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8 Cartoon images courtesy of: 1) Atomic Puppet © 2012 Technicolor Entertainment Services France SAS & Mercury Filmworks Corp 2) Suicide Shop © TouTenKartoon 3) Nichtlustig © TrickStudio Lutterbeck GmbH 4) Amita of the Jungle © Làstrego & Testa Multimedia, 2012 5) Kachina Grandfather from Wolf Dog Tales, © Wolf Dog, LLC 6) Little Dashkin © Adam Phillips 7) Fishtronaut © TV PinGuim 8) Chop Chop Ninja © Gamerizon Studio Inc., Sardine Productions Inc. Licensee. 9) Matt Hater Chronicles © Platinum Films.


All of us are touched by the first children’s programmes we loved. They shaped our to the British Academy Children’s viewing and, unlike shows Awards, BAFTA’s celebration of the for adults, they are indelible, very best in children’s film, television remaining in the memory forever. The best of them have and games, and of the incredibly enabled succeeding generations to create, to think, and talented people behind them. increasingly to participate. So we are lucky that in Britain the children’s production community is so consistently innovative. On the basis of tonight’s nominations, children’s entertainment is in very good health, with many of the programmes and performances being highly popular with young audiences, too. Young people have an inherent appreciation of excellence, and what constitutes quality entertainment. They will be inspired by your creativity and consider a career in our industries – your work is an inspiration, and serves as an example of what can be achieved with a creative vision, dedication and hard work. Tonight we present the Special Award to one of the most loved and respected figures in our industry: the wonderful Biddy Baxter MBE. Biddy receives the Award for her outstanding creative contribution to children’s television in the 50th year since the introduction of her iconic Blue Peter badge. To her great tribute, much of the Blue Peter she devised back then as the programme’s editor remains the same today.

My sincere thanks to Harvey Elliott, Chairman of BAFTA’s Children’s Committee, to the expert jury members who gave so much of their time to arrive at this evening’s winners, and to our citation readers who will announce them. Thank you to the BAFTA team, including Siobhan Pridgeon and Clare Brown, who’ve helped deliver tonight’s event. Finally, a very warm welcome to our new host, Jake Humphrey. BAFTA’s work is as much about supporting and nurturing new talent as it is rewarding excellence. Earlier this week, BAFTA launched Give Something Back, an industry campaign that asks you to give your time, offer a summer work placement at your company or make a donation to help BAFTA nurture and support young people – your audiences of today, and the stars of tomorrow. Via Give Something Back, consider contributing your time and expertise to a BAFTA learning event or making a small financial donation to fund our activity. The UK is home to some of the most experienced and talented practitioners in children’s entertainment and your involvement will help safeguard the industry’s future. Visit for more information. Have a wonderful evening.

John Willis Chairman of the Academy

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acked p m ja h s n w St grammes o r p e m o s e with aw

5.30 wener lun–G L ri Mon–F

Play, laugh, learn. Have fun everyday with Cyw and friends on tv, online and on demand.

9.00 n Sadwr


Saturd .uk/ s4c.cosh stwn

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The Amazing World Of Gumball Ben Bocquelet, Mic Graves, Sarah Fell Cartoon Network Development Studio Europe/Cartoon Network

CHANNEL OF THE YEAR Cartoon Network CBeebies Cyw Disney Junior

Room On The Broom Production Team Magic Light Pictures/BBC One

The Snowman And The Snowdog Production Team Lupus Films/Channel 4

Strange Hill High Phil Chalk, Josh Weinstein, Kat Van Henderson CBBC production in partnership with Fremantle and Factory Transmedia/CBBC

T h e N o m i n a t i o n s 5




The Dumping Ground

Production Team CBBC/CBBC

Elly Brewer, Stewart Svaasand, Louise Sutton CBBC/CBBC

Fit Production Team Citrus Television/CBBC

Stepping Up

Hacker Time

Colin McKeown, Donna Molloy LA Productions/CBBC

Jamie Wilson, Annette Williams, Sid Cole CBBC/CBBC

Wizards Vs Aliens

Horrible Histories Production Team Lion Television in association with Citrus Television/CBBC

Production Team BBC Wales/CBBC

Wolfblood Foz Allan, Debbie Moon, Will Sinclair CBBC/CBBC

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Outside Broadcasts for Winners

Contact: Adam Berger: or Bill Morris: / 020 8453 8989 / Photo credits: Ryder Cup: Hugh Routledge / Rex Features. BRIT Awards: David Fisher / Rex Features. NFL: Terry Harris / Rex Features The Ashes: Glyn Thomas / Rex Features. Open Championship Golf Tournament: Hugh Routledge/Rex Features. BAFTA Awards: BAFTA/Richard Kendal



Help! My Supply Teacher Is Still Magic

Absolute Genius With Dick & Dom

Anthony Owen, Nick Hutchings, Anthony Waldron Objective Productions/CBBC

Owenna Griffiths, Lee English, James Millar CBBC/CBBC

Horrible Histories: Gory Games

My Life: Breaking Free

Production Team Citrus Television and Lion Television/CBBC

Officially Amazing Production Team Lion Television Scotland/CBBC

Sam & Mark’s Big Friday Wind-up David Beardsell, Tony Grech CBBC/CBBC

Alison Gregory, Kate Monaghan, Holly Cocker markthree media/CBBC

Newsround: Hard Times Alex Leech, Ricky Boleto, Daniel Clarke CBBC/CBBC

Operation Ouch! Simone Haywood, Ian France Maverick Television/CBBC

T h e N o m i n a t i o n s 9

Based in England, TT Games is one of the world's leading developers of interactive entertainment for young gamers and their families. In 2005, LEGO Star Wars was released to critical acclaim and considerable commercial success. That was followed by further LEGO games, many in combination with some of the world's most signiicant entertainment properties such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Batman and Marvel. We are proud to celebrate that continued success with our BAFTA nominations for LEGO Lord of the Rings and LEGO City Undercover.

A Warner Bros. Entertainment Group Company




Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman, John Lasseter Walt Disney Pictures

Life Of Pi Ang Lee, Gil Netter, David Womark Fox 2000 Pictures/ Twentieth Century Fox

ParaNorman Arianne Sutner, Travis Knight, Sam Fell, Chris Butler LAIKA/Universal Pictures International

Development Team Nintendo/Nintendo

Lego City Undercover Development Team TT Games/Nintendo

Luigi’s Mansion 2 Development Team Next Level/Nintendo

Skylanders Giants Development Team Toys for Bob/Activision Publishing

Wreck-It Ralph Rich Moore, Clark Spencer, John Lasseter Walt Disney Animation Studios, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/ Walt Disney Pictures

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INDEPENDENT PRODUCTION COMPANY Complete Control UK Darrall Macqueen Kindle Entertainment Somethin’ Else

INTERNATIONAL Adventure Time Pendleton Ward, Larry Leichliter, Kelly Crews Cartoon Network/Cartoon Network

Doc McStuffins Production Team Brown Bag Films, Walt Disney Television Animation/Disney Junior

Kung Fu Panda: Legends Of Awesomeness Production Team Nickelodeon/Nickelodeon

Regular Show Production Team Cartoon Network Studios/Cartoon Network

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Children Of World War 2

The Imagineers

Harvey Woolfe, Dominic Sant, Tim Duck Evans Woolfe Media/ BBC Two Learning Zone

Chris Harries, Jane Dibblin, Richard Osborne Angel Eye Media/ BBC Two Learning Zone


Just A Few Drinks

Production Team Feelgood Fiction/BBC Two Learning Zone

Harvey Woolfe, Dominic Sant, Tristan Anderson Evans Woolfe Media/ BBC Two Learning Zone

What Makes Me, Me? And Other Interesting Questions

L8R Youngers 3

Andy Glynne, Kerry McLeod, Nandita Jain Price Mosaic Films/BBC Two Learning Zone

Derek Brown, John White, Malcolm Campbell Actorshop Productions/ BBC Two Learning Zone

You Too Can Be An Absolute Genius

Romeo And Juliet – In Performance

Martin Riley, Rima Sen, James Millar Lion Eyes TV/BBC Two Learning Zone

Ian Wall, Andy Donald, Bernie Donohoe Film Education

T h e N o m i n a t i o n s 15





As editor and producer of Blue Peter between 1962 and 1988, Biddy Baxter helped shape the imagination, creative talents and resourcefulness of generations of children. Adding to the two BAFTA Awards the series won under her stewardship, the Academy honours Baxter in her own right with the Special Award… With its signature hornpipe theme tune and sailing ship motif, Blue Peter remains one of the most iconic children’s programmes ever produced in the UK. In fact, with a broadcast history that has lasted more than 50 years (making it the world’s longest running children’s series), it’s hard to imagine British television without it. Although first broadcast in 1958, it wasn’t until Biddy Baxter joined the show as editor in 1962 that Blue Peter really came into its own. During her tenure, which lasted until 1988, she was instrumental in developing the lively magazine format of arts and crafts, presenter challenges, spotlights and showcases and Appeals that we all know and love today. And, of course, without Baxter


B r i t i s h A c a d em y C h i l d r e n ’s A wa r d s

send in their ideas (resulting in a weekly postbag of around 7,000 there would be no Blue Peter badge, which is so highly prized by those who earn one (she herself was given a golden badge upon her letters) and instigating the annual Blue Peter Appeals, which ask children to organise bring and buy sales retirement from the show). or collect rubbish for recycling and have The main aim was, she says, “I’m quite overwhelmed to have raised millions of pounds for charities at “to encourage our viewers to join in been given the Special Award. home and abroad. with their own ideas, so it was their “I was incredibly lucky to work programme, as much as it can be in a I’m thrilled and very proud.” with Edward and Rosemary,” she notes. one-way medium. We didn’t want to “Edward was asked to look after me and I think this was hugely sit there like megalomaniacs, doing something for ourselves. The unpopular with him at the start, but he did it with good grace and great challenge was we had this multi-age range audience. Without we actually worked very well together. Rosemary was seconded compromising anything, we had to appeal to this very wide when I went on jury service and stayed on the programme when demographic and a magazine-style format was ideal for that.” I returned. We had different talents, And yet it could have been so different. Joan Maureen Baxter but they were complementary talents (Biddy is a childhood nickname that stuck) attended Durham and we made a very good team.” University with ambitions to become a psychiatric social worker, During Baxter’s 26 years on Blue but a chance encounter at the university’s careers office led her Peter, the programme won 22 awards, to apply for a role as a studio manager at BBC Radio in London including two BAFTA Awards and upon graduation in 1955. She became the producer of Listen With Mother and BBC School Radio’s Junior English programmes, before moving over to BBC Television Children’s Programmes in 1961 and taking on her role as editor on Blue Peter a year later. “I came from radio completely ignorant about television,” she says. “I went on a course before being plunged into it. I actually thought I was going to be working on Watch With Mother. I didn’t know I was going to work on Blue Peter, this weekly magazine programme.” Working alongside producers Edward Barnes and Rosemary Gill, Baxter would shape the show into its current format, devising the Blue Peter badge to encourage children to

Opposite: Biddy Baxter with William Timyn’s bronze of Petra, Blue Peter’s first dog. Below left: Baxter (left), presenter Valerie Singleton (centre) and Doreen Stephens, BBC Television Head of Children’s Programmes (right) introduce some royal visitors to Joey the Blue Peter parrot, 1966. Producer Edward Barnes and presenter John Noakes can be seen in the background. Below: Baxter with producers Barnes and Rosemary Gill at BBC Television Centre with Blue Peter’s first BAFTA,1969

T h e S P E CI A L AWA RD : B i d d y B a x t e r 17


12 nominations (the show has gone on to win five more). She was appointed an MBE in 1981, and in 1988 received an honorary D. Litt from the University of Newcastle, as well as honorary degrees from Durham and Leicester universities. In 2003, in memory of her late husband, Baxter founded The John Hosier Music Trust, with Simon Rattle as patron. The Trust provides scholarships for impoverished music students to help them undertake their post-graduate studies. She’s also authored 38 books, including the rather wonderful Dear Blue Peter… in 2008, which collected together 50 years of viewer correspondence, and has raised more than £20,000 for the Trust. It’s this relationship between programme and viewer which she helped foster that stands as Baxter’s proudest achievement. “We were very lucky to be working for the BBC and to be allowed to create something that had long-term results rather than instant results,” she explains. “Creating a relationship in a one-way medium

Opposite: Baxter’s farewell party at BBC Television Centre, 1988, with past and current presenters (clockwise from left) Peter Duncan, Simon Groom, Mark Curry, Caron Keating, Tina Heath, Yvette Fielding, Valerie Singleton and Janet Ellis. Above left: Princess Anne and Singleton at the Starehe Boys’ Centre, Nairobi, filming the Blue Peter Royal Safari, 1971. Above: Baxter sorts through some of the Blue Peter Sightsaver Appeal correspondence, 1986

with a non-captive audience was a huge challenge. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have had such a long and rewarding broadcasting career, and to have worked with such talented and creative colleagues and so many outstanding presenters.” It’s hard not to be charmed by Baxter’s self-effacing modesty, who throughout our interview is quick to spread the credit for Blue Peter’s success with both her co-workers and the viewers who contributed to the show. She states that she’s “overwhelmed” to be named as this year’s Special Award recipient. “I’m thrilled and very proud,” she says, adding with a laugh: “And a bit scared, in case I fluff it up on the night.”

T h e S P E CI A L AWA RD : B i d d y B a x t e r 19

MULTIPLATFORM Championsheeps2 Catherine McAllister, Jake Manion, Laura Chilcott Aardman Animations

Kinect Sesame Street TV

ORIGINAL INTERACTIVE Lifesaver Martin Percy, Piero Frescobaldi, Yates Buckley UNIT9

Development Team Soho Productions

Moshi Monsters

Peppa Pig’s Holiday

Michael Acton Smith, Steve Cleverly, Divinia Knowles Mind Candy

Development Team P2 Games Limited

Y Lifft (The Lift) Angharad Garlick, Aled Mills, Aled Parry Boom Kids, part of Boom Pictures Cymru/ Cube Interactive

Sneak James Huggins, Mike Outlaw, Steve Taylor Made in Me

Teach Your Monster To Read: First Steps Development Team The Usborne Foundation

T h e N o m i n a t i o n s 21

PERFORMER Aimee Kelly Wolfblood (Maddy Smith) CBBC/CBBC


Bobby Lockwood

Nicky Phelan, Stephanie Simpson, Kurt Mueller Silvergate Media/CBeebies

Wolfblood (Rhydian Morris) CBBC/CBBC

Peppa Pig

Justin Fletcher

Phil Davies, Philip Hall, Joris van Hulzen Astley Baker Davies/Five

Justin’s House ( Justin) CBeebies/CBeebies

Phil Fletcher Hacker Time (Hacker) CBBC/CBBC

Sarah & Duck Sarah Gomes Harris, Tim O’Sullivan, Jamie Badminton Karrot/CBeebies

Timmy Time Jackie Cockle, Liz Whitaker, David Scanlon Aardman Animations/CBeebies

T h e N o m i n a t i o n s 23



CBeebies Ugly Duckling

Blue Peter CBBC/CBBC

Angela Young, Iwan Watson, Tony Reed CBeebies/CBeebies

Chris Jarvis

Ha Ha Hairies Mellie Buse, Jan Page, Martin Franks Adastra Creative/Cartoonito

Mr Bloom’s Nursery: Get Set, Grow! Jon Hancock, Charlotte Bushell, Simon Hall CBeebies/CBeebies

Barney Harwood

Show Me Show Me CBeebies/CBeebies

Justin Fletcher Something Special CBeebies/CBeebies

Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes Sam & Mark’s Big Friday Wind-up CBBC/CBBC

Something Special Paul Shuttleworth, Nia Ceidiog, Claire Taylor CBeebies/CBeebies


B r i t i s h A c a d em y C h i l d r e n ’s A wa r d s

SHORT FORM Aim High Production Team Disney Channel UK/Disney XD

Cardboard Box Adventures Akin Akinsiku, Kim Majkut, Peter Drake Nickelodeon & Not to Scale/Nick Jr

WRITER Writing Team The Amazing World Of Gumball Cartoon Network Development Studio Europe/Cartoon Network

Sam Morrison, Neville Astley, Mark Baker Peppa Pig Astley Baker Davies/Five

Share A Story

Nick Leather

Production Team CITV/CITV

Stepping Up – The Cloudwatch Club LA Productions/CBBC

What’s The Big Idea?

Debbie Moon

Frédéric Puech, Alan Gilbey, Tanguy de Kermel Planet Nemo/CBeebies

Wolfblood CBBC/CBBC

T h e N o m i n a t i o n s 25





Matt Locke CHAIR Anna Higgs Sharna Jackson Moya O’Shea Meg Rosoff Meg Wang Jon Wardle

Anna Rafferty CHAIR Mellie Buse Karen Davidsen Richard Dinnick Billy McQueen Amanda Punter Claire Russell

Channel Of The Year


Jessica Symons CHAIR Vanessa Chapman Paul Cummins Ruth Fielding Dan Good Sallyann Keizer Cathy Olmedillas Jeremy Salsby Alison Warner Nick Wilson

David Ingham CHAIR Dan Berlinka Tim Edmunds Sharon Miller Steve Ryde Graham Stuart Claire Underwood

Comedy Anne Brogan CHAIR Simon Brown Spencer Campbell Mark Evans Matt Holt Candida Julian-Jones Holly Phillips Chris Sussman Sam Ward


Factual Julian Scott CHAIR Elaine Bancroft Cathy Collis David Hallam Howard Litton Chris Pilkington Mick Robertson Karl Woolley Peter Wyles

B r i t i s h A c a d em y C h i l d r e n ’s A wa r d s

Feature Film

Learning Primary

Original Interactive


Justin Johnson CHAIR Rhidian Brook Andrea Calderwood Julie Dawn Cole Phil Gallagher Briony Hanson Tanya Seghatchian Reece Shearsmith Deborah Sheppard

Helen Blakeman CHAIR Sue Elphick Sharna Jackson Jermain Julien Vanessa Hill Matt Telfer Janey Walker Ian Wall Pier Wilkie

Matt Locke CHAIR Jane Burton Paul Canty Tim Plyming Jo Roach Jody Smith

Oliver Hyatt CHAIR Michael Absalom Dave Benson Phillips Steve Cannon Kez Margrie Kathryn Wolfe Peter Wyles

Independent Production Company Oliver Hyatt CHAIR Marion Edwards Vanessa Hill Damian Hook Tim Searl Jocelyn Stevenson

International Joe Godwin CHAIR Steven Andrew Louise Benson Henrietta Hurford-Jones Debbie Macdonald Melanie Stokes

Learning Secondary Maddy Darrall CHAIR Kay Benbow Bill Hobbins Brian Neish Connal Orton Lucienne Pactat Kalpna Patel Stuart Pearson Catherine Williams

Multiplatform Rosie Allimonos CHAIR Anwen Aspden Johan Brand Rebecca Denton Eric Huang Faraz Osman Juliette Otterburn-Hall Lisa Sargood

Performer Cecilia Persson CHAIR Simon Amster Zoe Bamsey Michael Carrington Gillian Hawser Dee Robertson Alison Warner

Pre-School Animation Simon Spencer CHAIR Helen Brunsdon James Burrell Alun Edwards Matt Porter Steve Lee Steve Smith

Short Form Finn Arnesen CHAIR Simon Cruse Raquel Dobson Philip Hunt Julian Kemp John Marley Chris Wood

Writer Beth Gardiner CHAIR Pia Ashberry Tony Collingwood Will Maclean Jocelyn Stevenson Jen Upton Rebecca Watson

Pre-School Live Action Tony Collingwood CHAIR Beth Gardiner Billy McQueen Simon Nicholson Tim Patterson Karen Vermeulen

T h e J u r i e s 27

BAFTA Kids’ Vote As well as celebrating the best of film, television and games annually, the Academy’s remit is also to inspire the next generation of practitioners. The BAFTA Kids’ Vote was created with both those aims in mind… At its most basic level, the BAFTA Kids’ Vote was designed to give a voice to those who appreciate the films, television shows and interactive media the most: the children. The Award format and voting dynamic for the Kids’ Vote has changed with the times since its introduction at the Children’s Awards in 1997, but ostensibly the aim has always been the same: to allow children to vote for their favourites of the year. The Kids’ Vote evolved into its current format in 2009, allowing the nation’s children aged between 7 and 14 years old to pick their favourite television show, film, game and website from the past year. By its very nature, the Kids’ Vote invites children to think about why they like a certain film or website, or prefer one game over another. And it’s certainly proved to be popular: more than half a million votes were cast in 2012.


BAFTA hopes to translate these fantastic numbers into a new venture: the BAFTA Children’s: Behind The Scenes series. Launched at the Framed Festival held at the Barbican earlier this month, the event is more directly inspirational and educational, while also reflecting the vibrancy of our Kids’ Vote website. It took the form of an entertaining 90-minute magazine-style show, presented by Friday Download’s Shannon Flynn and Wolfblood’s Bobby Lockwood. The varied programme included special guest interviews, goodie giveaways, fun challenges, and exclusive behind-the-scenes items about many of tonight’s nominees. It’s our aim to take this format on the road throughout the next 12 months. By celebrating the amazing content produced in the UK and helping children to learn directly about what goes into making them through our extensive events programme, BAFTA is committed to inspiring the next generation of creative practitioners. Find out more:

B r i t i s h A c a d em y C h i l d r e n ’s A wa r d s



The Amazing World Of Gumball The Dumping Ground Good Luck Charlie Horrid Henry iCarly Jessie Phineas And Ferb Show Me What You’re Made Of Wizards Vs Aliens Wolfblood

The Croods Despicable Me 2 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Iron Man 3 Life Of Pi Man Of Steel Monsters University Star Trek Into Darkness The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Wreck-It Ralph



Angry Birds Star Wars Cut The Rope: Time Travel Despicable Me: Minion Rush FIFA 13 Just Dance 4 LEGO The Lord Of The Rings Minecraft Need For Speed Most Wanted New Super Mario Bros 2 Skylanders Giants

CBBC Miniclip Moshi Monsters Disney Club Penguin Bin Weevils Stardoll LEGO Nickelodeon

T h e B A F T A K IDS ’ V OT E

Fingers crossed for all the nominees




TOON BOOM Toon Boom Animation Inc, a Corus Entertainment Inc company, is the worldwide leader in digital content and animation creation software, delivering products and services online to a global community. Carrying user-friendly applications for children, home users, professionals, as well as students, educators and schools, Toon Boom is fully dedicated to education and goes far beyond developing technology and curriculums to enhance the classroom experience. As an influential advocate of bringing industry and education together, Toon Boom collaborates with value-added partners to help students achieve their goals. At the high-end studio level, Toon Boom offers a wide product range, from powerful pre-production tools to leading edge animation solutions. With extensive expertise in animation production, the company provides consulting services in optimisation, pipeline integration, production assistance and custom development. Toon Boom is honoured to partner with the British Academy Children’s Awards and to recognise the wonderful nominees in the Animation category. With Toon Boom celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2014, its commitment to the animation industry and, in particular, education is unparalleled. Toon Boom is also providing its software for various children’s initiatives organised by BAFTA throughout the year.

Audi UK

Hotel Chocolat



British Airways

Republic Of Photography

Champagne Taittinger



Villa Maria Wines


88 Rue Du Rhone


Find out more:

B r i t i s h A c a d em y C h i l d r e n ’s A w a r d s 31










Host Jake Humphrey

Sound PA Plus4Audio

Script Rob Colley

Projection Anna Valley Displays

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Post Production Partner The Farm Group

Voice-over Alan Dedicoat

Prompting Facilities Portaprompt

BAFTA Content Hosts Aidan Davis Michelle Ackerley

BAFTA Additional Content Crew Procam

Production Design Alison Humphries

Outside Broadcast Facilities CTV Outside Broadcasts

Video Graphics Starstruck Media

Supported by The London Studios

Content Producers Cassandra Hybel Laura Rees

Lighting Director Matt Olsen

Brochure and Ticket Printing Emtone Print

Production Manager Ryan Doherty

Floor Manager Ed Sharpe

Photographers Richard Kendal Steve Butler

Production Assistant Georgina Cunningham

British Academy of Film and Television Arts 195 Piccadilly London W1J 9LN T 020 7734 0022 F 020 7292 5869

Awards and Production Intern Nicola Wedgwood

Chairman John Willis

Editing Richie Scotney

Chief Executive Amanda Berry OBE

Digital Communications Manager Pippa Irvine

Chief Operating Officer Kevin Price

Camera Supervisor Kris Winser

PR freuds

For highlights and additional interviews from tonight’s ceremony, please visit Follow us on Twitter @BAFTA with #BAFTAKids


Harvey Elliot CHAIR Justin Johnson DEPUTY CHAIR Rosie Allimonos Helen Blakeman Anne Brogan Beth Gardiner Joe Godwin Oliver Hyatt Matt Locke Cecilia Persson Anna Rafferty Simon Spencer Jessica Symons

Senior Awards Officer Children’s and Television Craft Siobhan Pridgeon Head of Production Clare Brown Awards Event Producer Helen Kierney Production Secretary Sophie Klein Awards Team Bradley Down David Lortal Rob Jones

Digital Marketing Manager Genevieve Smith

Head of Partnerships Louise Robertson Senior Partner Manager Natalie Moss Partner Manager Amy Elton Partnerships Campaigns Executive Phil Eacott

The Academy chooses Regency, supporting excellence in print. Brochure printed on Regency Satin 270g/m² (cover) and 150g/m² (text) supplied by PaperlinX. The carbon impact of this paper has been measured and balanced through the World Land Trust, an ecological charity.

Brochure Editor Toby Weidmann Graphic Designer Adam Tuck

All nominations correct at time of going to press.

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Congratulations to all award nominees!

British Academy Children's Awards in 2013 programme  

The official programme for the BAFTA Children's Awards in 2013, held on 24 November 2013.

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