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05 October - 19 October 2011

Business Hours Monday to Friday from 8:30 - 4:00 Jl. Majapahit No. 46, Kuta Tel : [0361] 755 392 [Hunting] - Fax : [0361] 764 191 E-mail: Website:

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Bali Advertiser

05 October - 19 October, 2011


Moving sale/garage sale; everything in my house must go: furniture, electronics (TV, washing machine, etc), deco, kitchen utensils, secondhand clothes (female S/M/L), DVDs, etc. Come on Saturday, 8th Oct, 12-6pm. For questions, directions & details: <movingsale.>. [075]

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For Sale; Funky suede/ leather collars with matching cuffs: brand new, all colours, cost price - Rp. 270,000 per set. Seminyak. 0818-566 674. [086]

24hrs: +62-81337-99-33-22

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For Sale; 2nd hand Baby Troller, good condition, ask for 300,000Rps. Call/SMS 0878 2756 7890. [074]


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Professional Cleaners

Royal Professional Cleaners - Member of DLI, USA Laundry & Dry Cleaning Daily open: 7.30 am - 9.00 pm FOR HOME PICK UP & DELIVERY SERVICE 0361 74 11 580 For Hotel Linen, Guest Laundry & Uniform 0361 763 959

Our Counter Locations: * PEPITO Jl. Kediri, Tuban (0361) 763 959 * SEMINYAK Jl. Raya Kerobokan (0361) 747 0293 * TEUKU UMAR Jl. Teuku Umar (0361) 222 727 * WATURENGGONG Jl. Waturenggong (0361) 747 0294 * WAHIDIN Jl. Wahidin (0361) 747 0463 * HAYAM WURUK Jl. Hayam Wuruk (0361) 747 0472 * SANUR Jl. By Pass Sanur (0361) 288 146 * PURI GADING Jl. Raya Uluwatu (0361) 703 640 C/Ns/G-9 March 11

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05 October - 19 October, 2011

Law consultant (Litigation, Copy rights, Patent) Tax consultant (individual, companies) Property consultant (checking of land use) Companies consultant (PT,CV)

KUTA : JL.RAYA KROBOKAN 18X (RUKO) DENPASAR ; JL.DIPONEGORO NO.165 Phone : 081337909888, 0361-736085/ fax : 0361-226616 Email : / NC/NS/U-05 Oct. 11

C/Ns/I-26 Jan 11

For Sale; Stylish, sleek, stainless steel ceiling lamp with uplight, downlight, spotlight and combinations of the three. Great for both strong and soft lighting. Remote controlled. Imported, top quality, excellent condition. New 2,5 million, selling 1million. Photos/info 0815 5872 5972 / <ihelland@>. Sanur. [026] For Sale; ‘Breastflow’ babybottles by ‘First Years”. 2small+2large, stage 1+2 nipples. As new, sterilized. Perfect for breastfeeding babies, avoids nippleconfusion, requires both suction & compression, just like breastfeeding. From the US, not sold here. Rp 250,000. Photos/info 08155872 5972 / <ihelland@>. Sanur. [027] For Sale; Babies/toddlers: Child-proofing corner guards, strong quality type, purple plastic, round ball-shape, 16 pieces. Rp 80,000 for all. Photos/info 0815 5872 5972 / <>. Sanur. [028] For Sale; Babies/toddlers: Child-proofing electrical walloutlet/socket covers, to avoid electrical shock accidents. Tamper-proof, with special key for removal. White, 26 pieces, fit Indonesian sockets. From Europe, not sold in Bali. Rp. 150,000 for all. Photos/info 0815 5872 5972 / <>. Sanur. [029]

C/Ns/G-5 Oct. 11

For Sale; Canggu Club Family Membership for sale, fully paid up available Dec / Jan $2400 email for details. <paramedic. james@yahoo.> or 0857 3873 6609. Canggu. [164] For Sale; Stylish, minimalist glass-shelves with metalbrackets for wall-mounting. Excellent condition. Adjustable shelf-distance. Shelf-size/ amount perfect for large books/office-folders. Glassshelves: 8pieces 30x70cm, 11pieces 30x130cm. Wallbrackets: 4pieces 120cm, 4pieces 200cm. Paid 2,770,000, selling just 1,200,000. Photos/more info contact 0815 5872 5972 / <>. Sanur. [025]


Hotline: +62 81237648254 KEROBOKAN – KUTA-BALI

C/Ns/I-10 August 11

For Sale; Baby mosquito net, white, with elastic band, will fit over a trolley/portacot etc. Brand new, never used. Rp 50,000. For photos contact 0815 5872 5972 / <>. Sanur. [032] For Sale; 3 x Daikin ‘inverter’ air-conditioners, perfect condition. Inverters save energy & reduce powercuts. 2pieces x 1PK: New5, 1 million each (2009), selling 3,5 million each. 1 piece x 1,5PK: New6, 5 million (2009, still warranty), selling 4,5 million. Or best-deal: 10 million all. Photos/info 0815 5872 5972 / <ihelland@>. Sanur. [033] C/Ns/G-21 Sept. 11


C/Ns/I-01 June 11


FOR INQUIRY PLEASE CONTACT 0361257800 08159631230/085691546470 C/Ns/I-30 Dec. 10

C/Ns/I-05 Oct 11

Bali Advertiser

05 October - 19 October, 2011



Visit our shop in Bali & discover our delicious MIXED PICKLES and more! Over 20 fine pickled vegetables and fruity jams are waiting for you! SUMMER OFFER! 15% DISC NO CHEMICAL & NO MSG Visit our shop: Pertokoan Surya Mas 3, Jl. Dewi Sri II, Kuta

Call: +62 361 740 8883 C/Ns/P-27 July 11

C/Ns/G-9 Sept. 09

Private Sale; Ibanez 12 String Performance Acoustic Guitar, (purchased in Australia for $875.00AUD.) , Selling Price, 4.500.000rpt included in sale - lined hardcase, stand, $90 new strings. No pickup. Very good condition, played very little. English inquiries SMS, 0813 3747 4477. Pantai Saba Blahbatuh. [043] Private Sale; Shure Beta 87/A. Supercardioid L3 professional high performance microphone, genuine never used. Reduced selling $800.00. Made in Germany (Purchased in Australia at $1.250.00AUD) requires Phantom point Amp/plug in. Top stage performance indoor/exterior, special chip sensors. SMS English 0813 3747 4477 Pantai Saba Blahbatuh. [044] For Sale; Blazer car accessories, condition very good, no damage. One as new left side mirror & casing for blazer complete. 300.000rpt. +included right/ s-mirror casing (no mirror) Nett prices. SMS 0813 3747 4477 English. 0813 3747 4477 Blahbatuh. [045]

The only Authorized Distributor in Indonesia for

PT. SUKSES PRATAMA JAYA Jl. Veteran No. 18 Denpasar - Bali Telp. (62 361) 238606 Email Bali : Email Jakarta : Website: C/Ns/G-5 Oct. 11

For Sale; Two stunning, allwhite teak beds, simple ‘zen-style, ‘ tall headboards, wood-pattern showing. Including super-comfortable, supportive, pressure-relieving memory-foam mattresses, 120cm wide (large single/ small double). Bought 8 million each, selling 6 million each/both 10 million. Must be seen! Photos/info 0815 5872 5972 / <ihelland@>. Sanur. [041] For Sale; Beautiful, very tall, white teak bed, wood pattern showing, huge brown drawer underneath (storage/extra mattress), removable bedrails. Includes comfortable spring & pillowtop mattress 120cm wide (large single/small double). Bought 2009, used rarely as guestbed, 5million. Photos/info 0815 5872 5972 / <>. Sanur. [042] Notice: Bali Advertiser confirms all free Private Classified ads. When you send an ad, we will contact you. If we are unable to contact you then your ad is not printed.


Take Home Chef Dinner party, Cocktail party, Finger food We organize all your special events call us at 081 8055 07493 Ingold Email: C/Ns/G-13 July 11

Art Vision Bali

Jl. Yudistira I, No. 1 Kunti II, Seminyak Bali - Indonesia Ph. +62 361 736 999 / 7820 999 Fx. +62 361 736 998 Email:

C/Ns/G-7 Sept. 11

For Sale; Stylish, tall, stainless steel ‘side-by-side doors’ fridge & freezer by LG. Perfect condition. 90 cm wide, 67 cm deep, 175 cm tall. Bought in 2009 for 9 million, selling 6,5 million. Photos/more details contact <> / 0815 5872 5972. Sanur. [036]

C/Ns/I-29 June 11

C/Ns/G-18 May 11

C/Ns/G-18 May 11

NC/Ns/G-5 Oct. 11

Bali Advertiser

05 October - 19 October, 2011




085 346 334 455--> Rp. 480.000 082 193 456 456--> Rp. 480.000 085 696 456 456--> Rp. 480.000 082 190 430 430--> Rp. 480.000 082 183 445 566--> Rp. 575.000 083 863 445 566--> Rp. 575.000 085 336 848 484--> Rp. 575.000 081 217 202 202--> Rp. 575.000 081 235 333 456--> Rp. 575.000 081 946 461 010--> Rp. 575.000


081 946 461 001--> Rp. 575.000 085 232 434 567--> Rp. 950.000 085 327 511 111--> Rp. 950.000 085 398 272 727--> Rp. 950.000 085 399 869 986--> Rp. 950.000 082 137 277 777--> Rp. 1.8 Mill Couple: 082 189 868 686 085 399 868 686--> Rp. 2.5 Mill

Negotiable call / SMS 0852 1918 1818

For Sale; Two beautiful, wooden towel-holders, natural brown finish, floor-standing, shaped as an S-curve, holds two large towels, shelf on the bottom. Perfect condition. New 300,000 each, selling 200,000 each or 300,000 both. Photos/info 0815 5872 5972 / <ihelland@>. Sanur. [030]

For Sale; iPhone 3G 16Gb black, 2.500.000 Rp. Sanur, 0812 3952 0483 Natalia. Sanur. [069] For Sale; Branded baby girls shoes, 9 pairs + a few pairs of socks, bought in UK, very good condition only Rp. 150.000. SMS 0878 6196 0495. Denpasar. [105]

NC/Ns/P-05 Oct. 11

C/Ns/G-5 Oct. 11

MONEY MATTERS by Colin Bloodworth

LIFESTYLE AND HOW IT CAN AFFECT YOUR FINANCIAL HEALTH ‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’, or so the saying goes. Not sure how true this is but there is certainly a correlation between lifestyle, health and wealth. Let’s look at some of the issues. THE RISING COST OF HEALTHCARE It has been estimated that a 65-year old couple in the US would need to spend $200,000 on healthcare during retirement based on the man living to 80 and the woman to 85. Agreed, medical care in the US is very expensive but costs are escalating everywhere. The cost of medical insurance in Bali is generally higher than in Jakarta and as the years go by it will reach a point where it is just too costly to maintain. And this is likely to occur when you are probably going to need it more than ever. Of course you may decide to return to your home country and ‘enjoy’ the benefits of free healthcare. If you are British and you choose the latter option you are in for a shock. The once world-leading National Health Service is creaking at the seams. You may still receive adequate emergency treatment but if you need non-urgent surgery such as a replacement knee you may have to wait your turn for several years. Many people die before their turn comes up, which of course helps shorten the list. It is even rumoured that there is a ten-month waiting list at abortion clinics. POOR LIFESTYLE? – YOU MAY BE SHOWN THE DOOR When Gordon Brown was Prime Minister he raised a few eyebrows when in a New Year message to healthcare staff he indicated that people may have to fulfil ‘new responsibilities’ in order to establish their right to care. While no-one is likely to be refused treatment in an emergency, patients who smoke, drink heavily or become seriously overweight are increasingly being refused places on waiting lists for elective treatments and even non-urgent heart surgery. As anywhere in the world, if you are wealthy you can jump the queues and opt for private treatment, but at considerable cost. THE BENEFITS OF A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE A growing body of evidence points to the fact that moderate exercise for at least 30 minutes a day for most days of the week can substantially reduce the risk of developing some of the most costly and debilitating conditions including heart disease, cancer, stroke and even dementia. If you can stave off dementia and live on your own longer you can avoid the huge expense of long term care. But there are also immediate cost benefits. Being in good health in your earlier years means you will pay the lowest premiums for life, critical illness or income protection insurance. Some health insurers have been slashing premiums for those who allow their diet and exercise regimes to be monitored. Others are offering discounted membership of gyms. Other benefits of a healthy lifestyle? Less time off work, greater alertness and a greater chance of advancing your career with the accompanying financial benefits. HOW SMOKING CAN BURN A HOLE IN YOUR WALLET How many times have you heard comments such as ‘my father smoked like a chimney and lived to his nineties’? How many great world leaders have survived to old age even though they were smokers? Indeed, such cases are true, but in the past our lungs were not bombarded with the high levels of pollution that surround us today – at least in parts of Bali! In the past few years I have attended funerals in Bali and Jakarta of five acquaintances. Three of them were in their sixties and two in their eighties. And guess what? The three in their sixties were smokers and the two

in their eighties were not. Hardly a big enough sample to prove a point but you tell that to an insurance company! If you are a smoker and you apply for life or critical illness insurance you could find the premium is at least 50% higher than that applied to non-smokers. One bright spot for smokers – they can often obtain more generous annuities. These are pensions that are paid out as long as you are alive. IS IT POSSIBLE TO CHANGE LIFESTYLE? It is never easy to break away from lifetime habits. But if you feel your lifestyle is affecting your health and is threatening to hurt your pocket then it could be worth making a supreme effort to change things. There are endless opportunities to participate in sports in Bali. There are plenty of gyms if you are not too keen on the outdoors. Not all sports require Olympic standards. ‘Hashing’ is an example of a sport for all ages and abilities. You are made welcome whether you can run a fast 10k or if you can just walk once around the beer truck. It gets you out and into a new routine. You also get to see parts of Bali and local life that the average expat or tourist would never see. The run is usually followed by a social ‘circle’ where everyone can relax, tell jokes, sing or just insult all the other nationalities in the circle. Almost nothing is sacred and no-one needs to get embarrassed. If you have a long nose you may get a ‘Hash’ name reflecting that. One of my friends is not in the least bothered to be known as ‘Elf’ because he is short. The important thing is to get some exercise, usually up in the hills, and to have a good laugh. It all makes for stress reduction and a feeling of well-being the next day (bruises and hangovers excepted). I will be happy to point anyone who is interested in the right direction.

NC/Ns/G-5 Oct. 11

Your Event Specialist is now here....



CALL NOW: 8008-556 Email: C/Ns/G-18 May 11

IS THERE A DOWNSIDE TO ALL THIS HEALTHY LIVING? It is certainly outweighed by the obvious benefits, both physical and financial, of a healthy lifestyle but there is another issue that has to be faced. If you are to live well into your eighties or nineties you are going to need a significant amount of wealth or pension to fully enjoy those extra years. Few people, particularly expatriates, have properly prepared for retirement. Most are also unaware of the serious changes that are happening in the field of pensions as financially crippled governments struggle to balance their budgets. But more on this next time, unless the current turmoil in the financial markets takes a more serious turn for the worse, in which case I will have something even more depressing than pensions to write about. In the meantime, stay fit and healthy. See you on the Hash! Colin Bloodworth has worked as a financial adviser in Indonesia since 1992 and is now Director of PPI Indonesia, based in Jakarta. He visits Bali regularly and can be contacted for advice at indonesia@ or or 021 3004 8024.

You can read all past articles of Money Matters at Copyright © 2011 Colin Bloodworth C/Ns/G-15 June 11

Bali Advertiser


05 October - 19 October, 2011


OUR WORLD JAMS are strawberry, pineapple, blueberry, mango, raspberry and blackberry are waiting for you for an enjoyable breakfast! Our jams are 60% fruit content & fresh hygenic produced.

SUMMER OFFER 15% DISC NO CHEMICAL & NO PECTIN Visit our shop: Pertokoan Surya Mas 3, Jl. Dewi Sri II, Kuta Call: +62 361 740 8883 C/Ns/P-27 July 11

For Sale; Chairs, show case/ cooler 100 litre (Rp. 400rb), 15 litre Titanium metal plated water heater Ariston (Rp. 1jt), 2 burners Rinnai gas stove (Rp. 200rb), hanging lamps (Rp. 400rb), wall lamps (Rp. 200rb), computer desk (Rp. 120rb), monitor computer (Rp. 100rb), 3D sound speaker Multimedia (Rp. 50rb). Call Gidion Hp. 0819 1916 7777. TubanKuta. [037] For Sale; A set of chairs carved elephant from Bali. Made from teak wood. Good condition. 3 pcs which consisted of shorts, 1 long chair, 1 for carving desk. brown floral. Price Rp. 150jt (nego). Pls cntct. hp +62 818 0551 0700 / (phone & SMS), email to <> or <>. Denpasar. [038] For Sale; Gorgeous ‘zenstyle’ teak double bed, beautiful natural brown wax finish, drawers underneath. Including super comfortable, supportive, pressure-relieving memory-foam mattress, 160cm wide. Used rarely, as guestbed, as new. Bought 12,5 million in 2009, selling 9 million. Photos/info <> / 0815 5872 5972. Sanur. [039] Notice: Bali Advertiser confirms all free Private Classified ads. When you send an ad, we will contact you. If we are unable to contact you then your ad is not printed.

C/Ns/G-29 June 11

October Holidays are coming! 3V KIDS CAMP is a selected choice of activities for your kids to enjoy the best of Bali, initiating them to Mountain Bike, Jungle Trek or SUP during their holidays, in a safe and fun environment!

For Sale; Lazy boy pool lounges. 2 x chocolate brown rattan. Square weave with mocca colored cushions (2300mm x 700mm). Only 4.5 million Rp - Expat selling. Call or SMS 0878 6011 1530. Sanur. [158] For Sale; Britax AHR Platinum baby car safety seat toddler-4 years, air cushion, tilt & adjust headrest, activehead restraint, hassle-free harness, infant safety cushion, inbuilt speakers, helpful harness holders + car harness + first aid. 8jt nego new. 0812 3671 0834. Ubud. [159] For Sale; Dell Vostro 3500 15” HD i5 2.4Ghz, 4Gb Ram, 320Gb HDD, Windows 7 Pro Original licence. VGC. Owned and used by IT professional. Can install extras Antivirus etc free. 5.5jt. HB Shannon 0812 3671 0834. Ubud. [160]

C/Ns/I-21 Sept 11


SALE: iphone 4+iPad 2 SERVICE & SPAREPART:

iphone2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, ipad, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony, Samsung. Replace Broken Glass : Touch Screen, LCD for iphone2G, 3G, 3GS, 4, ipad, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony, Samsung. Unlock: iphone & Blackberry. Call Now!! +6281237590000 (Eric) +6281999007171 NC/Ns/A-05 Oct 11

For Sale; iPhone black 3GS 16GB, great condition, unlocked, jailbroke and lots of application Rp. 3 million nego. Please call or SMS 0361 792 4156. Canggu. [139] For Sale; Golf driving net and automatic ball dispenser. T- your ball without bending down. Net in good condition. Golf ball dispensor with 2 grass mats and rubber tees like new condition. Paid 6 sell 3.5 million. 0821 4726 8400. Sanur. [140]

3V KIDS CAMP Suitable for kids from 7 to 12 years old

C/Ns/I-09 March 11

PRICE starts S 250.0 at 00 rp Conta for bo ct us o king & inquirie s

It is proven that being active out of school helps children perform better at school. Encourage your children to have an active lifestyle!

WEDNESDAY 12TH WEDNESDAY 26TH MOUNTAIN BIKING Let’s go off-road! Traversing dirt trails, logging roads, and other natural environments in Bali’s country side.

THURSDAY 13TH THURSDAY 27TH JUNGLE TREK Into the wilds of Bali! Rediscover the allure of nature and release the inner adventurer in you!

FRIDAY 14TH FRIDAY 28TH STAND UP PADDLE Try out Stand Up Paddle in the quiet and safe environment of Jimbaran Bay. For detail program go to



Hey Mum’s & Dad’s! While kids are at camp, why not come to 3V Fitness for some quality YOU time! Classes, Cardio, Gym, Personal Training and much more!


t. +62 361 847 6252 e.

Fb: Threevi Fitnessbali C/Ns/I-05 Oct. 11


05 October - 19 October, 2011

For Sale; Unwanted gift. Genuinely authentic new Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses RB 2132, black frame with g-15 lenses, brand new in box complete with cloth, manual book. Only 1,2 million. Original stuff guaranteed. CP 0857 3742 1271 Marco Chazz. Denpasar. [161] For Sale; Modena stainless steel cooker with 4 gas burners and oven, plus cooker hood (can be used without extraction, anti-odur charcoal filter reduces smell/ fumes). Selling as a set. Perfect condition. Bought new 7 million, selling 4,5 million. 0815 5872 5972 / <>. Sanur. [034]

Bali Advertiser

For Sale; Diesel generator, general 68005S, 50HZ. 2/220 V outlets plus 12 V outlet. Very good condition and has had very little use over 16 months. Paid 9.5 million Rp sell 4.5 million Rp. Bill Lombok 0813 7661 9171. [163] Looking For; Show case cake (size small), any brand, still good condition, price negotiable. Text to 081 712 0728 or e-mail to < R a ff a e l s c a k e @ y a h o o . com>. Sally-Sanur. [166] Wanted; Secondhand good conditions. Mannequin manwoman for clothes display. Contact: Santi 081 7973 9514. E-mail: <pjlve86@>. [167] C/Ns/G-27 July 11

C/Ns/G-13 July 11

Pet Parade Pet owners: Please sterilize your dogs & cats to preserve the natural environment.

Pets To Give Away These ads are free. E-mail to: Beautiful, cute, small Bali puppy, healthy, vaccinated and free to good home. Call Dayu at 0361-977 217. [001]

Free expat raised kittens looking for loving home. Donation for Vet Appreciated. <> or contact Desiree at 085 5373 Adorable healthy Bali 0513. [007] puppies ready for adoption. Please call Wayan Doblet at Need temporary home for my 085 6377 4966. [002] precious spoiled, “one of a Cute, healthy, vaccinated kind” 5 pound Poodle/Maltese pups for adoption from Bali dog. Retired Western lady Adoption Rehab Centre preferred. Will pay for dog BARC call Linda 081 855 care. I Want my little girl back 0947. [004] when I return to Bali in 4 months after caring for my Save a Bali puppy today! sick mama in Texas. Jojo is Loveable puppies gentle, not “yappy”, scared of desperately looking for children, a fussy eater, tiny temporary foster homes. Call and needs protection. BAWA 0361 977 217. [005] Everybody who meets Jojo Cute, healthy, small Bali loves her. Looking for special puppies, seeks safe & loving lady to help me take care of home. Vaccinated. Call or her. <Miccarogers@yahoo. SMS 081 138 0510. [006] com>. 081 735 3646. [008]

Rescued puppy - Brown female, affectionate, vaccinated, roughly around 2 months old - very healthy and cute. Free to a good home. call 0819 9937 8406 in Kerobokan. [009] Cute female Balinese puppy found and needs home, fully vacinated, I’ll pay for her neutralizer later if you can’t afford it. Please call 081 6299 894. Petitenget. [010]

C/Ns/G-12 Jan. 11

Cute male cat to give away. 2 years, healthy, long tail, castrated, vaccinated. Looks like western cat, nice orange fur with white. Needs new home, as owner is moving back to Europe. Preferably family with house and garden. No dogs. For images, please email to <rustythecat.2011@> or call 0878 6002 1671. [011]

Pets For Sale / Wanted / Lost / Found

For Sale Line Ads Rp. 6.000 per word. Wanted, Lost or Found Line Ads no charge. Photo ads Rp. 395.000. All ads must be paid before printing. 3 male, 3 female Siberian Dog to USA. Anybody know Husky puppies, DOB 13-07- how to get a dog out from 11, vaccinated, dewormed, Bali to America? Please please help. Call Micca 081 pedigree paper. 0813 3801 735 3646. [015] 6024. [012]

Long term Bali expat looking to buy or give a good home to either a Black Labrador or Golden Retreiver. Please contact on <stevepchadwick@live. if you have Pitbul & Golden, 3 bln. 0878 com> Purebred Labrador Retriever 5107 3568. [016] information. [017] puppy for sale. Female, yellow, very good lineage. Inspection welcome.



9059. Denpasar. [013] Puppies



mini Poodle, 2 months, 3

FOR STUD 90% Black Labrador male. Great natured dog. Never barks. Loved family pet.

males 1 female, vaccinated, dewormed, mini size at 1million. 796 0799. [014]

Contact Pasek

085 237 588 111

Contact Bali Advertiser

Telp: (0361) 755 392 [Hunting] Fax.: (0361) 764 191 E-mail : Make your ad online at C/Ns/G-24 August 11

C/Ns/I-10 August 11

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are aware the more you become aware that life is suffering, being aware is also a form of suffering; not being aware is a worse form of suffering.” “Once you start your journey on the path of awareness there’s no turning back and saying you wish not to be aware anymore. Awareness is automatically there. That’s when I chose awareness to not being aware, because awareness gave me respite from things which caused me suffering when I was unaware.” Vipassana supports us in changing directions with our life: We stop running away from our cravings, aversions and delusions and begin accepting them into the folds of our awareness. Vipassana initiates an adventure of self-transformation. Bali Retreat 2011 In a recent Vipassana meditation retreat held at the Brahma Vihara Arama Buddhist Monastery in North Bali, a student asked the guiding meditation teacher, Sayadaw U Tejaniya: “What is your advice if we are in a love relationship? What is the right attitude?” “Laugh! Whatever happens. Laugh. Keep laughing. It is such a powerful practice to be in relationship. Laugh.” Sayadaw U Tejaniya’s heartfelt transmissions of the teachings of Vipassana served to create an atmosphere of relaxation and fun during the eight day retreat. As a result, participants experienced emotional safety to publicly share personal experiences and ask intimate questions on how to skillfully navigate life’s disturbances using the principles of Vipassana. A former businessman and householder, Sayadaw began his Buddhist training in Burma as a teenager. He became a permanent monk in 1996 and currently lives and teaches at Shwe Oo Min Dhamma Sukha Forest Meditation Center in Yangon, Myanmar. (Burma) Sayadaw travels worldwide to spread the goodness of Vipassana.

MANY MINDS IN ONE BODY I came to be at this retreat when I received a SMS from my friend: “There is a Vipassana retreat at the Buddhist Monastery near Lovina. Want to join?” At that exact moment in my life I was acutely aware that I have many minds in one body. I was looking for a simple, direct meditation technique that would enable me to sustain the dynamic, radiant ease of living here and now within all conditions of life. I also wanted a technique that would engender a loving relationship with those parts of me that I want to reject. After a short excavation into Google-Land I learned that Vipassana was just such a technique. The retreat was billed as an eight day silent retreat of sitting and walking meditation. As a lifelong yoga practitioner, dancer, actor and singer this information stirred up resistance inside of me. As Sayadaw says in his book that arrived in my Yahoo inbox upon registration: “You have to stir things up a little for wisdom to arise.” I hung out with the stirrings for at least ten days before they settled and wisdom loudly spoke: ‘Hey, get with the program Tara!”

Vipassana is a non-sectarian meditation practice conceived by Gautama Buddha 25,000 years ago. This user-friendly practice is commonly referred to as ‘insight meditation’. Vipassana cultivates an awareness of the direct relationship between body and mind, moment to moment. The technique is simple: Place attention on the breath, rest in the belly, welcome and watch all thoughts, feelings and sensations that arise. Vipassana, as it is taught at Meditasi Mengenal Diri sponsored retreats such as this one, is a relaxed practice. There is nothing to concentrate upon, nothing to achieve, no right or wrong way to practice. We are instructed to accept and allow whatever arises to simply be just as it is, no matter what it is. Vipassana meditation cultivates awareness, understanding, wisdom and knowledge of the self and our world. Sayadaw U Tejaniya feels the purpose of meditation is to understand defilements: cravings, aversions and delusions in their many forms. When sensations of pain, a repetitive thought, and pictures from the past, feelings, pleasure, and despair arise the Vipassana practitioner directs awareness to this object of disturbance to simply watch it. For example, if sadness arises, let it be. Refrain from taking a mind journey into the story of the sadness. “Your job is to recognize any feeling as just a feeling. It is only a problem when you take this feeling as yours. We all have feelings. They belong to all of us.” Sayadaw reminds us. Hirok Ghosh, a businessman living in Singapore attended the retreat as an interpreter and advanced student of Sayadaw’s. Hirok is a 15 year Vipassana practitioner and spent 5 years in Burma, 3 as a monk. The first night of the retreat Hirok shared a story about his experience with anger. “I was teaching a university class. I saw this woman that I was attracted to speaking to a man. Anger arose. I allowed this feeling to be present and I kept on teaching. Throughout the class I maintained a watchful awareness on my anger.” Hirok watched and inquired about this anger for four days. Eventually his insights led him to the origin of his suffering. He was not aware that he held expectations about giving and receiving. Once he understood the origins of the angerexpectations- he could then act with knowledge and wisdom. When we remain with the disturbance as a mother sits with a hurt child, we cultivate a compassionate detached view. Curiosity arises. We begin to wonder and inquire: “What is this? Or “What is happening?” These questions lead us into insights about the origins of the disturbance. From insight arises wisdom, knowledge and thus understanding, leading towards preventing the disturbance from re-occurring. We may encounter and welcome the disturbance many, many times, with various insights, before true understanding arises. The practice of Vipassana can become a life-long companion. I asked Hirok: “How has Vipassana changed your life from one of suffering to living in equanimity?” Hirok laughed and said: “That’s the easy way of looking at things, but no. The more you

Fifty people attended the retreat. The first night of the retreat we were given the parameters: Morning bell at 4 AM; breakfast bell at 6:30AM. Group sitting meditation every morning at 9AM. Two hours a day group discussions with Sayadaw. Silence during mealtimes. The remaining hours until lights out at 10PM we are given the freedom to structure our time in whatever way we feel moved to practice Vipassana-walk, sit, and stay in our beds, dance, do yoga, write, read and even talk. The main instruction was: Do it all with mindful awareness. Great news. No sitting on my bum for 10 hours. However, the freedom to create my own structure at first felt daunting. Dr. Hudoyo Hupudio, MPH, who leads Krishnamurti Vipassana meditation retreats at Brahma Vihara Arama served as a translator as well as logistics coordinator for this retreat. He said that “Full freedom also brings about full responsibility on your part to make the most out of the freedom. You have to learn to live with that, because eventually it is what matters most.” I soon discovered that with the support of the shared intent of 49 other humans to practice with freedom allied with the deliciously designed voluptuous gardens, stupas, and water features of the monastery compound, agitation dissolved into a relaxed rhythm of moment to moment discovery. There are many places within this large terraced complex for participants to grow their awareness. A large lotus pond with fountains greets visitors upon entry. This lotus pond is in front of a stupa containing a golden Buddha and a Kuan Yin sanctuary. The next tier holds dorm rooms, another pond with a turtle and an open space. The third tier is a Tibetan style stupa next to an imported Bo tree (the tree under which the Buddha gained enlightenment) with a statue of Buddha sitting underneath. The upper tier is a magnificent green open space with stunning views of the sea and surrounding mountains. This green space sits in front of a replica of the famous stupa of Borobudur on Java. Below this stupa are more dorms, the cafeteria and a jungle ravine area lined with small meditation huts and mosquito netting.

A practitioner can sit for hours cocooned in the netting and commune with the life of the forest. Brahma Vihara Arama, built in 1970 is the only Buddhist monastery on Bali. It remains open during the day and early evening for visitors during the retreat. At one point in the afternoon I found it challenging to find a quiet place to meditate what with the snapping of cameras, the crying of babies and the enthusiastic talking of tourists. As guided by the practice of Vipassana I remained with this disturbance until the insightful dawn of understanding: “Ahha! I am looking outside of myself for a quiet place. The tranquility I seek is inside of me!” That insight enabled me to understand that even in the midst of crying children I can cultivate equanimity. Mealtimes proved to be the most practical application of mindful meditation. “I just ate the slowest meal of my life…and it was amazing.” One man confessed during a group interview. Sayadaw guides a mealtime meditator to observe what is happening while eating: “Greediness tends to come in as soon as a meal begins. Observe the mind first. What state of mind are you eating with? How is the mind feeling? Is it relaxed? Is it intent on eating?” We all agreed that at meals we are given the most obvious experience of the craving mind that yells: “I want more, I want more!” when our bellies are full. Our first impulse is simply to make this gnawing voice go away. “You can get to know this talking mind,” Sayadaw informs us. “Without trying to stop the talking or thinking, you can see the mind’s internal dialogue from morning until night. You are trying to understand the mind as it is You are observing to understand, not to make anything disappear.” The last morning of the retreat we gathered in the replica of the Borobudur stupa for our final group mediation. Later we had a closing ceremony and a few participants shared their experiences of the retreat. Many of us found ourselves sitting with sadness and the teaching of the non-permanent nature of life. Dr. Hupudio left us with something to contemplate upon our departure: “Being in the present moment continuously, in which the me/self and thoughts cease altogether, is the door which opens up towards freedom, according to the Buddha in the Mulapariyaya-sutta. When Buddha met the vicious killer Angulimala on the road the Buddha said to him: “I have stopped a long time ago. It is you who still keep running. Stop!” Before Vipassana: Running away from disturbances. After Vipassana: Sitting with them with awareness, inquiring with curiosity and wonder to gain understanding of their true nature. Besides other visiting teachers from around the world teaching their respective techniques of Vipassana meditation, Meditasi Mengenal Diri (MMD or “Awareness of the Self Meditation”) is taught in a weeklong retreats three times throughout the year: in March, July and November. Participants stay in a shared simple room and are given vegetarian meals. The retreat is offered on a donation basis. On the last morning of the retreat participants anonymously place their offering in a plain white envelope then deposit the envelope into a cardboard box. When retreats are not in session, individuals and groups are invited to stay at the monastery. To contact the monastery and for a schedule of future retreats: Sayaday U Tejaniya’s website: To find out more about Meditasi Mengenal Diri: http://www. Contact the writer at:

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Delicious International Dishes (Indonesian Language Version available at Visiting from Paris, Chantal searched Ubud for a better carrot cake than this one. At the end of her stay she pronounced it the best in town. Alan ate three pieces in one sitting. Even those who dislike carrot cake have a hard time not waxing poetic about this piece of heaven.

Four Bowl Carrot Cake with Nuts and Spices

Serves 8

Directions: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Butter a 22 cm. round spring form pan and set aside. Sift the flour, baking powder, baking soda, ground cinnamon, cloves and cardamom into a large bowl. With a fork or whisk beat one egg and one egg yolk together in a small bowl. In a third bowl put the three egg whites and a pinch of salt and beat until stiff peaks form. (You will end up with two left over yolks that you can use in another recipe.)

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In a fourth bowl combine the sugar and oil. Beat with an electric mixer and then on a low speed slowly add the beaten eggs from the small bowl and beat well. Add the grated carrots and nuts and mix on low speed. Add the flour mixture being careful not to over mix. Now with a spatula fold in the beaten egg whites being careful not to over mix. If there are streaks of white it’s all right.

Ingredients: - 13/4 cups white flour - 1/2 tsp. baking powder - 1/2 tsp. baking soda - 1 tsp. ground cinnamon - 1/4 tsp. ground cloves - 1/2 tsp. ground cardamom - 4 large eggs, three of them separated - 270 gr. castor sugar - 1 cup canola or rice bran oil - 1 carrot (about 130 gr.), coarsely grated - 1/2 cup chopped walnuts - 2 Tbl. lightly toasted pistachio nuts, skinned and chopped - 2 Tbl. lightly toasted almonds, skinned and chopped - pinch of salt

Put this batter into the buttered spring form pan and bake at 350 degrees for one hour or until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean. Allow to cool completely before running a knife around the edges and taking off the spring form ring. Carefully remove the bottom and put the cake on a serving plate. Directions for the Frosting: In a small bowl beat the cream cheese with an electric mixer until it’s soft and fluffy. In a medium sized bowl beat the softened butter, icing sugar, and honey. Add the beaten cream cheese and mix with a spoon. Frost the sides and top of the cake with the cream cheese mixture and sprinkle the top with the toasted walnuts. You can make the frosted cake a day ahead of time as it keeps well. Velbekomme! (That’s Danish for ‘bon appetite’.)

Ingredients for Frosting: - 200 gr. cream cheese, at room temperature - 70 gr. butter, at room temperature - 1/4 cup gr. icing sugar - 1 Tbl. honey - 1/3 cup lightly toasted walnuts, chopped

All recipes are available on the Bali Advertiser website in both English and Indonesian versions. You can easily copy and paste and print. Paste as unformatted text. Copyright © 2011 Ayu Spicy You can read all past articles of Food Glorious Food at C/Ns/I-05 Oct. 11

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Beautiful Boy One day a depressed student goes to his college and he commits a mass shooting, before taking his own life. His parents, of course, are devastated, however, the mass-media, for their own voyeuristic needs, decides to depict the parents as the cause of their son’s alienation. The parents are hounded by the media, and, after continually seeing themselves presented as examples of ‘bad’ parenting, they start to wonder if they were actually at fault. This is to bring incredible and entirely unnecessary pressures into their marriage, which inevitably starts to crumble. Director Shawn Ku tackles a currently topical and controversial subject, with intelligence and sensitivity. Michael Sheen and Maria Bello also bring much clarity and truth to their tough roles. Jumping the Broom Back in the 1960s this movie would probably have been made by somebody like director Douglas Sirk, and it would have starred someone like Lana Turner, for, ‘Jumping the Broom’ is a contemporary version of an opulent and stylized classical melodrama. At the wedding rehearsal of an ‘Uptown’ girl and a ‘Downtown’ boy the families meet for the first time, and it doesn’t take too long for all the problems of social inequality to come to the surface. However, the clever twist to this movie is that director Salim Akil employs a completely Black-American cast, which goes to show that class distinctions have no racial boundaries in present-day America. Angela Bassett makes a terrific snobby mother-of-the-bride, while, the wonderful Loretta Devine is not to be out done either as the grumpy postal-worker mother-of-the-groom. Larry Crowne Tom Hanks directs and stars in this light-hearted ‘educational’ comedy. When he is fired from his job because he doesn’t hold a college degree, Tom decides to enroll in a local community college, and he undergoes a course in Public Speaking. All right, Tom Hanks is not the most brilliant of directors, but, with this movie, he is able to capture very nicely all the tribulations of being a mature-age student. Also, he presents an engaging characterization of an ‘under-dog’, determined to improve himself and his possibilities. Julia Roberts co-stars as Tom’s love interest, and, as a jaded teacher who finds her faith in education being restored through Tom’s dedication and enthusiasm. Monte Carlo A teenage girl, and a couple of her best friends, having just graduated from high school, all go to Paris for a summer vacation before starting college. There, the American girl is mistaken for a famous European celebrity, and, everybody is whisked off to Monte Carlo to enjoy the Mediterranean high-life at somebody else’s expense. Okay, this is a silly comedy, but, in a weird way, I kinda liked it! I have always been a sucker for an actress playing ‘good’ and ‘bad’ twin roles. Television’s ‘The Patty Duke Show’ (1963-1965) readily comes to mind. Anyway, the movie stars Selena Gomez, who, as we all know, is Justin Bieber’s current new ‘girlfriend’. So, really, only star-struck, dewy-eyed, romantic young girls should actually enjoy the film. Mr. Popper’s Penguins A long missing explorer sends a mysterious crate from Antarctica to his son, Mr. Popper, a high-powered New York real estate agent. Inside the crate is a rare penguin. However, through a clerical error, five more penguins are also to arrive, and they all take up residence in Mr. Popper’s luxurious New York apartment, causing much chaos. Mr. Popper is separated from his family, and, with the penguins’ arrival, he sees them as an enticement to bring his wife and children back to him. This ‘feel-good’ family movie stars Jim Carrey, and he is reasonable enough, I guess, until the last ten minutes, when he reverts to his same old maniacal mannerisms. The movie also stars Angela Lansbury, and this is quite a treat for movie buffs of

Diary by Mr. Robet

the Golden Years of Hollywood. Miss Lansbury was born in England in 1925. She made her first American movie in 1944, and she hasn’t stopped filming ever since. Green Lantern Hollywood’s latest ‘heart-throb’, Ryan Reynolds, stars in this stupid sci-fi action movie. Ryan attempts to portray a reckless test pilot, who is chosen to join an intergalactic peace-keeping force, which is trying to stop an evil monster from destroying Earth, and wiping out all who live on it. Millions of dollars have been spent on this movie, but, somehow, it still manages to look cheap. Maybe, that is intentional, as the movie is yet again another one of those cinema adaptations of a DC comic book. The story races along, yet, there are a lot of odd continuity lapses, which makes you feel that a lot of the film has ended up on the editing room floor, to bring the show in at a more commercially viable one hundred minutes. Ryan flexes his muscles well, but, he lacks the power and presence to become a convincing ‘super-hero’. Page Eight English director David Hare makes a sleek espionage movie, though, it seems to be more about style than substance. Bill Nighy plays a British MI5 intelligence analyst, and, when he comes across some incriminating ‘chatter’ on page eight of a Top Secret file, he is put in the awkward position of either betraying his Prime Minister, or his country. The movie is rather convoluted, and it takes an awfully long time to resolve itself. There is also an awful lot of dialogue, which doesn’t really deliver anything of any great importance.

C/BT/G - 4 May 11

PMA Company Incorporation From Indonesia’s most experienced PMA company establishment firm.

Also, Accountancy & Taxation Services, Personal and Corporate. See our website for full details, including costs Istana Kuta Galeria Block Techno No. 2 Jl. Patih Jelantik, Kuta - Badung Bali 80361 Tel. (0361) 769 144

Jakarta – Bali – Batam C/BT/G-5 Oct. 11

Mr. Robet’s Best Buys Beautiful Boy At a college a student commits a mass shooting before taking his own life. Pirates of the Caribbean, 4. On Stranger Tides Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz set sail in search of the Fountain of Youth. Everything Must Go A relapsed alcoholic salesman looses his job and his wife on the same day. Jumping the Broom During a wedding rehearsal issues of class distinction come to the surface. Bad Teacher A maturing woman is only teaching until she can find a man to support her. Bridesmaids All the bridesmaid rituals, preceding a pretentious wedding, are investigated. Horrible Bosses Three men have really horrible bosses, and they fantasize about killing them. Larry Crowne A mature-aged man enrolls in college and takes a course in Public Speaking. Monte Carlo An American girl, holidaying in Paris, is mistaken for a European celebrity. Mr. Popper’s Penguins Six penguins create chaos in Mr. Popper’s luxurious New York apartment.

C/BT/I-05 Oct. 11

E-mail: Copyright © 2011 Mr. Robet You can read all past articles of DVD Diary at C/BT/G-12 Jan. 11

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Moving Sale; Bamboo-sofa (193 cm long) + 3 chairs, all with cushions + coffee table, dark brown - can email photos if you want. Rinnai - 2 stove with 1 grill. Mosquitonet, blue colour, fitting bedsizes until king size. 081 834 8439. Seminyak. [020] C/BT/I-23 March 11

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For Sale; For baby: Muslin squares, pure 100% cotton, as new. 28 pieces different sizes (50-70cm x 35-65cm). Pregnant? You’ll use lots of these, as burp-cloths/ blankets/changing-mats/ nappies/bibs. From Europe, cotton-muslin not sold in Bali. Rp. 15-25,000 each / 400,000 all. Photos/info 0815 5872 5972 / <ihelland@>.Sanur. [021]

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Bali Main Office: Vayatour Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai 143, Sanur 80228, Bali T: (0361) 28 55 55 (Hunting) F: (0361) 28 11 44

Denpasar: Vayatour Travel Shop Jl. Gatot Subroto Tengah No. 279 Blok A/6 Denpasar 80231, Bali T: (0361) 418 324 (Hunting) F: (0361) 422 206 C/BT/G-23 Feb. 11

The fellow that agrees with everything you say is either a fool or he is getting ready to skin you. C/BT/I-21 Sept 11



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HEARING AIDS CENTER SALES & SERVICES ✓ Digital hearing aids ✓ Custom hearing aids ✓ Supplies ✓ Earplug

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SUNSET PILATES STUDIO Pilates can benefit individuals wishing to: • Lengthen and strengthen muscles • Improve posture and mobility • Tone and centre the body • Align and centre the body through core stability • Help prevent Osteoporosis and Tendonitis • Aid injury rehabilitation • Improve focus and breath control

Jl. Dewi Sri No.98 Legian Kelod (Off Sunset Road) Telephone 0361 - 7914127 Bali’s first fully equipped Pilates Studio C/HE/I-29 June 11

C/He/G-5 Oct. 11

C/He/G-5 Oct. 11

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C/He/I-03 Nov 10

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FOREVER YOUNG The Anti Aging clinic at the BIMC Hospital provides a number of excellent cosmetic treatments all of which, are carried out within an international medical standard facility by either our Plastic Surgeon, our Dermatologist or our Cosmetic Doctor. APTOS STITCH LIFT a non-surgical mini face lift that will last for 5 to 7 years BLEPHAROPLASTY minor eyelid surgery for the rejuvenation of the area surrounding the eyes BOTOX is a simple procedure which will improve the look of lines and wrinkles and is also widely used for the treatment of migraines and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) DERMAL FILLERS Aquamid, Esthelis, Restylane and Teosyal are used to plump up lips and cheeks and smooth out deep facial lines FRUIT ACID PEEL rejuvenates the skin which improves pigmentation and fine lines hGH - Human Growth Hormone, critical for energy, vitality, increased muscle mass and weight loss MESOTHERAPY for areas of stubborn fat such as upper thighs, buttocks and abdomen SCLEROTHERAPY treatment for spider veins SUNSPOT REMOVAL is a 15 minute treatment using liquid nitrogen For further information, or to book your free consultation please contact Robyn our Australian Consultant on 08133 866 8755 or email

Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 100X Kuta 80361, Bali, Indonesia T. +62 361 761 263

C/He/G-21 Sept. 11

C/He/G-1 June 11

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Anti Aging News


Stay Young and Healthy with The Latest Advances in Anti Aging Medicine

Stem Cells Cure Diabetes

Shashi Tarot Card Reading Crystal Healing Reiki Therapy JI Werkudara 520, Legian Kaja, Kuta Hp: 081 811 9634 email: C/He/I-12 Jan 11

Diabetes is becoming an increasingly common problem in our population and it seems to be striking people at a much younger age nowadays. The problem with diabetes is that it’s a silent killer: it usually develops gradually and the symptoms and signs are not often very obvious until the condition has become quite serious. In many cases once it does become obvious there has already been considerable organ damage. However diabetes can be prevented and treated effectively using natural and safe therapies, as this article will examine. Diabetes Statistics According to the National Institute of Health data from 2010, an estimated 25.6 million people aged 20 years or older have diabetes in the USA, which represents 11.3% of the population. Diabetes was the seventh leading cause of death based on U.S. death certificates in 2007. This ranking is based on the 71,382 death certificates in 2007 in which diabetes was the underlying cause of death. Diabetes was a contributing cause of death in an additional 160,022 death certificates for a total of 231,404 certificates in 2007 in which diabetes appeared as any-listed cause of death. Another disturbing statistic is that the risk for death among people with diabetes is about twice that of people of similar age but without diabetes. It seems that having diabetes will, if not treated, lead to a much unhealthier and shorter life. Complications of Diabetes • • • •

• •

• • • •

• •

Heart disease is the most common cause of death in diabetics (68%) followed by stroke (16%). Adults with diabetes have heart disease death rates 2 to 4 times higher than adults without diabetes. The risk for stroke is 2 to 4 times higher among people with diabetes. 67% of adults ages 20 years or older with self-reported diabetes had blood pressure greater than or equal to 140/90 or used prescription medications for hypertension. Diabetes is the leading cause of new cases of blindness among adults aged 20–74 years. 28.5% (4.2 million) of people with diabetes ages 40 years or older had diabetic retinopathy, and of these 4.4% had advanced diabetic retinopathy that could lead to severe vision loss. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, accounting for 44% of all new cases of kidney failure. In 2008, 48,374 people with diabetes began treatment for end-stage kidney disease. In 2008, a total of 202,290 people with end-stage kidney disease due to diabetes were living on chronic dialysis or with a kidney transplant. About 60 to 70% of people with diabetes have mild to severe forms of nervous system damage. The results of such damage include impaired sensation or pain in the feet or hands, slowed digestion of food in the stomach, carpal tunnel syndrome, erectile dysfunction, or other nerve problems. Almost 30% of people with diabetes aged 40 years or older have impaired sensation in the feet, with for example, at least one area that lacks feeling. In 2006, about 65,700 lower-limb amputations were performed in people with diabetes. Diabetes Cure – Stem Cells

As you can see from the above list of complications this is not a disease that you want to have, and if you have it, you should do as much as possible to eliminate it from your system. Notice I didn’t say that you should “treat” it with drugs. The reason being is that drugs have not been found effective at actually removing the complications of diabetes or at reducing the deaths associated with diabetes. Actually just the opposite is true as shown by the 2008 Accord Study. In this study the risks for heart attack, stroke, and death in 10,000 diabetic patients were closely examined. The results were quite surprising. Those who reduced their blood sugar levels the most using drugs (to 6.0% A1C or lower) had a higher risk of death compared to patients who did nothing and allowed their blood to rise between 7.0 and 7.9%. As blood sugar levels dropped, more patients were having heart attacks or dying! In fact, the study had to be canceled

to protect the remaining participants. So if drugs don’t really help to reverse diabetes and its dreaded complications, then what else will work? In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) a group of diabetics given stem cell injections were able to stop their insulin injections for the first time after their bodies started producing the hormone naturally again. The study, by a joint team of Brazilian and American scientists, found that one of the first patients to undergo the procedure had not required insulin injections for three years. The authors led by Julio Voltarelli, from the University of São Paulo in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil wrote: “Very encouraging results were obtained in a small number of patients with early-onset disease. Ninety-three per cent of patients achieved different periods of insulin independence and treatment-related toxicity was low, with no mortality.” In an accompanying editorial in JAMA, Dr Jay Skyler, of the Diabetes Research Institute at the University of Miami, wrote: “Research in this field is likely to explode in the next few years and should include randomised controlled trials, as well as mechanistic studies.”

ASIALIFE INTERNATIONAL HEALTH PLANS Monthly, quarterly, or annual payment systems


General Insurance Houses, Villas, Hotels Factories, Shops Cars, Liability PT. ASIALIFE INVEST A5, Kuta Poleng Mall, Kuta, Bali 80361 Contact MikeTel: (0361) 764 488 Fax: (0361) 764 728 Email: Website: C/He/I-15 June 11

This is very promising news, and gives hope to not only diabetics but also to those suffering from any disease. Stem cell therapy is the future of medicine and is here now. I believe that stem cell therapy when combined with other natural and holistic therapies like detoxification, ozone and oxygen therapies, natural hormone balancing(including HGH, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, and natural thyroid), vitamin and antioxidant infusions, and nutritional therapy, has the potential to unlock the healing code and to reverse most of our current degenerative diseases. If you have any questions regarding this article you can email me at

Stop & Reverse Aging Now!

Stem Cell Injections Here in Bali Using Swiss Produced Stem Cells, You can Now take advantage of the Amazing Regenerative Power of Stem CELL Therapy at…

NeoGen Anti Aging Clinic on Jln. Sunset

C/He/05 Oct. 11

The Leaders in Anti-Aging, Whole Body Detoxification, Hair Mineral & Toxicity Analysis, Natural Hormone Balancing, HGH and Testosterone Therapy, High Concentration Whole Body Ozone Therapy and NOW Stem CELL Therapy.

The Neogen Stem Cell Program is only open to a limited number of people! If You Want to Stay Young & Reverse Disease & Old Age, then Stem CELLS Are the Ultimate Treatment! We Combine this with our Medical Whole Body Detoxification & Anti Aging Programs for Even Better Results! Contact Us Now to Find out More! Ph : 0361 767613 Email :

Please note that the contents of this article are the opinions of the author and should in no way be taken as medical advice. If you have any specific medical concerns please consult your doctor for an assessment. Dr Theodore is an Australian Medical Doctor now living in Asia – based in Singapore. His Major Specialties are; Anti Aging Medicine, Whole Body Detoxification, Stem Cell Therapy Natural Health and Healing, Male Enhancement, Whole Body Ozone Therapy, Fat Loss and Body Re-Sculpting, Exercise With Oxygen Therapy, Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy and Nutritional Counseling. He is the Founder of the Asian Society of Anti Aging Medicine (ASOAAM), and is a Member of the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine and the World Anti Aging Academy of Medicine. He is a Lecturer and Trainer in Anti Aging Medicine, Whole Body Ozone Therapy, Whole Body Detoxification, Natural Health and Healing.

Copyright © 2011 Dr. Theodore

You can read all past articles of Anti Aging News at C/He/I-13 July 11

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For Sale; CPU computer pentium 4 2,4 Ghz, 512 RAM, motherboard Asus p4vpmx, hard disk 120 GB, only 650.000. And flashdisk 4 gb for 50.000. Hub. 0857 3867 4447. Denpasar. [110]

Chiropractor Michael Epstein D.C. ♦ 27 Years Experience ♦ USA Trained and Registered Bali Chiropractic Kuta Central Park (Near Ace Hardware)

Tel: (0361) 769004

C/He/I-07 Sept 11

Le Salon de coiffure

Hair | Treatment | Nails | Make Up | Waxing International & Traditional Wedding

Jl. Uluwatu II Jimbaran Arcade #2, Jimbaran - Bali (Next to Circle K, near Mc Donald)

Ph. 0361 8472103

For Sale; (DJ’s & producers) NI machine like new condition Rp. 6.000.000. AKAI MPD26 Midi Controller Rp. 1.250.000, Akai LPD8 Rp. 500.000. SMS 0819 3603 6466, Ubud. [111] For Sale; Stainless cooker hood Rp. 800.000, Electrolux washing machine Rp. 750.000. Electric knife Rp. 300.000. Electric plastic bag sealing machine Rp. 600.000. Wetsuit shorty (extra small) Rp. 300.000. ONO. Photos available. Wolf 085 2317 4139. Jimbaran. [112] For Sale; Manual sewing machines. 1 type of sew. Great for beginner. Be creative! Try to make your own pillow case, skirt or top. 3 available. Take whole for cheaper price. 0857 3802 0048. Denpasar. [101]

C/He/G-9 March 11

Klinik PENTA Medica

For Sale; Plants: mango, rambutans, guava, papaya, red Aussie grape, orange, lime, chilli, aloevera etc. The plants are about 40-1,5 cm tall. Price range 15k-150k. Contact 0857 3802 0048. Denpasar. [102] For Sale; Zodia, the best mosquitoes repellent plants. Originally from Papua, able to grow with lots of sun or in shade. Stop chemical stuffs on your skin or around your house. 0857 3802 0048. Denpasar. [103] Closing Sale; Chicken toaster & water heater. Contact 0818 0536 6661 / 0813 5854 3750 / 730 098. Kuta. [035]

24 Hours Medical Assistance

GP consultation & home visit/out call Professional emergency room service Air charter & commercial medical evacuation Dental clinic service Home care & nursing care First aid training Ambulance transfer & standby event service By joining PENTA Medicare Club (PMC), will get discounts at several medical providers in Denpasar Only IDR 135,000/year PMC Family Member IDR 486,000/year Klinik PENTA Medica

Jl. Teuku Umar Barat - Marlboro No 88, Denpasar - Bali Telp. 0361 490709 / 7446144, Fax 0361 - 490708, e-mail:

Klinik Penta Medica Candidasa

Jl. Raya Manggis No 88, Desa Manggis, Karangasem Telp. +62363 - 41909, Fax +62363 - 41002 E-mail: C/He/G-18 May 11

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

We specialize in the following treatments: Botox Fillers – Teosyal, Esthelis, Restylane & Aquamid Mesotherapy – Fat & Cellulite Reduction IPL Skin Rejuvenation IPL Hair Removal Microdermabrasion Radio Frequency – non invasive skin tightening Laser Mole Removal Liquid Nitrogen – pre skin cancer treatment Human Growth Hormone – HGH program Fruit Acid Peeling Energy Boosters High quality skin products Vitamins and supplements Pertokoan Kuta Plaza 18, Blok B-4 Jalan Dewi Sri Kuta, Bali 80361

Hair & Beauty Hair Extention Waxing Manicure Pedicure Nail Acrilic & Gel


Call our Australian consultant for information: 0813 38 23 1165 Or call our clinic direct: 0361 76 0084, 0812 2 36 3 33 2000 200 00 Email: info@rejuvie ec om www.rejuvieclin nic

Radio Frequency Non-invasive skin tightening For the month of September we are offering 20% discount on Radio Frequency Treatments. RF is a non-invasive skin tightening treatment. By heating up the deep layers of your skin, using advanced radio wave technology, causes the collagen in your skin to contract and tighten and leaving you with a healthier and younger looking skin. No anesthetic is required and you can continue your daily activities directly after the treatment.

Skin & health care At Rejuvie Clinic we know that looking good and feeling young does not just come from beauty treatments alone. This is why we can offer a large range of high quality skin care products and some of the best supplements in the world. Please ask in our clinic what we can offer for your daily skin care and general health. C/He/G-7 Sept. 11

NiaEn W e Keratin

Brazil nation Rejuve Facial y Debuss / infrared) d n u o s (Ultra 2nd Floor Jl. Kunti No 9 Seminyak - Bali Tel: +62 361 738 025 | +62 361 744 7660 Web : C/He/G-29 June 11

C/He/I-15 Dec 10

C/He/I-27 July 11


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By Kim A. Patra SRN/RM. C/He/P-27 July 11

Man Made Machines that are Stealing Our Children waiting area, where they can witness first hand the carnage and feel the grief of the relatives as mothers wail and fathers collapse into desperate piles of grief when their sons or daughters disappear through the double green doors and onto the corpse trolley. Then perhaps a voluntary shift on the rehab ward were dozens of young brain injured people lie emaciated, being painstakingly fed mush through tubes and baby spoons, and having their giant diapers changed by parents and relatives that cling to threads of hope that one day their loved one will become the person they once were again. Most, however, do not.

In the past few weeks’ expatriates on the Island have fare-welled two more young people, lost to motorbike accidents. They are not the first and sadly they will definitely not be the last. This is a tragic and senseless loss of life. Humans by nature seem to have a built in self preservation mechanism that makes us believe that “it (accidental death) will not happen to me”. This is what allows us to get out of bed in the morning, drive our cars, bikes and travel on airplanes and even walk up the street without a constant fear of death. But why does this confidence over-ride reason? We know that we should wear seat belts in cars, we know that helmets will save our skulls, we know driving drunk is risky business and yet we still perform this acts of daring with the firm belief that it “won’t happen to me”. I am saddened when I see the multitudes of local people that ride the roads with no helmets and seemingly no sense of road safety. At least they have the excuse of not being able to afford a helmet or not being educated to the dangers of not wearing one….but those of us that have the financial ability and the knowledge of the danger of not wearing a helmet? Come on! I can’t help but feel anything but anger when I see this on the roads, anger that verges on fury when I see adults commuting with children on motorbikes, who make the conscious decision to protect them selves with helmets and goggles and allow their children to ride totally void of any protection at all. Are children that easy to come by and is their life not equally if not more precious than your own?? What am I missing here? Then there is the excuse of “I am not going very far” and “ the road I will be using is very quiet.” Fact is you can be seriously injured while you are stationary on a motorbike, and the cause of the accident is not necessarily a result of your actions. The World Health Organization has released figures that show motor vehicle accidents are the world’s biggest killer. In this group most of those killed are young men, the vehicles most frequently involved are motorbikes, and the region with the highest statistics is South East Asia…in other words we are living right in then middle of an epidemic zone. Over one million people are killed each year in road accidents, most are between the age of 10 and 25 years. Nearly 400,000 young people under 25 are killed in traffic accidents every year and millions more are injured or disabled. So it’s our young and naturally fearless ones that are on the front line of this epidemic. No one seems to be immune to this, and it’s the young folk that have a double dose of the “it won’t happen to me” factor. My own children have been out there on bikes, without helmets and taking not the slightest bit of notice of me. Why should they? I am a parent (and therefore not cool!) and nature dictates that at a certain age a rebellious monster will raise its head and gnaw at the apron strings that bind them. They have been lucky so far, and I pray that lady-luck will be beside them until maturity settles their restless curiosity, and keeps them in a marginally safer zone. (Some people though it seems, never grow up!) I know that many schools are including road safety in their curriculums, and I applaud it, however I do feel that we really need to bring home the shocking truth to our kids in a very blunt fashion. Perhaps all youngsters should spend one Saturday night in the Sanglah emergency room

C/He/I-15 Dec 10

The WHO has put forward some suggestions to decrease road toll figures, but how effective could they be in a country like Indonesia? • Lowering blood alcohol limits – but we don’t have any testing equipment at all here do we? • Instant narcotic assessments – No I don’t think we have those either. • Graduated drivers license program – It took me 3 days in a queue to replace a stolen drivers license last month (..and I paid extra!). A graduated license program? HHmmm. • Raising and enforcing the age for driving licenses – Yep, I’m all for that. 10 years is way too young, and there are a lot of 10 year olds in my street on motor bikes. • Lowering speed limits – What speed limits? • Road improvements – Well we’re getting there slowly. How about starting with the traffic lights at Simpang Siur Roundabout? When you approach from Sunset you can see both red and green lights at the same time! • Safe playing areas for children away from major roads – Yeah right. There’s no money in that! Let’s just put up another ruko or café instead. • Enforcing restraints (seat belts) and helmets – Seems to me the helmet law seems to have become a little relaxed lately. Especially if you ride a Ducati and the police would never catch you anyway. We are a long way off being a road safety conscious country. In this, and many other areas, it is up to the individual to take responsibility for them selves. No we don’t have breath testing here, so does that give you the right to get on a bike or car and drive off blind drunk? There is a reason why (in developed countries) these rules are put in place, and yes, driving under the influence of alcohol / drugs is the major cause of road deaths. I would also like to say something about helmets and head rests. A helmet is not just a fashion accessory. They need to be of some reasonable standard to afford any protection at all. And what about head rests in cars, we don’t REALLY need those do we? I mean they are so un-cool! But imagine this – young girl driving an old car with no headrest, stopped at a red light. Car behind her does not stop in time and hits her from the back doing about 40 km / hour. Her head is thrust back, and then forwards with such force that her spine is snapped at the neck. It’s something you don’t forget when you’ve seen it. I saw it. She was 17 years old. And how about this! Has anyone driven down the bypass just North of Sanur on a Saturday night? There are hundreds of bikes lining the road waiting for there chance at 2 wheel version of a “fast & furious” challenge. They completely ignore any other traffic as they scream along at unbelievable speeds. And the police? Where are they?

C/He/I-27 July 11

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Kim Patra is a qualified registered nurse and midwife who has been living and working in Bali for almost 20 years. She now runs her own private practice and medical referral service from her Kuta office. Kim is happy to discuss any health concerns with you and she may be contacted via e-mail at info@ or Office number : 0361-2775666.

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05 October - 19 October, 2011

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05 October - 19 October, 2011

the art of body You might have a Wheat intolerance (and not even know it!) Why is wheat causing so many health problems for so many people? Whole wheat has traditionally been considered a high fiber and highly nutritious food. It is the most widely consumed cereal in the Western world today. More than a billion people use it as a staple in their diet and wheat production has almost doubled since the turn of the century. In Western society it forms part of our most common foods including bread, breakfast cereals, pasta, pastries, biscuits, cakes and crackers. This makes excluding wheat from our diet particularly difficult. The reason wheat is popular in todays’ culture is because it is easy to grow and produces an abundant harvest. It has a long shelf life and is a very adaptable food. The wholegrain can be made into many different types of flour, bran and wheatgerm, which, in turn, can be made into many different types of foods. Wheat also has some nutritional advantages being wholesome and rich in fiber. If you have tried to give up wheat you will notice that no other grain will make the same light textured bread or pastry. Wheat alternatives to bread and pastries always tend to be heavier. The secret ingredient in wheat that makes it such a wonder food is gluten. Gluten is a protein which has a similar consistency to rubber. It enables wheat dough to rise and bind. Gluten is, however, also the reason why wheat becomes such a problem for so many people.

C/He/I/07 Sept. 11

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True wheat allergy is extremely rare and potentially life threatening. Other adverse reactions to wheat seem to be increasingly common. These tend to be the result of a wheat intolerance. An intolerance to wheat will not trigger a life-threatening immunological response but may cause a wide variety of symptoms. The affects may be immediate or delayed and may be the result of a single ingestion of wheat or an accumulative ingestion over a number of days.

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Symptoms of wheat allergy or wheat intolerance could include: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Arthritis Headaches Bloated stomach (some call it a wheat baby) Depression or mood swings Diarrhea Eczema Feeling dizzy or faint Joint and muscle aches Skin rashes Sneezing Suspected irritable bowel syndrome Unexplained tiredness and lethargy Unexplained coughing Unexplained runny nose General low energy

So why does wheat cause these adverse reactions in some people? Wheat was first grown in the Middle East over ten thousand years ago but the wholesome wheat products of ten thousand years ago differ greatly from refined white flour today. With the rise of the industrial age, processing of flour increased so that generally today only 70% of the grain is used. However, while whole wheat is far better than refined wheat, wheat is still far from an ideal food. It is a poor source of protein and is not easily tolerated. Bran provides fiber but there are far better sources of fiber and a study of irritable bowel syndrome found 39% of patients improved after eliminating wheat. It is the wheat protein called gluten, which is the main source of the problems people experience with wheat. Wheat is very high in gluten which, when wet, is a sticky glue-like substance. Because gluten is so sticky it is difficult to digest and can cause all sorts of problems in our digestive tract. It forms a sticky mass, which lines the stomach wall and hinders absorption in and out of the stomach. It encourages the growth of unfriendly bacteria which, in turn, create toxic substances and gas. If your digestive system is in peak condition it should be able to digest the gluten but many people’s digestive systems are far from peak condition. In addition, the body may, due to genetic inheritance or poor diet while infants, have a gluten intolerance. The number of people identifying a link between a wide range of adverse symptoms and wheat is large and increasing. There seems little doubt that introducing alternative grains into most people’s diet would benefit their health. If you suspect you might have a wheat intolerance, try to seek alternatives from wheat for a week or more. If eliminating wheat from your diet gets rid of your symptoms, continue avoiding: • • • • • • • • •

Breads, pastries, cakes, cookies, crackers, doughnuts, pies, pretzels, and all other baked goods. The vast majority are made from wheat flour; look for alternatives by allergy-safe manufacturers Breakfast cereals, both hot and cold Pasta, including gnocchi, spaetzle, chow mein and filled pastas. Rice noodles, pure buckwheat soba noodles, and pastas from allergy-friendly manufacturers are good alternatives for home cooking Snack foods, especially if seasoned or highly processed Soups, gravies, and thickened sauces Breaded meats or vegetables, such as fried chicken or okra Dumplings, meatballs, lunch meats, meat loaves, and similar foods (often held together with breadcrumbs or flour) Beer Salad dressings, Worcestershire sauce, and other condiments.

If you want to get in shape call: 08123 89 0999. E-mail: Website: You can read all past articles of The Art of Body at Copyright © 2011 Natalie Kashani

C/He/G-4 May 11

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05 October - 19 October, 2011

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By Captain Su

Lovina Lovina Gotta Love Lovina The Bali stopover for yachts participating in Sail Indonesia 2011 (the Darwin to Singapore yachting rally) was at lovely Lovina, 10km west of Singaraja, in Buleleng, North Bali. Over 75 yachts were safely anchored in the tranquil waters of the Bali Sea in an ideal setting of light winds, calm oceans and a mountain backdrop to inspire. Chief of Buleleng Regency Tourism Office, Drs. Putu Tastra Wijaya MM. said that, “We are happy that the yachts have come to Lovina and hope they and their family and friends come back to North Bali and enjoy our spectacular nature and beautiful scenery.” He also said that supporting Sail Indonesia 2011 is an investment in the future and hopes that it encourages more visitors to the region giving it a much needed economic boost and help create employment for young people. The local authorities really turned on the hospitality for the visiting yachties with welcome ceremonies, local tours, cooking classes, handicraft exhibitions and cultural displays. Warm Farewell At Binaria Beach, Lovina on 22 September over 100 yachties were given a warm and beautiful send off by the people of Lovina. Starting with an orchestra of traditional Balinese music, followed by some exquisite Balinese dancing that saw yachties and locals join together in a special atmosphere timed perfectly by being held as the sun went down. Speeches were given and one by Drs.Bagiada MM., Regent of Buleleng Regency, was very gracious in giving a sincere and safe farewell to yachties in English. Then it was off to the Sea Breezes Restaurant right on the beach for the Farewell Gala Dinner with food, music, dancing and conversation. Some of the yachties got up and sang along with the local band. Especially popular was a heartfelt version of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” that went down very well. The band was fine on its own with a mix of music from the west and local Lovina music. They did a really good version of “Let It Be Me” by the Everley Brothers. Yes, in Lovina listening to a live cover version of an Everley Brothers song played by a good local band under the stars, warm night and a light breeze. Only in Lovina. I had to pinch myself. It doesn’t get any better than this. “Best evening yet”, I heard over the frangipanis. After the fun was over some of the crew s taggered back to Cleopatra Beach Bungalows typical of many beach side villas in Lovina. Beautifully kept gardens, friendly staff and views of night time of lights on the ocean and mountains. Not so much traffic too and not the obstacle course footpaths like those in Kuta. Sail on Sailor

The consensus amongst yachties at the Farewell Dinner was that Lovina is a great place. The women skippers and crew members were especially delighted with the shopping. It was one of the first chances since leaving Darwin to go bargain hunting. Clothes were very popular, as were the cooking classes and of course stocking up on the fresh fruit and vegetables galore from the Singaraja Market. One English couple were hanging out for some French cheese. Skipper Peter Benziger from sv Peregrina said that after being at sea for a

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05 October - 19 October, 2011

few months it was great to go into the hills around Lovina and see the volcanoes, lush green rice padis and wholesome food being grown and sold. He was also impressed with the respect that the people still have for ancestors, temples, traditional song and dance and the enthusiasm by all to keep the traditions alive. Everywhere they went they got the call. “Hello Mister” and made to feel very welcome. He promised that all yachties had taken many photos of Lovina and would post them on the personal blogs, facebook etc to show what a wonderful place Lovina is. The Sailing so Far

Drew and Hilary from sv Starfire, a self built catamaran said, “The weather has been superb and ideal and every day was the same.” He said that sv Starfire being a lighter yacht had no trouble with the lighter winds than those found in more temperate regions. Sticking close to the coast he sailed through the normal land and sea breeze wind pattern. Offshore in the morning and onshore in the afternoon. “Most of the stops along the way have been fantastic and the people very friendly.” he said. Kevin, Trish and son Andrew from sv Landin have sailed from Darwin too. Kevin said, “The greatest thing so far have been the people we met. Without any doubt whatsoever.

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The seas have been comfortable and winds reasonable SE at 10 to 15kts or less. Good sailing so far.” Andrew said his favourite thing so far has been the hot springs near Lovina. “Very refreshing” he said. Michael, a young kid from sv Ivory Street said the best thing for him was diving at Wakatobi and Gilli Air. Some of the yachts headed down the Badung and Lombok Strait to Benoa to drop off or pick up family or friends. They found the waters and currents a bit hairy but not beyond anything experienced in other parts of the world. Next stop for the Sail Indonesia 2011 rally is Java and then eventually Singapore. Singaraja Singaraja Sailing Singaraja Singaraja is the preferred choice for yachties sailing through Indonesia as it lies directly on the favoured Indonesia cruising paths and is a fabulous place to visit and rest up. The local government has ideas to make Lovina an even better place to visit for yachties. Plans are afoot to build a modern marina that can handle up to 100 yachts or other vessels at one time. Some have said it could be built at Lovina while others lobby for Singaraja and link it with the Old City to provide onshore support. Singaraja has been a destination for yachties for centuries and having been there and spoken to a lot of people has the potential to be a major modern sailing destination for years to come. It is also a great place to visit and thank you to Putu and his wife, Mamon from Sea Breezes Cafe and Yanis and Ketut from Cleopatra’s for all your friendliness and hospitality.

C/He/I-05 Oct. 11

Web sites and other info: Info on Lovina Tourism Nice place to eat - Sea Breeze Cafe Binaria Beach Lovina left of dolphin statue Great place to stay Yachties Blogs e.g.

From the Sea E-mail: Copyright © 2011 From the Sea You can read all past articles of From the Sea at C/He/G-10 August 11

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05 October - 19 October, 2011


This fortnight we continue in the Libra cycle of Peace, Love and Harmony. The only sign changes are Venus and Mercury moving into Scorpio on the 9th and 13th respectively. Full Moon is at 18 degrees of Aries on the 12th and highlights relationship tension as it opposes Sun and Saturn conjunct in Libra. With Venus freshly in Scorpio, these same relationships will be taking on a more serious tone anyway. Saturn is now putting everything into some form of structure and organizing, committing and solidifying within them. The Full Moon in Aries on the other side of the scales is encouraging independence and a focus on the self. Finding the balance between the two is the challenge and Saturn is a weighty counterpart on the Sun’s side of the equation. Emotionally we may all be a little agitated and quick to temper, with some surprises as people proclaim their independence, out of a fear of co-dependency. It’s time now to look towards interdependence, seeing that things work better when we co-operate, co-create and allow room for the other persons ideas, beliefs, perspectives and very importantly, feelings. Venus in Scorpio is looking at an all or nothing situation, and this may just be too much for some of you with a stronger sense of freedom predominate in your chart. Remember as Libra keeps everything looking nice, you may be confronted with some more obvious truths around the Full Moon. Some of these will be blurted out in the heat of the moment. FULL MOON 18 Aries 24 October 12 10:07 a.m.

ARIES: Although Planets in Libra can be a little annoying and are probably stretching your tolerance, at least Mars in Leo is allowing you to assert yourself and command attention. Remember the Full Moon focus is in your sign and so you will be well placed to make the necessary changes you have in mind around that time. What may appear as restrictions, could simply be your call to take responsibility. There is nothing to fear here as you move into a larger version of your life story now. Weighing up the pros and cons is just a part of this movement. This is not the time to rush in unprepared. TAURUS: As Venus moves from Libra to Scorpio, we go from nice to naughty, from sweet to sensual and this is the moment many of you have been waiting for. If you move through the Full Moon unscathed, your relationship has undoubtedly reached a new level of commitment. You have forged new pathways within your partnership. For those who are single, friendship has become something new and exciting, with much potential for sharing your depth of emotion opening to you now. Taking on responsibilities that include others, is more apt to occur at this time. GEMINI: Conversing has felt very diplomatic of late. The good news is, that as Mercury bursts into Scorpio all censoring will be off and an acute depth will arise within conversations. As fickle as some may suggest you are, this will have even you pinned to your comments. You are being requested to make some verbal commitments as the Sun joins Saturn in fellow air sign, Libra. Venus also in Scorpio, is no lightweight when it comes to relationships, so be very aware of what you are getting yourself into. That Scorpio energy has a sting to it and loves to retaliate when crossed. CANCER: This Sun/Moon cycle creates a T-square to your Cancer Planets, which may cause a little stress in your life, or it could act as the catalyst that motivates you to make changes in your life. Many, including you, have had the opportunity to assess and release the past over these recent months. So now, what is it that your heart truly desires in respect to relating? Getting into the feeling side of this question is where you will place yourself, and begin to put your own needs first. How does it make you feel to be in a supportive and loving partnership? What would it take to allow that? LEO: On a slightly more serious note, confrontation can come when you least expect it. Although it has been smooth sailing for many of you, the lightness of the past weeks may now evolve into some more investigative conversations around your relationship. Your partner may begin asking some awkward questions or you may be asking yourself some very serious and thought provoking ones. If you can be honest with yourself, rather than take a strong ego stance, all will be well and much will be achieved now, that can take you into a deeper place within your relating. VIRGO: Healing comes in many forms and is often linked to a joyousness and lightness of being. It is often when you can laugh at yourself and with others, that we truly begin to heal. All that has been serious can be lightened and commitment can be entered into in a place of beauty and with ceremony. There is no room for doubt as you make the necessary movement forward. This is the time for action and to show that you really mean what you say. Others are taking you at your word, so now comes the follow through. You are much stronger than you give yourself credit for.



LIBRA: Many of you have birthdays this fortnight. Highlights around the Full Moon, as the fiery side of your own nature comes into play and you are prompted to be a little more frivolous and support your words through innovative action. This can be in the arena of relationship or for many in your work and business projects. Teaching is also a distinct possibility now, as Saturn joins the Sun in your sign. There is a little teacher in all of us, it’s just a matter of allowing your expertise to flow to the surface and to be willing to share it with others. This can be on a one to one basis. SCORPIO: Venus and Mercury both enter your sign this fortnight. Partnership in all its guises is of paramount importance. Old ideas of relationship are quickly going out the window and new ones being tried and experimented with. It feels like a bit of urgency to all of this and you are compelled to make changes and some of these abruptly. Not everyone is accustomed to the speed at which you travel, and this could create a little grief, although there is not too much that will hold you back now from your own appointed mission. Do a little damage control along the way.

NC/Ns/G-5 Oct. 11

SAGITTARIUS: The North Node is moving through Sagittarius and aligning you with your soul’s purpose or mission. Sometimes this feels so far from our logic and yet this is an aspect that is closer to us than our thinking and lives in the feeling and sensing part of our Higher Self. Alignment with this Higher Self will bring you a strong sense of purpose and a surety to your actions and movements. The temptation is always to gain or to strengthen the ego. Yours is the power of choice and free will and you get to use it with discernment through communing with your Higher Self. CAPRICORN: Saturn joins the Sun on the Full Moon to jolt you along on your path. This will come as a bit of a wake-up to many of you as things have gone along unnoticed and now are ready for dislodgment. As issues are brought to your attention you are willing to investigate and navigate this territory with honesty and impeccability. Adjustments are needed, and communication will set these in place for you and those concerned. This is all a part of that long process of assessment, clarifying and changing through transformation that which no longer works. Have patience and understanding. AQUARIUS: Through the stimulation that occurred towards the end of September, many of you are now headed in a new direction. Spontaneous opportunities that felt too good to let slip by have been followed through and you are now settled into these. With Neptune retracing steps in your sign, you are feeling a little more unconditionally loving than normal and this is a part of what has allowed these changes to take place. Asserting your will, as your heart’s desires, is what has brought all of this into play. Take note then when passion arises, as this is your prompting for action. PISCES: Chiron holds the healing balm and will distribute it wisely over the coming years. A large part of that comes in the form of unconditional love. Gone are the days of self-sacrifice and martyrdom. These are now replaced with self-love and service. When you place the emphasis on self-love first, your service can only be from a space of Love and without sacrifice. As you generate appreciation and gratitude, strength will naturally emanate from your physical heart and as you live in alignment with Joy, boundless energy will be yours and then you serve through example. Copyright © 2011 Vibhuti-Teri Norris You can read all past articles of Horoscope at

C/Ns/G-13 July 11

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From far away and close to home

C/U/G-3 Nov. 10

by Jeni Caffin- Creative producer

Ganesha Bookshop

Independent bookseller in Bali since 1986 Welcome to the ANZ Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2011. Our 2011 theme, Nandurin Karang Awak, Cultivate the Land Within, has laid the ground for a rich and diverse program of discussions, debates, performances, film screenings, literary feasts and workshops in more than 40 venues around Ubud and beyond. “It has been a tumultuous year all around the world and even our busy office has been buffeted by the winds of change. It is due to the immense loyalty and faith of the UWRF staff that we are bringing to you our eighth Ubud Writers & Readers Festival. To my team, I salute you and thank you for the enormous amount of hard work and vision that you have contributed. This is truly a collaborative affair. I am also extremely proud to welcome ANZ as our naming sponsor, who came on board in an effort to rescue the Festival from financial woes. ANZ is one of Australia’s most respected banks and their support is a testimony of their commitment to Australia, Indonesia and the Arts,” stated festival Founder and Director, Janet De Neefe. Every year as the program for the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival gathers momentum; writers are invited from the far corners of the globe. Said Director Janet De Neefe, “It’s a joy to scour the literary horizons and extend invitations to the leading lights and freshest voices on the international stage such as: Alexander McCall Smith (from UK- The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency), Alice Sebold (from US, The Lovely Bones), Junot Diaz, (the Dominican-American who received the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for his novel The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao) and Colombian writer, Juan Gabriela Vasquez (The Informers) coming in from Barcelona, along with many other renown voices from around the world. But what brings equal delight is the fact that there are increasing riches to be mined within our very own neighbourhood.” The 2011 Festival boasts thirty-eight writers, educators, and performers from Indonesia as well. Janet explains, “It is no secret that Indonesia boasts an extraordinary number of creative artists and writers figure largely among them. The Festival has grown well beyond the confines of the printed page and embraces writers of blog, stage, spoken word and music. In fact, music takes centre stage in Indus, one of the main venues on Saturday 8 October

in a session called Building Communities through Music, which celebrates the inspirational and life affirming work of young musicians and performing artists”. Featured in the session are Raoul Wijffels of the $1ForMusicFoundation, Javanese Hip-Hop trailblazer Marzuki and Antida’s Anom Darsana. The session will be pulled together and moderated by the charismatic and influential Chair of $1ForMusic, Rudolf Dethu, who has been involved in the local music scene since he was a teenager. Anom is a Balinese legend through his untiring support and nurturing of young creative Balinese through the renowned Antida recording studio in Denpasar. He has worked throughout Europe across genres and in fact he and Dethu are combining musical and technological expertise to build the Festival’s Paul Kelly fundraising concert on a secure footing. Fans of the innovative and eclectic Cambodian Space Project will be keen to know that Australian Julian Poulsen will be part of the event.

Ganesha in Ubud - the Main Store Jalan Raya (near the Post Office), Ubud, Bali Tel: (62 361) 970320 Web: Email:

Extensive range of New, Used, Rare and Out of Print Books. Used Books returnable for 50% refund. Good books at good prices. Eat, Drink, Read and Lounge at: Ganesha in Biku Jalan Petitenget 888, Kerobokan

Bookshop and Bilingual Reading Room Ganesha in Denpasar Jalan Nusa Indah 21a (near Arts Centre)

Books for Bali Project (est. 2004) A special project to support literacy, learning and reading for pleasure in the local community. We donate books to local schools and libraries. Check in the store or on the website for more details. NEW Ganesha Bookshop and Reading Room (English & Indonesian) Jl Nusa Indah 21a Denpasar. Near Arts Centre C/U/G-24 August 11

“Every year my wonderful Indonesian program coordinator, Wayan Juniartha, discovers more and more brilliant writers and participants. Every year I am filled with wonder at the talent and creativity from which we can build our sessions. This year the senior voices include Andrea Hirata, Putu Wijaya and Rosa Herliany. Adding their youthful energies to the mix is the new generation of writers, such as Trinity, Agustinus Wibowo and Budy Utamy. But how to choose? They are the voices of our land and we celebrate their standing on this truly international stage,” said Janet. Come and participate in the best gathering of minds and creative activities of 2011.The entire range of sessions in the main program in Neka, Indus and the Left Bank Lounge is accessible to Festival pass holders. Choose a four day or single day pass at, Come to the free book launches and poetry slam evening events and join us in celebrating the freedom and creativity of WORDS.

The ANZ Ubud Writers and Readers Festival will take place from Oct.5-9, 2011. Join us! C/U/G-9 March 11

Bali Advertiser

UBUD VOTE FOR UBUD’S OWN CNN HERO Ubud’s “baby catching” heroine, Ibu Robin Lim, is one step closer to w i n n i n g $250,000 to help fund her two birthing clinics in Ubud, Bali and postt s u n a m i Aceh. An international voting panel has chosen Robin as one of the Top Ten CNN Heroes for 2011, now it is our turn. More than 2,500 clinic patients are treated at the two Yayasan Bumi Sehat birthing centres each month. In Aceh, the clinic is the only available health care for 15,000 people, with 90-100 babies born in these two comfortable, loving environments every month. The Top 2011 Hero will be chosen via an online voting system, with voters permitted to place ten votes per day until December. The winner gets a cheque for $250,000, enough to fund the clinics Robin founded for a whole year. Please help spread the word and encourage voting for Robin and Bumi Sehat. Go to: archive11/robin.lim.html. You can log in to vote with a FaceBook account or via email. FREE FESTIVAL ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS There are 25 varied activities for kids of all ages in the Ubud Writers Festival’s Children and Youth program, from October 5– 9. It’s all a plot to motivate kids to read. Involve them in fascinating activities – kids get story telling, folklore, culture, dance, theatre, painting, poetry, comics and films, teenagers can find out more about television, journalism and publishing. And they can meet journalists and acclaimed childrens authors from all over the world. The two-hour sessions (some bilingual some conducted in Bahasa Indonesia and others English only) are free and open to individuals or school groups. Booking essential. Pak Gustra 081916556582 or gustra@ CHILLOUT LOUNGE

A pleasantly laid back restaurant opens in Ubud this month; it’s short on tourist bustle and noise, long on good food to share, inexpensive drinks and witty conversation. The Chillout Lounge plays vibey but relaxed music, and it’s the kind of place where you feel comfortable turning up on your own, meeting some like-minded people, or just sitting in a sunny garden to wind down. There’s a wicked Mojito and the menu includes four sections; healthy, cheap, comfort and social food (plates to share), including “Granny’s legendary Scottish pancakes” and the Malaysian/Indian dish Roti Canai. The owners sponsor the Sacred Childhoods charity, with 10% of restaurant’s profits going directly to the charity. Planned mid-week madness includes Debates, Giant Twister, Poetry and Painters (Tuesday night on a rotation basis) and a ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?” competition every Wednesday night, where the winner takes home one million (rupiah) cash! Chillout Lounge, Jalan Sandat in Desa Taman, only 100 meters north of Bali 3000 internet corner on Jalan Raya Ubud.

05 October - 19 October, 2011



Vodaphone Holland will pay her one year’s salary to work for Bali Kids. If Trudy wins that will be one less major expense for the excellent Bali Kids organization. Trudy has many skills currently needed to support the growth of the Bali Kids project. The more votes the better chance Trudy can win one of the five places on offer – she is currently in second place! takes you to the (Dutch) website. Click on the red button STEM OP TRUDY (vote for Trudy). Finals will screen on Dutch MTV channel, on October 5. HIDEAWAY NEAR PALACE Of course there may be others, but I was astonished to find a wonderful luxury private villa about to open for business, complete with personal butler, just a stone’s throw from the Ubud palace. Only officially open this coming month, in future years San Villa could be the top choice for Writers Festival goers. The villa complex is fully staffed, with six twin or double bedrooms, a 25 metre pool and spacious private gardens - and guests are just 300 meters walk to the ceremony in the palace, or five minutes from most of the main festival venues. San Villa feels so much like a relaxed private home, with open Australian/ Californian gardens, that I found myself wandering into the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea. It was the gorgeous smile on the Balinese staff members that reminded me that I’m supposed to sit back down and relax a little more. 24 Jalan Suweta (Palace Road), Ubud. Villa phone number: 0361 – 971 917. ROCK N ROLL MOTHER

Singer and arti st E l ena Skoko has r e c e n t l y launched her Memoirs of a Singing Birth, s h a r i n g discoveries on the path to motherhood. In “Memoirs”, Elena travels from Croatia to Rome, and from Rome to Bali in search of the perfect place to have a natural birth, ending up in the village of Nyuh Kuning, Ubud, where this rock’n’roll woman sang to overcome her labor pains. Memoirs of a Singing Birth is also a personal research of contemporary and forgotten birth practices. The book is exotic, adventurous, unusual, witty and deeply emotional, with 20% of its revenues donated to Yayasan Bumi Sehat natural birth centre. Available on demand worldwide in paperback at Lulu: product/paperback/memoirs-of-a-singingbirth/16052769. Also published as an eBook on Smashwords http://www.smashwords. com/books/view/27398?ref=elenaskoko.

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For Sale; One month old. Queen size. Base, mattress, back board. Good Quality. No dirt or stains. Slept on 3 times. Like new. Corsica Brand. Cost 3.800.000. Sell Rp. 3.000.000. 0818 0576 6160. Sanur. [080] For Sale; Best quality wireless antenna ex. Blue Line. 2.4GHz antenna set + 4 poles of 8m steel. Works with Blue Line, Global Extreme, Channel 11, Bali Media, Era Akses, CBN, Centrin, many other ISPs. Complete set ready to use: all cables, power adapter, everything works! Worth total Rp6.5 million, sell for cheap! Pick it up at Sanur. Call only, no SMS. 0831 181 9816. <alexbalietc@gmail. com>. [134] C/U/G-4 May 11

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FRENCH COMEDY – AT “THE BEACH” And finally, if you love good food and big laughs, you’ll want to visit Black Beach Italian restaurant on Jalan Hanoman, at least one Thursday during the month of October. Watch four quintessential French comedies on the big screen on Black Beach’s terrace level, including Tanguy, a hilarious romp with a wealthy French couple who decide to turn into the parents from hell, to get their 28 year old son to move out of home. Find more about this movie, choose from Black Beach’s delicious Italian menu and view their current list of cultural events, visit www. Book 0361971353. Free Admission and English subtitles; 8pm every Thursday.

TRUDY FOR BALI KIDS Social media is proving extremely useful for ex-pats putting their hearts into helping Bali. Trudy Mentink of the Bali Kids Committee is currently taking part in the World Of Difference Competition, and if she wins C/U/G-10 August 11

30 Ubud Area

Bali Advertiser

05 October - 19 October, 2011



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TLP. 0361-970855, HP. 081 139 7852 EMAIL: ; JL. NYUH KUNING 235 UBUD

Open : 08.00 am - 10.00 pm

The Most Complete Supermarket in Ubud Jl. Raya Andong #14. Tel.973049, Fax. 978071 Ubud

C/U/G-18 May 11

Say What? Question: I have been on and off with my current ex-boyfriend for the past 10 years. We both have been married and divorced. Our relationship started out hot and heavy. We started living together with our kids within the first year. After that, he started cyber flirting on the computer, and I found out. He wanted to have a threesome with two men with one woman. When we were sexually intimate, all he talked about was the man’s private parts and that a woman’s private area is the most unattractive thing on earth. He wanted me to go online with him, so that I could look at pictures. I thought that was weird. I moved out 8 years ago, and we have been arguing on and off ever since. He wants me to get into his fantasy. I ended it 4 months ago, and he keeps contacting me, saying he loves me. He doesn’t date anyone, and he says he really just wants to be friends. If I agree to be his friend, he will be happy with that forever -- no sex, just us being together as good friends. He has no desire for me and doesn’t seem to desire other women. I told him I am moving on, and that he should not contact me anymore. Sometimes I wonder if I am making a mistake, but on the other hand I think having sex is a normal part of being human and being close. I know that he did love me at one point, but I wonder why so many years have gone by without his seeming to want to be without me. He calls me all the time even though I refuse his calls. He has a lot of chances to meet girls and still doesn’t seem interested in a relationship. But our main breakup was about his activity online. He wanted to talk online to women from other countries; so it would be difficult to meet in person. He just liked talking about sex and had no interest in being sexual with me. I don’t get it. I am not an ugly girl. As a matter of fact, every time I go out with my girlfriends, I am the one who gets hit on. He used to get very angry when I went out. For what, I don’t know. He didn’t even care to touch me. He seems to just want me there, so that he can relax and not have to date. Is this normal? Was our relationship just a lie? Dr. ZZ: It takes all kinds. Was this normal for you? Definitely not! Was it normal for him? Apparently so! From the nuances of the jealousy, the fantasies and the lack of sexual interest you describe, chances are your ex has some underlying, unresolved, core sexual issues. There is also a significant undertone of neediness in his personality. It’s good that you moved out, that you told him you’re moving on, that you asked him not to contact you anymore,

and that you’re calling him your ex-boyfriend rather than your boyfriend. Now, all you have to do is put your physical muscle behind your words and uphold the decisions you have made. If he wants a friend, there are lots of other people he can approach. Chances are there’s also another, more compatible partner out there for you. This fellow has too much unfinished business to be a suitable mate. You can do better. Rest assured. Question: I’ve had the same boyfriend for about 3 years, which is a really long time considering I’m only 17. Lately I’ve been struggling with feeling bored, but I do care about him. About 6 months ago I cheated on him with another guy. I told my boyfriend about it, and we broke up. But shortly after, he came back, saying that he still loved me, and we got back together. So I ended it with the other guy, which seemed to be purely physical. The truth is, I have feelings for the other guy. I never told anyone, and he was supposed to be leaving for his home country, so I was just going to forget the whole thing and move on. Now, he’s not leaving anymore -- at least not for another year. About 2 weeks ago, he admitted to having feelings for me too, but I’m not sure if we could actually ever get into a relationship. He’s just not really that kind of person as far as I can tell. Should I dump my boyfriend, and let things happen with this other guy? Or should I just have fun and forget about feelings?

C/U/G-17 Dec. 08

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Dr. ZZ: If you are looking for a smooth, easy game plan, I can’t help you. Your boyfriend may not be the end of the line for you, but the other fellow you’re describing doesn’t sound as if he’s ready to play house either. All that considered, you’re 17 years old and, most importantly, you are at an age when you are still figuring out who you are, and what you care about in life. As you are exploring different venues for fun and excitement, the most important thing you can do is to honor yourself and to be as honest and gentle as possible with others. That doesn’t mean to stay with someone just because you’re not sure if you’ll find someone else better. If you’re bored, move on. But holding onto your boyfriend while you’re looking is unfair. Be honest with him and end it cleanly. Then wait until things are making more sense in your life before you stress out on a relationship. Otherwise, it’s just not worth it.

Copyright © 2011 Say What? You can read all past articles of Say What at

Dr. ZZ has a Ph.D. in Counseling and a doctorate in Natural Healing. Drawing on a background of over thirty years as a professional therapist, she offers self-help in the areas health, relationship and personal

growth. All queries are answered by email and, if they appear in print, are subject to editing.

Please email your

questions to: <> All identifying information is kept strictly

confidential. C/U/G-9 March 11

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For Sale; Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L series (not IS) good condition 8.5 juta. 0813 3903 7469. Kuta. [109]

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For Sale; HD-DVD attachment drive for XBOX360, with remote control. And a brand new Nintendo Wii classic controller still in unopened packaging. Contact: 081 193 9281 or <garage868@gmail. com>. Sanur. [114] For Sale; Apple iPhone4 32GB, White. Mint condition, complete box, like new. Apple warranty. Included Extras: multiple protective casings. Rp. 6 million. Contact: 081 193 9281 or <>. Sanur. [115] Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s easy to make a buck. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a lot tougher to make a difference. C/Ho/G-24 August 11

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For Sale; Axis car headrest holder/cradle for iPad1& 2. Also compatible with other tablet brands. For pictures please e-mail request. Bought at Sing$69.90 (price tag still on box), my offer only Rp. 275.000, - Contact: <> or 081 193 9281. Sanur. [120] For Sale; Fridge 186 liters capacity, 100x80x80 cm. 800.000 rp. mobile: +62 811 380 8335. E-mail: <>. Stefano. Kuta. [121] For Sale; Bargain brand new Sauna heater 3 phase, 6.000 watts. Only 5.000.000 Rp. Contact: 0813 3709 2385. [157]

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For Sale; Laptop Asus A42JC, Intel® Core˙ i5 Processor, DDR3 1066 MHz SDRAM, NVIDIA® GeForce® 310M, 1GB DDR3 VRAM , 500GB HDD, 14” LED Backlit monitor. IDR 4 million. Call 081 856 6288. Jimbaran. [135] For Sale; Replacement battery for Apple iBook G3/ G4 14”. New unused in factory sealed box. Brought personally directly from USA. Fits many different Mac models. Impossible to find in Bali. Rp. 850.000. English only. 0821 4782 9120. Legian. [136] The art of leadership is saying no, not yes. It is very easy to say yes. C/Ho/G-9 March 11

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C/Ho/I-06 April 11

C/Ho/I-09 March 11


by The Garden Doctor

by Dr. Kris

The Corpse Flower

The Titan arum (Amorphophallus titanum) has the largest and most foul smelling flower in the entire world! The flowering structure can reach more than 2.9 metres in height when it blooms, opening to a diameter of up to 4 feet. The Titan Arum is native to the rainforests of western Sumatra, here in Indonesia. The Indonesian common name is bunga bangkai, and translated literally means ‘corpse flower’ and this is also used as a common name for the plant in English, as the flower really does smell like the rotting flesh of a corpse. I am seriously thinking that this flower is not suitable for a Valentine’s Day gift! The first European to discover this strange plant was Italian botanist and explorer Dr. Odoardo Beccari who came to Indonesia in 1878. When it was first discovered the first stories about the plant drew skepticism among many European botanists. It wasn’t until the first specimen flowered at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, England in 1889 that the world began to take notice. The flower has since been coveted by collectors due to its huge size, fascinating appearance, strange blooming patterns and it’s most famous habit of producing a foul odor reminiscent of the smell of rotten flesh. Whenever the plant has flowered in cultivation it has attracted an enormous amount of attention. A Titan in bloom is as rare as it is spectacular. A plant can go for many years without flowering, and then when it does it only lasts for just a few days. Some people travel around the world hoping to see one at that moment when it flowers. To see it in bloom can be a once in a lifetime experience. It first opens at night, and becomes so hot that it steams. When the flower is fully open it gives off a scent that has been described as something like rotten meat or fish. The plant emits this putrid scent to lure pollinators such as stink bugs, dung beetles and flesh flies, and sometimes the odour can be detected as far as half a kilometer away. The insects are attracted by the smell and the heat, and they climb down into the blossom and then exit covered in pollen, to seek another plant and another flower, helping to spread the pollen and perpetuate the species. Different species of Titan emit different odours. Many of the species produce a variety of scents ranging from rotting meat and dung to a nauseating gaseous stench. Some have been documented to emit odours that have a distinct urine smell, while others smell of rotting fruit or cheese. A few species however produce pleasant scents, for example there is a species known to emit the smell of bananas while another smells like carrots.

The entire flower structure is actually not a single flower but an inflorescence (a stalk of many flowers). The bloom will only last 1-3 days. The sickly smell is produced only for the first 8 hours that the bloom is open. The flower grows up from an underground tuber which may weigh up to 70 kg and which can stay dormant for 1-3 years. The tuber produces only one leaf at a time. The leaf can reach a height to 6 m tall and 4.5 m in width. This plant is a rare sight in botanic gardens. Worldwide, only about 70 plants have flowered in gardens since their discovery. The Titan is difficult to cultivate because it is susceptible to rotting and fails to produce seeds or offsets easily. Each plant contains both flowers and florets. The plants rarely set seeds because the female flowers open first, but by the time the male florets are producing pollen the female flowers are no longer receptive. Even in nature pollination is a rare event because there must be another similarly timed pollen producing flower in the vicinity. Flowering of an individual plant can take place at any time of the year so the odds are heavily stacked against pollination. The rainforests of Sumatra are under massive threat of deforestation, as vast areas are logged for timber and burnt to make way for palm oil plantations. It is estimated that Indonesia has now lost around 70% of its original rainforest cover, and the scale of deforestation is continuing at an alarming rate. The loss of habitat is directly affecting Titan populations in Sumatra, as is over collection from wild populations for horticultural purposes.

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If you are interested in seeing this amazing plant, there a few places throughout Indonesia that you can go to see the magnificent Titan arum or bunga bangkai as it is known locally. It can be found at: Eka Karya Botanical Garden (Bedugul, Bali) The Botanic Garden (Ubud, Bali) Bogor Botanical Garden (West Java) Cibodas Botanical Garden (Cipanas, West Java) Purwodadi Botanical Garden (Pasuruan, East Java) Dr. Kris Garden Doctor Contact: Copyright © 2011 Dr. Kris You can read all past articles of Garden Doctor at C/Ho/G-5 Oct. 11

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“Waiting for Godot” It dribbled. It was a boringly slow dribble. What had started as a glorious energetic morning had, once again, been reduced to lethargy. It was like this every morning. He’d jump out of bed eager to get into another productive day only to find that turning on the shower, rather like the relaxed but somewhat stubborn ‘wait awhile bush’ (Aussies know what I am talking about), suddenly grabbed his attention with the clear inescapable message “just hold on a minute, you are under my power and like it or not you’re going to have to wait for a while.” The water dribbled pathetically from the shower head, he could almost hear it mumbling “oh no, you don’t want another shower do you? You only had one last night. I can’t be bothered.” While the pressure, or lack of it, was bad enough, waiting for the hot water was even worse. He should have realised when he first took on this house and came across the skeleton sitting covered in cobwebs on the bathroom stool still with a towel wrapped around its waist. He had named the shower Godot and, like Beckett’s characters, he had become very creative at passing the time as he waited. He soon got bored counting the tiles on the floor. Playing nerdy games on his iphone kept him occupied for a week or two. He tried crosswords but it’s hard to concentrate when your feeling like you want to strangle someone. Then he got serious and had a pretty extensive library installed in the bathroom seeking out 500 page doorstops novels to pass the time but then, still without hot water, he started contemplating self mutilation and suicide. Enough was enough so in desperation he called the emergency number of the Bali Association of Professional Plumbers, they only have 2 members but they do provide a very helpful counselling service for people suffering from PAS (plumbing anxiety syndrome). They were very supportive and gave him some useful information regarding the most painless ways of moving oneself to another spiritual realm. So what was it that had lead to this debacle, where was the ever absent Godot? In fact a combination of factors had contributed to a water system that simply didn’t work. The first factor was that the bathroom was up on the fourth floor of a very tall house, indeed oxygen cylinders were supplied at the bottom of the stairs for anyone contemplating an ascent. The water pump was powerful enough but, set at 30 to 40 psi didn’t give much pressure at the showerhead 22 metres above. Let us first get to grips with the figures. Psi (pounds per square inch) are those old imperial units that should have died with the ark but are of a very convenient size when talking about water and air pressure and this could well be why they are often still used on tyre pressure and water pump gauges. There are, of course, other units of measurement for pressure, for example divers (or anyone else with water in their ears) use the ‘atmosphere’ which is the pressure of the air at sea level and is equal to 14.7 psi. For you who think in the more progressive metric headspace 1 psi equals 6.89 kilopascals (kpa) and a bar (almost the same as an atmosphere) is 100 kilopascals or 14.5 psi. All very interesting if you are mathematically inclined, pretty boring if you aren’t but don’t worry about it. Have a nice cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit and let’s see how this applies in practice. Water is rather heavy stuff. If a diver goes down 10 metres the weight of water pressing down on him increases the pressure by an atmosphere (an additional 14.7 pounds of weight on each square inch of his skin) on top of the air pressure at sea level. The same applies to water pumps, you will need to pump water up to a pressure of 14.7 psi to lift it 10 metres.

In our problem house with a shower head 22 metres above the surface of the water in the water tank the pump will have to pump a pressure of 32 psi to get it up there. This pressure will only just get the water up there, it won’t give you any additional pressure to make a dribble into a squirt (it is a little known fact that pressure is needed to turn dribbles into squirts). In the house with our Godot problem the water pump was set between 30 and 40 psi. Pumps of this type have 2 switches, the first senses when the water pressure is low and switches the pump on (in this case 30 psi) and the second when the pressure is high which switches the pump off (40 psi). It can be seen that the pressure in this system would have varied between 30 and 40 psi and most of this pressure was needed just to lift the water – no wonder it just dribbled.

C/Bm/I-05 Oct 11

This house had a second problem in that someone had either wanted to sell more “stuff” or simply had that fateful tendency that non engineering types have of making things bigger “just to make sure”, in the absence of knowledge the word “overkill” tends to spring to mind. The pipes in this house were a dog’s breakfast of expensive green pipes. Because the position of the pump had not been thought about carefully an additional 17 metres of pipe had been used. To add to the problem even further the inside diameter of the pipe was a somewhat obese 20 mms (millimetres) when 12 mms would have been adequate. As a result of 17 plus 22 metres of 20 mm diameter pipe the pipes had 12 litres of cold water in them which would have to be replaced by hot water before the hot stuff reached the shower. 12 litres at a flow rate of one nat’s bladder per second - no wonder Godot never arrived. By using a more sensible 22 metres of 12 mm diameter pipe only 2.5 litres of cold water would need to be replaced by hot which would bring the hot water delivery time down from around 20 years to a mere 2 days.

C/Bm/I-05 Oct 11

To add yet more support for Godot’s recalcitrant cause someone with a wicked sense of humour had decided that a 50 litre hot water tank was large enough so by the time the hot water did get there (if it ever did) the tank was already minus a quarter of it’s hot water. So, to make sense of all this: If you have low water pressure check the pump pressure and the height difference between the surface of the water in your water tank and the height of the showerhead or other water outlet. For every 10 metres of height difference you will need about 15 psi of water pressure and then a further 15 or 20 psi to give a good healthy pressure in the water flow. You can get someone to adjust the pump to give you this. To get hot water quickly you need good pressure and small diameter hot water pipe (12 mm internal diameter is alright). You also need a reasonably short pipe length directly from the heater to the shower.

C/BM/G-15 June 11

Bear in mind that in Bali where the ambient temperature is always quite warm you won’t need oodles (an oodle is an alpine measurement of volume and comes from the Swiss word ‘oodle’ meaning cow’s udder which was popularised in the lyrics of yodelling songs sung by frolicking milk maids who have a bit of a thing for bovine breasts) of boiling hot water for your shower so a small diameter pipe will suffice. Finally a rule of thumb for storage water heaters – you will need a 50 litre tank for a kitchen, an 80 litre tank for a bathroom and a 100 litre tank for 2 bathrooms. Solar water heaters need larger tanks. As for Godot, I wouldn’t bother waiting if I were you. Phil Wilson Opinions expressed are those of Phil Wilson. If you have any questions or comments he can be contacted on 0361 886 8866. Copyright © 2011 Fixed Abode You can read all past articles of Fixed Abode at C/BM/G-13 July 11

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Building & Maintenance

05 October - 19 October, 2011


Certified European Project Manager with own MEP/ Architect/Supervisor staff, very experienced, excellent reference list in Bali and abroad, offers you

Quality craftmanship and experience Exporting to tropical hotels, resorts and exclusive properties Worldwide since 1996.

• Site Supervision or full PM Services - as requested • MEP & Architectural Design • Construction Drawings • Pre Purchase Check-Up on existing Structures

YOUR TRUSTED CONSTRUCTION EXPERTS Phone: +62 8123 80 93 10 Mail: C/Bm/A-12 Jan 11



Address : Jimbaran, Bali Phone/Fax : +62 361 847 2104 / +62 361 847 2105 E-mail : C/BM/G-15 June 11

C/BM/I-29 June 11

The first pex pipe in Indonesia with strong

cross-linked polyethylene material, solving all piping installation problems. Our technology makes your water system leak free, easy to install and economical.

0819.993.94300, 0813.535.71117, (0361) 2737400

Advantage • • • • •

Leak free, no rust • No sediment • Support -40°c ~ 110°c • Minimum maintenance • Flexibility in design and easy to install •

Flexible, strong and durable Minimum fitting and connection Minimum heat loss and condensation Easy to carry, light weight and easy storage Stable under high pressure

C/BM/U-29 June 11


Ball valves

Expander • Compression • Nylon Fitting C/BM/I-06 Oct 10

CALL: 0811 - 380 - 1225 C/BM/M-5 Oct 11

C/BM/G-5 Oct. 11


Building & Maintenance

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05 October - 19 October, 2011

Looking to Buy; A ping pong table (table tennis). Contact 0819 9991 6077 Lola. [219] For Sale; Antique teak wood desk in great condition. 200cm x 80cm w/ small center drawer. Bought for Rp. 3 million will sell for Rp. 2.5 nego. Contact +62 878 6198 8111. Seminyak. [220]

Swimming pool always green?

Call the experts, CV Tropical Pool and Spa 289104, 287673 or email:

From as low as Rp 450.000 per month we will maintain your pool. C/BM/G-6 April 11

For Sale; Brand new drip coffee machine from ACE Hardware still in box. Paid Rp. 450 thou, will sell Rp. 300 thou OBO. Please contact +62 878 6198 8111. Seminyak. [221] It is the moment of our decisions that our destinies are created.



Tel :0361-755393 E-mail :

web :

C/BM/G-27 July 11

C/BM/G-10 August 11

NC/BM/G-18 May 11

C/BM/G-5 Oct. 11

Community Groups

Part 8 of 8 (See all Community Groups at

Vipassana In Sanur Vipassana Meditation is given every day at 17:30 at the northend of Hyatt Beach in Sanur. Tel. 082 147 186 661. Vipassana Meditation Vipassana Meditation (by Goenkaji) group sitting every Wednesday at 18.30. Villa Serenity Reception: 0361-747 4625, Daniel Hp:081 138 5134. Jalan Nelayan Gang Dolphin, Banjar Canggu (turn left 500m. Before Hotel Tugu), Kuta Bali. E-mail: <>, <>. Indonesia Wisnu Foundation For information about how you can recycle or about our activities & projects. Call 735 320 Pak Suarnata or Denik. Windsurfing / Kitesurfing Club Sanur Windsurfing club in Sanur to share the passion for this sport. For more information come to see us at Sanur Beach Hotel or visit our web page <>. You can also call for free Wind & Wave information in Sanur at 288 011 extension Blue Oasis. Yakkum Bali Project Yakkum Bali Project is a non-government organisation concerned with the rehabilitation of children and young adults who are physically disabled, offering training courses to enable them to become independent, both physically and mentally. For enquiries and support, contact Latra on Hp. 0812 399 0701 or <yakkum_>. Yayasan BAWA (Bali Animal Welfare Association) Not for profit organization assisting Bali street dogs, offer free sterilization, vaccination, treatments and advice on animal care. Education programs held at local schools. Emergency ambulance also available 24hrs. For further information or to make donations please contact Klinik Hewan Ubud 0361 981490, Janice +62 361 977217 or +62 361 8564760. Email <>. Yayasan CIMD Supporting children with sponsorship to continue their education, opportunities for children with learning problems and organizing an extra program available for their friends and all the children from

community. Medical programs based on actual needs; efficient and adequate. Reorientation and rehabilitation for persons with special needs. CIMD works closely together with other social organizations. For more information, visit our website <www.> Yayasan GUS Established in 2002, Yayasan GUS is a non profit organization, dedicated to improving Bali’s environment. Vision: Improve the environment of Bali. Mission: Work together with stakeholders to reduce environment pollution. GUS Activites: Beach Clean Up, Education Project, Non Toxic Pest Control, Public Toilet, Rubbish Bins, Environment Movies, Environment Events, Free Consultations. Legian 138 Kuta Bali. Telp. 62-361-759 323. Fax 62361-767 654. <>, <>. YKIP (Yayasan Kemanusian Ibu Pertiwi) YKIP is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of all those who live on Bali but with a focus on health and education. Amongst other projects YKIP has established a medical library at Udayana University and together with YKIDS runs a scholarship fund for the semi-orphans from the Bali Bomb. We are also working on a number of projects with local NGOs. For further information, see <> or email <info@ykip. org> or call us on 759 544. Yayasan Senang Hati A centre for physically challenged Balinese where they can meet and make friends, learn or share skills like painting, woodcarving, sandal making and practise English and computer skills. A gallery displays and sells works produced by the members. The centre is organized by the members themselves with some help from foreign volunteers and is located at Jl. Sasi Brata, Br. Tengah in Tampaksiring (near to the market). Contact: Putu Suriati, tel./ fax (0361) 974 872 or email: <>. Yayasan Kemanusiaan Indonesia / The John Fawcett Foundation In Bali 25,000 people are cataract blind, but are too poor to pay for an operation. Indonesia-wide, this figure is more than 3 million. Hundreds of children from poor families have cleft lips and palates. Many, many desperately ill children suffer unnecessarily because their parents cannot afford medical treatment for them.

Yayasan Kemanusiaan Indonesia helps people in the lower socio-economic group free of charge with sight-restoring cataract operations, cleft lip and palate operations and medical treatment. But we can’t do all this without your support. For information on how to donate, see our website: <> or contact our office at Jalan Pengembak 16, Blanjong, Sanur, Bali. Tel (0361) - 270 812, fax (0361) - 287 707, email: < id>. Yayasan Metropoli Indonesia Non-Profit Organisation working for art & cultural project for the children in the Karangasem Regency. Co-operation system with the village, banjar, or local NGO in the community. 8 branches so far. Free courses of artistic expressions: dance, gamelan, painting, Balinese language, traditional weaving, etc. MondaySunday, around 14.00 to 18.00. Other projects: mobile library & cine-club. Open for book donation. Phone/fax 0363 22600, mobile 081 337 143 228, email <metropoli.indonesia@yahoo.> Yayasan Senyum Bali Yayasan Senyum Bali-health care for people with cranio-facial disabilities. Facilities operations for cleft lip and palate and other cranio-facial deformities, due to birth defects, accidents, or tumuors. We help poor people from Bali, Lombok and further east, we raise funds for operations whether in Bali or Adelaide at the Australian Cranio-Facial Unit. We also work to build local skills, technology, and capacity through training and development. For further information see : <>. Or contact us at : <> or fax (0361) 233 758. Yayasan Sjaki-Tari-Us Yayasan Sjaki-Tari-Us has the purpose to support, counsel and accompany children with a mental disability in their development and participation to society. Located at the soccer field in Ubud, we have play-learning groups for young children and daily activities for young adults. We establish this by mobilising Dutch resources, knowledge and expertise and put it to the disposal of parents, teachers, counsellors and other interested people on Bali. Our mission is to transfer the resources in that way, that they can apply and transfer this themselves in the future. Contact:, Monkey Forest Road, Sebelah lapangan sepak bola. Ubud, Bali, +62 (0) 813 5718 1122..

COMMUNITY GROUPS is free for all non profit activities, groups, etc. For your group to be listed here contact: Bali Advertiser Tel. 755 392 / Fax. 764 191 or email : Please notify our office for any corrections or changes. Let’s keep this up to date!

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POOL IONISER ● ● ● ● ● ●

Always Clear and Clean Water ● No Salt Low Maintenance ● Guarantee 3 Years Friendly Environment ● Competitive Price 95% Less Chemical Use Low Power, Max 12 watt Pump working hours about 4-7 hours/day

Call: Dave 0818 0553 7120

C/BM/U-29 June. 11

C/BM/M-6 Apr 11



• Wooden Blinds 25mm, 50mm, 35mm • Bamboo Blinds • Roller Blinds • Vertical Blinds • Exterior Blinds • Curtain, Blackout, Vetrage • Sliding Doors - Shutter Window • Wood Carpets - Flooring • Sun Louvre - Canopy • Magnetic Insect Screen • Outdoor Umbrellas • Wooden House • Bamboo Ceiling



Jl. Raya Kerobokan

Jl. Umalas


25mm, 35mm & 50mm

Building & Maintenance

05 October - 19 October, 2011


For Sale; New fire extinguisher and thermos polyurethane foam insulated, special for hot and cold water H: 30cm; D: 22cm. Contact: 473 8020. Jl Petitenget 2A. [229] For Sale; 3 unit fax machines Panasonic KX-FT63 (2 unit), KX-FT42 (1 unit). Normal conditiion. Price 200rb/unit. Contact 0361-780 2654. [230] For Sale; Byon 14 inch Notebook, Dual Core, 1GB DDR2 Ram, 160Gb harddrive, with Built-In Firewire, modem, LAN, card reader, VGA, sound, webcam. White pearl colour looks like Mac. Sell IDR 2.500.000 Fix. Call Adi 081 2392 5264. Denpasar. [231] Moving Sale; Midea front loading washing machine, water heater, many functions, 2.2M. Very large LG refrigerator, 2 door over/ under, 602cm, 5.3M. Both like new less than 1yo. 0813 9518 0932 Sanur, available after 10/12. [232]

Moving Sale; Canon HG10 HD camcorder. Included WD-H43-wide-converter. power adapter. 2 Battery packs. Wireless controller. component cable. Stereo video cable. USB cable. Software. Recording system AVCHD. 40GB HD drive. LCD screen: 2.7in. Mini SDcard. Rp. 3.5 mio (nego). For pics and info please call Michael 081 2395 1444. Sanur. [207]


ADA CLEAN CLEANING SERVICES General cleaning I windows cleaning I Floor polishing I Benches Bathub & Wash basin polishing | Toilet bowl cleaning I Kitchen detailling I Natural stone floor cleaning & coating | Mattress, sofa, Carpet refreshing I Timber sanding & finishing and......... ADA much more.

Office 0361-8474139 / 08123940401 C/BM/I-15 June 11

Wanted; Video player (for big VHS cassettes). Must be in very good condition. Please contact Michael 081 2395 1444. Sanur. [208] For Sale; Apple wireless mighty mouse. Used, in good condition with box. IDR 200,000. Please call David 0819 1644 8405. Kerobokan. [209] Moving Sale; Teak pool table big size, new carpet. Household furniture by Tecoco plus antique Java furniture. SMS 081 2386 8306. Canggu. [210]

C/BM/U-06 April. 11

Ozone Solutions: • Crystal clear pool and spa • No more red eyes, dry or itchy skin • Easy to install, operate and maintain • Less back flushing & prolong equipment life If you want the ultimate in soft, sanitary and odour free water, consider Bayern Ozone Solutions are the answer. Our ozone combines the power of ozone with the benefits of Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) of hydroxyl radicals. It does not only provide pools with crystal clear and healthier water, but also reduces chlorine use by 90%.

Export Quality Wholesale & Retail

UV Disinfection • For Fish Pond and Water Supply • Germ-Free Without Chemical • Cleaner and Healthier Water


Jl. Raya Kerobokan 2X Mobile: 081 2366 5447, Phone: 0361 7849691 Email: Fax: 0361 731906 PT. MONCOL GOLFUSA, Jakarta: Pulomas, Tel (021) 475-1127, Fax 471-1972, SURABAYA: Tel (031) 567-2474, Fax (0343) 859-107, Denpasar: Tel (0361) 281-082, Fax (0361) 288-805, Email:,, C/BM/I-17 Nov 10

C/BM/I-23 Feb 11

Head Office: Jl. Arjuna Utara No. 16 Menara Kebon Jeruk Blok D Jakarta Barat Phone 021 569 49865/66 Fax. 021 569 49866

C/BM/G-9 Feb. 11

Branch Office Bali: Jl. Mahendradata No. 18 Blok A Phone 0361-9137788

Branch Office Surabaya: Phone 0812 1962982

C/BM/G-27 July 11

C/BM/G-5 Oct. 11

C/BM/G-27 July 11


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Restaurant & Night Life Guide

C/R/I-27 July 11

Dine In -Take Away


Grilled Chicken


Taman Griya

Nothing makes a person more productive than the last minute.

For Sale; All bamboo furniture, bed 160x200, sofa 2pers, 2x chairs with kapok cushions, glass-top coffee table, sideboard 3 cupboards, 2x bedside tables, cost 4,2 million rps, sell for 2 million rps. Call 0812 3683 5939, leaving Bali. Nusa Dua. [214]



Smile Shop Ubud has two wonderful elegant evening outfits size 8, by famous Indonesian designer Ghea Panggabean and some other lovely high quality items. First come first served. Open Tues-Sat 10 ˆ 4, Sun 12-4, closed Mondays. Jl Sriwedari Br Taman Ubud, up from the old Café Moka. [226]

For Sale; Leaving Bali: sell Comforta twin beds, slept in 1 week only, 1,5 million rps with mattress protectors, Sansio freezer 148litres 1 million rps, Samsung microwave 500,000rps, Krisbow fire safe 1/2 price, Samsung frid/freezer 1,4 million rps, all in excellent cond. Call 0812 3683 5939. Nusa Dua. [213]

To Kampus UNUD

For Sale; 5000 watt Matsuyama stavolt, newly refurbished and in great working condition. Rp. 2 million negotiable. +62 878 6198 8111. Seminyak. [225]

Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai Jimbaran Tel: 082 147 519 719 / 087 861 991 067

NC/R/G-5 Oct. 11


O p e n

f o r


11 am - 4 pm


Every Friday &

Sat urday Night s Doner Kebab, Soup & Turkish Pizzas till 5 am

Dreamy Coffees, Gormet Deli and Delicious Dining - Morning to Night Petitenget - 730 418 Jimbaran Corner 704 335 C/R/I-06 April 11

Jl. Petitenget No.69, Badung - Bali [P] +62 361 785 8585 C/R/G-05 OCT. 11

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05 October - 19 October, 2011

Update Eight Degrees South is the beachfront restaurant at The Bali Conrad Resort in Tandjung Benoa. They have recently begun a Sunday Brunch which is proving very popular. A variety of work stations allow you to choose your basics; Breads and Pastries, Salads [Mixed leaf, Nicoise, Tomato Bocconcini, Chicken Soba, Wagyu Beef and Caesar], Seafood [Oysters, Jumbo Shrimps, Mussels, Steamed Squids, Clams, Scallops], Cold Cuts, Healthy & Raw, Pasta, BBQ Grill and other hot dishes. Alternately there is an a la carte menu offering more exotic combinations. Top of the list is their Egg dishes to order, a Seafood Egg Frittata with rocket and parmesan and my favourite, the Truffled Hollandaise Eggs Benedict on toasted brioche [pictured]. Pancakes [with maple syrup, poached pears & fresh strawberries, cinnamon & orange cream] and Croissant French Toast [with fresh strawberries and berries compote] round out the most complete breakfast display you could imagine. All to be enjoyed beachfront at this magic location that reminds you that you must be in Bali.

The Guide


For Sale; Antique teak wood bed + 2 side tables. Simple clean lines w/ headboard. 180cm. Newly re-finished in a medium soft brown. Set for Rp. 3 million nego. Contact +62 878 6198 8111. Seminyak. [222] For Sale; Books! Books! Books! Over 200 books mostly paperbacks ideal for holiday villas. All in English Rp. 10 thou per book but must buy minimum 20 books. +62 878 6198 8111. Seminyak. [223] For Sale; Older 2 PK Toshiba aircon in good working condition, still running & keeps the shop cool. Rp. 1 million or best offer. +62 878 6198 8111. Seminyak. [224] C/R/I-05 Oct. 11

Hanamasa is Japanese, via Jakarta. It is a chain restaurant but one with style, hidden on

Jln. Drupadi [off Jn. Kapten Cok Agung Tresna] in Renon. It is amazing what you can find if you deviate from the main roads in Bali. Smart, modern and air-conditioned, Hanamasa offers quite incredible value. Three of Japans’ most popular eating styles; Yakiniku [you cook yourself on the table BBQ], Shabu-Shabu [you also cook at the table, but in a simmering pot of flavoured broth] and Robatayaki [‘things on sticks’, cooked for you over a grill]. The unusual method here is the buffets of raw and marinated ingredients for you to select from, meats, seafood and vegetables for each of the three cuisines. However it does not stop there, there is also a fresh salad bar and to finish off an ‘Es Campur’ style buffet bar where you once again you make your own, selecting all the ingredients you wish to include. All in all you choose from all or some of the 5 buffets on offer. All you can eat for approx $12 p.p. total [only beverages are extra]…amazing value! The menu is only in Indonesian, the lack of Japanese and English quite surprising although with its buffet style it is less important than normal. Many imports from Java come, and go, but this one is here for good. Hanamasa is a great addition to the great value eating area of Renon, which is slowly breaking away from its pure Indonesian cuisine base and threatens to become Bali’s centre for International ‘cheap eats’.

Bali Bakery, in Jln. Hayam Wuruk, Denpasar, has always offered better than average

breakfasts from early morning. An excellent standard is their simple old English Bacon & Eggs [poached eggs too, and better than most] large bacon serving, toast of your choice and crispy potatoes, Lyon style with fried onions. Now they are experimenting with Breakfast Chef’s Specials. Recent offerings have included Eggs Benedict with a difference; poached eggs but with back bacon, sitting on toasted walnut bread and topped with a lime & coriander hollandaise. Other options have been Oven Baked Egg on a black sesame seed bagel topped with a tomato salsa and a touch of Mexico; Huevos Rancheros, eggs with black beans and cheddar cheese on a lettuce and avocado tortilla. A touch of Seminyak!

C/R/G-15 June 11

Istanbul Café has only been open for one year [in Pengosekan, Ubud] but its birth has been quite traumatic, with many dramas unfolding in its first few months. The place has now settled down and is booming, the multi flower setting producing a restful space for this Turkish eatery that includes a number of International dishes as well, under its new young Turkish chef/owner. A totally different and more subdued management style to his predecessor. Kofte are always a good way to start [or just nibble with drinks at the bar or in the lounge], simple tasty meatballs of beef. Mains include Kebabs [all meat dishes are so-called] and Shish Kebabs [skewered meat interleaved with different vegetables]. Imam Bayild is proving very popular, eggplant with minced lamb, onion, tomato and green peppers, as is their Lamb Casserole, a very traditional Turkish claypot. Menu prices have also been greatly reduced as compared to the previous operator, and nowadays the entire menu is normally available, every day. Eternal at Ametis is a classy new restaurant on Jln. Pantai Batu Bolong [the road to Canggu

beach]. Surprising that it serves only Indonesian cuisine, but their highly credentialed executive chef Nyoman Maleachi [ex 4 Seasons, Jimbaran] presents it at its traditional best, often with a modern makeover. Udang Galah Papaya Salad is wonderful and fresh, char grilled prawns marinated with turmeric, combined with coriander and papaya or Deep-fried Squid with cucumber pickles and sweet chilli, both making excellent starters. The Sapi Rendang is tender braised beef in a spicy sauce with tamarind and candlenuts, combined with potatoes and red beans. Chicken is in that sauce from Manado, Rica-Rica. Udang Nenas is deep-fried prawn tails with charred pineapple, crisp Thai basil and a sauce with a bite! Then there is the wonderful, simple Opor Ayam, chicken cooked with galangal and lemongrass, and many more dishes to tempt the taste buds.

C/R/G-5 Oct. 11

Art Café probably has the smallest street frontage of any restaurant on Monkey Forest Rd, in Ubud. Driving past, blink and you will miss it. However if walking past you can not miss it in the evening as live music [acoustic only], and a full house attracts attention. Very narrow but it does extend a long way back towards the rice paddies. The menu has been greatly expanded since the opening and now offers quite a range to go with the melodic music which makes quite a change from the usual loud electric noises that scream out at you from everywhere else in today’s Ubud. XO Suki & Cuisine is a strange name for this new chain restaurant [the 1st outlet opened in Mal Galeria Kuta earlier this year], it combines the offerings of two famous Surabaya restaurants, XO Suki [serving traditional Chinese Steamboat] and XO Cuisine [a la carte menu combining true Chinese and Indonesian style Chinese dishes]. It is found on the street with the longest name in Bali, Jln. Kapten Cok Agung Tresna, in Renon. It is yet another great budget restaurant for this ever-expanding eating area. Open from 10.00 a.m., not for Dim Sum but for the healthier option of Steamboat which can be just vegetarian or combined with seafood and meat. As the ingredients are only lightly simmered they retain most of their original goodness. The all day dining menu offers many popular dishes. Pangsit [deep-fried prawn or chicken dumplings] are a common starting point. Chicken can be with ginger, garlic, kung pao or even Mongolian style. Soft Shell Crabs are offered in many different versions, including one with XO sauce, of course! Basic fish, squid and prawn dishes are also available at very reasonable prices. Roast Pork in true Hong Kong [Cantonese] style is a specialty of the house and can be ordered as a half or full bird. This chain’s fame has preceded it as only open a couple of weeks but the car park is already full every day. Stage II will be private dining rooms at the rear of the initial restaurant, coming soon. Gerry Williams For more information see our website: C/R/G-05 Oct. 11


The Guide

Bali Advertiser

05 October - 19 October, 2011

A Gourmet Catering in Bali Available for weddings, corporate and other private functions Phone +62 361 732 685 C/R/I-18 May 11

every tuesday on 1st and 3rd weeks of the month Jalan Kunti 4 BB, Seminyak-Kuta +62.361.732731 - C/R/G-9 Feb. 11

Get your free life lesson number (Numerology). Please send full name (exactly as shown in your birth certificate) and birth date. I also do Tarot, I Ching. <>. [204] For Sale; German people to move on, Sofa set 2 and 3 (leather Chesterfield style, top quality from Germany), many household goods, glases, CDs, German books (thriller, diving books more than 300!), scuba equipment, all imported from Germany! Cabinet with drawer, bookshelf, decorative items. For more information please send SMS for make a appointment 0859 3616 6536. Sanur. [203] Moving Sale; Old teak chest 800, teak storage chest on wheels 2mil, teak kitchen buffet 1.5mil, 2 teak and leather bar stools. 1.2 for both. Plus mirrors linen blender rattan blinds and mats cushions pillows all nego. 0821 4764 0034. Seminyak. [191]

For Sale; Luxmen professional video lighting equipment with maintenance free rechargeable sealed battery 12v 7.0 Ah. The battery is brand new (100%) complete with the case with shoulder strap and belt hook up, include battery charger. Operating time for lighting: 45 minutes at DC 12V-100W, 90 minutes at DC 12V-5-W. Price at photo store Rp. 1,4 mill, now sell for only Rp. 800.000. Please call 279 6633. East Denpasar. [195]

Advertise in

Bali Advertiser

For Sale; Sony handycam, digital 8 model DCR-TRV 355E. D8, Hi8 and V8 playable. With 2 batteries and charder plus memory stick for still photo. Still in very good condition. Sell for Rp. 2 million. Please call 279 6633. East Denpasar. [196] For Sale: Ariston electric instant water heater, Model BE 2422 E; blue, 2, 4W. Not suitable for my installation, brand new. Reg. prize 2.2 mio, sell it for 1,8. Please call Suzie 0813 3860 3796. Seminyak. [197]

31 October 2011 C/R/I-05 Oct. 11

Restaurant Review

By Gerry Williams E-mail:

Taste the Difference! Deus ex Macchina is well known to enthusiasts in both Sydney and Bali. Their Bali factory sits amid the ever-disappearing rice paddies of central Canggu. The high showroom/gallery towers over the local landscape, filled with hand restored vintage motor bikes, and custom made surfboards and bicycles.

at the same time. For me this dish has everything. Based on a Biryani [which originated in Sri Lanka, but has spread to all neighbouring countries] chicken pieces, raisins and cashews are sautéed with rice, berries, leaves and subtle spices to make this great dish. I savour every mouthful.

However not so many people seem to have discovered the magic Deus Café. It is one of Bali’s great foodie secrets! It sits on the outer veranda that surrounds the showroom. A comfortable bar offers eating and drinking space in the kitchen corner. Food with taste! A variety of different Asian cuisines, all faithfully re-produced, plus a few creations.

Not far behind is a simple Malaysian Indian Curry. Here the chicken is cooked on the bone, no doubt grilled but with flesh so tender it may have been steamed. Covered with a thick masala of intense flavour, and served with yellow rice. The Thai Krapow [chicken or beef] is a surprise, ‘krapow’ is just the Thai word for basil and that flavour certainly comes through loud and strong. In Thailand the meat is minced and heavy with chilli and Thai basil, here they are slices of tender meat without the chilli, just sweet basil. Different but still great!

Open early for breakfast [early enough for the dawn surfers hungry after fighting the waves, and local businessmen on the way to their office] they offer the standard items [Fruit Salad with Bircher Muesli, French Toast, Ham & Cheese Croissants, Eggs Benedict, Poached or Fried with Bacon], local [Black Rice Pudding] and a few more exotic things; Baked Eggs on Hash Browns, an Omelette of Goat Cheese, Mushroom and Spinach and Breakfast Burritos [scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese wrapped in a tortilla]. Together with coffee from a real espresso machine, that most important breakfast ingredient. All day snacks double as entrees and finger food for the drinkers, late afternoon and well into the night. They include Deep-fried Wontons stuffed with chicken meat, Sea Salt and Pepper Calamari, Beef Rollers [marinated beef strips in teriyaki sauce], Prawn Croquettes and the unusual Ji Tu Si, finely diced deep fried chicken pieces combined with coriander, garlic and pepper, spread on toast with a sweet chilli sauce. Soups and Salads are available on the lunch menu, but more are on the dinner version [which is also available at lunch if you want a bigger selection]. Soups include the Thai special, found all over Bali in a variety of versions, Tom Yam Goong and its chicken alternative the ambrosial Tom Kar Gai. Salads are numerous and varied. Duck [sliced meat with sticky rice, lime and chilli dressing], Pork Belly [deep fried and crispy with lettuce, lime and palm sugar], Thai Beef Salad [sweet basil, mint and coriander], Soba Noodle [with teriyaki grilled tuna and cold black soba noodles, ponzu dressing], Green Papaya, the original Som Tam, shredded papaya tossed in a coriander dressing topped with crushed peanuts and dried shrimps. However as wonderful as all these dishes are it is for the Mains that I go to Deus Café, lunch, dinner or in between. The first dish I ever ordered here was their Sri Lankan Chicken, and one that I continually re-order. The skeptics may call it an expensive Nasi Goreng, but then they obviously do not appreciate such a well balanced dish, the flavours subtle yet almost full strength

Twice Cooked Chicken is leg and thigh, marinated in ground turmeric, steamed then fried. Chicken Martabak is Malay style, spiced chicken and vegetables rolled in an Indian Roti, cut into easy to eat squares, for me a great entrée or finger food whilst sipping, but here listed amongst the mains. Larb is a popular Thai dish, Larb Moo is minced pork, the lime, palm sugar and fish sauce give it that sweet and sour taste the Thais love. The BBQ Pork is also Thai style, coated with chilli powder, tamarind, mint, coriander and ground rice.


: Deus Cafe


: Jln. Batu Mejan 8, Canggu.


: 368.3395.


: 7.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m., daily.


: Secure, off road.


: Rp. 400,000 for two [+ drinks].

Credit Cards

: All major cards.


: Asian with style.


: Limited.


: Friendly, efficient.


: Rural.


: A wonderful variety of tastes!

There are a few seafood dishes but the Malee Yum Pla is WOW! Whole fish is deboned, floured and lightly fried in pieces, then tossed in the wok with mint, coriander and lemongrass. Fantastic! The Mixed Seafood [prawns and squid] is cooked with the Chinese origin Choo Chee sauce, very different. Pure Chinese is the Kung Pao Chicken, sweet and spicy with onions, chilli, garlic and cashews, as is the Black Pepper Beef. Many Vegetarian dishes are also available including some vegetarian versions of the above dishes, replacing the meat content with tofu. Sushi Night was Thursdays, but by popular demand there are Deus Sushi Specials on every night, and the very special Specials on Thursday and Friday evenings only. Sushi as you have never had it before, and sometimes in name only as it is often combined with tempura and wild sauces, creations that even surprise the Japanese! Sushi, Californian style by Tyler Mars, who happened to call in for lunch one day after surfing, and decided to stay! There is now also a mini Deus Café just offering snacks, salads and sandwiches, no mains] at the new Deus showroom on Jln. Laksmana, Kerobokan. A relaxed lunch at Deus Café is what Bali is all about, soft subtle flavours from a very high quality kitchen, out amongst the rice paddies of Canggu.

Copyright © 2011 Gerry Williams Reviews that appear in Bali Advertiser are based on actual visits to the establishments listed, without the knowledge of the restaurants, and are not paid for by the individual restaurants. Opinions expressed here are those of Gerry Williams and not necessarily those of Bali Advertiser. Gerry Williams attempts to write from a ‘typical’ diner’s perspective and, whilst quality of food is the most important criteria overall, value for money is the real measuring stick.

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05 October - 19 October, 2011

Garage Sale; All must out. Small restaurant/ shop equipments, glass display for jewelry/ glasses, chairs, tables, small cut marbles & glass, kitchen hood, etc. Jl. Kunti Timur no. 25 B, Seminyak, 0361 737 018. Work days only. [215] Moving Sale; One of upholstered Chipendale chair, writing desk w/ 3 drawers across, size 120x75x40cm, carved deco table w/ drawer size 65x65x40cm. No pic. Please call 0812 3606 8945. Sanur. [216]

C/R/I-04 May 11

Moving Sale; 1 Panasonic standing fan, 1 KDK ceiling fan, Phillips toaster, 1 pressure cooker, Brevelle juicer, Phillips radio, CD, DVD, Mp3 player, 21 inch Sharp TV, 4m THS old under warranty. Set price Rp. 1.4 mill. Also new assorted cushions with covers, new pillows and bolsters assorted. Noritake. Dinner and dessert plates. Art framed line drawing of semi naked man. White elephant 120x100cm. Assorted framed mirrors. All sensible priced. No pics. Please call 0812 3606 8945. Sanur. [217] Looking For; Aqua gym aerobic classes in Legian. <papayoulelebali@yahoo. fr>. [218]


For Sale; Computer equipments: Samsung DVDRW - IDE ATA Rp. 125.000. Memory DDR1 Kingston 2x 512 Rp. 300.000. D-Link Lan card (new) Rp. 50.000. Pcasing ATX nice model good quality Rp. 125.000 or all only for Rp. 400.000. All items are in good condition and working accordingly. Please call 279 6633. East Denpasar. [198] For Sale; Solid Teak Dining Table = L 200x W 115 x H 79 and 10cm thick. Cost Rp. 13.0million. Sorry to be selling it for Rp. 6.5million! Please e-mail <Admin@> photos or come to AquaMarine Diving - Bali, Jl Petitenget 2A. [199]

C/R/I-07 Sept 11

For Sale; Unusual rattan : 2 chairs and 1 glass-topped coffee table (chair H: 90cm; D: 55cm; coffee table H: 45cm; D: 55cm). Rp1.75 million. Unused. E-mail <Admin@> for photos or come to AquaMarine Diving - Bali, Jl Petitenget 2A. [200] For Sale; Pool/billiard table, good size, balls and cues, great condition. Rp. 3,500,000. 0821 4617 1517. Bukit. [201] For Sale; Aquarium, complete filtration system, lighting, cabinet, approx. 1. 9m H. X 2m L. X 0. 5m W. Rp. 2,700,000. Tel. 0821 4617 1517. Bukit. [202]

C/R/G-10 August 11

C/He/G-5 Oct. 11


All Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner from 8 am- 11 pm

Organic Sunday Market Start from 9am to 12pm Children friendly Beach view Jalan Batu Bolong Pantai Canggu Tel. 0361 9604121 C/R/G-6 April 11


755392 C/Ns/G-5 Oct. 11

Education & Family 15 % Off For Person 50 % For Second Person SPECIAL PRICE FOR


For Sale; Old type Wilson Rally Junior tennis racquets for sale made of iron suitable for age 8 - 12 Rp. 300.000; also Yonex adult tennis racquets made of carbon with Wilson NXT string, complete cover, Rp. 700.000; all are original. Please call 0852 5363 4563. Kuta. [002]

For Sale; iPhone 3G 16Gb black, 2.500.000 Rp. Sanur, 0812 3952 0483 Natalia. Sanur. [069] Moving Sale; 1 set sofa rattan, 1 rack bottle , 1 long chair, mattresss second hand, 1 buffet drawer, clock bell. Please contact Mr. Mardawa 081 139 5993. [127]

C/E/G-10 August 11

C/E/I-12 Jan 11

Join and be our big family at Hooray Kids Preschool - Open registration for July 2011 - June 2012 a. b. c. d. e. f.

Get special discount for enroll March - May 2011 Facilities:

Babies Class ➔ 0-1 years Toddler Junior ➔ 1-2 years Toddler Senior ➔ 2-3 years Playgroup ➔ 3-4 years Kindergarten A ➔ 4-5 years Kindergarten B ➔ 5-6 years

• • • • • •

Full AC Swimming Pool Playground Dreamworld Daycare School Bus

For further information please call: Ms. Rani: 7435044. Ms. Yuli: 085339263007 Address: Marlboro Street C/E/G-9 Feb. 11

C/E/I-23 Maret 11

C/E/G-4 May 11

C/E/I-10 August 11

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For Sale; Long board Clyde Beatty custom CRB surfboards Santa Barbara CA. Contact HP: 0821 4712 2223. [185] We provide services in : 1. Tourist Visa 3. Graduate Recognise Visa 2. Work & Holiday Visa 4. Partner Visa

Education & Family

05 October - 19 October, 2011

5. Skill Migration Visa 6. Student Visa

Jl. Teuku Umar Barat No. 77 Denpasar Phone: +62-361-8234788 Fax: +62-361-483272 Website: C/E/G-15 June 11

For Sale; Dish washer machine, Indesit, never used. 2.5 mill. Stove exhaust fan, Modena, Rp. 600.000. Call +62 813 3768 8655. [186] For Sale; Scuba gear: Suunto dive computer “Favor” model, Aqualung “Titan” dive regulator, Aqualung B.C “Wave” model. Small-med size, Scubapro wetsuit. 0.5 mill: medium size 4.5 mill Rupiah for all. Jeff at 0818 0565 0849. Kuta. [187] Moving Sale; Bamboo king bed 1. 5m, teak dining table 4 chairs 3 mil, 3 teak daybeds + mattress 5mil each. 1 very big teak coffee table 5mil, 1 new TV 21” Sharp 900,000, 1 wardrobe 2mil. 0821 4764 0034. Seminyak. [188] If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you’re right.

For Sale; Oxygen kit for medical use. 4.3 ltr tank (DIN), regulator and free flow mask. New ex dive center. Was $500 sell $300. ONO. Sue 0813 3704 6227. Candidasa. [176] For Sale; Sea & Sea UW 20mm wide conversion lens x2. And Sea & Sea digital AF video 0.6x wide lens. Does anyone need – almost free. Sue 0813 3704 6227. Candidasa. [177]



at Canggu & Kuta RING 0361-7443102 or email to :, Booking for Programs a must C/E/G-7 Sept. 11

For Sale; Divers Xenec personal strobe light, for night diving. Make an offer. Sue 0813 3704 6227. Candidasa. [178] For Sale; GPS 12 Garmin handheld– complete instruction book was 230 $ sell for $70. ONO. Sue 0813 3704 6227. Candidasa. [179] For Sale; Portable kitchen work top table size L300cmxD60cmxH80cm, cost 2 million to make will sell for 1.2million only. Please SMS: 0878 6196 0495. Denpasar. [180]

C/E/I-01 June 11

course date 2012: 2 - 13 January 9 - 20 April 2 -13 July

A successful tutor will make you speak At your home or office 8 years experience, taught more than 100 foreigners

C/E/M-4 May. 11

C/E/G-5 Oct. 11

C/E/G-5 Oct. 11

C/E/G-5 Oct. 11

C/E/G-5 Oct. 11


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05 October - 19 October, 2011


Down To Earth Vegetarian Gourmet cooking school and staff training program. Our mission; shape the future of nutrition ! Revitalize nutrition as a form of planetary change, for personal health and growth.

Training your staff to cook for you and your family. A unique curriculum teaching the future of nutrition, today!

Great Event, But No Sex Thanks We like to party, so it seemed like a good idea to bowl on out to El Kabron, which has a prime cliff-top position at Pantai Cemongkak on the Bukit, on October 1 for the first of three extravaganza afternoons – that’s what they said on their Facebook anyway – featuring art, food, dance and music. It was the Distaff’s latest 21st birthday next day, indicating a requirement for immodest celebration. And since Hector holds firmly to the belief that he is not a day over 30 – and with the assistance of a wig, a face-mask and a couple of uppers on the way there has occasionally managed to fool adjacent revellers until they have had to call an ambulance – frivolity seemed in order. Considerable further appeal was added by these parties being well outside the so ho-hum beer-and-footy confines of the local Anglosphere, or even its upmarket offshoot that prefers wine and cheese. This one had tapas, as befits a Spanish restaurant, live music and the opening of an exhibition of art by Letitia Balacek on the theme “the dynamic lines and colour of Bali.” Organisers David Iglesias Megias and Hellen Sjuhada promised fun and frivolity. El Kabron apparently also offers something else, called Sex on the Cliff. But your diarist did not try this. He has never had a head for heights. Three events were scheduled on successive Saturdays. The October 1 opening, headlined Sunset Chillout, precedes an October 8 limited-seat dinner (yum!) and fundraising event to benefit the SoleMen project – the SoleMen have just completed the inaugural Bukit Walk associated with the ROLE Foundation. Last in the trio is an October 15 bash including an auction of Balacek’s art, also for charity. Over the three weekends, Balacek was geared up to adorn El Kabron’s sea-view veranda with her remarkable drawing and live-art. You’re invited to come along and engage, talk, or simply get inspired. Sounds fun! The opener certainly was.

Bank on a Good Show This year’s Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (October 6-9) got under way this week, bolstered by some very nice funding from ANZ Bank via its local Panin Bank operation and, as always, Janet DeNeefe and her team put together a great programme. There’s one book launch on the programme that should attract lovers of poetry, especially if they are familiar with the nuances of Australia’s much misinterpreted working class culture. It’s Bearers of Fruit, by Nancy Inglis, whose CV includes nurse; mother; environmental and social activist; historian; winemaker; poet; and writer. The book contains 327 poems, documenting Inglis’s experience from her forties into her eighties. Its artwork is the work of Inglis’s daughter Linda Buller, herself a painter and known in Bali as the heroine for Ubud street dogs. Inglis and daughter put on their road show on October 7. On the music front there’s been something of a coup, with the acclaimed Al-Izhar High School Community Choir & Orchestra coming from Jakarta to join creative forces with the gamelan orchestra of SMAN 1 Ubud High School. That’s also on October 7. Festival organisers warn there’s a risk that audience members might catch Goosebumps. On a different intellectual plane the festival features two African writers in conversation at the Alila resort: Nigerian born Chris Abani is a renowned contemporary novelist and poet, a man of huge talent who has been vilified, imprisoned and harmed for his outspoken words. Ugandan born Indian Mohezin Tejani has been roaming the world for four decades since being exiled from his home by that silly old despot Idi Amin. They will be sharing their stories with international journalist Hassan Ansah. There’s plenty of food for thought in that, and food of the other sort will be provided in the form of a North African feast designed by foodie and mystery woman Peta Mathias. We should mention, for anyone feeling jaded by modern existence and apt to reminisce about their disgraceful former lives, that famous bad boy scribbler DBC Pierre is having a leisurely lunch at the Four Seasons Resort (the one near Ubud). He is offering some truths behind the tall tales that made headlines across the globe when he won the Man Booker Prize in 2003 for his acclaimed novel Vernon God Little. The fellow now lives in an isolated rural village in Ireland, a world away from his previous performance envelope. He’ll be chatting (audibly) with his good friend Salena Godden, billed as queen of Britain’s spoken word circuit and herself a literary bombshell. You can find full details of the 2011 UWRF programme on their website and Facebook.

Dogged by Rabies Keen observers would have noted that September 28 was World Rabies Day. That’s something of intense interest in Bali, where upwards of 130 people have died of the disease

since it broke out in 2008. The painful saga of the initial response is now history, and it does seem, on the latest carefully doctored reports to be released for public view, that it is on the way to being a controllable emergency. Australian consul-general in Bali Brett Farmer said this at the World Rabies Day function in Denpasar: “Human deaths from rabies have now dropped by 68 percent compared to the same period last year, but we want to see this figure fall to zero.” Well, yes, that would be good plan. There’s no need for anyone to die of rabies – it is untreatable and invariably fatal once symptoms appear – provided adequate human rabies vaccine is available (adequate in quantity and quality) and hugely expensive immunoglobulin can also be provided. Thus far, that hasn’t been the case. People who have had a full preventive vaccination course do not need the immunoglobulin, only the post-exposure vaccinations. Since 2008 Australia has provided a total of A$1.1 million towards combating the disease in Bali. Most of this has gone to the dog vaccination campaign. So let’s all hope we hear even more cheering news next World Rabies Day.

A program that teaches your staff the knowledge of healthy, clean, and loving kitchen that meets your family and personal needs.  Menu planning, healthy vegetarian cooking and basic nutrition.  Integrating different dietary theories from east to west. Macrobiotics to Raw Foods, vegan and traditional cultural cooking, a prevention diet and healing diets.

Is this something you might be interested in ? For information call 0361-736645 or 0816 470 8884 C/E/U-9 Feb. 11

He’s Our Star We read in the estimable diary column in The Australian newspaper – it’s called Strewth, one of the lesser adjectives commonly heard in newspaper offices – that historian Ross Fitzgerald, a long-time friend of Hector (well, the guy who ghost-writes for the lazy buzzard at least) may soon be immortalising himself on the little screen as well as in print. Strewth reported on September 28 that fans of Larry David and Austen Tayshus (they’re Aussie icons; that’s all you need to know) would be pleased to hear of a new project. Fitzgerald, columnist with The Australian and co-author with Rick Murphy of the recent biography on Austen Tayshus (Sandy Gutman to his parents) titled Merchant of Menace, tells Strewth a pilot for a TV series based on the book is in the pipeline, starring the man many call the most controversial performer in Australia. “The show will be like Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, partly scripted but much improvised,” Fitzgerald told Strewth. “Five minutes of each episode will involve Sandy seeing a real female therapist who specialises in treating children of Holocaust survivors.” The working title is Standup. Plans are also being made for Gutman to play the character Grafton Everest in a TV series based on Fitzgerald’s novel Fools’ Paradise, co-authored with Trevor Jordan. Fitzgerald is a Bali regular. He and his wife Lyndal Moore prefer the sybaritic delights of Ubud to those offered elsewhere on the island.

The Far Queue No Longer While musing about the products of Australia’s halls of academe, we should record that the government there has just announced it will loosen some visa requirements for international students in an effort to draw more people to Australian universities. It released a report that called for a shake-up of immigration requirements and said it would introduce a more streamlined visa process for overseas students who want to complete a tertiary degree in Australia.

Jalan Tukad Nyali, Gang SMU6 No. 3, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia T (+62) 361 284 410/286554 Office E C/E/I-18 May 11

In a stunning reversal of traditional practice, the authorities say they will not now deal with International students planning to attend Australian universities as if they are all potential illegal over-stayers, regardless of which country they come from. The government will also relax some of the onerous financial requirements for student visas and issue a new work visa for foreign students who graduate in Australia.

Yak On Hector couldn’t make the Yak Awards this year (a previous engagement intervened) but we’re sure it was the usual hoot, as befits affrays organised by super Sophie Digby and her crew. This year’s event was at Tugu Bali. Last year’s was at Cocoon and is remembered by your diarist, who at that time was scribbling for Another Newspaper (The Invisible Times, now edited from Ireland we understand) as the occasion on which he completely missed notable yakker Susie Johnston, who won Yak Woman of the Year 2010. Susie memorably said afterward this must have been because she was wearing the most eye-catching dress of the evening and flashy new specs, and was yakking nineteen to the dozen. Hector can be contacted at He blogs at and is on Facebook: Hector McSquawky Copyright © 2011 Bali Advertiser You can read all past articles of Hector’s Diary at C/E/G-5 Oct. 11

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05 October - 19 October, 2011

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For Sale; SanDisk 16 GB flash drive, never been used, selling for 175,000, contact Kevin on 0818 0531 8192. Denpasar. [152] For Sale; 4 pcs of trembesi wood (albizia saman), 2x3 m, 17cm thick. IDR 40 million each. Call 081 856 6288. Jimbaran. [147] C/E/U-07 Sept. 11

C/E/I-06 April 11

C/E/I-27 July 11

C/E/I-05 Oct 11

C/E/G-5 Oct. 11


Education & Family



12 HOUR ENGLISH 6 X 2 Hours or 4x3 hours

Good for Hotel, Restaurant, Garment, Travel Agent, Lawyer, etc

Since 1973

Correct and Effective Communication Private at Your Office or Residence

Individual : Rp 2.000.000,- 2 persons : Rp 3.000.000,Small Group (max. 5 persons) : Rp. 4000.000,Medium Group (max. 10 persons) : Rp. 6.000.000,Big Group (max. 15 persons) : Rp. 7.500.000,D I J A M I N B I S A U.S. Rafik - Director of Excellent English & Indonesian Course



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05 October - 19 October, 2011

Only 4 Days 2 Hours Per Day Correct and Effective Communication

Private at Your Office or Residence INDIVIDUAL : Rp. 3,000,000,- 3 PERSON : Rp. 5,000,000,2 PERSONS : Rp. 4,000,000,- 4 PERSONS : Rp. 6,000,000,-

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For Sale; Wardrobe 2mil, teak clothing cupboard 1,5mil, TV 21” sharp 1 month old 900,000, tall kitchen cupboard 1.5 mil, large recycled teak buffet 3mil, small chest drawers 500, 2 small rattan chest drawers 300 each. 0821 4764 0034. Seminyak. [189] Moving Sale; AC Mitsubishi 2mil, AC Changhong 1.8 mil, iron wood queen bed base 2mil, water hyacinth sofa 2pc set and mattress 1. 5, antique teak king bed 8mil, 2 king mattress 1 mil each. 0821 4764 0034. Seminyak. [190] You aren’t wealthy until you have something money can’t buy.

For Sale; Golf clubs - full set Nike slingshot irons (5-A) Nike Sasquatch driver and 3/5 woods, putter, wedges, trolly bag etc. Good condition. Offers on all/part welcome. Sanur area. E-mail: <fox@bali-move. net> in first case please. [174] For Sale; Scuba gear, under used, nearly new. 2 sets, BCD L & M, Regulator R190 all Scubapro. Was $595 sell $250 each. Long wet suits 2 XXXL & 1 M sell $40. 3 sets Regulator Scubapro R190 was $395 sell $200 each. Octopus-combined inflator Air 2 was $190 sell 70. 2 tanks 12 ltr was $190 sell $90 each. ONO. Sue 0813 3704 6227. Candidasa. [175]

NC/E/A-5 Oct 11

C/E/I-22 Sept 10

THE HEART OF BALI Helping HIV/AIDS Children at Risk By Michele Cempaka C/E/G-13 July 11

In June 2010, Yayasan Sehati Anak was established with the mission of helping HIV affected children lead happy and healthy lives and develop to their full potential. The foundation strongly believes that these children are equal to other children despite their condition, and they are actively working hard to create a more positive image for HIV+ children. Yayasan Sehati Anak was also developed in order to address the following issues: 1. There are an increasing number of HIV children in Bali since it was first documented in Sanglah Hospital in 2004. Statistics out of Sanglah today report that approximately 150 children have HIV. Of course there are no real statistics on this, because many children who live in remote villages haven’t been tested. 2. Many children who are orphaned or neglected from HIV adults. 3. The stigma and discrimination towards these children, who are infected, exposed or affected by HIV. 4. The importance of documenting all those who are from low socio economic backgrounds who are affected by this disease. Advisor Dr. Bagus Ngurah Putu Arhana, a senior pediatric infectious diseases consultant and also the head of the Department of the Child Health – School of Medicine at Udayana University in Denpasar, has been working hand in hand with Dr. Dewi in the initial phase when rejection and fear of HIV patients was prevalent in the pediatric ward of Sanglah Hospital. Pamela Bathgate is also an Advisor for the yayasan. She helped found Yayasan Sehati Anak after realizing the desperate situation of the forgotten innocent children in Bali. Dr. Dewi Kumara Wati, the Chair for the yayasan, works in Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar. She is dedicated to her work with treating HIV in children. As a doctor, she has a sense of the multiple needs of an individual patient, and feels that there is a psychosocial element to this illness which includes the emotional aspects of the family unit. Families can play a very important role in the well being of their HIV affected child, as their attitudes about the disease can positively or negatively impact him/her. She believes that children can grow free from HIV especially when the adults allow them to do so. In 2005, Dr. Dewi Kumara Wati began treatment for the first pediatric HIV case in Bali and is now one of the National expert panel members of the Indonesian National Guidelines for ‘Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission’ (PMTCT) program. The center in Bali operates out of the Child Health Department of Sanglah Hospital. There are currently 116 children under the age of 12 who are being assisted with testing and medicine. In order for the medicine to retain its

efficacy, doctors ensure that kids take their medicine the same time every day. In addition, children must regularly have their CD4 levels checked. At present, there is only one machine in Bali that can check the CD4 levels of HIV+ patients which up until recently, could only be used by adults. Testing the children involved a less efficient process where lab tests had to be sent to Jakarta where there was a long waiting time and extra cost involved. However recently, that machine has been modified so the children can also be tested here in Bali. Ideally, the yayasan would like to acquire a machine especially for the children in order to speed up the process of testing, diagnosing and treating them. To ensure that the children get their regular checkups and take their medicine, the foundation has a field worker who goes out to the villages to check on them. If any patient hasn’t turned up for their checkup, the medical staff at the hospital will follow up and the field worker will find out why. Another important aspect of these visits is for the field worker to make sure that the children are being nourished and cared for in the best way possible. Milk formula and other nutritious products are provided to the children to ensure that their bodies are strong and healthy enough for the medicines to be able to work properly. The cost for this alone is approximately $2.00 per day per child. “There’s always an ongoing need to provide nutrition for the children. We need approximately 45 million a month for all those we’re currently assisting,” said Pamela Bathgate. Since many of these villages are quite poor and reside in remote areas, it is sometimes difficult for the parent or caregiver to get transport to take them to the center at Sanglah Hospital. At this stage the foundation doesn’t have its own vehicle, but in the future they hope to be able to have a car and driver so that they can pick up these children and bring them to the hospital for their regular medical checkups. As the number of HIV+ children is expected to rise to even more alarming levels in the coming years, Yayasan Sehati Anak is doing all they can to prepare for this influx. They are seeking assistance from donors and businesses that can support their services for HIV + children. For example, IT specialists or help with printing brochures and other promotional materials would be a big help for the foundation. For more information about Yayasan Sehati Anak, please contact: Allergy Immunology Division Child Health Department at Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar. Donations can be made to: Bank BNI, Branch: Renon, Denpasar, Bali, Account name: Kim Amanda Patra, Account number: 0213925287, Account type: Giro. Hotline: 081236156121 or email: For questions or comments about this column, please email: Copyright 2011 © Michele Cempaka See all past articles of The Heart of Bali at

C/E/I-05 Oct. 11

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By The Coach

This Sporting Life

RUGBY PLAYER DIES SUDDENLY All the participants at the 2011 Bali Rugby Fest were in shock after a prominent Perth player died just hours after telling teammates he was feeling unwell the night before Bali’s annual rugby union tournament. Devastated friends and colleagues hope an autopsy will give them answers as to why Michael Denton, a seemingly fit and healthy 29-year-old, could collapse and die.Mr Denton, the fly-half for Nedlands Rugby Union Football Club’s premier grade team, was found unconscious in his hotel room by a team medic on Friday night who checked on him after he went to bed early. Nedlands Club president Hans Sauer said the medic desperately tried to revive Mr Denton before he was rushed to hospital.He was given the best treatment but never regained consciousness, Mr Sauer said.Originally from Dunedin in New Zealand, Mr Denton had represented WA in the Perth Gold State side and played in the Western Force A side. Mark Bedham, Nedland’s team manager, announced the news to the shocked tournament committee and withdrew his team from the event in a show of respect to both his players and Mr Denton. Mr Bedham went on to explain that Mike was a “rugby fanatic” and that the last he would want was for his team mates to go home “with their tails between their legs”. With that in mind a tentative arrangement was made for a memorial game to be played on the Sunday between the Nedland’s boys and a Barbarians selection. The sad news quickly spread throughout the teams in attendance and black armbands were adorned in honor of a fallen brother. Team managers from all sides met and it was agreed the tournament would go on in Mike’s honour. On Sunday the Nedland’s team assembled at one end of the field for the minutes silence in memory of Mike Denton, just before the memorial match against a Barbarian’s selection. Every player and supporter at the ground took to the field to form a guard of honor that stretched from one end of the field to the other. After the minutes silence it was an emotional scene as the Nedland’s players ran through the tunnel, their grief evident on their faces, clapped on by their fellow rugby community also sharing in their loss. The game itself was free-flowing affair where the greater game of rugby was the winner on the day. Tears were shed, rugby was played and the sponsors products were downed as 450 players from 27 teams became mates. Nick Mesritz, president of Bali Rugby Club and tournament director expressed it for all “On behalf of the Bali Rugby Club and Indonesian Rugby, I would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the family, friends and team mates of Mike Denton. May he rest in peace”. 2011 XP PROPERTY BALI RUGBY UNION 10’s After the tragic event of Friday night (see above), the 2011 Xclusive Property Bali Rugby Fest kicked off on Saturday morning with over 450 players participating. After the group games on Saturday, on Sunday it was business end of the weekend with the finals. Results Asia Rep Indonesian Men’s 7’s National Championships Plate Final: Bali Hanoman White 15 - Matano Miners 5 Cup Final: Jakarta Banteng 22 - Gosowong Barbarians 5 MVP: Daniel Nugroho

course dates 2011 - 2012: 12 Oct - 8 Nov 2011 14 Nov - 8 Dec 2011 24 Jan - 20 Feb 2012

Xclusive Property Women’s 7’s Winners: Bush Turkeyz Women’s VII MVP: Esther Fualpa

Xclusive Property Open Men’s 10’s Bowl Final: Jago Dulu 25 - JJRG Samurai 7 Shield Final: Bali Chillis 10 - Bush Turkeyz B 5 Plate Final: Curtin Goats 6 - Jakarat Komodos 0 Cup Final: Western Quokkas 15 - HSOB 0 MVP: Hiroshi Tominaga Final word to Nick Mesritz again, ”The Bali Rugby Club would also like to thank our major sponsor, Mr Neil Power of Xclusive Property. We would also like to thank our supporting sponsors Mr Dan McNally of RMA Automotive, Mr Carlo Warella of PT Multi Bintang, Mr Charlie Cappetti of Danone Indonesia and Ms Kareen O’Keefe of Bali SOS International for the medical support. Special mention to Head Referee, Mr Jean-Luc Shultz Tan and his team of whistle blowers whom without, we would not have a tournament.” 2011 BALI JUNIOR GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP The PGI Bali Junior Golf To u r n a m e n t S e r i e s Championship Cup came to an exciting finale on Sunday 25th September at New Kuta Golf. During the 5 Series which lead up to the Championship Cup the junior players played at all 5 courses in Bali. The Boys Championship C u p w a s decided by an exciting playoff with Ananda Pidada and Andrew Mulyadi tied for first place. Ananda won the playoff.

C/E/G-24 August 11

( S E C ) Seminyak English Course Accessible location : Jl. Seminyak No. 7. Tel: (0361) 733 342 Opposite Bintang Supermarket

o n l y 5 minutes from YOU


75% Conversation

 

Legian Kuta

5 min. from

Jl. Raya Seminyak

10 min. from

  

Kerobokan Umalas Canggu


24 OCTOBER 2011 NEW CLASS C/E/I-05 Oct 11

Montessori Bali For Children Aged 3 - 12 Years

The girls champion Yeyen Safitri wins with an amazing score of 77. The inaugural series championship cup also saw the presentation of The Kang Dharma Wijaya by the Committee, these players were Andrew Mulyadi, Aldo Ryanata and Jose Massana. 2011 BALI INVITATIONAL NETBALL TOURNAMENT The Bali Flames will be holding their annual tournament on the 22 October at BIS. Together with the 2 Flames teams,visiting teams from Singapore and Bangkok will be also participating. All spectators are welcome including the little ones as the Flames will be running a “kids club”. Food & refreshment will be available at the venue.

Montessori provides a carefully prepared environment in which each child’s individual development is profoundly respected. Our program follows the principles of education set out by Dr. Maria Montessori. Our mixed-aged classes (3-6 year olds, 6-9 year olds and 9-12 year olds) are specifically designed to meet the physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs of children. Highly qualified Montessori directresses guide the development of each child, with English as the language of instruction. Because of the nature of our Montessori program, we accept children between the ages of 2 yrs–8 mths and 3 yrs–8 mths, or older children who have previously attended a Montessori program. School hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. For further information please contact the school office between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on: 730 028 - (children aged 3-6 years) or 739 381/739 385 (children 6-12 years).

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Sporting Calendar C/E/G-23 Feb. 11

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R o o m m a t e s Wa n t e d R e n t i n c l u d e s : HighSpeedWifi, Maid and Electricity. 2 mil/ month. Pemogan Street 10 minutes from Kuta-10 Minutes from Sanur. 2 Rooms available. Current roommates are mellow, educated, fun and professional. Call 0813 3746 8531. [001]


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For Sale; 3 sunbed teak wood need repainting price 1 million for 3 pcs. Call 081 774 8887. Seminyak. [192] Moving Sale; Fridge, sofa, hot water system, AC units, microwave. All going cheap. SMS 0813 3793 3694 if interested. [193] For Sale; Teak wood dressing table. Antique mirror and drawer 85x172 height x 48 weight, 3 juta. Teak poster bed antique furnished with mosquito net, mattress, 2 brand new set duvet cover, doona and pillow 135x220x196 hight. Bed only 5 juta, furnished 6.5 juta. Teak wood TV console 155 long x 50 large x 75 high, 4 drawers, 4 open space, DVD player, etc. 3.5 juta. SMS 081 835 0058. Kerobokan. [194]

For Sale; Hand phone Nokia E65 good condition complete 3 G, asked 1mil nego. Call: 7455 886. Denpasar. [154] Looking For; Phoneline at Toyaning - Bali Cliff Ungasan area. Near Puri Bendesa II Resort. Contact 0813 3803 0203. [143]


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Spa closing sale in Ubud: Everything must go, massage tables, hair steamer, desk, mirrors, lights and more. Call Chandra 0858 5737 5858 for more information. [113] C/CE/G-1 Dec. 10

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For Sale; Broken fridge (Sharp SJF 201); 2 doors, inside still like new. Gas need to be refilled and the leaking pipe welded. Rp. 500,000 nego. Call or SMS to 0878 6002 1671. Seminyak. [181] For Sale; Home theater, LG HT554TM-A2, matching design for 32” TV, powerful bass sound, full HD (1080p) up-scaling, HDMI out, Simplink, USB direct recording and play; 1.5 years old; 2 mill nego; 0878 6002 1671. Seminyak. [182] For Sale; LCD flat TV, 32”, LG, mint condition; 2 mill negotiable; Call or SMS 0878 6002 1671. Seminyak. [183] For Sale; For amateur, manual camera OLIMPUS OM 30 lenses 200 mm 28 mm FLASH - produced between 1983/1987 now is very rare. Please e-mail <maxintown@yahoo. com>. [184] For Sale; Water dispenser (cold, normal, hot), with small refrigerator embedded (gallon bottle included). used 3 month. 1.000.000 rp. Mobile: +62 811 380 8335. E-mail: < com>. Stefano. Kuta. [119]


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from the

A Blurb from the Kulture Kid! By Vaughan Hatch

Today’s Wayang Kulit Today’s wayang kulit performances are still based on the ways of the ancients, but with many modifications to suit modernity. In our frenetic, multi-tasking world, few have seven spare hours to spend watching puppets in the late evening. To adapt to this situation, a three-and-a-half hour show is the longest you’ll see, with only the best practitioners captivating the audience’s attention for this long. There have been many ingenious new puppets created over only the last few decades: Tantri, with an Aesop fables animal-style theme is a notable innovation which now a number of puppeteers perform, particularly in Sukawati. The 3-D stick puppets, known as wayang golek in Java, have strangely enough not taken on; however, I’ve witnessed a admirable attempt by an art-school graduate at creating his own Balinese version around 2002. For the most part, Balinese wayang of the 21st century seems to eagerly imitate the modifications of the Javanese shows: bigger orchestras, more singers, louder sound systems, modern lighting, fancy decorations and costumes. Today, some puppeteers no longer use the oil lamp in preference for an electric one, as well as additional coloured lights, spots and strobes. There are no night performances that don’t use sound systems: a mike and a (normally feeding-back with treble on full) speaker system is all part of the kit. Large gamelan orchestras with more grunt and power, playing in many different scales are the modern preference. Traditional ones, such as gender wayang and suling gambuh, are used occasionally, but contemporary favourites are semarandhana, semar pegulingan, and angklung. Conservatives go white in horror when the choice is selonding or the bamboo joged, but what really is more the case is whether it suits the story-telling atmosphere or not. Now an orchestra is considered ‘complete’ if it features female singers (sindhen), but this is an adaptation from our neighbouring Java. More radical brainwaves include multiple puppeteers zooming back and forth on skateboards; sampled sound effects; smoke machines; and techno strobes—all this promises more explosive, adventure-sport style shows in the future! Vaughan Hatch has immersed himself with Balinese culture, living with locals in Bali since 1997. He speaks fluent Indonesian and Balinese, and is unashamedly addicted to playing gamelan. A linguistic, archaeology and publishing graduate, he works for indOKiwi ‘linguistic and cultural solutions’ in Sanur. Email him on or call (0361) 464201 for further queries. Copyright © Kulture Kid 2011 You can read all past articles of Kulture Kid at C/CE/G-27 July 11


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For Sale; Big wood. band saw Oscar wood cutting saw, model MJ347. Blade size 4690 mm. Price 8.900.000 Rp. Contact: 0813 3709 2385. [156] For Sale; Girl/Lady-bycicle Wimcycle (for girl 8 years up until adult) with basket, light blue, nice bike, good condition, sell because my daughter got new bike from her grandmother, Rp. 500.000. HP 0878 6117 1965. Kerobokan. [096]



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05 October - 19 October, 2011

For Sale; 2m x 1, 5m glass wardrobe for sale. Made from glass and aluminium. Great for clothing shop or jewelry etc. sms with your price please. 0857 3802 0048. Denpasar. [097]

Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 80X Sanur - Bali Mobile Phn : 081 238 333 25 081 238 333 29 E-mail : C/CE/G-13 July 11

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For Sale; 4 chairs, black with silver legs, kitchen/shop style. No arms. Seminyak 0361-877 6046. [093] Wanted; Broke/damage/ dead/crack (iPhone, Blackberry, PDA, iPod, iPad, DSLR). E-mail: <care_be_>. Ph: 0819 9905 5544. [126]


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For Sale; TV 21” TCL brand 850, 000 good condition. Call 0821 4511 8653 or e-mail: <nidyacr@gmail. com>. Ubud. [211] Dog to USA. Anybody know how to get a dog out from Bali to America? Please please help. Call Micca 081 735 3646. [212]

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(Online distribution) at your fingertips

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✔ MYOB Authorised Reseller ✔ MYOB Training Centre ✔ MYOB Implementation

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Laptop Sales, Repair, Upgrade Macintosh On call site service 083 11 819 816 0361 - 7437138 0818 548 095

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The Best Hospitality Management Software Asia - Indonesia

Reservation + Front Office + Accounting + Outlet POS Free Package Benefits: * No Annual Fee * Complete Solutions * Integrated System * Lifetime License for 5 Users * User Friendly Application * Onsite Installation Contact Us

Trobex Hotel

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For Sale; 3 mini skirts, jeans, 1 Billabong size 14, Raw denim size 10 and M. used only 2 times. I am size 12 now. each for 130k or take all 3 for 300k. 0857 3802 0048. Denpasar. [098] For Sale; Samsung SGH 480, charger and headset for 700k, Nokia 6700 for 1,5mil, Nokia old style, 2 items for 200k. 085 7380 20048. Denpasar. [099]

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For lease !! Internet with hotspot / Wi-Fi Cheap!! Guarantee money back! These machines ready to use & very simple, no need grid antenna, tower, phone cable, etc. Suitable for small office / home office, NetCafe, restaurant, villa, hotel, trading online, ticketing online, CCTV, etc

Call: 0361 742 5799 / 081 337 400 999 C/CI/I-29 Dec 10

For Sale; 2 European wedding dresses. 2 mill for both. Some evening dresses and tops, red, black, gold etc. Price range 100k-500k. Contact <zomeraya@gmail. com> for info and photos. Denpasar. [100]

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Polaroid GL10 Instant Mobile Printer

More Gadgets Galore. In this issue I have an iPad accessory; some awesome wireless headphones; a beautiful window thermometer with memory; a great wireless Bluetooth speaker; a space savings kitchen scale with an iPod holder and speaker; a camera with its own projector; and a combo snorkeling facemask with a built in camera. Enjoy.

Polaroid’s purse-sized printer connects to phones wirelessly via Bluetooth — and to cameras and PCs via USB cable — enabling image printing on the fly. The GL10 uses special packets of paper embedded with cyan, yellow, and magenta dye crystals that are activated by heat. The paper will come in packets of 10 sheets, and looks impressive. US$150

iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case

Kitchen scale with iPod dock and speaker

In use, the iPad rests on a built in stand in a horizontal orientation which makes the whole package look and work almost like a netbook. The keyboard itself has a silicone cover that will resist the occasional caffeinated spillage of your choice and provides noticeable tactile feedback. In other words, you’ll feel like you are typing again instead of tapping. The case feels good when you’re carrying it around, but it isn’t so hefty that you notice it. In fact, loaded up with an iPad the whole weighs just 2.75lbs, which is less than the new 13” MacBook Air. Charges over USB. Cable included. Attractive black synthetic leather iPad case with magnetic flap includes fully integrated Bluetooth keyboard.

Today’s piece of superficial silliness is a kitchen scale, with a built-in iPod dock. That’s right. A precision kitchen workhorse, one of a serious cook’s most important gadgets, has been “improved” by adding a dock and speaker. The dock is up front, where you can easily touch screens or click-wheels with greasy fingers, and the speaker is underneath the glass weighing platform, ready to shake some bass as you try to delicately measure ingredients in 1 gram (0.04 ounces) increments (up to 5 kg or 0.0055 short tons). Your first concern is addressed: The dock comes with a tight-fitting cover plate to seal it against liquids and mess.

C/CI/G-10 August 11 US$100 US$62.15 AKG K912 Rechargeable Wireless Headphones

Nikon Coolpix S1100pj

Take games, movies and music to the next level of realism with the unrestrained freedom of UHF technology. The new K 912 headphones immerse you in great AKG® sound, the choice of audio professionals for more than 60 years. And they extend your entertainment horizons in any direction — even through walls and ceilings — with a PLL-synthesized tuner and automatic frequency control for optimal reception under any operating conditions.

Okay, we’ve all seen the ocean of shoot-and-point cameras with ever-increasing megapixel counts. And on that basis, the Coolpix S1100pj is just one of the many, boasting 14.1 megapixels and a three-inch touch screen that offers in-camera image editing and drawing functions. But what makes this camera stand out is its built-in projector. You can take images and videos, then instantly project them onto any flat surface. You can even project a slide show with music. Attach it to a PC, and the show will play there as well. A$189 US$350 C/CI/G-23 March 11

Video swim mask! This is the world’s only swim mask with an integrated waterproof digital camera that works swimmingly in pools, lakes, or the ocean. Keep your hands free as you swim all the way to a depth of 15 feet! Turn the camera on, choose a mode (video or still) with the upper button, and press the shutter to record pictures or video. The friendly LED inside the mask lets you know which mode you’ve selected. Downloading images once you’ve gotten your land legs is simple - just plug the mask into your computer’s USB port with the included cable. There’s even software included that allows you to edit your content. The built-in 16 MB memory can store up to 27 high resolution pictures or up to 52 seconds of video. A microSD card slot allows you to expand memory up to 2GB for additional pictures or videos. US$99.99

Simple window-mount thermometer Since the temperature is the one thing that most effects your comfort level you typically want to know what to expect before heading out the door. Sure, you could open a door or window to check your local temperature but we think that is definitely way low tech. This simple but clean looking LCD Window Thermometer will give you a much easier way to know what it feels like outside. It easily mounts outside and features a large LCD digit display to show temperature reading. Shows minimum and maximum values with auto reset. US$12.99

Your Bali Gadgets Guru!

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Fashion For Sale; My camera Canon 400D body only, with cables, charger & 2 batteries all original. 2 milion, already changed to manual focusing screen (split type) but the original included. 0853 3303 1692. Denpasar. [169] For Sale; Canon EOS 1D Mark II N Well maintained and sensor is in perfect condition. Rp. 10 mil. 0819 9966 6610. Jimbaran. [170]

C/G/I-24 August 11

For Sale; Old collection of 19th century photographs. Dutch documentary of native living of South African Tribes and Dutch colonial era. E-mail <antok_256@yahoo. com> for further detail. Denpasar. [171] C/G/G-5 Oct. 11

Nom de plume Occasional Articles From Our Readers

Begging letters. Could you? Would you? I am sure that like me you have all received some form of begging letter over the years. “Could you help my dying grandmother...” and “Would you donate a few quid....” Hopefully you had the common sense to bin them without any qualms. However when you read this I hope you won’t “bin” it and will donate just 5 minutes of your time to help 540,000 UK expats around the world. Those 540,000 are UK State Pensioners that live in Countries where their UK pension is frozen as it is here in Indonesia. Those that have been living overseas for 25 to 30 years are now receiving less than 50% of what their counterparts are receiving in the UK! All have made the same rate of contributions throughout their working life as those pensioners in the UK, and some other countries getting the full indexed state pension. An e-petition on the frozen pensions issue, sponsored by the International Consortium of British Pensioners (ICBP), has just been successfully posted on the UK Government’s DirectGov website. It reads as follows: END THE UNFAIR FROZEN OVERSEAS PENSION POLICY Under regulation 3 of the Social Security Benefits Up-rating Regulations British pensioners who retire to any one of over 120 countries, mainly in the Commonwealth, have their rightful state pension frozen. Meanwhile, those who retire to other countries have their pension uprated annually, just as though they never left the UK. This discriminatory policy currently impacts on the lives of over half a million British pensioners and curtails the freedom of choice of all British pensioners in retirement. We call for this Government to heed the plea of the International Consortium of British Pensioners to repeal this Regulation. 100,000 signatures are required so that this topic can be considered for debate in the House of Commons. Your cooperation is essential if we are to achieve that goal. If you are a UK pensioner (or soon to be one) you will of course benefit if we can succeed in getting the frozen pension rules revoked and we can get the full indexed linked pension we have all paid for. So please take the time to sign the petition on the epetitions. web site. Just follow the information below.Use the following link which will take you directly to the petition. (If you are concerned that this is a scam or phishig please use your browser“search” system to go to that government web site and then follow the instructions below.) (hold down ctrl key if you do not go to the site). Click on the “Sign this petition” button to take you to the signing page. Complete all of the details requested on the signing page. Make sure your email address is accurate as you will be sent

a confirmation email as part of the process - more on this below. Where they ask “British citizen or UK resident” the answer should be “Yes”; they are asking you whether you are one or the other, or perhaps both. Only answer “No” if you are neither one nor the other. (the Government’s website http://epetition. in its terms and conditions does say that you must be either a British citizen or resident of the UK to sign a petition.) In the “Country” box, United Kingdom is the default country click on the down arrow for the full list of countries. Select the one that applies to you. NOTE: If you live outside the UK you’ll probably see a message that your postal code is not recognized. This will not matter once you’ve selected your country of residence.

C/G/G-7 Sept. 11

When you have completed the details move towards the bottom of the page where you will find a “Captcha box” where you have to read two words and then type them into a box, one of which is usually difficult to read. Don’t worry if you get it wrong the first time; if you do they will provide you with two more words to try again. When you have completed all of the above, click the box next to “I agree to the Terms & Conditions”, then click on the box “Sign this e-petition”. You will receive a confirmation email, usually within minutes unless the system is very busy, in which case be patient. Click on the link provided in that email and only then will your signature be registered. Some people found that the confirmation process could not be completed. This may be have been caused by a “pop up blocker” on your computer, (such as ActiveX). You may therefore need to allow “pop ups” whilst completing the signing in. (In my case I had to hold down the CTRL key whilst clicking on the confirm e-mail). One final note. Additional votes will not be accepted from the same email address. If you are a couple that shares one email address feel free to enter both names on the name box but it will only register as one vote. We assume this is part of the security measure to stop people adding fictitious names. On behalf, of the 540,000 “frozen” British pensioners around the world, I sincerely thank you for reading this article and especially for signing the petition. They will be eternally grateful for you help in getting what they have duly paid in for. Please pass this on to all your family and friends, especially in the UK, and persuade them to sign up. I can be contacted on : Balifrozenguy

Jl. Teuku Umar 65D (Simpang 6) Denpasar Tel: (0361) 221 663 Email: C/G/I-01 Dec 10

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05 October - 19 October, 2011

Retail Therapy

                    with     ATTENTION ALL MOTHERS, MAMMAS & MOMS!!    BROTHERS AND SISTERS – this is one T for Terrific kids store that has   already made their mark on the local Sanur shopping scene. Opening only eight   weeks ago, it brings you a one stop shop with the best kidswear in town. Sanur is  really coming of age, growing up, it’s a family area and so, readers you don’t have   to make the trek to Seminyak to outfit your growing brood.     Mothers know children can be fussy. And messy. stubborn. And, they have very set ideas on   And what they want, and how they want to look and   dress. Hannah who designs the ‘Brothers and   Sisters’ label, has two darling boys herself so she well equipped to present the latest and the   is greatest of what children 2 to 10 years want!     Now in-store, the new GALAXY boys range by Hannah in a fun color palette of grey, coral and   navy. Little Horn and Dandelion are other popular   kids ranges, and now due to so many customer   requests, accessories have been added to the Kids-A-Gogo range bags, hair clips, hair ties &   bangles.     M e t r o To y s ! n e w (perhaps a tad kitsch)   are a unique collection   of wooden toys, that   feature beautiful  motifs of Bali in bright  colors. They are   designed by Phillip of Pesamuan, Sanur (renowned   for hand painted/glazed ceramics & tiles) and hand   painted by skilled craftsmen.                       Melati wearing   Coco & Ginger     Brothers and Sisters welcomes you with   smiling faces and   attentive service.   Watch this space for   the new ‘Sisters’ range   due pre-Christmas   PLUS make sure you Silas in Little Horn   take a visit to the Sanur   Festival from November Andrew and Otis in Dandelion   18 ….  TRICK OR TREAT this Halloween with us at ‘BROTHERS AND SISTERS’   (Monday 31 October) Visit the store to collect your ‘trick or treat’ from - Silas, Otis,    Andrew and Melati.                             Silas, Andrew, Melati and Otis in Kids-a-gogo     BROTHERS AND SISTERS No 57, Jl Danau Poso, Sanur.   T: (0361) 9132942 (next door to GLO DAY SPA)   For comments and inquiries, email:   Visit the website:  

Let’s Go Shopping !




For Sale; Carpet antique pastel floral print 100% wool 2x1. 5mtr clean, only 1million. Call 0821 4511 8653 or e-mail: <nidyacr@>. Seminyak. [172] For Sale; Bamboo blind (kerey) 3x3mtr & 2x2. 5mtr dark brown bamboo with black waterproof backing Rp. 350.000. Call 0821 4511 8653 or e-mail: <nidyacr@>. Seminyak. [173]

C/G/U-05 Oct. 11

For Sale; My camera Lumix G2 red, body only, box etc complete, 3.7mil, bonus adapters for manual Olympus and m42 lens. 0853 3303 1692. Denpasar. [168]

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TOKO BUKU Reviews of English language books on Indonesia

of eyewitness accounts for historians of the period, anyone who wants to understand how the nation was transformed into a modern industrial society, as well as much useful advice on how to handle business situations.

The writer also, in conditions that seem unimaginable today, was instrumental in introducing Indonesia’s first PAL color TV system, helped plan the construction of Bali’s first international airport in Tuban and Radio Republik Indonesia’s first 100-kilowatt radio short wave station in the Puncak. This transmitter, the first to broadcast the Voice of Indonesia to the world, was used to disseminate anti-Malaysia propaganda. A Magic Gecko chronicles the remarkable professional and personal experiences of a German electrical engineer who lived for 18 action-packed years in Indonesia from the late Sukarno period through to the early years of Suharto’s New Order government, the very years (1963-1981) in which the country was wrenched kicking and screaming into the 20th century. From the book’s very first pages this 78-year-old author’s reminisces capture the reader’s imagination, if only for his voracious curiosity. In the days when travel by air was tortuous and lengthy, Horst Henry Geerken’s outward bound sea voyage to Indonesia from Europe contains wonderful descriptions of the huge travel trunk that he inherited from his grandfather and his impressions of port calls in Naples, Aden and Ceylon in the 1960s. Geerken was an avid amateur radio enthusiast, spent time as an exchange student in Turkey, studied the new but fast developing field of telecommunications engineering, took a post-graduate course in America, worked for the US government, then accepted a job offered by the German firm AGE Telefunken to represent the company’s interests as a “Resident Engineer” in Indonesia. Arriving in 1963 in Jakarta in the middle of the political upheavals following the coup that overthrew Sukarno, it was a difficult and dangerous period even for non-Indonesians residents. His first sensations were the smell of clove cigarettes in the air, the absence of street lighting, of water buffalo grazing on a grassy strip down the center of Jl. Thamrin, becak everywhere on the streets, restaurant employees waving fans over you while you ate, the Harmonie Club and Hotel des Indies were still standing and the Tugu Monument was being built. Telecommunications was an unchartered and virtually undeveloped field in Indonesia at the time. An engineer himself, Sukarno was a Germanophile and was infatuated with Germany technology. The author met the charismatic first president when he and other German chief engineers were summoned to Sukarno’s private residence in Tampaksiring in Bali. So detailed are this writer’s observations, recreations of conversations, descriptions of events and minutiae about Indonesian customs, manners, traffic etiquette, use of acronyms, eating habits, the concept of losing face, attitude towards wealth and weather – everything – Geerken must have been a diarist of colossal diligence. His book is a trove

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A Magic Gecko by Horst Henry Geerken

He sang German soldiers songs with Sukarno, slept in DDT-laced hotel rooms, traded contraband in the black market in the era of galloping inflation, embarked on a week-long road trip to Bali over roads with holes as big as bathtubs, saw the heads of massacred villages stuck on the top of bamboo fence poles, lived on quiet lonely Kuta Beach where he almost drowned, toured the massive devastation wrought by the eruption of G. Agung, took a test drive along the coast of Brunei in the Sultan’s new12-cylinder Jaguar.


Geerken is unflaggingly proud of all that German soldiers, scientists, writers, diplomats, engineers and shipbuilders have contributed to Indonesia from ancient times up to building the foundations of the modern Indonesia state. He devotes whole chapters to the German painter and musician Walter Spies and to the destruction of the German East-Asia Squadron off Java in World War I. On the other hand, he shows no quarter towards his fellow northern Europeans, the Dutch, whom he criticizes as arrogant, selfish and cruel in their treatment of the Indonesian people. The book is much more than its subtitle implies. It is not just about the CIA’s role behind the fall of Sukarno. There are many sad, provocative, arcane, miraculous and eye-opening stories, from a gripping account of receiving a distress signal from the King of Sikkim and the life of the woman’s emancipationist R. A. Kartini, to the cunning methods used by Indonesian thieves to rob resident foreigners and the career of painter Raden Saleh, Indonesia’s first modern painter. The subtitle may be a marketing strategy, hinting at revealing the inside story about the spy agency’s plot against Sukarno who was so deeply distrusted by the Western anti-communist powers. The book is more a memoir of a bygone era than it is a political tell-all. Perhaps a more apt subtitle would’ve been “My 18 Years in Insulinde,”the latter a venerable name for the archipelago which Geerken is especially fond of. Although it has a wealth of accurate and graphic historical details, the book is not without inaccuracies. The author repeats the usual error of characterizing Indonesia as the largest Muslim country in the world and it being occupied for 350 years by Holland (only Jakarta was occupied that long). Borobudur is not “a few” kilometers from Yogya, the Bali Tiger was not shot out “100 years ago,” the republic was not “newly independent” in 1963 (it had been free for 13 years); Surabaya was not “raised to its foundations” by British bombing in 1945. But this is nitpicking. Steeped in the history of the times, with a palpable sense for texture, sounds, sights, atmosphere and smells, A Magic Gecko takes an honored place as one of the most informative and intelligent memoirs of the tumultuous years in Indonesia’s modern history as seen from the perspective of a sophisticated European. The highly readable and entertaining work is de rigueur reading for Germans working in Indonesia or visiting the country for any length of time. Geerken initially had little desire to publish his extensive journals, but at his wife’s urging a German edition was published in 2009 and became a bestseller. This first English edition is being officially launched at the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival on Sunday, October 9th at 5 pm at the Lamak Restaurant in Ubud. A Magic Gecko: The role of the CIA Behind the Fall of Sukarno by Horst Henry Geerken (, Kompas 2011, ISBN 978-3-8391-5248-5, paperback, 392 pages, glossary, name and subject indexes, bibliography. Available for Rp145,000 at Gramedia bookstores, ARMA Museum, Ary’s, Ganesha bookshops, Ubud Post Office and Pondok Pekak Library in Ubud, Tugu Hotels and Ubud Music.

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Those Amazing Teas of Indonesia Part 1 Indonesia produces some amazing teas. The natural humidity and the composition of the volcanic, mineral rich soil combine ideally to produce black and green teas that are categorized by floral tones, light flavor and pleasant aromas. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Indonesia is the 7th largest producer of export grade tea in the world, with over 200,000 metric tons of black and green teas produced in 2010. Most of Indonesia’s tea production is black tea and about 80% is exported. Indonesia also produces a high quality Oolong tea. Indonesian teas are light and flavorful and most are blended. They are comparable to a high altitude Ceylon tea. Tea, or teh in Bahasa Indonesia, has been popular in Indonesia for more than 300 years. The Dutch colonials founded the tea trade in 1684. They established large tea plantations in the western highlands of Java and in Sumatra where volcanic soil and tropical climate are highly conducive to the growing of fine quality teas. Most of the tea production went into severe decline under the Japanese occupation during WW II and the industry did not fully recover until the 1980s. With much effort and investment, Indonesia’s tea industry was revived and tea exports began to make their presence felt in the tea markets abroad. Since then, constant improvement and modernization of tea production and replanting of old estates have continued to this day. Tea is now grown all over Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi. A quick look in the local supermarkets will attest to the popularity of Indonesian teas. Many packages of locally grown black and green teas, and herbal teas like Rosella and spicy ginger teas line the shelves. Also quite popular are tea based soft drinks. The ubiquitous glass bottled sweet teas and various brands of fruit flavored teas like lemon, blueberry and apple, packaged in small individual serving cartons, are easily found in the markets, shops or street kiosks. A Primer on Teas Much of the world’s tea is grown in mountainous areas, about 1000 – 2000 meters above sea level, situated between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn in more than 25 listed producer countries, resulting in thousands of flavorful variations. Like wines, each tea takes its name from the district in which it is grown, and each district is known for producing tea with unique flavor and character. The major tea-producing countries include China, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Argentina.

There are more than 1500 different teas grown around the world. According to the Tea Association of America, there are just four varieties of tea: black, green, Oolong and white, and they all come from the same plant, a warm-weather evergreen named Camellia sinensis. What distinguishes each category is the method used to process the tea leaves - steamed, fermented (oxidized), dried, or bruised – which gives the tea its special characteristics such as color and taste. Black tea is oxidized for up to 4 hours and Oolong teas are oxidized for 2-3 hours. Green & white teas are not oxidized at all and they most closely resemble the look and chemical composition of the fresh tealeaf. Black tea is the most commonly consumed tea in the world, amounting to 80% of consumption. It has been fully oxidized or fermented and yields a hearty-flavored, amber brew. Some of the popular black teas are blends such as Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Darjeeling and Orange Pekoe. Black tea requires more processing than green or Oolong teas. After plucking, the leaves are laid out to dry, then heated and rolled to bring out their natural oils and enzymes which give tea its wonderful flavor. Next, the leaves are left to ferment for a period of time depending on the desired taste of the final product. When that point is reached, the leaves are heat blasted to stop the fermenting process. One of the most famous of Chinese black teas is Keemun, a fine grade of mellow black tea with a dark amber color and a subtle and complex nature. Other noteworthy black teas are Lapsang Soucho, also a fine grade China black tea with a distinctive smoky flavor which results from a unique drying process. Assam is black tea grown in northeast India and has a strong, full body with rich robust flavor. It is often blended because of its overpowering tannic taste. Green tea skips the oxidizing step and most resembles the original green leaf. It has a more delicate taste and is light green/ golden in color. Green tea is a staple in the Orient but is gaining popularity worldwide, due in part, to recent scientific studies linking green tea drinking with reduced cancer risk. Currently, green tea makes up only ten percent of the world’s produced tea. The

famous Japanese tea service, which uses green tea, is an art form. Oolong tea is partly oxidized and is midway between black and green tea in color, strength and taste. It is an elegant, mellow tea originally grown in the Fukien province of China. Today, the highest grade Oolongs are Formosa Oolongs, grown in Taiwan. A cross between green and black teas, it is partially fermented to achieve a delicious fruity taste that makes milk, lemon, and sugar unthinkable. It is perfect for afternoon tea served with cucumber sandwiches and pastries. Oolong tea contains more tannin and antioxidants than green tea. Scientists believe tannin may account for the lower risk of cancer in tea drinkers. Other health benefits include reduced heart disease, better digestion and lowered cholesterol. The term Oolong is of Chinese origin and means Black Dragon. White teas are the most delicate of all teas; the finest varieties are appreciated by tea connoisseurs for their unmatched subtlety, complexity and natural sweetness. During the plucking, great care has to be given to the selection of the leaves. Usually only the youngest leaves, still with short silver-colored (white) hair or down are used. White tea is the least processed of all teas. The absence of withering, rolling and oxidation leaves the appearance of the leaves essentially unaltered. When infused, white tea has a pale yellow cup color and a delicate, fresh flavor. Availability is limited and cost is high as a result of the limitations of both the plucking standard and its geographical availability. Blends. To attain an infinite variety of tastes, most teas are blended. Sometimes a blend can contain a mixture of more than 20 different teas from different origins, combined to achieve a certain flavor. For example, English Breakfast tea traditionally was a blend of China Keemun teas only, but the blend now includes Ceylon and India teas as well. Darjeeling is a b l e n d o f Himalayan teas with a flowery bouquet and Orange Pekoe is a blend of Ceylon Earl Grey teas. Other blends are scented or flavored with fruit, flowers, herbs or spices using one of the four major types of tea as a base. For instance, jasmine tea is produced by combining jasmine flowers with either black or green tea. A flavored tea such as Earl Grey is mainly the combination of bergamot oil and a strong black tea. And the popular Chai is usually blended by combining strong black tea with milk or cream and spices such as ginger, cloves, cinnamon or cardamom.

and Chinese Keemun. When brewed, this tea will yield a dark and oily cup of tea. The taste is smooth and sweet with some spicy undertones. Enjoy with or without sugar. Highlights in the History of Tea • The story of tea began in ancient China over 5,000 years ago. According to legend, Emperor Shen Nung was visiting a distant region of his realm. On the road, he stopped to rest and the servants boiled water for the emperor to drink. Leaves from a nearby bush fell into the boiling water, and because the beverage was so fragrant, the emperor decided to try it. He was so delighted by this infusion that he instantly declared it refreshing and medicinal. • The first reliable reference to tea is in an ancient Chinese dictionary from the year 50 AD. Described primarily as a medicinal beverage, tea was prepared by boiling raw green leaves in kettles with water. • In 780 AD tea was important enough to be taxed. The demand for tea had spread throughout the outer regions of China and to the countries beyond the borders such as Tibet and among nomadic tribes such as the Turks, Tatars and Mongols. That same year, a ten volume work dedicated exclusively to tea, entitled Ch’a Ching (The Classic of Tea), was written by Chinese Taoist philosopher Lu Yu. • In 1191 AD a Japanese Zen Buddhist monk named Eisai, was traveling back to Japan after studying on the mainland. He took some seeds back to Japan and started tea cultivation in his own garden. • The Dutch brought tea into Europe as early as 1610 AD. From there, tea traveled to North America and Indonesia where the Dutch colonials founded the tea trade in 1684. By the 1700s, tea drinking was firmly established in Europe. In 1706 a London tea merchant named Thomas Twining began to concentrate primarily on serving fine tea rather than coffee in his coffee house, and the modern tearoom was born. Unlike the male dominated coffee houses, these new tea houses opened their doors to both genders and subsequently became a favorite social gathering place for the ladies. • In 1767 the British Government put a tax on the tea imported by American colonists. Protesting this “taxation without representation,” the colonists decided to stop buying tea and refused to allow tea ships to be unloaded. One December night in 1773 several colonists boarded British ships in Boston Harbor and threw more than 300 chests of tea into the sea. This famous Boston Tea Party, in protest of the British tea tax, was said to be one of the acts leading to the Revolutionary War. • Anna, Duchess of Bedford, is credited with creating Afternoon Tea in 1840, when she began taking tea with a

Herbal teas such as chamomile, mint, etc. do not come from Camellia sinensis, and are not really teas at all but are an infusion of leaves, roots, bark, seeds or flowers from other types of plants. They are properly called tisanes or infusions. They lack many of the unique characteristics of traditional teas and have characteristics all their own with potential health benefits to match. Familiar herbal teas include chamomile, mint, rosella, the trendy Rooibos or bush tea, etc. Tea Traditions in Indonesia Hot tea is readily sold in local warungs and kiosks, and, in some places, by stationary or wandering tea sellers. In Java this seems to be more of a tradition than in Bali. There you can easily spot tea sellers in local markets, along stalls lining the main streets, and in the typical Indonesian outdoor food courts. The tea is served hot from big kettles. Sometimes the tea leaves are added to the kettle, sometimes they are put in a glass and hot water is poured in the glass. In Java, a popular whole leaf tea is the Blontea Tehpokil, originating in Solo. It is a blend of black teas from the districts of Pekalongan and Wonosobo in the Dieng mountains. Blontea or Tehpokil has dark color with a bitter taste and a distinct fragrant smell. The invention of this tea originally came from the tradition of people in Solo who like to mix tea variants in order to make pokil tea, a vernacular term meaning creation. There are many small tea sellers in Solo called “angkringan” who concoct their own formula of tea by mixing many tea variants in order to get the best and unique taste of tea. One of the more popular is a combination of bitter and fragrant black teas from Central Java

• •

light snack around 4:00 p.m. to ward off “that sinking feeling.” At the 1904 St. Louis World Fair, Richard Blechynden poured his tea over ice, to try to induce the sweltering fairgoers to sample his tea. Iced tea became the most popular thirst quencher of the fair. A New York City tea importer named Thomas Sullivan invented the tea bag in 1908. Instant tea was developed in the 1930’s and commercialized in the 1950’s; instant tea sacrifices nuances in fragrance and flavor for convenience. Story by Ines Wynn. Sources: United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization The Tea Association of America Caswell’s Fine Coffees and Teas

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Local News Yet Another Case of Prison Privilege in Indonesia With illegal behavior rampant at the country’s jails, reports that a high-profile graft convict hid Rp. 4 billion ($460,000) in cash while in jail came as no surprise on Wednesday (14/9). “Drugs, hand-phones, BlackBerries and even sex workers can get inside prisons. What’s so difficult about getting Rp. 4 billion in, too?” asked Eva Kusuma Sundari, an Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) lawmaker and member of House of Representatives Commission III, which oversees legal affairs. Eva added that bribing officers at prisons was a common practice, and that a complete overhaul of the nation’s penal system would be needed to eradicate deep-seated corruption. Gayus Hamonangan Tambunan became a household name last year when it was revealed the former taxman bribed his way out of embezzlement charges at the Tangerang District Court. With his Rp 100 billion in cash, bullion and jewelry, Gayus was also able to bribe prison wardens into allowing him to leave his jail cell, including to travel overseas. Gayus, who was sentenced to 12 years, was fleeced by Muntaha at the Cipinang State Penitentiary in East Jakarta, an official at the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights said on Wednesday on the condition of anonymity. Muntaha also allegedly took money from two other inmates. Eva expressed alarm that Gayus was able to access such a large amounts of money as his assets had been frozen. “You can imagine the magnitude of this case,” she said. Justice and Human Rights Minister Patrialis Akbar said on

Wednesday that there was no regulation banning inmates from bringing money from outside. He also said it would be difficult to enforce any such rule if it came into existence. In Gayus’ case, Patrialis said he believed the graft convict had brought the money into prison in several installments. “He brought some one day, then the next day, then the next week,” he said, adding that Gayus was reported to have Singaporean dollars in his cell. Patrialis said it was difficult to ensure no money entered the jail because of the large number of prisoners and their visitors. “Should we have gone as far as examining his underwear?” Patrialis said, commenting on how hard it was to control people and prevent them from bringing in things from outside. The minister admitted he had received reports that Gayus had been defrauded by a fellow prisoner who said he could multiply money. Gayus gave about Rp. 4 billion to the fellow prisoner, Patrialis said, without identifying Muntaha. For student Rai Carolina, Gayus’ latest case was a perfect example of the corruption in the Indonesian justice system. “He’s in jail, where access to the outside world should have been cut off, yet he managed to get his wife pregnant and stash a lot of cash. How did that happen? Doesn’t anyone pay attention to him?” she asked. Bank employee Jarnawi said he suspected some of the wardens knew Gayus was bringing cash into the prison. “I suspect Gayus dared to take his money into the prison because he was promised protection,” Jarnawi Said (September 14th 2011)

Indonesia Church Bomb Tie to Bali Terror Group Indonesian church suicide bomber Achmad Yosepa Hayat is the most recent link in a terrorist lineage extending back to Bali 2001 and the master bomb-maker Azahari Husin. Confirming yesterday that it was Hayat, born Pino Damayanto, who blew himself up on the steps of the Bethel Gospel Church in Solo, central Java, on Sunday morning, police spokesman Anton Bachrul Alam said the 30-year-old fanatic had learned his trade from Sigit Qordhowi. Both Hayat and Sigit, who was gunned down on May 14 by counter-terrorism police, were suspects in organizing the April 15 suicide bombing of the Cirebon city police’s mosque by Muhammad Syarif. Syarif, like the Solo bomber, managed to kill only himself at the scene, though one of Sunday’s victims, a mother in her 40s, is in critical condition with a piece of shrapnel driven into her brain. Sigit had learned bomb-making from Heri Sigu Samboja, a.k.a. Soghir, who helped assemble the huge bomb that killed 11 Indonesians outside the Australian embassy on September 9, 2004. Soghir was schooled in turn by Azahari, a Malaysian who studied at Adelaide University before gaining his doctorate in Britain and then literally writing the book on Southeast Asian terror bombs. Azahari was responsible for Jemaah Islamiyah’s bomb-making manual, blueprint for the 2001 Bali bombs, which killed 201 people, including 88 Australians. Azahari planned the Jakarta embassy blast and was involved in the 2003 JW Marriott Hotel bombing and finally Bali 2005, a month before he was ambushed and killed by Indonesia’s counter-terrorism squad, Densus 88. Soghir is one of the few former JI bombers to have survived Densus 88’s ruthless interception operations in recent years. Since April he has been serving a second jail term for terrorism offences - eight years for his role in the 2009-10 Aceh terrorist training camp.

An International Crisis Group study by Dr Sidney Jones, published just after the Cirebon incident, showed Soghir’s key role in the recent strategic transition from JI-style, mass-casualty attacks focused on foreigners to grass-roots operations against domestic targets, particularly police and government officials. Soghir, whose father was an Afghanistan mujaheddin in the 1980s, has now been identified giving bomb-making training to several of the new “individual jihad” groups. “Every time we’ve seen one of these smaller networks emerge, there have been at least one or two members with links to older networks,” Dr Jones told AFP yesterday. Hayat was unemployed, living with his parents, wife and four-year-old daughter in a Cirebon village until he went on the run following the mosque bombing. Like Syarif, he had joined terrorist cleric Abu Bakar Bashir’s “above-ground” organization Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid. Both had been linked by Cirebon police to rowdy street demonstrations and an attack on a liquor store. Major General Anton said yesterday Hayat had traveled alone to Solo, also the locale of Bashir’s al-Mukmin boarding school, to detonate his belt-bomb as worshippers emerged from the church. However, police think the “brain” behind the bombing was one of the four other Cirebon suspects who are still on the run. Despite Monday’s discovery of bombs outside two Ambon churches police had not found evidence linking the recent resurgence of communal violence in the Maluku Islands with Solo. It appears, however, that eight of the Cirebon group’s nine missing pipe bombs are still out there. The ninth was gutted to make Hayat’s explosive belt. “He wanted to die as a martyr,” said Major General Anton. (September 28th 2011)

11 Dead as Boat Sinks off Bali Indonesian police say a wooden boat carrying dozens of Balinese musicians has sunk in high waves, killing 11 people on Tuesday (20/9). Rescuers are scouring the waters for 14 others still missing, including the captain. Col. Agus Doeta Soepranggono says members of a traditional percussion troupe were heading from Bali to the nearby island of Nusa Penida to perform at a cremation ceremony when their vessel capsized a half-hour into the journey. Accidents at sea are common in Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelago nation with more than 17,000 islands, in part because of overcrowding and poor safety standards. (September 21st 2011) Indonesia Helicopter Crash Kills Two - Sumbawa A helicopter chartered by US giant Newmont Mining has crashed in central Indonesia killing two people, a rescue official says. The Bell 412 with two people on board including the pilot went missing on Sunday (25/9). A rescue team located the wreckage on Monday (26/9) in a valley on the island of Sumbawa in West Nusa Tenggara province. “The pilot and one passenger were found dead,” provincial search and rescue chief Ida Bagus Gde Budisma told AFP. The helicopter, chartered from Air Fast Indonesia by Newmont Mining’s local unit, lost contact two minutes after it took off from the company’s mine site, heading for basecamp in Sumbawa district. An Australian and a Slovak pilot were killed early this month when their small Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft, which was carrying fuel and food to a remote area in Papua province, went down. (September 26th 2011) Graffiti in Bali an Increasing Problem Graffiti in Denpasar and surrounding suburbs is an everincreasing problem for local council authorities according to Head of the Department of Public Relations Dewa Gede Rai of Denpasar. No building seemed to be immune to the unsightly spray painted logos and signatures that can be seen in practically every street, he said. A spokesman for the Department of Hygiene and Gardening (DKP) Denpasar said it was extremely difficult to keep on top of this particular form of vandalism as no budget had been allocated for the cleaning of public buildings that had been defaced by spray painters. According to the Head Office of Street Patrol Squads (Satpol Tramtib) Nick Nata, the perpetrators of graffiti were very difficult to apprehend as they usually operated in the very early hours of the morning in quiet streets. He said that his teams would continue to reconnaissance with the police on the matter however the problem would not be easy to solve. (September 15th 2011) Orangutans ‘Allowed to Smoke in Indonesian Zoos’ An activist said Saturday that orangutans in many of Indonesia’s zoos were allowed to smoke as visitors could freely toss cigarettes to them without proper monitoring. “Cigarettes are bad for orangutans’ health. We demand the zoos closely monitor the orangutans,” Centre for Orangutan Protection campaigner Hardi Baktiantoro told AFP. “Orangutans can also smoke cigarettes because they tend to imitate human behaviour,” he said. Baktiantoro said the apes were able to receive any food or cigarettes thrown to them as there were no barriers between them and zoo visitors. In Malaysia, an orangutan named Shirley that amused visitors by smoking cigarette butts thrown into her cage was being forced to go cold turkey after authorities seized the great ape from a state-run zoo last week. (September 17th 2011) Bali to Allocate 200 tons of Rice to Anticipate Drought The Bali provincial administration plans to allocate 200 tons of rice to anticipate a food shortage as a result of drought and other natural disasters this year, a spokesman said. “If harvest fails and food difficulty happens we will form a rice buffer stock as an anticipatory measure,” Head of the Bali Provincial Social Service Office Ketut Susrama said here on Sunday (18/9). “We are still monitoring the impact of drought and have yet to receive a report about food difficulty,” he said. If any of the community members need rice assistance the office would distribute rice from the buffer stock, he said. Each of the residents facing food difficulty would receive rice assistance of 400 grams a day. Head of the Karangasem District Social Service Office I Made Sosiawan said Seraya in Karangasem subdistrict and Bunutan in Abang subdistrict were the most vulnerable areas and had high risk of food shortage due to drought. (September 18th 2011)

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05 October - 19 October, 2011

Australian Activist Tirana Hassan Arrested in Indonesia A South Australian woman working for Human Rights Watch in Indonesia has been arrested while researching religious intolerance. Tirana Hassan, from Adelaide, was arrested and then interrogated by police for nine hours along with fellow Human Rights Watch activist Andreas Harsono. They were arrested in Sampang in East Java where they had been conducting interviews with local Shia Muslims, a minority in Indonesia who along with the Ahmadiyah sect have been facing growing persecution and acts of violence. They were then taken to Sampang Police headquarters and interrogated before being released without charge. Mr. Harsono said that Ms Hassan was likely to be deported. He said the authorities claimed Ms Hassan violated her visa conditions because she did not have permission to conduct research while in Indonesia. (September 21st 2011) HIV can Infect 300 Infants Annually - Bali The National Aids Commission (KPA) has predicted that about 300 infants could be infected with HIV each year in Bali if preventive measures are not taken. Coordinator of KPA’s Working Group for Bali Prof Mangku Karmaya made the statement on the sidelines of an AIDS campaign: “Bankers Go Surf, Stop AIDS.” “But this figure could be reduced if all people are willing to take active part in preventing the infection of the disease to the next generation,” he said. He said that one of the ways to prevent the spread of the disease was to promote the prevention program of Preventing Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) among expecting mothers. The program is aimed at providing awareness for expecting mothers who have husbands who engage in risky behavior so that they can receive voluntary counseling and testing (VCT).“The VCT program could be implemented in all public hospitals in Bali. All HIV testing is free of charge,” Mangku Karmaya said. (September 20th 2011) NU Leader calls for Closure of Websites Spreading Radicalism An Islamic leader has called on the government to close down internet sites that spread radicalism so as to eliminate a source of inspiration for potential terrorists. “They must not only block porn sites but also sites that encourage radicalism, fundamentalism. The two kinds of sites pose equal dangers,” said KH Said Aqil Siroj, general chairman of one of Indonesia’s largest Islamic organizations, Nahdlatul Ulama, here on Tuesday (27/9). He said one of the reasons why terrorism persisted in the country was the fact that radical teachings continued being spread freely. “After their ideology has been radicalized, they are only a step away from engaging in radical actions. The freedom in the current reform era had been used optimally by radical groups to spread the radical ideology they believe in.” he said. He went on to say that it was important for the moderate groups to step up their efforts to enlighten the people on peaceful Islam. “It is indeed difficult to do it for those who have already become militants but it can be a preventive effort for those who have not yet been affected by radical doctrine,” he said. He said Nahdlatul Ulama supports stronger legislation against terrorism to anticipate terrorist actions. The law, he said, must give the police authority to summon and examine those suspected of having links with terrorism. Aqil said the police already knew the people or groups that were connected with terrorism but could not do much until they actually committed a criminal offense. “The existing law is not strong enough and therefore security agencies became hesitant to act, afraid of later being accused of violating human rights. As a result, they wait until bombs explode,” he said. (September 27th 2011)

Villagers’ Clash in Klungkung, Bali - One Dead, Dozens Injured National Police Chief General Timur Pradopo said that police were conducting a thorough investigation following the recent clash between residents of two Bali villages and act based on existing rules against anyone who had broken the law in the incident. The clash occurred between residents of Budaga and Kemoning villages in Semarapura, Klungkung, Bali on Saturday (17/9) following a dispute over the use of two temples. The incident claimed one life and caused injuries to tens of people. “People should be aware that if there is a legal problem it should be settled according to the law,” Timur said when met at the Presidential Palace complex here on Monday (19/9). The Indonesian Police Chief said a meeting had been held with local community leaders to discuss the incident. All parties had agreed to seek a peaceful solution to the problem. He said local authorities would make efforts to always establish good communication with the parties involved in similar disputes, so that similar incidents will not occur again. Deputy Police Chief Commissioner I Gde Suwahyu of the Semarapura police department said that officers had confiscated swords, crowbars, spikes and molotov cocktails that were used by the conflicting parties. The man killed in the incident was a villager named Ketut Ariaka (56). Meanwhile, Bali Governor I Made Mangku Pastika said he believed provocateurs had been behind that clash. The former Bali police chief also regretted the incident, saying that the clash was a tragedy. “Why were these people so stupid to fight and hurt each over a temple,” he said. (September 19th 2011) Jakarta Airport Customs Tighten Luggage Checks Following 2 Big Meth Hauls by Brit’s Customs officials at Jakarta`s Soekarno-Hatta airport have tightened luggage checks following the arrest of a British national for attempting to smuggle in 6.5 kilograms of methamphetamine recently. “Checks on the luggage of passengers have been tightened in anticipation of drug smuggling attempts,” head of the investigation and enforcement section of the airport’s customs office, Gatot Sugeng Wibowo, said here on Saturday (17/9). A British national was arrested recently at the country’s biggest airport attempting to smuggle 6.5 kilograms of methamphetamine worth at market value Rp13 billion kept in a compartment specially designed for hiding the illegal goods on the inner side of his bag. The suspect, Gareth DC (35), said he was only a courier and had done it because he was badly in need of money. He came to Jakarta aboard Turkei Airways Flight Number TK-066 from Manchester through Istambul, Turkey. He said he would only receive US$1,000 for his service and the money would also be used to pay hotel rooms, tickets and accommodation while in Indonesia. Gareth is threatened to 15 years in jail if later he is proven violating Law Number 35 of 2009 on narcotics and a fine of up to Rp. 10 billion. A Manchester dad could be facing the death penalty after being arrested on suspicion of drug smuggling in Indonesia. Jack Walker, 53, is being held in jail after being stopped at the airport in the capital Jakarta. It is understood the father of two - who is well known for taking meat around pubs near his home in Wythenshawe - was arrested as he was about to board a flight back to the UK. Officials allegedly found a substantial amount of methamphetamine - commonly known as crystal meth or ‘ice’. It is believed the drug was found in a concealed compartment of a suitcase. Mr. Walker, who is a diabetic, collapsed after he was stopped. A Foreign Office spokesman said: “We are aware of the arrest of a British national at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Indonesia. Consular assistance is being offered.” (September 17th 2011)


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Concert Shock: Motley Crue Deny Jakarta Show Motley Crue have rejected claims they are set to perform their first-ever concert in Indonesia, according to bass guitarist Nikki Sixx, despite tickets for the show already going on sale. Asked by a fan on social networking site Twitter whether it was true the American rockers were performing at Pantai Karnaval in Ancol, North Jakarta, on Oct. 8, Sixx said, “No.” “We had looked into the show but had to pass... Sorry,” he wrote at 6:30 a.m. Jakarta time. Drummer Tommy Lee was much more direct when asked the same question of the same site. “Nope!! A shady promoter [censored] that one up.” The tickets were still on sale on Thursday (22/9) morning. (September 22nd 2011) Five Airports in Indonesia to be Upgraded Five airports in Indonesia have been allocated a multi-million dollar budget to undergo upgrading. State Airport Operator PT Angkasa Pura I (AP I) has allocated IDR5.6 trillion (US$655.2 million) to expand the airports in Bali, Balikpapan, Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Banjarmasin. AP I intends to convert the facilities in these five airports into world-class transport hubs, featuring hotels and shopping centers, by 2013. With the increase in passenger capacity of each airport, AP I expects company revenues to increase and that this would help drive the development of Indonesia’s travel and tourism industry. (September 15th 2011) Indonesia Signs plan to Curb Greenhouse Gas Pollution Indonesia has adopted a sweeping action plan to curb greenhouse gas emissions from industry, forestry and agriculture as part of a global fight against climate change, the government said on Monday (26/9). The program enshrines a pledge first announced by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono two years ago to curb emissions growth by 26 percent from projected levels by 2020 or up to 41 percent with cash and other support from rich nations. The voluntary targets are regarded as among the most ambitious for a developing nation and came after international pressure to curb deforestation, improve land management and boost energy efficiency in Southeast Asia’s largest economy. Developing nations now emit more than half mankind’s greenhouse gas pollution, fuelled by soaring demand for coal, oil and gas to power their booming economies. (September 27th 2011) Woman Catches Her Rapist in a Jakarta Traffic Jam An Indonesian woman frustrated by Jakarta police’s failure to capture four men who kidnapped and gang-raped her in a public minivan, took matters into her own hands and singlehandedly found her attackers. RS, 28, an employee of a company on Jalan Sudirman, was raped by the four men in a bemo on Sept. 1, a day after Idul Fitri celebrations, said Comr. Sungkono, the deputy director of traffic operations at South Jakarta Police. The victim reported the attack to police and took time off work to recover from her ordeal but grew restless and then angry after police failed to report any progress. The victim lost patience and bravely returned to the same place where she was kidnapped, studying the faces of each passing bemo driver until she identified the rapist and began screaming at two nearby police officers for help. “She told our officers, ‘please arrest the man, Sir, he raped me,’” Sungkono said. The driver was not able to escape because he was stuck in traffic. The driver, Yogi, who drove between Cipete and Pondok Labu, has allegedly confessed to his role in the attack and identified the other three men. Sungkono was optimistic the trio would be arrested soon. Police said that inside the bemo was offensive graffiti, including Komplotan Penjahat Kelamin (Sexual Criminal Gang). West Jakarta Police last month arrested another bemo driver and a passenger over the murder of 21-year-old college student Livia Pavita Soelistio. (September 15th 2011)


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While little Miss Eco Buzz was sunning her fine arse by blissful Padang Beach Uluwatu she met Rockin’ earth mother Libby. Libby fills in the gaps of the Balinese waste disposal system by bringing along her gorgeous tyke and setting to work picking up any plastic dotted about the reclining euro bathers on the sand. Padang is Libby’s local beach and is accordingly treated like her backyard. Little man gets an iceypole for his efforts, learns some social responsibility, and everyone else hopefully has a modest epiphany that this island is someone’s home, not just a landing pad for hedonism. According to Libby things have improved a great deal in the area over recent years, with some thanks going to the encouragement from surf companies. ECO BUZZ pays homage to all the individually motivated guardians of the earth!!

BUZZ By Monsoon Wanita large wooden grasses from Asia. Strange but true, bamboo sheets from Bambooku are the equivalent in silkiness to 600 thread count cotton. BUT - Bamboo is a far more sustainable material resource than its evil twin. According to Bambooku the bamboo in their sheets requires no irrigation water or pesticides, compared to cotton which requires 20000 litres per kilogram of yarn and is notoriously heavy on the pesticides, using 25% of the world’s total! This means Bambooku sheets and towels too, are certified “organic” by the USDA. Want some? Visit or Warisan on Jalan Kerobokan now!



After an exquisite yoga session at the environmentally responsible and divine Indonesian wonderland that is Desa Seni in Canggu I was reminded about the importance of balance. Not an inverted perch on your skull type balance-obviously I’m talking Life Balance. If your life is all about work, networking and work outs, throw in fashion, fake boobs, tanning, cocktails and gossip you are definitely requiring an injection of the spirit. Anusara yoga is a particularly awesome antidote for your unholy ways because it will remind you how incredibly divine and perfect you and the world are. It will fill you with heart opening love and all that love will leak all over this almighty planet. And that is just the kind of attention it needs.


If you are after some new linens for your sleeping nest and you want something that is environmentally responsible, soft enough for a pharaoh but not as expensive, you gotta get onto the Bambooku linens. Bambooku is the first Indonesian company offering the bamboo alternative to cotton linens. Please go and rub your cheek (face of course) on some of this stuff because you will be instantly converted from fluffy cotton balls to

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05 October - 19 October, 2011

Did you know Indonesia has its own rhinoceros! Yes - the Javanese rhino. There are fewer than 50 in the Ujon Kulong peninsula in western java, 10 were found in the 1980’s in an unprotected forest in Vietnam but unfortunately a nasty poaching incident last year may have wiped them out. Clearly with numbers like this they are critically endangered. Infact they are possibly the rarest large mammal on the planet. WWF is helping these guys - but the battle is tough against poachers and encroaching human populations. You can adopt one of these mysterious one horned embattled creatures by visiting

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BOZaz Art Gallery Art Gallery Jl. Raya Kerobokan 42, Kuta Utara, Bali. +62 361 732 290 BOZart goes throughout the archipelago to find the most talented painters who succeed in mixing tradition and modernity.

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MUST DOS EATS (& SLEEPS) Sari Organic Café Ubud To be honest I have tried to eat at this place after feeling like I was the only person on the whole island who hasn’t…but I got lost in the rice fields. Tip - don’t take what you think is a short cut. I’ll be back… The New Little Green Café at Little Tree Jalan Sunset in south seems an unlikely place to stop and eat - for one it is as ugly as sin. But I can’t argue with the fact that there are some really yummy places to chow down there. I expect this place to be delish -fresh and invigorating. See you soon @ Little Tree (Eco Home Improvement Centre) on Sunset of course. The Organic Farm Bali Can’t wait! Family sleep over in a beautiful bale in the mountains, camp fire, marshmallows, meal after meal of organic food fresh from the farm, hot springs…… stay tuned!

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05 October - 19 October, 2011

So You Love an Alcoholic Take Courage; There Is Hope Hope for families & friends of alcoholics AL-ANON FAMILY & FRIENDS GROUPS Wednesdays, 5:30pm Saturdays, 5:00pm The Ruko, Jl. Dhyana Pura 103 (upstairs at Warung Kita) - Seminyak Space for this ad donated by Bali Advertiser

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For Sale; Chest freezer GEA AB 600T 5.000.000, pictures available. Contact <director@> or call 878 4379 office hour. Sanur. [008] For Sale; 2 meter wide umbrella with stand plus 2 wooden long chairs. Price Rp. 1.5 million. Hp. 0818 0567 4076. [004]


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DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF TAX REGION OFFICE OF BALI Call Center : (0361) 241555, 263894 Faximile: (0361) 263895 Email : SMS Center : 081 238 88250

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MENPORA CUP 21 - 23 OCTOBER 2011 nd

Commemorating the 2 Anniversary of Mangunpura & Youth Pledge Day 2011, GABSI Bali (Bali Bridge Association) invite all bridge players to participate the “INTERNATIONAL BRIDGE CHAMPIONSHIPS” Menpora CUP & Regent of Badung Cup 2011 Date & time : 21 - 23 October 2011, from 09.00 AM - finish. Venue : Hall Lobby Office Kertha Ghosa Regent of Badung Regency Government Center, Sempidi Road, Mangupura, Badung Entry Fee : National Team of Four Rp 1,000,000,00 International Team of Four $ 150 Total Prize: More than $ 8000

The Rotary Clubs of Bali and the Bali Red Cross Blood Bank are working together to increase the awareness about the severe shortage of Rh Negative Blood types here in Bali. These are much less prevalent in Asian populations (0.3%) vs. European populations (10%). If you have Rh Negative Blood and would be prepared to help save a life, please contact the Bali Red Cross Blood BankRI¿FHWRGD\DW0361-227 224 and one of their mobile units ZLOOYLVLW\RXDW\RXUKRPHRI¿FHKRWHOIRU\RXUJHQHURXVGRQDWLRQ

* Please note - the staff is professionally trained to International Standards and always uses new disposable needles. In addition, the Blood Bank is currently expanding its present list of Rh Negative Blood donors. If you are living in Bali and would be willing to have your name placed on a ‘confidential list’ for emergency cases, please call Ibu Metta - 081 855 2299 (English speaking).

Contact Person : Tjandrawati (0361-743 5681, 081 2394 1338, 0858 5734 6809) Michael Bolli (0361-792 8713, 087 6118 6514) Kristiyanto (081 2394 2661, 0818 0534 2747)

Help SAVE a life TODAY by sharing this information with your friends,, colleagues and customers.

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Kebun Raya Eka Karya: Bali’s Own Grand Country Estate The most underutilized, underpublicized and u n d e r appreciated tourist attraction in all of Bali lies on the cool slopes of a volcano a mere 10 minutes drive from Lake Bratan in the mountains of Kebun Raya central Bali. As the lone Westerner wandering through the Kebun Raya Botanical Gardens on recent glorious afternoon, I could count all the foreign guests during my two-hour visit on the fingers of one hand. Though decidedly bereft of foreign tourists, not so with Indonesians. As we crested a small hill from the east we were greeted with the sight of several thousand Muslim visitors cavorting happily on the lawns. Long lines of gleaming new cars were parked bumper to bumper on both sides of the road leading up to the administrative building and orchid garden at the top. I was certain that this Muslim tribal gathering had to be from Java, but a driver told me that they were all from Bali. Perhaps not every Muslim in Bali was at the Kebun Raya that day, but it looked like they were, taking full advantage of the green, inviting and beautifully landscaped environs of this huge park. It is a superb locale for a picnic, shady stroll or romantic tryst. For young couples, which were trying to make themselves as inconspicuous as possible, it is known as a favourite meeting place (kebun jodoh). For the comfort and use Tree Top Adventure of visitors, benches, covered pavilions, an arboretum, three temples, cafeteria, campgrounds, electrical hook-ups, meeting rooms, clean restrooms and well-paved roads are provided. Recreational facilities include The Bali Treetop Adventure Park where visitors from 4 to 70 years old can fly through the treetops while attached to a lifeline in four different circuits from 2 m to 20-m in height graded according to agility or experience. The start of the 2.5-km-long road up to this sprawling “live museum” of native habitats lies just 200 meters south of the Candikuning market on Bali’s main north-to-south highway, 60 km from Denpasar. The extensive 157-ha park of upwards of 20,000 plant specimens is situated on the hilly lower slopes of 2,065-meter-high Gunung Pohon (“tree mountain”) to the west at an altitude of 1,200 to 1,450 meters elevation. The best time to visit is Bali’s springtime April-June when the gardens are bursting with color and all its flowers are in full bloom. Other times of the year the park can be just as attractive. It was a partly cloudy September the day when we visited, the sun shining intermittently through big cumulous clouds. The Republic’s First Botanical Gardens Founded in 1959, Kebun Raya Eka Karya is dedicated to the dual roles of providing recreation and scientific research into the mountain flora of eastern Indonesia (Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Sulawesi, Sumatra and Papua). The park also offers environmental education programs for students to learn about the fascinating world of plants and their importance to all life on earth. Initially carved out of 50 ha of forested land held by the Ministry of Forestry, the Bali Botanic Garden is just one of four major government-owned botanical gardens in Indonesia, including the Cibodas Botanical Garden in West Java, the Purwodadi Botanical Garden of East Java and the world-famous Bogor Botanical Gardens of West Java, 60 km south of Jakarta. All were established during the Dutch colonial period. Kebun Raya Bali is in some ways more beautiful and breathtaking than Bogor because the topography and landscaping are more variegated, the high-altitude plants more interesting, and the backdrop of misty mountains is more dramatic. Another proud

distinction is that Kebun Raya Eka Karya was the first of the country’s botanical gardens to have been established following Indonesian independence and thus is the first to be run entirely by Indonesians. The park’s open lawns and dense forests make excellent vantage points for some serious wildlife viewing: skinks, bunglon lizards, wild fowl (ayam hutan), squirrel-like tree shrews (near the Fern Park), 97 species of birds and 37 species of butterflies. A stunning 8-km-long circular footpath, starting from the Ethnobotany Guesthouse on the park’s northeast side, takes the visitor up through the foothills at the north end of the valley to the accompaniment of splashing of water, the shrill calls of monkeys, the incessant droning of cicadas, and at dusk swooping bats foraging for insects. Originally established as a collection of species of conifers from all over the world, starting in 1975 the park’s functions broadened to include ex-situ conservation of plants from high-altitude habitats of eastern Indonesia, eventually building a world-class collection of montane plants. Scientific facilities include herbarium, seed bank, library, glasshouses, nurseries and a plant database. Managed by scientists from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), the collections comprise over 2000 plant species including orchids, ceremonial plants, medicinal plants, cactus, ferns and aquatic plants. Plants are meticulously arranged in family and species order. Closely related species are planted together, with specimens labelled in Latin while park signs are in Indonesian. For flower lovers the highlights are lilies, poinsettias, bougainvillea, and rare species Podocarpus imbricatus and Pinanga Javana. The tallest tree among the garden’s 668 species is the Geseng pine tree (Casuarina junghuniana Miq). The park’s rarest plants include Giant Tree Ferns from New Zealand and Rhododendron citrinum Hassk that is on the Rhododendrons World Red List. But what the gardens are renown for are its begonias and orchids. The park temperature of 17-25 degrees C. in the daytime and 10-15 C. at night makes for an ideal habitat f o r t h e Begonia House cultivation of begonias. Our kids played hide and seek among the serpentine walkways of the Begonia House (near Nayaka Loka Convention Hall) where the many varieties grew in profusion. My wife bought a few Begonia plants for only Rp10,000 each in the small nursery to the left after we climbed the stairway from the parking lot and entered the grounds of the Begonia House. The Rarest of Orchids At the top of the gardens, just beyond the administrative office and about 800 meters or 15 minutes walk up from main gate is the park’s famed orchid gardens with its 300 varieties of Orchid House orchids, a collection only rivaled by the Bogor Botanical Gardens. There are only two species of orchid, which can only be found in Bali, the Malleola baliensis and Calanthe baliensis. Most Balinese orchids flower from March until June. A man with a name card dangling from his breast pocket noticed me peeking through the wire mesh of the nursery and invited me inside. He introduced himself Gede Ardika. Pak Gede grew up in a mountainous clime of Munduk that has high-altitude vegetation similar to Kebun Raya’s. He’s been working at the orchid gardens for four years. On weekends he informed me that there is always staff around to answer questions and let you into the orchid nursery if you wish.

I asked Pak Gede to show me some unique orchids. He pointed out unusual slipper orchids, the green Phapiopedillum javanicum, the Bulbophyllum odoratum with yellow stripes, and the reddish speckled Edindabrium Sulawesi. These orchid varieties from the Indonesia’s mountain forests are not as colourfully flamboyant as cultivated hybrids, but if you look closely you can make out very small but exquisite flowers. In Indonesia there exist 4000 species of orchids, a plant species which dates back to the age of the dinosaurs. About half of all the country’s orchids occur in Papua province. Many wild species are endangered because of overcollecting and loss of forest habitat. No orchids for sale in the gardens, but can be bought on the road leading up to the park’s entrance. Afterwards, we checked these nurseries and found that the prices were too expensive and the plants not that well cared for. The prices as well as the variety of plants in the three nurseries behind the Candikuning market are better. The cactus collection, in its own large glasshouse on the other side of the road from the orchid garden, comprised cacti from all over the world from thick and succulent (fleshy) to spiny and hairy with many species sporting colorful flowers. Heading back down, we waded through the middle of the boisterous crowds, shouts and whoops erupting as the men played football in woman’s dresses, kids competed in burlap bag, wooden shoes and rice cracker-eating contests and off in a corner women sang dangdut songs. Our five-year-old son joined kids rolling down a grassy hill as a corporate team-building event blared in the background. Practicalities Bali Botanic Garden, Candikuning, Tabanan, tel. 036822050/21273. Take the road to the east from the giant corn-onthe- cob statue. Entrance Rp12,000 per car plus Rp7000 per person if you want to tour the gardens by car. Parking costs Rp7000 all day for cars, Rp3000 for motorcycles. Ask for a map and discounts for your children: kindergarteners get 50% off and other students up to high school age receive a 25% discount. Pushbikes cannot be brought into the park only if you’re staying in one of the guesthouses. No dogs are allowed, not even on a leash. Opening hours: everyday 8 am-4 pm. The Orchid Garden is open Mon.-Thurs. 7 am-5 pm, Fri. 7 am-12 pm. Library is open Mon.Thurs. 7 pm-2 pm, Friday 0700-1100, Saturday 0700-1230. If you’re looking for peace and solitude, avoid the weekends and school holidays. Guides are available Mon. to Friday, but if you want a guide on the weekend you must arrange a week before by calling tel. 0368203-3211, hp 081-390-35 7572, or emailing kebunrayabali@ All guide bookings will be confirmed by e-mail. Cost for Indonesian-speaking guide is Rp150, 000 for an hour tour of the whole park; for English-speaking Rp250, 000. It’s a one-km walk from the parking lot up to the office at the top (north). The library, near the herbarium, contains material on botany, horticulture and gardening. It is open to the public on weekdays from 8 am-3 pm. Several books about plants in the garden’s collections may be purchased (Rp20,000-Rp70,000) in the Koperasi Bina Sejahera souvenir shop in the parking lot. Flowers of Bali by Fred and Margaret Eiseman (Periplus 1994) describes in detail Bali’s 50 most common species of flowers, their use and importance in the daily life and culture of the Balinese. Accommodations & Food On the road up to the gardens there are some basic home stays. On the right, about 1 km south of the entrance, with a big strawberry patch in the front yard, is Pelangi (tel. 081-353-222223) operated by Pak Ketut. Four double rooms cost Rp200,000 each including breakfast for two. Meals can be bought in the Candikuning market, a walk down the road to the main north-tosouth highway, then turn left (north). Inside the gardens, the VIP Guesthouse costs Rp350,000 to Rp600,000 per room. The Ethnobotany Guesthouse charges Rp450,000 per room. Rooms in the Research Guesthouse, the “backpacker” accommodations with outside bathrooms, cost Rp200,000. To book, call tel. 0368203-3211, hp 0813 9035 7572, or email kebunrayabali@yahoo. com. All bookings confirmed by e-mail.

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05 October - 19 October, 2011

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Jamie James:


Novelist, Critic, Travel Writer

Rimbaud is unique in many ways. He is one of the very few examples of a child prodigy in literature. There are several cases of six-year-olds composing symphonies, like Mozart, and children who show an uncanny talent for mathematics or chess, but Rimbaud basically invented modern poetry by the age of sixteen. To say he was wise beyond his years would be a massive understatement! What kind of person was he?

C/NV/I- 27 July 11

Rimbaud’s life is even more amazing than his work. He created the prototype of the artist as rebel. For starters, he lived openly as the lover of an older man, the poet Paul Verlaine, at a time when sodomy was a felony. The two of them were drunk on absinthe and stoned on hashish pretty much all the time. Rimbaud did his best to piss off everyone – especially people who wanted to help him. His uncompromising individualism, verging on sociopathy, and his visionary artistic ideas made him a hero to great rock musicians, including Jim Morrison of the Doors, who always had a copy of Rimbaud’s poetry with him, as well as Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain, and especially Patti Smith, who idolizes him. She writes beautifully about Rimbaud’s influence on her in her recent memoir Just Kids, which I recommend highly, by the way. She’s a great writer. Is there any other poet whose work is similar to his?

Jamie James was born and raised in Houston, Texas, where he attended public high school. After graduating from Williams College, he moved to New York, where he worked as a journalist at Andy Warhol’s Interview, Rolling Stone and Time, among other national magazines. In 1999, he resigned his post as an art critic for The New Yorker and moved to Indonesia. In 13 years’ residence in Jakarta and Bali he has published two novels and contributed features and reviews to The Atlantic Monthly, Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times. James also writes about culture and travel in Asia for popular magazines including Men’s Journal and Condé Nast Traveller. He and his partner live in Kerobokan, Bali where they own two restaurants. What prompted you to write a book about Arthur Rimbaud’s voyage to Java? The subject neatly brought together two of my passions. I’ve been reading Rimbaud ever since I was a rebellious teenager, just like he was when he wrote his amazing poetry. I’ve lived in Bali for six years, but in some ways my heart belongs to Java. People in Bali are always surprised when I tell them that I miss Jakarta, where I lived before I came here – this is unheard of. I love Bali too, but some of my favorite places in Indonesia are in Central Java. I also wrote poetry when I was a teenager growing up in Houston, and came across a paperback translation of A Season in Hell at my local bookshop. It blew my mind. Why did you pick this episode of the poet’s life? Rimbaud’s voyage to Java in 1876 as a mercenary soldier in the Dutch Colonial Army was one of the most mysterious passages in a life full of mysteries. Very little is known about the episode, even by scholars. It’s such an unlikely adventure that in the early days of Rimbaud studies, scholars thought it was just another of the poet’s extravagant tall tales. How did the actual book evolve? My original intention was to write a novel that would imaginatively reconstruct this lost voyage. I did a lot of research into Rimbaud’s life and conditions in Java when he was here. I beavered away at it for years, and produced piles of manuscript pages, but I was always stymied when I tried to write dialogue for him. Above all else, Rimbaud was original and unpredictable. Most attempts at a fictionalized version of his life have been pretty embarrassing, like Total Eclipse, the film starring Leonardo DiCaprio as the poet. So in the end I abandoned the novel and sat down and wrote this book. It went very quickly, because I had already done all the research.

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p ia

What is distinctive about Rimbaud as a poet?

Yes, many – but they all come after him! I would say that he has been more influential than any other poet of the 19th century – maybe even more so in English than French. Most people don’t realize that Rimbaud actually lived in London longer than in Paris. T.S. Eliot and Ezra Pound revered him and openly imitated him, and the Surrealists proclaimed him as their master. The list goes on….

Letters To Bali Advertiser These Boots are Made for Walkin’ Dear Sir, The Sanur beach walkway is a wonderful path to enjoy the beach, feel the breeze and just relax – unless you are run down by a pedal bike. It use to be bikes were banned from the ‘walkway’ but now every other warung along the beach has bikes for rent. With its sharp corners, low over hanging tree branches and crowds of tourists, this is NOT a good bike path but many people use it as such. Some are courteous and ring their bells but actually most expect walkers to move out of their way. I recently read of European cities where there is almost warfare between bikers and pedestrians. Now it has come to Bali. May be I will carry a walking cane and stick it through a few spokes. Walker in Sanur

Why is Rimbaud particularly admired by other writers?


That’s easy – he’s just about the only famous writer who gave it up. A few eccentric authors like J.D. Salinger became recluses and stopped publishing their work, others despaired and committed suicide, but to just stop writing the way Rimbaud did is unimaginable to most writers. Sometimes writers get so frustrated we wish we could give it up, but it’s a compulsion more than a choice. Obviously there’s also the attraction of Rimbaud’s work, which is amazingly original. He wrote a few really beautiful poems, but mostly they are strange, mind-bending visions. His imagination had no limits.

A House in Bali

Why do you think Rimbaud stopped writing? This is one of the perennial puzzles of literary history. There’s a new novel about Rimbaud which blames it on his strict upbringing. His mother famously told him when he was a boy to give up poetry, because there’s no money in it. It’s true that Rimbaud was very devoted to her, but this theory doesn’t seem plausible to me. I think the decision must be connected in some way to his turbulent relationship with Verlaine. It all came to a head when Rimbaud told Verlaine he was leaving him, and Verlaine shot him in the wrist. Their love affair was exposed and Verlaine went to prison. It was soon after that that Rimbaud began his period of restless wanderings, which reached its farthest point in the voyage to Java. But it will always be a mystery. Rimbaud never explained himself. Where can people find your book? My book will be launched at the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival on October 6th at 5:30 pm, at Betelnut restaurant on Jl. Raya Ubud opposite the Puri Lukisan museum. The event is free and open to the public.

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Dear Readers, For most people the attraction for Bali is the people and the landscape. Then please do not destroy a rice field or more agricultural land to build your second home. Regardless of what you may have been told by your property agent this land is the rightful inheritance of the children of Bali. And what a mess of concrete and infertile land many of them will acquire! Ask yourself; do you really want the headache of building in Bali? For what is a house but a home. And what is a home but a place to lay your head down at the end of the day, a place to take refuge in the shelter of family and friends, that which we all need and crave. Why not renovate one of the many deserted, or incompleted holiday homes dotted all over the island? You may even pick up a bargain here. Even less problematic, arrange a long-term rental agreement in a hotel villa or best of all rent a room in a family compound. Use your money to help the family and the village. You will get back so much. Your life will be fulfilled ten thousand times. And when you have had enough and you leave this precious island, your footprint will be light and bountiful. I thankyou in advance for your consideration and I hope that you receive as much happiness as Bali has given me. Yours Faithfully Guru Ibu Lala/Columba Tierney Melaya Orphanage West Bali.

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We are men and women who drank too much but have found we can help each other to stop drinking. We have meetings every day on Bali. Come to a meeting and learn how you can stop drinking. English- 081 5581 04700

Bahasa Indonesia - 087862360454

Bahasa Indonesia & English Meetings (with interpreters) Gateway Community Jl. Danau Batur #3 (gang past Kimia Farma on Wed @ 7pm SANUR SEMINYAK Sat @ 7pm

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English Meetings

NUSA DUA Sun @ 10 am Mon @ 6 pm SANUR Thu @ 4:30pm, Sat @ 5pm SANUR SEMINYAK Mon - Sun @ 9am, Mon / Wed / Fri @ 7pm

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Nusa Dua Beach Grill Kopi Bali

Geger Beach (near temple) Jl ByPass 405E (upstairs)

Manik Organik Jl D. Tamblingan 85 (upstairs) The Ruko Jl Dhyana Pura 103 (upstairs at Warung Kita)


Jl Uluwatu, Br Bakung Sari, Ungasan (across from Swell Restaurant Dreamland) Mon-Sat @ 9am, Sun @ 10:30am Café Wayhu Jl Dewa Sita (on Football Field) Thu / Sun @ 7pm Casa Luna Jl Raya Ubud Space for this announcement donated by Bali Advertiser

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C/NV/U-13 July 11

by Dr. Rob Refreshingly Different Group Exhibition of Artworks At W Retreat & Spa, Jl. Petitengent, Seminyak. Currently, the Taksu Art Gallery has mounted a group exhibition of contemporary artworks which feature a wide range of local and international artists. It is hoped that the audiences will find the show ‘Refreshingly Different’. Much is on offer: Ann Morrison


Born in 1966 in Scotland, Anne now lives and works in Tasmania, Australia. Anne holds a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and a Doctor of Philosophy of Fine Arts from the University of Tasmania. In her piece ‘Colony’, Anne uses a frenzy of tiny brushstrokes to build-up layers of paint. Her abstracted image vibrates with energy.

Bob Sick Yudhita Born in 1971 in Yogyakarta, Bob graduated from the Indonesia Institute of the Arts there. He still lives and paints in Yogyakarta. As his work ‘Little Red Angel with Coconut’ shows, Bob is influenced by Jean-Michel Basquiat. Bob’s paintings are spontaneous and filled with poetry and thoughts. Bob also enjoys exploring ideas of pain and bliss, and the true meaning of creating art via his work processes.

Past Midnight

Fine Arts, and then a Masters of Arts, Fine Arts and Technology. With his paintings and installations, Meme takes us into the other side of what seem to be innocent fairytales. Meme creates complex labyrinths of strange stories full of mysteries. His piece ‘Past Midnight’ is a typical example of his intriguing style.

Umibaizurah Born in 1975 in Malaysia, Umibaizurah also lives and works in Kuala Lumpur. Umibaizurah received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Malaysian University of Technology. Umibaizurah’s sculpture ‘The Smuggler’ is created in porcelain, metal and wood. There seems to be a deliberate naïve quality to her humorous work. Umibaizurah likes to work with children, and takes inspiration from them. Uuk Paramahita Born in 1978, Uuk still lives and works in Denpasar. Uuk graduated from the Institute of Arts in Bali with a Bachelor in Fine Arts. With works like ‘Fun Bike’ Uuk takes traditional Balinese imagery and themes and places them into modern-day settings. A certain amount of social observation can also be noted in his work.

Little Red Angel with Coconut

Istasius Animamix Born in 1975 in Semarang, Istasius also now lives and works in Denpasar. Istasius is another artist who completed his studies at the Indonesia Institute of the Arts in Yogyakarta, majoring in Visual Communication & Design. Dream & Aurora Istasius explores his art making processes by combining languages he picked up as a designer, and as an installation and performance artist. Istasius’ painting ‘Dream and Aurora’ has a youthful Japanese feel, and seems influenced by interactive video games imagery. Khairul Azmir Shoib (Meme) Born in 1975 in Taiping, Meme now lives and works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Meme graduated from the University of Technology in Malaysia, with a Bachelor of

Carlo’s exhibition at Ganesha Gallery has been designed not only to present him as an artist, additionally; it acts as a mini-retrospective of his career. Vases It consists not only of his more sculptural pieces within the gallery, but, a series of interesting ‘installations’ have also been set up within the grounds of the Four Seasons Resort. E-mail: Copyright © 2011 Dr. Rob

The Smuggler

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ART & ARTISTS Limited Time Exhibitions Fun Bike

Living Forms and Textures Furniture and Accessories by Carlo Pessina At Ganesha Gallery, Four Seasons Resort, Jimbaran Bay

Hanh Born in 1974 in Pontianak, Hanh now lives and works in Denpasar. Hanh also graduated from the Indonesia Institute of the Arts in Yogyakarta, with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art Communication. Hanh sees his art-making processes as a Rock & Roll Star humble activity, no higher than any other daily routine, like waking up in the morning and brushing his teeth. Hanh creates light-hearted works that prompt contemplation without being too heavy. The title of his canvas ‘Rock & Roll Star’ seems at odds with the subject-matter, and entices the further reflection he desires.

and ‘Vases’, are a celebration of the best of Bali, and the island’s supreme ability to nurture and sustain both local and expatriate artists.

One of the most prolific, original, and talented designers in Bali, Carlo Pessina is known for his striking furniture and accessories, which are featured in many of the island’s major hotels and homes. Born in Milan, a major centre of Italian design and style, Carlo arrived in Bali in 1979 as a young artist in search of inspiration. Blessed with an uncanny sense of the market, and a supreme sense of style, Carlo first began creating a series of soft furnishings using Indonesian ikat fabrics, which were an immediate success. In the process, he realized his White Seater passion and ability to unite elegant sculptural forms and exotic textures to make ‘living’ furniture. In 1982, he pioneered his first line of signature designs, experimenting with a wide range of materials like coconut-wood, seashells, and terrazzo. Until then, these materials were rarely associated with furniture. Three decades later, Carlo’s work is no less beautiful, important, or fresh. Remarkably, his talents received little recognition in Bali outside of a small circle of friends, and some international designers, before he opened his own gallery in Sanur, in 2003. Today, Carlo stands as first and foremost amongst a small handful of original world-class design artists living and working in Bali. The integrity of his work is based not only on their functionality, but, more so, as living and evolving works of art that enhance space, and which create a balance between nature and man. Carlo’s pieces, such Dining Table as ‘White Seater’, ‘Dining Table’

Chance, Grace, Memory Artists : Morin Zasly and Sun Wahyu Genre : Artworks Period : September 17 until October 31, 2011 Every day, 9.00AM until 9.00PM Location : Alila Ubud, Desa Melinggih Kelod, Payangan, Gianyar Tel: 975963 Living Forms and Textures Artist : Carlo Pessina Genre : Furniture and Accessories Period : October 6 until October 31, 2011 Every day, 9.00AM until 6.00PM Location : Ganesha Gallery, Four Seasons Resort, Jimbaran Bay Tel: 701010 Nasi Campur Artists : Group Exhibition Genre : Artworks Period : October 8 until December 31, 2011 Every day, 9.00AM until 9.00PM Location : Taksu Art Gallery, W Retreat & Spa, Jl. Petitengent, Seminyak Tel: 738106 On the Way to the USA Artists : Em Sumba and Oktara Bakara Genre : Paintings Period : October 2 until October 30, 2011 Every day, 10.00AM until 5.00PM Location : Adi’s Gallery, Jl. Bisma 102, Ubud Tel: 977104 Painting Exhibition Artist : Mohammed Genre : Painting Period : August 12 until November 12, 2011 Location : The Seminyak Beach Resort & Spa Jl. Kayu Aya, Seminyak Tel: 730814 Refreshingly Different Artists : Group Exhibition Genre : Paintings Period : September 7 until October 7, 2011 Every day, 9.00AM until 9.00PM Location : Taksu Art Gallery, W Retreat & Spa, Jl. Petitengent, Seminyak. Tel: 738106 Please e-mail Bali Advertiser to place your exhibition here free of charge. Bali Advertiser reserves the right to publish or not publish submissions.



I’m a book junkie. When I was about two years old my mother found me sitting in an old apple crate with furrowed brow pretending to read one of my father’s books upside down. I finally figured out which way was up, and the addiction began. I’d read by flashlight in bed under the covers long after lights-out. I would disappear into the woods on summer days with a book and an apple and not come home until it was too dark to read. I joined the local library at age 6 and spent most of my pocket money on fines. As an adult, my worst nightmare has always been to run out of reading material. I saved the classics for holidays, devouring War and Peace on a Thai beach, most of Jane Austin in a Queensland youth hostel and a stack of Thomas Hardy in a caravan tethered to a stormy Scottish shore.

a house in the sawah. It was all rice fields around there then, of course; now it’s the middle of town.” They moved the store to Ubud’s main street in 1991 almost across from its present location. It immediately attracted a unique clientele. Bookworms happily browsed the shelves while Ketut gave Balinese music lessons upstairs. Periplus opened in Ubud about that time, which helped Ganesha develop its own personality and ambience.

Ganesha Books is now home to one of the most interesting and complete collections of new, used, out-of-print, antiquarian and rare books on Indonesia Anita started sourcing hard-to-find books in Java and over time began to bring in rare English-language books on Indonesia which were not available to the outside world. She found that Indonesian universities had no distribution for their academic books in English and in 1997 she started a website for books on Indonesian studies at www.ganeshabooksbali. com. Ganesha Books is now home to one of the most interesting and complete collections of new, used, out-of-print, antiquarian and rare books on Indonesia as well as the best collection of second hand books in the country. A collector herself, Anita has rare book cabinets in all her stores and is gratified to find that Indonesians are now becoming interested in them. Regular clients come once a year to check out her collection and add to their own. What books do people buy? “We’re seeing a spike in interest in Indonesian art, architecture and culture,” says Anita. “People are always interested in what’s new and current novels. Travellers buy Bali Sekala Niskala, academics are always looking for new research, we see many collectors of Indonesian books and casual travelers like easy books. Crime is popular.” She finds that other book junkies, like me, go for those fat classics -- Dickens and Dovstoyevsky -- because holidays give us the time and space to absorb these complex books and nap between chapters.

Book addicts will agree that finding a great secondhand bookshop on holiday is on par with discovering a clean, cheap, convivial hotel with good food. Imagine my delight when I first found Ganesha bookshop on a trip to Ubud in the early 1990s. I’ve been haunting its shelves ever since because it’s always had a perfect mix of books on Indonesia, language, classics, murders, travel, best sellers and bath tub trash. Clearly, the owners of this enchanting Aladdin’s cave were people of vision and imagination as well as being serious book junkies themselves. It takes one to know one. At last I met Anita Scheeres. Although Anita had visited Bali in 1976 on a student holiday, the story really began when she met Ketut Yuliarsa at a batik exhibition on Bondi Beach in Sydney a few years later. It was love at first sight. The academic and literary Ketut was already living and working in Australia, and the couple settled there with annual visits to Ketut’s native homeland. On one of these trips in 1986, they decided to set up a little second-hand bookshop with a few shelves of their own small collection of literature. At that time Ubud had no book store, and the shop on Monkey Forest Road was instantly popular with travelling readers. Anita called the shop Ganesha not only because he’s the patron of writers, but for his friendly and welcoming mien. “Ganesha was the first bookshop in Ubud by default really,” Anita remembers. “We had the opportunity to rent a store and decided to try selling second hand books there. Ketut’s father would come up from Denpasar every day to run it. After a while we bought some land behind the store and built

As the doors of mega bookshops like Borders are slamming shut in the west, little Ganesha Books continues to expand and thrive. “I really focus on my market,” Anita explains. “I know my customer base very well, and I went deep instead of wide. Borders and other big stores went mass market, but that’s not interesting enough for people. There’s lots of new English fiction in Java; however, that is not my market. Periplus does a good job there, so I focus on my own niche.” And what about Kindle, I asked? I have mixed feelings about this reading machine. My own book is on it but I’m too addicted to the weight of a book in my hands, the feel of the paper, the turn of the page, to make the leap. Anita doubts that Kindle will have an impact on her bookshops. “People who come to Ganesha love books, especially the art books. I ask people how they read and often they use both Kindle and real books. Kindle will have its place, but don’t think it will be a substitute. Art books are too big to digitize.”

They recently realized a long-term dream of opening a free bilingual Reading Room for both children and adults In 2008 Ganesha Books opened a branch at Biku Tea Room in Seminyak which offers a good selection of books plus a range of handmade cards and gifts, daily newspapers and magazines from around the world. Anita and Ketut are committed to spreading the joy of reading among the Balinese. They recently realized a long-term dream of opening a free bilingual Reading Room for both children and adults in a wonderful building near the Arts Centre at Jalan Nusa Indah 21a near the Institute for Seni (Arts) in Denpasar. “Here we have a large sitting area for people to come in and just read whatever we have on the shelves,” Anita told me. “Books are also for sale, but primarily we are offering a free reading space, which is a very new concept here. Books are both in Indonesian and in English with a large corner set aside for children to relax and read. We have special free Sunday programs of story time and bilingual reading for children. Our goal for this Ganesha Bookshop and Reading Room is to help foster literacy, learning and above all, reading for pleasure in the Balinese community. Bali residents and tourists are welcome to come and read in English to the children.”

Ketut, himself a writer of poetry and librettos, is passionate about providing as many books as possible to stimulate the culture of reading in Bali. “Gramedia prints a lot of books, so there is an interest,” Anita observes. “Sadly, many people have other priorities in terms of what they need to buy and books are low on the list. Our focus is on arts, so many books on art, music and literature are available. The kids asked if they can just come in and read, and many are now enjoying the opportunity to drop in and hang out with books.” Ganesha Bookshop is involved in another program to promote reading for pleasure in Balinese children. The shop’s Books for Bali Project, established in 2004, supports local schools and libraries and the Rotaract Club of Bali, Ubud by assisting its Mobile Library Project. The Mobile Library is currently working with elementary schools in Payangan and Tampaksiring and hopes to bring the program further afield in the near future. Staff from Ganesha Bookshop travel with the Rotarators in the Mobile Library and assist in the various programs which include learning to read in both Bahasa Indonesia and in English through enjoyable lessons, storytime, games and singing. Residents and travelers to Bali are invited to support this project by purchasing books for the Mobile Library and for the local schools and libraries from Ganesha’s excellent collection of bilingual and Indonesian language children’s books either by visiting the stores or through the website. Used children’s books in good condition can also be dropped off at any of the stores. A bookplate identifies the donor and the school. This program provides a conduit through which people can make a meaningful contribution to literacy, and they can also donate time when they come to Bali by reading and teaching English at these schools. New literature not readily available in Indonesia, and it’s challenging to keep up the quality of good books on the shelves. Anita cycles them through a free box and has a big selection of free books at the Denpasar shop, so even if you’re broke there’s no need to go into withdrawal. The recent increase in Ubud’s traffic noise and pollution was impetus to air-condition the shop here, which also has new wooden shelving. Ganesha in Ubud has a great vibe... quiet and cool, with all those books exhaling invitingly and a staff that understands the concept of browsing. You can sell them your high-quality second hand books or barter for some of theirs. And it’s so central to the important things in life. If you need to change money to buy books Ibu Uang at PT Prawira Valas, my favourite money changer for many years, is directly across the lane. After you’ve made your selections, you can have a delicious read over a delicious lunch at Kue or Bali Buddha just steps away. What could be more satisfactory than a stack of tempting books by the bed, waiting to be read? And knowing that Ganesha Books, just down the road, will always be there to feed my habit. Ibu Kat’s book of stories Bali Daze - Freefall off the Tourist Trail is Available from : - Ganesha Books in Ubud and Seminyak - downloadable as a PDF file - Amazon downloadable for Kindle

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Bali Krisna Service

Since 1999 Bali Krisna Service CV, has been the number one and most trusted domestic employee agency in Bali, specialising in housemaids, babysitters and nannies.

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Looking for a secretary/>. [033]



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Fluent English. Valid SIM

Jalan Dewi Sri, Blok C, Nr 3 • Kuta, Bali, Indonesia • Tel / Fax: +62/361.763.324


comission. [028]

Our service is completely free of charge for candidates For more jobs, please visit


experience and good English


C/Es/18 May 11



commercial assistant. Able

We can provide domestic placement for • Babysitters • Housekeeping • Gardeners • Cooks • Cleaners • Security • And more

w w w. b a l i k r i s n a s e r v i c e . c o m Tel: (0361) 744 6932, 264738 Hp. 081 2365 4977 ~ 9am - 5pm

Looking for 2 SPG and

NC/Es/5 Oct 11

VACANCY AS ADMIN STAFF/ RECEPTIONIST Qualification requirements: Female, age 23 - 30 years old • Min. Diploma degree • Fresh graduates/entry level application with good skills are encouraged to apply • Proficiency in English both oral and written • Pleasant personality, good interpersonal and communication skills • Experience in receptionist related duties will be an advantage • Attention to detail, accurate, enjoy multi tasking • Knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures • Good administration skill (input and maintain data) • Computer literate Should you be interested and fulfill the above criteria, please send your application along with your recent photograph to: or to: PT Limcharoen Hughes & Glanville Bali Ikat Plaza Building Block D, 3rd floor Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 505X, Denpasar 80361 NC/Es/5 Oct 11

The best selection of candidates for all positions and all levels. All candidates are pre-selected to simplify your choice, saving your time

POSITIONS AVAILABLE: Office Manager (Expat) Chief Accountant (Hotel) Dir of Sales / Sales Mgr Architect / Project Mgr Accounting Mgr / FC

Hotel Mgr (Expat) Head / Exec Chef HRD Mgr / Supervisor Restaurant Managers Secr / PA / Admin

VISAS AND PERMITS Business / Social - Entry and Exit KITAS - Work Permits Company Formation PMA - PT - CV - Local For additional jobs and information visit: CVs welcome for all positions No fee to applicants - completely confidential Tel. 769073 Istana Kuta Galeria PM1 No. 18 C/Es/5 Oct 11

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05 October - 19 October, 2011

We are seeking an Accounts with the following requirements :



Main Responsibilities: • Perform a variety of general accounting support tasks in an accounting department including : • Qualification • Holding S1 Degree in Accounting or Business with 3 to 5 years working experience • Competency in Microsoft - Word, Excel • Attention to detail and ability to multi-task is an asset • Tax Knowledge • Knowledge and experience in MYOB is a help Please send CV to or NC/Es/5 Oct 11

R e c e p t i o n i s t / Administration




office medium Villa Complex


Freelance!! Min D3 Graphic

in Sanur, Western trained,




Graphic Able






poster, flyer, newsletter and

4/5 star standard. Good

able to operate InDesign

command of English Oral

CS2, Photoshop and Corel

and Written. Please send

draw. Must be a creative


and propositive person. CV>

to <> or

0812 3628 1515. [055]


needed, part time Seminyak.

di Berawa Canggu. 0819 3621 6989. [050]

Must speak English, have green thumb. Call 081 7972


9092. [047]

Team Leader for Villa




medium in




A project development and property management company specializes in villas and apartment’s project is looking for: • Logistician • Architect • Webmaster • MEP drafter • Sales Person • Civil Engineer • Marketing • Interior Designer • Accountant • Estimator • Electrician • Quantity Surveyor • Carpenter • Quality Control • Painter • Planning Manager • Plumber • Project Manager • Data entry • Site Manager • Receptionist • Site Supervisor Civil/ Finishing/MEP

Nanny / pembantu wanted


for ex-pat family with one

be experience to 4/5 star


Each candidate should have experience in the same position in related company for minimum 2years; excellent behaviors; good individual and teamwork coordination skills; problem solving skills; hard worker; able to work under pressure; English speaking. Send your CV, recent photograph, expected salary and portfolio (if any) to: Only qualified candidates will be contacted NC/Es/5 Oct 11






standard. Good command



of English. Please send

English. Good salary for








NC/Es/5 Oct 11

PMA wood company seeking Architect, min D3, must have excellent Sketch-up and V-ray skills, excellent English. CV and portfolio sample to: NC/Es/5 Oct 11

AquaMarine Diving – Bali Seminyak Two vacancies for which we require:

Detail-oriented, hard-working, native English speakers Efficient all-rounders with ‘can do’ attitudes Superb organisational skills and self-motivation Excellent keyboard skills (Microsoft Office Suite) Proactive with strong administration backgrounds Responsible, outgoing forward-planners Marketing/tourism industry background advantageous

2880. [048] Growing company looking


for Sales Marketing and

S1 Law/ Psy, min 3 yr

Assistant to Director

Drafter, experience in Interior


Managerial skills and knowledge of small business

Field min 1 year. Application






Manager, Excellent in



relations, Strong personality>. [051]

and good leadership. Send Needed speed boat staff,

CV, photo and expected



salary to: <personnel.cpi@


Call>. [057]


Looking Looking





Designers Indesign,

Graphic (Photoshop,



2. You may also email, fax or post your ad into our office and we will email, fax or telephone you with the price. You may also visit our office to place your ad.


3. Ads looking for work are charged at Rp. 5.000 per word.>. [053]


4. Ads looking for employees are charged at Rp. 11.000 per word


for Operational









graphic office in Canggu.


Please send your resume> cc <naryo@

+ worksamples to email




com>. [058] in




lounge, bar, and restaurant).

personal assistant. Excellent



English and computer skills


required. Salary 4 million

com>. Contact person Kiky

per month. Please send CV


to <balirealestate1@gmail.






758969. [054]

com>. [059]

Itinerary/Reservations Manager

High volume of e-mails and computer work These are NOT Working Holiday positions. Minimum 12mths commitment. 8hrs/day. 5.5days/wk. Send resume with expected salary and available start date to: Must like dogs and be available for interview in Bali NC/Es/5 Oct 11

5314 4269. [052]

1. Place your ad at for the quickest service.

6. All ads must be paid before printing. All payments must be made at our office or by money transfer to our bank.

Please send your CV to :

0812 3628 1515. [056]


5. Ads for business services are charged at Rp. 11.000 per word

• Male / Female • Min 3 years experience in same field • Excellent English communication skill • Good presentation • Strong business skill


Cari Barista, Baker, Pastry, Gardener



call (0361) 847 7232. [046] Superman


MACARONIS RESORT, MENTAWAI ISLANDS, WEST SUMATRA Macaronis Resort, will soon be re-opening after completion of refurbishments, offering specialist surf, dive and spa operations. We are seeking a skilled team of professionals or management Company. RESORT GM: Preferably more than 5 years GM experience, Proven track record, International Hotel Experience, Well developed management skills, Speaks Indonesian and English, Sound financial/business acumen, Skilled in operation of Front Office / Back Office computer systems + offering weekly /monthly reports. DEPARTMENT HEADS: Administration, Accounting, Food & Beverage and Spa Operations. All applications should be made by emailing CV to: NC/Es/5 Oct 11

URGENTLY REQUIRED: An NGO based in Bali operating for 13 yrs helping develop rural communities seeks:

SECRETARY TO DIRECTORS Requirements: • Bachelor’s degree with 2-3 years related experience in secretarial, office & administration job • Max. 30 year old • Excellent command of English both written and spoken. • Proficient with MS office & internet communication • Able to work in a team and independently & has initiative Email your CV & application letter to: NC/Es/5 Oct 11

NC/Es/5 Oct 11



BUSINESS SERVICES All your photography needs. Wedding, villas, product, etc. Call 781 7447 or 081 2389 5551 for further discuss or portfolio please visit the website: <www.thenbagus. com>. [553] Teaching Bahasa Private / Group Call: 0852 3429 2211. [943]

Certified European Project Manager with own MEP/ Architect/Supervisor


very experienced, excellent reference list in Bali and abroad,




projects. Phone: +62 81 2380 9310. Mail: <pm@>. [077] Professional Photography

Faves, speacialist in; fine silver crochet jewelry, soft toys, hotel give-away amenities. Please call/SMS 0878 6116 3056. [524] Architecture Design. Interior and Exterior design. Call 0878 6096 9018 or 749 3759. [525] Web Designer & Graphic Design. I can help you to develop website with personal price, including hosting or domain name also printing project. Call 781 7447 or 081 2389 5551 for further discuss or portfolio please visit the website: <www.thenbagus. com>. [553]

Call: 081 999 117 888

Private tutoring for English or



female tutor. Home / office. Call: 0361-803 5005. [653] Paris Trained Professional Make Up Artist/Hair Stylist. Wedding, Events, Special Effects. Phone 0821 4445

Professional Massage by girl. 0878 6274 9777. [040] <> (Spanish, English, Indonesian). [999] Bahasa Tutor for expatriate & English tutor for villa staffs. Lidya 0813 3744 1810 or <lidya_lidrit@>. Experienced in teaching. [049] Learn martial arts from a traditional martial artist. Blend jiu jitsu, goju-ryu and kobudo techniques to suit your needs. Text or call 0821 4591 4458. [060]

1815. [027] Freelance Make-up artist. Professional



experience, wedding, prewedding, party, etc. Liztya +62 856 4821 9224 or +62 812




<>. Free trial. [037] Translate

For Bahasa course + Interpreter service. Call Moko 0812 3651 4990. [488]

A Balinese with Healing Hands. Experienced for delivering of Traditional Balinese massage. Call 081 2365 3654. [041]

services. Affordable price. <>. [708]


documents English)



0878 6079 2902

(Koming). [038]

Having trouble reaching goals? Learn from a professional athlete with a background in elite athlete sports nutrition. Cut through the hype and get you the body you deserve. Text or call 0821 4591 4458. [061] Kids Tutoring for Kindergarten to Year 6 (Reading, Writing, English and Math). Price Rp.70,000/ hour. Please Call: 0852 3429 2211. [062]

VETIVER GRASS A HEDGE AGAINST EROSION An environmentally friendly & sustainable solution for stopping land erosion and conserving soil and water WHAT IS VETIVER GRASS? l

l l

l l


Vetiver is a clump grass with sterile seeds and cannot become a weed It is perennial and permanent and only grows where we plant it It forms a dense, permanent hedge preventing soil loss from runoff It has dense root system penetrating to at least 3 meters; It grows in most soil types irrespective of nutrient status, pH, acid sulphate, salinity, etc It should not compete with plants it is protecting

East Bali Poverty Project introduced Vetiver to Bali in 2000 to stabilize steep dirt roads & enable isolated and impoverished rural communities improve steep and sandy mountain slopes to grow organic vegetables for nutrition and eventual economic development. We now have many other clients in Bali and Lombok who can verify the power of Vetiver l

photo shows 2.5m roots

Bali Advertiser

05 October - 19 October, 2011

We provide design and planting advice and have stocks of Vetiver in our nurseries in Denpasar and Karangasem.

All revenues from sales directly support East Bali Poverty Project, helping disadvantaged children and communities to help themselves

For more information, please contact David or Tri: EAST BALI POVERTY PROJECT Tel. 0361-410071; Fax: 0361-430785 Email: Homepage: Space for this ad donated by Bali Advertiser NC/NV/10 Nov. 04


Expat seeking employment as Project Manager / Supervisor or can build for you. 081 2362 9939. <balicontractor@dps.>. [050] Young man, fresh high school graduated looking for job. Please Call 0877 6262 5282. [875] Indonesian male, fully qualified cabinet/ furniture maker by Hunter TAFE Australia looking for handyman jobs, fully fluent English, lived in Australia 9 years. Contact 0821 4581 4855. [874] Wood Working / Carpentery: All furniture, Windows, doors / Gates, Pool deck, Flooring, Railing, etc. Upholstery, Finishing wood & Houses. <woodworking.bali@yahoo.> / Phone 0819 9985 7305. [030] Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m looking for part time job. Working at home, have internet connection. Experienced in admin and data entry. Speak English and Bahasa. Please text 081 2381 5292 or e-mail: <flowsbloom@yahoo. com>. [925]

Female Aussie looking for work to make a move over to Bali (Seminyak area or close by). Strong skills in Admin/ PA as well as a strong background in sales, events and hospitality industries. 12 years working experience, friendly & fun loving, motivated and hardworking. Email-<melbumbak@gmail. com>. [944] Italian female with 10 years experience in F&B fields is looking for job. <rita.>. [978] Italian Pizzamaker/cook/ manager serious and professional is looking for job. <romagnolisimo@>. [983] Temporary baby sitter, English speaking. Call 0857 3717 1871. [920] Indonesian Male looking for part time French - Indonesian vice versa documents translating. Call 081 771 7030 or email <dosfev@>. [023] Freelance Web Design, Graphics and photography. <>. <httml: //www.ardanastudio. asia>. +61 40380 2180. [029] Freelance or Permanent Babysitter. Please call 0878 6231 7755. [036]

Looking for job as driver, courier or similar position. 27yo, honest and diligent. Please call 0819 9988 8382 or 0821 4485 8123. [679] Our excellent Maids & Nanny available from November, as we move abroad. Fully trained, hard working, top references. Sanur/Renon area only. Contact 0815 5872 5972 / <ihelland@>. [039] Driver available. My ex driver looking for work. I recommend him. Sanur preferred. Vlad 081 138 7122. [042] Nanny temporary, good English and responsibility, good drive car. Contact 0812 3618 3606. [044] Single female experienced in office administration & supervision, hospitality, customer care, training design & business trip (domestic & international) email: <amalianana@>. [063] Hotel GM, European, many years in Indonesia, 4* and 5* opening specialist, available for new GM assignment as of 1 January 2012. Pls contact: <expathotelgm@>. [064] Call Centre 5000 30

NC/Ns/I-21 Sept 11

BA Feature


Bali Essential Reading List By Al Hickey

The most important criteria for inclusion on this reading list were that the book be among the best in its genre and that it be available for purchase in Bali. Some extremely important books about Bali have been left out because they are out of print or otherwise unavailable. All the titles listed alphabetically below, as well as many rare, out of print and hard to find books on Bali and Indonesia, can be found in one of the three Ganesha independent bookstores owned and operated by local poet/musician Ketut Yuliarsa and his wife Anita. In Ubud the store is located on the corner of Jl. Raya and Jl. Jembawan, opposite the Post Office. In Kerobokan another Ganesha store is inside the Biku Restaurant, Jl. Petitenget 888; in Denpasar yet another is at Jl. Nusa Indah 21a near the Arts Centre. Contact: info@ Books may also be bought online from Ganesha’s website: Anthropology The House of Our Ancestors: Precedence and Dualism in Highland Balinese Society by Thomas Reuter (KITLV 2003). The most thorough and readable study of the economy and social organization of the mountain Bali Aga, the pre-Majapahit indigenous Balinese, an ethnic group with a distinct history and culture. Secrets of Bali: Fresh Light on the Morning of the World by Jonathon Copeland (Orchid 2010). The best book for explaining in clear language Balinese life, religion, festivals, offerings, architecture, music, dance, textiles, dress, carvings, paintings, masks, manuscripts, foods and much more. Architecture, Landscape & Interior Design Bali Chic by Susi Johnston and Ba Don Bosco (EDM 2008). D Discusses not only Bali’s D history, traditions and cultural hi heritage, but also the nightlife he scene and a selection of the sc island’s best restaurants, is shops, galleries and its most sh luxurious hotels, spas and lu villas. vil Bali Modern: The Art of Tropical Ba Living by Gianni Francione and Liv Luca Invernizza ( Periplus Lu Bali Chic 2000). An illustrated survey of 20 Balinese architecture focusing on the reinvention of traditional themes. Balinese Gardens by William Warren (Periplus 1995). Illustrated coffee table book describing modern and classical gardens all over Bali, but principally the landscapes of 5-star hotels. Also sections of flora, offerings, and the role of plants and gardens in Balinese culture. Bali Style by Barbara Walker and Rio Helmi (Periplus 2003). Detailed glossy coverage of Bali’s architectural and interior design style, ranging from relatively primitive bamboo dwellings and crafts to classy contemporary homes. 200 full-page color photos. A great souvenir. Introduction to Balinese Architecture by Julian Davison and Bruce Granquist (Periplus 2003). A step-by-step guide to the Balinese domestic and religious architecture, covering the rituals associated with building, the intricate ornamentation, building materials and construction techniques, as well as watercolor illustrations of building types and design concepts. The Arts Bali Inspires: The Rudana Art Collection by Jean Couteau, photography by Koes Karnadi and Eky Tandyo (Yayasan Seni Rudana 2011). As interpreted through the works of the famous Museum Rudana outside of Ubud, this book encompasses the whole history of modern Indonesian art. Balinese Dance, Drama and Music: A Guide to the Performing Arts of Bali by I Wayan Dibia, Rucina Ballinger and Barbara Anello (Periplus 2010). Illustrated introduction to the most commonly seen forms of traditional music, dance, drama and puppetry. Balinese Masks: Spirits of an Ancient Drama by Judy Slattum (Tuttle 2011). A great variety of Bali’s masks, many of them sacred and rarely displayed. Excellent photography showing detail and craftsmanship. Includes explanations of the symbolism and religious significance behind many of the masks. Balinese Music by Michael Tenzer (Periplus 1998). Written by an expert player and composer, covers everything from construction and tuning to the place music plays in Balinese society in the modern era. Includes glossary and an index of recommended recordings. Dance and Drama in Bali by Walter Spies & Beryl de Zoete (Periplus 2001). The text was written by a British dance critic on the basis of notes and information given to her by Walter Spies, a German artist, photographer, musician, anthropologist and dance choreographer who lived in Ubud in the 1930s. Most of the photographs were taken by Spies. Still one of the most

comprehensive books ever written on Balinese dance and drama. Dancing out of Bali by John Coast. (Periplus 2004). First published in 1954, this is the story of a young Englishman, fresh out of a Japanese prison camp, and his Javanese wife, and how they brought a Balinese dance and gamelan troupe to Britain and the USA to huge acclaim in 1952. A remarkable personal adventure story for all readers. Black and white photographs. Children’s Books A Club of Small Men: A Children’s Tale from Bali by Colin McPhee (Periplus 1993). The true story of men and boys from ages 6 to 60 who created a gamelan group in the village of Sayan in the 1930s. Introduction by ethno-musicologist James Murdoch, a long time Australian resident of Sayan. Beautiful drawings. Balinese Children’s Favourite Stories by Victor Mason, Gillian Beal and Trina Bohan-Tyrie (Periplus 2002). Twelve tales for kids aged 4-8. Some are based on Aesop, others are truly Balinese. Paintings illustrate the stories. Gecko’s Complaint: Balinese Folktale by Ann Martin Bowler and I Gusti Made Sukanada (Periplus 2003). A tale about fireflies for children up to 10 years. The colorful leafy landscapes of Sukanada’s paintings and pen & ink illustrations are charming. Sadri Returns to Bali: A Tale of the Balinese Galungan Festival by Elizabeth Waldmeier and Susan Tuttle (Periplus 2002). A story for kids up to 5 years of the 10-day Galungan festival when the gods come down to earth. Told through the eyes of a former child dancer who returns home for the celebrations. Culture & Living Bali Daze by Ibu Cat (Tokay 2011) A long-term Bali resident takes the reader off the tourist trail, beyond the beaches and backpackers, spas and five-star hotels, and into the fascinating, complex and often bewildering adventure of putting down roots in Ubud. Bali: Sekala and Niskala: Essays on Religion, Ritual and Art and Bali: Sekala and Niskala: Essays on Society, Tradition and Craft by Fred B. Eiseman (Periplus 1989). Two very detailed companion volumes of essays covering the whole spectrum of Balinese culture. Written by a 30-year American resident of Bali who converted to Hinduism. The Th Best of Stranger in Paradise 1996-2008 by Made Wijaya (Wijaya 19 Words 2008). An inside look into the W expat’s life in Bali written by an ex internationally recognized landscape int architect and authority on all matters ar Balinese. Crammed with hundreds Ba of eye-popping quirky illustrations and an bizarre montages. The Th Island of Bali by Miguel Covarrubias (Periplus 2009) Originally published in 1937, this O book bo written by a Mexican painter still st represents one of the most authoritative anthropological studies au The Best of Stranger ever written about Bali and its people. The book also relates the island’s history, arts and rich culture. Ubud is a Mood (Purnati 2004). A fascinating book with many photographs, the first and only work solely devoted to multi-faceted Ubud community covering history, art, music, dance, food and daily life in Ubud.

Bali with Kids: Families Guidebook for Babies to Teenagers (Avenir Solutions 2011). An invaluable reference if you’re planning for a successful family vacation in Bali, particularly if you have limited time. Jammed packed with suggestions, contacts, useful ideas. Rough Guide to Bali (Rough Guides 2011). The best-written and most complete general guidebook to Bali and its rapidly developing Bali with Kids neighboring island. Full-color introduction, clear maps, detailed up-to-date coverage. Extras include advice on where to dive, how to arrange mountain treks and the top surf breaks. Treasures of Bali: A Guide to the Museums of Bali by Richard Mann (Gateway 2006). A full color guide to all Bali’s outstanding museums, both private and public, including addresses, contact information, hours, facilities and driving directions. History A Short History of Bali: Indonesia’s Hindu Realm by Robert Pringle (Allen & Unwin 2004). A solid and well-researched history from the pre-Bronze Age to the presidency of Megawati Sukarnoputri. A House in Bali by Colin McPhee (Periplus 2000). The story of a young American musicologist who made his home on the Sayan Ridge area near Ubud. McPhee arrived in Bali in 1931 after hearing a record of Balinese music in New York. Superb insight into local music, life and culture. Though published in 1944, the book remains relevant today. Bali 1912 by Gregor Krause (Pepper Publications 2002). The first extensive photo documentation of the island. Krause’s priceless photos, taken while he was a young government doctor on Bali, reveal a culture that had remained unchanged for centuries. When this book was published in 1920, the images mesmerized Europe and inspired some of the first travelers to visit the island. Covarrubias in Bali by Adrian Williams and Yu-Chee Chong (EDM 2005). In the 1930s, the acclaimed Mexican artist Miguel Covarrubias and his wife Rose made two trips to Bali and conducted research that has impacted the world’s understanding of the island thereafter. Language Bahasa Indonesia: An Introduction to Indonesian Language and Culture by Yohanni Johns (Periplus 1995). An introduction to everyday language encounters. Indonesian in a Flash Kit (Tuttle 2003) Flashcards containing 2,000 separate words and a 16-page reference book. An excellent way to boost your language skills. Practical Balinese: A Communication Guide by Gunter Spitzing (Periplus 2002). A compact guide of useful expressions. Tuttle’s Concise Indonesian Dictionary: English- Indonesian, Indonesian- English by A.l.N. Kramer and Willie Koen (Periplus 1993). A basic dictionary useful for travelers. Travelogue & Biography A Little Bit One O’Clock by William Ingram (Book Surge 2007), William Ingram. A heart-warming insightful account of an W expatriate American living with a Balinese family in the 1990s. e

Food Street Foods of Bali by Heinz von Holzen (Marshall Cavendish 2010). A compendium of the best representative recipes from Bali and the whole archipelago presented in a utilitarian and attractive manner. The Food of Bali: Authentic Recipes from the Island of the Gods (Periplus 1993). Written by one of Bali’s leading chefs. Includes extensive introduction, an explanation of the role of food in Balinese culture, and easy-to-follow recipes and techniques.

Bali Travel Map (Periplus 2009). Handy folded map covering the Islands of Bali and Nusa Penida. Detailed insets of Lovina, Denpasar, Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa, Sanur and Singaraja. Reverse shows Candidasa, Klungkung, Gianyar, Kuta and Ubud areas as well as a small overview map of Indonesia.

Fragrant Rice: My Continuing Love Affair with Bali by Janet De F Neefe (Periplus 2006). The easy-to-read memoir of an Australian N restaurateur’s life in Bali - part biography, part social anthropology r and part guide to Balinese recipes handed down through a generations of her husband’s family. g

Street Foods of Bali

Island of Demons by Nigel Barley (Monsoon 2009). The first novel I about Walter Spies – a famous ethnographer, choreographer, a filmmaker and painter - and his life in Campuan and Bali in the 1930s. Written by a renowned anthropologist, this book 1 incorporates most of the rich and famous characters who visited in Spies. A fascinating historical novel.

Guidebooks & Maps Diving Bali: The Underwater Jewel of Southeast Asia by David Pickell and Wally Siagian. (Periplus 1993). An excellent guide with detailed maps, beautiful photographs and plenty of practical advice.

A Tale from Bali by Vicki Baum. (Oxford 2000). First published in 1937, this fictionalized account of the horrific ritual suicide which took place in colonial South Bali in 1906 when the Royal family of Badung and their followers were slaughtered by Dutch soldiers. Vicki Baum was an Academy Award winning screenwriter.

Bali Street Atlas (Periplus 2008). Includes detailed street maps of all the main urban areas. Roads and streets are color-coded and important buildings are identified by name. User-friendly index. Indispensable for road trips. Dimensions 10.4 x 7.7 inches.

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NC/Ns/G-5 Oct. 11

SCHEDULE THAT Alila Villas Soori Special Wine Dinner with David Powell (21 October) A quality wine is one of life’s simple pleasures and these wine evenings are indeed a special treat. The Alila partners together with Torbreck Vintner’s founder and winemaker David Powell to present the best selections from the Barossa Valley to priviliged guests for the evening. David will be at the Alila Villas on this special evening to present these divine wines that are both his passion and creations. Chef Ashton Hall will create a scrumptious array of dishes including foie gras, Wagyu beef, Jerusalem artichokes and truffle to compliment the tastes of these vintage wines. Book your place now for this very special evening! Cost : IDR 950,000 ++ per person Where : Banjar Dukuh, Desa Kelating, Kerambitan, Tabanan (20 minutes from Tanah Lot Temple) Contact : 894 6388

Bali Sunshine Yoga Retreat (18 – 23 October) This is the chance to take some time out to rejuvenate and ‘awaken your spiritual athlete’. With the stresses and strains of daily life we often forget to take time out to really take care for ourselves and this retreat will definite provide time for the self. There are daily morning and afternoon sessions including yoga, bodywork therapy and massage. The package also includes a bokashi organic massage which involves a full body immersion in organic fermented spices and plants. There’s a sunset yacht curise, a farewell reggae party and beach barbecue. Accommodation includes air conditioned rooms which are a two minute walk from the beach. There are options of a consultation with a traditional healer and water sports. Sounds like the perfect recipie for the mind and body! Cost : USD1,500 Where : Sanur Beach Contact :

The Bali Garden Party (29 – 30 October) On the lawns of the Taman Bhagawan with stunning ocean views this is a garden party with a twist. Guaranteed warmth in contrast to the never guaranteed summers of England where garden parties and flower shows are annual events! These two days will be filled with music, food, wine and lots of different shows. The flower show, dog show, fashion show, art show are not to be missed. There’s a kids play area to keep the little ones amused, talk shows with prominent experts, environmental exhibition, festival cafe, bazaar and all day dining on the main lawn provided by some of Bali’s top restaurants. Everyone is invited to what is promised to be a charming yet fabulous first Bali Garden party in the spirit of English traditions. When Cost Where Contact

: : : :

11 am to 9 pm IDR100,000 and family rates are available Aman Bhagawan, Tanjung Benoa, Bali Yohanes 236722 or 823 6723

Bali Pink Ribbon Walk (22 October) I hope that you have organised your tickets for this walk to support a very noble and needy cause. These women are counting on you; both the Bali International Women’s Association who have organised this event and those that need help to fight this very nasty cancer that descends upon the lives of many women who can be saved if detection is early enough. Because it is the second largest killer of women in Indonesia it is vital that efforts are made to combat this form of cancer and the Bali Pink Ribbon aims to do that in partnership with Bali Care Cancer Foundation. All proceeds raised from the walk will go directly to help fund educational programmes and breast screening services in remote parts of Bali. If you haven’t booked your tickets make

this a priority and if you are not up for the walk come along as a spectator and enjoy a great day out. The walk will start and finish in the grounds of Nusa Dua and participants may choose to run or walk the five kilometre route through gardens or the beach path. Live music, spa cabins, a craft bazaar, great raffle prizes and international food stalls will add to the attractions and make this a super day out whether you are walking or spectating. Cost : IDR250,000 adults IDR100,000 children (under 6 free) Contact : 0815 470 0064,

Cocoon Splash (23 October) This is the very last pool party for 2011 and your last chance to spend a Sunday in this way. This is the recommended plan for the day. After your Saturday evening out on the town, brunch at Cocoon followed by poolside splashes! The Sunday recovery brunch assumes you’ll need to recover and includes a full breakfast which must mean a fry up of sorts, free flow coffee, bloody marys - great if you need a hair of the dog and then on to splash where you can enjoy music pumped out by Bali’s coolest DJs and start all over again. Not too much though as for those of us who work its not much fun rocking up feeling a bit rough! When Cost Where Contact

: 11 am – 2 pm (Splash) : IDR260,000 (brunch) IDR100,000 general admission : Jl Double Six, Blue Ocean Boulevard :

Denpasar Festival Horticulture (19 – 22 October)

By Dawn Chorus


: VIP IDR860,000, Premium Festival IDR680,000 and Regular Festival IDR390,000 Where : Taman Bhagawan, Nusa Dua Contact :

Kuta Carnival (14 - 16 October) This annual event which came about after those terrible terrorist attrocities nine years ago has now become a celebration of life with a food festival, competitions and live entertainment. It is an event where there is something for everyone and a recognition of Bali’s success since 2002 where hope and desperation has been replaced with a sense of pride at the accomplishments of the local communities in the years after that night that will never be forgotten. Come down to Kuta (not in the car) and have lots of fun. Where : Kuta Beach Contact :

Lake Batur Festival (10 and 11 October) Although I normally mention events in the south of Bali I think that this celebration is worth noting. A two day celebration of culture and music at the Kintamani Volcano organised in order to promote Kintamani as a tourist destination. Boat races, concerts by Koes Plus and Ebiet G Ade, seminars, a food festival, fruit carving and cultural performances are part of the activities. The whole idea is to spread tourists around a little and move them onwards from the overcrowded enclaves of south Bali. The governor of Bali will also be there on the first morning to give a speech. There does not appear to be an official English language website but you can get information from for a list of events and times. When : 10 am – 4 pm Where : Kintamani Contact :

St Regis Bali Resort – Wine Night (8 October)

Bali will host the fourth annual Horticultural Festival, a combination of three events, National Flora Week, Denpasar Horticulture Festival and the Sanur Village Festival. The Denpasar festival is held each year to promote the city as a tourist destination, its products and the creativity of the people. The Sanur festival is a popular community event that draws the masses with fabulous food, live entertainment and an array of other activities. The national flora week is important as horticulture is a sector that is being supported in Indonesia to reach millenium development goals set by the United Nations to create better lives for people through good horticultural cultivating practices, safe harvesting, safe practices, environmental resource conservation with business opportunities and more jobs. Thirty three provinces will be part of this combined festival toegether with national and international business people. Indonesia’s archepelago is home to stunning flora and fauna and this is a great place to come along and see some amazing plants and perhaps pick up a tip or two. Where : Matahari Terbit Beach, Sanur Contact : 2173735 or 217373 e-mail

Jason Mraz (9 November) Now this is one of the few musicians that I actually like today and I particularly enjoy his easy listening catchy tunes including ‘Lucky’ and ‘I’m Yours’. Hailing from the US, Jason Mraz is a singer-songwriter who was born and raised in Mechanicsville, Virginia. His international breakthrough came with the song ‘I’m Yours’. How exciting that Jason Mraz has added Bali to his tour venues choosing a stylish location for his acoustic performance together with Toca Rivera. You can purchase your tickets at Taman Bhagawan, Disc Tarra at Mal Bali Galleria or Bali Discovery Tours. Alternatively you can go on-line and book at the website below.

Here’s another opportunity to enjoy an outstanding wine evening in the Astor Ballroom with wines from Count Francesco Marone Cinzano and the Wines of Montalcino. The evening begins with cocktails and canapes at the King Cole Bar followed by the wine dinner. The menu is exquisite with top quality wines paired with each course. Definitely a special treat. When Cost Where Contact

: : : :

7.00 pm IDR1,350,000 (inclusive of tax and service) St Regis Bali Resort, Nusa Dua 3006112

The Ubud Readers and Writers Festival (5 – 8 October) If you haven’t booked your tickets for the festival then do so now or at least take a one day pass. There’s an amazing line up of feature events. Over one hundred and twenty writers have flown in for the occasion including one of my favourite writers Alexander McCall Smith the creator of the beloved Mma Ramotswe, the founder of The Number One Ladies Detective Agency! Writers from Indonesia, the US, Egypt and the far corners of the world come together with other novelists, screenwriters, poets and playwrights into the heart of Bali for a festival of words. You’ll need to go straight to the website to click on what events are left as I know that tickets have been selling like hotcakes. Although this is an Ubud event, as an avid reader and writer I, I believe it needs to be given as much publicity as possible as it’s an amazing time for the literary world. It’s also fantastic to see that the ANZ bank is now the official sponsor this year. The events, times, places and various prices are listed on the website. See what’s available and go and enjoy the company of like-minded people. When : from 9 am Cost : IDR520,000 (day pass for KITAS holder) Contact :

Add Dawn to your mailing list and send her information on all up-coming events. Contact Dawn at <>

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Call 755392 If you would like a visit from our sales staff call : Ketut Brata (08123948595), Ferry (081338724288) Indhy (0361) 7960414

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ti ser R eal Estate • Ba l i rR • l


al Estate • e R r al Esta B e it s er Re l Est te • B al ate a s ea

The first 5 Star Beach Front Apartment Complex in Jimbaran Bay Just What You Need !! A Flawless Escape in a Little Paradise in Paradise hese unique and brand new luxury apartments will be furnished to top high end standards and are fully equipped with everything you need for a relaxing holiday or a long term visit situated in a beachfront location at the most famous Bay on the island. Each apartment has a large terrace overlooking the Indian Ocean or the beautiful Traditional Village of Jimbaran.


a well appointed bathroom. King size beds offer you all the comforts of home.

All apartments comprise of a comfortable spacious and uniquely designed lounge and dining area, fully equipped kitchen and

There are various sizes of apartments available, please contact us for availability and details.

• Freehold or 99 Year Lease • Starting From US$ 255,000 • Up to 11 % ROI per year

The large open plan lounge is air conditioned for your comfort, there is a dining table and chairs providing formal eating for 4 to 6 people and private balconies offer all you need to enjoy the breeze and the sunsets in a full open air atmosphere.


0816 572 888 | 0361 703 361

NC/Re/I-06 April 11


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

05 October - 19 October, 2011



Land for sale 2.35 hectare and 1.14 hectare location Tegalalang Ubud, great view, water spring, road access 4.5m. Phone: 0852 3714 4456 Made Hayer. [1869]

Hotel for sale/lease in Bali. E-mail: <hawai_79@yahoo. com>. No agent please! [2441]

Villa for sale Country Estate near Ubud. Ideal for private home, villa or retreat center, rice field & river view. Lap pool steam room & spa. Call 0812 394 8595 for inspection. [1143]

NC/Re/G-5 Oct. 11

Land for sale 9.6 are Tegalalang. 25 min from Ubud. Ricefield, mountain and river view. Road 6 meter. Please contact 0852 3714 4456. [1553] Sub-lease / over contract 4 years left, 2 levels approx 170 sq mt. Main st. Ubud; price negotiable. Ctc no: 081 6570 603. [3423] Land for sale. 5R. 5km north of Ubud central. quiet, rice field view and road access. Perfect size for a house. Contact: 0821 4414 0531 or 0821 4606 0236 (Nyoman). [3498]

C/Re/G-21 Sept. 11

Charming 2 story cottage plus guesthouse walk to town. Street frontage. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms plus staff quarters. Must inspect! For sale/rent. Sale price, AU $235,000 neg. Rent AU $450,00 per month. Please e-mail <cherry.rosie@> for more info. [3521]

KEROBOKAN Brand new rooms & villas for rent in quiet area of Kerobokan, 5 minutes to Seminyak, fully furnished, AC, w.heater, refrig., cable TV, mini-kitchen, parking space. Rate from Rp. 5 mill/ month to Rp. 9 mill/month. (10% discount for long stay). Please contact 0819 1616 5279 or 081 7978 3873. [3525] Cheap 3 Villaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s for rent in quiet areas : 1. Two bedroom, furnished, airconditioned, and pool in Kerobokan. 2. Two bedroom, furnished, airconditioned, in Kerobokan. 3. One bedroom, furnished, airconditioned, pool and garage in Petitenget. All in beautiful condition with gardens. PH Yani 0859 2065 5532, e-mail <>. Ph Rod 0878 6211 9697, e-mail <>. [3528]

C/Re/I-10 August 11

For sale: 2 small and cozy villas in 3 are land, 1 and 2 bedrooms, each with pool, carport, phone, PDAM, AC. Good location. Great investment. Contact 081 814 7672 or 0815 1039 2773. [3414] Beautiful house for rent Jl. Gunung Salak, near Lollipop Preschool. 2 floors, 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, air conditioning, water heater, minibar, pool, garden, garage and full furnished. Rp. 110 mill/year. Min 2 years, long term negotiable. Call 0813 3848 7427. [3408] Umalas villa for yearly rent. 3 bedrooms AC, 2 bathrooms, open lounge, TV room, pool, garage, garden, semi-furnished, internet, Indovision. Land 3,5 Are, gazebo. Hp 0821 4491 1944. [3188] Modern deluxe new apartments 1&2 bedrooms, fully furnished, large parking, beautiful garden, free Wi-Fi, from 50 to 150 m2, monthly from Rp. 3.5 to 6.5 million. 2 location off West Marlboro & close to Carrefour. Call +62 81 2388 9173. [3429] House for rent 3 bedrooms, wide living room, kitchen, swimming pool, wide garden, 4.5 are land, quiet area. Location at Tegal Tupek near Umalas. Call 0812 3617 8811 or 0361 749 4345. [3533]

NC/Re/I-21 Sept 11

Shop for rent at Banjar Anyar Kerobokan next to Banjar Semer, front of Cafe Moka. 180m2 building, wide park area, nice for restaurant, ricefield area. Call 0812 3617 8811 or 0361 749 4345. [3534] Sale freehold stunning minimalist 2 bedrooms villa. Built in high quality of materials with open plan living & dining overlooking swimming pool. Premium location Petitenget. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t miss it! Call: 0813 3721 0646. [2142] Freehold land for long term lease. Available in 8, 16.5, 65 are (can be devided). Quiet location, ready access road. Call 081 735 0877. [3546] Umalas one, 200 meters from French School, villa for rent, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, open lounge, pool, garden, non furnished, 110 mill/year. Min 2 years rent. Contact 081 2387 2786. [3550] Shop/office space for rent. Oberoi/ Petitenget prominent location, close to Bodyworks and Grocer & Grind. 22 months contract Rp. 160 million. Can be extended. Has 2xAC, good electric, phoneline, IMB, parking. Call to <> or 0361 737413. [3552]

C/Re/G-24 August 11

Lovina Beachfront Villa for sale. 16 are, freehold with 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 18 meter pool, 40 meter beachfront, info at <>. Contact <ronb@baliv. com> or 0813 3762 7277. [3487] Villa for long term lease in Kerobokan. 3 BR with private bathroom, s. pool, semi furnished. Close to the school. And cocoa plantation in Tabanan for long term lease. 1,71 Ha. Call 081 2380 1701. [3496] Villa Cacao, Umalas. Modern 4 bdrms 4 bathrms, fully equipped, pool, staff, 5 are land for weekly/monthly rental Pls call +62 812 384 2561. [3527] Land for sale 14 are, Nusa Penida, Desa Ped. Beachside, side road, next to art market. Tourism area, good for business or private villa by the beach. Contact owner: 0857 3187 9111 (Budi), <>, +9715 0575 3100 (Adel), <>. [3531] Beautiful rice paddy view! No neighbours! Brand new 3 bedroom house in Abiansemal. Ubud 9km. Denpasar 17km. Sangeh 4km. 4MRp/month. Swedish/Balinese owners. Photos and info <>. [3556] Surf front, beach front block in Nemberala-Rote fronting 2 uncrowded surf spots and withing walking distance to prime spot T-Land. 30are, clear title and ready to build 22 year renewable. Free hold block also available. <info@>. [3557]

KEROBOKAN For rent in 3,6 are land, 3 room, 3 bathroom, kitchen, 3 ACs, refrigerator room & bathroom for helper. Br. Semer. Rp. 75 mill/year. Contact 081 2362 9394. E-mail <rev_>. [3006] House for rent on Jalan Muding Indah III/6, electricity 5000 watt, bath tub, hot/cold water, bathroom, big space inside, pool, garden, type 96. Contact 0361 423 582 / 747 490. [2685] House for rent on Jalan Padang Griya Gg. IV / no. 3. Type 200 m + 2 storey). Electricity 5000 watt, bath tub, hot/cold water, bathroom, big space inside, pool, garden, land 6 are. Contact 0361 423 582 / 747 490. [2686] For rent shortterm & yearly. 2 bedrooms villa in Kerobokan, fully furnished, pool, big garden, very good location, ricefield view, reasonable price, close to places of interests. Call 081 7972 5265 / 0812 3633 3693 / 0361 787 0334. [3392] Villa for rent, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1 living room, swimming pool, hot water, AC, refrigerator, kitchen, full furniture, garden. Near Warung Sobat II. 80 mill/year. Land for rent in Pengubengan, 25 are. Hp. 0821 4420 7911. [3482] For rent villa 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, swimming pool, kitchen, living room, garden, hot water and garage. 2.90 are. Sahadewa street Kerobokan. Contact person 0813 5367 4211. [3485] House for rent modern and luxurious design. Facilities 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, swimming pool, kitchen set, location at Bumbak Umalas. Price 200 million per year. 0858 5705 4020. [3488] Furnished villa in Banjar Semer, Kerobokan for short term rent. 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, pool, open living and dining room, maid, Wi-Fi, cable TV. US$200/night or US$2500. Please call 0878 8052 9805 or e-mail to <karel_> for booking. [3495] New studio apartment for rent. 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen, livingroom, fully furnished, AC, Indovision channel, water heater, Wi-Fi, daily/monthly. E-mail: <evinovas@>. Call 0859 3526 6466 (Evi). [3504] House over contract 15 years left, Br. Taman Jl. Mertanadi. Land 3 are, telephone line, 4400 W. Price Rp. 500 million. SMS: 081 7472 1629. [3514] 3 bedroom villa for rent, rice view Kerobokan. 2 bedroom villa for sale, 17,50 are, rice view, loc. Ubud, price 3,7 Billion. Looking good investor land 1,3 Ha, good for yoga, loc. Tabanan, river view. PH: 081 139 6467. [3516] For rent 3 bedroom + AC, 2 bathroom, hot water, fully furnished, garden, size land 100m2, freehold certificate, rent 1 year Rp. 75 mill, sale for Rp. 1,65 billion. Tangkuban Perahu - Kerobokan. Call: +62 818 559 125 / +62 361 861 7578. [3526]

Bali Advertiser

Real Estate

05 October - 19 October, 2011

GIANYAR Ruko for sale on 4 are land, 2 floors, 2 bedrooms, 4 toilets, AC, hot water, kitchen set. Contact 081 2394 8595. [1150]

KARANGASEM Private villa for rent daily, weekly or monthly. 3 bedrooms with pool. Located in Jasri, East of Bali. Pictures available on request. Contact 081 855 3830 or e-mail: <madedewi83@>. [1547] Absolute beach front bungalow, in Candidasa. 10 year contract for sale. < beachfront_bungalow_candidasa.html>. Contact 0813 3704 6227. [3520] Padang Bai Hotel for sale very profitable, easily run, 4 bedroom hotel for sale with adjoining popular restaurant and bar. The hotel and restaurant has benefited from good reviews for over 10 years in all the major tourist guides including the Lonely Planet. The hotel sale price includes everything you need to operate this successful business. 110,000 Euro including new 10 year renewable lease. Contact <> / 0812 3606 0400 for viewing and further details. [3506]

NUSA DUA 2houses for rent, 2/4 bedroom (daily, weekly, longterm rental), furnished/unfurnished possible, quiet area - Land for rent/sale 5 - 30 are - All locations close to Geger Beach, 0361-777 092, 0361-877 1711 or e-mail <balifamily2000@>. [1345]

LANDS OCEAN VIEW AT CLIFF • Land 16 Are FREEHOLD (HGB) close to Nikko Nusa Dua, viewing beautiful of Indian Ocean. Rp. 200 mill/are. • 50 Are land, short drive to Karma Kandara, with the magnificent view of Indian Ocean. Rp. 180 mill/are.

Call: 081 337 210 646

Fully furnished house for rent Jl. Cendana Raya Number. 2 Beranda Mumbul Nusa Dua. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, livingroom, garden, carport, AC, stove, water heater, fridge, dining table, beds. Monthly/yearly. Rp. 3.800.000/ Rp. 42.500.000 (nego). Call 0821 4488 7004 / 0858 5756 4310. [3490]

TUBAN Office space/rooms for lease. Size 24m2 up to 1000m2, permit ready. Close to the airport, Raya Tuban area, long term/short ok. Start Rp. 15 mill/year. 807 1717. [3476]

TABANAN Villa for sale / rent. Quiet area in Tabanan. Call 081 2394 8595. [2057]

C/Re/I-21 Sept. 11



Green & Roasted Bean Luwak with CERTIFICATE WHOLE SALE & EXPORT

1-15are. 10min Sanur Beach, Very Calm and Clean Surroundings. Recommand to build houses.

Deliver Just Roasted Beans BY ORDER 0898-0707-350

Contact: 0361-8565305 0361-8565983 (ENG)

For sale some of the most beautiful land in Bali! Large and small plots available in the best priced and fastest growing area in Bali. Beachfront, ocean, ricefield, mountain, river & waterfal views. All land is freehold and already prepared for building. Price starting Rp. 15 million/are. Also great for investment direct from owner. E: <>. W: <>. [1382] Land for sale (coconut plantation) 25 are in Megati Selemadeg Tabanan. 30 mill per are. Close to main Road. Good for Villa. Call 0813 3872 4288 (no Broker please). [3407]

C/Re/P-21 Sept. 11

LAND FOR INVESTMENT / VILLAS 12.5A (24m x 52m). IDR 1.75 Billion nett. Location: Balangan - Uluwatu, 10 mins to Balangan Beach and Dreamland Beach. Villas area, quiet, close to Pepito and Nirmala Supermarket, strategic area. No brokers only serious person. Insp: 0815 1300 0054 NC/Re/P-05 Oct. 11

Rooms / apartments for rent 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms available. Daily, weekly, monthly or yearly rental possible. All locations are close to Geger Beach and Nikko Beach. Please phone 0821 4552 2200 or 0361-777 092 or e-mail <>. [3114] Rent villa hill seaview, quiet area, 2 bedrooms - 2 bathrooms, living in/outside - dining - kitchen - full furnished AC, hot water, TV satellite, big terrace, gazebo, sw. pool, big garden. Good for family. 8 juta month. 88 juta a year including staff. 081 7472 7296. [3479]


SANUR Residential houses, villas and lands in Sanur area for short and long term or sale. For any request and appointment please call Murniati Agustina 081 2396 6744 or e-mail to <>. <www.homesweethome-bali. com>. [3075] Sanur Mertasari 150m from the beach perfect for vacation, private house, 3bdr, 3bthr, big pool, garden, staff, sleep up to 8, available during all school holidays Tel: 081 2380 8782, e-mail <>. [3480] Sanur: Share 6 bedroom house with Western family of 3, prefer long-term. 3 rooms available in large 600m2 villa on 10 are, swimming pool, several living areas, security and maids. Per month: 3.5 mil per room or 8 mil for the 3 upstairs. Call 0813 3906 4602 or 081 23707 1426 or <>. [3483]

Your complete Property Solution Looking for that dream home or that special piece of land? Investment, Residential & Commercial Properties, Land Acquisition & Real Estate Services. A personal Bespoke Service: At myProperty Bali we listen, not just talk… Contact us with your requirements +62 361 730225 / +62 812 180 75695

For lease. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, plunge pool, safe and quiet compound in Sanur. Call 0878 6100 9888. [3503]

Our Signature Property: delMango Villa Estate Luxury Investment Villas Full & Fractional Ownership

For Sale: Tropical luxury 3 bedroom villa w/ swimming pool, newly built or off plan. Close to beach and golf. Owner direct sale, English 081 756 7630 Indonesia 081 735 0877. [3146]

Spacious, sunny house for rent. 3 - 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 maidrooms/storage, large office, openplan kitchen/dining/lounge, 3 terraces, garden. Large openable-windows, kitchen hot-water, kids-safety-gates, roller-blinds. From November, 2 years, Rp. 90 million/year. Photos/viewings contact Inga 0815 5872 5972/ <ihelland@>. [3484]

Freehold for sale in prime location Sindu - Sanur. 6.6 Are with large two storey building. Currently used for factory, office and showroom. $440.000. Ph. 286 042 office hours (Mon-Fri). [3511]

C/Re/G-29 June 11

A room for rent in the new residence. Big enough for 2 person. Security 24H, shared s/pool, TV, A/C, spring bed, morning coffee/tea. Weekly/monthly basis. Near Sanur. Telp/text 081 712 0728 Sally. [3523] Sale freehold 2 storey villa 3 bedrooms. Sits on 360sqm of land, has everything! Cozy & nice breeze. Easy access to By Pass & 5 minutes to beach. Call: 0813 3721 0646. [2143]

SALES AND LONG TERM RENTAL SPECIALISTS Jl. Kunti, Seminyak, Shop 10, Kunti Plaza (next to Bali Deli) Phone. 0361-216 8880 Email: Call Bella Werleman - 0878 6192 6743 for all your real estate needs in Bali





This villa has spacious open plan living with a huge gourmet kitchen with graceful raked ceilings. Looks out over a pretty balcony and lush tropical greenery where you can enjoy the tranquilizing sound of the rushing ravine that backs onto the property. Beautiful Saba is just 20 mins North of Sanur and is a place you can truly appreciate the serenity and traditional aspects of Bali. Set on 5.2 are. Freehold.

YEARLY RENTALS KEROBOKAN: 4 bed, 2 bath, large Balinese style, rice field view, unfurnished. ID:501142. 60 mil pa. KEROBOKAN: 3 bed, 2 bath + staff acom. AC. Semi furnished, plunge pool. ID: 486341. 85 mil pa. UMALAS: 2 bed, 2 bath, Open living, unfurnished. AC in beds. Great garden & tiered lawns. ID: 504345. 90 mil pa.

2 1 KEROBOKAN IDR 1.575 BILLION This sweet and sunny villa is set on 1.5 are and makes the most of every inch! Great glass doors open onto the entertaining area and pool to let the refreshing breezes through. Open plan living, modern kitchen, quiet and comfortable living. Only 10 minutes from central Seminyak and 5 minutes to the Australian International School. Freehold.

KEROBOKAN: 3 bed, 3 bath, AC. Open Balinese style living. Unfurnished. Pool. ID: 501070. 115 mil pa. KEROBOKAN: 2 bed, 2 bath, stylish modern villa, Fully furnished. AC. Pool. Price incl cleaning, pool + Indovision. ID: 501143. 130 mil pa. C/Re/G-5 Oct. 11

Charming 3 bedroom villa for rent. Set on spacious 385sqm of land. Open living & dining, pool with spacy pool deck, garden, semi furnished. Quite Western neighborhoods. Call: 0813 3835 1390. [2144] Brand new house, modern 3 bedrooms, close to Sanur and international school, AC, security gated 24 hours, hot water, tlp, internet, modern kitchen, price 78 mill/year. Call 0819 9940 9249, can do monthly rental. [3541] Apartment for sale. Large 2 storey 1 en-suite bedroom in heart of Sanur. 250m from the beach. 35 years remaining on lease. Fully furnished. Swimming pool. A$175,000. More info and pictures 0361-841 1556, <myparadiseapartment@>. [3542] Beautiful brand new villa, 3 bedroom all ensuite bath. Living & dining, kitchen, pool TV AC hot water, furnished gazebo carport, rice paddy views, quite place, IDR 95.000.000/year. Min 2 or 3 year. No brokers please. 0819 9939 4455. [3544] House for rent - Jalan Sekuta, Sanur. 3 ensuite bedrooms (all with a/c), study, mostly furnished, internet, cable tv, pool & garden, garage, close to schools. reduced to Rp. 110 million till end of July 2012! ! ! ! <> or 0821 4634 5570. [3558]


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

05 October - 19 October, 2011

COMFORT HOUSE for Rest & Relax (FERIEN-HAUS) 1.5A - 1 Floors. Loc. Banjar Semer, Kerobokan. 3-4 BR, 3 bath, kitchen, terrace & balcony, garage. New renov, semi-furnished, secure & very quiet, clean. Strategic: 15 mins to Canggu Club / Seminyak, 15 mins to Oberoi / Echo Beach. Available: Start 10 Octâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;11 (monthly or yearly). Rent price: E 900/USD 1,100 monthly. No Brokers! Prefer no Kids and no Animals. Insp: 740 8883 / 0813 1968 8778 1/2

NC/Re/P-05 Oct. 11



Really front beach in Geretek, between Amed and Air Sanih. 3.200 meter. Land situated between road and sea. Many trees. 640 millions Rp. or 71.000 USD. Tel 0813 3709 2385 / 0813 3776 7419. [3509]


DENPASAR Ruko for rent (10m x 12m), Jl. Pulau Tarakan no. 18 Denpasar, 4 storey, 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, store. Call 081 7975 4914. [3177]


TEAK + LAND: Rp. 50 JUTA / ARE CALL: 0811388107 NC/Re/A-5 Oct 11


House for sale or rent. 2 floors, 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 garage, on land 2.6 are. Located Sidakarya Denpasar. Contact 081 2394 8595. [3438] Room for Rent (housemate) for short or long term at a modern house in Denpasar/Gatsu barat. Pls call 081 1385 9595. [3551]

Located in Dalung Permai blok D51. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Land size 1 are, Type building 70.


Please call 0819 9900 5292 NC/RE/M-5 Oct .11

House for rent 30 October - 15 January 2012. 2 bedrooms, kitchen, lunch area, livingroom, bathroom, 2 TV cable, AC. Maid + electricity included, fully equipped. 5 min from Blue Ocean Beach, 66x, opposite Hotel Kumala. 1,200 Euro/month. Contact 0813 3897 2705. E-mail: <ketutdoris@hotmail. com>. [2858]

C/Re/I-15 June 11

2 bedroom private pool villa located in Legian Sunset road area. Yearly up to 5 years minimalist serviced available or non serviced, fully furnished / with kitchenette, clean, private & well located. Contact Dewi 0361 769 470 for more information. [3244] Bungalow for rent. Jln. Patimura Gang Melati no. 2x, Legian - Bali. Full furnished, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, parking area. Price: IDR 3,5 million/month. Contact person: Kiky, Ketupat Restaurant (0361) 758 969 or mobile 081 1380 6867. [3510] Restaurant over contract 7 and half years left. Jl. Nakula, 4400 W, near rest. Mang Engking. Price Rp. 500 million. SMS: 081 7472 1629. [3515]

Business Opportunity On Private Villa in Petitenget-Seminyak

Double storey 3 Bedrooms 3 ensuite approx 400m2 build on 5 are of beautiful landscaped garden. Located in secure complex in the most favourable area of Petitenget-Seminyak. Fully established with extensive inventory of quality furnishings and fittings. Walking distance to beach, and many of Bali finest restaurants. Just 3 year old and already generating good returns with owners self management and private staff. Opportunity to join complex rental pool if preffered or can use for 100% private use. Leasehold to 2038 (with option of further 20yrs)

Price: USD 565,000 For more info, please call: +62 819 990 982 22 / +62 853 333 98669 NC/Re/P-21 Sept. 11

House for rent. Exclusive location, good access, 10 minutes to the beach. 4BR, 3 bathroom, furnished, 1 maidroom, 4AC, hot water, garage for 1-2 cars, 1 telp line. Price Rp. 85 million/year. For inspection call 081 2380 1701. [3371]


Land: 640m2, building approx 400m2 7 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, swimming pool, pond, each room complete with bed and furnished, AC, water heater, 1 laundry machine, 3 units water filter, 1 phone line, kitchen set.

Price: For sale 4.5 billion (nego) For lease: Rp. 150.000.000/year Contact: Puja 08123811841 NC/Re/I-5 Oct 11


JIMBARAN Office or commercial space for lease short or long term in Jimbaran, Jl. Raya Ulluwatu II. Have 2 separate buildings with a center pebble stone open area, water feature and pond, 2 private rooms, 3 bathrooms, reception, meeting space, kitchen, parking area, 4 AC, electricity 15,400 watt. Very strategic location. Please contact (0361) 703 361 or 0857 8047 6789, <>. [2931]

sProperty due diligence Big Stylish 3-Bedroom & 3-Bath Home In Sanur With Garage for Low Price!! Located in a nice area of Sanur this Big home has 3-Bedrooms and 3-bathrooms.Beautiful tiles are used in the kitchen and floors and there is a pretty blue tile roof. You also get a big living room, garage, air cond & phone line. This home can be a great rental or with some upgrades a good investment for bigger profit to re-sale.

For sale house in Taman Griya Jimbaran. 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2 floors, swimming pool, garage for 2 cars, full furnished, kitchen, bar, living room, terrace, staff area & laundry. Direct Owner 081 7970 1709 or 0857 8047 6789 <>. [2932] Uluwatu south Jimbaran affordable priced luxury pirivate villa, dreamland resorts. 2 strory with 3 double bedroom x 3 bathroom and 3 strory with 5 bedoom x 5 bathroom, sea view,from AUD $ 110 per/nigth, $650 per/week/, $$1650 per/month, 6 month more negotiation. E-mail: <balihouse@>, <>. +62 816 815 654, +6140 739 0116. [3426] House for rent 8 are, building 3 are, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 maidrooms, big yard, wide parking. Price/ year Rp. 130 juta. Strategic location Jl. Uluwatu Gg. Kelapa Buntu No. 1, Kedonganan Jimbaran. Interested contact 0821 4538 1353 / 701 389. [3491]

*** SPECIAL SALE PRICE => 1.2 Billion Rupiah *** To view more photos of this house or other homes for sale please go to: *** FOR INFO CALL: TIA KUSUMA 081-246-92984 *** NC/RE/M-5 Oct. 11

sProject development sCorporate advisory sFamily law advisory

Your trusted advisor for Property, Corporate and

House for rent in Udayana area, Jimbaran. 2 bedrooms w/ AC, living room, kitchen, garden, hot shower, washing machine. Nice, quite and cool. 7 minutes to beach. Rp 40mln/year. Call/SMS: 0813 5315 2207. E-mail: <andre@>. [3492]

Project Development

For sale house type 86, land size 1,12 are. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 warehouse, electric 1300, telp. line, garage. Price Rp. 450.000.000, negotiable. Taman Griya area (Taman Graha), Jimbaran. Call Komang 0852 3717 5872. [3505]

Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai 120F, Kuta - Bali 80361 - Indonesia Tel: +62(0)361 767 999 Email: C/Re/G-10 August 11

LEGIAN - 185




• AQ-VA Hotel & Villas - Ideally located Suites & Villas • Fully furnished suites, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments • Managed holiday resort with highly experienced management • High yielding investment - completion October 2012 Apt Area

34 - 42 sqm


Price From USD 120,000 Ownership Leasehold 32 years




• A cozy villa in central Seminyak, with beach access • Exceptional opportunity for returns through holiday rentals • Fully furnished and decorated, waiting for your arrival • A peaceful getaway in the heart of bustling Seminyak Land Area Build Area

500 sqm 200 sqm


Price USD 225,000 Ownership Leasehold 14.5 years




• Fully licensed hotel on the beach of Bali’s west coast • Panoramic views of the surf with stunning sunsets • Great opportunity for very lucrative holiday rental returns • Explore the possibilities and capitalize the potential Land Area Build Area

1000 sqm 500 sqm

SANUR - 211



• Uniquely designed 3 bedroom residence in lush tropical gardens • Large open living spaces overlooking pool & ponds • Country style modern kitchen equipped with quality appliances • Very private and intimate, designed to suit Bali’s tropical climate Land Area Build Area

2900 sqm 600 sqm




• Newly built Two Bedroom Villa on two floors, pool and carport • Open plan, indoor/outdoor living areas looking out to the pool • Spacious Master Bedroom solely on the 2nd floor with own terrace • Convenient yet quiet location, in a sought-after area, near Oberoi Land Area Build Area

200 sqm 210 sqm


Price IDR 2,850,000,000 Ownership Leasehold 25 years




• Trendy retreat - fully furnished & equipped with modern comforts • Spacious living areas that can be opened or closed off • Landscaped gardens with over-flow pool & integrated jacuzzi • Ideally located in Seminyak’s upscale lifestyle & nightlife hub Land Area Build Area

300 sqm 160 sqm

CANGGU - 159

Price USD 375,000 Ownership Leasehold 30 years




• Newly built two bedroom villa with spacious open living areas • Rice field views from 3 sides, mountain vista from the 2nd floor • Master bedroom on the 2nd floor with private terrace • Infinity pool extending towards terraced rice fields

Price USD 499,000 Ownership Freehold



Price USD 550,000 Ownership Leasehold 13 years

Land Area Build Area

520 sqm 330 sqm


Price IDR 3,700,000,000 Ownership Freehold




• Impressive freehold villa overlooking ‘green belt’ rice paddy • Main building with three ensuite bedrooms, open living/dining • Western style kitchen with breakfast bar, quality appliances • Outdoor living/dining pavilion, home office, maid room, carport Land Area

750 sqm

Price USD 530,000 Ownership Freehold





• Fluid floor plan with inviting selection of living spaces • Seamless fusion of indoor and outdoor with bi-fold doors • Stylish Western standard kitchen with quality appliances • Master suite with walk-in robe, double ensuite, private garden Land Area Build Area

500 sqm 227 sqm


Price USD 540,000 Ownership Leasehold 40 years




• Fully renovated in traditional Balinese style with modern comfort • One large estate or two seperate villas, each with own pool • Double bedrooms with ensuites,open living pavillions,staff quarters • Rarely offered location, stroll to beach, restaurants, nightlife Land Area

990 sqm

CANGGU - 217

Price USD 650,000 Ownership Leasehold 29 years




• Freehold land certificate and centrally located in Brawa • Lucrative annual or holiday rental returns • An office and significant space for a fourth bedroom • A master bedroom strategically located for total privacy Land Area Build Area

800 sqm 380 sqm

SANUR - 145

Price EURO 425,000 Ownership Freehold




• Spacious 2 story 3 bedroom villa of superior quality construction • Large & airy open plan living areas opening to deck,pool & garden • Superb Master bedroom with generous ensuite facing the pool • In a secure complex of 5 villas, in a sought-after neighborhood Land Area Build Area

495 sqm 330 sqm

Price USD 500,000 Ownership Leasehold 45 years

C/Re/G-5 Oct. 11


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

05 October - 19 October, 2011


Having your own villa, you sometimes have to deal with many issues. If you feel tired with your villa costs, headache with your villa maintenance and managing your staffs......

Wireless broadband Short or long term Private or shared pool Well-equipped kitchens

RARE ANGON VILLAS, Kerobokan Call: 736 339 or 081 138 6450 C/Re/A-23 Feb 11

C/Re/I-26 Jan 11

“Luxury Boutique Hotel - Restaurant & Spa”

Clément Fouqueré Chef

Experience 3* Michelin in Paris



The ambience of old world Bali with modern Western comforts ararerity in todays steel and glass structures. Main Villa 2 BR, 2 bathrooms, open living, kitchen all overlooking the lap pool. Garden among grand old trees, frangipani with separate guesthouse 1 BR, bathroom, kitchen, living area. Available Nov. 1 - January 31. USD 1500/week. Contact 081 2341 0266. [3412]

Seminyak 1 and 2 bedroom villas renovated, furnished, quite secure area, minutes to beach, shops restaurants, AC, hot water, pool, maid, 3 to 12 months lease from 18 mill/3 months (negotiable). 0812 3718 1974. <bart0310@>. [3195]

Villa in Seminyak for rent. Monthly IDR 25 mill. Yearly IDR 110 mill 4 years left. 2 BR, Swimming pool, kitchen. Fully furnished. Call Ketut 081 2380 7588. E: <ariani_ketut@>. [3416] House 4 rent: near Jalan Kunti II, 5 minutes to Bali Deli, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, hot water, AC, kitchen, fully furnished, garage, gazebo, quiet neighborhood. “Give good price for longterm rental”. Call Roni 081 2394 5243. [3338] Luxury villa for rent Seminyak (short term). Pool 12m, flat screen DVD, Wi-Fi, lush garden. Info <isiscollection@>. [3478] For sale or short-term rental, 5 minutes walk to beach, contemporary villa, open space, 2 AC bedrooms w/safes, 1 oversized bathroom, flat screen TV, DVD, sound system, wireless, fully equipped kitchen, pool, maid, carpark. Contact <>. [1607]

Tel. +62 366 244 71 Mobile: +62 819 1623 6322 C/R/G-1 June 11

Villas/Hotels Canggu. Bali’s most elegant high-end destination villa. Excellent returns. One of the world’s great villas. Call Richard O’Brien on 081 856 1969 for full information. Umalas. Villa Marxis. Beautiful, high-end 6 bedroom villa on 29 are. Park-like gardens. Very high-quality build. This is a very special villa. USD 1.9million. Berawa. Near Canggu Club. Investment package. 3 interconnecting 3 br villas on 12 are, each with own pool. Beautiful view. Great return potential. Brand new. Fully furnished. USD 1.2 million VL 017* Umalas. Elegant 3 bedroom villa on 6.5 are. Lovely garden and pool with Bale kitchen. USD320.000 VL 011* Br Semer. Beautiful 4 br villa on 11 are. Every conceivable mod con. Ricefield view. Elegantly furnished. USD2 million. VL 016* Umalas Boutique Hotel. Successful 13 suite hotel , close to Seminyak. Fully operational with high occupancy. USD 1.5mill. Legian 66 Beachfront. Outrigger O-CE-EN. 1 br apartment. Great investment. USD250K Land Berawa 12 & 9 are blocks. Good shape and access. Close to Club. 3.5 mill/are/year. LL 117* Sanur Beachfront. 2 Hk. Next to Grand Hyatt. Perfect development site.RP850 mill/are. LS 143* Petitenget. Next to Sentosa. 20 are. Good shape. Great development site. 700 mill per are.LS 151* Petitenget. Bargain 17 are. Good shape. Ideal for villa complex or small condotel. 5.5 million/are/yr. 30 year lease with 25 year additional already contracted. LL 116* Umalas. JL Bumbak. 28 are. Great shape. Good access. Great price. Only Rp 290 million per are. LS 170* *reference numbers for info from website:

For rent 2 lands 25 years + 25. Jalan Kunti / Seminyak, 19 aras. Jalan Taman Sari / West Marlboro, 13 aras. Direct owner, no agents please. 0852 3779 5072. [3494]

C/Re/I-05 Oct. 11

Land for lease 5 are in the heart of Seminyak, behind Bintang Supermarket, 23 years left, extention optional, Rp.10 mill/are/year. Call 0878 6178 2405. [3434] For rent 2 storey house in Seminyak, 2 bedrooms, AC, 2 bathrooms, swimming pool, semi furnished, close to restaurant in Oberoi, villa areas, avail. November & for sale 10 blocks beachfront land in North Bali, good access. 0821 1495 4431. [3530] Oberoi behind Ultimo! Beautiful spacious renovated 2 bed 2 bath w/ private pool and parking. Fully furnished & internet ready. Quiet and secure. Walk to all Oberoi Restaurants. 1 or 2 years. TF +62 878 6198 8111. [3358] Seminyak short term rent. Furnished modern 2 poolside bedrooms with in - suite, AC full, equipped kitchen, living room, cable TV. Available Nov, Dec. Monthly $1800.00 US. BR $75.00 US a night or $500.00 US a week. Call Wayan 0819 3626 5914 or 0819 1643 4477. [3497]

Oberoi, great location walk to Ultimo restaurant. New beautifully furnished 3 A/C bedroom 3 bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, open living with pool + tropical garden, TV cable. 8 months or more. 0878 6253 9255 / 081 2394 5604. [2778]

House for rent, 2 floor house in Seminyak with 3 bedroom, semi furnished, no pool and very secured area. Other is a 2 bedroom villa, private pool, Wi-Fi, full furnished in Oberoi. Call: +62 85 3336 6990. E-mail <mariamercedez18@>. [3536]

Hi traffic shop on corner Sunset & Kerobokan. 7.5 meter double height glass front. 8.5 meters deep w/ 5 meter mezzanine. Good electric. Phone, IMB building license (shop & office). Legal for Western business. 10 years Rp.120 million (nego). TF +62 878 6198 8111. [3359]

2 bdrm house in Seminyak with pool. Quiet, central. 8 juta/ month, 90 juta/year. Contact 0815 5816 4966, 0813 3748 9143. [3538]

For sale first class spa and salon prime position in Seminyak, three year lease with option extend. Lease only negotiable. Call 0821 4444 7063. [3501] Central Seminyak 80 meter walking Legian street, villa 4 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, big pool, 6 ares land, fully furnished, equiped kitchen, telephone line, Speedy internet, TV satellite international, big livingroom, full aircon, 350 million year. Call 0813 3755 6306. [3508] Special offer: Full set up and running coffee shop business for sale. Including private house in the heart of Seminyak. Please contact 0858 5725 7477 or <x.coffeeshop@gmail. com>. [3513] Shop house for rent at Drupadi Seminyak. Size 4x10m, 2,200 W, walking distance, two minutes to ocean, good for restaurant business. Price 125 mill/year. Call Fonda 0812 398 0757 / 783 0393. [3524] Exclusive villa 2/3 bedrooms, short/long term rent. Fully furnished, Wi-Fi, pool, nice garden, behind Bintang Supermarket also 3 bedrooms Jl. Petitenget, sale/rent, central Seminyak. 0857 1109 3547 / 081 7979 9922, <>. [1388]

Jl. Raya Kerobokan No. 72 ,Tel/Fax: (0361) 735469 Website: | email:

C/Re/U-05 OCt. 11

C/Re/G-5 Oct. 11

12 Are land for lease in most sought after area Petitenget, close to La Luciola 30yrs with 20yr extension possible, 12jta per are / yr. Contact 0878 6016 7888. [3549] Location! Location! Walk to Cafe Moka & Oberoi! 4 new houses, each on 3.5 are, 50 meters from street. 2 comfortable bedrooms w/ensuite garden bathrooms. Private pool. Good electric. Ideal for holiday rental business. Rp. 150 million/year, negotiable for longterm. TF: +62 878 6198 8111. [3357] Nice, new-quiet 2 bedrooms villa for rent daily-weeklymonthly at Yudhistira. Prvt-pool, AC, DVD, satTV, wifi, hotwater, daily-cleaning. IDR950.000, - daily. Widya; +62 813 4796 0305 / +62 857 3840 4300, e-mail; <wid_thenymph@>, <>. [3553] Oberoi: Cozy AC rooms with ensuite bathrooms in quiet neighbourhood for rent. Strategically located within walking distance to the eat street of Oberoi. Overlooking beautiful tropical garden and pool. Include Wi-Fi, cable TV and daily housekeeping. Call 0813 3838 7178. [3559]

Co m


This fantastic new resort will consist of 18 Apartments and 16 Pool Villas. All come fully furnished to the highest of standards.


it us at our sta n d



vis nd


ta B ex

ch a e B on Kuta

Located only minutes from Dreamland and Padang-Padang beaches. A mere 20 minutes from the airport.

• Onsite management • 24-hour room service • 24-hour security • Airport Transfers • Reception / Lobby • Secure off street parking • Communal family pool • Restaurant / Bar • Spa / beauty salon • Gymnasium • Communal 25 meter lap pool • Wireless Broadband Internet for the whole resort

Price Starting at an incredible US $145,000


Price Rp. 500,000,000 / Are

Price Rp. 125,000,000 / Are

Price Rp. 425,000,000 / Are






Cliff Edge land - Bukit Nyangnyang

Ocean View Land - Bukit Ungasan

,0 400

Beach Front Land - Seseh

Looking for nice land in Ubud area? This is the prefect plot for those who dream to invest in Ubud. This 75 Are piece of land is located just minutes away from Central Ubud and can be yours for only Rp. 80,000,000/Are. An ideal choice for yoga retreat or estate development as you have your own river flowing through the land.

40 Are of rare to find cliff edge land is available very close to the Bvlgari. This stunning plot is reasonably priced at Rp 500,000,000 per Are freehold. This definitely won’t be on the market long!

Located close to Banyan Tree Hotel and Karma Kandara Resort, this 30 Are plot of land in Bukit Ungasan is real value for money. Electricity and water lines are available as is a 6-metre road access to the location. At a very reasonable price of Rp. 125,000,000/Are, this is a great investment.

Amazing ocean front land in an ever popular area of Seseh is 2.95 Hectare in size and approx 50 meters of beachfront. It is priced to sell at Rp 400,000,000 / Are. Other land on the market in this area is all selling for over Rp 500,000,000/Are! Call now before you miss out on this bargain.

Price US$ 275,000

Price Rp. 5,000,000,000

Price Rp. 3,500,000,000

Price Rp. 6,250,000,000


This an absolute bargain! Brand new fully furnished 3 bed villa with swimming pool. It is a generous build of 225 M2 on 250 M2 of freehold land and is in a great location close to the Freanch School in Umalas. Call now to view this fantastic villa before you miss out!

Nusa Dua

This Architectural delight is nearly 500 M2 of top quality build on a generous plot of 700 M2. There are 3 good sized en-suite bedrooms plus a maids room. Also garaging for 2 cars. It is located in a very popular area of Nusa Dua. Call now to view this amazing villa. Fully furnished.


Great opportunity to buy a 5 bed freehold villa just off Sunset Road in Seminyak. Has two living rooms and a beautiful swimming pool. At this price, you will have to move fast.

Jimbaran Bay Villa

This stunning 4 bed Freehold villa is situated in the “Millionaires Row” area of Jimbaran Bay. It is fully furnished to an unbelievably high standard and comes with a great swimming pool and entertainment area. The vendor is highly motivated to sell, hence the low price.

For More Information: | (0361) 7822202 | + 62 816 574867 C/Re/I-05 Oct 11


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

05 October - 19 October, 2011



6 are land for sale in Bukit Balangan, 200 meter from beach. Price Rp. 250 million / are. Please contact 0361 895 3015 / 081 2366 6541 or e-mail: <anggaw83@gmail. com>. [3159]

Land for sale on the main road next to STP Nusa Dua ready to build for villa as licence completed. Call 081 2394 8595. [1149]

Villa for rent in Bukit, near Padang2 Beach. Daily, weekly, monthly. 1 BR/2BR with or without pool. Prices starting Rp. 450.000/night. Phone: 0812 3677 3941 / 0878 6200 8346. [3519] Urgent sale eco-villa beside Dreamland 730/210m2. 3bed/ ensuite, big living, European kitchen, marble floor, quiet area, cool hillside, seaview, pool, garden, very relaxing place, reasonable price. PH: 0878 6145 6567, <>. [3532] House for rent next to Dreamland Beach. Quiet area, nice house. For rent daily, weekly, monthly, long term rental. Fully furnished, AC, waterheater, etc. One bedroom, nice garden. Price 5 million/month. HP: 0813 3717 2604. E-mail <>. [3540]

Freehold land for sale near Banyan Tree - Bukit Ungasan. Good location and stunning views. Call 081 2380 2626 (direct owner). Please speak in Bahasa. [1547] For sale/rent ruko in Purigading 3x17m, 2 storey, kitchen, 2 bathroom, 2 bedroom, telp. line. Rent 35 mill year. Sale 395 mill. Phone 081 7977 1453 / 081 7479 6441. [1907] For sale/rent - Licensed hotel at Dreamland. 7 bedrooms, pool & BBQ area. Close to beach and golf course. Great views. Sell Aust$ 390,000, rent Rp. 250 mill per year. Phone 081 7977 1453 / 081 7479 6441. [2684] For sale/rent. Clifftop 2 bedroom fully furnished new house on 2 are with pool and great views of southern ocean and Karma Kendara. Sell AUS$ 129,000. Rent Rp. 90 mill per year. Phone 081 7977 1453 / 081 7479 6441. [2966]

C/Re/G-15 June 11



Short drive from Bingin, Padang2 Beach. Tranquil architecturally designed villa, panoramic views of Bali. 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom, fully-furnished, 15m pool, staff quarters. Land area 1000 sqm, built-up 400 sqm, 35,000 USD/year. Call: 081 2389 0994 or <peter@>. [3394] Ungasan - Jimbaran accommodation, inclusive of all bills. Luxury retreat with large garden, swimming pool, reading room, gym tennis court, set on 20 ares plot. Double room with en-suite starting from 950 Euros PCM, single 550 PCM. All agents welcome. E-mail <>. Andy. [3477] Villa for rent (Balangan area) 80ML per year. For inspection please call 0812 8409 6221 or e-mail <cv_winniemma@>. 3 bedroom, swimming pool, cold & hotwater. Price negotiable. [3489] Beautiful stand alone 2 bedroom villa with pool in Bukit near GWK available for rent weekly, monthly and yearly. Picture available on request. Contact 085 6373 6203 or e-mail: <>. [1547]

Dreamland, fully furnished units for rent daily, weekly, monthly. One bedroom unit from Rp. 4 million/month, two bedrooms from Rp. 6 million/month, three bedrooms from Rp. 8 million/month. Pool & BBQ area, great views and breeze. Phone 081 7977 1453 / 081 7479 6441. [3163] Bukit Balangan beach land for sale. 6 are, 200 meter from beach, price Rp. 275 million / are. Please contact 0361 895 3015 / 081 2366 6541 or e-mail: <anggaw83@>. [3159] For sale/rent. 2 bdrm / 2 bathroom, fully furnished, â&#x20AC;&#x153;5 Star Bali style villaâ&#x20AC;? - complete with marble floors, private bedrooms, formal dining area. Pool, immaculate gardens, in a secure Western villa complex. 1st to see will buy. Rent Aust. $15,000/year. Sell Aust. $250,000. Ph. (+61) 4100 98 547. [3402]

email :

ph. +62 (361) 8475747/8 Address I Address II Address III

: Jl. Werkudara Gang Bintang No. 4 Legian : Jl. Raya Legian II Gang XXVII No. 473, Legian Kaja - Kuta. : Jl. Raya Seminyak, Gang Goa No. 2 Seminyak. Ph: +62 (361) 847 5747 C/VR/I-24 Aug. 11

Nice vacation home by Bali cliff beach, freehold, 240m2, pool, jacuzzi, 2 bdrms, 3 baths, balcony, western kitchen, marble countertop, maidsroom, storage closets, garden, carport. Photos at <>. Price USD $ 150,000. Ph. 081 2382 3623. [3332]

NC/Re/P-05 Oct. 11

Thousands of people read the Bali Advertiser Real Estate Is your company ready for more business? Advertise your business next issue and get your share.

NC/Re/P-05 Oct. 11

Bali Advertiser

Real Estate

05 October - 19 October, 2011



Over contract shop in Jl. Legian, very close to Jl. Padma, contract will be ended on 1st of April 2013. Shop size is 3.2 x 6m. Neighboring shops are accessories, bags, fashion and beauty salon. Suitable for wholesale & retail showroom. I have to move back to my hometown. Contact : Ms. Paula 081999048620

2 lands for lease in Gili Trawangan. 20m from the beach. Size 7mx25m and 13.5 are. Contact 0818 900 480. [3472]


C/Re/G-5 Oct. 11


REAL ESTATE All ads Rp. 5.000 per word All ads must be paid before printing

Looking for villa to rent. Must have ocean view!. Minimum 3 bedrooms. Possible rental 2 - 6 months. Start in November. Email <boulder606@>. [001]


Villa for sale: 2 storey. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, all furniture included. Great views. 15 are with titles. Building 280sq. mtrs. Only 300 mtrs to Medewi Beach. AUS $250,000. Phone +62 821 4748 4453. [3507]

NUSA LEMBONGAN Outstanding opportunity to purchase from 10-40 Are of absolute waterfront freehold land + beach. Real island lifestyle (Nusa Lembongan) just 105M/Are with Westerners either side. Australian seller - avoid usual Balinese problems. Full set photos here at < Baliland4sale>. E-mail <> / 0812 3766 1111. [3373]

C/Re/G-9 March 11

● Lombok fully furnished 4bedroom villa on 4,250m2 with rain forest view near Mt. Rinjani National Park fit for rental/meditation retreat freehold US$ 495,000. ● Tejakula-Tembok North East Bali between Singaraja & Amlapura 56,5 are beachfront land @ Rp. 50 million/are freehold. ● Sanur holiday rental, 3bdr villa with all facilities near all amenities for max. 8 people. $170/day w/daily breakfast+maid service. ● Carita Beach-Anyer W Java great tourist area near Jakarta 4500m2 land for Rp. 800 million.

● Nusa Dua-Siligita renovated furnished 4/5 bdrm hse on 4 are freehold Rp.1,800,000,000; for rent Rp.160 million / 2 years. ● Nusa Dua-Taman Giri 29 are freehold land @ Rp. 120 million/are. ● Sanur near sh center & bch splendid 2bdr villa, fully equipped & furnished, 42yrs lease US$ 365,000. ● Gianyar-Bona Village near Sanur, Ubud, Safari & Marine park, Saba & Keramas beach hotel/bung. complex w/14 rooms, all licenses, rest., recreation area w/billiard & fitness rooms, spa & Finland sauna freehold Euro 650,000.

We are a registered company which is also specialized in Visa & Business Consultancy Visit our website for more exciting properties!

Info 0361 724 262 I 081 835 8707 NC/Re/P-24 Aug. 11

Hi, Our family is looking for rent full furnished nice 3 Br villa for 26.10 - 25.11. <Jyrki.t.ahonen@> +3584 0701 1192. [002] Looking to Rent Office Space. Dicari Sewa Kantor. Looking in the Sunset Road, Jl. Dewi Sri, Jl. Sunset Garden, Jl. Marlboro (Teuku Umar Barat), etc areas. 200-300sqm. Need special location: one or two ground floor offices and larger space on second and / or third floors. Or one larger building one floor. 200-300sqm. Either must have ample parking areas for staff and customers. For more information please call 755 392 and ask to speak with Pak Made. [003]


Jl. Majapahit No. 46 Kuta - Bali Telp : (0361) 755 392 [Hunting] Fax : (0361) 764 191 E-mail:

Inquiries please email : | address : Jl. Yudistira no.2, (off Jl. Kunti II) Br. Tagtag, Seminyak, Bali | Phone : +62 361 736 978 | Fax : +62 361 736 974 C/Re/I-20 April 11

REAL ESTATE Consultant - Bali

Do you want to find the right land? Do you want to build safely? Just Call Us 0361 8050000 “Don’t let your dream become a Nightmare”

Office: Jl.Petitenget No.69 TULIP Restaurant 1st floor Badung-Bali |

OF THE MONTH. “LAND INVESTIGATOR” | SELECTION For any other area please feel free to contact us 0361-8050000

LEASEHOLD LocaƟon Land Size Price/are Environment DescripƟon Access

FREEHOLD LocaƟon Land Size Price/are Environment DescripƟon Access

: Umalas - Kerobokan : 27 are : IDR 4 mill : Rice fields view and river side : 10 minutes to PeƟtenget beach : Road Access, Electricity, Water supply

: Br.PasƟ-Pandak (Tabanan) : 8,75 are : IDR 140mill : Rice fields view : 5minutes to Tanah Lot temple, 30minutes from Seminyak : Road Access, Electricity

LEASEHOLD LocaƟon Land Size Price/are Environment DescripƟon Access

FREEHOLD LocaƟon Land Size Price/are Environment DescripƟon Access

: Tibu Beneng - Canggu : 25 are : IDR 2 mill - lease for 25years : Rice field view and private villas : BeauƟful land with perfect view, 20minutes to Seminyak : Road Access, Electricity

: Pemuteran – North Bali (Beach Front) : 54 are : IDR 25,5 mill : Beach front and wine yards : BeauƟful big piece with perfect view, 3hours from the airport : Road Access, Electricity

FREEHOLD LocaƟon Land Size Price/are Environment DescripƟon Access

FREEHOLD LocaƟon Land Size Price/are Environment DescripƟon Access

: Tibu Beneng - Canggu : 15 are : IDR 450 mill : Rice fields and private villas : 5 minutes to Canggu club and 200mtrs to the beach : Road Access, Electricity, Water supply

: Jl.Kayu Tulang - Canggu : 15 are : IDR 230 mill : Rice fields view and surrounded with private property : 15 minutes to Seminyak and Tanah Lot temple : Road Access, Electricity

FREEHOLD LocaƟon Land Size Price/are Environment DescripƟon Access

: Jimbaran/Bukit : 20 are : IDR 250 mill : BeauƟful land with great bay view and private villas surrounded : 15 minutes from the Airport : Road Access, Electricity

FREEHOLD LocaƟon Size Price/are Environment DescripƟon Access

: Umalas - Kerobokan : 45 are : IDR 225mill/are : Rice fields view : 15 minutes to go to Tanah Lot : Road, telp line, electricity

C/Re/G-5 Oct. 11


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

05 October - 19 October, 2011


Brandnew townhouse, 27 units, close to Kuta & Denpasar, modern furniture, deluxe bedroom, fully equipped kitchen, sat TV, hot water IDD telephone, laundry, room service, 24 hours security. Jalan Pulau Galang 324, Denpasar.

Canggu Luxury House 80 m to beach house “Echo Beach” 10 are, fully furnished, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, pool, kitchen, living room, car port, US $450,000.00

Call: 081 139 2666 or 484999

Call : 081-805302008 Email :

C/Re/G-27 July 11

BERINGIN PROPERTY Local Agent and Local Prices

The only Property Agent based on the west coast of Bali

LAND FOR SALE KEDUNGGU - Kedunggu, 56 Are, 700m from the beach with sweeping ocean views. Power and sealed access. Already has an IMB (Building permit), and is on the edge of a beautiful Bali village. The block shape is 50m by 100m and is gently sloping towards the ocean. PRICE : IDR 90 Mill / Are - Kedunggu. 36.5 Are of contract land50year lease. 50m from beach with stunning ocean views. Won’t last long at IDR 3 Mill/ Are/ Year. Total Price : IDR 5.475.000.000 KABA-KABA - Kaba-Kaba (Tabanan), 60 Are. 6m Road access, Ready to build and Beautiful rice paddy views. PRICE : IDR. 60 Mill / Are NYANYI - Nyanyi, 22 Are. 3m private access, Ready to build with rice paddy views. PRICE : IDR. 90 Mill / Are NYITDAH - Nyitdah ( Tabanan ), 7 Are. 4m Road access, Ready to build with rice field paddy views. PRICE : IDR. 80 Mill / Are MEDEWI - Medewi 83.5 Are, Stunning beach front block opening up to a two mile long black sand beach. 2 km east of the famous “Medewi” surf break in a tourist zoned area and already has a Building permit. Possibilities for a resort or private villa. PRICE : IDR 35 Mill / Are

C/Re/U-27 July11

C/Re/I-21 Sept 11


Seminyak,Oberoi: 5, 10, 11, 13, 15, 16, 21, 28, 30, 34 A Petitenget, Batubelig: 8, 10, 13, 15, 22, 28 A Canggu: 2, 3, 10, 11, 14, 15, 25, 28, 30, 44, 60, 80 A Umalas, Kerobokan: 2.45, 5, 15, 17, 20, 27, 32, 44 A Bukit Jimbaran: 2.8, 4, 6, 9, 18, 82 A Marlboro, Denpasar: 2, 2.45, 4, 7.8, 15 A; Call : 081236333693, 08179725265, 081805571144 E-mail :

C/Re/A-21 Sept 11

KUTA Private room 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, AC, kitchen, hotwater, freezer, TV, fully furnished. Close to airport/beach 5 min. Nice room/safe. Call 0813 5767 8881. Rp. 3 mill / 4 mill/month, Rp. 200rb/day. [1532] 3 shops to let prime location at Bemo Corner, located at Bunisari street opposite 24 hours Indomaret. Please call 081 2380 2169 / 0361 786 8169 Alamsyah. Need fast affordable price. Profitable guarantee. <alamsyahz@>. [1630] Restaurant in Kuta. Overcontract 6 years. 70 seats. 120m2. Great design. Fully equiped. Ready to be opened. Strategic location. 50 meter from Kuta Beach. Affordable price 0878 6192 1792; <>. [3493]

Jl. Darmawangsa No. 1, Tanah Lot - Bali - Indonesia Phone: +62 361 8483743 Fax: +62 361 8483743 Web: Email: / C/Re/I -05 Oct.11

C/Re/U-27 July 11

Bar for sale, great location, Kuta area on Legian street, close to memorial. Turnkey operation. 4 years 6 months + additional 5 years already negotiated. Right to purchase. 250,000 Australian Dollars. Price negotiable. Contact: 0821 4487 6180. [3500]



Canggu leasehold offer. 25 yrs+13 extendable, 200 mtr from Nelayan Beach. 3 bed ensuit bathroom, 1.400sqm land, open/closed living. Pool, garage, gazebo. Tlp. 473 0423. SMS 081 2386 8306. [3535]

Villa for rent in Canggu, near beach, 3 are, 2 bed, 3 bath, living, kitchen, pool, ricefield view, new villa. Contact Made 081 2363 0309. [2921]

2 beautiful apartment for sale in quiet complex, US$ 199K for both modern European style, fully furnished, satellite TV, also two bed to let for six months. Call Bill 0821 4408 0866. <>. [3529]

Canggu - New villa, 3 large bedrooms, 4 bath, private pool, manicured garden, large gated parking, panoramic views, 2 story, includes separate guest house. 10 min. Canggu Club, 5 min Pereranan Beach. $1400 month min. 6 months. <>. [3424]

Jewelry shops for rent: Jl. Legian 462 with complete inventory 2, 3 years contract. New shopping mall “Kutabex” on Kuta Beach. 3 years contract for more info mail to: <>. [3543]

Villa for sale - freehold. Echo Beach Canggu. Comprising 3 generous bedrooms in main villa. Seperate poolside villa. All complete own en-suite bathrooms. Lg. entertaning area, kitchen European appliances. Price $500.000 US. Private sale: contact Pamela +62 821 4652 1927. More info at <>. [3537] Beautiful large villa for sale 1300m2 plot, 600m2 built, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, lounge, dinner, large garden, 12m pool, 4 car garage, playground for kids. 21 years lease. AUD 285,000. M: 0821 4585 4645. E-mail: <mcelroy.>. [3539] Bright/lofty/beautiful 2-3bed 3 bath, 7ara yard / 13mt saltwater pool, all new construction, fantastic views of sunset/rice-paddies. Also 5bed-6bath 8 ara yard, pool, views of mountains & sea perfect for family with small children. both 5min to CangguSchool/eco. Call 0813 3840 0226/ <>. [3545] Villa for sale: good loc, 5 mins from Canggu Club, 500 mtrs from Beach Berawa, 3BR/3BHR, living/dining room, good price. Please contact: Media Properties, PH: 0361 - 732 600. HP: 0852 3782 9292. [3547] Land for sale: close to Canggu Club. 100 minutes from Oberoi / Seminyak. 15 are, good price. Please contact Media Properties, PH: 0361 - 732 600. HP: 0852 3782 9292. [3548] House for sale. Fully furnished, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, full-equipped kitchen, living room. AC, TV cables, hot water, parking, fish pond. 15 minutes to Brawa Beach. Land: 136m2, building: 145m2. Price: 800 mil. Call: Komang 081 2380 8745. E-mail: <>. [3554] For rent Villa Nauli 4BDR, AC, opening terrace with panoramic view, pool, garden. Staff, electricity, cable and WIFI include. 1200 Euros monthly. Long term negotiable. <> or <paris_bali@yahoo. com>. No agents. [3555]

Cheap guest house Rp. 100.000/day or 10 rooms for all Rp. 7.000.000/month. Minimum 3 years. Jln. Pantai Berawa near Echo Beach and Canggu Club. 0361 214 0390 / 0361 926 0592. [2983] Villa for sale/rent daily/monthly, freehold, 3 bedroom with ensuite, closed living area, pool, maidroom, 500m2, modern kitchen, river/paddys view, fully furnished, 5 min from Canggu Club, Jl. Pantai Berawa, Gg. Bisma. 0812 3672 2812. [3410] Land for sale. 5 are until 30 are Padang Linjong Echo Beach and Brawa Canggu Club. Rice paddy view and close to each other. Contact (0361) 855 0568 / 0821 4480 6898. [3481] Land for rent 10 are, Buduk Bernasi (house complex area). Contact 793 0178 / 793 7660. [3486] House for rent in canggu, 4 bedrm, 2 bathrm + ensuite hot/ cold water, 2 aircons, ricefield views, house only 2 years old minimum 12 mnth lease, beautiful house 70 mil/rp. Unfurnished-no pool. PH: 081 2391 6482. E-mail<>. [3499] Rent Canggu bungalow 50 mtr, AC, Wi-Fi, equiped kitchen, quiet place, 4.500.000 month / Villa 3 bedrooms, 1 office, big pool in 14 are land, unit, staff, full equiped. Rent 1 year. 0819 1671 2667. [3503] Spacious villa for rent, 15 min. to Echo Beach; 4 bed/bath, pool, short/long term; 100 million Rp./year. 0857 3975 9293; <>; view ‘Bali Villa’ album on Facebook Stephanie M. Rodigas. [3512]

Land for lease, Canggu Club area, 24 years: 9 ares, 5 ares, 25 ares, ready for building. No agents. 3.5 millions/ are/year. Contact: 0819 3432 8706. [3502]

Magnificent cascading-ricefield view Villa with remarkable minimalist design, for sale. Price: Rp. 3,2 Billion. For details, contact the owner 081 6472 7567. e-mail: <> or see/get the brochure in <www.>. [3518]

House for lease. Near Tugu Beach, Batu Bolong. 2 bedrooms, big garden, no pool, quiet and safe area. Unfurnished. Price 85 mill/year. Min 1,5 years. Contact 0819 9933 0761 or <>. [3517]

2 bedroom villa for rent in Canggu near Canggu Club, swimming pool, AC, hot water, 2 bathroom and maid bathroom. Min 5 years. 0878 6235 9770. E-mail: <man.>. [3522] C/Re/G-24 August 11

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The number one fastest selling development in Nusa Dua! 10 luxury villas

Only 3 Villas Available to Complete the Investments! Do not miss out - Call now for your inspection today! Contact : + 62 (0) 361 773 540 + 62 (0) 81 55701729

Title : Hak Milik Price : Price On Application

SSNR Sanur



STAB434 Tabanan


New Development In Sanur. 7 luxurious beach front villas located at one of the highest points of Sanur. Set on 250 sqm of leasehold land, each villa consists of 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms all complimented with a spacious living and dining area and fully equipped modern kitchen. Everything opens out to the large swimming pool and garden area. Leasehold 10, 20 and 30 years. Title : Leasehold Prices from : USD 110,000

Contact : Mangku Suedi + 62 (0) 87 861 053 599




This is the ideal property for those who enjoy nature & views of the rice paddies & ocean. This villa will suit multiple usage, either as a private home or could be run as a small hotel. It is built on 450 sqm in the Tabanan region only 15 minutes from Canggu & boasts 7 bedrooms, a well sized swimming pool, giant terrace with bar & unspoiled views forever. Also included is a private horse stable (on extra 1.5 Are leasehold) with pondok wisata license in place. Contact : Ray White Paradise Title : Hak Milik + 62 (0) 81 337 997 709 Price : EURO 400,000


W NE G T N I HO IST L SKER235 Kerobokan




This property will definitely tick all the necessary requirements for an investor seeking a perfect and totally, private residence in Bali. It is located only 10 minutes drive from a great selection of fine dining restaurants, shops and the always impressive Seminyak beach. Every room in this villa has been completed to the highest of standards and merely awaits your personal touch. Title : Hak Milik Price : IDR 2,350,000,000

Contact : Siska + 62 (0) 81 5574 9228

I have a buyer looking for a fully operating villa complex, Hak Milik. Must have all necessary licenses. Umalas, Canggu, Brawa and Seminyak area.. I also have cash buyers urgently looking for property in Sanur.

CALL ME TO LIST NOW Contact : Haryono +62 85 857 442 601

SSNR333 Sanur




Freehold steal! Be quick wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t last at this price. This fabulous 3 bedroom villa located in a quiet street in Sanur has it all. A large open plan kitchen leads out to the pool, all bedrooms have quality appointed ensuite bathrooms and the garden is attractively planted making the most of the freehold land. Close proximity to the International School in an excellent neighbourhood make this property a must see. Title : Hak Milik Price : IDR 2,700,000,000

Contact : Haryono + 62 (0) 85 857 442 601

Y BU TH! T N EA MO GR IS TH SNUD320. Nusa Dua House Villa. Land size: 430 sqm, build size: 550 sqm Price: IDR 3,200,000,000 Title: Hak Milik SJBN220. Jimbaran House. Land size: 388 sqm, build size: 214 sqm Price: IDR 2,200,000,000 Title: Hak Milik

SJBN010 Jimbaran




Built in traditional style, this luxurious 3 bedroom villa is part of a secure and exclusive villa estate only 2 minutes away from beautiful Jimbaran beach and its famous seafood restaurants. The villa offers privacy with a combination of outdoor living around a 50 sqm swimming pool and air-conditioned comfort in all bedrooms. Title : Hak Milik Price : USD 315,000

Contact : Siska + 62 (0) 81 5574 9228

SCGU767 Canggu



SKER126. Kerobokan Villa. Leasehold 20 years. Land size: 612 sqm, build size: 183 sqm Price: Euro 110,000 Title: Leasehold


This property is located in Berawa Canggu. It's a modern masterpiece with an excellent finish. It has 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 family living rooms, plenty of storage facilities, a luscious garden with great sized pool & gazebo. The property is situated on 4 are of land & also has an amazing terrace with stunning green belt rice paddy views. It can be the perfect family home. This is an amazing opportunity to own a stunning modern villa in Bali. Contact : Andy Title : Hak Milik + 62 (0) 87 862 436 141 Price : IDR 3,500,000,000


LJBN360. Four Season Resort, Jimbaran. Land. Land size: 360 sqm Price: IDR 350,000,000/ Are Title: Hak Milik LBUK250. Bingin. Land. Land size: 1200 sqm Price: IDR 180,000,000/ Are

Title: Hak Milik

Contact : Donald Sambuaga +62 81 337 394 066


Tel : +62 (361) 737 357 | 773 540 | 701 154 | 285 525

The Paradise Property Group NC/Re/G-5 Oct. 11

C/Re/I-05 Oct. 11

Bali Advertiser: 05 September 2011  

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