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01 May 2013 - 15 May 2013

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01 May - 15 May, 2013


Who knows a diviner (a person who divines the location of water or minerals; One who searches for underground objects or water using a divining rod) for our very dry land on the hills (250m above sea level) near Lipah/Ahmed? Pls contact Michael 081 2395 1444. [154]

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For Sale; Teak wood telephone table/chair. Very good condition, paid 1.8 million, selling for 850,000. Contact Kevin on 0818 0531 8192. [042]

CASA 8, Jl. Wayan Gentuh Br. Kwanji - Dalung 0361 - 780 1238 08123 941986

KID'S PARTY (Games, Decoration, Jumping Castle, Magician, Art/Craft, etc) EFFECTS (Snow/bubble machine, Exploding Balloon, Balloon drop) CUTLERIES RENTAL (Tables, Chairs, Napkins, Marquee, etc) C/NS/I-09 Jan 13

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For Sale; Data projector Benq CP220 hardly used Rp. 4.5jt. <sirtib@gmail. com>. Denpasar. [051]


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01 May - 15 May, 2013

BALI Piano Consulting service Tel: 0361 - 439475 0361- 439474 081 138 0398 Email: C/Ns/G-20 March 13

Yacht For Sale

34ft Van de Stadt sailing yacht for sale. Based in Bali. Indonesian papers. In Beautiful condition with teak decks and interior. Recently repainted/antifouling. Engine recently serviced. 4 new batteries. IDR 515,000,000 (Roughly £35,000 GBP) E-mail: Tel: +62 896 6464 0999


For Sale; Sony Xperia mini pro, Brand new bought from Australia but have no use to it as I’m using my iPhone. Comes with box and all accessories. 1.5 mil. Call 0812 3931 9777 to view. [130] For Sale; Camp bed for sale with mattress - good quality, like new, used once. Bought from Ace Hardware 6 months ago for 2 mil will sell for 1.5mil. Please call or sms 0812 3923 0945. Legian. [157] For Sale; Golf clubs (full set). Including 2 bags “Pro Tour Granite”. Ideal as second set or for beginner, Only Rp 2.000.000. Call 081 2391 1499 or 289 672 (Paul). [155]

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01 May - 15 May, 2013


ECR & Mini Printer

Electronic Cash Register


For Sale; 3 brand new body boards with 3 new leashes with plugs. still in their wrappings for 2.25mil rp total for all boards and leashes. Contact 0812 4651 4976. [109] Urgently looking for a good conditioned used/secondhand bicycle for affordable/ reasonable price. Mine was recently stolen, badly need a replacement for my mobility. Contact 0812 6404 5813. Seminyak. [110]


JL. Suli No. 119 B2, Denpasar Tel: (0361) 225796, 7800965 Fax: 225796 Email: Website:

Jakarta: 021-3841789, Surabaya: 031-70927541, Yogyakarta: 0274-419590, Bandung: 022-70720142, Medan: 061-77861699 C/Ns/I-01 May 13

CONSIGNMENT STORE ==========================

Bursa Barang Murah ==========================

Jl. Kampus Unud No, 110, Jimbaran, 874 0007 USED & NEW STUFF! Moving sale, closing sale, over production all are welcome

They could be somebody’s treasure

For Sale; Mountain Bike brand “Carrera” red and black colour good condition sell for 3 Mill. E-mail me 4 pict: <marthanlassandy_>, mobile: 0896 8775 8562. Kuta. [117] For Sale; Car seat Babydoes 0-18kg - blue, good condition 400.000 rupiah / new 780.000 rupiah. Call Betty 0813 8177 7257, email: <villabalipassion@yahoo. com>. Pickup KerobokanUmalas. [118] For Sale; Satellite dish + router + decoder 1,3jutanew paid 3,3 juta. Inspection/ pickup Kerobokan-Umalas. Call Betty 0813 8177 7257 (Bahasa/English). E-mail: <villabalipassion@yahoo. com>. [119] Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.

Jalan Oberoi No. 17 Seminyak - Kuta - BALI 80361 Phone +62 361 7190419 Email: Website:

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The Rotary Clubs of Bali and the Bali Red Cross Blood Bank are working together to increase the awareness about the severe shortage of Rh Negative Blood types here in Bali. These are much less prevalent in Asian populations (0.3%) vs. European populations (10%). If you have Rh Negative Blood and would be prepared to help save a life, please contact the Bali Red Cross Blood Bank office today at 0361-227 224 and one of their mobile units will visit you at your home/ office/hotel for your generous donation.

* Please note - the staff is professionally trained to International Standards and always uses new disposable needles. In addition, the Blood Bank is currently expanding its present list of Rh Negative Blood donors. If you are living in Bali and would be willing to have your name placed on a ‘confidential list’ for emergency cases, please call Ibu Metta - 081 855 2299 (English speaking).

Help SAVE a life TODAY by sharing this information with your friends, colleagues and customers. Space for this ad donated by Bali Advertiser NC/Ns/I-01 May 13

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01 May - 15 May, 2013

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For Sale; Rarity. 70year old Bezar compass. Still in good condition. For collectors only. Sanur. Please call Michael 081 2395 1444. [150]

For Sale; Zorb ball. Color purple, Diameter 2.8 meters with pump. Price Rp. 10mill. <info@baliequestriancentre. com>. [132]

only Pak Tut √ makes the best croissants & danish at

For Sale; 2 webcameras (MS and HP) as new. For 400.000 Rp. Please contact Michael. 081 2395 1444. Denpasar. [151]

For Sale; Digital camera Panasonic Lumix LX3 3 yrs old incl 8gb memory card, Rp. 3juta. <sirtib@gmail. com>. Denpasar. [052]

Try our Yummy Breakfast / Brunch “ Croissants Florenine “ Visit us at: “ Bedugul Lake View “ shophouse, Candi Kuning,Tabanan, Bali. Ph: (0368) 21838 or 081 23812843 Jl. Udayana Barat 2, Singaraja Tel. (0362) 7001400 C/Ns/I-11 July 12

JL. BY PASS NGURAH RAI - 1 km from Statue Dewa Ruci Just Before Mitra 10

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The Company You Keep An American anti-war radical, wanted for a bombing and killing way back in the early 1970s, has been posing for many years as a quiet country lawyer. However, when he is exposed by an eager journalist, he must contact his old underground connections and go back into hiding. Robert Redford produces, directs, and stars in this excellent movie, yet, given the fact that Mr. Redford had to go to Italy to raise financing for his movie, seems to suggest that his sympathetic views on left-wing activists is a contentious issue in Hollywood. The Heineken Kidnapping This is also an excellent movie, which comes from Holland, and is written, produced, and directed by Maarten Treurniet. Based on true events, the movie depicts the 1983 kidnapping of beer magnate Freddy Heineken. He was held for several weeks, however, after the ransom was paid, two of the kidnappers escaped to Paris. Due to French extradition laws, the kidnappers were able to live in Paris in relative freedom. Freddy Heineken then goes to extreme lengths to extract his revenge. Rutger Hauer plays the beer magnate. In The House French screenwriter and director Francois Ozon has made some pretty weird movies, which include ‘Sitcom’ (1998), ‘Water Drops on Burning Rocks’ (1999) and ‘8 Women’ (2002). His latest movie, ‘In The House’, is also pretty wacky. A teacher gives his class an assignment to write about what they did over the weekend. One of the students hands in an essay about a visit he made to a classmate’s home. Fascinated by what he has read, the teacher encourages the student to continue visiting the house, and write about what he sees. Ozon’s black comedy becomes a voyage into voyeurism. Phil Spector David Mamet writes and directs this glimpse into the life of legendary music producer Phil Spector, as he stands trial for the murder of a Hollywood starlet. Helen Mirren plays Spector’s lawyer, and she is convinced of his innocence. Dame Helen’s American accent wavers occasionally. The only word to describe Al Pacino’s portrayal of Spector is ‘scary’! Anyway, David Mamet makes a good case that Phil Spector is, perhaps, wrongly imprisoned. Once Upon A Time In The North In the early 1800s, in the wilds of Finland, life was rather tough. Also, there was a custom that the eldest son inherited the family house and land, and any other siblings had to fend for themselves. In this impressive Finnish movie, written and directed by Jukka-Pekka Siili, an aging farmer disinherits his brutal oldest son, and leaves his farm to his gentle younger son. A feud then develops between the brothers. This movie has a great story to tell. It doesn’t waste any time with ‘arty’ pretensions, and, just gets on with telling its tale. The Incredible Wonderstone Okay, this is not the greatest comedy ever made, but, it has its moments. Steve Carell and Steve Buscemi play a pair of magicians who have been performing their act for years. After a falling out, they go their own ways. Steve Buscemi finishes up in the Far East on some sort of humanitarian endeavor, while, Steve Carell finishes up playing old-age retirement homes. Eventually, they get back together for a comeback. Director Don Scardino has lots of fun sending-up the razzle-dazzle of Las Vegas show business.

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01 May - 15 May, 2013

Diary by Mr. Robet

‘interested parties’ start to emerge, things get slightly out-of-hand. Tim Lewiston directs this amusing English comedy, as actors Ray Winstone and Colm Meany, who are usually associated with serious crime dramas, have a good time satirizing their screen personas.

C/Ns/G-3 April 13

Safe Haven A beautiful young woman, wanted for questioning in a murder case, hides out in a small coastal town. While in hiding, she meets and falls in love with a handsome widower. Meanwhile, a determined detective is relentlessly pursuing her trail. The problem with Swedish director Lasse Hallstrom’s latest American movie is that he gets bogged down within the love story, instead of staying with the detective, where all of the action is to be found. Where Do We Go Now? This odd Lebanese musical-comedy is about a group of women who try to ease the religious tensions between Christians and Muslims in their village. The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, Part 2 Thank god that this very tedious movie franchise, which has been titillating teenage girls for the past several years, is now finally over, once and for all. C/Ns/G-11 July 12

High School Teenage students come up with a devious way to pass a mandatory drug test. Gladiator of Pompeii It takes just on 3 hours to tell this dull tale about the destruction of Pompeii. Elephant Sighs A disparate group of men meet in a church hall to talk about their problems.

Mr. Robet’s Best Buys The Company You Keep A wanted American anti-war radical has been posing as a country lawyer. The Heineken Kidnapping Beer magnate Freddy Heineken is kidnapped, and held for a large ransom. In The House

C/Ns/G-17 April 13

A French teacher gives his class an assignment to write about their weekend. The Other Son During the Gulf War, two babies are switched at birth in an Israeli hospital. The Hypnotist A killer tries to slay an entire Stockholm family, but, a young man survives. Phil Spector Music producer Phil Spector is put on trial for the murder of a young actress. Once Upon A Time In The North In the early 1800s, in rural Finland, a farmer disinherits his brutal oldest son. The Incredible Wonderstone After a falling out a pair of kitschy Las Vegas magicians

Return To Nim’s Island 2 Back on Nim’s Island it is possible that the island could be sold to a large corporation to build a holiday resort on it. However, if Nim can find three endangered species, which may live on the island, it is also possible she can stop this development. Meanwhile, there is a gang of poachers on the island stealing the wildlife. This enjoyable Australian movie is for young children, while, its ‘gentle’ ecological message should be easily understood by them. The Hot Potato A London scrap-metal merchant comes into possession of a large lump of radioactive uranium, which he tries to sell on the European black market. However, as more and more

go their own ways. Return To Nim’s Island 2 Nim’s Island may be sold to a big corporation to build a holiday resort on it. The Hot Potato A scrap-metal merchant comes into possession of a large lump of uranium. E-mail: Copyright © 2013 Mr. Robet You can read all past articles of DVD Diary at C/Ns/I-03 April 13

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01 May - 15 May, 2013

For Sale; Swimfins voit duckfeet, size large, like new. 400,000. 081 2394 2215. Jimbaran. [148] For Sale; Teak iron bar stool 4pcs (each 500 K) swiveling. Instep 10KG stroller tree wheels bought from US 900K (ask for photo). Call 0819 999 57966. [115]

For Sale; Quick sale 6 tables 137x80x14, 1 table 280x90x14, 2 benches 280x40 all suar wood. Call 081 7474 9084. Ubud. [116]


For Sale; Ceramic making equipment: kiln, gas, wheel, roller mill, shelving, etc. E-mail: <denpasarmoon13@>. Denpasar. [124]



PRICE Rp250jt.

C/Ns/G-30 May 12

for photos and details NC/Ns/A-1 May 13

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A GREEN safari is a CLEANER Bali. Bali Safari & Marine Park, in Gianyar, will host a special 3-day event at the park to celebrate this year’s Earth Day, April 20-22nd, 2013, as part of their annual Education, Conservation and CSR calendar of events. ‘Earth Day’ was created in the spring of 1970 in the USA as a grassroots demonstration on behalf of the environment. Today, as we know, all across the world, evidence of environmental degradation is appearing everywhere, and rising concern about global warming and environmental crisis is sweeping the people of this planet. Many people now want to support companies that have a positive influence in society and can be called ‘green’. When everyone can work together, they can combine the importance of ‘green or eco’ solutions and truly make a difference to their immediate environment and of course the Earth’s health & wellbeing. This is where Bali Safari & Marine Park enters the playing field; they are one such company that aims to be environmentally sound and are always looking at ways to improve their environmental operations. They have a ‘Green team’ who are always looking at ways the park can reduce their ‘carbon footprint’; now all waste paper goes into their very successful Safari Poopaper factory, and all the dung from their 30+ elephants goes into the ‘poop’ process and comes out the other end as organic paper, and piles and piles of compost, naturally. By hosting this ‘Earth day 2013’ event, the park aims to provide an opportunity for visitors to the park, to learn more about ways to keep the environment clean by being responsible for their waste, not only for humans but of course our precious wildlife too. “Everyone can be green” says the Education manager, Wendy Husband. The Green Safari team is passionate about the environment and constantly looks at ways they can engage their park visitors and students in fun activities like making ‘poop paper’ and growing a new animal enrichment and food garden. One of activities this year at the park, will be having local school students come to the park to be part of the new garden for the animals whilst learning all about organic gardening and can also be ‘hands on’ with the creation of a spectacular wildlife mural using multicolored plastic bottle lids and painting a 5 metre long billboard that will represent how they feel about wildlife and the environment. All the park guests can be involved and can add a little bit of colour & style to the beautiful island of Bali through a fun and crafty activity, and don’t be surprised if some of our safari friends come along to enjoy all the fun too. The Bali Safari team are totally committed to their slogan ‘A Green Safari is a Cleaner Bali’ and believe if everyone cares for their very own environment, Bali will continue to flourish and attract visitors who are looking for that little piece of ‘green’ paradise. Bali Safari and Marine Park are committed to their ongoing Education programs about wildlife and the importance of clean, green and healthy environments, which are necessary for all inhabitants to survive and thrive. Bali Safari & Marine Park are proud supporters of Earth Day – One Earth for all living things. Please join us at the park to celebrate this special event and show your support for this special Earth Day, 2013. C/Ns/I-01 May 13

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01 May - 15 May, 2013


For Sale; Surfboard like new. 6-8. Hawaii brand. must sell, moving. 3JT. 081 2394 2215. Jimbaran. [146]

. . . a

For Sale; Stove Nayati 4 burner with oven, good condition, Rp. 13.000.000 nego. Ctc/sms 081 246 765 324 / email: <sc_teknik@>. Lia. [040]

For Sale; 2 fire blanket with hanger from Europe, new 300.000, 2 for 500.0000. Very easy in kitchen. 0821 4785 5399. <duadara@>. Kuta. [001] For Sale; Very large portable umbrellas for golf and sun. From Scotland, only 1 juta. 0819 9940 4749. Sanur. [002]

NC/Ns/G - 27 July 11

p ia



Socrate Georgiades: Chief Editor Le Gazette

I worked in television. TV is actually a classroom except that instead of 30 students, you can spread your message to millions. I eventually became a broadcast journalist and worked on stories about sexual harassment, genetically modified organisms, the quality of tap water and the hidden sugars in fruit juices. Have you travelled extensively overseas? Before my 30th birthday I set out to become a sea gypsy and live a life of adventure like Robinson Crusoe, so I joined the crew of a 13-meter sailboat and crossed the Atlantic Ocean, a voyage that changed me profoundly. At one point we went 20 days without seeing a bird. While living on a boat in the West Indies, I met my lovely wife Lidia. Together we bought an old Dutch sailboat constructed from a Van Der Meer blueprint. Though it took on a lot of water, we sailed the world from the West Indies to Morocco and from Cabo Verde to Venezuela.

C/Ns/I-23 Jan 13

Why did you publish a French language newspaper on Bali? When I arrived in Bali in 2004, I was surprised by the large number of French-speakers living on the island. I felt at the time that not only did French-speaking people not have anything to read in their own language, but all the available Indonesian and English print media did not hold out much interest for them or appeal to their way of thinking. Is your readership only French people? Socrate Georgiades was born in Paris in 1966. He remembers rollerskating and sliding down handrails in the hilly and lively entertainment district of Montmartre as a young boy. In the course of his professional life, he has worked as a teacher, journalist, director, scriptwriter and photographer. In June 2005, Socrate and his Balinese partner I Made Sudirat inaugurated the first issue of the French-language La Gazette, one of the very few foreignlanguage newspapers published in Indonesia. In April 2013, this popular independently owned monthly for lovers the beautiful language of Molière celebrated its 8th anniversary and 85th edition. What are your hobbies? I have a great love of nature. I run twice a week with the Bali Hash House Harriers, one of the best ways to discover Bali’s breathtaking natural beauty. I have organized treks to some of Indonesia’s most famous volcanos - Kerinci in Sumatra, Semeru in Java, Gunung Agung in Bali, Inerie in Flores and Tambora in Sumbawa. During my last holiday in France, I walked alone for 5 days in the mountains of Mercantour Park, a gorgeous landscape where there was still snow on the ground in June. I’m also a member of “Komunitas Gunungan Indonesia” and “Bali Eco Patrol.” What person has had a big influence on you? The famous French TV journalist Martine Mauleon taught me how to be a critical thinker. She improved my selfconfidence, which enabled me to interact with ministers of states and celebrities. These social skills have allowed me to learn more about the less fortunate on the fringes of society. I made sure that tramps, prostitutes, artists and the mentally challenged were given an opportunity to express themselves in our TV program “La Grande Famille.” On a more personal level, a French sailor named Bernard Moitessier, who spent his whole life at sea, has been a great inspiration for me, instilling in me a desire to sail the world’s oceans. What did you study at university? My dream was to become a teacher of Classical Letters, which is to say Latin and ancient Greek literature. I have a masters degree on the comical 5th century B. C. Greek poet Aristophanes known for his caricatures of intellectuals, among them Socrates. Though teaching is a noble profession, I realized I could reach a far wider audience if

Our main clientele is of course French, but Belgians, Swiss and Canadians also read La Gazette. Many foreign residents of Bali are keen on improving their French by reading our newspaper. Five thousand Indonesians who have studied in France are members of the IAPI Association (Ikatan Alumni Perancis Indonesia) of ex-students. Some IAPI members such as Fortuna Alvariza, a consultant on intellectual property law, Ananda Idris who writes about the mining industry and volcanologist Hendra Gunawan write for the La Gazette. Can you tell us a bit about the content of the newspaper? We publish about 25 articles in every issue on the various media, news stories taking place on Bali, and articles about Balinese animals such as snakes, kingfishers and bats called Le bestiaire de Ron. Other articles concern themselves with the environment, health and local French entrepreneurs. Reflets is a column written in French by our Indonesian contributors, Café du commerce covers business news, Bali on the Rocks announces cultural events, and Bali Nostalgie is about Bali in bygone eras. We never publish any news about France. If people want to read about the home country, they can always get Le Monde, Le Figaro and Soir. Do the French have a long history in Indonesia? Bernard Dorlean’s book Les Français et l’Indonésie tells the fascinating story of a French diplomat who traveled all over the archipelago in the 16th century. Herman Willem Daëndels, one of Napoleon’s generals, was appointed Governor-General of the East Indies from 1808 to 1811. After ridding the island of the British Army, Daendels organized mammoth construction projects such as the Great Post Road across the Java from Anyer to Banyuwangi, unfortunately causing the death of thousands of corvee workers. Arthur Rimbaud, the great libertine French poet who has had a huge impact on modern world literature, music and art, served in Java as a member of the Dutch army in 1876.

For anyone interested in being considered for Siapa, please contact: <> Copyright © 2013 Bill Dalton You can read all past articles of Siapa at

C/Ns/G-1 May 13

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For Sale; Pioneer DVD player and 42” LG television (lcd) Rp. 4,500,000 for both. excellent condition. Contact Robert: 0361. 758 753 or <>. Legian. [106] For Sale; Front loading washing machine (LG), excellent condition. Rp 3,500,000. Contact Robert: 0361. 758 753 or <hilltribebali@>. Legian. [107] Free: Private Classified Ads in Bali Advertiser. Put your free ad in the next issue. The easiest way to place your ad is at  Place An Advertisement page  Private Classified. You may also bring in, fax, or directly e-mail your ad. C/Ns/I-23 Jan 13

NC/Ns/I-26 Dec 12

C/Ns/G-01 May 13

NC/Ns/G-01 May 13

C/Ns/I-01 May 13

01 May - 15 May, 2013


For Sale; Sundried tomato in 3kg glass jar with pure veg. oil. Rp. 55.000. Pick up Sanur. 0819 9940 4749. [003] PUSAT PERBELANJAAN DAN REKREASI


For Sale; Acer 5315. Pentium (R) Dual Core 1.87 GHZ, 2 GB RAM, 80 GB HDD. Original Windows 7. Rp 1,5 mill. 0361 804 4030. Denpasar. [005]

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For Sale; Samsung double home/office pack 10juta: GalaxyS111 mobile phone (white, perfect, with cases), plus Samsung laptop; RC510 notebook (15. 6, intel i3, 500mg); i-net tethering, usb/bluetooth; exc. cond. (sell separately 5j and 6j); Mick: 0819 1640 8140 Legian. [064]

C/Ns/G-24 March 10

By The Coach

This Sporting Life


Bali Rugby Club take on the new Jogjakarta Rugby team at Canggu Club The weekend of April 13 & 14 saw Bali Rugby Club play host to Indonesia’s national team coach Jamie Johnston and Japan Rugby talent scout Tatsu-San who travelled to Bali to see firsthand the talents of Bali’s young development team, the Hanoman. Bali Rugby Club’s Hanoman team is the current Indonesian National Rugby 7’s champions. For the event Bali Rugby Club also hosted a newly formed team from Jogjakarta, the Chiefs, who travelled to Bali for what was dubbed the “Bali hub”. Saturday saw Bali and Jogjakarta teams training together at the Canggu Club under the guidance of Japan Rugby coach and talent scout Tatsu-San, who took the boys through some vigorous contact drills and defense pattern practice. Sunday was game day, and on a hot tropical sunny Sunday, the boys from Bali’s rugby club overcame the boys from Jogjakarta in a hard fought game 19-17 held at Canggu Club. For the first hit-out of the year it was to be two 20 minute halves of Bali’s young team playing the newly formed Chiefs made up of University students from Jogjakarta in a 12-a-side game. The Chiefs may have lacked game experience but their backline made up for this with a number of Papua New Guinea rugby league players led by captain and team leader Vegaz who played at fly-half. The team’s style of play was reminiscent of the exciting Bandung Rams of previous seasons. Certainly that’s how the game unfolded – Bali’s young forwards dominant in rucks, mauls and scrums while Jogjakarta looked dangerous in open play. In the first 20 minutes, Bali scored twice: a left side play leading to a try out wide for winger Francis Mathion that was coolly converted by Florian Rizal, and shortly after a cheeky but unconverted try was scored by Moses Kalo from a quick

tap penalty. The Jogjakarta team replied by scoring a runaway try down the right-hand-side just before the 20 minutes were up and duly converted (12-7).

C/Ns/U-20 Mar. 13

The 2nd 20 minutes was a more difficult affair or the Bali team, who without reserves were finding the effort and heat exhausting. A strong forwards effort led to Banny Parasutha crashing over the tryline for Bali and forcing the ball down to score Bali’s 3rd try which was this time converted by Moses Kalo. Jogjakarta came back well and from a scrum and as a result of a mix-up in Bali’s defense saw them get through for a converted try, the score now 19-14. Play in the hot conditions continued and Bali battled on to hold Jogjakarta’s quick backline at bay. At the 20 minute mark, Jogjakarta went for a field goal and converted leaving the score at 19-17. Subsequently, the coach for Indonesia’s national team “the Rhino’s”, Jamie Johnston stepped in to set up a match of Possibles v Probables. Those highlighted from the Bali team included, Banny Parasutha, Rhys Gondosapoetro, Ketut Arnawa and youngsters Dewa Dharma (half back), Florian Rizal (fly half), Francis Mathion (wing) and Chandra Priday (hooker). An after party was later held and the visiting Jogjakarta Chiefs and coaches from Japan commented on how much they had enjoyed their rugby weekend in Bali. The Bali rugby community would like to give a big thanks to Villa Sumatra who provided free accommodation for the visiting team. The next event on the Bali Rugby calendar will see Bali Rugby Club travel to Jakarta for the annual Jakarta 10’s to be held on May 4th. For full list of sports please go to http://www.balisportmag. com

Sporting Calendar C/Ns/I-25 Jan 12

Copyright ©2013 If you wish to add any sporting related information to the You can read all past articles of This Sporting Life at calendar, please email

Space for this ad donated by Bali Advertiser C/Ns/U-23 Jan. 13

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01 May - 15 May, 2013

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For Sale; Generator 2500 watt, General. Good condition Rp 2,3 mill. 0831 1989 4041. Denpasar. [011]

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A Blurb from the Kulture Kid!

Pet Parade

By Vaughan Hatch

What is Wayang Gedog?

A puppeteer performing at a large ceremony at Ulun Danu Temple in Batur

Wayang gedog, also known as wayang lemah or wayang sapu leger is a ritualistic Balinese puppet show that doesn’t use a screen but just cotton string which the leather puppets are leant on with their stems spiked into a banana tree trunk. Unlike its more secular counterpart called wayang peteng, this type of puppet show is always part of a particular religious ceremony or ritual. ‘Lemah’ actually means daytime in Balinese but this type of performance can be held at any hour and follows the course of a ritual that is normally led by a high priest.

If you’ve been to a large ceremony in Bali, it’s highly likely you would have seen one of these shows. You may have noticed that, with the exception of a few young kids, no one watches the show. This is because the function is ritualistic and it is an offering to the gods. Wayang gedog is a lot shorter in duration that a wayang peteng that can be three or more hours long – the longest wayang gedog show will last just one hour. The stories told depend on its ritual function and may either be excerpts from the Mahabharata epic or, in the case of a Sudamala ritual, a prose text called Kala Purana or Sapu Leger (Hooykaas 1973). For children born during the in-auspicious week called Tumpek Wayang, every 105 days a ritual called Sudamala must be perform that involves a requisite performance called Wayang Sudamala. At the end of the performance, the child drinks holy water that has been blessed by the puppeteer (dalang). These types of wayang are accompanied by just two musicians on 10-keyed bronze metallophones called gender wayang/gender don dasa. These musicians must be adept at reading the puppeteers cues, and have an extensive enough repertoire to accompany any puppet that he may pull out of his box. At the end of the performance, the puppeteer ceremoniously burns the cotton string to signify breaking the link between the world of humans and the realm of the gods.

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Pet owners: Please sterilize your dogs & cats to preserve the natural environment.

Pets To Give Away / Wanted / Lost / Found These ads are free. E-mail to:

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Pets For Sale

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SALE Golden & Rottweiler puppies 3 months, healthy, certified, full vaccinated. Please call: 0852 3429 2211. [010] Great Dane (scoobydoo) puppies for sale, purebreed pedigree, 2 months old, fawn color, show quality. Please contact 0857 3713 1720, <gesle_l@yahoo. com>. [011]

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Keeping The Peace Pecalang of Bali By Polly Christensen

Every village in Bali has pecalang. The traditional guards maintain village security and manage traffic flow during religious and customary ceremonies. Pecalang have had an important role in Bali for hundreds of years. Pecalang were created to maintain the security of the village and in practice, they work hand in hand with hansip (security officers of the administrative village).

island’s religious days and the prohibitions are taken seriously. Hotels are exempt from Nyepi’s rigorous practices but streets outside are closed to both pedestrians and vehicles (except for airport shuttles or emergency vehicles) and village wardens (pecalang) are posted to keep people off the beach. Indeed Nyepi day has made Bali a unique island.

expressed his concern over the lack of security along the island’s coast, suggesting security along the islands coastline must be strengthened, as Bali has always been a soft target for security disturbances. Bali is now a venue for various world-scale events and must convince its distinguished guests that the island is safe and secure.

In true Balinese fashion the costumes worn by the pecalang demonstrate a harmony of symbolism, in terms of design and accessories. Usually the costumes consist of a chessboardlike sarong, white shirt, black waistcoat and headband completed with kris (dagger) affixed on the back. The checked motif represents the opposition of good and evil represented by white and black, the combination of which balances out into equilibrium. These sarongs can be seen in ceremonies and on statues throughout Bali. The positioning of the kris dagger represents the pecalang’s approach to peace keeping, which is passive rather than aggressive.

This year, village security personnel detained two Australian men in Kuta for allegedly roaming the streets during Nyepi. Pak Manku Urip, a Desa Adat Kuta pecalang, detained the two men for violating Nyepi curfew after discovering the two men walking in public around the Bali Bomb memorial. They were detained and handed over to the Head of Environment (kaling) for Banjar Kuta.

KULKUL COMMUNICATION In order to call members of the village to an emergency gathering, a three to four meter high tower stands in the village in which two or three kulkuls (split wooden drums) are housed. These are beaten by pecalang in certain ways according to the message that needs to be communicated; all villagers know the codes for fire, theft, riot and other emergency situations. Neighboring villages also respond to a village’s cry for help by beating their kulkuls in the appropriate fashion. The drums function as both intra and inter-village broadcasting.

SAFETY RECORD Things have run smoothly in Bali for centuries, and continue to do so today. In contrast with other more turbulent areas of the archipelago in recent years, Bali has remained one of the safest and most peaceful places in the country. This is largely due to the social organization of the Balinese, which stems from their governing spirituality. All levels of the community are involved in maintaining peace and security, successfully adding to the atmosphere of tranquility and natural harmony for which the Island of the Gods is renowned. Pecalang are becoming increasingly important in Bali these days, as the tourism industry stimulates wave after wave of non-Balinese migrants seeking job opportunities. Crime is on the increase as a result, hence the need for continuous improvement in security, in which pecalang, hansip and village heads all play an important part, by ensuring that migrants register with the village banjar. MAJOR EVENTS Despite being hundreds of years old, pecalang still play an important role among Balinese society. The job of pecalang is to secure activities related to Balinese customs, such as temple ceremonies, Gabon processions, wedding-processions. Pecalang are usually chosen by the village heads and given an assignment. At Tanah Lot, pecalang are present to ensure security of the many visiting tourists. When it comes to big events, Bali has its own traditions of safeguarding events, with local authorities involving traditional Balinese security personnel. Major events in which pecalang plays an important role are the Bali Arts Festival, Nyepi (Day of Silence) and the International Kite Festival. When no major events are taking place, however, the pecalang settle back into more peaceful but equally useful roles such as controlling traffic. All security roles are carried out in conjunction with the police department, demonstrating their vertical and horizontal cooperation to keep Bali safe, as their ancestors have done. The involvement of pecalang contributes to Bali’s growing reputation as a tourist destination. Bali’s Police Head Budi Setiawan has confirmed the planned participation of Balinese pecalang in ensuring the safety of Bali at the upcoming PrepComm IV in Nusa Dua this year, which will attract thousands of visitors. PEACE ON THE STREETS From a religious and philosophical point of view, Nyepi is meant to be a day of self-introspection, meditation and observation of higher social values. Nyepi is perhaps the most important of the

Jerinx, the drummer from local super-group Superman Is Dead recently visited the Sekar Alas Center to highlight one of the key points on his villages ‘list of demands’. Jerinx stated that ‘each morning local school children continued to see drunken people on their way to school in Kuta’. Governor Made Mangku Pastika responded with a claim he is ready to facilitate with the related parties: ‘It is a problem that has to be solved from within, from your own people”, said Governor Pastika. “We set the time, and I set the time with the regent and we work on it. The kids do matter. This is all because of our greed for material things and now the Lord is money. It is the pakraman (village), pecalang, and the government who need to clear the roads and keep order”, he added. PECALANG LAUT There are also groups of security guards who protect Bali’s marine conservation zone from illegal fishing and other forms of coral/ marine-life theft by the public. The voluntary sea guards patrol the beach by foot or by motorboat. Pecalang laut are different from other community guards because they have an additional responsibility of helping conserve the diversity of marine life, protecting sea creatures. The traditional village security officers have prepared a series of unique laws to protect the sustainability of local coral reefs. The pecalang laut were created after rampant illegal fishing and coral theft almost devastated the beach’s ecosystem. A particularly destructive practice was dynamite fishing. But in 2000, a coalition of businesses, scientists, and residents teamed up to create the pecalang laut and dynamite fishing off the beach has all but ceased to exist. Those caught have been taught about the importance of conservation and had their fishing equipment confiscated by security guards. COASTAL SECURITY The village of Pemuteran in Buleleng regency, created guidelines, which contain rules on the utilization of marine and coastal spatial planning to help preserve their coral reefs. The conservation of coral reefs in Pemuteran has resulted in two awards from the UN Development Programme (UNDP). The Karang Lestari Foundation community forum accepted both awards in June 2012. The 36-man pecalang laut from Pemuteran were awarded three speedboats from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and the Buleleng Fisheries Department. Bali has a 437-kilometer long shoreline and a number of minor ports, including Celukan Bawang in Buleleng and Tanah Ampo cruise port in Karangasem. These are considered vulnerable from a security point of view. IB Surakusuma, chairman of the Bali chapter of the Indonesian Congress and Convention Association (INCCA), recently

This traditional, organizational tool is made from selected wood such as jackfruit tree, orange tree, and other hard trees, while those made of bamboo are only for temporary use. Kulkul can be seen as a ‘symbol of organization’ in Balinese society and has changed very little over the millennium despite the presence of telephone, and radio as the most effective means of communication. Today with the disappearance of a village organization due to rapid development, the number of kulkul are slowly decreasing. More work in the rice field tends to be sub-contracted or given to paid workers based on a daily fee. In the highlands, many temporary organizations have also subsided with the absence of seasonal rice planting. The land is used to plant longer life fruits or other crops, which are expected to give greater economic value. BALINESE SECURITY OVERSEAS England and Australia are currently interested in studying the Balinese security system, particularly related to the role of the Balinese pecalang. This follows a formal request from representatives of the United Kingdom and Australia to the Bali branch of Kesbangpolinmas (Public Protection Agency) to provide information about the ‘security system’ in Bali and how it could be studied. The two governments are now planning to send representatives to Bali to study the Balinese security system first hand. Head of Bali Kesbangpolinmas, Gede Jaya Suartama stated that in terms of security technology, the UK and Australia are very advanced, but these developed countries are keen to build a communitybased security system like the one in Bali to encourage community awareness. “They are interested in studying the traditional security systems, and how pecalang can synergize with government security forces as well as have the force of law known as awig-awig (customary law) at a village level”, he explained. Suartama added that Bali also has lot to learn from the UK and Australia in counter-terrorism expertise, and expects a fruitful partnership of information and knowledge-exchange in the field of security in the future. An interesting example of how the cultures of East and West often learn from each other.

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By Ayu Spicy

Delicious International Dishes (Indonesian Language Version available at Eggplant can turn gray when cooked so serve this in a pretty bowl for contrast. As you’ve probably noticed I am a big fan of this vegetable and use it in many recipes. Here it’s with roasted Indian spices and yogurt to give some protein. Use either the purple or white Asian eggplants called ‘terong’ in t h e m a r k e t . Yo u can also puree the finished dish in a food processor to use as a dip for raw veggies and crackers.

Indian Eggplant with Yogurt Serves 6 Ingredients: - 1 1/2 kg. long eggplants, either purple or white - 1 1/2 Tbl. powdered black mustard seeds (you can whirl the seeds in a coffee grinder or blender to powder them or grind with a morter and pestle) - 1 pinch ground cayenne pepper - 2 cups water - 3 Tbl. canola or rice bran oil - 1 Tbl. mixed spices (see directions below) - 1 tsp. salt - 1 cup yogurt - freshly ground black pepper to taste - 1/8 tsp. ground cardamom

Directions for the Eggplant: Clean the eggplants and coarsely chop so the pieces are bite sized but not too small. In a small bowl mix the powdered black mustard seeds, cayenne, and one cup of water. Stir well and set aside. Heat the oil in a large frying pan with a lid. When it’s hot add 1 Tbl. of the spice mixture and stir until the mustard seeds start to pop. Immediately add the chopped eggplant and cayenne mixture and stir well. Add the salt and stir again over high heat and cook until the liquid has evaporated. Add the remaining 1 cup of water and cover the pan with a lid. Turn the heat down to low and cook for about 15 minutes or until the eggplant is cooked through but not mushy. C/Ns/G-20 Feb. 13

You can set the pan aside if you want to wait to eat or continue if you want to eat it immediately. Mix the yogurt in a small bowl with a little salt. When you are ready to eat re heat the eggplant if necessary, and add the yogurt, stirring well over a low flame. It’s important not to boil the yogurt but just to heat it through so the culture is not destroyed. Pour the eggplant mixture into a serving bowl and sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper and the ground cardamom. Sukh bhojan - that’s Hindi for Happy Food!

Ingredients and Directions for Spice Mixture: - 1 tsp. cumin seeds - 1 tsp. black mustard seeds - 1 tsp. fennel seeds - 1 tsp. garlic, thinly sliced - 1 tsp. fenugreek seeds Put all these spices in a small bowl and stir well. Set aside.

All recipes are available on the Bali Advertiser website in both English and Indonesian versions. You can easily copy and paste and print. Paste as unformatted text. Copyright © 2013 Ayu Spicy You can read all past articles of Food Glorious Food at C/Ns/G-01 May 13

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We all need long-term goals to keep us going during shortterm setbacks.

Lots of people know a good thing the minute the other fellow sees it first.

For Sale; Air conditioner 2PK Sharp. Good condition Rp 3,000,000. 0819 9938 2602. Denpasar. [009]

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Lucy’s Batik unique -stylish - timeless


• wine bottle cases • coasters • paintings • pillow cases • carpets • scarfs • shawls • clothes • handbags • many more

Jl. Raya Basangkasa No. 88 Seminyak, Kuta, Bali Tel. +62(361) 7951275 / 736098 Fax. +62(361) 736098

Great Kids Styles

Jl. Dewi Sri No. 88 Kuta-Bali Tel. +62(361) 7418548 e-mail:

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Pertokoan Udayana - Kav. A33 Jl. Letda Made Putra Denpasar Ph. +62-361 - 254357 Email: C/G/G-25 July 12

ce sale


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Jl. TEUKU UMAR 65 D (Simpang 6) DENPASAR Tel: (0361) 221663 Email : C/G/I-06 Feb 13

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Remember when there were only a few beauty/medical spas here some eight years ago, now there is a plethora! And it appears to be the quest for many females to jump from one clinic to another, seeking the latest beauty fix or ‘who gives the best shot ‘ (am not refering to vodka either!) of Botox & fillers. Mind you, regular users of such beautifying enhancements have become such experts themselves they will gladly discuss the pros & cons at a ladies luncheon. Remember, any regime for face & body should be done in moderation, forever, this is the key! Which brings me to the current offering in Bali, Cocoon Medical Spa. Apart from an unique ultra serene space, the professional & experienced team are already receiving excellent feedback on individual skin results from the exceptional menu of treatments for face & body.

When I turned the magic age I considered having a mini facelift. I researched many clinics - and through an acquaintance I was introduced to Cocoon and had a consultation with the Dr who made me feel very relaxed. I was thrilled with their suggested non invasive treatments...amazing results. The Cocoon Spa is very futuristic, beautiful and calming - a magical place to do treatments

COCOON MEDICAL SPA A new concept in beauty! Bali is full of ‘young somethings’ plenty of older ladies & many in-between & what has been voiced for many a year is ‘if you start your skin treatments when younger ( 20s & 30s ) the quality of your skin will be better in later years when you are ( 40s, 50s +) However, as many females haven’t looked after their skin in their youth what we have been experiencing over recent years is invasive plastic surgery & the endless jabbing of needles into all parts of one’s face! What anti-aging means today is looking after the body & mind, ridding the toxic waste & aligning the hormones & one’s health through vitamins. Approaching both wellness & cosmetic treatments together will bring better overall results, faster! Enter Cocoon Medical Spa, now Bali’s most advanced cosmetic skin clinic with cutting-edge non-invasive skin treatments, products & procedures delivered in a beautiful Balinese environment, as soon as you experience the treatments at Cocoon you will see, the difference is enormous! Following are three important issues to note: Quality: Registered Doctors & Nurses are trained by the best Australia & UK cosmetic doctors. All equipment & products are imported from the best suppliers in the world. Holistic treatments: Special Packages combine both wellness & cosmetics to create better results, safely. Value: Prices are very Competitive, from 50%-80% less than the same technology & service in your home country. The vision at Cocoon is obtaining long term results for clients, providing them with a combination of the latest treatments & technologies. What really improves the skin over time is a combination of treatments: RF micro-needling for skin tightening, 3D Laser rejuvenation, Platlet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) together with supplementary treatments such as the Diamond Microdermabrasion for exfoliation & Mesotherapy to infuse vitamins & nutrients into the skin. Combined with detox & wellness treatments you will see a huge difference to your skin & body in the long term. All skin problems & conditions can be treated including: aging, wrinkles & loose skin, acne, psorisis & rosacea, pigmentation, cellulite & fat deposits. Most importantly, make an appointment at Cocoon for a complimentary skin analysis: Firstly, Cocoon is the only medical spa in Bali, providing wellness treatments including detox, colon hydrotherapy, infrared sauna, salt room & Vitamin IV. True anti-aging is about looking after the body & mind, ridding the toxic waste & aligning the hormones & ones health through vitamins.

The Salt room offers great help for allergies & asthma, for children too, as well, relief after a heavy night out! Approaching both the wellness & cosmetic together will bring better results, faster. Secondly, Cocoon has extremely advanced technologies, all having the same goals - fast results, low pain. For example, No-needle, high frequency mesotherapy (no pain can be more gain!) RF microneedling to create visible skin tightening & lifting without invasive needles & threads, advanced lasers that show a difference in skin rejuvenation, veins, permanent hair removal without the pain & downtime associated with traditional lasers. Thirdly, the Diamond Microdermabrasion & the Skin Peeling (clients skin will look & feel fresher after microdermabrasion & will note the effects of skin peeling after 1 treatment) great for any skin type, all skin needs to be thoroughly cleansed, particularly living in the tropics where skin clogs easily. There is the Spot fat & cellulite reduction using the 4 step equipment system, the most effective on the market & any fat reducing treatment will give you an ‘energizing’ less weighty feel. And then, the gorgeous salt room where Vitamin IVs are administered. It’s the first salt room in Indonesia, with bricks & generator straight from the Himalayas! The benefits of salt therapy is for the respiratory system, to clear the airways & lungs. It is especially great for those with asthma or too many cigarettes! An amazing room & combined with the Vitamin IV it’s a unique, incredible experience. Interestingly, the owner of Cocoon, Louise Cogan has a background in plastic surgery, owned a company in Malaysia & Thailand that has managed around 5,000 international clients for plastic surgery & says, “There is a lot of pain, a lot of scars that can never be avoided with plastic surgery. What I learnt in this business is that about 90% of plastic surgery can be avoided if one has a regular plan of maintenance using non-surgical, non invasive treatments” Louise also agreed there is too much focus on injectables ( Botox & fillers ) as the main ‘solution’ to anti-aging. “Injectables should not be used on their own for anti aging. They should be a supplement to lasers, PRP and other anti-aging treatments that really help to improve skin health, tone & condition in the long term.” Readers! Now is the time, if you haven’t started any type of Wellness program then it’s never too late to start & for our younger ladies, sunblock 45 + regular treatments! Cocoon Medical Spa // Sunset Road, Legian ( opp. McDonalds, Sunset Star ) +62 361 847 5997 / +62 361 8475 930 / +62 81 236154700



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For Sale; Appliances in need of repair for best offer. Sony Mini DV player, 2 portable DVD players, Acer laptop, JVC iPod dock. In Umalas, come and have a look and make an offer. <villawarna@>. [144] For Sale; iPhone 4, 32 GB black color, factory unlock, complete charger, headset, no box, so scratch, version 6.1.3, price 4,5 mill. Please call/SMS 0823 3110 0717. Sanur. [162]

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Pathways to Healing the Body, Mind & Spirit By Michele Cempaka

What is Your Body Trying to Tell You? Our bodies often signal us when there is a blockage in our system which is causing an imbalance. If we are able to tune in and respond to the signal we’re receiving, we can often totally avoid illness. Unfortunately many of us ignore the messages that our body is trying to give us, which can sometimes be a fatal mistake. So what are some of the signs to look out for? I’ve spent some time researching and talking to Naturopaths who have a great deal of knowledge about the body and these are some of things they say to look out for. Dark circles are not always just a sign of sleep deprivation, but they can also indicate anaemia, dehydration, a sinus infection or a sluggish liver. If the circles don’t go away after a month or so, it’s probably a good idea to find out why. It could be something minor like your skin is thinning from aging which thus, enhances the appearance of dark circles under your eyes, but it also could mean that something more serious is occurring which is related to an imbalance in your body. Other signs like small yellow bumps on the eyelid, for instance, may be fatty deposits that signal high cholesterol, which in turn raises the risk of heart disease. Or, have you recently noticed that your eyebrows no longer extend over the corners of your eyes? This may signal an iodine deficiency or indicate an underactive thyroid. Some body signs can have a confusing range of meanings: Does that bulging tummy signify middle-aged spread or the beginning of ovarian cancer? The problem is that many of us don’t recognize the warnings even when they are staring us in the face. I don’t want you to panic and jump to conclusions, but instead, just begin to really take notice of what your body is trying to tell you. I often ask my body these questions: “Body what’s going on? What do I need to pay attention to?” This may seem strange to many of you, but our body actually has its own consciousness which we all too often override with our being a.k.a ‘Ego’. There’s no need to rush off to the doctor at the first sign of an anomaly, as many of the anomalies you’ve had for years are probably harmless. Instead, be aware of signs and symptoms that are unusual for you or are painful or debilitating. For women it’s especially important to check our breasts regularly for lumps, dimples and discharge from the nipples which can all be signs of breast cancer. Not all breast lumps are bad, but they all should be checked out. Men can also develop breast cancer with many of the same symptoms. Enlarged breasts in men known as gynecomastia, generally indicates an imbalance of estrogen and testosterone, which can occur from puberty or aging. Alternatively, it could be a sign of kidney disease, or a pituitary tumour.

Pertokoan Udayana - Kav. A31 Jl. Letda Made Putra, Denpasar. Ph. +62-361 - 254219 Email: C/G/G-13 June 12

Skin cancer is also on the rise throughout the world. “When evaluating a spot, remember “ABCDE,” says Margaret Parsons, a dermatologist in Sacramento, California. It may be malignant if it has A, for an asymmetrical shape; B for a jagged or irregular border; C for a suspicious colour; D for a diameter larger than a pencil eraser; and E for being elevated and uneven. Basal-cell carcinomas and squamouscell carcinomas tend to be red to pink and crusty, and bleed easily. “If you see anything like that, you should be checked,” says Dr. Parsons. Our nails can also tell us a great deal about our general state of health. White nail beds -- the skin underneath the nail -- can signify anaemia. Nails that are white near the cuticle and red or brown near the tip can be a sign of kidney disease. Irregularly shaped brown or blue spots in the nail bed can be melanomas. Fingertips that are blue or clubbed can be a sign of lung disease -- although generally, there would be more significant signs as well. Many of the same signs occur in toenails. But the feet are critical for other reasons. “Feet tell you a huge amount about the health of the circulation,” says Dr. Denman, the Duke nursing instructor. “The first place that vascular disease can show up is where the blood vessels are the smallest and the farthest away from the heart.”

C/G/G-23 Jan. 13

An indicator of a heightened risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, gall-bladder disease and numerous cancers is excess belly fat. Waist-to-hip ratios are especially telling: If a man’s waist is larger than his hips, or a women’s waist is more than four-fifths her hip circumference, that’s a sign that dangerous visceral fat is surrounding an abdominal organ. Our bodies are an incredible barometer for our health if we are just willing to be totally present and ask questions about what’s going on. There is no need to be paranoid or hyperalert if we are in communion with our bodies and truly listen to the messages that IT is communicating to us. Also remember, that your point of view creates your reality, so to ensure that you can live a happy and healthy life, keep thinking positively about your body, your life and your being.

Michele Cempaka is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Transformational Coach, Reiki Master, BARS & Body Process Facilitator/practitioner who facilitates transformation & healing for others. She has studied a wide variety of healing systems which she integrates into her work. Michele offers private sessions, retreats & meditation practice at her home on Bali and abroad for individuals and groups. Please visit: or email: mcempaka@ Copyright 2013 © Michele Cempaka C/G/G-6 March 13

One of the best deals going: Cempaka’s Bali Spa collection of exfoliating body scrubs, costing only Rp10,000 per 200 gr (7.05 oz. jar), removes dirt and dead skin cells. The Green Tea is enriched with green tea extract, coconut, jasmine, lavender, jicama, olive oil and Vitamin E to nourish dry skin, maintain skin moisture and helps protect the skin against the damaging effects of free radicals and skin aging and makes your skin feels clean and smooth. Apply on premoistened skin and massage gently, then rinse well with warm water and dry. “Dermatologically” tested and no animal testing. Scrubs are also available in Lavender and Coconut. Buy at Berkat Mitra Perkasa (Jl. Cokrominoto 89 B, tel. 0361-882-2111; near Ubung Terminal) and other suppliers of salon and spa equipment or at any medium-to-large supermarket. Save on construction materials: Buy your wood at a cheaper price if it’s green (kayu mentah), then let it sit for six months or immerse it in mud to cure it. If you buy wood at a sawmill in the countryside, it’s cheaper than lumber yards in or near Denpasar. The strongest and most expensive woods to buy on Bali are bingkarai, ulin and kamper. If you wait until the dry season, bamboo is easier to harvest and thus cheaper. Immerse newly cut bamboo in a ditch or in the water border of rice fields to harden it. Buy high quality clay roof tiles (genteng) for Rp1800-Rp2000 per at Darma Saba village (25 minutes west of Sukawati) and not from Pejaten (20 minutes southwest of Tabanan City), the traditional but no longer preferred ceramics village. Go to the actual batako factory - open-sided cement block manufacturing sheds you see by the side of the road everywhere - where they actually make the batako; you’ll get a very good price (Rp1800 per batako) if you load them up in your own vehicle and take delivery yourself. You’ll also get around Rp1800 per batako and free delivery if you order more than 1000. Free computer based math lessons: Lacking the money and motivation to study math? With a library of over 4000 instructional videos (each in 10 minute bite-sized segments) and a constellation of practice exercises covering K-12 math, science topics like biology, chemistry, and physics, the Khan Academy ( website’s lessons and software tools are available to everyone for free. Can be accessed from any computer with a reasonably fast Internet connection. Useful for students, adults, teachers and homeschoolers who can learn and teach at their own pace. Get at-a-glance information about everything you’ve been learning and whether or not you’ve been hitting your goals. With each problem randomly generated, you can start f r o m startlingly simple basics and work your way up to advanced calculus. If you need a hint, every problem can be broken down stepby-step with one click or watch a related video. Coaches and teachers have access to all of their students’ data from an analytics dashboard, providing an aggregate picture of how the class is doing as well as a real-time map – a peephole – into each student’s comprehension of math problems. Mini-tips: Turn all your hot long sleeve shirts into cooler short sleeve shirts by taking them to the tailor to shorten for Rp5000 per pair (save buttons in case you lose a button). Plastic toothpicks (Rp10,000 per pack) will maintain their tip even if you reuse them again and again after washing. Black and white line drawings, worksheets, posters, templates, forms and recipes are cheaper to print than color images; the best way to find b & w docs is to use Google Images

where they can be immediately picked out. A cheap and effective way to get rid of worms is to take 500 mg Vermox pill (Rp20,000 each), then wait a week and take another; buy Ve r m o x a t K i m i a Farma. If you’re really serious about buying a certain used car, ask the seller to rent it to you for a couple of days (Rp150,000-Rp200,000 per day). You and your family will get more a feel for the car than you would taking it on a 15-minute test drive. Leather-like car seats are much easier to clean than fabric car seats. The refrigerator door is warmer than other areas of the fridge, so don’t put milk there; also don’t put delicate foods like lettuce near the fridge’s vent. Bigger or smaller TV? Choose bigger. Sanur’s top Padang restaurant: Though modest in appearance, without even a sign in front, the Dewata Minang (Jl. Danau Poso 53) is unquestionably the best Indonesian rumah makan in this coastal town, popular with both expats and tourists. Sample portion prices: chicken Rp13,000, egg Rp9000, beef rendang Rp13,00, tuna Rp11,000. Clean, wellventilated, fast service, clean bathrooms, wash sink (even soap!), wide selection of delicious genuinely Padang-style spicy food, and both bule (foreigners) and Indonesians pay the same. The fact that the menu is in Indonesian listing specialty dishes like lung (paru), brain (otak), gall bladder (limpa), cow leg skin (kikil) and grilled fish (ikan kembung) is a further indication that this eatery is not a “tourist restaurant.” If entering Jl. Danau Poso from Jl. Bypass in south Sanur, it’s located five minutes drive up on the left-hand side on the corner of small Jl. Ngandung, which winds its way out to Jl. Bypass. Make your travel count: If you’re going to be visiting Java from Bali, don’t forget to bring with you some asskick Bali coffee (coveted all over Java) and super sharp Balinese sickles (sapit) and other farming tools which are greatly appreciated in Java (buy at Bringkit). Also take coconuts (kelapa) which can be bought in the countryside of Bali for Rp800 per (in Java, coconuts cost Rp5000): cloves (cengkeh) which Javanese put in tobacco, cakes (kue nastar) and use for spices and boreh scrubs (parem); beach wear with typical Balinese motifs like Barongs, I Love Bali and Joger slogans. Bali residents can also haul bulky heavy goods or baggage on empty trucks that have already delivered their loads in Bali and are looking for something to haul back to Java so they can make a little money on the return trip. Find waiting empty trucks on Jl. Cargo west of Denpasar’s Terminal Ubung. If you’re returning from Java to Bali, bring palm sugar (gula merah) which costs only Rp13,000 in Java but Rp32,000 in Bali; chilies (cabe) for Rp6500 in Java but Rp60,000 in Bali; peanuts (kacang) for Rp12,000 in Java but Rp20,000 in Bali; red onions (bawang merah) for Rp40,000 in Java but Rp70,000 in Bali; tahu takwa (a special kind of cured tofu not produced in Bali); batik sarongs and kamben garments that can be bought much cheaper on Java. A less expensive alternative: Balinese bidan specialize in midwifery and reproductive health services for women, but also provide basic treatment for minor injuries, diarrhea, stomach aches, fungus infections, coughs and other upper respiratory diseases, as well as treat low blood pressure for not only women and children but also for men. Bidan are considerably cheaper than a doctor or a hospital. Whereas private treatment centers like the SOS or BIMC can charge up to Rp600,000 for a consultation with a doctor, bidan cost only Rp40,000 to Rp50,000 which includes generic meds.

Not all bidan speak good enough English to be able to assist foreign residents, but if you speak Indonesian or Balinese she will probably accept a foreign patient. Bidan’s home clinics, usually open 4 pm-7 pm, are immediately identifiable by a sign with the Bidan’s SIPD registration number and her name followed by the letters A. Md. Keb., short for Ahli Madya Kebidanan (Diploma in Midwifery). Bidan can do PAP smears, treat vaginal yeast infections, prenatal care, and delivery-related infections, dispense birth control IUDs, spirals and medication (pills, Suntik KB, etc.), answer questions about menopause, breastfeeding, nutrition, toddler and preschool complaints. Typical facilities consist of waiting room, examination room, delivery room, recovery room, nursery and small drug dispensary. Serious illness or surgeries are not performed. Low maintenance watering (mengairi pohon): Trees prevent erosion and provide shade, building material, firewood and fruit. Seedlings, young trees and fruit trees with shallow roots require constant watering, but for hard-working and timepressed gardeners the intensive maintenance effort necessary to maintain healthy trees can outweigh the potential benefits. To greatly reduce the number of times that your trees need to be watered, use a semi-automatic watering system of cracked pots through periods of no rain. Buy 2, 3 or 4 unglazed earthenware cook pots per tree in Kapal (Rp20,000-Rp30,000, depending on size) to hold and release water into the soil around your trees. Bury the new or cracked pots, which have been patched with pitch or tar, part way into the soil approximately 40 cm from the trunk of each tree. Water from the filled pots slowly seeps through the pot’s porous clay walls, keeping the soil around your tree constantly moist. During the heat of Bali’s long dry season, which starts in April, check and refill the pots every 3-4 days. Cover the pots to prevent water evaporation and prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs. Toko of the Month: Asih Toko Plastik, Jl. Imam Bonjol 223 C, Denpasar (on the left if heading south out of the city). The place to buy all kinds of plastic and container goods at very good prices: sealing and packaging tapes, zip lock vacuum sealer bags, storage bags, cardboard boxes, cellophane wrapping paper, rice canvas bags, garbage bags, tablecloths, straws, ties, ropes, spoons, dishes, balloons, party accessories, ribbons and toys. Buy in quantity and get a discount.

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HOROSCOPE MAY 01 - MAY 15, 2013

The first day of this fortnight offers us a Mercury fresh in the sign of Taurus. Sun, Mars and Venus (until the 9th) also traveling in Taurus, with the New Moon conjoined the Sun at 20 degrees on the 10th. This New Moon marks the second of our triple eclipses. A solar eclipse brings illumination to the area of the chart affected; at least eventually after a gestation period highlighting the house and planets involved. Look to planets at 20 degrees and the Taurus house in your own birth chart. This portal of eclipses, the next and final for this season on the Full Moon, includes the much talked about Uranus/Pluto square on the 21st at 12 degrees Aries and Capricorn respectively. As the 3rd of our series of 7, this square highlights issues of security, financial and material, and the need for individualised expression both personally and within all groups, races, religious expressions and societies. People are ready to fight for their rights, to speak up and bring transformation to the models no longer working in the individuals life or the larger community or planetary situations. Injustices and manipulation (Saturn Scorpio) are being exposed and this can be a tough pill to swallow for many people as their existence is threatened by new information. (Jupiter Gemini). The pressure will build this fortnight and so it is a good idea to harness the earthy nature of the Taurus planets and persist against all odds and challenges with your souls journey.

Canggu & Sanur Also available for, Private Home, Villa & Hotel bookings. RING 0361-7443102 email: C/E/G-12 Dec. 12

NEW MOON 19 Taurus 31 May 10, 2013 8:30 a.m.

ARIES This is the month to acquire all those things that will be required for the next phase of your journey. You are particularly affected by the Uranus/Pluto square with Uranus in your sign. Your planetary ruler Mars, is in the sign of Taurus for the month and brings much needed grounding in an otherwise unstable environment. You could well be feeling rather amorous this month with no shortage of tactile encounters. Remember tension is building though and everyone is feeling as strongly as you do about personal expression, with a strong sense of self. Taurus energy lends towards possessiveness and strong values. It’s possible that you could inadvertently step on a few toes.

LIBRA Venus is still in that very sensuous sign of Taurus for the first part of this fortnight and then scoots herself into Gemini, where she will become ever so communicative. As an air sign you love to communicate and converse on many and varied topics with your beloved and of course, others. This can be the time when those in relationship can become a little restless and interestingly enough there are a lot of discordant undercurrents running in the nature of most relating. Time then to get honest and even in the fear of upsetting things, to speak from your authentic Heart Self. Remember upheavals, endings and transformation are all par for the course during this powerful month.

TAURUS The fiery tempers and frayed edges are settling just a little as mercury exits Aries and enters your sign. You have a brief fortnight now to get things straight in your own mind before the shift hits the fan again. With so many planets and the New Moon eclipse in your sign you are most probably feeling pretty confident. This confidence, along with your deepest values are going to be challenged later in the month and you can no doubt feel the theme of this impending discordance. You will have to bend, adjust and adapt to changing circumstances as they arrive, but for now, continue to build your strength and harness your persistence and determination.

SCORPIO Pluto has been retrograding ever so slowly and seems to be inching its way back to meet with Uranus this month. I get an image of a magnifying glass intensifying the Suns rays to create the burn. Looking at where this 12 degrees of Capricorn affects your chart can bring revelation to the nature of your own personal transformation. Speaking generally, business, money, authorities and work are being revolutionised and challenged now and you know how this is playing out in your personal life. There are a lot of challenges coming from others with Taurus being your polar opposite sign inhabited by the personal planets. Where can you let go a little?

GEMINI Venus will be the first planet to join Jupiter in your sign later this month. For now you must have patience as we plod through these earthy days of the Taurus cycle. Thankfully Jupiter is bounding along at top speed gathering important information as he goes and disseminating it far and wide. You have a naturally curious and open mind and so the expansiveness of this time is a little easier for you to adapt to, than most others. It’s this very curiosity of yours that seems to have you in the most appropriate places at the most opportune time. Mercury is in that down to earth sign of Taurus for this fortnight. A great time to do focused study or networking.

SAGITTARIUS It’s probably been quite confronting for you to bring your loftier ideas into the mundane realms. Narrowing your vision of the vastness until you can direct it through the spoken or written word is no easy task. What it has been doing for you is to focus your attention and this in fact is bringing about your own transformation and it will continue throughout this fortnight and into the next. You now get the importance of communication yet still in this 3D reality. Bridging the higher realms although effortless for you, can be daunting for others less attuned. We all have our roles to play and why not joyfully and with as much humour as we can generate.

CANCER As you sit perched amidst this potent moon cycle, sandwiched between eclipses, you are no doubt feeling all sorts of strange bodily sensations and strong emotions. Anything that gets you close to the earth is encouraged now. A barefoot walk on the beach, a swim in the ocean and refreshing yourself by the water will clear your mind and other senses. Staying close to nature will help you keep your balance over these next few weeks, when both your personal and the bigger picture can look a little peculiar and people stop responding in their normal or predictable ways. As a sensitive, you must care for yourself during these deeply emotional and volatile times.

CAPRICORN Getting into your sensuous nature now through dance and touch is going to ground you more than through any other modality. Take the time out from your busy schedule to include this. Your focused attention in other areas is going to pay off as well, so remember to balance your time through both work and play. When it all continues to run around in your mind and you seem further and further from a solution or result, take some time to indulge and nurture yourself. This transformation is inevitably going to take place and there is nothing you can do to stop it, so better to go with it than resist. No need to fear that which you know nothing about. Simply open your mind.

LEO If those around you are a little inflexible and are not coming around to your point of view, you may wish to take some time out to nourish and indulge yourself. Rather than be upset by the lack of attention others are paying you, find how you can better care for yourself. As with all of us at this time, nature is calling us into reflection and contemplation. Slowing our lives down enough to look at what really matters and what has simply been a bottomless desire. Your values are changing as you open your mind to new potentials and possibilities. Even if you don’t have all of the answers to your questions yet, there is nothing to fear as you are in the midst of a massive transition.

AQUARIUS Uranus is boldly heading towards Pluto in its naive yet forthright way. You have no idea what is going to happen, you simply know that things must and will change. Allowing order to dissolve into chaos, so that others can be motivated to action is a necessity in these transition portals. It can literally be like the transit lounge with multitudes of different nationality people going in a myriad of directions. If you can simply relax and enjoy the scenery the easier it will be in the long run. Let go the sense of urgency and haste and become more inquisitive and adventurous in nature. There are plenty of people out there taking it all super seriously.

VIRGO You could be feeling remarkably centred during the lead up to the next Uranus/Pluto square. Pluto in Capricorn is grounded and determined as are all the planets in fellow earth sign Taurus. If this is the moment for accumulating material possessions for the next leg of your journey, then so be it. They could simply be the stepping stones required to get you across the chasm of indifference. There is no time for procrastination as you boldly choose the next step or allow it to choose you. The time for dreaming it into being is behind you as you boldly take action. Tune into your instincts and hold firmly to them even when no outside support is coming.

PISCES If you allow yourself to be like the Lotus, with her feet in the mud this fortnight, you will shine your beauty and grace with little concern for where your roots are, other than that they are in the right place; feet on solid earth. Let your mind ascend to heavenly realms and allow your heart to open in a single pointed focus and intention. When it all gets too heavy, too serious or just too sad, bring the glory of the Goddess to heal the pain with forgiveness and love. This is an important time to remain grounded and to open your heart wide and be the conscious portal of higher energies. Aligning with your fears will only bring disappointment and pain. Be the inspiration for change.

C/E/G-1 May 13




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HECTOR’S You’ve Got to Have Sole We gate-crashed a good meeting recently at the immensely comfortable – for superannuated diarists it is also immensely unaffordable – Semara Luxury Villa Resort on the Ungasan cliffs. Well gate-crashed is perhaps too strong a term: Robert Epstone of SoleMen, the man who smiles so much you can’t say no, asked us along. And it’s fair to say, we think, that GM Mandy McDermid didn’t mind. Epstone and Bali-resident British nurse Sarah Chapman – she of Little Ani fame – were there to brief McDermid on funding programmes to help alleviate poverty in Bali. They were just back from the Bukit Walk, the annual tramp around the limestone blob – some people do it barefoot – that is also part of the fundraising process. There’s a really worthwhile programme in place through which guests at participating properties may opt to donate to aid schemes. Some places do it on a (voluntary) dollar a day basis; others leave it up to guests to decide. It holds huge promise for becoming a greatly growing revenue stream. Semara like many establishments is fully into the business of supporting the local community and spending money further afield. These things are not widely publicised. They come from the heart, not the PR budget. And along with many other things, they make you glad to you live in Bali and know so many nice people. This year’s SoleMen walk tied in with the ROLE foundation and with Earth Day (April 20). There was a lovely party at ROLE’s Island Sustainability Education Centre in Nusa Dua involving about 450 children from around the Bukit.

Back to the Warmth Adelaide Worcester, who is well remembered here as Australian Vice Consul on her last overseas posting, tells us she’s set for another tropical adventure, this time in Vanuatu. She’s going to Port Vila as Consul and Senior Administrative Officer at the Australian High Commission there and is taking up her post on August 1. It will be a touch of warmth for her and husband Inoeg after a series of bleak winters in the Australian capital. Not quite as warm as Bali is, of course. We remember it being a tad cool on August evenings on Efate’s beautiful lagoons, when feeble vespers of winter far to the south can make a brief visitation and knock the temperature down to, oh, say 17C. But that still beats a frosty -3C Canberra winter morning any day. Vanuatu – like Australia a Commonwealth country (hence the delicious British imperial echo in the “high commission” rather than “embassy”) – has an eclectic history. It was once the New Hebrides and enjoyed, though perhaps that’s not quite the word, the uncertain status of being jointly ruled by the British and the French. It was officially a condominium. It was popularly known as the pandemonium. And this was not simply because while it drove on the right in Gallic fashion (in all senses) it applied drive-on-the-left British traffic rules. Worcester, Inoeg and Sebastian, now a sturdy toddler, are back in Bali briefly at the moment, with Inoeg’s mum who is visiting from Surabaya. Then it will be back to Canberra for more Bislama lessons and yet another winter chill-thrill until that welcome plane trip to Port Vila in three months’ time. The Diary was last in Vanuatu in 2004. It was a nearby place of favoured resort over many years living in Brisbane. We’ve threatened to stage a return during the Worcester years.

Off to the Chill Speaking of tripping, Diary and Distaff are off to Scotland shortly – Hector needs to renew his genetic vows – for a week, followed by a month in Marseille in Provencal France. The city is this year’s EU’s “capital of culture”. There should be plenty to keep us occupied, beyond running on the spot to ward off the unspeakable chills of a Scottish spring and the less than tropical heat of the northern Mediterranean in May and June. A side trip to Venice is planned just ahead of the Biennale, to see some friends who live in the former Serenissima. And in Marseille, of course, there’s real bouillabaisse. It should be fun. Hector’s taking his trusty laptop computer along, so expect reports.

Scoop de Jour Tim Hannigan, whose new book Raffles and the British Invasion of Java is eminently readable for all sorts of reasons – not least in that it thoroughly upsets Victoria Glendinning, the doyenne of Rafflesian hagiography – tells us he had a lovely time at the West Country Writers’ Association’s awards held recently in Torquay (home of the famous but fortunately fictional Basil Fawlty). He won

the inaugural biennial John Brooks award, named after a West Country chap who died and left a bequest for same to the WCWA. Hannigan, who is 32 and hails from Penzance, though not quite in pirate fashion, was in Nepal on a travel writing assignment when we last chatted with him. He was in Bali briefly earlier this year on his book launch tour. He used to live in Surabaya where he taught English and is no stranger to our island. It really would be nice to see him back. Around October would be good, when Janet DeNeefe is doing literary things with her writers’ festival in Ubud. He’s a great laugh. He gave us several in a private report on the awards lunch; sadly, discretion suggests we should not repeat them here. We can say this, however. It seems customary English provincial hotel cuisine may not have improved by any measurable value in the four decades since we threw up (our hands) in horror and left the country.

C/E/I-01 May 13

The WCWA was founded in 1951 to foster the love of literature in England’s West Country. Eminent members have included Agatha Christie, Daphne du Maurier, E.V. Thompson, Henry Williamson, Christopher Fry and Victor Bonham-Carter. Raffles and the British Invasion of Java was published last year by Singapore’s Monsoon Books. Hannigan’s previous book, Murder in the Hindu Kush: George Hayward and the Great Game, about the life and foreshortened times of the 19th century British explorer, was published by The History Press.

Good Returns Garuda Indonesia will make its long-awaited return to the prospectively lucrative Bali-Brisbane route from August, flying daily with 162-passenger Boeing 737-800NG aircraft. It dropped Australia’s third-largest city from its network in 2008 when its innovative scheme not to make lease payments on its aircraft unaccountably led to the planes’ owners taking their aircraft back. Still, that was then and this is now. The new service will fly Jakarta-Bali-Brisbane, neatly corralling both tourist and business traffic. The latter is by no means insubstantial, as Queensland’s state treasurer Tim Nicholls noted recently. “Last financial year, Indonesia was Queensland’s ninth largest merchandise export destination worth almost A$1.2 billion to the state’s economy. This figure has more than doubled in the past 10 years,” he said. Since Garuda’s 2008 pull-out Bali-Brisbane has only been possible non-stop on Virgin Australia. Qantas low-cost operator Jetstar flies via Darwin. There was a short-lived additional input from the now defunct Strategic/Air Australia airline. Speaking of Darwin, the closest Australian city to Indonesia and a place of growing importance to Bali, it’s good to see that Indonesia AirAsia is returning there soon. It took over the route after Garuda dropped its 18-year-old service during one of its notional airline hissyfits, but then also pulled the pin. Thankfully the hiatus has proved short-lived.

C/E/I-22 August 12

It’s their Mantra Michael Burchett and Alicia Budihardja – respectively former genial general manager and decorative chief spruiker at Conrad Bali – have both moved on. It seems to be the thing to do nowadays and may indeed possess benefits, provided you don’t fall into the trap of affecting complete amnesia about the past. We’ve never bought that Francis Fukuyama line about the end of history. The two Bs chose the relevancy option. Burchett, who moved into consultancy after clearing out his desk at Tanjung Benoa, got the job of managing the launch of The Mantra Nusa Dua, the first South-East Asian venture by the Queensland-based Mantra chain. And Budihardja got the gig of running its corporate and media promotion. It’s a welcome addition to the Geger Beach end of Nusa Dua for all sorts of reasons – affordable accommodation for the less than filthy rich being one – and is also a great example of how you can do things properly if you want to. Its official opening is on June 1. Elsewhere on the Bukit, the new Rima resort being built by the owners of AYANA is coming along. Expect an opening this year. Rima means forest, not that much actual forest exists on the Bukit given that the climate favours more your savannah-style vegetation and that people keep chopping it down anyway, to build more stuff. Still, if stuff’s got to be built – and we suppose it has – then rather AYANA’s environmentally aware operators than some others we could name. Hector can be contacted at He blogs at and is on Facebook: Hector McSquawky Copyright © 2013 Bali Advertiser You can read all past articles of Hector’s Diary at C/E/G-1 May 13

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Education & Family

01 May - 15 May, 2013



Sponsored by PT Elan Quality Hospitality / Magnums International Offers a comprehensive 5 day program for Hotel and Villa butlers conducted by Ms. JOSEPHINE IVE International Butler trainer, Team Motivator & Author Venue: Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa Date: May 29 - June 4, 2013 (09.00 - 17.00) Fees: Rp 6,500,000 (Plus 10% PPN Tax), inclusive of daily luncheon, coffee breaks, training manual and certificate Contact us at Tel. (0361) 247401, 8958484 Email: Registration deadline: May 13, 2013

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Say What? Queston: I need some insight from a different perspective. I really like this guy I’ve been hanging out with recently. He comes to pick me up and acts like a real gentleman. He takes me out to eat sometimes, and he always pays. We have had some pretty hot make-out sessions, but I’m fairly certain that he’s not looking only for sex. He always likes to cuddle and rub my back afterwards and kisses me on the cheek. He puts his arm around me a lot and hugs me constantly. We also text whenever we’re not together. One night, for example, I met him for a few minutes after I got off work and wasn’t feeling well. He just hugged me until he had to leave and helped make me feel better.

Dr. ZZ: You are entitled to save yourself for as long as you want. It’s a chivalrous gesture that may even serve to attract a certain kind of girl. Furthermore, there may be some truth to the notion that all women in the world are somehow magically interconnected via women’s intuition. If you’re dating around, you’re apt to soon be labeled as a “gigolo” or a “ladies’ man.” At that point, you might as well wear a sign around your neck that says you’re playing the field. If you already have an idea of what you’re looking for in a girlfriend, then you’d probably do better to pursue someone who rings your chimes. There is no use wasting your time -- or that of the girl -- if she clearly doesn’t make your want list.

I get the sense that he cares for me, but there’s always that tiny shadow of doubt. We’ve never talked about our feelings for each other before. I just think that he may be as confused as I am because we ended up kissing before we made anything official. Maybe he’s shy. Maybe I’m wrong. Is it too soon to try to define the relationship? And if not, how can I do it without scaring him away? I’d like your opinion on several things: Does it seem as if he genuinely likes me? Should I ask him where we stand? If so, how should I do it?

Question: I am an educated and attractive 24 year old lady, who is looking to meet a marriage-minded man. I’m very successful in my career, travel a lot, and meet many career-oriented young people in my line of work. Because I spend countless hours at my job, I find it difficult to meet single men of my age and caliber. Do you have any suggestions? Should I hire a matchmaker? How do you think I can best help myself in this pursuit?

Dr. ZZ: Welcome to the world of dating! There are no set rules and rarely any “last chance” or “one chance” opportunities. It’s great to get to know someone gradually because that way you can gather information and make sure you’re comfortable with decisions you’re making. It’s always good to ask questions and observe people’s behavior. The way they answer and behave can signal what they feel.

Dr. ZZ: Congratulations on making a success of your career! That’s a sign of focus and hard work. In order to be successful at finding a husband, however, you are probably going to need to make time in your life to attend seriously to your social life. This means making dating a priority. You need to think about where to go, who to talk to and network with, and how to present yourself as marriage-minded material. If you squeeze dating into a busy work schedule instead, you are unlikely to get the results you want.

You might just try talking casually with this guy about what you’re thinking. Make sure to listen to what he says. It takes time to build a relationship and the intense feelings we feel at first can change as we get to know someone else. That’s why it’s a good idea to be on the safe side and to learn more about the other person before you get too serious. Enjoy his company and learn about him. There’s no hurry, and often you’ll be building a stronger relationship if you get to know each other gradually. Too many people jump into things hoping for the best with no idea who they’re getting involved with. You deserve to take your time -- not only to treat yourself well, but also to make sure he’s what you’re looking for. Enjoy and have fun. Question: My best friend is encouraging me to date around. He says it’s the only way that I will discover what I want in a girlfriend. After 19 years of being single, I feel pretty sure that I have an idea of what I’m looking for. What are your thoughts about “saving yourself” until you think you have met the girl you should be with?

C/E/I-01 May 13

C/E/I-01 May 13

NC/E/P-01 May 13

Hiring a matchmaker is a viable approach for helping you reach your goal. Matchmakers are experienced in meeting people and getting to know their traits quickly. A matchmaker will work on your behalf to introduce you to men whom he or she thinks would be a good match. As you meet these prospects, you will need to articulate to the matchmaker what you like and dislike about each. That way, the matchmaker can get to know you better and will be able to make tailored decisions about whom to introduce you to next. Obviously, all this takes time and energy; so don’t be surprised when you hear the fees that some of these people charge -- and be sure to ask for references before hiring anybody.

( S E C ) Seminyak English Course Accessible location : Jl. Seminyak No. 7. Tel: (0361) 733 342 Opposite Bintang Supermarket

o n l y 5 minutes from YOU


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Jl. Raya Seminyak Jl. Raya Canggu near BRI Bank 11 MARCH 2013 NEW CLASS C/E/I-20 Feb 13

C/E/I-01 May 13

Copyright © 2013 Say What? You can read all past articles of Say What at

Dr. ZZ has a Ph.D. in Counseling and a doctorate in Natural Healing. Drawing on a background of over thirty years as a professional therapist, she offers self-help in the areas health, relationship and personal growth. All queries are answered by email and, if they appear in print, are subject to editing. Please email your questions to: <> All identifying information is kept strictly confidential. C/E/I-28 Nov 12

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Notice: Bali Advertiser confirms all free Private Classified ads. When you send an ad, we will contact you. If we are unable to contact you then your ad is not printed.

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There are two main varieties of passionfruit, Passiflora edulis is the purple one, and Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa is the golden passionfruit, also known as tropical passionfruit. All types are great plants and relatively easy to grow. There are sometimes a few problems to be encountered though. The main concerns as you have mentioned, revolve around the lack of fruit, but also when to prune it and how to feed it. Flowers not turning into fruit could be caused by a few different factors. It could be due to a shortage of pollinators or even insufficient water. Too much shade can also slow ripening so make sure your plant is well pruned and not crowding itself out from the sunlight. Remove some of the tangled stems so that the flowers when they appear are better exposed to the light. Pollination is essential for fruit production on passionfruit vines. A lack of pollinators could indicate that there aren’t many bees in your area. Rainy and overcast conditions would further discourage bees and other pollinators from venturing out to pollinate your crop. If there are no bees around that would explain why you have had flowers but no fruit. Next time the vine is flowering look out for bees, if there aren’t any then maybe you should try to hand pollinate. To hand pollinate look inside the flower. The sticky elongated bump in the middle is the stigma, the female part of the flower whilst the anthers, the male parts which hold the pollen, are around it (please refer to photo diagram if confused). By late morning when the pollen is dry take a small dusting brush and rub the flower to pick up pollen from the anthers and then transfer this onto the stigmas of other flowers. Do this when the pollen is bright yellow and fresh and continue every day or two as long as you see flowers. You need to pretend to be the bee, and do what bees do. They go from flower to flower, they just don’t pollinate one and then fly away, they do them all. This way the pollen becomes mixed and produces more successful pollination. Another way is to clip off a flower and rub it onto the other ones. Easier still you can simply go from flower to flower, and by using your finger you can pick up pollen and wipe it off onto other flowers at the same time. Hand pollination may be

For Sale; 2nd Apple iPad 1, 64Gb 3G+WiFi good condition, besides a few scrapes, only charger, cable, cover, connector kit price only 3 mill. Please contact 0831 1964 5264. [084]

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C/Ho/I-20 Feb 13

by Dr. Kris

Passion With No Fruits

‘I was hoping that I could get some growing advice on my passionfruit vine. It is growing quite vigorously at the moment, I had so many flowers on the vine but I have not yet found any fruit this year. I noticed sometimes the flowers fall off, and the ones that don’t simply don’t produce fruit. I have been using chicken manure as fertiliser, is this ok? It looks to be a very healthy vine other than the flowering problem. Any advice on how to remedy this would be much appreciated. Thank you, June’

For Sale; In Kerobokan original new Levi’s 501 jeans button-fly for men, W33 and L33. Asking IDR 400k. Bought for IDR 900k at Levi’s store. More info or see picture email to <van.>. [081]

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ARDEN by The Garden Doctor

For Sale; 2nd Nikon DLSR D40 with Lens AF-S DX Zoom Nikkor 18-55 mm complete with box, manual book, charger extra battery, memory card, bag, price 3,5 mill. Please call/sms 0831 1964 5264. [083]

the easiest way to ensure fruit production on a passion fruit vine growing in the home garden. Additional to this please bear in mind that lack of water will also adversely affect fruit production so make sure that it is well watered at the flowering stage. In fact, it needs a very regular water supply at all times. However, passionfruit will not under any circumstances tolerate waterlogged soil. So make sure your garden beds have good drainage! If you are using chicken manure in high quantities this would definitely cause your flowers to drop. The vine is allocating too much energy into the production of foliage (leaves) to the detriment of fruit and flowers. Pruning the vine back may help. Chicken manure is a great fertiliser to use when you require a burst of vegetative growth of foliage and plant stems, usually after fruiting and pruning, but not at times when the plant is actually flowering or fruiting. If the vine is dropping flowers, I would stop using the chicken manure and change to one formulated for fruit and flower production. An oversupply of nitrogen is likely to be promoting an abundance of leaves (which your vine clearly has) and vigorous growth over flower production. If you go to the garden centre look at the labels on all the fertilisers and find the ‘NPK’ ratio which is usually displayed in a prominent place on the front of the packaging. The NPK translates to the chemical symbols for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. For fruit and flowers you should look for a much lower N value and higher for the other two. Better still just make sure it has ‘fruiting/flowering’ on the label.

Flower Arrangements • Wedding Decoration • Cut Flowers • Bouquet • Gifts Villa Cemara Indah No. 13

Br. Semer, Kerobokan, Kuta - Bali 80361 Phone : (0361) 7422 654 http : // E-mail: C/Ho/I-17 April 13

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For timings of feeding, it is always better to feed diluted concentrations more regularly than strong ones less frequently. Another tip, make sure that you cut it back each year as soon as the flowering/ fruiting stage has finished, because it will only produce fruits on new season growth. I would trim mine back anywhere ranging from 30-50%, so that you may have an abundance of fruit the following year. Prune back everything that is dead or weak, trim healthy branches by about a half or a third, and even fully remove some. You need to make sure that some air can circulate through the foliage, and also stimulate vigorous new growth. Have a great day and let me know how it goes! Dr. Kris Garden Doctor Contact: Copyright © 2013 Dr. Kris You can read all past articles of Garden Doctor at C/Ho/G-3 Oct. 12

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The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything.

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What is a committee? A group of the unwilling, picked from the unfit, to do the unnecessary.

Moving Sale; LG fridge, 2 doors up n down (not side by side), silver colours, series green ion with electronic temperature display in freezer. Please text on 0812 3999 6111, photos available by < d e i s s y. s h i n t y a @ g m a i l . com>. Seminyak. [204]

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“The Realignment of Quirks” Several weeks ago we talked about building renovation, a process usually carried out when a building starts to look tired or dated. Renovation may involve anything from simply a new coat of paint, new tiling, upgrading toilets and bathrooms, perhaps an additional window or even a new roof. Renovation basically involves repairing and redecorating. When people buy an existing property, however, they often find that while they like the property (well you would hope they would) all too often there is something about the layout that doesn’t suit them. It’s the quirks you know. As we all know a “quark” is an elementary particle and a fundamental constituent of matter. Quarks combine to form composite particles called hadrons, the most stable of which are protons and neutrons, the components of atomic nuclei. Quirks are closely related to quarks and a fundamental constituent of design. Quirks combine in architect’s minds to form composite ideas known as concept plans, the most stable of which become detail plans, the components of building design. The truth is (shock, horror) architects are not totally infallible and in their push to create some artistic masterpiece can easily fail to understand the logistics of how ordinary people do ordinary things like eating, sleeping, washing, undressing, cooking and going to the tut. The quirks get out of control. Let us take as an example a splendid house set in ricefields in a beautiful corner of Bali. A nice square house built on a large piece of land with well established gardens. The house is well built and beautifully finished with stone cladding on the outside walls. But there was a problem. The new owners realised that there were aspects about the internal layout that simply didn’t work. Here is the house’s original layout:

understand. This house was a typical example with its grand central backpassage to nowhere.

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Some creative thought and only a few changes were needed to make this house a far more practical living space. There are usually several alternative options but in this case the space originally occupied by the corridor was reorganised, the guest toilet was moved, an additional bathroom built, a small laundry added along with an access to the rear of the building. Doorways were moved around so that each bedroom would have its own private bathroom. C/BM/I-28 Nov 12

Particular attention was paid to the rear of the house. Bali is a place well suited to indoor/outdoor living spaces. Very popular these days in Australia these are spaces created in the transitional area between the house and the garden usually in the form of a covered patio or verandah. You get the benefit of breezes and the feel of being in a garden while still being protected from the sun and rain. It depends on lifestyle of course but often such spaces become the heart and soul of a house, the preferred place to lounge, read the paper, have a barbeque or sit with friends for an evening drink. For our house a verandah was added across the rear providing a breezy indoor/outdoor living area overlooking the beautiful garden and the rice fields. Access from the house was provided by knocking two doorways through the rear wall one from the study near the kitchen and one from the second bedroom and bathroom. Broad shallow steps lead from the verandah to the garden and to the guesthouse to give a feeling of free access between the spaces. An additional option would have been to provide french doors from the master bedroom out onto the verandah. The final layout of the house came out as follows:

C/BM/M-12 Dec .12

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Until only a couple of generations ago house floor plans tended to follow standard designs that had evolved over centuries. A front door would lead into a porch or directly into a hallway, a corridor, which would run down the centre or one side of the house. The parlour or sitting room would be at the front, living room in the centre and the kitchen at the back. Bedrooms might be upstairs or further down the hall. Different periods of history had their own variations but usually followed this general concept. In the 1960s things changed dramatically. House designs became far more creative and as a result more varied and open plan in nature. It was realised that a hallway is dead space and very expensive in terms of the walls they require (to be decorated both sides) and with more doorways than the Queen Mary. The hallway was all but done away with and the living and dining rooms provided the passageway through the house a far more efficient arrangement. Only in the bedroom areas were hallways retained where access to rooms was required while still maintaining privacy. All across the world hallway walls were removed. Here in Bali things are quite different. A traditional house here is usually in the form of a compound with a series of separate buildings each having their own predesignated purpose and position. The family temple closest to Mount Agung and the toilet at the opposite corner with the kitchen next to it. See Made Widjaya’s excellent book on the subject for more information. Modern “European” style houses however are a fairly new idea here and we find that house designs are far more creative with local architects being unfettered by European traditional norms. Sometimes these houses work well but sometimes the design quirks can be a tad difficult to

Remodelling a house requires some careful thought both in terms of how space is used and also people’s lifestyle and their normal living patterns. We are all creatures of habit and for many of us small design features matter. When planning remodelling projects it is necessary to work within the existing structure of the building to avoid expensive major structural work. It is also a good idea to reuse existing doors and windows so as far as possible they all match. You may wish to change the design style of the whole house, this can be expensive. If you decide to retain the existing design style it is a good idea to design remodelled areas within the existing style of the house or you may end up with something that looks like Dick Cheney dressed as Angelina Jolie. Care is needed in the finishing of walls and floors to hide the transition points between the existing and remodelled areas and you are best to avoid having old tiles meeting new tiles across a wall or a floor. Working out a modified layout requires careful thought and an understanding of structure, levels, surfaces and materials. The aim is to end up with a building that you can’t tell has been modified, that simply looks as though it was originally designed and built that way. I’m not sure that could have been said about Michael Jackson. Phil Wilson Opinions expressed are those of Phil Wilson. He can be contacted through the websites at or at or through the office on 0361 288 789. Copyright © 2013 Phil Wilson You can read all past articles of Fixed Abode at

C/BM/I-09 Jan 13

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C/BM/I-17 Oct 12

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Reviews of English language books on Indonesia

Plaited Arts from the Borneo Rainforest by Bernard Sellato

The book’s illustrations cover both startlingly graceful utensils as well as more refined, decorated pieces worthy of being admired as a wall hanging. Worked by hand using techniques passed down through generations, the rich variety of plaited crafts are used in everyday life – containers, household mats, kitchen implements, farming, hunting and fishing implements. The form and size of a given artifact is primarily dictated by its function: large flat hats provide better protection against the sun and rain than narrow pointed hats; small baskets tied at the waist are practical for sowing paddy; commodious burden baskets with sturdy shoulder straps are needed to carry harvested paddy from the field. The richly illustrated appendix “Borneo Life and Material Culture” is a fact-filled pictorial survey of what people of different regions and ethnic groups across Borneo do with certain plants from their respective environments, whether it is bamboo, palm (nipa), screwpine (pandanus), sedge

The book is divided into twelve parts that cover the complex role of plaited articles in Borneo societies, the ethno botanical and technical aspects of basketry, mat styles and other specific basketry forms, an essay on the style and identity of plaited crafts, the distribution of plaited arts by region, the past and current market for Borneo’s plaited arts. The text relies on firsthand experience in the field as it documents the variety and complexity of basketry. The contributors are among the world’s leading authorities on the arts of Borneo. The 21 scholars and artisans hailing from ten different Southeast Asian nations have spent many years on Borneo and have become deeply involved on a personal and emotional level with the island’s people. Original work is supplemented by revised historical essays written by three pioneering early visitors who describe Borneo’s basketry and plaiting during the decades leading up to WW II. Illustrated with more than 1,250 photographs (930 in color), precise line drawings, newly commissioned maps and rare historical photos, Plaited Arts from the Borneo Rainforest is a veritable illustrated encyclopedia of the richest and most complex plaited traditions in the world. The illustration credits not only attribute copyright ownership but also are a helpful supplement to the book’s Contents by providing page numbers where specific crafts as well as their geographic locations can be found. An exhaustive 12-page bibliography includes books on plaited crafts from all over the world. The professionally executed place name and subject index is very detailed. For collectors, libraries and scholars, the book’s impressive research, design flourishes and practical utility as a valuable reference is incalculable. But we must look upon these hundreds of images and weep. Because of the huge impact of climate change, the construction of highways to replace river routes, uncontrolled coal mining and illegal logging are having on the environment, the native peoples and their traditional cultures and customs in the interior of Borneo are finding it increasingly difficult to obtain plaiting materials. The worsening ecological situation has put village-based production centers in crisis and pushed the arts of plaiting and weaving to the brink of oblivion.

C/BM/I-03 April 13



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For any publishers interested in having one of their books considered for review in Toko Buku, please contact:

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Plaited Arts from the Borneo Rainforest by Bernard Sellato, The Lontar Foundation 2012, ISBN 978-602-9144-04-8, hardcover, 536 pages, appendix, authors’ biographies, bibliography, index. Available for Rp700,000 at Periplus and Ganesha bookstores.

Copyright © 2013

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The roots of Borneo’s basketry traditions and the influences that shaped them must actually be viewed in the broader Southeast Asian historical context. The hub for ancient migrations as far back as the Neolithic period, Borneo’s local cultures absorbed influences from India and China and beginning in the 16th and 17th centuries from the Islamic and Western worlds. Not surprisingly, the arts of Borneo show striking similarities with the arts of the Dian and Zhou cultures from southern China as well as Khmer and the Dong Son cultures of Indochina. The region today continues to be one of the most prolific areas in the world for the production of basketry where almost all known techniques can be found.

T h e b o o k ’s s t r e n g t h , p e r h a p s u n s u r p a s s e d i n ethnographic studies of Southeast Asia, is its focus on how the people of Borneo rely on the plaited implements in their daily lives. Even topics as esoteric as “the typology of winnowing trays” and “natural fibers used in fish traps” somehow hold great fascination. Though the Preface rather immodestly states that the work is not an art book and that it uses a “contextual” approach, combining not just botanical and technical but also economic, social and ritual elements, it is nevertheless most decidedly also a art book. Scholarship and bookmaking of this high standard is the reason why printed books will never die.

C/BM/U-3 April. 13


Plaited Arts from the Borneo Rainforest is a landmark publication, the first comprehensive work on the vast subject, a labor of love of French scholar Bernard Sellato who spent more than 20 years putting this magisterial volume together. The island of Borneo - which includes four Indonesian provinces making up the national territory known as Kalimantan - has the most diverse, sophisticated and aesthetically appealing basketry traditions in the world. The usefulness and unostentatious beauty of these plaited works, one of the oldest human crafts, reaches back to the dawn of human habitation on the island. Developed at a time when people were beginning to settle down and farm, plaited crafts derive both from the island’s abundant natural plant fibers in the island’s tropical rainforests and from the creativity, ingenuity and cultural history of its people.

(purun), reeds (bemban), grasses (lemba), ferns (pakis) or numerous species of rattan. Presented in approximate order of importance, the captions and line drawings, black & white archival and color photos and tools in this section demonstrate how 14 different types of natural rainforest plants are fashioned to make a wide variety of utilitarian items.


Usually grand publishing projects on Indonesian ethnic arts focus on artifacts and statuary made from the “noble materials” like bronze, stone, jewelry and hardwood and don’t concern themselves with perishable implements, which conjure up a slightly disparaging perception among art collectors, auctioneers and museum curators who are obsessed with the antiquity and authenticity of objects. But due to the progressive disappearance and skyrocketing prices of genuine “noble” pieces from the open market, stakeholders were forced to turn to new types of products for business reasons. This led to the emergence, starting in the 1970s, of great interest in ethnic textiles, beads and basketware with a corresponding surge in prices and a shift in the perception of plaited work as art.

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BA Feature


From Brazil to Bali: Capoeira is in! by Ima Deville Have you ever seen, heard and tried Capoeira? This spectacular art form is originally from Brazil and, over the last few years, it has gained popularity all over the world. Capoeira communities have formed and Bali can also boast an active Capoeira scene. But what exactly is Capoeira? Unlike many other activities, Capoeira can be perceived differently according to people’s personalities and background. A sport, a martial art, a dance, or even a philosophy and a cultural identity for some. “This manifestation of Brazilian culture bears very peculiar features: it is a blend of fight, game and dance executed to the sound of musical instruments, claps and chanting. Aside from being an exceptional self-defense and fitness system, Capoeira stands out among the sports range for being the sole one founded on Brazilian cultural traditions. For all this, Capoeira is gaining ever more ground in schools and universities in Brazil and worldwide.” (Luiz Renato Vieira) Capoeira is highly acrobatic but the music and singing are equally vital components. African percussive instruments and traditional call and response singing in Brazilian Portuguese language accompany the interactive movements. Capoeira is about people gathering and connecting. Rodas are circles formed with capoeiristas taking it in turns to dance, play and fight in the middle whilst the musicians play, sing and clap in the outer circle. The leading instrument is the “Berimbau”, a one stringed, bow shaped instrument with a gourd attached to give resonance. Drums and tambourines are also used. Afro-Brazilian dances such as “maculele”, done with blades, and “maracatu”, done with sticks are incorporated in the practice of Capoeira. The atmosphere is infectious and the mix of practiced skills and improvisation make it a great performance to watch. As Professora Marcia Cigarra explains, it is a unique activity integrating many skills and developing self knowledge and power: “The game of Capoeira requires the use of intuition and foresight and does not rely solely on the use of physical strength. During the game the capoeiristas skillfully expose the limitations of their opponents and engage in playful attacks and counterattacks thus better enabling themselves to discover their personal power.” Capoeira has also been compared to a theatre act, a dialog between players, a conversation through movement. When you watch Capoeira for the first time, you can’t help holding your breath as players throw their legs over the heads of their opponent and miss them by a hair. From the minute the music starts, players never stop and they display skillful moves, rotations, acrobatics, leaps and jumps in a beautiful flowing dance. The Origins of Capoeira: Historians do not all agree on the origins of Capoeira but we know it was developed during the slavery period in Brazil. The Portuguese brought around two million slaves from Africa to work on the sugar and cane plantations. Some of them managed to escape and took refuge in a remote place near Recife that they named Palmares. Many believe that the first form of Capoeira was developed in their community. Other historians claim that the origins stem back from Africa, from its philosophy, its culture and some forms of dancing, with the zebra dance for example. Back in Brazil, Capoeira became a key to the fight of runaway slaves against the Portuguese and later the Dutch armies. “Capoeira was the key element in the unexpected attacks. With fast and tricky movements the slaves caused considerable damage to the white men. Capoeira became their weapon, their symbol of freedom.” (For more info, read http://www.capoeira.htmlplanet. com) After the abolition of slavery, some capoeiristas were considered as threats to the government. Laws were passed to ban Capoeira in an effort to extinguish it. This law remained in place until the 1920s. However, capoeiristas continued to practice in hiding and disguised their art as a folk dance. Mentalities changed and Capoeira became more and more accepted until it eventually became a national sport. Today it is part and parcel of the Brasilian culture. Capoeira in Bali: In Bali there are two main Capoeira schools: Capoeira Bali and Senzala Bali. They have formed and attracted many adepts over the last few years. Today around 50 people are actively practicing and this number is growing fast. Children’s classes are getting popular in schools and in dojos and we can expect many of them to continue this sport and achieve high levels. In less than 7 years this sport took off on the island. Before 2006, there was no

legitimate Capoeira group in Bali, even though the Capoeira community itself already existed since 2004 and several youngsters were practicing on their own in Renon. Then in November 2006 Group Senzala Bali was established as the first official Capoeira school in Bali created by Rod Penn A.K.A Instrutor Medusa (UK) and Kenoko Hermiaji A.K.A Graduado Noko (Indonesia). Rod and Noko both studied Capoeira and were good friends. Their aim was to form a school to further awareness of the possibilities that Capoeira can bring and to educate people about the many facets of this often-misunderstood art form. Two years later, Rod Penn left Bali and Noko became in charge of the school. In September 2008 and again in 2009, he went to Brazil to experience the root of Capoeira by invitation and sponsorship of Prof. Caca from Escola Cultural Zungu Capoeira, Sao Paulo, which he now represents in Bali. The Capoeira scene on the island owes a lot to the dynamism and enthusiasm of Noko. He has a great personality and is a popular Capoeira teacher for both adult and children. Noko was born in Purworejo, Central Java in 1982. He started to learn capoeira in the year 2000 when he studied International Relations in Gadjah Mada University in Jogjakarta. He became a founding member of the widespread group Capoeira Brincadeira (now group Senzala Indonesia). In 2006 he moved to Bali to help build the Capoeira community. In 2007, the Senzala school organized the first international Capoeira event in Bali, Primeiro Batizado Grupo Senzala with special guests. From then on every year they hold a “graduation” called the bautizado, where Capoeira students demonstrate their skills and obtain their belt (see forthcoming events). Full of energy, Noko is always willing to perform with his group in public and at private demonstrations and shows. Recently we have seen the Capoeira Bali group at many charity events such as the Christmas Kids Markets, Bali Pink Ribbon, the Garden Party or the Bali Coral Triangle Day. They are wonderful performers and many venues invite them: KuDeTa, Adora in Sanur for their New Year’s Eve Party and more. Noko is a busy man, he often goes to take workshops abroad, in Hongkong, East Timor, Malaysia, Singapore and more recently in Surabaya for the Festival Internacional IÊ VIVA BRASIL: Jogo de Cidadania. We can only imagine that his school will continue to gain popularity and students. He has a strong and clear vision for the future of Capoeira here in Bali. His three main areas of focus are promoting fitness and cultural diversity in schools, providing classes for students of all ages and further public awareness of Capoeira through public and private demonstrations and shows. Way to go Noko! Classes with Capoeira Bali: If you or your children would like to have a go and experience first hand the fun and the benefits of Capoeira, adult classes are held at the Curve (dojo on the floor above Cubana Bar on Jalan Petitenget 12B) on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 19.3021.00 and Saturday from 18.30-20.00. Kids Classes are on Tuesday from 15:30-16:30 for advanced level and Friday 16:3017:30 for beginner level. Also in Ubud at Yoga Barn Studio, Jalan Raya Pengosekan (behind Siam Sally Restaurant), every Saturday at 13:00-14:30. All classes mostly taught in English, Bahasa Indonesia, or basic Brazilian Portuguese. Email Capoeira Bali for more info: We asked what Senzala Capoeira Bali thought of the development of the sport in this country. Instructor Marinheiro explained that here in Bali, it is supported by many “Capoeirista” tourists who not only come for a holiday but take time to visit classes to learn and share experiences with Capoeiristas here. Senzala Indonesia is like a big family. When someone trains in Capoeira, that person is welcomed into the Capoeira community in Indonesia and around the world. Indonesia is well known for its beautiful, friendly and hospitable people who make the Indonesian Capoeira community well accepted by society and by many Capoeiristas from all over the world. Capoeira is starting to be quite popular with the local community here. There are so many elements to capoeira that it can appeal to people of all ages and interests. Classes with Senzala Bali: Capoeira Academy on Tuesday & Thursday, 18:30 – 20:00, 3V Fitness – Canggu, Jalan Padonan 6 (Next to futsal court). Cardio Capoeira on Wednesday – FREE OF CHARGE! 19:30 – 20:30, 3V Fitness - Sunset Rd (Near Jalan Kunti), email: NEW: Classes at the Brasilian Cultural and Sports Center near Canggu Club: contact C.Mestre Silvio Do Berimbau on Facebook. Capoeira for Kids: Many children love Capoeira because they perceive it is first and

foremost as a game in which they fight, although they don’t really fight. It is physical; they are active and play to the sound of rhythmic music. The skills learnt enhance coordination, concentration as well as motor skills. As a group interactive activity, Capoeira is an excellent sport to build social skills. It is amazing to see how kids smile, bond with each other and feel good about themselves. The music and singing add another dimension to the activity and helps children to focus, stay concentrated and be fully involved in the moves. “Capoeira is great for the kids, they get to play, sing and dance, bend and stretch, and have a whole lot of fun with their new friends” explains Mariana from Australia Capoeira Brasil School in Sydney. She further explains that Capoeira is the second most practised sport after soccer in Brazil. It is part of many Brazilian schools’ curricula as it is considered helpful in encouraging children to be good citizens, a positive impact that continues into their adult lives. It is the variety of skills learnt and the games used to teach the techniques that make this activity enjoyable for kids. Jolena Williams, the head of Spice Seminyak, an early learning centre near Bali Deli, has been offering Capoeira classes facilitated by Senzala Capoeira Bali for over two years as an extra activity. She said to us that Capoeira is a popular and very beneficial activity for children. “It is ideal for children from 3 to 12 years old and older of course. Children love the movements and the rhythm that Capoeira brings. We have had even the littlest of children mimic the older ones by kicking up a leg or squatting while bouncing to the beat! They love the new songs that they learn to sing together. The energy gives a feeling of oneness and unity. It is great for boys and girls, young and old, from near or far. Music is a language spoken by everyone.” Spice School has also given the opportunity to the underprivileged students of the charity school Samaritania to participate in some of their Capoeira classes. They have actively taken part and really enjoyed interacting with Mr.Irul who is the teacher. “In an age of increasing reliance on television or computer game based entertainment, Capoeira offers a real, exciting and physical alternative. The study of Capoeira is a holistic art form, challenging the student both physically and mentally, promoting selfawareness, s e l f empowerment, the importance of teamwork and the value of respect for yourself and o t h e r s . ” Instructor Marinheiro from Senzala Capoeira Bali. Capoeira Classes at Spice Seminyak by Senzala Bali: Classes are fun and open to the general public. It is possible to join their Saturday Club for 100,000rp (3 hour session 10:001:00pm) or just the Capoeira class (1 hour 10:30-11:30) for 50,000rp. For more info call 081514571738. Events to watch out for: - Sunday Sunset Jogo at 66 beach (across from Seaside Restaurant) is an informal gathering with Noko and his capoeirista friends if the weather is nice around 4pm- till sunset. - Batizado & Troca de Cordas, 23 – 24 February 2013 at the Canggu Club. This is the traditional Capoeira graduation ceremony in which new students receive their first cord (belt), a Capoeira nickname and will be officially welcomed into the Capoeira community. Continuing students will receive a cord that represents their level and growth in Capoeira. This annual event gathers over 200 Capoeiristas from Indonesia alone and guests from all over the world. All welcome to come! - Capoeira Senzala Bali presents a Workshop with Mestre Pedro on Tuesday (26th June) & Thursday (28th June) at 3V Fitness – Canggu (Jalan Raya Padanan 6), 18:30 – 21:00 only Rp50K per person or Rp80K for 2 if booked in advance. Call +62 361 789 8967 or +62 361 789 8968. Special thanks to Noko, Marinheiro, Gwen and Jolena for taking the time to explain how great Capoeira can be and motivate people in Bali. Want to see what it looks and sounds like? Here are some links to Capoeira performances in Bali: Copyright © 2013 Bali Advertiser You can read all past articles of BA Feature Article at

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How to Use Free Services for Profit Steve P wrote to me recently and asked if I could write an article about how he could make money as a musician. Or more specifically, “…about setting up small Online businesses & how to ensure that the websites receive traffic?”

have this sorted from your comment about how people like your offering. Not everyone has the same taste of course, but a sufficient niche group to encourage you.

So we have some answers here about business in general, then online businesses, and finally a specific about the music industry. Let’s look at the generalisation, because it applies also to the specific.

Specialisation brings us back to your marketing question. In your business model you will have recognised the niche you are aiming to service, and in your strategy research (I know you did extensive market research, didn’t you!) you discovered the demographic that relates to your marketing niche. These people you want, where and how do they congregate online? Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify are major examples. You will have to spend time learning how these conversations flow, the language used, the trends being followed. You will pick a couple of examples of how some artists went viral and search out all the references and resources they and their customer base used.

First, for everybody, decide if you are in business or pursuing a hobby. The first is about generating a profit, the second is not. Both options require passion and outstanding capabilities to succeed in any spectacular way – otherwise you are pursuing a third option which is the dilettante. It’s called time-wasting among many other terms. Steve is saying he wants to be in business.

You will start putting up some free stuff on social media, and you will join conversations to demonstrate your authenticity and to build credibility. You will be telling stories that are hitting emotional buttons. You will build a website, but most of your activity will be via social media because (I’m assuming) that’s where most of your market communicates.

Second, If you really are in business then you need a business model to show how the profit is going to be generated. You also need a model of how you are going to co-create value with the user of your product/service. For who is going to pay you if there is no value in it to them (what’s in it for me?), or if a competitor offers better value in use?

So people are starting to talk and share your great free offerings. How do you go from there? How do you actually make money?

“Personally i create music which many people say they enjoy listening to... ideal for selling online you might think through downloads etc... but as we both know, most people like to download music for free rather than to pay for it!.. i don’t know how to surmount this hurdle but I’m hoping that maybe you do know how to?!”

Third, any business rests on a framework of four key elements – • the technical side of your product/service, its usefulness to your customer; • the marketing of that use; • the operations side of mobilising your resources and capabilities, and • the administration of your business. In each of these four areas you require competitive advantages in capabilities and resources. Author Richard Gordon once wrote, “For success in this life you need three things: brains, beauty and cash. If you’ve got one then marry the other two.” Same in business, you need four things to succeed; if you have one then outsource the other three. Sooner or later you will outsource all four and then you are a real owner rather than a slave. Your business plan is about how you use your capabilities to co-create value. Without it your most likely outcome is wandering in ever-decreasing circles, finally gazing at the back-end from where you started! Steve P wanted me to look specifically at the marketing aspect of an online business and I will get to that; I say get your house in order first. You need to be thoroughly legal and meet regulatory requirements, or Murphy will ensure that just as you are going gang-busters you get chucked off the island. You need to have your financials recorded and able to give you simple-to-understand financial reports that tell you whether or not you are on track. You need to handle the administration of your business – your staff, your, property, your business licences, your KITAS and so on. Depending on the business, you are going to spend between Rp 50 million and Rp 150 million to put all these bits together, so budget for it. Let’s look at the technical side. You can take it as a given, Steve, that your musical offering has to be exceptional for the market niche you have chosen to reach. As a rough rule of thumb, around 10,000 hours of actual practice makes someone an outstanding specialist in their given field. And there are so many genre in music so you need to specialise. I’m taking that you

The key element is that your customers (in any business) pay for scarcity. This is a really important point. Once upon a time, like last year, you had scarcity because only people who bought your music could experience it; or they paid to go to a live concert and experienced it there; or they bought a concert DVD. Now you have to create scarcity in other areas. And in these lie the different business model options, which can turn this growing interested groundswell into a model of scarcity that will see people perceiving value from actual use.

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The first model is about 400 years old. Musicians like Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and Haydn would call for subscriptions before they would write a new piece of music and then have it performed. Today we do the same sort of thing with crowd funding. Google “Amanda Palmer Kickstarter campaign” for an example. Second, there is the simple album sale. A very small percentage of your customers will like your singles enough to buy your albums, but it may be enough. Those ancient musicians also had patrons or sponsors, and this is the third option, to offer scarcity through membership. Here you are in frequent contact with your most loyal customers who are willing to pay a subscription, and they accompany you on the music creativity process through your tweets and postings, and small excerpts for them to experience. They share with you the joy of success. This might be extended through An eBook course that people sign up for, to help you show your fans how to create music your way.

C/BT/I-09 Jan 13

Ultimately whichever model you use has to take into account the cost to you of giving stuff away for free versus the return from a small percentage of your fan base who are willing to pay for something that is scarce. That’s what a proper business model and business plan will help you know, before you start.

Is there an aspect of developing a successful business you would like me to write about? Copyright © 2013 Graeme Stevens Copyright © 2013 Bali Advertiser You can read all past articles of The Business Builder Series at C/BT/I-19 Sept 12

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Looking For; Sony PS 3, 320GB Slim jailbreak in good condition, please text to 0812 3999 6111. Seminyak. [205] Moving Sale; Abstract painting small-large, start from idr 50k-200k. Not suit with my new house. Please sms 0812 3999 6111. Seminyak. [206] Moving Sale; Antique primitive style thick teak wood four poster bed, rice box teak wood, wood bookcase, teak table + 6 leather chairs, office tables, miscellaneous goods. Contact: <> or Call: 262 778. Sanur. [207]

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For Sale; Bar / bench stools x2. Metal frame with circular wooden seats. 250,000 for the 2. SMS 0813 5334 5846. Seminyak. [097] For Sale; Gamelon 500mm x 400mm with brass keys. Red and gold colour. 450,000. SMS 0813 5334 5846. Seminyak. [098]

For Sale; Genuine Indian Hindu prayer flags. 200,000. SMS 0813 5334 5846. Seminyak. [100] For Sale; Teak antique partner’s desk 160cm x 100cm. Rp. 5,000,000. Contact Robert: 0361. 758 753 or <hilltribebali@gmail. com>. Legian. [104]

Vitality Plus C/E/I-03 April 13

by May C/He/G-31 Oct. 12

Do You Really Know How to Get Pregnant? I know funny question, hey? Attempting to become pregnant ideally starts way before you try and conceive. The preconception period is the critical time to focus on if you want to create the healthiest baby possible you can. It is often the case that I am seeing clients with their babies or young children and dealing with ailments that may very well have been minimised if a thorough preconception regime had been followed. I am not saying that preconception care is a guarantee to a perfectly healthy child, with no ailments. What I am saying is why wouldn’t you put 100% effort and commitment into achieving the healthiest environment, your body, for your baby to grow to their best potential? We put more time and effort into planning a trip away or buying a house than into planning for the birth of our child, a lifetime commitment. Don’t you think we should be in the best condition possible? It’s not like we get a second chance! Preconception care should ideally begin at least three to four months prior to trying to conceive. This allows adequate time to achieve optimal health for not only yourself but your partner too. It Takes Two, Baby! Comprehensive preconception and pregnancy care involves both parents adopting a healthy diet, lifestyle and attitude. Supplementation of vitamins and minerals is also essential to lay the nutritional foundation that is required for a healthy baby to grow. Often with talk of conceiving, the male is overshadowed by the female and her role in having a baby. Be very aware that the male plays a very important role in creating a healthy baby. So for the best possible outcome, both parents must be involved in the three to four months of preconception care. So What Does Preconception Care Involve? So these are some general guidelines that a couple can do together: • Detoxification – I always recommend to the couple in their preconception phase to do a professional detoxification program. This is to reduce the effects of toxic exposure that we have all been exposed to over the years. Preconception detoxification will also protect the developing foetus from harmful toxins. It is essential that a detox is managed by a professional health practitioner due to the harmful effects that releasing toxins into the body can create. It is important to be guided through a step by step detox that is individually designed for your specific needs. It is amazing how many toxins we are exposed to that we don’t even know about. The great think about a professional detox is that it is a well balanced healthy program, where you are able to eat all food groups jammed pack full of fresh healthy food. • Eat a healthy, well balanced diet - Eating healthy during a pregnancy is absolutely essential, so too is during preconception care. Focus on eating fresh fruit and vegetables, low glycaemic index foods such as whole grains, eat lean protein and drinking a minimum of eight glasses of filtered water a day. Minimise or even better still eliminate your consumptions of sugar, alcohol, caffeine and processed food. • Create a regular exercise regime - Prepare your body for one of its most amazing physical transformations, pregnancy, by creating a regular regime of exercise. The body goes through so much creating a baby and then delivering a baby. If you are in tip top physical

condition it will be easier to bounce back following pregnancy and the birth. Regular exercise not only offers physical benefits it also promotes stress relief and emotional wellbeing. • Stress less – There seems to be a lot of pressure put upon couples to conceive. Stress can be a major underlying factor affecting both male and female fertility. Your health care practitioner has wonderful tools to assess your stress levels. It is astounding how often I find clients body systems screaming stress, though talking to them they often say they don’t feel stressed. This is a common ailment in our current society. Often we don’t even realise how stressed we are. The impacts of stress on our health and wellbeing are profound and should never be underestimated. Quite a few clients want to have children but are not willing to address their stressful lifestyles. Minimise the impact of stress on you and your family’s health by practicing relaxing activities that bring joy and laughter to your day. So What Can Dad Do to Promote Fertility?

C/He/G-17 April 13

Dad-to-be has an important role in promoting fertility and a healthy pregnancy. Healthy sperm are essential for successful fertilisation to take place and it assists in promoting a optimal birth. So what can the male do to create super-sperm? • Co-enzyme CoQ10 provides energy to our body. Healthy sperm cells have a highly concentrated amount of Co Q10 which is necessary for the incredible journey that they travel to fertilise the egg. It is paramount that the male has sufficient CoQ10 reserves in their body to create a successful fertilisation. Another great bonus is that the male will be full of energy & CoQ10 is essential for healthy heart function. • Tribulus (Tribulus terrestris) is a herb that has been traditionally associated as an aphrodisiac. Recently this herb has also been found to support testosterone levels which are crucial for sperm production. • Antioxidants help balance the damage that free radicals create in all our bodies. Free radicals are unstable molecules produced naturally in the body and are associated with cellular damage. Antioxidants are like a dust buster, which cleans up those troublesome free radicals. Did you know that sperm are the smallest cells produced by us? Zinc is my favourite antioxidant for preconception care. This is an important trace mineral. Researchers have found more than two hundred enzymes that are zinc dependent in the body. So What’s Next? The best thing to do is to make an appointment with your health care professional to assess where you and your partner are at, health wise. This is a great starting place to work out what your body requires to become optimal for conception. The benefits of comprehensive preconception care extend for a lifetime. In Good Health

Copyright © 2013 May You can read all past articles of Vitality Plus at E-mail: C/He/I-20 March 13

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01 May - 15 May, 2013

For Sale; iPad/iPod/iPhone docking stereo system brand new in box (Philips DC291 docking clock radio with remote) unwanted gift. Need to sale fast retail price SIN235, sale for Rp. 1.250,000. contact HP. 081 781 1164 or <gamalama@>. Canggu. [210] For Sale; Warner 5â&#x20AC;&#x2122;8 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/3-fcs fins-round tail-made in Aussie IDR 2.5 Million ONO. DHD 5â&#x20AC;&#x2122;11 x 18 1/2 x 2 1/8-fcs fin-rounded pin-made in Aussie IDR 3Million ONO. Contact 081 5575 5016 or <febbylia.>. Seminyak. [038] Be careful of your thoughts; they may become words at any moment. C/He/G-20 March 13

Divine Goddess Seminyak Yoga Product for on and off the mat Store opening!!!

All classes for the month of May are 80,000 Rp!!! Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

9.30am Power Yoga incorporating pranayama, vinyasa and working, listening to the breath. Gaining control over the mind by using the body. 5.30pm Ashta Power Yoga, liberating mix of ashtanga, power, vinyasa flow. Incorporating pranayama and chanting. Challenging and empowering practice

Jalan Raya Basangkasa No. 1200B where sunset meets Jalan Legian Ph: 0361 730 498 NC/He/G-01 May 13

C/He/G-28 Nov. 12

C/He/I-17 April 13

C/He/I-01 May 13


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Alternative Voice


Shooting the Messenger If you come bearing informational gifts, you’re bound to upset someone… A couple of issues back an article on an enzyme treatment for cancer by ParacelsusAsia was the cause of this publication being taken to task by two readers who felt it was wrong to write as he did or for this publication to publish it. ParacelsusAsia disagrees. Here’s why…. Last month in this column I wrote a piece on a protocol using proteolytic enzymes as both a primary and adjunctive treatment for many cancers and at many stages. In reporting this treatment I described what was involved, it’s provenance, and the degree of success with which it had met. I pointed out that although many years ago it was an accepted mainstream treatment for cancer and had never ceased being used, it had been progressively sidelined as an adjuvant treatment and was commonly regarded by the standards of conventional medicine profession as an alternative treatment. I went on to report that with the recent modifications to the enzyme formulation, increasing numbers of doctors were now using the treatment often with superior survival results. To me this was important information on an approach to cancer, which people had the right to know about. I made very clear at the outset that interested readers should treat claims for less conventional treatments with caution and do their research. I pointed out that the standard approach to cancer had been successful to a degree and which I put in context. I concluded with a caveat that could hardly be clearer, to the effect that no one should consider a protocol such as this except under the supervision of a doctor. Despite this two readers wrote in to complain in very strong terms that I was giving medical advise and that if I was not a doctor (I am not), then I had no business writing as I did and that this newspaper was wrong to carry what I wrote.

over a decade 2000-10, some 60 percent of the content covered health matters generally with the balance ranging somewhat erratically far and wide as the fancy took me. Many wrote in to say they enjoyed the column, often requesting further information; a fair number did not like what they read and were not backward in saying so. At all times it was made clear that the views expressed were my own and when it came to health matters I wrote as a journalist, who had covered the field for many years and had no other qualification for doing so other than journalistic. . C/He/I-12 Dec 12

It may be timely then to restate why I write as I do.

I have often felt that a suitable title and tagline for this column might be “The Educated Consumer – Leveling the playing field”. Alternative Voice is good, but alternative to whom? Actually I like the ambivalence and so the column’s name has remained as it was. In my view the world is a complicated place and it’s not getting simpler. In so many aspects of life, from buying a second hand car or fixing a computer, selecting medical insurance to picking a mutual fund in which to invest or choosing a lawyer or accountant, most of us are forced into making a choice based on incomplete information. It simply is not possible to inform ourselves adequately in all the important areas we need to. We do the best we can but, with a few honourable exceptions the media, which has a duty to inform us does not serve us well, in thrall as it mostly is to their advertisers. And, as for going on line, it’s a blizzard of Paracelsus: a.k.a. Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hhenheim 1493-1541, healer and alchemist of genius, also known as a self-promoting nuttiness and irreletavern roisterer and shabby dresser. An inspired teacher, inevitably high vance. There is gold out there but churchmen of the day yearned to consign him to the fire. His habit of an- you need a PhD in online search and noying the Church coupled with a remarkable ability to cure the gout and the patience of a Job to find it. Not STDs affl icting the nobility saved him from this fate; that and the gift of doing a bunk at the right moment. It is in honour of his iconoclastic and to mention a half decent connection.

The first letter came from a woman who had recently near- subversive nature that this ly lost a member of her family column is named. to cancer but who had survived due, she said, to radiation and chemotherapy treatment. She was ‘outraged’ that I would even suggest the protocol I described could cure cancer, although I did not use the word ‘cure’. She concluded by dismissing the research quoted and accusing me of bias.

The second letter came from an Australian doctor (MD) resident here. He objected strongly to my giving out medical advice, which he insisted was what I was doing in writing as I did on this and other occasions. He objected to my use of ParacelsusAsia as a pen name, insisting I must be “hiding something” claiming incorrectly that no other contributors to the Bali Advertiser employed a pen name. I wrote to the woman in the nicest possible way to say that while I certainly understood how grateful she was to the doctors whom she believed had saved the life of her loved one, and was happy to hear it, I did not see why she felt everybody else should be denied the knowledge of a different treatment and failed to see the bias of which she accused me. I assume this satisfied her, to some extent at least, since I have not heard back.

It would be strange indeed if the medical field were any different. In fact it is one of the most complex and one of the most important. It is both a science and an art, the practice of which affects us all profoundly in its social and political ramifications. Comprising many industries, huge amounts of money and professional aspirations, inevitably the individual and their needs can get lost. That’s why we need a level playing field. And the only way we’re going to get anything approaching that is by access to information and asking the right questions. We are not going to get it if only doctors are allowed to write about how they treat us. The medical profession is in its way a priesthood. Only the initiated can truly know the secrets of the body. It is natural for them to regard us as uninformed. We are, and we should listen. However we are the patient, it is our body. In other words, we are the client and they are the consultant. But what smart businessman signs over his whole company to a consultant? We need to retain ultimate responsibility for ourselves while getting the best out of our doctors

No, I am not a doctor and have no medical training. I am a journalist,who for the last 25 years has written about health matters and do so very firmly from the consumer’s point of BA’s editor, who passed the doctor’s letter to me for com- view. I am, to whatever degree an educated consumer in this ment, had already correctly pointed out my report did not one area, which is what we all need to be, if we had the time give medical advice, merely information. I also wrote to the to cover everything. No, I do not give medical advice, but I doctor to explain that many writers used a pen name in BA do report what I see and think you might like to know. No and that if anyone communicated with me by e.mail I invari- apologies for that. ably responded with my real name. I also pointed out that it would be a sad day for us all if no one could express a po- And, just in case the point is not made, this column will in litical opinion in print if they were not a politician. Why then future carry a health warning to this effect. was it different when it came to doctors? I received a pleasant reply to the effect that he now accepted I was not giving medical advise and that he actually liked my articles and approved of their content…… which was nice, but does rather make me wonder why he wrote to the publisher in the way he did in the first place? ParacelsusAsia, Who He? For those readers unfamiliar with this column, which ran for

NC/He/G-01 May 13


Comments or queries Copyright © 2013 ParacelsusAsia You can read all past articles of Alternative Voice at www.

Laser Therapy Safe, Painless and Relaxing

TO MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT FOR A SMOKE FREE FUTURE I smoked for 20 years and tried to quit almost as many times. I received the laser treatment almost 2 years ago and haven’t looked back since.

Please Call


Kim Miller Sanur, Bali C/He/I- 03 Oct 12

• • • • •

Retail & Wholesale Spa Products Spa Accessories Special and Corporate Gifts Development of Private Label Hotel & Villa Amenities

We supply high quality professional Spa products, amenities and accessories. Our core business is the supply of bulk spa products. We have a chemist on board to assist custom blending or help create signature treatments to compliment your menu. Our specialty is “Private Label” where our creative team, work with clients to customize and develop exclusive merchandise, to suite your image. We create, design and manufacture exclusive Spa accessories, anything from foot ritual bowls, product presentations and testers, dispensers, trays, tea rituals to tissue boxes. We also make and package gifts for special events and corporate functions. At every stage of design and manufacture we work with our clients to understand their specific needs, to develop and create quality products that reflect the company’s identity. Please check our website for more details on what we do; Head office and manufacturing facility

Our Singapore showroom :

Spa Factory Bali Jl. Toya Ning No 4 Kedonganan 80361 Bali, Indonesia Tel +62 361 701439

33A Mosque Street, Singapore 059511 Tel. +65 62258476. C/He/G-12 Dec. 12

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For Sale; Belkin USB Multi power adapter for iPods. Perfect for travelling. Very good cond. Rp.100,000. Transcend Ultra Speed 512MB USB2.0 Flash dive. Mac & Windows comp. Incld. software. Rp.100,000. Contact 081 116 8805 or <>. Ubud. [200] C/He/I-28 Nov 12

For Sale; Huawei EC325 USB CDMA modem. Full set with box. Mint cond. Rp.300,000.Contact 081 116 8805 or <peazefrog@>. Ubud. [201] Never lose sight of the fact that the most important yardstick of your success will be how you treat other people.

For Sale; Apple Pro Mac 13”, 500gb 4gb ram, rarely use and very good condition. Please contact 081 2384 2473, 0818 0568 1953. [211] For Sale; Many antique blue & white Chinese porcelaines, persian carpets, antique Chinese canfor boxes, etc, please contact 0818 0568 1953, 081 2384 2473. Sanur. [209]

C/He/G-31 Oct. 12

For Sale; Canon IXUS 60 DigiCam. 6.0MP. Incld. extra battery, 2 mem. cards, camera case. good cond. full set with box. Rp. 800,000. Contact 081 116 8805 or <>. Ubud. [195]






R ½P

1 TO

Bali’s Mobile Acrylic Nail Service provides mobile nail technician services anywhere within the Canggu, Seminyak, Kerobokan, Kuta, Sanur or Jimbaran areas. Contact: Chris 081 339 688 242 FOR THE PERFECT TOUCH C/He/G-13 June 12

NC/He/G-1 May 13

C/He/G-20 Feb. 13

C/He/I-20 Feb 13

C/He/G-1 May 13


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COSMO SALON & SPA H a i r & B o d y T r e a t m e n t s try it and Just se ef


Bali Advertiser

01 May - 15 May, 2013

elf urs yo

BAD NEWS: Cosmo is closed for renovation. GOOD NEWS: L’il Cosmo is now open! Same staff but with 2011 prices, check it out! 1 km north of Cosmo, look for our sign in the parking lot in front of Circle K. Ph: 4020974

Featuring Clinique and OPI products Jl. Danau Tamblingan # 154 Sanur 286330

For Sale; iPhone 3GS 32g white 1.3 jt and iPhone 4 8gb white, 1 week old, not working 2jt nego. 0821 4617 8580. Seminyak. [111] For Sale; Big mirror 3 meter long by 1.5 meters wide, old whitewashed teak, paid 4.5jt sell for 3.5jt nego. 0821 4617 8580. Seminyak. [112]

C/He/G-01 May 13

For Sale; Apple airport express base station. Great for wireless connections. Works on Mac & PC. Very good cond. Full set with box. Rp.400,000. Contact 081 116 8805 or <peazefrog@gmail. com>. Ubud. [196] For Sale; LG brand EZ Slim Wall Mount. Fit for LG LED LCD/LCD TVs. Brand new. New price Rp. 2,5mil. Selling Rp.1,5Mil. Contact 081 116 8805 or <peazefrog@gmail. com>. Ubud. [197]

Shashi Tarot Card Reading Crystal Healing Reiki Therapy JI Werkudara 520, Legian Kaja, Kuta Hp: 081 811 9634 email: C/He/I-09 Jan 13

For Sale; Brand New 4GB DDR3 PC3-8500 SODIMM for Apple iMac, MacBk, MacBk Pro, Mac Mini Memory Upgrade. Rp.350k. Contact 081 116 8805 or <>. Ubud. [198]

C/He/I-06 March 13

For Sale; Canon PowerShot S30 DigiCam. 3.2MP. 3x Optical Zoom. Incld. extra mem. cards, camera bag. Full set with box. Good cond. Rp.1mil.Contact 081 116 8805 or <peazefrog@gmail. com>. Ubud. [199] You can’t stay mad at someone who makes you laugh. C/He/G-20 March 13


BIRD FLU 2013… It’s Back & Why are we Worried? The bird flu is back and why are we worried? A strain of the disease that has never before been a problem for humans has infected more than 80 people in China, killing 17 of them, and is raising concerns among infectious disease experts worldwide. Ok so this is China and not Bali, but given the rapid spread of previous strains such as H1N1 and H5N1 we need to keep our radars active. Bali is the hub of international travel and the spread of any viral illness to this Island is almost inevitable. The first human case was identified in China three weeks ago, and the rapid compilation of human cases since then has public health officials in China and scientists from around the world scrambling to identify the source of the infection and prevent further spread. So far, the strain identified as H7N9 does not appear to pass easily between humans. Humanto-human transmission is a critical sign that a virus could reach pandemic levels, such as that which occurred with the H1N1 “swine flu” that quickly spread around the world in 2009. It’s not clear where people have acquired the H7N9 strain. Exposure to infected birds is suspected because the strain is known to circulate among them, but Chinese public health authorities have not been able to identify a specific source. Meanwhile, several cases of possible human-to-human transmission are under investigation, according to the World Health Organization.

Pandemic concerns Public health authorities have worried about the possibility of a deadly pandemic flu for decades, and more urgent alarms were sounded in the late 1990s and again in 2003 when the H5N1 bird flu infected people throughout Asia. That potentially deadly strain of flu so far hasn’t been able to spread easily among people. In 2009, the so-called swine flu reached pandemic levels, but it proved to be not much more serious than a typical influenza infection in humans. In the past few years, that virus has become a seasonal fixture and preventable by vaccine. The most recent strain appears to be very aggressive in humans, causing serious illness and death. What’s causing concern among infectious disease experts is that, while it’s unclear that the strain is transmissible between humans, the virus has afflicted far more people in just three weeks than H5N1 ever did in such a short time. In only a few weeks 87 cases of H7N9 had been confirmed in China, found in four

C/He/I-05 Sept. 12

provinces spread around the country, according to the World Health Organization. The strain causes typical flu symptoms - fever, cough, fatigue and muscle aches - but it progresses to pneumonia in many patients, which is not common in most healthy people who become afflicted with influenza. Almost all of the cases have been serious and required hospitalization. Infectious disease experts in China have found one case of a boy who was infected with the strain but showed no symptoms, meaning the virus is probably more widespread than the lab-confirmed case counts demonstrate. One possible bit of good news is that an asymptomatic case may mean the virus isn’t quite as deadly as infectious disease experts feared. Without knowing the total number of people infected in the population at large, it’s impossible for public health authorities to calculate a fatality rate. What should we be doing about it? At this stage not much. Obviously with the amount of coughs and sniffles that circulate at any given time it is always wise to take measures to avoid the transmission of any flu type illness such as covering mouth & nose while coughing, frequent hand washing etc.

C/He/I-12 Dec 12

There are several anti-viral medications that seem to be effective against the H7N9 and the Chinese are working on a vaccine, but on the meantime watch this space!

reshape, rebalance, reform at Kim Patra is a qualified registered nurse and midwife who has been living and working in Bali for almost 20 years. She now runs her own private practice and medical referral service from her Kuta office. Kim is happy to discuss any health concerns with you and she may be contacted via e-mail at or Office number : 0361-2775666.

Copyright © 2013 Kim Patra You can read all past articles of Sickness & in Health at

SUNSET PILATES STUDIO Pilates can benefit individuals wishing to: • Lengthen and strengthen muscles • Improve posture and mobility • Tone and centre the body • Align and centre the body through core stability • Help prevent Osteoporosis and Tendonitis • Aid injury rehabilitation • Improve focus and breath control

Jl. Dewi Sri No.98 Legian Kelod (Off Sunset Road) Telephone 0361 - 7914127 Bali’s first fully equipped Pilates Studio C/He/G-01 May 13

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01 May - 15 May, 2013

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C/He/G-14 Nov. 12



1ST APRIL - 30TH JUNE 2013







C/He/G-01 May 13


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01 May - 15 May, 2013

For Sale; Posters for meditation - visualization healing decoration. 1mx1m up to 2.5x2.5m. Indoor or outdoor. Printed on waterproof vinal. 50% of cost price. 0819 0731 1862. Legian. [163] For Sale; Tables and chairs ex restaurant-cafe, call office hour 878 4379, photo available <info@alfredfood. org>. Sanur. [164] For Sale; Special clip for put camera on your bcd for diving with stretch line so you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t lose it. Also for use for something else. 300.000rp. 0812 3619 5652. Sanur. [165]

Klinik PENTA Medica

24 Hours Medical Assistance

GP consultation & home visit/out call Professional emergency room service Air charter & commercial medical evacuation Dental clinic service Home care & nursing care First aid training Ambulance transfer & standby event service By joining PENTA Medicare Club (PMC), will get discounts at several medical providers in Denpasar Only IDR 135,000/year PMC Family Member IDR 486,000/year Klinik PENTA Medica

Jl. Teuku Umar Barat - Marlboro No 88, Denpasar - Bali Telp. 0361 490709 / 7446144, Fax 0361 - 490708, e-mail:

Klinik Penta Medica Candidasa

Jl. Raya Manggis No 88, Desa Manggis, Karangasem Telp. +62363 - 41909, Fax +62363 - 41002 E-mail: C/He/G-3 April 13

C/He/I-14 Nov. 12

C/He/I-06 March 13

C/He/G-01 May 13

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C/He/G-1 May 13

C/He/G-1 May 13

C/He/G-1 May 13

C/He/G-01 May 13


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01 May - 15 May, 2013

A traditional Balinese massage with deep tissue work for a relaxed body and soul ...intensive relaxing, acupressure, reflexology combination

Open 9:30am - 10pm please contact for booking..!!

Address: Jl. Batu Belig Kerobokan - Kuta Badung Ph: (0361) 7446747, Mobile: 081- 647 - 07569 email:

For Sale; The original “SeaBand” for morning sickness, sea sickness, and travel sickness. Made in England. New in box. Phone/SMS: 081 2298 1228. Kuta. [066] For Sale; Fishing rod. Jigging short stick. Great rod! As new. Phone/SMS : 081 2298 1228. Kuta. [067]

Moving Sale; Desktop computer of Compaq Presario; 7540 pentium D, moniter CRT-17. Nikon Cool Pix 14megapixel. Laptop Dell inspiron 14” screen, N4030, 2GB Ram, i5 processor, 320 Hard disk. Power Fit Treadmill. 2million IDR each item 0812 3768 4191. Sanur. [090]

ARCIS International Health Insurance

C/He/I-11 July 12

C/He/G-6 Feb. 13

PROBLEM WITH YOUR TEETH Repair and rehabilitate your teeth in less than a week.

NC/He/G-1 May 13


 911 Dental : when you have very severe toothache-I need two hours-one visit to clear-just walk in to have the treatment.  For Less Price : Crown 350 AUD including root canal treatment if needed. Dental Implant 1,200 AUD (+ Crown) we have immediate loaded implants.  For a Quick Results : Teeth in a day. Porcelain Crown/Bridgework finished in one day. 14 units bridgework in one week (full mouth rehabilitation). One implant + Crown-One day. Ten implants whole mouth - one week with Ceramill Multi-X Machine.  For No Stress Procedure : Just sit down in one place and finished! No referring to other specialist because we are the specialist.  We do Cosmetic Dentistry : Laser Bleaching, Laminating For Discolored Teeth, Soft Tissue Grafting, Gum Plastic Surgery For Gummy Smile, Bone Grafting.  Now We Have CEREC Technique from Germany. We make Porcelain Crown, Inlay, Laminating, Bridgework without metal for front teeth and posterior teeth for 14 unit bridgework.  No Waiting List, just walk in and get the treatment done! D E N TA L C L I N I C INHOUSE DENTAL LAB,CEREC


BALI 911 DENTAL CLINIC IMPLANT CENTER Jl. Patimura No. 9-11 Denpasar, Bali-Indonesia Tel. (0361) 249749, 222445 Speak to the Dentist: (0361) 7440911, 0812 3800911 e-mail: Website:

for your benefit

MALL BALI GALLERIA 2nd Floor No. 2C-58/59 Jl. Raya By Pass Ngurah Rai, Simpang Dewa Ruci - Kuta Ph : (0361) 766254-55 Speak to the Dentist: (0361) 7449911 Open on Sunday


C/He/I-01 May 13

C/He/I-03 April 13

C/He/I-01 May 13

DHARMAWANGSA SQUARE Ground Floor Unit 65, Jakarta Ph: (021) 727 88284 Hp. 081 113 7241 E-mail: FOR PORCELAIN & DENTAL IMPLANT C/He/G-26 Dec. 12

C/He/I-01 May 13

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01 May - 15 May, 2013

For Sale; 6 burner with oven for sale, stainless steel imperial brand, requires repairs to burners offers. Ph. 0361 741 0485. Legian. [018] For Sale; Laptop Mac Pro 13”, 2.53 GHz 4GB Good condition. Rp 5.5 million. Please contact 0812 3962 2330. Canggu. [178]

For Sale; Cerruti 1881, 100ml, perfume for woman, original, imported from Europe, still in box. Price 950.000rp, for sale 500.000rp only. Tel: 0819 9958 0301. SanurRenon. [171] The man who views the world of 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.

Upix Nail Extensions Professional Nail Tech Acrylic and Gel

At your home, hotel or villa Phone: 0361-874 2556 +62 813 3879 1146 Email:

Aum Rudraksha Designs The “Original Malas” created and designed by Soma temple, a resident of Bali for more than 20 years, mixing sacred Rudraksha beads with gemstones, silver and gold. Sacred Rudraksha’s have been used for centuries by ancient sages and modern mystics to quiet the mind, cool the body, and enhance awareness. Full of Shakti to protect you. Lovingly, ethically handmade & blessed in Bingin Bali., Ph.(0361) 7420937

C/He/I-09 Jan 13

C/He/I-22 August 12

C/He/I-01 May. 13

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Jl. Tukad Pule No. 23 Sesetan - Denpasar Telp. (0361) 232158, 227798, 234377 Fax. (0361) 232158 Email: C/CI/G-23 Jan. 13

C/CI/I-13 June 12

For Sale; Fins Mares Avanti superchannel size S, brand new, price shop 1’600’000 Rp will sell for 1’000’000 Rp. 081 251 343 025. Sanur. [179]

For Sale: LG fridge, 2 doors, very good condition like new, Rp. 2 million. Call/sms 0858 5726 9576, email <hanna_>. Jimbaran. [183]

For Sale; Baby/toddler backpack carrier. Comfortable, lightweight aluminum frame. Age 0-3. Rp. 250,000. Text 081 2382 7676. Sanur. [180]

For Sale; Extendable bed, aluminium frame and mattress, Bought just 2 month ago for 1,2 million, now sell for Rp. 600.000. Call/sms 0858 5726 9576, email <hanna_ondi@hotmail. com>. Jimbaran. [184]

For Sale; Electric masage machine Rp. 900.000, hanger Rp. 45.000/12 pcs, second hand clothes Rp. 20.000-50.000. Ironing tables, router Smartfren Rp. 600.000, still new, TV 21 inch Rp. 400.000. 0857 3920 9947 / 0823 4135 4739. Seminyak. [181] For Sale ; Acer Aspire One Happy Light blue colour, LED 10,1”. Intel Atom n Windows 7 original. Excellent condition 99% & complete with the box bonus cooling pad. Sell soon for IDR 2.200.000 nego. Pls sms/ call 081 835 9250. Denpasar. [182]

C/CI/I-06 March 13

For Sale; Timbar cabinet, dark painted, Very good condition, Rp. 2 million. Call/ sms 0858 5726 9576, <hanna_ondi@hotmail. com>. Canggu. [185] For Sale: Custom made kitchen cabinet with kitchen sink on top. Timber, dark painted. Rp. 1 million. Call/ sms 0858 5726 9576, email <hanna_ondi@hotmail. com>. Jimbaran. [186]

C/CI/-26 Dec 12

Starting package Rp. 1.850.000/static web incl. annual web hosting & domain name (space up to 250Mb) NC/CI/P-30 May 12

For Sale; Air conditioner 1 PK Polytron. Good condition Rp 1,000,000. 0831 1989 4041. Denpasar. [007] C/CI/G - 23 Jan. 13

C/Ci/I-16 May 12

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01 May - 15 May, 2013

For Sale; Air conditioner 2PK General. Good condition Rp 2,500,000. 0361 804 4030. Denpasar. [008]

by Pak Bruce

Mac virus, Secunia PSI, and multiple browsers

Moving Sale; Surfboard 5 11” x 20 1/4” x 2 5/8” fins, lish, cover. Good condition, used a few times - 1,5 mill. SMS 0821 4529 2112. Canggu. [016]


Quick Sale; Exc. Samsung laptop 6juta ($A600). Notebook, RC510, 15. 6, intel core i3-380M, 500g; Windows7; exc cond; perfect office companion for the GalaxyS111/4 mobile internet tethering, pic download, full sync USB/ bluetooth. 0819 1640 8140, Mick. Legian. [058]

Is Your Mac Infected? In the ‘gotcha’ department: for those of you using Apple’s OS X because you thought it was virus proof - you had a wake-up call recently with the announcement that more than 600,000 Macs had been infected with the FlashbackTrojan. The method for determining if your Mac is infected was manual and pretty technical but I found a web tool that will check your Mac for you called Dr.Web! ( Secunia PSI I use this because not only does Secunia Personal Software Inspector provide extensive details on the software installed on my computer, it also gives me direct links to update programs that are older and potentially not secure. The interface mixes a professional layout with a text-heavy, spartan design. At the top right of the program window, users can choose a Simple or Advanced layout. Under Simple, Secunia provides basic information about the installed program statuses, with a chart to gauge their security over time and a simplified listing of any errors. Clicking on an error leads you through their Easy-to-Patch program update process, which automatically excludes more challenging updates. The Advanced layout tab exposes more details and more updates. It also checks your Microsoft XML, your Adobe Flash player and others programs, looking for mission-critical holes and their respective updates. Installed programs get flagged as Patched, End-of-Life, and Insecure, with the most recent reported threat noted with a colored bar and a mouse-over label on the right column.

C/CI/G-08 August 12

Scanning can be slow, and occasionally the scan restarted for a second round automatically after completing its first pass. However, the update process was seamless, and once you update a program, it moves into the Patched list after about 5 minutes, because Secunia defaults to run in the background. The End-of-Life tab offers up a toolbox with quick access to Add/Remove Programs, the listed software’s folder, and online references. Secunia’s plain language for instructions and explanations maks this a highly-recommended freeware. Go here to download the latest version: Is having more than one browser a good idea? The Internet browser is one of the most fundamental software programs that we all use every day and it’s a big battleground for companies trying to convince you that theirs is the best to use. Unlike security software, it’s ok to have multiple browsers installed on your computer and in fact, it’s a really good idea to have at least two different browsers installed. The current breakdown of market share for the top browsers is: Chrome 37% , Internet Explorer 26%, Firefox 23%, Safari 7% , and Opera at 3.7% ( 2013). There are a number of reasons why you might want to have multiple browsers installed, primarily because browsers are one of the most targeted programs for viruses and other nasty things that can hurt your computer. At any given time, you will see warnings about a newly discovered vulnerability or ‘hole’ in just about every browser, and in some cases, it takes a while for the company to come up with a patch

• Sales • Service • Parts • On Call Site Service

Location: S 8° 44’ 40” E 115° 10’ 46”

+62 8311 819 816 • +62 818 548 095 +62 361 743 7138 C/CI/I-17 Oct 12

In those situations, you would want to avoid using the browser in question and temporarily switch to another onr until the hole can be patched. Another great reason to have multiple browsers installed is for troubleshooting Internet issues. When you are experiencing slow or no connection, switching to another browser can quickly help you track down the problem. If the second browser is just as slow or can’t connect, then you would look to your actual Internet connection, if the second browser works great, then the problem is likely corruption or infection in the primary browser. Since Internet Explorer is the most commonly used, it’s also the most targeted by the bad guys. Many people avoid using it, but some financial institutions still only allow connections via Internet Explorer, so keeping it updated and accessible makes sense. Firefox continues to gain market share, but as it becomes more popular, it also is being targeted more and more by the malcontents in the world.

Rajawali System Solution

Google’s Chrome, which I mainly use, is a great, lightweight browser that’s also very fast, but on occasion, it can run into some issues with obscure websites (foreign language or those that use specialty programming code).

Jl. Pura Mertasari No. 9 Sunset Road Simpang Siur, Kuta Tel: (0361) 740 4990, 8477 456 Email:

Apple’s Safari, which is also available for Windows, can also run into website compatibility issues on occasion. With all this in mind, you might consider doing what users do: keep 2 to 3 browsers installed, use your primary browser for most surfing and keep the other(s) around for troubleshooting and compatibility issues. The amount of hard disk space that these browsers take up is insignificant on most modern computers (10 to 30Mbs) so getting rid of them to free up space isn’t really going to accomplish much.

✔ MYOB Authorised Reseller ✔ MYOB Training Centre ✔ MYOB Implementation

✔ Tax Services ✔ Accounting Services ✔ Human Resources C/CI/I-03 Oct 12

The general consensus among the techie community as of this writing is that Chrome is the fastest and most secure browser and Firefox has the most flexibility because of the huge number of add-ons that have been created for it. The user-interface is also a little different for each of the browsers, so your comfort level with the functionality will have a lot to do with which you use as your primary choice. There’s really no right or wrong answer for which browser you should use and hopefully the confusion you had about what you should do is now starting to clear. Get Firefox Get Chrome Get Opera Get Safari

: : : :

============================================================================================ Have a question or problem? Write me at I’ll try and answer as soon as I can. Bali PC Advisor and other Bali Advertiser article Archives now ONLINE: If you are tired of trying to type the links you see in the printed articles you go to the Archive and cut-paste them PakBruce, your Bali PC Advisor! ©2004 - 2013 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without permission of the author or The Bali Advertiser C/CI/G-19 Sept. 12

For Sale; Vinyl records in perfect condition. 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, rock, pop, soul. Deep Purple, Slade, Iron Butterfly, Isaac Hayes, Tina Turner, James Brown, Stevie Wonder. From Rp. 100.000. Tel: 0819 9958 0301. SanurRenon. [173] For Sale; Stroller 500k, baby box from wood good quality complete 1.5 mill, baby swing 250k, baby car seat 500k, baby high chair 500k. All still good condition. Are u interest please call 0878 6140 1134. Jimbaran. [174] Prefer a loss to a dishonest gain; the former brings pain at the moment, the latter for all time.

For Sale; Apple iPod Nano 16GB black (7th Generation) newest model, Unwanted gift, completed box and accesories and still under guaranted (11month) Price 1,9 millon (ono). Serious buyer call 081 7979 2223. Kuta. [176] For Sale; Slumberland springbed type IvorySeal, size 200x200 with double support @100x200. Clean and good condition. Sell for 1,45 jt only as no need Kingsize anymore. Call 0878 6151 9636, Jimmy, Canggu. [177]

In the confrontation between the river and the rock, the river always wins - not through strength but by perseverance. C/R/G-20 March 13

C/R/I-31 Oct 12

Restaurant Review

By Gerry Williams E-mail:

Unique Dining Experience Wijaya Kusuma the restaurant is difficult to describe. The Ayung Resort is even more difficult, in fact you have to visit to comprehend one man’s vision to create such a place. It has taken many years of land accumulation on the upper reaches of the Ayung River, upstream, from the Begawan Giri Estate. There are many rooms, suites and private villas but all you see is trees. The silence is almost ‘deafening’ all you can hear are the birds. They say that all the buildings were built around the trees [removing only very few], sounds like a PR spiel, but it is true! Wijaya Kusuma is their fine dining restaurant, facing up river. Eventually that site will become the all day restaurant when the new rooftop location, looking downriver, is finished. The food lives up to the quality of the location. To dine here is to dine in peace! For lunch the fare is simple, yet still quite exotic. Start with Chinese half moon steam buns, being in Bali they are stuffed with duck meat and jukut urab. A Prawn & Papaya Salad is with cucumber, tomato, coconut, herbs, sprinkled with peanuts and a sour chilli dressing. After deciding your menu selection then visit the wine room, select your wines to accompany your food and be amazed at the very minimal markup on retail. All wines and spirits are also available for outside purchase. The Charcuterie Plate combines chicken liver pate, prosciutto, salami, bresaola, cornichons with mustard, a baguette on the side. Or perhaps you would prefer the real thing from Spain; Jamon Iberico Bellota with a red pepper pesto and olive oil bread. If you want to lunch in style there are two Seafood Platters available by pre-ordering. One has chilled entrees of prawns, smoked salmon, smoked marlin and octopus, followed by hot items – crumbed barramundi, soft shell crab and fish cakes. You can even add Lobster to this spread. The major Seafood Platter [pictured] includes all and is grilled to your requirements nearby on a portable BBQ. For dinner, the options are far more exotic. Start with generous pieces of Pan Seared Foie Gras, seated on soft mushroom ravioli, morel sauce and apple chutney complete the experience. A Beef Carpaccio is with a difference, flavoured with rendang spices. Perfect on a hot night is their Chilled Herb

Soup accompanied by a small patty of spicy diced tomato salsa which you can eat separately or drop it in as well, gazpacho style. More exotic is their Mushroom Truffle Cappuccino. The mains include a selection of local Indonesian and worldly international dishes. Locals include Ayam Betutu, or Be Sampi Mesanten, braised beef with Balinese spice, wok fried baby bok choy, mushroom and turmeric-coconut rice. Even something that sounds so simple, Prawn Curry, is quite exceptional, tender shelled prawns in a soft coconut milk curry.


: Wijaya Kusuma


: Ayung Resort, Begawan, Payangan, Ubud.


: 900.1333.


: Lunch and dinner.

The Iga Bakar, are described on the menu as grilled marinated pork ribs, but in fact they are cooked long and slow sous-vide style, incredible taste and so tender this meat actually does fall of the bone. They come with cumin-shallots rice, and sit on sauté green beans-eggplant, cabbage, chili sambals and pickles. Use the great kitchen made black rice bread to soak up the residual sauce! There is also a simple Balinese style Pork Sausage, grilled and served with coconut - galangal sauce, lontong and pickles.

Non-Smoking Area : Yes

The international spread is all encompassing. Beef 3 Ways includes tongue, cheek and sirloin or you may prefer a pure Wagyu Sirloin served with creamed potato, roasted mushrooms, asparagus and cafe de paris. The very crisp Pork Belly is with that Austrian-German spätzle - kemangi, soy bean, tamarind, arak - apple sauce and sesame. The Baby Chicken is served Chinese style dipped in soy and black vinegar, with straw mushrooms, tofu, mustard greens and XO.

Smoking Area

: Yes


: Ample in ground secure parking.


: Rp. 1.400,000 for two [+ drinks]

Credit Cards

: All major cards.


: International.


: Excellent range, low prices.


: Fine dining level.


: At peace with the world.


: Unique experience.

Seafood can be Lobster with Jumbo Prawns with asparagus, potato, orange, lemongrass dressing and coriander, perfectly steamed Barramundi with prawn dumpling, prawns, coconut sauce and herbs or Gurami combined with prosciutto, scallop and duck confit. The Soft Shell Crab sits on various crudities and pomelo pieces stacked on a round slice of watermelon that provides a refreshing after taste. To finish an innovative dessert with local tastes, a Pandan Creme Brulee accompanied by a mandarin ginger sorbet! A signature dish from chef and one not to be missed, so delicate! The easy option is the 6 course degustation dinner at Rp 595,000++ p.p. that begins with the Prawn & Papaya Salad followed by the Herb Soup and pan-seared Foie Gras. Then your choice of seafood [lobster and jumbo prawns] or beef [tongue and cheek]. A Camembert from Phoque’s Cove with truffle honey and pink salt lavoche, and then that wonderful Pandan Crème Brulee, to finish a coffee or tea with petit fours. Excellent food in an amazing setting. Royal fine dining!

Copyright © 2013 Gerry Williams Reviews that appear in Bali Advertiser are based on actual visits to the establishments listed, without the knowledge of the restaurants, and are not paid for by the individual restaurants. Opinions expressed here are those of Gerry Williams and not necessarily those of Bali Advertiser. Gerry Williams attempts to write from a ‘typical’ diner’s perspective and, whilst quality of food is the most important criteria overall, value for money is the real measuring stick.

Bali Advertiser

Restaurant & Nightlife

01 May - 15 May, 2013

Update Biku celebrates Mothers’ Day to coincide with Mothers’ Day in Australia. Is there a more popular restaurant/café in Bali? I doubt it. It does not seem to matter what time of the day you pass by and their car park at front is double parked and the surrounding street full as well. Open for breakfast [Poached Egg on cheddar and chive buttermilk scones or Potato Cakes, Scrambled Eggs, Smoked Salmon and Wilted Spinach with a chive béarnaise], lunch [beer-battered Fish + Chips], dinner [Marinated Balsamic Chicken Breast] and any time snacking in between [those Aussie specials of a beef pie or even a sausage sandwich], this original and unique ‘tea house’ on Raya Petitenget, Kerobokan, has made its name from their High Teas of which there are many different styles, even an Asian one. A special Mothers’ Day HighTea [pictured] will be the main feature Sunday May 12. I was always amazed at the history of the Limited Edition Tea Collection at Biku. One such tea was called Pu Erh. The ‘brick’ of aged tea was brought to Bali in 2004, and kept ever since in special conditions that would do a Bordeaux 1st Growth Lafitte proud. This tea is from the Yunnan Chinese province and underwent an aging and fermentation process not unlike that Lafitte. It is served in the traditional ‘gong-fu’ method. To read about the preparations and conditions to comply with this on the internet sound almost as complicated as open heart surgery! For Mothers’ Day Biku is offering a very special tea blend, as well as a special ‘Cookie for Mum’. In 2012 this special event was fully booked so an early reservation is essential [857.0888].

For Sale; Grinder and the blades, drill, drill bits, car battery charger, shovel, extension cables, etc. All for Rp. 850.000. Call/sms 0858 5726 9576, email <hanna_>. Jimbaran. [187] For Sale; Washing machine, LG fuzzy logic, 7 kg, good condition, Rp 1,5 million. Call/sms 0858 5726 9576, <hanna_ondi@hotmail. com>. Jimbaran. [188] For Sale; LPG gas bottle, 12 kg, Rp. 400.000. Call/sms 0858 5726 9576, email <hanna_ondi@hotmail. com>. Jimbaran. [189] For Sale; Standing electric fan, good condition, Rp. 100.000. Call/sms 0858 5726 9576, email <hanna_>. Jimbaran. [190]


Healing crystal stones, chakra tumbles, mix stones, generators, pendants and plenty different cuts. Stones collected worldwide. Healers welcome. Not for sale only to swap with other stones. Please call 0812 3931 9777 to view in Umalas. [125]

For Sale; Upright freezer GEA -200 995L stainless, IDR 14 jt. Dough mixer Diosna type mix up to 75kg, 15 years undestructible, 360V, 15 jt. Manual dough divider in working condition 4 jt. Contact 081 7087 1823. Ubud. [101]

For Sale; Juice bar. All equipment, display case 1.0, ss table 1.5, teak wood 3 glass top serving bench, freezer. Total Rp. 15 mill nego. Hp. 0819 1629 9046. Seminyak. [126]

For Sale; Heavy duty band saw, planer (needs to be repaired), 2 diesels, power supply and large dynamo. Price for whole lot Rp. 35,000.000 ONO. For viewing please call Mrs. May at 460 022 or 742 3803. [102]

For Sale; Refrig display case. Refrig for cakes or fruit juice bar. Just service Rp. 550K. Hp. 0819 1629 9046. Seminyak. 10 mill nego. [127]

There is no such thing as success without a network of friends. The inability to make and keep friends is involved in every single failure.

For Sale; 1 box of hotel soap, about 350 pieces, good for villa business, Rp. 150.000. Call/sms 0858 5726 9576, email <hanna_>. Jimbaran. [191]

with Waroeng Baba on Sunset Road. In Hu’u 12 or so year existence there have been many changes here and this is the latest. This new restaurant has been designed by Caroline Dumergue, who was responsible for the wonderful MamSan design a few years ago. Baba’s supposedly presents Nonya cuisine the common name for the original Peranakan, which is a blending of Chinese, Indonesian and old Malay; spices, ingredients and cooking methods. The cuisine evolved as the peoples of those races inter-married, centuries ago. However there are many general International dishes on the menu at Baba’s as well. Gerry Williams For more information see our website:

For Sale; 80l electric boiler Ariston Star Plus 80V 1, 2ID 1,6juta-new paid 2,85 juta Call Betty 0813 8177 7257 (Bahasa/English). E-mail: <villabalipassion@yahoo. com>. Inspection/pickup Kerobokan-Umalas. [169] For Sale; White Babybjorn active with extra UV protection sun cover. Perfect condition. Worth 3 jt. Selling for 1.200.000. 0896 1377 1074. [170] For my answers to work for you, you have to duplicate the conditions experienced by me.

C/R/I-01 May 13


Hard Rock

Warung Made Jl. Pantai Kuta


Jl. Legian

Baba’s is the new restaurant at Hu’u on Jln Petitenget, Kerobokan. Not to be confused

For Sale; Charger for Olympus camera battery. 100.000rp. 0812 3619 5652. Sanur. [168]

To Denpasar

Jl. Bene Sari

Vienna. Before it was Austrian, but now it is very Italian. Home made pastas, breads and pastries are what they are all coming here for, and to listen to Jazz, which is a surprise as you would be more likely to expect operatic arias to complement the cuisine. You have a choice of dining locations, inside in the air-con, in the small intimate garden setting or on the roof. Sadly Kebun Zibiru is only a walking proposition as no parking available on this narrow street.

For Sale; 3G Huawei USB stick for internet with simcard for laptop or computer. 175.000rp. 0812 3619 5652. Sanur. [167]


Kebun Zibiru is found on Jln. Drupadi, Seminyak, in the space that once was Café

For Sale; Sumo massage machine, good for back massage and foot massage and legs. 800.000rp. 0812 3619 5652. Sanur. [166]

Jl. Kartika Plaza

made famous by the ever-full Café des Artistes and home to many boutique hotels and villa complexes. As this little friendly café is in front of a small villa complex it is open early for breakfast [from 7.30 a.m.]. They not only serve hot breakfasts [fry-ups, omelettes, ham and cheese croissants or bacon and egg toasties] but also offer 7 different ‘Brekky Packs’ for those who are departing for day trips and want to eat along the way. Coffees are from Segafredo [imported] and Five Senses [local]. Supposedly espresso coffee is only as good as the machine that makes it, and here it is made by an Italian San Marco, the ultimate in automated espresso machines. During the day salads, sandwiches and cakes [from Café Moka] are on offer, but maybe their star attraction is their ice creams from Gaya.


Jl. Bakung Sari

Kopi on Bisma is exactly that. It is a coffee house on Jln. Bisma, Ubud. The street

For Sale; New sofas for sale, two, big and small. Good quality. Location Canggu. Call or sms 0857 3927 5535.


Canadian executive chef Frederic Boulay, available only for the month of May. Begin with Blue Eye Tuna sashimi, Pommes de Terre Anna, pan-fried Foie Gras and Savoie cabbage stew, organic carrots emulsion and Bourguignon sauce. Then Wagyu beef tenderloin from Australia (MB 6) served with Foie Gras confit, lentilles Dupuy and Périgourdine sauce. As a final contrast relax with an Apple Tartlet with almond cream and Grillotes cherry compote. The cost is just Rp. 650,000++, but only during the month of May at Sakala.

C/R/I-17 April 13


Sakala at Tandjung Benoa is offering a special Foie Gras Tasting Menu from their French

For Sale; iPhone speaker, s-digital 2.1 high power system, iPhone/iPod docking, digital radio, USB reader, SD card slot. Bought 2 months ago, never used. 1jt. 0812 3672 2812. Canggu. [193]

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mozaic Beach Club is hosting a special evening of epicural importance, Four Chefs and a Feast, on Wednesday May 22. The four chefs themselves are virtually the story of Bali, foodwise. Nicolas ‘Doudou’ Tourneville was the trail blazer when he arrived at Café Warisan in the mid 90’s, and created food that had not been seen before outside the protective custody of a 5 star hotel. Not long after this Chris Salans arrived, as a young chef, at The Legian, then moving to the original Ary’s Warung in Ubud before creating his award winning Mozaic restaurant. Will Meyrick arrived at Husk at what was The Sofitel and did what no one before him had been capable of doing, presenting Thai food as it is supposed to be. This was followed by the opening of Blossom at Sentosa and now his wonderful Sarong [plus a little bit of fun with street food at MamaSan]…he is the master of presenting ‘food with taste’! Ku de Ta was Bali’s first up market beachfront site and Phillip Davenport is their latest chef, taking it to new heights. Arrival is requested by 6.30 for sunset cocktails and canapés which will be followed by a seated dinner at 7.30 when the four chefs will fight for kitchen space to present their signature dishes for you [you can even watch all the action on close circuit TV]. The cost Rp. 1,400,000 p.p. is inclusive of Champagne on arrival, pre-dinner drinks, the 4 course dinner with matching wines and celebratory after dinner cocktails with the chefs. Seating is limited and prior reservation a must! Book at Sarong, Metis, Ku de Ta or Mozaic.

For Sale; iPhone 3Gs for sale. good condition, Originally purchased in Australia and unlocked for any sim card in Indonesia. comes with charger and head set. 3.5 jt. Ph. 081 1386 3361. Denpasar. [192]

Jl. Bakung Sari

GJC : Gloria Jean’s Coffees GJC I: Jl. Bakung Sari, Pertokoan Kuta Square. Blok A 12. Ph. 0361-766 356, Fax. 0361-766 357 GJC II: Jl. Pantai Kuta, Komplex Pertokoan Kuta Suci Ph. 0361-762 880 Fax. 0361-762 790 C/R/G-1 May 13

Cargo & Export Bali

Over 5 years


Cargo Consolidators

Representatives in Bali & Hawaii Buying Agent for Indonesian Furniture & Handicrafts

Specializing in small shipments - LCL at low rates with no hidden charges.

Julie Watitjandi +62 811386204

Garry L. Corwin 808 256 - 6955

C/CE/G - 03 April 13

For Sale; Thermal jade mattress to cure illnesses like rheumatism, pains, insomnia etc. Uses jades and micro computer to control the heat. Original price Rp 12 mil, sell for only Rp 5 mil. 0859 3528 7308. Denpasar. [175] New Yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day is every manâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s birthday.

PO Box 500, Northbridge WA 6865 Wayne Bayliss: +61 8 61020500 Colin: +61 427 068621 Email: ABN: 54 124 633 450

C/CE/G-16 May 12

C/CE/G-23 Jan. 13

C/CE/G-17 April 13

C/CE/G-17 April 13

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Trust our experience to manage your goods

- Dedicated and specialized warehouses for Air freight, Sea freight, Consolidation and LCL cargo. - A strong network of agents worldwide. - An unmatched warehousing capacity in Bali (+5000m2). - A large fleet of trucks. - Professional service and experience at your disposal.

We ship to the five continents. If you need to know about specific regulations when importing into your own country...: Aqis standard, fumigation, E.T.O treatment, Lacey act requirements. ISF form, phytosanitary inspection, BSC, DPI - COTECNA, BIC, kadin, etc, please come and see us or send your requests to:


C/CE/G-17 April 13

Cars - Motorcycles - Watercraft - etc For Sale Line ads Rp 7.000 per word. Photo Ads Rp. 435.000. All ads must be paid for before printing.

Jl. Raya Kerobokan No. 100 X, Denpasar - Bali Phone : (0361) 730 024 (hunting) Fax. : (0361) 730 382 Email : Website :




For Sale; KIA Carens 2002 matic. 0819 9994 2211. [001]

Toyota Kijang, Innova 2.0 G.

Scorpio Custom Tracker

Silvermetallic. 1st registration


Jan 2010. Expat owned. Mint


condition. Pics: <http://kijang.

3429. [011]

C/CE/G-13 June 12

Avanza 1.5S Metal Blue Automatic first registered June 2010, 46000km fully s e r v i c e d a t To y o t a . 130Juta Rp. Call 0821 4794 4543. [002]

1444 Michael.








Smoked Motorcycles. 0831

Metallic, September 2011,

1431 3429. [012]

Range Rover Evoque; Toyota FJ Cruiser; Toyota Vellfire; Mercedes Benz C200 ‘09; Grand Cherokee ‘11. Visit Nadia Auto Graha, (sales, service & spareparts) J l . Te u k u U m a r 7 0 , Denpasar. Ph. (0361) 237 008. [004]

Hyundai Tucson 2.0, Jeep,

Condition, IDR 140 juta.



Please contact 0813 3910



4292 / 089 8311 3388. [007]

3.000kms, Expat owned.



Rp 13.5mill. 0819 9966 6610.


green metallic, reg. 12.05., expat owned, good condition,

For Sale; Minerva Megelli

full service record, 80’000 km.


Ph. 0813 3734 3628. [008]








2016, km 4160, New 32.5


million & long waiting list, selling it at 26 million. Call

For Sale; Beautiful Fishing Boat,


n e w,

centerconsole, 6x2.4m, Price 70 juta, exclusive engine. Phone 0896 8557 0303. [009]

081 138 5962. [014] Yamaha Byson, October 2011,





Red 18juta

Nego. Contact: 0813 5322

For Sale; Fiberglass Boat



8.5m by 2m, 2x40hp Yamaha Endro outboard.

Sexy red 1973 Honda C70

Glass bottom, safety gear

for sale. Papers complete,

& Extras. 85 mill. Phone

ready to go. Rp. 6 million.

0878 6046 6400 or Olis


Kyte 0878 6238 6884.

0819 3601 4449. [016]



Bali Advertiser

Telp. : (0361) 755 392 [Hunting] Fax. : (0361) 764 191 E-mail : Make your ad online at C/CE/G-14 Nov. 12


Xenia Xi-vvti, 1300cc, Grey 1 3 . 0 0 0 k m , Ve r y G o o d

Ph. (0361) 237 008. [005]


0831> or 081 2395

For Sale; BMW X5, 4.4i, 2004, expat owned, pristine, full variasi, low km, 290 million. Call 081 755 4277. [003]

Grand Cherokee 3.6 Limited & 5.7 Overland; Wrangler Sport 2 & 4 doors; Wrangler Sahara 2 & 4 doors; Wrangler Rubicon 2 & 4 doors; Jeep Patriot; Compass; Dodge Journey; Grand Cherokee 3.6 ‘11; Jeep Wrangler Sport ‘09. Visit Nadia Auto Graha Chrysler Bali Authorized Dealer, Jl. Teuku Umar 70, Denpasar.




Cargo & Export

SCHEDULE THAT Active 8 Retreat (8 – 14 June)

Casablanca (weekly)

This sounds like a lot of hard work but worth while at the end, I am sure. It is the getting there bit that terrifies me. All that effort, hard work and stamina required to get into such good shape! Yes! It is definitely worth it. Active 8 Retreats are high performance, exclusive training retreats held in Bali and run by professional trainers from Sydney. Active 8 delivers a week of training in the tropics with custom designed workout regimes which, if you can barely walk down the street and drive everywhere then you will definitely need a regime. It is not all hard work though; there will be a range of delicious foods, amazing accommodation, energizing activities and of course relaxation with spa treatments. Active 8 is the project of established Bali expat, experienced fitness club manager and certified RIDE – cycle instructor, Maree Suteja and international marathon runner, Ann Steyn. This retreat is certainly going to leave you feeling fitter, fresher and healthier a week later. It is great that people are bringing retreats like this up to Bali so that the community can get involved too. It is a good way of meeting like minded people and an opportunity to make an effort to get active and fit, unless of course you are already. Do check out the website to find out more about the instructors, the location and the accommodation packages available.

Casablanca has come up with a great schedule for every evening. The week begins with an acoustic session with various artists. Tuesdays brings hot Latin music with Crescendo performing blues and rock on Wednesdays. Thursdays, The Ripper, a band from Surabaya takes Centre Stage with party rock music. To kick off the evening JC La Banda performs in a sizzling salsa session with Crescendo back to perform each Saturday. There is even a scheduled performance for Sunday, just in case you are up for a lively conclusion to the weekend. Some evenings the live music starts at 9 pm but I’ve written 8 to give you plenty of time to settle in, have a chat, enjoy some of the delicious food available from the extensive menu and enjoy the ambience.

: Canggu Club, Jl Pantai Berawa, Banjar Tegal Gundul, Canggu Contact : 848 3939

For Sale; Ex shop items for sale! Mannequins, accessories table, working table, etc. Please call 0857 3977 7088 for more details. [004] For Sale; Compaq Presario C300. Intel Celeron 1,60 GHZ, 1 GB RAM, 60 GB HDD. Rp 1,1 mill. 0831 1989 4041. Denpasar. [006]

For Sale; USB external hard drive, Acer brand, 300GB, with free antivirus USB protection. Absolutely perfect condition, 400.000rp only, non negotiable. Tel: 0819 9958 0301. Sanur-Renon. [172] It is our choices...that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

Delivery of goods from Bali to Russia (Air, Marine) Customs clearance service in Domodedovo airport and other customs terminal in Russia, low prices. | Tel: +7 495 926 26 00

When : from 8 pm Where : Jl Danau Tamblingan No 120, Sanur Contact : 287263

C/CE/I-20 Feb 13

Helga Fusion Band CD Album ‘FOLKOLOR’ (16 May)

This evening is all about the launch of Helga Fusion Band’s CD album ‘Folkolor’ at Vincent’s Restaurant tucked away on the east coast in the sleepy little town of Candidasa. Hungarian violinist and singer Helga Sedli and her band have released their first ever album named FOLKOLOR. This album features music from all over the world and was inspired by the diversity of the members, providing a unique combination of sound and instruments. Helga moved to Bali in 2010 where she joined several bands and tried different music styles. She started to play the electric violin besides the acoustic one and also to play jazz and collaborate with DJ’s. Then she created her own world music band called Helga Fusion, acting as a leader, composer, arranger, lead singer and solo instrument violin player. The band is definitely worth coming to see. Cost : from AUD 1,995 Vincent’s Restaurant also offers great food, nice wines and Contact : +61 408 648096 a wide range of cocktails. Do come along and enjoy this nice relaxing atmosphere and listen to a live performance of the Helga Fusion Band. Candidasa is not that far away and a Bali’s Best Chefs (monthly) drive up there is always worth it to get away from the hustle and bustle of South Bali. Combine a drive up with live enterThese monthly gatherings will appeal to anyone who likes tainment and perhaps an overnight stay and you really will fine dining and meeting people. Each month, guests meet have a great evening to remember. at a secret location, revealed 48 hours before the actual event. Previous venues included dinner on a yacht and a When : 6 pm – 9 pm (live music) stunning location in Ubud. If you would like to attend these Where : Vincent’s Restaurant Jl Raya Candidasa invitation only events you need to send your e-mail address Contact : 0363 – 41368 in a private message on the facebook page or to the e-mail address below. Advise also on any special food allergies Hope for Life (5 May) or vegetarian requirements. Once you receive your invitation it is important to RSVP as soon as possible to ensure Just the thought of cancer and having to fight this dreadful a place as these are limited to 20. It is a great way to meet condition is worthy of uniting together in the fight on cancer. new people and like-minded people who appreciate good The Four Seasons are supporting this global event with a food and wine. The brain behind this concept is Deborah ‘Hope for Life’ fun bike ride and walk with all money raised towards cancer awareness and treatment in Bali, Cayetano who hails from New York. With her attention to going working together with Yayasan Mitra Peduli Kankar. Already detail and personal touch you can expect a fabulous expe- many Bali residents have benefitted from free health rience with some of Bali’s Best Chefs and host Deborah. seminars, cancer screenings and counselling for families as The next dinner will be towards the end of May. a result of funds raised. This annual event was first launched as the Terry Fox run, inspired by Terry Fox who had his right Cost : IDR1,250,000 leg amputated as a result of bone cancer. In 1980 he set off Where : secret location to run across Canada a distance of 8000 kilometres to raise Contact : 0878 62041774 money for cancer research. Sadly he was unable to complete the run and died of cancer in 1981. Isadore Sharp, founder of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts was inspired by this Batak Christian Protestant Church (HKBP) Bazaar story and when Terry Fox was unable to finish his run Sharp promised to hold a run in his name every year and fulfil his (5 May) dream to find a cure for cancer. This is a wonderful opportuI remember those church bazaars well that we used to nity for the Bali community to come and offer their support. attend many years ago which used to draw a community Everyone is welcome to come along and join in a 15 kilometogether which is what tre fun bike ride and a 5 kilometre fun walk. The route begins ends at the Lapangan Puputan Niti Mandala, Renon. this afternoon is all and The efforts of all participants will be rewarded with a party about. The afternoon with live music and snacks. Where there is hope and deterincludes a charity auc- mination, one day I am sure that a cure will be found to end tion of paintings, furni- the suffering and sadness of cancer. In the meantime come ture, Batak art and other along and offer your support if you would like to make a difbits and pieces. Lunch ference. and refreshments are provided. All proceeds When : 7 am : IDR75,000 raised will go towards Cost land acquisition for the Where : Lapangan Puputan Niti Mandala, Renon, Denpasar HKBP Church in Jimba- Contact : Dewi Fadmawati 701010 (Four Seasons Jimbaran) ran. This is a community event and everyone is welcome Italian Food and Wine Celebration (28 May – 1 June) to come along and enjoy an afternoon out. Just the thought of Italian food makes my mouth water in When : 12 – 5 pm anticipation of that first mouthful! Throughout the month of Where : HKBP, Belitung No 6, Denpasar May the Amanusa will play host to a series of culinary events Contact : Gunawan 085935266175 or Saroha 08122333312 at the Italian restaurant hosted by the Resort’s Chef Chau Doan, celebrated visiting Italian chef Diego Martinelli and the Canggu Club Classic Open Tennis Tournament wines of the Umberto Cesari Wine House. A fine dinner paired with Umberto Cesari’s wines with regional produce from this (4 – 11 May) area will be served carefully prepared by these talented chefs. Once again the annual tennis tournament is upon us, a The final evening on 1 June will include Ricardo Cesari, the reminder of how fast time flies as we start to approach the winemaker who will share the history of each vintage bottle high season. For tennis enthusiasts this is a chance to see of wine. Bookings are essential as these events do not come some great international talent right here in Bali. This event up too often and are extremely popular. kicks off with a Love all Spring Fling cocktail party on 3 May Cost : IDR950,000 ++ and the community is invited to come along for pre-tourna- Where : Amanusa, Nusa Dua ment drinks. You can watch the matches with the Racquet Contact : 772333 Champagne and Cocktail lounge at the court side and tive foods are available. Where

Bali Advertiser

01 May - 15 May, 2013

C/CE/G-20 Feb. 13

C/CE/G-30 May 12




Add Dawn to your mailing list and send her information on all up-coming events. Contact Dawn at <> Copyright © Bali Advertiser 2013 C/CE/G-23 Jan. 13

BA Feature


Expat Organizations in Bali It has been said that the expat community in Bali is among the most diverse of all such communities in the world. According to a popular expat blog ( some 44 nationalities are represented in the Bali expat population. The vast majority of expats in Bali are not sent here on conventional postings in temporary or semi-permanent assignments by their home country employers but actually choose to live in Bali to work, play, and mostly a combination of both. As a favorite expatriate location for entrepreneurs, social workers, retirees, writers and artists, Bali commensurately boasts a rich layer of social and professional expat organizations that cater to the need for information, advice, social and professional interaction, and a seamless introduction to expat life in this exotic locale. There is a plethora of formal and informal expat organizations. There are structured and formal groups like Internations; there are associations that focus on social and charitable causes like Rotary, Lions, Biwa and Innerwheel; there are strictly-business groups like Bedo and the Bali Business Club; finally there are loosely structured or totally unstructured social, hobby and sporting groups. Some have a combination of social, business and charity oriented pursuits. Some organizations are womenoriented; some have a preponderance of men members. But they all have one thing in common: they provide a meeting place and a networking forum for expat fellowship, support and mutual recognition, and a platform for altruistic purposes. Basically, they represent just about every segment of the current expat population in Bali. Here is a look at some of the existing clubs and organizations and what they offer. Strictly social One of the popular social expat clubs in Bali is Internations with more than 450 members. Internations is a g l o b a l organization with community groups in more than 300 cities across all countries of the world. The Bali chapter is strictly social and organizes monthly get-togethers like casual lunches or sunset cocktails in various entertainment venues in Bali with free canapés and discounted food and beverages. The Internations website ( is well laid out and has some very informative guides and articles to help with expat life in Bali and elsewhere. You can also subscribe to the Expat Magazine, join a myriad of discussion groups and ask pertinent questions on a lively member’s forum. The Bali faction also has focused Activity Groups, which organize cultural, entertainment and adventure outings for members around Bali. While Internations and other internationally-geared gatherings like BIWA and the Rotary Clubs welcome any and all nationalities in their midst, there are a few formal country- or language specific clubs in Bali that are popular. Bien A Bali (Comfortable in Bali) is an association of French speaking residents. Members hail from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Andorra, Luxemburg, Monaco, French-speaking Canada, Africa and Asia-Pacific islands. The club’s members are primarily French speaking expats who seek likeminded people for social and business contacts in a convivial and welcoming atmosphere. The group gets together for a casual lunch every first Tuesday of the month and around a theme or activity such as playing cards or society games, scrabble, books, documentaries and movies, or cultural presentations about Bali. Organized activities include excursions (Bali and other islands), cooking classes, dinner parties, golf outings, card games, karaoke evenings. The club also coordinates charity and special events projects to benefit the less-privileged people of Bali. Other nationalities tend to form casual groups that have no strict infrastructure like the Dutch business or social Nederlandse Club Bali. Besides nationalities, other groups are formed around religious or spiritual communalities, sports interests, literary or artistic interests, charitable pursuits, health

& healing. There are clubs for gamers and collectors, musicians and choristers, investors and traders. Sporting clubs include cricket, yachting, Aussie football, off-road biking and the Hash Harriers who organize weekly fun-runs followed by convivial social gatherings. There are many groups with diverse interests and focus and they can be easily tracked down. Check the very comprehensive listing in the Community Events of the Bali Advertiser. It is a very good start for meeting compatriots in a social setting. Strictly Business – On the serious side there are a number of business groups and networking clubs that promote professional interests and help members with various business related activities. The Bali Business Club is a commercial networking and referral club, meeting every first Tuesday of the month for a luncheon at Little Tree on Sunset Road. The meetings feature a scheduled presentation on a topic of interest to the members who come from a variety of industries, business and commerce. The sole purpose of the club is to give business referrals to its members and provide mutual support. Their goal is to embrace the greatest diversity of businesses representing products and services available in Bali. BEDO (Bali Export Development Organization) is a non-profit business support organization for Indonesian-run SMEs based in Bali. They hold monthly meetings on different topics that are relevant to SMEs and provide networking, training, coaching, workshops and assistance with design & product development, and marketing. They facilitate SME participation in national and international trade fairs. Various other professional organizations like SKAL Bali represent the interests of diverse industry segments. A relatively recent phenomenon is the emergence of shared workspaces for expats like the Ubud Co-working Hub and The Sanur Space. These hubs provide flexible work and meeting space, encourage collaborative and networking activities for social entrepreneurs, and organize meaningful events. These hubs are equipped with individual and communal work spaces, a meeting room with presentation facilities, wireless internet, printing/copying facilities and catering services. They are ideal gathering spots for social activists and budding entrepreneurs who seek to lessen office cost by using shared resources. Expat forums and blogs – There are many expat forums, blogs and websites geared towards expat life in Bali. Some are fairly general; others cater to particular nationalities or interests. Living in Indonesia ( is one of the biggest expatriate portals; the website is a treasure throve of practical information for expatriates planning to move to or already living in Bali or elsewhere in Indonesia. Though the site is mostly tilted towards life in Jakarta, it has a fairly good (though not entirely up to date Bali section) and touches upon virtually all aspects of life in Indonesia that are useful to people relocating or already residing here. The site is very comprehensive and its “Practical Information for Expats” section is a fountain of crucial and important information and a great relocation and orientation tool. It runs the gamut of topics like moving preparations, visa and documents, employment and doing business in Indonesia, housing, family life, schooling, health and medical, banking and financial, legal issues (great section on mixed marriages), religious services, etc. The site is well constructed and has an easy overview of all relevant topics. It also boasts a very active and lively “Living in Indonesia Forum” where you can ask questions and advice, offer opinions, etc, on all that concerns you. The forum bills itself as a forum “Written by expats - for expats”. It is an essential tool for finding useful answers to hard questions. All in all, this website offers very detailed information on life in Indonesia. Its Bali section is fairly comprehensive though not entirely exhaustive but certainly very helpful as an all-around

orientation to expat life on Bali. A site that is virtually exclusive to Bali is which is much more interactive and very entertaining. It takes a while to find your way around but once used to the quirks of the site, it is a very rewarding experience. It’s mostly a forum with the normal and expected chatter and questions between expats but it also has great articles posted by subscribers, and a blog. Click on Bali Expat Forum - Bali Travel Forum to get the scoop on things new, old or broken in Bali and advice on how to fix problems. The forum also gives you your own personal blog space where you can create your own entries and control who may view them. Another site, features useful articles about topics like law, art, culture, history, etc. You can subscribe to its informative newsletter. is another good source. is a French language portal with inviting sections covering all aspects of life and practical info on living, working, playing in Bali. The site boasts an extensive data base of professional services in all areas: business, government, education. A site exclusive to Americans is which is focused on helping Americans to vote in elections and has helpful sections on taxation and retirement. While there are many forums hosted by travel websites and commercial travel or villa rental places, they are primarily geared to the occasional or even frequent visitor. Nevertheless, they can contain great gems, especially info on things to beware of, like scams, dishonest businesses, dodgy dealings and such. Just Google Bali travel forums and you will be inundated. Numerous blogs and websites expound on expat life in Bali with hints, tips and advice. A quick Google search will net a few hours of entertaining reading. The blogs range from very informative, useful and trustworthy to the trite, oftentimes outdated and misleading, sometimes dodgy and yes, even a few nasty ones. Baliblog is a helpful site albeit more geared to the occasional visitor. Bali Travel Forum bills itself as the ultimate Bali travel Forum with news and views from the island. It’s a bit mundane although many posts are helpful when it comes to finding the nearest, biggest, cheapest, etc. of anything you’re looking for. Also check out Expat blog which is more inclusive, as are Baliexpat and Expatfocus. Foreign embassies, consulates and cultural missions often provide useful support to ease expat life, especially by promoting cultural ties back to the home country. Erasmus Huis (Dutch), Goethe Institute (German), the British Council, Institut Français (French), American Cultural Center, AustraliaIndonesia Institute, Istituto Italiano di Cultura (Italian), Japan Cultural Center and the Russian Cultural Center are all located in Jakarta. Check their websites for scheduled events that may be of interest to you. Start networking - With all the resources available in Bali and which, for the most part, are accessible through the internet, there is no excuse anymore for feeling disconnected and alone. It takes a bit of research and reaching out but with all the information at your fingertips and a social, business, and charitable life at your doorstep, it only takes a little time and motivation to lay that first contact. From there, it just snowballs. Story by Ines Wynn Copyright © 2013 Bali Advertiser You can read all past articles of BA Feature Article at

Ubud Area Balinese, Indian & Vegetarian Food Romantic Setting • Sumptuous Menu

Cooking Classes (No minimum) Jalan Suweta No. 1, Ubud, Bali (Opposite Puri Saren Palace) Phone / Fax: (0361) 974 217 E : C/U/I-05 Sept 12

Dewi ‘Dee’ Lestari & Rectoverso Indonesia’s multi-talented composer, singer and writer By Sarita Newson A graduate of International Relations at Parahyangan University, Bandung, Dewi ‘Dee’ Lestari commenced her writing career in 2001 with the publication of her novel Supernova – Ksatria, Puteridan Bintang Jatuh (The Knight, the Princess and the Shooting Star). It gained instant popularity amongst Indonesian readers, selling 12,000 copies in the first 35 days after launching, and over the following eleven years she has since written three more equally popular books in the series, the most recent titled Partikel (2012). Dee’s success as a novelist has not distracted her from her first love—music. When you hear her voice in song, you may be excused for thinking Dee is first and foremost a talented singer. In fact, she first came into the public light in Indonesia as a member of the vocal trio, Rida Sita Dewi. Her first solo music album, Out of Shell, was nominated for the Best Album in Foreign Language during the Indonesia Music Awards in 2006. In 2008, Dee combined her writing and musical skills in Rectoverso, an anthology of short stories and songs in which she explored universal expressions of unrequited love. Before I had read the book or seen the film of Rectoverso, I was drawn to the music. I imagined that this intriguing title might translate as ‘revived from the verses’, and that perhaps this would refer to the complex process from which this book—and the film that followed—were created. But after reading in more depth, I realized how clever musician/author Dee was in using this particular metaphor. ‘Rectoverso’ is generally used to describe two images that seem to be separate but are actually connected to each other. For example, the two sides of a coin, or—in the printing trade—the two sides of a page. The two sides are complementary and united through shared experience. Dee has her own version of ‘rectoverso’: she encourages us to look at both sides in human relationships. The reoccurring theme of universal love, combined with Dee’s emotive songs, guide the reader/listener into a place of tranquility where one no longer feels alone, and where it is the simple things that are the most important. Offering a glass of water becomes an expression of caring and love, the kind of love that is prepared to wait and to give, without expecting anything in return. ‘Segelas air ditangannya…’ (A glass of water in his hand…) Completely different to her previous novels, Rectoverso— both the book and CD— offers a bouquet of 11 short stories and 11 songs at one time, to be enjoyed together or separately. The collection encourages us to ponder on the simple things that happen regularly in day-to-day life. All of the stories have an underlying theme of unselfish love. From the eleven stories in the book, five were transformed into individual screenplays. Each screenplay was scripted by a different writer and, after production, the five short films were woven into one piece. The final film, Rectoverso, takes the viewer from one story to another. As the action develops, the multiple parts of the puzzle fall into place, resulting in a complex visual and emotional experience that offers a multilayered expression of the human situation.

The result is a rich and touching— if slightly disorienting— film. Variations in tension from scene to scene keep viewers slightly off-balance and just out of their comfort zone, as the theme of unrequited love evolves. Layer-upon-layer of action from the five completely unrelated stories adds texture and depth, feeling and substance, to the rhythm of the overall film; while the music guides the viewer’s emotions. As Dee points out in her official website: www.dee-rectoverso. com, ‘Mari kita sentuh CINTA dari dua sisi’ (Let’s touch LOVE from both sides). The film’s soundtrack is performed by Magenta, an orchestra conducted by Andi Rianto. Marcella Azlianty, one of the five directors involved in making the film, explains: ‘We chose the five stories that we felt would be the easiest to visualize, and I chose the title ‘Malaikat Juga Tahu’ (Angel Knows), as it told the story of a mother with an autistic child, a theme which I had long wished to use in my film work.’ Firasat (Premonition), directed by Rachel Maryam and written by Indra Herlambang, is about a young girl, Senja, who has a foreboding sense that someone is going to die, and fears it will be the man she has fallen in love with. Cicak di Dinding (Lizard on the Wall), directed by Cathy Sharon, contrasts the love experienced by an innocent young painter, and a worldly girl with a free spirit and much more experience of life. Curhat buat Sahabat (Stories for My Best Friend), directed by Olga Lidya and written by Ilya Sigma and Priesnanda Dwi Satria introduces two opposites, sociable and chatty Amanda and patient, shy Reggie, who is always there for Amanda when she is in need. Hanya Isyarat (It’s Only a Sign), directed by Happy Salma and written by Key Mangunsong, tells the story of five backpackers who meet through an online forum. Although they have only just met in person, the four boys bond easily; while the girl, Ai, stays distant, having fallen helplessly in love with one of them.

C/U/I-17 Oct 12

Ganesha Bookshop

Independent bookseller in Bali since 1986 Ganesha in Ubud - the Main Store Jalan Raya (near the Post Office), Ubud, Bali Tel: (62 361) 970320 Web: Email:

Extensive range of New, Used, Rare and Out of Print Books. Used Books returnable for 50% refund. Good books at good prices. Eat, Drink, Read and Lounge at: Ganesha in Biku Jalan Petitenget 888, Kerobokan

NEW Bookshop and Reading Room Ganesha in Sanur Jalan Danau Tamblingan 42, Sanur

Books for Bali Project (est. 2004) A special project to support literacy, learning and reading for pleasure in the local community. We donate books to local schools and libraries. Check in the store or on the website for more details. GANESHA COMES TO SANUR: Jl Danau Tamblingan 42, Sanur C/U/G-22 August 12

In 2009, Dee published another popular novel, Perahu Kertas (Paper Boat). Perahu Kertas is a story of secret love, set in Holland, Jakarta and Bali. In 2012 it was made into a successful film, directed by Hanung Bramantyo. The film was made in just 55 days, during which time Dee kept up a daily blog entitled ‘Journal of a 55 days Novel’, so her fans could feel involved with the filmmaking process. ‘Dee tells her stories with clarity and riveting tenderness,’ muses Goenawan Mohamad, Indonesia’s most acclaimed columnist. ‘Her stories, Angel Knows and Premonition, are full of empathy that, without overdoing it, reaches out to the world of those who love and yet feel powerless. To me, these are the best works by Dee so far: mature and yet with pure feeling, simple and yet showing what is extraordinary on the surface of the ordinary.’ Dee’s work is impressive. Since her first book Supernova— named after an extremely luminous explosion that briefly outshines an entire galaxy before fading from view—her work has matured and achieved a complete new stellar level within her national readership, while retaining high popularity. I look forward to following her ongoing trajectory and seeing her when she presents at the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival this October. Both Dewi ‘Dee’ Lestari and Goenawan Mohamad will be attending the 2013 Ubud Writers & Readers Festival as guest authors. This year’s Ubud Writers & Readers Festival will run from 11 – 15 October, 2013. C/U/G-17 April 13

Bali Advertiser

UBUD REVERSING BALI DESERTS Parts of Bali are in danger of becoming desert, as the ground water dries up because of both natural disasters and over-use by people. As part of its “Giving Back” program, BaliSpirit Festival, partner Environmental Bamboo Foundation, and sponsor Teh Kotak aim to help reforest endangered areas with bamboo seedlings. Each planting has the consent of local communities and will not disturb land currently used for farming. Last month they helped the community of Desa Songan B, in Bangli, to plant the first five of a planned 30 hectares of bamboo. Environmental Bamboo Foundation will also help to create a Sekolah Lapangan Bambu (Bamboo Field School), where community members can learn how to plant, tend, harvest, and preserve bamboo. The long term vision is to reforest Bali’s driest landscapes with bamboo, which in turn will provide “shelter belts”: protective barriers to provide erosion control and watershed, sun, and wind protection in order to restore the forest canopy, revitalize the ecology, and also bring economic relief to local villagers through sale of the fast growing bamboo. For more information: OUR BEST DESTINATION SPA Congratulations to Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa, one of our best eco-conscious healing and wellness retreats, for their award as “Best Luxury Destination Spa in Indonesia” by World L u x u r y S p a Aw a r d s 2013. Three Ubud resorts, Kayumanis Ubud, Ramayana Resort and Maya Resort were among eight other Indonesian spas - most of them in Bali – recognised in other categories, mostly as a “Best Luxury Resort Spa”. The stunning Fivelements resort, designed mostly in ecofriendly bamboo, attributes its international spa success to a commitment to treatments that are “deeply rooted in the ancient traditions of Bali”. THE FOOD YOGI He lived as a monk for a long time and now is the global director for the largest plant based food relief charity in the world ( which feeds up to two million people a day. P a u l R o d n e y Tu r n e r, otherwise known as The Food Yogi, will come to Ubud this month, to run a “Raw F o o d a n d F o o d Yo g a ” Workshop on May 11. Get a “taste” of the experience at Taksu’s Food Yogi Intro on Sunday, May 5 from 4 to 6pm. Taksu Restaurant, Jl Gootama. Donation; 60,000rp for welcome drink and snacks. For more info on both events, go to MUM’S (OR MOM’S) THE WORD E i t h e r w a y, B r i d g e s Restaurant will help us celebrate Mother’s Day this year with an “Innovative” Mother ’s Day Brunch on Sunday, May 12, from 10am3pm. This year, Bridges clever Aussie chef has designed a brunch buffet that comes to Mum’s table, instead of her serving everyone else. See, innovative! Bridges’ staff will set up the freshly baked breads, pastries, eggs, salads and other western and Asian savoury dishes at her table, with an impossible selection of desserts to sweeten the deal. At the same time, community-minded Bridges supports mothers in another way, by donating to Yayasan Bum Seat, whose founder Ibo Robin was 2011 CNN Hero of the Year for her efforts to provide better health care for disadvantaged, pregnant women. Lunch: 280,000++ rp. Children 12 years and under Rp.180,000++rp. Unlimited serving. E: reservation@ SAFE WORK, GOOD TALK Ubud’s innovative co-working space, Hubud, is now open 24 hours a day, with excellent security overnight until 7am for members who need to work when the other side of the world is awake. Hubud management really seem to understand the needs of business minded people living, working and visiting Ubud. They’ve also arranged special in-house group beginner

Ubud Area

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language classes with Cinta Bahasa, Bali’s premier Indonesian language school. Hubud members are an extraordinary mix of Balinese locals, and international and Indonesian ex-pats, and visitors who need to have a “business head” on their shoulders from time to time. There are quiet areas and corners to chat and make connections with other members. Open round the clock weekdays; check closing/ opening times and other info at BAR LUNA SET TO SIZZLE Literary lounging space Bar Luna is on a roll again, with their popular Bar Luna Community Nights series starting again this month, and the Festival 4Play team back in action. Starting this month, we’ll be hearing from Celia Gregory from The Marine Foundation, known as the Coral Goddess; Rile Johan from The Coral Triangle Centre; Dr Steve Wignall from Yayasan Bali Peduli with Farquhar Stirling discussing HIV-AIDS, and Philosophy Professor, Purushottama Bilimoria, discussing Gandhi’s non violent techniques of protest. The Festival 4Play Team – members yet to be announced – give us the inside gossip on planning for the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival this October. Via discussion and readings from a bright and witty panel, we gain insight into the lives of some of the big name writers. Top end of Jl Gootama. Phone 0361 971 832. CHARITY LUNCH FOR KITTENS Her exhibition opening at the Four Seasons Jimbaran raised more than $US 3,000 for the Senang Hati foundation through the auction of paintings by five Ubud women artists. Now, fund-raising queen Melly St Ange is organising a Spring Luncheon at Ubud’s Maya Resort on May 17, starting at 11.30am. This time the event will benefit Villa Kitty, Ubud’s rescue and adoption centre for wayward felines. For those who are new to these charity events, be sure to check out the wealth of auction items and prizes donated by generous businesses and donors for the silent auction, raffles and lucky draw. It’s great to hand over cash for a good cause and come home with some treats – a rafting trip, a posh dinner or a piece of art – at a fraction of retail price! Seats are limited so book early; adult lunch 200,000rp, children’s 150,000rp. Order tickets by phoning 0815 5870 1737 or 0812 3761 3773.

Balinese Restaurant & Cooking School Serving only specialty Balinese food despite complex blending of spices and fragrant roots that give Balinese food its intriguingly different flavor. Monkey Forest Road, Ubud Bali Phone (0361) 976 698 E : C/U/I-05 Sept 12






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The Most Complete Supermarket in Ubud Jl. Raya Andong #14. Tel.973049, Fax. 978071 Ubud C/U/G-17 Dec. 08

At our shop in Ubud, our friendly staff will guide you to all things of a Spiritual/ New Age nature, including: Books, Music CDs, DVDs, Crystals, Incense, Jewelry, Inspirational Cards, Candles, Yoga Mats, Meditation Cushions, Engraved Stones, Tibetan Bowls, Clothing and more… Jalan Hanoman #64 – Ubud, Bali. Tel: 0361 796 9178 C/U/G-31 Oct. 12

LOVE & DRAMA AT THE BEACH In May and June, Black Beach Restaurant’s Thursday evening treat will be a series of French movies, dealing with dramatic journeys through the hardships of living and their possible and unexpected solutions. Beginning with the musical Les Bien-Aimes (The Beloved) with Catherine Deneuve on May 2, each session offers another excellent French tale, with English sub-titles. The films are projected on the terrace of Black Beach Italian Restaurant, at the top of Jl Hanoman at 8pm. Dinner bookings, 0361 971353, or come after dinner for dessert – admission is free. For all the titles for this two-month series, go to C/U/G-17 April 13

CRAFT MARKET OFFERS HOPE Interested in tracking down some fascinating, quirky, top quality arts and crafts? Or offering your own exquisite artwork for sale? Ubud Arts, Craft and Designers Market will open in early June and there is still space for a few more vendors. The market will be held every weekend on Jl Monkey Forest … just walk across the football field to the little school in the back corner. Open from 1-10 pm on Saturday and 10 am-10pm on Sunday, the event will raise funds for school programs at the special needs school Sjaki-Tari-Us (sounds like Sagittarius). Market: School: www. Want to book a stall: Yunike on 0813 5321 0687.




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Ubud’s Only Fully-Equipped Gym New Owners and Management • Complete strength and cardio equipment • Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bicycles, Rowing Machine • Friendly and professional personal trainers • Aerobics, Squash, Boxing, Pilates • Ballet, Jazz-Modern, Salsa Dance classes for adults • Ballet classes for children • Fully Air Conditioned • Free Wi-Fi • Daily, Occasional, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Memberships

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by Dr. Rob Capturing the Illusions Paintings by Elka Shri Arya At Gaya Art Space, Jl. Raya Sayan, Ubud Tel: 979252 ‘Painterly Painting’ is a term given to the Post-World War II New York School of Abstract Expressionist Painting, which also developed in Paris around about the same time. Currently, at the Gaya Art Space, curator Argus FS has mounted an exhibition of the ‘Painterly Painting’ paintings of Elka Shri Arya, who is a contemporary artist best known as a choreographer, dancer, and music composer. In his exhibition entitled ‘Capturing the Illusions’, Elka presents images which depict the universal theme of ‘Mother’. The term ‘Mother’ relates to an idea about Indonesian contemporary painting, Elka Shri Arya: ‘Untitled’ which refers to a motherland of culture as a global subject matter. The important symbols and signs, to be found in Elka’s colorist experimentations, are an indigenous idea which tries to connect the ancient religions and beliefs of Indonesia, India, Tibet, and other Asian cultures. In his ‘painterly paintings’, Elka’s works show many symbols of Javanese and Balinese culture that derive from ancient stories found in the Majapahit. His beautiful landscapes mostly appear as decorative compositions, and are not blatant narrative forms, because the illusions of colors, shapes, and figures which he creates in his paintings are abstractions, and they present quite bold dynamic visual concepts. The Straight Contour Group Exhibition of Paintings At Kupu-Kupu Jimbaran Art Space, Jl. Uluwatu, Jimbaran Tel: 081338770097 The new Kupu-Kupu Jimbaran Art Space begins its artistic program in collaboration with Amigo Art Wayan Sujana Suklu: ‘Rspati Pagi’ Management, to present seven of today’s leading Indonesian artists, namely: Wayan Sujana Suklu, Nyoman Sujana Kenyem, Made Supena, Ketut Sugantika, Stefan Buana, Wayan Sudiarta, and Putu Sudiana Bonuz. These renowned artists present a group exhibition entitled ‘The Straight Nyoman Sujana Kenyem: ‘Meditasi’ Contour’.

Made Supena: ‘Tentang Angka Angka’

The works of these artists reveal a great diversity in form, technique, and mediums. The colors and lines shown appear as surrealistic

representations of the bold, rhythmic, decorative, sensual, mystical and epic narratives Stefan Buana: ‘Sang Fajar’ which are stored Wayan Sudiarta: within the collective consciousness. The ‘Flowing Stories’ ideas contained inside the artists’ works reveal ‘signs’ that are suggestive of each artist’s psychological state. The lines and the shapes are pure ‘traces’ of each artist, however, there appears to be representative and non-representative forms also on display. These artists are featured in the exhibition in recognition for their never ending search for aesthetic development. Putu Sudiana Bonuz: ‘Suara Ku Energi Ku’

The Power of Creative Women Group Exhibition of Paintings At Ganesha Gallery, Four Seasons Resort, Jimbaran Bay Tel: 701010 In collaboration with the Senang Hati Foundation, and 5 Bali based women artists, the Ganesha Gallery continues its commitment to community care by hosting an art exhibition to raise monies for the physically handicapped in Bali. Opened in 2003, the Senang Hati (Happy Hearts) Foundation is a Tampaksiring based, non profit group, which assists the disabled in Bali. The foundation creates programs to develop self-confidence, physical and economic independence, and awareness in the general community of the rights of people with disabilities. Bearing the theme of ‘The Power of Creative Women’, the opening ceremony of the exhibition took place on the 23rd of April, 2013, which coincided with the birthday of Ibu Kartini, a pioneer in the area of women’s rights for Indonesians. The evening featured an auction of artworks created by 5 artists: Wiadnyani Manuaba, Putu Suriati, Kartika Sudibia, Nina Packer, and Cheryl Tonkin. All proceeds from the auction were donated to the Senang Hati Foundation. Wiadnyani Manuaba was first inspired at a young age by her father Gde Djika, who used to paint on a traditional material called ‘Black Bludru’. Wiadnyani’s association with the Senanag Hati Foundation came through her enrolment in a formal painting class. With pieces created from experience and feeling, Wiadnyani participated in her first exhibition in 2006, at the Arma Museum in Ubud. Born in Payogan, Kedewatan, Ubud, Putu Suriati never went to school or left her house because of a polio condition which she had since she was five years old. She only started to paint with her uncle in Ubud when she was 13 years old, as a form of a self-healing activity during her recovery from a life threatening illness.

Ketut Sugantika: ‘Rangda’

Kartika Sudibia started to paint around 3 years ago. She had her first charity exhibition last year at Sabadel, in Spain,

to raise funds for another foundation helping to educate children from a poor village in East Bali. Kartika uses the Elephant as a theme in her artworks, as they symbolize strength and wisdom. Living in Ubud, Nina Packer was born into a family of artists in Australia, and her talent was nourished from an early age. As an emerging artist, Nina has established a strong following, inspired by her successful debut solo exhibition in July 2012. Attending regular life drawing sessions at Pranoto’s Gallery has also encouraged Nina’s talent for capturing diverse representations of human form and expression. Also living in Ubud, but, Australian born, Cheryl Tonkin showed her creative skills from an early childhood. She picked up the paintbrush only a few years ago to create paintings that are bright, bold, and fun. Always evolving, she experiments with every medium Budi Cheryl Tonkin: ‘Untitled’ possible. Cheryl’s style could be defined as a combination of cubism, abstraction, pop, surrealism, and fantasy. Though diverse, Cheryl’s art mainly celebrates the feminine form. ‘The Power of Creative Women’ is on show at the Ganesha Gallery until the 18th of June, 2013. Monies will continue to be raised by the sale of the exhibited works. E-mail: Copyright © 2013 Dr. Rob You can read all past articles of Artwords at

ART & ARTISTS Limited Time Exhibitions Capturing the Illusions Artist : Elka Shri Arya Genre : Paintings Period : April 10 until May 5, 2013 Every day, 10.00 a.m. until 10.00 p.m. Location : Gaya Art Space, Jl. Raya Sayan, Ubud Tel: 979252 The Straight Contour Artists : Group Exhibition Genre : Paintings Period : April 13 until May 13, 2013 Every day, 9.00 a.m. until 5.00 p.m. Location : Kupu-Kupu Jimbaran Art Space, Kupu-Kupu Jimbaran Suites, Jl. Uluwatu, Jimbaran Tel: 081338770097 The Power of Creative Women Artists : Group Exhibition Genre : Paintings Period : April 23 until June 18, 2013 Every day, 9.00 a.m. until 6.00 p.m Location : Ganesha Gallery, Four Seasons Resort, Jimbaran Bay Tel: 701010 Please e-mail Bali Advertiser to place your exhibition here free of charge. Bali Advertiser reserves the right to publish or not publish submissions.



Consider how many millennia the species known as Homo sapiens has relied for its survival on carefully gathering and growing edible plants. Then, in a little less than a century, the cocky primate has managed to destroy most of the biodiversity that underpinned its food security. For example, according to the BBC, 50 years ago Chinese farmers were estimated to have been growing 10,000 varieties of wheat. By the 1970s, that figure had fallen to about 1,000. The range of corn varieties cultivated by farmers in Mexico today is 20% of what they were raising in the 1930s. And in the past half century almost all of Indonesia’s estimated 7,000 varieties of rice have been lost. I worry about this. More and more people eating fewer and fewer varieties of plants seems like a very poor long- term p l a n n i n g scenario. Surely the more options we have, the

to grow. Traditional communities which had been growing Heli’s passion shines through as she describes how she these varieties for up to a thousand years were experts in and her husband and staff find innovative ways to preserve their cultivation. Indonesia’s disappearing legacy of heritage rice. They create seed banks and seed reproduction centers that distribute After the Green Revolution, which started in the 1960s, heritage seeds to traditional farmers. When quantities are farmers were forbidden to grow their own rice and ordered to small, they grow them in containers to ensure the seed produce as many as three crops a year of the mandated survives until they have enough to grow in a field. hybrid white rice. Their traditional seeds were taken from them, destroying their food sovereignty immediately. “But the best way to preserve these ancient varieties is to consume them,” she assured us. “As long as there is a good Heli found one old farmer who was growing traditional rice in market for the rice, it’s an incentive for the farmers to pots so the seeds would not be lost since he was no longer continue growing these heritage varieties.” allowed to cultivate it for food. “He felt a responsibility to preserve the seeds. The government put him in jail.”

“As long as there is a good market for the rice, it’s an incentive for the farmers to continue growing these heritage varieties.”

Traditional rices differ significantly from hybrid white rice in colour, texture, flavour and aroma. There’s actually no such thing as natural white rice; the grain only becomes white when the bran is removed. The only variations are of natural rice are red, brown and black. The black, when fully or partially milled, may become purple in hue. And the red becomes pink. better? Unfortunately the Balinese have been socially conditioned to white rice now, and few of the younger people will eat the Plenty of thoughtful Indonesians are concerned as well. I was heritage rice. Ironically, it is much more popular with delighted to learn recently of a wonderful Javanese woman educated Indonesians and the expat community. who shares my obsession with indigenous Indonesian rice. In March about 40 interested folk strolled through the lush During Heli’s presentation we were served a banana leaf plate rice fields of Abangin north of Ubud to listen to Helianti Hilman with ten different rice varieties. The difference in their flavours, talk about her favourite subject. textures and aromas was amazing. She explained that mechanically husked rice has a very different texture to rice Heli was brought to Ubud by Slow Food Bali to share her that’s been husked by pounding by hand in a big stone extensive wisdom and experience around heritage rice. Heli mortar; a few traditional communities still do this. The latter started her company Javara in 2008 to help preserve some is much creamier when cooked, has a softer texture, is of the very rare heritage rice varieties and other traditional easier to digest and retains more vitamins. crops which are still being cultivated in remote communities around the archipelago. It’s hard to imagine going back to hybrid rice after tasting the real thing. All the heritage varieties had their own robust “We established Javara with the purpose of keeping alive flavour and identity. Many traditional communities believed Indonesia’s rich heritage of food biodiversity and improving that their rice was so nutritious that they didn’t really need to the pride and welfare of the traditional farmers who have been eat anything else, and I now understood what they meant by committed to preserving it,” she explained to us. “We believe that. It’s hard to define, but these rices have authority and that by mobilizing consumers to buy these products on strength. They concentrate the energies of the earth in which regular basis, efforts to keep this heritage alive can gain they grew. They are living, authentic, elemental and powerful momentum and create a significant impact.” FOOD. Hedi explored how one community of the Kasepuhan Ciptagelar indigenous people on West Java, descendents of the 17th century Padjadaran Kingdom, preserved their heritage rice. They have been saving and growing rice seed of the same variety for almost 650 years. The Earth is considered the mother, and as women do not give birth more often than once a year only one crop of heritage rice is grown annually, respecting the earth and giving it time to recover. This community reveres its rice to the point that it is taboo to sell it. The rice is prepared by pounding to remove the husk Javara’s dedicated staff works with network of indigenous but this process is very labour intensive and a woman can farmers to locate and help preserve the varieties which have only husk about six kilograms a day. survived. The company now has access to over 300 rare rice varieties and small amounts of about 30 of these are available Once you’ve tasted fresh heritage rice, for purchase. Others may eventually become commercially you’ll be ruined for the stale white stuff viable. Although Javara sources and sells a variety of indigenous food products, Heli’s great passion is heritage rice. Her research shows that before the 1960s there were as many as 7,000 varieties of rice grown around Indonesia. During the Green Revolution the government forced farmers to abandon traditional rice varieties and cultivation practices to intensively grow hybrid rice with chemicals in order to increase yield. Thousand of rare indigenous rice varieties were lost in a few years.


“We believe that making these wonderful, rare heritage rice varieties available to consumers will help to protect them as well as support the smallholder farmers who have dedicated themselves to preserving these varieties,” Heli told participants at a special Slow Food Bali event at Ubud’s Sari Organik in March.

The community believes that rice cultivation is governed by the stars and they plow, sow and harvest according to the appearance of certain constellations. Rice left in the fields after harvesting cannot be collected, respecting the importance of foraging animals in the food chain. The only inputs to the fields are prayer, love and locally sourced “Many of these varieties were highly adapted to different natural fertilizers. elevations, climates and other variables. Some varieties grew in brackish water, some high on cool mountain slopes, Communal and family food barns ensure food sovereignty. some in shade, others in marshes. Swamp-grown rice in The community cannot remember a crop failure or famine. Kalimantan has long roots which help the plant withstand In one hamlet alone, 415 rice barns contain 10 tons of rice dramatic changes in the depth of the water. “ each -- an abundance for its 700 families. Surprisingly, indigenous rice is not an aquatic plant. The hybrid white rice now grown everywhere was designed to stand in water so the chemicals it relies on to grow will quickly be dissolved and taken up by the roots. Some heritage rice varieties grow without any irrigation at all, and others are tolerant to swamp conditions. Indigenous rice varieties were relatively low in yield compared to hybrid rice and took longer

Heli pledges to purchase the surplus harvests of these communities, sometimes exchanging other food supplies in communities where the selling of rice is taboo. These surpluses can be very small, sometimes only 20 kilograms a harvest. This explains the small packets of rice in Javara’s beautifully boxed heritage rice collections -- these varieties are so rare that each grain is precious.

Javara’s presentation boxes of heritage rice are labours of love … small amounts of rice painstakingly collected from around the archipelago, identified and then packaged in beautifully crafted wicker presentation boxes. Javara also sources and sells sea salt, coconut palm sugar, organic non-gluten flours such as arrowroot, cassava, banana, black rice, black soybean, mung bean, breadfruit, rice bran, red rice and yam flours, non-wheat noodles and non-timber forest products such as nuts and wild honey. For a complete list of all of Javara’s artisanal products and outlets in Bali, visit It was no coincidence that this event was held at Sari Organic near Ubud. Owner/chef Nilawati is a passionate advocate of traditional, organic food. With her partner Oded she encourages the farmers around them to plant several varieties of chemical free heritage rice by distributing seed to them and buying back the harvest at a good price. Freshly harvested and milled rice can be purchased from Sari Organik restaurants or at the Saturday morning Farmers Market at Pizza Bagus in Ubud. Once you’ve tasted fresh heritage rice, you’ll be ruined for the stale white stuff forever. This was just one of the many events presented by Slow Food Bali, a branch of the international Slow Food movement, which has over 100,000 members in 150 countries committed to sustainable food production within their communities. Within their cultural contexts their goals are to defend biodiversity, provide education, build networks and encourage consumers to think and purchase locally. Since its establishment in 2009, Slow Food Bali has grown to over 60 members. It regularly offers interesting and educational events which celebrate the island’s food offerings and bring attention to related issues. Check www. to become a member, view past events or put yourself on the mailing list to join forthcoming culinary adventures.

Ibu Kat’s book of stories Bali Daze - Freefall off the Tourist Trail is Available from : - Ganesha Books in Ubud and Seminyak - downloadable as a PDF file - Amazon downloadable for Kindle E-mail: Copyright © 2013 Greenspeak You can read all past articles of Greenspeak at

Local News Miracle on the Bali Sea: No One Killed as Plane Misses Runway All 108 passengers and crew members survived when a new Lion Air jet crashed into the Pacific Ocean and snapped into two while attempting to land on Saturday (13/4) on Bali, injuring up to 45 people. “The plane plunged into the sea at high speed,” passenger Ignatius Juan Sinduk, 45, told AFP from his hospital bed in Denpasar, where he was being treated for a chest injury. “Everybody screamed, and water suddenly surged into the plane. Passengers panicked and scrambled for life jackets. Some passengers fell; some ran into others. It was chaos.” The injured were taken to several hospitals for treatment, but there appeared to be no serious injuries, said airport spokesman Alfasyah, who like many Indonesians uses only one name. There were three foreigners on board - two Singaporeans and a French national-all of whom suffered slight injuries. Officials initially said the plane overshot the runway before hitting the water, but a spokesman for Lion Air, a low-cost carrier, said at a news conference that the plane crashed about 164 feet before the runway. The weather was cloudy with rain at the time of the incident. “It apparently failed to reach the runway and fell into the sea,” said the spokesman, Edward Sirait. “We are not in a capacity to announce the cause of the crash,” Sirait said, adding that the National Safety Transportation Committee was investigating.

The Boeing 737-800 Next Generation plane was received by the airline last month and was declared airworthy, he said. The aircraft originated in Bandung, the capital of West Java province, and had landed in two other cities on Saturday prior to the crash. The company has signed two record contracts with the world’s top plane makers, Boeing and Airbus. Last month, it signed a deal with Airbus for 234 passenger jets worth a $24 billion. Two years ago, it signed a deal with Boeing for 230 planes. The discount airline Lion Air, Indonesia’s biggest commercial carrier, has been expanding rapidly in recent years. Indonesia has been struggling to improve its civil air safety after a string of deadly accidents. In 2007, Lion Air was among a number of Indonesian airlines banned by the EU for lax safety standards. The ban was progressively lifted, starting in 2009. The runway at Bali international airport starts next to the sea. TV footage showed the jet floating in shallow waters with a fractured fuselage and passengers in the water with life jackets. According to the Aviation Safety Network, Lion Air planes have been involved in six accidents since 2002, four of them involving Boeing 737s. Only one of them, according to the site, resulted in fatalities. (April 14th 2013)

Freak Weather “Downdraft” may have Caused Plane to Belly-Flop into Sea The pilot whose Indonesian jet slumped into the sea while trying to land in Bali has described how he felt it “dragged” down by wind while he struggled to regain control. Official’s stress it is too early to say what caused the incident, which is being investigated by Indonesian authorities with the assistance of US crash investigators and Boeing. Initial debriefings, witness comments and weather reports have focused attention on the possibility of “wind shear” or a downdraft from storm clouds known as a “microburst”. Although rare, experts say such violent and unpredictable gusts can leave even the most modern jet helpless if they are stronger than the plane’s ability to fly out of trouble - with the critical moments before landing among the most vulnerable. “If you have a downdraft which exceeds the performance of the plane, then even if you put on full thrust you will go downhill and you can’t climb out,” said Hugh Dibley, a former British Airways captain and expert on loss-of-control events. The cause of the crash has potential implications for the reputation of one of the world’s fastest-growing airlines, which is fighting to be removed from a European Union safety black list even as it buys record volumes of Airbus and Boeing jets.

Lion Air has declined to comment on the cause of the crash. According to the Flight Safety Foundation, bulletins for pilots at around that time indicated a few storm clouds at 518 meters. A moderate wind blew from the south-southeast but flicked in a wide arc from east-southeast all the way to the west. The source said there was no immediately obvious evidence of pilot or technical error but investigators will pour over the speed and other settings, as well as interactions between the pilots, to establish whether the crash could have been avoided. Both pilots were given urine tests by the Indonesian police and were cleared for drugs and alcohol, the source said. According to Indonesian media reports, five Lion Air pilots have been arrested for drugs in the past two years, raising questions over whether drug abuse or overwork are widespread. The airline’s co-founder has denied this and said last year he was working closely with authorities to ensure Indonesia’s tough drugs laws are obeyed. Delivered in February, the aircraft itself had only had one technical problem: a landing light that had to be replaced.

According to initial pilot debriefings, details of which have been described to Reuters, flight JT-904 was on an eastwards approach to Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport at mid-afternoon on Saturday following a normal flight from Bandung, West Java. The co-pilot, an Indian national with 2,000 hours of relevant flying experience, was in charge for the domestic trip, which was scheduled to last one hour and 40 minutes.

Now lying broken-backed beneath a 4.6-metre sea wall, meters short of its destination, the US$89-million Boeing has been written off. It was on lease from Dublin-based firm Avolon. According to Boeing, the 737-800, its most popular current model, is equipped with a “Predictive Windshear System”. On approach, an aural warning says, “Go around, windshear ahead”.

As the Lion Air plane was coming in to land, with an aircraft of national carrier Garuda following behind and another about to take off on the runway just ahead, the co-pilot lost sight of the runway as heavy rain drove across the windshield.

Nowadays, pilots agree the best strategy for dealing with possible wind shear is to avoid it entirely, said Dibley, who is a senior official at the UK’s Royal Aeronautical Society. But if the “wind shear” warning blares out, the automatic response is to cancel the landing and go around again, he said.

The captain, an Indonesian citizen with about 15,000 hours experience and an instructor’s license, took the controls. Between 122 and 61 meters, pilots described flying through a wall of water. Bursts of heavy rainfall and lost visibility are not uncommon in the tropics but the aircraft’s low height meant the crew had little time to react. With no sight of the runway lights or markings, the captain decided to abort the landing and perform a “go around”, a routine maneuver for which all pilots are well trained. But the captain told officials afterwards that instead of climbing, the brand-new 737 started to sink uncontrollably. From 60 meters, well-practiced routines unraveled quickly.

Pilots can sometimes prepare for risks, such as a possible loss of the right sort of wind on landing, by keeping a buffer of extra speed to help them get out of trouble, he said. It is a delicate balance as too much speed could make the jet overrun, which in the case of Bali means hitting a road or yet more sea. There was no immediate information on what cockpit signals were available to the crew, how fast the Lion Air jet was flying or what sort of scheduling roster the crew had been flying. (April 16th 2013)

Garuda Plans Osaka-Jakarta Flights Amid Soaring Interest in Indonesia Garuda Indonesia will begin offering flights between Osaka and Jakarta in October as part of its international expansion strategy, the chief of the nation’s flagship carrier said. “Japan is one of the focuses that we would like to bring Indonesians,” said Garuda President and CEO Emirsyah Satar said Friday (12/4) at a Tokyo news conference, ahead of the first anniversary of its service between Tokyo’s Haneda airport and Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar, Bali, on April 28. The new route from Kansai International Airport in Osaka will give western Japan access to Jakarta with four flights a week, according to Satar. Garuda already serves the city with daily flights from Narita airport. As well as Haneda, the airline also provides flights to Bali from Narita and Kansai international airports. Satar said Garuda is planning to increase its global destinations to 22 from 19. Indonesian tourists to Japan surged 64.1 percent in 2012, surpassing 100,000 for the first time, the airline said. The dramatic jump was credited to Indonesia’s rapid economic growth of 6.2 percent last year and the launch of the Haneda-Denpasar route. (April 14th 2013) Bird Flu Suspected of Killing 150 chickens in Central Java Avian influenza was believed to have caused the death of 150 chickens in the regency of Magelang, Central Java in the past four days. The chickens died suddenly in the village of Klopo on April 11 and the carcass of some of the dead chickens have been sent to Veterinary Center in Yogyakarta to confirm the cause of the death, head of animal health and veterinary community of the district animal husbandry and fishery service, John Manglapy said. “The result of rapid test, however, showed that it was AI. Therefore, we have started spraying everyday for seven successive days,” he said. The district authorities have taken precaution with vaccination to prevent the possible spread of the bird flu, John said. (April 15th 2013) H5N1 Positive Chickens Intercepted at Gilimanuk Port Bali Quarantine officials have destroyed hundreds of H5N1 positive chickens destined for the market in Bali. The birds were discovered during an inspection at the port of Gilimanuk, Jembrana last weekend. According to the Chief Executive Central Quarantine officer at Gilimanu, Wahyu Savitri the birds had been hidden in the baggage compartment of a bus. He said that the birds tested positive for the H5N1 virus, and had to be immediately destroyed to prevent the spread of the disease. It is thought that the birds were en route for sale in Denpasar, but there were no valid documents. Wahyu pointed out that poultry smuggling from Java to Bali was common because the resale value in Bali was comparatively higher. (April 11th 2013) India Wishes to Increase Tourism Cooperation with Bali India wishes to increase tourism from Bali to India and vice-versa to deepen the relations between the two countries that have grown well so far. “We must make joint efforts to increase tourist visits to and from the two countries encouraging private airlines to open new routes,” India`s state minister from the ministry for development of the north eastern region and parliamentarian affairs, Paban Singh Ghatowar, said at a meeting with Bali governor I Made Mangku Pastika here on Monday (15/4). He said the Indian embassy in Jakarta and consulate in Bali have even planned to organize a tourism promotion forum at the end of this year. “Besides tourism, we also wish that Bali can cooperate by increasing capacity building, health, education and trade. India also wishes to contribute to infrastructure development in Bali,” he said. Ghotawar said India also wished to deepen its cultural relationship with Bali including language, literary and performance arts with a hope a joint cultural event could be held later to show their respective cultural richness. (April 15th 2013)

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Dutchman Gets Three Years for Child Molestation

Indonesian Woman Wins Goldman Environmental Prize 2013 Goldman Environmental Foundation has announced six recipients of the Goldman Environmental Prize 2013, a group of people who have courage to combat any obstacles in order to protect their environment and community. A woman from East Nusa Tenggara, Aleta Baun or popularly known as Mama Aleta, has won one of the Goldman Environmental Prizes for 2013. Mama Aleta received the award for her efforts to save the environment, the social and culture of Mollo community. Aleta Baun has organized hundreds of villagers to occupy the marble mining sites in a peaceful “protest while spinning”, and stopped deforestation of the sacred Mount Mutis in Timor Island. The Goldman Environmental Prize which has entered its 24th year is awarded to environmental heroes every year. Each winner receives an award of USD 150,000, the largest award in the world for grassroots environmentalists. (April 15th 2013) Caucasian Jane Doe’s death a mystery Doctors at Sanglah hospital are trying to determine the cause of death of a Caucasian woman named Jane Doe who died last Thursday (11/4) according to reports. The woman’s identity has not been determined. The woman was reportedly in her 40s. She was found dying on the road by two people in Ungasan on Wednesday. She was rushed to hospital and was reportedly bleeding from her ears and subsequently died the next day. Doctors say that there were several blunt force injuries on the woman which could indicate either a traffic accident or physical violence. “Her injuries are not typical,” said Sanglah Head Forensic Medicine Dr Dudut Rustyadi on Friday. The autopsy for the woman is scheduled for today. (April 15th 2013) AirAsia Indonesia Increases Australian Routes AirAsia Indonesia will add an extra daily service between Perth and Bali from July 2013. A new Airbus A320, bringing the carrier’s frequency to four flights per day, will operate this service. “The demand for flights between Perth and Bali has been exceptionally strong since we first launched the route in June 2009, recording an average load factor of 85 percent,” AirAsia Indonesia president director Dharmadi said. “We are adding frequency to meet the rapidly growing demand from business and leisure travelers alike.” AirAsia Indonesia passengers traveling from Australia will benefit from improved connectivity through the airline’s hub in Bali to other destinations within AirAsia group’s network. AirAsia Indonesia will also introduce four new flights per week from Denpasar to Darwin and three weekly services between Bali and Kota Kinabalu. (April 23rd 2013) Indonesia Reaches 18% Emission Reduction Environment Minister Balthasar Kambuaya said Indonesia had cut 18 percent of its greenhouse gas emission of its total 26 percent target. He made the statement after inaugurating the Third Indonesia Climate Change Education Forum and Expo here on Thursday. He said the ministry had achieve these figures after implementing several programs such as a trash and waste management project as well as transportation and industry sectors management. He said that the Ministry was committed to decrease green house gas emission to 26 percent in 2020. Balthasar said more than 80 percent of the green house gas emission reduction came from the forestry and peat land sectors. He expected that the collective tree planting programs could absorb millions of tons of carbon dioxide from the region and decrease the green house gas emission. (April 18th 2013)

The Singaraja District Court on Monday (22/4) sentenced a Dutch national to three years in prison after he was proven guilty of pedophilia. “The defendant’s crime has caused the victim to suffer from trauma,” presiding judge Sri Haryani stated. The court ruled that Jan Jacobus Vogel, 55, violated Article 82 of the 2002 Law on Child Protection. Vogel will have to pay a Rp 60 million fine or spend extra three months in jail. He was arrested in October by police in Buleleng for allegedly molesting four children. Apparently Jan befriended the victims - who were mostly from poor backgrounds - and visited them at home. He also gave them anywhere from Rp 5,000 to Rp 10,000 each time he saw them. Geoffery Nanulaitta, Vogel’s lawyer, argued that the case was fabricated by law enforcers since there were no reports of the alleged abuse and decided to file an appeal. “The sentence was forced,” Geoffrey said. Ni Luh Putu Anggreni, the chairwoman of Bali’s Integrated Service Center for Women’s and Children’s Empowerment (P2TP2A), said that she felt let down by the sentence since it was lower than the four years prosecutors were seeking. “Since the beginning, I knew that the verdict would be lighter than the prosecution’s demand. It is really disappointing,” she said. (April 23rd 2013) Death Row Briton in Bali Lodges Appeal With Top Court A British grandmother on death row for trafficking drugs into Bali lodged an appeal on Tuesday (23/4) with Indonesia’s top court, a day after losing a bid to get London to fund her legal fight. Lindsay Sandiford was sentenced to death in January after cocaine with a street value of $2.4 million was found in her suitcase as she arrived on the resort island, a shock verdict after prosecutors recommended 15 years in jail. The 56-year-old lost a first appeal against the sentence at Bali High Court earlier this month and her lawyer, Fadillah Agus, on Tuesday lodged a last-ditch appeal to the country’s top court. “I lodged an official notification to appeal to the Supreme Court through the district court in [Bali’s capital] Denpasar,” he told AFP. It came after three Court of Appeal judges in London on Monday upheld a previous court ruling that the British government was not obliged to pay for an “adequate lawyer” for Sandiford. The court heard that she needs about £8,000 ($12,200) to continue her fight against her death sentence, and only £2,000 had so far been raised. The Foreign Office has refused to pay as a matter of policy. Agus pledged to continue defending Sandiford and said he hoped her family and friends could raise enough funds to cover the legal fees. “This situation will not change my position to defend Lindsay, because I don’t defend her only for the money,” he said. He also lashed out at the British government: “I can’t comprehend it, because even Indonesia tries to defend its citizens when they are facing serious problems overseas. Sandiford claims she was forced to transport the drugs as her children’s safety was at stake. “If I should die - and I hope I don’t, but I fear I may - then I hope that my execution will prompt the British government to do more for others,” she said. Executions in Indonesia are carried out by firing squad. (April 23rd 2013)


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Letters To Bali Advertiser Dolphins at Melka Hotel Dear Ruby & Editor of Bali Advertiser, I was very sad to see Ruby Jackson’s article in the 17 of April edition of Bali Advertiser All About Kids promoting the Melka Hotel & dolphins being kept in captivity as a positive and special experience. Many animal welfare organizations & many of us concerned Bali residents have been working for many years to free those dolphins at Melka Hotel & other places they are exploited for profit. We have been trying to educate & bring awareness to this issue. Dolphins belong in the ocean not kept in tiny swimming pools to entertain humans. By promoting the Melka Hotel and dolphins in captivity you are supporting a cruel trade which exploits dolphins for money. The only real thing this teaches children is it is ok to imprison, exploit & force animals to do tricks for you. These claims of these dolphins being rescued are false and what all businesses say to exploit animals. Those dolphins should be rehabilitated & released back to the ocean. Something many groups have been trying to do for years. The only reason those dolphins remain in those tiny swimming pools is due to greed and the fact that they make lots of money for the owners. Dolphins in a tank are severely restricted in using their highly developed sonar, which is one of the most damaging aspects of captivity. It is much like forcing a person to live in a hall of mirrors for the rest of their life, their image always bouncing back with no clear direction in sight. Most people are not aware of how dolphins suffer in captivity. I urge you to watch the documentary The Cove and go to Ric O’Barry’s dolphin project online. Also please ask Jakarta Animal Aid Network for more information on why it is cruel to keep dolphins in captivity, and in particular the efforts to stop dolphin captivity in Bali. Please also go to balifreecaptive dolphins Please encourage wild dolphin watch tours; it is always best to observe dolphins in their natural habitat. Thank you for your attention. Sincerely, Cheri B.

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High Alert Flash Floods in Bali By Skye Laphroaig

During the wet season, violent weather frequently o c c u r s i n I n d o n e s i a . Downpours can cause severe flooding and mudslides that destroy homes and buildings. The recent season of heavy rains in Bali has prompted authorities to place the Bali Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) on a state of “high alert” in anticipation of flooding, landslides and damage caused by high winds. Extreme wet weather swamped Denpasar as the islands sewage and drainage systems failed to drain away knee-high, polluted water, causing damage and illness. During the last quarter of 2011, hours of torrential rain triggered the worst flooding Denpasar has seen in decades, as rivers overflowed and submerged at least 135 houses, damaged bridges and cut off major roads. As many as 995 families were forced to temporarily vacate their homes, while one man went missing after being swept away by the floodwater. Severe flooding was reported in at least 12 locations throughout Denpasar. The centers data showed that in 2011 as many as 224 disasters were reported from across Bali. One farmer in Denpasar reported that rain had ‘washed away all the paddy seeds’ from his tiny rice field. He blamed the increasing situation on several concrete buildings that surround his rice field, blocking an irrigation tunnel. “I will have to clean out the trash from the narrowing tunnel,” Suardana said. In the past, Kerobokan area had hundreds of hectares of paddy fields, and was never affected by flooding. However Kerobokan is fast becoming one of Bali’s most expensive residential and business sites, home now to luxury villas and hotels. Farmers like Suardana are becoming a minority group in the Seminyak and Kerobokan areas, which are dominated by housing, mostly for foreigners. FLASH FLOODING Flash floods are distinguished from regular floods by a timescale of less than six hours. Flooding occurs when precipitation falls too quickly on saturated soil or dry soil that has ‘poor absorption ability’. The runoff collects in low-lying areas and rapidly flows downhill. Flash floods most often occur in normally dry areas that have recently received precipitation, but may be seen anywhere downstream, many miles from the source. Human activities can also cause floods to occur such as blocked rivers and sewers causing damage in urban areas. Experts have blamed the progressively worsening floods in the heavily developed south, on a dwindling amount of land serving as water catchment areas as property developer’s snatch up large tracts of land to build hotels and holiday villas. River ecosystems are in critical condition due to the development along riverbeds. Only 162 of Bali’s 400 rivers are in good condition, while forests have been reduced from 30 percent to 22 percent of the island’s total areas. FLOOD WARNING LIGHTS Floods often cause damage to homes and businesses and while flood damage can be virtually eliminated by moving populations away from rivers and other bodies of water, people live and work by the water to seek sustenance and capitalize on the gains of commerce by being near water. The fact that humans continue to inhabit areas threatened by flood damage shows the value of living near water must exceed the cost of repeated periodic flooding. Last year ‘flash flood’ warning lights were installed in Bali. One unit in Tukad Badung, near Peken Badung, the island’s largest traditional market, and another one on the Tukad Mati, near

Demak temple. These warning lights and sirens sounded as waters rose on November 8, 2012, alerting local residents to the danger. However more warning units are needed for future safety of residents. FATALITIES What makes flash floods most dangerous is their sudden nature and rapidly moving water. A vehicle provides little protection against being swept away and may make people overconfident and less likely to retreat. More than half of the fatalities attributed to flash floods are people swept away in vehicles when trying to cross flooded-intersections. As little as 2 feet (0.61 m) of water is enough to carry away most SUV-sized vehicles. There weather may seem clear, when unexpectedly a river forms around the vehicle in a matter of seconds. A lack of regular rain to clear water channels can often mean flash floods are headed by large amounts of debris, such as rocks, branches, and logs. Flooding can result from the volume of water within a body of water, which overflows or breaks levees, resulting in some of the water escaping its usual boundaries, or it can be due to accumulation of rainwater on saturated ground in an areal flood. According to the agency’s Head of Meteorology Information, Hary Tirto Djatmiko, there are three factors that cause intensifying rainfall, namely warm temperature in the Indonesian waters, La Nina phenomenon and supply of air mass from the Indian Ocean. In some areas rainfall reaches above 30 millimeters. DISASTER PRONE REGIONS There are six tsunami early warning systems in Bali, all located in the Denpasar area and southern areas of Bali. When there is imminent danger of an approaching tsunami an evacuation is officially ordered, the sirens will sound continuously for three minutes. This is based on a fully automatic system, which detects when water recedes. Sirens are also used to alert people to flood dangers from the two main Denpasar rivers. The provincial government of Bali has been said to have allocated US$2.1 million in 2013 for disaster mitigation plus another Rupiah 10 billion (US$1.02 million) to fund the operation of the Crisis Center and to pay for a public awareness campaign aimed at disaster-prone regions. During the heavy rainy season, various natural disasters are likely to occur everywhere. Some more vulnerable areas of Bali are prone to landslides, floods and strong winds. They are Buleleng, Bangli, Tabanan and Karangasem. Flooding is a concern in parts of Bali’s capital of Denpasar due to poor drainage. FLOOD MANAGEMENT IN BALI The EOC/Pusdalops PB (Emergency Operations Center of Bali Province) was created with funding from the French Red Cross to function as a control center for disaster management. It has an extensive data and Information base, which operates the tsunami early warning systems (TEWS) and coordinates center operation for disaster and emergency service response in times of flooding. The EOC has a website called “Bali Safety” and has published a pamphlet in English giving helpful information on how to react during disaster. The Bali Disaster Mitigation Center is housed in an earthquakeproof building donated by the French government, just 500 meters from the governor’s office in Renon. It is constantly connected to a sophisticated network of early warning and surveillance devices, including tsunami buoys and closed-circuit televisions, installed in strategic places across the island. The center focuses on campaigns to increase public awareness, increase the government

agencies capacity to mount an effective response, and develop a reliable database on disaster-prone regions. Natural disasters have plagued Indonesia, namely t s u n a m i , hurricanes, floods, and landslides. I met with the Head of Renon BPBD, Pak Dewa Made Indra, to discover how he coordinates efforts and finances such emergency operations. When were you established? The French Red Cross donated the Crisis Centre Building in 2009. 42 staff members currently operate on a 24-hour basis and are divided into four groups operating three shifts per day to support Emergency Service Response (EOC). What is the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPD)? The Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana is the official nationwide umbrella organization for disaster management. Its main task is to provide guidance and direction for the efforts of disaster management including disaster prevention, emergency response, rehabilitation and reconstruction. Who does the BNBP coordinate with? The BNPD coordinates with 37 ministries and institutions, 33 Provincial Disaster Mitigation Agencies (Badan Penanggulangan Bencana Daerah or BPBD) and 388 regency offices. The intention of setting up the BNPB at the central level and the BPBD at the provincial and district/city level is so disaster management initiatives can be managed in a comprehensive manner at the disaster sites. What causes flash floods in Bali? The problem in areas such as Kuta and the south is that when we experience heavy rain for a sustained period of time, the water doesn’t drain away quickly enough, because of the depressed topography and the poor drainage systems. Describe a recent landslide On March 14, 2012 a flood and landslide ripped t h r o u g h Belandingan village in Kintamani, Bangli, and 60 kilometers northeast of D e n p a s a r, claiming at least six lives. The search and rescue team from the administration found access roads were impassable. The location team passed mounds of soil and uprooted trees and discovered that eight out of 14 landslides had blocked the access road. What are the hazards for clean-up workers? Dangers include water, which has been polluted by mixing with overflow from sanitary sewers. Electrical hazards, carbon monoxide exposure, stress, motor vehicle-related dangers, drowning, and exposure to hazardous materials. How should people cope with floods? Stay inside and on alert if a heavy rainfall occurs for more than two hours. What positive steps has the government taken? Since the 2004 devastating earthquake and tsunami in Aceh, the Indonesian government has taken some concrete steps towards formulating an effective nationwide disaster management plan, not only to counter the aftermath of disasters but also to prevent or reduce the impact of impending disasters. What funding assistance do you require at BPBD? We need funding to support vehicles, staff, capacity, and new buildings. We plan to create an SMS gateway where people must register their number. We also require more help from private sectors to approach Indonesian partners. BPBD Denpasar operates a 24/7-call center Hotline :0361-251177

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Since 1999 Bali Krisna Service CV, has been the number one and most trusted domestic employee agency in Bali, specialising in housemaids, babysitters and nannies. We can provide domestic placement for • Babysitters • Housekeeping • Gardeners • Cooks • Cleaners • Security • And more English and Indonesian speaking, permanent or temporary, live in and out are available.


w w w. b a l i k r i s n a s e r v i c e . c o m Tel: (0361) 744 6932, 264738 Hp. 081 2365 4977 ~ 9am - 5pm C/Es/I-16 May 12

Executive Chef/Resort Manager (Expat) A talented, motivated, energetic and creative Chef is required to assist in the setup and daily running of a brand new Beach Club Restaurant/Bar in Nusa Lembongan. Resort with 17 rooms and 2 F&B outlets. Salary negotiable. Email CV and recent photograph to <andre@>. [012] Jewelry workshop looking for PPIC with 1 year experience; Merchandiser & E-Commerce with perfect English and Computer Skill; Shop Attendant with good English, send your CV and Photo to <>. [013]

NC/Es/1 May 13


POSITIONS AVAILABLE: EAM Rooms (Expat) - Thailand VP (Sales &) Marketing - Jakarta Reservation Manager – Batam Food & Beverage Manager (Expat/Local) - Nusa Dua Executive Chef (Expat) – Jimbaran Sous Chef – Sumba Personal Assistant/Office Manager – Kuta Accountant – Sumba Training Manager - Nusa Dua

Director of Operations – Jakarta Director of Sales & Marketing (Expat/Local) - Nusa Dua Reservations Coordinator – Sumba Food & Beverage Manager – Sumba Executive Sous Chef (Expat) - Philippines Executive Secretary - Nusa Dua Rooms Division Manager – Uluwatu Training Manager – Sumba Chief Security - Nusa Dua

Our service is completely free of charge for candidates Please send your CV to For more jobs, please visit Jalan Dewi Sri, Blok C, Nr 3 • Kuta, Bali, Indonesia • Tel / Fax: +62/361.763.324 C/Es/G-1 May 13

The best selection of candidates for all positions and all levels. All candidates are pre-selected to simplify your choice, saving your time

POSITIONS AVAILABLE: Fin & Acc Manager Sales Manager Fashion Oper Mgr Senior Architect Marketing Manager Office Manager Web Programmer Project Manager Chief Engineer HRD Manager VISAS AND PERMITS Business / Social - Entry and Exit KITAS - Work Permits Company Formation PMA - PT - CV - Local For additional jobs and information visit: CVs welcome for all positions No fee to applicants - completely confidential Tel. 769073 Istana Kuta Galeria PM1 No. 18 C/Es/1 May 13

NC/Es/17 Apr 13

NC/Es/1 May 13



01 May - 15 May, 2013

BUSINESS SERVICES Private teacher Bahasa Indonesian for foreigner. Dwi 0813 3870 5158, <dwi.>. [074] <>. Professional Photographer. Product Photograpy. [654] Work from home, or the beach, or your home on the beach. Ready for an Internet Lifestyle? Free info <p ro elead@gm ail. com>. [ 947] Professional Photography services. Affordable price. Call: 0813 1017 7700 < w w w. A r i o s G a l l e r y. com>. [708] Get those product photos now! For your website or paper advertisement. Why wait? <hejphotos@gmail. com> or SMS 0819 3601 4449 for info. [500] Web Designer. I can help you to develop website with personal price, including hosting or domain name also printing project. Call 781 7447 or 081 2389 5551 for further discuss or portfolio please visit the website: <>. [554] Established jewelry production business for sale. Fully foreign-owned PMA/PT complete with all licenses. Talented staff. <jewel_biz@>. Serious inquiries only. [966]

Avian Veterinarian, Has 15years experience working in Bird park. Contact/ Maryke: 081 2360 0226. [897] Nias Local travel company seeking business partner/ investor/ boat owner to create Around Nias islands surf safaris/adventures onboard. Further info <oichodasurfcamp@gmail. com>. [934] Looking for knitting supplies and apparel? Contact us (022) 7671 9989, mobile 081 742 9439, email: <loebambanghartono@>. [946] Babysitter Freelance speak English, Mandarin, Kantonis. 0812 1828 5836, 0878 6203 0674. [947] Specialized in making 3D for Architectural/Interior based on your CAD. <ryan.> / 0819 9907 1105. [979] Indonesian language training @ your location, experienced in teaching Indonesian to foreigners. Contact Ms. Gracesima: 0821 468 501 75 / email: <learn.speak.indonesian@>. [898] Composite decking specialist & carpentery. E-mail: <woodworking.> / 0819 9985 7305. [033]

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Private Piano, Solfege, theory of music for young learners. Please email <tropicalgardenmusic@>. [993] Private Lesson Drawing Painting call <butiklukis. com>. [998] Learn English/Bahasa with professional graduated female English tutor for every age. Call : 0856 9456 2639. [004] CILUKBA. Our baby photography sessions are available in Denpasar and throughout the south of Bali, either in the relaxed surroundings of your home or at location of your choice. More info about packages mail to <> or check <www. cilukbabyphotografika.>. [524]

NC/Es/1 May 13

Project Management Specialist Project management services for private villas to commercial villa developments no job to small. Unsurpassed quality assurance by Australian builder/electrician. Can assist you from conceptual design, engineering and building approvals to a highly polished handover. For your peace of mind we deliver on budget and on time, call Greg today for a chat. P: +62 812 4643 7251 or E: <kreatifliving@gmail. com>. [956] C/Es/1 May 13

A US-based company, a leading worldwide supplier for both fresh and frozen seafood is recruiting employees for below positions, who are able to work both independently and co-operatively and to balance flexibility, meeting tight deadlines, accuracy, enterprise and creativity with a good sound knowledge of common sense. With roughly a hundred colleagues worldwide, the scope to grow globally and personally is immense.

1. LOGISTICS STAFF Under the management and supervision of the Purchasing Manager, will be responsible for all export/import activities Minimum Requirements : • Bachelor’s degree in related field • Minimum of 2 years experience in logistics, administration and EXPORT IMPORT • Understand export-import regulation • Sound communication skills in English and Bahasa Indonesia • Demonstrated computing skills and abilities, particularly in MS applications (Word and Excel) • Strong negotiation and interpersonal skills • Experience in logistics management • Good interpersonal and communication skills • Ability to work with minimum supervision • Conscious about meeting deadlines • Detailed oriented

2. GENERAL ADMIN STAFF Under the management and supervision of the HR Manager, s/he will be responsible for: • Reception, including answering the telephone and welcoming visitors to the field office • To manage and supervise the Office Boy • To review the houses lease and make recommendations and negotiation of the price if necessary. • To maintain a good filing system and file documents to ensure efficient administration of the field office. • To arrange and distribute all incoming and outgoing correspondence. • To arrange for the office accommodation and facilities, such as furniture, telephones, meeting rooms. • To provide stationary, cleaning supplies and food stock and ensuring supplies are available in close coordination with Office Boy. • To make travel arrangements and hotel bookings for local & international travel. • To maintain the cleanliness office and staff house premises. • Giving induction to new staff about administration • Other duties may be assigned from time to time and which are commensurate with the position including assisting Director & Purchasing Manager when they are in Bali office or as required. Minimum Requirements : • Bachelor’s degree in related field • Minimum of 2 years’ experience in administration • Minimum 1-year experience of accounting and knowledge • Good knowledge of English both writing & speaking • Appropriate university education or diploma in secretary, administration, or accounting • Excellent knowledge of computer programs (Excel, Spreadsheets, internet) • Good interpersonal skills • Able to work under pressure and tight deadline

WE ARE CELEBRATING 15 YEARS OF SUCCESS IN ASIA Are you someone who is focused, driven with an outgoing personality and not afraid of hard work or success? Are you someone who won’t take NO for an answer? If so, then read on... Due to further expansion in Asia we currently have openings for Sales Representatives and working TO’s.This is a superb opportunity to be part of a busy sales team with one of the finest brands in Asia. Sales Applicants should be • Highly motivated with excellent communication skills both written and oral • Fun, Energetic and committed to customer satisfaction, a real people person • Success Driven, Stable & Reliable • A natural ability to overcome objections • No experience in the industry is required as you will receive full training to build a career in an exciting environment As well as the above, we are accepting applications for Sales Management positions. Management applicants should have the following attributes • A proven track record of Sales Management and results • Ability to motivate a multi national sales team For a confidential and immediate consideration please send a recent CV to: or call +62 (0) 8311 4722 006 to arrange an interview

Please send CV and current photograph to Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. NC/Es/1 May 13

NC/Es/1 May 13

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01 May - 15 May, 2013


Expat seeking employment as Project Manager / Supervisor or can build for you. 081 2362 9939. <balicontractor@dps.>. [050] I’m looking for part time job. Working at home, have internet connection. Experienced in admin and Accounting. Speak English and Bahasa. <madedewi83@ gmail. com>. [925] Male 21 years old, looking for position in hotel or restaurant. 089 9012 8847. [246] Pool Cleaner, Experience. Call 0813 5398 5917. [977]

Accountant, tax consultant, Quickbooks expert 0878 6002 2239 / <anggra1@>. [787] Need Nanny or Cleaning Service Part time? Please c o n ta c t 0823 3942 9 8 8 7 . [7 9 1 ] Looking for job, male, 26 years old, tourism background. Experienced in butcher. Please call/SMS 0857 3867 6756. [245] Graphics designer for Branding, Marketing tools, webdesign, merchandising, etc. Tito 0878 5183 5854 <>, portfolios: <www.tythoadji.>. [978]

Restaurant in Seminyak is now looking for the position of:

Chief Accountant Female, Great attitude Experienced, MYOB knowledge is a plus. Will have great benefits, private health insurance. Please send cv to:


Urgently needed SALES PERSON for fashion company Experienced, fluent English verbal & written. Familiar with POS system, Photoshop and logistic. Summary responsibilities 1. Meet clients, explain & promote product / brand 2. Take orders & boost sales 3. Invoicing & follow up until delivery 4. Costing & price list 5. Correspondence w/clients and problem solving 6. Shipping and logistic documentation 7. Sales admin for Retail, Consignment & Wholesale Please send CV & recent photo to

NC/Es/1 May 13

NC/Es/1 May 13

A well-established restaurant in Seminyak is looking for:

Restaurant Manager / Asst. Restaurant Manager Indonesian Citizen, at least 30 years of age with good F & B knowledge, charming, great people skills, great package and benefits including private health insurance. Please send CV to: NC/Es/1 May 13

Expat long termed stay is searching for challenging fulltime management position at a reliable company. Over 10 years experience in the retail business. Motivated, team player and hardworking. English & Dutch speaking, understand Bahasa. For CV <> / 0819 3601 4449. [595]

Ingin mencari pekerjaan Bag. Admin. 081-337-50999-6. [989] Woman 47yrs, experience and familiar w. new company set up & legality, immigration, labor law looking for job as HR Mgr/PA call 0361 - 888 0012 or email <kadek_>. [014]

K U T A S Q U A R E Invites you to join us as: STORE SUPERVISOR, SPG(B), STOCKER, CASHIER Must have relevant experience in retail sector, Possess spoken & written English is a must, Japanese is a plus, Computer literate & Well-groomed.

Billabong, Kuta Square, Blok A 8/9 Or email us to: NC/Es/1 May 13

NC/Es/1 May 13

NC/Es/1 May 13

Community Part33of of69 Community Groups Events Part  (See all Community Groups at

Canasta Club Creativity and Innovation Network Join us to play Canasta every Wednesday 6 - 8pm at the Have you ever wondered what Apple did to come up with a Sunset Club, Jln. Sari Dewi, just behind the Oberoi Hotel. global product loved by millions? How would you like to be in the next person to develop the product of the future? Perhaps Christian City Church Bali (C3 Church) just to know where the business trends are heading and how Service Every Sunday 10.30am Bi-lingual – (English & to position your business in all of this. If so, then the Creativity Indonesian) & C3 Kids Church 10.30am at C3 Church - Jalan and Innovation Network is for you. We keep focused on what Raya Puputan 108, 2nd floor, Renon, Denpasar. opposite major trends are shaping the world and your business and Renon Central Post Office. Join us for our East meets West share the knowledge, tools and connections to help you style Contemporary Worship Service. We are a branch of C3 position your company in this future. We also run workshops Australia & C3i Global. All welcome. Wedding, Funeral & with the precise tool and techniques to unleash creativity and Counseling services in English avail. Contact: Pastors Wayan innovation within you. To find out more or to join now call 0819 & Gayle Dwije Ph. 081 856 7802 email <>, 3307 6686. <> Crisis Care Centre The Crisis Care Foundation-Lovina-Bali situated in the CHN (Cats Have Needs) village of Dusun Lebah-Kaliasem-Lovina- provides FREE CHN is a foundation that saves stray cats, if you would like medical/social care to the poorest of the poor. Your help is to help us by donating cat food, toys or cat accessories urgently required. Make a difference and improve the quality we would greatly appreciate it. We also need sponsors and of life for so many by contributing your time or clothing, non if you would like to sponsor us we would be very happy. For perishable foods or medicine and of course funding if you can. more information, please call Siomara at (0361) 730 626 We have many programs of aid which you may like to get between 4:00 and 8:00 pm weekdays only. involved with. For more information see our website at <> Contact us by e-mail at <Balicrisiscare@ Christian Charismatic Worship Service in Kuta> or 081 2377 4649 and speak to Gloria or our English language, interdenominational, Sunday 10:30 am at team of dedicated staff. Letters etc. can be sent to: Crisis Care, Kasih Karunia, Jl. Raya Kuta, 382 (between Bank Bukopin Nyungsangyang, Kaliasem, Lovina Bali. and Bank Dewangga Bali Artha; 500 m from Super Nova Dept. Store). You may bring your picnic lunch and enjoy Debtors Anonymous fellowship after the service. Sponsored by Assemblies of For the person who has problems with debt, Under-earning, God. Call Fien at 755 291 or Chris at 081 7340 117. All and/or Compulsive Spending which are causing suffering in welcome. their lives or the lives of others, Debtors Anonymous offers a program that has worked for many. Debtors Anonymous is a Christian Worship Service - Nusa Dua Fellowship of men and women who share their experience, Morning Star International Church (MSIC), Bali Hilton strength and hope with each other that they may solve their International Hotel Nusa Dua at Samudra room. Every common problem and help others to recover from compulsive Sunday morning at 09:00am - 10.00am. Bi-lingual (2 debting. Membership is free, and we have no affiliation with languages : Indonesian & English). Contact Mr. Bambang any organizations outside of Debtors Anonymous including Suryono, Telp. 776 212 Hp. 0812 398 0522 or email: governments, religions, law enforcement groups, or medical <>. and psychiatric associations. We offer recovery from the

effects of money issues through working a twelve-step program, including regular attendance at group meetings. For help please call 0858-5731-3512 or email <balida2013@>. Dharma Nature Time & Yayasan Dharma Samuan Tiga Dharma Nature Time is an international foundation and co-operative of foundations supporting interculture in cultural environments through sharing in the arts, religiosity and nature. In Bali we collaborate with Yayasan Dharma Samuan Tiga in support of rejuvenation of traditional arts. In Tejakula, North Bali we work together with a community of local and international artists and educators in support of workshops and programs at Wantilan Teja Samudragiri. Sharing programs are open to all levels of society-bringing together both informal and formal educational approaches. The foundation also supports documentation, workshop scholarships and facilities. For information or to join please contact: Dharma Nature Time, c/o Wantilan Teja Samudragiri, PO Box 213, Singaraja, Bali 8 11 0 0 I n d o n e s i a . Te l / f a x : ( + 6 2 ) 3 6 2 2 8 5 5 8 o r e-mail:<>, web: <www.>. Double Your Sales Network Want to double or even triple your sales in 4-6 months? Want to get the competitive advantage? How about having 10-20 people giving you business referrals? Then the Double Your Sales Network is for you. We meet on a weekly basis to solve business referrals and to learn some of the most succesful sales strategies modelled from world-class sales and business people. The results are guaranteed. To find out more or to join now call 0819 3307 6686. East Bali Poverty Project A non - profit organisation helping malnourished and illiterate children and their families towards a better future. For more information please call David or Tri at 0361- 410071 / 419741 or email: <>.

COMMUNITY GROUPS is free for all non profit activities, groups, etc. For your group to be listed here contact: Bali Advertiser Tel. 755 392 / Fax. 764 191 or email : Please notify our office for any corrections or changes. Let’s keep this up to date!

Place your ad online at


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al Estate • e R r al Esta B e t e s e ti ser R eal Estate • Ba al Exotiq Property Bali & Lombok SALES POSITION AVAILABLE Exotiq Property Seminyak is hiring TWO SALES AGENTS to meet the demands of today‘s rapidly expanding market.




• A rare freehold villa in Seminyak • Sitting on 403sqm of land, this charming villa comes fully furnished • Two-storey, three bedrooms en-suite, spacious living and dining area, modern Western kitchen, a bale, tropical garden and a 12 x 4 metre swimming pool • Prime location for a private residence or a high returning holiday rental • Walking distance to restaurants, shops, spas, beach and boutiques

Position includes: ‡ GENEROUS COMMISSION ‡

For Sale USD 900,000 Patrick Clancy +62 (0)817 973 3031 Seminyak Office +62 (0)361 737 358



Nusa Dua

• • • •

• • • • •

For Sale USD 395,000 Patrick Clancy +62 (0)817 973 3031 Seminyak Office +62 (0)361 737 358

For Sale IDR Luki Purwanti+62 (0)819 998 491 23 Jimbaran Office +62 (0)361 703 208

Contemporary beachside residence in Petitenget A beautiful private residence with three main bedrooms on 240sqm of land Offered for 25-year leasehold with option to extend for another 15 years Set in tropical gardens with frameless glass walls, the villa features a large living room, large swimming pool, a full kitchen, timber floors and multimedia equipment • Situated within an earshot of beautiful Petitenget Beach and famous restaurants

Jimbaran Beach • • • • •


OWNER MUST SELL, and any serious offer above USD 1.2 million will be considered Freehold - 4 bed villa modern design which enjoys uninterupted ocean views A stunning Indian slate tiled 15x7m swimming pool, a Bale with panoramic views Fantastic lifestyle investment – must see! 20 minutes from the airport



Located In the Heart of Seminyak! Leasehold 27 years - The villa, set on 500 square meters of land, ideal for a family home Fantastic location in this fashionable and sought-after area The ground floor is comprised of a large kitchen, dining and lounge area A surprising rooftop garden and BBQ area boasting stunning views


• The tranquility of the Balinese life in Berawa • Total of 1,036sqm of land on 41 years lease plus another 15 years extension option • Luxuriously furnished & decorated, all six bedrooms have a breathtaking view of rice fields and swimming pool, and you can enjoy the sun on the different terraces all day • Ideal for one or several families, or just with friends • 10 minutes drive from Seminyak, 1km to Canggu Club and 2km to the beach

Nusa Dua • • • • • •


An Unforgettable and Rare Cliff-front Opportunity Awaits Freehold - 1,130 sq metres of beautiful cliff-front land Zoned for residential development and with an IMB (building license) already issued Unobstructed Indian Ocean views with additional views over the surrounding islands. Boasting 29 meters of picturesque cliff-frontage, 20 meters above sea-level. Just a short drive to the heart of Nusa Dua

For Sale USD 1,700,000 Stephen Williams +62(0)857 381 285 89 Jimbaran Office +62 (0)361 703 208

For Sale USD 495,000 Jack Mitchell +62 (0)812 398 887 30 Jimbaran Office +62 (0)361703 208

For Sale USD 1,500,000 Siti Purba +62 (0) 878 628 220 02 Jimbaran office (62) 361 703 208


• • • • •


Luxury Four Bedroom Villa in Exclusive Gated Estate Freehold - Spacious single level villa is located within an exclusive gated estate Featuring four spacious bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms Ideally suited as a family home Located 20 minutes from Airport and short drive to Nusa Dua



For Sale from USD 890,000 Patrick Clancy +62 (0)817 973 3031 Seminyak Office +62 (0)361 737 358

Email CV to



Tampak Siring

BC- L594

• Rare land to step in with precious rice paddy view • 24.000 sqm freehold land with private access • Located close to Mount Agung and about 30 minutes from central Ubud • Perfect for investment

For sale IDR,Mediani +62 (0)815 4721 9369 Sanur Office +62 (0)361 28 7642


Nusa Lembongan


• Perfect plot to build a villa with spacious garden • Freehold land with an area 1475 sqm, located in Puhu village Payangan • From the location we can see the valley and rice field view • Far from the hustle and bustle of urban life, suitable as a place of retreat and calm.

• Investment property in good location • Each spacious suite consist of two bedrooms with a Queen size bed, Living room, Dining area and fully equipped kitchen • Private pool with wooden deck to enjoy the lovely Bali sun • Settled in 100 sqm freehold land and 100 sqm building size

• Fantastic villa in Neighbour Island • Located on the north of Nusa Lembongan. Situated just 50 m away from the beautiful white sandy beach of Tamarind bay • Settled in 500 sqm freehold land and 300 sqm building size • Selling included Rental permit, Fully furnished, Booking page and Web page. Perfect for investment

For sale IDR 1,032,500,000 Mediani +62 (0)815 4721 9369 Sanur Office +62 (0)361 28 7642

For sale IDR 2,500,000,000 Mediani +62 (0)815 4721 9369 Sanur Office +62 (0)361 28 7642

For sale AUD 582,000 Mediani +62 (0)815 4721 9369 Sanur Office +62 (0)361 28 7642 C/Re/G-1 May 13


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

01 May - 15 May, 2013

APARTMENT IN SEMINYAK Monthly - Yearly Rental. 2 storey 1 Bedroom, A/C, bath, balcony Lounge/kitchenette. Wifi and cable TV Daily housekeeping. Shared plunge pool 08123668110 NC/RE/M-1 May. 13



Freehold land for sale in Tumbak Bayuh. 15.5 Are. Good for investment or building. Asking price 250 Million per Are (Negotiable). Contact Putu 081 7977 2720. [6805]

Villa for rent: area 3 are, 2 bedroom, living room, kitchen, aircondition, hot water, swimming pool, big garden. Contact Made: 081 2363 0309 / 0819 1665 9151. [4134]

House for rent 3 bedrooms with furniture and AC, 3 bathroom, kitchen, small garden, ricefield view, Rp. 36 juta/year. Jln. Raya Kayutulang, Umabuluh Perum. Mahesatama Graha Bambu Kuning no. 11, Canggu. SMS/call 0878 6162 8282. [6812] Shop for rent in Jalan Raya Canggu, 4m x 8m, 4 and half years Rp. 155 million ( nego ), AC, small office and glass mirror included, 2200 watt. Call 0813 3891 4000. [6823] For rent, modern 3 bedrooms villa near Canggu Club, private pool, fully furnished. Land 400m2. 20 million/month, 170 million/year. Call/SMS 0858 5726 9576, e-mail : <>. [6824] 2 Bedroom Joglo House for Rent in Babakan Canggu. 2 Spacious A/C Bedrooms with private bathroom. Big living area with kitchen. Pool and garden. Weekly and monthly available. <>. [6833] GLADAK for sale - Teakwood house ideal for living or outdoor/porch. Adapted with glass to have more natural light. Easy relocation. No foundations required. Area 60 sqmtr. 150 Juta. Please e-mail : <quicocunha@gmail. com>. [6834]

4 bedrooms villa for rent (daily / monthly) in Canggu. Close to Canggu Club, Berawa & Ecobeach. Fully furnished, pool, etc. Call: 0816 865 097 (English), 0821 1788 8293 (Bahasa). See: <>. For sale: <>. [6234] Batubelig and Brawa, 200m from the beach, leasehold 30 years, renewable. Call 081 1224 7419 / <>. Contact Math. [6620] For rent 3 BDR villa ensuite, pool, fully furnished, ricefield, river view, Wifi, security, Indovision, 5 min to Canggu Club and Berawa Beach. Jalan Pantai Berawa Gg. Bisma. 0812 3672 2812, 0812 3619 9241. [6736] Sale (leasehold 25 years) private villa in Canggu. 3 bedroom / open living room / swimming pool / AC / Wifi / full furniture. Close to Canggu beach. Private carpark & garage. 0819 3300 3841. [6743] Rent new villa 2 bedroom, Pool, furnished, wifi, surrounded by ricefield, carpark, 5 minute from Canggu Club. Price: 2 years: 200 millions, 5 years: 450 millions, 10 years: 800 millions. Call: 081 9993 8303. [6747] Canggu area villa, ready for rent July/August, nice and quiet villa with nice garden, 1 km from Tugu beach, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, big living area in 170 sqmtr, fully furnished, deck pool 5m x 10m, staff included (maid, gardener, security). Week: 1200$, month: 4200$. 0819 1671 2667 / <>. [6755]

C/Re/G-1 May 13

2 storey, 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, furnished in Canggu. Close to Canggu Club and Canggu Deli. Tenant is moving back overseas and looking for new tenant fast!! House is in excellent condition. Please contact Diana ASAP on 0818 0548 4557. [6756]

A LARGE PROPERTY FOR MANUFACTURING/STORAGE/incl. RESIDENCE - Outstanding business opportunity 14 are property in Ubudâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s prime commercial area near Ubud mainstreet. Roadside parking and display area, 2 large storage sheds (140 + 270sqm), FREE broadband. Modern 3 bedroom residence and pretty backyard also on same premises. Also suited for a yoga school, restaurant or many other uses at the low lease rate of USD 150,000.- for 14 years, extendable.

For sale 30 years villa, 2 bedrooms, 2 en-suite bathrooms, full equiped kitchen, pool 8x4m, garden, parking, open livingroom, furnished, Wifi, 5 min to Canggu Club and Berawa Beach. 0819 3306 6804. <shinkenken@gmail. com>. [6758]

Call the present lessee direct:

800sqm land for sale, Canggu Berawa, close Canggu Club, direct owner to direct buyer, ground is filles up, ready to build, property is permanent walled. HP 0821 4499 8634. No agent please. [6762]

Berawa house for rent, 2 floors, garden, rice-field view, 800m from the beach, 4 bedrooms+aircon and safety-box, 3 bathrooms + hot water, kitchen, living-room, fully furnished, Wifi, TV/DVD. Electricity: 4400W. Rent: IDR 95 million/year or overcontract 8 years IDR 75 million/year. Contact 0878 6169 5069 or e-mail: <nissaculture@>. [6761]

Svein 0817561474 or 0361 978784 NC/RE/U-17 April. 13

NC/Re/I-01 May 13

Land for lease location in Canggu. 5 are, certificate, perfect for private villa or other invest. Access road, telp line, electricity. For inspection please call 081 6474 8261 or 081 2395 4335. [6766] Villa for rent in Canggu Echo Beach, available from June 20 to Sept 20, beautiful view on greenbelt, very quiet, 3 double bed, pool, fully equipped incl. internet Wi-Fi unlimited. 0812 108 8087. [6773] Villa for rent in Canggu area: 10 area with beautiful view, 4 bdr, pool, garden, housekeeping, for rent weekly and monthly. May and June only. Contact: <paris_bali@yahoo. com>; photos: <http://bali-villa-nauli.>. [6774] Dijual 2 plot tanah Freehold, river view, Desa Cempaka â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Canggu (sebelah Devatas). 14,4 dan 9,9 ara. Sms ke 0815-1037 0648 atau E: <>. [6782] Villa for rent, monthly, weekly, in Pererenan, Canggu, Echo Beach. 3 bedroom, 2 bedroom available in the end of May. All room with AC, internet high speedy, TV, swimming pool, full furnished with staff. Phone: 0878 6152 4094. E-mail: <>. [6574] URGENT Echo Beach sublease. 20 meters from the beach, full ocean view. 70 sqm restaurant / bar / shop venue ready to open. 5 years lease (extendable), Price: 160jt per year. Contact: Alex 0813 5313 0002 or <>. [6798] FREEHOLD 16-Are hidden high-class 4-bedroom villa for sale Canggu. Jungle/river border - classic/characteristic design-high quality materials - widely measured landscaped garden - free shaped pool. USD 900.000, no agents. Direct owner 0877 6100 6922 / <van.balder@>. [6804] NC/Re/G-01 May 13

Bali Advertiser


WA ● ● ●

Real Estate

01 May - 15 May, 2013

Restaurant for lease

Distressed restaurant Ground floor / min seating 40

Must have good foot traffic Parking would be preferable Will consider a Joint Venture

E-mail: NC/Re/P-01 May 13

LAND FOR RENT Seminyak: 3 are, 8 are, 10 are, 18 are, 40 are - prime location Umalas: 6 are, 8 are, 50 are, villa area, main access Canggu: 4 are, 5 are, 15 are, 22 are, 28 are, villa area, easy access


SEMINYAK-BATUBELIG: 3 are, 5.45 are, 20 are, 27 are, prime location UMALAS-KEROBOKAN: 1 are, 3 are, 4 are, 6.75 are, 12 are, villa area CANGGU: 3 are, 4 are, 7 are, 9 are, 13 are, 18 are, 50 are, villa area JIMBARAN: 29 are, 55 are, 75 are, 1H, 1.5H, 3.6H, ocean view, cliff front TABANAN: 10 are, 12 are, 20 are, 27 are, 42 are, 77 are, villa area, rice filed, beachfront CALL: 081236333693, 08179725265 Email: C/Re/A-1 May 13


Jl. Kayu Aya 77x, Seminyak 80361, Bali Phone +62 (0) 361 737358 Patrick +62(0) 817 973 3031



Seminyak 17 month overcontract, 2 bedroom, pool, fully furnished. Monthly rate. Available 210,000,000 to Sept. 15 2014. New Canggu villa 24 years 24th/08/2037. 2 bathroom, 2 bedroom, pool, livingroom, kitchen, dining room. No agents. 0819 3626 5914 / 0823 4166 7577. [6795]

3 bedroom villa at Drupadi & 4 bedroom at Kunti Seminyak. Daily or weekly. Swimming pool, daily maid, Wi-Fi, hot water, open living and kitchen. And also have 2 bedrooms in Legian. Please call +62 819 1636 2285. [3866]

Highseason Villa Rental (18.6-27.7.) 2 br, 1 kidsroom. 2 bathrooms, pool, garden w.swings, trampoline, 5 min walk from famous Kudeta beach and Oberoi restaurants. Only for families.120US$ per day/nego if longer. Absolutely no agents. E-mail for photos: <>. [6796] Beautiful two/three bedrooms villa behind Bintang. Near beach. Petitenget (20 years) and Sunset Point. Central location. Pool, garden, FF, also two bedrooms, no pool, good price long term. 081 7979 9922, 0857 1109 3547. <>. [6434] Luxury villa Oberoi available short term/long term: 2 oversized bedroom en-suites with pool, garden, kitchen, living, dining - over 650m2. Wifi-daily-housekeeping-satellite TV-fully furnished. 100m from La Lucciola Beach. Please email <> for info, photos & rates. [6813] Seminyak/Legian coming available, lovely, clean, cosy, fully furnished 2br, 2 bathrm house. Secure, safe and great location. Close to everything. Avail July for 1 year lease. Aust. $10.500. Email: <> or Mob. Bali: 0813 5337 6915. [6814] Villa with private pool for rent availabe 2 months only May & June. 1 bedroom fully furnished Rp. 25 million for 2 months nego. If one year the price is Rp. 125 million nego. 0857 3920 9947 / 0823 4135 4739. [6816] House for rent 3 bedrooms, garage, small garden, big livingroom, 2 bathroom. 10 minutes from Bali Deli Seminyak. Rp. 38 million per year nego. Fully furnished. Can pay one year at the time. 0857 3920 9947 / 0823 4135 4739. [6817] New-nice-quiet 2 bedrooms villa at Yudhistira1 for rent daily-weekly-monthly. AC, DVD, SatTV, free broadband WiFi, hotwater, prvtpool, daily-cleaning. Please contact Widya; +62 857 3840 4300 / +62 878 6001 4133, email; <>, website; <>. [6822]

POA Freehold Petitenget Villa Two storey four bedroom villa on 650 sqm land Swimming pool and mature garden bordering river C/Re/G-1May 13

Italian restaurant

Jl.Saraswati - off Jl. Bidadari. 5mins to the heart of Seminyak. 4 bedrooms/ensuite in every room, AC, huge swimming pool, garden, maid quarter and overly expansive open plan joglo for lounge and kitchen. Now available for long term enquiries (min 5 years). Call 0878 6189 7970. [5647] Land for lease in the heart of Seminyak, Jl Drupadi, 7 are (700 sqm) IDR 14 million/are/year, 27+25 years ext. Jl Yudistira/Amanlane, 28. 1 are (2810 sqm) IDR 7 million / are/year, 29+25 years ext. Quiet and peaceful area, 6 meters road access, ready to build, suitable for villas. Please contact Putu 081 2380 6209 / email <bali-opportunity@>. [6479] FREEHOLD villa For Sale. Best location in Oberoi area. walking distance to the main street, and to the the beach. Modern minimalist style, 3 bedroom and bathroom, livingroom, kitchen, staffroom, s. pool, garden, gazebo and car park. Also freehold land for sale in Tabanan, great investment around Alila Soori resort area. 15 are - Rice paddy and ocean view located right in the main street. Land aspek (tittle) for accommodation/houses and ready to build. Contact (0361) 871 5116 / 0818 0551 4128. [6647] New villa for rent 2-3 bedroom in Seminyak. Daily, montly, yearly. SMS: 0858 5741 4147 or email: <zilverbeads123@>. [6740] Fully furnished 1,2 BR apt in a resort by Legian beach, daily, monthly, yearly. 2+3 bedrooms villa in Seminyak for daily rent. Brand new studio rooms with shared pool for $500 per month. Pls go <> or 081 759 1068. [6496] Umalas (Br. Kuwum) 245 m2 freehold Villa overlooking ricefield. Main street but quite. 3 ensuite bedroom, pool, living, dining, kitchen, maid’s quarter, garden, 2 carport. Fully furnished and decorated. Must sell. 0819 9938 2602. [6750] House for rent. 3 bedrooms, AC, 3 bathrooms, Wifi, safety box, international chanel TV, video, pool, open living & dining area. Fully furniture. Price: low season US$200/ night, high season US$250/night. For inspection call 081 6474 8261 or e-mail: <>. [6767] Leasehold land, 10 ares, 27 years, until 06/2040. Extension possible. Very good location, Nakula 1 area. Near Hammerhead, 5 min from Double 6 Beach. Buildable, IMB, electricity, phone available. IDR 9,8 millions/are/year. 0821 4618 5194 / 081 238 0000 62. [6608]

Reluctantly due to unforeseen circumstances, this THRIVING Restaurant has just come available for sale............. Seminyak - Seating for 100 pax - Outdoor/Garden Verandah Dining Area and Air Conditioned RoomExtensive Kitchen currently offering Food station dining and A La Carte menu, Stone Pizza Oven in the Garden Area - Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Selling Lock, Stock and Barrel - Includes Operating Licenses, PT Company and ALL Equipment, Furniture, Fixtures and Fittings - Only 1 year old - Leasehold 8.5 years remaining (already paid in full) with option to extend - Land 6 are - Building 3 are - Electric 7700 and 4200 - Large Parking Area.......... A seriously awesome opportunity for someone - this Restaurant has established itself very quickly in the market with their regular clientele coming back time and time again. A very solid business to buy as is, with huge potential to develop further........ Please contact 0812 3766 5436 NC/Re/G-20 March 13


2 bedroom villa for rent in the heart of Seminyak. 2 min from Kudeta Beach. Fully furnished, AC, Wifi, cable TV, pool, tropical garden, carpark. 5 are. 180 million/year. Minimum 2 years. Call/SMS: 0813 5335 7272. <>. [6769] 3 bedroom villa for rent in the heart of Seminyak. 2 min from Kudeta Beach. Fully furnished, AC, Wifi, cable TV, pool, tropical garden, carpark. 5 are. 190 million/year. Minimum 2 years. Call/SMS: 0813 5335 7272. <>. [6770] House available for rent: 1 bedroom airconed, cable TV, fully furnished & staffed, 5 minutes walk to Seminyak beach $1.300/month - from May 7-August 7. Call 0815 5800 3568. [6778] C/Re/U-17 April. 13

Quaint house available now for rent 50 mtrs from Seminyak beach, 1 bedroom airconed, fully furnished & staffed - $900/month. Call 0815 5800 3568. [6779] Villa for rent (100m2), 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, terrace (50m2), garden (350m2-no pool), sleeps 6, safe, quiet, furnished, AC, hot water, wifi, Indovision, maid, all inclusive. Rp. 11 million/month. Email: <uspjesanpomak@>, +385 9820 4115. [6786] House for rent Seminyak Jalan Dhyana Pura. Only 4 minutes walk to the beach. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, fully furnished, well, 4400W, AC, hot water, TV sat, price 250 milion -> 2 1/2 years. Contact Oliver 0819 1648 2383. [6631] Petitenget. AAA location. Gorgeous 4BR/4 Bath, furnished turn-key villa with private pool. Walking distance to the best beach clubs, boutiques and restaurants. Long-term. Call/SMS 0858 5747 8091. [6274] FULL package for sale. Jl. Drupadi restaurant 6 ara 4yr contract + 5 ext steps away from Oberoi st. Fully furnished, licensed & operating w/ kitchen, garden, floor, rooftop terrace & 2br + 1 ba private villa. Pls call 0813 3838 7178. [6795]

C/Re/G - 03 April 13


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

01 May - 15 May, 2013

SANUR Villa for rent daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Available 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms, fully furnished, hot & cold water, cable TV, swimming pool, parking lot, free Wifi, 5 minutes to the beach & International school. Call on: 0361 – 887 6679 / 081 138 5315, e-mail: <>. [6477] Residential houses, villas and lands in Sanur area for short and longterm or sale. For any request and appointment please call Murniati Agustina 081 2396 6744 or e-mail to <>. <www.>. [6558] A fantastic second home & great rental. Large © Bali Luxury Villa next to Bali Hyatt, Sanur. 3 large bedrooms, with private swimming pool, $329,000. Call or SMS 081 2381 4014 or 284 069. Email: <>. [6711] Freehold house 4are, pool, garden. Quiet, 2bed upstairs office, European kitchen. Bathrooom, phn line, unlimited broadband free satellite TV. Town water, offstreet parking, fruit trees, entertaining area, good security, IDR 2.500.000.000. Contact <>. [6768]




Weekly / Monthly / Yearly In a traditional Balinese house, KUTA AREA (Jalan Majapahit) 2 rooms apartment and single rooms also available. Fully furnished, daily cleaning, AC & TV, hot & cold water, Wi-Fi. Quiet area close to the beach and 10 minutes walking distance to the night life. Start at Rp. 2 million/month. Please call : 081.558.004.182 / 081.317.986.177 C/Re/U-06 Mar. 13

Apartment in Sanur Service apartment in Sanur with swimming pool is offered to rent! One bedroom with furniture, Kitchen, AC, Hot shower, Free Wi-Fi, Cable TV, Safety Box, Day time staff stay. There is a night security. Special Price for MONTHLY Rents Start from RP. 6,000,000/Month


Start from Rp.4,800,000/Month C/Re/I-01 May 13

Space available for lease short or long term (mezzanine floor) in Sanur Beach Hotel. Spacious, 12x6 meter, suitable for shop, showroom or office. Contact +62 361 28 8011, ask for Yuli or email <hsb.sales@aerowisatahotes. com>. [6825] Land for rent 1000m2 for 18 years in Batu Jimbar areaSanur. position side of Permata bank at Tamblingan st, fort rent shop 5x15m front of bank, for rent land for 20 years in Sekuta next to Br.Celuk Pasekuta Sanur. Please contact +62 878 6228 7008. [6826] For rent: House on Jl.Pungutan Sanur : 2 Bedrooms with AC + hot water, living room, kitchen, garage, servant room, garden. long term contract. Rp. 50 million per year. Please contact owner (Nyoman): 081 855 4595. [6828] New Cottage for rent in Sekuta Sanur. 1 bdr, lvg room, kitchen, a/c, hot water,and pool, walk to town and beach. IDR 7 mil per mo, 75 mil per year. free motorbike for the long term rent. Jl. Sekuta, Sanur / 0813 3957 5995. [6829] Storage space available for rent: Location is Jl Hang Tuah, between Renon and Sanur. Size 9 x 5 meter or a portion of that. Contact: <> or Call: 262 778. [6832] 8 are land for lease in Sanur, in a very private and secure location with many expat neighbours, please contact 0818 0568 1953. [6835]

Lovina, for sale directly from owner, house 300m2 on 10 are freehold land. 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Good location in Kaliasem village. Rp. 1,2 Bill. Call 0813 3742 2248. E-mail <>. [6777]

For Sale, directly from owner: Freehold land 10 until 20 are located in Arto Sari near Soka Beach. This plot of land sits on the highest point in this area with stunning sea views that cannot be blocked, comes complete with access road, all certificates and is rezoned for building. Price: Rp. 39 Mill per are. Tel: +6281 855 5010. E-mail: <info@>. [1382]

Rent: New house 500m2, minimalist, 2 storey, 100m to Sanur Independent School, 3 bedroom, AC, H/C water,, s.pool 4x8m, garden, parking, close to beach. Call 081 1380 1185. [6781]

Villa Seragan. Only water front villa left. Two story three bedroom. Excellent position. Five minutes to surf beach. Over contract 9 years 55 juta nego per year. 0819 3302 0051, 0361 746 4200 or 0813 5309 0125. [6716]

Land Lovina area, two adjoining blocks approx 200 square metres each, two street frontage, walls, foundations, water, power etc. Five minutes to main tourist beach, shops. 380 Jt. <>. 0812 3676 8577. [6754]

Are you looking for land to buy in Tabanan area, small of big plots. Contact or e-mail directly to owner: Tel: +62 81 855 5010. E-mail: <>. [5452]

FOR sublease. July 2013-June 2014. 1 year old Villa, 3BR with ensuite bathrooms, good sized pool, 2 storey, unfurnished, storage room with attached toilet. Quiet and safe neighborhood in Sanur. Call 0811-187 732 / 0811-89 0533 or <>. [6775]

For sale / for rent villa 2 storey, land size 3 Are, swimming pool, full furniture. Address Jl. Tunjung Sari Sanur. Phone: 0838 2008 9908 / 0361 783 8757. [6810]

Land for sale in Tumbak Bayuh, Pererenan, 5are SHM, good for villa/private house, rice field surround, quite and villa area. Call 0812 3630 7071. [6751]


For lease, 6 bedrooms, large kitchen and dining room, big pool, safe compound in Sanur. Call 0878 6100 9888. [6759]

3 bedroom house for rent Rp.50,000,000/year furnished 2 kitchen, 2 bathroom with bath tab, car parking, location in Renon 10 min drive to Sanur Beach 5 min to Denpasar very convenient access. Call 081 338 351 390 Sri. [6803]

For sale freehold in Lovina hills Singaraja, 61are, expansive views of North Coast, planted with mature mango, official contract for water and road access. Electricity nearby, 26million/are ono, <sundaram000@>, 62(0) 813 3871 5843. [6748]

CALL NOW! 0361-8031042

A Gorgeous Custom built freehold Paradise Beach Front Estate. 10 min. to Sanur, Large exclusive lots start at $249,000. 4 bdrm, 450 m2 luxurious estates, 14 mtr. pool $595,000. Huge Rental profits. <www.baliparadiseestates. com>. Also for rental 4 bedrm. 60% introductory discount only $290 day ++ < Rental-E-3.htm>. Tel: 62-812 381 4014 or e-mail: <info@>. [6712]

House for rent in Sidakarya, 5 minutes from Sanur. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, kitchen, hot water, AC, fully furnished. IDR 55 mill/yr. Call 0812 4605 737. [6794]

Successful 40 seater restaurant for lease in centre of Lovina. Established reputation and highly recommended in the lonely planet and rough guide. Fully furnished with loyal staff. 685 million for 10 year contract. Serious enquiries only to: <>. [6385]

C/Re/G-01 May 13

LOOK WHAT MADE THE A LIST THIS WEEK! A-mazing value villas Seminyak/Batu Belig Beachside Villa.Glamourous 3 storey 3y.o. villa on 400m2. 180 degree ocean and sunset view roofgarden and spa. High security community.5 bdro and 6 bthr. Fabulous kitchen, pool and gardens.Beautifullyfurnished.Already attracting BIG rentals. 43 yr lease, Just US$790,000 *VL-060 Canggu Beach.Your last chance to buy a brand new, architect designed, 2 bedroom villa with pool for only $179,900.Just 500m from the beach. Only One left - Call us now!*VL-025 Seminyak. 2 adjoining villas. Great rental returns. 1x3br and 1x2br, both with pools.Fully furnished.Many forward bookings. US$398,000 for TWO! (neg)*VL-002 Petitenget.Next to W.The best of everything.Stunning brand-new, 3 bedroom villa. Best position, best quality finishes, best kitchen, best appliances, best furniture. Hot rental potential. Big pool, lock-up garage with auto-door. Just US$850,000 *VS-037 Petitenget Near Potato Head. Bargain. Brand new villa on 350m2.3 br with ensuites.Pool.Very stylish villa. Full Furn. 19+20 yr lease.REDUCED TO $US325,000! Must Sell*VL-026 Seminyak. JlMertenadi. Stunning 3 br/3bth villa.Beautiful gardens and big pool.Huge living and entertaining spaces.Stylish living.Full furn. 29 yr lease.$295,000 neg. Umalas. JlKlecung. BARGAIN.3br riverfront villa on 6 are with BIG pool, big living spaces and big kitchen. USD $165.000 neg. *VL-038

A List Land No matter where you want land, give us a call. We have land from 5 are to 20 hektar in all the best places. Uluwatu, Umalas, Seminyak, Sanur. Jimbaran, Canggu, and the west coast.And if we don’t have it, we will find it for you. Balangan Beach and cliff front. Probably the best land in Bali. 3.5 Hektar. Ideal for spectacular resort.Direct access to white sand beach. Good shape and access. Rp750 million per are. Call for details. Brawa Beach.17.8are on river. 29 yr lease.Between Canggu Club and beach.Good shape. Good access.Rp4.5Mill/are/yr. *LL-037 Umalas Lestari. 15 are. 30m streetfront. Good shape. 30 year lease.7mill/are/year nego.*LL-019 Canggu. Jl Nelayan. 12 are on river. Close to beach. Good access square shape. Rp 650 mill/are

A List Hotels/Restaurant/Businesses Petitenget.Fashionable 9 villa resort on 39 are. Close to EVERYTHING. Walk to beach. Fully operational. Many forward bookings. US$8 million neg. *reference numbers for info from website: Enter number in ‘keyword’ top right.

Fantastic river front land with mature trees located in Pupuan Sawah. Close to the Bali Osho retreat center. This 42 are freehold property includes perumahan status, water, electricity, road access. 20 juta/are. 0821 9929 6321. [6744] URGENT Kedungu land sale. Pankung Tibah, 5 are, certified for “Perumahan” - ready for IMB. Many tres, borders river and private road. 2km from the beach through small asphalt green belt road. Price: 1M IDR / 80.000 EUR / 105.000 USD. Contact: Alex 0813 5313 0002 or>. [6797] For Sale beach land at Klecung Tabanan - Bali, huge size for big development, if you interested please email <>. [6807]


REAL ESTATE All ads Rp. 7.000 per word All ads must be paid before printing

Looking for Freehold Villas and complex of Villas For Sale-location in Seminyak-Petitenget-Batu Belig. Contact Eng: 0821 4723 9997 or <bali.>. [001] Ubud/Mas/Gianyar. Looking for House/Villa to rent, min. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Rent: up to IDR 200,000,000 per year. Expat family, owner direct, no agents. Mail pictures & prices to: <bali@>. [002] Look for two bedroom villa for 6 month starting May - October for around 40 million. Must have AC, be furnished and pool. Please email photos to <>.



Jl. Majapahit No. 46 Kuta - Bali Telp : (0361) 755 392 [Hunting] Fax : (0361) 764 191 E-mail:

Jl. Raya Kerobokan No. 72 ,Tel/Fax: (0361) 735469 Website: | email: C/Re/I-01 May 13

Bali Advertiser

Real Estate

01 May - 15 May, 2013




Amazing riverside and ricefields view-Brand new villa for sale in quiet location, 3BR with ensuite bathrooms, open kitchen+living, s. pool+garden. AUD$200,000. Call: 0878 6076 9393 or <>. [6785]

Land for rent 12 are in Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai about 200m from Benoa Square, mainroad access, prospective area for your business. Rp. 10 million/are/year (nego), min 5 years, max 20 yrs. Call 081 7066 0650 (English) / 081 2383 4011 (Bahasa Indo). [5803]

LAND for sale: 33 are @ 130 million. Excellent view mountaintops, ricefield, jungle, ravine. Natural spring, river below. Very peaceful hak milik freehold 9km. from Jl. Raya Ubud. Contact: 081 5768 9113. [6809]

For Rent; Fully-furnished 2 bedroom house with A/C, 2 bathrooms with hot water, internet, TV/DVD, fridge, washing machine, kitchenset, balconies, carpark, garden. Excellent location Permata Ariza near 4 Seasons Jimbaran-Bay. P: 081 657 0666, e: <>. [6776] Mutiara kost Jimbaran, affordable homestay, 10 minutes from Bali airport. Spacious rooms and private garden with every rooms. Call Wayan on 0852 3945 9217, e-mail: <> or visit <www.>. [6780]

~ ABC Apartment ~ Type A (Studio Room) 5,800,000 Rp/Month 54,000,000 Rp/Year Type B (Studio Room+Loft) 6,400,000 Rp/Month 61,200,000 Rp/Year Queen Size Bed, Kitchen, AC, Hot Shower, Cable TV, Furniture, Refrigerator, Night Security

Call: 0821-445-33878 C/Re/I-20 Feb 13

C/U/G-17 April 13

House for rent fully furnished, 4 bedroom ensuite, 2 bathroom with AC, living room A/C, LCD TV, DVD surround sound system. Jimbaran. 40 juta 1 year, 70 juta 2 year. 0812 3759 6332. [6793] A small simple house for rent. Jimbaran Hill, Quite, close to the beach and Nusa Dua. 20 minutes to Airport. 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen, garden, car park. IDR 45 Mil a year. A small studio IDR 25 Mil a year. Agus Helly 0878 6167 5609, <a_helly@yahoo. com>. [6802] Free hold land located in a piece full Jimbaran Hill. North facing, wide frontage with stunning view overlooking at the island bays, hot mix asphalt road, electricity, town water, 15 minutes to the Airpot, close to shops, cafes and GarudaWisnu cultural centre. Land size 1500M2, asking price Rp7,500,000M2. Serious buys, please contact Suwarni Ph +62 811 39 8366. [6820] Villas for rent. 1 & 2 Bedrooms. Pecatu Indah Resort. Near Dreamland, Uluwatu, Jimbaran beach, Golf course. Quite, AC, Private: pool, gazebo, kitchen. WiFi. Fully furnished. Daily/Weekly/Monthly. 0852 3831 6487. <>. [6821] LAND for rent 1000m2 at Labuan Sait-Pecatu-Jimbaran with cliff view, near to Blue Point. Please contact +62 878 6228 7008. [6827]

C/Re/G - 03 April 13

NC/Re/G-01 May 13


Real Estate

Bali Advertiser

01 May - 15 May, 2013

The Living Room Village

GOA Summer Market

Space Available For Rent (Monthly) Space Available For Rent (Monthly) Cafe, Boutique, Spa & Bazaar

LEGIAN Villa & shop for lease USD$ 4,000/month turnkey operation all the merchandise in the store is available with no upfront cash for renter. More info contact <>. [6765] 150m2 space rental at Sara Residence, strictly for western brunch and Cafe concept. <>. [6806]

Seminyak Street No 10 Kuta Bali - Indonesia

Petitenget Street 2000xxx Kerobokan Bali – Indonesia

Contact Person : • Pia – 082145292056 • Mrs. Lia – (0361) 7407446 / 739078

Beautiful bungalows for rent located in Jln. Padma Utara. Closed to beach. Two bungalows with pool for max 5 persons. Wifi, TV sat, services. See <www.> or contact 081 890 0480. [6815] C/Re/G-3 April 13

NC/RE/U-1 May. 13


• LAND 400 sqm

• BUILDING 260 sqm


PRICE: USD 900,000


60Are (6,000sqm) Cliff / beachfront land for sale in Seraya, Karangasem (East of Bali). With spectacular views of Mt Rinjani, Mt Agung & the twin Lempuyang Mountain. Zoned for tourism. Great investment for Villa/Resort Development. Freehold Title. Price at IDR 85mil/Are.

63Are (6,300sqm) River front land for sale by The Ayung River at Payangan Road, Ubud near the Hanging Garden Hotel, with amazing view of the tropical forest, suitable for health retreat or villa/resort development. Freehold Title. Price at IDR 85mil/Are.

19 Are (1,905sqm) Riverfront land for sale in Canggu. +/-300metres to Nelayan Beach. Surrounded by rice fields. Freehold Title. Price at IDR 450mil/Are.

1.24 Hectare (12,400sqm) Beachfront land for sale in Yeh Gangga, Tabanan which offers fantastic views of the ocean and rice fields. 10mins drive from Tanah Lot & 30mins drive from Canggu. Freehold Title. Price at IDR 255jt/Are.

PT.REAL ESTATE BALI 107 Sunset Road, Kerobokan - Kuta, Bali - Indonesia Telp.0361-735590; Mobile.08113956665; 08123846366 Email. C/Re/G-1 May 13

NC/Re/G-01 May 13

NC/RE/U-1 May. 13

Thousands of people read the Bali Advertiser Real Estate Is your company ready for more business? Advertise your business next issue and get your share.

URGENT KEDUNGU LAND SALE Pangkung Tibah, 5 Are, certified for “Perumahan” - ready for IMB. Many trees, borders river and private road. 2km from the beach through small asphalt green belt road. Price: 1M IDR / 80.000 EUR / 105.000 USD

URGENT ECHO BEACH SUBLEASE 20 meters from the beach, full ocean view. 70 sqm restaurant/bar/shop venue ready to open. 5 years lease (extendable) : Price: Rp. 160 Juta per year

Contact: Alex 081353130002 or NC/Re/I-01 May 13

Bali Advertiser

Real Estate

01 May - 15 May, 2013

LOMBOK Kuta beach land 9 are. 91 are full ocean view. 2 are & 15 are on first round about. Grupuk 2 beach houses for lease / sale. Sekotong 5 hectare full ocean view. All land main road access. 0819 9991 5775. [6745]

KARANGASEM Fantastic house on 1500 sqrm in coastal village near Padang Bai. Perfect for holiday home or retirement or small hotel. 4 buildings. 14m pool. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and study. More details and pictures <www.houseforsale.ketut>. Contact <>. [6763] For sale gorgeous land in Karangasem, beach front size of 43 are. The only best spot left in this area. Price of IDR 300 mill per are. Serious buyer only. Email: <barbalibar@>. [6836]

BUKIT Freehold land for sale in Bukit Ungasan. Good location and stunning views. Call 081 2380 2626. Please speak in Bahasa. [1547]



Kuta Legian Melasti Two Floors , 250m2 ,Terrace , Equipment & Furniture , Parking. Possibility 6 or 9 years with option to extend. IMB , Alcohol Licence , All Documents.... For more information contact Ph : 082 145 510 608 NC/RE/U-01 May. 13

Looking for: Investor for the beach project. Resort, spa and restaurant on main road. Near Tanah Lot. Good family business. Expatriate small company. You want to start business in Bali Email: C/Re/I-20 March 13

For sale 16year lease of 25are located in Bingin, 7 buildings, swimingpool, very near the beach, operated successfully as guesthouse for 7 years, very attractive price for quick sale, <>, 62(0) 813 3871 5843. [6749]

For sale Wooden Bale, dimension 10 X 5 meter. Iron Wood Shingle roof, Rattan Ceiling, Coconut Wood Column, Bengkirai Wood Floor, Bengkirai Wood wall cladding, 4 years old. Price Rp 95,000,000, - including delivery and set up on site. For serious inquiry email to <batu-karu@>. HP: 0818 0533 1815 (Lily). Bale photo can be sent via email as requested. [6634]

DENPASAR Overcontract Kost Exclusive, 15 years, 14 rooms, fully furnished, LCD TV, hot water, refrigerator, kitchen set, carpark. Good investment. Price IDR 2.5 Billion (nego). Please email: <>. [5589] For Rent yearly, Minimalis House in Sidakarya, Denpasar (close to Sanur), 3 Bedrooms with AC, 3 bathrooms, water heater, kichen, garden, fully furnished, land size: 150 sqm, Price: negotiable. Call : 0819 3611 0771, email : <>. [6800] For Lease 3 units 2 storey in Jalan Teuku Umar 1 Denpasar - Bali, most strategic location for resto - cafe, office, etc. 081 629 7172. [6808]

NUSA DUA House for sale: western style house on 15 are land. Green house sanutary system located on mountain with best view. Contact 081 2394 8595. [1150]

Villa for sale Ungasan Bukit. Lovely Bali style. Two bed, two baths, private pool. Secure complex. Enquire Ph. 0819 1668 6426 or Perth 938 78 772. [6771]

HOUSE for sale: Private and secure, furnished, linen, 3 bed, 2 bath, pool, kitchen, AC, WiFi, phone line, hot water, TV/DVD’s, 5mins driving to Golf, beach, supermarkets, restaurants. Email: <>. [6580]

Dreamland New Kuta Beach Resorts/Pecatu Graha, affordable luxury 2 strory 4 bedroom x 3 bathroom, 3 story 5 bedroom x 5 bathroom, plunge pool, seaviews, wifi, closed public pool, beach. Short/long term negotiable. <balihouse@>. Https: <>. SMS +62 (0816 815 654), +61 407 390 116. [6801]

2 houses for rent, 2/4 bedroom (daily, weekly, longterm rental), furnished/unfurnished possible, quiet area - Land for rent/sale 5 - 30 are - All locations close to Geger Beach, 0361-777 092, 0821 4552 2200 or e-mail <balifamily2000@>. [5041]

KUTA Private room 1bedroom, 1bathroom, AC, kitchen, hot-water, freezer, TV, fully furnished. Close to airport/beach 5 mins. Nice room/safe. Call 0813 5767 8881. Rp. 3.5 million / Rp. 4 million/month, Rp. 200.000 fan/day, Rp. 250.000 AC/day. [6098]


Holiday homes for 19 year lease in Taman Mumbul. Quiet and green area of Gedong Sari, 2-4 persons, only 7 units 51/120 on komplex, price 47,000 USD. Website <www.> or call (0361) 756 246. [6688] C/Re/G-1 May 13

4Bedroom, 3Bathroom house, pool, furnished aircon. mango banana papaya trees. Lease Available until April 2014 possible extension. Six/twelve month lease ok. 24/7 street security. Undercover parking. 90Million negotiable. <>. 0813 5365 7587. [6692]

Holiday villa, beautiful, private, quiet, good price, weekly/ monthly, 2 storey, large 1 bedroom, pool, AC, hot-water, full kitchen, TV/DVD, Wifi, 24hour security, cleaned daily, more details, photos, quick response, e-mail: <kaowenoz@>. [5579]

For rent: Three bedroom house two bath, AC furnish recently remodeled. Elite location and 24 hours security. At global village. Taman Mumbul, Nusa Dua. Call Rasdesta 0878 6054 8436. $ 14000 US/year. [6718]

Kuta studio apartments, Poppies Lane. Buy one or both. 2 x one bedroom one bathroom, fully renovated and furnished. Private balconies, resort pool. 8 year lease, extendable. AUD$29,000 each negotiable. Photo’s and inclusions. <>. [4142]

Villa for rent daily, weekly, sale, Tanjung Benoa. 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, living room, kitchen, pool, fully furnished, land size 370m2. Phone 0812 3639 0043 / 0361 747 6166. [6746]

Private 1 bedroom with AC, hot water, TV, strategic location Jl. Dewi Sri I no. 7, Rp. 1.5 million/month. Call 081 735 5842, more detail + photos e-mail: <>. [6760]

SHOP for rent. At Bali Collection, Block A16#2A. Komplek Pariwisata Mall Nusa Dua, 72 Square meter. Fully furnished for clothing retail. Email: <contact@moonrocks. es>. Phone: 0818354717. [6753]

Bungalow/villa for rent. Jl. Patimura Gg. Melati no.2x Legian and Kuta area. Full furnished, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, parking area. Price: IDR 4 million/month. Contact person: Ketupat Restaurant (0361) 758 969 / 0811 380 6867. [6811]

Rent villa hill seaview quiet area, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, in & outside living, dinner, kitchen, fullfurnished, A/C, TVsat, terrace, gazebo, garden, swpool, 7juta month included staff & security. Owner 081 7472 7296. [6830]

Sale / rent apartment Grand Kuta, strategic place at Jalan Dewi Sri, Kuta. 2Br, 2Bathroom, 10 min to airport. Contact hp 081 6541 4247 / 081 832 0833. [6819] C/Re/G-17 April 13

Without the right advice it’s a jungle out there.

NC/Re/G-1 May 13


Real Estate

01 May - 15 May, 2013




Wireless broadband / Cable TV Private or shared pool Well-equipped kitchens

Kerobokan Classic family villa, 10 are, five double bedrooms, maids room or office. All with ensuite. 12.5m pool + kids pool. Open plan living/dining overlooking lush gardens. Fully furnished, Wi-Fi, Indovision, phone. 200jt yearly. PH: 081 2464 5281. [6441]

Villa for rent in Banjar Pengubengan. AC, swimming pool, hot/cold water. Please contact 081 2363 0309 / 0878 6202 6999. [4870]

RARE ANGON VILLAS, Kerobokan Contact us on: (0361) 736 339/ 0811386450 You can now find us on Facebook C/Re/A-20 Feb 13

LAND FOR SALE in Sanur Bali

1000m2 @ USD 2000/M2, surrounded by Hotels and Villas, 3 minutes walk to the beach, email to: NC/Re/G-01 May 13


Villa for rent in 3 villa compound, huge tropical garden, big bedroom upstairs plus extra room downstairs, Banjar Anyar Kerobokan, 650$/month, inclusive of electricity, maid, Indovision, very safe. Available May & June. <>. Phone: 081 2380 1989. [6719] New house for rent 3 bdrms/AC, 1 open bathroom with hot/cool water, bathtub, shower, wastafel, open living, dining area, big garden/8 are, fully equipped kitchen. Price Rp. 60 juta/year. 0819 9932 3230 / 081 6472 6425. [6818] Small house to rent in Kerobokan two bedrooms, living, dining, kitchen open on small garden in green environment including cleaning twice/week and security. RP20M 3 months. money in front. 0857 3804 2206 / 0819 9906 6040 / 0813 3864 5634. [6831] For Rent: Villa Umalas, 5are land, 3 bedrooms AC, 3 bathrooms, Open living dining area, Pool garden, 500 meter from French school and Metis Restaurant. Contact: 081 7974 0769. [6837]

Jl. Kayu Aya 77x, Seminyak 80361, Bali Phone +62 (0) 361 737358 Patrick +62(0) 817 973 3031

For Rent: Studio - Production - Office, beginning of Kerobokan, 2 stories, 130m2. Contact: 081 7974 0769. [6838] FOR rent: New Two-storey 3 bedroom villa Jl. Gunung Salak, 6.5 are, fully furnished, large tropical garden, ricefield view, pool. IDR 200 Million per year. No Agents please. HP: 0819 1670 1373. [6839]

Ideal Central Seminyak Leasehold Price USD 650,000 7 are of land, 250m2 building, single story, 4BR + media room Private pool, 350m from beach at KuDeTa 21 years plus 30 year option to extend C/Re/G-1 May 13

Sanur close to beach fully furn. 2bdr Villa lease 42 yrs US$ 320,000 ● Sanur-Jl. Sekuta for rent spacious furn. 3/4 bdr Villa Rp. 130 million/yr or Rp. 250 million/2yrs ● Sanur gorgeous 3bdr villa 400m2 near center/beach freehold US$ 380,000 or longterm lease ● Sanur-Padang Galak near the river 3 are land for Rp. 350 million/are ● Tanah Lot-Munggu near Canggu and the beach 18.5 are land freehold Rp. 80 million/are ● Padang Bai in the high lush garden outcrops & near the beach 3bdr Euro 385,000. Also 11 are land ready to build for only Rp. 900.000.000! ●

Bali Advertiser

Gianyar Cute hotel/bungalow resort with 12 units with all facilities & licenses; price now US$ 590,000 ● Tabanan-Kerambitan Villa Sawah; cozy 4bdr Colonial style villa on 13 are, freehold Euro 175,000 ● Jimbaran 3bdr villa fully furn on 22 are with 1000m2 vacant land fit for any other purpose. Leasehold 22yrs US$ 385,000 extendable ● Kuta-Tuban 11 are strategic located land. Lease Rp. 160 mill/are min 15yrs ● Tabanan-Klecung 845m2 land near the beach freehold Rp. 65 million/are ● Kuta-Jl. Imam Bonjol in housing complex with security; 3bdr hse (300m2) on 2floors bargain Rp. 1.750.000.000 ●

Padang Griya Gg. IV no. 1. Road access 5 mtr. Building 200m2, upstrairs 200m. Land 6 are. 6 bedrooms, gazebo, AC, hot/cold water, PDAM, 5000 watt electricity. House 1,5 are, full garden, AC, hot/cold water, 2 bedrooms, outside/ inside bathroom, PAM, Muding Indah 3x. Contact 423 582 / 0361 7474 790. [6267] House for rent in Kerobokan Jl Taman Sari V Teuku Umar Barat, villa style UForm with tropical garden inside, no pool, 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms living and dining area marble kitchen, quiet safe area, new furnitured, 24 h Security & CCTV, fully A/C, Tel, TV surround, Indovision (available), wifi, deck fan, car port, USD 850 per month or special for 1 year 6 mo min. Info: <> or +62 8 123 716 5029. Preferable email. [6752] Classic villa for rent 1000m2 tropical garden, big trees, safe, absolutely quiet. Two double bedrooms, AC, 11/2 bathrooms, pool, guest house, big living, dining area, modern kitchen, double parking space inside. 130.000.000,- year. Long term cheaper. +62 816 571 148, <>. [6757] Overcontract villa, 2 bedrooms at Umalas. Furnished, pool, open living, garden, carport. Price Rp. 85 million/year for 14 years. Call 0852 3741 5304 for inspection. [6764] Shop for rent on Kerobokan mainstreet, ex. spa, 2 floors. 50 mtr from Petitenget traffic light. Contact: 0812 3677 6083, e-mail: <>. [6772]

Land for sale 2,6 Are, Jalan Intan Permai. Direct owner 0878 6103 7537. [6791]

Yearly/Monthly villa, Canggu/Seminyak, furnished/ unfurnished. Click <> or <>. We are also looking for properties to list and market. No agents please. [6783]

Villa Umalas no. 06 for rent with swimming pool, 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, close to Seminyak, Legian, Petitenget area. Long term/per year. Contact person Dol 0361 915 6914 / 0821 4615 7596 or Latif 081 7975 7972, email <>. [6792]

2 bedroom villa for rent, Kerobokan, fully furnished, Internet, satellite LCD TV, pool. Separate living room and dining room, outdoor kitchen, hot water shower. Contact 0878 6439 6360, +614 1034 3330, <oliver.zigmantas@>. [6784]

Villa for rent. New 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (or 2 bedrooms + office, Speedy internet). All aircond with lock up living room, unfurnitured, leafy location, 24 hr security, pool. Near Cafe Moka. 105 million/year. Phone Dewi: 0853 3317 4822. [6333] UMALAS: Office space for rent, semi furnished, Rp 35 million per year min 2 years. Also 3 bedrooms house for rent, 4 are, pool, close to French school, Rp 150 million per year. Call/SMS 0878 6239 9447. [6794]

Small 1 BR house, fully furnished, kitchen, bathroom, hot water, air-con, cable TV, private garden, shared pool. Quiet and private, 5 mins to Bintang Supermarket. E-mail <>. Call Tika 0813 8186 1384. [6787] House for overcontract/rent. Simple, 3 bdr, kitchen, phone line. Can be used as office or workshop. 5 years left. Quiet street. Nice yard. Also has 4th bedroom or can be used as lounge. Kerobokan. Ph. 0819 677 902. [6788]

Nice, beauty, natural private pool villa for long term rent. Two bedrooms, complete free Wifi. Contact 0819 9945 7003. Loc. Umalas I. [6799]

Very rare opportunity. To overcontract 2 houses next to each other. One can be used as office, workshop, other is fabulous villa fully furnished, pool, CCTV, security, 3 bdrms, garage. Perfect to live next door to your office/ workshop. Kerobokan. Ph. 0819 677 902. [6789]

Modern deluxe new apartments 1 & 2 bedrooms, fully furnished, large parking, beautiful garden, pool, free WiFi, from 50 to 150 m2, monthly from Rp. 3.5 to 7.5 million. 2 location off West Marlboro and close to Carrefour. Call +62 81 2388 9173. [6262]

Villa for overcontract, rent, fully furnished, 5,500KW, Wifi, Indovision, pool, luxury 3 bdr, garage, maids room, full kitchen, laundry, nothing to spend, 2 bathrooms, CCTV, security system, air cons through out, Kerobokan. Beautiful location. Quiet street. Ph. 0819 677 902. [6790]

NC/Re/P-17 April 13

From mountain tops to beach fronts, and everything in between, we’ve got Bali covered.

NC/Re/G-1 May 13

GUARANTEED YIELD 8% PER YEAR FOR 3 YEARS! LJBN 111 Land Investment Jimbaran

1037 sqm

SSEM295 Seminyak

Imagine this view from your villa; imagine owning a villa within a prime and exclusive area of Jimbaran, imagine investing into one of the last sections of land that is available within this highly sought after location. Well now is the opportunity to purchase this one of a kind section of freehold land measuring 1037m2 with uninterrupted views of Jimbaran Bay and very good road access: Prime land, Prime location! Title : Freehold / Hak Milik Price : Price on application



SCGU563 Canggu


The best villa purchase opportunity in Bali right now! Payback in less than 7 years! Stunning villa resort located in Seminyak and 10 minutes walk to Double Six beach, 37 years + 20 leasehold. Collective rental pool and owners in profit from year 1. Unlimited owner stays and excellent capital growth! Two and three bedroom villas from U$299,000 – only 2 units available. CONTACT ME NOW to secure this great value deal. Contact : Amber + 62 (0) 81 804 188 644 Title : Leasehold 37 years

Contact : Karl Wilkins +62 (0) 8155 701 729

Prices From : USD 299,000





This villa is designed in modern & semi Balinese style, tile roof & is located at Jalan Raya Semat, 900 meters to Brawa Beach, 1 km to Canggu Club. There are 2 separate building & each building consist of 2 bedrooms. Building A - Living room, kitchen 1 bedroom en suite facing to swimming pool, second floor 1 bedroom en suite with terrace. Building B - 1 bedroom down, shower & 1 bedroom up with balcony. Contact : Haryono Title : Hak Milik +62 (0) 85 857 442 601 Price : USD 600,000 Land Size : 600 m2






Renowned as part of a select few, luxurious Boutique Hotel options in Bali. The boutique hotel is built for ultimate convenience, comfort and style. This chic property offers sophisticated apartments designed for both short-term and long-term stays, providing a more flexible and affordable alternative to hotels in Bali. Title : Hak Milik Price : USD 2,400,000

If you are already, or have the passion and potential to be one of the above you could be the person we’re looking for. If you want be part of a great and award winning team who enjoy their work send your resume to:

Contact : Ni Luh Murdani + 62 (0) 87 860 296 648

0361 - 737 357 L!



LNUL499 Nusa Lembongan


Located only 20 minutes speedboat ride from Bali you can arrive in the stunning & very upcoming island of Nusa Lembongan where you can have potential to generate high returns with development opportunities. This fantastic section of land has the perfect shape & elevation to develop a small resort or a number of villas. Measuring 3100m2 & with an elevation from the ocean rising from 6 meters – 40 meters the land boasts amazing uninterrupted ocean views. Contact : Karl Wilkins + 62 (0) 8155 701 729 Title : Leasehold / 27 years Price : USD 499.000



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,8 R1

ID SUMS732 Umalas




This beautiful romantic villa has everything you could wish for and is EXCEPTIONALLY WELL PRICED!!! Located in Umalas, surrounding by rice paddies field, no hassle, crazy neighbors. It’s a complete private residence! Only 5 Minutes to Seminyak and 15 minutes to the airport! Contact : Iwan

Title : Hak Milik Price : IDR 5,250,000,000

+62 (0) 87 857 802 727

SCGU150 Canggu




EXCELLENT VALUE PROPERTY FOR SALE IN CANGGU. Brand new house offering 3 bedrooms, the master being upstairs with its en-suite bathroom & walk – in closet. Spectacular views to the traditional Balinese Temple. Amazing atmosphere for feeling the real Bali Life. Small garden area is the perfect place to chill with the possibility for a cozy plunge pool if needed & floor plan for the pool provided. Very motivated vendor, he said "SELL IT" !!! Contact : Citra Dhamayanti + 62 (0) 81 805 430 453 Title : Hak Milik


LCGU001 Echo Beach

3219 sqm

Development opportunity to produce great returns! This prime land is only located 100 meter from the beach & within an area this is receiving excellent infrastructure. Road access in place & permit can be easily obtained. Ready to entertain beneficial project! Price for lease : IDR 7,500,000/are/year. Contact : Siska + 62 (0) 81 55 749 228 Title : Leasehold Price : IDR 7,500,000/year/are

* prices and availability subject to change without prior notification.

Tel : +62 (361) 737 357 | 773 540 | 701 154 | 285 525

NC/Re/G-1 May 13



RV-1371 BEAUTY AND TRADITION IN UMALAS Living with a serene atmosphere and extensive gardens is not a dream anymore.This nice property set on 11 Are of leasehold land, consists of 3 separate buildings with a total of 5 bedrooms. The first building which is close to the swimming pool has a bedroom and great chill out area. The second building has other bedrooms and the last building is an open living area ,dining and kitchen .This property is perfect for holiday and family home. Call us for inspection! Bedroom: 5 | Bathroom: 5 Lot Size: 1100 SQM | House Size: 300 SQM Location: Umalas

Price: EURO 370,000


RV-1400 IT’S DELIGHTFUL AND IT’S ABOUT COMFORT Oberoi is a very interesting area for everyone, surrounded by trendy elite shops and famous restaurants.This beautiful 2 storey villa is located in Oberoi - Seminyak, set on 1,9are of leasehold land. This amazing villa comprises of 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, large western kitchen and dining , spacious living area . Outside there’s an amazing swimming pool and cozy sun deck, perfect for enjoying sunset in the afternoon!. Comes fully furnished, this villa is great for holiday home, offering great potential villa rental! Bedroom: 3 | Bathroom: 3 Lot Size: 190 SQM | House Size: 230 SQM Location: Seminyak

Price: Rp. 3,900,000,000


Enjoy this unique, antique wood house finished with the most modern materials. Offering beautiful sunsets every day this Joglo house is located in the secluded village of Babakan - Canggu, just 5 minutes from the beach. The Villa Consists of 2 air conditioned bedrooms each with en-suite, bathtub & shower, 1 kids room, living and dining area, kitchen, guest toilet, storage and laundry area, swimming pool, garden and carport. Also included is a separate wooden guest house which can be used as extra bedroom or office with en-suite and shower. This property is fully furnished including the fully equipped kitchen, 7,700 watts electricity, wireless internet connection, TV and Satellite. Initially offered leasehold with 23 years remaining with extension available. Bedroom: 3 | Bathroom: 4 | Lot Size: 400 SQM | Location: Canggu

An opportunity has arisen to purchase a freehold villa in one of the most sought after locations here in paradise. This villa is pavilion style with 2 bedrooms and comes completely furnished, with generous sized rooms and swimming pool. The complex itself comes with 24 hour security and is set within beautiful rice fields but just a short walk to the beach. The world famous Echo Beach is also less than 5 minutes away which is now one of the most happening places in Bali. Being sold at a very attractive price complete with a rental license you get the perfect opportunity to have a holiday home that can generate you a substantial income when you are not here. Alternatively you can just move in straight away and enjoy a life of leisure. Bedroom: 2 | Bathroom: 2 | Lot Size: 320 SQM | Location: Pererenan

Price: USD 365,000

Price: USD 295,000



This Enchanting and Stunning three bedroom villa is located in Balangan village just a short 5 minute drive to the famous white sandy Balangan beach, 20minutes drive from the airport, 15minutes drive to Nusadua areas or 25minutes drive to Kuta areas. Designed with a luxury modern minimalist style, this villa consists of three bedrooms set up as two double bedrooms and one twin bedroom complete with en-suite bathroom in each room. Two of the bedrooms have their own private balcony and the other adjoins the dining area. The villa is complete with a 4 x 8 M2 swimming pool. This villa offers you peaceful and quiet living, perfect for holiday home or rental investment. Bedroom: 3 | Bathroom: 3 | Lot Size: 350 SQM | House Size: 180 SQM | Location: Jimbaran

This apartment consists of two large bedrooms (each with a queen sized bed), two bathrooms, extensive open-plan living areas for private relaxation and entertainment. The European kitchen and large terrace is overlooking the beautiful tropical pool. Offering a prime Location in the centre of Seminyak with great access this apartment would be great for living or potential for rental. Furnished in a Western minimalist style with Balinese influences throughout. Call for viewing! Bedroom: 2 | Bathroom: 2 Lot Size: 110 SQM | House Size: 112 SQM Location: Seminyak

Price: Rp. 2,250,000,000

Price: AUD 150,000

RV-1435 MUST BE SOLD QUICKLY! A rare opportunity to purchase an extremely well presented villa in Legian in a quiet street just 300 metres away from Padma for under $200,000! The villa itself is on 2.7 Are of land with great access from the road. The owner of the lease has recently spent a small fortune on renovation and furniture and it even has its own water filtration system. There are 3 spacious en suite bedrooms a large living/dining area and very well equipped kitchen. This is an excellent opportunity to have your own property in the heart of the tourist area and enjoy a significant rental return when you are not using it. The owner has told us that the villa must be sold quickly and has priced it accordingly. Being offered for sale with 17 years remaining on the Lease. Bedroom: 3 | Bathroom: 4 | Lot Size: 270 SQM | Location: Legian Price: AUD 195,000

D-179 VILLA STYLE APARTMENTS IN PLEASANT SANUR Here we have EIGHT, one bedroom Villa style apartments that open directly onto your own private pool, with 4 units still available! Just 5 mins walk to Sanur beach, Hardy’s supermarket, Cafe Batu Jimbar, great restaurants and night life. Apartments size inc pool 81sqm- lounge, kitchen, separate shower and en-suite and flat screen TV. Apartments are fully furnished have ceiling fans and are air conditioned in both the living and bedroom. There is parking for 2 cars. The road is 6m wide private road so there is plenty of parking. Perfect for Investment, and very affordable! Bedroom: 1 | Bathroom: 1 Lot Size: 81 SQM | House Size: 81 SQM Location: Sanur Price: USD 80,000


Head Office : Jl Sunset Road 10X, Kerobokan, Bali Ph: +62 361 847 5955 | Fax: +62 361 8475682 | | Brand Office: Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 963, Jimbaran - Bali | Ph: +62 361 703 361

C/Re/I-01 May 13

BA_01 May 2013  

Bali Advertiser

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