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Culford Pre-Prep & Nursery

Culford is an independent boarding and day school for boys and girls aged 3 to 18 years



Challenging, enriching and fun

Welcome Your child will be welcomed into a safe and happy environment here at Culford Pre-Prep and Nursery School. Children thrive in small classes with the benefit of lots of individual attention. Each develops at different rates, has different skills and enjoys different things, but all deserve a bespoke education and an excellent start in life. In their formative years your child will develop more quickly than at any other time. We want to ensure that you are a significant part of the learning journey by welcoming you into school on many special occasions during the year, when your child will entertain, delight and celebrate with us. All that we do is underpinned by our Christian beliefs. Each child will be nurtured, challenged and loved, and learn here those values which will prepare them for their adult life. Our aim is to provide an education which is challenging, enriching and fun. You and your child will quickly become part of the Culford family, a community which establishes lifelong friends and a strong sense of belonging. We are very proud of Culford Pre-Prep. We hope to welcome you soon and look forward to showing you around.

Mrs Sarah Preston BA, Pre-Prep Head

Where play is a child’s work Our purpose built Nursery School will enable your child to take those first steps away from home. We provide a secure, safe, stimulating and fun environment. Children’s learning is monitored individually and shared regularly with parents. In small classes, your child will quickly develop language and number skills in a rich, varied and practical way. Children learn about themselves and how to express themselves. They learn about other children and how to co-operate with them, to take turns and to share. Access to a safe and secure garden for plenty of fresh air daily, as well as the use of the beautiful grounds at Culford, makes the Nursery the ideal environment in which the children can develop and learn. We encourage healthy eating, with freshly prepared fruit for snacks as well as a balanced meal at lunchtimes which is cooked on site. Progress into Reception at the Pre-Prep is by informal assessment. The children integrate with the Pre-Prep through assemblies, celebrations such as Harvest Festival and the Nativity, and music mornings. We have specialist teachers for music, tiny tots’ tennis and swimming. The Reception teachers visit the Nursery regularly as well as the Chaplain and Head of Pre-Prep; this all combines to ensure a seamless transition into the Reception class.

Nursery From caterpillars to butterflies

Building Confidence Reception Your child will continue to learn in small groups at this important stage. Learning will still be fun but more structured than before. Your child will experience a wide curriculum, they will begin to learn French and participate in school productions. All of our children learn dance and gymnastics with specialist teachers and swim in the wonderful pool at Culford’s Sports and Tennis Centre. Daily literacy and numeracy lessons ensure that these basic and important skills are learned in a traditional way. For example, the children learn letters and sounds through the multi-sensory Jolly Phonics scheme. With lots of individual attention your child will quickly learn to speak clearly, to listen, to read and to write. He or she will learn to count, record, measure, weigh and solve problems. In class and in the lovely grounds that surround us, your child will learn about the natural world: the plants and animals about us, and how we use them. An integrated approach to science, technology, history and geography will deepen your child’s knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live. They will have access to ICT through interactive whiteboards, wireless laptops and bee bots. All the children start to develop a healthy competitive edge through their Houses and fun competitions.

We love looking for the Gruffalo on our nature walks. Harry the Hedgehog helps us count. School dinners are fabulous.


We have a huge playground where we can run around and be free.

I loved finding things from the forest floor to make my tracking board. The maths trail was fun, we had to run around and look for clues.


I enjoyed writing to my pen pal in Kenya.

Developing Independence Years 1 and 2 By this stage the children enjoy books and begin to understand how to use the written word. There is a structured approach to developing writing skills with creative writing, grammar and punctuation lessons, as well as comprehension and phonics exercises. Numeracy is taught daily covering number, shape, space and measures, and problem solving. Philosophy for Children is used as a stimulus to encourage enquiring minds. The children’s fascination with the world of adults is extended through role play: acting out the jobs parents do and practising events which are part of everyday life. Children benefit from specialist teachers in French, Music and Physical Education. We look at great works of art, listen to music and create our own pieces. Everyone plays a part in our Christmas play and the summer production and there are plenty of occasions for children to display their musical talents. Year 2 children hold positions of responsibility and help lead assemblies. In sport there are many chances to excel, to compete, to score, to win – and to lose with good grace. Nearly all children choose to move on to our Prep School and all are prepared to do so in January of their final year.

Nurturing the whole child Your child will benefit from a secure and safe environment within a wonderful setting, carefully supervised at all times, in class and at play. Relationships between adults and children, and between children themselves, are based on mutual trust, respect and kindness. A growing awareness of their responsibilities is developed through fundraising activities for children less fortunate than themselves. These events often involve parents, who make their own contribution to the life of our school through a very active parents’ association, Friends of Fieldgate. We have high expectations: good manners and responsible behaviour are features of Culford. Your children will learn to be courteous, selfconfident and considerate in their dealings with others. We offer after school care every day until 6pm where your children can relax, have a snack, play and complete homework with a teacher when necessary. Culford Pre-Prep has high academic expectations but we also cater for children with mild specific learning difficulties who can manage independently in the classroom. Our mission is to provide the very best that we can so that each child achieves his or her potential and, above all, enjoys school.

“ My daughter has never been happier.� Gavin Reynolds (Senior Housemaster, Culford Senior School) and his daughter Holly

Activities Physically, children will grow quickly as they progress through the Pre-Prep. They will become stronger and that boundless energy will be channelled, with increasing purpose, as children reach the top of our school. All the facilities and coaching expertise of the Senior School is open to them, including access to the 25m heated indoor swimming pool and the championship-standard four court Indoor Tennis Centre. Pupils may take part in rugby, hockey, dance, gym, tennis, swimming and music. The children will experience enrichment and challenge through whole school curricular events including Medieval and Mad Science days, visiting theatre groups, design and technology weeks, art competitions and music performances. We also take advantage of our beautiful surroundings through environmental studies and historical investigations.

I like planting and digging in our school’s garden.


I love swimming, going up to the deep end and diving in!

Your invitation to visit us We hope this prospectus has given you a good insight into what life is like at Culford Pre-Prep and Nursery. Of course, there is no better way to find out about our school and its unique atmosphere than to come and visit us. We host an open event each term and we also welcome individual visits at a time to suit you. We encourage you to come to see us as often as you would like and ask lots of questions of the staff and the children. You will be made very welcome by us all and we look forward to meeting you soon.

Admissions Office Culford School Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP28 6TX Tel 01284 385308 Fax 01284 729146 Email

Culford Pre-Prep & Nursery

Culford is an independent boarding and day school for boys and girls aged 3 to 18 years

Admissions Office Culford School Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP28 6TX Tel 01284 385308 Fax 01284 729146

This prospectus describes the broad principles on which Culford School is run and the information within it may be subject to change. The prospectus does not form part of any contractual agreement between parents or guardians and the School.

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Culford Pre Prep + Nursery 2010  

Culford Pre Prep + Nursery 2010

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