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05 February - 19 February, 2014



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05 February - 19 February, 2014

For Sale; Sewing machine Typical type: GC0302CX, 3 jt, Typical type: GC2605 (thothol) 3,5 jt. Good condition. Please call 0361 743 5217. Kerobokan. [062] For Sale; Single burner stove, comes with pipe and regulator, excellent condition, hardly been used, price 350,000. Contact Kevin on 0818 0531 8192. [063]

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We own Australiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most popular wedding venue We are booked out 2yrs in advance and are now seeking an exceptional venue in Bali. Must have 1 or more special features: Pools, Gardens, Waterfront, Beach, Rice Terrace views etc. Max 45 mins from Seminyak. Area to seat (up to 80) guests for reception. Min 2 bdrm accommodation. Our brides expect 5 star luxury nothing less. Great $$$ returns for the right property.

Please e-mail photos or web link to: Your information will be kept strictly confidential. C/Ns/I-05 Feb 14

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Bali Advertiser

05 February - 19 February, 2014


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Reviews of English language books on Indonesia by Bill Dalton

Time, Rites and Festivals in Bali by Jean Couteau and Georges Breguet

graceful and relaxed manner. What is far less known, yet equally extraordinary, is the multi-calendar system that makes the Balinese never ending rites and festivals that regulate Bali’s spiritual life, even as the Balinese struggle to juggle the competing claims on their time, and more linear notions of time, brought on by the need to make a living. Despite the two Balinese calendar systems’ significance as key to the island’s culture, little has been published about the fiendishly complex subject until now. Time, Rites and Festivals in Bali is the first book-length Englishlanguage publication deal with the method by Balinese reckon with time. Actually, there are many kinds of calendars in use in Bali. The first calendars served navigational or agricultural purposes, but then evolved into divination charts, earthquake calendars, horoscopes showing personal character and wariga charts which point out lucky and unlucky days. The two different principle calendric systems – the lunar-solar Saka calendar and the 210-day cyclic Pawukon calendar – determine what is the auspicious day to hold a tooth filing ceremony, celebrate a child’s six month birthday, when to buy a cow or begin building a garage, mud wall or pigsty. The Balinese calendar is actually a window through which you can view the whole scope of Bali-Hindu culture and society – the nature of time, how time is measured, the timing and regulation of festivities, the main rites of passage, Balinese divination and horoscopes and the way time is organized in the daily lives of the people. A remarkable combination of the analytical, the anthropological, the academic and the artistic, this unique book is organized around a series 62 illustrations, accompanied by clear explanatory captions, depicting nearly every significant transitional event in the life cycle of a Balinese from birth to death in a logical sequence.

Kali napi? (“What time is it?”). Time is more often described rather than stated.

NC/Ns/I-08 Jan 14

*The purpose of traditional Balinese calendars is not to chronologically track human events but to organize time so as to delineate the ritual behavior necessary to preserve cosmic order. It’s the quality of time, not the quantity of time, which is important. Don’t tell a Balinese which day he is in but tell him what sort of day he is in. Any moment of time can be propitious depending on what time of day or night it occurs, its position in relation to the lunar cycle and what position and character it possesses within the rule-based Puwukon calendar. Where the book really shines is in the superb quality of 62 specially commissioned drawings by Balinese artist Gusti Nyoman Darta whom few painters today can equal in style, elegance and expressiveness. These meticulously rendered soft tone drawings, which attain the same precise detail as technical drawings, convey abundant visual information on cockfights, birthing, collective feasts, banjar meetings, plaiting arts, priestly accouterments, funereal preparations, cremation rites, bamboo building techniques, implements used in rural kitchens and items for sale in the market. The fine loving details of a farmer’s plough, the contents of offering trays, patterns on fabric, strands of thread, rolls of kepang coins and even tiny script on palm leaf scrolls are all clearly delineated. Each extensively captioned drawing is worthy of close study. Like many expensive art books, this richly illustrated coffee table book grew out of a museum catalog of reproductions of old Balinese wooden painted tika calendars. The original text was revised, reorganized and expanded; new diagrams, photographs and illustrations were added to enhance the subject’s appeal to an international readership. If you have limited time or are researching a specific aspect of the Balinese concept of time, read the preface first which gives you a brief synopsis of each of the book’s nine chapters – what amounts to an expanded table of contents - to see what subjects interest you. The book’s utility as a work of reference would increase appreciably if it had an index. If a reader were keenly interested in the activities of priests or in Bali’s agricultural practices, he would have to go through the whole book and make his own index. The page numbers against a dark background on the top of the page are difficult to read. However, these distractions do not seriously diminish the very high standard of writing and the overall attractiveness of the book’s design.

As you turn the pages, what becomes increasingly clear is not only the considerable extent to which sacred obligatory rituals pervade the life of the Balinese but also how these islanders do not so much manage time as they are managed by it. A few of the insights about time that might surprise you:

Time, Rites and Festivals in Bali is a welcome addition to the libraries of all those intrigued by the traditional culture of Bali. This scholarly work will also appeal to anthropologists, ethnologists, cosmologists, students of comparative religions and anyone who wants to learn about different cultural notions of time.

*The Balinese have a very lackadaisical approach to linear time and have no word for “time” as a concept for duration. The colonial Dutch were actually the first to introduce the modern notion of time when they installed a public bell tower in the heart of Denpasar.

Time, Rites and Festivals in Bali by Jean Couteau and Georges Breguet, illustrations by I Gusti Nyoman Darta, BAB Publishing 2013, ISBN 978-979-8926-30-3, 244 pages, hardcover, dimensions 21 x 24 cm. Available for Rp400,000 from Periplus and Ganesha Bookstores.

*Though the Balinese today use the modern 24-hour Gregorian calendar, they continue to use the old ways to think about time and mark time for the purposes in life that matter the most.

For any publishers interested in having one of their books considered for review in Toko Buku, please contact:

*Modern Balinese commonly use the words tempo or waktu (time) or jam (hour) which are Indonesian words. They use kali to ask for the precise moment in time as in

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Jewels by Irwan 1st prize for design in Paris

extraordinary jewels for extraordinary people

tel: 0811824302 Mozaic Restaurant (Ubud) & Hotel Tugu, Bali

(using Indonesian gems only)

We are always interested in exhibition opportunities abroad

The Balinese show little interest in keeping accurate track of linear time. “Time is money” is an alien concept to them. Yet they manage to fulfill their many ritual obligations, along with the more mundane demands of life, in a

C/Ns/I-25 Dec 13

Bali Advertiser

For Sale; Buddha hand carved wooden 80 cm high nice serene features , White yellow, green colour 2.3 mil rupiah. Ph/sms 0878 6207 9604. Denpasar. [051]

foto udara, video dan 360-panorama

For Sale; Madura Bed 2. 5 x 1. 5 X 2. 4 mtr High Antique , Most amazing carving , good feature for villa or hotel in the shops in Seminyak would be 45 mil plus selling for 20 mil rupiah. 0878 6207 9604. Denpasar. [052] starts from



05 February - 19 February, 2014

We take stunning photos and breathtaking video from the sky.

3F Warung Sham, Jln. Raya Goa Gajah, Ubud – Bali 80571 081220 278678 |

For Sale; Antique shelving 2.3 mtrs long 40 cm wide 2.3 mtrs high. Has 2 shelves with some nice carving. Knock down made from teak quite old 3.5 mil rupiah. Please ph/sms 0878 6207 9604. Denpasar. [053]

C/NS/U-5 Feb. 14

For Sale; Complete collection of David Baldacci’s books (about 20 volumes, including the latest The Hit). Per book only Rp 80.000. Sell only the whole bunch for this price. Please call Michael 081 2395 1444. Sanur. [046] For Sale; 12 album collection of old stamps from around the world. Please sms +62 813 3703 6348. For pictures email: <mcntlp@yahoo. com> / <anny.made@gmail. com>. [034] For Sale; Surfboard: RipCurl DHD Diamond Blade surfboard. Specs: 5’6 x 20 x 2-1/2. Brand new, never ridden. Includes new RipCurl tail pad. Price: 4.5-million Rp. (nego). SMS +62 857 3825 0920. Kuta. [035] For Sale; Wide angle dome, macro lens housing. Also included is Nikon D200, Nikon 10.5 fisheye and Sigma 105 macro. email <> for pics and info. Denpasar. [036]

Hanging lampshade, material resin and glass, diameter 90cm x 57cm without projection. Available 2 colors; red and black. Price Rp 1.000.000,negotiable. Contact: 0361-439982/9009825 08123828441 NC/Ns/G-5 Feb. 14

ECR & Mini Printer

Electronic Cash Register



Decisiveness is a common characteristic of all successful men and women.

JL. Suli No. 119 B2, Denpasar Tel: (0361) 225796, 7800965 Fax: 225796 Email: Website:

Jakarta: 021-3841789, Surabaya: 031-70927541, Yogyakarta: 0274-419590, Bandung: 022-70720142, Medan: 061-77861699 C/Ns/I-01 May 13

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Bali Advertiser

05 February - 19 February, 2014


So You Love an Alcoholic Take Courage; There Is Hope Hope for families & friends of alcoholics AL-ANON FAMILY & FRIENDS GROUPS Wednesdays, 5:30pm Saturdays, 5:30pm Fridays, 5:30pm The Ruko, Jl. Drupadi II #80 (next to Art Republic) Space for this ad donated by Bali Advertiser C/Ns/R-22 Jan. 2014

NC/Ns/G - 27 July 11

Pathways to Healing the Body, Mind & Spirit By Michele Cempaka

Dance for Healing & Transformation After Lyn Masters had a serious injury in 1998 which made it difficult for her to work in her physiotherapy practice, she began belly dancing. She soon realized that dance could be a powerful method for healing our bodies. This realization was the catalyst for her further exploration into dance therapy. She did her professional training in Melbourne at the International Dance Therapy Institute of Australia where she deepened her knowledge about the body and how through movement we all have the capacity to heal ourselves. Lyn has also had training from many of the top dance therapists around the world such as Marcia Leventhal, Penelope Best and Sarah Boas. “Dance is a very powerful energetically. When you’re dancing you embody knowledge and wisdom. 95% of communication is with our bodies. Not many things are able to access this in totality, but dance therapy allows the person to explore movement and the realm of our being,” says Lyn. Lyn Masters did a research project with people in age care in Australia which involved measuring their depression score before and after they attended a 12 week class which was held 1 – 2 times a week. More than 50% of the participants had an improvement on their initial depression score, physical mobility score and their joint range. Due to Lyn’s success with this project she received a great deal of recognition, and her work has even won awards. “As we dance, it’s a quantum healing method, because we begin to observe our state of mind and being which has the potential to evolve through our awareness of whatever we are experiencing. I think the thing about dance is that you’re embodying a situation, so you’re using dance to get more information or resolve a state within yourself. You’re not just using your mind to get the information you need to shift into a new state – you’re using your whole being – your body, emotions and soul. I find that dance is a really potent tool which can transform our state of mind. It’s also very enjoyable. When we dance we can get into an ecstatic state.” Lyn has also worked in a rehabilitation hospital where she utilized dance therapy to help people with chronic pain. This was a valuable tool for gaining insight into how to assist people with pain relief; dance therapy has also been significant for Lyn’s own healing process and has assisted people with weakened physical conditions, sexual abuse and stress. In many ways, dance therapy fosters the unfolding of each individual giving him/her the tools needed for accessing their personal power. It can also assist people with attaining greater clarity, so that they can face challenging life decisions or improve their general wellbeing. “Sometimes dancing or moving our bodies can threaten some people’s comfort zones, but when they extend beyond this fear and allow themselves to move their body, that’s when real transformation can occur as they move into a more powerful part of their being,” says Lyn. Dance therapy sessions are usually customized to the group or the individual. Lyn will typically find out the background of the group or person before creating the format for her sessions. All sessions begin with a physical warm up to gently move the body into the transition of dance. There’s also a release of emotional energy, so that participants have a nice canvas in which they can, for example, create their lives as they envision them to be. Lyn

NC/Ns/G-5 Feb. 14

takes them through some movements to give them a foundation and from that point, they move into a free-form space in which they can begin to access information they may need to make a decision or to facilitate healing for any physical challenges they would like to address during their session. People will often get images, feelings and emotions that come through during the session. Lyn supports everyone in the session to safely experience and heal whatever is coming up for them. Group sessions are guided by the collective energy. Sometimes one person’s question might be answered by someone else in the group, facilitating a shift in that person’s mindset or emotional state. Lyn may finish the session by doing a summary of the experience and then guide everyone to create an anchor, such as a drawing or symbol to help them remember what they gained from the experience and how they can utilize this wisdom to move forward in their lives. On occasion after dance therapy, people may have dreams which will give them more information that can assist them with their issue, so it’s a good idea to keep a journal close by. With any kind of healing therapy, it doesn’t just end when we finish the therapy that we’ve participated in; the healing process can continue for several days, weeks or even months afterwards as we continue to discover deeper insights about our particular issue.

C/NS/I-05 Feb. 14

Lyn will be co-facilitating a 5 day retreat on Bali in April. Her co-facilitator will be introducing a potent energetic face-lift process and will also be leading beautiful Shamanic journeys with the participants; journeys are a wonderful tool for personal empowerment and healing. The retreat will also give people the opportunity to go much deeper into their process, as Lyn will be working on different themes that are designed to assist people to access any emotional or energetic blocks that are often unknown to the person. During the five days, participants will get to really explore how they can empower themselves by utilizing a variety of tools including: art, guided meditations, accessing one’s wise mind to clear their limiting beliefs, and much more. Through group energy, participants will connect with the quantum field which will further magnify the loving support of all participants, allowing everyone the possibility to open up to their personal power, healing and deep transformation. For more information about Lyn’s work and her upcoming retreat on Bali, please email her at:

C/Ns/I-05 Feb 14

Michele is an internationally renowned Energy healer, Transformational Coach, Hypnotherapist, teacher and writer who has been trained to facilitate expansion and deep transformation for others. She utilizes a wide variety of tools to assist clients with their awakening, healing and profound understanding about themselves and their lives. Her extensive experience working at several 5* resorts throughout S.E. Asia gives her work an even greater depth, as she has the ability to facilitate change for people from all walks of life. Michele has lived on Bali for 12 years and integrates the indigenous spiritual qualities within her unique teachings and practice, providing a transformative healing experience for everyone she encounters. www. For questions or comments about this column, please email: Copyright 2014 © Michele Cempaka C/Ns/G-17 April 13

C/Ns/I-22 Jan 14

Bali Advertiser

05 February - 19 February, 2014


NYEPI SPECIAL KOMODO CRUISE WITH EXOTIC YACHT CHARTER BALI. Come sail with us over the Silent days of Bali, cruise from Saturday March 29th to April 1st in Komodo National Park. 3 nights 4 days. SPECIAL 450USD per Cabin per night (based on double occupancy). for details We shall raffle off the Owner suite to a lucky winner




NC/Ns/G - 5 Feb. 14

Rush* Ron Howard’s new movie is a pure adrenalin rush! Based on a real story, in 1976, two racing car drivers are competing in Formula 1 events to become world champion. These drivers are very different in style. One is James Hunt, an English playboy prone to taking risks, while, the other is cool and methodical Austrian Niki Lauda. Both drivers are determined to win, and, their rivalry is intense. Ron Howard’s film follows their lives on and off the track, as it builds to a tremendous climax. Both Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl are excellent in their opposing characters, while, the movie is a highly exhilarating piece of filmmaking, with a quiet message about self-control. The 5ifth Estate Also based on real life events, this intriguing movie follows the fate of an internet site, which appeared on the web at the beginning of the 21st century. ‘WikiLeaks’ was a site for ‘whistleblowers’ to anonymously place stolen controversial documents for public scrutiny, without fear of retribution. After some spectacular postings, ‘WikiLeaks’ became a big pain in the neck for many governments, who tried to close the site down. Bill Condon uses some very impressive cinematic tricks to make his rather dry movie visually interesting, however, if you are already worried about the encroachment of the ‘net’ into our lives, then, this movie will make you positively paranoid. Dallas Buyers Club Yet again, another movie based on real life events. In Dallas, in 1985, a redneck, racist, homophobic electrician discovers that he has contracted AIDS, probably from his lifestyle which involved a lot of smoking, drinking, drugs, and casual sex. When he starts treatment, not only does the electrician have to put up with homosexual slurs, but, he discovers that the drugs he needs are not approved by the American Health Board. With a transvestite AIDS patient, together they go into business smuggling into the country the necessary drugs, and selling them to other AIDS victims in the Dallas area. The plotline in Jean-Marc Vallee’s movie is a bit cut and paste, but, the film does have a really incredible performance from Matthew McConaughey, and, an equally outstanding performance from Jared Leto as the transvestite. Lone Survivor Movies based on real events are all the rage this week. Here is another one: In June, 2005, a troop of American Navy Seals are on a mission in remote Afghanistan to capture or kill the notorious Taliban terrorist Ahmad Shahd. Unfortunately, when the Seals have him in their sights three goat herders and their goats come along, and give their position away. Suddenly, the Seals’ situation becomes precarious, and, the boys have to get the hell out of there! Peter Berg makes a fantastic movie, in which the action never lets up for a moment; meanwhile, the Seals are hunted down by the Taliban over some very rugged terrain. Mark Wahlberg stars as the lone survivor of the fiasco. Enough Said TV comedienne Julia Louis-Dreyfus makes a successful transition to the big screen in this delightful romantic comedy. Julia plays a divorcee, and, at a party, she meets an eligible divorced man, and they start to date. At the same party, Julia also meets another divorced woman, and, they become friends. They meet regularly to bitch about their ex-husbands. Over a period of time, Julia realizes that the man she is dating is her new friend’s exhusband. Now, she has all this inside information about the man, but, she doesn’t quite know what to do with it. Julia just plays the Julia we know and love from television, but, all-the-same, she is really very charming in the movie. About Time* A man discovers that he can go back in time. So, when he falls in love with an alluring woman, he goes back in time

Diary by Mr. Robet

to muck around with the past to ensure she falls in love with him as well. Sometimes, things don’t work out as he planned. This is one of those quirky movies that the British do so well.

C/Ns/G-10 July 13

August: Osage County After a funeral, a very dysfunctional family gather for a wake. Boy, does this family have problems! A lot of skeletons come rattling out of the closet over lunch. Based on a stage play by Tracey Letts, an awful lot happens over an awfully short period. As the family Matriarch, Meryl Streep gives a hammy performance, while, Julia Roberts is terrific as Meryl’s disgruntled daughter. 12 Years a Slave While looking for work in Washington DC, a free AfricanAmerican man is kidnapped and sold into slavery. There is a lot to admire in this movie. The photography, sets, and costumes, even Steve McQueen’s direction, and the vocal patterns of the actors, all contribute to a nice sense of period antiquity. However, the movie also has every clichéd character and clichéd situation you would expect to find in a ‘Deep South’ melodrama, set in the 1850s. American Hustle A con artist and his girlfriend are caught by the FBI, but, instead of being charged, they are coerced into working for the agency to trap some corrupt politicians. Promoted as a comedy, there is nothing remotely funny about this movie, except, maybe, the ridiculous 1970s costumes and hairstyles. The Hunger Games, Catching Fire After winning ‘The Hunger Games’ in the first movie, Jennifer Lawrence has to go through it all again in this stupid sequel. And, with more to come.

Mr. Robet’s Best Buys Blue Jasmine* In one blow, a woman loses her husband, her wealth, and her social position. Gravity* A space station is destroyed and only one survivor is left marooned in space. Rush* Two Formula 1 racing car drivers are competing to become world champion. Don Jon* A man finds watching pornography to be more satisfying than the real thing. Captain Phillips* A container vessel sailing down the Somali coastline is attacked by pirates. The 5ifth Estate A new internet site lets ‘whistleblowers’ post documents for public scrutiny. Dallas Buyers Club A redneck, racist, homophobic electrician finds that he has contracted AIDS. Lone Survivor A troop of Navy Seals are on a mission to capture or kill a Taliban terrorist. Carrie* A teenage girl, possessing telekinetic powers, falls victim to a vicious prank. Enough Said At a party a divorcee meets an eligible divorced man, and they start to date.

C/Ns/G - 5 Feb. 14

* Also available on Blu Ray. # Also available in 3D. E-mail: Copyright © 2014 Mr. Robet You can read all past articles of DVD Diary at NC/E/G-5 Feb. 14

Bali Advertiser

05 February - 19 February, 2014

Moving Sale; Rheem indoor/ outdoor gas water heater. 85l capacity. Very good condition. Was 8 mio Rp. Sell for 5 mio. Pls call Michael (no sms) 0812 3951 444. [049]

C/Ns/G-30 May 12

Lost Dog We stayed in Sanur in September last year and a stray dog started to follow us. My wife became very fond of this dog and wanted to take it back to Germany but under current restrictions that was not possible. We made further inquiries from Germany and have come back now to help this dog as we now have a solution. The problem is that the dog has gone missing and we do not know where it can be. We are sending some pictures of the dog and if any readers know the whereabouts then we would be most grateful if they would get in touch with us at this email BAWA are also trying to help but any additional help is appreciated. Thanking you in advance Gabriele Vincent

For Sale; Canggu Club family membership. 9 and a half years left on membership. All offers will be considered. Please ring 0812 3850 2215 or email <>. Canggu. [038] For Sale; Camera Nikon J1, white color, body only, lens error but still can fix, still have the box, sell for 1,7jt nego, for picture and specs pls send sms of your mail address to 0812 3644 2644. Denpasar. [039] For Sale; Baby walker Bright Star, color yellow and green suitable for boy or girl, with 2 heights mode, washable seat, barely new only use for 4 months, bought Rp. 650.000, sell only Rp. 400.000, for picture pls send your email address to 0812 3644 2644. Denpasar. [041] Quick Sale; Smartfren Andromax tablet 7inch. 1 year old, perfect condition. Gingerbread, 1 Ghz, front and rear camera, wifi. cost Rp. 1.65 Juta, sell for Rp. 800.000. Call 083 1180 8165. Jimbaran. [132] You can preach a beter sermon with your life than with your lips.


For Sale; Cheap Butterfly massager, electronic massager tool. Brand new, a gift from Perfect Health. Nego price. Please sms +62 813 3703 6348. Pictures email: <mcntlp@yahoo. com> / <anny.made@gmail. com>. [027] For Sale; Cheap Eye wear, tool for eyes relaxation, prevent and reduce nearsightedness and farsightedness, use for reading, computers, etc. Brand new, a gift from Perfect Health. Nego price. Please sms +62 813 3703 6348. For pictures email: <> / <anny.>. [028]

C/Ns/M-2 Oct. 13

For Sale; Cheap Soothy Eye Pad, brand new, a gift from Perfect Health, nego price now. Please sms +62 813 3703 6348. For pictures email: <mcntlp@yahoo. com> / <anny.made@gmail. com>. [029] For Sale; Cheap 6 pcs import & local books, private collection in good condition. Please sms +62 813 3703 6348. For pictures email: <mcntlp@yahoo. com> / <anny.made@gmail. com>. [030]

C/Ns/U-17 April. 13

For Sale; Original coral & turquoise lux bracelet, Zuri high end brand, new condition. Nego price. Please sms +62 813 3703 6348. For pictures email: <mcntlp@yahoo. com> / <anny.made@gmail. com>. [031]

NC/NS/U-5 Feb. 14

Pet Parade

Pet owners: Please sterilize your dogs & cats to preserve the natural environment.

Pets To Give Away / Wanted / Lost / Found These ads are free. E-mail to:

adoption, very smart and playful, already sterilized, brown with black, needs a loving person, family, saved from a dog dealer with 3 BFF, please adopt me, I Cute small, mixture dog, 6 weeks old. Contact HP 0813 want to be your best friend months old, boy for free 3981 4278. [003] Save a Bali puppy today! Loveable puppies desperately looking for temporary foster homes. BAWA (0361) 977 217. [001]

forever, I am clean, healthy and strong, a Bali Girl, 11 months old, light brown with white and black, HP 0813 3981 4278 Kerobokan. [002]

Pets For Sale

For Sale; Estee Lauder anti cellulite serum Rp. 300.000 new 1.5 million, GSM Sony Ericsson k510 i Rp. 400.000 red 3G can video call dual cam, mini oven Rp. 99.000, medium oven Rp. 800.000, microwave Rp. 1 million. Contact 0813 3254 5411. Denpasar. [130] For Sale; 1 set violin 3/4 include bag Rp. 1 million, TV Rp. 2.8 million 32 inch LED LG, gsm micxon Rp. 200.000 dual sim, walkman CD player phillips Rp. 300.000, dispenser hot/cold with fridge Rp.1 million. Call 0813 3254 5411. Denpasar. [131] In interactions with others, instead of trying to be right, why donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t we try being kind? C/Ns/I-27 Nov 13

For Sale Line Ads Rp. 8.000 per word. Photo ads Rp. 500.000. All ads must be paid before printing. American/English Bulldog Golden Retriever Male Puppy for Sale. DOB: & Staffy puppies. 0878 6000 19Sep2013. Import 6837. [004] Champion Bloodline. Maltese puppy, 2 mo, Superb Quality. Call 081 vaccinated, 1 mill nego, sms 9269 2888. [007] 081 735 6699 / call 808 Rotweiller puppies. 1308. [005] Vaccinated, healthy. Call Border Collie/Bali cross (0361) 854 0216, 0878 6187 puppies for sale to good 4990. [008] homes, cooler climates only 1 juta each 4 boys 1 Pedigreed Standard Poodle girl. <info@baliecolodge. Puppies. Contact: Lizzie 0859 3612 8899 [Eng] or com>. [006]

Agung 0852 3708 5869 [Ind] or email <www.>. [009]

3 months old adorable Shihtzu puppies available at House of Fluffy. Very strong champion bloodline. Completed 2 x vaccinations and tattooed. Pedigree certificate is on process. Images available on request. Contact Eveline at 081 1388 8178. [010]

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iFix @BALI

0812 383 22222 ®


Repair Specialist

• Repair : Macbook/Pro/Air + iPhone + iPad + iPad Mini + iPad Air + iPod Touch. • Sparepart : Macbook/Pro/Air + iPhone + iPad + iPad Mini + iPad Air + iPod Touch. • Application : Macbook/Pro/Air + iPhone + iPad + iPad Mini + iPad Air + iPod Touch. • Unlock : iPhone 2G + 3G + 4G + 4S + 5G + 5C + 5S. • Software Update : iPhone + iPad + iPad Mini + iPad Air + iPod Touch. • We buy used broken : iPhone / iPad / iPad Mini / iPad Air / Macbook / Pro / Air • Accessories.

Dear valued Customer & Friends, Extrablatt Restaurant has changed to Extrablatt Food Catering Bali. We deliver your favorite food fresh cooked, vacuum packed and frozen to your home, party or for commercial to your restaurant. Special requests need to be discussed in advance. For any enquiry, please contact Stefan or Robert directly by SMS or Email: Stefan: HP 0818346746 Email Robert: HP 081617130090 Email For delivery orders please email: or SMS Telp: 0813-3773-6755 or 0816-1713-0090 NC/Ns/P-5 Feb. 14

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Celebration of Life YOGA MUSIC DANCE ART ATHON th

March 16 2014 @ Desa Seni 8am - 9pm Yoga Acacia - Angela Perez - Angie Grgat - Carlos Romero & Bex Danny Paradise - Daphna Dor - Desmond Polii - Emily Kuser Rasiwala finn - Gypsy - Jessica Kamell - John Ogilvie - Jose Manuela Herreros - Noga Weiss - Octavio Salvado - Simon

Tyrer - Daniel Aaron - Eoin Finn & Insiya Jimenez - Les Leventhal Low - Tara Judelle

Music Beau Robb - Danny Paradise - Shakti & the Bhakti Brothers - Donald & Friends Bali Sound Healers - Lisa Goettel - Vanessa palmer

Dance Ellen Watson - Jocelyn Gordon - Sarina Jain - Rolf Gibbs -

Bali circus

Art Ole Ukena - Laura Escovar - Ilaria Tempestini - Gaya Ceramics Inspiral architects - Tamara Watson

A Thon Access Consciousness - Blood analysis - Astrology - Health & Healing - Somalogy

100 % of all donations benefit AYO KITA BICARA HIV/AIDS Tickets: Rp. 200.000 for all Activities & full day of Fun Tickets available at: Desa Seni - Bungalow- Radiantly alive - Yoga barn - the elephant - Green ginger - Jiwa yoga - folk art

Desa Seni, A Village Resort, Jl. Subak Sari # 13, Canggu TEL. 0361 844 6392 - NC/Ns/G - 5 Feb. 14

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Welcome to

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Conveniently located right in front of the new multimillion dollar resort of Sea Sentosa at Echo Beach Canggu, this new cafe’ offers magnificent ocean views, cool breezes and ample customer parking. Jl Batu Mejan, Br. Padang Linjong, Canggu Bali. Ph +62 (361) 9133320

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Restaurant Review

By Gerry Williams E-mail:

Arrival of the Magyars! There was once one in Kerobokan but it did not last long. Now we have one in Amed, of all places. I am referring to a Hungarian restaurant. Amed has in the past consisted mainly of small local warungs, with just a couple of hotels offering anything different. The main local cuisine an Indonesian version of Cantonese Chinese, simple, tasty and usually excellent value. Gusto is different in almost every way. A small comfortable dining area on three levels, tables well spaced, all facing out over the ocean from the hillside setting. Stained wood, walls and ceiling, provides almost an old world atmosphere, with plenty of greenery which always increases the relaxed feeling. Even without the cuisine, Gusto is very different, the small well chosen menu exhibits prior restaurant experience for the owners. Major cuisine is Hungarian but of course just for a few special dishes as being in tourist Amed some local, and a few International, dishes are mandatory. Any mention of Hungarian cuisine immediately brings the use of paprika to mind, and yes there is that traditional Hungarian Goulash on the menu. Now this is a dish that I have had at many restaurants around the world, most if which were not Hungarian specialists, and usually there was an overuse of paprika which I did not appreciate. At Gusto with the dish being prepared by Hungarians I found by contrast the flavour much more subtle. So good indeed, that the wonderful home-made bread was put to great effect to soak up all of the left-over sauce. Home-made bread in Amed, in fact in any restaurant outside of major hotels, is unheard of in Bali. At Gusto it is just one of many small touches that put this place apart from the rest. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a fine dining restaurant, rather it is a small very well run place that pays much attention to detail and gets all the little things right! Fantastic!

also on the menu but is now missing from a cut down version of same, hopefully to return during the next high season?


That home made bread forms an important part of three of Gusto’s simple appetizers, Bruschettas, Tuna Bites [three slices topped with creamed tuna and a slice of tomato] and very good Garlic Bread, so different from the Italian style these toasted bread slices have a liberal coating of chopped garlic, plenty of flavour there.


: Gusto


: Jln. Raya Amed, Bunutan.


: 081.338.981.394.


: Dinners from 4.00 p.m., daily.

Amongst the more standard dishes are Lumpia, of course, but choose between a standard vegetarian [three small spring rolls in a crisp rice paper much better than the normal heavy Indonesian style] and an unusual choice but a very good one of finely chopped mushroom. Restaurants that advertise dips with their entrees then provide a mini dish containing one teaspoon of same, drive me crazy. The dip is often the most important part of the eating combination! At Gusto small ceramic boats contain all the accompanying sauce you could want. In this case they serve a spicy Thai sweet chilli sauce for the spring rolls and a mayonnaise for the Tuna Bites. As I said before, they get all the little things right, very good.

Smoking Area

: Yes.


: Small area, street front.


: 250,000 for two [+ drinks].

Credit Cards

: No.


: Hungarian.


: Beer only, BYO wine.


: Very good.


: Stylish, relaxed.


: Very different for Amed area.

Ginger-glazed Mahi-Mahi and a Prawn Platter [grilled after being doused in garlic and olive oil] are the International seafood offerings whilst a Pepes Ikan [minced fish marinated in Balinese spices, wrapped in banana leaf then grilled over charcoal], and a local version of Thailand’s Tom Yum Goong are the main seafood offerings although there are also seafood options with their Balinese Curry Soup [or vegetarian, chicken] as with either the Nasi or Mie Gorengs. Cap Cay [vegetables stir-fried in soy and garlic] and the earlier mentioned local dishes are mostly available in three different sizes recognizing the accepted way of eating Asian food, with a shared table.

Non-Smoking Area : No.

Whilst there is no wine list, you can bring your own any time. Beer is available as is a range of fresh fruit juices [Hot Ginger Lemon & Honey] and ‘mocktails’ [watermelon, pineapple, banana and lime], teas and coffees [espresso].

Apart from the Goulash there is another Hungarian special and one that I had never come across before! They call it a ‘Roast a la Brason’. Small strips of bacon and roasted pork are pan-fried with garlic and black pepper, unusual but very effective. Both mains are served with roasted potatoes.

In this small fishing village of home-stays, beach and snorkeling there is an ever increasing range of cuisines in the small local restaurants and warungs. Naturally seafood reigns supreme, nowhere else in Bali is it fresher, often straight from fishing boat to kitchen. In addition to the local Balinese, Indonesian and Indo-Chinese cuisines you can also eat Czech, Japanese and Italian with touches of French and German.

More International is their excellent Wiener Schnitzel, an import from Austria. A great version of Chicken Kiev was

Hungarian at Gusto is a great addition, great value, classy and relaxed!

Copyright © 2014 Gerry Williams Reviews that appear in Bali Advertiser are based on actual visits to the establishments listed, without the knowledge of the restaurants, and are not paid for by the individual restaurants. Opinions expressed here are those of Gerry Williams and not necessarily those of Bali Advertiser. Gerry Williams attempts to write from a ‘typical’ diner’s perspective and, whilst quality of food is the most important criteria overall, value for money is the real measuring stick.

Bali Advertiser

05 February - 19 February, 2014

Restaurant & Food


C/R/I-25 Dec 13

C/He/G-5 Feb. 14


Restaurant & Food

Bali Advertiser

05 February - 19 February, 2014

Update MamaSan has been one of Bali’s biggest success stories. The concept is simple, Asian street-food but from a modern hygienic kitchen using the best possible freshest ingredients. The flavours are original with nothing ‘sanitised’! Their mini menu of ‘Asian Bites’ is good enough for me, lunchtime, any time! In good Indonesian tradition the concept has been copied by many other restaurants since. The problem is that the copies are without taste, without the kitchen skills to get the flavour balance, in fact often without any flavour at all…some even have the hide to call them ‘tapas’! Where do I start with the MamaSan offerings, I love them all! Char Sui always attracts me in the famed food courts of Singapore, the result invariably dry! At MamaSan that BBQ pork special is always tender, the cross sliced strip of pink meat is quickly devoured by all. From India, Kachoori, an amazingly soft flaky rounded pastry shell inside is a mix of yellow dahl, coriander and mustard seeds, accompanied by mint and tamarind chutney [pictured]. Steamed Snapper Dumplings from Beijing have a surprise inside them, a blast of chilli and black bean oil. From Vietnam, La Lot, minced pork belly wrapped in betel leaves and grilled. Thai fish cakes, Lamb & Pumpkin pot-stickers, Beef & Bamboo dumplings, the list goes on. The contrast between all and the perfect balance of flavours is why this place is always busy. What other non-beachfront restaurant ever serves 150+ covers for lunch, it is one of the most professional operations in Bali. MamaSan is on Raya Kerobokan, just to the left at the end of Sunset Road.

Warung Enak in Pengosekan, south Ubud, has for long held one of Bali’s best cooking classes. At these early morning gatherings [after purchasing all the ingredients at Ubud’s traditional market where the use of the many fruits and spices is explained] the participants actually chop and cook themselves so when they sit down to eat their produce not only does it taste better, but they actually know how to reproduce it at home. Many other cooking classes are merely an ego trip for the presenter who thinks they are an actor on the stage. Visiting Belgian Michelin starred master chef, Michael Vrijmoed, was a recent participant at Enak’s cooking class and voiced his appreciation of the professionalism of same stating that he had also learnt much about fruits and spices that he had never before encountered, such as the humble mangosteen. Chef Rai is a font of knowledge on the food of Bali. Tepi Sawah is an old favourite for both domestic and international travelers to Ubud, its rice paddy setting making it quite unique. In recent years new branches have opened in Tuban and Kartika Plaza, with instant success. The latest Tepi Sawah to open will be their biggest challenge yet, on the top floor of the Kuta Beachwalk complex. Apart from Ubud’s Crispy Duck, Betutu is also available [ayam and bebek] as is a variety of grilled seafood. A favourite of mine is their Ayam Asap Goreng, smoked chicken. BBQ Pork Ribs are another popular item, pre marinated and served with a spicy sambal.

Natrabu serves the cuisine of West Sumatra, usually referred to as Padang cuisine. It is a franchise operation out of Jakarta where the original Natrabu Minang restaurant opened many years ago. Natrabu on The ByPass Ngurah Rai in central Sanur is the most recognizable in Bali but now another has opened, this time in Nusa Dua, taking over what once was Lotus Garden [which was perhaps the nicest of all the Lotus restaurants]. The Bales at front remain but the water gardens have gone. The once proud Lotus chain is now reduced to just two standalone restaurants in Bali [Lane in Ubud and Seaview in Candi Dasa, the original Café Lotus in Ubud long ago reverting to its owner] and one in Lombok. Whilst there are many restaurants and warungs serving Padang food in Bali Natrabu has always been one of the classiest. All the favourites are here; gulai otak, ayam kare, paru goreng, and of course the most famous of all, sapi rendang.

For Sale; Used baby stroller still in very good condition. Baby Care brand. Maximum capacity 15kg. Can be folded and compact. Sell for 250k Rupiah. Contact 0812 380 5586. Denpasar. [100]

For Sale; Folding bicycle red colour comes with the bag, excellent condition, only been used a few times, paid 3 million, selling for 1.9 million. Contact Kevin on 0818 0531 8192. [065]

For Sale; Harry Potter DVDs “Ultimate Edition collection” - Blu-ray 8 disc set in presentation tin. Sorcerers stone thru to deathly hallows 2 all in great condition 350,000 Rupiah. Call or sms 0819 9964 2367 located Jimbaran. [101]

For Sale; Prodesign cupboard TV/video stand, perfect condition, dark brown colour, paid 1.2 million, selling half price 600,000. Contact Kevin on 0818 0531 8192. [066]

For Sale; Unwanted gift, used only for 2weeks, Jura ENA micro1, full automatic coffee machine, Swiss made, perfect for home or villa, best crema. Delivered and installed. Rp. 12Jt (new 15,3Jt). Call 081 836 5790. Denpasar. [102] For Sale; Bunk bed (5 set), teak wood, new never been used, including plywood for bed base, asking price 2.2 million rp, new price 2.5 million rp. Please email: <thinkpad1802@gmail. com> for picture. Call/sms +62 852 8807 0568. Kerobokan. [103] For Sale; Sate grill with stand: comes with gas tank, 700k IDR. Also have Honeywell air cooler, 700K IDR and Medea air conditioner, 1.5 mil. Call Emmy at 085 857 32 2065. Canggu. [104] For Sale; GEA etalase cake display: GEA 4 shelf refrigerated cake display for sale. 136cm H X 145cm W X 82cm D. Barely used 2 months. Asking 15 million IDR. Call David at 085 737 376259. Canggu. [105] Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.

For Sale; Easy chair, rocking, swivels and reclines, black colour, this chair is new, never been used, paid 2.8 million, selling half price 1.4 million. Contact Kevin on 0818 0531 8192. [067]

For Sale; Goods & furnitures ex-restaurant, 3 months old excellent quality. For pictures contact 081 239 19431 or email <yetty.kuhn@gmail. com>. Bukit. [071] Does anyone know which channel will carry the winter Olympics or where we can watch them especially the ice hockey please let me know <balican@hotmail. com>. [072] For Sale; Computer Ram 4GB new ram for Mac DDR3 1333Mhz 2 x 2GB Strips 300,000rp. Perfect upgrade for your Macbook or iMac. Call 62-361-558-3277 or <>. Gianyar. [073]


oma K I T C H E N & C O N C E P T C AT E R I N G

Jalan Raya Batubelig 101, Kerobokan 80361 Bali - Indonesia +62 815 5749 500 C/R/G-27 Nov. 13

We only serve the best Croissants, Breads & Cookies Meat Pie, Chicken Pie, Apple Pie, Mushroom Pie At Bedugul Lake View Shop House, Candi Kuning - Bedugul, Tabanan Open daily from 08:00 - 16:00 hours. Monday closed For order please call:

0368-2033102, 08123812843 C/NS/I-27 Nov 13

Drop joins the long list of crazily-named Bali restaurants. This one is Russian owned but, sadly, not a bowl of borscht or a spicy piroshki in sight! A small inside-outside café on Raya Petitenget only open day time, now that is a real mystery as this area only comes alive after dark! Open early for breakfast [2 eggs, bacon and beans combined with unusual papaya and potato salads], or a Panini stuffed with bacon, egg and mustard, or Smoked Salmon, cream cheese and dill if you prefer. More Eastern European/Asian is their soup of Yellow Lentils with coriander and the warm Chicken Liver Salad with strawberry and balsamic. Valentine’s Day falls on Friday February 14 and many Bali restaurants offer a special set menu, below is a small selection of same:

Cocoon @ Legian Beach – Rp.600,000 net [including a glass of champagne]. Amuse bouche. Cured Coral Grouper with Ponzu caviar, wakame, tangerine crème fraiche. Goats Cheese Salad with edamame, zucchini flower, tempe crisp and beetroot emulsion. Cep Mushroom Ravioli with lemon & roast pumpkin soubise and serrano ham crumbs. Grilled Slipper Lobster with coconut & lemon grass veloute, pomelo, kaffir lime air. Black Angus Tenderloin, charred leek, parmentier, smoked tomato compote, fresh horseradish. Coconut White Chocolate Sphere with raspberry mousse, licorice gel, lavender ice cream. To finish, Petit fours. [Tel: 731.266] The Oak @ Swiss-bel Rainforest, Kuta. Rp. 350,000++ for two persons or Rp.450,000 with wine pairing. Pre-payment necessary to ensure reservation. Appetizer of Salmon gravelack with mango salsa and mixed mesculine, aragulla lettuce. Soup: Celeriac & Red bean. Main Course of Roasted beef medallion marinated in garlic soya & ginger, herb crumbed gratin served with roasted spice sweet potato, wild mushroom, snow peas & soy gravy sauce OR Steamed fish [Barramundi] topped with wild mushrooms served with sauteed spinach, pomme chateau & garlic butter. Dessert: Strawberry mousse with Chocolate pavé, & tamarello sorbet. [Tel: 846.5680] Warung Kayu Api @ Sanur - Rp. 250,000++ [incl. 1 glass of Rose] - MY HEART Home-cured Salmon & Salmon Tartare, Melon Gazpacho Salad TRUE LOVE - Creamy Pumpkin Soup au Gratin, Cheese Croûton & Orange Sherbet. BEING TOGETHER - Roasted Duck Breast with Beetroot Sauce. Honey Glazed Carrots, Broccoli Hollandaise and William Potato. ONE FOR TWO - Strawberry Mousse Cake and Mango Creme Brulee with Marzipan Mignardises. Coffee/Tea. [Tel: 923.3223] Gerry Williams For more information see our website:

+62 361 8956364 +62 8214785 6770 +62 821 4524 1706 NC/Ns/G-5 Feb. 14

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HECTOR’S New ROLE for Netball

Erk! Irked by an Urk

Netballers have always been vaguely worrying. Their skill at stopping dead when they get the ball – since unlike basketball you can’t run with it – is a complete mystery to people (such as your diarist) whose own sport is of a different sort entirely and requires you to run with the ball until a lot of very hefty boys push you into the mud and sit on you. Furthermore, netballers are all but exclusively girls who (lovely creatures though they may be) you wouldn’t want to risk putting offside. So of course we snapped to attention the other day when Bec Hamer of the Bali Flames netball club got on to us about a new fundraising scheme the club’s put together to support the ROLE Foundation.

We witnessed an intemperate occasion one day recently outside the Circle K shop near the Puri Gading intersection at Bukit Jimbaran. A people-mover had stopped roadside to let one of its passengers out for a purchase within and – in the nature of parking practice here – had blocked vehicles in the parking area that might wish to leave. One vehicle did. Its driver did what you do here, which is lightly and politely toot the horn twice and by sign language suggest that moving the other vehicle forward – in this case by about a metre, a manoeuvre for which there was ample space – would allow the other car to leave.

The Flames have been going from strength to strength. Last year’s annual international invitational attracted 10 teams from Singapore, Thailand, Australia and Indonesia. This year 16 teams are down to compete including interest from New Zealand. That Auckland-Bali Air NZ service is clearly paying dividends. The club, like many in Bali, has a strong commitment to community service. The Flames chose the ROLE Foundation, whose founder is social entrepreneur Mike O’Leary, because it focuses on empowering and educating disadvantaged Balinese women. Bec tells us the Flames have handed over a donation of Rp5.2 million from their netball tournament last year. She visited ROLE and spoke with O’Leary recently and is impressed with its training program that teaches young women aged 18-21 computer and hospitality skills in cooperation with the international hotel sector. “It is truly an amazing place where it is wonderful seeing people making a difference,” she says. We agree. This is also one instance in which you could permit your latent pyromania a brief outing and say may the Flames get higher and higher. Must catch a game sometime, too.

Sing Along with Pete and Susi It was sad, though of course the event was inevitable at some near date, that American song-master Pete Seeger played his final chord on Jan. 27. He was 94. His was the voice of the American and global protest movement. He sang conscience. He raised consciousness. He played great banjo. He wrote great songs. Susi Johnston opened her villa at Pererenan on Sunday, Feb. 2, for a celebration of Seeger’s life and performing art. Along with the music she offered marshmallows. It’s people like Susi who put a shine into your life, if you let them. As Susi herself noted, Feb. 2 was also Groundhog Day, the date when Punxsutawney Phil either casts a shadow or doesn’t when he emerges from his burrow in Pennsylvania to predict an early spring or rather a lot more winter. They made a movie of the same name, which we’ve seen countless times. Here in Bali it often seems like the movie version of Groundhog Day.

General Salute Australia’s new de facto head of state is a military man whose command role in the international intervention in East Timor in 1999 brought him to Indonesian attention. Among some in the Australian media, the fact that General Peter Cosgrove had been given this gig poses a risk of reigniting disagreement between Jakarta and Canberra. Why this should be thought to be so is a mystery. The Governor-General of Australia has no political role. As in Canada, New Zealand and a few other places that were once imperial and are still monarchies, the G-G formally represents The Queen and signs all the bits of paper that heads of state get to sign. The prime minister is head of government. This and next year are significant commemorative and ceremonial occasions for Australia. This year marks 100 years since the outbreak of World War I and 2015 is the Centenary of ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) that is understood, through the landing at Gallipoli and the ensuing months of fighting the Turks, to be the defining moment in forming Australian nationhood. Having a real general as Chief Nob at ANZAC Cove at Gallipoli on that and other flag-waving occasions is a great idea. In the meantime, if by chance any of Australia’s neighbours notice that Cosgrove’s appointment highlights the social benefit of democratic generals committed to public service rather than strutting autocrats interested in political power and private enrichment, then that too will be a good thing. Cosgrove takes over next month when incumbent G-G Quentin Bryce’s five-year term ends. Bryce, who is the Australian leader of the opposition’s mother-in-law, has done a good job.

Restaurant & Food

05 February - 19 February, 2014

From the front passenger door of the offending conveyance then leapt a Bule of fierce demeanour and disastrously unkempt hair, aged in his late forties (at a guess). He advanced on the tooter and rapped on the window. The tooter lowered his window. “We’re not moving!” was the message delivered to him, in one of those razor-wire Australian accents from which strong and brave people all over the world run away and lock their doors. “We’ll be five minutes.” Fortunately the driver of his conveyance was Indonesian and had readily understood the request. While the “we’re-not-moving (so go and get...)” message was being delivered, the little bus was in fact moving forward by just the required distance. The tooter smiled and pointed this out to his unwelcome visitor, offered a short suggestion to the effect that the visitor should depart and precisely how he should do so, and pushed the up button on the window as he reversed away.


For Sale; Rarity. 70year old Bezar compass. Still in good condition. For collectors only. Please call Michael 081 2395 1444. Sanur. [044]

For Sale; Good microwave Rp 300,000, fridge standard style, works well Rp 450,000, Western kettle Rp 100,000 0819 9996 3440. Sanur. [055]

For Sale; 2 webcameras (MS and HP) as new. For 400.000 Rp. Please contact Michael. 081 2395 1444. Denpasar. [045]

For Sale; Ex cafe kitchen equipment: stove, fryer, grill, freezer, etc. For more information please call 081 835 2023. Seminyak. [061]


We cater your needs for delicious Balinese Satay, made from fresh tuna. Try and taste it!

Please contact : 081 2395 6991 / 0819 3620 2170 NC/NS/U-10 July 13

Welcome to Satu Lagi Poolside Bar. Located next door to the Taman Segara Madu Waterpark and Function Centre on Jl Batu Balong Canggu, right on the way to the famous Echo Beach. The new bar offers televised live sports events on big screen TV’s, and a massive 2 x 2 metre screen for the big events, so whether you are into Soccer, NRL, ARL Rugby, AFL Football Motor Sports or Boxing we have got you covered. Add to this great music videos from the 70’s till today, terrific food and a friendly atmosphere, and it’s a winner. Choose to relax in the bar or out on the covered veranda which enjoys cool breezes and rice field views over the magnificent pool and waterfall. Feel free to bring the family and enjoy a complementary swim on a hot afternoon, or come along in the evening and enjoy one of our fabulous cocktails or ice cold beers. There are also other regular events such as pool parties, live bands, grand final’s, Bledisloe Cup, Melbourne Cup, and title fights, along with super high speed complementary WiFi. and ample customer parking. Address is No 39 Jl Batu Bolong Canggu Phone : 0818 0564 1787

That’s Karma We have always believed that when one errs, the thing to do is to stand up and admit it. This is what used to be called doing the honourable thing. Conscience does not permit evasion. Such practices are nowadays much less readily found. Especially here in Bali where any defaulter can apparently reasonably advance a claim that it was his or her friend who did it. But it’s not just here. Across the western world, where once you took things on the chin, if not like a man, excuse has become the preferred option. Perhaps you have stolen something? Not your fault. Your father used to yell at you, your mother denied you the comforts of custard, and you were bullied in the schoolyard.

C/R/I-27 Nov 13

Thus we must report that karma is ever watchful and a horrid thing. It loves delicious irony. In an item on Jan. 8 we playfully took Morgana of Cocoon to task for saying (in print, elsewhere) that she didn’t know where the year had gone. We suggested it was all a matter of mathematics. So it is. But we then wrote, “It’s the Year of the Monkey in 2014.” It’s not, of course. It’s the Year of the Horse. The Monkey’s next appearance on the 12-year cycle is in 2016. Our maths is defective too. Doh!

So Sad Late in January a sad little post popped up on Facebook from Dian and Barbara Cahyadi, who publish the useful fortnightly Lombok Guide. It asked this: “Does anyone know anything about an Italian tourist (named Ginevra) who died in Lombok early December 2013 (apparently between 8-13 Dec)? Possibly drowned? Family in Italy are asking... Thank you.” C/R/I-02 Oct 13

It was a reminder, should any be needed, that Lombok (along with other parts of Indonesia) is missing many of the markers in matters of policing, public safety and administration. It’s true that this benefits many people, foreigners among them, who come here to get lost for all sorts of reasons. It’s possible that this one wanted to get lost. But it beggars belief that the authorities haven’t advised the grieving parents of a tourist, whose name and possible manner of death are apparently known, of the results of any investigation.

That Other Cocoon Louise Cogan’s Cocoon Spa in Seminyak has just celebrated two years in business in the broadly defined cosmetic medicine tourism sector. In any business, the setting up period is likely to present little problems. The cautious among us remember the old adage, that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. The wrinkles must all be ironed out, then. Good. Congratulations! Email Hector at or tweet with him on Twitter @ scratchings. Copyright © 2014 Bali Advertiser You can read all past articles of Hector’s Diary at

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05 February - 19 February, 2014

For Sale; LED TV Sharp Aquos 32 inch model LC32LE3471 HD ready, HDMI, Component, AV, audio out, USB Movie (play movie from USB as well as HDD), internal antenna booster prime condition rarely use as optional TV complete with box, manual and original remote control. Sale for Rp. 2,5 millions. Please call 0361 279 6633 Denpasar Timur. [021] For Sale; LG LCD TV 32 inch model 32LD330 HDMI, component, AVI, original remote control, prime condition, complete box and manual. Sale for Rp. 1,9 millions. Please call 0361 279 6633 Denpasar Timur. [022] C/CI/G-13 Nov. 13

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Bali House & Home Looking for 1981-1984 Toyota Landcruiser 40-series “Hardtop” with original 3B diesel engine in good condition and no/little rust. Email fotos and price to <mauri.di.nusantara@>. Emails that do not meet these basic specifications will be ignored. [086] C/Ho/I-06 March 13

Volunteers needed for community projects remote very poor area, accommodation available. Teach basic cooking e.g. nasi goreng, soup etc. also need teacher for basic sewing, have electric machines available, must speak some Indonesian please. Contact email <Balicrisiscare@hotmail. com>. [014] For Sale; Sofa antique w/ genuine leather, modern teak cabinet, sofa L-shape 3 mtr., sofa 2 seater. Cheap price and new condition. And still more antique. Call 0813 3833 7487 or <> kerobokan. [015]

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by The Garden Doctor

by Dr. Kris

Plants for Health and Growing Medicine

‘Dr. Kris, I have heard about using plants for health and healing, instead of chemist medicines and pills. Can you advise me of the best plants to grow to maintain a good state of health, or what some call superfoods. I really need to know about the plants that are easy to grow and do you think that this can really work? Sent by A. Jeffery’ Since ancient times, people have used plants to heal themselves, and it is clearly evident that food plays a major role in health and how you feel. “Food is Medicine” is a term originally attributed to Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine. His belief was that eating wholesome food is the basis for good health. Many plant remedies can often be found growing wild in your garden. Did you see any dandelions lately? What some consider weeds are in fact medicine! In modern times people are more willing to trust pharmaceutical pills to nature’s medicine - plants. The use of natural remedies from plants can be as effective as drugs to prevent and cure certain conditions. Don’t get me wrong, drugs have their place, but if long term conditions can be managed with diet and lifestyle changes then using natural plants foods as medicine should be considered, as pills often come with their own harmful side effects. Healing with natural foods from plants has its own dilemmas. If they have been sprayed with chemical pesticides then you may not be receiving the full benefits, or worse ingesting more toxins. Obviously it’s best to grow your own foods as you suggest, otherwise you can buy foods labeled as organic. In regard to superfoods, they are literally discovering a new one every day. They go in and out of fashion like the latest fad. My personal belief is that all naturally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs are superfoods. If you ate an apple, carrot or any other fruit or vegetable, in place of a packet of chips or some other processed food every time you have a craving you will do wonders for your health in the long run. I can only give you advice based on my own personal opinion and experiences. If possible grow as many varieties of plants and as much as you can. A simple place to start is by growing dandelion, a so called weed. Dandelion is very easy to grow, drought resistant and requires little space. From one flower stalk you can propagate hundreds of other plants with minimal effort. I have previously written an in depth article on the benefits of dandelion which can be found at: http:// medicine.html. Dandelion has many health benefits especially for the liver which is responsible for eliminating toxins from the system. Dandelion leaves can be added raw or steamed to any meal or simply eaten on their own. They are a rich source of vitamin A, and full of many other beneficial vitamins and minerals. The coffee substitute made from dandelion root tastes remarkably like coffee with its own distinctive nutty flavor. Lemongrass is another useful medicinal plant that you can easily grow with little care, it is drought resistant, and may even help to repel mosquitoes and other pests from the garden. It can grow from a bulb into a small grassy shrub to 2 metres tall. You can use lemongrass in many recipes and soups. It is also easy to make it into a refreshing tea by chopping up a root and stalk and boiling it in water. It is a rich source of B vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals such zinc, calcium, iron, manganese, copper, magnesium and potassium which helps control heart rate and blood pressure.

Lemongrass contains 99 calories per 100 g but contains no cholesterol. It is also said to have cancer fighting properties. While on the subject of teas, try avocado leaf. Avocado plants are easy to grow. Next time you buy an avocado instead of throwing out the seed plant it in the ground. It will germinate within a few weeks, and if you provide it a steady supply of water and full sunlight it will grow very quickly. Keep it trimmed into a small bush, otherwise it can easily grow to be a large tree of up to 20 meters tall, and it may damage underground pipes, structures and generally take over the garden. If you have the space you may let it grow tall but though growing avocados for the fruit is slightly trickier, and you may not achieve a fruiting tree for up to seven or eight years if at all. Simply growing the plant for the leaf is good enough. The leaves contain many of the same benefits as the fruit. Make the refreshing tea by boiling five or more leaves in a small pot of water. It is better if you use the new growth so choose the foliage growing at the tips that is coloured light green. If you take the older leaves that are dark green your tea will taste bitter. The health benefits are many. Avocado leaf tea is high in Vitamin C and B and is good for the heart, circulation, and excellent for the skin. It also helps variety of ailments such as insomnia, nervousness, and general uneasiness. Not recommended for pregnant women.

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For Sale; Bengkiray timber have 4 pieces 5 mtr long X 3 cm thick and 30 cm wide 500.000 per piece. Very dry timber. Ph/sms 0878 6207 9604. Denpasar. [069] For Sale; Charlie Bar sale: convection oven with stand, proofer, deck oven gas, baking pan trolley, wall shelving, sink 1 bowl w/ faucet H&C and grease trap, gutter, dough mixer cap, spiral mixer, under counter chiller 2 door w/ marble on top, bread slicer, bun divider, dough sheeter portable w/ stand, kitchen aid, cake show case, bain marrie small portable 1/3 x 4. Please contact: <gm@>. Ph: 0361738 582. [070]

Flower Arrangements • Wedding Decoration • Cut Flowers • Bouquet • Gifts Villa Cemara Indah No. 13

Papaya is another fast growing plant that can be easily grown from the seeds of a bought fruit. The plant can grow from 5 to 10 metres in height, though better if you keep it trimmed at a lower height. Use the papaya leaf like the avocado, and boil it into a tea. Fresh new shoots are less bitter than older foliage. Steam the leaves and add them to food, or eat them on their own as powerful blood cleanser. Papaya seed has strong medicinal qualities. You can collect and dry the seed from the fruit which is commonly used a treatment to dispel stomach parasites. The enzyme papain contained within the papaya plant is responsible for its curative properties and has a calming effect on the digestive system. Not advised for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Sage is another easily grown plant which will grow into a small bush. Its Latin name, Salvia officinalis, means to save or to heal is given due to its historical use as a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases, need I say more! Leaves can be added to salads or cooking, and can be made into a tea. Sage is rich in antioxidants and other important nutrients. Sage tea may help lower cholesterol, prevent colds and flu, and aid weight loss by speeding up the metabolism.

Br. Semer, Kerobokan, Kuta - Bali 80361 Phone : (0361) 7422 654 http : // E-mail: C/Ho/I-17 April 13

C/Ho/G-26 June13

Start with these few which are easy to access and grow, though in reality you grow anything you like. For example parsley, garlic, onions, ginger, or any sort of edible plant will give health benefits. Whole books on the subject are out there. For further reading a good reference that I recommend is ‘Nature’s Medicines’ by Readers Digest. Just like prescription drugs, plants can cause adverse side effects. Always research and consult a doctor before using any herbal remedies.

Dr. Kris Garden Doctor Contact: Copyright © 2014 Dr. Kris You can read all past articles of Garden Doctor at C/Ho/G-29 May 13

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C/Ho/G-7 August 13

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For Sale; Aerio 2005,

Grand Cherokee 3.6 Limited & 5.7 Overland; Wrangler Sport 2 & 4 doors; Wrangler Sahara 2 & 4 doors; Wrangler Rubicon 2 & 4 doors; Jeep Patriot; Compass; Dodge Journey; Grand Cherokee 5.7; Jeep Wrangler Sport ‘09. Visit Nadia Auto Graha Chrysler Bali Authorized Dealer, Jl. Teuku Umar 70, Denpasar. Ph. (0361) 237 008. [007]

Vespa for Urgent Sale, Fully restored, VBL 1963, Original Vespa, blue and silver metalic pin stripe paint with matching helmet. Full legal papers. 10 million Nego. Please call Made on 0812 367 2155 or Owen on +61 42 108 6762. [011]

manual, black, Call 0813 5301 4183. [001] For Sale; Ford Everest 2005, 2500cc, plate DK, very good condition. Black, solar, manual, leather, TV, low km (70.000), tyre new, 1 owner expat, 1 driver. Price 155 million. Please call for details: 081 130 5932. [002]


Oldtimer For Sale! Mobil Plymouth, Good Condition, Year 48, 3600cc, BPKB, STNK, IDR 130 juta, Nego. Please contact HP 081 130 5932. [003] S a l e To y o t a A v a n z a November 2012, white automatic, no accident, 10,000 USD plus 10 month

Mio Soul. 2010. 35000km. Serviced every 3 months. New tyres. Excellent condition. Rp7.600.000. Hp 0812 3963 3820. [008] Vespa Original 1965 Congo, Documents complete BPKB, STNK Reconditioned, runs well 16.000.000 <j_omm@>. [009]

to pay 5 juta monthly credit with insurance. Call 0821 4695 8776. [004] Nissan Infiniti Sedan 98 Auto, PW, PS, 4 wheel disc brakes, ABS leather seats Air bag new tyres. A beautiful car to drive, Always serviced at Nissan. Looks great. 57 mil Rupiah. 0878 6207 9604. [005]

For Sale; Husqvarna Te511 2011 model in excellent condition, fully serviced mapped with racing exhaust, good bike for touring, price 87 million RP, nego. Also have a Husqvarna WR 300 2 stroke for sale 2012 only done 350km, as new condition fmf exhaust and jetted. Price 65million nego. Please contact Dea 0821 4708 5161. [010]

Watercraft Boat For Sale; 8.5mtr, Fiberglass, Twin 200HP Yamaha engines, GPS, excellent condition, very fast boat, good sea boat location in Serangan. Price 37,500US, Excellent buy licenced 10 people. Phone 0815 5854 0008 or 081 2387 8484. [012]

C/Ho/I-25 Dec 13

Selling: Two Outboard Engine, 2004, two stroke, 200 HP. One counter rotation, both Ultra Long Shaft. Good condition, running daily Sanur to Nusa Penida so available for inspection: <molabaliscuba@yahoo. com>. [013] Inflatable boat (new) manufactured in commercial grade white hypalon rubber at 5.3metres. With alloy folding floor and full alloy transom. MT Series model. $7800 USD ONO. Email: <> or Ph 0812 3823 0678. [014]

New Porsche Boxster; Toyota FJ Cruiser; Chrysler 300 C’12; Hummer H3 ‘10; Maserati Coupe ‘04; Mercy B 180 A/T; BMW 320i ‘10. Visit Nadia Auto Graha (sales,



spareparts) Jl. Teuku Umar 70, Denpasar. Ph. (0361) 237 008. [006]


FOR SALE : TOYOTA HARRIER, 2003 CONTACT; 0857 9258 9141

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Bali House & Home

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05 February - 19 February, 2014

For Sale; Moving house - too much furniture ! Free form mahogany coffee table IDR 400,000. Dish or pantry cupboard 350,000. Table lamps 100,000. And other assorted pieces of furniture, all at good prices. 0819 9949 4232. Sanur. [004] For Sale; Grass cutter whipper snipper, has metal blade or can use plastic strips for cutting, Petrol motor, straps onto back. I bought this new has hardly been used just for home use. Japanese Brand 650.000. Ph/sms 0878 6207 9604. Denpasar. [068] For here we are not afraid to follow the truth wherever it may lead.

For Sale; Baby car seat, Chicco (made in Italy) it comes with manual book guide. Max weight up to 12 Kgs, very good condition. Suitable for all cars. Call 0813 3872 4288. [001] For Sale; Amazon Kindle 3G & Wifi. Unwanted gift. used only twice, as new. Instructions and pink case. Rp 1.2mill. fixed price. Pick up Sanur. For photos send email to T: 0821 4690 5472. [083] Algeciras - Spain, m3 para alquiler en contenedor Bali Mijas. Salida prevista primera semana de marzo contactar Claudio <>. 081 236 861 280. [084]

C/Ho/I-03 April 13

C/Ho/I-02 Oct 13

from the

A Blurb from the Kulture Kid!

C/Ho/G-21 August 13

Villa Private residences Hotels & resorts Corporate

By Vaughan Hatch

Your Business is Everybody’s Business No doubt anyone who’s lived in Indonesia would have experienced a situation where somebody gets involved in what you thought was your own private affair. Where we may only decide to get involved where someone needs help or whose life is in danger, people here will get involved in seemingly anything. This can be anything as simple as washing your car to as profoundly life changing as getting married. Recently I took my car to get washed, and unfortunately there was some damage to the car when I picked it up. Assuming it occurred at the car wash, I took it back to talk to them about it. After about 10 minutes, the uniformed guy who was checking my car over started to be assisted by another non-uniformed fella. He checked out all the scratches, firmly agreeing with the uniformed guy that the damage couldn’t have occurred at the car wash, then proceeded to ask me, “So how much did you buy the car for?” Turned out this guy was just a customer having his car washed and didn’t work there after all – therefore, he had no business to get involved. It shocked me that they let him check out my damaged car. Apart from being rude and annoying, there are not normally serious dangers in these situations. We may be an obvious source of income, but some people may simply want to see how far they can take things. Sometimes we’re treated in this way because we’re still a foreign curiosity, and with a cultural barrier more social liberties are taken. Since this type of scenario pops up a lot, I started wondering why. I think it stems from a culture of community based, communal living. When you live and interact with many people, your business quickly becomes everyone else’s. We often think about our ‘own space’. This doesn’t exist here. What to do? If you have the time, there may be some harmless benefit of getting to know the person and what they really want. Otherwise, try to ignore the person and accept the fact that in Indonesia it’s still true that ‘your business is everybody’s business’. Copyright © Kulture Kid 2014 You can read all past articles of Kulture Kid at

British interior design consultant

Creative solutions & concepts

Spatial layout specialists

Design studio & showroom

Expert design team

Quality imported & local fabrics

Accessories & furnishing

Quality & price guaranteed

Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai No. 296 Betngandang, Sanur 80228 Tel : +62 361 270030 Fax : +62 361 285 031

Luxurious design with affordable flair C/Ho/G-3 April 13

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C/Ho/G-17 April 13

Bali House & Home


C/Ho/G-6 March 13

C/Ho/I-22 Jan 14

C/Ho/G-5 Feb. 14

C/Ho/I-22 Jan 14


Bali House & Home

Bali Advertiser

05 February - 19 February, 2014

Free standing one of a kind hand carved teakwood book podium. This teakwood book stand is elaborately custom designed and hand carved. Must see to appreciate! Call 62-361-558-3277 or email <>. Gianyar. [078]

For Sale; Ram 8GB computer ram strips. Brand new ram for Mac DDR3 1333Mhz 2 X 4GB Strips 650, 000rp Perfect upgrade for your Macbook or iMac. Call 62-361-558-3277 or <>. Gianyar. [074]

For Sale; Erotic jade phallus from my personal collection. This Ancient Jade Phallus is an exceptional specimen of prehistoric art. Price $180,000. Call 62-361-5583277 or <sri@videoseogo. com>. Gianyar. [079]

For Sale; Terracotta ceramic roof tiles. Very high quality thick ceramic roof tiles. 1000 plus pieces enough to comfortably cover a 5 by 6 meter enclosure! Call 62361-558-3277 or email <>. Gianyar. [075]

For Sale; Sandal wood, large, shapely piece of sandal wood! Max diameter is 25 centimeter (it varies), length of around 44 centimeter. Approximate weight 9 kilos 6 million Rupiah. Call 62-361-5583277 or <sri@videoseogo. com>. Gianyar. [080]

Bali Advertiser Crossword

C/Ho/G-5 Feb. 14

Moving Sale; Synthetic rattan sofa from LIO, 3 years high quality. Modular set, 3 corner, 2 middle and one poof/table. Thick, grey, round wicker, good cushions. Cost 13 juta, sell 6 fix. Pics <>. 0815 5810 1235. Sanur. [081] For Sale; iPhone 3. Cleaned all my info and now it works only sometimes. In original box with Morphie. If you’re a tec head you will not have a problem to fix it. Pick up Sanur. Rp 550.000. T: 0821 4690 5472. [082]

For Sale; Natural strand of golden south sea pearls 33 gently graduated (11 to 12.5mm) south sea pearls with 22 carat hand made clasp. Asking $27,000.00USD. 62-361-558-3277 or email <>. Gianyar. [076] For Sale; Assorted fine art jewelry selling select pieces from my personal collection. Some of the best hand made fine art jewelry in Asia. Must see to appreciate! Call 62361-558-3277 or email <>. Gianyar. [077] For Sale; Big Japanese tech. standing fan (katsu). Wrong buy, cannot use/ House too small. Buy 1,5 jt, sell 1,3 jt. Must see. Puri Gading, Jimbaran. Tel: 0812 3679 4388. [002] The key to finding beauty is to know where to look.




t fo



w.s h






• Dengue Fever Protection • 100% Seal Against Insects • Choice of Colours • Supply and Install Service 0361 8014831 (Indonesia/English Language) +62 82147023652 • +6282145918204 C/Ho/I-27 Nov 13

See answers in the Local News Section C/Ho/G-27 Nov. 13

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Bali House & Home

05 February - 19 February, 2014

For Sale; iPhone 4 16GB black factory unlock. Excellent condition. Price 3,5jt. Contact: Rini. 0853 3829 2323 (sms only) or email: <rin.w85@gmail. com> for detail pictures. [089] Moving Sale; Two door fridge Sharp 1,5 juta. Krisbow trash bin 1 meter height (rarely use, still like new) 800.000. Please call/ sms/whatsapp 085 2370 48168 or send email to <md.>. Kerobokan. [090]

For more information please contact our sales department at: E: T: +62 8133 7849 196 W: C/Ho/I-11 Dec 13

For Sale; 2x refrigerated showcase, 1x upright in perfect condition Rp. 5.000.000, 1x large display with 4 shelf and lights replacement, perfect for bakery and coffee shop, Rp. 35 million, asking Rp. 20 million. 1 cash register pos system computerised with printer 8 million ONO. Bar stools made from teak wood with cushion Rp. 200.000 each. 4 small tables Rp. 150.000 each. 2 genset perfect condition 7000 watts, Rp. 4,5 million each. Contact 081 2396 5030. [003]

PT. LUMBUNG AYU Tropical Asian

For Sale; Canon EOS 650D camera, Sigma 18-35mm f1. 8 lens, Canon battery grip, Additional battery, Rp. 13.5 million. Contact <mauri.di.>. Ubud. [091]


Sunset Road No. 01X, Kerobokan-Bali, Ph.: 0361-732 538

Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting.

Website: Email: C/Ho/G-5 Feb. 14

For Sale; I Love Lucy the complete series DVD region 1. All 9 seasons 194 episodes plus many extras on 34 disks in special heart shaped box. All used one time. Like new. Rp500,000. SMS 081 239 88979. Kuta and Sanur. [009] For Sale; Rare, Pictorial Guide to Indonesian Reef Fishes Part 1-3, By Rudie Kutier & Takamasa Tonozuka. 3000 photos, fish size, location, Latin name, description, depth, etc. 1 million rupiah for one set. <asksalvatore@gmail. com>. Sanur. [024] For Sale; Black neoprene sleeve case for Macbook. Very tight fit and high quality. Have one for MBAir 13 inch, one for MBPro 15 retina. No box, just the sleeve, new’ish condition. 350k each. <>. Seminyak. [114] For Sale; Canggu Club villa membership. Price US$ 3000. 0818 0538 7214. Canggu. [094]


For Sale; Cheap clothes for women, new & second but still in good quality. Nego price. Please sms +62 813 3703 6348. For pictures email: <mcntlp@yahoo. com> / <anny.made@gmail. com>. [032] For Sale; Cheap iPhone jacket, new condition. Nego price. Please sms +62 813 3703 6348. For pictures email: <mcntlp@yahoo. com> / <anny.made@gmail. com>. [033] For Sale; Closed restaurant: chair and tables (teak wood), kitchen equipment: gas stove 4 burner with oven Nayati brand, charbroiler grill, stainless steel table preparation, sink etc. Serious buyer please contact 081 7979 2223. Kuta. [025] For Sale; Apple iPhone 5S 64GB Gold. 2 months used. Including extra casings, cables and chargers. <>. Seminyak. [113] The gem can’t be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.


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WINDOW FILM SOLUTIONS Upgrade Your Existing Windows & Doors ● Save Energy ● Protect People/Property ● Increase Comfort ● Create Privacy

Price start from IDR 99,000/m2 Bali Solarist: Ruko Sunset Plaza No. 14 Sunset Road Kuta - Bali TEL: 0361 8476792 Contact person: Doni: 081 337 873 888 0361-784 3177

C/Ho/I-05 Feb 14

C/Ho/G-4 Sept. 13

C/Ho/I-04 Sept 13

C/Ho/G - 5 Feb. 14

Building & Maintenance ADA CLEAN CLEANING SERVICES General cleaning I Windows cleaning I Floor polishing I Benches Bathub & Wash basin polishing | Toilet bowl cleaning I Kitchen detailling I Natural stone floor cleaning & coating | Mattress, sofa, Carpet refreshing I Timber sanding & finishing and......... ADA much more. Ada Clean provides the right chemicals for ur property

Office 0361-8474139 / 08123940401 C/Bm/I-12 June 13

Moving Sale; 2 antique teak cabinets, 1 164cm x 169cm high. The other smaller. Sorry not possible photo. Call 0878 6252 1948. Seminyak. [142] Moving Sale; Single bed, bedside cabinets, large teak table and other tables, mirrors, lamps, rattan mats. Iron clothes rail and towel rails, towels sheet pillow and 2 rattan chairs, pots, pans China, etc. Call 0878 6252 1948. Seminyak. [143]

For Sale; Rattan sofa & cushions with front rattan table for drinks/food table. Rp 700,000. Tel 0819 9996 3440. Sanur. [058] For Sale; 2 brand new crash helmets, BMC and Honda, price: BMC 110,000, Honda 90,000. Contact Kevin on 0818 0531 8192. [064] C/BM/U-05 Feb. 14

For Sale; Music stereo system include freaze. Also baby cot and chair. Very cheap. 0812 3636 3597. [125]

AUSTRALIAN LICENCED BUILDER Design & Construction Building Consultant Building Report Interior Refurbishment Contract Administration Project Management Quality Control New Construction & Renovation Remedial Builder

C/Bm/I-17 Oct 12

For Sale; New and unused mattress 200x110cm. Price Rp. 350.000. Call 0878 6004 6530. Kerobokan. [126] For Sale; Samsung Galaxy Chat, 2 month old. Many apps and 2 G memory extra. I paid Rp 1.300.000. Sell Rp 650.000. Kuta. Hp 0896 5774 6146. [111] The true measure of a man is his dignity in defeat and humility in victory. NC/BM/G-2 Oct. 13

C/BM/I-05 Feb. 14

Shower - Silver Diamond Tile 40 x 40cm - 550,000 rph per sqm Visit our new showroom at Jl ByPass Ngurah Rai 99, Kuta, Bali, | 0361 763221, 0361 800 2212

STONE & TILE FOR FLOORS & WALLS F A C T O R Y S P E C I A L S E x p o r t C/BM/G-2 Oct. 13

e n q u i r i e s

w e l c o m e C/BM/G-5 Feb. 14

NC/Bm/I-05 Feb 14


Building & Maintenance

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05 February - 19 February, 2014

Certified European Project Manager with own MEP/ Architect/Supervisor staff, very experienced, excellent reference list in Bali and abroad, offers you • Site Supervision or full PM Services - as requested • MEP & Architectural Design • Construction Drawings • Pre Purchase Check-Up on existing Structures

“Pass Me The Powdered Unicorn Horn”

Sadly technical effectiveness and/or maintenance considerations are somewhat absent from the grey matter when people design or build dwellings these days. You, you poor misguided fool, being a customer, thought the professionals would do things properly didn’t you. As my father used to say “you know what thought did. Followed a muck cart and thought it was a wedding” (he was a man who liked plain talking, my father. Once when asked by a vet if he wanted has ancient and rather sickly cat “putting to sleep” he retorted “I don’t want it asleep, I want it dead” but sorry I digress). We live in a land where the true building professionals are hidden amongst a crowd of former tattoo vendors, satay wafters and the sellers of small furry animals all recently turned architects and so we are prone to a few technical issues that can remove gruntle faster than an eskimo nipping outside for a pee. It is an oft repeated story - the water pipes are leaking somewhere in the wall behind that beautiful zebra striped marble that was mined by nuns from the world famous sea cliffs of the Maldives and polished by Athenian virgins using donkey’s milk and powdered unicorn horn (well that’s what that nice salesman said it was). You cry softly as a “technical expert” delicately wields his 200lb sledge hammer to get to the pipe knowing that you will never be able to match that precious stone for the repair. This is unnecessary grief. Properly designed buildings should allow for the ongoing maintenance and repair of the essential plumbing and electrical systems that keep your home operational and it is the consideration of these sort of factors that set a true technical expert apart from one of those horseriding chappies that wear ten gallon hats and spurs. Two key factors are required here: a sensible design and correct installation. Installation is very important and only 2 days ago I saw a beautiful brand new tiled ceramic bathroom wall broken down because a “plumber” had “forgotten” to put a bit of PVC solvent cement in a water pipe joint. But let us assume that you have found a tukang who actually knows his Tees from his R’s. It is important that the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) systems are designed correctly. The routes for electrical cables, water pipes and drains should be carefully thought about to allow faults to be easily found and repaired. Clever design will allow access to the back of bathroom and kitchen walls so the expensive wall finishings do not have to be removed to effect repairs, you can go through the wall from the rear. I recently came across a case of an embarrassed woman who lifted the cover off a bathroom floor drain and stuffed a used hygiene item down the drain to dispose of it. The drain was, of course, blocked and the bathroom flooded. This could have been a very difficult problem to solve requiring, at worst, the bathroom floor to be taken up.

C/Bm/A-16 Oct 13

It is a fact of life that drains can become blocked from time to time. Here are some simple guidelines for installing drains, whether renovating or building new, to make them easy to unblock. Drains should be large enough - 1.25” dim from washbasin to U bend then into a large 2 “ pipe with straight run to outside the building. Washbasins and floor drains 2 “, toilets 4”.

C/BM/G - 8 Jan. 14

Drains should also slope sufficiently to get a good flow of water to carry solids away and help keep them clean. The normal slope for a sewer or grey water drain pipe is 2% (2cms per metre). Wherever possible use straight runs of pipe, pipes under floors should always be straight lengths until they are outside the building. Do not install 90 degree elbows, these are “sharp” bends and drainage rods cannot get around them. If you look around you might find what we call “slow” bends. Better still use two 45 degree bends to turn through 90 degrees. This is so that drainage rods can be pushed through the pipes and will get around the bends.

C/Bm/I-03 April 13

Install “clean outs” at critical places along the pipes. What is a cleanout? No it is not a particularly hot vindaloo, it is a branch taken off a drain with a screw cap on it placed in such a position that a length of pipe can be cleaned out using a drain cleaning rod. A clean out allows a plumber to push drain cleaning rods into the pipe. Clean outs are often placed at the ends of straight pipe lengths. C/BM/G-16 Oct. 13

Install Y connections rather than 90 degree tees where pipes join. Y connections in pipes allow smoother flow and do not block as easily and they also allow drainage rods to be used to unblock the pipe. Make sure that drains have U bends in them, the U bend provides a water trap to stop bad smells coming up the pipes. Take particular note of washbasin drains with screw fittings in the pipe so that the U bend water trap can be cleaned out. If you have a smelly drain the first thing to do is check that there is a properly designed floor drain cover in place. This should have a water filled cup built into it to stop smells coming out. If you do not have an effective water seal in your pipework you can dig out the pipe outside the house and install a U bend. Make sure the U bend is 4” diameter and has a screw cap top on it to allow you to get in and clean it out if you need to. Electrical installations tend to be a lot easier than plumbing but a basic rule is that cable should be installed in conduit (plastic pipe) which is set into walls and allows cables to be removed and replaced if necessary without having to break out the wall.

NC/BM/I-05 Feb. 14


25mm, 35mm & 50mm

It is a good idea to keep you eye on your plumber. If he uses silicone anywhere on the pipework this is a sure sign that he doesn’t know what he is doing and it might be an idea to send him back to his satay stall. Just as an afterthought it is probably a good idea to put away a few spare pieces of that beautiful zebra striped marble (you might also choose to stash away the odd Athenian Virgin, some donkey’s milk and of course some powdered unicorn horn) they might come in handy one day if you get a blockage.



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Let’s face it peace and contentment are only vague, fleeting notions when faced with the day to day challenge of keeping an abode, humble or otherwise, in full working order.

Phone: +62 8113 92 93 93 Mail:


Come on get real, this is Bali. I whiled away a couple of hours in a traffic jam the other day and my peacefullness, my fullness of peace no less, was only slightly disturbed by the Honda Jazz that crawled along next to me with speakers the size of Dolly Parton’s coffee table emmitting sounds like Big Bertha lobbing 2 ton shells onto London in the vague hope of leaving Winston Churchill with a distinct dearth in the demeanor department.

Fortunately the drain was a straight run from the bathroom to outside the building so the end of the pipe could be dug out and a drain rod pushed up the pipe to clear it.


So you spent some huge amount of money on your palace in paradise, or conversely you sold the budgerigar and scraped together your meagre life’s saving’s to establish a cost effective little shack, in which to while away your final days in peace and contentment.



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Jl. Raya Kerobokan 2X Mobile: 081 2366 5447, Phone: 0361 7849691 Email: Fax: 0361 731906 C/Bm/I-08 Jan 14

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05 February - 19 February, 2014

For Sale; Air condition Changhong KF-35 GW/03, price Rp. 1.200.000. Call 081 139 3857. Ubud. [127] Wanted; Old motorbike Tiger or similar in any condition not Matic or scooter. John 0812 3899 2406. [128] For Sale; Channel bag black shiny leather import Rp.1 million. Covergirl lipstick duo color Rp. 100.000. Nail color glow in the dark Rp. 25.000. Wigs pink, green, purple, blue, blonde short bob hair Rp. 200.000. Contact 0813 3254 5411. Denpasar. [129]

C/Bm/I-05 Feb 14

QUICK & SMART SERVICES WE DO ALL BUILDING SERVICES * Architect Design * Waterproof * Painting * Pool Maintance * Renovation

* Electrical * Plumbing * Carpentry * Roof and Floor

Phone : (0361) 9264536 you call and we quickly mobile : 087862732753 respond (free for inspection) C/BM/G-15 May 13

True leadership must be for the benefit of the followers, not the enrichment of the leaders.

C/BM/G-2 Oct. 13

Say What? NC/BM/U-3 April. 13

Question: Over a year ago, I introduced my mother to my former best friend and coworker, and my mother left my father to have an affair with him. I’m over the initial shock and realize I cannot change what happened. I can either stay angry about it forever or accept it and try to help myself and the rest of the family by incorporating this new, unwelcome person into our lives. For over a decade, my parents’ marriage had been unhappy. Although this is no excuse for my mother’s behavior, it was a relief when she and my dad finally broke up. I had been raised to be the one who diffused their arguments and kept the rest of us laughing in a semblance of wellbeing. I know now that it was a sick and unhealthy thing to do, but I was trained that way, and I did it since I was a pre-teen. As much as my parent’s break-up hurt, the way it happened and the fact that my mother asked me to cover it up when I found out was worse. I refused to go along with her plan, and with the support of my husband, friends, and family, I have become less angry. Now, I have put up firm boundaries with her and have become a stronger person for it. But sometimes, when we’re together, and she starts talking about him and getting all sappy about how wonderful he is, I have this massive two-part rage: 1.) The two of them hurt our two families deeply, and I can no longer hang out with them much less visit and eat dinner at their table; 2.) My mom and I used to be best friends. Now, if I suggest a girls’ day out, she will suggest that he comes along. Sometimes I just want to spend time with my mom, and I can’t seem to make her understand that. I’m so tired of being angry and feeling hurt over all this. Am I a weak coward? Dr. ZZ: I fail to see where weakness and/or cowardliness enter the picture. You are dealing with righteous rage, which is protecting you and signaling you that something in your world is not right (for you). Chances are you may even blame yourself for having introduced your mom and this man in the first place. Whatever the inner culprit that’s causing you pain, the only person you can control is you. You have already done a significant amount of work on your own inner landscape and need to continue taking good care of yourself, maintaining firm boundaries, and keeping your mental, emotional and spiritual hands in your own two pockets. What happens between your mother and this man is none of your business.

One of the hardest things to learn in life is that our parents are people too. They don’t always act like saints; you can still love your mother without condoning her actions. Just as you chose not to keep her secret when you found out initially, you can continue to let her know that you love her as you keep your distance and maintain the role of a responsible adult. It’s okay to step out from under the umbrella of Parent/Child onto more equal ground. You don’t have to tolerate behavior from your mother that you wouldn’t put up with in a friend. Do what feels best for you, and give yourself credit for your decisions. You’re on the right track. Now, all you need is the confidence to know that saying no and taking care of YOU is a viable choice. Question: My boss does this thing where, every time I go into his office to talk to him, he gets up to get coffee, goes to check the fax machine, goes up front to ask if the mail has arrived yet, or remembers an appointment he has to go to and has me walk him to the corner or around the block to grab a newspaper. He does this every single time. This morning I tried to ask a question, and he got up and left to rinse out his water glass. I am getting tired of chasing him around the office. It is making me paranoid that either he doesn’t like me, or I’m about to be fired. I’m not always the best at picking up on other people’s cues. What do you imagine is going on?



Phone: 0858 5702 2280 / (0361) 7433334 E-mail : C/BM/P-27 Nov. 13

YES!! We Sell Ceiling fans!

Dr. ZZ: Chances are your boss sees you as a distraction or an energy drain. Since he is just trying to do business, he figures that once interrupted, he may as well kill two birds with one stone by stretching his legs and getting you out of his office without being rude. Try not going into his office for a few days and handle any questions instead by email or phone. The next time you decide to pop in, make sure that whatever you have to say is three sentences or less, essential to getting your job done, and not a complaint. Also make sure you have made every honest effort to handle whatever it is yourself. The situation should stabilize in time. On your next selfreview you can always write something like “I realized I needed to be more concise and positive in my communications.” If things don’t improve, you’ll need to figure out if something else about your performance or relationship is lacking. The best approach is to be inquisitive and straightforward. Just ask directly, “I can’t help noticing that you get up whenever I come into you office. I’m not always the best at reading social cues. Is there something I need to know?”

C/Ho/G-22 Jan. 14

A n old sayin g When business is good it pays to advertise. When business is bad you’ve got to advertise*

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Dr. ZZ has a Ph.D. in Counseling and a doctorate in Natural Healing. Drawing on a background of over thirty years as a professional therapist, she offers self-help in the areas health, relationship and personal growth. All queries are answered by email and, if they appear in print, are subject to editing. Please email your questions to: <> All identifying information is kept strictly confidential.

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For Sale; Tablet Mito jelly bean, camera, tv analog, bbm, 99.9% condition, complete with the cover 1.1 mil nego. 0361 7455 886, Dps. [006] I want to buy a top brand name shortboard surfboard, size 5’7 to 5’9. SMS +62 857 3825 0920. Kuta. [007]

Moving Sale; Rattan sofa set (superior quality), coffee table, sunbrella cover + cushion. Sorry not possible photo. Call 0878 6252 1948. Seminyak. [141] We’ve removed the ceiling above our dreams. There’re no more impossible dreams.

VILLA CONSTRUCTION CONSULTANT Project Management Construction Quality Inspections Detailed Inspection Reports Progress Reports Design and Architecture Pre Purchase Inspections Master builder from Australia with over 25 years experience.  

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a p

a i S

by Bill Dalton

Pak Suratna:


Bali Organic Farmer

PROTECTING YOUR INVESTMENT Phone: 081 338 379 295 Office: Level 3 63c Jl. Nakula, Kuta, Bali Email:

C/BM/G-16 Oct. 13

causes respiratory problems. My parents have also experienced problems with their vision which in my opinion is related the spraying of pesticides. What did you do about it? IDEP Foundation came to Taman Bali village in Bangli and explained the hazards of using pesticides and the benefits of organic farming methods. I became intrigued and joined the IDEP ‘Seed Saving Program.” A group of us, all likeminded farmers, gathered together and that’s how it started. We learned a lot, not only about organic farming but also about limiting waste and avoiding natural disasters. We learned how to prevent landslides and erosion if your land is on a slope. We were also taught how to use manure from cows, pigs and chickens. Now we’re making compost, eliminating the need to buy chemical fertilizers.

C/BM/U-22 Jan. 14

Swimming pool always green?

Call the experts, CV Tropical Pool and Spa 289104, 287673 or email:

From as low as Rp 475.000 per month we will maintain your pool. C/BM/G-3 April 13

Do you have a secret compost recipe? I use a mixture of liquid and solid compost on my farm. The liquid compost is easy to make up. You just mix cow manure, rice bran, sugar, water and the leaves of a legume plant in a big drum. You leave it overnight, and Voila! It’s ready to use on your garden.

C/Bm/I-27 Nov 13

Are natural farming methods cheaper? We’re saving around 75% by using an organic system simply because we don’t have to buy any fertilizers or pesticides. We have reduced our costs and also our dependence on other people and companies. What are you selling from your farm? Pak Suratna lives in a modest house with his wife, sixyear-old son and mother on land that is mostly rice fields. His family has been farming the same plot of land for many generations, from his grandfather, father and continuing with himself. When Pak Suratna began working with the IDEP Foundation in Gianyar, he started using organic farming methods to grow rice. The family has also started to grow vegetables like cucumbers, pigeon beans, jack beans and kidney beans as well as rice. They are able to maintain the farm by themselves without hiring help. How big is your farm? Our piece of land in Bangli is not very big – only about 16 are. Most of it is rice paddy but we have converted one are to growing organic vegetables. Is the produce from gardens and rice fields your only source of income? I also keep cows, pigs and chickens which I raise until they are big enough to sell, replacing them with young ones and then repeating the process. The manure from the cows and chickens I use to make fertilizer, which I apply to the rice fields and vegetable garden. We also have a small warung (food stall) selling cakes and local Balinese food. Do you also use commercial fertilizer? In 1974, PB5 was introduced to Bali and ever since farmers have been using pesticides and artificial fertilizers. When I was little, I would often join my parents working in the rice fields. In those days farmers never used commercial fertilizers, only natural fertilizers made from manure and compost. Are there any problems with using artificial fertilizers and pesticides? I can say for sure that spraying commercial fertilizers

I sell cucumber, pigeon bean and jack bean organic seeds in bulk to IDEP, and then they package them and sell them in stores around Bali. Each packet of seeds costs Rp17, 000 to 30,000, depending on the vegetable. This little side business gives me a profit of about Rp1, 800,000 every five months. Are there any downsides to organic farming? The only difficult part is that you have to use more manpower to get the process up and working in the fields. You must be diligent about maintaining your gardens. This is not the case when using chemical fertilizers that you just apply once and leave. Using chemical fertilizers is simple. It isn’t a complicated process. Many farmers just want it to be easy, but with organic farming, you need a disciplined routine of making fertilizer properly. Until Bali farmers understand it, they won’t be interested in trying it.

C/BM/M-11 Dec .13

Trust your home improvement projects to the experienced Pros @ Super Handyman : Painting






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One call does it all with Super Handyman!! Phn : (0361) 784 6889 or (0361) 784 2429 Service you can trust!! C/BM/A-18 Sept 13

If You Have a Problem with.....

What positive effects have resulted in using natural fertilizers and pesticides? We are already seeing the benefits. There are big differences between farming with chemicals and using organics. Basically, you have to learn how to work with nature, not against it. We now eat more vegetables in our home that we get directly from our garden. We know they don’t have chemicals in them and that they’re healthier. We know we are helping to make future generations better and healthier. BALI : (62 361) 360 0143, 361 780 9219  (62 361) 725 137 SURABAYA : (62 31) 841 6191 (hunting)  (62 31) 842 0602 SEMARANG : (62 24) 70675727  (62 24) 86457583

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: | | C/Bm/I-05 Feb 14

BA Feature


Fouled Water & Putrid Mists: The Problem of Waste on Bali By Bill Dalton First let’s get one thing straight: Waste is a manmade concept. In nature there is no such thing as waste, just cycles where nutrients and elements are endlessly recycled. Waste really is a misuse of resources and we need to recover those resources, to ‘recycle’ those resources by using methods like composting, creating biogas from decaying food waste, recycling plastics, paper, metals and batteries of all kinds. People need to be willing to pay a responsible and licensed operator for this very basic but very necessary service. It doesn’t really cost much but if you produce waste you have to pay to have it taken care of. In places like Bali people should be aware that it’s not uncommon for ad hoc collectors to buy waste or collect it for free from hotels and restaurants, then after they haul it away they simply siphon off the more valuable recyclables like PET bottles, cardboard, scrap metal and aluminum, then dump the rest illegally. Pemulung (scavengers) and most pengepul (scrap/rubbish traders; waste collectors) are big polluters who make money by avoiding the costs of proper disposal and treatment of the waste they collect. River dumps and mangrove dumps are used by scavengers, private trash collectors, village trucks and others to avoid the costs of transporting waste for proper disposal at proper government landfills. Though the waste and pollution laws in Indonesia are very good, there’s little implementation or enforcement of the laws, such as illegal dumping rules, so the pollution continues unabated. The public as a whole, including most resident Westerners, are generally apathetic or ignorant of the pollution they create. Olivier Pouillon, founder and advisor at Bali Recycling, recently met with several Westerners to help get a community of expats to start recycling. They were having a hard time getting up and running. Expats may know what they are supposed to do but most don’t actually do it since it’s just easier to have someone take it ‘away’ and forget about it. Locals may pollute because they really are not aware of the dangers and damage they do, but expats do know and are educated, yet surprisingly many still often do the wrong thing. In less than one generation the waste profile in Bali has completely changed during modernization. People must realize that waste just doesn’t rot away naturally in the sun anymore. The reality now is that there are exponentially more plastics, man-made rubbish and hazardous wastes produced. The waste has changed but the old attitudes and systems have not. Thirty years ago there was very little man-made refuse. Most throwaways were made of organic materials like banana leaves, ceramic and glass cups and bowls. Villagers would bring their own container to the food stall or market. Plastic was unusual in the old days. Traditional methods of throwing trash behind your home (tanah tegal) or in the river was totally appropriate because the trash eventually would decompose and replenish the earth. Also the population was less than half of what it is today. Bali, like the rest of Indonesia and the developing world, has experienced a huge population boom with now over 4.1 million residents. Urban migration and economic development have introduced a consumptive consumer economy. The problems here are only accentuated because all these things have been happening in a relatively very small island. Battery Recycling & Disposal So you have a bunch of old batteries that you have collected and aren’t sure if you should just throw them out in the trash? Don’t! Batteries fall into the hazardous waste category meaning they require special methods for proper disposal. Tossing them in your regular trash bin produces numerous potential problems and hazards. Batteries contain highly toxic materials like mercury, lead, cadmium and lithium, which can contaminate the environment and your health if improperly disposed of. Batteries can pollute the air, the ground and eventually the waterways. Why do you think tuna and other large fish have such high levels of mercury? Everything ends

up in the ocean from plastic pollution to heavy metal pollution. When you consider that every household in Bali has several devices that use AA or AAA batteries that they throw out monthly, the cumulative effect of tens of thousands of small batteries is extremely damaging. Even rechargeable batteries are of concern nowadays because spent rechargeable batteries from cell phones, MP3 players and laptops contain toxic heavy metals sealed up inside. If thrown out with the regular garbage, these batteries can jeopardize the environmental integrity of both landfills as well as present a danger to the public. In January 2013 an 8-year-old boy was killed in Tabanan by an exploding cell phone battery in a burning trash heap. Auto batteries are not disposable like AA and other dry cell batteries. Balinese and Indonesians, who make up the vast majority of the drivers of Bali’s two million cars, don’t throw their car batteries away. Like everywhere else in A pile of various types of batteries the world, car and truck batteries can be refurbished on Bali by cleaning the terminals and replacing the battery acid, then recharging the battery slowly over a day or two. When the car batteries cannot be recharged they are often sold back to the battery shop when buying a new car battery.

exasperation, actually take them all the way back home to Europe, Australia and the States to drop them off at certified facilities there. Bali Recycling is the first organization to provide them with a local solution that is environmentally responsible. The payment of Rp450,000 is for each collection of a full battery container; you do not keep the container. The collection bucket holds a mix of approximately 300 C, AA, AAA batteries and will be collected once the box is full. Though car batteries are too large to go into this container, Bali Recycling will collect them for free. All discarded batteries are stored at Bali Recycling in a special storage area. When enough have accumulated, the batteries are shipped to a partner company, Waste Management Indonesia, for processing, recycling and final safe disposal of those batteries that cannot be recycled. The following are businesses with Public Battery Recycling drop-offs: In Ubud, Ubud Fitness, Jl. Jero Gadung, tel. 0361974-804; Pizza Bagus, Jl. Raya Pengosekan, tel. 0361-978520; Kafe Restaurant, Jl. Hanoman 44 B, Padang Tegal, tel. 0361-780-3802; Three Monkeys Restaurant, Jl. Monkey Forest, tel. 0361-975-554; Kuluk Gallery, Jl. Lungsiakan, Sanggingan, tel. 0361-366-973-132. In Sanur, Cinta Alam Organic Laundry, Jl. Batu Sari 44, tel. 0361-215-0681. Bali Recycling can also deal with any fluorescent tubes or CFLs (compact fluorescent lights), electronic waste such as old computer monitors, CPUs, laptops, cell phones as well as contaminated items like old paint cans, cleaning chemicals, used machine oils and even cooking oil. These must be put in a plastic lined cardboard box, metal drum or plastic drum which Bali Recycling can provide. Contact Bali Recycling by email to arrange for pickup of these types of hazardous wastes.

Most of Bali’s waste disposal centers like Eco Bali, Annie’s Recycling and TEMESI Recycling do not accept batteries but only recyclables like aluminum, cardboard, metal, etc. These outfits don’t accept batteries because they are toxic and they don’t know how handle them and don’t have the permits. Pemulung and pengepul will accept anything they can make money on, but it’s not a good idea to give batteries to these trash collectors. They have no idea of the dangers and often do things that are dangerous to themselves, to others and the environment. Batteries contain strong corrosive acids that can cause burns to eyes and skin. Bali Recycling Only one waste disposal center, Bali Recycling (Peduli Bali, tel. 081-99-99-62239,, accepts handphone, watch, clock, flashlight, radio and car batteries. Bali Recycling is in the forefront by providing a sorely needed infrastructure that is tailored to fit different groups to support a behavioral change in society with regard to waste. Staff patiently explains to customers how the system works in order to demonstrate that waste can be managed in a professional and environmentally responsible way. Bali Recycling became the first and only organization to provide hazardous waste services for the tourism industry as well as the public on the island. W o r k i n g w i t h Wa s t e Management Indonesia which specializes in hazardous waste services for heavy industries, this year they started working with several hotels (Alila Ubud, Alila Soori, Alila Manggis, Alila Uluwatu and Melia Benoa) to handle their hazardous wastes, helping them comply with the a new national corporate environmental rating program called PROPER. This is how Bali Recycling’s battery reclamation program works. If a business, home or school wants to start disposing of their batteries properly they need to purchase from Bali Recycling a collection bucket, which covers payment for a) the plastic container, b) the collection of the batteries and c) the correct disposal of the batteries. The Battery Recycling Bucket is very popular because many individuals and businesses, knowing that batteries are toxic, have been stockpiling batteries for months or even years and don’t know what to do with them. Some residents and visitors, in

Changing Attitudes and Behavior What is needed on Bali is a new concept of waste as a valuable resource. Following the example of Bali Recycling, other waste disposal facilities need to start providing a convenient alternative tipping area or collection service where rubbish ends up being used as a resource rather than as a source of pollution. An additional benefit is providing needed employment to those local residents who are not benefitting from Bali’s modern tourism economy. The general public’s negative notion about waste workers also needs to be transformed. Previously informal dirty work with unpredictable income and many social costs (poverty, health hazards, tension between migrants and locals, etc.) must become a stable job with good prospects and positive recognition in which scavengers and lowly tukang sampah (trash man) become Sanitation Staff, Recycling Staff and Drivers. Often the mantra from environmental social advocates on garbage is that the solution to promoting responsible garbage disposal is education. Obviously, education about waste issues is important but it is really only one ingredient in a recipe for change. Without real and practical waste systems in place, education will not be enough to create real behavioral changes. This has been the case in Indonesia where schools and government campaigns have educated the masses about garbage pollution. But without an adequate waste collection infrastructure, nothing really changes and things have gotten even worse. People can do much more than they realize. Focus on what you are doing at your home and/or business. It’s no use telling others to be responsible and care for the environment if you don’t. Set a good example than others will follow. Copyright © 2014 Bali Advertiser You can read all past articles of BA Feature Article at

Fashion C/G/I-16 Oct 13

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Ruko Sunset Plaza No. 09 Sunset Road Boulevard Seminyak - Bali Tel/Fax: +62 (361) 8476768 Mobile: +62 818554917 +62 81237531690 75DBE108

Is there a community group / gathering for young mothers with topic post natal depression in Bali? Would appreciate any info: <hendri.>. [108] Moving Sale; Big washing machine Electrolux 5,5 kg (2,9mill), tic wardrobe (3,5 mill), TV Samsung 32’ (2,5 mill). SMS: 0821 4529 2112. Seminyak. [109] By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he’s wrong.

C/G/G-24 July 13

For Sale; Alfa Link pocket translation computer, 52 languages into 52, Indonesian and all important languages. Rp 250. 000. Hp 0896 5774 6146 Kuta. [110] C/G/I-05 Feb. 14

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Business Hours Monday to Friday from 8:30 - 4:00 Jl. Majapahit No. 46, Kuta Tel : [0361] 755 392 [Hunting] - Fax : [0361] 764 191 E-mail: Website:

C/G/G-13 Nov. 13

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Happy Valentines Day to all who are in or out of love! Remember a bouquet of red roses, even a stem are a girls best friend! not to mention fabulous jewels, last issue Moja Jewellery was featured and omitted an important point that all the earrings have â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;gold postsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; ideal for those who suffer with skin allergies. Inquires T: 0857 3925 6749 or 0858 5713 8670 And now for a very special (unique) gift for Valentines Day. Life is meant for cozying up with someone special so hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a luxury gift idea for your Valentine on 14 February!





05 February - 19 February, 2014

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The Business Builder Series

Graeme Stevens

The BizWiz Brand Delivery… co-create customer value and release hidden profit

C/G/I-16 Oct 13

How to Grow Your Business Wealth on the Cheap. Are You a Leader or a Follower? How can you grow your business wealth? The options come down to: • increasing the profit per customer, • increasing the number of customers you sell to, and • reducing your operating overheads All the options you have for growing the wealth of your business fall into one of these three categories. Increasing the Profit per Customer. • Increase your selling prices. • Eliminate discounts. • Increase your product and service range( to do more customer jobs better.) • Increase the average sale per customer (companion selling.) • Increase the frequency of loyal customer repeat sales. • Change the customer mix – focus on more profitable customers. • Reduce your production costs (materials, labour and shipping.) Increasing the Number of Customers • Buy/sign up new outlets (wholesale network, retail outlets, pop-up stores, weekend markets.) • Increase your distribution channels (eg online sales.) • Website SEM (search engine marketing) which includes SEO (search engine optimisation) and payper-click advertising. • Promote to bring more visitors into your distribution channels. • Increase your conversion rate of visitors into customers (staff training, POS merchandising, website design.) • Utilise after sales lead and referral generation. Reduce your Overheads • Reduce your operating expenses (productivity improvements, technology.) • Reduce the size of your operating premises and associated rents. • Reduce usage of utilities – electricity, phone, water, gas. • Outsource overhead activities – marketing, financial services, HR, IT, transport. If you really want to grow your business then you will have strategies (action plans) for all of these options. You will have very clear idea of: • your own personal Heidi customer, and where and how you will find more like her. • your niche market. You will be matching your products and services to the range of jobs she wants to have done, where you can provide exceptional and perfect service to help her achieve the most critical out comes she desires from your products and services. • The return on investment for each of these wealth growth options, so that you can prioritise your efforts over time. As I’ve mentioned before some of these option are smart, and others require hard work. Sales Leads and Referrals In a previous article I mentioned that ZenDesk had stated that the cost of acquiring a new customer can be 6 to 9 times the cost of keeping Heidi as a repeat customer. How can you keep down the cost of gaining new customers? Referrals can be a very effective and cost-effective way to achieve customer growth. Satisfied customers are more likely to provide free and credible advertising on your behalf. • 84% of consumers trust recommendations from their friends (Nielsen) • 68% of consumers trust opinions posted online (Nielsen) • People trust recommendations from friends 7X more than traditional advertising (Nielsen) • Nothing accelerates a purchase decision faster than a word-of-mouth endorsement from a peer whose only agenda is to help (Gartner) • Heidi’s friends are your best new customers. Referral marketing generates customers who have higher lifetime values, are more loyal, and contribute higher margins per year than other customers (AMA) Referral Followers rely on Heidi to spread the good word in her own good way. Referral Leaders give Heidi a nudge – they use a mechanism to help Heidi help her friends. The offer to Heidi is something like this: 1. Invite your friend to this website/ store/ business, by sending an offer (the referral.)

2. When your friend takes up the offer they get a credit voucher or discount on their first purchase (maybe based on a minimum purchase.) 3. You get a credit or discount on your next purchase from us once your friend has bought. A typical referral form (online or offline) looks like this:

Refer a Friend and Earn $15. To: your friend’s email From: your email I wanted to share this great offer from BaliBizWiz. Because I referred you, you will get 50% off your first hour of business consultancy when you register with BaliBizWiz. SEND EMAIL BUTTON Other ways to share: Logos for Facebook, Twitter, etc Terms and Conditions apply - Privacy Policy

contact: +62 361 729106 or +62 361 729107 address: Jl. Raya Pemogan, Jl. Dewi Uma 2 Pemogan. Br. Jaba Jati 80221 Denpasar Selatan, Bali, Indonesia website: e-mail: C/G/G-13 Oct. 13

Key Elements of the Offer • Compelling for Heidi – generous, unique, special • Generous for the friend • Equitable and fair between Heidi and friend • Tested and optimised variations to generate best conversion rate – especially of the pre-written text. • Your business only pays for new business acquired. How to Generate Referrals You can promote a referral like this in a number of ways: • On product pages on your website • On your website checkout thank you page • As an email campaign to your customer list • As a POS hard copy slip. • In your social media. • On your product labels • On your invoices/sales slips. Behind the Scenes Your business mechanism is: • a database that records key information: o Email addresses o Date offer sent to friend o Referral ID to quote o Date of To first purchase o Date offer sent to referrer o Date of From offer takeup. • Access to the program details by shop sales staff. • A trigger to send a thank you email to the friend once they have bought from you – and offering them the same deal! • A trigger to send an email to the referrer once their friend has purchased, thanking them and reminding them of their available earning on their next purchase. • A trigger to send a thank you email to the referrer once they have used their offer, and inviting them to do it again.

C/G/G-27 Nov. 13

Naia House of Jewelry

Measuring Referral Success Monitor, analyse and improve your referral offers to get the best results. The types of elements you can measure include: • Offer changes – text, colours, calls to action, placement. • Referrals sent – average per customer. • Referral conversion rates. • Share of new customers from referrals versus other channels. • Retention rate of referrals (ie multiple sales.) • Cost of sale of referral versus other channels. Referral Benefits Summary Referrals are a cost effective method to grow your customer base, and are likely to attract better lifetime customer value. Is there an aspect of developing a successful business you would like me to write about? Copyright © 2014 Graeme Stevens Copyright © 2014 Bali Advertiser You can read all past articles of The Business Builder Series at

Jl. TEUKU UMAR 65 D (Simpang 6) DENPASAR Tel: (0361) 221663 Email : C/G/I-27 Nov 13

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05 February - 19 February, 2014


Mercury moved into Pisces around the New Moon at the end of January and is set to go retrograde on the 7th and move back into Aquarius on the 13th. It returns all the way to 18 degrees of Aquarius at the end of the month when it moves forward once more. This is a month for integrating all of the intensity of January and in particular those things that were taking place around the third week of the month. There’s probably been a lot of mind expansion as we released a lot of past programming during January and are set to move forward in our lives with the catalyst of the T-square (Pluto/Uranus opposition squared by Jupiter in Cancer) at the very end of January on the last New Moon. This cycle climaxes on the Full Moon in Leo on the 15th. Remember also that Venus went direct again on the New Moon and will meet to square Mars in Libra at the beginning of March when it finally moves into Aquarius after 4 months in Capricorn. Aquarius is all about freedom and liberation and a move towards the future and away from tradition and the old way of doing things. Experimentation and exploration and in particular mind expansion is the theme as we move towards claiming our individualized sovereignty on this next Full Moon in Leo. As the shift in consciousness continues to awaken people, community builds through communication and the deep sharing of our feelings. Jupiter is encouraging us to be emotional.

For Sale; Second baby clothes 0-6 months, from Carters and Mothercare, all good condition, new breast pump complete with bottle brand Bebe Comfort France, baby play mat pink with some toys hanging, all cheap, pls send sms to 0812 3644 2644 if interested. Denpasar. [040]


For Sale; 3 underwater lamps 4UK Sunlight D4. As new. Instead of $ 60 each, $ 35 each. Pls contact Michael. 0812 395 1444. [048] For Sale; Nederland Inburgerings cursus, complete DvD and CD training conversation etc. Kuta. Hp 089 6774 6146. [112]

FULL MOON 26 Leo 13 February 15, 2014 07:54 a.m.

ARIES This Full Moon falls in your house of romance and may just bring something new and exciting your way. Meanwhile the retrograde Mercury moves from your 12th to your 11th house of community and friends. For a moment there is a reprieve as you move into a little solitude and then you are called back to your duty within the clan. There are still things to mull over in the everyday workings of society and yet you can feel this movement towards the inward journeying beckoning you to recluse. All of the focus this month will be on getting things right for others and having to hold their emotional outbursts.

LIBRA Uranus continues activating your relationship house in a rather radical and unpredictable way. Remember that these challenges are particularly highlighted now and that confrontations and arguments are very likely to erupt by the end of this month and the theme is still the same general one, although it was really triggered during the intensity of January. We are heading towards an April deadline with much more activation to come. Personal relationships are thwart with disagreements and readjustments. Family matters are up for healing and it may simply be time to agree to disagree on some topics.

TAURUS What good news as Venus moves forward again in your house of travel and higher learning. You may be able to plan that holiday finally but not without a little confrontation from those closest to you, as the Lady Venus is challenged by Mars in Libra. No need to worry though as this will be a fleeting disagreement before Venus moves into that freedom loving sign of Aquarius in early March. By then you will be well and truly ready to explore some new terrain, both internally and externally and you will naturally want to focus a little more on your standing or position in the World or within your career.

SCORPIO This Full Moon is in your career house and brings some personal attention to you. You may be seeing where you need to move forward or let-go of a situation for your own benefit and through taking care of yourself you actually support the collective. There is much change in the home too and you are opening to new ideas and suggestions regarding this. Uranus the ruler of Aquarius is in the area of health and if you are finding it necessary to try some new modalities or can’t quite put your finger on your symptoms, relax a little as you like everyone else, are going through major emotional adjustments.

GEMINI The Full Moon highlights your third house of communication, neighbors and siblings. You may finally be claiming your place among the brood after some family squabbles that may have arisen during January. Many people were focused on family Karma patterns and programs at that time. Jupiter is in your second house of finances and bringing hopefully a little luck your way with regard to your income or inheritances. Mercury your ruler, is set to go retrograde firstly in your career sector and then back in foreign affairs. Just as you get some insights into your vocation you are transported back to those arguments of January.

SAGITTARIUS Venus in Capricorn in your second house of values, is busy pulling business deals together as you get ready to launch yourself into some new enterprises. There are a few things yet still to iron out through the rest of February but by the beginning of March you will be ready to cut your losses and leave those who disagree with your decisions and move forward into the new. The Full Moon is highlighting the area of travel in your chart and you are probably being your most flighty self, right now. It is hard to pin you down this fortnight but then why would you want to be. There’s a lot for you to learn and integrate now.

CANCER The Full Moon is in your second house this fortnight and highlights your personal value. This is the time to stop worrying what others think of you or of the beliefs and labels that you burdened with as a child. Shrug them off now as the highlight is in the polar opposite sign of Aquarius in your eighth house of powerful self-expression and deep inner transformation. That Jupiter in Cancer is supporting the personal growth that is taking place now, even if there is more purification and release yet to come. Do your homework as you go back over the last few weeks in review and see what now needs to be tweaked and modified.

CAPRICORN This Full Moon is in your house of transformation and brings with it the requirement for some radical new thinking that redefines your very personal expression and identity. You pride yourself on your ability to learn and to stay open to new things. This then is the time to put that learning and knowledge to the test and experiment a little with it. Venus is set to move also into that same area soon and in the meantime is challenged by Mars in your career sector. It could be then that your vocation or career is also being confronted to transform and grow or to be released. You’ll certainly be challenged on it.

LEO The Sun is in your polar opposite sign of Aquarius in your relationship house. Mercury is about to go retrograde in that same sign and house. This then brings a little relationship revision for you as you pull in your own individualized expression on the Full Moon and then move out to share this new identity within your group of friends or perhaps with a new set of acquaintances. Releasing old programming results in an adjustment, a redefining of ourselves. Be patient as you are in the middle of this metamorphosis. Jupiter in your 12th house is taking you deep into your inner nature and feelings.

AQUARIUS This months action is all happening in your first house of self-identity. That means it’s birthday time or recently has been and that the Full Moon is in your house of relationships. It could be that while you’ve been busy attending to yourself, significant others, friends or partners may have been feeling a little left out and are now claiming your attention. There’s more than enough love to go around as Venus in your 12th house has been attesting too. Getting others to understand your new perspectives on love and other matters could prove a little challenging come the beginning of February.

VIRGO If you feel like all order has left your life and your schedule has gone out the window, don’t worry as everything will settle once more as Mercury moves direct again at the end of February. There is a lot of emphasis on service/work this month although you may feel the need to hide away during the Full Moon and regain a sense of the personal self. You have given much to many and this is the time to recharge, re-balance and reflect. Venus is positively moving in your house of romance and children now and brings things to a head in these areas. There may be some conflict as she is challenged by Mars.

PISCES Full Moon shines brightly in your service arena and you will probably be wanting to help out a little at that time. Venus as she gets ready to move out of your community house and into Divine Unity allows you the space to feel deeply the Love that you’ve been so graciously sharing over these past few months. So by March you will be more on the receiving end and less helping out of others in desperate situations. There is a call to turn inwards and integrate the experiences of the past few months. For sure the tides will turn again and you will be needed, but for now a little self-healing/nurturing beckons.

Follow daily updates on my facebook page vibhutianjali Copyright © 2014 Vibhuti-Teri Norris You can read all past articles of Horoscope at

C/G/G - 11 Dec. 13

Lucy’s Batik unique -stylish - timeless


• wine bottle cases • coasters • paintings • pillow cases • carpets • scarfs • shawls • clothes • handbags • many more Jl. Raya Basangkasa No. 88 Seminyak, Kuta, Bali Tel. +62(361) 7951275 / 736098 Fax. +62(361) 736098 NEW OPENING: Jl. Raya Seminyak No. 75 Seminyak Center C/G/I-25 Dec 13

A selection of exquisite jewelry and other distinctive pieces

Jl. Petitenget No. 110 Kerobokan - Bali C/G/I-08 Jan 14

Body & Spirit International Medical / Life Insurance Group and Individual Scheme

William Russell, Aetna, IMG, Pacific, BUPA, IPH etc

More Choices with Many Providers Based in Jakarta and Bali Contact: +6221 7692595 C/He/M-Oct 16. 13

C/He/G-13 Nov. 13

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05 February - 19 February, 2014

Body & Spirit


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C/He/G-5 Feb. 14


Body & Spirit

05 February - 19 February, 2014

Alternative Voice

Is it a Placebo or a Tomato?


The Question to ask when considering Medical Treatment Bio-chemistry has long possessed many of the answers as to the causes, and how we may prevent and treat the chronic diseases that affect us. Why then do most of us, including most doctors, not know more about this? Why is so much of what we are told ineffective and contradictory? ParacelsusAsia attempts to shed some light... In a landmark article “Resolving the Coronary Artery Disease Epidemic Through Pant-Based Nutrition, published in Preventative Cardiology in June 2007 Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn wrote how fortunate we are that science has given us the knowledge of how to prevent, arrest, and reverse heart disease. He goes on to lament that we are not so blessed in the capacity of our institutions to share this information with us effectively. The reasons for this Dr. Esselstyn claims are the over-strong ties to industry and politicians resulting in conÀicts of interest within our private and governmental health institutions, and compromising the accuracy of their message to the public. This he sees as a violation of public trust and a stain on the integrity of the medical profession that has gone on far too long. Dr. Esselstyn cites research from clinical nutritional biochemist Dr Mark McCarty published in the Journal of Medical Hypotheses among others to say “the fact that a low-fat, fiber-rich vegan diet can reduce risk for most types of cancer, ischemic heart disease and its complications, obesity… diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, gallstones, renal stones, appendicitis, diverticulitis, hiatal hernia, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and possibly the chief metabolic complications of pregnancy - disorders which are collectively responsible for the majority of the deaths and hospitalizations in Western society - should be suf¿cient to recommend it.” “We need to change this”, says Dr. Esselstyn concluding with a clear call to action to his profession, “…from now on, it is science not politics and economics that must dictate dietary recommendations.” Of course there are no guarantees and not everyone is prepared or need become strict vegans to bene¿t from sensible diet modi¿cation. Substantial risk reduction is also available to anyone willing to make less striking changes in their lifestyle and who can be encouraged to reduce their consumption of animal products. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that in the process of writing his paper on the comparative endocrinological effect of plant versus animal proteins, Dr. McCarty was so overwhelmed by the preponderance of evidence he found while writing his article that he himself become vegan.

sibly play? A century later, in the mid-1800’s, certain enterprising souls looking for ways to sell and charge more for rice came up with the idea of polishing it from brown to white. A brilliant commercial success, to be sure, but not long before an epidemic of sudden death from heart attack struck Asia. Millions died of beriberi, a vitamin B de¿ciency affecting the heart muscle, Again the cure was discovered - rice bran, yet it took many decades before the medical community ¿nally woke up to the problems of de-natured and re¿ned rice. The perpetrators of the original nutritional travesty no doubt being the very ones to sell back the detritus of their “polishings” as a newly branded product. Spare a thought too for Dr. Semmelweiss, the prominent Viennese doctor who ended his days in an Austrian lunatic asylum for daring to suggest that doctors and surgeons should wash their hands before treating patients; the forty years it took the profession to accept that estrogen hormone replacement therapy and the pill greatly increased the risk of breast cancer for women. Not to mention the many other doctors who have been cruelly persecuted for stepping out of line while successfully treating their patients by a medical establishment more concerned with the protection of its own interests over the public wellbeing. Today we are in the throes of another epidemic, the sudden death from heart attack. It too is primarily caused by diet, and it too has a simple cure - prevention. How long must we wait to be told the full facts so we can make up our own minds without being fobbed off with nonsense, half truths and worse?

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Aum Rudraksha Designs The “Original Malas”

created and designed by Soma Temple, a resident of Bali for more than 20 years, mixing sacred Rudraksha beads with gemstones, silver and gold. Sacred Rudraksha’s have been used for centuries by ancient sages and modern mystics to quiet the mind, cool the body, and enhance awarness. Full of Shakti to protect you. Lovingly, ethically handmade & blessed in Bingin Bali., Ph.(0361) 7420937 C/G/I-26 June 13

C/He/G-22 Jan. 14

Don’t eat so many Animals…

Dr. McCarty ends his paper: “I suspect that the simple injunction, ‘Do not eat animal products’ has the potential to do more for world health than all of the abstruse wisdom in all of the world’s medical libraries.” While doctors Esseltyn and McCarty are certainly right that eating vegan would save many lives, it does not mean they have the whole truth or that avoiding grains while eating limited amounts of organic dairy and free range meats would not have many of the same bene¿cial effects. The essential point made by Dr Esseltyn and Dr. Goodwin is that while nutritional science may be clear, the truth remains shrouded from us for political and commercial reasons, compounded by inertia. And this they say is unprofesAmerica knows they’re Poison… So why don’t more within the scienti¿c and medical com- sional and unacceptable. munity similarly embrace a plant-based diet or, failing that, why don’t they have the integrity to at least tell us what Modern medicine is particularly prone to the Tomato Efthe science really shows? Part of the reason may be the fect. Pharmaceutical companies have increasingly turned to theoretical over practical arguments for the use of their “Tomato Effect”. drugs. And for very good reasons. It greatly speeds up Coined in the Journal of the American Medical Association the approval process and increases pro¿ ts. Unfortu(JAMA) 27 years ago, by Dr James S. Goodwin, the To- nately what gets lost using only theoretical criteria are the mato Effect eloquently describes the rejection of highly only three issues that really count when picking a therapy: ef¿cacious therapies by the medical establishment be- Does it help? How toxic is it? How much does it cost? cause they go against the prevailing conventional wisdom, particularly as espoused by the pharmaceutical majors. Not asking this is bad medicine. We risk rejecting a safe Imported from the New World, “By the year 1560, the inexpensive, effective therapy for another that may be tomato, was becoming a staple of the continental Euro- less effective, more toxic and expensive for one that is pean diet. At the same time it was actively shunned in new. While medicine cannot progress without theoretical North America for literally centuries.” The reason… is structure, structure by de¿nition limits peripheral vision simple: they were poisonous. Everyone knew they were while allowing us to focus on a particular path. The benpoisonous, at least everyone in North America did. It was e¿ts of structure far outweigh the disadvantages but it is not until 1820, when a subversive gourmet named Robert limiting, and can be abused. Gibbon scoffed a tomato on the steps of the courthouse in Salem, New Jersey - and survived, did things begin to We must seek to avoid this by asking and acting upon the change. And that is why in the US, tomatoes are a billion answer to these two key questions: dollar crop today. Examples of this “Tomato Effect” - a Before we accept a treatment we should ask - “Is this a slavish and/or self-serving devotion to orthodoxy, are as placebo?” frequent in medicine today as ever. For example, ignoring and: the successful use of the plant autumn crocus in the Before we reject a treatment we should ask - “Is this a treatment of gout for a thousand years before modern tomato?” medicine “discovered” it as the drug colchicine. Aspirin, also ignored for 3,000 years of successful analgesic use as willow tree bark extract.


Extending this to the ¿eld of nutrition, countless sailors died of scurvy, a vitamin C de¿ciency, for a hundred years after lemon juice was a known cure, because at the time the medical world insisted the disease was caused by an imbalance of the humors; what role could eating fruit pos-

Comments or queries Copyright © 2014 ParacelsusAsia You can read all past articles of Alternative Voice at www. C/He/I-05 Feb. 14

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05 February - 19 February, 2014


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+40yrs Experience





HAMMERHEAD GYM & DOJO AORA Jl. Nakula Seminyak 2nd + 3rd Floors Mon - Sat 6 Am - 10 Pm Sun 8 Am - 6 Pm

Call: 082147466065 email: C/He/G-22 Jan. 14


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Upix Nail Extensions Professional Nail Tech Acrylic and Gel

At your home, hotel or villa Phone: 0361-874 2556 +62 813 3879 1146 Email: C/He/I-27 Nov 13

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Shashi Tarot Card Reading Crystal Healing Reiki Therapy JI Werkudara 520, Legian Kaja, Kuta Hp: 081 811 9634 email: C/He/I-05 Feb 14


Oh No!....HEAD LICE! Here we go again. Another out-break of head lice rips through schools and homes. While lice are not dangerous they are a nuisance and can cause uncomfortable itching and irritation especially on areas of the body that are covered with hair (typically the scalp, neck, and behind the ears). Signs and Symptoms: Lice are tiny brown and gray parasites. If your child’s hair is involved, you might be able to see the tiny lice eggs (called “nits”), which look like white grains of sand attached to the hair shafts. It is more common to see nits in a child’s hair than it is to see live lice crawling on the scalp. The best way to check on the presence of lice, if you are not sure, is to use the following lice detection regime: 1. Wash the hair as normal. 2. Apply conditioner liberally, including the full length of long hair. 3. Lay out white tissues over which you will comb the hair. 4. Comb the hair through with a normal comb first, to get rid of any knots. 5. With a fine tooth comb (“nit comb”), starting from the roots of the hairs, comb out along the complete length of the hair. After each stroke check the comb for lice and wipe it clean. Work systematically around the whole head of hair. 6. Rinse the hair as normal. “The Creature” The head louse, Pediculus humanus capitus, though very small (2 mm to 4 mm long), can be seen by the human eye. Lice live among human hairs, draw blood from the skin (although the amount drawn is almost too little to measure), and lay eggs (“nits”) on hair shafts, close to the skin surface, where the temperature is perfect for incubation. They have tiny claws on their legs that are adapted for feeding and clinging to hair or clothing. Their bites may cause inflammation and itching, and they can become infected. Temporarily, lice can live in clothing, bed linens, combs, brushes, and hats that have come in contact with an infested person. Kids and teens are most prone to catching lice because they are likely to share such personal items and because they are often in close physical contact with other infected children. Prevention: Although a head lice infection is not a sign of uncleanliness, you can help prevent lice by taking the following precautions: • avoiding physical contact with a person who has lice • not sharing combs, brushes, hats, helmets, ribbons, or other personal items • examining and treating members of your household who have had close contact with a person infected with lice • keeping your child home from school or day care until the morning after treatment for lice

• Keep your child’s hair short, tied up, or platted while at school. Treatment Locally available remedies contain a chemical that kills the mite, which is one percent gamma-benzene hexachloride, and is effective but can be toxic. The commercial names are Pedicutox or Oba Kutu rambut. (Not to be used on infants or pregnant women). There are several commercially available shampoos, mousse or lotion formulas available overseas, (look for formulas containing permethrin 1%) however I have never seen any of these on the local market here in Bali. Home Treatment Nearly all home remedies rely on some method to suffocate the lice. Using an effective home remedy is probably preferable to putting harsh chemicals on your child’s head. Here are some of the natural “suffocating” or “smothering” treatments that work well if you follow the instructions. Coat the hair with olive, coconut or almond oil. Some people suggest coating the comb instead of the hair and re-applying the oil as needed. Separate the hair into small sections, using a hair clip to move them out of the way. Work under a good light so you can see what you’re doing. Rinse out the comb often under running hot water as you go. A number of essential oils have been shown to be effective—along with combing—in eliminating head lice. Before you use any essential oil, put a small drop on the back of your child’s hand. Although it’s rare, some kids have allergic reactions to these oils—specifically tea tree oil. If your child is allergic to one, move on to the next oil on the list. In order of most to least effective, the essential oils to try include tea tree oil, lavender oil, neem oil, clove oil, eucalyptus oil, aniseed oil, cinnamon leaf oil, red thyme oil, peppermint oil & nutmeg oil. Mix 2 ounces of hair conditioner with 15 to 20 drops of the essential oil. Apply to the scalp. Leave this mixture on the scalp and hair overnight—at least 12 hours. The following morning, comb out your child’s hair. Then, shampoo, rinse, and repeat. Remember combing out the hair is absolutely essential to removing the lice!

C/He/I-22 Jan 14

Kim Patra is a qualified registered nurse and midwife who has been living and working in Bali for almost 20 years. She now runs her own private practice and medical referral service from her Kuta office. Kim is happy to discuss any health concerns with you and she may be contacted via e-mail at info@chcbali. com or Office number : 0361-2775666.

Copyright © 2014 Kim Patra You can read all past articles of Sickness & in Health at C/He/G-8 Jan. 14

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For Sale; Commercial fryer, western style, Suitable for cafe/restaurant and fries/ chicken etc. 5 litre. Good condition, 2 million. Tel 0819 9996 3440. Sanur. [059]

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Massage Specialists, yes.... BUT also check out our nail gel, keratin smoothing, color and highlight, waxing and ear candling.

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Featuring Clinique and OPI products Jl. Danau Tamblingan # 154 Sanur 286330 C/He/G-27 Nov. 13

For Sale; Pool table, professional 9 ft pool hall, marble surface, good condition, 12 million nego. Billiards tables include attractive lighting units. 2 Pool tables, 7 ft, local type, marble surface, good cond. 2.5 million each. 0819 9996 3440. Sanur. [056] C/He/I-10 July 13



Body & Spirit




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The talented Rochelle Naughton and her team brings beautiful hair to Bali island. “ Our skills, passion and dedication ensures a memorable hair experience with hair you will love! “ * Specialising in Balayage, Ombre, Dip Dye ends * Colour and Colour Correction * Beautiful Haircuts * Keratin Smoothing and Chemical Straightening * Amazing Wedding Hair and Makeup * Hair Extensions

Jl. Legian Kelod, No. 396. (between Melasti and Padma streets) Phone: 0361 763 563 C/He/I-01 May 13

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C/He/I-05 Feb. 14

C/E/I-11 Dec 13


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eauty & Health by Shari


The two most common injuries in Bali stem from motorbike and sur¿ng accidents. If you’re like me, being an active person, I’ve had my fair share of tumbles and injuries. Not being a masochist, I look for a solution as soon as possible to alleviate my suffering. What to do? Where to go?

according to some studies, promote bone fracture healing. However, if there is a very minor break in a bone in the area that is close to the surface, a sharp pain can be felt. This can be an accurate tool for diagnosing minor fractures, which may not be obvious on the x-ray.

• If I think I’ll get a bruise, I immediately apply some arnica Russian Waves cream, which helps prevent a bruise and alleviates the pain. • For a longer term injury I’ll take some arnica homeopathic pellets available at Earth Café and Zula Café. • Massage will often relieve muscular pain, provided the therapist uses therapeutic techniques. • For more serious injuries and pain I seek professional medical attention.

Another favourite tool of the therapist is electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), which permits muscles to develop very quickly without any pain. This is commonly used following surgery when atrophy of the muscles has occurred or following damage to bones, joints, muscles ligaments and tendons. Electrodes are attached over skin to conduct current and activate the nerves causing the muscles to contract.

In an accident with a horse I dislocated my shoulder a year and a half ago and wish I had discovered Dermoestetica Health & Beauty at the time. Unfortunately they weren’t open for business yet. They are dedicated to physiotherapy applications under the supervision of a technical advisor with over thirty years of experience in medical and aesthetic techniques using hands, electrotherapy, ultrasound and radiofrequency. Despite the months since my injury I still have some residual inÀammation in the shoulder, which is now being treated with physiotherapy. Studies of EMT were conducted during the 19th and 20th centuries but it was the Soviet Union sports scientists Physiotherapy during the 1960s that perfected the techniques for use in sports and outer space to prevent the cosmonaut’s muscles Physiotherapy has to atrophy during their extended stay in outer-space. This is b e e n a p a r t o f commonly referred to as Russian Waves for strength m e d i c i n e s i n c e training, rehabilitation and preventative tool for partially or t h e t i m e o f totally immobilized patients and a post-recovery tool for H i p p o c r a t e s , athletes. who advocated massage, manual EMT can be used for therapy and relaxation of muscle h y d r o t h e r a p y. spasms, prevention Modern physiotheror retardation of apy developed with d i s u s e a t r o p h y, remedial exercises during the polio outbreak in the 1940s increasing local and during World War 1 women were recruited to restore blood circulation, physical function to soldiers who had been injured in battle. muscle re-education, The ¿rst school of physical therapy was started at Walter post-surgical Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C. after the onset of stimulation of calf World War 1. muscles to prevent venous thrombosis A physiotherapist is able to diagnose and treat children to and maintaining or increasing range of motion. Another elderly individuals that have health problems, injuries or application is transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation other medical problems that limit their ability to move and (TENS), in which the electric current is used for pain therapy. perform functional activities in their daily lives. Often their tool of choice in treating patients is ultrasound therapy, which Recommendations was developed during World War II to navigate submarines. It was discovered that high intensity of ultrasound waves I asked what is recommended following an injury such as a were heating and killing ¿sh. This led to research in heating sprain or a fall and not a broken bone. tissue and healing and has been used by physiotherapists since the 1940s for its therapeutic effects. • Get medical attention as soon as possible to get advice on what to do. Therapeutic ultrasound is • If it’s likely a sprain, apply ice for 10 minutes for most body used to reduce inÀammation, parts and up to 20 minutes for lower back pain. Make sure relieve pain and promote the ice doesn’t directly have contact with the skin, but repair of the tissues up to wrapped in a plastic bag inside a small towel. Repeat this 3cm deep into the skin. every hour. An alternative method is to apply heat for 10 The intensity of ultrasound minutes, then cold for 10 minutes, then heat and ¿nished can be controlled by the with cold. This will bring fresh blood into the area, which therapist at 1 MHz in pulsed will speed up the healing. Continue applying ice until the or steady waves. Ultrasound inÀammation subsides. is also a great way to • Keep moving a joint if there isn’t a fracture to prevent the administer medication to joint from freezing up. However, if a ligament is damaged tissue below the skin, immobilize the joint. especially for patients • If you have a bruise, which is a collection of blood under who hate injections. The the skin, apply heat to dissipate the blood. ultrasound forces the medication through the skin, which is commonly used with Cortisone to reduce inÀammation. To get your body rehabilitated and relieve pain go to Dermoestetica Health & Beauty. They also offer radiofrequency Ultrasound can produce many facials and cellulite treatments. Sunset Road 39A. effects other than just the Tel: 087861451444. potential heating effect, which increases tissue relaxation, local blood Àow and Copyright spa inspirations 2014 scar tissue breakdown. The For clinics and spas offering new treatments effect of the increase in local contact me for an upcoming story. blood Àow can be used to help You can read all past articles of Beauty & Health at reduce local swelling and chronic inflammation, and,

C/He/G-5 Feb. 14


Diploma in Spa Therapy Course : 3 February – 28 March 2014 Final Registration Date : 27 January 2014 Exam : April 2014

Join Now

For more information contact Tel: +62 (0) 361 281289 +62 (0) 81 337 070 584 57A Jalan Sekuta Sanur Bali C/He/G-22 Jan. 14

PROBLEM WITH YOUR TEETH Repair and rehabilitate your teeth in less than a week.


 911 Dental : when you have very severe toothache-I need two hours-one visit to clear-just walk in to have the treatment.  For Less Price : Crown 350 AUD including root canal treatment if needed. Dental Implant 1,200 AUD (+ Crown) we have immediate loaded implants.  For a Quick Results : Teeth in a day. Porcelain Crown/Bridgework finished in one day. 14 units bridgework in one week (full mouth rehabilitation). One implant + Crown-One day. Ten implants whole mouth - one week with Ceramill Multi-X Machine.  For No Stress Procedure : Just sit down in one place and finished! No referring to other specialist because we are the specialist.  We do Cosmetic Dentistry : Laser Bleaching, Laminating For Discolored Teeth, Soft Tissue Grafting, Gum Plastic Surgery For Gummy Smile, Bone Grafting.  Now We Have CEREC Technique from Germany. We make Porcelain Crown, Inlay, Laminating, Bridgework without metal for front teeth and posterior teeth for 14 unit bridgework.  No Waiting List, just walk in and get the treatment done! D E N TA L C L I N I C INHOUSE DENTAL LAB,CEREC


BALI 911 DENTAL CLINIC IMPLANT CENTER Jl. Patimura No. 9-11 Denpasar, Bali-Indonesia Tel. (0361) 249749, 222445 Speak to the Dentist: (0361) 7440911, 0812 3800911 e-mail: Website:

for your benefit

MALL BALI GALLERIA 2nd Floor No. 2C-58/59 Jl. Raya By Pass Ngurah Rai, Simpang Dewa Ruci - Kuta Ph : (0361) 766254-55 Speak to the Dentist: (0361) 7449911 Open on Sunday


DHARMAWANGSA SQUARE Ground Floor Unit 65, Jakarta Ph: (021) 727 88284 Hp. 081 113 7241 E-mail: FOR PORCELAIN & DENTAL IMPLANT C/He/G-25 Dec. 13

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Women’s Health

Obstetrics & Gynecology



Ȋ Pre Pregnancy Assessment Ȋ Comprehensive Antenatal Care Ȋ Postpartum Care (Post Pregnancy Care) ȊȱAntenatal Risk Assessment, Diagnostic & Counseling Ȋ First Trimester Screening ȊȱHormonal Testing ȊȱFertility Screening & Assessment ȊȱPrenatal Genetics (PAPP-A / Amniocentesis) Ȋ 3D-4D Detailed Antenatal Ultrasound Scans Ȋ Birth Plan, Labour Guidance Ȋ Baby Delivery Ȋ Miscarriage / Ectopic Pregnancy Ȋ VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Section)

Ȋ Cervical Cancer Screening Ȋ PAP Smear & HPV testing Ȋ HPV Vaccination Ȋ Colposcopy for Abnormal Pap Smear Ȋ Ovarian Cyst Screening ȊȱFamily Planning & Contraception ȊȱManagement of Abnormal & Painful

ARC ANTI-AGING BEAUTY CLINICS A: Jl. Sunset Road No. 819. Kuta 80361, Bali T: (0361) 754645, 750982, 7427876, 7424639 E: W: C/He/G-5 Feb. 14


ȊȱTreatment of Genital Prolapse & Urinary Incontinence (Urogynecology)

ȊȱSolutions to Vaginal Discharge and Itch ȊȱRemoval of misplaced IUCD ȊȱProvision of Balanced Menopausal Advice ȊȱHysterectomy ȊȱTreatment of Fibroids & Endometriosis Women’s Health opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 2 pm - 6pm

C/He/G-8 Jan. 14

C/He/G-22 Jan. 14


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Feel Great With The Five Tibetan Rites, The Rishi Isometrics, Chakra Sounds, Mantras, Colours and Mandalas Tao Inner Smile Meditation NC/He/I-5 Feb. 14

S2S FITNESS Fitness equipment for sale - for home, hotel or villa. Stay fit & provide your guests with the essential fitness equipment. Enquire now for our product list. SMS 081 3393 73550 or e-mail: C/He/I-27 Nov 13

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Bali’s Best Spa Wherever you are

C/He/G-5 Feb. 14

C/He/G-12 June 13

By Ayu Spicy

Delicious International Dishes (Indonesian Language Version available at I was in California in late harvest season last year and had a request for fresh tomato soup. Remembering the Tuscan adage of starting with a good soffritto, I diligently diced onions, carrots, and celery and slowly sautéed them into sweet goodness. A few sprigs of rosemary and the other ingredients cooked slowly over a low flame yielded perfection…. well perfection that is, if you like tomato soup.

Fresh Tomato Soup with Rosemary and Basil Serves 4 - 6 Ingredients: - 2 Tbl olive oil - 1 onion, chopped - 1 carrot, chopped - 2 stalks seladri leaves, chopped (or use celery if you can find it) - 3 big cloves garlic, chopped - 1 cup white wine or homemade stock - 1 kg ripe tomatoes, quartered (use the ripest ones you can find) - 1-2 sprigs fresh rosemary (it has to be fresh) - 4 branches fresh basil leaves, chopped - 1 pinch of red chili flakes - 1 ¼ tsp. salt - ¼ tsp. freshly ground black pepper - 3/4 cup stock or water - 2 cloves garlic – finely chopped - ¼ cup crème fraiche for garnish, optional - 4 sprigs of basil for garnish

Directions: Heat the oil in a large soup pot. When hot add the onions and stir, frying for about 5 minutes. Add the carrots, garlic and seladri and stir, frying for another 10 minutes. Let the mixture simmer over low heat, stirring occasionally being sure it doesn’t stick or burn. Add the wine or stock and the rosemary and stir, cooking for another 5 minutes. Add the tomato quarters, half of the chopped basil, red chili flakes, 1 cup of stock or water, and salt and pepper to taste. Bring to a boil. Cover and turn down the heat simmering for 30 - 40 minutes or until the tomatoes are completely broken down. Stir occasionally to be sure it isn’t sticking. You can add more water if it is.

C/He/I-05 Feb. 14

Premiere Salon of the Nusa Dua, Bukit, Jimbaran Area

Welcomes you to experience our professional Hair and Beauty Treatments.

*Expert Cutting and Coloring *Wedding Hair/Make Up Specialists *Indulgent Hair Treatments *Wide Selection of Gel Polish and Nail Art *Free Wifi *And Good Coffee Too

Come see us at: Jalan Uluwatu II, Jimbaran (next to Circle K) Make your next appointment by contacting us at: 03618472103 C/He/G-25 Dec. 13

Now add the remaining chopped basil and 2 cloves of finely chopped garlic. Turn off the heat. Remove the rosemary branches. Blend, using a stick blender right in the pot or put in a blender and whirl until smooth. Garnish with a drizzle of crème fraiche and a sprig of basil in each bowl. Soup’s On!!

All recipes are available on the Bali Advertiser website in both English and Indonesian versions. You can easily copy and paste and print. Paste as unformatted text. Copyright © 2014 Ayu Spicy You can read all past articles of Food Glorious Food at NC/HE/U-05 Feb. 14

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BOTOX® C/He/G-30 Oct. 13

ARC Anti-aging Beauty Clinics are Australian-managed and staffed with Australian-trained cosmetic physicians. Established in 2002, ARC uses more Botox®, Human Growth Hormone and Aquamid® than any other medical or cosmetic outlet in Indonesia.

Botox® is used for: ~ Frown lines on the forehead ~ Crow’s feet (lateral eye lines) ~ Droopy eyebrows and eyes that give a tired and aged appearance ~ Smoker’s lines on upper lip ~ Prominent chin creases ~ Sagging skin and horizontal lines on the neck ~ Excessive underarm sweating ~ Chronic migraine

Opening hours:


Monday - Friday: 9 am - 6pm Saturday: 9 am - 3pm

A: Jl. Sunset Road No. 819. Kuta 80361, Bali T: (0361) 754645, 750982, 7427876, 7424639 E: W:

C/He/I-18 Sept 13

C/He/G-5 Feb. 14

PRP Treatment only Rp. 1.500.000,+ Bio Filler

J A K A R TA - S U R A B AYA - B A L I

Beauty and Health Promo - Whitening Recell Therapy - Get 70% Special Price for * Derma Punch Promo * Permanent Hair Removal




Only 5 Days Rp. 200.000


- Slim and Body Fit Program Only Rp. 1.900.000



- Botox Allergan Rp 50.000/unit


Nose Filler - Smile Line Filler - Bounching Dimple - Hand Filler - Breast Augmentation Buttock Augmentation


- Get 70% Filler

- Free Doctor Consultation Gardenia Village no.7 Jl. Tangkuban Perahu gang Mekarsari Kerobokan, Denpasar - Bali 0361 - 739 220 / 747 3595 C/He/I-30 Oct 13

C/He/G-2 Oct. 13


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05 February - 19 February, 2014


Behind the Mask

Performance and sacred masks play an integral role in Bali’s ceremonies and rituals. “Masks are powerful receptacles of wandering spirits; they represent witches, gods, animals and people,” says Judy Slattum, who produced the only scholarly book yet to be published about Balinese masks in 1992. “Masks are objects of deep power and mystical signi¿cance.” Bringing cultural tours to Bali in the early 1980s, Judy was fascinated by the masks but frustrated by the lack of de¿nitive information about them. No books or other materials were available and anecdotal data was inconsistent. In 1989 she took a sabbatical from Cabrillo College where she was teaching theatre to research the subject. Most mask carvers make ‘art shop’ or commercial masks. To make sacred masks a c a r v e r undergoes a purification ceremony and learns special rituals. Only a few (usually high caste) carvers are permitted to undertake the creation of the sacred Barong and Rangda/Durga masks. Cokorda Mas of Mas village gave Judy a list of 17 mask authorities all over Bali to interview -- carvers, dancers, singers and teachers. One of these was Cok Raka Tisnu of Singapadu, at that time Vice Chair of the Dance and Music Department of Udyana University and twice named the best mask dancer in Bali at the Bali Arts Festival. He contributed much knowledge to the project and continues to share his deep knowledge of Balinese ritual masks.

It’s no small matter for a village to order a Barong and a Rangda. A medium quality mask will cost about 60 million rupiah and a top quality one more than twice that, reÀecting the amount of gold leaf that’s applied to the mask. But if the spirit demands it, the village must raise the funds. Another committee goes to the village where the tree grows to ask permission to use the wood with the knot, and pay for a ceremony in which the priest makes a token cut in the wood. The master carver then removes the knot from the tree and takes it home where it’s blessed by a priest on arrival. The wood will season for six months before the priest names an auspicious day for the carving to begin.

Please Call


Safe, Painless and Relaxing

When working on the mask, the carver wears pakaian adat (Balinese traditional dress) and is very careful not to cut himself and pollute the wood with blood. Carving a mask takes about a month, and the elaborate costume that accompanies it may take another two.

C/He/I- 05 Feb 14

Klinik PENTA Medica

24 Hours Medical Assistance

The ¿nished mask requires a small puri¿cation ceremony because the wood has been polluted by being on the ground and held between the carver’s feet. When the mask is ready it’s taken to the village’s Pura Dalem temple. The mask is not yet sacred. A pasupati ceremony, held on an auspicious full or dark moon night, is held to invite the spirit to enter the mask. It’s important for the people of the village to witness the spirit inhabiting the mask, but many women are afraid to attend this powerful ritual.

In the middle of the cemetery the masks are set on human skulls, and the priests and priestesses conduct rituals to invite in the spirit. Judy’s husband Surya, who’s witnessed this phenomena a dozen times, described it to me. “A solid ball of Àame Àies from the temple into the mask, which glows. The priests and priestesses are possessed by the spirit of the mask and begin to howl -- sometimes the onlookers are possessed as well. The priests don the masks and dance Bali was a very different place In the middle of the cemetery the them for the first time in in those days. Cars were few masks are set on human skulls, trance. The energy is and expensive to rent, almost and the priests and priestesses amazing, very intense. Then no one had a telephone and undertaking long journeys the masks lead a procession conduct rituals to invite in the spirit during the rains on a motorbike of villagers to the temple, very dif¿cult. Accompanied by where the masks will live.” her translator (later husband), scholar Made Surya, Judy spent six months travelling all over the island gathering Once the spirit has entered it, the mask becomes extremely information about ritual masks. Last week we sat together powerful. It’s wrapped in white cloth and stored in the Pura in Cok Tisnu’s quiet compound, sipping tea and watching him Dalem, only leaving it for a ceremony or ritual. It can only carve a topeng mask. Glass cases held important masks, be touched by a priest or priestess; when a performer needs newly painted masks hung to dry and old ones were being to wear the mask, it’s placed on him by a priest, the actor lovingly refurbished by skilled workers. does not touch it. Puri¿ed masks used in other mask dances are never displayed on walls, but stored in fabric bags in the “The best carvers are often dancers too,” Judy explained. village or family temple. “Important dancers will commission a topeng mask and costume from a master carver because he can monitor how These sacred masks are intense labours of devotion, their well the mask will work.” glossy surfaces receiving at least 40 coats of paint, with meticulous sanding between each. The paint used on Although there are several signi¿cant masks used in Balinese a sacred mask must be natural and organic, and is rituals the most important ones are Barong and Durga/ painstakingly prepared daily with calci¿ed pig bones, plant Rangda. Always together, they represent Bali’s fundamental pigments, clay and carbon. They are decorated with gold duality: masculine/feminine energies, harmony and balance, leaf, horse hair, jewels, Chinese coins, boar tusks and good vs evil. Sacred masks are used during Calonarang mirrors. dance with the widow witch as the main character, or Durga, or Shiva manifesting anger. So this same mask may represent Because they are integral to Bali’s living religion, the ritual art of mask making continues to thrive in Bali although it is three or more different characters . fading in other cultures. The The Barong is associated with the animistic world and powerful masks continue to represents the king of the forest; there is no equivalent in protect the people of Bali, India. The most common Barong is the Barong Ket, but and in turn are deeply there are also boar, tiger, cow and (rarely) deer Barongs. He honoured by them. appears in several dances, but his chief function is to patrol the village on certain auspicious occasions, asserting his power. Not all villages have the Barong and Durga masks. Sometimes a villager will go into a spontaneous trance and be ‘entered’ by a spirit. People pay very close attention to the information transmitted by the spirit through the person in trance, carefully writing it down. If the spirit says that the village needs a Barong, then a committee will approach a master carver to discuss the order and ask where they can obtain the correct wood. Almost all sacred and performance masks in Bali are carved from Pule wood (Alstonia augustifolia), which is light and easily carved and often grows in cemeteries. When a Pule tree has a visible knot it is considered pregnant and the knot is suitable to become a sacred mask. Removing the knot doesn’t harm the tree; masks made from knots from the same tree are considered siblings.

Laser Therapy


GP consultation & home visit/out call Professional emergency room service Air charter & commercial medical evacuation Dental clinic service Home care & nursing care First aid training Ambulance transfer & standby event service By joining PENTA Medicare Club (PMC), will get discounts at several medical providers in Denpasar Only IDR 135,000/year PMC Family Member IDR 486,000/year Klinik PENTA Medica

Jl. Teuku Umar Barat - Marlboro No 88, Denpasar - Bali Telp. 0361 490709 / 7446144, Fax 0361 - 490708, e-mail:

Klinik Penta Medica Candidasa

Jl. Raya Manggis No 88, Desa Manggis, Karangasem Telp. +62363 - 41909, Fax +62363 - 41002 E-mail: C/He/G-3 April 13



130 $/year

for example: 2 adults 40 and 35 years old + 3 children


360 $/year


Contact us for a free quote C/Ns/I-27 Nov 13

reshape, rebalance, reform at

Judy’s book Masks of Bali is available in Periplus and Ganesha Bookstores.


Ibu Kat’s book of stories Bali Daze - - Free-fall off the Tourist Trail is available from : - Ganesha Books in Ubud, Sanur and Seminyak - Amazon downloadable for Kindle E-mail: Copyright © 2014 Greenspeak You can read all past articles of Greenspeak at

Pilates can benefit individuals wishing to: • Lengthen and strengthen muscles • Improve posture and mobility • Tone and centre the body • Align and centre the body through core stability • Help prevent Osteoporosis and Tendonitis • Aid injury rehabilitation • Improve focus and breath control

Jl. Dewi Sri No.98 Legian Kelod (Off Sunset Road) Telephone 0361 - 7914127 Bali’s first fully equipped Pilates Studio C/He/G-01 May 13

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For Sale; Eks hotel / villa furniture second hand trade. Contact 0813-53-656-421 Canggu. [099] For Sale; Canon BG-E13 battery grip for Canon EOS 6D camera. In like-new condition. Rp. 1.5 million. <mauri.di.nusantara@ lycoscom>. Ubud. [087]

Garage Sale; Ex warung some teak chairs, etc. Pls call 081 834 1450 and 0813 3751 4118. Seminyak. Kerobokan. [085] For Sale; Deutsche Bücher zu verkaufen - German books. Rp 30-50k. Contact <> for titles. Kerobokan. [020] C/BT/I-20 March 13

C/BT/G-5 Feb. 14


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Also, Accountancy & Taxation Services, Personal and Corporate.

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See our website for full details, including costs Istana Kuta Galeria Block Techno No. 2 Jl. Patih Jelantik, Kuta - Badung Bali 80361 Tel. (0361) 769 144

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Bali Advertiser

05 February - 19 February, 2014

By The Coach

This Sporting Life RUGBY UNION NEWS Bali Rugby Club kick off the 2014 season with a double header against visiting Malaysian team from Johor, Tsunami SSTMI this Saturday 8th Feb.First game 15 a side, starts at 3pm; followed by a 7s game at 5.30pm at the Banteng Field in Seminyak, accessed via the lane opposite Made’s Warung. Ian Noakes from PRUI (Rugby’s national body) will referee the games. All welcome to support Bali.

Triathlon. Like in all matters Indonesian, conspiracy theories abound. The police action certainly makes a mockery of the Bali government’s purported efforts to make Bali an international sports hub, and brings us to the question who actually runs the island. On the other hand other competitors are more philosophical, having booked the trip, will just enjoy a relaxing weekend in Bali in June and look forward to 2015. CRICKET NEWS

Due to the construction of a water park at Canggu Club,Bali Rugby Club has discontinued training whilst they find a new training ground, however Beach Rugby at 66 Beach, Seminyak, continues every Thursday at 5pm. In other rugby news, a social touch rugby is on for the next 5 weeks at the new AIS Campus on Iman Bonjol Tuesdays 5-6pm open to 13+ year old players. TRIATHLON NEWS In a surprise development last week the organizers of The Bali Triathlon announced on their website: “This past week we received formal notification from the Bali Police asking that the 8th edition of the Bali International Triathlon be postponed until the Indonesian Presidential Elections 2014 are concluded. Because the election process only comes to a formal end with the swearing in of Indonesia’s next president on October 20, 2014, we have made the reluctant decision to postpone the next Bali International Triathlon originally scheduled for June 22, 2014 until June 2015. The letter from the police came as a complete surprise, especially after a series of meetings with the regency and police officials held to discuss preparations and operational plans for the coming race. Refunds are being arranged for all those already registered and paid for the 2014 race. We hope to see you all in June 2015 for a bigger and even better 8th Bali International Triathlon.” According to the Bali Triathlon website, reaction has been mixed with some competitors asking why triathlons in Batam (March) and Bintan (May) can be held but not the Bali


NC/BT/I-05 Feb. 14

New & Extension Visa Retirement KITAS Pls call: 0361 - 739083 Jl.Tangkuban Perahu No.1 Kerobokan

Timur LP Kerobokan (20m)

Family KITAS Working KITAS Legal Wedding All relevant business

Round 1 (19 Jan 2014) The opening round of the Bali Indoor Cricket League saw some shock results with both of last year’s finalists losing with the 2013 Champions, Canggu CC, losing to last year’s wooden spooners, The Cooks and new team Geckos @ Y-Bar looking like the early favourites to take out this year’s title. Denpasar CC (175) def BSF Cricket Academy (108). The Cooks (130) def Canggu CC (120). The Geckos @ Y-Bar (171) def Bali United CC (83). Best Batting Partnership: Lee/Damien (Geckos @ Y-Bar) - 50 runs. Best Bowling Figures: Jayco (Geckos @ Y-Bar) - minus 7 runs (and did it on one leg!). Most Wickets: Jayco/Damien (Geckos @ Y-Bar) – 5 wickets each. Anyone interested in joining to play or just watch, please SMS 0819 3628 4877 or email at or just go to the D’Lounge Futsal & Resto in Dalung (near Tiara Gatsu) played every 2nd Sunday.

C/BT/I-08 Jan 14


Our Services: VISA EXTENSION RETIREMENT VISA (MIN 55 YEARS OLD) WORKING VISA (KITAS) ARTIST VISA & MULTIPLE BUSINESS VISA SET UP COMPANY (PT & PMA) OFFICE : Head Office Jl Raya Semer No.26 Kerobokan Kuta Utara Phone/Fax : (0361) 736342 Branch Office Jl Legian No. 355 Legian Kuta Phone/Fax : (0361) 759255 Email : Website:

Contact Person : 081 2362 8737 or 081 2468 8357 C/BT/I-22 Jan 14

For full list of sports please go to http://www.

Sporting Calendar

C/BT/G-22 Jan. 14

Copyright ©2014 If you wish to add any sporting related information to the You can read all past articles of This Sporting Life at calendar, please email C/BT/G-02 Oct. 13

C/BT/G-5 Feb. 14

Computer & Internet For Sale: Metal detector Minelab Excalibur under water Rp. 5juta & Brownie’s Third Lung complete 3 person under water hookah diving system never use Rp. 13 juta. Call 081 2399 6852. Legian. [133] For Sale; Blackberry Bold 9780. Pearl white. incld. screen protector & case cover. Mint condition. Full set with box. Rp. 2.8jt. Contact 081 116 8805 or <>. Ubud. [134] For Sale; Surfboards (Australian): Rp. 2.500.000/ each. Sideways: 7’2”x22”x2 1/4”. Good condition. Fins/ leg rope. Rip Curl: 6’7” x 19 1/4”x28 1/8”. Good condition. Fins/leg rope and new board bag. Pics <lissy.mcleod@>. 0878 6159 0427. Kuta. [135]


UPS & Stabilizers

Uninterruptible Power Supply

The Best Solution For Power System

Sales & Service Centre



Jl. Tukad Pule No. 23 Sesetan - Denpasar Telp. (0361) 232158, 227798, 234377 Fax. (0361) 232158 Email: C/CI/G-22 Jan. 14


For Sale; Baby car seat good condition, cheap , only Rp. 750.000. Ph 081 2390 3648. Denpasar. [136]

C/Ci/I-16 Oct 13

The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory, but progress.

Community Groups

C/CI/G-4 Sept. 13

Part 1 of 9 (See all Community Groups at

Alcoholics Anonymous We are men and women who drank too much but have found we can help each other to stop drinking. We have meetings every day on Bali. If you want to learn how to stop drinking come to a meeting. To find a meeting, go to our website: <www.aa-bali. org> or call us: English – 081 5581 04700 Bahasa Indonesia – 087 8623 60454. Amcham Indonesia Amcham Indonesia affiliated with KADIN the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce, have established a special non-Jakarta membership category. Keep informed on local laws and regulations pertinent to U.S. business interests in Indonesia. Join Amcham contact <> or fax to 286 284. Anand Krishna Center Meditation is not just sitting down in silence, but working dynamically in the market place amidst the maddening crowd, however maintaining silence in the heart and mind. Anand Krishna has custom tailored hundreds of techniques to help modern men and women experience the ecstasy of meditation. Come and join us to live fully and celebrate life! Contact : Anand Krishna Center Jl. Pura Mertasari 27 Sunset Road Area, KutaBali Phone: 0361.780 1595 or 085 6370 9294 / 081 7974 1165 <> or <>.

Backgammon We play every Saturday in Warung Litut close by the jail we start around 12-13 hours. If we have enough players we play a tournament. 0821 4785 5399 or 081 2382 8251. B.A.R.C Bali Adoption Rehabilitation Center for dogs located in Ubud cares for negleted/abused animals in need. We survive on donatations only. To assist us please see our website <www.>. To adopt a rehabilitated puppy vaccinated and humanized please call 0361 275 7664 or 081 855 0947. Bali Aero Sport Club Open for everybody who wants to know about aviation, learning or just watching. This club is running under Federation Aero Sport Indonesia and Air Force Bali. Pascal Airstrip, coordinates: 8°34’51.51”S 115°06’44.60”E, Banjar Mengening, Desa Nyitdah, Kec. Kediri, Kab. Tabanan 82171, Bali - Indonesia. Telp +62 (0) 818 555 922 or +62 (0) 81 855 5933. <baliaerosportclub@gmail. com> & Facebook: Bali Aero SportClub. Bali Artisans Improving the lives of the impoverished through Fair Trade. Our mission is to alleviate poverty by creating opportunities for the poor to establish a sustainable source of income. We sell fairly traded handicrafts made by the impoverished men and women of Bali. For more info please go to <>.

Bali Business Club (BBC) – The First in Bali Bali Business Club is a Group of Professionals representing different industries who meet weekly to present their own business and to generate business referrals within and outside the group for each other. In other words members increase each other business through leads generated in a structured professional environment. It is all about increasing ones business through personal referrals. Bali Business Club meets once a week on Tuesday afternoon from 12.30 – 01.30 PM. You will find Bali Business Club the only true business referral networking Aussie Rules Football group in Bali. To be invite to the next session, please call Dayu The Bali Geckos Australian Rules Football team are always on (0361) 7909697 or 087862078769 or email <dayu@be-do. looking for new players of any standard. Young or old to join in org>. training and matches. Training is at 5pm every Thursday at the Seminyak Soccer oval [opposite Made’s Warung]. For info call Bali Buleleng Flying Club Bigboy Peter ‘Gun’ Muir 081 856 3474. A non-profit organization with the aim of promoting aerosports ANAK Foundation Since 2003 ANAK has helped children in need of financial support for their education through a system of Godparents sponsoring annual godchild costs. Our donors also participate in health and water projects. We act in several villages in very poor dry areas in Northeast Bali. Website : <http://www.anak. fr>

in Bali and cross-country flying to other islands. For more information contact <> or <http://www.balifly. com>. Bali Pink Ribbon Foundation We bring the important message of proactive self-examination, screening and early detection to all women in Bali in an effort to save lives. BPR is a Breast Cancer Support Center offering information in Indonesian and English. Monthly awareness seminars are also held in the centre. <>, <>, phone 0361-835 2299. Bali ‘Red Cross’ Blood Bank Needs You The Rotary Clubs of Bali and the Bali Red Cross Blood Bank are working together to increase the awareness about the severe shortage of Rh Negative Blood types here in Bali. (These are much less prevalent in Asian populations (0.3%) vs. European populations (10%). If you have Rh Negative Blood and would be prepared to help save a life, please contact the Bali Red Cross Blood Bank office today at 0361-227-224 and one of their mobile units will visit you at your home/office/hotel for your generous donation. The staff is professionally trained to International Standards and always uses new disposable needles. In addition, the Blood Bank is currently expanding its present list of Rh Negative Blood donors. If you are living in Bali and would be willing to have your name placed on a ‘confidential list’ for emergency cases, please call Ibu Metta - 081-855-2299 (English speaking). Help SAVE a life TODAY by sharing this information with your friends, colleagues and customers. Bali Rugby Union All players welcome, experienced or inexperienced, male & female, young & old. Senior Rugby Training Wednesday from 5pm at Canggu Club. Junior Rugby Academy: Mondays & Wednesdays 4-6pm Canggu Club; Thursday 4-6pm Bali International School. For further information <www.balirugby. com> or email <>. Bali Spa and Wellness Association A non profit, not commercially based organization that educates, networks, and promotes all individuals and businesses involved within the industry. Monthly lunch meetings the last Friday of every month at alternating locations throughout Bali. Contact: <>.

COMMUNITY GROUPS is free for all non profit activities, groups, etc. For your group to be listed here contact: Bali Advertiser Tel.755 392 / Fax. 764 191 or email : Please notify our office for any corrections or changes. Let’s keep this up to date!

Bali PC Advisor

Bali Advertiser

Computer & Internet

05 February - 19 February, 2014


by Pak Bruce

Wireless Printers and printing from your SmartPhone Should I Buy a Wireless Inkjet?

C/CI/G-29 May 13

A wireless printer is convenient and flexible; it can be set up just about anywhere and moved easily. Inkjet printing is the workhorse standard these days, providing a broad range of print quality at affordable prices. Put the two together and you have a state-of-the-art combination.

Starting package Rp. 1.850.000/static web incl. annual web hosting & domain name (space up to 250Mb)

As the name implies, a wireless inkjet printer doesn’t require a wired (USB or Ethernet cable) connection to your desktop or laptop. Instead, it connects via wifi to your network router, so it can be shared with all the computers in your home or office. You won’t lose anything in the way of speed or print quality by going wireless. But of course, you’ll still have to plug it into the wall for A/C power, so it’s not truly wireless in the sense of a mobile phone. Some Recommended Wireless Inkjet Printers For more info & appointment call 081 2386 6175

Here are some popular wireless inkjet printers for your consideration.

NC/CI/P-11 Dec. 13

The Brother MFC-640W Color Multi-Function Center costs only about US$110 but packs a lot of features. In addition to its 802.11 b/g wireless interface, this printer supports USB and Ethernet interfaces for highly flexible connectivity options. Of course, it scans, makes copies, and faxes too. You also get a 100-page document feeder; telephone handset; and digital answering machine. It includes a memory card reader for computer-free printing from a Memory Stick, xD, SmartMedia, CompactFlash, and other data cards. OmniPage OCR and ScanSoft PaperPort software are also included. The Epson WorkForce 600 Wireless AIO Printer is another multi-function machine that supports WiFi and Ethernet connectivity. It includes a memory card reader for computer-free printing. A 2.5 inch color LCD display lets you make adjustments to photos or other documents before they are printed. This wireless injket printer also features one-touch scan and copying, built-in double-sided printing, and a price of about US$160. The Lexmark X4850 Wireless AIO Printer features 802.11g wireless connectivity that lets you print virtually anywhere in your home or office, and allows multiple computers on a wireless network to share a single printer easily. The flatbed scanner can handle thick books as well as single pages. It supports USB flash drives and memory cards to enable computer-free printing. A 2.4 inch color LCD display lets you make adjustments to document images before they are printed. The standard ink array includes four colors, while an optional six-color array is designed for photo printing. The price of this wireless printer is around US$154.

C/CI/I-06 March 13

How to Print from Gmail on Your Android or iPhone Using Cloud Print Google recently launched the ability to print to your local printers from anywhere in the world using Google Cloud Print, but it didn’t work anywhere until today. Here’s how to set it up, get it running, and print from your mobile phone. At the moment, the only desktop way to use Cloud Print is from a Google Chrome Notebook, which most people don’t have access to, or from the Gmail Mobile web site ( that you can access from iPhone or Android. It’s also worth noting that only Windows is supported for the Cloud Print server portion. Install Chrome with the Beta or Dev Channels If you don’t have the Google Chrome browser installed yet, download the latest beta or developer release. If you currently have the stable release of Chrome you will need to install the latest beta release to get cloud printing to work.

Rajawali System Solution Jl. Pura Mertasari No. 9 Sunset Road Simpang Siur, Kuta Tel: (0361) 740 4990, 8477 456 Email:

Note: Once the installation has finished you will need to restart Google Chrome if it is already running Set up Cloud Print Once the developer version is installed click on the wrench menu and then options. Sign in with your Google account if required. On the right top is a 3 horizontal lines labeled “Customize and Control Google Chrome”, click on it and then scroll down to Settings. In the Search Settings box, enter “cloud print”. Once you have successfully signed in, you should get a confirmation window and then your options will change to have a disable button and a manage print settings button. If you click on Manage print settings you will be brought to another web page to delete printers from cloud print. This is also the page you can view active print jobs and share printers. Once your printers are configured click on “GCP Test Page” and print out a test. A pop-up will ask you which printer you want to use. You can select it and change any options from the link on the right. If you head back to the printer management page you will see your test print show up under active print jobs. The job should print out but you might have mixed results with virtual printers such as PDF printers. Just remember, the feature is currently in beta but like always, it will get better with time. Using Google Cloud Print Since we don’t have access to a Google Chrome notebook, I’ll show you how it works for regular people—as in, anybody with an iPhone or Android phone. Simple login to from your mobile browser, click the drop-down button on the upper bar, and then click Print. Then you’ll see a list of your printers, and you can select one. Once you select one of the printers, you can expand the Options, and choose the mode, color, and how many copies you want. After you’ve selected the printer, click the Print button in the lower right, and your document will show up on your printer. ============================================================================================ Have a question or problem? Write me at I’ll try and answer as soon as I can. Bali PC Advisor and other Bali Advertiser article Archives now ONLINE: If you are tired of trying to type the links you see in the printed articles you go to the Archive and cut-paste them PakBruce, your Bali PC Advisor! ©2004 - 2014 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without permission of the author or The Bali Advertiser

✔ MYOB Authorised Reseller

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✔ MYOB Training Centre ✔ MYOB Implementation

✔ Accounting Services ✔ Human Resources C/CI/I-02 Oct 13

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Education & Family BALI RENANG SWIMMING SCHOOL GROUP LESSONS ALL AGES & ABILITIES Private Lessons available for Homes, Villas. Schools & Corporate Bookings accepted for swim activities for Hotel ,Villa ,Management Groups. Email; <> Phone;+62-361-7443102 C/E/G-8 Jan. 14

Seminyak Language School Tlp 0361 - 733342 / 082144682277 Since 2000

Only 5 minutes from


For Sale; 2 pcs antique teakwood chair Javanese carved, Rp. 1.5 million. Lenght 1mx50cm high x 40 cm wide. 1 jumbo chair made of teakwood, 2m long x 80 cm wide x 1m high, Rp. 3.5 million. Call 0852 3800 7282. Denpasar. [137] For Sale; Polar exercise heart rate monitor. Model Electro CE0537. Never Used. No box. Incld. user manual. Mint condition. Rp.800.000. Contact 081 116 8805 or <peazefrog@>. Ubud. [138]

For Sale; Quick & cheap 6 tables 137x80x15 heavy wood suar. Call 081 7474 9084. Ubud. [016] For Sale; Sony Experia single sim card, white, condition 99,9 % complete and still guarantee asked 1,4 mil nego. 0361 745 5886, Dps. [005]

INDONESIAN & ENGLISH COURSE Tutor : I Made Juliarta, S.S, a tutor with 6 years experiences in teaching Bahasa & English for private & companies.

FREE TRIAL CLASS!!! Ph: 088219135161 E-mail:

Website: C/E/U-05 Feb. 14

For Sale; Jory surfboard with custom hand drawn artwork on top and bottom. Rp. 1 million. Call 0878 6296 8093. Pickup at Sanur. [139]

75% Conversation Jl.R. Jimbaran.1 Beside Mc. Donald

Jl.R. Canggu. 17 Around Bank BNI

Jl. Raya Seminyak. No. 7 In front of Bintang Market NEW CLASS : 17 FEBRUARY 2014 C/E/I-05 Feb 14

For Sale; Acoustic guitar in excellent condition with basic case. Rp. 500.000. Caraya bass guitar also in excellent condition. Rp. 750.000. Triple guitar stand (holds 3). Rp. 200.000. Contact 0878 6296 8093. Pickup at Sanur. [140]

C/E/I-17 April 13

C/E/I-05 Feb 14

Bali Advertiser

05 February - 19 February, 2014

Education & Family


For Sale; Fully carved teak joglo tumpang sari w/ 16cm pillars. 210cm x 180cm antique Javanese mirror w/ carving. asst. teak & suar wood tables, original paintings and decorative objects from personal collection. Contact: 0813 3727 3007 or <katalyst89@>. Ubud. [037] For Sale; Samsung LCD TV 32 inch model LA32B530 Full HD 1080, 2 HDMI, component, AVI, audio out, original remote control, prime condition, complete box and manual. Sale for Rp 2,1 millions. Please call 0361 279 5533 Denpasar Timur. [023] C/E/I-05 Feb. 14

Yayasan Pendidikan CENTERSTAGE 2014 Kreativitas Remaja CLASSES ARE OPEN NOW 0361 896 0606

Music Lessons - Vocal, Drums, Piano, Guitar, Bass and Violin Drama Lessons - Wednesdays Grease Rehearsals - Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays Hip Hop and Street - Thursdays Saturdays - Creative, Jazz and Modern Dance

the contemporary music school

For more information C/E/G-22 Jan. 14

C/E/G-22 Jan. 14

NC/E/U-5 Feb. 14

C/E/I-05 Feb. 14

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Education & Family

05 February - 19 February, 2014

Bali Advertiser

SCHEDULE THAT Bali Live Jazz Festival (5 – 8 March) For music lovers this is going to be a real treat. Combined with the Java Jazz Festival, this event will feature world famous international acts and the best of local talents from Bali and other far flung areas of Indonesia. Three nights of pre-events will feature bands in locations around Ubud including the famous Jazz Cafe, Ubud, Hard Rock Cafe, Kuta, House of Jazz, Ryoshi, KuDeTa, Mozaic Beach, SOS Anantara, W Hotel and more top venues around the centre and south Bali. The actual festival will take place at the open air concert at Taman Bhagawan with its stunning ocean views. The goal of the festival is to promote the music scene in Bali which has many talented artists as well as aspiring artists. It is also a great day out so do come along and support the musicians. Tickets for pre-events are available for purchase directly from the host venues in advance or at the door. You can also purchase tickets on-line or at outlets listed on the website. I smiled at this: There are no refunds and the festival will take place come rain or shine! Yes, Bali is certainly world famous for its prolonged rainy season so do dig out your rain coats and appropriate footwear. Fingers crossed for a day of blue skies and sunshine for this event! Do keep your eye on the website for up-dates.

building, the development that plays havoc on the surrounding environment that has a price to pay. On the other side of the coin the employment opportunities and the boost to the local economy all help to support the people of Bali and its neighbouring islands. Despite such issues, Bali continues to attract thousands upon thousands of visitors. It has won numerous awards for best hotels, spa and restaurants. It is no surprise then that the 9th International Exhibition for equipment, food, beverages and services to support Indonesia’s tourism and hospitality industry will be hosted in Bali. This exhibition has attracted vendors from all corners of the globe who will come to exhibit. Again, this is an opportunity for the industry’s representatives to gather in one of the top tourist destinations of the world. If you are in this line of business then do not miss out on all that this exhibition has to offer.

C/E/G-5 Feb. 14


: Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre, Kawasan Pariwisata, Lot NW/1 Nusa Dua Contact : 021 2525320

Tokyo Night (Fridays)

Japan conjures up images of sushi, neon lights, crowded trains, cherry blossom, Geishas and Haruki Murakami. Haruki Murakami is one of Japan’s best-selling, critically acclaimed authors in case you don’t know and he comes highly recommended with notable novels including IQ84 When : 2 pm – 11 pm (Saturday 8 March) and Norwegian Wood. Just to get you into a Japanese mood Cost : IDR1,000,000 (discounts for Indonesian the Intercontinental Resort has a Tokyo night every Friday. nationals and KITAS holders) Where : Taman Bhagawan, Jl Pratama No 70, Tanjung The Master Chef will prepare 15 Japanese dishes which you can enjoy at your leisure. The best part is the sake Benoa cocktails or if you prefer hot or cold sake. The ambience Contact : 971348 and service goes without saying! These evenings don’t happen very often and if you are a fan of Japanese food this is well worth the trip to Jimbaran. Body Music Spectacle (13 February) The Rotary Club, Ubud Sunset have organized a very special evening with Khalid ‘Greens’ Freeman, currently on tour with Micheal Jackson, the Immortal W o r l d To u r b y Cirque Du Soleil. Khalid ‘Greens’ Freeman stars as a featured character and dancer, performing in collaboration with members of Sanggar Cudamani, Bali’s most progressive and innovative music. This is a music concept with a difference. Hands, feet, fingers, bellies and mouths create Body Music. The only instrument involved is the human body with clapping, snapping, stepping and vocalizing to form unique sounds. Sounds weird but it is apparently an amazing to see and listen to! This evening, is of course in true Rotary Club style. It is a fundraiser for the Rotary Club Ubud Sunset’s health and education projects supporting the local community. Do come along and enjoy the ‘music’ and at the same time help those in need. When Cost Where Contact

: : : :

When Cost

: 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm : IDR480,000 IDR780,000 (including free flow sake cocktails) IDR930,000 (including hot and cold sake) Where : Intercontinental Resort, Bali, Jl Uluwatu, Jimbaran Contact : 701888

Valentine’s Day Golf Tournament (15 February) I’m not quite sure what women would see in a Valentine’s Day golf tournament, unless of course they play themselves. At least it is scheduled for 15 February! I reckon it is worth attending not only if you love a round of golf but for the prizes alone. There are airline tickets on Garuda Indonesia return to Perth and Seoul, a car or a samsung Galaxy phone. A great way to spend the day after Valentine’s for those who enjoy golf.

C/E/G-5 Feb. 14

When Cost

: 1 pm : IDR350,000 (members) IDR850,000 (member guests), IDR1,100,000 (visitors) Where : Jl. Raya Uluwatu, Kawasan Pecatu Indah Resort, Pecatu, Contact : 7918222 8481333

7.30 pm IDR150,000 Betel Nut Restaurant, Jl Raya Ubud Rucina Ballinger 081 23805623

Food Hotel and Tourism Exhibition (6 – 8 March) Bali has come a long way even in the last five years and it is a regular topic of conversation amongst expatriates and locals. When is it all going to stop? The continuous

Add Dawn to your mailing list and send her information on all up-coming events. Contact Dawn at <> Copyright © Bali Advertiser 2014 C/E/I-15 May 13

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05 February - 19 February, 2014

NC/E/G-5 Feb. 14

Education & Family


C/E/G - 5 Feb. 14

C/E/G-22 Jan. 14


Education & Family

Bali Advertiser

05 February - 19 February, 2014

C/E/G-17 April 13

Who knows a diviner (a person who divines the location of water or minerals; One who searches for underground objects or water using a divining rod) for our very dry land on the hills (250m above sea level) near Lipah/Ahmed? Pls contact Michael 081 2395 1444. [047]

I want to buy a used Indo Board balance trainer. SMS +62 857 3825 0920. Kuta. [008] For Sale; iPhone 4S 16GB black factory unlock. Excellent condition. Price 4jt. Contact: Rini. 0853 3829 2323 (sms only) or email: <> for detail pictures. [088]

C/E/I-25 Dec 13

C/E/M-29 May. 13



Go Green : Planting Mangrove Jln. Teuku Umar Barat No. 235 Badung Telp. (0361) 9234347, 9234348 C/E/G - 25 Dec. 13

C/E/G-22 Jan. 14

Space for this ad donated by Bali Advertiser C/E/I-05 Feb. 14

NC/E/U-5 Feb. 14

Ubud Area Bumi Bali



Balinese Restaurant & Cooking School Serving only specialty Balinese food despite complex blending of spices and fragrant roots that give Balinese food its intriguingly different flavor.




Monkey Forest Road, Ubud Bali Phone (0361) 976 698 E :

Open : 08.00 am - 10.00 pm

The Most Complete Supermarket in Ubud Jl. Raya Andong #14. Tel.973049, Fax. 978071 Ubud

C/U/I-04 Sept 13

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Balinese, Indian & Vegetarian Food Romantic Setting • Sumptuous Menu

Cooking Classes (No minimum) Jalan Suweta No. 1, Ubud, Bali (Opposite Puri Saren Palace) Phone / Fax: (0361) 974 217 E : C/U/I-04 Sept 13

Ubud’s Only Fully-Equipped Gym New Owners and Management • Complete strength and cardio equipment • Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bicycles, Rowing Machine • Friendly and professional personal trainers • Aerobics, Squash, Boxing, Pilates • Ballet, Jazz-Modern, Salsa Dance classes for adults • Ballet classes for children • Fully Air Conditioned • Free Wi-Fi • Daily, Occasional, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Memberships

Terrace café • Smoothies • Fresh juices Open Daily 6:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Jalan Jero Gadung, Kutuh Kelod, Ubud Tel:

(0361) 974804

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Ubud Area

Bali Advertiser

05 February - 19 February, 2014

UBUD BALI’S LOSS Respected Balinese culture, architecture and language expert, Anak Agung Gede Putra Rangki, died suddenly of a stroke on the afternoon of Saturday, January 25th, after a quiet morning with his wife, long-time local expat Rucina Ballinger, and their younger son. Pak Putra was an extraordinary teacher; he was co-founder of the School for International Training (SIT), the first Balinese and Indonesian language and culture consultant at Green School, and Senior Teacher of Indonesian and Balinese language and culture at Cinta Bahasa. A musician, artist and philosopher, he shared a wealth of open-hearted knowledge and understanding in so many different ¿elds of Bali life. To quote Cudamani artistic director Emiko Susilo; “Hug your loved ones this morning, you don’t know where you’ll be this afternoon.”




CAFÉ THESPA How are your listening and applauding skills? Singers, comedians, poets and writers of all ages are just waitin’ to perform for you, every Thursday, at the Open Mike Night at Cafe Vespa in Penestanan. Whether they offer an original creation or a cover of a classic song, these performers do their best when the audience is attentive, so don’t come if you want to sit and chat. Not welcomed. But otherwise, get there early for great food and an entertaining, Ubud-only night, worthy of putting 50,000rp thank you money in the donations jar! The show runs from 6:30 till 9.30, so get there early to get a table and a chance to perform or watch. Jl. Penestanan, Penestanan Kaja, Ubud. C/R/G-04 Sept. 13

WELCOME MR PRATA When I visit Singapore or KL for the obligatory visa run, I’m quick to dive in to the little prata stalls for my MalaysianIndian ¿x; the chicken curry sauce, the home-made chutney, the ball of pastry spun in the air, slapped into the hot oil and sizzled to a perfect lightness. Between times, therefore, I’m delighted that a little Mr Prata restaurant has opened on Jl Raya Ubud, in that stretch between Ganesha and the huge green money changer sign.

A BLESSING FROM UBUD Students at a local school in post-super typhoon Philippines are helped on the road to recovery by Ubud expat resident Susan Spilman, who is in Tacloban City now and plans to travel back and forth during the coming months. Susan is a psychologist specialising in post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); she helped survivors and volunteers through the aftermath of the Bali Bomb. Ten years on, now 70, she is working with teenagers who have had their homes and in some cases families swept away; this time, she can also offer various energy healing processes learnt here in Ubud. For the teens at Sacred Heart School, young adults now after the forced rite of passage of the tidal wave that ripped apart their lives, Maam Susan’s presence is a true blessing. BAR LUNA ON THE MOVE Hey Bar Luna fans, may I suggest that we help Chara move the Bar Luna magic successfully to its new location? Changes happen for all sorts of reasons – Place too small? Huge rent increase? Landlord doesn’t like live music? – but who cares, let’s just help. In the new spot, on the lowest level of Casa Luna on Jl Raya Ubud, Bar Luna won’t have the same, “Ooh let’s scoot by and see what’s happening!” accessibility, but I’ve always liked that bottom level at Casa Luna, even when insufferably crushed by jumping Saharaja fans, and with our support, this could be an inspired move. There’ll still be great occasional performances by wild West African-South American-Javan musicians. There’ll be poetry slams, great interviews with writers and hopefully our favourite band Unb’rocken will continue to play every Tuesday. New menu? Old favorites? Slip along and ¿nd out. It’s all happening from the ¿rst week of February. HEALTHILICIOUS Tucked into the middle of Penestanan (up the challenging stairs and down the path on the other side, or round the back to Penestanan Kelod and down the roller-coaster motor bike plummet into the middle) is the Villa Nirvana and its riverview café, Banana Leaf. It’s a lovely spot with a great view and they have one of those golf-buggy carts for people who don’t want to start or end a relaxing meal with a hike. Most importantly though, they have great Indian food. The café’s menu looked extensive, including Indonesian, western and barbeque dishes, but we were focussed on a promise of a platter of heavenly home cooking, Indian style. Tanjore thali, biryani, black chick peas and lentils, okra and potatoes, “grandma’s cabbage dish”, and a savoury lassi – salted and Àavoured with roasted cumin, ginger, chili and cilantro - to balance all the delicious little portions of traditional Indian cooking. Book at 0361 979 419 or email infor@villanirvanabali. com.

Small menu, everything delicious, including the pulled tea. See you there. ANNIE’S BINS I’d love to see more community recycle bins in place around Ubud. Residents of Junjungan and Kutuh can drop their stuff in the bags in Ubud Fitness car park, at the top end of Jl Gero Gadung and there’s a recycling facility for locals near the football ¿eld in Nyuh Kuning.

Ganesha Bookshop

Ubud : Sanur : Kerobokan

Independent bookseller in Bali since 1986 Ganesha in Ubud :Books, Maps, Cards, Old Print Posters & more. Jalan Raya (near the Post Office), Ubud, Bali Tel: (62 361) 970320 Web: Email: Extensive range of New, Used, Rare and Out of Print Books. Used Books returnable for 50% refund. Good books at good prices. Eat, Drink, Read and Lounge at: Ganesha inside Biku Jalan Petitenget 888, Kerobokan


Books for Bali Project (est. 2004) A special project to support literacy, learning and reading for pleasure in the local community. We donate books to local schools and libraries. Check in the store or on the website for more details.

Ganesha Bookshop Bali Your Community Bookshop C/U/G-5 Feb. 14

To get a bit more action happening, the rest of us could follow the example of private individuals like Annie Canham, whose neat bins opposite the entrance of Bintang were placed there almost six months ago, where they’re easy to spot by anyone who wants to use them. Given how simple it is to show this sort of initiative, it’s a bit strange there’s not more of it! MASSIVE SOUL Feeling soulful? Head to Jazz Cafe on Saturday night, February 15 to listen to Massive Soul, one of the most popular local bands in Bali. Led by a strong and soulful singer named Dee, Massive Soul is a six piece soul, rhythm ‘n’ blues and funk band including bass, drums, keys, guitar, saxophone with an uncanny ability to breathing new life into your favorite songs. Jazz Cafe, top end of Jl Sukme, 8pm. Come prepared to dance. C/U-G-22 Jan 14

FRESH SCENT OF REGGAE Or, if you are you a reggae fan but despair of ever hearing fresh reggae lyrics around Ubud, may I suggest you seek out an Indonesian musician called Yaniq. This guy writes most of his own songs, blues, rock and reggae, and as one local wit put it, “some sound so fresh they might’ve come straight out the oven”. Yaniq has played with other musicians but he had his ¿rst gig as solo artist last month at Lezat Bar on Jl Sukma; we’re hoping it will become a reggulae gig!



Bali Advertiser

05 February - 19 February, 2014

Ubud Area


rights, sexual and reproductive rights and health, youth rights and LGBT rights, we are waging a guerilla campaign to educate people about diverse genders and sexualities.



Dédé Oetomo - educating people about diverse genders and sexualities By Sarita Newson Sarita Newson (SN): Dédé Oetomo, it was a great honour to have you participate last year as a writer in the 2013 Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, and I am curious as to how you enjoyed the panel sessions that you were on, as I know the audiences greatly enjoyed your contribution. Can you give us some of your most vivid impressions from the Festival? Dédé Oetomo (DO): I enjoyed the discussion at both sessions, “Breaking the Silence” and “Pride & Prejudice”, immensely. Especially encouraging are the questions from young Indonesian lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT)s, though some of the not so young foreigners also shared their experience being LGBT themselves or having LGBT children or relatives. One particular young man spoke about how being at the UWRF has confirmed his intention to come out once he gets home to his parents. He was concerned with the shrill resistance from hard line Islamists, but I assured him that such people exist in every society (one can easily think of fundamentalist Christians and Hindus), and that we should not give in, but educate each other and society about being LGBT and our equal rights. It was touching how he tweeted me afterwards to thank me for my encouraging words. SN: I believe that LGBT advocacy has now existed in Indonesia for more than three decades, and you are considered one of Indonesia’s most prominent gay rights pioneers; could you tell us a little bit about your life and activism in the archipelago? DO: When I started in 1980s, my objectives were simple. I wanted to spare gay people (we didn’t use LGBT yet those days) the agony of having a desire that is thought to be deviant and sinful by society. So I started writing, first letters to the editor but increasingly opinion and feature pieces in magazines and newspapers. (Many of my writings in the 1980s and 1990s have been published as an anthology in Indonesian: Memberi Suara pada yang Bisu [Giving Voice to the Voiceless], [Yogyakarta, Galang, 2001; Marwa, 2003].) I wanted to correct wrong perceptions among gay people and the general public. Soon gay people wrote to me and I encouraged them to form support groups. Friendly academics gave me space to speak about my ideas, as did more media. Two major impetuses have been the HIV epidemic, which has opened up spaces previously not available to gay and transgender people, and the Reformation process since 1998, which have encouraged young LGBT people to demand equal rights. The rest is history. SN: You have been active in Indonesia’s pro-democracy movement since your student days—can you see much progress being achieved at this stage? DO: Certainly. Things are not perfect, but our electoral democracy is working and largely peaceful, though I often wish we get better candidates and elections do not cost so much money. Many people are working on this, though. Democracy is no rocket science, and people have quickly learned to embrace it and use it. There have been glitches, which have given us anti-democratic and corrupt politicians, but we just have to educate the people better. SN: You were awarded with the annual Felipa de Souza Award from the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission in 1998 for your contribution to LGBT human rights in Indonesia. This makes you quite a pioneer in the field. How much of a problem is the predominant social prejudice against all same-sex relationships in Indonesia, especially amongst the more fanatical of the religious groups? DO: The social prejudice is largely based on ignorance, since sexuality education is not given in formal educational institutions. Through different NGOs working on women’s

SN: After completing your Ph.D. in linguistics at Cornell University in the US, you returned to Indonesia and established the nation’s first gay outreach organisation, “Lambda Indonesia” in Surabaya, East Java, in 1982; followed by GAYa NUSANTARA Foundation in 1987. How has your writing, and degree in linguistics fitted in to this career? Do you feel you are able to change perceptions through your writing? DO: As I mentioned earlier, my first activism was through writing to correct wrong information and perceptions. Intuitively I knew that writing in the media spread my ideas far and wide. This was how our nationalist predecessors spread their anticolonial ideas in the early decades of the 20th century. My tertiary education as a teacher of English and Indonesian gave me the skill to speak in public. My linguistics education taught me to deal with the nuanced semantics of gender and sexual diversity. Finally, my high level of education and my academic position made it impossible for people to dismiss me as a total nonsense and lent respectability to what I was writing about. SN: You remain today one of the most publicly visible activists in Indonesia for gay/lesbian rights, and were one of the first to openly discuss homosexuality and HIV/AIDS issues in the mass media. Have you found being so outspoken difficult in a country where the majority of people tend to keep their views on sexuality to themselves? DO: Not really. Many Indonesians respect science and knowledge, so when sexuality is couched in those terms, people pay attention and learn. SN: I remember when you ran for the national parliament, several years ago, being impressed by your courage, and the strength of your beliefs in wishing to provide further opportunities to argue that gay and lesbian persons deserve full inclusion in Indonesian society. Unfortunately there seemed to be very little positive support from senior politicians at that time. How do you feel Gay Advocacy will work within a cabinet of members of Parliament who are basically quite prejudiced…. do you think there is still a chance for improvement in the social and legal attitudes to gay, lesbian, transgender, waria (transvestite), or any of the other variations of human sexuality?

C/U/I-16 Oct 13

At our shop in Ubud, our friendly staff will guide you to all things of a Spiritual/ New Age nature, including: Books, Music CDs, DVDs, Crystals, Incense, Jewelry, Inspirational Cards, Candles, Yoga Mats, Meditation Cushions, Engraved Stones, Tibetan Bowls, Clothing and more… Jalan Hanoman #64 – Ubud, Bali. Tel: 0361 796 9178 C/U/G-30 Oct. 13

DO: Actually, not all members of the current cabinet are prejudiced against LGBT people. The Minister of Health, for example, is known to accept LGBT people, although as part of a conservative administration she cannot do much. It may also be a generational thing: current senior politicians are of a generation still uncomfortable defending LGBT people in public. The next generation of politicians may be different. That’s why it is important to keep educating people, so that once they’re in power they may support LGBT people. SN: I read that the long-term aim of GAYa NUSANTARA, founded in 1987, is to get a law passed forbidding discrimination on the basis of sexual preference. How far away do you think this is? And if GAYa NUSANTARA continues its educational outreach, teaching people about human rights, sexual health and well-being (including prevention of AIDS and sexually transmitted infections), do you feel raising public awareness and tolerance will in the long run lead to better acceptance within society and families in Indonesia?

C/U/G-2 Oct. 13

DO: It will certainly take time to create a critical mass of citizens and politicians who think that an anti-discrimination law on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity needs to be passed. But I think it will happen sooner rather than later than we think at the moment. SN: What books would you recommend we read in order to better understand the LGBT struggle for equality and respect, and are there any up and coming Indonesian writers other than yourself who are writing on these subjects? DO: Works on indigenous gender and sexual diversity are already available: Sharyn Graham-Davies’ Gender Diversity in Indonesia: Sexuality, Islam and Queer Selves (New York, NY: Routledge, 2010) and Michael Peletz’s Gender Pluralism: Southeast Asia since Early Modern Times (New York, NY: Routledge, 2009). Other standard works on LGBT in Indonesia are: Tom Boellstorff’s The Gay Archipelago: Sexuality and Nation in Indonesia (Durham, NC: Duke Univ. Press, 2005) and A Coincidence of Desires: Anthropology, Queer Studies, Indonesia (Durham, NC: Duke Univ. Press, 2007) and Evelyn Blackwood’s Falling into the Lesbi World in Indonesia (Honolulu, HI: Univ. of Hawaii Press, 2010). SN: I believe you presented a paper at the Rainbow Conversations human rights conference at the Asia Pacific Outgames about indigenous transgenderism in Indonesia. I hope you will go on to publish more material like this, as I feel it will be extremely interesting to your readers. The next UWRF will be Oct.1-5, 2014.

C/U/G-22 Jan. 14

Local News Bidding War for Schapelle Corby’s First Post-Jail Interview

British Woman Jailed for 14 Years on Drug Charges

Australia’s commercial TV channels are locked in a fierce

The pair were paid $2.6 million by Channel Nine’s

battle for the first post-jail interview with Schapelle

then-owner PBL, prompting the agent who negotiated that

Corby-but her family’s displeasure with past news coverage

deal to predict Corby could net almost $3 million. Yet one

and a forthcoming telemovie threatens to de-rail each

station insider insists that free-to-air channels “simply don’t

methamphetamine into Indonesia from China. Andrea

network’s bid.

pay that kind of money any more”, suggesting a likely fee

Waldeck had confessed to taking the drugs through the

around $1 million. (Proceeds of Crime laws may prevent

airport in Surabaya, in the east of Indonesia’s main Java

Corby from receiving the money directly.)

Island, hidden in her underwear. However she claims

A source from one station says, “everyone will open their cheque books” for what will “obviously be the interview of

A British woman has been jailed for 14 years but escaped the death penalty after admitting that she smuggled crystal

she was coerced into carrying them. After being found With the 36-year-old edging closer to release - having

guilty and sentenced at a Surabaya court, the former

obtained a new Australian passport this week and

police worker hung her head as she was led down to

The Australian public’s intense interest in the case-in which

confirmation she can serve her parole in Indonesia - the

the cells. The sentence was lower than prosecutors’

Corby was jailed in 2004 after being caught smuggling

networks are now racing to sign her.

recommendation of 16 years for the 43-year-old, who had

the decade”.

marijuana into Bali - has led network executives to forecast a huge audience for the broadcast.

smuggled 1.5 kilograms of crystal meth into Indonesia. But for the prisoner and her family, the highest price is no

She could have received the death sentence for smuggling

guarantee of a deal. According to one TV producer who has

that quantity of drugs under Indonesian anti-narcotics

Most expect it to out-rate previous high-profile interviews,

dealt with them, they have “long memories” and are wary of

laws, which are some of the toughest in the world.

including those with landslide survivor Stuart Diver and

accepting offers from those they perceive to have burnt

(January 22nd 2014)

mine collapse victims Brant Webb and Todd Russell.

them - or intend to burn them. (January 22nd 2014) Seven’s Morning Show Presenter Kylie Gillies

Indonesia Reacts to “Act of Killing” Academy Nomination On Jan. 16 the first film focused exclusively on Indonesian history was nominated in the best documentary category in the 86th Academy Awards. The nomination was the latest in a long list of accolades for Joshua Oppenheimer’s ”The Act of Killing,” a documentary exposing the atrocities of the 1965 communist party purge that birthed the New Order and left as many as a million people dead in a bloody wave of violence. The film focuses on Anwar Congo, a self-described preman (thug) from Medan, North Sumatra. The ageing Anwar guides viewers through his brutal past, coming clean about his active role in one of the nation’s darkest hours. A film buff and murderer, Anwar recreates the killings in graphic detail by approaching the subject through the lens of his favorite film genres. It’s a dark and disturbing film, one that juxtaposes the natural beauty of North Sumatra with the unsettling confessions of a trio of admitted killers. But those confessions, and the allegations of widespread support of the Pemuda Pancasila (Pancasila Youth) from some of nation’s most powerful men, have riled some in Indonesia. The chilling documentary has been screened at some 120 international film festivals, netting 32 awards and earning praise from critics worldwide. But in Indonesia the film has received a cold reception from government officials, who see the documentary as an embarrassment; a dangerous film that fails to portray an accurate picture of the modern nation. “[Indonesia] is portrayed as a cruel and lawless nation,” said Teuku Faizasyah, the presidential spokesman for foreign affairs. “The film portrayed Indonesia as backwards, as in the 1960s. That is not appropriate, not fitting. It must be remembered [that] Indonesia has gone through a reformation. Many things have changed”. “Most nations had blood on their hands at some point in time, Teuku said. How can outsiders judge Indonesia when they have similar dark periods in their past, he asked.

“Many countries have similar bleak [moments] in their history,” he said. “Do not label a country so easily. We have to remember the history of slavery in the United States, the aboriginals in Australia, the bombings of Vietnam by America. There are elements of violations against humanity in many other nations. The nation will address its past in its own time, he said. However many doubt the Government is serious about investigating the events. “There isn’t momentum to have this as a big project,” said Asep Kambali, historian and founder of the Indonesian Historians Community. “So long as the government does not push this to be pursued further, there will be no serious effort.” Without open access to government files, historians and investigators are unlikely to uncover the truth, Asep said. Even with full access to government records and sources, the entire event is so clouded in propaganda and Suharto-era doctrine that uncovering a truly objective version of the truth is unlikely, he said. “The heads of the people are full with anti-PKI doctrine,” Asep said. ”It was one way to legitimize mass murder. Only Suharto knows exactly what happened.” The repercussions of a thorough investigation could be grave, he said. “There will be terrible consequences if anyone tries to uncover the truth. This can be likened to a revolution. We already have a paradigm [in place], yet we want to destroy it and reconstruct a new paradigm,” Asep said.

and Family Fall Ill in Bali Australian TV presenter Kylie Gillies has told of her Bali holiday nightmare, which ended with her young son being taken to hospital. The Morning Show host flew home to Sydney on Thursday (23/1) morning after 10 days in Indonesia. Gillies’ ordeal comes just a few weeks after the tragic death of Australian mother, Noelene Bischoff, 54, and her 14-year-old daughter, Yvana, after falling ill while on holiday in Bali on January 4. Seven days into her family holiday, Gillies found herself “violently ill” and it wasn’t long before husband, Tony, and sons, Gus, 11, and Archie, 9, followed suit. “Doctors on the Island said it was either bacterial or viral,” she explained. “We were vigilant, we drank bottled water and there was a private chef at the villa but it is a country with different health standards and conditions to ours. The family had stayed in a private villa in the Canggu area of the tropical Indonesian island. “I have to say we had a beautiful holiday together for the first seven days though and have some great memories”. (January 24th 2014) Smuggler of Baby Primates, Komodo Dragons Arrested The Wildlife Conservation Society announced on Tuesday (21/1) the arrest of a wildlife trader in Indonesia who specialized in smuggling live animals including baby primates and komodo dragons. The arrest was made in Bali by forest rangers from the Ministry of Forestry who confiscated four endangered Javan gibbons, four baby siamangs, and two palm cockatoos. The siamangs were destined for Russia, according to the investigating officers. The alleged trader is connected to illegal wildlife trafficking rings in Russia, Singapore, Thailand, and Cyprus, according to WCS’s Wildlife Crimes Unit (WCU), which

“What will happen is a clash of ideologies. Not everyone will agree. Different perspectives and ideologies will give rise to conflict.” But what actually happened in 1965 needs to be known, regardless of the consequences, he said. “History is honest, but it might be painful. Negative or not, the truth must come out.” (January 23rd 2014)

participated in the investigation. The Save Our Species Fund supports WCS’s Wildlife Crimes Unit. Save Our Species is a joint initiative of the Global Environment Facility, IUCN and the World Bank. A fundamental goal is to ensure the long-term survival and well being of threatened species and their critical habitats for biodiversity conservation. (January 23rd 2014)

Bali Advertiser

Local News

05 February - 19 February, 2014

AirAsia to Operate International Hub Out of Bali

Extreme Weather Hits Bali - Lives Lost

AirAsia in a recent joint venture agreement with PT Kirana

A string of disasters caused by extreme weather such

Anugerah Perkasa (PTKAP) has received an air service

as heavy rain and strong winds hit Bali during January,

license (ASL) to set up a hub in Bali. PT Indonesia AirAsia

causing fatalities and injuries in several locations across

Extra (IAAX) intends to establish its hub in Bali, which will be AirAsia X’s second international affiliate hub, after Jakarta. Currently, there is no long haul, low-cost airline operator based in Bali. According to spokesman for the Airline Air Asia hoped to tap into the relatively untapped


the Island. The adverse weather has hit all eight regencies including Denpasar, with a trail of destruction that included landslides, fallen trees and flooding. As many as four

C/NV/G-30 Oct. 13

lives have been lost in Buleleng, north Bali, and another

Indonesian market. Flight paths and a timeline for the new

in Tabanan caused by a falling tree. The Disaster

venture have yet to be confirmed. (January 28th 2014)

Management Agency (BPBD) for Buleleng found the body of an 18-year-old female motorcyclist in a paddy field near

Bali to Repeat Mass Vaccination Against

Bebetin Village, having been swept away when a bridge

Rabies in April

collapsed after heavy rain. A young boy was killed and his parents severely injured when their house collapsed in the

The Bali provincial administration will again carry out

village of Lokapaksa near Seririt. Two more deaths were

mass vaccination against rabies in April 2014, targeting

also reported in the region when a car lost control during

around 350 thousand dogs. The mass vaccination will target all dogs in Bali and will be implemented until June 2014, Putu Sumantra, the head of the Bali Animal Husbandry and Health office, said on Sunday (26/1). The mass vaccination campaign will be the fourth to be

heavy rain and plunged into a ravine near the village of Tajun. Floods and landslides in northern coastal areas caused dozens of homes and other buildings to be damaged. (January 27th 2014)

conducted in Bali. Last year, 356 thousand dogs were vaccinated in Bali. The number of dog bite cases in Bali

Two Frenchman Arrested on Separate Drug

tends to be quite high, approximately 100 cases per day,

Charges in Bali

according to Sumantra. “In the previous years, it was 130 bites per day. We hope the number of dog bite cases will

A Frenchman has been arrested for trying to smuggle more

decrease in the future,” he said. “The first rabies death case

than $500,000 worth of crystal methamphetamine into the

was found in Bali in 2007. The death toll has reached 146

Indonesian resort island of Bali. Francois Giuily, 48, was

now,” he stated. (January 26th 2014)

detained on Sunday (19/1) at Bali airport with more than

11,000 Sign Petition Against Tobacco Trade Fair in Bali A petition established in the German city of Dortmund has been created to boycott the upcoming Inter-Tabac cigarette

three kilograms of the drug hidden in plastic bags in his suitcase lining. Airport customs chief I Made Wijaya says the drugs have a street value of US$ 511,280. Giuily could face the death penalty under Indonesia’s tough anti-narcotics laws as well as a 10 billion rupiah ($830,000)

trade exhibition in Bali set to be held in the Nusa Dua

fine.On Wednesday (15/1) police arrested a Frenchman

Convention Center on February 27 and 28. Max Vollmer,

for possession of cocaine with a street value of almost

from Dortmund and Joseph Rabindanata Nugraha from

US$50,000 (S$64,000) on the resort island of Bali.

Jakarta have combined efforts to launch the petition www.

Thierry Verchere faces up to 20 years in jail after being in the hope of reducing

caught in a raid at a house in the Balinese capital

tobacco consumption worldwide. The petition, which began

Denpasar. Police found plastic bags and capsules

on December 1, 2013, aims at pressuring the exhibition

containing cocaine when they searched a bag that the

organizer, Westfalenhallen Dortmund GmbH, to cease its position as the sole organizer. So far over 11,000 individuals have signed the petition. Nugraha, the founder of the Indonesian anti-smoking organization, Indonesia Bebas Rokok, expressed his disappointment at the decision for Bali to host the event. Nugraha added that the Bali

46-year-old was carrying, Denpasar police chief Djoko Hariutomo told reporters. The latest arrest comes as another French national, Michael Blanc, was freed Monday (21/1) on parole from an Indonesian jail more than 14 years after he was caught smuggling drugs into Bali. Blanc had

provincial government should refuse to host the Inter-Tabac

been imprisoned in a jail in the south of the Indonesian

Asia 2014 exhibition as it previously rejected the World

capital Jakarta. He was arrested the day after Christmas

Tobacco Asia 2014 conference, also planned to be held in

in 1999 at Bali airport with 3.8 kilograms of hash hidden in

Bali. (January 24th 2014)

diving canisters. (January 21st 2014) Space for this ad donated by Bali Advertiser C/NV/U-2 Oct. 13


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Local News

Bali Advertiser

05 February - 19 February, 2014

Bali Advertiser

Letters To Bali Advertiser Turtle Island Disgrace

Feb 05 - Wed

Dear Sir,

New Edition of Bali Advertiser

Feb 06 - Thu

Recently, I visited the ‘Turtle Island’ in Tanjung Benoa, as I am interested especially in the conservation of sea turtles. I was imagining the turtles in big, open pools, closely resembling their natural habitats, but what I found instead, deeply disturbed and shocked me.

Feb 07 - Fri Feb 08 - Sat Feb 09 - Sun

The turtles were cramped together in box-like basins, containing barely any water and looking pretty lifeless. Only once people got them out and posed with them in all kinds of cruel ways, did they start panicking and showing clear signs of distress. No one seemed to notice though. Only once they finished taking their pictures, were the turtles tossed back into the boxes. It was depressing to just watch.

Feb 10 - Mon Feb 11 - Tue Feb 12 - Wed

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Feb 13 - Thu Feb 14 - Fri Feb 15 - Sat

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New Edition of Bali Advertiser

I have been trying in many different ways to help these turtles and the best way I think would be if people stopped going there. This way the ‘conservation’ would be forced to change their ways. Be careful, as taxi-drivers will often take you to this place, instead of the ‘Turtle Conservation Center’, which is the proper, well-kept conservation.

Feb 16 - Sun Feb 17 - Mon Feb 18 - Tue Feb 19 - Wed

I am asking everyone not to go to Turtle Island, as the turtles are kept in unethical and cruel conditions. Something has to change and we can only help change it by not supporting such a business. I hope together we will be able to give those turtles there are better chance and life.

Feb 20 - Thu Feb 21 - Fri Feb 22 - Sat Feb 23 - Sun

Nina, 10th Grade Student

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Nelson Mandela Obituary The following letter was sent by reader Dominic Murphy in response to our 2013 Obituaries Feature Article.

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Sir, I note that in the Feature Article of the Bali Advertiser you state that Nelson Mandela was a communist, this is not true, by his own admission he welcomed all comers, including communists but he was NOT a communist. You also state that he spent 18 years in prison, this is also incorrect, and in fact he spent 27.5 years in prison. I believe that a statement to this effect should appear as a correction in your next edition, otherwise you are doing a great injustice to a great Man, who cannot defend himself. The statements I make are borne out in his autobiography.

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Respectfully, Dominic Murphy

ParacelsusAsia comments: Reader Dominic Murphy is right in correcting my error concerning the duration of Mandela’s imprisonment by South Africa’s then Apartheid government, which did indeed last over 27 years. Mr Murphy is not correct however when he says that Nelson Mandela was never a communist. Since his death both the South African government (ANC) and the South African Communist party (SACP) officially confirm, what was always quite well known in certain circles, that not only was Nelson Mandela a SACP member but a senior member of its Central Committee since 1960. He was also the leader of the terrorist group “Spear of the Nation” formed in 1960 committed to the violent overthrew of the Apartheid government following Sharpeville massacre of March 1960. The true facts of Mandela’s membership of the SACP have been on record since the late 1970s and widely known to other ANC members and of course the white South African government of the day. The facts were also less well known by various academics and journalists but had been made public for anyone who cared to know. It is however perfectly understandable for Mr Murphy to believe otherwise because, unlike the original manuscript of the Mandela autobiography, subsequent official published editions denied it. Both the SACP and the ANC continued to deny his involvement, only confirming the facts following his death. Mr Murphy is certainly correct when he says Mandela was a great man. I would even go further and say one of the greatest men of the 20th century. He was a man of many parts and called upon to play many roles in a long eventful and remarkable life: tribal aristocrat, lawyer, terrorist and freedom fighter, communist party member, martyr and national icon, economic liberal, statesman and great reconciler. Who of us in the second half of the 20th century saw white rule in South Africa ending in anything else but a bloodbath? No, if injustice there be, it must surely come in the form of a sanitized and minimalist versions of the truth served up, originally for political purposes, but now save only to protect the sensibilities of neo-cons and befuddled liberals. Nelson Mandela requires absolutely no defense from anyone, least of all from the historical record. ParacelsusAsia 30 January, 2014

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Finding your yoga in Bali By Becky Buckwell

Yoga is now so ubiquitous, rather than asking ‘Do you do yoga?’ the question is more often ‘What kind of yoga do you practice?’ Personally I’m a bit of a yoga slut. I like cruising different studios, styles and switching teachers. Bali, one of the world’s leading destinations for yoga, is perfect for me. I’ve done yoga holidays and retreats, workshops and teacher training plus numerous drop-in classes from Acro partner balancing to Zumba yoga (OK, I made that one up, but it’s only a matter of time!). It seems whenever I pick up a timetable from a studio there’s a new style of yoga. If you don’t know your Anusara from your Ashtanga, your Vinyasa from your Viniyoga, you can end up, literally, tied in knots – and if you mix up a Karma yoga session with a Tantra workshop it could get very confusing. As any erudite yogi knows, the word ‘yoga’ is often misused. P h y s i c a l postures – or in Sanskrit, asana – generally defined as Hatha yoga is actually only one of several very different Indian yogic paths to spiritual development. For example Karma yoga is the method of service, of selfless action, as embodied by Mother Teresa. Tantra yoga uses tools such as ceremonies, mantras and rituals, sometimes with more infamous practices involving sexual techniques and mind-altering substances. Common consensus is that Hatha yoga originally developed as a means for preparing the body for sitting in meditation. Aiming to facilitate a comfortable and stable lotus position. Only relatively recently has it developed into a yogic path in it’s own right, into a means for achieving self transformation and spiritual awareness. Combining tools including breath work and single pointed concentration the mind becomes quiet, cultivating moments of stillness, of meditation or even perhaps Samadhi (freedom or liberation). Enlightenment aside, most of us drawn to yoga enjoy the combination of increased health in body, mind and spirit. The order in which we prioritize these three elements influences what style of yoga appeals to us. But here the lines blur as each of us experiences what impacts on body, mind and spirit differently. Those looking for a workout, and frequently the newcomers to yoga, are attracted to vigorous varieties such as the Americanized Power yoga and the hot and sweaty Bikram. Yoga as exercise misses the fundamental function of the practice, but can be a gateway to the more esoteric aspects found in energetic styles such Ashtanga and its derivatives Vinyasa and Flow yoga which link dynamic movement to breath. The allure of these forms is often initially in the physical challenge, but the magnetism is in the strong focus on the breath, the intense concentration for the mind or perhaps in the delightful dance of linking movement with breath. To confuse the issue of which style to select even further, we often reject what is actually the best path for us! Busy, active people may seek a fast-paced yoga when perhaps they would benefit more from a slower tempo. In Sivananda, Vini and Yin yoga each asana is held for up to ten minutes producing a wonderfully tranquil effect on the mind. Developed to specifically work on connective tissue, Yin yoga is particularly effective for those who do intense sports or those with a hectic lifestyle and the surrendering aspect of can be of benefit to everyone’s psyche. Restorative yoga, which utilizes props such as blankets and bolsters, is often seen as yoga for people with injuries, ill health or physical restrictions. However, it can be a doorway into deep relaxation, rejuvenation and the ultimate reward of simply resting in the present moment. Definitively relaxing, Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation into a deep state of lucid dreaming or conscious sleep. Residing between the two extremes of dynamic and tranquil yoga in terms of physical exertion are the alignment-based modalities such as traditional Iyengar, heart-opening Anusara and Roots - the new offering from the founder of Anusara. However, again, it’s a personal experience, and some people find it more

taxing to hold postures and focus on detailed precision than flowing through a more rapid series of asana. But this is yoga and, along with the physical benefits, the aim is to quiet the mind, to reduce the internal chatter. So find out what works for you, a focus on linking breath with dynamic movement, concentrating on the exact positioning of the body, or simply letting go into stillness. Whichever your choice, as it is I believe with all spirituality – everything goes back to the same source. Even just within the modern history of yoga. Krishnamacharya (India 18881989), credited with the revival of Hatha yoga, was the teacher to both Pattabhi Jois, initiator of dynamic Ashtanga and alignment focused BKS Iyengar while his son developed the gentle Viniyoga. If you are truly looking to centre on the mind and spirit or for those further down the path of Hatha yoga, then perhaps it’s time to explore pranayama and meditation. Pranayama - Sanskrit for life-force, or breath extension - is the practice of specific breathing techniques, each with a precise method and effect, and is considered one of the oldest spiritual development or yoga forms. Now taught around the world, Kriya yoga is a pranayama system originating in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and popularized by Yogananda’s book Autobiography of a Yogi. Many modern hatha yoga classes include some element of pranayama practice often presented as breathing exercises at the start or end of the session. Another ancient yogic method (and a key part of Bhakti, the devotional yoga approach) is Mantra, using sound and chanting as a catalyst for transformation. Many yoga studios offer Kirtan music events with participation in call and response chanting, and increasing popular are Integral yoga and the slightly more dynamic Kundalini yoga. These classes offer a vibrant mix including asana along with pranayama and mantras. Meditation (the focus of Classical, Patanjala or Raja yoga) has so many techniques it would need its own feature article! In this arena Mindfulness is the new black. The term is often banded around yoga studios and frequently as overused and as misused as ‘yoga’. The premise is to reside in the present moment without judgment throughout daily life. Ultimately this is the aim of all forms of yoga, to be aware of the body, mind and emotions as they are, without concern for the past or anxiety for the future. Seeking to continuously maintain a quiet mind and open heart. Consistent wholehearted practice has the potential to create a holistic peace of mind, generating acceptance, gratitude and joy. To develop the abundant mind/spirit benefits, it’s necessary to establish a regular routine of classes and eventually develop self-practice. To make it to several classes a week, at first the key components of choice are, if not ‘location, location, location’ – then ‘location, timetable, style’. Beginners should experiment with different styles and see what resonates, determining the effects on body, mind and spirit. Ultimately, establishing a relationship with one teacher becomes paramount. I often think that rather than looking for ‘the One’ it’s more a case of ‘the One for now’. When I’m in a monogamous phase my yoga of choice is Ashtanga Vinyasa in which asana is only one of eight elements in the system. Ashtanga means Eight-limb path and was first described in the Yoga Sutras. With a set sequence of asana, a specific breathing technique and an eye focus point for each posture the practice connects asana, breath control, withdrawal of senses, concentration, meditation and potentially Samadhi or union/bliss – six of the limbs (the other being personal and universal moral codes of conduct). Ashtanga is traditionally practiced Mysore style, named for the Indian city where Pattabhi Jois founded his institute. In this method each student practices at his or her own pace, progressing in the series only as they master the previous asana. Instead of leading the class, the teacher instructs, adjusts and corrects individuals one-on-one within the group situation. My long term Ashtanga teacher in Byron Bay can always tell when I’ve been in another Ashtanga class. The point of a toe, the tilt of the head, a subtle positioning of the hand: each teacher leaves their individual mark. To avoid confusion, I tend to restrict my Ashtanga outside Byron to self-practice. It’s an ideal yoga to do alone as the sequence is fixed and follows a prescribed method.

On a physical level the series are challenging and cleansing, but for me the attraction is the meditative quality. The moving meditation created by the repetition, the focus and in concentrating, not on a teacher or on ‘what next?’ but on the unity of the movement and the breath in that moment. So while in Bali, to remain faithful to my Byron Bay teacher while still developing that merging of movement and breath I experience in Ashtanga, my yoga class predilection is for Vinyasa flow sessions. Ideally with a foundation in the spiritual connotations of yoga, an element of creative challenge in the sequencing while maintaining a steady focus on the breath to cultivate mindfulness. Seminyak Yoga Shala is my local and a welcome new addition to the scene last year. Its timetable offers a mix of Ashtanga (traditional Mysore and led classes), excellent dynamic Vinyasa and Hatha flow styles plus Acro yoga. The tranquil studio is air-conditioned/ temperature-controlled (we Ashtangi’s like to sweat) and mosquito-free. I have to ‘fess up, I have broken my self-imposed ban on being with other Ashtanga teachers – it was hard to resist the lure! Also in Seminyak is the venerable Prana Spa and there’s a Bikram studio on Petitenget. If Iyengar appeals, checkout Olop’s school near Golden Village, full of ropes and props it’s a tad 50 Shades of Yoga! In Canggu is the delightful eco resort Desa Seni. This complex is ideal if you have all day – or all week – to Eat, Practice, Lounge. Along with the full spectrum of styles and workshops, the schedule features classes outside the box of ‘Hatha’ yoga, including Kirtan, Pranayama and transformational dance. Also in the area is Villa Serenity with morning drop-in classes and Samadi, a new Ashtanga shala I’ve been hearing good things about – I am tempted! Away from my local area, and yet to be part of my own experience, are Manik Organik and the Power of Now Oasis in Sanur, Temple Lodge in Uluwatu and many more. See what comes up in an internet search for your area but also go old-school and check notice boards. As well as advertising retreats, the yoga studios in resorts sometimes offer short courses and drop-in classes with visiting teachers. Ubud should have the last word on Yoga in Bali. The self-proclaimed spiritual centre of Bali, there are now probably more yogis than artists in Ubud! Partly responsible is the annual Bali Spirit Festival, coming up for its seventh year and attracting the international multitude to celebrate yoga, dance and music. Also in the vicinity are numerous resorts offering yoga holidays, retreats and teacher training. The town now boasts many raw food restaurants, lots of juice bars, countless yogawear shops and several yoga studios. Yoga Barn draws the masses with a fantastic program of diverse styles and while I usually prefer my sessions to be a little more intimate, practicing alongside 40 others had a distinct spiritual aspect. Radiantly Alive also has an inspiring schedule and a tranquil studio complex. On my last trip to Ubud I packed in five classes in two days! From Vinyasa through arm-balancing to Yin. The next time I visit I’m planning to try Taksu, Intuitive Flow Studio and perhaps my cherished Mysore practice at the Ashtanga Research Centre. You too can find your yoga, if not yourself, in Bali. DISCLAIMER FROM AUTHOR: This is not a definitive guide to yoga. There are infinite styles, numerous definitions of forms and various interpretations of the history, philosophy and purpose of yoga. Om shanti (Peace for the Universe)

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“Le Cirque Restaurant” in Gili Air, search for complete its team : *Second Chef Cook, Cook, Waiters, Barman. - 3 years minimum experience in international restaurant as same position, - English speaking, - good appearance, - motivate. -Sunrise hotel, Gili Air, Lombok, Indonésia. <www.>. Fax: (0370) 642370. Tel: (0370) 623432. [900] Dicari; Asisten Cook (perempuan), Cook ( p e r e m p u a n ) , Berpengalaman. Hubungi 0812 3636 4819, (0361) 822 5132. [949] Dicari tenaga yang punya ke ahlian menggambar/desain perhiasan. Hub. 0813 3911 5424 <cemenggaon2013@>. [950]

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Female Fluent in English Must have retail experience Computer Skills: Word and Excel Hard working and strong with communication Flexible with dates to work

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Tel. 769073 Istana Kuta Galeria PM1 No. 18 C/Es/5 Feb 14

An opportunity has arisen for a professional

Personal Executive Assistant

to provide a high level of administrative, accounts and secretarial support. Reporting to the Director and Second in Charge you will be working autonomously and some of your daily tasks would include: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Some Accounts/ Book Keeping Accounts payable/recievable Managing incoming orders/ shipping documents Diary management; Scheduling meetings; Organising travel arrangements Reading, researching, and routing email correspondence; drafting replies on behalf of the Director & Second in Charge Drafting letters and documents; Report distribution and filing; Organisation of staff events; Answering calls Welcome meeting guests by greeting them in person;

To be successful for this role you will need the following attributes: • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Minimum of 4 years in a similar PA role A high regard for confidentiality Proactive work style and ethics Takes initiative Myob & Excel Some experience with shipping processes preferable Excellent written and verbal communication skills Extremely organized and able to multi task Excellent computer skills Detail orientated Able to work/think independently Respond and relate well to people in senior management Able to work in a fast paced high pressure environment Ability to hit the ground running

Please send CV and resumes to : NC/Es/ 5 Feb 14



BUSINESS SERVICES Custom digital design & editing service. Color correction, retouching, item replacement/removal, photo restoration plus advertisement design, displays & posters, photo & fashion, advertising & product image editing. Professional, on-time and cheap. Ready to get things done! Email for info to < i C a n E d i t T h a t F o r Yo u @>. [555] Do you have problem to manage your Villa? As you wish management is the best solution. Please contact <asyouwishvilla@yahoo. com> or phone 0821 2311 6553. [014] Ready to receive your order for Balinese Tuna Sate Lilit. Please call 081 2395 6991, 0819 3620 2170. [555] Aqua Fitness Courses, Seminyak. 0818 0541 9300. [973] <>. Affordable price commercial photography. [654] Web Designer. I can help you to develop website with personal price, including hosting or domain name also printing project. Call 781 7447 or 081 2386 6175 for further discuss or portfolio please visit the website: <>. [554]

Bali Advertiser

05 February - 19 February, 2014

Freelance Graphic Designer/Photographer (Fashion/Product). Blog: <>/ Email: <hitheseed@gmail. com>/ Phone: 0813 3870 0055. [890]

Monthly Car Rental with Driver. Call: 0877 6118 1112. [970]

Male Therapist Full Body Massage. 0812 3843 1368. [932]

Aqua Bike Courses, Seminyak. 0818 0541 9300. [972]

Swimming Private Courses. 0818 0541 9300. [974]

Tropical Building Solution. 12 years experience in construction. New building or renovation for private houses, villas, restaurant, swimming pool, septi tank, consultant management, etc. E-mail: <tropicalbuildingsolutions@>. Phone +62 361 714 1818. [545]

CV Yazna Villa Management Professional All Needs. Majapahit st no. 76 Kuta. Office (0361) 767108, Mobile 081 2382 3731, email: <>. [810] MYOB Service, Set-up Training, Maintenance. 0813 5314 0385 <df.acc2012@>. [946] Kami menyediakan PRT, Baby Sitter, Sopir, Dll. <sriutamijegeg@yahoo. com>. [947] Architect Experience, Design, IMB, Estimate, Build. 0821 4588 0888 Kerobokan. [964] Get more control of your finances! Are you wondering where the cash is? Do your monthly accounts not make sense? Do you want to know how your business is really performing? Call Charter Consultants at (0)813 3993 0190 for a free consultation. [948]

Barbecue Specialize Delivery. 0819 3627 9541. [672]

Private Course Chinese Language, simple system. 0818 0556 0595 / 0813 3821 7788. [980]

Restaurant Management Company

Saxophone or Guitar lessons any level. SMS to 0813 3980 7682 Doug. [003]

Looking for : 1. PR & Marketing Manager 2. Junior PR & Marketing 3. PA for PR & Marketing Manager

Indonesian Lesson, free trial class, contact: 0878 6163 7555, <nika.wirawan@>, <www. bali>. [985]

Candidate have to be : • Excellent Organizational interpersonal skills • Written and Spoken English • Familiar with Social Media

In Seminyak - Bali

Please send your CV to :

Learn to speak Indonesian & English in fun & easy way. Sms / call Tutor Ms. Sima, 0821.468.501.75. e: <gemilangcourse@> / <www. indonesian>. [790]

Email : Phone: 081999010404 NC/Es/ 5 Feb 14

Cybergroove Entertainment have a position vacant in nightclub industry administration. We are now looking for somebody that has the below qualifications and willing to learn new skills and applications. • Website content and development with Joomla • Graphic Design • Social Media Marketing • Video Editing • Phone and Person to Person Marketing. • Mailchimp email marketing and newsletters. • Fluent English • Some personal assistance to director of company Please send all applications to:


REGULATORY AFFAIRS MANAGER Ready for a new adventure in Raja Ampat? To complete our team, we are looking for a person (Indonesian Citizen), who is around the age of 35 years and who will be in charge for all regulatory/official affairs of our small diving resort under Swiss management. This includes arranging all company licenses/reports, working permits, immigration matters a.o. Bahasa Indonesia and English is a must to keep a good relation with the government, the surrounding villages, the management, our lawyer an also our guests. Preferably you are graduated from a law school and you have a minimum of 5 years experiences. Beside good knowledge and a good personal attitude, being flexible, cooperative and willing to work together with an international team on an island, also Computer literacy (word, excel, outlook) is required. Join our team and explore Raja Ampat above and under water! We are looking forward to your application letter and CV:

NC/Es/ 5 Feb 14

NC/Es/ 5 Feb 14

Stenden University Bali is looking for a

Marketing Officer (Bali) Stenden University Bali is looking for an (Indonesian) marketing officer with strong sales skills, who will be responsible for the recruitment of (high quality) students for our bachelor’s program. The position is for 4 or 5 days a week and requires travelling (mostly in Indonesia).

Suarga, a new 33 key sustainable boutique resort in Padang Padang is currently recruiting for our soft-opening. We are inviting enthusiastic, hardworking and passionate staff with a minimum of two years experience in their job roles to apply for the following positions:

Your responsibilities • Contribute to the general marketing strategy of Stenden University Bali; • Visit schools, education fairs and other events that might attract potential students; • Inform potential students and their parents about the study possibilities of Stenden University Bali by one-on-one student counseling (face-to-face, e-mail, telephone) or by giving presentations to groups; • Participate in all other marketing activities of the team, ranging from the organization of promotion events, maintenance of website, social media activities, writing newsletters and press releases, maintain press contacts, develop promotion materials and advertisements, etc.

MANAGEMENT • Restaurant Manager • Executive Housekeeper • Executive Secretary to the General Manager • Chief Accountant

Your qualifications • Indonesian nationality; • Master’s degree or bachelor’s degree in marketing or a business related field; • Excellent command of English (spoken and written); • International study and/or working experience; • Several years of experience working in a marketing or sales position (with clear track record). Experience in education promotion / education marketing is a plus; • Extravert personality. Strong networker, preferably with network in hospitality or education; • Sales mentality; • Creative, pro-active, self-driven, representative, team player.

HOUSEKEEPING • Room Attendant • Public Area Attendant

How to apply Please send your CV, motivation letter (clearly addressing the required qualifications) and salary expectation to Ms. Rani Kusumo ( before February 22nd 2014. For questions about the position you can contact Ms. Van der Meché, General Manager, by e-mail ( or phone (+62 361 412 970). NC/Es/5 Feb 14

FRONT OFFICE • Receptionist

RESTAURANT SERVICE • Restaurant Supervisor • Waiter / Waitress • Bartender

ACCOUNTS • General Cashier • Purchasing Officer / Storekeeper • IT Officer SECURITY • Security Guards GROUNDS & LANDSCAPING • Gardening Supervisor • Gardener KITCHEN • Sous Chef • Demi Chef • Chef De Partie • Cook

If you think you have what it takes to work at Suarga, please email your detailed resume and application letter to or mail to: Pt Vista Padang Asri, J. Pantai Labuan Sait, Br Dinas Labuan Sait, Pecatu, Kuta Selatan, Badung, Bali 80361. Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. To find out more about Suarga Sustainable Resort please visit: or our social media pages NC/Es/ 5 Feb 14

Bali Advertiser


05 February - 19 February, 2014

Bali Alternative Media seeks Graphic Designer Minimum 2 years print media experience (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.), good English, well organized, career minded (no freelance) only need to apply. Please send CV and cover letter to NC/Es/ 5 Feb 14


• Senior Sales Marketing (3years experience: selling Skill, Internet Marketing, good relation with business partnership) • Senior Accounting (2 years experience) • Senior Cook (2 years Experience) • Cook • Senior Housekeeping (2 years Experience) • Housekeeping (fresh graduate welcome) • Front Office (fresh graduate Welcome) • Gardener. • Engineering. Proficient in English, understanding and knowledge in the respective field, smart grooming, hospitality and professional attitude Send your CV to:


Expat seeking employment as Project Manager / Supervisor or can build for you. 081 2362 9939. <balicontractor@dps.>. [050] Accountant, tax consultant, Quickbooks expert. 0878 6002 2239/ <anggra1@>. [561] Graphic Designer available < w w w. n a t a t i g a b e l a s . com> +62 878 6137 2741 <natatigabelas@gmail. com>. [399]

NC/Es/ 5 Feb 14

Project Manager, 7years experienced in event, communication, NGO& media industry - seek employment in Bali. Contact: <> / 085 6815 1370. [979] Developer, builder, contractor. Expat with 35 years experience building the right project for the right person. Already many successful projects completed in Bali. Start to finish. Work crews with many projects working together. Lets talk about your project. For more information, contact Brad at <kbaybuilder@hotmail. com>. [541]



HEAD CHEF (M) For busy restaurant on Gili Trawangan. Must speak English, Indonesian a bonus. Good cooking skills and knowledge of food hygiene. Strong work ethic, positive attitude and patience required. Ability to design menu, calculate costs, menu pricing and train your fun and enthusiastic team. Please send your complete application to NC/Es/ 5 Feb 14

NC/Es/ 5 Feb 14


A new international preschool and kindergarten opening in August 2014 welcomes prospective candidates to fulfill the position of:

HRD OFFICER Ready for a new adventure in Raja Ampat?

1. School Director 2. Teacher (Kindergarten)

To complete our team, we are looking for a person (Indonesian Citizen), who is around the age of 30 years and who will be in charge for all issues of manpower/labor of our small diving resort under Swiss management with around 50 employees.

Space for this ad donated by Bali Advertiser

• Must hold a Bachelor/ Masters Degree in Early Years Education or a recognised teaching qualification. • Recent experience of teaching children 3 to 6 years of age. • Knowledge of the Australian Early Years Learning Framework and/or the Reggio Emilia Educational Approach is an advantage. • Experience in organisational and Early Childhood Education leadership (School Director). International candidates are welcomed to apply. Please send your CV along with a cover letter to:

Bahasa Indonesia and English is a must to keep a good relation with our employees, the government, the surrounding villages, the management and also our guests. Preferably you are graduated from a law/ psychology school and you have a minimum of 5 years experiences. Beside good knowledge and a good personal attitude, being flexible, cooperative and willing to work together with an international team on an island, also Computer literacy (word, excel, outlook) is required. Join our team and explore Raja Ampat above and under water! We are looking forward to your application letter and CV:

C/NV/I-24 July 13

NC/Es/ 5 Feb 14

NC/Es/ 5 Feb 14


The Rotary Clubs of Bali and the Bali Red Cross Blood Bank are working together to increase the awareness about the severe shortage of Rh Negative Blood types here in Bali. These are much less prevalent in Asian populations (0.3%) vs. European populations (10%). If you have Rh Negative Blood and would be prepared to help save a life, please contact the Bali Red Cross Blood Bank office today at 0361-227 224 and one of their mobile units will visit you at your home/ office/hotel for your generous donation.

* Please note - the staff is professionally trained to International Standards and always uses new disposable needles. In addition, the Blood Bank is currently expanding its present list of Rh Negative Blood donors. If you are living in Bali and would be willing to have your name placed on a ‘confidential list’ for emergency cases, please call Ibu Metta - 081 855 2299 (English speaking).

Help SAVE a life TODAY by sharing this information with your friends, colleagues and customers.


Space for this ad donated by Bali Advertiser NC/Ns/I-27 Nov 13

NC/Es/5 Feb 14

Space for this ad donated by Bali Advertiser

By Bill Dalton

Save on LPG gas: The price of 12 kg cylinders of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG or elpiji) gas on Bali just went up from Rp72,500 to Rp97,000 (Rp95,000 if you buy from an official Pertamina agent) and for 3 kg gas cylinders from Rp13,000 to Rp18,000. There are many ways to cut down on the cost of LPG gas. Using 12 kg gas cylinders is better value than using 3 kg gas cylinders. Start an outside “dirty kitchen” and cook with wood. Make biogas fuel from cow manure. Cook your meals in a more economical rice cooker and slow cooker. Soaking beans is like cooking beans as it allows shorter cooking times (also preserves the most nutrients). Financial resolutions for 2014: Get your finances in shape this year by wiping our credit-card balances. Pay as much as you can first on the one with the highest interest rate, then pay the minimum on the others. When the first card is paid off, concentrate on the next highest interestrate card and so forth. Consolidate your savings accounts together at as few banks as possible makes for less paperwork and your bigger total balance will entitle you to reduced fees, personalized service and may even enable you to take out a deposito berjangka (long term money certificate or time deposit) where interest paid to you can be very high for a one year note. Finally, sock away more for retirement. Trouble is savings accounts in Indonesia offer very little interest, only 1% from which the bank takes 10% from your interest payments to service the account. Like middle class Indonesians, who often deposit their salaries automatically into their bank’s savings account (rekening tabungan), take out a savings account. Then take out a deposito berjangka into which you instruct your bank to automatically transfer a certain amount every month from your savings account the deposito berjangka so that the money and interest payments accumulate (called “rollover”). Storm preparedness: Bali’s Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) has warned that January through February is Bali’s storm season which will can bring violent winds, high waves and periods of heavy dangerous rain accompanied by thunder and lightening. It’s time to storm proof your house, pull maintenance and/ or repair the roof, seal windows and doors, build an emergency and first aid kit; check fire extinguishers, get some ready cash. Locks, hinges and latches must be strong enough to withstand high winds. Close openings in windows, walls and under doors and seal any holes in walls and gaps around air conditioners. When extreme weather is coming on, fuel up vehicles, charge cordless phones, get cash from ATM, protect valuables; stay in central room without windows, avoid electrocution risks by unplugging devices in areas prone to wetness, keep windows shut and close blinds, shades and drapes, tape large windows to prevent breakage, remove dead branches from trees and remove trees too close to house. Store away or firmly secure outdoor lawn chairs, furniture, potted plants, umbrellas, trash cans, water heaters, satellite dishes, solar panels, antennas, pergolas. Park cars and motorcycles on high ground. Residents along rivers in Bangli and Tabanan, Rendang and Kubu in Karangasem, and in hilly parts of Buleleng should take particular care because they are Bali’s most flood and landslide prone areas.

To k o o f t h e Month: The Indian Store is a retail/wholesale shop that sells all sorts of imported Indian household necessities, chipati frying pan (Rp122,500), Indian cookbooks (vegetarian and non-vegetarian, Rp39,000), sectional eating trays, Indian-themed children’s books, prayer supplies, incense, incense holders, rose water, unique jewellery, necklaces and body ornaments, shoes, garments and accessories. Hard-to-get grocery items include teas, chai, a variety of lentils including red lentils for dal, garbanzo beans (Rp37,000 kg), red beans, masala snacks, pappadum lentil crackers (Rp15,500), spices, raisins, almonds, peanuts, and high quality Taj Mahal whole-wheat flour (2-3 kg bags) perfect for chapattis. This store supplies ingredients for Indian menus and restaurants on Bali. Takes BCA, Prima, Visa, JCB and MasterCard. Open daily 10 am-8 pm. Address: Jl. Imam Bonjol 555 on the road from Denpasar to Kuta. It’s on the left-hand side before the Suzuki dealer, which is on the same side of the road. Opposite the Suzuki dealer is a Honda dealer. “Permanent” deck: Composite decking, made in Indonesia from 90% recycled material (65% teak saw dust and 25% recycled plastic). Very competitively priced, this outstanding product is highly durable and low maintenance. Compared to decking made from the wood of Merbau, Kempas, Bangkirai or Ulin trees, you don’t have to worry about rotting or splintering, so there’s no need for ongoing sanding, oiling and coating which is required on a yearly basis for most timber decks. Though it comes with a 10-year warranty, you might never have to replace it. A range of colors and finishes is available and the material can also be used for door and window frames as well as for wall cladding. Decks using this material are already in place at B-Villa, Seminyak Lagoon, Sunrise School and Taksu Spa. Order the material only based on standard sizes or it can be installed using coated steel frames, galvanized steel or aluminium depending on project site and conditions. Prices start from as low as Rp550,000/ m2 for material only or Rp900,000/m2 installed and finished (including frames, screws and side covers). As an added bonus, you’re helping to reduce the pressure on the rainforest. View and/or buy at ecoSmart - Smart Building & Lifestyle Solutions, Sunset Road 112X (opposite Rip Curl), tel. 0361-752-133, email: , web: Countdown to Valentine’s Day: Before February 14th, it’s time to think about what you’re going to give and where you’re going to take him or her or face the consequences. Free printable Valentine’s Day cards can be downloaded from, http://followpics. net/printable-valentine, http://www.theprojectgirl. com/2009/01/19/mpm-free-valentine-cards, http://www. and Buy fresh orchids, chrysanthemums, heliconia, frangipanis, roses and fragrant sedap malam at one of the 10 florist shops lining Jl. Mayjen Soetoyo in Banjar Gemeh in Denpasar (behind Tiara Dewata) which sell single stalks, petite bouquets and other decorative arrangements for

Rp100,000-Rp200,000. As part of the frenzy to cash in on that special day, discounts on jewellery will be offered and sales of chocolates will skyrocket. Valentine’s Day specials will also begun to appear on banners, signboards and online for romantic getaways and lover’s dinners at hotels and restaurants. Minitips: Think about the amount of time your information diet takes up; try setting aside specific times for social media and emailing so you aren’t being distracted all day. If you can’t tell me how my personal information is going to be protected when you ask for it, don’t expect me to give it you. And you should do the same when someone asks you for that information. If a public holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, the Bali government usually declares a bridge holiday (cuti bersama or “Shared Holiday by Government Decree”), by taking off the Monday or Friday thus resulting in a long weekend. It’s not necessary to change your oil every 5000 kilometres as some service shops suggest; follow the interval recommended in your owner’s manual, usually 8000 kilometres or more. If you carpool, combine trips, accelerate slower, coast to red traffic lights and maintain correct tire pressure you can easily save 10% to 20% of your yearly fuel costs. A superb value on Bali is experiencing the new 12.7 km Bali Mandara toll road connecting Benoa Port, Ngurah Rai International Airport and Nusa Dua, with brilliant views of mangroves, fishermen and aircraft taking off, charging only Rp10,000 for cars and Rp4000 for motorcycles. Don’t wait until your vacuum bag is full to replace it; by that time it will have lost almost all its suction power. Spray kerosene (minyak tanah, Rp16,000 litre) on the nests which wasps (tawon) build on the rafters of buildings to destroy them; wasps inflict very painful stings. Synthetic paintbrushes hold latex-based paints better and apply it more evenly than those you buy on Bali for Rp4000-8000 made from natural materials. “He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for the things he has (Epictetus A.D. 55). Someone stealing your bandwidth? If a neighbour or adjoining business is devouring your bandwidth, you can use a free third party utility software to find out who it is. Capsa ( capsa_free.php) is an impressive bandwidth-monitoring app that shows all the traffic on your network and data transfer rates to and from the various hosts. Under the “Protocol” tab, just select “Start” on the main welcome screen. It then lists all of the hosts in your area and then in the lower pane indicates all of the remote IP connections of the host you selected in the top pane. Capsa is also a great way to check out what your kids are up to on your network without installing monitoring expensive software. Restaurant of the Month: Warung Seka (no signboard), located on the narrow road down to Kedisan on Lake Batur, is very popular at lunch time for its fried tilapia fish caught fresh from the lake. Costing only Rp15,000, the fish is deep fried until crispy, then marinaded in local mix of herbs and spices (sambal genep) and then served with stir-fried long beans and a healthy and delicious black soybean soup (jukut undis). Opening at 9 am or 10 am, get there by 3 pm before they close. Alternatively, 2 kilometres from Warung Seka in the parking lot of Toyabungkah hot water bathing place is Warung Parkir which offers both fried and grilled tilapia fish. Individuals and businesses may send moneysaving tips to: Copyright © 2014 Bill Dalton You can read all past articles of The Frugal Balinist at

Real Estate Apartment in Sanur


Service apartment in Sanur with swimming pool is offered to rent! One bedroom with furniture, Kitchen, AC, Hot shower, Free Wi-Fi, Cable TV, Safety Box, Day time staff stay. There is a night security.

Dijual Rumah kos 4 kamar luas tanah 2 are. Siap huni, fasilitas PLN, PDAM, SHM. Lokasi Baktisrage Singaraja. Contact info Suci 08 1834 7022. [7486]


Special Price for MONTHLY Rents Start from RP. 6,000,000/Month


Start from Rp.4,800,000/Month CALL NOW! 0361-8031042 C/Re/I-01 May 13

For Sale; New ordinary villa with wonderful rice field view, AC, minibar, swimming pool, 2 bedroom, beautiful garden, elegant kitchen, whitewash furniture, private place, etc. Land 450 m2. Price USD 300,000 Location Penyusuan village, Tegallalang, Gianyar (20 minutes to centre Ubud) Call 081 2392 2067 or 0812 3746 5066 Email: NC/RE/M-Feb. 5, 14

For Sale Two three-levelled Villas, newly built side-by-side on 2 x 5 Are blocks; down the slope of a former rice field in Padonan / Banjar Kulibul with great morning view to Bedugul volcano. . Three bedrooms all with ensuite, outdoor living/ dining room under high traditional ceilings of Alang-Alang, wifi access . Beautifully landscaped with indoor and outdoor water features and swimming pool of quarried Green Rock. . 10 minutes from Canggu, 5 from Canggu Club and new Canggu Plaza or Echo Beach. . Easy 20 minute drive into Seminyak for fashionable Shops, Restaurants and Night Clubs

Partly Furnished, on a 25 year lease (Extendable) Contact number +62 81337 162 669 NC/Re/I-05 Feb. 14


Blue Duck Villa 1 US$2,200,000 (nego) Freehold (Hak Milik)

2 houses for rent, 2/4 bedroom (daily, weekly, longterm rental), furnished/unfurnished possible, quiet area - Land for rent/sale 5 - 30 are - All locations close to Geger Beach, 0361-777 092, 0821 4552 2200 or e-mail <balifamily2000@>. [8140] Urgent sale below market price, USD 300,000 -considered best in the complex at Novotel Nusa Dua- private residence 2 bedroom top floor penthouse 150sqm great poolview. Full access to all resort facilities. 38 years of lease left. Healthy returns. Contact <>. [8202]

CANGGU 2 & 4 bedroom villa for rent (daily / monthly) in Canggu. Close to Canggu Club, Berawa & Ecobeach. Fully furnished, pool, etc. Call: 0816 865 097 / +614 1098 4086, 0852 3801 7205 / 0821 1788 8293 (Bahasa). See: <www.>. <>. <www.>. <>. [6234] Land for lease in Perenan, 500 m from the beach, 20 ares, 30 years, main road access, riverside, zoned for building, all documents in order. Please email all inquiries <vick_@>. [8017] Land for sale 29 are Canggu Batu Bolong main road (access to Echo Beach), 2,7 H.a Tegenungan cliff. River and ricefield view, 43 are Tengkulak ricefield view. Contact 0877 1242 7097 / 0812 3682 8360. [7983] Newly constructed, partially complete 2bdrm/2.5bath joglo on 4.5 are with 5mX8m pool in Pererenan. Serene location, 10min walk to Echo Beach. Lease until 2037 with possibility for extension. Great value. <pererenanwoodhouse@gmail. com>, 0812 4679 5400. [8136] Canggu. Freehold Our Dream Villa built with loving care for Retirement. Now for sale due to family commitments. 2.25 Are. 200 sqm, 2 story, 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath room. Open plan looking across pool to gazebo set in tropical garden. View over green zone to coast. US$249,000.00 <uwish.> Indo 081 7419 5172 Eng 0812 4660 3088. [8169]

Spacious two-story villa on 1950 m2 block located 350 meters from the beach, in the most secluded and tranquil resort area of Berawa.

Villa for lease. Fully furnished/unfurnished, 3 are, 4 bedrooms w/ private bathroom, 1 maid room, hot water, AC, kitchen, lobby, pool, bar, garage. Jalan Tegal Sari no. 41. Close to Canggu Club. 0821 4659 2962. <villarerame@>. [8181]

The villa includes: 1. Three large bedrooms each with private en suite bathroom and private balcony 2. Two open plan living areas 3. A kitchen with commercial quality equipment

Villas for rent weekly, monthly. 3 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms. All rooms with AC, internet, security, pool, garden, full furnished with staff, carpark. Telp. 0878 6152 4094, email <>. [8188]

The villa is surrounded by a lush tropical garden with fishponds at the entrance. There is also a 10 meter by 5 meter infinity pool with its very own bale bengong and deck.

C/Re/G - 5 Feb. 14

C/Re/P-05 Feb. 14

A LARGE PROPERTY FOR MANUFACTURING/STORAGE INCL. RESIDENCE - Outstanding business opportunity 14 are property in Ubudâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s prime commercial area near Ubud mainstreet. Roadside parking and display area, 2 large storage sheds (140 + 270sqm), FREE broadband. Modern 3 bedroom residence and pretty backyard also on same premises. Also suited for a yoga school, restaurant or many other uses at the low lease rate of USD 150,000.- for 12 years, extendable.

Call: Asti 081237044775 NC/RE/U-5 Feb. 14

500m2 freehold land behind Canggu Plaza with 250m2 traditional house include 60m2 100 years old knockdown teak house. 450.000 US$. Visit < cangguhouse4sale> or <>. [8198] BEAUTIFUL luxury villa, river forest view, long term rent, furnished, pool, 4 bed, 8km from beach, please call Made owner 087 861 347 012 / 081 999 494 184, email <>. 225 Mill / year. Available 1 March 2014. [8199] Land for sale 26 Are on Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong Canggu, no agent. Please contact: 081 139 8039 or 0813 3831 9191. [7433]

Contact: Chris Downie +62822 3663 1520 E-mail: NC/Re/P-5 Feb. 14

House for sale at Jalan Subak Sari near Canggu Club no. 525. Land 10.15 Are, building 215m2, five bedrooms, three bathrooms, electricity 7700 volt, about 400 meters from Batu Belig. Email <>. [8208] NC/Re/P-05 Feb. 14

Sole Marketing Consultant

Waka Residences TABANAN, BALI

Redefining luxurious living

Waka Residences presents great value: a rare and affordable opportunity to own a Brand New Villa in a Private Beach Front Estate on Bali’s famed South West coast. Waka Residences feature eleven spectacularly located, architecturally inspired villas in a fully managed estate with unrestricted freehold ownership and usage. Each residence embraces the beauty of the surrounding area; dramatic black sand beaches, verdant rice fields stretching endlessly towards majestic volcanic mountains.

x x x x x x x x x

Location: 50 minutes from Bali’s International Airport. Land area: 300 – 652 sqm. Semi gross area: 297 – 639 sqm. Villa type: 1BR; 2BR and 3 BR. Architect: Sian D’Sain by I Ketut Siandana. Interior: Carlo Innovative Furnishing by Carlo Pessina. Landscape: Design in Nature by John Pettigrew. Developer: PT. Mahesa Pahala Jani. Estate Management: Jones Lang LaSalle.


Ph. (021) 2922 3888

Bali Office Hurifah Saryan | m. +62 818 878 922 Rita Prawira | m. +62 81 337 104989 e.

Jakarta Office Alia Wahid m. +62 811 81 216 80 e.

For Sale C/Re/I-22 Jan 14


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

05 February - 19 February, 2014


2 Villas for rent or sale in Br. Anyar, Kerobokan

Overcontract: Restaurant Warung Max in Jl. Benesari. Fully equipped. Please call 081 139 5334 or 0813 3801 0650. [8114]

3 Bedroom Villa - US$ 259,000 for a 19.5 year lease / Rp. 230 million per year (420m2) 2 Bedroom Villa - US$ 179,000 for a 19.5 year lease / Rp. 165 million per year (207m2)

Studio room for rent, queensize bed, AC, Indovision, Wifi, living room, kitchen, hot water, daily maid. Daily Rp. 300.000. Also available for weekly and monthy. Call 0819 1636 2285. [8155]

Both villas are fully furnished, fully closeable, have ensuite bathrooms, AC, fitted kitchen with appliances, private swimming pools, Wifi Broadband, cable TV, phone, garage. Credit terms are available for purchase. For more information and pictures email: or Tel/SMS 0811 388 1842 or 789 5750 NC/Re/P-05 Feb. 14

Fully furnished 1, 2 BR apt in a resort by Legian beach, daily, monthly, yearly. <>. 2, 3 bedrooms villa in Seminyak for daily rent (photos by email) +62 81 759 1068. [8209] Very special top location 5mins to Legian beach, 110sqm, 2 storey house, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, sitting room, kitchen, fully furnished, 400sqm tropical garden, monthly USD1,500 and/or yearly.Telp 081 7973 7913 / <norma_duelfer@>. [8210]

DENPASAR House must rent urgently, brand new house 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, fully western style kitchen & bathrooms, good parking for motorbike or car in safe secure area in Denpasar Selatan, 1 or 2 year lease available. 50 million IDR p/y unfurnished or 75 million IDR w/ furniture. Must rent quickly, to inspect house please contact Made on +62 812 367 2155 / Owen on +61 421 08 6762. [8026] Hotel for sale at Imam Bonjol, front of Nakula street near Seminyak. 10 mins to Double Six beach. 300m2 land, 350m2 building. 10 rooms. IDR 5.5 Billion. Ph. 0361 873 8889, 0361 804 4438. [8197]

Villa Cantik Villa Cantik is situated in (Canggu) in Bali, This brand new villa (finished in June 2012), build on an 8 are plot, offers some beautiful rice field views (green zone), 3 bedrooms and a pool. The villa comes with a 22 year leasing, 260.000 USD $

Jl. Puri Kesambi 25, Kerobokan | mobile: 081233654862, 081239177277

JIMBARAN Land for rent 12,115 are in Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai about 200m from Benoa Square, mainroad access, prospective area for your business. Rp. 10 million/are/year (nego), min 5 years, max 15 yrs. Call 081 2383 4011. [5803]

C/Re/I-22 Jan 14

Place for rent 70 msq in Jl. Bukit Permai (Four Season street - Muaya Beach) opposite of The Le Meredien Jimbaran. Suitable for toko, cafe, restaurant. Very good location. Price Rp. 6 mills per month. Info, please contact Iwan 085 6370 0988 or 0819 1651 2526. [7485] Deluxe / private Villa for rent (New) / prime location (Kedonganan) / 5 min from airport / 15 min from Kuta / all furnished / swimingpool / 3bedrooms / internet / green quiet area / garage / tell / only yearly rental (more). 0813 5366 1981. [7760] New luxury home for sale, two bedrooms, AC, hot water, semi furnished, carpark, big garden, modern kitchen set, private western bathrooms, 234m2. Great location (near Dreamland). Contact owner 0813 3777 0647. [8203] BE quick! Jimbaran 2 are land for sale Rp700J, or lease Rp10J permonth. Viable business prospect. Sought-after location. Local owner. Boundary wall and amenities. 0878 6237 3226. Email: <>. [8207] C/Re/G-5 Feb. 14

C/Re/G-22 Jan. 14

Bali’s Fastest Selling Investment & Lifestyle Resort Live on site as an Owner Occupier, or Buy as an Investment We Have EVERYTHING! Quiet Peaceful Location, Many Designs, Affordable Prices, Western Quality, Great Lifestyle, Security, Daily Cleaning & Maintenance, Restaurant, Bar, 25 Meter Pool. All of this- Plus the Easy & Friendly Australian Way of Doing Business!! Bali’s Best Buy!! Only 1 Left- Available Now! 1 Bedroom Private Pool Villa AUD$290,000

RARE OPPORTUNITY 4 Bedroom “Private Pool Villa” AUD$490.000 Includes: 4 Ensuite Bathrooms, Walk in Robe, Study, WiFi, Gazebo with BBQ, Multi Channel TV and includes all Furniture & Fittings

UNDER CONSTRUCTION AUD$350.000 Great value 3 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom “ Private Pool Villa” AUD$298.000 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Apartment Inspections Welcomed on Site Ph: +62 857 381 78411 Email: Web: Address: Jl Dewi Saraswati II, Seminyak. C/Re/I-13 Nov 13


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

05 February - 19 February, 2014

LOMBOK KUTA, Lombok Land: Tanjung Ocean View Development: Oceanview plots 500 to 4800 SqMtrs. Best price in Kuta (from Rp 200000 SqMtr). Electricity, paved roads. Call “Lee” 0831-3962-5009 or go to <TanjungOceanView. com>. [8051]

KUTA C/Re/I-22 Jan 14

SEMINYAK GOLDEN LOCATION Newly renovated Villas for rent Cafe Moka Seminyak 2 minutes walk: Daily 1 bed room, 1 living room (new TV set), OK 1 kitchenette (new fridge), 1 bathtub BR, and swimming pool. 7.9 M Rp (Monthly)

3.6 M Rp (Weekly)

Bali Deli 6 minutes walk: 2 bed rooms, 1 open living room (new TV set), 1kitchen and a big swimming pool and garden. (5.5 Are.)

15.8 M Rp (Monthly)

Also other weekly, monthly yearly villas available with surprising price. Contact: 082144850681, 081233021299 Email:

NC/Re/A-22 Jan. 14

Kuta entire top floor 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment. 500m from beach. Fully furnished & equipped with AC bedrooms, sleeping 6 guests. Private outdoor entertaining area with jacuzzi. Leasehold until June 2021 (poss ext). AUD$ 75,000. Phone (+61) 4 0968 7778 / e-mail: <keith@>. [8101] Kuta studio apartments, Poppies Lane. Buy one or both. 2 x one bedroom one bathroom, fully renovated and furnished. Private balconies, resort pool. 73/4year lease, extendable. AUD$17,500 each negotiable. Photo’s and inclusions. <>. [7688] Fully furnished rooms for short or long term rent. Up to 4 rooms available. Jl. Raya Kuta, 5 mins to airport. Close beach, restaurants and shopping area. Please e-mail <> for info and photos 081 7470 7559. [5176] Room for rent, daily, monthly, longstay, hotel facility, pool, wifi, AC, cable TV, fridge, Sunset Road behind Sushitei. 0361 759 077, 0877 6031 5520. <>. [8195] Holiday Villa-Bungalow, Very Low Price. Weekly, Monthly. Beautifully furnished, Private & Quiet, Large 1 bedroom, AC, 2 Storey, Pool, Wifi, Full kitchen, TV/DVD, 24 hour security, Cleaned daily. More details, photo’s, Quick response, email <>. [5579] Room for rent, daily, monthly or yearly with swimming pool on Jl. Mataram Kuta. Phone +62 361 754 332 and Apartment & room for rent, daily, monthly or yearly, fully furnished, AC, cable TV, DVD, Wi-Fi, fridge. Located on Poppies Lane 2 Kuta. Phone +62 361 757 623 or e-mail: <> and website: <>. [7432]

C/Re/G-5 Feb. 14


SANUR Villa for rent daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Available 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms, fully furnished, hot & cold water, cable TV, swimming pool, parking lot, free Wifi, 5 min to the beach & International school. Call: 0361 – 887 6679 / 081 138 5315, e-mail: <>. [6477] Residential houses, villas and lands in Sanur area for short and longterm or sale. For any request and appointment please call Murniati Agustina 081 2396 6744 or e-mail to <>. <www.>. [7421]

5.5 are at Green Lot Sambadha Estate, Munggu (10 minutes from Canggu Club) underground power, town water, 6 m paved road, rice field view, quiet area, private road, community swimming pool, gym, 24 security. Price Rp. 400 million/are Please call owner Putu at

081339804123 or 081339649404 NC/RE/U-5 Feb. 14

Zen Villa 2 bedroom 2 ensuites own pool. Fully furnished. A/C plus fans. Granite kitchen. Bale Bengong. 2 cable TV’s plus WiFi. Gardening and pool maintenance included in rental of US $20,000pa. Lease negotiable. Email <allan.>. [8115] Rent: New house 500m2, minimalist, 2 storey, 100m to Sanur Independent School, 3 bedroom, AC, H/C water,, s.pool 4x8m, garden, parking, close to beach. Call 0819 9930 0777. [8166]

130 are, 1,3 HA land for sale, excellent access, water, electricity and quiet. Perfect for agro-agricultural land and for restaurant owners as a private organic farm. Or, as a home or villa. 15 minutes to the west from Baturiti Vegetables Market. Desa Andong, Baturiti, Tabanan, Bali, GPS 8”19’43” S and 115”10’3” E. Access to the north and south, with a 4 room farm house included. North, east and west mountain view, and has a barn for 50 cows. Excellent for growing chilies, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, beans etc. Access from main road, 900 meters. Great villas are built nearby. This is a direct sale by the local owner, free hold, one certificate. SMS only Putu +628123847849 or email: Only 30 million rupiah per are.

C/Re/G-22 Jan. 14

NC/Re/P-05 Feb. 14

BERINGIN PROPERTY Local Agent and Local Prices

The only Property Agent based on the west coast of Bali


KEDUNGGU - 8 Are, 47 Years remaining, 150m to beach with river frontage. Good access and electric. Great for your holiday / surf villa. Price : IDR 4 Milion / Are / Year


BELALANG - 8 Are In nice western area. Good access,electric and ready to build ( Aspect ). Beautiful rice paddy views. A great land banking opportunity. Freehold. Price : IDR 200 Mill / Are KEDUNGGU - 14 Are, 6m Road access, 700m to Kedunggu surfing beach, Rice field paddy views, Ready to build. Freehold. Price : IDR 300 Mill / Are NYANYI - 32 Are, 4m Road access, Rice field paddy views. Freehold. Price : IDR 300 Mill / Are NYITDAH - 3.5 Are, 4.5m Road access, Ready to build. Freehold. Price : IDR 200 Mill / Are PERERENAN - 3 Are, 3m Road access, Ready to build, Rice field paddy views Freehold. Price : IDR 400 Mill / Are TANAH LOT - 4 Are,4m Road access, Ready to build, Rice field paddy views. Freehold. Price : IDR 275 Mill / Are Jl. Darmawangsa No. 1, Tanah Lot - Bali - Indonesia Phone: +62 361 8483743 Fax: +62 361 8483743 Web: Email: / C/Re/I-22 Jan 14


REAL ESTATE All ads Rp. 8.000 per word All ads must be paid before printing Looking for a house with min 300 m2 land in Sanur beachside. Contact: <>. [001] Need small office space for company registration! Must have all necessary permissions to run a business so I can register mine. I will be using the space very seldom -- just to pick up mail. (0)813 3993 0190. [002]


Jl. Majapahit No. 46 Kuta - Bali Telp : (0361) 755 392 [Hunting] Fax : (0361) 764 191 E-mail:

STUDIO appt, furnished, air-con, Wi-fi, pool, hot water, wkly service, close to KFC, mthly rental. 4,000,000 rp, plus electric. Ph: 0852 3796 4565 Dayu, or <newstartbali@>. <>. [8170] Fully furnished new 2 BR house in Sanur with pool. 5 minutes to centre Sanur and beach. 2 bathrooms, pool with gazebo, kitchen, garage/carport, separate maids room and bathroom. Rp 110 juta year. More info <cascada_23@>. [8172]


C/Re/I-25 Dec 13

New house for rent, pool, 2 bedroom, 3 bathroom, garage, open kitchen and livingroom, 1 maidroom, furnished. 10 mnt to beach. 80 mill/year, longterm negotiable. Please call Komang 081 6474 5896. [8175] Villa located in an exclusive area in Sanur is available for long/short term lease, please call 0813 5943 3888. [8192] Sanur. Villa Kutat Lestari, rice field views. Available 1 to 5 months possible extension. Fully furnished / 3 bedrooms / 3 bathrooms / pool / air con / Wifi / tv / daily maid / large enclosed living. Monthly US$1,000. Contact M: 0821 469 0547. [8201]


Place your ad at for the quickest service.


You may also fax, e-mail or post your ad into our office and we will fax, e-mail or telephone you with the price. You may also visit our office to place your ad.


All Real Estate advertising must be prepaid. All payments must be made at our office or by money transfer to our bank.


Commercial ads may be placed in the Real Estate Section at regular commercial rates and terms. Sell or Rent Quickly With Bali Advertiser Tel.: 755392 (Hunting) Fax : 764 191 E-mail:



Sentosa Residence Umalas, the newest project by the International award winning Sentosa Worldwide Resorts, a name synonymous with contemporary tropical luxury and elegant simplicity. This exciting project offers cutting edge, fully integrated resort style living, set on 6.5 hectares of beautifully landscaped gardens, with a choice of One Bedroom Villas and generously sized One, Two and Three Bedroom Premium Villas featuring private garden, sundeck and swimming pool. Much more than a home, Sentosa Residence Umalas offers a community and a lifestyle that is chic and sophisticated, yet ultimately secure, comfortable and affordable. You will find yourself part of a nurturing community, a private paradise that you will always be happy to come home to. However, with so many facilities on your doorstep you might find that you never want to leave. The Sentosa Residence Umalas development includes 24-hour medical centre, a gourmet deli, international restaurants, world class spa, residence club house with olympic sized swimming pool, fully equipped gymnasium, and even an outdoor cinema! Villas at Sentosa Residence Umalas range in price from USD 199,000 to USD 699,000

SALES OFFICE: Jl. Laksmana 999X, Bali 80361, Indonesia For more information please contact Chloe at +62 361 887 1111 | | C/Re/I-05 Feb 14


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

05 February - 19 February, 2014

GIANYAR Land for rent 1.4 hectare valid for 30-40 years lease, location at Selat, Bukit Jati, Gianyar, Bali. River view, cliff and ricefield, good for villa or hotel. For more info please email to <>. [8211]

TABANAN For sale beach land at Klecung, Tabanan - Bali, huge size for big development, if you interest please email; <>. [8191]

Studio Apartment for rent Daily – Weekly – Monthly Please call: 0361 8499219 C/RE/M-22. Jan.14

Are you looking for stunning land to buy in Tabanan or Negara area, small or big plots, beachfront, sea-views or riverfront. All free-hold land! Prices: starting from Rp. 29 million/are. Tel: +6281 855 5010. E-mail: <>. [5452]

Great Business Opportunity, Overcontract 15 years, huge Restaurant with onsite accommodation on 20 are opposite Dreamland/Pecatu Entrance, large carpark fits tourbusses, fully equipped kitchen, separate roadside cafe/bakery. USD 323K nego. 0877 6021 0561, <restobukit@gmail. com>. [8171] Land for sale 4 Are, Jl. Pantai Balangan Bukit Jimbaran. Contact 0819 9902 9269 / 0813 5335 7474. [8176] For rent, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments near Dreamland, all fully self contained, private and secure. Share large pool and bbq area. Fully furnished. Ph/sms +61 474 196 849, +62 87 861 843 997, <>. [8182] Half Share of Beautiful Bukit Villa. Great views. Air con. 3 Bedrooms 3 Baths. WiFi. Completely furnished with style. Complete kitchen. Pool. Outside shower. Mature gardens. Contact by email: <>. $150,000.00 USD. [8190]

For Sale, directly from owner: Freehold land 31,7 are located in Gunung Salak. Rice paddy with stunning seaviews that cannot be blocked. About 8km from the beach with amazing views. Just 45 minutes from the Tanah Lot turn. The land comes complete with access road, all certificates and is rezoned for building. Price: Rp. 29 million/are. Tel: +6281 855 5010. E-mail: <info@>. [7606]

VILLA for sale: freehold, oceanview, 2.5 are, pool, jacuzzi, gazebo, 2 bedrooms, balcony, walk-in closet, 3 baths, A/C, large western kitchen, granite countertops and floors, maidsroom, laundry & storage area, garage. $ 269,000 USD. See: <>, <fvpools@hotmail. com>, call 081 2382 3623. [8204]



2 bedroom villa in Seminyak , pool, wifi, hotwater, tv cable daily maid. Available 12 – 18 August. Please call +62 819 1636 2285. [3866] Villas for rent Seminyak 2,3,4 Bedrooms, modern style. fully equipped kitchen, cable TV, pool, internet connection, tropical garden. US$ 150 - US$ 500 per night. Available for short and long term rentals. Villa/Land sales. Please call +6281 797 35110 / +62 812 3794 6713. [8154]


Land for sale 2,5 Hectare, Tegalalang, river view, 45 juta/ are. Land for sale 6,5 are Tegalalang Sebatu, rice field view, Rp. 125 jt/are. And land for sale in Payangan, 24 are. Contact 0852 3714 4456. [7915] C/U/G-17 April 13

Land for lease, rice field view 100 meter from Jl. Raya Mas, Ubud. 29 years lease, total 2.000 m” (20 are). Good price Rp 1.5 mil/are/year, 5 meter access. Call: 0812 4617 7110. [8118]

Space for rent in main location Seminyak, promotion price first. Floor with an area, 3x2 meter Rp. 6.000.000 and 2x2 meter Rp. 3.000.000 monthly. Basic payment. Contact Julie 0815 5777 000, Raka 0857 3834 7389. [8168]

A fully furnished room for short or long term rent. 5 mins to Ubud center, if walk 20 minutes, close to restaurant and shopping area. E-mail: <> for more info and photos 0813 3612 6557. [5177]

New modern 3 bedroom bathroom villa Seminyak, fully furnished, fully equipped kitchen, AC, throughout swimming pool, Jacuzzi, tropical gardens. 130 juta year. 2.1 Billion for 35 years. 0819 9947 9803, 0878 6037 5139. [8177]

Land to sale - nice view ricefield. 7km from Ubud - 10 to 15 Are. Kenderan - Tegalalang. 110 juta/are. Dewa 0812 3773 3299. [8178] Villa+15 year lease for sale in Nuyh Kuning $95,000 USD. Land is 3are and villa 150sqm. 2bedroom+2bathroom. Land owner pays property taxes and insurance. Lease can be extended after the lease has been transferred. 0821 4736 2541 or <>. [8180]

2 bedroom villa in Seminyak/ Legian. 200 meters from Double Six beach, close to restaurants, 10 juta/month, 100 juta/year. Call or SMS 0878 6201 7285 or email <>. [8179]

Rare Artist Villa in Mas Ubud, 3 BDR, 3 BTR, pool & ricefield view, lease 22y extendable. 5 mn of center Ubud 20 mn to beach. 300 k$ (to discuss). <>. [8184]

For sale 2 bedroom villa at Jl Raya Seminyak Kerobokan Kuta location, 5 min to Seminyak beach, next to Bintang Supermarket and business art shop, land 371 m2. Contact <>, 0812 3936 4408, 0813 9601 1884. [8193]

Villa for sale in Ubud, freehold (hak milik) with deep well, 3 bdrm/4 bath + staff qtrs and guest house. Pool, garage and rice field view, 10 are land with room to develop. Call Made 081 2380 3450. [8200]

For rent monthly, yearly or lease hold for 24 years, 3 bedroom villa with 3 bathrooms, open livingroom, fully equipped kitchen, private swimming pool and parking. Contact us for more info: 0878 6001 7267 / 0857 9286 2737. <>. [8205]

Ubud. For rent brand new private house (sort or long term) located 15 minutes from Ubud center, it’s offer a luxurious elegantly designed house set in the village of Bedulu with 3 bedroom with air conditioner, IDD telephone, and WiFi, 3 Bath room with bathtub, hot shower, luxurious kitchen, and spacious terrace, dining room, lounge room and carport. Contact add: at 081 338 272 777 or email at: <>. [8206]

Villa for rent, 1st March - 31st October, great location, few mtr from the beach. Two bedrooms, big living room, garden, meditation-yoga room. Good value for holidays, surfers and relaxation. <>. +62 (0) 819 361 691 43. [8138] C/Re/G - 11 Dec. 13

Big 2 floor house in Drupadi, walk to restaurants in Oberoi. 3 beds, 2 baths, A/C, hot water, fully furnished, big TV, HBO. Big tropical garden. Rent until Jan. 2015. Viewing 9-5, contact 0878 6252 1948. [8067] For rent 2 bedrooms villa, private pool, fully furnished, AC, garden and 1 bedroom house, bathroom, kitchen, garden, sharing pool, monthly/yearly & 4 bedroom, land 5 are at Bumbak Kerobokan, yearly rental. Owner 081 7971 9692. [8212] Two bedroom (ensuite bathroom) Seminyak bungalow. Two minutes walk to Bintang supermarket. Lease until July 2015, all furnished, US$16,000. Rents well. Contact : <> / 081 835 2023. [8213] 3 bedroom villa, fully furnished, pool price Rp 270 mill/ year, available on Feb 21st 2014 located at Bidadari Seminyak. Brand new 3 bedroom villa close to Bintang Supermarket Price Rp 400 mill/yr available on July 2014. And 2 bedroom house, furnished at Marlboro and guest room for rent in Kerobokan available daily and monthly. Please contact 0878 6111 6455 or email : <betasiregar@>. [8214] C/Re/G-5 Feb. 14

All the Best Villas Under One Roof





‡ Three spacious air conditioned Eedrooms with ensuite Eathroom ‡ Swimming pool (8m[4m) surrounded Ey a =en tropical garden ‡ Peacefully located, a minute drive to Seminyak center ‡ Investment opportunity, great track record already estaElished Price USD 380,000 Land Area 400 sqm Ownership Leasehold 27 years Build Area 155 sqm

LEGIAN - 185




‡ A4-VA +otel Villas - Ideally located Suites Villas ‡ Fully furnished suites, 1 and 2 Eedroom apartments ‡ 0anaged holiday resort with highly e[perienced management ‡ +igh yielding investment with attractive rental returns Apt Area

34 - 42 sqm

SANUR - 658

Price From USD 130,000 Ownership Leasehold 30 years




‡ Delightful three Eedroom freehold villa in Sanur¶s Eest location ‡ Very quiet private, minutes¶ walk to shops, restaurants Eeach ‡ Open plan living, dining kitchen that can Ee closed off ‡ Don¶t miss out unique Sanur freehold offering at a great price! Land Area Build Area

300 sqm 230 sqm

Price USD 550,000 Ownership Freehold









‡ 0odern tropical four Eedroom villa designed Ey renowned architect ‡ Spacious layout, three Eedrooms with ensuite Eathroom ‡ Swimming pool (20m[4m) surrounded Ey manicured garden ‡ Distinct intimate outdoor spaces perfect for rest rela[ation ‡ Spacious comEined living, dining kitchen that can Ee closed off ‡ Beautiful open plan living area with -oglo old teak structure ‡ Fantastic Eusiness opportunity, minutes to Seminyak center ‡ Perfect choice for holiday rental or private Eeachside residence Price USD 1,850,000 Price USD 595,000 Land Area 580 sqm Land Area 650 sqm Ownership Freehold Ownership Leasehold 27 years Build Area 550 sqm Build Area 360 sqm

BERAWA - 600




‡ Architect designed e[tremely well presented 4 Eedroom villa ‡ Flowing open plan living spaces opening out to garden pool ‡ Four generous Eedrooms on the 2nd Àoor with en-suite and roEes ‡ 0odern design with a de¿nite Bali feel, a short stroll to the Eeach Land Area Build Area

400 sqm 300 sqm


Price USD 490,000 Ownership Leasehold 28 years




‡ Attractively designed modern split level two Eedroom villa ‡ Built on the cliff side, with ocean views that can¶t Ee Elocked ‡ Creative design, quality Euilt, developer with proven track record ‡ IncomparaEle value for a quality freehold property Land Area Build Area

100 sqm 105 sqm

Price Rp 1,550,000,000 Ownership Freehold





‡ E[clusive collection of elegant Eeachfront suites penthouses ‡ AEsolute Eeachfront resort, footsteps to shops entertainment ‡ 5 Star Resort facilities Ey renowned management company ‡ 7 *uaranteed ROI for 3 years, Buy Back *uarantee (year 6) Build Area

From USD 280,600 46 sqm to 72 sqm Price Ownership Leasehold 50 years

BERAWA - 510




‡ 0odern tropical three Eedroom villa fronted Ey rice ¿elds ‡ Spacious open plan living areas with full rice ¿eld vistas ‡ 0arEle timEer Àoors throughout smart design, quality ¿nishes ‡ Superior property, gorgeous setting with great views Land Area Build Area

330 sqm 200 sqm

Price IDR 4,500,000,000 Ownership Freehold


ECHO BEACH - 632 CANGGU - 661 BERAWA - 586

BERAWA - 606




‡ Spacious villa with 4 Eedrooms and lu[ury ensuite ‡ Lounge area on the upper Àoor with ama]ing views ‡ Open plan kitchen fully equipped with 5 quality appliances ‡ Walking distance to Canggu CluE, 5 minutes to Seminyak Land Area Build Area

850 sqm 480 sqm

Price USD 620,000 Ownership Leasehold 22 years

CANGGU - 399




‡ Four Eedrooms villa (possiEility ¿ve) with en-suite Eathroom ‡ Spacious terrace surrounded Ey tropical garden ‡ +ighest Indonesian woodwork quality for a lifetime guaranteed ‡ -ust a minute to the Eeach (400m), 10 minutes to Seminyak Land Area Build Area

700 sqm 350 sqm

Price USD 495,000 Ownership Leasehold 48 years

PECATU - 608

UMALAS - 602 BERAWA - 652

Seminyak Leasehold Land, 300 sqm (3 are), Leasehold 28.5 years, IDR 13,500,000/Are/Year Seminyak Leasehold Land, 515 sqm (5.15 are), Leasehold 27 years, IDR 13,500,000/Are/Year Pasut Beachside Freehold Land - Between Beach And River, 1,655 sqm (16.55 are), Freehold, IDR 250,000,000/Are Freehold land At Echo Beach - Canggu, 5,165 sqm(51.65 Are), Freehold, IDR 50,000,000,000 Riverside Freehold Land, 2,000 sqm (20 Are), Freehold, IDR 945,000,000/Are Spacious Freehold Land In Berawa, 1,200 sqm (12 Are), Freehold, IDR 750,000,000/Are Ocean View Land - Need To Be Sold Now, All Offers Will Be Considered!, 5,000 sqm (50 Are), Freehold, IDR 250,000,000/Are Umalas Freehold Land, 2,700 sqm (27 are), Freehold, IDR 700,000,000/Are Prime Land In Berawa With Rice Fields View, 575 sqm (5.75 are), Leasehold 21.5 years, IDR 6,500,000/ Are/ Year

C/Re/G-5 Feb. 14


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

05 February - 19 February, 2014



Weekly / Monthly / Yearly In a traditional Balinese house, KUTA AREA (Jalan Majapahit) 2 rooms apartment and single rooms also available. Fully furnished, daily cleaning, AC & TV, hot & cold water, Wi-Fi. Quiet area close to the beach and 10 minutes walking distance to the night life. Start at Rp. 2 million/month. Please call : 0878.6138.5172 / 081.317.986.177 C/Re/U-29 May 13

Villa for rent 2 are, 2 floor, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, swimming pool, living room, kitchen, furniture, hot water. Contact 081 2363 0309, 0819 1665 9151. [7916] PROMO-Deal > Umalas-Bumbak area. Ricefields: leasehold 20-or-45years *** Direct owner *** 6/8 bedroom villa *** 1bedroom villa *** 2+1bedroom *** optional furnished *** IMB+PondokWisata *** Call(Indo) +62 813 8177 7257, SMS(Eng) +62 813 3828 6581. <>. [8030] House for sale in Perum. Padang Griya 3 No. 6 Jl. Tangkuban Perahu, west Denpasar behind Bali Med hospital. Close to Seminyak & Kuta. Land 180m2, building 120m2, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, livingroom, kitchen, fully furnished, Rp. 1.6 billion (nego). SMS only 081 2381 5292 / <>. [8080] For rent in Kerobokan, 5 minute to Seminyak and Petitenget. 4 (four) bed rooms villa with swimming pool. Full AC, 1 garage n 1 carport. Call 081 872 3973. Quite n peaceful. [8121]

APARTMENTS & VILLAS Wireless broadband / Cable TV Private or shared pool Well-equipped kitchens

RARE ANGON VILLAS, Kerobokan Contact us on: (0361) 736 339/ 0811386450 You can now find us on Facebook C/Re/A-20 Feb 13

Urgent Sale - Need Money!!! House for sale villa style 2 storey in Jl. Br. Kucupin Gg. Cendana No. 9 Ketewel. 3 are land, 280m2 building, 5m road, 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, storage, livingroom, 6 LED TV home theater, family room, kitchen, pantry, balcony, terrace, 6AC, 2water heater, 3500W, garage for 4cars, freehold, paper complete. Rp. 2.300.000.000 (nego). Direct owner 0811393842 / (0361) 7801099 / 0822 36085388 NC/Re/M-05 Feb. 14

CHEAP house for rent in South Kerobokan. Gang off Jl Mertanadi. Minimum 4 years. Total Cost 299 juta. Newly renovated and fully furnished. Aircon, Speedy and Indovision. For inspection call 0813 3749 8285. [8129] Shop for overcontract. 1 floor, 80sqm, 2 floor, 75 sqm, small kitchen, 3 rooms, toilet, 8 years left. 100.000.000 Rp per year. Minimum 3 year. Jln. Raya Anyar, close to Bali Buddha. Contact 0819 9938 6891. [8167] House for rent, 3bedrm w/ own bathrm, open-door lvg rm, Western open kitchen set w/ bar, pool, jacuzzi, open gazebo, car port, laundry area, storage area, tropical garden. ACs, wtr heaters, fully furnished. Close to anywhere. Moderate price. Daily/weekly/monthly/yearly. SMS only: 081 2383 1500 / 0361 796 8796. [8173]

SHORT TERM RENTALS Daily - Weekly - Monthly All ads Rp. 13.000 per word All ads must be paid before printing Cheap homestay for rent. Daily, weekly, monthly. AC, mini bar, hot cold water, breakfast. Villa for rent. Daily, weekly, monthly. Swimming pool, 5 bedrooms, garden. Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua. Contact 0813 3762 0272.

Take over lease complete restaurant 5 are, 150 mill per year or 200 mill per year with all equipment and furniture x 3.5 years available. Jl. Raya Banjar Semer Kerobokan. Hp. 0857 3934 6953. [8174] 2

NC/Re/I-22 Jan 14

Private villa for sale 500m , 3 bedroom, pool, furnished, Wifi, nice garden, at Jl. Munduk Sari no. 4A, Br. Semer, Kerobokan. Detail info contact Made (direct owner): 0878 6136 6610 & 0361 - 843 4040. [8039] Overcontract Jl. Merta Agung Kerobokan villa. 3 bdr, 3 bthr, 2 floor, swimming pool, parking, internet. For 2 years, 135jt per tahun. Furnish, storage. 5mn to beach. Good location. 0852 3818 0925, 0819 9962 8028. [8183] Villa for sale Umalas, build 300m2, land 650m2, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, livingroom, pool 12mx4m, full furniture. Price 160.000 Euro. Tel. 0822 3776 5354. Mail <>. No agent. Lease 14 years + 10 years. [8185] New modern house/villa, indoor outdoor living, sundecks, western kitchen, two bedrooms, three bathrooms, large garden, private, secure, central. Furnished Rp. 88,000,000 yearly, unfurnished Rp. 78,000,000 yearly. 2.5 year lease. 0819 1643 9125, <>. [8186] Shop for rent, top location, next Bali Budha, Cafe Moka, Br. Anyar. Size 70m2, front 6 meter, carpark, toilet, electricity. To visit please contact Nengah 0876 245 4586 or email <>. [8187] Modern western standard rooms in the heart of business district for rent. All facilities. Pool, AC, fan, parking, Wifi. <>. Email: <>. [8189] Yearly/Monthly/Daily villas for rent. Canggu, Seminyak, Kerobokan, etc. New listing welcome. No agents please. Check <> or E: <info@mata-bali. com>. [8194] Villa for rent 5 min to Oberoi. 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom/bathtub, half furnished, pool, garden, garage, still new villa. Available April 5 ‘14 to Oct 15 ‘16 (whole period only). 95 jt per year. SMS or call 0821 4689 3393. No agent. [8196] House for rent. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, livingroom, 2 kitchens, 1 terrace, garage, large garden, unfurnished. 200m2 land, 80m2 house building, 1300W electricity, water well, satellite-TV, quiet, good location. Call 0821 4526 3980. [8099] Modern deluxe new apartments 1 & 2 bedrooms, fully furnished, large parking, beautiful garden, pool, free WiFi, from 50 to 150 m2, monthly from Rp. 4 to 7.5 million. 2 location off West Marlboro and close to Carrefour. Call +62 81 2388 9173. [8050]

C/Re/G-4 Sept. 13



Jl. Majapahit No. 46 Kuta - Bali Telp : (0361) 755 392 [Hunting] Fax : (0361) 764 191 E-mail:

LOOK WHAT MADE THE A LIST THIS WEEK! A-mazing value villas Jl Petitenget. Bargain. New,stylish 3 br/3bth villa, on 300m2, full. furn. right in the heart of the action. Great rental returns. Walk to Potato Head and The W. Nice pool. NOW REDUCED TO US$279,000!!! Crazy Price. Seminyak. The Elysian. Exclusive 1br holiday villa in famous complex. 12%+ returns. Generous owner occupancy. Urgent sale. Only US$160,000 Seminyak, near beach. New luxury 6br/6 bth villa on 25 are!!! Amazing rental returns. Fully furnished. Roof garden. Lap pool. 2 kitchens. Maid’s room. All mod cons. Only US$1.3 million. Jimbaran. Close to beach. Some views. Superb 3 br freehold villa in security compound. Full furn. Freehold. US$450,000 Canggu. 500m from beach.Last chance to buy a brand new, architect designed, 2 bedroom villa with pool for only $179,900. Call us now!*VL-025 Canggu, Jl Nelayan. Near Beach New 3br villa on 600m2. 800m to beach. Big pool. Beautiful position. REDUCED! $210,000. Must sell! Batu Belig Beachside. 180 deg. ocean views Private beach access. 5 br/6bth on 3 floors. Roof terrace with jacuzzi. Exquisitely furnished. Saltwater pool. 43 yr lease. Wonderful investment. Just US$750,000.

A List Land Nusa Dua Beachfront. 6.5ha between Ayodaya and St Regis. Backs onto new golf course. Perfect resort land. Unbelievable price. Just 1.3M per are. Jl Oberoi. 13 are. Freehold. Behind Café Bali. Close to EVERYTHING. Restaurants, shops, beach. Perfect shape. Big access. Rp 1.3M/are. JlPetitenget. 18 are. Freehold. Between Potato Head and The W .Square shape. 3.5m access. Close to EVERYTHING. Rp 2.1M per are. Pererenan on river. 11.1 are freehold. Perfect development site. Good shape and access. Gentle slope.Rp 450 mill per are. Berawa. 7.5 and 15 are. 40 year lease! Rice field views Good shape and access. Near Canggu Club 1Km from beach. Just Rp5 mill/are/year. Canggu. Jl Nelyan , riverside, close to beach. Good shape and access. Freehold. Rp650 mill/are

A List Hotels/Restaurant/Businesses Jl Oberoi. Paasha Penthouse Suite. Right in the heart of Eat Street. Guaranteed min. 8% return. Rental 305++ per night. Restaurant, Jazz Bar. Just opened. 30 year lease. Reduced! US$210,000 Neg. Kuta Hotel. Jl Melasti frontage. 1 yr old. 99 rooms and suites, Always busy. Av 75% occupancy. Fast ROI. Rp19 billion. *reference numbers for info from website: Enter number in ‘keyword’ top right.

Jl. Raya Kerobokan No. 72 ,Tel/Fax: (0361) 735469 Website: | email: C/Re/I-05 Feb 14












SBUK508 Uluwatu



The best villa purchase opportunity in Bali right now! Proven high yield and ROI, payback in less than 7 years! Stunning villa resort located in Seminyak and 10 minutes walk to Double Six beach, 37 years + 20 leasehold. Collective rental pool and owners in proďŹ t from year 1. Unlimited owner stays and excellent capital growth! Two and three bedroom villas, from U$275,000 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; only 2 units available. CONTACT ME NOW.

Luxury villa estate on 1 hectare of land. With a main residence of 1200 sq meters and an additional 328 sq meters of accommodation, the property is perfect for private use or conversion into an ultra exclusive resort. Boasting beautiful Indian Ocean views, 25 meter lap pool, gymnasium, movie theatre, golf putting green and sand bunker this would have to be one of the best properties available to purchase now in Bali.

Contact : Amber Title : Leasehold 37 years +62 (0) 818 0418 8644 Prices From: USD 275,000

Land : 100 are Title : Hak Milik Price : IDR 45,000,000,000

SJBN675 Jimbaran




SCAD005 Kuta Candidasa LKUT047

Contact : Steve +62 (0) 821 4415 2060



2000 sqm

LSNG240 Singaraja


2 4690 sqm

This land is in the centre of Pemuteran, about 30 minutes from Central Singaraja. It is a generous size with a good rectangular shape. On the main road of Singaraja â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Gilimanuk with two access to it, is perfect for business, home stay, bungalows or villas. It features ocean views and is only a minute to the beach. The vendor wants to sell it this land as quickly as possible.

Title : Hak Milik Price : IDR 2,400,000,000

Contact: Iwan +62 (0) 878 5780 2727


SSEM183 Seminyak



This charming 3 bedroom villa is part of a very pleasant villa estate that has excellent facilities along with a prime location close to the Four Season hotel and Jimbaran Bay. With the area of Jimbaran becoming very popular this property investment will prove to be very rewarding. Stylish design, private surroundings and excellent value for money! A must see property!

Stunning ocean and inmountain views surrounded tranquil A huge plot of land brilliant strategic area, just by in front of countryside is what you toofthis lovely Bali Bakery, Kuta, at welcomes the intersection Raya Kutaproperty. trafďŹ c lights. Situated for ona 4380 M2 (approximate ARE) of absolute Suitable hotel, perhaps a car show44room or even a mall. waterfront, protected by acondotel large and A license toand build a 170 room is extremely already in sturdy hand. retaining wall, this â&#x20AC;&#x153;natural woodroad, eco propertyâ&#x20AC;? you Incredible location on the main Raya Kutaembraces is very rarely andthe spiritually on market. enhances this restful 4 bedroom home.

This stylish 2 bedroom villa is part of an established villa estate in the heart of Seminyak where the owners enjoy attractive returns on investment. Within walking distance you can ďŹ nd an excellent selection of ďŹ ne dining restaurants and shopping outlets. A perfect investment property in a perfect location here in Bali! Call today to arrange your inspection!

Title : Freehold Price : USD 675,000

Contact : Karl +62 (0) 815 5701 729

Contact: Emma Contact : Brenda Title : Leasehold Hak Milik +62(0)(0)812 8123916 22798729 8828 +62 Price 980,000 on Application Price : AUD

Title : Leasehold Price : USD 350,000

LCAD011 Candi dasa

19735 sqm

LTAB575 Tabanan

LCGU800 Canggu

Very strategic location with very exotic panoramic views, close to the tourism district of â&#x20AC;?Taman Ujungâ&#x20AC;?, 15 minutes from Candi Dasa, 30 minutes from Padang Bai and less than 1 hour to Amed & Tulamben. This is an incredible investment with an amazing price! CLIFF FRONT, stunning ocean views, perfect shape. This will prove to be an excellent land investment to develop or land bank to gain excellent proďŹ ts due to rapid appreciation. IDR 150,000,000/are (negotiable) Contact: Tita Title : Hak Milik +62 (0) 821 4433 3979 Price : IDR 30,000,000,000

1500 sqm

Great piece of freehold land, located in a nice peaceful area in Beraban, Kediri - Tabanan, just 30 meters from main road, surrounded by luxury villas and offering rice ďŹ eld and river views. It has a 3 meters road access. Approximately only 10 minutes drive to Kedungu Beach, 10 minutes drive to Tanah Lot Temple & Nirwana Bali Golf Club. 30 minutes drive to Seminyak area. Title : Hak Milik Price : IDR 3,150,000,000

Contact: Tita +62 (0) 821 4433 3979

Contact : Karl +62 (0) 815 5701 729

670 sqm

NEW LISTING! 670 m2 Freehold Land in Echo Beach, Canggu This freehold plot in Echo Beach, Canggu is located approximately 200 meters from the famous surf, restaurants and the new 5 star Sea Sentosa project. Only 15 minutes to the centre of Seminyak.

Title : Hak Milik Price : USD 800,000

Contact : Annie Dean +62 (0) 813 3945 5009

OfďŹ ces located in 3EMINYAKs.USA$UAs3ANURs#ANDI$ASA

Without the right advice itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s like a jungle out there.


NC/Re/G - 5 Feb. 14


WWW.XPBALI.COM d r te iso Ra dv p A To rip T n O






Price: USD 329,000



Price: USD 1,500,000




/%($87,)8/%(5$:$ - REDUCED PRICE



3/($6(7$.(7+,623325781,7<72385&+$6(7+,6%86,1(66 /RW6L]H640_/RFDWLRQ1XVD'XD

/RFDWLRQ%HUDZD Price : 12 are @ 690 million IDR per are

Price: Rp. 2,000,000,000



Price: USD 149,000



Price: USD 550,000

<28521(67233523(57<6+23 35(6(17,1*3523(57,(6)5208686 +HDG2I¿FH-O6XQVHW5RDG;.HURERNDQ%DOL 3K_)D[_ZZZ[SEDOLFRP_LQIR#[SEDOLFRP %UDQFK2I¿FH-O%\3DVV1JXUDK5DL1R-LPEDUDQ%DOL_3K C/Re/I-05 Feb 14

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