, December 4, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Simcha Applegrad, located at 1266 East 32nd Street, between Aves. L and M. It will be graced by numerous local Rabbanim and introductory remarks will be delivered by Rav Shlomo Cynamon, shlita, Rav of Kehal Bnei Torah and Rosh Kollel of the Dirshu Kollel of Flatbush. Whether it is Rav Moshe Tzadka being flabbergasted at the wide-ranging knowledge of Acheinu talmidim after testing them on the entire Masechta, or Rav Yisroel Belsky hailing Acheinu’s work to a Flatbush crowd of admirers Harav Yisroel Belsky to address the upcoming and supporters, the message is one and Acheinu Flatbush Parlor Meeting the same. Acheinu gets results. It brings From Eretz Yisroel to America: teens back to Hashem and assures that they are mainstreamed and remain baskOne Organization, One Goal In Eretz Yisroel, Acheinu’s name is ing in the light of the Shechina! known far and wide as a kiruv organization with an enviable record for results.

The Week Iran Allows Inspection of Nuclear Plant

abiding by the interim conditions in refusing to answer questions on the military aspects of its program. Likewise, a former head of the IAEA revealed this month that Iran may have five times more advanced uranium centrifuges than previously thought. If this is true, the danger that Iran would be able to quickly develop a nuclear weapon is all the more pressing.

Museum to House Nazi Art Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, Gauguin, Degas—Cornelius Gurlitt’s art collection of more than 1,200 paintings, sculptures and drawings was massive, but the collection carried with it the blood of those murdered by the

Nazis. Gurlitt was the son of Hitler’s art dealer and hid the treasured artworks in his apartment for decades. Now, after months of deliberation, an art museum in Bern, Switzerland, has decided to accept the collection of priceless works despite its contentious legacy and inclusion of works looted from Jewish families. “They will not be keeping those



In News


NOVEMBER 27, 2014

After years of procrastinating and shunning international pressure, an Iranian official announced this week that Tehran is ready to allow nuclear inspectors access to its Marivan military site. Marivan is a facility long suspected of being used to develop explosive weapons. The announcement comes as Iran and six world powers hold talks in Vienna to reach a lasting agreement on Tehran’s disputed nuclear program. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) mentioned the Marivan site, which is close to the Iraqi border, in a 2011 report on Iran’s alleged pursuit of nuclear weapons. The UN agency suggested at the time that “large scale high explosive experiments” may have been carried out at the complex. Britain, China, France, Russia, the United States and Germany have been locked in talks with Iran since February after an interim accord gave it some relief from economic sanctions in return for nuclear curbs. Along with Marivan, IAEA inspectors are also interested in the Parchin military base, where they suspect tests that could be applied to a potential nuclear site have been carried out. Iran has so far denied access to Parchin. The Islamic Republic strongly denies its nuclear program is meant to build a nuclear weapon, even though the IAEA has revealed Iran is not


NOVEMBER 27, 2014


The Week

works that are determined by a group of historians to have been looted from Jewish families,” ​New York Times reporter Melissa Ed dy, who was at the announcement by the Kunstmuseum  Bern on  Monday in Berlin, revealed. “Those wo rks are to be returned to the Jewish families, and only the pieces that have been cleared will go to the museum.” The Kunstmuseum says it  will  work with Germany to ensure that any art looted by the Nazis from Jewish owners is returned. A task force of art specialists appointed by the German government has already found three works — including Matisse’s “Seated Woman” — that were stolen by the Nazis

and will be returned ”immediately” to the rightful owners’ heirs. The collection arrived “like a bolt from the blue” in May, when the museum was told that the estate of Cornelius Gurlitt had designated the Kunstmusem as his “unrestricted and unfettered sole heir.” Gurlitt, who died May 6, had no previous connection to the museum. The museum’s board declared itself “surprised and delighted,” but acknowledged the fraught origins of the collection. ”This magnificent bequest brings with it a considerable burden of responsibility, and a wealth of questions of the most difficult and sensitive kind,” they said, “questions in particu-

In News

lar of a legal and ethical nature.” There was also the immense hype that the collection stirred up. “The whole world descended on this apartment in Munich where Cornelius Gurlitt had lived with the art — behind closed curtains, behind closed doors — for decades,” says Eddy.  The museum was concerned the gift ”could end up costing them a lot of money.” But Germany’s Culture Minister,  Monika Grütters, stepped up and agreed to pay for investigations into the origins of the art. That gave the Kunstmuseum a deal it couldn’t refuse: Hundreds of paintings and drawings by masters, and Germany’s pledge to foot the bill. 

The German authorities have also posted notebooks online that record the buying and selling of pieces in the collection. That could help identify the owners of works that have long been regarded as missing or lost. Eddy says the detective work necessary to determine which paintings were looted is slow and painstaking; it often requires finding old record books and databases that are stored in other countries. Combing through the entire collection could take at least a year. “Seventy years have passed since World War II and looted art is still out there,” she says. “It’s still painful for families that lost art, and so now there’s a lot of excitement that the museum is pledging to do the right thing.” If the first three works from this collection that have been identified as looted are returned as promised, Eddy

says, “it could mark a real breakthrough in how restitution cases are handled.” As for the works cleared of any association with Nazi looting, the Kunstmuseum hinted that a public exhibition of several hundred pieces from the Gurlitt collection could be put on display next year. 

14 Honored in Netherlands for Saving Jews During Holocaust On Friday, Israeli diplomats serving in the Netherlands honored 14 non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust. The title of Righteous Among the Nations — a distinction awarded by Yad Vashem which is often conferred to recipients by Israel’s foreign ministry —was given posthumously to Frederika Maria Segboer and Christina Segboer, sisters who hid Jews in southern Netherlands and helped them reach safety in Spain.

Frederika’s daughter, Marijke van de Meent-Segboer, accepted the honor at a ceremony in Gorinchem near Rotterdam for her mother and aunt, who directed Jews they hid to the Westerweel group — a ring of resistance fighters who helped smuggle at least 210 Jews out of the Netherlands, as well as hundreds of non-Jews who were wanted by the Nazi occupation




NOVEMBER 27, 2014


The Week forces. Many of the Jews that the group smuggled to Spain left from there to Israel. Earlier this month, the embassy conferred the title posthumously on another 12 recipients during a ceremony in The Hague. There, Israel’s ambassador to the Netherlands, Haim Divon, honored also Cornelia Kloppenburg and her husband, Leenderd Mostard, who worked as a chauffeur near The Hague. During the Holocaust, the couple took in a 4-year-old Jewish child, Micha Konig. “They saved my life more than once and I will be grateful to them for as long as I live,” said 75-year-old author Micha Konig during the ceremony at the municipal building in The Hague. The Netherlands, which used to be home to 140,000 Jews before the Holocaust, has over 5,350 Righteous Among the Nations — more than a fifth of the overall number in Yad Vashem’s records and more than any other country except Poland.

Putin Warming Up to North Korea

You probably have a unique view

on world politics if you want a closer relationship with North Korea. But this week, the day after holding talks with a personal envoy of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Russian President Vladimir Putin called for deeper ties with North Korea to improve regional security. Senior North Korean officials visit Moscow infrequently but the isolated country is trying to counter a U.N. resolution urging Pyongyang’s referral to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. Russia is also one of five countries involved in talks with North Korea on its nuclear program. The others are South Korea, China, the United States and Japan. Receiving the credentials of North Korea’s new ambassador to Russia, Putin said during a televised Kremlin ceremony: “We maintain friendly relations with one of our neighbors, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. A further deepening of political ties and trade and economic cooperation is definitely in the interests of the peoples of both countries and ensuring regional stability and security,” he said. Last week, a U.N. Assembly committee dealing with human rights passed a resolution calling for the U.N. Security Council to consider referring North Korea to the International Criminal Court for alleged crimes against humanity. The vote followed a U.N. Commission of Inquiry report published in February detailing wide-ranging abuses in North Korea, including prison camps, systematic torture, starvation and killings. North Korea has dismissed the U.N. move as part of a U.S.-led plot to destroy its political system. Diplomats say North Korea ally China would be likely to use its Security Council veto to knock down an ICC referral and that Russia would probably support Beijing’s stance.  

Most Tourists Visit Grand Bazaar Globally, travel has increased in the last year. According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), in-

In News ternational tourist arrivals increased by 5% in 2013—that’s more than one billion trips, despite “global economic challenges.”

So where exactly did these millions of people travel to? Believe it or not, not to the Bronx Zoo or Disneyworld. Travel + Leisure tallied up the world’s most-visited attractions by gathering the most recent data supplied by the attractions themselves or from government agencies, industry reports, and reputable media outlets. First off, for the scope of this analysis, “tourist attractions” are defined as cultural and historical sites, natural landmarks, and officially designated spaces. Beaches, bridges, and sites that draw almost exclusively religious pilgrims were omitted. Out of the top ten, four are in New York and six are in the U.S. The rest, though, will be quite a trek if you’re planning on heading out for midwinter break. 1. Grand Bazaar, Istanbul Annual Visitors: 91,250,000 2. The Zócalo, Mexico City Annual Visitors: 85,000,000 3. Times Square, New York City Annual Visitors: 50,000,000 4. Central Park, NYC (tie) Annual Visitors: 40,000,000 4. Union Station, Washington, D.C. (tie) Annual Visitors: 40,000,000 6. Las Vegas Strip Annual Visitors: 30,500,000 7. Meiji Jingu Shrine, Tokyo (tie) Annual Visitors: 30,000,000 7. Sensoji Temple, Tokyo (tie) Annual Visitors: 30,000,000 9. Niagara Falls, New York and Ontario Annual Visitors: 22,000,000 10. Grand Central Terminal, NYC Annual Visitors: 21,600,000

45 Killed in Female Suicide Attack in Nigeria

On Tuesday, more than 45 people were murdered when two female suicide bombers blew themselves up in a crowded market in northeast Nigeria, the latest in a wave of such attacks blamed on Boko Haram. The explosions in the Borno state capital targeted the same Monday Market area where at least 15 people died on July 1 in a blast also thought to have been carried out by the Islamist militants. Tuesday’s attacks came after the militants seized control of another town in Nigeria’s restive northeast, adding to their increasing haul of territory captured in recent months. The source told AFP that the first bomber stood by a motorized rickshaw packed with goods in the bustling market and took a call on her mobile phone. “She then dropped it [the mobile phone] and at that moment she blew herself up, so people thought the bomb was concealed in the rickshaw,” he added. “About 10 minutes later, another woman who looked about 19 and carrying what looked like a baby on her back under hijab arrived at the scene that was crowded by rescuers and locals. She then detonated the bomb on her back.” Northern Nigeria has been hit by a wave of suicide bomb attacks by women in recent months, including earlier this month in the northeastern state of Bauchi and Niger state in the northwest. In July, there were four such attacks within a week in Kano city. The previous month, a woman was






UNBELIEVABLE VALUE FOR DUMBARTON! Completely renovated 5BR/5.5BA brick colonial. Large formal dining room w/ fireplace, built-ins & hardwood floors. Spacious living room with built-ins & hardwood floors. Brand new gourmet kitchen with custom cabinetry, granite counters, stainless appliances & adjoining breakfast room. Main level guest BR with en-suite bath. Fabulous master suite with luxury master bath. Newly renovated baths, new gas furnace, new upgraded electric, new windows, refinished hardwood floors and much more!

OWNERS RELOCATING Beautiful sprawling 5BR/4BA home in Dumbarton. Modern updated kitchen with granite counters, stainless appliances & adj. breakfast room. Formal living room & dining room with hardwood floors. Upper level master bedroom suite with balcony and study. Lower level rec room, bedroom & bath. 2-car garage.

Fabulous 3-4BR/2BA Rancher with everything all on one level - no steps. Spacious living room. Separate dining room. Modern eat-in kitchen with stainless appliances. Large den could easily be used as a 4th bedroom. Beautiful backyard with storage shed.

Beautiful newly renovated 5BR/3BA detached home. Glemaing hardwood floors on main level. Gourmet kitchen with granite counters & stainless appliances. Upper level has a large master bedroom & master bath with whirlpool tub & separate area with 2 sinks. There is also a large bonus room on the upper level. Finished lower level with family room, 2 bedrooms & full bath.







Move right into this beautiful 3BR/2.5BA townhome. Sunken living room with fireplace & sliders leading to fenced in patio area. Separate dining room. Modern kitchen with sliders leading to private patio. Master bedroom suite with walk-in closet & master bath with steam shower. Spacious 2nd and 3rd bedrooms. Plenty of storage.

wALLIS AVENUE $235,000


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Move right into this well maintained 2BR/2BA mid-level unit. New carpet and freshly painted throughout. Living room & dining room with sliders leading to the enclosed porch/balcony. Eat-in kitchen with laundry area. Spacious master bedroom suite with walk-in closet.

Bright & spacious 2BR/2BA unit with balcony. Beautiful light-filled living room & dining room. Spacious eat-in kitchen. Lovely master bedroom suite with walkin closet, dressing area & bath with separate tub. Garage parking. Full service building.

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Large 2BR/2BA + den unit. Spacious living room. Separate dining room with built-ins & sliders leading to the balcony. Eat-in kitchen with laundry area. Master bedroom suite with walk-in closet. Full service building with 24 hour front desk & doorman.





410.581.1000 • 1517 Reisterstown Road, Corner of Old Court Road • Baltimore, MD 21208

NOVEMBER 27, 2014



Barry Nabozny Broker/Realtor 410-977-7600


Ad ww vanc Seat w.W e re ing inn gist is li ing rat mit Ed ion ed ge re 20 qu 14. ire co d m



NOVEMBER 27, 2014

Comprehensive full day program 8:15am - 7:30pm

The Winning edge 2014

> Innovate Sales Techniques > Effective Marketing > Smart Hiring Methods > Executable Business Strategies > Long-Term Vision and Goal Setting > Sound Financial Decision Making > Latest Business Trends


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Hashkafic and Halachic Considerations in Parnassah

Leading and Motivating a Successful Sales Force

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Join innovative minds for a full day of business advice and solutions to get ahead in today’s economy. TM


Tel: 718.412.3508

Fort Lee, NJ

**** Includes 3 catered meals by Mi Chicas, under the hashgacha of Rabbi Benzion Halevi Wosner and Rabbi Yisroel Teichman **** Separate seating

Power networking breakfast, lunch and dinner. Interactive “breakout” sessions to address and tackle your most pressing business challenges. All participants will receive a “white paper” featuring a recap of each session, following the event.

The Week

country to rank in the top 10 for all three categories. Myanmar, though, ranked No. 1 for money, No. 2 for volunteering time, but only No. 63 for helping a stranger. View photo The list primarily reflects the culture of the countries. Myanmar is majority Buddhist, a religion which promotes a culture of giving. Myanmar received a 91% rating of people do-

Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia. The U.K.-based charity CAF-America measured three kinds of giving: helping a stranger, volunteering time, and donating money. Giving was not determined by the amount of money; it was the number of people giving as opposed to the dollar amount. The U.S. was the only

we’ve redeemed more than

1 BILLIon MILes... aCCoUnT aT a TIMe Join the thousands of satisfied customers who choose PEYD to help navigate the credit card rewards & travel industries.

airline reservations Business travel travel concierge credit card advisory mileage redemption mileage Barter

ThE guYs You know, ThE comPanY You TrusT

pay with points luxury vacation villas Business & personal rewards management

Generous individuals make the

646.801.7393 • •

NOVEMBER 27, 2014

U.S. Most Charitable Nation

world a kinder place. However, generosity varies from country to country. Which countries love to give and which ones keep their wallets tightly fastened? The recent results of the annual World Giving Index rank the most and least generous countries. The top spot for generosity is shared by the U.S. and Myanmar, with a tied rating of 64%, followed by

In News


said to have blown herself up in a twin bombing in the southwestern city of Lagos. Weeks earlier, Nigeria saw its first female suicide bombing, when a middle-aged woman detonated her explosives at a military barracks in the northern state of Gombe. Analysts have said that Boko Haram is using either willing volunteers or coercing young women and girls into becoming human bombs as part of its strategy to create a hardline Islamic state. Three women said to be “female recruiters” for Boko Haram were reportedly arrested in July while an alleged trainer of women bombers was detained in Kano in August with up to 16 “trainees”. Boko Haram has attacked Maiduguri dozens of times during its fiveyear insurgency, using a range of tactics from suicide attacks and bombings to full-scale assaults on military barracks. The Islamist group was founded in Maiduguri more than a decade ago and the city was once the epicenter of the conflict until its fighters were pushed out into more rural parts of the northeast. The terrorist groups has consistently been taking over villages. Men are fleeing, as women are staying put with families. As such, Boko Haram easily manages to take over control of these towns. Boko Haram’s territorial gains are a change in strategy from its previous trademark of deadly hitand-run raids or high-profile strikes against government, police or military targets.



NOVEMBER 27, 2014


The Week

nating money, the practice of charitable giving or “dana” is integral to religious observance amongst Buddhists. America’s increase in charitable giving may be a signal that in general people feel more optimistic about the economy. “America has increased its charitable giving year over year,” an analyst pointed out. Charitable giving rose 6% to 64%, meaning 16.9 million more Americans gave last year than in previous years. “The scars of the Great Recession are deeper than we may want to think,” he added. “But the stock market has never been higher. We see that as indication that we’ve weathered the recession and weathered it well.”

ISRAEL Netanyahu: Revoke Residency of Those who Engage in Terrorism In the aftermath of the deadly terror attacks in Har Nof, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to pass new legislation regarding Arab residents of East Jerusalem. The laws will be aimed at revoking the residency permits and social benefits of East Jerusalem Arabs who engage in ter-

In News

rorism or other nationalistically motivated crimes, such as incitement to violence against the state. The bill will also target the families of terrorists. Normally, East Jerusalem residents have Israeli papers that permit them to travel freely and enjoy the social benefits bestowed to Israeli citizens. However, under the new laws, that freedom will be denied in some circumstances. “It’s out of the question that those who commit terror against the State of Israel will also enjoy social benefits, like Bituach Leumi [Israeli social security],” Netanyahu said on Saturday. “The families [of terrorists] should know that this tool includes deportation [to Gaza or the West Bank] and the revocation of residency permits,” said Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch.

construction workers. Of course, this bold declaration of retaliation was met with condemnation from many. Even Netanyahu himself criticized Shimoni’s announcement, saying, “There’s no place for discrimination against Israeli Arabs. We mustn’t generalize about an entire population because of a small minority of violent and belligerent [individuals].” However, Netanyahu promised to respond harshly but in a different manner. The demolitions of the family homes of several terrorists, including the ones from Tuesday’s attack, was ordered. The government has also reportedly been considering not returning the bodies of the terrorists to their families for burial.

Training Terrorists at a Young Age

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“We know from past intifadas and past experiences that this [deterrent] works,” he added. In the last month alone, there were five terror attacks in Jerusalem, with all the perpetrators originating from East Jerusalem neighborhoods. Some have argued that a change of introduction of such a law is ethically problematic and a threat to freedom of speech. However, the law will not apply to people who simply speak out against the Israeli state. Ashkelon mayor Itamar Shimoni announced on Thursday following the brutal attack in the Har Nof shul that he would terminate construction of bomb/rocket shelters at any kindergarten where Arab workers were employed and will also order the posting of armed guards outside kindergartens near building sites that employ Arab

They learn to hate even before they graduate. Palestinians teach their children to hate Israelis from grade school; we’ve all seen the photos and videos of eight-year-old boys marching and toting machine guns while wearing camouflage uniforms. A recent report by Ynet revealed that many of these children who are between the ages of 8 and 13 choose to join Palestinians protests rather than going to school. “We are willing to die as martyrs, we have nothing else to lose,” said one young boy. “Our heads are not in our studies, we are always planning what to do



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NOVEMBER 27, 2014

! h a k u n a h C r o f e m i Just in t


against [Israeli] police officers,” said another. Last week, in East Jerusalem, hundreds of masked Palestinian children rioted at the entrance of the Shuafat Refugee Camp. They threw fireworks at the Israeli police officers who responded to the scene. “We are protesting and throwing stones as a response to the martyrs that were murdered and for everything that is happening at the al-Aqsa mosque,” said one 13-yearold boy. “Today I didn’t go to school because I want to continue our resistance as a response to the murder of the martyr Ibrahim al-Akari and all the other martyrs,” he continued, referring to the Palestinian terrorist who recently plowed through the streets of Jerusalem killing one Israeli and wounding at least 14 other people. “We, the children, have to take some of the responsibility and protect al-Aqsa in our way. We here are not rioters as they call us but rather protectors of our land, our home, and our holy places,” an outspoken young teenager said referring to the mosque on Temple Mount that is considered Islam’s holiest site. Another child said that his fellow comrades are willing to pay the price, even if it means their life, in the name of Palestine and al-Aqsa.   ”We must have twice the response towards the occupying forces and it does not matter at what price,” he says. “All of us are willing to sacrifice our lives and die as martyrs. We have nothing to lose. It is true we are kids but we have courage and strength to do many things like heroes. Israel attacks children and we will not let this happen quietly. Al-Aqsa is ours and we will not give up on it.” Another boy, from the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, said, “We feel degraded. There are checkpoints every day and searches, grenades, tear gas – I have trouble dealing with the situation,” he explained. “I have no urge to study or go to school. Today, the only thing I think about is throwing stones at police. As long as they are here we will continue our resistance without stopping. I wait for the day when I will live in a quiet and good environment. Unfortunately, the Israeli government is the primary inciter that causes all the mess and terror attacks. If they continue with the same behavior, it could lead us to join the attacks,” he said. An 8-year-old boy among the rioters said his parents and friends completely support him and encourage him. “Our blood is not cheap. This is the time to resist, it is more important than being at school or at work. If we do not respond they will eat us. Everyone always calls on students to join the struggle,” he says. Another student said, “My friends and I plan everyday what we will do during the day against the police officers. We’ve thrown Molotov cocktails, fireworks and stones. I’m proud of what we do.”

In News

The Week



NOVEMBER 27, 2014


The Week Hamas Assassination Plans Thwarted

by the Shin Bet (security service), he confessed to running down the soldiers as part of a planned attack,” a police statement said.

Go Ahead Given For “Jewish State” Bill It has been revealed that Israeli forces foiled an attempt on Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman’s life that was to take place during the Gaza War this past summer. A group of Hamas members from near Bethlehem in the West Bank planned to purchase a rocket-propelled grenade which would be shot at Liberman, who lives in an Israeli settlement in the area. The IDF, police and Shin Bet were all involved in uncovering the plan, according to an official statement. The head of the Hamas cell was identified as Ibrahim Salim Mahmoud Zir, 37, a former convict who served time in Israeli prison for terror-related activities. Zir, his brother, Ziad Salim Mahmoud Zir, 35, and Adnan Amin Mahmoud Zabih, 31, planned to shoot the RPG at Liberman’s convoy “in order to send a message to Israel and end the war in Gaza,” according to the Shin Bet statement. Israeli officials also uncovered during the interrogations that Hamas planned to fire weapons and carry out hit-and-run attacks against settlers and Israeli troops in the area. Meanwhile, police have released the official findings of a November 5 hit-and-run attack in the Gush Etzion bloc in the West Bank. The remote possibility of the attack being an accident has been ruled out as a confirmed Hamas member was behind the wheel of the car that injured three soldiers. The terrorist behind the attack was named as Hamam Mesalmeh, a 23-year-old Hamas operative from Beit Awwa, southwest of Hebron in the West Bank. “During interrogation

In News The new Basic Law would preserve many of the defining characteristics of the Jewish state in a constitutional framework, asserting that “the right to express national self-determination within the State of Israel is [reserved] only to the Jewish people.” According to Netanyahu, the law would also affirm Israel’s democratic nature, stipulating equality in civic and personal rights for all its citizens, including affirming a right to “the preservation of one’s culture, heritage, language and identity” for “every resident of Israel, irrespective of their religion, race or ethnicity,” in the words of the cabinet decision. Israel “has equal individual rights for every citizen and we insist on this. But only the Jewish people have national rights: a flag, anthem, the right of every Jew to immigrate to the country, and other national symbols. These are granted only to our people, in its one and only state,” Netanyahu said at the start of the cabinet meeting.

Tel Aviv: Most Expensive City Over 65 years after the founding of the State of Israel, a proposal was approved to define Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people in a constitutional Basic Law. The cabinet voted 14-6 to allow the government to draft a basic law that would formally define Israel as the Jewish national home. The cabinet decision stipulated 14 “principles” that would guide the drafting of the new law. The final bill, which will be formally proposed in the Knesset by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, seeks to “define the identity of the State of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people, and to anchor the values of the state of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state in the spirit of the principles of the Declaration of the Independence,” according to the cabinet decision. The vote followed a stormy debate between ministers that more than once turned into a shouting match between Netanyahu and other ministers.

Aviv family spends NIS 12,796, about $3,300 a month, while residents of Bat Yam have most inexpensive monthly budget at NIS 8,373, about $2,200. But Tel Aviv families don’t necessarily bring in the highest incomes— they just spend the most to live. In fact, Rishon Lezion boasts the highest average monthly income per family, at NIS 17,786 ($4,600). However, Bat Yam’s low spending threshold matches their average income of about NIS 10,519 ($2,700), the lowest average income in the county. Housing expenses is the primary reason why residents of Tel Aviv are forced to spend so much; housing accounts for an estimated of 30% percent of the average family’s overall monthly budget while in Be’er Sheva it only accounts for about 20% of monthly expense.  Apartments in Tel Aviv have an average value of NIS 2.22 million ($3.16M). If you are in need of cheaper housing head to Be’er Sheva where homes average at NIS 894,000 ($230K). Tel Aviv also has the highest number of households that own a home computer (87%) and an Internet subscription (82%). While this may have to do with its level of religious observance, owning a dryer doesn’t seem to have that issue. More than half of Bnei Brak’s families own a tumble dryer, compared to only about 20% of Bat Yam residents.

National Tel Aviv is one glamourous city; it’s got the beach, the businesses, the latest technology, culture, and the arts all wrapped into one, but that all comes at a price. Israel’s second most populated city is also its most expensive for living. With the second largest economy in the Middle East (Dubai is the largest), Tel Aviv is a technology and economic hub. Home to more than 400,000 Israelis, Tel Aviv received about 2.5 million tourists a year. According to a new Central Bureau of Statistics report covering Israel’s 14 largest cities, the average Tel

Hagel Chucked as Secretary of Defense After a two year stint as leader of the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel resigned on Monday. Although his departure is being termed a “resignation,” Obama administration officials are not denying that it is simply political vernacular for termination. The pending departure was

The Week

Upon hearing the announcement, Brown’s parents, Michael Brown, Sr. and Lesley McSpadden, said in a statement, “We are profoundly disappointed that the killer of our child will not face the consequence of his actions. While we understand that many others share our pain, we ask that you channel your frustration in ways that will make a positive change. We need to work together to fix the system that allowed this to happen.” But despite their pleas for peace, residents in Ferguson immediately started to riot once the verdict was made known. Shortly after the announcement, President Obama spoke from the White House press room and urged calm. The president said anger is an “understandable reaction” from people who believe “the law is being applied in a discriminatory fashion,” a reference to Wilson being white and Brown being black. However, his pleas for calm were clearly not heeded, as the split-

Chaos in Ferguson After several months of unrest in Ferguson over the fatal shooting by a police officer of Michael Brown, an African-American, a grand jury has declined to indict Officer Darren Wil-

Saudi Prisoner Released From Gitmo

The population of the prison at Guantanamo Bay has decreased by one this week. A prisoner who has spent the past 12 years in the jail has been sent home to Saudi Arabia. Muhammad al-Zahrani was released based on the conclusion of a U.S. government board that has been re-evaluating the need to continue holding some of the men as prisoners, the Pentagon said in a statement. He will take part in a Saudi program to rehabilitate militants. According to military records, Al-Zahrani, who is about 45, had been held at Guantanamo since August 2002. A report by the Periodic Review Board said he traveled to Afghanistan in 1999 and “almost certainly” joined al Qaeda, trained in military tactics, and fought the Northern Alliance. The board cleared him for release in October, citing a number of factors including his willingness to

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with Cantor Allan Berman

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NOVEMBER 27, 2014

It seems like the feelings were mutual—Hagel’s long-time friend, Sen. John McCain, said in a radio interview on Monday morning that he recently spoke with Hagel, who was “very frustrated” with the White House. The president did not name a replacement for Hagel on Monday. Once named, the nominee would have to be confirmed by the Senate. Early speculation is that the president may nominate Michele Flournoy, the former Pentagon policy chief during the president’s first term. If nominated and confirmed Ms. Flournoy would be the first female U.S. defense secretary.

screen during his speech showed rioters in Ferguson overtaking the streets, setting fires and attacking police cars. By Tuesday morning, streets were littered with shattered glass from looted stores. Shell casings covered the ground, and more than a dozen buildings had been set ablaze. Amid the looting and arson, some protesters demanded the media stop reporting on the events; CNN’s Sara Sidner was struck in the head with a rock by rioters. Many business owners returned to their shops to see their life’s work in shambles. Looters broke into a beauty supply store and stole hair weaves and wigs, leaving the heads of mannequins strewn in the middle of the street. A whole row of stores were torched. During the chaos, the fire department refused to come to the area to fight the fires, citing safety concerns from gunshots and looting. Around the country, demonstrators took to the streets on Monday night, snarling traffic, chanting slogans and waving signs. “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” became a rallying cry. Most of the demonstrations were peaceful. In New York, crowds had gathered in Union Square on Monday evening awaiting the decision, but once it was announced protesters mobilized and began marching north. Several thousand more people marched from Union Square to Times Square to protest. Eventually, three bridges in the New York City had to be closed.


son, sparking unrest in St. Louis and other cities around the country. The decision means that Darren Wilson, 28, will face no state charges in the August shooting death of 18-year-old Brown. St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch, who made the announcement on Monday night, stressed that the grand jury’s job “is to separate fact and fiction.” He pointed out that many of the witnesses who spoke to the media in the immediate aftermath of the incident and who said that Wilson was shot in the back, either changed their stories or their stories were proven false by the material evidence.

In News

Graphics by Leah Mostofsky

announced in an icy joint press conference, during which Hagel declined to make eye contact with the president. Secretary Hagel, 68, a Vietnam war veteran and former Nebraskan Republican senator, was appointed to bring the troops home and pare back the huge defense budget. But then Islamic State came along and all the calculations changed; Mr. Obama and his defense chief found themselves at odds. According to the Politico, the president decided to let Hagel go after a series of meetings the two had in October about the ISIS threat, during which the president was “not impressed” with Hagel. One senior White House official even told NBC News that Hagel was let go because “he wasn’t up to the job.”



NOVEMBER 27, 2014


The Week participate in the Saudi rehabilitation program. Al-Zahrani is the 13th prisoner to leave Guantanamo Bay this year and the seventh in just the past two weeks. Officials have said more prisoners will be released in the coming weeks as part of a renewed effort to close the site where 142 men are now being held, including 73 already cleared for release.

President Sued over Immigration Reform

charged that the president had gone too far by imposing the changes. It was Obama’s biggest use of executive actions in a year which have become his way of working around Congress and forcing his policies on the nation. Obama earlier dismissed Republican accusations that the changes amounted to an amnesty for illegal immigrants. “Amnesty is the immigration system we have today; millions of people who live here without paying their taxes or playing by the rules,” Obama said. The White House has not yet commented on the lawsuit.  

NY is World’s Financial Center

An Arizona police chief, known as “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” is suing President Barack Obama. The lawsuit was filed shortly after the president imposed sweeping immigration reforms, saying the changes were unconstitutional. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose force cracked down on illegal migrants last year said Obama has overstepped his powers by bypassing Congress and bringing on the changes himself. Arpaio’s lawsuit said the reforms, which eased the threat of deportation for about 4.7 million undocumented immigrants, amounted to an amnesty and would encourage more people to cross the border illegally. “[Obama’s immigration] programs are unconstitutional abuses of the president’s role in our nation’s constitutional architecture and exceed the powers of the president within the U.S. Constitution,” read Arpaio’s complaint filed in a federal court in Washington. The biggest overhaul to immigration in a generation has set up a confrontation between the president and Republicans. The GOP, who took full control of Congress this month,

According to a recent survey, NY is once again the world’s number one financial center. Of the nearly 300 financial services professionals commissioned by Kinetic Partners, a global professional services firm, in the survey, 59 percent said New York was the world’s number one financial center and 38 percent said it was London. The UK capital’s share of the vote has fallen away dramatically in the past two years. In 2012, 65 percent of those surveyed said that London was the world’s leading financial center; last year, it was 44 percent. Respondents appear to expect this slide to continue, with only 28 percent of those working in the financial services industry saying they believe that London will be considered the world’s pre-eminent global financial center in five years’ time. Allison Gill, director of the regula-

In News tory compliance team at Kinetic Partners in New York, related, “The debate over the relevance and benefit of the seemingly never-ending barrage of regulation will continue, but the fact remains that the industry has largely adapted and the global community still has confidence in the importance of New York.” Julian Korek, chief executive of Kinetic, pointed out, “This shift from just two years ago is a testament to the resilience of the New York market.” Despite its sovereignty now, New York should not remain complacent. Over half of respondents said Shanghai would be the leading emerging financial center by 2019.

Fear for PostBlizzard Flooding in Upstate NY

It is out of the frying pan and into the fire for many Buffalo, NY, residents—except in this case, the fire is freezing cold. After record snowfall upstate last week, a new fear of flooding has become a reality as the equivalent of six inches of rain will be melting all at once. Volunteers have helped to clear as much snow possible before rain and warmer temperatures bring an increased threat of flooding. Buffalo lived up to its nickname, “the City of Good Neighbors,” as the volunteers went to work. “They’re like angels,” said Kevin Masterson, 61, after a handful of volunteers swarmed in to free his and his brother-in-law’s cars from the drifts.

“I was out shoveling and ... all of the sudden I had all these people.” One of the volunteers, Greg Schreiber, said he’d keep going “until the back gives out.” Seneca Street in south Buffalo was jammed with dump trucks, military vehicles and front loaders rumbling through the streets as they hauled away the canyon walls of snow. “It’s just a war zone here,” said Eric Ginsburg, standing outside of his store, Ginzy’s. “All the military here, the police. It’s just crazy…most snow I’ve ever seen.” Weather Service meteorologists expect there to be trouble with drainage as snow and uncollected autumn leaves block drains. The threat of rain also heightened fears of roof collapses on already strained structures. Thirty major collapses have been reported. “We don’t have a crystal ball. We can’t say exactly whether there will be a flooding problem. We can’t say what kind of structure collapses we’re going to have,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said after touring the region for a fourth day. “But we anticipate both to some extent.” After visiting a Buffalo hospital, Senator Charles Schumer said he would push for federal disaster assistance. He said he was moved by stories of good will, including of nurses who had been on duty for days because others couldn’t make it in. “Neighbors looking out for neighbors. Just amazing,” he said. Officials urged people to put off nonessential travel as snow removal efforts went on. The State Thruway, however, was fully reopened four days after the 132-mile stretch had to be closed and a number of motorists were stranded. The storm has been blamed for at least a dozen deaths.

Pipeline Cut Short Last week, the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to approve the building of the Keystone XL oil pipeline. However, the bill did not make it through the Democrat-controlled Senate a few days later. In a

The Week

Every day, FBI law enforcement officers put their lives on the line protecting American citizens. On Monday, the agency announced that 76 FBI officers were killed in the line of duty last year — 27 during criminal acts and 49 in accidents. In addition, nearly 50,000 officers were attacked while on duty. This information is “proof positive of the dangers that all officers willingly face, day in and day out, to protect the rest of us,” the FBI said. The number of officers who died in felonious acts dropped by 22, from 49 in 2012 to 27 in 2013, but that is cold comfort for their families. Of these, six were making arrests, five were ambushed, five were investigating suspicious people, four were in “tactical situations,” four were answering disturbance calls, two were conducting traffic stops or pursuits and one was involved in investigative activity (such as surveillance or a search), according to the FBI. The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, headquartered in Washington, D.C., says that more than 20,000 U.S. law enforcement officers have “made the ultimate sacrifice” since the first known lineof-duty death in 1791.

NSA Limiting Bill Falls Short

If you are nervous about the government keeping track of your phone records, you can’t breathe easy just yet. The Senate has blocked a bill to end the collection of American phone records by the National Security Agency. The bill was meant to be a

large part of Barack Obama’s primary proposal to rein in domestic surveillance. The 58-42 vote was two short of the 60 needed to proceed with debate. Voting was largely along party lines, with most Democrats supporting the bill and most Republicans voting against it. The legislation would have ended the NSA’s collection of domestic calling records, requiring the agency to obtain a court order each time it wanted to analyze the records in terrorism cases. The revelation that the spying agency had been collecting and storing domestic phone records since shortly after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 was among the most significant revealed by Edward Snowden, a former agency network administrator who turned over secret NSA documents to journalists. The agency collects only so-called metadata — w

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NOVEMBER 27, 2014

All Republicans said publicly they supported the Senate bill, as did several moderate Democrats. Senator Mitch McConnell who will become Senate majority leader in the new Congress in January, said the legislation will be resurrected when Republicans take Senate control next year. The Keystone pipeline system would carry up to 830,000 barrels of oil daily from Western Canada to U.S. refineries near the Gulf Coast. The State Department has been reviewing the 1,200-mile project proposed by a Canadian company, TransCanada, but supporters have charged the Obama administration is slow-walking the application. Environmentalists say the pipeline will encourage the development of fields containing tarlike oil sands that require more water and generate more carbon pollution than other grades of petroleum. The oil industry and its supporters say the pipeline would support as many as 3,900 temporary construction jobs and thousands more in support industries and add $3.4 billion to the economy.

FBI: 76 Officers Killed in Line of Duty Last Year

In News


nail-biter, the vote just missed a passing score with the final count just one ballot shy at 59-41. A 60-vote majority was needed to reach President Obama’s desk for his signature. Obama did not support the bill, but the White House has not said whether or not he would have vetoed it. Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu pushed for the vote in an effort to save her seat in a December 6 runoff election in Louisiana. She faces an uphill battle against Republican Representative Bill Cassidy, who authored the House bill.



NOVEMBER 27, 2014


The Week numbers called, not names — and not the content of conversations. But the possibility of the intelligence agency holding domestic calling records was disquieting to many Americans. The law authorizing the bulk collection of phone history is part of the post-9/11 USA Patriot Act and will expire in June 2015. Congress will need to pass legislation re-authorizing the program for it to continue. Current and former intelligence officials disagree about whether the phone record searching is a crucial counterterrorism tool. The U.S. has only been able to point to a single case that came to light exclusively through a search of domestic phone records— an Anaheim, California, cab driver who was sentenced earlier this year to six years in prison for sending money to Somalia’s al Qaeda affiliate.

In News also overwhelmingly mistrustful of Iran and consider it to be the country that poses the greatest threat to the United States. The survey was released the day after U.S.-led talks with Iran were extended till next July. It also found an overwhelming majority of Americans believe the Iranians are stalling rather than negotiating in good faith and that the regime in Tehran cannot be relied upon to honor any accord it may reach. More broadly, Americans overwhelmingly feel the world to be less safe today than 10 years ago and believe America is weaker today than it was 10 years ago. The survey revealed that 62% of Americans consider Iran to be an enemy of the U.S., while 37% consider it neutral, and 1% consider it an ally. It found that 73% of Americans consider Iran to be an enemy of Israel,

Most Americans Oppose Deal with Iran

According to a new survey by American political strategist Frank Luntz, more than two-thirds of Americans oppose a deal with Iran that would allow it to maintain nuclear weapons capabilities. Americans are


while 25% consider it neutral, and 1% consider it an ally. A staggering 81% of respondents do not believe the current government in Iran can be trusted to keep agreements, compared to 5% who think it can be trusted. And an even more overwhelming 85% do not believe the Iranians’ assertions that their nuclear program is peaceful, as compared to 8% who do. “When it comes to Iran, the Israeli prime minister is closer to the American people than the U.S. president,” Luntz said of the findings. This was a reference to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s call for any deal with Iran to provide for the dismantling of Iran’s entire nuclear weapons capability, while U.S. President Barack Obama has indicated willingness for a deal which would allow Iran to maintain a strictly supervised capacity to

























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The Week

That’s Odd The Most Southern Snowy Sprint

Ever run a marathon? Well, how about running 26.2 miles in snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures? On Friday, 50 brave runners from 17 countries completed the 10th annual Antarctic Ice Marathon. The frigid event at the bottom of the world attracted competitors from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Romania, South Africa and the United States. They set up camp together in the Union Glacier in Antarctica. The 42-kilometer race was orig-

inally planned for November 18 but three days of bad weather delayed the start. Understandably, even the most experienced runners admitted to having a case of the nerves ahead of the marathon—and not because of the distance. “There’s just so many unknowns actually going into this: the weather, the terrain, running in all these clothes. It’ll be a learning experience as we go along. We’ll just see how we get on,” British competitor Nicholas Horsfall related. Horsfall eventually came in second place. The competitors ran two laps of the course around the Union Glacier exploration camp, which was designed mainly for safety reasons. There were several rehydration stops on route with hot drinks, snacks as well as toilet facilities. The average temperature swooped down to -15°C, which sometimes became lower with the wind chill factor. The weather and surroundings tested the endurance of the runners. The soft snow, the challenge of hydrating and maintaining a good core body temperature—never too warm and sweaty or too cold—and the layers of clothing made the race extra tough. Each runner had to be physically fit to face the elements and harsh environment. Essential gear included a full balaclava, goggles, gloves and mittens, long johns, waterproof running pants and various layers of thermal clothing under a shell.  After running for 4 hours, 12 minutes and 21 seconds, Union Glacier’s very own meteorologist Marc DeKeyser won the men’s race. “Yeah, it was hard,” he said. “The weather was good but the surface was so soft. It was hard work. But I’m a happy man.”  In the women’s race, France’s Fredrique Laurent was victorious and crossed the line with a time of 5:16.15 hours. Australian Lyn La Canna and South African runner Genevieve Pearson took second and third positions respectively.  Despite the challenges, the stunning Antarctic scenery was unparalleled and added to the splendor and uniqueness of the event.  

“The most amazing race I’ve ever run in such a pristine, beautiful environment—couldn’t ask for more,” American runner Samir Patel exuded. “Most beautiful marathon I’ve ever run. Most memorable. It’ll always be the most memorable,” added Heather Carr. I’m sure she’ll remember this for the rest of her life; there’s “snow” doubt about it.

Men in Labor

He feels your pain. A hospital in eastern China is making sure that fathers-to-be are well aware of the labor of childbirth. In fact, they want them to experience the pain firsthand. Empathetic husbands are treated to free sessions of torture held twice a week at Aima maternity hospital in Shandong province and about 100 men have signed up. Most are expectant dads but there are crazy thrill seekers too among the volunteers. For the simulations of labor, pads attached to a device are placed above the abdomen, giving electric shocks that induce pain. The men are tormented for up to five minutes as a nurse gradually raises the intensity on a scale of one to ten. Song Siling is hoping to be a father soon, although he now realizes that childbirth is not for the faint of heart. “It felt like my heart and lungs were being ripped apart,” said Song, who made it to level seven before frantically waving to the nurse to turn off the system. Others dropped out within minutes when they couldn’t take the pain. Amazingly, despite the immense pain, the on-duty nurse said the simu-

NOVEMBER 27, 2014

Luntz also posed questions about the recent controversy where an Obama official used an epithet to refer to the Israeli prime minister. Asked how the president should have responded to the affair, 30% said he should have found the individual responsible and fired him, 25% said he should have found the individual responsible and reprimanded him, 35% said he should have apologized to Netanyahu, and 11% said he should have ignored the episode. In practice, Secretary of State John Kerry apologized to Netanyahu.


enrich uranium. Broadly speaking, “no matter how you analyze it, 70% of Americans don’t want a deal that allows Iran to maintain nuclear capabilities, against 15% that are somewhat undecided and 15% who don’t care [if Iran retains a nuclear weapons capability],” said Luntz. “That’s as universal a finding as anything I’ve done in recent years. America is polarized. But when it comes to Iran, they’re united: no nuclear — not now, not ever, no excuses, no exceptions.” In similar vein, the survey found 49% of Americans consider Iran to be the country that constitutes the greatest threat to the United States, followed by Iraq (15%), Pakistan (13%), Afghanistan (12%), Syria (9%) and Israel (3%). Four percent of Democrats consider Israel the greatest threat, and only 1% of Republicans. In the current nuclear talks, where the U.S.-led P5+1 nations on Monday agreed to an extension of negotiations till the beginning of next July, 87% of Americans believe the Iranians are stalling, compared to 13% who see Tehran negotiating in good faith. Asked what type of action should be taken to counter Iran’s nuclear program, 46% said sanctions, 19% economic diplomacy, 16% targeted strikes at Iranian nuclear facilities, and 10% support for the Iranian opposition, while 9% favor accepting the reality that Iran will eventually get nuclear weapons. If Iran kept going with its nuclear program, the survey found 50% of Americans supporting US military action, compared to 29% opposed; and 55% supporting Israeli military action, compared to 27% opposed. Asked broader questions about world safety and American power, 83% of respondents said the world was less safe today than 10 years ago, compared to 17% who consider it safer today. And 67% think America is weaker today than 10 years ago, compared to 33% who think it is stronger. “America used to be the most optimistic country,” noted Luntz. “This is the first time I’ve seen Americans generally afraid for the future.”

In News



NOVEMBER 27, 2014


The Week lations could never match the torment of actual childbirth. “Still, if men can experience this pain, then they’ll be more loving and caring to their wives,” said Lou Dezhu. Wu Jianlong, who braved the pain right up to level 10, says the experience radically altered his views on childbirth. “Because all women have children and it usually takes quite a long time, I had thought of it as being something really natural, something really normal that they can get through,” he said. In China, men are generally not allowed in the rooms when their wives give birth. In some hospitals, even if they want to join in the childbirth experience, they are barred from entering labor rooms. Maybe this will give them something to think about as they command their wives to just “breathe.”

Man Lives with Tapeworm in Brain After suffering with headaches for four years, a man finally found out what was calling his malaise. It turned out that he had a tapeworm living in his brain and doctors only found out when they carried out a biopsy on the 50-year-old. The doctors couldn’t understand what the unusual ring-like patterns were when they took scans of his brain. The biopsy revealed that the 1 centimeter-long ribbon-shaped parasitic worm had burrowed itself from one side of the man’s brain to the other. This worm is generally found in amphibians and crustaceans in China and can also infect cats and dogs; the patient is thought to have picked it up on a trip to China. After his trip, he started to suffer from headaches and experiencing strange smells.

A Concert for One

In News “Will there be total euphoria or an emptiness that he cannot share the experience with someone?” it asked. Wikingsson told Rolling Stone that he did not go to Dylan’s public concert, saying it would be “weird” and that “nothing could top” his private show. Instead, Wikingsson spent the evening at a karaoke bar. He selected Dylan songs — and sang with a crowd. You know, “it’s alright Ma,” to be alone “like a rolling stone.”

Robin Hood, Prince of Quarters Did you go to the Bob Dylan concert on Sunday? Probably not—since your name is not Fredrik Wikingsson. The Swedish television personality was the only one in the audience at Dylan’s concert at Philadelphia’s Academy of Music this week. Wikingsson is working on a film series about how solitary individuals experience events designed for large crowds. This sure is a great way to experience that type of event—and a great way to have an amazing rock legend all for yourself. Wikingsson, a self-described huge fan of Dylan, had persisted for a long time to arrange the concert. He told Rolling Stone magazine that he was so nervous before the show that he could not eat. “I was smiling so much…” Wikingsson was quoted as saying. “My jaw hurt for hours afterwards because I couldn’t stop smiling.” Dylan, who maintains an active touring schedule at age 73, played a more customary concert in Philadelphia later on Sunday. Admittedly, the private show was unusual for the singer. Wikingsson, who confirmed the concert on Twitter, plans to turn the experience into a 15-minute documentary to be released next month on YouTube. A Facebook page for the Swedish project — called Experiment Ensam, or “Experiment Alone” — will examine Wikingsson’s response to seeing Dylan without the crowds.

In the college town of Keene, New Hampshire, a group of Robin Hoods are battling the town’s Sheriffs of Not-thingham. When these do-gooders spot a parking enforcement officer—aka a meter maid—they rush to parked cars’ rescue with a quarter in hand and leave behind cards informing car owners that they have been saved from “the king’s tariff.” But not all are pleased with this band of merry men. Meter maids are complaining that they are being harassed by this group and now the New Hampshire Supreme Court is deliberating if there is a line to be drawn between protecting free speech rights and protecting government employees from harassment. The six Robin Hooders won round one last December when a superior court judge dismissed the city’s request for an order restricting how close the protesters can come to the officers, some of whom claim they have been bumped and assailed with profanities. That court ruled the Robin Hooders’ actions amount to protected political

expression that can’t be restricted. One of the city’s three parking enforcement officers — Alan Givetz, a veteran of Iraq — quit the job in July 2013 after repeatedly being harassed and called a “coward” and a baby-killer by the Robin Hooders, court documents say. The city claims another, Jane McDermott, was followed to a restroom and called a “liar” and a “thief.” The Robin Hooders — affiliates of the rabble-rousing Free Keene group that protests government intervention on issues ranging from guns to legalizing marijuana — insist they’re the ones with the motorists’ well-being at heart as they feed meters, sometimes walking just ahead of the parking enforcement officers who would write a ticket. An online recruitment effort last year to enlist additional Robin Hooders added, “As a bonus, you get to have fun as you deny the local government gang the hard-earned dollars of the good people of Keene.” Lawyers for Keene argue that a buffer zone of 15-feet around their parking enforcement officers would not infringe on the free speech rights of the Robin Hooders. The justices have not indicated when they will rule. Attorney Charles Bauer, representing Keene, said even five feet back would be beneficial. “The proximity is the key to this case,” he argued to the justices last month. He said Friday that duration is also an issue. Though its employees have reported harassment and physical contact with the Robin Hooders, Bauer said the city has no interest in arresting the protesters. “We say, ‘Continue your protest, but do it 5-10 feet back, please.’” Attorney Jon Meyer, representing the Robin Hooders, said the city is highlighting several contentious incidents among thousands of interactions between the protesters and enforcement officers over the past several years. He said testimony at a hearing last year indicated the demonstrators were respectful and “almost always stepped back” when asked. Well, it’s easier to rob from the

The Week

The Year of the Vape

social cause but regarded as requiring little time or involvement, e.g. signing an online petition or joining a campaign group on a social media website”). Sadly, these words seem to represent a vaporous generation, with zero enthusiasm and polish and only the desire to smoke themselves into a cloud.

World’s Biggest Selfie?

On Sunday, as a few thousand Lubavitch shluchim gathered at the


graphic palette Tzipora Kramer 443.955.2707

annual International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries, also known as the Shluchim Conference, they set a world record. No, it wasn’t for the amount of people who came— around 4,200 from around the world— it was for snapping the world’s biggest selfie. Every year since 1983, rabbis attending the conference have gathered for a group shot, but this year the traditional picture got a few techy twists. Two rabbis held up a 30-foot Nodal Ninja boom extended to 15 feet, clearly not the sort of selfie stick the average selfie-loving rabbi tosses in a backpack. They stuck a camera with a wide-angle lens at the end, and got to snapping the sea of almost 2,000 shluchim posing for the annual photo in front of 770. Local photographer Chaim Perl helped compose the shot, and Chabad coordinated it through WhatsApp and Twitter. The organization even set aloft a remote-operated quadcopter drone to take an aerial picture of the group shot.

NOVEMBER 27, 2014

According to Oxford dictionary, the international word of the year is pretty fleeting. The word—vape—is a verb and a noun and refers to the inhalation and exhalation of vapor produced by an electronic cigarette. It was added to its online dictionary in August and is being considered for future inclusion in the print version. “As vaping has gone mainstream… and with growing public debate on the

public dangers and the need for regulation, the language usage of the word ‘vape’ and related terms in 2014 has shown a marked increase,” an Oxford Dictionaries blog post explains the significance of the word, quoting Judy Pearsall, its editorial director. Electronic cigarettes were invented in 2003, but the earliest known usage of “vape” occurred in 1983, when a writer described a hypothetical “non-combustible cigarette” that would deliver a “metered dose of nicotine vapor.” “The new habit, if it catches on, would be known as vaping,” Rob Stepney wrote in New Society, a magazine published in London until 1988. “Thus, it seems that vaping the word existed before vaping the phenomenon,” Pearsall notes. There were other words on Oxford’s shortlist for 2014 including normcore (“trend in which ordinary, unfashionable clothing is worn as a deliberate fashion statement”) and slacktivism (“actions performed via the Internet in support of a political or


rich to give to the poor when you take it one step back at a time.

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NOVEMBER 27, 2014

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Compiled by Nate Davis

“Say What?” It’s not food, it’s violence! - Animal rights activists in California, as they stormed a grocery store to hold a “funeral” for frozen turkeys

Fifty percent of the nation is covered in snow. Record low temperatures, a very cold autumn so far. But on the bright side, you’re one good ice storm away from getting out of Thanksgiving with the in-laws. - Jimmy Kimmel There’s no question that our immigration system is broken. The only question is, who’s willing to step up and fix it. President Obama is stepping up because our country can’t afford to keep waiting and waiting for Congress to take action. Hopefully this brings those opposed to common-sense reform into the fold so that Congress can finally play a role in shaping a lasting, comprehensive solution. - U.S. Representative-Elect Kathleen Rice’s (D-4th District NY) statement on President Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration

You guys can think whatever you want. But it wasn’t the money fueling this. - Giancarlo Stanton, 25, who signed a $325 million contract with the Florida Marlins, talking to the media The Miami Marlins signed Giancarlo Stanton to a deal worth $325 million, which is the biggest contract in American sports history. When asked what he would buy with $325 million, Stanton said, “The Miami Marlins.” - Jimmy Fallon

After signing a contract for $325 million this week, Marlins player Giancarlo Stanton celebrated with a $20,000 bottle of champagne. So let the road to inexplicable bankruptcy begin!

That morning he went to mikvah and he died wearing tallis and tefillin after reciting Kriyas Shema, during Shemona Esrei – Mrs. Mrs. Bashi Twersky, the almana of Rabbi Moshe Twersky Hy”d, to Mayor Nir Barkat at the shiva house My father was a man of truth, and that truth...was implemented in actions of love towards all humanity. He made every person feel loved within his path. Although he spent so many of his hours studying and you’d think that those books…distanced him from people, it actually made him closer. - Michal Levine talking about her father, Rabbi Kalman Levine Hy’’d, who was brutally murdered in Har Nof  We came from Jerusalem, from the place of the massacre…simply to be with you and to cry with you. Zidan showed courage. He was the first at the battle. He stood like a wall, with his body, with his head, in order to save the souls of those in the synagogue. The loss of Zidan is our loss as well as that of the Druze community and we feel, especially at times like this, a kinship with the Druze community. The devotion and the determination of Zidan should be an example to us all — to the Druze and to the Jews. - Rabbi Mordechai Rubin, rav of Kehilat Bnei Torah, eulogizing Police Officer Zidan Saif, who was killed when he responded to the Har Nof massacre

You mustn’t come close to our mosques, to our churches. And we mustn’t come close to your synagogues. - “Moderate” PA President Mahmoud Abbas, two days after the Har Nof massacre 

- Jimmy Fallon There’s not much appetite in the Democratic party and around the country for somebody other than Hillary Clinton. - Democrat pundit James Carville on ABC News

The acting director of the Secret Service, Joseph Clancy, said they may make the fence around the White House taller because of the recent security failures. When asked if he had any other ideas, he said, “Uh, make the sidewalk lower?” - Jimmy Fallon

I think the American people, you know, they’re going to want that new car smell. You know, they want to drive something off the lot that – that doesn’t have as much mileage as me. - President Obama on ABC’s “This Week,” when asked whether he will campaign for the Democrats in 2016

A man in California was arrested after he stabbed his potential employer during a job interview. Well, at least now he knows where he sees himself in five years. - Seth Myers

- Former Obama administration press secretary Jay Carney on CNN after President Obama announced his executive action on amnesty, discussing President Obama’s past comments that he does not have the authority to halt deportations without Congress

Israel is a Jewish democratic state. – Prime Minister Netanyahu upon introducing a bill defining Israel as the “Jewish state”

If men can experience this pain, then they’ll be more loving and caring to their wives. - A doctor at an eastern China hospital explaining why the hospital now offers a program to simulate the pain of childbirth to men

I forgot something—my BlackBerry. Didn’t you guys ever forget something? - President Obama to reporters after he hopped off the Marine One helicopter and turned back to the White House before a trip last weekend. (An AP photo shows that he had his Black berry on his belt when he first left for the helicopter)

I just poured gasoline on the floor, set it on fire, went to grab a drink, and came back. - A man in Rockville, Maryland, at the scene of a massive blaze, casually admitting to a reporter, on live TV, that he set the fire

He has started picking up the same illness which I suffered from earlier — selfconfidence. He thinks he is second only to G-d, but I don’t know in charge of what really. - Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev talking about Vladimir Putin with the UK Telegraph

Today is Vice President Joe Biden’s birthday! Biden started the day with a dance party and a big piece of cake, and then he remembered it was his birthday. - Seth Myers

An earlier version of this column was published in error … quotes were taken, without attribution, from the satirical website The Daily Currant. There is no radio station WGYN in Chicago; the interview was fictitious, and should not have been included in the column. - A correction in the entertainment section of the New York Times, regarding an article about a pop star

This week a group of activists, known as Anonymous, hacked the Twitter account of the KKK. The KKK is furious. They said Anonymous is just a bunch of cowards who don’t have the courage to show their faces. - Conan O’Brien I’m going to blame our bosses for not doing this the respectful way. It’s a pretty [garbage] way to find out— while you are on the air— that the station is folding. I would think that someone would have enough respect for their employees to tell us that something is up. - Alex Quigley, a host on sports radio station The Game 87.7 FM in Chicago, after he found out while on the air that the station was closing

The weather service was off. - Governor Andrew Cuomo deflecting blame for the state’s slow response to the blizzard in Buffalo, NY

Shame on Cuomo for throwing [the National Weather Service] under the plow. We don’t tell you how to run a state. Don’t tell us how to forecast. - Tweet by Buffalo weatherman Kevin O’Neill

Hello to all. I have a request to make of all of my Facebook friends: My son Manuel is going to be 30 years old on 11/22/14. He loves getting postcards. My son has Downs Syndrome. I’m coming to you to ask that you to take a few minutes of your time to send him a little card and to pass this information on to your friends so as not to stop my chain. Thank you to all of you for your gesture that will make my Manu super happy. - A Facebook posting by Lucien Parisseux of France, which garnered a response of 30,000 birthday cards to Manuel from around the globe

I didn’t dissolve the parliament. That’s not how our system works. I didn’t steal way the various clerks in the Senate and House who manage bills. They can still pass bills. - President Barack Obama at a high school in Las Vegas, mocking Republicans for saying his executive action amnesty sabotaged the democratic process

NOVEMBER 27, 2014

I think if he could have those words back, especially the first clip where he specifically talked about suspending deportations — that is literally what he is doing today.

Scientists say the European space probe that landed on the comet has detected organic matter. This means there could be either life in space or a Whole Foods. We just don’t know. - Conan O’Brien


Nearly one quarter, 25 percent, of all Americans ages 17-24 are too overweight to serve. – From a Department of Defense report

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NOVEMBER 27, 2014

An Appreciation of

R’ Aryeh Kupinsky Hy”d WRITTEN BY A FRIEND


returned home emotionally exhausted from burying my friend, Aryeh Kupinsky. I entered my apartment building at the same time as my brother-in-law, Rafi, who lives in a different city but who comes into Har Nof regularly in his capacity as a counselor. Gently, he asked me if I had personally known any of the victims of the massacre. Thinking that Rafi may recall him from various family simchos, I sadly said, “Aryeh Kupinsky.” Now, Aryeh was a big man. He towered over most anyone, was broad in the shoulders and deep in the chest, and he had a long, red beard. But it was not his physical appearance that allowed Rafi to recall him. Stricken, he asked, “Aryeh Kupinsky? The one who always had a big smile?” Aryeh was a doer. When I think of him, the image my mind conjures up is one of Aryeh in motion. Long legs taking great strides, powerful arms reaching out with great sweeping gestures. And what is Aryeh doing? Why, he’s helping someone. Aryeh lived for others. His first thought was never for himself. As Rabbi Jonathan Taub put it so well, Aryeh was simply incapable of being a guest at a simcha. If he was there early, then he would singlehandedly flip over tables and set them on their feet. He often did not leave until everything was put away. Once, a friend insisted that he sit, enjoy himself, and let those who were hired do the work. When he next saw Aryeh, he had lugged in all of the cartons of drinks that he had located outside of the hall, and he was finishing loading them into the refrigerator. How many times had I heard him say, “What can I do to help?” When I first came to yeshiva nearly two decades ago, someone explained to me that Aryeh Kupinsky was a person who would “do anything, for anyone, at any time.” Aryeh was recently married when I first met him, but I heard that in his dorm room when he was a bachur, he had put up a sign that read, “Please borrow anything – no need to ask.” Who does that? Aryeh acted quickly and quietly. He asked for no recognition, and many were unaware of things

that he had done. Here is one example that comes to mind. On Tisha b’Av for the past number of years, on the Neve campus, there has been a very well-

Aryeh did not run a Gemach. He was a Gemach. attended program featuring superb lecturers. Beginning with Shacharis and ending with Mincha, the program has incorporated Kinos interspersed with hard-hitting, powerful, and sometimes fiery speech-

es. By two o’clock in the afternoon, everyone has gone home. Well, nearly everyone. There was one man who made sure that the Sefer Torah and two Haftarah scrolls that has been used for davening were returned from the dining room to the shul, and that the Aron Kodesh was properly locked. Aryeh was a deeply emotional being; he wore his emotions on his sleeve. When speaking about a topic important to him, the passion was evident. Nowhere was this truer than when Aryeh was talking in learning. Aryeh was a ben Torah and a lamdan. When we learned for a brief period as chavrusos, he would get fired up at the drop of a hat. The truth is that over the years, when I would meet up with Aryeh, my heart would sometimes fall. You see, Aryeh was always bothered by something. Not the “same” thing. But he was constantly nursing a shaila, turning it over, gnawing at it, trying to resolve it. And he would share it with you when he saw you. There was no such thing as, “Interesting! I’ll have to think about it.” Nor was it possible to simply suggest a teirutz. The teirutz had to be analyzed, weighed for merits and demerits, and then discussed again. When I “didn’t have the time” for this process, I would feel somewhat exasperated. How I would love to be able to experience such a delay again … Just days after Tisha b’Av two years ago, Aryeh’s daughter Chaya did not wake up. She was just shy of her fourteenth birthday. Chaya had been mature for her age. Until that tragic morning, she had been the one to shoulder much of the burden in the house, acting as almost a second mother to her siblings. After her untimely passing, her parents found a private list, pages long, of personally composed tefilos which she apparently had expressed daily. Aryeh was inconsolable after Chaya’s death. Everything reminded him of her, and tears were never far below the surface. For much of the next two years, the family did not eat their leil Shabbos night meal at home, as this family time was too painful for Aryeh to experience without his beloved eldest daughter. Sitting at another’s table allowed him to contain the sorrow – for the most part. Only when

in which he ran it. If you know anything about Har Nof, you know that it is built around a mountain. Every street is on another level, and many are stories below or above those closest to them. The entire neighborhood is made up of long, winding streets, and steep, winding staircases.

R’ Aryeh Kupinsky was a person who would “do anything, for

Leaving the kevurah, a member of the chaburah related that he had yelled at Aryeh the last time that he had spoken to him. He had come across Aryeh while he was transporting a freezer from one recipient to another. On a hand truck. This was the only mode of transportation employed by the Gemach – hand-wheeled, bumped up and down every step and along every roadway. And there was only one

I have received permission from Aryeh’s family to disseminate these thoughts. Please share them with any who will appreciate them. Donations for the families of the victims can be made through the following link:

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NOVEMBER 27, 2014

anyone, at any time.”

“employee.” “Are you crazy?!” our friend asked Aryeh. “Isn’t it enough that you furnish people with a free freezer? Let them pay fifty shekel for delivery!” Aryeh recoiled. “This is my chessed!” he protested. I have seen in these last two days blurbs describing Aryeh that mention that he ran a Gemach. Aryeh did not run a Gemach. He was a Gemach. On that fateful Tuesday morning, when the mispallelim became aware of the malevolence among them, they ran for their lives. Not so Aryeh. Numerous reports have Aryeh screaming at everyone in the shul to run, while he made sure that they could. He hurled shtenders, chairs, siddurim – whatever came to hand – at the terrorists to distract them, at one point physically restraining one of them. There were others who followed his example. After taking multiple blows – some intended for others – Aryeh fell. There is no doubt that he saved others’ lives. There was an unexpected delay when we arrived at the plot in Har ha’Menuchos where Chaya is buried. The gaping hole in the ground was not quite long enough. We waited in the dark while the Chevra Kadisha took out their tools, and finally the earth reluctantly took Aryeh back. Aryeh Kupinsky was indeed a big man. But his heart was ever so much bigger. 


giving his other precious children brachos was Aryeh unable to contain his heart-wrenching sobs. Being Aryeh, however, was incompatible with wallowing in pain. Kenesiyos were organized and held in Chaya’s memory, inspiring others to daven with more kavana and improve their middos. Aryeh often said that it was a great source of comfort to him that so many changed their lives for the better as a result of Chaya’s death. Yaakova Kupinsky believes that these words, heard so often by the family, serve as a focus for them now at this enormously difficult point in their lives. But this was not enough. Aryeh sought to establish something permanent in Chaya’s memory. We live in such a world of shefa, b’Chasei Hashem. And with so many good, kind Yidden in the world, there are hundreds of categories found listed under “Gemach” in frum directories worldwide. But Aryeh Kupinsky, ba’al chessed extraordinaire, managed to found a Gemach rare enough that – to the best of my knowledge – there is only one other one in existence. A freezer Gemach! He purchased a number of medium-sized freezers – of the six-drawer variety – and advertised that they would be available free of charge for use before yomin tovim and simchos. He told me – with a mixture of incredulity and regret – that before Rosh Hashanah, he had to turn down 92 applicants. Ninety-two! Just days before Aryeh was so brutally taken from us, he was attempting to figure out how to acquire more freezers for this noble purpose. What elevated Aryeh’s Gemach from merely unique to awe-inspiring, however, was the manner


NOVEMBER 27, 2014


10. A teapot in a former Jewish settlement) a K____________ in a Sh_______________

By: Stew the Jew (AKA.Stuart Goldberg)

What do you call (it)....

11. When you have a popular deli sandwich on a certain type of bread with a popular dessert? You have corned beef on R___________ with a piece of P_______________

1. A fat grandma? Ch______________ B____________ 2. Phylacteries that are possessed by a famous folk/rock singer? T____________ that belongs to Bob D____________ 3. A drunkard who’s enamored with alcohol? a Sh_______________ who loves his L_________________ 4. A person who’s aching to go to the Holy Land? D_____________to go to Z_______________


5. A miserable person who’s always complaining? A W_________ who’s a K_______________ 6. A dishonest nebbish? C______________

(a Sh______________ who’s a

7. A famous baseball pitcher who played a child’s game? Sandy K_______________ played with J_______________ 8. When you cut a rug eating a popular Israeli snack? You dance the S_________ eating B_____________ 9. When this girl made her acquaintance with the Lubavitcher man of the cloth? D_____________ met the R______________

12. When one of these famous brothers met this famous black lady who was responsible for helping with desegregation? (Groucho M______________ met Rosa P____________ Yours in Rhyme.... Stew the Jew (Stuart Goldberg) (sʞɹɐd ɐsoɹ ʇǝɯ sʞɹɐɯ oɥɔnoɹƃ) ˙21 (ǝıd ɟo ǝɔǝıd ɐ ɥʇıʍ ǝʎɹ uo ɟǝǝq pǝuɹoɔ) ˙11 (‫ן‬ ʇǝɥs ɐ uı ǝ‫ן‬ʇʇǝʞ) ˙01 (ǝqqǝɹ ǝɥʇ ʇǝɯ ǝıqqǝp) ˙9 (ɐqɯɐq ƃuıʇɐǝ ɐqɯɐs) ˙8 (sʞɔɐɾ ɥʇıʍ pǝʎɐ‫ן‬d xɐɟnoʞ ʎpuɐs) ˙7 (ʞooɹɔ ɐ s’oɥʍ ʞoouɥs) ˙6 (ɥɔʇǝʌʞ ɐ s’oɥʍ ɥɔʇǝɹʍ) ˙5 (uoız oʇ oƃ oʇ ’uıʎp) ˙4 (ɹonbı‫ ן‬sıɥ sǝʌo‫ ן‬oɥʍ ɹǝʞʞıɥs) ˙3 (uɐ‫ן‬ʎp qoq oʇ sƃuo‫ן‬ǝq ʇɐɥʇ uı‫ןן‬ıɟǝʇ) ˙2 (ǝıqqnq ʎqqnɥɔ) ˙1


Vayetzei: Living, Learning, Accepting Rabbi Shmuel Silber

the Lord! Therefore, she named him Judah, and [then] she stopped bearing (Genesis 29:35).”

“32. And Leah conceived and bore a son, and she named him Reuben, for she said, “Because the Lord has seen my affliction, for now my husband will love me.” 33. And she conceived again and bore a son, and she said, “Since the Lord has heard that I am hated, He gave me this one too.” So she named him Shimon. 43. And she conceived again and bore a son, and she said, “Now this time my husband will be attached to me, for I have borne him three sons; therefore, she named him Levi (Genesis 29:32-34).”

Leah desired to be close to Yaakov. She desperately pined to feel loved. She knew she was not the intended or desired spouse. She knew the intensity of the love shared between Yaakov and Rachel and yearned for that same level of marital connectedness. With the birth of each child Leah secretly hoped that this would be the event that would create marital closeness with Yaakov. Yet something changed with the birth of her fourth son.

“And she conceived again and bore a son, and she said, “This time, I will thank

Rav Shimon Schwab (1908-1995) explains this profound transformation in one word - acceptance. Leah spent the first few years of her married life in incredible pain over her second tier status. Yaakov loved Leah as the Torah states, “… and he also loved Rachel more than Leah … (Genesis 29:30)” – he just loved Rachel more. For there to be harmony in a marriage a wife must know that she is the most important thing and a priority in her husband’s life. Leah knew she was loved, she knew Yaakov cared for and would always take care of her but she knew she was not the most important person in his life. Leah’s pain was so profound that it was reflected in the naming of her children. At a time of incredible joy (the birth of a child), all Leah felt was pain. This pain overshadowed and eclipsed the feeling of blessing that should have been present at birth of her children. But then something changed. Leah realized that the circumstances of her life were not going to change. Rachel was and would always be the love of Yaakov’s life. And so, Leah Imeynu had a choice. Either use up all of her emotional energy yearning for something that would not come to fruition or devote herself to maximizing her current circumstances despite the fact that they were not optimal. Leah chose the latter. Leah chose to accept her circumstances and realized that although, she may not be the primary wife, she would become the dominant matriarchal influence within the Abrahamitic family. The future kehuna (priesthood from the tribe

We start out with a vision of how we expect life to turn out. We have dreams and aspirations and when we close our eyes we can even see how each of these dreams will materialize. Sometimes, they do. But more often than not, life does not turn out the way we expected. Life does not always go according to

plan. Whenever possible we must exert incredible effort to bring our dreams and life vision to fruition. However, there are moments when we must accept that the life we want is not the life that we have. We must sometimes accept that some dreams do not and will not come true. And it is in those very moments we must make a decision. Will I spend all of my energy lamenting that which is not or will I devote myself to maximizing that which is? Even if the story doesn’t have a fairy tale ending we must endeavor to find happiness, meaning and fulfillment in the ever after.

NOVEMBER 27, 2014

It was the dawn of a new age. The era of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs paved the way for Twelve Tribes and the beginnings of the Nation of Israel. Together with his wives, Rachel, Leah and their maidservants Bilha and Zilpa, Yaakov continued to build upon the foundation of his father and grandfather. However, Yaakov’s familial circumstances were far from idyllic. There was ongoing tension in the household. This was most clearly expressed in Leah’s naming of her children:

It is interesting to note that Yehuda’s name makes no mention of her pain or desire for Yaakov’s attention. The first three children’s names all reflected this anticipatory desire for greater spousal connection and yet now she utters just a simple statement of gratitude to God. What changed? Why didn’t Leah express her gratitude to God upon the birth of her older children?

of Levi) and monarchy (from the tribe of Yehuda) would emanate from her. When Yehuda was born, Leah had already accepted the reality of her circumstances and her new role. As a result of this acceptance, Leah was finally able to appreciate the beautiful life blessings God had conferred upon her.


A Parsha Thought



NOVEMBER 27, 2014


Was Christopher Columbus a Jew? BY SHIRA DIAMOND


Thanksgiving in the air, it brings our attention to the story of Christopher Columbus, the Pilgrims and his famous Great Expedition. It is this time of year when Americans sit around their tables laden with delicious food and loved ones and remember the time in 1492 when Columbus risked his very life in order to reach the Orient to gather riches for the King and Queen of Spain. Instead, he became the first European to discover America.

route via the ocean to Asia. Columbus died in 1506 with no knowledge of the scope of his discovery, how he opened the New World to Europe and made Spain one of the most powerful countries of that time.


accidentally discovered America, where the Pilgrims eventually set up home and the great democracy of America was established. But there is a part of this history that is often overlooked and remains unknown to most. Despite what By asking his children to continue to the vast majority of people believe about Columbus’ journey use the signature, it was a coded way and who he was, there is ample evidence that scholars have discovered about this man that for Columbus to request that his sons suggests quite strongly the likelihood that Columbus was actually part of the tribe. No, say kaddish for him. not part of the tribe of Native Americans who inhabited the New World when Columbus stumbled upon it, but a Jew. Christopher Columbus set sail from the Spanish Columbus’ origins are not known for certain. port of Palos in a search for a western sea route to Most historians speculate that Columbus was from China, Asia and India with his eye on their supposed the coastal region of Liguri, and that he spent his overflow of gold and spices. He sailed in command childhood years in the Republic of Genoa, Italy. He of three ships, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa then lived in Vico Diritto and later Maria. According to most history books, Columbus in Savona. spotted land on October 12, 1492, many speculating Scholars have brought to light a that what he saw first was the Bahamas. He docked whole different chain of events, and the very same day, claiming the land for Spain. A few a completely distinct motivation for weeks later, the explorer spotted Cuba, and another setting sail, thereby painting a very island known then as Hispaniola, which he assumed different picture of Columbus and was Japan. Thirty nine of Columbus’ men stayed to his voyage. Less than a hundred establish a small colony there, and Columbus set sail years before Columbus set sail, back to Spain with spices, gold and Indian captives. the population in Spain numbered Upon his return to his homeland, he was received about nine million, ten percent of as a hero, earning himself the highest honors by them were Jews. At that time, anthe Spanish court. Over the course of his lifetime, ti-Semitism began to rear its ugly Columbus traveled four separate times to the New head; many of the Jewish populaWorld, and discovered the Gulf of Mexico, Central tion went to live in other countries. and South American mainland, and other islands. He Some lived in these other countries never did accomplish his goal of finding a western openly as Jews; others lived dis-

guised as converted Christians, such as Columbus’ ancestors. But two thirds of the Jewish population still remained in Spain. Of the remaining population, about half continued life as Jews, while the other half converted, being termed the “New Christians” or conversos. Many Jews of that time agreed to publicly spurn Judaism, so as not to lose their status and wealth as doctors, lawyers and officials in the government. They continued to exhibit great wealth and lived in massive homes in the best areas of Spain. They also kept ties with their Jewish family and friends and observed many Jewish customs and laws in the privacy of their own homes. This greatly angered the old Christians, whose jealousy and hatred of the Jews knew no bounds. They created a hateful and derogatory term to refer to these people: “marranos,” meaning swine. When Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile married to become the King and Queen of Spain in 1469, they first took on the Muslim “problem,” seeking to get rid of all religion except Christianity and create a unified state. But war with the Muslims proved expensive, so Ferdinand and Isabella turned on the next undesirable element, the Jews. On March 31, 1492, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella issued a proclamation that all Jews were to be expelled from Spain. This anti-Semitic edict stemmed from the Christian racism that was prevalent at the time and targeted a group of people that had done a tremendous amount in all areas for Spain. The ostensible




scholars seem to agree that not only was Columbus a Jew, he was a very religious Jew, whose entire crusade was meant to free the Jews from their suffering in Spain. Some speculate that he went to find a new land that the Jews could inhabit. Others believe he was on a mission to find gold so that he could fund a campaign to liberate Jerusalem and rebuild the Beis Hamikdash. Still others believe he was indeed on his way to India and the Orient, but not in search of riches. Rather, he was looking

Columbus’ signature

for the Lost Tribes who he believed fled there during the times of the Bible. Many believe his journey was paid for by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, but that is actually far from the truth. It was funded by a prominent Jew and two Spanish Jews who were forced to convert, Louis de Santangel and Gabriel Sanchez. The first few letters Columbus penned from his ship were to Santangel and Sanchez, telling them what he had found, and expressing his thanks for funding his journey. Rabbi Don Isaac Abarbanel also contributed to the funds for his journey. Also noteworthy is that Columbus was meant to set sail on August 2, 1492, but that date coincided with Tisha B’av. He postponed his original date of departure to the following day, which was the day the Jews in Spain were given the choice to convert, leave Spain, or be killed. It is interesting that it is documented that on the night before they set sail, Columbus did not allow his crew members to gallivant around town drinking and having fun before their long journey into no man’s land. Instead, he ordered all crewmembers to board the three ships the night before, by 11:00 p.m. An hour later, by 12:00 a.m., it was illegal for all Jews to remain on Spanish soil. Those who suspect Columbus was a Jew don’t view this as a coincidence, but rather a very telling sign of his origins. The more researchers delve into Columbus’ writings and actions, the more they discover what seems to lead to the fact that he was a Jew. His interests and comments into Jewish areas, as well as his connection to many Jews of Spain, are noteworthy and help scholars gather more evidence of his origins. The fact that being a Jew at that time was so dangerous and that those who were Jews were forced to hide all connection to Judaism means that to learn about Columbus’ origins one must read through the lines and gather information from hints and nuances. Will we ever know for certain the true story behind this enigmatic traveler and his true motivation for setting sail? No one will ever truly know, but perhaps Jews have a much stronger connection to Thanksgiving than we may have thought. 

NOVEMBER 27, 2014

cia de la Riega and Otero Sanchez, a group of prominent Spanish scholars, concluded that Columbus (known in Spain as Cristobal Colon) himself was a Marrano. They say they have ample indications that he was forced to get rid of all evidence of his Jewish identity or face death by the brutal government that was committing atrocities against the Jews. Columbus signed his last will and testament on May 19, 1506 and through his provisions and statements, he made many revelations about himself that has caused scholars to conclude he was in fact a Jew. When Columbus was given instructions about what should be done with his money if he doesn’t return from his dangerous voyages, he asked that one-tenth be given to the poor and to provide a dowry for poor girls, both ideas that are connected to Jewish law and tradition. He set aside some money in his will to be given to a Jew he knew who lived in the Lisbon Jewish Quarter. A signature he used on these documents, in which he asked be used in perpetuity, was made up of dots and letters, similar to what was written on Jewish gravestones at the time. Historians believe this was a cryptic alternate way to write the kaddish. They believe that by asking his children to continue to use the signature, it was a coded way for Columbus to request that his sons say kaddish for him after his passing. He also left money for those who followed him and tried to liberate Eretz Yisroel, if he himself didn’t succeed In his letters to his son Diego, all but (many believe that his desire for spices and gold was to fund this mission). one of them have the Hebrew letters Experts who have analyzed Columbus’ diaries and writings have concluded that it was writ“beis hey” written at the top. ten in Ladino, also known as Castilian Spanish. This was basically the Yiddish of the Jews in Spain. In his letters to his quisition, Friar Tomas de Torquemada, who himself son Diego, all but one of them have the Hebrew letwas a Jew who converted to Christianity. ters “beis hey” written at the top, initials commonly The decree gave Jews about four months to col- standing for baruch Hashem. Interestingly, no other lect all of their belongings, wrap up any business letters Columbus wrote have this, and the one letter they had, and get out of the country. Jews at that to his son that is missing it was a letter where he time were under incredible pressure to convert. This asked his son to bring the note to King Ferdinand. was a terrible time for the Jews of Spain. They were He also quoted texts from the Bible and would publicly shamed and tortured, and forced to give up use excerpts from Isaiah in his writings, referring to names of family and friends who were living as Jews himself as “a light unto the gentiles.” In one of the and were not being true to Christianity. Required to books Columbus wrote about geography, he calculatwear pointed hats and face immense ridicule, these ed the dates based on the Hebrew calendar, writing, Jews had to appear before the court of the Inquisition “This is the computation of the creation of the world in the infamous auto-de-fé. They were then thrown according to the Jews....[F]rom the birth of Abraham in prison or paraded in front of large crowds and tied until the Second Temple was destroyed there were up, publicly burned alive. Their property was con- 1088 years...from the beginning of the world to this fiscated and given to the church and the king and year 1481 there were 5241 years.” He made many queen. other Jewish references in his books, often making notes by Jewish concepts and references. Next to a reference about astronomy and Jewish contributions a few years ago, Jose Erugo, to the field, Columbus wrote, “All nations derive Nicholas Dias Perez, Celco Gar- their astronomy from the Jews.”


reason for this edict was the desire to have a unified state. They were also concerned about the “problem” of Spanish Christians converting to Judaism. As stated clearly in the translated edict issued by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, “You know well or ought to know, that whereas we have been informed that in these our kingdoms there were some wicked Christians who Judaized and apostatized from our holy Catholic faith, the great cause of which was interaction between the Jews and these Christians, in the cortes which we held in the city of Toledo in the past year of one thousand, four hundred and eighty, we ordered the separation of the said Jews in all the cities, towns and villages of our kingdoms and lordships and [commanded] that they be given Jewish quarters and separated places where they should live, hoping that by their separation the situation would remedy itself.” The royal couple also argued that those Jews who converted to Christianity still had ties to their Jewish friends and family, and therefore they were not fully integrating into Christian culture. They reasoned that unless they get rid of all the Jews, these converts would never consider themselves real Christians. Therefore, their edict specifically targeted Jews who refused to convert to Christianity, about 800,000 of them living in Spain at the time. Sadly, the architect of this edict, who originally posed the argument that New Christians couldn’t fully integrate if their Jewish family and friends were allowed to be around them, was the Chief Administrative officer of the In-




Jimbo’s Turkey Cooking Ritual


Step 1:

There are four people and all of them are sitting at a square table eating turkey. Their names are Mike, Al, Paul, and John. Use the clues below to figure out who sits where at the table. John is at the left of Mike. Mike sits on the right side of the table. Al is on the right of Mike. Where does Paul sit? Answer below

You Gotta be


The pro football team had just finished their daily practice session when a large turkey came strutting onto the field. While the players gazed in amazement, the turkey walked up to the head coach and demanded a tryout. Everyone stared in silence as the turkey caught pass after pass and ran right through the defensive line. When the turkey returned to the sidelines, the coach shouted, “You’re terrific! Sign up for the season, and I’ll see to it that you get a huge bonus.” “Forget the bonus,” the turkey said, “All I want to know is: does the season go past Thanksgiving Day?”

Answer to riddle: Paul sits on the left of John and across from Mike.


Go buy a turkey

Step 2: Take a drink of whiskey Step 3: Put turkey in the oven Step 4: Take another 2 drinks of whiskey Step 5: Set the degree at 375 ovens Step 6: Take 3 more whiskeys of drink Step 7: Turk the bastey Step 8: Whiskey another bottle of get Step 9: Ponder the meat thermometer Step 10: Glass yourself a pour of whiskey Step 11: Bake the whiskey for 4 hours Step 12: Take the oven out of the turkey Step 13: Floor the turkey up off of the pick Step 14: Turk the carvey Step 15: Get yourself another scottle of botch Step 16: Tet the sable and pour yourself a glass of turkey Step 17: Bless the dinner and pass out


 

In 1939, Franklin Roosevelt changed the date of Thanksgiving from the last Thursday in November to the second-to-last in an effort to lift the economy during the Great Depression. It caused such a public outcry that people began referring to it as “Franksgiving.” After two years, Congress ditched the new policy and set the fourth Thursday of November as the legal holiday. 

According to Roto-Rooter, Black Friday is the busiest day of the year for them. When Abe Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday, it was thanks to the tireless efforts of a magazine editor named Sarah Josepha Hale. Her other claim to fame? She also wrote the nursery rhyme, “Mary had a little lamb.”

In 1920, U.S. turkey growers produced one turkey for every 29 persons in the U.S. Today growers produce nearly one turkey for every person in the country.

Gobble, gobble? Not really—only male turkeys, called toms, gobble. Females, called hens, cackle.

If Ben Franklin had his way, the turkey would be our national bird. An eagle, he wrote in a letter to his daughter, had “bad moral character.” A turkey, on the other hand, was a “much more respectable bird.”

Why is it called a turkey? Well, back in the day, the Europeans took a liking to the guinea fowls imported to the continent. Since the birds were imported by Turkish merchants, the English called them turkeys. Later, when the Spaniards came to America, they found a bird that tasted like those guinea fowls. When they were sent to Europe, the English called these birds “turkeys” as well.

The average person consumes approximately 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving. There are a number of towns in the United States named after the holiday’s traditional main course. Turkey, Texas, was the most populous in 2005, with 492 residents; followed G OT by Turkey Creek, FU N N Louisiana (357); Y? and Turkey, North Comm Let the ission Carolina (269). er dec ide Se nd y o a u r st u There also are 9 ds@ba ff to ltimor townships around i s fivetow centeerjfeow h l nsjewis d@ hhome. the country named com “Turkey”—3 in Kansas.

NOVEMBER 27, 2014

“TV dinners” were invented during the lead-up to have Thanksgiving in 1953, when Omaha-based C.A. Swanson & Sons had a shortage of turkeys so they decided to slice them up and repackage them with some trimmings on the side.


Let’s Talk Turkey


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NOVEMBER 27, 2014


In Inthe the Kitchen Kitchen Naomi Nachman Naomi Nachman

In Honor of Kislev

Yummy Fried Foods for the Family

Caramel Doughnuts

Soup-er Soups to warm your family on cool fall nights

Ingredients 1 tablespoon dry yeast ¼ cup warm water am the queen of deep-frying. I have made and eaten deep-fried ice cream, ¼ cup sugar cheese cake, Oreos, fish and broccoli, just to name a few. For health reasons, ¾ cup soymilk I try not to do it too often. Every once in a while I make deep-fried food for 6 tablespoons canola oil the family. I feel that during Kislev we have a free pass to eat a little more fried 2 large eggs food than usual. 1 teaspoon salt The key to deep-frying is getting the oil like nicethe andmagic hot before yousoup put intothe food.your4 cups flour There is nothing of hot warm soul unbleached and fill your belly. I have always loved soup. You can purchase an oil thermometer from any housewares store. I place it in the 5 cups canola oil for frying These easy-to-make, hearty soups will keep you warm and satisfied any night of the year. pot while the oil heats up. The magic number for perfect deep-frying is 360°. If it 1 cup dolce de leche I try to make different on one daysoggy. so I have ready to gosugar meals the freezer on those chilly days. gets hotter than 360°, the food burns; aif lot it’s of much lower, soups your food will get I Confection forin dusting My kids love having a bowl of soup waiting for them when they come home from school. just keep fiddling with the flame to keep the oil temperature balanced at that magic number. Another key is not to over-crowd the pan and to work in batches. Putting in too much food at once lowers the oil temperature. Using your thermometer, make sure the oil reheats between batches. Oils such as peanut and avocado oil have a low smoking point (i.e., the immersed foods will be less likely to burn) but are expensive to buy and have a very distinct taste. Olive oil has a very high smoking point which means your food will This soup is great for a Thanksgiving 2 carrots, peeled and cut into ½ inch dice burn too easily. When I deep-fry, I typically like to use canola oil –dinner whichand doesn’t is perfect for fall with all the 1 TBS lemon juice have a strong flavor and has a perfect smoking point. 1 bunch baby spinach seasonal root vegetables. Pinch cayenne pepper Ingredients Preparation 1 cup red lentils, sorted and rinsed Add lentils, water and bay leaf to a 4 cups water medium saucepan. Cover and boil on a Bay leaf simmer for 20 minutes until lentils are Salt tender. Add 1 tablespoon salt and remove 2 TBS olive oil bay leaf; puree lentils in a blender. 2 onions, diced Add onions to a skillet and sauté until 4 cloves garlic, minced onions are soft. Add garlic, ginger, cumin, 2-inch piece ginger, minced curry, and coriander and sauté for a few 2 tsp cumin Preparation more minutes. Add butternut squash, pars1 tsp curry water and sprinkle 1 teaspoon over it. Let stand carrots, zucchini, salt, andof1sugar ½ cups 2 tsp dried coriander Sprinkle yeast over thenip, for 5 minutes until foamy. water simmer for 10 minutes until veg2 cups butternut squash, cut into ½ inch Blend milk, yeast mixture, remaining etables are soft.sugar, oil, eggs and salt plus 2 cups of the dice flour.and In cut intervals, to make soft dough. Stirflour lemon juice smooth, and spinach into pu-Cover and rise 1 cup zucchini, peeled into ½add remaining for 1-1/2 hours. reed lentils, then add the vegetables and inch dice Punch dough down andstir thentoletcombine. it rest again 10 minutes. Theforheat will wilt Roll the out the dough 1 medium parsnip, until inch thick. Cut rounds aboutAdd 3inches. surface and let rise spinach. pepperPlace and on saltaiffloured necessary. peeled and cut into ½¼ inch dice again for an hour. Heat oil in a pan until oil hits 375°. Drop doughnuts top side down into the oil. Keep oil at constant temperature and fry 3-4 at a time. Turn the doughnuts once, about 1-1/2 minutes per side. Inject with dolce de leche and then roll in sugar.


Red Lentil Vegetable Soup

Naomi Nachman, the owner of The Aussie Gourmet, caters weekly and Shabbat/ Yom Tov meals for families and individuals within The Five Towns and neighNaomi Nachman moved from Australia approximately 20 years ago and, in 2004, started boring communities, with a specialty in Pesach catering. Naomi is a contributing editor to this paper and also produces and hosts her own weekly radio show “TheNaomi Aussiegives Gourmet” topresentations cater weekly for andorganizations Shabbat/Yomand Tovprivate meals for families and indion the Nachum Segal Network stream called “A Table for Two with Naomi Nachman.” cooking groups viduals within Five Towns and neighboring communities. is also sought after throughout the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area. In addition, Naomi has been a guest hostThe on the QVC TV network and has been featured inNaomi cookbooks, to teach cooking throughout therecipes, NY/NJ Metropolitan area (from Scarsdale to Boro magazines as well as other media covering topics related to cuisine preparation and personal chefs.classes To obtain additional join The Aussie Gourmet on Facebook or visit Naomi’s blog. Naomi can be reached through her website, or at (516) Park, Manhattan to Teaneck, the295-9669. Hamptons and Connecticut… and of course, The Five Towns). She has also taught classes in Florida, Australia and Israel. Naomi is a guest host on the QVC TV network and has been featured in cookbooks, a cooking CD and a variety of newspaper articles. Naomi currently lives in Woodmere, NY with her husband and 4 daughters.

Ingredients Marinade 1 tablespoon brown sugar 4 cloves garlic, crushed 4 teaspoons cream Malaga wine 1 teaspoons teriyaki

Ingredients 2/3 cup canola for frying 1 large Idaho potato, peeled and grated 2 medium sweet potatoes, peeled and grated 1 small onion, peeled and grated 1 egg, beaten

1 pound skinless salmon, cut into small cubes 1 package square wonton wrappers 2 cups canola oil

Preparation Mix together all ingredients for the marinade and marinate salmon for one hour. Place a piece of salmon in the center of a wonton wrapper. Fold each corner of the wonton into the center to form an envelope. Bring a large pot of oil, approximately two cups, to 350° on an oil thermometer. Fry for a few seconds (do not cook too many at once) until cooked through and brown. Watch for burning.

3 tablespoons all-purpose flour 1 tablespoons chili powder 2 teaspoons smoked sweet paprika 2 teaspoons ground cumin 2 teaspoons coriander 1 tablespoon curry powder Salt






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Preparation Drain the shredded potatoes, pressing them down in a colander to get their moisture out. Then add the sweet potatoes and onion. Add the egg and flour to the bowl and then season with spices and salt and mix well. Take a heaping tablespoon of the batter and lower into hot oil. Add more oil, as needed, and fry latkes in batches until deeply golden on each side.

95 53


Spicy Sweet Potato Latkes

T h e J e w i s h h o m e n n o v e m b e r 2 9 , 2012

Salmon Wonton

Allan J. Rolnick, CPA

Jilting the IRS

Rivki D. Rosenwald Esq., CLC, SDS Rivki D. Rosenwald Esq., CLC, SDS

But It’s an Emergency! the amount the IRS uses as the “purchase” price for figuring gain or loss on a sale — is probably next to nothing. And that basis carries over to Sue Ann. That means that when she sells, she’ll be subject to a capital gains tax of up to 20%, plus the new net investment income tax of 3.8%. Sell a hundred million of stock, and walk away with a lousy $76.2 million!

The real payoff will have to wait until Sue Ann caps that great well in the sky. At that point, any taxable estate over a $5.43 million is assessed at 40%. On the bright side, her basis in that stock will be “stepped up” to its fair market value as of the date of her death, which means her heirs can sell without paying income tax on all that appreciation during her lifetime. As for alimony and child support, which won’t factor into the Hamms’ case, courts use alimony to shift income from the higher-earning spouse to the lower-earning spouse. So alimony is deductible by the payor and taxable to the payee. Child support is nontaxable either way, meaning there’s no tax consequence to paying it or receiving it. You’ve probably heard the joke about the husband who asks his long-suffering wife what she wants for her birthday. She says, “A divorce,” and he quips, “I wasn’t planning on spending that much.” Well, even if it may cost a pretty penny, be happy that the tax man won’t be jumping your claim, too. Allan J Rolnick is a CPA who has been in practice for over 30 years in Queens, NY. He welcomes your comments and can be reached at 718-896-8715 or at


ere I am sitting in an emergency room wondering what I’m doing here. It’s kind of the last place anyone wants to be! At least when you’re at your doctor’s office you have a chance of being seen – in the next hour! Also, worst case, you can always leave and go back home. Because you’re not stranded off of some random highway, in the middle of who knows where, in a slow moving room called Emergency. But the only sense of emergency you feel is to seize your phone and call 911 or Hatzalah to get some help sooner. What moment of insanity made me come here I’ll never know—I should have gone to a psychiatrist instead!! If you can possibly find a local doctor willing to check out your ailment, always go for it. Just sitting among the other people waiting in the waiting area can make you sick. Now, I know, there are certain times the hospital is where you want to head. But I’m discussing those random times you’re not feeling well and the doctor says, “So go to the emergency room.” I’m giving you my diagnosis in that case: Don’t listen, don’t go! The sickness can run its course … before you’ll ever be seen! In fact, your child can graduate medical school and have you in for an appointment –before you’ll be seen in the ER. Medicare, Obamacare, it’s hard to find a Person to Care! And that’s what you need most when you’re not feeling well. The first question they ask is: -Are you covered? How can you be? They just dragged you out of bed to come here—that’s when you were covered! -Are you feeling uncomfortable? Well, wouldn’t anyone be? Half undressed, sitting in disheveled clothing, splayed out among a bunch of strang-


- And what brought you here today? Memory loss, of course! I totally forgot what torture it is sitting here just waiting to be seen! So what should you do when you’re feeling under the weather, in some inexplicable way, and a doctor doesn’t have hours? Truthfully, I’m just sitting here wondering the same thing. First start with a risk/reward analysis. What’s the downside of waiting? …Even a month … before going. Then, if you still feel you need to go quickly, pack everything you can get your hands on – food , games, books, and of course, all your chargers! You may be checked in relatively quickly but after that, you’re pretty much on your own. If you don’t bring reinforcements you may just die of boredom while waiting to be cured. If you want the best advice, start getting friendly with every type of doctor that you can think of. Then give them your cell number—“just in case they ever need anything at all!” And as a concerned friend, have them call your phone – to make sure they put your number in correctly. Terrific, now you have their cell number! Keep following that up by having them over as often as possible or by sending them gifts every chance you get. Best case, you’ll never need anything from them – but their friendship. But if you do, and you were a good friend, here’s betting the only ER you’ll have to visit voluntarily is: Entering their Residence! Of course, another choice is to just be a great friend to everyone you meet. Hopefully, then they’ll all be there for you in an emergency! Rivki Rosenwald is a certified relationship counselor, and career and life coach. She can be contacted at 917-705-2004 or


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arold Hamm was born in Lexington, Oklahoma, the 13th child of Oklahoma sharecroppers. He graduated from high school, then went straight to work in an oilfield. But he didn’t let his modest background slow him down. He hit his first gusher at age 25. Today, he’s CEO of Continental Resources, and his net worth approached $18 billion before the recent fall in oil prices. In 1988, Harold married his second wife. Sue Ann Hamm is a lawyer who met Harold while she was negotiating land deals for his company. But sadly, the couple’s love was not to last, and in 2012, Sue Ann filed for divorce. The case attracted unusual attention because the amounts were so large. Oklahoma courts typically split the value of any assets that result from the efforts or skills of either spouse. So, how much would Sue Ann get? Would it be more than the record-setting $4.5 billion that Elenea Rybolovlev got from her ex-husband, Russian potash producer Dmitry? Last week, the judge issued his ruling and surprised most experts by ordering Harold to pay Sue Ann a total of just $995.5 million, or six percent of his peak net worth. While most people would consider that a nice gusher of cash, Sue Ann has already announced plans to appeal. (As for Harold, if you ask him why divorce is so expensive, he’ll probably tell you “because it’s worth it.”) So, will our friends at the IRS be excited by the outcome? Probably not, even if Sue Ann wins a richer share of her ex-husband’s fortune. Internal Revenue Code section 1041 provides that transfers of property “incident to divorce” are tax-free. That means Harold can transfer as little or as much as the court orders to Sue Ann, with no income tax consequences — it’s neither taxable to her nor deductible to him. And there are no gift tax consequences, either. The IRS may reap a nice windfall, however, if Sue Ann sells any of her shares from the divorce. Harold launched the company back in 1967, and still controls 68% of the company’s stock. His “basis” in that stock —

Life Coach Life Coach


Your Money


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