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YGD represents how inclusive and exciting the games industry has become. Seeing the next generation pushing creative boundaries provides much needed energy for the future. Thank you! David Gardner Vice President for Games, BAFTA The BAFTA YGD competition has provided an excellent opportunity over the last ten years to encourage aspiring talent to discover more about the industry, whilst also unlocking their imaginations and creative potential. This year shows yet again how important games are as a medium for finding your way in the world and telling meaningful stories. Good luck to all of the 2020 finalists - I look forward to following the future careers of the winners! Dr Jo Twist OBE Chair of BAFTA Games Committee & CEO OF UKIE (The Asociation of UK Interactive Entertainment)


Des Gayle Chair of Game Making Juries & Founder/Producer of Altered Gene

Left: Dr Joe Twist OBE; Right: Des Gayle

We’re in a challenging period right now so it’s essential that we celebrate the creativity and innovation of young people. YGD remains an important programme, highlighting new talent and building connections with the games industry that so many of our finalists want to work in.

I’m so honoured to host the BAFTA Young Game Designers Awards in its tenth year. The YGD competition reminds me why I love games so much, and reminds me of the potential that games have to make a positive impact in people’s lives. I remember being in love with games as a young person but having no clue how the industry worked or how I would begin to forge a career in it. The BAFTA YGD competition helps demystify the practical side of getting into games, removing barriers between game-makers and their chosen industry, offering support at every level and making games a more accessible career path for as many young people as possible. Aoife Wilson Host YGD 2020



GAME CONCEPT AWARD 10-14 YEARS For the most creative and original concept for a new game See the designs at ygd.bafta.org

Lunar Landing

Joshua Couchman (14) A game in honour of the July 1969 Lunar Landing, where YOU take control of the module, as Neil Armstrong once did, and land it safely on the Moon. 2D game where you control the lunar module and attempt to land on the Moon. You experience gravitational pull and flying asteroids may impact your health. As the module slowly tilts, depending on movement of the mouse, you must avoid tilting more than 90 degrees or the game ends. Levels progress with different requirements such as retaining full health and completing the game at a faster speed.


Mall Brawl

Escape Castle

Clio Pantelides (14) Lauren Yates (14) Inspiring the growth of lateral thinking skills via a fun, team building escape game. Each player is assigned a different colour with unique skills to help progress through levels. Everyone starts in their own cell and must solve their own puzzle before joining the main room. The next puzzle is one of stealth where you and your team must sneak past the enemy guards. Each room gets harder and harder with five castles, each with a different focus. The aim is to escape the castle in as little time as possible.

My Adventure

Tej Singh (13) Jake Franklin (14)

Lucy Bee (13) Mahnoor Tanveer (13)

A rag doll physics carting game where you knock other players out of carts with your joust.

A game inspired by nature, designed to show young people the world and its inhabitants, including the negative effects of human activity.

A party game with up to eight players in teams of two. Each team will spawn with their shopping cart and a joust in a map of randomly spawning obstacles such as boxes, payment tills and shelves. When the game starts, teams battle it out: one player controls movement of the cart; the other controls the joust and trys to knock over the enemy team. The controls feel purposefully slow to create tension during each match. Last cart standing wins!

You have a choice of biomes to explore (sandy, ocean, snowy or jungle) and an option of character outfits specific to the biome. For different levels, you unlock stories, information and animals which may either aid or distract you. You see the impact of human activity (deforestation, global warming) and ways to help. You must problem solve using a backpack of tools and equipment to overcome challenges eg. building a fire for warmth.

Fantaji: If History Met Magic

Carla Kotter (12) Mia de Grammont (12) Amalia Sangiovanni Vincentelli (12) History is filled with sorrow and mistakes but what if there was a way to change that? Magic! Complete quests and challenges to gain resources and save the world. The game has a relaxing, Japanese vibe using watercolours, Anime characters and soothing music. Use the map to find ingredients for potions to complete your quest. Portals transport you to different ages with resources available in that time period to help build your house eg the dinosaur period has materials for a cave dwelling. A backpack keeps your collected items and a recipe book lists potions you discover.

My Escape

Alex Castle (14) Daniel Purvis (14) Lola tires of her parents constantly arguing and escapes by falling down a hole in her back garden into an alternate reality where anything is possible! Lola realises that she is in danger in this new world and must escape by defeating bosses, small villains {Plues} and collecting coins and spells. She is accompanied by Skit, a small stuffed cat who sometimes talks and offers advice. To progress to new areas you must complete tasks and find hidden symbols. You are rewarded with potions, spells and weapons which can heal or provide special abilities.


Morayo Onyia (12)

A game based on the nine worlds in Viking religion, where you defeat and befriend monsters and giants. You play an orphan trying to blend in with society but who accidentally turns into a Griff – a human-griffin hybrid. The Griffs must live in Remain, surrounded by human villages and never causing any inconvenience to human society. On arriving in Remain, you learn to fight, use elemental magic, befriend monsters called Barics and travel through the nine worlds meeting, defeating and destroying the creatures that inhabit these worlds.

Picture Perfect

Heirs to the Throne

Bailey Barnett (13) Thomas Rieger (13)

Adventures of a rebellious heir/ess to the throne of a medieval kingdom making decisions to change their life and those around them. As an heir to the throne, under the strict rule of your parents, you must make choices that decide your life and future. A point-based system uses AP (Attribute Points) to determine the choices you make and when. Death is inevitable but you can shape your life and legacy. Various options are available to reclaim your life as a teen: playing with friends, getting a job, skiving off royal duties, even rebelling against the entire kingdom.

Strung Up

Rowan Newington (12)

Cameron Crosland (14)

A unique puzzle game where you control a pen with the amplitude of your voice to trace a variety of pictures.

A charming, somewhat challenging metroidvania with a gripping story.

By using the volume of your voice, you control the position of the pen on the Y axis. You must trace a grey line and follow the guide before being graded for accuracy. Less than two stars and you can’t continue. At the end of each level you receive facts about the image you drew, eg the Mona Lisa was drawn in 1503.

You play as an old woman (Sam) and her granddaughter Lana. They set out on a quest to find seven strings to make a rope that can tie souls to the world, keeping someone alive after death. The game has eight worlds, each with its own story and characters. There’s platforming, combat and collectables in the worlds and you can switch between characters to defeat enemies, solve puzzles and more. It shows the effect of imminent death on people.


Code Story Dream Eleeza Amin (15)

An animated choose-your-path adventure story, teaching programming through the metaphor of magic. You play as a character representing the programming language you chose to learn (the main one is Python). The player learns how to use the programming language’s commands by using the metaphor of magic and choices to be made, in order to progress the story and resolve conflict. Instead of clicking options, the player types in code to make their choices. This game is an easy, fun and interesting introduction to programming which would not require any prior knowledge of programming.

Dog Dash

Celeste Herron (16) Lara-Anne Herron (18) Eva Simpson (16) The world is toast! An evil toaster has enslaved humans with high tech household appliances leaving the fate of humanity to an unlikely pair of pets. Bark, dash and explore your way towards an ending of your own making! In this metroidvania, The Evil Toaster seeks retribution for feeling undervalued. The player, depicted as an unnamed dog, must team up with a mysterious cyborg cat named Dr Tedward and explore the post-toaster world. Uncover secret areas, collect upgrades, battle ridiculous bosses, chat with unusual side characters and, most importantly, decide the ultimate path.

Fruit Frenzy

Evie Sanger-Davies (15)

Fun and fast-paced conveyor belt platform game where a group of fresh fruit tackle the challenges of infuriating insects and malicious mould to get to the checkout in the “gross-ery” store - against the clock of their best before dates! Help your freshly picked fruit through the conveyor belt platforms to the checkout. However, the supermarket is a treacherous place with fruit flies and wasps to attack the sweetest and fruit goes mouldy! Power ups like fly sprays and wasp traps may help. Each level gets harder with less power ups, more enemies to face and a shorter shelf life.

Guiding Light


Eryn Preece (18)

Matthew Swaffield (17)

A puzzle game focusing on memory and coordination through darkness

Hearts are made of funny little memories, and every person lives trying to remember theirs.

In the once thriving city of Meteor, you play as a squad of four unique characters trying to eradicate the new supernatural infestation problem that has hit the city.

Joe Straker (17)

A top-down puzzle game about guiding characters through darkness and into the light. You control a spirit, which provides light in a dark environment, and are able to lead your body and other bodies. BUT you either move all afflicted bodies together or none at all. This means you must scout and decide on a plan through your memory of the level and character locations. You risk losing a character if you go down a wrong path.


You are a hat. Go find your place in the world! Ticker is a near literal sentient hat whose life spirals into existence when abandoned by their owner. Determined to discover who they truly are, Ticker is helped by a young woman living beneath the effects of a spell that has reduced her to an outline of herself. Together the pair will connect and come to realise what belonging really means. A character, emotion and narrative based, ‘Platformer’ RPG spanning six defined levels, each devoted to a different season.

High Spirits

A top down strategy game in which the player controls a squad of four characters who must find and destroy the ghosts that have begun to infest a wide variety of locations, from houses to offices. At the start of every level, the characters are placed at the entrance to the building and tasked with finding the ghosts hidden in a variety of items.



Ghost Town

Sarah Bucksey (17)

Ghost town is a unique 2D puzzle platformer, exploring coming to terms with losing a loved one through the perspective of a child.

15-18 YEARS

A child goes on an adventure searching for their beloved family cat. Follow the cat through the town, always just out of reach, solving puzzles along the way. Feed your curiosity by uncovering secret stories, interact with interchangeable environments and otherworldly spirits, be the bridge between two realities. Continue on your path to find the cat, and the child’s journey comes to an end. Help the cat find peace by finding your own.

For the most creative and original concept for a new game See the designs at ygd.bafta.org



Dylan Hart (17)

Anthony Moran (18)

The world keeps turning upside down (in more ways than one) and two impoverished girls are the only ones who stand a chance of righting it.

Entertain your audience by building a combo from combat and platforming challenges and by taking the more difficult branching paths in the level to earn a higher score.

A stealth based RPG following a socially anxious teen. No matter how Elliot acts, he always doubts his decisions that haunt him in his never-ending nightmares

Holly Lee (15)

Terra and Sora live in the poorest town in Albaa, where almost no one can afford life-saving equipment to protect against the strange and inexplicable inversions that occur every few months. These inversions turn gravity on its head and anything that isn’t secured is sent crashing down to earth. However, the girls discover they can control the inversions whenever they touch. Will they be able to harness their joint power to stop the inversions?

A platformer in which the player must keep the audience of a play entertained by repeatedly adding action to the scenes. The more dangerous the actions, the higher their approval from the audience. Levels have multiple pathways with each providing different score boosts based on difficulty. Easier paths are slower and less visually interesting with less obstacles. More difficult paths feel dynamic with the stage changing while playing it.

Suffering in Silence

Elliot is presented with many decisions. When left to his own devices, he can consider fully but, in the company of others, rationality disappears and he can’t respond normally for fear of looking foolish. When the player feels overwhelmed, the screen becomes darker and black bars appear to create an atmosphere of pressure. During this time, the player must navigate the area without being seen.




Elsie Habgood (12) Jessica Habgood (10)

10-14 YEARS

A wacky platform game where you play a knight attempting to prevent giraffes rewriting history by jumping on their heads.

Attack of the Evil Time-Travelling Vampire Giraffes of Utter Doom

A poem reveals that giraffes can turn into bats and are actually vampires! You destroy them by jumping on their heads and shooting the bat with a sword. Another poem reveals the overall aim of the game: collecting rewards. Kings/ queens change as you collect more rewards. Giraffes appear with longer necks to make it progressively more difficult to jump on them. See how far you can progress through history and how many monarchs you can save.

For the best original game made using freely available software Play the games at ygd.bafta.org


Andrew Ah-Weng (13) Caden Cheong (13) Iggy Gill-Ces (13) A survival game where you play as a gorilla, running around collecting berries and food but avoiding lions! The environment has various obstacles – trees, lakes, cliffs – and you must collect food whilst evading lions. Your character has three important stats, health, hunger, and stamina, which help you to survive in different ways. For example, stamina allows you to run away and collect things faster. Without stamina, you get exhausted and must stop to recharge, costing you precious seconds. To survive you MUST collect food. The aim is to survive for the most amount of days.



Reverse Fishing

Gustav Hills (13)

Alex Scheurer (13)

A samurai warrior proving her superior sword-fighting skills in a fantasy world inhabited by monsters from Japanese woodcuts. She must survive kendo battles against Yūrei (Japanese ghosts) such as giant leaping newts and fish headed monsters, within atmospheric scenes inspired by the art of Kuniyoshi and the films of Kurosawa.

Instead of catching fish, you ARE the fish and must escape from Bob the fisherman.

A museum visit takes an unexpected twist when you find yourself battling with monsters in the pictures. Journey through the misty, dark forest; watch out for an ambush from a human sized leaping newt; fight off giant rats. Pop-up information helps increase your skills and ultimately find safety on a rocky island.

To escape, you must apply pressure by moving around and pulling on the line. However, you lose energy by doing this! Bob will drop either rubbish bins or fish food which affect your stamina. Avoid colliding with jellyfish, as they will shock you and take even more stamina. The game ends once the line breaks: you win and have a time that you can beat on the leader board. Or you lose if Bob pulls you to the surface!

Beat the Tube

Max Staras (12)

Design a vehicle for rough terrain and try to reach the end before a tube train beats you. A driving and racing game with three levels to help people learn about the way different properties and materials interact with different environments. Design a car by selecting your chassis, engine and wheels to suit the terrain. Then the game starts: race a tube train in a tunnel underneath you. You will be assessed on how intact your vehicle remains; margin of victory/defeat; the quality of your engine (more credit for using less powerful engines).

Complicated Co-operation

Alex Robinson (13) Two players, connected by an elastic cord, make their way through 12 unique castles, each with obstacles that block the way to the two exits. Play through a series of levels and the 12 different castles, all the while connected by an unbreakable elastic rope constantly pulling the two players closer. Each castle presents different challenges and obstacles including lava that burns, water that pushes, platforms that help or hinder your path, platforms that allow either red or green player to pass through and, finally, the doors that allow you to pass to the next castle.



A simple game for both sighted and blind people. Catch the ball moving across the screen using realistic spring jumping physics.

Fast-paced bullet-hell shooting action, themed around Space Invaders and Asteroids

Raphael Wreford (13)

Play with sound ‘off’ or ‘up’ depending if you are sighted or blind. The space bar controls the spring and how high you jump. Timing of the release is key and you can also move the spring in flight by using ‘a’ and ‘d’ keys. You earn points if the bottom of the spring passes through the ball. For blind people the pitch of the sound reveals how high the ball is on the screen and intervals between beeps indicate how fast the ball is moving from right to left.

Shaun Mugumbate (13)

Progress through several levels where you must fend off various space enemies to survive. The game is set in deep space, where you play as the ship’s pilot. Your aim is to defeat the alien spiders attacking you without running out of lives. If you run out of lives, your ship crashes and you lose. If you survive the initial stage, you make it to the boss, the Queen Spider, who you must defeat to clear the level.

Dungeon Dash

Matthew Macallister (14) Escape a perilous dungeon without being caught by the enemies. Use the arrow keys in order to move your player throughout the level. The level will scroll as the player moves, allowing it to be extremely large. Enemies also exist in the level - they will move towards the player when on the screen. If the player touches an enemy or lava, they will be sent back to the start. The player wins if they reach the end of the level.

The Thrilling Saga of Towntown Nathan Lecomte (14)

A 2D point-and-click adventure game with physics. Save the President from an evil corporation who want to turn Towntown into a factory (it’s as crazy as it sounds). Explore the Town of Towntown, in which there are four buildings. You must save the president, kidnapped by an evil corporation called ‘anti-Towntown inc’, by finding a way into their evil base. Along the way you might meet a robot and do some detective work (albeit very basic). The controls are simple. You just need a mouse: left click to drag things around; right click to interact with them.




Reduce a map below 10% of its original area by slicing off sections, fruit-ninja style, without cutting off any moving cells.

A minimalist 2D platformer based around mirror images and bad puns.

Jack Peck (18)

Michael Ballantyne (17)

Dungeon Up, Dungeon Down

James Bodiam (15) Joe Castle (15)

Each level begins with a map and a number of cells on it (objects bouncing off the sides of the map and each other). Objects include static and spinning barriers, speed boosters and the map area is reduced by slicing off sections that do not contain cells. Slicing other objects is not a fail condition and can be a good strategy. As you progress a hidden story is revealed, along with another meaning of 10%.

Contramotion is a game centred around two genderless cubes, Remmie and Rumble, who over the course of the game achieve nothing except making all those who hear their dialogue cringe in despair. Explore 20 handcrafted levels, enjoy eight original soundtracks and get ready to die repeatedly as the difficulty of the game ramps up exponentially. Test your multi-tasking and keep an eye on each half of the screen at all times as certain hazards only apply to certain cubes.

A top down infinite dungeon crawler, except there are only two rooms that radically change whenever you enter them.

Fey the Potion Maker Sophia Shepherd (18)

Millions of Minions

Matt Bull (17)

The Platformer Project

Fantasy-themed puzzle game where you draw magical connections between ingredients to brew potions in your abode among the clouds. Interwoven with a family-focused story.

A randomly generated dungeon crawler; your main weapon... living creatures that you can control!

An engaging, fast-paced, actionadventure game, filled with a variety of collectables and multiple abilities for you to discover across infinite realms.

Players place ingredients in active tiles on the grid and draw bonds to satisfy the requirements. The puzzles alternate between simplistic and more complex layouts, creating a rewarding difficulty curve. The aim is to create a relaxing, almost therapeutic experience; a player’s actions are quite easily reversed and there is no time limit. Inspiration is taken from organic chemistry and this relates to the alchemy and mystical theme of the game.


You are tasked with getting to the surface of the world: to do this, you must defeat all the bosses you encounter and complete the dungeons. Little creatures conjured up with magic can be used to attack the enemies. These creatures are your main weapon, but you can still use a close-range attack for those tense situations.

The twist is only having two rooms to move between but they keep changing so you need to adapt to each new room to get the key and progress. You quickly discover the tower is haunted, you have to dodge ghosts but there are random items in each room to help incapacitate the ghost for short periods. Sometimes crafting spaces will allow you to build items to delay the ghosts but you can never kill them – they’re already dead!

Mathew Jenkins (17)

Three different game modes – Collector, Sprinter, Arena - are all fast-paced survival modes with an individual twist. In Collector Mode, for example, you collect coins but contend with a wide variety of enemies all with different strengths and weapons, and across different realms with random weather and biomes making it harder to survive. Each completed round increases with difficulty so you have to carefully upgrade certain player statistics to stay alive for as long as possible.



Family Dinner

Tom Hosford (17)

A game about being a closeted transgender teenager at a family dinner, and all the awkwardness and upset that entails.

15-18 YEARS

A choose-your-own-answer conversation simulator telling the fictional story of a teenage transgender boy at a dinner with his homophobic and transphobic family members. You play as Toby, who navigates the conversational minefield. The game switches between conversation and text-messages, to give it the flow of normal teenage experience. Each answer leads to different dialogue responses, with everything having an impact.

For the best original game made using freely available software Play the games at ygd.bafta.org


SnakeLaw Island

Trains of Thought

A physics-based, puzzle solving, platformer with a unique mechanic which allows you to ‘phase’ between objects as you work to complete each level.

Traverse through an immersive storybased platformer as a duck trying to stop a war.

A game about navigating a non-Euclidian, physics-defying metro complex.

A 27-level platformer with an expansive move-set where you navigate through an unusual island in an attempt to end a raging war. Throughout your quest, you will meet various characters who you must fight or co-operate with. The game is packed full of colourful computerdrawn art, and is accompanied by four original music compositions.

The main objective is to escape from the mind-scrambling complex of tunnels. Gravity works differently and there is impossible geometry waiting around every corner. There are wormholes, impossible rooms that curve upside down and twisting corridors that will confuse and scramble the player’s brain. The game also has a calm but curious original soundtrack to fit the game’s inquisitive mode.

Toby Hooper (17)

There are many different objects throughout the levels, each with unique properties. These include wooden boxes, metal blocks, and ice cubes. You start by controlling the movement of one item and then transfer control to other objects to help you solve the puzzle. With different properties you must carefully decide how to use the objects both individually, and in combination, to get past each challenge including narrow gaps, tall walls, and deep water.

David McIntosh (16)

Louis Jackson (17)


“I am so completely overjoyed, grateful and surprised to be a YGD finalist. This journey has taught me so much, and I am excited to explore the stories of my developed characters, and the messages they carry with them, further. I can't wait to hopefully speak with the other finalists and to hear about their amazing games and the things that inspire them within the games industry.” Eryn Preece – Heartstring, Game Concept 15-18 Finalist

We were inspired by a Japanese artistic style and by objects such as blossom trees and dragons. I am extremely excited to be in the final and to have the opportunity to discuss our ideas with gaming experts that could help realise our vision. My friends and I worked really hard on this idea and it is an incredible confidence boost to have it noticed.” Amalia Sangiovanni Vincentelli – Fantaji, Game Concept 10-14 Finalist




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“For m e, spea k to a the oppo rtunit n in thing y to I’m m dustry ex pert i ost lo to as s th oking I wou how forwa e l d l o to ta ve a rd level ke my ski dvice on . l ls to t Also oppo he ne rtunit , it will be xt y to l a g reat earn the te more chnic abou al sid the g t e ame indus of try.” Mich ael B allan tyne Con – Gam tramotion e Ma , king 15-18

“I’m delighted to be part of this amazing programme. I spent many hours drafting and doodling my ideas, characterising the fruit and giving them different personalities… I’ve learnt how to communicate my ideas and it would be fantastic if my game became a reality. I am really looking forward to speaking with industry professionals and gaining a deeper insight into what it takes to design a mobile game.”

“You'll nev er learn an ything if you don't do anythin g . If you want to m ake game s, make games.” Matt Bull – Millions o f Minions, Game Ma king 15-18

Evie Sanger-Davies – Fruit Frenzy, Game Concept 15-18 Finalist

“I am most excited about being able to talk to industry specialists to build up my knowledge and to have this awesome experience that I can keep with me forever. Also, the chance to create a reputation in the industry will make employment easier for me in the future.” Joshua Couchman – Lunar Landing, Game Concept 10-14 Finalist


JURIES Game Concept 10-14 Dr Jo Twist OBE (Chair) Adam Pace Alexis de Girolami Elizabeth Orji-Smith Gareth Wilson Jane Douglas Luke Savage Mark Cutmore Michael Lojko Prithvi Kohli Tom Pinfield Zakia Abdullah

Game Making 10-14 Des Gayle (Chair) Anderona Cole Aoife Wilson Dean Dobbs Hollie Emery John Stanley Li Ma Mohrag Taylor Reece Banbury

Game Concept 15-18 Dr Jo Twist OBE (Chair) Abubakar Salim Adam Boyne Alysia Judge Arthur Parsons Ben Ford Charlotte Harris Claire Boissiere Edward Reid Ellen Rose Jodie Azhar Liz Du Spruce Campbell

Game Making 15-18 Des Gayle (Chair) Alex Francois Amelia Tyler Andy Antoniou Anna Mansi Gina Jackson Jamie Gilbertson Jay Britton Nicole Jackson Samantha Kingston Scott Balfour



THANKS Thank you to everyone who has committed their time and passion to YGD over the past 10 years, with particular thanks to Niyi Akeju and Melissa Phillips.

Host Aoife Wilson

Graphics Johnny Luu

Official Partners Creative Assembly Criterion Games Jagex King PlayStation Ubisoft Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WB Games)

Press Sophie Dudhill Charlotte Cooper

Publicity WDW Entertainment

Partnerships Charlie Perkin

Juries With thanks to all readers, jury members and chairs.

Graphic Design Lucy Shephard

For BAFTA Director of Learning & New Talent Tim Hunter Programme Manager: Children & Young People Lisa Prime

Communications Nick Williams Fiona Simpson Dave Hudson Ben Smart

Additional Support Serena Deakin Sam D’Elia Emma Nicholson Lewis Peet Emma Tarcy

Director of Production Clare Brown

British Academy of FIlm and Television Arts 195 Piccadilly London W1 9LN T: 020 7734 0022 bafta.org

Head of Production Cassandra Hybel

Head of Games Committee Dr Jo Twist OBE

Producer Georgina Cunningham

Chair Krishnendu Majumdar

Production Manager Kylie McCarroll

Chief Executive Amanda Berry OBE

Editor Jamie Rowland

Chief Operating Officer Kevin Price


The 11th BAFTA Young Game Designers opens for entry in August 2020. See you next year!

ygd.bafta.org @BAFTAGames #YGD2020 /BAFTA

Profile for BAFTA

BAFTA Young Game Designers Awards' 10th Anniversary Brochure, 2020  

The official programme for the 2020 BAFTA YGD Awards on 18 June 2020.

BAFTA Young Game Designers Awards' 10th Anniversary Brochure, 2020  

The official programme for the 2020 BAFTA YGD Awards on 18 June 2020.

Profile for bafta

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