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Retail is Detail


Love in your hand


Enterprise Perspectives


Enterprise Philosophy




Meet Your Flavor

For many people, tea is only a simple drink. But for COMEBUY, it insists on each cup of made-to-order tea for the purpose of giving you the best feeling.



Retail is Detail

this is not just the basic action. Instead,it is the most fundamental respect for consumers and food safety.

Red cloth wipes the machine yellow cloth wipes the table and blue cloth wipe the cup Simple Rules, but actually have been carried out for ten years.


Love in your hand

“Be careful to take it !” “Please be careful to take it !” Every smile and reminder exceeds the countless words. All are intentions of passing from COMEBUY.


“"Hello, here is your Dongding Oolong tea" " Please drink it while it is fresh so you may enjoy the tea at its best" "Thank you, we look forward to seeing you again" By receiving payments and giving changes with both hands, COMEBUY delivers its goodwill with the simplest gestures.

Come by the world

COMEBUY began to be prepared for. The first COMEBUY outlet was established in Taipei. Four outlets were expanded rapidly. Exhibition shop was held in New Taipei City. It had access to Danshui, Keelung, Penghu and Tao-Yuan widely, and deserved so much praise from consumers. It set up Head Office, logistics department, and there were over sixty outlets becoming the charm of the brand's status. 2007 It went abroad, stationed in Macau, Zhu-hai, Guang-zhou, and cooperated with LA FEE VERTE’s Brand. 2008 It extremely exceeded one hundred and thirty-five outlets at home and abroad. Beverages and packaging materials passed successfully through the SGS examination. Having cooperated with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, COMEBUY represented the beauty of Taiwan, innovative and teak-drinking culture. The Republic of China Consumers Association also elected it as the first brand. 2009 It continued to cooperate with Taiwan Tourism Bureau together, became the Executive Yuan and the Ministry of Economic Affairs guidance to special and appointed brands, and officially entered the Great China regions where there were several locations being expanded across Hong Kong and Shanghai one after another based on a status of food and beverage groups. 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006



COMEBUY participated in Taipei International Chain Franchise Exhibition, expanded its business territory into the whole Asia, and advanced for the goal of the first word’s COMEBUY. The founder, a candidate of The Japan Times, was elected as the 100 Next-Era CEOs in Asia, and became Taiwan’s only food and beverage industry as an outstanding representative, along with COMEBUY affirmation and founder’s management philosophy. In September, it was awarded the Hong Kong Catering Industry Yearbook in September. In October, it stationed in Toa Payoh in Singapore. COMEBUY was elected as the Hon Kong Catering Industry Yearbook, and the status of the Taiwan’s food and beverage as the representative in the same industry or field. Chen Yan-Xi, the Zonta store manager, was elected the first session of the Department of Commerce Meritorious Service Star, and he firmly supported COMEBUY’s five-star friendly service. COMEBUY even obtained good quality of Taiwan Excellence Award and the National Award for excellent quality. Even all of the shops located in Taipei were awarded Health Self-Management Certification.


COMEBUY devoted itself to global overseas to join the extension points, expanded its business territory into Singapore, Wanda Department Store in Malaysia, SOGO Department Store in Indonesia, Kazakhstan Market in Germany, etc, and became the first and the only one to enter European markets of Taiwan’s tea industry. In the same year, it won the outstanding contributions to the Taiwan Chain and Franchise Promotion Association, and Ming-Ying Yu, who was responsible for the Nankan Shop was even elected the representative of the Taiwan Venture story.

Enterprise Perspectives

Objectives of the Enterprise

Promote the Power of Culture In the past, tea was part of Taiwanese life. Today, tea is the new value to let the world see the light of Taiwan. Intrinsic cultural tension transformed into a driving force of progress and makes cultural heritage promote more inclusive.

Let the World Taste the Beauty of Taiwan. During the past ten years, COMBUY widely expanded its locations across Asia and Europe and now it has more than 170 locations at home and overseas across Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Shanghai, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Germany, and it continues to bring the top bever age which is made elaborately for consumers. On behalf of “Tea”, COMEBUY will continue to bring Oriental culture into the lives of consumers worldwide for the future, and let the tea be more international and younger to build the first world’s COMEBUY.


COMEBUY - The Tea Experts of the worlds

Enterprise Philosophy

Taiwanese Jinxuan Oolong tea from Jhushan, Nantou County Nantou County, Taiwan Chushan Jinxuan Tea as a representative of Taiwan’s tea has unique fruit aroma, natural creamy, supple texture, and are loved by the favorite female friends.

India Darjeeling Black Tea Selected from one of the top three black tea production regions in the world: Hand picked black tea from Darjeeling exudes with a rich aroma, which leaves abundant aftertaste after consumption.

Sri Lanka Uva Black Tea

Humble Honest and Graceful Conveying Goodwill


Produced on the mountains in India’s Sri Lanka with an altitude of over 1,200 m. The tea color exhibits a beautiful orange-red color with strong fragrance and rich, sweet taste.

Passing the SGS Test from Beverages to the Packaging Materials

The only one adheres to the original leaves of tea making. In order to allow customers to enjoy the same as the original leave tea immediately for the best drinking sense, COMEBUY provides the special and professional coffee tea maker that was designed elaborately for consumers.

COMEBUY passed comprehensively by the SGS International Quality Certification and adhered to consumers’ health, safety and guarantee.

Taiwan’s Light Tea Espresso Machine Comparative Items

Coffee Tea Machines

Traditional Tea Making

Extensive and Various Kinds of Tea Making

Various Services of Customization

Only Limited, Certain Kinds of Tea

Quantity of Caffeine

High-pressured, Short Time Extraction, Reduce Caffeine

Long-time Immersion to Cause Rising of Caffeine Concentration

Quantity of Tannic Acid

High-pressured, Short Time Extraction, Reduce Tannic Acid

Long-time Immersion to Cause Rising of Tannic Acid

Quantity of Tea Catechin



Texture of mouth-watering Food

Mouth-watering for Instant Tea Making


Procedures of Operation


Artificial Making, Consumptive

Qualities of Stability

Up to Standardization of Quality

Manual Operation, Different Qualities

Tea-making Time Spent

Fast, Fresh, Time-saving of Tea-making (within one minute for instant offering)

10 ~18 minutes Spent

1. COMEBUY, the sole representative of Taiwan, has obtained a unique cross-industry cooperated brands that the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation had

Consumption of Tea Soup

Less Consumption

To Discard Tea If Exposure Longer

Single-cup Customization


Large-scale and Quantity of Tea Making, Not Single-cup o Tea Making

Five senses of Fragrance Presentation



Market Segmentation



specified for three years. 2. Invited by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, COMEBUY became the sole representative of the brand of pearl milk tea at German Travel Fair in 2012.


Peach Oolong Tea

Chocolate Smoothie

The white peach Oolong is produced by blending the unique Nantou Oolong in Taiwan with sweet white peach from Japan; the fruity bouquet isinfused into the tea, endowing it withsmooth,sweet taste and great aroma, and even presenting Taiwan’s Oolong Tea unique, fresh texture of its taste.

A legendary product that combined tradition and innovation. With 5-star chocolate and chocolate from Taiwan’s famous and popular chocolate brand used in the making, Chocolate au lait, will bring back tons of childhood memories for those born in the 50’s and60’s.

Originality 15


Professional contract farming agricultural product

Plum Tomato Juice

Grape Calpis

A blend the uses Taiwan tomatoes and plums from Meishan Township. Rich in lycopene and dietary fiber, this refreshing, sweet and sour drink also helps to market Taiwan’s local agricultural products.

This is a successful union of Taiwan’s quality fruits and Japanese ingredient. Jufeng grapes from Changhu which are used as main ingredient combined with lactobacillus-rich Calpis imported from Japan made this drink a must-have fruit beverage.

Lychee Juice Yu He Bao litchi fruit concentrate from Pingtung area is used to produce the jelly, which is then added to the litchi juice. This dietary fiber-rich drink is a healthy, light drink praised by customers near and far including Hong Kong and Macau as well as a proud representation of Taiwan’s agriculture.


Passion Blast Based on “Milky Passion Fruit from Nantou”. Passion Blast has the vividly yellow and juicy fruit flesh, paired with pearls, nata and Litchi jelly. The 100% fresh taste pops up from the seed of passion fruit and those tenderly chewy ingredients.

Enterprise’s Social Responsibility

COMEBUY’s Polished Outcomes of the Exhibition Shop – Store Photos at Home and Abroad Germany



Having the continuous 2-year cooperation with the asylum factory supported by the New Taipei Municipal Government, and offering the love biscuits, COMEBUY provided retail sales packaging and channels that had been very popular with consumers’ favorites and purchase. Within the short five-day periods, COMEBUY fully sold out the distributions of more than two-thousand packages of the love biscuits. COMEBUY fully set up the Change of Donation Boxes (Taiwan Eden Social Welfare Foundation and Caritas de Macau) at home and abroad outlets for the disadvantaged groups in order to assist the public interest organizations to help more people who are in need. COMEBUY’s love didn’t fall behind others because of its contributions to disaster relief. When the earthquake happened in Sichuan on Mainland in 2009, COMEBUY and Caritas de Macau, the public interest organizations took care of the deficient supplies and showed concerns about Sichuan together. Also, when Morakot typhoon hit in Taiwan, all of COMEBUY’s outlets around Taiwan assisted 88 Floods for fundraising activities. With the activity schedule of July, 2011, COMEBUY carried out new provision for contributions, and donated 5% of the schedule price of goods to the Eden Social Welfare Foundation in order to help the families with disability of nutritious breakfast. On July 5, 2011, COMEBUY invited Wen-Yin Liang (Rachel Liang), the Eden Guardian angel to COMEBUY’ Breeze’s Shop as an one-day manager, and prompted the donation activities.



Hong Kong



Welcome to join us and make our common dreams come true. If you are interested in COMEBUY, call us on Join-line +886-958255037. For more details, please browse the website The taste of tea is not simple. For many people, tea is just a drink. However, what COMEBUY concerns about is not merely the temperature of tea, but also the depth of tea.

COMEBUY desires to have more people in the world taste the natural health of tea easily and freely, the inner culture of tea interestingly as well as the unusual or unique tea.


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