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SMOKIN’ IT R 29.90 incl VAT | February – April 2020


9 771998 681502



Trumps Grillhouse is a one of a kind enterprise, run by three brothers, Allen, Dennis and Michael, who have an unparalleled passion for fine food and exceptional quality. The first of its kind, Trumps is where you are able to dine in splendor before visiting our renowned cellar, boutique liquor store and exclusive butchery to acquire our fine goods to take home with you – a world class experience. This, along with all the condiments you can imagine such as spices, oils and our famous biltong, are what come together to create the Trumps experience.

“There is only one right way to eat a steak – with greed in your heart and a smile on your face” 011 784 2366



LUNAR SLEEP SYSTEMS IS A WORLD CLASS LUXURY HAND-CRAFTED BED SET MANUFACTURER AND DISTRIBUTOR. With product ranges that incorporate High Coil Count Inner-Springs, Layered HighDensity Foam, Hybrid Advanced Technology, as well as Adjustable Support Sleep Systems. Through innovation and design, we have engineered our Hospitality product range that offers Flame Retardant fabric, Durafill TSR fibres, is durable, and single-side constructed for a long-lasting ultimate comfort, that provides our customers and their customers, with a Life Changing Sleep solution. Our Mission is to produce quality assured products, at the required choice of comfort that provide our customers with a life changing sleep.



Benmore Sleep Studio Corner Benmore Road & Grayston Drive Shop G29, Ground Level Benmore Centre Tel: 010 226 9022


Fourways Sleep Studio Corner William Nicol Drive & Fourways Boulevard Shop F57, Upper Mall Level Fourways Mall Tel: 010 285 0095



FEATURES 30 Cover Story

Reintroducing AKA. Discover more about this musical legend and how he has shaped the new era of music in South Africa.

34 Big Read

Witness how trash become treasure as a community of workers take what the city throws away and converts it into a way to survive.

40 Photo Essay

‘The Invisibles’ and ‘The Hall of Fame’ take a look at the different types of people that make up our city. From the homeless to the affluent, discover more about the city’s people through these two beautiful photo essays.

CONTENTS 17 GLIMPSE 18 Where + Wear

Jason Haji-Joannou shares his gadget go-tos.

21 Interview

Discover what it takes to run one of Joburg’s top coffee spots with the owner of Dear Maria.

57 EXPLORE 64 Limpopo

Paying homage, an exploration of dance and culture in Limpopo.

68 Cape Town Snippets Explore the lesser known towns of the Western Cape.

70 Durban Snippets A stopover in the magical KZN Midlands.

58 Singapore


Anna-Belle Mulder explores the futuristic city of Singapore.

Green salad with poached eggs. Perfect for a hot summer day.


79 EAT.DRINK 81 Food

Lorna Maseko shares her home-grown favourites.

24 Day Trips

87 J.Bar Beer

See Johannesburg through the eyes of photographer and filmmaker Jason Haji-Joannou.

Local beer never tasted better.

91 J.Bar Moonshine

Learn how moonshine started one of the biggest sports in the world.

26 It List

Your summer beach essentials.

94 96 98 101 105


74 Travel Snippets

Musical experiences to keep you busy well into the new year.

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111 THE LIST 112 Best Barbers 114 Finest Brow Bars 116 Top Décor Stores 119 Children 122 Galleries 125 Vintage Shops

72 Pretoria Snippets

Explore Pretoria’s host of historical monuments and museums.

Best Seafood Top Buffets Tastiest Cheescakes Ultimate Boozy Brunches Great Working Lunches


REGULARS Editor’s letter & 14 128

contributors The Back Page – 10 minutes with Dr Reza.


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From the editor


Photograph of Anna-Belle Mulder & Lucy O’Connell Channay Harvey | @harvey_photo

LORNA MASEKO And, just like that, we’ve come to the end of a decade. I often find myself reflecting on the year gone by and the year that’s to come around this time of year, but a decade requires a little more thought, wouldn’t you agree? So much can happen in 10 years; relationships starting and ending, some very questionable hairstyles, political triumphs and upsets, load shedding and then some more load shedding, 45 issues of Joburg Style and, of course, the introduction of anti-wrinkle cream into my skincare regime. What does it all mean though? Well, in my opinion, not very much, unless we set out to put into action what we have learnt over the past decade. 2020 needs to be a year of action. It’s time we stop considering heavyhearted contemplations with friends over the dinner table as

action, liking a post and then scrolling past it while a country turns to ashes as caring and it’s definitely time to move from the ‘To-Do List’ to the ‘I’ve Damn Well Done It List”. When was the last time you thought, “Wow, I’d really love to do that, go there, change the way things are done.”? Chances are you’ve had that thought during the course of your day. When was the last time you actioned this thought, or better yet, took what you’ve learnt and what the past has taught you and really applied it to your life? Not as common, right? If we’re not going to move from contemplating each little twist and turn a decade has shown us into actively changing our lives and the world we live in for the better through action, then we may just find ourselves in the very same place in another

10 years, and that’s a long time to be standing in the same spot. Once you’re done reflecting, pick up this mag and enjoy some downtime as we take you on a journey through the city and beyond. Discover Limpopo’s cultural heritage through the gift of dance on page 64 and what the next decade holds for futuristic Singapore on page 58. Prep for a new year of business and boozy lunches on pages 101 and 105 and let’s not forget to get the lowdown on Joburg’s ultimate groomers as we round up the city’s best barbers on page 112. Last, but not least, we end the decade with a bang by showing you a different side to musical aficionado and South African legend AKA as he helps us close off the decade with a bang. Thanks to the Joburg Style team and every single one of you for sticking around; here’s to another 10 years.

Entertainer and Celebrity Chef Lorna Maseko is an MC, dancer, businesswoman and now celebrity chef who inspires women across South Africa. Catch up with Lorna and her tasty creations in our Eat.Drink section.

SHEILA AFARI Entrepreneur Over the past 10 years, Sheila Afari has been working in the events, fashion, lifestyle, technology and entertainment space. Currently, Sheila is focusing on building entrepreneurship in South Africa and Africa at large.

Anna-Belle Mulder

JOBURG STYLE ONLINE If you’re not online with Joburg Style, you’re not online. Open your eyes to the Joburg Style world on our website and stay updated with what’s trending in Joburg’s luxury lifestyle. Plus read our digi-mag!


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LUCY O’CONNELL Writer Following a career working as a features writer for both InStyle and Glamour magazines in London, Lucy has brought her extraordinary writing skills back to South Africa. Currently you’ll find Lucy writing copy for some of the country’s biggest brands and publications.


Developing ethical leaders for the common good.




Jason is an up-and-coming cinematographer and photographer based in beautiful Jozi. His work has seen him travelling to countries across the continent and his love for nostalgia has seen him turn towards film more and more as a medium. When Jason’s not shooting, you’ll find him editing in Joburg’s best coffee shops or rock climbing.

The full picture

e s p m i l G Follow Jason on Instagram to check out his film photography: @jasonhaji





CHUCK TAYLOR ALL STARS The perfect all-round shoe. I could obviously list hundreds, but this shoe is just so simple and clean and fits almost any look. Probably why it’s stood the test of time for decades.


HYDRO FLASK 1L My Hydro Flask keeps my water cold the entire day, it keeps me drinking throughout the day and survives the heat outdoors when climbing.


JEKYLL & HIDE CARD & NOTE WALLET, CLAY I love Jekyll & Hide’s minimal leather design, it’s not bulky and carries all the essentials, plus it’s a local brand!

18 |


LEATHERMAN REV MULTITOOL There are no words to describe how useful my Leatherman is to me. I carry it with me wherever I go, particularly when I’m on set, and use it daily.


RAY-BAN RB2180 These are the perfect mix between style, build and quality. I spend a lot of time shooting outdoors, so it’s really important for me to look after my eyes.

8 5


KODAK PORTRA 400 FILM Probably the best, most versatile film you can load up. It’s a little bit pricey, but I’ve never been disappointed in the latitude and colours of this film.


MOLESKIN NOTEBOOK You never know when inspiration will hit. I always have something ready to keep my ideas safe. Side note: The Notes app on your iPhone is just as good. I almost always have a camera on me. My go-to is a little compact point and shoot camera that I picked up from an antique store. It’s just an easy ‘snap and move on without thinking’ camera.



On Trend Every man should have a watch on his wrist, no excuses. Not only is it practical, but it says so much about your personality and style. I have a few in my arsenal; however, I have kept my gold Casio on my wrist this entire year.

BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF Dr. P Aesthetic Lifestyle Centre Suite 401, 4th Floor, South Office Tower, Hyde Park Corner Cnr 6th Road & Jan Smuts Ave, Hyde Park, Johannesburg Contact: 010-001-8557 /



Tell us a little bit about yourself, where you come from and how did you end up here? Born and bred in Joburg, I studied law and economics and pursued that as a career for a short period. However, when I discovered that Joburg had a growing avant-garde hospitality industry that was full of creative, beautiful businesses and people, I couldn’t resist. I fell in love with

a point in my life, and career (I had recently been retrenched), where it was literally now or never. I was going through some tough personal tribulations and, oddly enough, it was the perfect time to take the leap. Ninety-nine percent of us dream of turning our passion into a business. However, we struggle to connect

“Ninety-nine percent of us dream of turning our passion into a business. However, we struggle to connect our passion with making a living”

our passion with making a living. I spent roughly a year working and learning at various successful roasteries and cafes. I did everything from cleaning dishes to understanding the financials involved. I then convinced myself and other interested people that my cafe would be a viable, working business model. Two years later and we’re still kicking! What’s the hardest thing about running a business like yours? Dealing with people constantly. Whether it be customer service, suppliers or staff. I’m always engaging and trying to understand people’s needs. This can take a massive toll on your personal well-being and could burn you out. I experienced burnout about six months after we opened. It really made me feel defeated and opened my eyes to the fact that we all need to rest.

Joburg’s coffee culture, more specifically the specialty coffee scene. After the thought of opening my own little espresso bar started to take shape, I started to put all my effort into making that a reality. You’re pretty young to start your own business, how did you decide to take the leap? I was at | 21


“A Magic is a mix between a flat white and a cortardo. We serve it in a little white ceramic bowl. Literally tastes like magic.”

Could you give five tips for starting out as an entrepreneur? 1. Get used to failing. It happens a lot. Like a lot. 2. Have conviction. If you aren’t convinced that your business idea will succeed, then who will be? 3. Take the time to understand your competition and industry. I became a regular customer at my fiercest and most successful competitor. 4. Mise en place. Preparation. Preparation. Preparation. 5. Be financially literate. One way or another, you will have to crunch the numbers.

22 |

What’s the secret to a good cup of coffee? Sugar. No, l’m joking! Definitely. Not. Sugar. It would have to be the barista on bar. If they truly care about each cup of coffee they make, then you’ll definitely taste it. Also, good quality milk and specialty beans. Next time you visit a cafe, ask the barista who roasted the beans where they came from. It’s important to understand the whole value chain in order appreciate a good cup of coffee. Do you have any plans to expand? We’ve got a few cards up our sleeves. However, one of the

most difficult and exciting things for a small, independently owned business is to expand. Growing takes time and lots of capital. I think the rise of neighbourhood cafes is something we shouldn’t ignore, and I really want to support that. Hopefully, in time, we’ll be in a neighbourhood close to you! If you could keep ordering one thing from your own menu, what would it be? A Magic. It’s a mix between a flat white and a cortardo. We serve it in a little white ceramic bowl. Literally tastes like magic.

WHAT ARE YOUR TOP COFFEE SHOP PICKS IN THE CITY? There are so many incredible cafes out there run by incredible people and I wish I could include them all, but here are my top picks: Bean There, Thirdspace, Father Coffee, Home of the Bean and Ophelia.

celebrating hockey

A community of schools developing global achievers


010 591 5004


Follow us @KyalamiSchoolsGroup



To end off the perfect day, I’ll head to dinner at one of my favourite spots, the Asian-fusion heaven called Momo &O in Norwood. The food is incredible, well priced and you definitely won’t walk out hungry. It doesn’t serve alcohol, but allows you to bring your own drinks with no corkage fee.


DAY 1 I always try make some time to go camera hunting in some old antique/thrift shops on the weekend. The best I’ve found are all situated on Queen Street in Kensington, east of Joburg. Ye Olde Collector has the best analogue camera collection, from 35mm cameras to projectors and slides. A little down the road is Kensington Trading, which has an incredible vinyl collection for all the musos who still love their records. 11AM

Dear Maria is always a pit stop for me. It has the best coffee, best people and you’re guaranteed to have the best time! It recently introduced a bakery to the store, so there’s definitely no excuse not to pay it a visit. 1PM

If you’re ever looking to blow off some steam or get a little adrenaline rush, CityROCK will definitely sort you out. A brilliant spot that offers bouldering, top roping and lead climbing for amateurs and professionals. 24 |

MAUI POKE Poke is pronounced poh-kay, rhymes with okay and quite literally means to cut crosswise into pieces.

Photograph of Maui Poke Channay Harvey | @harvey_photo


DIRECTORY Ye Olde Collector yeoldecollector Dear Maria CityROCK Momo &O 087 980 5843 Oakes Coffee Roastery Calexico Razor Charlie rzrcharlie


One of my favourite breakfast spots is Oakes Coffee Roastery in Modderfontein. It offers excellent food and coffee in a beautiful little garden behind 33 High Street. There’s also a gin distillery next door if you’re looking to do some tasting. 12PM

If I don’t have any lunch plans, I’ll most likely head out to take some photos. Places like Braam, 44 Stanley, Maboneng, Melville and Linden are all great to walk around and shoot through a few rolls. All these places offer some quick bites or light lunches. Or some great beer if you stop at Calexico in 44 Stanley. My favourite is shooting in my neighbourhood, there are so many awesome spots in Edenvale and surrounds that all tell such good stories. 6PM

There’s nothing better than ending off a weekend at the epic little hidden Mexican spot, Razor Charlie based in Kramerville, just under Katy’s Palace. It has great food at great prices. It’s also conveniently a minute away from my favourite photo lab, RGB Pixellab. It’s the best in town for film development and scanning, and also offers the best prices on film.




Body Shop Honey Bronze Drops of Sun

Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara

2 3


Lulu & Marula Refreshing Tonic Mist

Body Shop Rich Plum Body Yoghurt




Kevin Murphy Hydrate-Me Masque


QMS Cellular Sun Protection SPF 50+

9 Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Nourishing Lip Balm SPF 20

10 11

Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra-nourishing Argan Oil Bronzer


26 |


Paul Mitchell MarulaOil Rare Hair Oil Treatment

GUCCI Memoire d'une Odeur EDP

St. Tropez Gradual Tan in Shower Tanning Lotion

2 GO


HAIR2GO is a vibey,

family orientated salon, passionate about getting your inner beauty to shine through.

We use L’Oréal INOA (ammonia free) permanent colour and DIA colour semi-permanent.


Mon: 9am to 5pm | Tue - Fri: 8am to 5pm | Sat: 8am to 3 pm | Sunday & public holidays: 9am to 1pm | Late hours on request

Shop 2, The Parks, Cnr Jan Smuts Ave & Wells Str, Parkwood | 011 268 6562 (Landline) | 064 501 1858 (WhatsApp)


Kirsten Goss

Joburg Style and South African favourite Kirsten Goss has launched a homeware range that is just as beautiful as the jewellery designs for which she is so well known. The ABODE range focuses on brass and sterling silver cutlery and serving ware, including espresso spoons, condiment spoons, pickle forks, sugar spoons and serving spoons. Find these and other pieces from the collection at her Johannesburg store and online.

Kirsten Goss made her first piece of jewellery when she was about five years old – a painted macaroni necklace.


Features | Cover Story

30 |

Cover Story | Features

Keep up to date with AKA @akaworldwide

SOUTH AFRICA’S Ten years on, AKA shows the world that he’s only just getting started. Eric Bornman catches up with him about music, family and his love for the City of Gold



ast five years ain’t s#*t without me. Most consistent, I go the distance.”

These lyrics from AKA’s single, ‘Dreamwork’ ft Yanga, come to mind as I sit at a private surprise dinner for AKA at Gemelli restaurant in Bryanston, where ‘Dreamwork’ was announced as being certified 5x Diamond, making AKA the first South African urban hip hop act of his generation to hit over a billion streams for an individual single. A springboard prophecy, AKA continued to be the most consistent five years on, making him one of the most relevant urban acts on the continent for the decade of the 2010s. Taking his career to new heights each year, AKA closed off the decade with some serious power moves. He expanded his brand properties with the launch of AKA Orchestra, which saw two sold out concerts in Johannesburg and Durban; got coins for every sip taken of Cruz Vodka Watermelon; gained equity in WWE Wrestling Snacks; and, most notably, designed his own limited edition Reebok classic sneakers aka #TheSneAKA, which saw AKA write a page in the history of the Reebok brand, something very few people get to do, testament to the AKA brand power built over the last decade. Heralding a successful 10 years in the industry at the close of 2019, where Johannesburg was a focal point in his career, it was only appropriate that Joburg Style sought to launch its first cover of the new decade with the Suga Mega, and I was tasked to find out what the New Year holds for one of South Africa’s most prized musicians and reflect on his journey. I catch up with Kiernan, famously known by his stage name, AKA, as he’s on a well-deserved bonding break with his brother, Steffan Forbes, in Seoul, South Korea. After playfully chastising me for contacting him about work whilst he’s on holiday (it’s forbidden and I know it), he goes on to share how being in Seoul is sparking his creativity – the energy of the city is electrifying and creativity exudes everywhere. “Life gets so crazy at times and it’s important to just pause. I haven’t had quality time with my brother lately, so he was the most obvious holiday companion. We’ve just been relaxing, sightseeing, enjoying great food and each other’s company,” shares Kiernan. Mindful that he’s on holiday and not wanting to take too much of his time, I jump straight into it. There’s lot of talk around “AKA not being the same person”, “AKA has matured”. Taking away music and your creativity, which we expect to evolve over time, what would you attribute to bringing about the biggest change in you? Definitely my daughter. Fatherhood is not something anyone

32 |

Cover Story | Features

me. But I would have to say I’m most proud of the SneAKA release with Reebok. It was a collaborative design between my brother and me, and something that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

could have prepared me for, but having Kairo in my life has been positively life changing. I have a new appreciation for family and leaving behind a legacy for her. I want her to have a better life and upbringing than I did. I want her to become anything that she wants to be in this world. How have you managed to stay consistent over the past 10 years, and how do you see yourself maintaining this over the next 10 years? To make it in this industry, you must have a love for what you do, have a passion for your craft and take yourself seriously. All of which I do. Music is a spiritual thing. It’s not something that just anyone can do. My talent is God given. I always try to be a better version of myself. It’s not just every year, it’s every day. So, over the next 10 years, I see myself doing the same thing. Every day is a new opportunity to improve. If you had to put together a list of your top 10 favourite things (people, places, things etc.), what/who would be on it? In no particular order: 1. My family 2. My music collection 3. The SneAKA 4. Cruz Vodka Watermelon 5. Man United 6. PlayStation 7. Snoek 8. Joburg 9. Cape Town 10. My cars| Joburg will forever be an essential city in your life. You went to school here, your official music career as AKA began here. When you think of Joburg, what three things come to mind? • City of Gold • Music • Family When you think of each thing below, what one word comes to mind? • Kairo – love • Michael Jackson – greatest • Snoek – favourite • Hip hop – legends • State of the nation – revive

You did not make a big deal of celebrating New Year’s Day, but I’m sure there are things you are excited about for this year? Yes, definitely. 2020 is going to be my best year yet! I have one of the biggest songs in the country right now. I’m excited about new music, great collaborations, more signature AKA events and a couple of surprises that I can’t share just yet. What are you currently working on? I’m working on a new album. It will be out before the end of the year. I’m preparing for my upcoming show at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden taking place on 9 February and I’m also working on a Fees For All Mega Concert. Unfortunately, I’ve had to postpone it as I’m going in for a knee operation, but, trust me, it will be worth the wait. I want to make sure that it’s done right and people look back at it having been one of the greatest concerts of the year.

“I would have to say I’m most proud of the SneAKA release with Reebok.”

When you look back on 2019, what are you most proud of? Wow, so much happened in 2019 that was groundbreaking for

What influence would you say Joburg has had on you, especially on your music? Joburg ignited the passion I’ve always had for music. The hip hop legends that I grew up listening to were located in Joburg and that gave me a sense of motivation to keep pursuing a career in music. I think my single ‘Run Jozi’ with K.O and Yanga is the perfect embodiment of being inspired and influenced by this city. Name your three favourite hangout spots in Joburg. • My crib • Sumo Nightclub • Rockets What should everyone know about Joburg? If you take yourself seriously, you can make your dreams come true in Joburg. It’s not called the City of Gold for nothing.

With an upcoming Kirstenbosch show on 9 February, new single dropping in March, some surprise music collaborations, new business deals on the horizon and a continued focus on family, AKA’s 2020 plans look like the perfect foundation to set the tone for his next decade as an African star and businessman.

Features | Big Read


34 |

Big Read | Features | 35


The sun has barely crept into the sky and there’s activity everywhere. On a mission to tell the stories of the people clearing the city’s waste, Jono and I, after some trial and error, are eventually directed to a crew of Zimbabwean waste pickers. They’ve come to Joburg for the money and economic opportunities, so scarce in their home country. “I had a different idea of what I would be doing in Johannesburg, but this work means I can feed myself, pay rent and send money back home,” says Carlos. Social contact is everywhere so there’s companionship and camaraderie to be found even on the hard streets of Joburg’s inner city. These men, all from various parts of Zim, work together to make ends meet and share their burdens and lives together in South Africa. Carlos shares a bachelor flat with two others and they scour the city streets together every morning and afternoon. We run through the streets with them, racing through Jeppestown and Maboneng to the depot where they sell their goods. We wait outside the depot in the sun, chatting, laughing and smoking. And in these moments we could be anywhere in Africa, on a lunch break, young, enjoying the warmth of winter and camaraderie. Carlos takes us to his apartment a few days later and the whole crew comes through to talk and just be together in this story, in this moment where their existence and contributions to the city are being observed and acknowledged. On one of the Highveld winter’s coldest mornings, we travel to Sandton, to a park occupied by Basotho recyclers. The park looks like a village, with clusters of shelters scattered around. A stream running through is used for water and there is a fire burning at the centre of one of the camps. These Basotho have occupied this park for years, and they have come to South Africa for whatever work they can find. There is order and humour in this community. The living conditions are hard, but we are welcomed and accommodated. And, as the city starts moving and its suburbs start spewing streams of cars, the recyclers begin their trail through them, going through the dustbins for recyclables while the residents wave and make way for them. In the waste picker’s world, trash can be treasure;

36 |

In the waste picker’s world, trash can be treasure; recyclers have found everything from iPads to old cellphones in people’s waste

Big Read | Features

recyclers have found everything from iPads to old cellphones in people’s waste. But Joburg, a land of opportunity for so many on the continent, presents serious problems as well; the xenophobia and difficulty in acquiring legal status leaves the recyclers vulnerable to harassment from state forces, with Johannes telling me that the police routinely come to the park and burn their belongings, often destroying the few documents and possessions they have. “Life here is hard, but the hardest part is the brutality from the police.” Johannes directs me to a charred tree trunk and says, “They were here last week trying to evict us, but we won’t move, we have nowhere else to go anyways.” Immigration is a complex issue; the political and economic circumstances in our neighbouring and landlocked countries compound this complexity. While the political situation in Zimbabwe has brought many of its citizens to South Africa, the Zimbabwean recyclers we encountered are mostly legal and are therefore able to avoid police harassment and find places to live. The Basotho recyclers are escaping an underdeveloped economy, where many of them have not had the opportunity or resources to

GOLDEN RULES FOR RECYCLING • Reduce, reuse, recycle. • Flatten cardboard boxes so that you can fit more recyclables into your bin. • To help your recycling centre and to keep down foul odours, make sure you wash food waste from any plastic or glass food containers before putting them in the recycle bin. • All plastic bottles can be recycled, from water bottles to salad dressing bottles.

Features | Big Read

Recycling is big business and waste pickers on the streets are at the tail end of a multibillion rand industry complete secondary schooling. This systemic poverty means they can’t afford the several hundred rand necessary to sustain a work permit in South Africa, leaving them vulnerable to violence from police and state apparatus. The reality is that recycling is big business and the waste pickers on the streets are at the tail end of a multibillion rand industry. The demand for the waste comes from corporations looking to manufacture from the recycled products, meaning the recyclers can support their basic needs through this hustle. However, working on the streets takes a toll on the soul. This, along with the access to instant cash, results in some recyclers falling into addiction and crime. But, in friendship and community, a strategy for self-preservation exists, so much so that some recyclers have plans to further their studies or save up to start a small business. This is the beautiful thing about Joburg: a person can dare to dream, and, for a lucky few, that dream manifests.

38 |




OPENWINDOW.CO.ZA 012 648 9200

The Open Window (Pty) Ltd (company registration 1973/015860/07) is registered as a Private Higher Education Institution with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) with Registration Certificate Number: 2000/HE07/016.The Open Window (Pty) Ltd courses are accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) under the Higher Education Act, 1997. The Open Window (Pty) Ltd is a SETA provider accredited with MICTSETA: Accreditation Number: ACC/2016/07/0012. For more information, please contact The Open Window on 012 648 9200. Website to include - © 2019 Open Window. All rights reserved.

Features | Photo Essay

This photo essay was shot on 35mm Ilford HP5 film using a Canon 300 and 28-90mm lens Words and Photos by John Ferraz

40 |

aunted by hunger and driven by sheer survival instinct, they stand day after day on the street corners and the traffic intersections in the hope that, in the brief time that it takes for red to become green, they will elicit, if not an act of kindness or compassion, then perhaps a mere acknowledgement of their own existence. Homeless and destitute, many live alone on the street, with only their memories and an ever diminishing will to go on. They call themselves the ‘maladaptive’, ‘malunda’, ‘lekatsu’, the ‘outies’, a term which refers to the fact that they live on the street, or ‘biters’, a metaphor that likens the act of begging for money to a fisherman casting out his line in the hope of catching a fish. But to many of us they are merely degenerates, loiterers, trespassers, tramps, vagrants, deviants; they are the ‘abomalala esikhotheni’, the ‘dingi ndawo’, the ‘malala endle’, ‘die haweloses’, ‘die skadukinders’, or the ‘strollers’. Mostly, however, they are just... invisible. They come from all walks of life and all backgrounds, from the humblest of beginnings to the most opulent. From illiteracy and abject poverty to the hallowed halls of academia. From happy and stable homes to broken and scattered families. It is easy to forget that even the destitute had – and have – families, friends, dreams, hopes, fears and, mostly importantly, a past that merits recounting and reflection. For, even in the downfall of a human being, there is a great deal that can be learnt and understood. Theirs is a life lived at the mercy of others… a life where the good fortune of one day is met by the absolute deprivation of the next and where the frivolous and random generosity and brutality of their fellow man has, itself, become predictable. Yet, despite untold human suffering and degradation, theirs is also a story of the triumph of the human spirit over abject poverty and adversity, albeit sometimes only for a brief moment.

Photo Essay | Features | 43

Features | Photo Essay

44 |

Photo Essay | Features

They are the men and women who we never see… or want to see.Their presence makes us uncomfortable and their appearance challenges us and threatens to awaken in us that distant nagging sense…. our slumbering conscience. Hmmm… conscience – now there’s an interesting concept. A concept that’s become ever more foreign in an increasingly isolated and unyielding world, where success seems to be measured less by one’s humanity than by one’s ability to conceal or deny it. Like many, I too had sat in my car, avoiding eye contact or merely ignoring those standing by my window, cup in hand and palm outstretched. Yet, in the end, it was precisely because of their translucent quality and their apparent anonymity that I found myself unable to turn away. I just couldn’t look away anymore. When I embarked on this journey, my proposition was a simple one: to record and recount the life story of each homeless person that I encountered and, in so doing, to give back to each person that which so many seemed to have lost… their names, their histories, their identities. When the project began, I was deeply afraid and uncertain. I had never undertaken anything like this before and I had no idea whether each person who I approached would be open or hostile to what I was proposing to do. During that period I was often overcome by a deep sense of uncertainty whether I possessed the ability to do justice to each person’s life story and to accomplish the objective that I had set out for myself. I have to admit that I am still not certain of this and I don’t think I ever will be. Each day, as I sat on numerous Johannesburg and Pretoria pavements, street corners and shelters interviewing and photographing each person, I could never have

Features | Photo Essay

46 |

Photo Essay | Features

known the profound impact that each of them would have on my own life. I could also never have foreseen the kinship and friendship that would develop nor the deep sense of loss that I would later come to experience. In the sufferings and failures of others I came to understand my own weaknesses and limitations. Faced with so much poverty and sadness, I could not but develop a greater understanding and appreciation of the fragility of human life… a life so fragile that the dividing line between wealth and poverty is but a hair’s breadth and where a single event can turn fortune into utter destitution. The purpose of my writing and photography is not to pass moral judgment on society, nor to romanticise or exalt the lives of the homeless and the poor. Instead, its sole purpose is to retell each story as it was conveyed to me in the hope that it will reveal the true humanity of the storyteller in all its strengths and failings. If the only thing that this work achieves is to engender, if only for a brief moment, a sense of compassion for the plight faced by so many fellow South Africans each day, it will have accomplished its goal. By capturing their images and recording their stories I hope to provide a modest platform where each life story, as told to me, can find both a voice and an ear. “The truth is that no one can touch misery and forget that it has happened.” Truman Capote knew it and I know it. | 47

Features | Photo Essay

48 |

Photo Essay | Features



his series was inspired by the streets of Johannesburg; Newtown to be specific. I walked the streets of the area and anyone I came into contact with who was willing to be photographed, I did. I wanted to, as accurately as possible, reflect that part of the city, and showcase the South Africa I see on a daily basis, as well as its people. The series was exhibited in Jeppestown, otherwise known as Maboneng. My ultimate goal as a photographer, and with any other work I create, is simple: to bring Africa to the world and the world to Africa by showing it outside of the stale and trite lenses of Western media. Yes, hardships, poverty and crime exist, as they do in any country in the world, but we’re changing that narrative and who better to tell our stories than us Africans?

50 |

Photo Essay | Features | 51

Features | Photo Essay

“My ultimate goal as a photographer, and with any other work I create, is simple: to bring Africa to the world and the world to Africa”

WHO IS ANTHONY BILA? Also known as ‘The Expressionist’, Anthony considers himself a creator through a one-way mirror. Using primarily visual mediums, he works as a commercial, fashion and documentary photographer in both digital and analogue formats. As a film director, a medium he considers the ‘holy grail’ of creativity where all aspects of art come together, Anthony is hypervigilant of being a conduit for the stories of South Africans and Africans at large. In the last few years, Anthony has also delved in culturalentrepreneurship through his content consultancy, Studio Bila, a creative and concept agency that works with emerging and established entities, bridging the gap between young African brands and creators and blue-chip multinational companies.

52 |




RISING ABOVE THE SANDTON SKYLINE, THE LEONARDO IS SET TO BECOME THE ULTIMATE LIFESTYLE DESTINATION. 240 Apartments | Restaurant & bars | Shopping Leonardo Conference Centre for up to 360 delegates Gym & Spa | Nature to Nurture Pre-School AND SO MUCH MORE!

OPENING EARLY 2020 Contact

Features | The Leonardo

Did you know?

Around 100 artists have contributed to the curated pieces in the building.

Patron of the arts


Why is The Leonardo dedicated to the arts? Legacy and The Trinity Session (who curated and project managed the creation of the art for the building) have a long-standing relationship in promoting original and local art throughout Legacy’s hotels and developments. None of these projects, however, have been as exciting or as bold as those in The Leonardo. The artwork programme is a direct response to the building’s namesake, and the curatorial approach and artistic meander inside follow in the footsteps of Leonardo da Vinci, the visionary inventor, himself. Integrated into the fabric of the building and framed by marble, the artworks are statements that inform the spaces they occupy; speaking of stories and materials that are both local and conceptually relevant to the overall narrative of the building. Is there a particular style or era that the space follows, for example, contemporary art? None of the artworks conform to a particular artistic style, but were each commissioned or developed in conversation with the architecture, materials and particular talents and vision of each artist. The ultimate journey through the building is a series of artwork experiences of the four elements (earth, fire, wind, water) as the basis of human curiosity. With a focus on collective and handmade production, The Leonardo artworks boast a diverse collective of local young and established artists,

designers and fabricators who present unique approaches to their usual work and media. How does this speak to the legacy of the building? For over two years, the initial invitation to submit a curatorial concept for the space developed into a programme of integrated design thinking, building artistic opportunities and creating artworks specifically for The Leonardo space. This is a sustainable initiative, giving exposure to up-andcoming artists and speaks to what the building stands for: a beacon of hope for the future of South Africa. Can you tell us more about The Leonardo’s dedication to local artists? Under the direction of The Trinity Session, a contemporary art production team, artists were identified based on the relevance of their work, while others were involved in collective brainstorming and design development. A strong focus of the project was working with a balance of established and young artists and pushing them beyond their usual production style and scale. New materials, product methodologies and conceptual approaches all ensured the programme served as an opportunity for upliftment and growth for most of these artists. The result is one that is not only visible in the spaces of The Leonardo, but in the newfound confidence and methodologies of the artists and their works. What is the link between art and the Legacy Group, why is it so important? Art is such a personal journey and it does transform spaces. Life is art, and art comments on the world around us. We

“None of the artworks conform to a particular artistic style, but were each commissioned or developed in conversation with the architecture, materials and particular talents and vision of each artist”

want the Legacy journey to reflect that and to leave our guests feeling something special and memorable when they engage with the art across our properties. Over and above that, commissioning art is one of the ways we, as Legacy, can contribute to the lives of creatives in our communities and assist them in leaving their own legacy within our walls. Can members of the public enjoy some of this art? Once the building is launched early in 2020, members of the public can visit the building and take the art journey for themselves through the public spaces. Guests staying in one of the residences will get to experience the collection of art we have in our lifts, along the residential floor walls, as well as the unique pieces in each residence. Full art tours through the building can be arranged on request and will be launched later in the year. | 55


The Trans-Siberian Railway isn’t your average experience. Spanning over 9,000km, it can take over a week to travel depending on the chosen route.

Mongolia Did you know? The great Genghis Khan was Mongolia’s founding father.


57 |


Singapore | Explore

While there are more affordable destinations for South Africans to visit within Asia, Singapore has a certain je ne sais quoi Words and Photography by Anna-Belle Mulder | 59


hen I think of Singapore, the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. There’s no other place in this world where you can look up at a mammoth ship perched on top of three curved struts, which serves as a hotel, and then look across at a woman dressed in a cheongsam shuffling across the road in a scene so simple it does not feel like it fits in the 21st century. Singapore’s fervent reverence for tradition and science has blended so perfectly it’s often hard to believe, and that’s truly what makes it such an extraordinary destination for a holiday.


Planning a trip to the Garden City? Here’s everything you need to know.


Singapore is known as the Garden City; walk out of your front door in the city and you’ll soon realise why. Singapore is dedicated to ensuring that the city is filled with indigenous, trees, plants and grasses at every turn, and that’s just the sidewalks. Almost every neighbourhood in Singapore has sprawling gardens and parks that are frequented by locals and visitors alike. 60 |

Singapore | Explore

THE SINGAPORE SLING WAS DEVELOPED SOMETIME BEFORE 1915 BY NGIAM TONG BOON, A HAINANESE BARTENDER WORKING AT THE LONG BAR IN RAFFLES HOTEL, SINGAPORE. IT WAS INITIALLY CALLED THE GIN SLING. Gardens by the Bay Do a quick search on Singapore and images of Gardens by the Bay are sure to pop up on the first page. The gardens are home to plants from around the world and are housed in three different gardens, South, East and Central. While I found myself enthralled by orchid displays bigger than my apartment block, it’s hard to miss the wondrous Supertrees that provide much-needed shade and a breathtaking view of the gardens and Marina Bay skyline. Singapore Botanic Gardens If the heat in Singapore doesn’t knock you, the humidity will. I’m not one to hide in the confines of a hotel room or shopping centre with the comfort of air conditioning, so I did like the locals do and escaped to the cool, shady patches in the rainforest found inside the Singapore Botanic Gardens. I’ve been lucky enough to visit Kew and Kirstenbosch, and while both are elegant and memorable, Singapore’s gardens are a cut above the rest. Open daily, the gardens are home to lakes, a rainforest, eco gardens and even a bonsai garden.

Explore | Singapore


If a flying car had whizzed past my head during my visit to Singapore, I probably wouldn’t have blinked. Singapore is at the forefront of automaton and technological advancements that aim to improve its residents’ lives and safeguard against future challenges such as global warming. From automated baggage handlers to robot masseuses, it feels like anything is possible in this city. ArtScience Museum The ArtScience Museum in the Marina Bay district is a futuristic looking building set only a few paces away from the Marina Bay shopping centre. While it was one of the most expensive activities I did in the city, it was by far the best experience, making it well worth the hefty entrance fee. The building is home to 21 gallery spaces that have hosted works from history’s most renowned artists and creators. Sim Lim Square Did someone say technology and shopping? Sim Lim Square is Singapore’s biggest IT mall, stocking everything from cameras and cell phones to custombuilt computers. While the range is unmatched by 62 |

Singapore | Explore

similar establishments in Singapore, it’s the prices that will keep you coming back for more.


Singapore might take itself seriously, but it has a fun side too. While I’m not a theme park diehard, if there’s a quality theme park in or around the city I’m visiting, you’d better believe I’ll be running from attraction to snack stand, and possibly searching for ways to skip to the front of the queue on the faster roller coasters. Singapore’s hub for theme parks and fun activities is based on Sentosa island. Universal Studios Singapore Nothing beats a trip to Disney Land, but Universal Studios comes a close second. With a range of activities, rides, shows and spaces to explore, you’ll have a fun-filled day that will be hard to forget. Universal Studios can get extremely busy, particularly during school holidays, so get there early and skip the queues by purchasing your e-tickets to Universal Studios Singapore online. Sentosa One day on Sentosa simply isn’t enough if you have small children. The island is a haven for any family looking for activities to keep them busy on holiday. As well as Universal Studios, Adventure Cove Waterpark offers a range of water-based activities and fish interaction experiences, and the Butterfly and Insect Kingdom is home to over 3,000 different species of butterflies and insects from around the world.

GETTING THERE IN STYLE Start your holiday early by flying in style with Singapore Airlines, which offers 13 flights weekly between Johannesburg and Singapore. Singapore Changi Airport recently opened the adjoining Jewel, a shopping and entertainment complex that sports a 40m indoor waterfall. The airport is also home to the world’s first airport-based Butterfly Garden with over 1,000 tropical butterflies to keep you company while you wait to board.

Paying homage Anna-Belle Mulder explores Limpopo and connects with its people Words and Photography Anna-Belle Mulder

Limpopo | Explore


artha Graham famously said, “Dance is the hidden language of the soul in Limpopo, the Tsonga women leave nothing hidden as they dance under the harsh sun bearing their souls and their love for their culture that has helped shape the face of my home, South Africa.” It was hot, the type of heat where you step into the sunlight and instantly feel your skin prickle and heat up. The type of heat you can feel in your lungs when you breathe deeply, the exact type of heat I’d imagined I would experience in Limpopo. Bump. Swerve. Bump. Hoot at stray cow. I’d become accustomed to the dirt roads that wind through Limpopo’s villages and after a day of exploring the Ribola Art Route in the beating sun, I’d started to zone out from the beauty that surrounded me in favour of dreaming of my cool hotel room and even cooler swimming pool. One more bump, and I heard the ignition turn off. My first reaction was ‘please don’t make me go out into that damn sun again’, my second reaction was ‘holy smokes, look at those outfits!’. We’d been in search of a group of Shangaan women who share their stories and their history through dance, and we’d found them, dressed in colours that stood out starkly compared to the dusty and parched landscape that surrounded them. Bright pink, vivid blue, beads by the thousands, but more striking than their uniforms were their dark eyes. Eyes that drew me in and sent me back to a different time and right back again. Eyes with knowledge and a history that I could only ever hope to grasp a sliver of. I felt uneasy, as if I were intruding on their space, their culture and their traditions, an unwelcome voyeur. I couldn’t be more different from these strong women on whose backs an entire tribe is upheld. A sense of unease that I often feel when experiencing other cultures quickly settled in. It’s not

“Shangaan women share their stories’ and their history through dance” | 65

Explore | Limpopo

in my nature to make contact with other beings through the lens of a fishbowl, I never like to feel like I’m an outsider staring and studying them from ‘the other side’… and then a drum started beating. Every head in the clearing where we were gathered turned to an elderly woman who had begun beating a huge drum with such force it echoed up into the hills beyond us. A clean, clear, crisp ‘tah, tah’, and then the shuffling of feet. A procession of women started making its way into the clearing, their dresses making a rustling sound like wind through the trees in a forest. Everyone’s jaws simultaneously dropped. As the dancers began to sing of their history and culture, my role as a voyeur fell away as I began to tap my feet to their music, I began to feel a longing for something that I would never have. I’ll never have a culture so deep and entrenched in my soul that I would willingly dance, layered with heavy clothes in unfathomable heat for a stranger just to show my pride. I would never get the opportunity to dance until sweat poured down my face to pay homage to my ancestors just because it was important to me. As we drove away, skin pink and hair matted with sweat, I thought to myself, “That’s what makes Limpopo different, the pride of its people.”

EXPLORE THE RIBOLA ART ROUTE There is a constant pulse, an ancient rhythm pushing life through the veins of the Limpopo province; some may say that this is the real heart of Africa. The Ribola Art Route in Mbhokota near Elim, Limpopo personifies this African spirit, a melting pot of Tsonga, Venda and Shangaan cultures celebrating culture and traditions through art, music, crafts and the age-old African tradition of storytelling.

66 |

WHERE TO STAY Limpopo has a large range of luxury accommodation that can be found at a fraction of the price compared to the rest of South Africa. With affordable accommodation, rich culture and a relatively short drive from Johannesburg, it’s a great alternative to well-travelled routes in the rest of the country.

57 WATERBERG GAME LODGE Fifty-seven Waterberg is set in the heart of the magnificent Welgevonden Game Reserve that forms part of the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve, which UNESCO declared to be an official World Heritage Site in 2001. The facilities of the well-appointed lodge provide guests with an oasis of five-star luxury that is surrounded by 35,000 hectares of unsurpassed natural beauty replete with wildlife.

BECKS SAFARI LODGE Becks Safari Lodge combines luxe living and innovative design with a deep appreciation for the South African bushveld. Setting this new intimate and exclusive safari lodge aside is its owners’ strong philosophies on community development and environmental sustainability, paired with a passionate and dedicated team of staff.

Live for the moments

you can't Words put into

Our Resorts Include: Hilltop Resort, Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park Mpila Resort, Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park Giant’s Castle Resort, Maloti-Drakensberg Park Thendele Resort, Maloti-Drakensberg Park @ezemvelokznwildlife


Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife’s diverse protected areas and natural sanctuaries allow you to explore our unique big-game

wildlife areas, as well as numerous cultural, historical, wetland, alpine and marine treasures with a wide range of accommodation facilities and guest activities on offer. Hiking, biking, fishing, game-viewing or just relaxing …it’s yours for the asking. Feel the thrill of game sightings, smell the new dawn, be part of wild Africa ... The accommodation is clean and comfortable; the experiences vivid. Treat yourself to a wild experience Awaken your senses... +27(0) 33 845 1000 E: in a KZN bushveld game reserve, only a few hours driveT:from Durban or Johannesburg.

connect Awaken your senses...



Conservation, Partnerships & Ecotourism


THE ROAD NOT TAKEN HEADING TO THE CAPE THIS YEAR? WHY NOT ESCAPE THE CROWDS AND HEAD OUT FOR A FEW NIGHTS TO DISCOVER THESE INCREDIBLE WESTERN CAPE TOWNS? MONTAGU Montagu can be found between Cape Town and Oudtshoorn on Route 62. The town is home to some of the country’s top wine farms, a collection of hot mineral springs and a wonderful collection of boutique hotels.


JONKMANSHOF Built in the 18th century, Jonkmanshof has been standing for over 165 years and the farmhouse is brimming with antiques and whispers of the past. Each room is unique and fantastical and is sure to have you staring in wonder for hours. During summer, there is cool linen on four-poster beds and the breakfast table is always laden with produce from the area, including organic eggs from the happy hens that roam the garden. GALENIA ESTATE Just 3km from the centre of Montagu, Galenia Estate is a tranquil space found between the beautiful slopes of the Langeberg Mountains. The estate boasts myriad fynbos and has numerous nature trails, which it encourages guests to walk, trek, jog, stroll or cycle to enjoy the remarkable views and the wide variety of indigenous plants and flowers growing there.

68 |

SWELLENDAM Consisting of seven towns, the greater Swellendam area stretches from the Klein Karoo, Langeberg Mountains and wine routes to the ocean at Koppie Alleen. Each dorpie has a unique character, crafts and history to share. Swellendam itself is one of the oldest towns in South Africa with buildings dating back to as early as 1743. The town has a never-ending selection of restaurants, pubs and attractions to keep visitors busy as they pass through.

LANGEBAAN Known as the jewel of the West Coast, it’s always a good time to visit this beautiful town and its white sand beaches. The town’s lagoon makes it the perfect place for water sports including kitesurfing, sailing and kayaking.



SCHOONE OORDT COUNTRY HOUSE Schoone Oordt is top of the crop when it comes to accommodation in Swellendam and surrounds. With 11 luxury rooms set in lush gardens and the intimate Conservatory Restaurant, it’s the perfect location to disappear to for a few days.

KICK BACK IN SWELLENDAM Ikigai Coffee Bar & Deli Field and Fork Drostdy Restaurant drostdyrestaurant

THE HIDEAWAY Close to the centre of town, The Hideaway offers guests cosy cottage feel accommodation with all the modern amenities. The bed and breakfast’s garden is home to over 250 rose bushes and a microcosm of the area’s birdlife. Breakfasts always include sideboards groaning with home-made breads, scones, jams and other local delicacies, making it the perfect place from which to start a day of activities.

WINDTOWN LAGOON HOTEL The Windtown Lagoon resort boasts neat, affordable rooms with air conditioning and pool views with only a short walk to Langebaan’s famous beaches. Interested in kitesurfing? The hotel offers access to its very own kite school only a few hundred metres from the lagoon. KRAALBAAI LUXURY HOUSEBOATS A different take on accommodation, these luxury houseboats are situated within the West Coast National Park and sleep between six and 22 guests. The self-catering houseboats offer guests unparalleled views of the lagoon and private sunset massages while overlooking the water. | 69



based, has freshly baked goods for weary travellers daily and caters to plant-based clientele. HARTFORD HOUSE While the Midlands has a range of quaint restaurants and cafes, gourmet isn’t quite what comes to mind. Hartford House obliterates those preconceptions with its fine dining offering. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and can arrange picnics on the grounds, weather permitting. THE BIERFASSL A little slice of Austria in the heart of the Zulu Kingdom, The Bierfassl has a never-ending supply of local and international beers, hearty homestyle meals and events on the weekends. THE BOAR’S HEAD The family-friendly Boar’s Head can be found in the acclaimed Rawdons Hotel. The pub serves local beer by the pint and in some of its dishes. If you’re staying at the hotel, be sure to check out its lawn tennis offering.


KARKLOOF CANOPY TOUR The Karkloof Canopy Tour has been built in a spectacular valley of the Karkloof Forest Reserve. The tour consists of 12 platforms and 10 zip line slides, the longest of which is 200m. A tour lasts approximately two hours and includes refreshments during the tour Somehow, no matter the time of year, the Midlands has a sprinkling of magic in the air. If you’re staying for a few nights or just driving through, we’ve put together the ultimate pit stop guide to taking the long way round.


FLAMME ROUGE CYCLE CAFÉ Smoothie bowls, freshly baked orange polenta cake and bicycles. The Midlands trifecta! Hire a bike and explore the area or stop off at the cafe after a cycle. TERBODORE COFFEE ROASTERS You’ve probably seen the Terbodore brand in coffee shops around Johannesburg, but nothing beats visiting the converted barn on the Terbodore Farm. Expect giant but gentle Great Danes draped on the furniture, extremely helpful staff and, of course, some of the best brew in South Africa. STEAMPUNK COFFEE Coffee with a conscience, Steampunk Coffee is dedicated to serving source traceable coffee and does not serve takeaway cups. The café is takeaway

and a light lunch served at the end. This is a safe, fun adventure for people between the ages of six and 80+.


BRAHMAN HILLS Whether you’re staying in the self-catering cottages or in the hotel, Brahman Hills is one of the best places to stay in the region. The cottages are a favourite amongst visitors and are available in one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom options, some even come with a Jacuzzi overlooking the rolling hills of the Midlands.

SIMPLY SAM ANTIQUES 072 605 9909 From old cameras to mysterious looking artworks, Simply Sam is a treasure trove for antique lovers. Sam’s collection can be found in a refurbished old bar next to the Fort Nottingham Museum. NELSON MANDELA CAPTURE SITE The Nelson Mandela Capture Site commemorates the moment in history when Nelson Mandela was captured on 5 August, 1962. The site comprises a steel sculpture and a visitors’ centre. The sculpture is made up of 50 steel columns that are between six and 9.5 metres in height and cover a width of almost 30 metres. These have been cut by laser to form an image of the former president when viewed at the correct angle.

CHARLES SMYTHE COTTAGE The Charles Smythe Cottage has four luxury double en-suite bedrooms and a sprawling shared living space. The cottage is located on the Gowrie Farm Golf and Fly-fishing Estate and guests can book a round of golf or try their hand at fly-fishing.

KARKLOOF FARMERS’ MARKET Open on weekends from 7am to 11am, the Karkloof Farmers’ Market is as authentic as it gets. Farmers, chefs and artisans from around the Midlands can be found congregating under one roof selling their wares. Be sure to look out for the French artisan bread stall.

SYCAMORE AVENUE TREEHOUSES Unwind in the heart of the Midlands forest. Each treehouse is unique and equally as quaint. Looking for something a little extra? The property’s owner is a keen amateur astronomer and member of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa. If the skies are clear, you may just be treated to a guided tour of the night sky.

ABINGDON WINE ESTATE Abingdon was the first farm to produce a certified estate wine from KZN grapes with its maiden vintage in 2007. Visitors to the estate can enjoy wine tastings, which run from 10.30am to 4pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

HARTFORD HOUSE If you are lucky enough to eat and sleep at Hartford House, you’ll find that the hotel section of the estate offers guests a luxurious stay reminiscent of decadent times gone by. Each of the 14 suites are individually decorated and perfectly placed to offer guests the utmost privacy. | 71



contributions to the struggle. Visit the 697m-long Wall of Names, where the names of 75,000 South Africans who lost their lives in the fight for freedom are inscribed. //HAPO – FREEDOM PARK MUSEUM The beautifully designed //hapo – Freedom Park Museum is dedicated to housing a series of instillations that cover the evolution of Africa and the tribes that have lived on the continent since Gondwanaland, as well as the history of apartheid in South Africa. The museum is interactive and allows for a hands-on approach to discovering the history of South Africa. VOORTREKKER MONUMENT The Voortrekker Monument was built to commemorate the Great Trek, a journey taken by Boer families who fled British rule in the mid-19th century. The Hall of Heroes is home to one of the world’s longest historical marble friezes, depicting the trials and tribulations of the Great Trek. THE NATIONAL HERITAGE MONUMENT The National Heritage Monument aims to bring South Africa’s liberation legacy to the world. The collection of sculptures face the same way, moving forward on their Long Walk to Freedom. Once the instillation is complete, the monument will be home to 400 figures.


Pretoria is filled with monuments and museums from different eras in South Africa’s history. Journey back through the century to the time of the Voortrekkers or discover South Africa’s more recent history at Freedom Park. UNION BUILDINGS The Union Buildings are the official seat of national government in South Africa. Designed by renowned Sir Herbert Baker in 1910, these beautiful sandstone buildings are something to behold. Visit the statue of Nelson Mandela, catch a glimpse of the President and explore the terraced gardens. FREEDOM PARK Freedom Park is a memorial to those who lost their lives in the struggle for a free and democratic South Africa as well as those who made meaningful

FORT KLAPPERKOP 012 346 7703 Take a stroll around Fort Klapperkop and discover its role in protecting the city against the British Army. It was one of four forts erected to hold off British advances, but can now be visited to take in the beautiful skyline of the city. THE SMUTS HOUSE MUSEUM 012 670 9016 This museum was once home to General Jan Christiaan Smuts and his family. Smuts was a General in the Anglo-Boer War and second-incommand to Winston Churchill in World War Two. After touring the house, take some time to explore the beautifully manicured gardens. THE SOUTH AFRICAN AIR FORCE MEMORIAL Dedicated to South African Air Force (SAAF) members who died while in service, the South African Air Force Memorial is located on Bays Hill in Swartkop just outside Pretoria. The memorial offers sweeping views of the city and Johannesburg and is well worth a stop before entering the Pretoria CBD.

Bronze sculpture

Be sure to take time to view Anton van Wouw’s bronze sculpture of an Afrikaner woman and her two children at the foot of the Voortrekker Monument.

THE DITSONG NATIONAL MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY The Ditsong National Museum of Natural History is home to a collection of thousands of mammals, birds, reptiles and invertebrates preserved for educational purposes. Exhibits also include hominid fossils from the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site and associated fauna. Children can also enjoy hands-on experiences at the Discovery Centre.


Heading out for the day? Here are the top lunch spots in the Jacaranda City.

of chalets and rooms that truly make you feel like you’re miles away from civilisation. THE RASMUS Only 12km from the Voortrekker Monument, The Rasmus is one of the city’s top guest houses, and like the Blades, has the feel of a true escape even though it’s situated only moments from the city. The Rasmus is made up of 18 rooms catering for all tastes and needs.

AROMA COFFEE ROASTERY With every batch of coffee roasted by hand in small batches, it’s no wonder Aroma Coffee is a favourite amongst the locals in Pretoria. If you’re stopping off for a quick cafe meal in-between museums, try the Mexican mince croissant, a mixture of savoury mince guacamole and poached eggs cooked to perfection. NO. 89 HAZELWOOD So much more than just your average restaurant, No. 89 Hazelwood has live music, a specialised gin bar and serves a variety of dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Look out for the awesome weekly specials on burgers and Mexican food.


Make a trip out of it. Pretoria has a range of charming and well-priced accommodation options. THE BLADES When you’re thinking about escaping the city, think The Blades. Situated on a 10-hectare expanse of untamed bushveld on the banks of Roodeplaat Dam, this hotel and venue is a beautiful collection | 73


Photograph of Afropunk Joburg Channay Harvey | @harvey_photo

Celebrat ing cul ture and design

AFROPUNK JOBURG festival/joburg Held from 30-31 December at Constitution Hill, Afropunk Johannesburg is a celebration of fashion, art, music and local culture. This year sees Solange – Grammy Awardwinning singer, songwriter and visual artist – gracing the Afropunk stage. In 2016, Solange’s album, A Seat at the Table, debuted and went on to become number one on the Billboard Top 200, Apple Music and iTunes, as well as all of the biggest charts. Revellers are encouraged to buy their tickets early as tickets are guaranteed to sell out fast.

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The 13th Annual Jazz Family Day Music Festival on 1 January is the biggest of its kind in the North West. The 2020 edition will see the likes of Jonathan Butler and a variety of well-known artists including Dr Tumi, Jaziel Brothers, Cassper Nyovest, Lady Zamar, Prince Kaybee, Caiphus Semenya and Letta Mbuli performing on the festival’s stage.


Knysna SPLASH is an annual festival hosted by the Knysna Rotary Club. Attendees can enter to swim the Knysna Lagoon Mile Swim and race a yellow duck in the Quack Attack duck race. Now in its seventh year, the festival is an important fundraiser for Rotary, which donates all proceeds from the entry fees to local charities. Join the festivities at the Knysna Yacht Club on 28 December.

MOTHER CITY QUEER PROJECT One of Cape Town’s largest New Year’s Eve events, the Mother City Queer Project (MCQP) will host its annual party inspired by Ibiza. Guests will enjoy three dance floors with stages packed with musicians and performers. The MCQP first launched in 1994 and was intended to symbolise freedom and equality of all South Africans despite their differences.


The annual Design Indaba in Cape Town features the best of global creativity all on one stage. The next edition will be held between 26 and 28 February 2020. The conference has been broadened over the years to include all creative sectors and has been dubbed by some as The Conference of Creativity. Attendees of the 2020 conference can look forward to talks by speakers from around the world, music, dance and product launches.



Otherwise known as Tweede Nuwe Jaar, the Cape Town Minstrel Carnival is a parade through Cape Town aimed at celebrating members of the Cape coloured community and their culture. The parade dates back to the early years of colonisation and slavery in the Cape. Slaves were brought to Cape Town from all corners of the globe, from across Africa, India, Indonesia and the Middle East. At the time, slaves were given the day off on 2 January and they were allowed the freedom to celebrate amongst the colonists. To experience the parade, head to the Bo Kaap district on 2 January.


STAY The Herald Cycle Tour will take place over two weekends – with the Mountain Bike Challenge on 16 February at the Addo Polo Club and the Road Race on 23 February in Port Elizabeth (by far the province’s most scenic route). The 80km Extreme and 60km Adventure races on the mountain biking side have been streamlined to provide a better off-road experience, while the fun riders are catered for with the 30km Leisure Challenge. There is also a 5km Kiddies Challenge and 500m Toddlers Dash. Be sure to book accommodation well in advance. The Clarens Craft Beer Festival is home to over 50 different craft beers and ciders from across South Africa. It takes place from 21-22 February on the village square, set in the heart of Clarens. Visitors can enjoy live music and, of course, the town itself. Be sure to book accommodation in advance as beds fill up fast.

ELEPHANT HOUSE Elephant House is a luxury eight-bedroom lodge just on the border of the Addo Elephant National Park. The lodge is beautifully furnished, with all rooms opening onto a private veranda or courtyard. The lodge also offers daily game drives into the park. GYPSY GUEST HOUSE The Gypsy Guest House in Clarens offers guests the chance to stay in authentic Gypsy wagons. Each Gypsy wagon is named after an infamous Gypsy woman, with its own personality, colour scheme and finishing touches. Gypsy wagons are the perfect choice for travellers looking to stay somewhere different without losing out on creature comforts. | 75


Did someone say bottomless mimosas? With its pink velvet seating, top artisanal cocktails and, of course, never-ending supply of oysters, Shucked in Craighall Park is a firm favourite from brunch onwards. 082 883 0195

Bottomless brunch Fancy a meal with bottomless flapjacks and cocktails? Visit Shucked every Sunday.


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TIMES ROLL! Recipes Lorna Maseko | Food styling Sarah Power | Photography Frank Ellis


PARMA HAM WITH BOCCONCINI BALLS, MELON & TOASTED PINE NUTS Ingredients 1 medium-sized melon 80 g Parma ham 150 g bocconcini balls (liquid strained off) 60 ml pine nuts, toasted handful of fresh mint

Method Cut the melon in half and remove the seeds. Scoop into balls with a melon baller. To arrange your delicious salad, create folded ribbons of Parma ham around the plate, then place the melon and bocconcini balls around the ham. Sprinkle with the toasted pine nuts and garnish with fresh mint leaves. The perfect summer salad that reminds me of trips to Parma in Italy!



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CAESAR SALAD WITH ANCHOVIES, CRISPY PARMESAN CHIPS & QUAIL EGGS Ingredients Caesar salad 4 romaine lettuces, each cut in half 12 quail eggs 1 cup grated Parmesan cheese Dressing 2 tsp Dijon mustard 3 tbs white wine vinegar 1 clove garlic, crushed 3 anchovy fillets, finely chopped 6 tbs olive oil 100 g anchovies, whole 180 g garlic and herb croutons Micro herbs to garnish Method To make the salad, grill the lettuce in a griddle pan at medium-high heat until lightly charred. Remove and leave to rest. Carefully drop the quail eggs into a pot of hot water and cook for 2 minutes. Remove from the pot and blanch in ice-cold water to stop the cooking process. On a baking tray, sprinkle the grated Parmesan and place in the oven until melted. Remove from the oven and allow to cool. To make the dressing, combine the mustard, vinegar, garlic and anchovies in a blender. Start to blitz the mixture, slowly adding the oil until your dressing is light, smooth and creamy. Once the quail eggs have cooled, gently peel and cut into halves. Arrange the romaine lettuce on a plate, place the anchovies, croutons and eggs to your liking. Break the melted Parmesan into pieces and add to the salad. Lastly, drizzle the dressing onto the salad, garnish with micro herbs and serve! | 83

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BURRATA WITH TOMATOES, BALSAMIC PEARLS & BASIL DUST Ingredients 400 g Mediterranean tomatoes (some fresh, some roasted, some soaked in olive oil and balsamic vinegar) Drizzle of olive oil 1 sprig thyme, roughly chopped Salt and pepper ¼ cup balsamic vinegar ¼ cup olive oil 60 g fresh basil 250 g burrata cheese 1 tbs balsamic vinegar pearls Method Preheat the oven to 160ºC. Place half the tomatoes on a baking tray and drizzle with olive oil, add the chopped thyme, season with salt and pepper and place in the oven to roast for approximately 15 minutes. Place the balsamic vinegar and olive oil in a bowl and whisk. Cut the rest of the tomatoes in halves and allow to soak in the vinegar and oil mixture for 20 minutes. Rinse about 50 g of the basil leaves and cut off the stems where they are joined. Separate the leaves. Dry with paper towel and place on a plate, then microwave at medium-high heat for 30 seconds. Bear in mind that microwaves are all different, so keep an eye on them because they can darken quite quickly. Remove the tomatoes from the oven and allow to cool. Also remove the tomatoes from the olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Cut the remaining tomatoes into thin circles. Arrange the burrata on a plate – you can cut the centre open or keep it in a creamy ball. Place the different tomatoes around the burrata on the plate. Sprinkle the balsamic vinegar pearls around the plate. Using a sieve, shave the dried basil onto the plate to your liking. Garnish with the remaining fresh basil and enjoy!

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Food | Eat.Drink ASIAN-STYLE SEA BASS WITH FRESH CUCUMBER, CARROT RIBBONS & PICKLED RED ONIONS ON A BED OF VERMICELLI NOODLES Ingredients 2 chillies, seeded and chopped 2 cloves garlic, crushed 2 tsp sesame seed oil 2 tsp fish sauce 2 tbs low-sodium soya sauce 3 tbs crushed ginger 2 tbs honey 2 limes (1 cut into wedges, 1 for zest) 1 cup water 1½ kg sea bass, scaled and with gills and guts removed ½ cup rice wine vinegar 1 bay leaf 1 tbs sugar 5 peppercorns 1 large cucumber, cut into ribbons 2 large carrots, cut into ribbons ½ cup beer Fresh coriander 2 spring onions, chopped Handful black sesame seeds Vermicelli noodles or sushi rice Method Preheat the oven to 180ºC. In a bowl, combine one of the chopped chillies, garlic, sesame oil, fish sauce, soya sauce, ginger, honey, lime zest and water, and stir. Score the sea bass on both sides about 2 cm apart, cutting about 1 cm deep. Pour half of the soya mixture on the sea bass, in the cavity and scored bits. Make sure the fish is covered with those aromatic Asian ingredients. Spray a baking tray with Spray and Cook and place the sea bass on the tray in the oven for about 20 minutes. In a small pot at medium heat, combine the rice wine vinegar, bay leaf, sugar and peppercorns, and stir. Simmer for about 3 minutes, then remove from the heat. Allow to cool and then add the cucumber ribbons and carrots for about 7 minutes, until they have a tangy pickled taste. In another pot, at medium heat, add the remaining soya mixture and the beer, stir and allow to simmer for 3 minutes. Once the fish is cooked perfectly, remove from the oven and place on a serving plate. Drizzle the soya mixture over the fish, and garnish with coriander, spring onions, the other chopped chilli and lime wedges. Remove the cucumber and carrots from the pot, place on the plate and garnish with black sesame seeds. Perfect with vermicelli noodles or sushi rice.



The following extract is taken from Celebrate with Lorna Maseko published by Human & Rousseau and retailing for R360.











Seidel Beer Mug

Pilsner Glass



eople have been brewing beer for longer than you might think. Residue of the first known barley beer was found in a jar in modern day Iran and has been dated back to around 3,400 BC. It has also been reported that the ancient Egyptians first documented the brewing process on papyrus scrolls around 5,000 BC. At the time, beer was often considered healthier than water as it went through a purification process that killed harmful microorganisms, and it contained nutrients from the beer’s ingredients. Beer was so popular, in fact, that it was part

of the daily diet of the Egyptian pharaohs and even used in religious practices. Studies show that workers who built the Pyramids of Giza were given four to five litres of beer a day in their rations. As beer made its way through the ages and across into Greece and then Europe, it soon became one of the most popular drinks during the Middle Ages and was drunk daily by a large portion of the continent’s population. Breweries and production of the drink were formalised and commodified and it slowly made its way to become the beer we know today.

“Did you know? Early beers were often thick and drinking straws were invented by ancient Sumerians to avoid the thicker parts of their concoctions”



Weizen Glass | 87



CRAFTERS BAR www.thefactoryongrant. Located in the artsy suburb of Norwood, Crafters Bar offers a 360-degree view of Johannesburg. The space is available for events but often hosts shows featuring local artists and musicians. Pick one of its numerous craft beers from the menu, sit back and watch the sun set over the city. GILES Giles has been a standard amongst sports fans and beer-lovers in Johannesburg since 1994. Giles is modelled on the idea of an English pub. It often has two for one and other beer specials and always shows live sporting events, making it the perfect place to while away long, hot summer days with a cold one in hand. HIDE OUT BAR Nestled in the heart of Maboneng,

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the Hide Out is the city’s backpacker bar of choice. The beer is cold and affordable and the never-ending stream of interesting people from around the world is guaranteed to keep anyone entertained. THE RADIUM BEER HALL The Radium, the oldest recorded bar in the city, has been serving cold beer since 1929. The pub started its history as a tearoom and served illicit alcohol for almost 13 years before getting its licence.

Expect live music, walls covered in old posters and friendly staff. CRAFT BEER LIBRARY Previously located in Linden, the Craft Beer Library has moved to Emmarentia. The newly opened restaurant and bar is dedicated to celebrating the quality and range of craft beers and ciders in South Africa. If the 100 different types of bottled beer to choose from aren't enough, the pub also has 16 different beers on tap that rotate daily.


• The strongest beer in the world is a Scottish brew called Snake Venom which has 67.5 percent alcohol. • Beer was not considered an alcoholic beverage in Russia until 2013. • More Guinness beer is drunk in Nigeria than Ireland. • In 1963, Albert Heineken created a beer bottle that could also be used as a brick to build sustainable housing in impoverished countries. • In the 13th century, some people in Norway would baptise their children with beer. • In France, Germany, Austria, Spain and the Netherlands, they serve beer in McDonald's. • There's a brewery in Germany that's almost 1,000 years old. It has been in continuous operation since the year 1040. • Beer cans in Japan have braille on them so blind people don't confuse alcoholic drinks with soft drinks. • Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty beer glass. • In Argentina, political parties have their own brands of beer.


“People cheers to show their oneness of feelings and to express that they are in it together.”





Moonlit Beach Unfiltered wheat beer. Crisp and refreshing. Citrus aroma comes from using authentic American hops.

Black Mist A black porter with a creamy, light tan, almost white head. Roasted coffee and dark chocolate come to the fore.

The Kudu Lager As majestic as the kudu, this lager proves why it’s the leading beer style for the discerning South African market.

Black Dog The Black Dog is a typical Irish black beer, with smokiness on the nose and hints of chocolate and coffee on the palate.





Killer Hop Explosive and tasty with four types of aromatic hops and a touch of malt. A refreshing burst of tropical fruits, brewed in Johannesburg and winner of the Best Pale Ale and overall Grand Champion at the African Beer Awards 2018.

Kromme River Witbier Brewed with citrus zest and chamomile, this is crisp, creamy and tasty in the Belgian wheat beer style.

Irish Red Ale A beer with a deep reddish hue and a low to moderate hop flavour. It has a pleasant toasted malt and caramel flavour with a dry finish.

First Light Golden Ale Easy drinking with a light, tropical fruit aroma. A light to moderate malt, with medium bitterness and a great, long-lasting head that leaves a lace on the glass. | 89



outrun anyone who might want to put a stop to their production line. As more and more drivers started transporting moonshine, they became more skilled at driving and started to race each other through country lanes and back streets. The prize? Bragging rights, of course! As Prohibition came to an end, many drivers found themselves out of work, but with decked out cars, and regularly met for organised races. In 1947, one of the sport’s most well-known drivers, Big Bill France, gathered

together a collection of drivers and their mechanics and began to formalise rules for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, today known as NASCAR. Two months later, the association’s first official race was held and a mere two years later saw the first NASCAR 500-mile race take place in Darlington, South Carolina. Today, NASCAR attracts millions of fans from around the world with races often drawing over 100,000 fans, all thanks to a couple of jars of translucent liquid.

Bootlegger’s Companion


ontrary to popular belief, even before Prohibition DIY distillers were gathering in secret locations throughout the southern states of America to brew their own special recipes of hooch. Moonshine first made an appearance when government officials started taxing liquor sales, leading to a rise in cheaper black market liquor. So how did Prohibition give rise

to America’s biggest sport? One of the most dangerous steps in the moonshine business was delivering the alcohol to unlicensed establishments. The secret to moving the moonshine from point A to point B was to make the cars transporting it look normal on the outside and anything but on the inside. Moonshiners started souping up cars with the aim of being able to

Knox County Sheriff’s deputies with a confiscated moonshine

DID YOU KNOW? Moonshine is often shown in TV shows as a jug marked ‘XXX’ because that’s how moonshiners used to label their products so their customers knew it was distilled three times, which meant it was extra strong. | 91


different ingredients. Grappa, for instance, is made from grape skins and husks, Mampoer is made from fruit and Witzblitz is created from grapes. Vodka is a clear spirit made from several base products, including potatoes, but it’s distilled differently, at a very high proof. In fact, most of vodka’s flavours are distilled out of the spirit.

Isn’t moonshine illegal? No,

not anymore. If it’s produced by a licensed distillery that adheres to government stipulations, it’s perfectly legal, safe to drink and delicious.

Tell us about your brewery’s craft range of unaged American-style Southern Moonshines. There’s the flagship,


hospitality industry for most of my life, running restaurants, bars, fast food establishments, etc. I found the most joy in creating new concepts and offerings. I did extensive research in the US and also went on several Harley Davidson tours. On one of those tours, I experienced legal moonshine for the first time; it was while watching a ZZ Top performance at the Sturgis Rally in South Dakota. I was fascinated, started researching and went to study at Moonshine University in Kentucky. I decided to set up my own craft distillery back


Your moonshine received several awards last year…

We decided to enter our six moonshine products into the Michelangelo International Wine and Spirit Awards last year and we were blown away when we were informed that we had won a Double Gold Award for Clear Shine, Gold Awards for Apple Pie, Salted Caramel and Bon Fire, and Silver for the Chocolate. Quite an amazing result for our first attempt!

Where can we purchase a bottle? Our moonshine is

available in Gauteng, the Eastern and Western Cape, and KZN.

home – and so Silver Creek and its Southern Moonshine were born.

What is moonshine? It’s traditionally an unaged grain spirit, basically white whiskey. Ours is made like traditional moonshine, from white and yellow corn, wheat and malted barley. The process we use to distil it produces a far smoother spirit than those made in Kentucky. Silver Creek Moonshine is triple distilled. What’s the difference between moonshine and spirits like grappa or vodka? Moonshine

differs from other white spirits because they are made from


92 |

Clear Shine, a smooth, genuine, pure spirit that is 100 percent proof. It’s a complex, mercurial spirit, as authentically American as it gets. The Charred Shine, also 100 percent proof, is similar in flavour

to a good bourbon. It’s made from Clear Shine that is flavoured with an oak barrel essence. We also produce four Southern Moonshine flavoured ‘Shines’, which are made in Kentucky in the US. Flavours include Apple Pie, Bon Fire (cinnamon), Salted Caramel and Chocolate.







The name ‘moonshine’ comes from the fact that the distillers had to create alcohol by the light of the moon to avoid arrest.

WATERMELON MINT SHINE 60ml moonshine 30ml agave nectar/syrup 3 chunks watermelon 3 lime wedges 5 mint leaves

Method Crush the mint leaves, lime wedges and agave nectar in a mixing glass. Add ice, watermelon and moonshine and shake. Strain into a collins glass. Garnish with a mint sprig and watermelon slice.


30ml Kahlua 60ml vanilla bean moonshine 30ml espresso, chilled Method Measure Kahlua, moonshine and espresso with a jigger, add to a pitcher and stir.


60ml moonshine 30ml lemonade Fresh mint

3 jiggers (one jigger is about 44ml) moonshine 1 jigger grenadine 5 cups orange juice Strawberries Oranges


Method Crush a few leaves of fresh mint in the bottom of a tumbler. Add moonshine and lemonade and stir.

Method Combine all liquids in a cocktail shaker. Shake then pour over ice. Garnish with shredded strawberries and orange slices.

Method Add moonshine, grapefruit juice and lime juice to a rocks glass filled with ice and stir. Top with ginger beer. Garnish with an oven roasted grapefruit quarter and rosemary sprig.


45ml moonshine 60ml fresh grapefruit juice 15ml fresh lime juice 100ml ginger beer | 93




In the mood for great sushi and want to get it fast? Yo Sushi is one of the city’s established fast food style sushi restaurants that shows no sign of going anywhere. It operates a conveyer belt service for its sushi with the option of ordering warm seafood dishes from the kitchen.

GEORGE’S BEST FISH & CHIPS Stripped down, laid-back and straight to the point, George’s does classic fish and chips and does it well. With no airs and graces, expect the flavoursome fish you would find at the corner café in your youth. For the full experience, try the old school hake and chips.

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Catch of the day Seafood and sushi meet contemporary dining at Catch. Catch manages to seamlessly merge its contemporary décor with traditional flavours. Enjoy a host of seafood dishes including dim sum, sushi, new style sashimi and a wide variety of classic seafood options. Dreaming of the ultimate wine list? The bar at Catch has an extensive range of both local and international vintages.


The Rock is a unique restaurant based on the concept of cooking all dishes over an open coal fire. Combining authentic Mediterranean heritage with exciting South African flavours, the restaurant offers a range of seafood with flavours that can’t quite be found elsewhere. Treat yourself this summer with the Millionaires Platter, which includes crayfish, six queen and four king prawns, calamari tubes, squid heads, mussels and a hake fillet with two side dishes for only R899.


Sushi began as cheap fast food. It caught on originally as a cheap, quick snack to eat with your hands while enjoying a theatre performance

Sandton Skye is synonymous with luxury and so is The Codfather. With a larger than life menu featuring everything from dim sum to pork riblets, The Codfather is one of Joburg’s top contemporary restaurants. As the name indicates, of course the star of the show is The Codfather’s seafood. Try the Summer Cocktail menu for R350 per person including a sushi buffet, two rounds of canapés and a serving of dessert.


No one does prawns quite like the Portuguese. Based in Bedfordview, Vasco’s provides an authentic Portuguese taste experience with a focus on seafood. Want to really get into the swing of things? Try Vasco’s very own platter including langoustines and prawns served with rice and chips.

CALISTO’S Calisto’s was started over 24 years ago and is passionate about Portuguese food. While Calisto’s is known for its succulent flame grilled chicken, the seafood is still one of the top things to try on the menu. Feeling thirsty? Try Calisto’s Thirsty Thursdays special of buy one get one free jugs and pair it with the tasty fried squid heads and prawn rissóis.


The first of its kind, The Fishmonger is one of Joburg’s top, long-standing seafood eateries. The simple yet tasteful décor and helpful staff create the perfect balance between Sandton glamour and good, hearty food. From shellfish to fresh line fish and sushi, there’s something for those seeking the ultimate seafood dish.

I’m on a seafood diet – I see food, I eat it – Dolly Parton

CILANTROS CilantrosJhb Dining on Nelson Mandela Square is an experience in itself; mix in Cilantros’ gracious staff and selection of contemporary Mediterranean seafood and it’s an unforgettable experience. Cilantros’ aim is to serve exceptionally well-prepared food and it offers a large variety of different dishes, including tapas, sandwiches, pastas and seafood.

FISHERMAN’S PLATE 011 622 0480

You’ll find Fisherman’s Plate in the heart of Cyrildene. At face value, it might not look like much, but as soon as the first dish hits your table, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear. Joburg Style favourites include the garlic and sea salt prawns and the chilli crab.

DUGFISH With the motto ‘Always Fresh, Never Frozen’, Dugfish offers guests the opportunity to pick their own meals from the fresh fish counter and is one of the only Kosher seafood restaurants in the city. The restaurant is also home to a deli filled with delicious Eastern inspired spreads and pickles. | 95




Best buffets in town

This award-winning restaurant is set in the grounds of the Misty Hills Country Hotel, Conference Centre & Spa, and has been in operation for over 25 years. Carnivore offers guests an ‘all you can eat’ experience, focusing on delectable meat dishes, including game delicacies.

REJOICE SUSHI BAR With a wide range of freshly prepared sushi and Chinese dishes, Rejoice is a must for Asian-loving foodies. The buffet serves up a spread of soups, spring rolls, sushi and dumplings every day of the week at a great price.

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There is no love sincerer than the love of food – George Bernard Shaw

This truly African dining experience boasts 300 seats and is located in the indigenous gardens of the Indaba Hotel, Spa & Conference Centre. From North African Moroccan dishes to koeksisters and melktert from the Cape, guests have up to 120 dishes to choose from in each sitting. The Boma also boasts a shisa nyama grill, where chefs prepare your preferred cut of meat, carefully selected by the onpremises butcher.

SHAHI KHANA NORWOOD Shahi-Khana-Norwood A choice spot for vegetarians looking to enjoy a buffet experience, Shahi Khana serves authentic dishes from Pakistan and Bangladesh. Choose from 12 different vegetarian dishes, fried chicken and fish for starters, and for mains choose from two chicken, one lamb and five vegetarian curries.


On the shores of Darrenwood Dam lies Carvers Restaurant & Pub. Carvers is most famous for its festive buffet and dishes are regularly switched up to ensure each visit is a whole new experience for guests.

BOSTON BBQ This buffet restaurant is filled to bursting with over 80 dishes, ranging from South African favourites to flavoursome European-style dishes. The restaurant also caters for largescale corporate events and weddings.




Cheesecake delights!

Located in the space that used to belong to Junipa’s, the almost tropical, mid-century feel of this branch of Doppio makes it one of the most beautiful in the city. Daily aromas of fresh croissants and the famous pecan nut pie baked cheesecake fill the air every morning at Doppio.

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THE ARGENTINEAN TheArgentineanBakeryCafe

People-watching in Linden doesn’t get much better than this. The Argentinean is one of Linden’s oldest cafes and continues to serve hearty breakfasts and baked goods at reasonable prices compared to its newer counterparts in the area.


Owned and operated by Simon and Elana Godley, Frangelicas is known for its delicious homecooked style food and awardwinning cheesecakes. Enjoy live music every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday while munching on the famous Bar One cheesecake.


Having stood the test of time, Koljander is one of the last home industries left in central Johannesburg. Koljander brings together the city’s top bakers and has shelf upon shelf filled with cakes, savoury treats and, of course, a range of delectable cheesecakes made by small batch artisans and chefs.


The ultimate tea and cake spot in 44 Stanley, Salvation Café offers tables under the shade of linen umbrellas in one of the development’s many courtyards. The café bakes its own cakes and breads daily, so expect fluffy and fresh New York style cheesecakes with berry coulis to delight your taste buds.

If there’s cheesecake in the house, I’ll have some – Kelly Ripa

Shopping up a storm, but need to catch your breath and get your baked goods fix without the guilt? Belle’s in Sandton City offers discerning customers the option of indulging in a slice of baked low fat cheesecake on an almond crust with blueberry mint coulis. Cheesecake not your speed? Belle’s also offers an incredible range of quick order healthy café meals and cakes.

Your Flavours, Our Legacy... Michelangelo Towers Mall Maude Street, opposite Sandton Convention Centre +27 (0) 11 245 4000 @michelangelotowersmall


Michelangelo Towers Mall

Pigalle Restaurant Knead Bakery The Raj VIP Lounge Parc Ferme Piccolo Mondo

+27 (0) 11 884 8899 +27 (0) 11 884 9449 +27 (0) 11 783 1521 +27 (0) 11 783 2200 +27 (0) 11 245 4846 +27 (0) 11 282 7463


AURUM. An epicurean culinary experience focused on a modern interpretation of European cuisine. The new gold standard for the quality-starved, creating a nostalgic culinary playground that aims to engage diners on a deeper, emotional level. | 75 Maude Street, Sandton Central, Johannesburg




With a second restaurant having recently opened in Melville, there really aren’t any excuses if you haven’t yet treated yourself to brunch at The Whippet. If you don’t arrive early, though, you’ll find queues around the corner to get a table on the weekend, but the incredible breakfast menu is worth the wait. From its delicious and unusual selection of eggs Benedict (think Pork Belly Bao Benedict, a Burger Benedict and even a Braaibroodjie Benedict), to Almond, Chia and Strawberry French Toast, you’re bound to find something to make your mouth water. Pair your brunch with one of its five different mimosa options for the ultimate brunch extravaganza.

MON PETIT THROBB Foodies will be familiar with Douglasdale’s culinary crowning jewel, Throbbing Strawberry, but its Fourways little sister, Mon Petit Throbb, is the only place to be if you’re looking for a fantastic brunch. Pop in to pick up a breakfast hot press, an omelette or some French toast, or even just to sample one of the Bloody Marys – they’re worth a trip on their own!

Boozy brunchin’

Searching for a little hair of the dog on a weekend morning? Then The Fat Zebra should definitely be your first stop. Its Babbalas Breakfast is legendary (it comes with a shot of Cream Soda and a side of lightly salted crisps) as are its Elvis Pancakes, which involve an excess of peanut butter and bananas. Wash it all down with a glass of champagne or a mimosa, but don’t leave without ordering a coffee, too, because the baristas are absolute magicians.

I love brunch because it’s breakfast and lunch… Why not?! – Lorena Garcia

SHUCKED 082 883 0195

Oysters might not sound like your typical brunch favourite, but this trendy oyster bar on Jan Smuts has created a Sunday brunch special that rivals those currently dominating the overseas restaurant scene. For just R350 a head, you can enjoy a bottomless brunch of one main meal, plus unlimited flapjacks and cocktails from a select menu. Paired with its wildly Instagramworthy pink sofas and chic décor, it’s a guaranteed good time every Sunday between 10:30am and 2:30pm.

FLAMES If you’re looking for brunch that includes an unbeatable view, there’s really no beating Flames Restaurant at Four Seasons The Westcliff Hotel. Available from 10am on Saturday and Sunday, you can enjoy what can only be described as Joburg’s most luxurious buffet for R595 a person. It includes everything from traditional cooked breakfasts to baked goods and pancakes, or if you’re more into the -unch part of brunch, you can get sushi, burgers, pasta and so much more. Grab a beer or a glass of wine and chow down while looking over the lush suburbs... and see if you can spot the elephants in Joburg Zoo. | 101





Tashas can safely be considered a South African empire, with 10 different restaurants in Joburg alone. The success of this incredible spot is no surprise though – with a simple menu that’s expanded and adapted with each new spot that opens for business, you can be guaranteed delicious, filling, wholesome dishes that you’ll want to come back for. And, when it comes to a scrumptious breakfast paired with a cheeky glass of bubbles or a cocktail, they’re the pros.

The breakfasts at Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar are almost as legendary as its Bloody Marys, and both are well worth the fuss. Its signature Red Shakshuka (two eggs poached in a Middle Eastern-style tomato sauce with hummus), fattoush salad and its irresistible Yemeni flatbread are show-stoppers that have people making regular excuses to head to Melville. Whether you’re an early bird (it serves breakfast from 6:30am) or just have a hankering for some late afternoon eggs and bacon (the kitchen is open until 4pm), you’ll find happiness at Pablo’s.

Situated inside the Killarney Country Club, the extensive brunch buffet at La Vie en Rose is lavishly served in a setting fit for a king. For around R205 a person (bookings essential) you can pick from a range of different buffet menus, which include options from traditional English breakfasts to assortments of homemade breads, quiches, cheese boards and even brunch desserts like bread and butter pudding. Brunch comes with free unlimited tea, coffee and juice, but you can order delicious breakfast cocktails at an extra cost, which are definitely worth it.


Nestled on a sleepy corner in the unlikely suburb of Brixton, this neighbourhood café serves incredible breakfasts all day long in the gorgeous midcentury inspired interior. Its Brix Fizz (mimosa) is a triumph and makes for a perfect weekend treat (or mid-week, we won’t tell!) as does the Espresso Martini, and you’ll want to be sure not to miss the Meneer Monsieur when you stop by for brunch – expect two toasted slices of home-baked bread topped with fried eggs and a mustard sauce. Delicious!

SERVICE STATION Melville’s Service Station is another Joburg institution when it comes to great breakfast fare. Here, you can treat yourself to just about any kind of breakfast you can imagine, alongside a wide range of drinks (both boozy and otherwise) and some wonderful coffees, too. Be sure to try the breakfast sandwich, and then hang around after brunch to browse the incredible fashion from local designers at Convoy next door, and pick up a couple of great reads from Love Books.

011 268 6144


When it comes to fabulous breakfasts in Joburg, Salvation Café will always make the list – and for good reason. It has been consistently serving up treats to satisfy sweet and savoury lovers alike, and if the weather is good, you can enjoy your brunch outside in the trendy inner courtyard of 44 Stanley along with a glass of your favourite bubbly, a Bloody Mary or a mimosa. Be sure not to miss the Salvation Due, which will see you enjoying a Salvation bacon and spinach benedict along with Caribbean flapjacks.

NICE ON 4TH Nice is always a winner when it comes to looking for a delicious spot to have brunch. Home to the original Egg Basket, its impressive breakfast menu is bound to make your mouth water, and if you can’t make up your mind, that’s okay, because it also features delicious half and half options! Enjoyed with a glass (or a bottle!) of any of its available bubbles, it is the perfect recipe for a fabulous brunch. But be warned – once you’ve seen the menu, chances are you’ll end up wanting to stay for lunch too, and then tea.

102 |

Luxury Accommodation • Five Star Conference Facilities Eco-Education & Spa Facilities Community Development

A dose of relaxation & excitement...

Central Reservations for Convention & Individual bookings: Tel: +27 (0) 11 466 8715 Fax: +27 (0) 86 685 8816 E-mail:




Café del Sol is a Johannesburg establishment and is the ultimate place to entertain clients or colleagues. With its seemingly never-ending selection of wholesome classics made to order and served fresh, you won’t feel disappointed by anything on the menu. Looking to go the extra mile in team building, Café del Sol recently opened the Flavour Academy, a cooking school with a focus on creating original Italian dishes reflecting the regional differences in Italy.


While watching sport and kicking back may be tempting, for those on the clock Chariots offers simple and tasty pub lunches at prices that are hard to come by in Johannesburg. Enjoy a plate of sticky pork ribs (500g), chips and mixed greens for only R99 while enjoying a cool summer breeze on the bar’s deck.

Business lunches

The Local Grill is a favourite amongst businessmen and women. With regular lunchtime specials and a steady flow of some of South Africa’s top beef cuts, it’s hard to be disappointed. Since opening its doors in 2002, The Local Grill’s field to fork policy means that the restaurant works closely with farms to improve its offering year on year.


Turn ‘n Tender was started by two brothers in 1977 and four decades later, the restaurant has numerous chains across the country and is still serving top quality steaks to loyal patrons. Looking for a lunchtime snack? Grab a beer and a handful of Turn ‘n Tender’s house biltong.

TOPO GIGIO Known for having one of the best chicken pregos in the city, Topo Gigio is an ideal spot to peoplewatch along the Greenside strip and enjoy a jug of sangria, no matter the time of day. During the week, Topo Gigio runs prego lunch specials for R45!

BUNSOUT 074 434 1390

I believe in stopping work and eating lunch – L’Wren Scott

From the imagination of Maps Maponyane comes BunsOut, a burger joint specialising in fast, delicious food catering for meat lovers, vegans and everyone inbetween. BunsOut promises to serve great food fast, making it ideal for an informal business lunch on the clock. Sweet tooth? BunsOut recently introduced deep-fried Twinkies to the menu. | 105





Really want to knock their socks off? Then there really is no beating Marble in Rosebank. David Higgs’s open-fire celebration has been racking up awards from the second he opened its doors, and it continues to enjoy full tables and rave reviews to this day. As well as serving incredible food, the restaurant is also a no-brainer for wonderful wine, breathtaking views and proudly South African décor, making it perfect for impressing clients.

Entertaining clients from out of town? Thrill them with lunch at Urban Moyo, conveniently located on the corner of Gwen Lane and Fredman Drive in the heart of the Sandton CBD. Focused on showcasing Moyo’s African roots through traditional flavours and techniques, lunching here is a beautifully crafted experience for locals and visitors alike. Don’t miss out on the signature cocktails, each of which was inspired by one of South Africa’s nine provinces.

NOSTIMO BY MYTHOS Loved by South Africans for bringing authentic Greek flavours to our shores, Mythos has upped its game by adding Nostimo to its collection of restaurants. Nostimo, which means ‘tasty’ in Greek, can be found in Waterfall Estate and focuses on contemporary Greek cuisine, making it the ideal place for a midweek bite. Look out for the restaurant’s freshly baked breads made daily.

THE GRAZING ROOM 011 325 2843

With all the deliciousness of its fancy counterpart, the awardwinning DW Eleven-13, but with a slightly more affordable menu, The Grazing Room is the perfect spot to impress a business contact without breaking the bank. Think tapas dishes, sharing platters, light meals (that are heavy on flavour), excellent service and an extensive wine list to help seal the deal.


Pizza, pasta and all things Italian, Mastrantonio in Illovo is steeped in tradition that breathes life into all aspects of the restaurant. Fancy something a little lavish? Try the fresh mussels cooked in garlic cream white sauce or a selection of the freshly made pastas served with some of the world’s most beloved wines.

HUDSONS, THE BURGER JOINT PARKHURST Want a boozy business brunch? Hudsons has the answer. With one of the biggest ranges of burgers and beer in the city, it’s impossible to leave dissatisfied. For something light, try Hudsons’ famous sliders, which include mini versions of the restaurant’s most loved burgers.



Winner Winner chicken dinner! The team behind some of Joburg’s favourite restaurants, including A StreetBar Named Desire and Perron, have opened yet another addition to their portfolio in the form of a chicken-based diner. The menu offers everything from fried chicken and buffalo wings to vegan ‘chicken’ bites. If that’s not enough, the restaurant is beautifully decorated, making it anyone’s Instagram dream.

106 | Gemelli Cucina Restaurant and Bar was founded on the concept of great, wholesome Italian food for the entire family, but that doesn’t mean it’s not perfect for a working lunch. Patrons can expect beautiful, modern décor, well-trained staff and fresh, light meals.

For life’s necessities & spoils... Groceries, food & so much more


To piece together the perfect shopping experience, stop at the corner of Kloof and Van Buuren Roads, Bedfordview, Gauteng GPS: 26° 10'58.75"S 28° 08'08.40"E 40" •


Tel: 011 728 6640/42 | Fax: 011 728 6643 | 26°08’47.20”S 28°04’43.82” African Street & Sarie Marais Street or Corner Hamlin Street & 6th Avenue, Norwood



A truly smart city, Durban, KZN, South Africa seamlessly combines an innovative business environment with an exciting, contemporary lifestyle. Connecting continents, here you will find Africa’s busiest port, the top ranking conferencing city and the home to the continent’s very first Aerotropolis. Boasting world-class infrastructure, manufacturing and industrial concentration that is constantly evolving, isn’t it time to join this progressive society rich in investment opportunities? …We can help you make it happen, now.

Tel: +27 31 311 4227 Email: web:

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Dube TradePort and King Shaka International Airport - 60year Master Plan - driving growth of aerotropolis, or airport city 0 01

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Extensive first-world road, rail, sea and air

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The city of Durban (eThekwini Municipality) is South Africa’s second most important economic region


Rated in top 5 ‘Quality of Living’ cities in Africa and Middle East by Mercer Consulting in 2015

Named one of the New 7 Wonders Cities by the Swiss-based New 7 Wonders Foundation in 2014 1 01 00 1


Rialheim’s new retail store in the heritage precinct of Rand Steam in Richmond was designed by renowned interior designer Megan Ralph in collaboration with the creative team at Rialheim. The store features bespoke wall tiles as well as light pendants and the brand’s entire ceramic range. The space is also home to the dainty Boho Café & Co, which provides a never-ending stream of cappuccinos and croissants.

Homegrown All Rialheim’s ceramics are made on its farm in Robertson.

t s i L e h T



CUTTERS BARBERSHOP cutters_barbershop

Located next to the entrance of one of Johannesburg’s premier jazz clubs, Cutters Barbershop transports customers to a time gone by with its antique finishes, the sound of jam sessions seeping through the walls and the smell of cigar smoke in the air. Customers can expect cut-throat shaves and a wide range of premium products.


This ‘anti-salon’ located in Blairgowrie is an ode to rock ‘n’ roll, good coffee and even better haircuts. Run by Boyden Barnardo, the store is decorated with finds from his travels and serves a mean cup of coffee or shot of fire whiskey, depending on the time of day.


The second addition to the Bonafide Barbers family, Bonafide Barbers Rand Steam continues the Parkhurst store’s tradition of offering five-star male grooming in its decked-out man cave. Catering for all hair types and ethnicities, customers can enjoy a complimentary coffee, beer or bourbon while getting their hair cut, beard trimmed or face shaved.

112 |

Finding a good barber is like finding a good lawyer – you gotta go to the same guy – Ronny Chieng

Customers of Rockets Man can sip on a cold beer and relax in the plush leather seating as the store’s expert barbers attend to their every whim in one of the most beautifully decorated barbers in the city. Rockets Man Sandton aims to celebrate authenticity and create a sense of freedom for all its clients.


At Hines & Harley, it’s all about creating an experience for customers before and after their treatments. With a steady stream of regulars, it is the type of place locals can’t help but want to experience over and over again. Customers can experience a number of off-the-cuff offerings or packages such as the Full House, which includes a shave, haircut and manicure and pedicure.

FLOYD’S 99 BARBERSHOP Floyd’s 99 is known for its mix of old school quality service with modern grooming techniques in a unique, fun, high energy, rock ‘n’ roll environment. Patrons can take in the store’s iconic poster wall, sip on crafted cappuccinos and enjoy head-to-toe grooming services at affordable prices.

Photograph of Freedom Hair Channay Harvey | @harvey_photo


Close shave



The Moroccan Barber is a premium men’s grooming experience that acknowledges the need for a space for their clients to unwind and have their grooming needs met. The store is beautifully decorated and complemented by its incredible barbers. The Moroccan Barber also offers clients a Moroccan facial that promises to tone and hydrate for anyone on the go.

From threading to the latest men’s cuts, Goodfellas is a great option for any Joburger looking to neaten up his look. Goodfellas is known for its beard trims, so be sure to try it out.

011 706 4441



The brainchild behind this successful business, located in Eldorado Park, Florida and Soweto, is 28-year-old entrepreneur Sheldon Tatchell. In fact, he opened three barber shops in just two years. With a starting price of R70 for close shaves to intricate designs and fades that are ‘in a naat’ (precise), Legends has attracted quite a following. The business is thriving and employs young barbers working from the three venues with a mobile service to boot. Celebrities like Reason, Lootlove, J’Something and Riky Rick are just some of the people who trust Sheldon with their hair.

Found amongst the bustling stores on Bolton Road, Bar Ber Blacksheep offers haircuts and shaves done with a cut-throat razor. Not keen on getting your hair cut? This barber is also a popular bar known for its killer martinis.


With a focus on good quick shaves and haircuts, Hair Colonel is the perfect place for a touch up or a kiddie’s haircut. Open seven days a week, customers are guaranteed to be greeted with ever smiling staff and even better prices. | 113



No matter what brow treatment you’re looking for, chances are the Brow Architect team can help. From microblading, to threading, to tinting, it’s a one-stop-shop for your brow needs, plus it offers brow pinching – a gentle stimulating massage around the brow pressure points to reduce puffiness, increase blood flow, and revive tired eyes.


Just browzing

THE BROW STUDIO Woolies lovers might already be familiar with the Eyecandy Brows team, who operate brow bars in Woolworths stores across the country, including Rosebank, Sandton City, Cresta and Mall of Africa. Threading obsessed, these ladies are experts at the ancient Asian and Middle Eastern technique, and pride themselves on delivering a fast, friendly and flawless service so that you can be in and out with new gorgeous brows in no time at all.


The Browery’s microblading sessions get booked up two months in advance – and with good reason. This Birdhaven favourite has an Instagram feed filled with impressive before and afters to illustrate the sheer number of clients who have walked away feeling brow-tiful after seeing the team, and it’s also a fabulous example of just how meticulous the staff are at their work. If you’re looking for long lasting results and true attention to detail, The Browery is the perfect place for it.

114 |


From microblading, to lash line enhancements, and extensions, The Brow Studio remains one of Joburg’s top brow bars. Situated in Melrose Arch, its team of technicians have been with the business since the beginning, so you’ll always be greeted by a friendly face.


With a strong focus on simplifying, designing, and correcting eyebrows, the Just Browzing team in Parkmore can help you achieve the brows you’ve been dreaming of – even if you’re guilty of 1990s over-plucking. They’ll help you to tame your brows back into a complementary shape, or if you’re new to the world of brow design, they’ll help to build a style that maximises your natural beauty through their tweezing technique. Another brow bar found in Melrose Arch, iBrowz specialises in shaping, tinting, waxing, threading and tweezing. It offers a revolutionary way of tinting eyebrows through its Henna Spa treatment, which helps make eyebrows more expressive and disguises gaps, while lasting longer than traditional tinting. Plus, the team are total geniuses when it comes to microblading.


Brow Boutique really knows what it’s doing when it comes to creating sculpted, stunning brows in an intimate setting that is both cosy and welcoming. Its focus is helping to create natural looking brows for each and every client, so there’s no one-size-fits-all fear of coming away with overdone, miscoloured brows when the staff are done with you. Situated in Ruimsig, Roodepoort, seeing the team is by appointment only.

Respect for the past. Character for the present. Skills for the future.

Perhaps the best kept educational secret in the south of Johannesburg, St Martin’s School offers preparatory and high school education for the children of today, to ready them for tomorrow. Over six decades, dedicated teachers at our beautiful campus have nurtured pupils as they build the character, discipline, scholarship and spirit that so defined iconic St Martin’s alumni like Hugh Masekela and Oliver Tambo. St Martin’s upholds Anglican, Christian values and takes a progressive and multi-faceted approach to teaching, which includes: • an excellent choice of creative, business or STEM subjects to Matric; • a wide range of co-curricular and sporting activities; • coding and robotics lessons; • leading-edge classroom technology that empowers learning; • an integrated Grade 8 programme, combining visual arts, dramatic arts, music, dance and life orientation; and • boarding for boys and girls, from Grade 8 to Matric.

Please visit our website to arrange to visit our school. or call us 011 435 0735



Where every child is known


AMATULI Amatuli is known for scouring the world for interesting pieces and collecting them all under one roof in Kramerville. It operates on the belief that an object without a story is meaningless, so expect to find treasures from Marrakesh to Mumbai. Done shopping? Grab a drink at nearby Razor Charlie before heading home.



Décor havens From its humble beginnings in 1964 as a traditional furniture store in Windhoek, Namibia, Weylandts has grown into one of South Africa’s leading furniture and home ware retailers with 11 stores nationwide. Joburgers can find Weylandts stores in Fourways, Bedfordview, Sandton and Kramerville.


Block & Chisel’s master cabinetmaker, Sibley McAdam, has been making quality furniture since 1987, which, paired with Lynn McAdam’s eye for timeless quality and design, has created a unique feel to all pieces found in the store.

116 |

Furniture should always be comfortable. And always have a piece of art that you made somewhere in the home – Tamara Taylor

Hadeda started in 1991 in Dunkeld. The store’s owner, Des Armstrong, travels to regions in Mexico, Peru and Guatemala in search of new designs, crafts and beautiful objects, which she hand-picks for the flagship Hadeda store in Johannesburg. Hadeda recently added Mexican tiles to its offering, which offer a welcome splash of colour to any home.


Anatomy Design is a store and interior design studio that sells an exclusive range of locally designed and manufactured furniture and home ware items. Anatomy often plays host to limited edition prints from local artists, so be sure to visit and pick up some unique pieces.

HERS HIS & HOME 060 646 4064

Located in the all new Rand Steam shopping centre, Hers His & Home brings together some of South Africa’s most loved designers, including Something Good Studio, Gold Bottom Pots and Maxhosa. Hers His & Home also has a smattering of gifting options perfect for unique festive season presents.


BRIGHT YOUNG CHEFS Budding chefs in the household? Keep them entertained and happy with Bright Young Chefs’ cooking classes during the holidays. Taking place in Fairlands, the classes aim to teach kids the basic skills required for cooking and baking in a fun setting, helping to build their confidence in the kitchen. Plus, they’re guaranteed to come home with some exciting new recipes in hand to cook for you! Workshops are available throughout December and most Saturdays throughout the year.


IRENE FARM Summer is the perfect time to take the little ones out for a day at Irene Farm. Nestled between Joburg and Pretoria, the farm has been running since 1895, and visitors can watch the cows roam the pastures, visit the calves and have lunch at The Deck or The Barn restaurants. The ideal spot for a family-friendly get-together, there are large gardens, jungle gyms and tractor displays, plus ample opportunity to learn all about life on a dairy farm without even having to leave the city.


From the late, great Charles Dickens, this ages-old tale of Ebenezer Scrooge as he’s visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future demonstrates the true meaning of Christmas. Fun, festive and filled with great moments and important messages, this is one show you definitely don’t want to miss. Catch this holiday classic at The Studio Theatre at Montecasino until 14 January.

For the kids

Adults are just outdated children! – Dr Seuss

Is one of your kids PAW Patrol crazy? Then you’ll want to make sure that you book tickets for PAW Patrol Live as its international tour passes through South Africa from 4 to 8 April. Made up of two acts with an intermission, the pups come to life alongside a human cast of fun characters to take the audience of little ones on a piratical adventure together, making for a lovely afternoon out. Perfect for preschool kids.


Embrace a little bit of adventure as a family with Acrobranch – a park filled with exciting aerial zip lines, Tarzan swings, nets, bridges and obstacle courses that take children and adults from tree to tree high above the ground. Open throughout the holidays, during the week and on weekends, Acrobranch is all about getting your kids (and you!) outside to enjoy the beautiful outdoors in a safe and exciting environment. With the primary Acrobranch conveniently located right in Melrose, and other locations dotted across Gauteng, make it a full day out, grab some lunch and enjoy a little bit of fun in the sunshine. | 119



If you’re yet to take a trip to the SciBono Discovery Centre in central Johannesburg, then you and your family are in for a treat. Open seven days a week, including public holidays except for Christmas Day, Good Friday and New Year’s Day, this science-based centre aims to get children excited about maths, science and technology through its innovative exhibitions, making for a fantastic day out for everyone. Visit before 14 January to catch the incredible Nat Geo Kids ‘Weird But True!’ exhibition.

MONTECASINO BIRD GARDENS Home to more than 1,000 birds, reptiles, amphibians, antelope and other small animals, the Montecasino Bird Gardens make for a guaranteed successful day out if you’re searching for somewhere fun to take the kids. Open daily, including on public holidays, you can enjoy the 40-minute educational and entertaining bird show and experience nature and birdlife right in the city, while teaching your kids about the importance of conservation and preservation in modern-day South Africa.

AQUADOME There are lots of opportunities for kids to have fun at Emerald Resort & Casino, and one of our favourites is the Aquadome, a climate-controlled area with various warm water pools that offers a splashing good time. Kids adore the waterslide and the shipwreck, and drifting along on the lazy river provides fun for all ages. As safety is a priority, there are experienced lifeguards on duty to make sure the kids are well looked after.


Grab the kids, pack a picnic and prepare to be amazed as you head out to Honeydew. Constructed from indigenous reed fencing, Honeydew Mazes offers the opportunity for visitors to get lost together, solve puzzles and have a great time exploring the elaborately constructed gardens outside. Best explored in teams, you can split up and race to try and make it to the centre of the maze first, or simply enjoy the gorgeous property from the comfort of your picnic blanket as the kids explore the smaller mazes. In addition to this, each year a living Maize Maze is constructed in a different themed pattern, meaning that even if you’ve been before, your yearly trip to Honeydew Mazes can be a new adventure every time you visit.

LOVE BOOKS Located in Melville’s Bamboo Centre, Love Books is tiny, but it’s literally filled with books of every imaginable type for adults and children alike. You’ll always find kids browsing in the great children’s corner, where there are plenty of books and cushions to curl up on and read. To instill a love of reading in children, the store hosts storytelling sessions every Saturday morning at 10am. These have become very popular so make sure to get there early.


The country’s first floating aqua park offers various activities including slides, runways, jumping pillows, swings, ramps, ladders and a trampoline. StokeCity is put together like a series of obstacle courses and offers plenty of fun. It is located in Midrand, with an entry fee of R40 per child (kids under the age of eight enter free). The obstacle course is R150 for 50 minutes.

120 |

We are reducing our environmental footprint How? By flying on sustainable fuel, with more efficient routing, with cleaner planes and by reducing our waste. Learn more about our journey to more sustainable aviation on


23 November to 25 January


15 November to 20 December

MANIPULATED IMAGE EVERARD READ Lionel Smit is a leading South African painter and sculptor who will present his series of new works inspired by the digital age and manipulation of the image in his fourth solo exhibition. ‘Manipulated Image’ explores the idea of how the digital age and technology have influenced artists and their processes. Using meticulous techniques, Smit has created a unique series of multimedia paintings that are a combination of silk screen and oil layering of different or repeated imagery. Experimentation forms a big part of the imagery where Smit uses the act of silk screening as part of his painting process, creating a crossover between the two mediums. The result is a series of works that signify a dramatic new departure for the artist.

23 November to 13 January

TIED BY TIME Tamlin Blake’s monumental tapestry installation is akin to a Renaissance fresco in its magnitude of scale, the sweeping drama of its thematic conception and the brilliance of its detail. The project that took the artist four years to complete was set up as an inquiry into the fourth industrial revolution.

122 |


Great things are done by a series of small things brought together” – Vincent van Gogh

‘In Gozi We Trust’ is Kendell Geers’s sixth solo exhibition. The title might translate as ‘In Danger We Trust’ or can be read as ‘In Jozi We Trust’, a subtle reference to William Kentridge’s animation Johannesburg, 2nd Greatest City After Paris (1989). This play with words is typical of Geers’s trickster sensibilities and references the Nguni words for danger (ingozi) and God (nkosi) via the slogan ‘In God We Trust’. The works in the exhibition examine the role that threat and danger play in the construction of Johannesburg’s identity and the consoling habit of finding comfort through the beauty of art. By breaking down the classic art historical divide between conceptualism and expressionism, Geers uses his acerbic wit, together with paint, to spin a web of words into images that are layered with multiple meanings.

16 November to 18 January

KIND OF BLUE – GROUP EXHIBITION DAVID KRUT PROJECTS For ‘Kind of Blue’, artists have been invited to explore the colour blue and its kaleidoscope of shades and meanings. Blue is more than a single colour, but rather contains a universe of associations within its spectrum of hues. The invitation for artists to either limit their colour palette or approach the idea of ‘blue’ from a more abstract or conceptual perspective in this exhibition therefore provides many opportunities to engage with the different aspects of the psychology of blue. It also encourages an innovative consideration of the role of other formal elements of an image – tone, texture, line, shape and form. Artists included in the exhibition have responded in a range of different modes and media, resulting in a visual experience as diverse as the historical and associative life of the colour itself.

15 November to 15 January

9 November to 24 January

THERE’S GLITTER IN MY SOUP! STEVENSON A new exhibition by Steven Cohen, ‘There’s glitter in my soup!’ is a series of self-portraits that have been intimately crafted using make-up and are an extension of his threedecade-long performance practice. Incorporating makeup, glitter, butterfly wings and Cohen’s DNA, they bear the memory of these performances, both as physical residue and testament to the meditative practices undertaken pre- and post-performance. As such, ‘There’s glitter in my soup!’ presents the face as something both extroverted and inhabited.


Ceramicist Clementina van der Walt has been making ceramics for over 40 years. To her, the practice of making ceramics has been a search for meaning, which has manifested in various directions from utilitarian tableware to sculptural vessels, figurines and architectural wall pieces. In her current exhibition at the Kim Sacks Gallery, she focuses on the concept of abstract. Her inspirations come from diverse sources such as traditional tribal masks; the philosophy of Japanese wabi-sabi; the practice of kurinuki; mid-century European potters and artists like Miro, Kandinsky and Malevich; British abstract painters and the American abstract expressionist painters and ceramists. The exhibition consists of a broad range of items and techniques such as tea beakers, vases, bowls, tableware, sculptural vessels, wall platters, figurines and painted tiles. In many instances, the abstract overlaps with the expressive. However, the diversity of style reveals an eclecticism depicting van der Walt’s ongoing journey of exploration and discovery.











7 November to 25 January

HINDSIGHT The first of many exhibitions in the new Lizamore & Associates gallery, ‘Hindsight’ features the work of artists Mandy Johnston and Cow Mash (Kgaogelo Mashilo). Johnston is a multidisciplinary artist who creates compelling portraits and sculptures from wire mesh. In this series of works, she looks at the topic of tradition and object making as ritual, examining the traditions and styles that we choose to discard or overlook and those which are collected and celebrated. Kgaogelo Mashilo aka Cow Mash also works with multiple mediums and media, and in this exhibition figuratively explores positions of prayer through drawing and sculptures made from synthetic leather and wool. | 123





RE-TREND If mid-century furniture is your thing, then you’ll want to make sure to give Re-Trend at the Rand Steam Centre a visit, stat. The staff prowl auctions and charity shops to find unique pieces of retro furniture and then either restore, reupholster or just polish them up to make them look as good as new before selling them in the gorgeous open-plan store. From headboards to alcohol cabinets, drink trolleys, dressing tables and dining room sets, it’s a fabulous stop for kitting out your home with beautiful, quality vintage furniture. Great for: mid-century modern and retro furniture.


You’ll be greeted by a barrage of bright colours and friendly faces when you enter The Curiosity Charity Shop in Northcliff, and it’s a spot that certainly lives up to its name. There’s no saying what you can expect when visiting the store, because each time there’s bound to be some weird and wonderful new thing to look at, fall in love with and buy. With treasures from all over the world, including artworks and costumes, as well as more practical appliances and homewares, it’s well worth a visit. Great for: costumes and ornaments.

Vintage treasure

011 788 6876

Since 1993, TOC H in Parktown North has been supporting local charities by supplying them with fruit and vegetables through Tyrone Fruiterers in Parkview. By selling everything, from secondhand clothing to appliances, jewellery, décor, luggage and homeware, they’re able to support both Guild Cottage and Hotel Hope charities, both of which house abused and abandoned children. So, when you’re picking up something fantastic at a reduced rate, you’ll also be doing a good deed. Great for: small appliances and kitchen goods.

INDEPENDENT TRADERS Few salvage yards are as impressive (and, admittedly, as daunting) as Independent Traders in North Riding. From salvaged and reclaimed goods to building materials, antiques, collectables and furniture, Independent Traders has it all. Expect to have to dig, but you’ll find buried treasure if you do. Great for: building materials and household items.

BOUNTY HUNTERS 011 482 6094

I love history... everything is inspired by history, so that’s why I love vintage – Kelly Wearstler

Bounty Hunters definitely isn’t for the faint-hearted – or those allergic to cats. But, if you’re able to brave this Melville institution, chances are that you’ll be richly rewarded. Dancing shoes share bargain bins with sparkling boots, Chinese clogs and school shoes, and dramatic theatre costumes are hung alongside sundresses and suits, meaning that there really does seem to be something for everyone, if you can just be bothered to look. Great for: a mix of practical and fantastical fashion. | 125


RAGS & LACE 011 787 2130

Joburg thrifters will be familiar with Rags & Lace, whose Jan Smuts home in Craighall Park has long been a hunting ground for fabulous second-hand designer clothes at a fraction of the price. It exclusively stocks ladies’ clothing, and when you drop in you can expect to find brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and YSL in great condition. While the clothes aren’t exactly cheap, they’re heavily discounted from what they would have cost brand new, and have increasing discounts the longer they remain unsold in the store, so you can pick up incredible bargains. Great for: ladies’ clothing.




Another Melville favourite, the team at Junkie Charity Store work hard to restore, revamp and bring back to life the second-hand goods that are donated to them. The prices are fair and there’s a giant range of items available. After making your purchase you can personally choose which of its 10 beneficiary charities you’d like the money to be donated to, meaning that you can have a personal hand in supporting the causes that you care about most. Great for: furniture and homeware.

Just down the road from Rags & Lace in Craighall Park, you’ll find Patou Boutique, another fashion haven for bargain hunters. The stock changes often so it’s worth popping in regularly if you’re on the hunt for something special, and the friendly staff are always willing to help you look through the stock to find an outfit or item to fit your needs. Specialising in selling second-hand designer items that are still in good condition, it’s also worth following the store on Instagram, where staff often share pictures of its newest items. Great for: designer shoes and handbags.

With eight different stores across Johannesburg, Hospice Wits is a great spot for picking up secondhand goods. It is passionate about providing life-changing palliative care to patients and emotional support to their families, and accepts donations of all shapes and sizes, so if you’re looking for something, chances are you’ll find it at a Hospice Wits. Expect everything from furniture to books, toys, musical instruments and even gardening items. The Orange Grove store is a particular treasure trove. Great for: furniture and décor. LoveJunkieCharityStore

HUNTER’S REST ANTIQUES If Newlands is a treasure trove of incredible antique shops, then Hunter’s Rest is undoubtedly one of its shiniest gems. There’s always something new and interesting to look at, and its incredible range of vintage toys, retro cars, and antique furniture make this spot worth a visit even if you’re not looking to buy – though, be warned, chances are you’ll find something you want to purchase once you’re inside, anyway. Great for: antique furniture and crockery.

REEA CHARITY SHOP 011 788 4745

Set up to support the Rand Epilepsy Employment Agency (REEA), you’ll find this thrifting gem on the same property as the popular Delta Café and Colourful Splendour Nursery in Craighall Park. Make an outing of it and stop to have a cup of tea once you’re done browsing its ever-changing and impressive collection of books, ornaments, glassware, clothing and so much more. Plus, you can pick up fresh farm goods, including eggs and freshly baked bread, from the REEA Garden Shed while you’re there. Great for: books and LPs.

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10 minutes WITH DR REZA You are a doctor by trade with a flourishing aesthetics business. How and why did you get into this field? I have always been interested in understanding and learning about the way our world and universe works. I have a keen interest in business and entrepreneurship, and find the innovation and unpredictability very exciting. Overcoming challenges that seem insurmountable at first is a very satisfying experience. I initially started looking at aviation from a business perspective and then applied my own creativity to find a way to make something that didn’t exist in the space. You obviously have a strong entrepreneurial mindset. Tell us about some of your ventures. I started with an energy drink called Legend that one of my med school friends developed. I later imported and distributed Dr Rey’s Sensual Solutions skin care

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range (the famous Dr 90210 of Beverly Hills), during which time we also formulated our own products to add to the range. I also had interests in fast food franchises at some point and, of course, my aesthetic medical practice. Your latest venture is launching the Pegasus Universal Aviation Company, which has invented the first vertical business jet. Tell us about this innovative and exciting project. Pegasus Universal Aerospace is a South African-based aviation company committed to promoting innovation in the aerospace and transportation sector. Pegasus Universal Aerospace is developing a unique design concept that will ultimately result in the certification and manufacture of a world first type of aircraft for use globally. The Pegasus Vertical Business Jet (VBJ®) (Pegasus VBJ®) will be

the first aircraft to provide true business jet performance coupled with helicopter convenience. The VBJ® will make point-to-point travel feasible with multiple innovations that make it safe and easy to fly, targeting government operations, corporates, high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs), medivac, search and rescue, offshore operations, general charter, superyachts and ocean-going vessels. Pegasus VBJ® is about to change the way we understand air travel, as it is designed with the capability to land on almost any surface. With the VBJ®, you could take off and land anywhere, whether it’s on a rooftop, yacht or helipad – the possibilities are endless. In fact, Pegasus VBJ® is heralding a new era of point-to-point air travel. Its state-of-the-art performance is unmatched by helicopters, piston engine planes and any of the tilt-rotor VTOL aircraft currently on the market, with a range of 4,000km from runway

take-off (or 2,700km in VTOL) with a 45-minute reserve and at a cruise speed of 609km/h at 35,000 feet. The Pegasus VBJ® has already had its South African patents granted, with patents pending in the USA and EU. Compared to the cabin of a helicopter, Pegasus VBJ® is comfortable with low noise and little to no cabin vibrations. This means more productive meeting or business time in travel. Where does your love for aviation come from? Definitely a soul calling. Who has been your biggest influence/inspiration? Richard Branson, Anthony Robbins, Gary Vee, Leonardo da Vinci and The Rock. From medicine to aviation, what’s next? We are working on an app for our medical practice to help enhance our patient experience and have a number of ideas coming up.... so watch this space. Follow us on Instagram: pegasus_ua.


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Steve McQueen’s legacy is timeless. More than an actor, more than a pilot, he became a legend. Like TAG Heuer, he defined himself beyond standards and never cracked under pressure. TAG Heuer Boutiques: Sandton City and V&A Waterfront Also at selected fine jewellers nationwide For further information please call 011 669 0500.

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