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Issue-16 Fall /Winter 2013

EDITORIAL Welcome to Bailgun issue #16, this issue features the 5th annual Bergfest at the Berg Fidel skatepark Next up there´s a feature about one of the best Skatepark contests in Europe - the Malmö Ultra Bowl. Then we´re checking out a photo exhibition in Düsseldorf by Axel Torschmied followed by the Koloss and friends tour to Belgium that turned out to be more like a drinking tour than a skate tour due to a bit to much rain... And not to be missed is the Best Of Both contest in Düsseldorf. Our friend Txus from Spain finishes off this issue with some thoughs about a slam he had in Copenhagen after the Ultra Bowl in Malmö. Enjoy issue #16 Gerd

Contents - Issue #16 COVER Concrete Photography by The Bergfest IV Page: 10 - 17 Malmรถ Ultra Bowl 2013 Page: 18 - 43 Spotcheck Page: 44 - 47 Skateboard Herzblut Exhibition Page: 52 - 67 Koloss & Friend Tour Page: 70 - 75 Best of Both Contest Page: 78 - 81 Txus corner Page: 84 - 89

Philipp Bรถck - Monty stop in the Bowl he build

Photography by



Photography by

5 Lenore Sparks - grind

Tim Bijsterveld - Andrecht invert

The 5th

annual Bergfest was a bit smaller than the last two years. Why? One might ask. The reason is quite simple, in the last two years the Bergfest staretd to turn into something that it wasn´t supposed to be. Major sponsors were there that made it possible to have attractive prize money and what not, but that also ment that the organizers had to deal with people and companys that do not really have any interest in skating or the event, for them it´s just another marketing tool to sell some more sugarwater or another useless gadet that nobody needs. So after realising that the Bergfest should not go into that direction anymore, the „Bergfest Comando“ team decided to make it what it was supposed to be in the first place a fun session with some friends, beers, BBQ, and music. So after some rain the sun finaly came out and a geat session with some heavy shredding was on the way till the sun went down and put an end to the session and started the party with bands an beers. So dont´miss the Bergfest 6 it´s gonna be the 25th anniversary of the Berg Fidel Skatepark and anthother great session.

Krause crailslide

Cheers - 5-0

Tim Bijsterveld - frontside air into the corner


e BeuLe www.FR E E BE UL E. c om

Mal Ultr 20 Jocke Olsson - bio backside air

mรถ ra Bowl 013 Photography by

Words by Lenore Sparks

Malmö was put on the map by skateboarders. No doubt about it. The locals built the spots, trained the children to shred, paid for world-class contests, and put up an in formative website Why? I have no fucking clue, but they are STOKED on skateboarding. And I am too. So I went to the Ultra Bowl 5, a giant World Cup contest in the Stapelbads concrete skatepark. Designed for speed and air, this park provides a perfect venue for some crazy ass professional skateboarding. The locals are cool, there is some beer, the food is good, the chicks are hot (duh, Sweden!), the crowd is amped, and hanging out with Europe’s skateboarding concrete trolls is not to be missed. Webcasted live are a Master’s Pool contest, a girls contest in the new part, and the Juniors and Pro contest in the main park.

Juniors are certainly worth mentioning because the kids were all cool as hell and I was secretly thinking of ways I could adopt them all. But alas, it won’t work. So I had to just sit back and watch kids like Tyler (GER) and Trey (USA) blast 540’s on the steep bank. Trey also stuck a McTwist in the deep bowl. Eric and Alana (USA) also shredded the park executing flip tricks, back-lips and an entire full-grown man trick bag between them. Sadly, finals were canceled due to rain. Luckily they are young and we will see them destroying it for many more years.

Nicky Guerrero - invert

Txus - speedy carve

Tailslide over the channel

Ollie to truck over the channel

Lois Penteldon - Kickflip

Jocke Olson, placing 3rd, was the first master to skate the ‘Backyard’ pool. He skated it like a ramp. Which is amazing. If you have not visited this pool, it may be a bit deceiving calling it a “backyard pool”. Better adjectives might be: “deadly hole in the ground” or “that boy will never get out of that well” or “brontosaurus ribs = hand shaped coping”. To drop in, the board assumes a near vertical, mid Ollie position, daunting for all but the brave. Red Scott bruised and mangled his way into 2nd place, proving that adolescent shenanigans are welcome in Masters’ circles. He attempted many crowd terrorizing (and pain inflicting) high-speed front 5050 roll-ins, which shadowed actual accomplishments like a perfectly executed invert in the shallow end and laybacks on everything. Nicky Guerrero skated smooth like a woman and huge like a man. He aired from the deep end out of the scope of the cameramen, onto the scorecards of judges, and into the hearts of all. Txus Dominguez instructed all present on executing one footers frontside and backside over the stairs. I entered the contest, despite being 30, on the basis that after women turn 30, we age in dog years so I am basically 40 by now. All masters including Jmag, Dicky, Mike, Kevin and WolfGangster instantly accepted this logic, and I got my four runs in as well. The Masters is a great contest forum because everyone watching gets as close as possible and the riders are concentrated into the best corner of the park: the pool.

Bjรถrn Klotz - fs rocks the shallow end

The Get Set Go girls contest was shoved into the new ‘DIY’ corner of the park, which made for slow skating, sloppy lines, and little to no air. I hope they move the contest to the pool next year. I promise I will wear only a swimsuit if they do this. Seriously. The men’s Pro was so ridiculously awesome, I still can’t fucking talk from screaming so much. No really, I had to buy lozenges cuz it hurts to talk. Right away: Chris Russell is the new superstar of the universe. This 16 year old from LA is so sick, by the time his run was over, everyone knew he took it all. He can do every rad trick in the book: inverts, bonelesses, giant ollies, highspeed feebles, you name it. But, he does them to disaster. Or revert. Most of the time, both. I must shout out to the Oregon/Unheard crew, because they were not that: unheard. These guys, “the peanut gallery,” were always present to cheer each other on, make waves as friends rolled by, and intoxicate minors in need. Rad dudes. Another honorable mention is Screech. Creativity, madness, and speed dominated his contest runs. He said he was glad it rained out his final session because he was preparing to “do something deadly.” The local skaters such as Oskar (3rd) and Fernando (2nd) made Sweden proud with giant hip ollies and non-stop speed. This contest is so entertaining, I recommend each and every reader to go ahead and book the tickets to Sweden now, before anything else might become conflicting.

Boneless Boost

Miska - Layback with proper hand positioning

Danny Leon - front feebles the deepend corner

Insider info: -If you are going to skate, register with Jmag early. You get discount/free room at the hotel. -Stay at the Park Inn hotel, and buddy up. Get access to the breakfasts, seriously. - Check out the festival downtown going on simultaneously. There’s like, music and shit. - Go for 5 days and take one rest day upon returning home. You will need to recover, for real. - Copenhagen is RAD on Monday. Hit up Fælledparken and Christiania, the DIY. Bring your own beer and food to these parks, cuz it is hard to attain once there. - Bring beer BEFORE you enter Sweden. Lots and lots. And other booze. They only have Mormon beer (2.5%) at the stores. Fuck that. - Go with Wolfgangster and Gerd from BailGun Magazine. Guaranteed fun. Wolfy will buy you Craks, and Gerd will take photos of your lowest moments: hooked on Craks, with fish paste in your nose, beer in hand. I rode home Monday night with a hellava crew: Ari, Miska (FIN), Gerd, and Wolfgang. Roadtrips are so damn cool with skateboarders, music, and beer. I will never forget this trip (though some things maybe I should….) and want to give a huge thanks to the Malmö dudes for organizing such an epic contest, to all my friends, Wolfgang for the gasoline sponsorship, Markus for making koozies, Subvert skateshop, the Oregon dudes again, and all the people who were present or watched online for supporting something great: skateboarding.

Cody Lockwood - front blunt

Josh Rodriguez - eggplant on lots of vert

Josh Rodriguez - boneless boost into the corner

Pro / Am 1. Chris Russel USA 2. Fernando Bramsmark SWE 3. Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg SWE

Masters Pool Session 1. Nicky Guererro 2. Mark Scott 3. Jocke Olsson

Get Set Go 1. Amelia Brodka USA 2. Emma Lindgren SWE 3. Alana Smith USA

Junior 1. Trey Wood USA 2. Osvald Harrysson SWE 3. Ivan Federico ITA


On the way to MalmÜ we made a quik stop to check out the Roskilde skatepark and let Wolfganster get his daily dose of grinding. It´s a fun park and worth checking out.


Testrider Wolfgang grinding the stairs in this small bowl about an hour north of Malmö. Denmark and Sweden have built some great parks over the last years and are continuing doing so, just check out the new Streetdome project and with people like Rune Glifberg or the Concretures crew being involved in the design and contruction it´s no wonder there´s some of the best parksW in Scandinavia.


Helsingor skatepark - endless lines


For more info on parks and the scene check out some of the following sites: - - - -


„Skateboard Herzblut“ exhibition by

photographer Axel Torschmied presented a nice mix of skate and portrait photography that he took over the past serveral years. It was nice to see some photos that he had already published online as large prints on the wall because a good quality print looks so much better on a wall than on the computer screen and you take some time to check out the photos instead of clicking through in a few seconds. The exhibition was really cool with lots of beers, some videos and of course some great photography to check out.

Photography by

KITTY, DAISY and LEWIS Live at the Hot Jazz club

Kai and Axel talking photography

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Koloss & Friends dirnking Tour in Belgium Due to some heavy rain that poured down most of the weekend the skating during this tour came a bit short but none the less everyone enjoyed some Belgium concrete and some more beers at the Mechelen skatepark.

Photography by

Kruska rainy grind on the first stop of the tour

The double wizard stick

Hey man, take a look out the window ‚n‘ see what‘s happ‘nin‘ Hey man, it‘s rainin‘ It‘s rainin‘ outside man Aw, don‘t worry ‚bout that Everything‘s gonna be everything We‘ll get into somethin‘ real nice you know Sit back and groove on a rainy day Yeah Yeah I see what you mean brother, lay back and groove. Rainy day, dream away Ah let the sun take a holiday Flowers bathe an‘ ah see the children play Lay back and groove on a rainy day. Well I can see a bunch of wet creatures, look at them on the run The carnival traffic noise it sings the tune splashing up ‚n‘ Even the ducks can groove rain bathin‘ in the park side pool And I‘m leanin‘ out my window sill diggin‘ ev‘rything And ah and you too. Rainy day, rain all day Ain‘t no use in gettin‘ uptight Just let it groove its own way Let it drain your worries away yeah Lay back and groove on a rainy day hey Lay back and dream on a rainy day. Lyrics by: Jimi Hendrix - Rainy Day, Dream Away

TO THE BONE rocking the stage at the Mechelen skatepark

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Screech smith grinding with arm in sling

Best of Both Bowls -2013-

Photography by

J端rgen Horrwarth - speedy backside monty


Best of Both Bowls contest in D端sseldorf is definitely one of the best contest of the year and if you missed it last year make sure you go this year. With top riders like J端regn Horrwarth and Screech there卒s some serious shredding guaranteed. Screech had is arm in a sling but that did not really slow him down and he shredded the bowl with his usual madness. J端rgen was flying all over the bowl with hight speed grinds and some stylish ollies and airs.


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Some thoughts from our friend Txus about a heavy slam he took at a pool session last summer I break my face for 4 places best slam ever in my live copenhagen bowl  hangup love seat I had operation last week i m ok!

I put my face on the bottom of your pool my face or my live I break my face for skateboarding i show my son Yago how heavy skateboarding can do I sk8 and destroy your bones is not a game the game is over when you look in the other tranny, the dead around you you like it , and you never stop in your live in 5 minutes 5 minutes for be or not to be. txus

Yago styles a classic driveway carve

Txus slashing the oververt at Faeledparken, Copenhagen.

Some nice concrete by Txus and his crew.

IMPRINT Editor in Chief Gerd Rieger (V.IS.d.P.)

Editor Axel Torschmied

Layout Hanne Wakker

TransLation John Young -

Text Lenore Sparks Eric Muesahm

Photos Gerd Rieger - Axel Torschmied - Txus

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Bailgun Mag #16  
Bailgun Mag #16  

Welcome to Bailgun issue #16, this issue features the 5th annual Bergfest at the Berg Fidel skatepark Next up there´s a feature about one of...