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The 93rd Agudah Convention welcomes its second Baltimore leadership delegation



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NOVEMBER 26, 2015


 Nurturing your daughter’s growth in Middos Tovos and social development  Learning comes alive through multi-sensory educational methods  Developing a wide variety of extra curricular activities in social skills, art,

music, gym, special visitors and field trips

 Enriching each day with a full Limudei Kodesh and General Studies program  Providing support services through Shemesh and Title I



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NOVEMBER 26, 2015


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Dear Readers, They say that time flies when you’re having fun. I like to say that time flies when you’re busy. I know it’s true for me. By the time I flip my calendar every month, that new month is already filled with appointments, events and things to do. I’m almost overwhelmed seeing how much is happening-when the month hasn’t even started yet! Although children have been talking about Chanukah for months on end, it is hard to believe it is just around the corner. For many people, Chanukah is about latkes and doughnuts, family and togetherness. Growing up, Chanukah to me meant presents, a partial week of school and a different party with just about everyone you ever had some type of association with. Chanukah was a fun holiday as a child, and continues to be so as an adult. Every family has their own way of celebrating Chanukah. Some things we do are the same-we all light the menorah and we all sing hallel and al hanissim. But the way we do all these mitzvos differ from one family to the next. We are all individuals and have our unique way of celebrating, and yet

we are all one of the same. The menorah is a symbol of our uniqueness and our uniformity. Each candle on the menorah is different and separate from the others. But when we light that candle as part of the mitzvah and harness the power of its tiny light, we are performing a mitzvah that symbolizes our connection to our Creator for hundreds of years. We packed so much for you to enjoy in this week’s special Chanukah issue. For those who want to learn more about the Yom Tov, make sure to read the divrei Torah and essays on Jewish thought. For those who want things to do for their Chanukah parties, check out the “light up the night article”. And for those who love cooking and baking and culinary delights, we have many recipes to enhance your Chanukah meals. As always I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you. Feel free to send me an email at Wishing you all a good Shabbos & a Freilechen Chanukah, Yaakov

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NOVEMBER 26, 2015




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NOVEMBER 26, 2015


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The 93rd Agudah Convention welcomes its second Baltimore leadership delegation Cohn

Two weeks ago Agudath Israel of America held its 93rdAnnual National Convention. Hundreds of community minded men and women from across the country and overseas joined together with leading Rabbonim and Roshei Yeshiva to give and receive chizuk on the challenges of the day and to focus on the many important issues facing the greater American Torah community. The 2015 Agudah Convention was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Stamford, CT and was centered around the theme of “Leadership: For Yourself; Your Family; Your Community”. Numerous other topics were the focus at sessions throughout the long weekend, beginning on Thursday evening, and then on Friday, over Shabbos, Motzai Shabbos, and ending Sunday afternoon. Sessions focused on a wide array of topics included on parenting, relationships, politics, shidduchim, and parnassa, to name just a few. Continuing the successful model of the last few years, the 2015 convention programming placed strong emphasis on drawing in younger community activists. Groups of young couples from Waterbury, CT, and the Syrian-Sephardic community in Brooklyn, joined in this year for their first experience at an Agudah Convention. For the second consecutive year, a bus load of Baltimore young leaders traveled to Stamford for the Thursday evening sessions and programming in conjunction with the Agudah’s Lef-

kowitz Leadership Initiative, under the direction of Rabbi Shai Markowitz. The Baltimore delegation traveled through the afternoon and arrived at the hotel in Stamford where they were greeted by Agudath Israel’s chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Shlomo Werdiger and Rabbi Ariel Sadwin, the Agudah’s mid-Atlantic regional director. After davening Ma’ariv the group was treated to a special dinner for the young leadership group, where they were addressed by Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel, the organization’s executive vice president, and other members of the board and leadership. After dinner, the first of three sessions (pre-keynote concurrent, keynote, and post-keynote concurrent) began, offering the attendees a wide variety of topics – many of which revolved around the “Leadership” theme. Many members of the delegation stuck with the young leadership sessions, while some others hopped around to some of the other sessions, so as not to miss out on the inspiring and thought provoking presentations

By: Isaac Draiman

that went on in each room. As it did last year, the leadership delegation trip gave many of the participants their first taste of an Agudah Convention and a renewed sense of appreciation for the incredible work carried by Agudath Israel, on the local, state, and federal government levels. After a second year of this wonderful trip Rabbi Sadwin looks forward to providing other trips and opportunities for the members of the community. “The members of our communi-

ty are an inspired group of guys who are constantly looking to grow and achieve in all areas of their lives”, said Rabbi Sadwin. “The Agudah Convention provides the forum for so many vital aspects of life to be addressed and for us to receive guidance. Through all of this we can all ignite the leader within ourselves and allow it to make an impact on our own lives, those of our family, and those of our community.”



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NOVEMBER 26, 2015


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NOVEMBER 26, 2015



Sara & Ariel’s Mazel Tov Banner

The Baltimore community has come together once again to show support and love to a special couple in Israel, Sara Litman and Ariel Beigel whose wedding will I”YH take place on Thursday in Yerushalayim.

After suffering the tragic blow of losing her father, Rabbi Yaakov Litman, hy”d, and brother Natanel hy”d, a little over a week ago to a terrorist attack, Sara and Ariel responded by inviting the entire Klal Yisroel to their Ad/Logo Design | Yocheved Roth





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wedding. Impressed by the couple’s response, and reminded of the murder of the kallah Nava Applebaum and her father Dr. Dovid Applebaum by a suicide bomber in 2003, Frank and Danielle Sarah Storch wanted to show them support. A Mazel Tov banner was immediately printed for signatures and mazel tov wishes to present at the wedding. The project has now grown to three huge banners and has been signed by thousands of students, participants, and staff at Talmudical Academy, Bnos Yisroel, Bais Yaakov Middle and High School, Bais Yaakov Convention, Cheder Chabad, Jewels,

Beth Tfiloh, Ohr Chadash, and Maalot Baltimore. The banners were signed by many at Seven Mile Market and Goldberg’s Bagels as well as at the Star-K. Although Frank and Danielle Sarah can’t attend the simcha in person, they hope to be misameach Sara and Ariel with Baltimore’s brachos and wishes when the banners are presented to them at the wedding. “We should all try to follow in their footsteps and focus on being b’achdus for the sake of shalom in Israel and around the world,” said Danielle Sarah Storch.



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NOVEMBER 26, 2015


Around the


Baltimore’s JEWELS Inclusive School Takes Home Weinberg Foundation Award Cohn

This past October the Weinberg Foundation annual “Employee Giving Program” luncheon took place. This is a unique program in which Weinberg Foundation employees have the opportunity to choose a nonprofit organization of their liking, and award them with a generous grant. These organizations collectively represent the goals and objectives that Mr. Harry and Jeanette Weinberg had in mind when setting up the trust. Mr. Stan Goldman, Weinberg Foundation’s Program Director of Disabilities, US and Israel, chose to nominate the JEWELS Inclusive School of Baltimore as his choice for this year’s grant. Stan is a believer in the power of inclusion and the impact it has upon children and ultimately communities. Stan himself felt the incredible atmosphere as he toured JEWELS seeing typically developing children with children with special needs learning and playing side by side in a manner in which everyone seemed so content. These adorable little children displayed the kind of acceptance and respect that adults dream of having in their midst. Stan has proven to be not only a believer in JEWELS but a trusted supporter of the school.

Mrs. Shuli Bamberger, JEWELS Preschool Director and one of the founders, accepted the award on behalf of JEWELS. In a short (literally under 2 minutes) but emotionally charged speech, she related how vital the mission of inclusion is to our

Ohr Chadash Students Write Letters to Soldiers in Israel When Rabbi Margolese heard that Board Member, Mike Lowenstein, and his wife Layne were traveling to Israel to volunteer on an army base, he jumped into action and asked the students at Ohr Chadash Academy to write letters or draw pictures to bring smiles to the soldiers in Israel who need our support. Working at home and at school, the students recognized the opportunity where they can make a difference and connect with the Isra-

el community and put effort into their letters and drawings. Mr. Lowenstein read the letters to the soldiers on base, bringing smiles instantly. He explained to them that learning about and connecting with Israel is a fabric of OCA’s mission and that the students wanted them to show their support and concern for the chayalim. The soldiers were touched and appreciated this effort.

By :Isaac Draiman

school and community. “JEWELS is a program that incorporates a balance of special instruction, therapeutic intervention, social opportunities and all with lots of love”, said Mrs. Bamberger. “The Inclusive Preschool setting is beneficial for all children involved, as

it models diversity and compassion, teaches that everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and embraces the meaning of true friendship.” In thanking Mr. Goldman, Mrs. Bamberger, a parent of a child with special needs herself, said; “I know first-hand the overwhelming and challenging journey parents go through upon the birth of a child with special needs. I stand here today as the director of JEWELS, however I am also standing here as the mother of a child with special needs. You have not only helped brighten my world, you have helped make the entire world a better place.” It was a very proud moment for the staff and entire JEWELS family. In only four short years, the school has grown to 34 students and has caught the attention of many experts in the field of Education and Special Education. Hard work, dedication, and a determination not to fail the children with special needs of Baltimore, is what drives the staff and lay leaders. To be recognized by the Weinberg Foundation is another milestone for JEWELS on their accomplished journey.



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NOVEMBER 26, 2015

410.484.5850 508 ReisteRstown Rd.

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d e z i m o Cust eliTrays D g n i l Sizz Latkas!

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et Fo R eV eRY BU d G

tR aYs aVai la Bl e!

r u o y t Y r k a o o P B ukah


in oUR leMo PaRtY RooM!

4 0 + B ar/ B at M it z va h’ s al re ad y bo ok ed th is ye ar !

Around the

Community Cohn

mind. And Rabbi Marwick also encouraged the crowd not to be afraid in enlisting the help of professionals, especially those from community organizations for their

Opening Ben Cardin Scholars Program This past Wednesday night was the opening session for the Ben Cardin program. The sessions got off to a great start with local Mentors coming out to learn with the 35 teens accepted into the Cardin program- our largest group ever! Teens learned about the Jewish impact on civilization. The teens then heard from Russ Roberts, a Fellow at Stanford University on the topic of learning lessons in Judaism from Economics.

B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

ic then Rabbi Horowitz?” He added that Rabbi Horowitz’s years of working with youth who have confided in him have provided an inside look of a young man’s

help. In his affable style Rabbi Horowitz deftly addressed serious concerns we have for our boys interwoven with stories that found the crowd laughing. Rabbi Horowitz layered his talk, beginning by painting the context of the adolescent experience. “Adolescence is a time for making mistakes and growing from them,” he said. He invited parents to appreciate that context and create an environment that fosters such growth. He continued with stressing the relationship between parent and child, father and son. Without having a non-judgmental and compassionate relationship they will not want to be open with parents. Another point Rabbi Horowitz strongly stressed was congruence. “I urge you,” he pleaded, “to maintain congruence between the messages your children receive at home and what school you send them to.” He felt that the incongruence between the values parents hold versus the values of the school they choose are extremely damaging to the child. Finally, he delved into the building blocks for being a mentsch, breaking it down into two categories. Behaviors; such as holding doors open and helping the elderly is one. The other, of which he elaborated on, was relational. Model conflict resolution at home between spouses in front of them. Teach empathy by reflecting on viewing experiences through another’s eyes. Show them that being a mentsch in both categories is in their own best interest. Boy to Mentsch is a federally funded program. For more information please visit or call 410.843.0030

NOVEMBER 26, 2015

After a Sunday filled with family activities and responsibilities, 100 plus parents carved out time on this uncharacteristically mild evening to attend a talk given by Rabbi Yakov Horowitz. Rabbi Horowitz, a trailblazer in education and child abuse prevention is the founder/dean of Yeshiva Darchei Noam of Monsey and founder/ director of The Center for Jewish Family Life/Project YES, which conducts child abuse prevention and parenting workshops in Jewish communities around the world. Relying on his years of extensive work with struggling adolescents, Horowitz talked about a topic with the Baltimore community – one not often addressed publicly and directly; manhood. From a Torah perspective what qualities define a man? A mentsch? Are they mutually exclusive? The question most wanted answered was ‘How can we position our boys to develop into the Mentschen we hope they become? Undoubtedly, this topic is worthy of a healthy dialogue among parents. “Being a man is unique,” explained Shmuel Fischler in his welcome. Fischler is a clinical social worker who was involved in developing this program. Fischler quipped “Even if it were true that women are from Venus, men are still from Mars.” He stressed that “While for some it may be out of our box to be here, it will help us reach our universal goal of raising a mentsch and having our daughters marry mentschen.” Rabbi Binyamin Marwick of Congregation Shomrei Emunah hosted this talk and stressed the priority for developing ‘mentsch’ skills. “The Torah stresses that before all, we should be an Adam, a mentsch. Who better to speak on this top-

By :Isaac Draiman


Rabbi Yakov Horowitz Speaks in Baltimore About Being a Mentsch (Photo Essay)



NOVEMBER 26, 2015


Heat the Home or Feed the Children?

• 92% of your donation goes directly to the poor and needy • $2.6 million annual budget

With your help & support, we will continue to help the less fortunate of our community.

Send a check to Ahavas Yisrael, 2723 Woodcourt Road, Baltimore, MD 21209 Or, donate online: FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT AHAVAS YISRAEL CHARITY FUND: • 410-358-4464 Ahavas Yisrael Charity Fund is a 501c3 yearly audited charity, based in Baltimore, benefitting the needy of the Greater Baltimore area Jewish Community


send your tax-deductiBle donation to ahavas yisrael today and make sure that those in need are not cold or hungry.

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For many Baltimore Families, this Winter Will Be Filled With impossiBle choices. But With your help, We can change that.

A decision you never want to have to make



Helping Those in Need Has Never Been Easier! Donate to Ahavas Yisrael in Any of these Four Ways:


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CHARITYPAD Simply swipe your card at any of these convenient locations:

• Goldberg’s Bagels • Bais Haknesses Ohr Hachaim (Rabbi Weiss’s Shul)

• Agudah Park Heights • Shomrei Emunah • Seven Mile Market

Mail checks to Ahavas Yisrael, c/o Mrs. Janine Chapman, 2723 Woodcourt Road, Baltimore, MD 21209

Online at our website:

Drop off tzedaka boxes at Mrs. Janine Chapman, 2723 Woodcourt Rd. (evenings) or to Rabbi Boruch Brull, 3706 Clarks Ln.

410-764-6020 | ELI W. SCHLOSSBERG: 410-358-4464 2723 WOODCOURT ROAD | BALTIMORE, MD 21209




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Around the Community NWCP 33rd Annual Reception



Bring the Family! It’s Free!


! TY


NOVEMBER 26, 2015


Sunday, December 6th 1 - 2:30 pm Our Residents & Staff Cordially Invite our neighbors, children & grandchildren to our Intergenerational Celebration of

“The Miracle of Chanukah”

featuring Holiday Foods, Games, Crafts, Magic, Music, Balloon Animals, and so much more.

RSVP to Zack Pomerantz at 410-318-8000 Sherri Zaslow, Executive Director 7218 Park Heights Ave, Baltimore, MD 21208


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Community Cohn


Ner Israel 82nd Annual Dinner


NOVEMBER 26, 2015


600 Reisterstown Rd. • Suite 601 • Baltimore, MD 21208 410-486-0774 • 877-486-0774 • Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation Commissioner of Financial Regulation

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Aaron Hirsch


NOVEMBER 26, 2015


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Rabbi and Mrs Yitzchok Neger Dedicate Sefer Torah By Elchonon Oberstien

On Sunday, November 15, Baltimore saw an unusual spectacle. Long known as a distinctly Litvish town, the Hachnosas Sefer Torah celebrated that day demonstrated the growth of the Chassidic community. Rabbi Yitzchok and Mrs Gitty Neger commissioned the writing of a SeferTorah in memory of Mrs. Neger’s father, Max Knopf,z”l of Brooklyn, and Rabbi Neger’s parents Moshe and Chana Neger z”l of Toronto. Like all such ceremonies, the final letters were inscribed at the home of the Baalei Simcha and various communal notables were honored with inscribing letters. The procession down Strathmore Avenue to Khal Machzikei Torah was led by a truck with amplified singing and music by local singing sensation, Yehuda Mond. He was followed by young boys carrying torches and the Sefer Torah under a chupah was escorted by several hundred members of the community. Old Timers remarked that

such a public expression of Kovod Hatorah, dancing and singing in the street, with police escort would simply not have happened in Baltimore in a past generation. It is a sign of the vibrancy of the community. Founded by Holocaust survivors and led by Rabbi Yitzchok Sternhell zt”l, Khal Machzikei Torah is today led by

Learn How to Learn

Beginner’s Gemora Class B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

Starting Sunday, December 20th Reb Mahti Topas will guide you step-by-step through the language & logic of the Talmud so you can gain the skills to learn on your own! Sunday Mornings, 9:00 – 10:30 AM

Class held at Yesodei HaTorah’s Joseph Meister Beis Medrash 2416 Taney Road (corner Greenspring) For more information & to register, call Rabbi Tzvi Goode at 443-660-7008, or email Full schedule of classes at: If you are interested, but the time doesn’t work, please let us know. We will form another class if there is enough interest.

Open Yourself to the World of Torah Learning

Harav Nesanel Kostelitz and is a hub of Torah and chassidus for a new generation. Recently, the opening of the Chassidic Kollel has brought many young families to the neighborhood, who participated in the simcha. They have been warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. The dancing in the street lasted for an hour and then the Sefer Torah was greeted by Sifrei Torah and placed into the Aron Kodesh amid much joyous celebration. Following this,there was a Seudas Mitzvah in the Royal Restaurant attended by family ,friends and notables. Among the honored guests wasthe son of the Skulener Rebbe ,Rabbi Noach Portugal shlita Rav of Skulen in Lakewood. He who spoke of the close ties between the Neger family and his zaide,the Skulener Rebbe, going back to Romania. Rabbi Shafer, rosh hayeshiva in Lakewood East Jerusalem who came from Eretz Yisroel specifically for this event presented Reb Yitzchok with a sefer inscribed with words of praise and blessing signed by Rav Chaim Kanievski, shlita. The Morah D’Asra, Harav Kostelitz spoke of the devotion of Reb Yitzchokto the Kehila of which he is the longtime President. He recalled the\parents in whose memory the Torah is dedicated and praised their devotion to Derech Yisroel Saba. Rav Yaakov Hopfer, President of the Vaad Harabbanim of Baltimore also gave moving divrei brocho. In his remarks, the Baal Simcha, Reb Yitzchok Neger spoke movingly of his

departed parents and father in law who all were survivors of the Holocaust who rebuilt their lives and raied doros yesharim. Despite going through the Gehinnom of Aushwitz and other horrors, they rebult their lives to follow the ways of their ancestors and supported and epitomized what it means to be a Torah Jew. Today, their children and later generations are pillars of their communities who are devoted to learning Torah and following the example of their ancestors. He also praised his mother in law, Mrs.Rika Knopf ,who is a living example to all of her children ,grandchildren and great grandchildren . All wished the Negers continued nachas from their children and grandchildren who are seeing the example set by their parents in Torah., Avodah and Gemilus Chassadim.

Around the

Community Photo Credit: Uri Aronson

B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

rael “Elgy” Elgamil could be seen tearing up on the sideline, while handing out donuts and coffee. The fans stormed the field after the game, as the song “We are the Champions” was blasting in the background, as Rabbi Dave (Coach of the Year) Finkelstein got doused with the Gatorade bath, as Commissioner Dovi (what field are we on) Ziffer made comments suggesting next season may not include a draft, rather teams can form themselves, and as Joe (Honesty is my middle name) Openden was seen sobbing in the corner. The league would like to extend a thank you to all 80 of its players, its referee crew (managed by Walt Johnson), the league management committee (Jeremy Lasson, Yossi Openden, Asher Sondhelm, and Yaakov Spatz), the Greater Pikesville Rec Council, and all 10 of its sponsors (Elle Remodeling, Northwest Refuse, East Insurance Group, Park Heights Roofing, Y&L Landscaping, Early Steps Therapy, Wasserman and Lemberger, Samuelson’s Diamonds, OK Uniform Company, and Limited Goods.) The league is also appreciative of the photography efforts of Uri Arnson and the publishing support of Baltimore Jewish Home. See you all next year!

NOVEMBER 26, 2015

On November 8, 2015, a sunny but chilly Sunday morning, Pikesville Middle School was the place to be. It was host to the 2015 Jewish Community Football League (sponsored by Northwest Refuse) Championship game (Wasserman and Lemberger Bowl) between Park Heights Roofing and Y&L Landscaping. Hundreds of community members came to watch greatness, witness history and cheer on their favorite players. In the end, Park Heights Roofing’s offense was too much for Y&L to handle, as they won 45-30. PHR started with the ball first and wasted little time. On the very first play from scrimmage, star QB, Chaim (MVP) Finkelstein dropped back to pass and connected with TE Jason (Offensive Rookie of the Year) Mann for a touchdown. On the play, Mann rolled out, caught the pass, then turned up field and rumbled, bumbled and stumbled his way in for the touchdown. Y&L’s first possession ended in a punt, and PHR’s explosive offense went back to work, quickly. On the first play of the second drive, Finkelstein launched a bomb and connected with WR Josh (Offensive Player of the Year) Zaslow for a 50 yard touchdown catch. This put PHR up by two touchdowns, and we were only four minutes into the game. But Y&L kept battling and never gave up. They found some success towards the end of the first half, but some key drops and their inability to stop PHR’s deep passes, allowed PHR to hold a comfortable lead throughout. Y&L played with tremendous heart the entire game, but couldn’t quite come back from the early deficit. PHR scored on their 3 other first-half possessions, as Finkelstein threw 3 more touchdown passes, all 3 to WR Rafi (Defensive Player of the Year) Strum. Strum showed everybody why he was the number two overall pick in this year’s draft. PHR’s high-flying offense looked like a well-oiled machine in the first half, as they jumped out to a 31-14 lead. The offensive and defensive lines, consisting of Aharon (Ed Block Courage Award) Dinovitz, Mann, Ozzie (6th Man of the Year) Marizon and Shmuel (Early Retirement) Moinzadeh were dominant in the half. In the second half, PHR had a more conservative game plan, as they tried to manage the clock and play solid defense to seal the victory. Yaakov (Ageless Wonder) Spatz, Shlomo (Defensive Rookie of the Year) Goldberger and Abbo (Comeback Player of the Year) Aranbayev all made spectacular defensive plays and had some key receptions for PHR. Finkelstein connected again with both Zaslow and Strum for touchdowns in the second half, creating buzz in the stands as the “Big Three,” reminiscent of the Chicago Bulls’ teams of the ‘90s, consisting of Jordan, Rodman and Pippen. In the end, Park Heights Roofing won their first Championship in franchise history, and Owner Is-


JCFL Championship Game




NOVEMBER 26, 2015

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Shuie Steinharter AEG Remodeling, INC..

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I can’t attribute it to any one thing. When it comes to AEG, it’s a combination of my relationship with Elazar, our amazingly supportive families, the mentors that we had guiding us and of course Hashem.

Where do you Daven? Ohel Moshe Growing up in Baltimore, where did you get the skills for woodworking and home remodeling? What was your first job? I have always had interest and knack for making things. As a child I would use my father’s tools to building different things in the backyard. I also worked for Rabbi Ribiat during the summers making schtenders and bookcases. He was very influential in developing my skills for woodworking. What do you attribute your success to?

What are you truly passionate about? Biking. It’s good to have a hobby you are passionate about. I have participated in Bike4Chai for two years now and love everything about it from the people I have met, the training and the mission of the ride. It’s worth every drop of sweat and every dollar to see the faces of the kids as we all ride into Camp Simcha. Can you give us a short synopsis of what an average day looks like for Shuie Steinharter? Not really, every day is different depending on what job we are working on. I start every day with Daf Yomi at Ohel Moshe with Rabbi Teichman before shachris. Then we all meet at the office and plan the day. I try to be home by 5:30 to help with the kids. What is the best career advice you can give to someone just starting

off in business? Make family a priority. When you start a business there is so much that needs to be done to establish it and help it grow, but at the end of the day, you come home to those that love you and that is the most important thing. Make time for them and attend whatever functions you can at your kids schools. You are building a career to support your family and you don’t want to lose site of that as you focus on the job. What got you involved in volunteering at Lev Shlomo? I wish Lev Shlomo, or a similar type of organization, had been around when I was a teenager. I think I would have benefited greatly. I want to help the students there as I would have appreciated and needed the help when I was a growing up. How do you help in their efforts? We hire and mentor many students. I try and find those that have a knack for construction so they can tap into skills they may have not known they had. I also try and support the organization in other endeavors throughout the year.

How do you see the benefit of their program to their students, as opposed to the typical Yeshiva setting? The benefit Lev Shlomo provides, that it is it not a typical Yeshiva setting. There are kids from all different backgrounds and learning styles, that need something that’s a little outside the box and Lev Shlomo is there for them and that is amazing. It gives them a sense that they belong somewhere, are accepted and can learn Torah in a manner suitable to their individual needs. Mazel Tov on being honored by NCSY. How long have you been involved with NCSY and in what capacity? I have been involved with NCSY since I was in high school. I became an advisor after I got back from Israel. I met Elise at a shabbaton where she was also an advisor. Now we do what we can to help NCSY, by hosting meals and participating in events. 







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HOSTED BY: JERRY & SORA WOLASKY AND DOVID MEIR & FAIGY LOEB Boruch and Chanie Bernstein Frayda Breitowitz Michael and Linda Elman Howard Tzvi Friedman Chaim and Hali Gottesman Ed and Robyn Hoffman Hilly and Ellie Kagan Simcha and Leah Kossman

Noah and Ellen Lightman Rachi and Devorah Messing Jason and Shani Reitberger Azi and Riki Rosenblum Eli and Ronnie Schlossberg Elliot and Yael Schwarzenberger Dovid and Gali Wealcatch

NCSY is the international youth movement of the OU.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit, call 410.358.6279 or email

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NOVEMBER 26, 2015



Atlantic Seaboard NCSY 41st ANNUAL

Wo r Au

• Rebbetzin •

Tziporah Heller 8:15 pm sh night ti Friday with for men erger oldb Rabbi G ur for i and sh with women eller zin H Rebbet






AL n

B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

ous InspI m A rA F tI nd Lec A d o r L tu o r th er

NOVEMBER 26, 2015






Shabbos Parshas Vayeishev ' December 4 and 5 Women of the community are invited to share an uplifting Shabbos of warmth, exploration and growth with the incomparable Rebbetzin Heller. Tiferes Yisroel Shabbat Dinner Reservations: Shabbat Day Reservations: or call Adriana Steinberg at (202) 641-6677 Donations and sponsorships are welcome! Shabbos Evening  5:30 pm - SHABBOS DINNER WITH RABBI & REBBETZIN GOLDBERGER AND OUR SPECIAL GUEST REBBETZIN HELLER. Sponsorship Shabbos dinner event for men and women at Tiferes Yisroel (Rabbi Goldberger’s shul). Following dinner will be a tish for men with Rabbi Goldberger and separate shiur for women with Rebbetzin Heller. Shabbos Day  11:15 am -1:00 pm - LIVING IN REAL TIME (QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS). Sponsorship lunch event for men and women. Enjoy Shabbos lunch and shiur with the Rebbetzin. Must RSVP! Shabbos Afternoon  3:00 pm - 4:15 pm - VAYEISHEV AND HANNUKA: OVERCOMING GALUS. Special workshop for Women of Ahavas Yisroel groups and friends of Ahavas Yisroel. Shalosh Seudos  4:15 pm - WOMEN OF AHAVAS YISROEL AND LOCAL COMMUNITY. Seudah Shlishit meet and greet with the Rebbetzin. RSVP required! Motzei Shabbos  7:30 pm - 9:30 pm - FROM GALUS TO GEULA. An evening of chizuk, inspiration and rededication for all women of the community. The Rebbetzin will be available for book signing. Music & light refreshments will be served. RSVP for tickets: $10 at the door.



Sam Rosenblatt

Cell: (410) 375-4447 OfямБce: (410) 553-2641 6960 Aviation Blvd, Ste E, Glen Burnie, MD 21061 | State Lic MD #237 | Corp NMLS #3113 | Corp State Lic MD #12423 | MAC0515-2011205884

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NOVEMBER 26, 2015


The Week The Week In News

Paris Terror Mastermind Killed in Raid

Abdelhamid Abaaoud, 27, the suspected mastermind behind the recent Paris attacks that killed 130 people who bragged that he could always stay one step ahead of Western intelligence, was killed in a police raid north of Paris. Abaaoud had been linked to as many as four thwarted attacks since this spring, including the plot to kill passengers on a Paris-bound highspeed train in August, a plan that three young Americans helped foil. Abaaoud had claimed he successfully moved back and forth from Europe to Syria coordinating terror attacks and narrowly escaped a January police raid in the Belgian city of Verviers. “Allah blinded their vision and I was able to leave... despite being chased after by so many intelligence agencies,” he boasted in an ISIS magazine. Two counterterrorism sources have said that his death marks a major advance for the investigation, but add they are operating on the premise that more senior suspects connected to the plot are still out there. They describe Abaaoud as the “Mohammed Atta” of the Paris attacks, the “tactical guy” who identified and pulled together the operatives, in the same way the lead hijacker kept the 9/11 teams on course. The sources emphasize, though, that

based on his skill set and experience, Abaaoud was not the strategic planner of the Paris attacks, in the same way Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was for the 9/11 attacks. The Paris massacre involved a plot or plots with multiple layers and upwards of 20 players, according to the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, Texas Republican Michael McCaul. Police say they launched their raid after receiving information from tapped phone calls, surveillance and tip-offs suggesting that Abaaoud was holed up in the apartment. Abaaoud was found dead after the raid with multiple bullet wounds and eight other people were arrested. The Paris attacks killed 130 people and wounded hundreds more. Europe and much of the world are on edge as French Prime Minister Manuel Valls warned that associates of the attackers could use chemical and biological weapons. Valls convinced the French Parliament to extend their state of emergency by three months. The state of emergency expands police powers to carry out arrests and searches and allows authorities to forbid the movement of people and vehicles at specific times and places.

Charedi Stabbed in France

Three people believed to be Islamic State supporters attacked a Jewish teacher in the southern French city of Marseille last Wednesday evening, November 18. Rabbi Tzion Saadoun, 56, a Chabad shaliach and Judaic-studies teacher at a local yeshiva, was stabbed in the anti-Semitic attack. Rabbi Saadoun was attacked out-

In News side his home, a short distance from the school and shul where he works. Rabbi Saadoun “lives on the border between the Jewish neighborhood and the Arab neighborhood in Marseille,” said a fellow shaliach, Rabbi Eliyahu Altab. “Right outside his home, he was ambushed by three people. He was stabbed on his face, body, arms and legs. A car drove by, and the attackers got scared and fled.” According to Chabad officials in Marseille, the victim suffered serious injuries but is in stable condition and his life does not appear to be in danger. Police were combing the area for the attackers. One of the attackers, who was travelling by scooter, demanded Rabbi Saadoun look at smartphone pictures of Toulouse jihadist Mohamed Merah, who killed three Jewish schoolchildren, a teacher and three soldiers in southwestern France in 2012. The attacker also showed the teacher that he was wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the symbol of the Islamic State terrorist group. The two other suspects believed to have been involved in the attack stood by and joined in when the attacker began shouting anti-Semitic profanities. France has had many such attacks recently. In October, a Rav and two congregants were stabbed outside a shul in Marseille following Shabbos davening. The knife-wielding assailant could be heard shouting anti-Semitic slurs at the time of the assault. The series of attacks on Jews in France in recent years has spurred a huge upsurge in immigration to Israel.

Drunken Sailor Wrecks Cargo Ship What do you do with a drunken sailor? Well, for one, don’t give him any more rum. A Russian officer on watch when a 423ft cargo ship ran aground at full speed in Scotland had drunk half a liter of rum before taking up his post,

an investigation has found. The Lysblink Seaways vessel was travelling from Belfast to Skogn in Norway with a cargo of paper when it became stuck off the west coast of Scotland near Kilchoan in the Ardnamurchan peninsula on February 18 of this year. The chief officer on watch, a 36-year-old Russian, had consumed half a liter of rum in his cabin before taking up his shift as the sole officer on watch at midnight, but had “become inattentive due to the effects of alcohol consumption.” His actions led the ship to run aground at full speed into the rocky foreshore, where it remained for two days during bad weather. The ship had to be scrapped due to the major damage incurred and 25 tons of marine gas oil leaked into the water.

The officer had consumed enough alcohol to make him eight times over the alcohol limit. In a recent report, an investigation into the incident found the bridge navigational watch alarm system (BNWAS), “which could have alerted the crew to the officer’s incapacity, had not been switched on and an off-track alarm on the ECS2 had been silenced.” “Although a radar watch alarm had sounded every 6 minutes, the somnolent officer was able to reset the alarm without leaving his chair,” the report noted. But despite the zero tolerance policy on alcohol on their ships, Lysblink Seaways carried a bonded store, which included a stock of spirits, beer and wine. “Records showed that the bonded store was regularly replenished, and empty beer, wine and spirit bottles and cartons found on board after the accident indicated significant levels of alcohol consumption by the crew,” the report noted.

The Week

that if a lot of Jews lived in a building then it likely became a Yellow Star House,” Kenyeres said. In late 1944, the Jews of Budapest were crammed into the ghetto, where some died of starvation or were shot next to the river – a poignant memorial of abandoned iron shoes today marks the spot. The arrival of the Russian army in January 1945 saved

NOVEMBER 26, 2015 B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

Nearly three quarters of a century after the Holocaust, a couple renovating their apartment in Budapest, Hungary, has discovered a very large and historically valuable collection of documents, long thought destroyed during World War II. The haul of 6,300 documents are from a 1944 census that was a precursor to the intended liquidation of the Hungarian capital’s 200,000 Jews in Nazi death camps. Brigitte Berdefy, co-owner of the apartment overlooking Hungary’s parliament, said that in August a worker detected paper after jamming a screwdriver through a crack in the wall. “We thought we’d ruined the neighbor’s wallpaper,” Berdefy said. But then her husband Gabor peered through the crack and saw what looked like handwriting. Carefully removing each brick, the couple eased out 135 pounds of dusty papers, many with bits of plaster caked on, but all more or less intact. With the ink still readable, the yellowed papers were given to the Budapest City Archives. Istvan Kenyeres, head of the archives, was amazed. “The content and scale of the finding is unprecedented,” he said. “It helps to fill a huge gap in the history of the Holocaust in Budapest.” Since September, restorers at the archives have been literally ironing the papers to study them, pausing occasionally when they spot someone famous among the scrawled names. The May 1944 Budapest census was to identify houses to serve as holding locations for Jews before moving them to a planned walled ghetto in the city’s

the corners. “Jewish people filled in the forms honestly – they refused to believe where this might end up,” said Kenyeres. Shortly after the census, around 200,000 Jews were moved into some 2,000 selected buildings, “Yellow Star Houses,” with the Star-of-David Jewish symbol painted on the doors. “Thanks to the Berdefys, we know


WWII Document Trove Unearthed in Budapest

seventh district. Two months earlier, Nazi Germany had occupied Hungary and deportations in the countryside to the gas chambers of Auschwitz began almost immediately. The forms found in the Budapest apartment contain names of each building’s inhabitants and whether they are Jewish or not, with total numbers of Christians and Jews marked in

In News



t ou r d ou m! fin ut ra to bo g ll a pro Ca ore T m AN R G



the rest, though, and unlike the Jews from outside the city, most of Budapest’s Jewish population survived. An estimated total of 600,000 Hungarian Jews perished in the Holocaust, most in Auschwitz.

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Two Jews Killed By Terrorist in Tel Aviv Two Israelis were murdered and at least two others wounded in an attack in southern Tel Aviv on Thursday, November 19. The stabbing took place in the Panorama office building at an entrance to a room used for davening next to the parking lot as Mincha was taking place. Reuven Aviram, 51, was from Ramle and Rabbi Aharon Yesiab, 32, was from Tel Aviv. Two more people suffered light and moderate injuries. The Palestinian terrorist was caught by a passersby and arrested by police at the scene. Police identified him as Raid Halil bin Mahmoud, a 36-year-old father of five from the West Bank village of Dura, near Hebron. Workers in the large office building were told to stay inside and lock their doors as police hunted for a possible second attacker. They later said there was only one assailant. The attack broke several days of relative calm following a spate of stabbing attacks in Jerusalem, the West Bank and elsewhere over the last two months. Sadly, since the attack, others have been killed in other attacks as well. Terror organization Hamas said it welcomed the attack. “We welcome the heroic operation in Tel Aviv that killed two people,” read a tweet on the Gaza-based group’s official account read. “We call on the Palestinians to continue such activities.”

Another Terror Attack Claims Innocent Lives

Three people were killed and four others injured in a shooting last week near the West Bank settlement of Alon Shvut in the Etzion Bloc. Among the victims was Ezra Schwartz, an American yeshiva student from Sharon, Massachusetts. Ezra, 18, was taking a year off in between high school and college to learn in yeshiva. He had been delivering food to Israeli soldiers before the attack. Also killed was Yaakov Don, 51, from Alon Shvut, and a Palestinian man.  The police and army confirmed the assailant opened fire with an Uzi submachine gun from inside a vehicle at Israeli vehicles, hitting several people. When he ran out of ammunition, the attacker drove in the direction of the nearby Gush Etzion Junction before ramming the vehicle into a car. Security personnel shot back at the suspect, disarmed him and arrested him. The wounded individuals, who were only lightly hurt, were Americans studying at a yeshiva in nearby Beit Shemesh. Magen David Adom said they were evacuated to the Sha’are Zedek Medical Center. Palestinian media identified the shooter as 24-year-old Mohammed Abdel Basset al-Kharoub, from the West Bank village of Dir Smat near Hebron. At the funeral that took place in Boston, Ezra was remembered as a person with “boundless energy,” capable of “making friends with anyone.” From mentoring his siblings to






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NOVEMBER 26, 2015




Joe Bondar

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NOVEMBER 26, 2015


The Week spending quality time with his grandparents, he earned the respect and love of all kinds of people — “kids with little quirks and idiosyncrasies were his specialty,” according to Schwartz’s grandfather. Ezra would spend time with his three younger brothers, playing sports with them. His older sister, Mollie, with whom he was especially close, said, “From a very, very young age, you looked out for me,” she said through tears. “You played and played with our brothers until there was no playtime left. I’m going to try to be happy for the both of us from now on.” “His life ended abruptly as he was on a mission of chessed,” Ezra’s mother, Ruth, said through tears. “Our family will never be complete again.”

Jonathan Pollard Finally Free

After thirty long years, Jonathan Pollard was finally released from prison last Friday. His lawyers are now appealing the restrictions placed on the American-Israeli spy upon his re-

In News lease from prison, arguing that they render him unemployable. Pollard’s lawyers say that the restrictions — among them an anklet for 24-hour GPS tracking and the monitoring of his and any future employer’s computers — are illegal, and that no employer would agree to their computers being monitored in this manner. The attorneys also claim that there is no cause to believe that Pollard will pass on further classified information or commit any other crime, as the data he gleaned is outdated and he can barely recall it. Additionally, the lawyers point out that his crime had nothing to do with the internet, as the internet had not yet been invented at the time of his incarceration. Therefore, they posit, he should be allowed unmonitored internet access. After three decades behind bars, Pollard, now 61, was released from

the Butner, North Carolina, facility where he has been serving a life sentence for spying on the United States on Israel’s behalf. He was arrested in 1985 for selling U.S. secrets to Israel while working as a civilian intelligence analyst for the American Navy. One year later, Pollard pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit espionage and was sentenced to life in prison in 1987. Pollard has said that he would like to move to Israel after his release, a request that has been ruled out by the American authorities as he is required to remain in the U.S. for the five years that he is on parole. He is expected to settle in the New York area and is barred from traveling outside the country, including to Israel, without permission. Under the terms of his parole, the former U.S. Navy analyst is also

The Week

gist’ who would lend a sympathetic ear to whoever needed it… We love her and her family very much and are sending them a strong embrace.”

B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

Hadar Buchris, the 21-year-old who was murdered in a terror attack at Gush Etzion junction this past Sunday, was memorialized on Sunday evening at the Bat Ayin midrasha she joined last year. Girls attending the Zohar midrasha gathered there before setting off for the junction where their friend was murdered.

Heights. “She was a very talented theater student and a successful comic who always created positive vibes around her friends,” Hazvi continued. “She was also a kind of ‘psycholo-

NOVEMBER 26, 2015

“She Was a Source of Good Energy”

“Hadar was a fantastic, bright girl. She was always a source of good energy for the whole group,” said Ayala Eretz Hazvi, Hadar’s former teacher from her old school in the Golan


not allowed to give interviews to the media and no rallies or other public events were allowed to be held to mark the occasion. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed the release, saying he had “longed for this day.” “The people of Israel welcome the release of Jonathan Pollard,” the prime minister said in a statement. “After three long and hard decades, Jonathan is finally being reunited with his family. May this Shabbos bring him much joy and peace that will continue in the years and decades ahead.” The prime minister is reportedly seeking to keep the release as low-key as possible and has instructed his cabinet to refrain from discussing the matter. Pollard’s supporters argued for years that his sentence was excessive and that others convicted for comparable crimes received lighter sentences. Most recently, hints circulated in spring 2014 that Pollard’s release could be secured as an incentive for keeping foundering peace talks alive between Israel and the Palestinian Authority — but Pollard himself reportedly rejected any attempt at using him for leverage.

In News


B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M


NOVEMBER 26, 2015


The Week

Before moving to the Golan Heights, Hadar had attended school in Tzfat, where one of her sisters still studies. Those at the school say that she and her sister were very close and supported one another. Buchris was murdered on Sunday afternoon when a Palestinian stabbed her while she was waiting at a hitchhiking point at Gush Etzion junction. A soldier standing nearby shot and wounded the attacker, who later died.  Magen David Adom paramedics treated Hadar and she was evacuated to Sha’are Tzedek hospital in Jerusalem, but surgeons were unable to save her.   According to a witness to the attack, the Palestinian initially spoke with a soldier at the site before carrying out the stabbing. The Shin Bet

confirmed later that the attacker was Issam Thawabteh, a 34-year-old from Beit Fajjar, which is close to the Gush Etzion junction.

In News The town frequently makes Gallup-Healthways annual rankings of cities with the best well-being. Dan Buettner, author of The Blue Zones, named San Luis Obispo, about two hours north of Ventura County, one of the four happiest cities on earth (it was the only U.S. city in the bunch). In addition, Oprah Winfrey featured the city in a segment titled “The Happiest City in America.”

The Happiest Town in the Country San Luis Obispo, California, is widely regarded as the Happiest Place in America. So what makes the city, located between Los Angeles and San Francisco, so happy? Recently, Sid Lipsey of Yahoo Travel visited the city and came away smiling. First and foremost, Lipsey noticed that the locals are relaxed and chilled. There is an overall slow-paced atmosphere about the town. The wide sidewalks are designed for casual strolls and add to the laidback feel. The accommodations in the town echo the “don’t worry, be happy” vibe. There are several charming and quant Bed & Breakfast type of lodgings, many of them pet friendly. In SLO, a common acronym used to refer to San Luis Obispo, there is a deep appreciation for wine and meat. There are tons of restaurants and wineries to choose from and people seem to always be socializing. But it’s not all about food. People in SLO also enjoy the great outdoors, getting their daily dose of Vitamin D and physical activity. “We have great outdoor activities,” Kylee Jepsen, senior communications director for Visit San Luis Obispo County, related. “There’s lots of hiking in its beautiful terrain. And you’re within miles of the ocean, and who can’t be happy when they’re that close to the ocean?”

The beachside of the greater county of SLO is sprinkled with communities. In 2013, the city had a population of 46,377 with the average of 25.8 years old; 93.7% had a high school degree or higher. About 49% had earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher and another 18.1% received a graduate or professional degree. The unemployment rate for 2013 was 7.4% but the people who do work have a short commute with an average travel time of just 13.8 minutes. The estimated median household income in 2013 was $44,618 with an estimated median house or condo value of $530,947 and median gross rent of $1,222. No wonder they keep on smiling!

Chicago Sets Snowfall Record as Midwest Smacked with Freeze While many of us are still enjoying the relatively warm weather, others are preparing for snow. Frigid temperatures brought snow across the Midwest on Friday and Saturday. Then, on Sunday, the region was hit with a deep freeze with temperatures dipping to the single digits and even below zero in some areas, turning any snow into ice. The National Weather Service forecast was 20 degrees or lower across six states from North Dakota to Illinois.

In Chicago, residents were blanket-


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NOVEMBER 26, 2015

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Beautifully renovated 6BR/3.5BA brick rancher. Hardwood floorshome! on main Main levelGorgeous master bedroom suite. Gourmet level. remodeled kitchen with kitchen with granite counters stainless & granite counters, stainless&appliances doors leading todining the rear Master appliances. Separate room.deck. Spacious bedroom suite walk-in closet & living room with doorswith leading to sunroom. remodeled luxury bath. Finished walk-out Upper level has 3 bedrooms & full bath. lower level with lrg. family room, bedroom, Finished lower level has 2 bedrooms, full full&bath & laundry area. Huge rear patio & bath storage. Large rear deck.

$299,900 $259,000

$429,900 $349,000

Quarry Lake

community amenities.

$359,000 $525,000 LINCOLN AVENUE MT. WaSHINGToN

PINkNey road PINkNEy ROAd

NOVEMBER 26, 2015


Beautiful, completely renovated 4BR/3BA

t C A r t N o uNDer C

fenced yard.


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1517 Reisterstown Road, Corner of Old Court Road • Baltimore, MD 21208


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can get you more for your home!


Move right into this beautiful completely If you’re thinking selling updated 4BR/3BA cape cod.ofGleaming hardwood floors throughout main level. your home, no one does it Spacious renovated kitchen with granite counters. levelNabozny bedrooms. of betterTwo thanentry Barry Upper level master suite with full bath Remax Premier Associates. & walk-in closet. Lower level has den, bedroom, bath & laundry area. Great Call today to find out how we deck off kitchen overlooking backyard.

much more!

Beautiful, completely renovated 6BR/3.5BA

Beautiful, completely renovated porch front home. Gleaming hardwood 6BR/3.5BA porch front home. Gleaming floors in living room & dining room. Brand hardwood floors in living room & dining new kitchen granite counterswith & stainless room. Brandwithnew kitchen granite appliances. Main level master bedroom counters & stainless appliances. Main suite.master Upper bedroom level has 3suite. bedrooms full level Upper& level bath. Finished lower level with 2 bedrooms has 3 bedrooms & full bath. Finished & full level bath. with New 2baths, flooring,&windows, lower bedrooms full bath. doorsbaths, & muchflooring, more! windows, doors & New much more!

B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

Move right into this beautiful completely Completely Renovated 4BR/2.5BA Rancher updated 4BR/3BA cape cod. Gleaming with 2-car garage! Living & dining room hardwood floors throughout main level. combination with wood floors. New kitchen Spacious renovated kitchengranite with granite with stainless appliances, counters counters. Two entry level bedrooms. and center island. Lower level has large Upper level master suite with full bath rec room, laundry area and powder room. & walk-in closet. Lower level has den, New baths, new windows, new doors, new bedroom, bath & laundry area. Great deck carpeting, freshly painted throughout & off kitchen overlooking backyard.


NOVEMBER 26, 2015


The Week

ed with over 11 inches of snow, a record breaker. This is the most amount of snow in the city for November in 120 years. More than 130 flights were cancelled on Sunday into and out of the O’Hare International Airport. Earlier in the weekend, South Dakota through Michigan received up to 20 inches of snowfall. In the southern Wisconsin town of Janesville, between 10 and 20 inches of snow had fallen by late Saturday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service. Southside True Value Hardware manager Matt Krienke said business had been good in the days leading up to the storm in the Janesville, but that it had become “very, very, very, very slick.” “People who don’t need to drive don’t need to be out,” he said.

Slick driving conditions were reported across the region. In western Michigan, two people were injured in a 15-car pileup late Saturday along Interstate 196 following heavy snow in the area. Winter doesn’t officially begin until Tuesday, December 22 but don’t be surprised if you spy a couple of flurries before then.

“Clock Boy” Demands $15M It all comes down to money. Remember “Clock boy,” Ahmed Mohamed, who was arrested after w

In News

he brought what he claimed was a “homemade” clock to school? Now, the 14-year-old Muslim boy is seeking $15 million because of his public “mistreatment.” His attorney is demanding $10 million from the city of Irving, Texas, and $5 million from the Irving Independent School District. Ahmed took his clock to school in September, and an educator thought it could be a bomb. Ahmed was arrested but never charged and was suspended from school. “What has happened to this family is inexcusable,” Kelly Hollingsworth, an attorney for Ahmed and his family, said. “As indicated in the letters, the long term effects on Ahmed are incalculable.”

transported it into a silver pencil case. Perhaps he was also seeking some of the fame that his father enjoyed just a short while before.

Guys on a Roll These people are eating on the run – and the cops aren’t too happy about it.

& Be w st o W te e rkm qua n w a li qu ill n ty ot be sh es a ip by t 10 %


MHIC 82438

B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

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Interestingly, the family is no longer living in the United States. They accepted a foundation’s offer to pay for Ahmed’s education in Qatar and moved to the Persian Gulf country. He had visited Qatar during a whirlwind several weeks following the incident that even included a stop at the White House. Less than 24 hours after he met the president, the Mohameds left for Qatar. This is not the first time the family has been in the news. Ahmed’s father, Mohamed Elhassan, ran for president of Sudan and was present during a high-profile Koran burning in Florida.  Even more interesting is that many have revealed that Ahmed did not invent the “clock” that he brought to school. He actually took an old clock made by Radioshack and then

A group of nine young men in Perth, Australia, have been caught sipping and chewing on mobile patio tables. They might be sitting pretty but the authorities are pretty angry about what they’re doing. It seems like they are sitting on large skateboards with tables attached and the table actually move while they’re eating. Police have posted a clip of the chillers online, stating that they “are concerned for the safety of those riding on the tables with no protective clothing,” and that the riders “could face a number of charges including driving an unlicensed vehicle, driving an unroadworthy vehicle and drink [sic] driving.” While the drunk driving claim may or may not have merit, many of the Western Australia Police’s Facebook followers seem to be on board... with the Picnic Table Passengers.

The Week

In News

Introducing Mr. Ugly Hey, you! Mr. Ugly! Congratulations!


picture) and that his ugliness wasn’t natural since it was based on missing teeth. Judges said Sere, 42, made a “tremendous effort to enhance his ugliness by pulling facial stunts,” while Masvinu did not try hard enough. You know what they say: beauty – and ugliness – is in the eyes (and teeth) of the beholder.

A Chunk of Change Ever want to throw a quarter at the meter maid?
























Results Staiman Design






STAIMAN.COM 410-580-0100










B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M


NOVEMBER 26, 2015

No, we are not insulting or bullying someone. This Mr. Ugly is really ugly – and he’s proud to have earned the title. Pageant judges have crowned a new winner of for Zimbabwe’s 4th annual Mister Ugly contest, upsetting supporters of the crowd favorite and prompting rioting at the event. Judges chose Milton Sere for the title on Saturday, citing his numerous missing front teeth and a wide range of grotesque facial expressions, over William Masvinu, who has held the title since 2012. But Masvinu and his supporters don’t agree with the decision, claiming that Sere is “too handsome” to win (you can be the judge by seeing his


One woman writes, “My brain tells me that it is stupid and dangerous but my inner child thinks that it is hilarious and quite clever and possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen...” “With everything that’s going on in the world right now, I 100% agree that motorized picnic tables are of high concern and should without doubt be [the police’s] main priority,” another one facetiously says. “Please yellow sticker that table immediately.” Can anyone tell me where I can buy these cool tables for my next BBQ? I’m going to be the coolest kid on the block.



NOVEMBER 26, 2015


The Week

Mayor Carlos Hernandez tried to throw a whole lot more – and now he’s in major trouble. The Miami-area mayor tried to use 360,000 pennies and nickels – 28 buckets full of coins – to pay a $4,000 ethics fine. Instead of accepting the change, the ethics commission doubled the fine for Hernandez, saying he intentionally broke the rules because he knew the panel only accepted checks. And now the Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics and Public Trust is suing the mayor.

B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

The commission ruled in July that Hernandez lied about interest rates on a $180,000 loan to a jewelry salesman now jailed for a pyramid scheme. Hernandez has called the complaints a “political circus” and described commission members as “clowns.” Seems like Hernandez needs a bit of a “change” of attitude.

The Golden Kit Kat

“Give me a break, give me a (golden) break.” For chocolate lovers with cash to burn, a gold-coated Kit Kat bar will hit stores in Japan later this month. The candy will sell for around $16, so you probably won’t be stocking up. Looking for the “golden ticket”? Unlike in the famous children’s book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the luxury chocolate bar won’t be randomly scattered among regular Kit Kats in shops. Instead, 500 of the single bars will be made and sold only in the country, according to Nestle Japan, which has produced over 200 flavors – from strawberry to green tea and even wasabi – since introducing the chocolate treat there in 1973. “In Japanese convenience stores, consumers are used to having new varieties all the time,” Nestle Japan

In News

spokeswoman Melanie Kohli related. “Japan is a very unique market.” Nestle’s limited edition “Sublime Gold” one-finger treat, which is covered in gold leaf and described as having a rich, bitter chocolate taste, will go on sale at chocolate boutiques in eight swank department stores from Tokyo to Sapporo in the north and Fukuoka in southern Japan. “We have made it a luxury product,” Kohli said of the gold bars, which could be a popular treat during the “gift-giving” season. “Not like you probably remember from your childhood. It’s a special occasion, to celebrate the end of the year.” Kohli added that Japan’s “omiyage” culture of bringing regional gifts back for family and work colleagues after trips away was another reason for Kit Kat’s success with its various flavors. “Like you have wasabi from Shizuoka and strawberries in Kyushu,” she pointed out. “Japan is the only place where you can have such a variety of Kit Kat flavors, something linked to that regional culture.” Kit Kat currently offers around 30 different flavors in Japan, including Okinawan sweet potato, Yokohama cheesecake and Kobe pudding. Wonder if they’ll be making a latke-flavored Kit Kat for the Festival of Lights?

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Piling on the Points

Know that guy in the back of shul who is always boasting about how he flew his whole family to Israel for Pesach, stayed in a gorgeous hotel, and rented an SUV – all on credit card points? Next time he starts to chew your ear off, just mention Liu Yiqian’s name – and he’s bound to keep quiet. Chinese billionaire and art collector Liu Yiqian found a savvy way to accumulate frequent-flier miles. He put his record-breaking purchase of a Modigliani painting — which he bought at auction for 170$ million — on his American Express card.  Liu, a former taxi driver, told the New York Times that he charged the painting so that he, his wife, and their extended family of four children and two grandchildren can accumulate Membership Miles and fly around the world for free. PEYD would be proud. The billionaire, who, according to Forbes, has a personal wealth of $1.38 billion, is a passionate traveler: Before he started collecting art, he contemplated buying a plane. But who needs a plane when you have millions upon millions of miles? This isn’t the first time Liu has racked up points with a credit card. In 2014, he paid for a $36 million ancient ceramic cup with his Amex Centurion card. In that case, Bloomberg News reported that he got a whopping 422 million points (based on the Hong Kong dollar), which translated to more than 28 million frequent flyer

The Week

complete it – will receive their t-shirt. “The T-shirt will say, ‘Finisher of 27.6 km,’” Songkram Kraison, vice president of the Jogging Association of Thailand, one of the event’s two organizers, said,. “The shirts are meant to apologize and also to honor runners who ran in the longer version of the half-marathon.” The race looped through Bangkok’s historic district, past the Grand Palace, monuments and Buddhist temples, with half-marathon participants sharing the route with full-marathon runners until a specified turnoff. That’s where the error occurred, according to organizers, who said officials stationed along the route accidentally directed half-marathon runners to make a U-turn at the wrong spot, which added the extra distance.

“We deeply regret this unfortunate mistake,” the Jogging Association of Thailand said in its apology posted in Thai and English on websites and Facebook pages connected with the event. “We admit our mistake and would like to apologize.” The T-shirt is meant to “express our admiration for your spirit in bravely overcoming the obstacles,” the letter said. Maybe they should have given out a bumper sticker for those who are having trouble walking after the extra running they had to do.

NOVEMBER 26, 2015

“It was lovely, it was beautiful. I would recommend that everyone swims across the Nile,” Blankhart said laughing, relieved to be back on dry land after the crossing. She had originally said that she would swim across the river if her embassy’s Facebook page received more than 10,000 likes. After she hit the target, the 63-year-old organized the swim with two charities to raise awareness about safe swimming in the Nile. They were serious about their safety. The group was watched over by a team of Sudanese lifeguards in kayaks and boats as they swam through the muddy water. No saying what germs they’ll be catching after their plunge, though.


miles. According to American Express, Liu isn’t the first card member to take this route. “We see a huge range in redemptions using Membership Rewards points,” spokeswoman Kimberly Litt related. “Everything from engagement rings to fine art and, of course, for travel all over the world.” In fact, there’s a whole community of frequent-flyer nerds called “Hobbyists” who have figured out how to game the system to fly for free.  Liu certainly has. We give him points for his frugality, especially when he can afford to own the airlines.

In News


Swimming the Nile with a Smile A Half-Marathon – Or Was It?

Immediate Openings

Want to help women in Sudan? Perhaps you should swim across the Nile. The Dutch ambassador to Sudan swam across the Nile in Khartoum on Saturday in a stunt that began as a bet to win more “likes” for her embassy’s Facebook page. She also wished to promote women’s empowerment in Sudan. Clad in a bright orange swimsuit bearing the embassy logo, Ambassador Susan Blankhart swam several hundred meters across the Blue Nile with six other Dutch women and seven Sudanese women, cheered on by dozens of supporters on the riverbank.

Thought you ran the half-marathon in Bangkok last week? You were wrong – you ran the half-marathon plus 4 miles, due to an error by race officials. Runner ran 27.6 kilometers (17 miles) instead of the standard 21 kilometers (13 miles). Many clocked the race on GPS watches and were bewildered by the erroneous calculations. But runners, do not despair. For your extra time and effort exerted, you will receive a wonderful, special jersey to wear like a badge of pride. 6,000 runners took part in the race and everyone – even those who didn’t

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English Teacher


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NOVEMBER 26, 2015


A Soldier on a Mission Words are Sgt. Benjamin Anthony’s Weapon in his Defense of the Jewish State

B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

By Tammy Mark

Sgt. Benjamin Anthony is always on mission. Whether defending Israel in combat or on college campuses, his commitment is unyielding. His personal journey, from his exposure to anti-Semitism as a child in England to his intense experiences serving on Israel’s frontlines, reinforces his determination to reach and educate others through his organization Our Soldiers Speak.


ounded by Sgt. Anthony in 2007, Our Soldiers Speak is a nonfor-profit non-governmental organization dedicated to bringing the proud truth of Israel Defense Forces to the campuses and communities of the English speaking world. As with any meaningful mission, Sgt. Anthony is driven to succeed – and has recruited the best and the brightest representatives of Israel to join him. Our Soldiers Speak delivers a unique presentation di-

rected at pro- and anti-Israel groups and those undecided alike. The organization aims to delve between the headlines and media coverage of the military operations of the IDF in efforts to separate fact from sensationalism and distinguish between perception and reality. Largely focused on bringing its message to North American campuses, Our Soldiers Speak has reached some 350 universities and 300 high schools across four continents to date.

One of the most powerful and targeted endeavors is the inclusion of relevant specialists of the IDF such as lawyers and doctors to address graduate students, recognizing that the students of today are the legislators and policymakers of tomorrow. Sgt. Anthony recently completed a campus tour which brought top IDF lawyers to several prestigious law schools including University of Pennsylvania, Emory, Stanford and UCLA. The next tour will bring Col. Dr.

Tarif Bader, Deputy Surgeon General of the IDF, to present to students at medical schools and public health programs. Col. Dr. Bader is a proud member of the Druze community who headed the IDF’s relief mission to Nepal and oversees the medical treatment of refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war. Sgt. Anthony has seen a definitive positive impact being made on university campuses through Our Soldiers Speak. “Absolutely – just by the sheer numbers of interested listeners,” he asserts. Lectures at Harvard Law attracted 100 attendees this year and at the University of Pennsylvania over 110, both an increase from the previous visits. “Being invited back shows the efficacy of the initiative. Individuals that come with one viewpoint have turned around, or

are at least open to ideas,” he relates. This initiative is just one part of a larger plan to educate and inform Diaspora Jewry on multiple fronts. Our Soldier’s Speak Elite brings active generals in the IDF and other key leaders from Israel to brief Congress on security issues affecting Israel and the U.S. Superintendent Mickey Rosenfeld, spokesperson of Israel’s police force, will be addressing members of Congress in Washington, D.C., this month. A third and very crucial component of Our Soldiers Speak is the educational program. This program is geared towards yeshiva high schools as a way to teach Jewish students so that they could teach others. While all yeshivas incorporate Jewish history lessons, some in the

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015

value of peace – all of us, the policymakers, the citizens and the IDF together.” Sgt. Anthony spends several months each year traveling and speaking on behalf of Our Soldiers Speak and bringing his message to other organizations. He appreciates and enjoys meeting Jews from all communities and people from all backgrounds who love Israel. He has been keynote speaker on behalf of Israel Bonds, for Christians United for Israel and at Federation events, and has addressed synagogue congregations throughout North America. Speaking with a smooth demeanor, Sgt. Anthony conveys a strong sense of ur-

gency. “I don’t expect everyone in the Diaspora to fight, but to understand that the future of Israel rests on the State of Israel. Be proud and confident in the existence of the state of Israel and support the work of the IDF and stop apologizing.” Sgt. Anthony will be returning to the Five Towns this Sunday November 15, at 7:00 PM to speak at the Young Israel of Woodmere. He will be joined by two expert journalists to address the community on how to combat anti-Israel bias in the media and on college campuses. Visit for more information.

“Although very few people have the skills to engage in it, we have to stand in the face of the issue. It’s our responsibility to defend the name of Israel and IDF.”


B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

Our Soldiers Speak encounters an initial pushback on almost every campus. Students will attempt to boycott or cancel events, even pressuring the moderating professors to cancel their participation. At Northeastern University, students defaced event posters with swastikas. At Tufts and NYU, “die-ins” were held, with students covering themselves in ketchup to feign injuries as if at the hands of the IDF. Once Our Soldiers Speak pushes past these hurdles, the lectures are overwhelmingly successful. Sgt. Anthony recalls one particular student who was initially set on protesting and disrupting the presentation. He remarkably sat through the lecture and has now applied to sign onto the organization’s mission. Sgt. Anthony has seen shifts on the college campuses over the 5 to 7 years he has been touring. While Jewish life on campus is growing, pro-Israel life on campus is diminishing and they are more and more becoming two different viewpoints. Anti-Israel sentiment is growing, and the uninformed have increasingly grown critical of Israel. Jewish students feel less comfortable expressing pro-Israel views and have nobody there to educate them at that

point. It’s easier for most to remain silent than to speak in favor of, and they lack the necessary tools. Sgt. Anthony is intellectually deeply disturbed by the growing anti-Israel sentiment and believes that future policymakers won’t find favor with Israel and that we do not have the luxury to ignore it. He cautions that if the trajectory of the U.S. follows the course of the UK and Europe, this mentality will inevitably permeate the workplace and leave people to hesitate disclosing a gap year spent studying in Israel or volunteering in the IDF. These are possibilities he insists need to be considered. In addition to misrepresentation and biases in traditional media outlets as of late, heated exchanges and attacks via social media have also become increasingly common. As for the average person who comes up against anti-Israel vitriol, whether in person or on social media, they need not feel completely powerless to address it. “It is definitely a personal issue that’s at the heart of identity and when attacked we feel it viscerally. Although very few people have the skills to engage in it, we have to stand in the face of the issue. It’s our responsibility to defend the name of Israel and IDF,” he advises. He feels there is far too much readiness of those who have never served in the IDF to criticize Israel and dictate what should be done, as it is very elusive. “We all learn our values from a common source. We share the same values as Diaspora Jews – the paramount

NOVEMBER 26, 2015

Sgt. Anthony was born in Leeds and raised in England as one of seven children. His father is a cantor and a criminal defense attorney and his mother was trained as a concert pianist. As a young child he experienced brutal anti-Semitism in the UK and witnessed his own brother being severely beaten on the way to school. The incident left his brother with injuries that continue to affect his health to this day. The episode left a lasting impact on Sgt. Anthony as well, leaving him with the stark realization that defensive action cannot wait. Sgt. Anthony is a graduate of the University of Manchester, where he was further exposed to rampant anti-Israel views. He immigrated to Israel in 2004 after graduation and served in the IDF from 2005-2007. A heavy machine gunner, Sgt. Anthony has taken a front line role in several of Israel’s most recent campaigns to defend its citizens, including the second Lebanon War, Operation Pillar of Defense, and most recently, Operation Protective Edge. He has served in Judea and Samaria, the West Bank, and along Israel’s northern

border, and has witnessed dreadful tragedies of his comrades on the battlefield. Sgt. Anthony continues to serve on an annual basis as a reservist in the IDF. Having worked side by side with fellow soldiers of diverse backgrounds all with the common goal of defending Israel, Sgt. Anthony is deeply proud to be a part of the IDF. He is comforted by the idea of having a Jewish state and the IDF to defend it. He knows what tragedies befall the Jewish people otherwise and considers it a humbling privilege to be a part of it.


form of religious history and some in connection to Israel advocacy, the programs are not rigorous enough to deal with the dialogue on campuses today. Without sufficient grounding, Sgt. Anthony has seen that students can turn apathetic or worse, and it is happening with alarming frequency. He insists that all yeshivas are responsible to preempt this situation, and his goal is to make it as imperative a part of the core curriculum as math and science. The program has been instituted in nine schools so far, including North Shore Hebrew Academy, Hebrew Academy of Nassau County, and Flatbush Yeshiva, among others across the country.


T h e J Tehwe iJsehwhiosm b e r2 46,, 2012 2012 heh n o m de enc emmay


NOVEMBER 26, 2015

40 126 90


Light up the nights Special Chanukah Party Ideas to Wow Your Guests This Year

Fun with Food .............................

waffles or brownies as well. And don’t forget the cherry on top!

Fun ‘n Games .............................

Doughnut Bar Make Your Own Pizza

Chanukah is all about milchigs, and pizza is the perfect entrée to serve when feeding a crowd. This year, let your guests help out with the planning. Buy store-made pizza dough or pizza crusts and arrange bowls of toppings for them to choose from. Make sure to include marinara sauce, shredded cheese, balls of mozzarella cheese, oregano, basil, peppers, onions, fried eggplant, sliced olives, spinach and broccoli. Label each pan before they start their creation so you know which pizza belongs to who once it’s done. Bon appétit!

B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

Susan Schwamm

Fondue Fountain

Chewy marshmallows and cubes of fruit dipped into a geyser of chocolate—need I say more? One year I purchased a fondue fountain at a local store for a family party and the kids couldn’t get enough. Make sure to put an adult in charge as it can get a little messy. Hand out skewers and set out bowls with marshmallows, cubed pineapple, pretzels, cubes of brownies, strawberries and banana. They’ll be talking about this for the rest of the year!

My kids look forward to Chanukah all year for the endless supply of doughnuts they are treated to at every party. Instead of just giving out doughnuts for the children to enjoy, why don’t you set up a doughnut bar where children and the youngat-heart can choose toppings of their choice? Set up doughnuts or doughnut holes with tongs and your guests’ favorite toppings. Include chocolate syrup, gooey caramel, hot fudge sauce, confectioners’ sugar, shredded coconut, colored sprinkles, chopped nuts and miniature chocolate chips. You can set aside small tins or containers for them to place their unique doughnuts in to take home. I actually saw this idea on For more info, visit Esther’s blog,, where you will find details about how to set one up and many other great ideas for Chanukah and year-round.

Pin the Shamash on the Menorah

For a twist on the classic “pin the tail on the donkey” game, cut out a giant menorah and candles from oaktag and have your children decorate it with glitter and colored markers. Take the time to laminate it, as it will help it maintain its shape and you will be able to use it from year to year. While blindfolded, have each child try to pin the shamash on the menorah. The one whose candle comes closest, wins!

Pass the Present

Sometimes I feel that when Chanukah comes the children are overloaded with presents. So, why not make the presents into a game? In this game, wrap some small toys (think stickers, erasers, candies) between layers of different types of wrapping paper. The big “present” gets passed around as the music plays. When the music stops, the person holding the present gets to unwrap one layer of paper and keeps the small toy found underneath. When wrapping the “present,” keep track of which toy is hidden under each wrapping paper. This way, the adult in charge of the game can stop the music when he or she feels the next small toy is appropriate for the person who will get to keep it. In this game, everyone wins!

I Scream, You Scream

If you are serving dairy, dessert is as easy as 1-2-3! Ice cream sundaes are fun and only require minimal effort. Set out tubs of ice cream, bowls of toppings and lots of napkins. No ice cream sundae is complete without chocolate syrup, sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, crushed cookies, nuts, strawberry syrup, bananas, and whipped cream. For a twist on the classic ice cream sundae, feel free to include

Family Photo Booth

This activity is so much fun and the memories will last for a lifetime! Set aside a space of around 8 feet by a wall with minimum distractions. Place a box with props such as large sunglasses, hats, fake mus-

41 127 91

swers the most questions correctly wins the game! An added bonus? You get to learn a lot about your favorite people!

Guess the Pennies

Musical chairs is always fun to play and it gives the kids a little exercise after eating all that candy. Make sure to have fun music on-hand. For added excitement, take away two chairs at a time, or even three—if you dare!

This requires a little bit of planning beforehand, but it is truly worth it! In this game, each person receives a list of questions that pertain to different family members and they have to guess which relative it’s referring to. Speak with different family members for information to ensure that you include everyone in the family. Include hints like: “This girl loves to wear purple.” Or, “Did you know he plays three instruments?” The person who an-

Chanukah Taboo

For older children, a game of Chanukah Taboo will give some structure to a fun, family party. Create Taboo cards before the party and then have them play when they have the time. You will need to create at least 25 cards to make the game fun, but not all the words have to be Chanukah-related. Here are some ideas for Chanukah Taboo cards to start you off. Main word: Oil. Words not to be spoken:

We’re Going on a Treasure Hunt

When the Maccabim won over the Greeks in the time of the Chanukah miracle, they searched high and low for the one container of pure oil in the Beis Hamikdash. At your party, have your little “Maccabim” find the hidden oil in your house. Create a treasure hunt with hidden clues around the house to lead them to the final and most important treasure—the pach shemen! This will keep them busy and excited as they go from clue to clue in anticipation of the final treasure.

NOVEMBER 26, 2015

Fill a jar with pennies and have each guest mark down how many pennies they think are in the jar when they come into the party. At the end of the night, reward the best guess-er with their very own jar of pennies!

Musical Chairs

Family Trivia

fry, jar, water, yellow. Main word: Maccabee. Words not to be spoken: Yehuda, fight, soldier, Mi Kamocha. Main word: Dreidel. Words not to be spoken: Spin, penny, nes, top.


taches, bowties, fedoras, feather boas and clown wigs. Buy one or a few very large picture frames. Have each family dress up and “frame” themselves with the frames. Snap a few pictures and then send them home with a wrapped picture frame and photo of their good time.

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NOVEMBER 26, 2015


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s Si m c


We are excited to announce we are opening for the

NOVEMBER 26, 2015

2016-2017 school year!


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FOUNDING COMMITTEE: Moshe Yitzchak Markowitz, Menachem Pinck, Jason Reitberger, Moshe Meir Rubin, Nechemia Weinreb

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Rabbi Eli Itzkowitz, Menahel | Devora Solomon, Preschool Director |

Shira Gryll |

Starting with: 3’s, 4’s, pre-1a, and first grade


NOVEMBER 26, 2015

Notable Quotes “Say What?!”


He looks at me and he goes, “Um, how old are you?” I said, “Well, I’m 26, I’ll be 27.” He goes, “Well, that’s kind of old for us.” He says to me, “Maybe the dogs will take you,” meaning the Army. – Hillary Clinton at a roundtable in New Hampshire “dusting off an old tale” that she once tried to join the Marine Corps and was rejected

Mrs. Clinton has repeatedly disparaged the integrity of the Marine Corps by claiming she was turned away from serving as a JAG officer in 1975 because she was too old at age 26 and too vision-impaired. She should tell us when and where this meeting took place, and with whom. – Former 2016 Democratic candidate and military veteran Jim Webb

I don’t believe it. – Famed mobster Vincent Asaro last week when the jury foreman announced that he was not guilty for taking part in the 1978 Lufthansa Heist

Hillary Clinton this week has begun telling the story of her attempt to join the Marines in 1975. But the closest she ever came to the Marines was buying a pantsuit at Old Navy. – Seth Myers

You really don’t want to know, honey.

B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

– Ibid., when asked by a reporter what he thinks of his cousin who turned on him and became a government informant

Hey Sam, don’t let them see the body in the trunk. – Ibid., joking to his lawyer as he hopped into a waiting car, with reporters in tow

Police say a Texas man stabbed his roommate this weekend during a fight over a piece of fried chicken. So even if you don’t eat the fried chicken, it will still find a way to kill you. – Seth Myers

You can’t bribe crocodiles. You can’t convince them to let inmates escape. — Budi Waseso, chief of Indonesia’s anti-drugs agency, on his idea to build a prison to hold deathrow drug convicts on an island guarded by dangerous reptiles

In one of his books, Ben Carson actually admitted to falling asleep several times while driving his car. He started taking Ubers to be safe, but his drivers kept falling asleep while listening to him talk. – Jimmy Fallon

Hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? I need some muscle over here. — Melissa Click, a professor of mass media at the University of Missouri, trying to stop a journalist from filming students’ reactions after the resignation of university president Tim Wolf



In the previous debate, you said the greatest threat to national security was climate change. Do you still believe that? – Moderator to Bernie Sanders at the Democrat debate, which took place one day after the Paris attack

Absolutely. In fact, climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism. – Bernie Sanders in response

– Tweet by hyper-left website,

Tomorrow night is the second Democratic debate! It’s the perfect way to spend a Saturday night if you’re single. And it’s raining. And every movie theater is closed. And you only get one channel. – Jimmy Fallon

NOVEMBER 26, 2015

Real terror unfolds in Paris. Perhaps this will convince the right to tone down their incessant violent rhetoric.

- Oxford dictionary’s word of the year

Researchers have published a letter from a Harvard student in 1743 asking his parents for money. On the bright side, just this year his student loans were finally paid off. - Conan O’Brien

I have no doubt that it’s a wig. It looks like a wig and I’m sure it’s a wig. And I knew that sooner or later she would have to get a wig because she had to find a place to hide her emails. It’s under the wig. That’s where it is. There’s no question about it. - Jackie Mason discussing Hillary Clinton, on Aaron Klein Investigative Radio

That’s shameful. That’s not American. That’s not who we are. We don’t have religious tests to our compassion.

Political correctness prevents the addressing of situations as they should be. - Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto while in Israel announcing that Hungary will not place special labeling on products made in the “settlements”

This time, the debate will feature just three candidates: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley. Or as viewers call them, “Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Bathroom Break.” – Jimmy Fallon

During the debate last night, Marco Rubio said, “We need more welders and less philosophers.” Graduates with a philosophy degree were so furious, they got on their parents’ computers and wrote angry emails. – Conan O’Brien

Apple announced a plan to create 1,000 new jobs in Ireland. Irish people were excited, until Apple told them, “It’s a Genius Bar, not a Guinness Bar.” – Conan O’Brien

B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

- President Obama responding to suggestions that in light of the fact that radical Islamists are among the refugees, America should only take in Christian refugees


NOVEMBER 26, 2015



OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home

There will be setbacks and there will be successes. The terrible events in Paris were obviously a terrible and sickening setback.

ISIS isn’t necessarily evil. It is made up of people doing what they think is best for their community. Violence is not the answer, though. – Tweet by Minnesota House candidate Dan Kimmel (D). The backlash to this comment caused him to end his campaign

- President Obama when asked about a comment he recently made that ISIS is contained

A painting by the Italian artist Modigliani was just sold at auction for $170.4 million. It’s the second highest price ever paid for a painting at auction. A Picasso sold for $179.4 million. It’s actually a great value. For $170 million you’re not just getting the painting; you get the opportunity to be the target of a heist. – Jimmy Kimmel

Maybe it was stress. – A family member of one of the Paris terrorists who blew himself up, giving a possible “motive” for his actions

The fourth Republican presidential debate was tonight! And if you’ve watched all four ... you do know about Netflix, right? – Jimmy Fallon

No, we do not have to be guilt-tripped into fighting these barbaric groups that slit throats…torture and kill innocent civilians in the most cowardly ways possible. No, our values are strong enough to refuse to sink to their level, and instead, to turn towards reinforcing national unity against their aggression. No, we do not doubt that enlightenment and democratic progress are strong enough to stand up to such behavior, which is sending us back to prehistoric times. No, we are not afraid, and it’s because we have no doubt that we will continue to live as we choose, and to defend the policies that we believe to be essential. Amongst these is the climate change issue, which will determine, in the long term, the survival of mankind, and, 21 in the short term, the demographic balance. The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015 – Huffington Post editorial

B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

We can remember the tragedy in Paris and still remember #Mizzou. We are capable of multitasking. Both situations are equally messed up. Not to take away from Paris at all but just how they’re getting news coverage and the world’s support, we deserve it too. # Mizzou – Two of many absurd Tweets by University of Missouri activists

First Ben Carson said he attacked his mother with a hammer, now Ben Carson’s mother is saying she’s the one who attacked Ben with a hammer. I don’t know about you, but that’s going to be one awkward Thanksgiving at the Carson house. – Conan O’Brien

The politics of it would be very, very different if a bunch of lawyers or bankers were crossing the Rio Grande. Or if a bunch of people with journalism degrees were coming over and driving down the wages in the press. Then we would see stories about the economic calamity that is befalling our nation. — Sen. Ted Cruz, on combating illegal immigration


Dating Dialogue


What Would You Do If… Dear Navidaters,


’ve been dating Avi for a number of months. I’m not a kid anymore, (O.K. – I’m 25 years old), and this is the first time that I’ve actually been in a relationship. Before Avi came along, there wasn’t anyone that I went out with more than three times. We’re getting serious and since so many of my friends are already married, I wanted a few of my very close friends to meet him so that I could get their reactions. I don’t know if that was a good idea, but it’s too late now to undo it. One of my friends arranged a gathering where we could all get together. I think Avi might have been a little nervous before this meeting, and as a result, I think he came off

a little tough. Kind of defensive, which he usually isn’t. Admittedly, he’s not the gentlest person I’ve ever met. He says what he thinks and maybe goes overboard a little bit. But I still think he has many great qualities that I’m attracted to. Meanwhile, my two best friends both told me in a gentle way that they thought Avi may not be right for me. They felt he was a bit aggressive and that I didn’t seem myself around him and I appeared to be quieter than usual around him. I don’t agree and don’t know why they are saying these things. Meanwhile, I do like Avi and am really anxious to settle down. I’ve dated for so long and am so tired of the whole spiel. I just don’t know whether I should take what my friends said too seriously or reject their warnings. Maybe they have ulterior motives. What do you think? Chana

Rebbetzin Faigie Horowitz, MS t seems to me that you should be questioning yourself rather than your friends. Why are their opinions so important? Why do you need their approval? Why, if you don’t trust yourself, are they the ones you are approaching? Are your friends mature and seasoned in their assessments? Are they the best judges of character, personality and fit? Did you consider a possible negative reaction and what you would do about it in advance? Have you considered being placed in such a situation where you would be sized up in a “group in-


terview” style by others? If they are such good friends whose opinions on the most important decision of your life seem to hold so much value for you, why would you even consider that they have ulterior motives? Another set of things to think about is your perception of a relationship and what is involved in a marriage. Do you have healthy relationships with other people in your life? Have you thought about how marital relationships work? Have you seen them? Have you thought about how marital relationships differ from relationships with friends and others? You may need to discuss the reality of marital relationships with a seasoned, mature advisor who knows

you well. Perhaps it would also be helpful to pay attention to some healthy, mature marriages around you without prying, while you begin to think and learn about some of the aforementioned. A troubling point that comes through your question is your strong interest in being married already. You don’t say much about Avi at all. Your query opens and closes with your desire to settle down and you discuss your friends’ reactions at length. Marriage is a long term commitment to another person based on understanding yourself, your potential partner and both of your values, needs, aspirations, as well as chemistry. It’s about living with another

person with whom you can grow and build. It’s not about being in the married state. Learn more about yourself, let your relationship skills mature with help, and choose the person – not the state of marriage – before you commit. Getting to know Rebbetzin Faigie Horowitz, MS... Rebbetzin Faigie Horowitz is a veteran community activist. She has spent more than twenty years in social services both as an executive and as a board member of non-profits. She is a founder of Rachel’s Place, a shelter for homeless girls in Brooklyn. Rebbetzin Horowitz has a career

B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

The Panel The Rebbetzin

NOVEMBER 26, 2015

Moderated by Jennifer Mann, LMSW of The Navidaters

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015


B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M


NOVEMBER 26, 2015


counseling practice and is a freelance writer for print and digital media. A columnist for Hamodia and Binah Magazines, she has been published in several anthologies and in Poetica Magazine. Rebbetzin Horowitz is currently the program coordinator in the Career Services Department at Touro College’s Flatbush campus and serves as the Rebbetzin of Congregation Agudas Achim of Lawrence.

The Dating Mentor Rochel Chafetz, Educator/Dating Mentor


know it is too late now, but I don’t think that was such a good idea to arrange a get together with your friends in the way that you did. It’s possible Avi felt interrogated. After all, think how you might feel if the reverse was done – not a very pleasant scenario. You probably should have introduced Avi slowly, to one friend at a time. But that is moot at this point. What bothers me is how you are describing him. I think you need to continue dating him and observe carefully how you feel when you are with him. Can you be yourself? Are you quiet? Are you afraid to say certain things or give your opinions? When you do express yourself or ask a question, does he really listen and hear you or does he respond in a way that makes it clear that he believes his ideas make more sense than yours? Do you second-guess yourself when you are having a discussion with him? Do you sometimes think to yourself that his opinions are right and yours are not? You mentioned that he is not the gentlest person. Ouch! That does not sound good. How does he act toward waiters, the parking attendants, children? Have you seen him interact with children? What about when you bring up a recent tragedy that happened to klal Yisroel – do you observe his reaction? Is it appropriate and caring? I know you want to get married but you can’t get swallowed up in a relationship. You need to be loved for who you are and not what he wants you to be. Step back as if you are an

outsider looking in on yourself and watch how the two of you interact. Are you really yourself? Hard work but doable. Good luck. Getting to know Rochel Chafetz... Rochel Chafetz has been in Chinuch for over 30 years, teaching Chumash to grades 6 through 12. She taught in Prospect Park Yeshiva for 25 years, taught in Rabbi Wallerstein’s school for at risk teenagers and is currently teaching at SKA. Rochel is a mentor for teenage girls, which ultimately leads to coaching them through their dating years. She is now also a Kallah teacher. Rochel not only teaches them Taharas Hamishpacha but also helps them navigate their Shana Rishona. Rochel is also an inspirational speaker and gives weekly shiurim to women of all ages. She volunteers in the organization Sister to Sister for divorced women, and is a “sister” to two very special young women. Rochel Chafetz can be reached at rochelchafetz@gmail. com.

The Mother Sarah Schwartz Schreiber


here are several statements in your question that trouble me. Your anxiety about being 25 years old and single are palpable (“I’m not a kid anymore,” “I’m so tired of the whole dating scene”). Your desperation (sorry to use the D word) may have caused you to be less than prudent and expose Avi to your friends’ scrutiny. It goes without saying that your life partner is not a dress you try on for friends and ask, “Does it do anything for me?” Impressing your peers, neighbors or Tante Reizel is not a criterion for marriage. As the maternal presence on the panel, I will paraphrase your Mom: “Honey, you have to live with him.” That said, you raise valid issues. First and foremost, that Avi comes through as “tough,” “aggressive,” and “not the gentlest person” and that you acted “quieter” around him. Were your friends being friendly and open or aggressive and threatening (in or-

It goes without saying that your life partner is not a dress you try on for friends and ask, “Does it do anything for me?”

der to determine whether he is “good enough for you”)? His attitude may be a natural reaction to being under pressure, on the hot seat, as it were. At the same time, I am not surprised if you came across as “quieter”; your anxiety regarding their assessment of him and his discomfort under pressure curbed your enthusiasm. What to do with your anxiety? Three key suggestions. First, date longer. Forget your “exhaustion with dating,” dating has no deadlines. Choosing a husband is the most important decision you will ever make. Second, bring Avi home. You may think you have the wisest, most well-intentioned friends, but, hey, your family knows you longest and loves you best. The more you view Avi in context of your family circle (Shabbos meals, Sunday BBQs and the occasional bagel breakfast) the better you can assess his fit within the mishpacha (and the better they can evaluate him as husband material). Finally, seek professional guidance. If you still feel anxious and uncertain regarding Avi’s husband potential, your best investment at this juncture is a qualified therapist, dating mentor or spiritual advisor. These professionals have the objectivity, training and experience to help you address your qualms so that you can date effectively and make healthy, considered decisions. Getting to know Sarah Schwartz Schreiber... Sarah Schwartz Schreiber, mother of several and grandmother of

“not enough,” is a native Los Angelino. Decades back, she married and settled in Midwood (aka Flatbush). Since then, Sarah has worked in several professional arenas – first as a medical writer and a pharmaceutical copywriter. Sarah eventually pursued her lifelong ambition and became a physician assistant. Currently, Sarah can be found triaging patients in the busiest labor and delivery room on the East Coast. Of all the jobs she’s held, Sarah considers her role as wife and mother to be the most thrilling and fulfilling vocation of all.

The Single Irit Moshe (pen name) When getting serious with a guy or a girl, one should want to introduce that special someone to the other important parties in one’s life, i.e. friends, rabbi, mashpia, children, siblings and parents. Only you know when the time to make such introductions are right for you. It is advisable to always consult with the person you are dating if they feel comfortable and ready too, as well. Inquire with this individual as to what setting would maximize their comfort when such introductions are made. Make it a joint effort to maximize success in order to reduce nervousness and/or defensiveness in such an important interview as this, which could make or break a relationship, as is evident from this scenario with Avi. Some people interview well and some people don’t. Nevertheless, it is important for you to get an objective opinion from someone who cares very much for you and hopefully that is their only agenda. If you notice his gruffness and accept it now, know that this is something that most likely will not change, but amplify after marriage. Some wives are able to smooth out their husband’s rough edges if they are willing to accept this sort of intervention. If that’s something that you can see yourself embarking on, then you have a shot. If you’re not looking to take on this type of work, then Avi may not represent marriage material for you.


OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home


Getting to know Irit Moshe...

39-year-old woman who has dated in the Orthodox world some twenty years ago and is now “back on the market,” divorced with children. Currently being eligible, and “on the scene,” she feels her anonymity is important, both for her marketability, as well as the sanctity of any of her past and future relationships she may be discussing with you, the readers. Irit’s background as a shadchon started back in her early 20’s, when she first succeeded in setting

Irit Moshe (pen name) is a

The Navidaters Dating and Relationship Coaches and Therapists

ways conducive to what is in the best interest of our singles community – and only perpetuates more anxiety. Furthermore, Chana, I can completely understand your desire to introduce Avi to your tightknit group of friends. Outside of Orthodox circles, people introduce boyfriends and girlfriends to their friends all the time. Reasons are varied. Perhaps they are excited about this new person in their lives and want their friends to get to know him. Or, perhaps someone is sensing something may be off, but can’t put their finger on it. Who better to turn to than trusted friends whom you can rely upon to give you honest feedback? What is of importance to me is not to tell you whether it was right or wrong to introduce Avi to your girlfriends or how the meeting was implemented. We can guess and analyze your and Avi’s behaviors during the gathering until the cows come home. What is worthy of exploration is to address why you wanted this meeting. You mention that you wanted your friends’ “reactions.” Re-

and learning about your dating experiences and dilemmas plus sharing with you some of her own.

times as you need to: You say that he isn’t gentle and goes overboard but scratch your head at your friends’ feedback that he came off as aggressive. I ask you: When Avi is not “the gentlest” or “says what he thinks” or “goes overboard,” what do you do? How do you react? Do you hesitate, stop in your tracks, quiet down, get loud, become more emotive, etc.? Hopefully, this introduction of Avi to your friends will serve as a wonderful opportunity for you to reflect upon your motives, the dynamics in your relationship and the way the two of you treat each other. If this becomes too much for you to handle on your own, or if you share your feelings with Avi and the two are having unproductive, circular conversations about the issue, there are many qualified therapists who can be of assistance. All the best, Jennifer

The Navidaters are dating and relationship coaches and therapists. Located in Lawrence, NY, their services include date debriefing, dating skills coaching, couples counseling, premarital and marital counseling. The Navidaters can be reached at 516.224.7779. If you have a dating or relationship scenario you would like to be featured in WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF, email Check out their website, for more information. Follow TheNavidaters on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

Dear Chana, You have gone on handfuls of dates with different guys, but find yourself in your first serious relationship with Avi. Clearly, there is something about Avi that has attracted you to him and has propelled you to maintain and nurture this relationship. The same can be said about Avi’s feelings for you. Here you are, twenty five (as you mentioned, “not a kid anymore”), wanting to settle down and begin married life. And of course you do! I believe in my gut that many of our readers who have been or are in a similar position will certainly understand this desire. The panel has considered your driving force to be “anxiety” and maybe desperation but I am not so sure. You write that you are “anxious” to settle down and you are tired of dating but certainly from your email you do not meet any criteria for being diagnosed with anxiety. My concern is that an unsubstantiated label may fan a spark into a flame. And if you are experiencing full-fledged anxiety… guess what? You are normal! The pressure on young men and women to marry by a certain age is enormous and exists in an environment that is not al-

actions to what? You mention that he is “not the gentlest,” “says what he thinks,” and “goes overboard.” That is a vague description for a wide range of possible behaviors. There is a difference between a man who receives your call with “What’s up? I don’t have much time to talk!” and “Get to the point already, will you?” I wonder if any of your descriptions about him prompted you to get your friends’ opinions and feedback because you yourself are not sure where on the pendulum Avi’s behaviors and actions lie. I will reflect to you one potential red flag I picked up on in your email. You made an excuse for Avi’s being “a little tough.” What does “a little tough” look like? You chalked it up to nerves. Healthy relationships do not allow for rationalizing bad behavior. Do you find yourself excusing or rationalizing his behaviors at other times? Only you know this answer. You end your email with the following question: Should I heed the advice and warnings of my friends, or reject their warnings? You are left wondering if your friends have ulterior motives in their assessment of Avi. Nowhere inherent in your question is the most important question of all, “Do I go with my gut? Do I go with my own assessment of Avi?” Please pay close attention to the next sentence. Read and reread it as many

Can you be yourself? Are you quiet? Are you afraid to say certain things or give your opinions?

NOVEMBER 26, 2015

Pulling It All Together

up several matches, who now have thriving families of their own. In her late 20’s, she worked in the secular world as a social worker for several years with the ill and geriatric communities. In her late 20’s, after her divorce, she experienced living within various Jewish circles, both on the east and west coasts and has observed the distinct differences in dating styles per coastal region. At present, Irit works as a certified life and dating coach, aiding other shadchanim with thinking “outside the box” as well as coordinating local events. Irit looks forward to hearing from you


Wariness of the dating process or feeling anxious to marry should not be an excuse for accepting a marriage proposal from any man. It has to come from feeling loved, respected, safe and secure with him and you can’t see your life without him. Those should be the motivating factors for moving toward a marriage with someone.



From Rockets to Doughnuts Menorahs Large and Small BY SHIRA DIAMOND

From destruction came light, lighting a menorah made from rockets

B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M


we think of Jewish holidays, we usually think sculptor, blacksmith and part-time computer teacher. He spent years witof our traditions, and Chanukah is no exception nessing rockets being launched into Israeli cities—over 18,000 of them to the rule. Beautiful, silver menorahs lit with oil, customary fried foods since 2001. Yaron had two personal, frightening incidents with rockets, such as doughnuts and latkes, Chanukah gelt, and the tunes we sing each and he felt a strong need to do something with them, to make something year are some of the warm memories we associate with the Festival of constructive from the destruction of the rockets. However, he was also Lights. hesitant to touch them, because they are instruments of death. The stress The Jewish faith has been connected to the symbol of the menorah was rising the more the rockets were falling. “It finally struck me that I for generations. The menorah brings light into the world, just as the need to make a rose from a Kassam,” he related. He thought of the verse, Jewish people are a light unto the nations. The seven branched meno- “Swords will be turned into plowshares” and decided he would take the rah was used in the Bais Hamikdash, with the kohanim lighting it every destructive rockets and turn them into something beautiful. day in the evening and cleaning it every morning. The Chanukah meThe police give Yaron the spent rockets after the bomb squad does norah is similar to the Bais Hamkidash’s the necessary checking to ensure they are menorah, but contains eight branches and not live. He first began making metal rosone shamash to symbolize the miracle that es, with only the help of a hammer, anvil “Lighting them truly lasted for eight nights. Some say it is also and furnace. Each rose takes him hours to not the same as the Temple vessel because produce, and each one is truly unique. The symbolizes the victory there is a tradition not to replicate anything stem of the flower is attached to a metal used in the Bais Hamikdash after it was base that is in the shape of the land of Isof the light of Israel destroyed. Incredibly, this holiest menorah rael; the flowers seem to be growing out of over the darkness of from the days of old was constructed out of the base. a solid block of pure gold. That includes its Now, Yaron has branched out into other our enemies.” base, cups, knobs, shaft and flowers, and items, not just roses. In fact, his beautiful the lamps on top. In fact, the concept was selection of menorahs made from rockets so difficult to understand, that Hashem told is breathtaking. Each one is different, and Moshe Rabbeinu to throw it into the fire, and Hashem formed the intri- range from modern to traditional in design. We spoke with Shana from cate menorah for the Mishkan. the Israel Boutique, whose website,, sells Nowadays, people are thinking a little more out of the box when it the vast majority of Mr. Bob’s products. In fact, they came up with the comes to menorahs. While gold and silver are the more traditional mate- “Rockets into Roses” name, after they met Yaron Bob and saw his movrials used, these modern-day menorahs make the mitzvah slightly differ- ing artwork. Shana says that people’s reactions to the products have been ent than usual. incredible. They feel very connected to the Israelis who live in fear when they touch the different items made from the rockets. “They love the idea into Roses is one such project, which of turning terror and destruction into beauty, which is what the Jewish is the brainchild of Yaron Bob, a metal people are all about,” she explained.



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DECEMBER 18, 2014


187 11


it. This menorah lighting ceremony began in 1877, when Mayor Abraham David Beam, the very first Jewish mayor of New York City, lit the menorah in public. While we’re on the subject of the tallest menorah, let’s not forgot the smallest menorah that is actually the size of a dust speck! The menorah was created by the physics laboratory at Hebrew University in Jerusalem in honor of the holiday. This lab, part of the Peter Brojde center for innovative engineering and computer science where their main focus is applying scientific discoveries to technology, has created incredible objects that are nothing less than groundbreaking. It is the home of the one and only Nanoscribe system in the Holy Land, and two doctoral students, Yossi Kabessa and Ido Eisenberg, The most delicious menorah – made out of doughnuts! decided to show the world the Nanoscribe’s abilities in building tiny 3D structures. Eventually, Kabessa and Eisenberg built the world’s smallest menorah. But don’t think ice menorah is a “cool” that you’ll be lighting it any time soon. This menorah found around the menorah actually measures less than a tenth world at many Chabad Houses. The Chabad of a millimeter; it can’t be seen by the naked at Cornell University has one, the Chabad of eye. It is only visible through a microscope The world’s smallest menorah is less than a tenth of a millimeter Indiana, the Chai center in Brookline, Masand is built with building blocks that measachusetts, and many others have this freezsure 100 nanometers. The detail that is visiing menorah to attract onlookers and bring ble on the menorah is incredible considering attention to the mitzvah of lighting menorah. its size and represents the “miracle machine” Cool Way Ice, LLC even advertises that they that has the potential to make incredible sell ice sculpted menorahs and will do a live breakthroughs in medicine and the environdemonstration upon request. In the past they ment, as well as in the war on terror and for have even constructed ice menorahs as large military purposes. Unfortunately, this menoas ten feet tall. No need to worry about these rah is not considered kosher since it can’t be menorahs melting; an ice sculpture lasts lit, as a candle or even a single wick would about six to nine hours in 70 degree weather tower over this miniscule structure! before it starts to melt and lose its shape. MeAs far as the world’s yummiest menorahs made in the winters of the east coast norah, Rabbi Mendel Kastel, the Chabad will last a lot longer. To make the menorah shaliach in Bondi, Australia, likes to make An ice cold menorah even cooler, one can add different color LED menorahs out of the most interesting things. lights to tint it any color they desire. Talk In fact, in 2010, he constructed a menorah about a menorah that is sure to “freeze” your that was made from doughnuts. This deliattention on this Chanukah holiday. cious confection stood tall with hundreds of And what about the menorah the kids doughnuts on its base and branches. The lowould go crazy for? This year, The Chabad cal bakery, Carmel Cake Shop, donated 600 Jewish Center of Oceanside/Vista sponsored doughnuts for the project and to give out to its annual community event for families, and those who attended the lighting. After Rabbi it was held on December 16. As a family Kastel lit the candles, he announced that the project, kids and their parents spent the night crowd could partake of the treat, and evbuilding a seven-foot menorah out of 5,000 eryone made a beeline to try the oily food. Lego pieces. Lego menorahs have been Think a yummy menorah is really different? made before and are actually quite popular, Rabbi Kastel is no stranger to unusual menoLighting the world’s tallest menorah in New York City but seven feet worth of Lego is quite a feat! rahs. He has previously made menorahs out (And quite a hefty price, too). Kids will definitely be ogling this menorah of sand, and one from surfboards. One year, he had 20 tons of snow delivand give them one more item to put on their Chanukah gift lists. ered to Sydney’s Hyde Park to make heads turn with his wintery menorah. Seven feet is quite large, but that is nothing compared to the world’s largest Chanukah menorah whose home is right here in New York City. of what your menorah is made In Grand Army Plaza, between Fifth Avenue and 59th street, stands the out of, whether it’s the more tallest menorah in the world at 32 feet high! This steel, gold-colored me- traditional silver or metal, or something a little different and out of the norah weighs about 4,000 pounds and was designed by Yaakov Agam, a ordinary, one thing stays true. The beauty and tradition of Chanukah and world-renowned Israeli artist who makes contemporary art. The meno- the warm glow of the lights create a wonderful atmosphere that carries rah also uses real oil for burning, instead of lightbulbs like many others. us through the dark, cold winter season. Spending time with family and Each oil lamp is equipped with glass cases specially designed to keep the friends, eating delicious latkes, singing songs and gazing at the Chanukah wind from blowing out the flame. Rabbi Shmuel Butman, the director of lights remind us of the love Hashem showed us years ago when we saw Lubavitch Youth Organization which funds the event, says, “This meno- the menorah lights burn for eight days and nights. No matter what kind you are lighting this year, whether it’s cold, big, rah stands as a symbol of freedom of democracy and delivers the message oily or invisible to the human eye, whether it’s made from precious metals of light over darkness and freedom over oppression.” Interestingly, Con Edison helps out with this lighting. Because it is or metals of destruction, allow the message of the menorah to penetrate:  so tall, they use their crane to help lift people to the top in order to light that even in the darkness there is always a spark of light.


During the year, the Star of David is by far the best-selling piece. It’s a classic item, and its popularity doesn’t wane. Another popular item is the petit rose, which people keep on their desk at home or at work and is an item of interest to others and never fails to spark a conversation. Specialty items are also big sellers in their respective seasons, and the menorah is no exception. As Shana beautifully points out, “Lighting them truly symbolizes the victory of the light of Israel over the darkness of our enemies.” The most wonderful thing about these menorahs, she explains, is that it truly tells the story of our people, the Jewish people. In every generation our enemies rise up to destroy us, and we take that destruction, we build with it and turn our circumstances into beauty. “People in Israel are not hungry for war and what they really want is a bright and beautiful future,” Yaron says.

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Jewish History

The Infamous Case of the “Get of Cleves” By Rabbi Pini Dunner A Jewish marriage ceremony in Nuremberg, Germany, c. 1726\

In the late eighteenth century, a seemingly innocuous divorce in a provincial German town evolved into one of the most bitterly fought Jewish legal controversies of the era, involving the most famous rabbis of the day. The story of the “Get of Cleves” is an extraordinary tale of intrigue, ego and hubris. At the center of it all was a young couple whose personal lives were humiliatingly discussed and debated, as one of Europe’s most distinguished rabbinic courts refused to reverse their ruling that the husband had been legally insane at the time of the divorce, a ruling which had invalidated the divorce, leaving the couple still married. Rabbis everywhere erupted in indignation at this intransigence. What is the “Get of Cleves” backstory? How was it possible that the esteemed rabbis of Frankfurt, who had never met the young man in question, felt compelled to deliver a retroactive ruling of insanity against him? In a three-part article we will delve into the tragic events leading up to and surrounding this titanic legal battle.

Part I


any years ago I was involved in a tragic situation, trying to help an estranged wife obtain her get* from her recalcitrant husband. He had been very abusive towards her during their time together, and the marriage had irretrievably broken down. The husband was now trying to extort a large sum of money from the wife’s family in exchange for the get, and the wife’s family was simply not able to come up with the exorbitant sums that were being demanded by the husband. Even if they were able to come up with the money, I felt it would be outrageous to give into his demands. After consulting with the distinguished dayanim of the London Beth Din, I let the husband and his family know that I would be conducting a public campaign against him and anyone associated with him – his family, his business associates, his supporters – until he gave his wife her get and ceased his unreasonable demands. We would organize demonstrations outside homes and businesses, publish adverts in the newspapers, and write to every synagogue and institution he was associated with to explain how he was a “mesaref l’dina,” the Jewish legal phrase for someone who is in contempt of court. I was quite confident with this strategy, as I knew that the family

was terrified of negative publicity and would certainly not want such a situation to erupt around them. Then, out of the blue, I got a phone call from a close friend of the husband’s family. He informed me that a few years earlier the husband had been diagnosed with a chronic mental condition, and if I went through with my threatened action, the family would use his history of mental problems as proof that he was legally incompetent, which would mean he would not be able to give the get. The man on the phone was well versed in halacha and quoted me numerous sources to unequivocally prove that someone who is insane or legally incompetent cannot give his wife a get. I put the phone down and sat for a while in contemplation, not sure what to do. Before receiving that phone call it had all seemed so simple. I had been convinced that the matter would be resolved quickly. Now it appeared as if I had been outsmarted by this devilish plan. I decided to call my late mother’s brother, a humble man whose knowledge in Talmud and halacha is unsurpassed, and whose devoted attention to my Torah studies as my rebbe had been the incredible springboard that had ensured my enthusiasm for Torah knowledge – and in fact, all knowledge. I explained what had happened, and asked him if I should call it a day. After chastising me for my hubristic overconfidence, and for being so adversarial, he asked me if I


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had children. Leah’s parents were satisfied that this explained Isaac’s strange behavior and immediately went to confront Isaac’s father, who, after a short negotiation, agreed to honor the original promise and allow Isaac and Leah to move into the larger accommodation. With everything seemingly settled, the wedding took place as planned on the following Tuesday. Isaac addressed the wedding banquet, and acted in a composed and dignified way. But the following Shabbat morning – sheva brachot Shabbat – Isaac was nowhere to be found. After a comprehensive search involving the local gentile authorities, it was discovered that not only had he disappeared, but he had absconded with a large sum of money. To put it mildly, this was highly unorthodox behavior for an orthodox Jew on Shabbat, and particularly strange behavior for someone in the midst of his own sheva brachot celebrations. Both families went into full panic mode and hired a search party to look for him in the surrounding villages. Isaac was eventually discovered hiding under some hay in a farmhouse belonging to a non-Jew, about four hours’ journey from Mannheim. He was brought back to Mannheim, but was very agitated, and kept on repeating that he needed to run away to escape government agents who were intent on killing him. Simultaneously, and perhaps as a result of what was going on, the two families began to bicker over financial support for the couple. A medi-

B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

In the late spring or early summer of 1766, a young man called Isaac Neiberg from Mannheim, Germany, became engaged to Leah Gunzhausen of Bonn, which is also in Germany. During the engagement period Isaac visited his fiancée and appeared to all to be perfectly normal and happy. On Friday, August 8, 1766, Leah and her parents arrived in Mannheim to join the groom and his family in anticipation of the wedding that was taking place the following Tuesday. Among the friends and family who joined them was their cousin, a rabbinic scholar called Rabbi Aron Shimon Copenhagen, who would later be crucial in providing the details of the strange story that unfolded over the next couple of weeks. That Friday night passed without incident, but on Shabbat morning something was up. Without explanation Isaac became agitated and anxious. He paced up and down and muttered to himself, and no one seemed to be able to calm him down. His demeanor was so strange that Leah’s parents began to worry about his mental state. They sat him down with Leah, and asked him why he was so stressed. After some prompting, Isaac explained that he was upset over a new apartment his father had promised him for after the wedding, which his father had suddenly decided to give to his sister and her new husband instead. Although another apartment had been set aside for him, he claimed to be concerned that this smaller accommodation would not be sufficient for him and Leah once they were married and


NOVEMBER 26, 2015

18th century wedding

ator was called in and the dispute was settled. As part of the settlement it was agreed that the couple would not stay in Mannheim as originally planned, but would instead move to Bonn with Leah’s family, at least for the immediate future. Everyone was happy with the new arrangement, especially Isaac, who was delighted to be leaving. On August 19, 1766, exactly one week after the wedding, the young couple left Mannheim and began their journey to Bonn, together with Leah’s family and the friends from Bonn who had attended the celebrations. The following night, at a Jewish inn near Mainz, an innocent conversation involving the innkeeper that touched on the story of the groom who had run away the previous Shabbat resulted in Isaac freaking out and becoming completely hysterical. The family eventually calmed him down, but once again his strange behavior had become cause for concern. The journey towards Bonn continued, and the family arrived on Friday just before Shabbat. The following morning Isaac attended prayers and was called up to say the blessing over the Torah. Notwithstanding the outburst in Mainz his demeanor throughout Shabbat was serene and relaxed. But beneath the surface it seems that Isaac was in total turmoil. On Saturday night, straight after Shabbat, he sent for Rabbi Copenhagen and begged for his help to arrange a divorce. Rabbi Copenhagen was totally dumbstruck. “What are you talking about? Why do you want to divorce Leah?” he inquired incredulously. Isaac responded that he felt Leah disliked him, and he couldn’t live with someone who didn’t like him. He also claimed that his life was in grave danger, and he need to leave Germany immediately. This meant Leah would be unable to remarry, particularly if his enemies caught up with him and killed him without anyone knowing. He therefore wanted to divorce her while he still could, rather than cause her and her family the anguish associated with a missing husband unable to write a get. Rabbi Copenhagen was a wise and worldly man, and he told Isaac to sleep on it while he conferred with the family. The rabbi ran to Leah’s father to report the conversation he had had with Isaac, and the two of them


had ever heard of the ‘”et of Cleves.” “No,” I said, “although I have heard of Anne of Cleves,” the name of one of Henry VIII’s unfortunate wives. “Did Henry VIII give her a get when they divorced?” My uncle chuckled. “Just look into the story of the ‘Get of Cleves’ and you will see how this threat to thwart the get by claiming that the man is insane and legally incompetent is an empty threat. These people have no idea what they are talking about, and have no concept of the halachot surrounding insanity and incompetence when it comes to giving a get. After the ‘Get of Cleves’ case, being insane enough so that you would not be able to give a get became pretty difficult.” Modern secular law defines insanity as “mental illness of such a severe nature that a person cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, cannot conduct his or her affairs due to psychosis, or is subject to uncontrollable impulsive behavior.” Insanity is normally used as a defense in criminal cases. The most common variation is cognitive insanity, which means that the alleged criminal was so impaired by insanity when committing a crime that he or she did not know that the crime committed was wrong. Another form of the insanity is volitional insanity, or “irresistible impulse,” which refers to someone who is able to distinguish right from wrong, but has a temporary mental breakdown making them incapable of controlling their actions. This defense is commonly used in crimes of vengeance. There is another condition that can affect a legal transaction, called “incompetency.” Civil law requires a person to be legally competent in order to enter into a contract or sign a will or make any type of binding legal commitment. In contract law a person who agrees to a transaction becomes liable for duties under the contract unless they are legally incompetent at the time the contract was entered into. If someone does not comprehend the nature and consequences of a contract, they are regarded as having mental incapacity. But how does Jewish law define insanity and incompetence, and what are the implications of an act carried out, or a contract entered into, by an insane or incompetent individual? The “Get of Cleves” saga was a watershed divorce case that brought all these issues into sharp focus.

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agonized all night trying to figure out what to do. The following morning Rabbi Copenhagen told Isaac that he had no solution to suggest as yet, but was happy to continue discussing options and ideas. Isaac responded that he was not interested in any solution, as he had decided overnight

be done with it. Isaac was itching to leave, which meant that they could not execute the divorce in Bonn, so the family decided to accompany him on the first part of his journey and arrange for the get to be given in Cleves, a small town on the German side of the border with Holland. The

Isaac was eventually discovered hiding under some hay in a farmhouse belonging to a non-Jew, about four hours’ journey from Mannheim. to divorce Leah without delay so that he could run for his life. He added that if Leah or her family would not agree, that was their choice to make, but meanwhile his bags were packed and he was ready to leave for London, where he felt he would be safe. After an intense family conference everyone concluded it was best to just go ahead with the divorce and

rabbi of Cleves was a respected scholar named Rabbi Yisrael Lipschuetz, whom everyone was satisfied would be helpful and correct in these unusual circumstances. So, on Sunday morning, Isaac, Leah, Rabbi Copenhagen, Leah’s brother, and another cousin all left Bonn and headed towards Cleves. The 100-mile

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pesach 2016

journey took them a couple of days, and they arrived there on Tuesday, August 26 – exactly two weeks after the couple had married. Rabbi Lipschuetz was rather surprised when this unexpected delegation arrived at his door, particularly when he heard what they wanted. Isaac explained what had happened and why he wanted the divorce, although he did not mention his weird Shabbat disappearance with the money. He was lucid and composed, and articulated perfectly why he felt the need to end his marriage. The rabbi explained the divorce process to him, and he seemed to completely understand every aspect, as well as the implications of the detailed asset separation that was hammered out between him and Leah’s relatives. Isaac insisted that they press ahead with the divorce as quickly as possible. He also asked for the divorce not be publicized in Cleves, as he had heard that there were people there from Mannheim, and he did not want them to hear about it and for his parents to find out. As the divorce document was being written, Rabbi Lipschuetz took Isaac aside to tell him that he found what was happening extremely upsetting and puzzling, and he added that he was quite concerned that Isaac’s parents would be worried and upset when they found out what he had done. Isaac replied that it was dangerous for him to go back to Mannheim, and if he returned there he would be executed on the spot, although he refused to elaborate. The divorce proceedings went ahead and the get was given to Leah in front of witnesses, as required by Jewish law. The following day Isaac and Leah parted ways. She returned to Bonn with her family, and he left for London. It was only a matter of time before Isaac’s parents discovered what had happened, and when they did they were livid, believing that Leah’s family had taken advantage of their vulnerable son. They were also upset that the asset separation had been decided very heavily in Leah’s favor. Isaac’s father arranged an emergency meeting with his local rabbi in Mannheim, Rabbi Tevele Hess – who knew Isaac well and had attended the wedding – and he insisted the rabbi find a way to annul the divorce. Although Rabbi Hess was a distinguished rabbinic scholar in his


own right, he did not feel himself to be sufficiently qualified to perform an annulment. So he did something that would prove to be a game-changer. He wrote a detailed letter that was co-signed by nine other rabbis to one of the most famous rabbinic courts in Europe – the illustrious Beit Din of Frankfurt. The Frankfurt beit din was headed by Rabbi Avraham Abish Feld, author of the authoritative halachic work Birkat Avraham. Rabbi Abish, as he was known, was one of the most eminent rabbinic authorities in Germany at that time, not only renowned as a massive expert in Jewish law, but also known for his piety and gentleness. The letter from Rabbi Hess ended with a simple request – on the basis that Isaac had not been competent at the time of the divorce, Rabbi Abish and his colleagues should annul the get of Cleves, which would mean that Isaac and Leah were still married. This request was nothing short of a bombshell, and the response of the Frankfurt beit din would reverberate around the Jewish world in a controversy that embroiled rabbis far and wide. *A “get” is the official legal document that records the divorce between a man and his wife, and it is crucial that it is executed correctly, as the consequences of an invalid get would be a disaster. If the non-divorced wife remarries, she and her new husband are guilty of adultery, while any children would be considered “mamzerim.” For this reason, great care is taken by rabbis who preside over a get, and the Talmud is extremely critical of those who retroactively question the validity of a get.

In Part II of this series discover how the “Get of Cleves” story escalated into an international scandal involving the leading rabbis of the era. What could have been sorted out in a single afternoon arbitration became a scandal that turned into a major debacle for everyone involved.

Rabbi Pini Dunner is the Rav of Young Israel North Beverly Hills in California.



In The Kitchen

Jamie Geller

A Spin on Traditional Chanukah De-lights Caulif lower Carrot Latkes Ingredients 1 head cauliflower cut into florets, approx. 3 cups 3 carrots or 6 baby carrots, shredded 1 cup 1 small potato, quartered 1 clove garlic, smashed and peeled 2 eggs, beaten ¼ cup matzoh meal 1 small onion, finely diced 1 teaspoon kosher salt ¼ teaspoon nutmeg pepper to taste

Preparation Boil cauliflower, carrots, potato and garlic in salted water for 15 minutes. Chop cauliflower, smash the potato and garlic. Mix cauliflower, carrots, smashed potato, garlic, matzoh meal, onion, nutmeg, salt and pepper. Add beaten eggs to bind ingredients together. Shape ¼ cup of mixture into latke shapes. Spray non-stick pan with cooking spray. Brown latkes on each side to desired doneness.

NOVEMBER 26, 2015

Get out of your rut! These latkes are a super yummy and healthy way to add some variety to your Chanukah table.


DECEMBER 18, 2014


Mini Spanakopita

Ingredients 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 medium onion, diced 1 clove garlic, minced 1 bag frozen spinach, defrosted and drained well (10 oz. bag) 1 cup crumbled feta 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon 6 phyllo sheets, defrosted ½ cup unsalted butter Preparation Heat oil in a medium sauté pan over medium-high heat. Sauté onions and garlic for 5 minutes or until translucent. Transfer to a large bowl and add spinach, feta, nutmeg, and cinnamon and stir to combine. Take one phyllo sheet from the stack and arrange on a work surface with the long side

closest to you. Brush with melted butter. Top with another sheet and brush with more butter. Top with one more sheet and brush with butter. Cut stack crosswise into 8 strips. Preheat oven to 375°F. Put a heaping teaspoon of filling near one corner of a strip on the end closest to you. Fold corner of phyllo dough over to enclose filling and form a triangle. Continue folding the strip, like a flag, maintaining the triangular shape. Put triangle, seam side down, on a lightly greased large baking sheet and brush the top with butter. Repeat with remaining strips and filling. Repeat with remaining three phyllo sheets to make 16 triangles total. Bake until golden brown, 20 to 25 minutes, and transfer to a wire rack to cool slightly. Note: Cutting Lengthwise vs. Crosswise: Cutting an ingredient “lengthwise” means to slice it the long way, the length of the ingredient from “pole to pole.” Cutting an ingredient “crosswise” is the exact opposite and means slicing across the short way.

Continued on page110

B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

These are the perfect dairy appetizers for your Chanukah party. Spinach and feta wrapped in buttered phyllo dough—need I say more?

DECEMBER 18, 2014



NOVEMBER 26, 2015

56 78 78


Chanukah Word Jumble

Siblings Sara, Moshe, Chaya, Leah, and Tzvi all lit the menorah. Sara lit before Chaya, but after Moshe. Leah lit first. If Tzvi lit after Chaya, in what order did the siblings light? Answer on next page


2. Ltge


3. Knaauhhc


4. Tnghouud


5. Aabcceem


6. Xndraaler tehtreag ________________________

You Gotta be


Yankel, a small man, is looking for work. He goes to a ranch and says to the lumberjack, “Excuse me, I’d like a job chopping down trees.” The lumberjack, who is built like an ox, looks at skinny, little Yankel and says, “You’ve gotta be kidding. This is a tough job. Not for little old men like you. Besides, where did you ever work before chopping down trees?” “Well, I used to work at the Sahara Forest,” says Yankel. The lumberjack looks at him and says, “You mean the Sahara Desert?” Yankel dismissively waves his hand and says, “Oh, well, now it’s a desert. You should have seen it years ago!”

B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

1. Nteesprs

7. Hytmsiaau


8. Hheuady


9. Rliedde


10. Sltkea


11. Lio


12. Nrhomae


13. yptra


14. sbeimkhaiashd


15. heuaairslmyy


16. hcpa


17. ehgti


18. eehmns


19. aaiochhsmmn

________________________ Answers on next page

“You Say Donut, I Say Doughnut” Facts o o o o o


Bakers started placing holes in donuts when they realized that it enabled the doughnut to cook more evenly.


The largest doughnut ever made was an American-style jelly doughnut weighing 1.7 tons, which was 16 feet in diameter and 16 inches high in the center.


10 billion donuts are eaten in the U.S. every year. (Sounds crazy? Ever see what goes on at the corner of Rockaway Turnpike and Burnside Avenue at all hours of the day?)

Eric “Badlands” Booker holds the Guinness World Record for eating 49 glazed donuts in eight minutes.


Per capita, Canada has more doughnut shops than any other country.

The original name for doughnuts was “oily cakes.”


According to studies, there is an 8 day period in the winter, usually in December, during which if you eat a doughnut a day for 8 days you won’t gain any weight from it. (OK, that was totally made up by me… but I know you totally believe it!)

The most accepted spelling for the delicious round pastry is “doughnut.” However, according to Merriam-Webster, “donut” is also an acceptable spelling. Krispy Kreme was founded in 1937. Dunkin’ Donuts started selling doughnuts in 1950, though it was known as Open Kettle for two years prior.

The original pastries, which didn’t have holes, were the size and shape of walnuts—thus the name.

• The doughnuts used must be fresh and must have a minimum diameter of 6 cm (2.36 in).

• The doughnuts must be served at room temperature and may not be heated prior to eating.

3. Which U.S. city is built on top of a major oil field? a. Houston b. Los Angeles c. Anchorage d. Miami

7. What is ethanol? a. It is a type of oil which is extracted from the ground without causing adverse environmental impacts b. It is an alcohol c. It is oil which is ethical d. It is a natural gas

Answers: 1. C- A barrel of oil’s refined products includes about 20 gallons of gasoline, 12 gallons of diesel and 4 gallons of jet fuel and other products like liquefied petroleum gases and asphalt. 2. A- The Strait of Hermuz is a narrow strait located between the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf. Iran borders the Strait of Hormuz to the north, and the United Arab Emirates and Oman’s Musandam Peninsula border it to the south. 3. B 4. C 5. E 6. A- In 2013, the U.S. produced 12.31 million barrels of oil per day. Saudi Arabia produced 11.59 million per day and Russia produced 10.53 barrels per day. 7. B- Ethanol is a clear, colorless liquid. In the U.S., over 80% of ethanol is produced from corn. (When you fly over the heartland and see millions of acres of corn fields, it’s not just because corn is a great BBQ side dish.)

• If the challenger licks his or her lips at any point during the attempt, they will be immediately disqualified. • The challenger is not permitted to drink water during the attempt. • Any jam, sugar or crumbs that remain on the plate must also be consumed. As the challenger is not permitted to lick their lips, they may have small remnants of food around the mouth and lips. Any large pieces of doughnut unconsumed, or on any other part of the challenger’s face, the attempt is disqualified. • The attempt ends when the challenger opens their mouth and it is empty.


Comm Let the ission er dec Send

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o fivetow centerfold@ nsjewis hhome. com

ANSWER TO RIDDLE: Leah lit first, then Moshe, then Sara, then Chaya, and then Tzvi.

6. Which country is the world’s biggest producer of oil? a. U.S. b. Russia c. Saudi Arabia d. United Arab Emirates

• The challenger’s hands must remain behind their back for the entire duration of the attempt.

B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

5. How much did a gallon of gas cost after the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo? a. $5.76 b. $3.23 c. $2.12 d. $1.89 e. $0.55

• The doughnut must be placed on a plate.

JUMBLE ANSWERS: 1. Presents; 2. Gelt; 3. Chanukah; 4. Doughnut; 5. Maccabee; 6. Alexander the Great; 7. Matisyahu; 8. Yehudah; 9. Dreidel; 10. Latkes; 11. Oil; 12. Menorah; 13. Party; 14. Beis Hamikdash; 15. Yerushalayim; 16. Pach; 17. Eight; 18. Shemen; 19. Chashmonaim

4. Which of these states is not in the top five oil-producing states? a. Alaska b. Texas c. Oklahoma d. New Mexico

• The attempt must take place at a table or desk, with the challenger sitting or standing.

NOVEMBER 26, 2015

• The doughnuts must have jam in the center and be covered in sugar.


2. One fifth of the oil shipped worldwide passes through which checkpoint? a. Strait of Hermuz b. Panama Canal c. Suez Canal d. Black Sea Port

DECEMBER 18, 2014

The TJH Centerfold Commissioner should have made this challenge up, but it is actually a real Guinness World Record Challenge, which is available on their website. The challenge is to eat a jelly doughnut without using your hands and without licking your lips. You must abide by the following rules (again, these are the Guinness World Record’s rules, not mine…so, please, no hate mail):

1. What is the standard size of a barrel of oil? a. 5 kiloliters b. 76 liters c. 42 gallons d. 55 gallons


All About Oil

The Jelly Doughnut Challenge

57 79 79


OCTOBER 29, 2015 | The Jewish Home


NOVEMBER 26, 2015


Smiling Through the Pain

A Conversation with Eli Borochov as He Heals after a Terrorist Attack

B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

By Susan Schwamm

As he was walking me to the door, Ronen Borochov related to me that his children have a sign hanging on their bedroom walls: Keep Smiling. He said that they know that their father impresses that message upon them every day – to always see the good in everything that comes your way. Just a few minutes earlier, as we were chatting around the Borochov dining table, I asked them if they would be going back next year to Chevron on Shabbos Parshas Chayei Sara. “Next year,” Ronen Borochov smiled, “I’ll be taking my whole family.”

Eli, Dovi Weiss, director of Yeshiva Shavei Chevron, and Ronen


he Borochov family mantra is not just words – they’re words that they take to heart and live with every day. Eli, the Borochov’s 20-year-old son who was shot by a sniper in Chevron last week, smiles and speaks softly as we discuss his ordeal. He stresses that he’s on the road to recovery and emphasizes his gratitude to Hashem that the bullet missed his muscle, nerves and bone. “It’s chasdei Hashem,” the family declares. A doctor at the hospital told Ronen that Eli was truly fortunate. “Zechut Avos,” the secular physician proclaimed. This is the third time Eli made the trip to Chevron

on Shabbos Parshas Chayei Sara. This year, he was joined by his father, Ronen; his brother, Yosef; and a friend. On Friday, they traveled from Yerushalayim to Chevron. Thousands of people spend Shabbos in Chevron on the week we read about Avraham purchasing Me’aras Hamachpela from Efron Ha’Chiti. Some sleep in tents and others in people’s homes. The Borochovs were spending Shabbos in Yeshiva Shavei Chevron, where they run a program for people coming to Chevron. They davened Mincha in Me’aras Hamachpela and then headed back there after dressing for Shabbos. It was then that Ronen heard a boom and saw his son crumple to the ground. “I fell to the floor in a lot of pain,” Eli recalled. “I

The Jewish Home | OCTOBER 29, 2015



army and security forces patrolling the city. The IDF even has their own snipers on roofs around Me’aras Hamachpela to ensure the safety of the people visiting. “I was devastated – I knew he was shot,” Ronen related. “I screamed out, ‘Sniper.’ The soldiers didn’t

Eli in the ambulance. He is using his yarmulka to cover his face from reporters.

believe it. This is unheard of.” Soldiers quickly picked Eli up and walked him to a medical tent nearby. He began to feel woozy from the loss of blood and the shock of the attack, and doctors realized that he needed medical attention. They rushed him to Shaarei Tzedek hospital with an IDF escort. The hospital had at least a dozen doctors waiting for Eli to evaluate his condition. They had thought he was wounded in the stomach. Devora, Eli’s mother, said she only processed what really happened a while after Ronen called her. She recalled, “Ronen told me, ‘Eli had an accident, but he’s fine.’ I asked him, ‘What happened?’ ‘Eli got hurt,’ Ronen said.” “Where?” she asked him.

The Borochovs will hopefully be in Chevron next year, davening at Me’aras Hamachpela, a holy site that our forefather Avraham purchased for our nation thousands of years ago. Last week’s terrorist attack on their son won’t deter them from enjoying what is rightfully ours. “They can’t bully us. We have a right to be there,” Devora says.

B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

wasn’t sure what happened but I was in a lot of pain.” A bullet had pierced his inner thigh and blood was pooling on the floor. Because of the myriad people who spend Shabbos in Chevron on Parshas Chayei Sara, there are hundreds of members of the

NOVEMBER 26, 2015

Yosef, Ronen and Eli Borochov at Me’eras HaMachpela

After the attack, a spokesman for the hospital told the Borochovs that she was contacting the American embassy on their behalf. She was surprised that the embassy had not yet contacted them on Sunday when she stopped by again. “Thank G-d we didn’t need them. We have support within Israel. I was with my son. But where was the American embassy?” Ronen wonders. “An American citizen is hurt in a terrorist attack and no one contacts them?” On the government website,, it states that the U.S. embassy is available for U.S. citizens who are victims of crime overseas. “If you are the victim of a crime overseas,” the website states, “contact the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate.” It continues, “When a U.S. citizen is the victim of a crime overseas, he or she may suffer from physical, emotional or financial injuries. It can be more difficult because the victim may be in unfamiliar surroundings, and may not know the local language or customs. Consular officers, consular agents, and local employees at overseas posts know local government agencies and resources

in the country where they work. We can help.” On Tuesday, a few days after the shooting, Ronen was contacted by the consular at the embassy. In the email, Ronen was told that the embassy would be closed on Wednesday for Veteran’s Day. Ronen reached out to them again on Friday and as of Saturday night had still not received word from the U.S. embassy in Israel. A politician that did not want to be named told Ronen that the investigation into the incident could take months. He says the embassy should at least acknowledge the faux pas or apologize for their lack of communication. The Israeli government made sure to extend themselves as much as they could to the Borochovs. Their medical bills have been taken care of and their plane ticket (they had to upgrade to first class to accommodate Eli’s wounded leg) have been paid for as well. Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon visited Eli. But, the Borochovs wonder, where was our country? They are concerned for other Americans in Israel, thinking of all those yeshiva and seminary students who don’t have their parents with them. If, G-d forbid, something happens to them who will be there for them and take responsibility for their care?


“In Me’aras Hamachpela.” “No, where was he hurt?” “In his leg,” Ronen told her. Eli’s wound is healing nicely now but he is extremely lucky. The bullet that pierced his thigh left only an entrance wound. Doctors couldn’t figure out where the bullet went; it wasn’t inside. Later the IDF found it near the place of the attack. Thankfully, the bullet didn’t nick an artery, major blood vessel, or a nerve. Hopefully in a few weeks Eli will be able to walk as he did before.



NOVEMBER 26, 2015

The Halacha Corner The Halacha Corner By Rabbi Yosef Wagner Kollel Avodas Levi

Proper time to light Chanukah candles The ideal time to light Chanukah candles is tzais hakochavim (nightfall).1 This is true even nowadays when the candles are lit inside.2 One should put in enough oil to last a half-hour from tzais hakochavim.3 If one did not light at tzais hakochavim, he may light any time that night until alos hashachar (day break). However a bracha may only be recited if one other person (even one’s wife or child) sees the candles.4 If one is not able to light during the night,5 the candles may be lit starting after plag hamincha (one and a quarter halachic hours before the end of the day).6 However, enough oil must be put in to last a half-hour after tzais hachochavim (nightfall).

B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

Eating once the time has arrived One should not eat bread7 once the time to light has arrived,8 but one may eat and drink other foods. If a woman’s husband is lighting for her, she may eat bread even after the time to light.9 1 Mishna Birura (MB) 672: 1. There are different opinions for how many minutes after shkeyah (sunset) to light. Kovetz Halachos pg 48 says between 20-30 minutes after shkeyah. Although for many halachos one might wait 42 minutes to be considered halachic nightfall, Chanukah candles have unique halachos. See Kovetz Halachos ibid for explanation. 2 Rema 672: 2 and Biur Halacha 672 s.v umekol makom tov lihizoer 3 Shulchan Aruch (SA) 672: 2. See Kovetz Halachos pgs 55-56. 4 Aruch Hashulchan 672: 7 says only one person is necessary but the Shaarei Tziun 673: 17 says that two or three people are necessary to recite a bracha. If there are no people there, one does not have to be object at one who recites a bracha. See Mikadesh Yisrael 157. Iggeros Moshe OC 4: 105: 7 and Chazon Ovadiah pg 65 say a person can always recite a bracha even if all the people in the house are sleeping. 5 MB 672: 2 6 SA 672: 1 7 MB 672: 10 and Kovetz Halachos pg 38 8 Shaarei Tziun 672: 12 says that one should not even have a meal within a half hour of the zman. 9 Kovetz Halachos pg 43, Mikadesh Yisrael 219, Chazon Ovadiah pg 68

Additionally, if one appoints a shomer but one has fulfilled his obligation if he (or alarm) for himself to remind him to lights with wax.19 One is considered to light, then one may eat bread.10 have lit with oil even if the wicks are coated with wax.20 Brachos One should avoid lighting with One should recite the bracha of electricity,21 but there is a minority lihadlik ner and sheasa nissim (and opinion which says it is permissible.22 shehechyanu on the first night) before If one has no choice he may light a lighting the candles. If one forgot to re- flash light which has an incandescent cite the bracha before the lighting, the light bulb and a battery.23 bracha of sheasa nissim and shecheyMenorah anu may be said while the candles are The candles on the menorah should still burning. However, lihadlik ner may only be recited before the last can- be in a straight line and not in a circle.24 dle of that night is lit.11 If one forgot All the cups of oil should be filled to the to say shehecheyanu on the first night, same height so all the flames are about he may recite it the next night.12 Some the same height.25 Some says each people say haneros halalu after lighting flame should have the space of a finger the first candle13 while others say ha- between each other,26 while others say neros halalu after all the candles have that it is sufficient as long as the flames been lit that night.14 are clearly recognizable from each other.27 Menorahs which have backs are Women not recommended because when the Women should abstain from mela- candles are facing the window, the peocha (work) during the first half-hour15 ple in the house cannot see them.28 The of the candles burning.16 Some poskim shamash should be a little higher then say that women should only refrain all the other candles.29 If one’s shamash from the type of melacha that is pro- is of similar height to the other candles, hibited on chol hamoed,17 while others his menorah is still acceptable provided say that only melacha that entails tircha that the shamash is in front of the other (excessive toil) is prohibited.18 candles.30 Type of candles One should ideally light with oil, 10 Kovetz Halachos pg 43 11 MB 676: 4 12 SA 676: 1 13 MB 676: 8. If one says haneros halalu before he lights the first candle, Kovetz Halachos pg 101 says one must recite a new bracha while MikadeshYisrael 213 says one does not have to. 14 Pri Megadim MZ 676: 5. Kovetz Halachos 101 says Rav Moshe Feinstein was accustomed like this. 15 MB 670: 4 16 SA 670: 1 17 Rav Moshe Feinstein cited in Rav Eiders’ sefer on Hilchos Chanukah chapter 1 footnote 35 18 Mikadesh Yisrael 15. Kovetz Halachos pg 75 says that cooking is permitted even if it entails tircha because it was never accepted by women not to cook.

Placement Outside of Eretz Yisrael the common custom is to light the menorah in19 Rema 673: 1 20 Halichos Shlomo pg 285, Kovetz Halachos pg 22 21 Kovetz Halachos pg 24 Chazon Ovadiah pg 93 22 Kovetz Teshuvos ( Rav Elyahsuv) 3: 103 23 Mikadesh Yisrael 170, Halichos Shlomo pg 283, and Asheri Haish pg 264 24 Rema 671: 4 25

Mikadesh Yisrael 162

26 MB 671: 18 27 Aruch Hashulchan 671: 13 28 Mikadesh Yisrael 40 says it is better to face the menorah to the house than the window if one is going to use such a menorah. 29 Rema 673: 1 30 Mikadesh Yisrael 175

side the house,31 on a windowsill32 that will be seen by the most people. Even in a fully Jewish neighborhood one should light at the windowsill, because outside of Eretz Yisrael it has never been the custom to light outside.33 Some say that the menorah should be within ten tefachim (31.5 inches according to Rav Chaim Naeh) of the house floor even when lighting inside,34 while others do not require this.35 Everyone agrees that it is better to place the menorah at the window even if the window is above ten tefachim from the floor as long as the window is within 20 amos (31.5 ft according to Rav Chaim Naeh) from the street.36 If the window is 20 amos higher then the street, one should put the menorah at his front door at the left side.3738 However, some poskim say that if there are buildings across from the window of one’s house that are of the same height, one should still light at the window,39 while others argue that one should not.40 If one cannot light the menorah in the window because of illness, one should lechatchila appoint a shliach (agent) to light for him by the window. If that is not possible, the menorah may be lit next to his bed.41 Once the menorah has been lit, it should not lechatchila be moved until a half hour after nightfall.42 If one is staying at a hotel for Chanukah he should not light in the lob31 Rema 671: 8, Iggeros Moshe OC 4: 125. However, see Ashrei Haish pg 248 who argues. 32 MB 671: 38 and Aruch Hashulchan 671: 24 33 Kovetz Halachos pg 114 34 MB 671: 27 35 Aruch Hashulchan 671: 22 36 MB 671: 27 37 SA 671: 7 38 Shaarei Tziun 671: 42. The same would apply if the only window faces an unpopulated area such as the woods where no one goes or lives. 39 Mikadesh Yisrael 56, Kovetz Halachos pg 145, and Even Yisrael pg 128 40 Chazon Ovadia pg 39 41 Kovetz Halachos pg 88 42 Kovetz Halachos pg 86-87


The Halacha Corner

The Traveler53 A guest who does not have anyone 43 Kovetz Halachos pg 128 44 Mikadesh Yisrael 63. 45 Lehoros Lenasan 4: 63 46 Hissorirus Hateshuva 1: 153 47 MB 673: 27. If one has already accepted Shabbos, he may ask his friend to relight them if his friend has not accepted Shabbos yet. 48 SA 672: 2 49 MB 672: 7. 50 Kitzur SA 139: 29 51 SA 677:4 52 Kovetz Halachos pg 217 53 It should be noted that a traveler must light candles inside a house and cannot light candles in the street. See Iggeros Moshe YD 3: 14: 5 and Halichos Shlomo pg 257. Some say that a train or car are acceptable places to light. See Maharsham 4: 146 and Aruch Hashulchan 677: 5

If one’s wife is in the hospital, she can be yotze with her husband when he lights at home.59 If one relies on a baal habayis (home owner) for his needs all the time (somech al shulchan baal habyis b kveyaus) he does not have to give a prutah is yotze by the letter of the law with the lighting of the baal habayis.60 However, Ashkenazim always try to light themselves.61 Weddings If one is going to a wedding and will not be home during the time of lighting the candles (and lives in a different city then the wedding hall), some poskim say that he may light at the wedding

54 Halichos Shlomo pg 260 says that a traveler may be yotze with his wife’s lighting if he is in a different time zone. 55 MB 677: 15-16 says that either one should have kavanah not to be yotze with his wife’s lighting, hear the brachas from someone else when lighting, or should light in his location before his wife lights. 56 Iggeros Moshe 1 150 57 SA 677: 1. Halichos Shlomo pg 262 says a guest may not give a prutah to another one of the guests; rather, he must specifically give a prutah to the owner of the house. 58 Mikadesh Yisrael 94 59 Halichos Shlomo pg 261, Mikadesh Yisrael 233-234 says that it is best if she can hear the brachos from someone else. 60 MB 677: 1 61 Rema 671: 2

Chanukah to a friend; if he will be eating all his meals at his friend’s house, Eating at friends but will be sleeping somewhere else, he If one is eating at a friend’s house should light in the place where eats the for dinner, the lighting must be done meals.70 at his own house and not the friends’ house.64 If the friend lives outside of his Tefila city, some say that one may light at his If one forgot to recite al hanissim friend’s house,65 while others say that in davening and realized before he he should wait until he gets home to mentioned the name of Hashem in the light.66 bracha of hatov shimcha, he should say al hanissim and then continue with the If one goes away for Chanukah word vi all kullam. If he totally forgot (and is eating and sleeping in the new he doesn’t have to repeat shimone eslocation), he may light in that house, ray.71 even if the house he owns is in the If one accidently said a chatzi halsame city.67 When one wishes to re- lel one must say hallel shalem without turn to his house, if it is already time to a bracha.72 light (which commonly occurs on MoChatzi Kaddiesh is recited after tze Shabbos), some say he should light hallel, and not kaddish shalem. If one where he is right now68 (even though accidently said kaddish shalem after he has plans to leave), while others say hallel, then after uva litzion one should that he should light at his house when say kaddish shalem but omit tiskabel.73 he gets home.69 If one is going away for Havdala 62 Kovetz Halachos pg 195. Mikadesh Yisrael 78 and 93 says only to light there if one has On Motze Shabbos in shul, one no other choice, but it is better to light at home lights the menorah first and then says very late at night, with minimal publicizing of havdala. In ones house, one may do the miracle (pirsumei nissa), than to light at the wedding hall. which ever one he wants first.74 63 Emes Liyakov 677 footnote 590 and Halichos Shlomo pg 276 footnote 47. Emes Liyakov says if one will not be home until late, his wife may light for him at his house. If one will light after the wedding and would like to eat bread, he should appoint a shomer (i.e. set alarm) to remind him to light the candles. 64 MB 677: 12 65 Kovetz Halachos pg 193 66 Mikadesh Yisrael 80 67 Biur Halacha 677 s.v. bimakom sheochel says that if one is going for all eight days of Chanukah, he may light where he is staying. Halichos Shlomo pg 278 footnote 34 says that even if one goes away for one day he may light where he is sleeping. Kovetz Halachos pg 167 says that one must go away for all eight days in order to light where one is staying; otherwise, one must appoint a shliach to light for him in his house. 68 Kovetz Halachos pg 187. Emes L Yakov 676 footnote 590 says that the primary place to light is where someone is at the beginning of the night. This is also the opinion of the Steipler (Orchos Rabenu 3: 100). Halichos Shlomo pg 279 says that in order to light somewhere one must stay there for a half-hour. 69 Chovaas Hadaar 1 footnote 65, Chazon

Ovadiah pg 155. Mikadesh Yisrael 83 says that if ones residence is in the same city where he is staying, then he should light in his own house. If one’s house is outside the city, then one should light where he is currently. 70 Rema 677: 1 and Mikadesh Yisrael 61. When there is a need, he may light where he is sleeping. Mikadesh Yisrael 62 says that if on Friday night the guest is eating at one person’s house, and on Shabbos day he is eating at someone else’s house, then he should light where he is sleeping. 71 SA 682: 2 72 Shevet Halevi 7: 62 73 Kovetz Halachos pg 242 74 MB 681: 3. Aruch Hashulchan 681: 2 says one should always recite havdala first. Kovetz Halachas pg 236 says that if in one’s shul doesn’t recite havdala, then havdala should be recited first according to all opinions.

B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M

Extinguishing candles If the candles go out by themselves within a half hour of the zman, they don’t have to be lit again, but it is proper to relight them, especially on Erev Shabbos.47 A person may extinguish his candles after they have burned for a half hour,48 but it is best to make a tenai (condition) before one lights that he only wants a half-hours worth of oil to be used for the mitzvah.49 After Chanukah, one should burn the remaining oil and wicks50 of any candles that did not burn for a half hour.51 Some say that the oil does not have to be burned but may be placed in a bag and then put in the garbage or be poured down the sink.52

hall,62 while others argue.63

NOVEMBER 26, 2015

lighting for him (i.e. his wife)54 in the house, must preferably light candles where he is staying that night.55 If he cannot light, he must give a prutah (a penny56) to the owner of the house If a person lives in an area where where he is staying to be mishtatef there are no Jewish people, many (partner in the mitzvah) with his host.57 poskim say that he is not required to light at the windowsill45, however othOne may light in the airport if he ers argue.46 has no other choice.58


by of the hotel. Rather, some say he should light in the dining room,43 while others say that he should light in the room where he sleeps.44

B A LT I M O R E J E W I S H H O M E . C O M


NOVEMBER 26, 2015


A Parsha Thought Vayishlach: Introspective Identity Rabbi Shmuel Silber

It was an inevitable reality. Yaakov knew the day would come when he would have to face his brother, Esav. Would Esav be seething with anger or had he moved on? Could Yaakov and Esav rehabilitate their relationship or would they simply go their own ways? We could only imagine that these questions were on Yaakov’s mind on the night before this fateful encounter. The Torah describes that after Yaakov crossed his family over the Jordan River, he found himself all alone, Va’yivaser Yaakov L’Vado. It was at this moment that he is attacked by the “Ish,” (man, Rashi identifies this “man” as the ministering angel of Esav) and they wrestle with one another throughout the night. Yaakov was injured but managed to stand his ground and kept his adversary restrained until morning. When

the sun rose, the Ish requested that Yaakov release him. “And he (the angel) said, “Let me go, for dawn is breaking,” but he (Jacob) said, “I will not let you go unless you have blessed me.” So he said to him, “What is your name?” and he said, “Jacob.” And he said, “Your name shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel, because you have commanding power with [an angel of] God and with men, and you have prevailed” (Genesis 32:27-29).” This exchange seems a bit strange on a number of levels. Firstly, why is the Ish asking Yaakov his name? After all, they had been struggling with one another throughout the night. Secondly, it would appear that Yaakov’s name is changed twice, once in the above-mentioned verse and a second time when God appears and says: “… Your name shall no longer be called

Jacob, but Israel shall be your name.” And He named him Israel (Genesis 35:10).” Why is this second name change necessary? The Torah (Genesis 2:20) states that Adam named each of the animals. The Midrash (Bamidbar Rabba Chukas 19:3) relates that after Adam finished this important task, God approached him and asked, “… and you, what is your name? He (man) responded, Adam, because I was created from the earth (adama).” Man named each of the animals based on the qualities and characteristics he perceived in them. When God asked man, “What is your name?” He was asking how do you perceive yourself? And man answered, “I am from the earth.” Adam failed to realize that the root of his name is also the same root as the Hebrew word “adameh, I will resemble.” Man has a choice – he can view himself as resembling the dirt or he can view himself as resembling his Maker and Creator. He can choose to identify with the earth or he can choose to identify with the heavens. The choice is his. A name captures the essence of an individual. When the angel asked Yaakov, mah sh’mecha (what is your name)?” he was asking Yaakov, “how do you view yourself? What do you see when you look in the mirror?” Yaakov responded, “I am Yaakov. I am the one who was trampled on (the root of the name Yaakov is eykev, heel), I am the one who is always running; I am the one who is unable to face others (he runs away from home and later from Lavan in order to avoid conflict).” The Ish says, “Yaakov you are mistaken. Your name is no longer Yaa-

kov, you don’t have to run, you don’t have to fear – your name is Yisrael, ki sarisa, you are a master, you have struggled but you are still standing. You have fought with both angel and man and you have stood your ground. You lived in Lavan’s home, a spiritually hostile environment for over two decades and yet, you remained true to your Abrahamitic values. You wrestled an angel into submission. You don’t have to grab at anyone’s heel; you don’t have to flee in the face of adversity. You are Yisrael. Find the confidence to face your demons, find the confidence to confront your challenges, find the strength to see how much you have grown.” The angel did not change Yaakov’s name. In fact Rashi explains that the angelic Ish was foreshadowing what would occur later on when God appears to change Yaakov’s name to Yisrael. The Ish is giving Yaakov important advice. The only way you will be successful in life is if you begin to view yourself in a different light. You have so much potential, you possess so much holiness but your self-perception is preventing you from seeing it. Too often we fail to achieve, progress and grow because we have given up on ourselves, we feel unworthy. We are acutely aware of our faults and shortcomings and assume that we cannot achieve greatness. We assume we are “adama” and therefore, lower our expectations of ourselves. We must always remember that we are the Children of Israel; we are the people who strive for “adameh.” Let us find the strength to see the good, the beauty and the holiness that resides within.


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8 Nontoxic, Natural Pest Control Ideas (That Actually Work!) Submitted by: Ben Schwartz | Founder

Use soap and water And not just for hand-washing. If you have an ant issue, wipe them away with a paper towel doused in soap and water. Doing so will remove the ants’ chemical trail, which can keep their friends from following their path. For good measure after cleaning, sprinkle some cayenne or black pepper near entry points, which will also repel those little workers. Make use of mint Mice abhor peppermint, so soak a few cotton balls in peppermint oil and leave them where you suspect the mice are entering. Replace these often, as the mint oil tends to dry out. For a

corners) to discourage their stay. Bonus: Your house will smell fresh and clean!

Bring on the peanut butter — as bait Even rodents can’t withstand the temptation of this delicious treat (it beats cheese!), so if you’re using mousetraps, dab a bit on the trap to ensure a catch. Stock up on sachets Wrap rosemary, lavender, or thyme in a cloth sachet and place it in your closet or drawers to keep moths at bay. Moths also hate the smell of cloves, so wrap them in tissue paper or cloth and store them in your pantry to keep food from becoming infested. Store sweaters in the freezer (really) This is especially helpful if you think you have a moth problem. The cold air kills any remaining larvae, so put your sweaters in a plastic zippered storage bag and give them a deep freeze for a couple of days. Embrace garlic And not just in your cooking. While you may love the stuff, it turns out that stink bugs can’t stand the stench. Sprinkle garlic powder in hard-to-reach areas or make a spray of 4 tablespoons of powder and 2 cups of water. Spray it on doorways or plants near your house (stink bugs live on leaves and then mosey on inside) every two to three days. Cue the citrus oil Spiders, which taste things with their feet, are not citrus fans, so dab a few drops of orange or lemon oil around the house (especially in dark

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Store firewood far away from your house You see a woodpile, rodents see a warm shelter from the cold — and it’s only a short while until they migrate to your abode. Another reason to keep piles of debris away from your home? They’re a prime breeding ground for spiders.

longer-term fix, plant mint near the foundation of your house to discourage entry.

NOVEMBER 26, 2015

As the weather turns cold, gone are the mosquitoes and flies that bugged us all summer. In their place come the cold-weather critters (think mice and moths) that can wreak havoc on our homes (and closets). Sure, ’tis the season for holiday guests, but if yours are of the rodent or insect kind, you’re probably hoping to be less than hospitable (especially if you’re selling your home). But you don’t have to break out the harsh chemicals. Whether you’re defending real estate in Seattle, WA, or Baltinore,MD from those pesky would-be roommates, these natural pest control remedies will do the job and are safe for kids and pets.

Baltimore Jewish Home - 11-26-15  

Baltimore Jewish Home - 11-26-15

Baltimore Jewish Home - 11-26-15  

Baltimore Jewish Home - 11-26-15