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Bad Hindelang • Bad Oberdorf • Hinterstein • Vorderhindelang • Oberjoch • Unterjoch

Time to discover The sunniest region of southern Germany is located in

colourful plant tapestry and clear waters. As a result

the middle of the Alps, in the region of Allgäu. The variety

guests can look forward to the occasional sighting of rare

of flora and fauna is unique and the air is clearer and purer

animal species such as the Golden Eagle or marmots. It

than in any other village in Germany. Bad Hindelang lies

is not without reason that the International Commission

on mountainous terrain embedded between steep moun-

for the Protection of the Alps CIPRA and the World Wide

tains which are nearly 2.600 m in height.

Fund for Nature (WWF) regard the mountains of Bad Hindelang to be a region of the Alps that is particularly

Bad Hindelang has been awarded the title of “Health

worth protecting.

Resort with a Therapeutic Climate” and “Kneipp Spa Resort” and has been allowed to call itself a spa resort

Bad Hindelang has a lot to offer for both adults and

with the name of “Bad” since 2002. You have to experience

children, with the focus being on exercise, health and

the nature that cannot be matched elsewhere, to find out

well-being. Bad Hindelang has a large network of hiking

what these titles really mean. More than 80 per cent of the

trails of all levels, challenging climbing routes, a “moun-

countryside is a protected nature reserve.

tain adventure” for both young and old, Nordic-Walking routes, a mountain bike park with hindrances and cultiva-

The close co-operation and harmony of a highly modern

ted natural bathing pools. In the winter the wide valley is

holiday region with countryside and farming activities is

transformed into a winter paradise for downhill skiers and

what makes Bad Hindelang an exceptional tourist region.

cross-country skiers, with a wide range of leisure activities

Guests can make use of various attractive facilities and lei-

for all the family.

Bad Hindelang 2

sure activities that use the healing properties of nature and profit from it, such as the upland moor swimming pool

The Bavarian Tourism Marketing Company awarded the

and natural bathing pools, the therapeutic climate walking

family friendliness of Bad Hindelang with five “Kinder-

trails and lots more. This is only possible due to a unique

land” bears, which is the highest reward that you can be

concept, “the ecological model of Hindelang”, that Bad

awarded in tourism for families.

Hindelang has strictly followed for over two centuries and has received awards for this project nationally and interna-

Everyone has a reason to enjoy their stay in Bad Hinde-

tionally. Local farmers play an essential role in maintaining

lang, it doesn’t matter whether you are searching for peace

the countryside with its typical hilly meadows,

and solitude or joyful togetherness.

The open-air theatre “Im Gund” provides entertainment showing original customs and traditions such as the local folk dancing and traditional costumes, alphorn blowers and musicians. Bad Hindelang (825 m) Bad Hindelang is the central village of the community. The baroque town hall, which originally was used by the Bishop of Augsburg as his summer residence, lies directly beside the newly redesigned market square. This area of shops, bars and restaurants is an ideal place to relax and reflect on the day’s activities before the evening begins. The majority of Bad Hindelang’s hotels and guesthouses are located near here. The “Hornbahn” cable car, the natural outdoor pool, the new children’s playground, the tennis centre and gym as well as activities and events at the “Kurhaus” are all within close proximity.

Vorderhindelang (832 m) It’s just a 10 minute hike on the panoramic footpath to Vorderhindelang, the sunniest village of the community. Houses built in the typical architecture of the Allgäu region with brick foundations and shingle facades nestle into the gently sloping hills.

Bad Oberdorf (822 m) Bad Oberdorf was awarded the title of “Bad” meaning “spa” over 100 years ago, by Prince Regent Luitpold of Bavaria. He associated with this region and was a staunch believer in the healing qualities of the mineral sulphur springs found there. This village doesn’t only just boast the highest sulphur springs in Germany, but the combination of sulphur with the upland moor makes it unique to Bavaria. Naturopathic treatments such as mud applications and Kneipp therapy as well as exercise programmes are on offer. A visit to the gothic church with its impressive works of art shouldn’t be missed. The hammer mill is also worth a visit and the dragon children’s playground is a must for the little ones. Bad Oberdorf is located only 10 minutes walking distance from Bad Hindelang and it is the starting point for trips to the wildly romantic Retterschwanger valley.

Hinterstein (866 m) Hinterstein is the most alpine village of the community. This idyllic mountain village is surrounded by imposing summits and it is the starting point for trips into the stillness of the Hintersteiner valley, Ober and Bärgündle valley which leads into the high-alpine landscape of the Allgäu Alps. It is an ideal place for visitors longing for peace and tranquillity. The road ends in Hinterstein and from there onwards the valleys can only be reached by foot, horse and carriage or by the “Giebelhaus” bus. The valleys provide a fantastic opportunity to go on extensive hikes through the mountains or explore the flora and fauna. The “Prinze Gumpe” in Hinterstein offers swimming and Kneipp therapy facilities. The “Kutschenmuseum” or carriage museum is an attraction that definitely shouldn’t be missed.

Oberjoch (1.136 m) The pass road leading from Bad Hindelang to Oberjoch is the most beautiful and has the highest number of serpentines in Germany. The sunny high plateau of 1.136 m is where Oberjoch and Unterjoch are situated. The air which has the lowest level of fine dust particles also has a low pollen count and is completely free of dust mites.

The village and its surrounding area offer ideal opportunities for a family holiday. A ride in the chairlift up the Iseler mountain leads to the land of the native Americans “Indianerland” and the smuggler climb, SALEWA climb as well as other hikes suitable for families. The upland moor swimming pool then provides relaxation. In winter Oberjoch becomes the focal point for skiing. Professional skiers train at the alpine training centre situated there and the children are happily taken care of in the “Schneekinderland”.

Unterjoch (1.013 m) The air in Unterjoch is also first class and offers ideal conditions for allergy-free holidays. The footpaths and bike routes are virtually flat and are suitable for active holidays with small children. This village has the most farms in the Bad Hindelang district which makes it idyllic rural countryside. The newly designed village garden near the church is particularly beautiful with the adjoining waterfall. In winter, the certainty of snow provides almost endless opportunities for cross-country skiing and winter walking until you reach the neighbouring Austrian valley of “Tannheimertal”. The “Spieser” and “Sonnenhang” ski lifts are ideal for downhill skiing.

Bad Hindelang 3

Bad Hindelang consists of six surrounding villages that are located at an altitude ranging from 822 meters to 1.136 meters.

The historical “Leonhardskapelle”, the chapel of St. Leonhard, was erected in 1145 and is a place for prayer and reflection. Visitors can use the refreshing Kneipp facilities in the cultivated chapel garden surrounding the church of St. Thomas and in the natural pool at the river Ostrach.

Bad Hindelang 4

The landscape is overwhelming – in summer and in winter. Making you hold your breath with each step you take. And in addition, Bad Hindelang is the perfect starting-point to tours to the neighbours: Austria & Switzerland.


Bad Hindelang 5

spring The local traditional event called the “Funken” is held

cultivated and have been farmed this way for centuries.

annually on the first Sunday of Lent. Giant bonfires are lit

This is why the surrounding nature is still intact. The

with a figure of a witch made out of straw placed on the

farmers work sustainably and ecologically, the preserva-

top. It is the time of year when the winter is driven out

tion of nature is of great importance. Bad Hindelang has

and the spring is welcomed. They say the higher the flames

therefore created its own quality seal – “Hindelang Nature

the better the harvest will be for the coming year.

& Culture”.

Mother Nature at her best.

Enjoy the nature by trying the local products.

During the spring the surrounding nature in Bad Hin-

In the early phases of spring the young cattle are brought

delang awakes. The mountain panorama is awesome, the

up the mountains to the so called “Alps”, this is the name

snow-capped mountains begin to melt and the dull green

given to the farmers’ homesteads. This is also the place

meadows change into an abundance of wild flowers. The

where the traditional cheese making takes place, named

sheer rock faces are covered by fresh moss and the sound

locally “Sennereien”. Various cheeses are made on site and

of the crickets and summing bees makes it an experience

their homesteads are open to the public. Imagine after a

you will never forget. The nature around the mountain

strenuous walk being able to drop-in and enjoy freshly

region of Bad Hindelang boasts the richest number of spe-

made products such as milk, butter, cheese, hams and sau-

cies in Germany. The rarest plants can be seen growing in

sages, eggs and organic honey, with such a backdrop.

Bad Hindelang 6

the meadows and along the walking trails. Over 40 various sorts of wild orchids have been registered, the beautiful

It is possible to buy these local products during the whole

blue Enzian and the impressive Alpine Rose and of course

year by the local retailers or as a meal served by the local

not to forget the famous Edelweiß all contribute to this

restaurants and cafes. Bad Hindelang isn’t only well known

colourful spectacular display.

for its fabulous scenery, it’s also famous for its culinary delights. The old traditional taverns and shady beer gar-

For the farmers the start of spring means that the hard

dens, the fine dining restaurants and local bistros all offer

work begins. The steep fields and meadows are carefully

excellent regional and seasonal food.

Where the body finds its peace. The well-being and satisfaction of their guests is of great importance for the locals in Bad Hindelang. Besides the “Allergy-Free Community” quality seal which the town was awarded for its dedication towards allergy sufferers, the Alpine clinic, “Santa Maria”, has made a name for itself in the field of allergy treatments for children and youths.

Invigorating water. Bad Hindelang is surrounded by it. Because the Ostrach river flows through the community, it creates along its way trickling mountain streams, breath taking waterfalls, rock pools, and a natural swimming bath. There are also “Kneipp” therapy water areas where you can tread water and do therapeutic arm baths. This gives your circulation a boost and strengthens your immune system. There are seven establishments which are recognized members of the “Kneipp” Society who are offering these health treatments.

The purest of waters can be found in a nearby underground lake near a village called Hinterstein. This has been bottled and is sold in many of the local shops and hotels and restaurants. It has been given the appropriate name, “Eiszeitsee”, meaning “Ice Age Lake”.

Well-being and health. As a recognized Health Climatic Spa, Bad Hindelang has received the “WellVital” seal of approval. Guests staying in one of the many hotels can enjoy the various therapeutic and cosmetic beauty treatments on offer. You will be spoilt and pampered all year round, whatever the weather.

An intensive mountain experience: meditative yoga and walking. The BDY is a professional organisation and has meetings in Bad Hindelang on a regular basis. This is an official training center from the Yoga Circle. This center has an integral and holistic approach and spirituality plays a major role during the training here in learning the art of Yoga and Ayurveda. People come from all over to spend time studying these subjects and to find their inner balance. The local mountain training center called Bergvision, combines guided philosophical walks with meditative yoga, which are on offer to the public. An experience you shouldn’t miss.

Bad Hindelang 7

Therapeutic climate walking. The surroundings alone in Bad Hindelang are calming and rejuvenating to both body and soul. The advantages to your health when staying here are quite clear. It is possible in Bad Hindelang to carry out a therapeutic climatic medical cure, which can also be prescribed by your doctor. This proves how superb the climate really is and what advantages it has to offer within the field of therapeutic exercise.

Excellent air quality. The springtime is always a difficult time for allergy sufferers, but not so in Bad Hindelang. Tests carried out by the alpine clinic “Santa Maria” in Oberjoch, proved the extreme low levels of pollen and mold spores in the region. On the high altitude plateaus of the districts Oberjoch and Unterjoch the tests showed an allergen free atmosphere from dust mites. The Bavarian District Office certified the low levels of fine dust particles and air pollution in the area. Reports from the German Meteorological Service confirmed these results by awarding the town with the highest therapeutic air quality grade of 1.

summer The summer time in Bad Hindelang invites the guests to

with five “Bear Stars” from “Kinderland” and in the year

enjoy their holiday suited to each individual’s personal

2011 was the first town in Bavaria to become the “Kin-

desires. Whether you are looking for retreat to gain peace

derland Capital”, for one day. The children took over all

and quiet or to enjoy an active social life, a sportive alter-

the departments and ministries of the township and had

native or a challenging leisure activity, the terrain and the

to be the leaders for a day. This was an ideal experiment

possibilities are here for the taking.

which helped the community to gain an insight into the way children think. Bad Hindelang is a popular place for

Attractions are waiting behind every sheer mountain face:

families with young and older children. They can take lots

hiking, climbing, cycling, mountain biking or Nordic

of great memories home with them and tell their amazed

walking – there is always something new to try out. The

school friends about all the adventures they had experi-

surroundings will never cease to amaze you, the marmots

enced for instance, the thrilling dinghy rafting experience

with their shrill whistles in order to warn their fellow spe-

or the native mountain Indian treasure hunt, the mountain

cies, or the mountain goats that seem to hop so graciously

climbing across ravines and steep rock faces, natural swim-

across the rugged rock faces and the majestic eagles that

ming pools, the superb play areas, the organised themed

fly through the cobalt blue skies, circling for their prey.

walks and the child friendly bike tracks. In the Alpine Wild

The trickling streams that turn into roaring waterfalls

Park they can find out so much about the animals and

which then flow into cool natural “Kneipp” water treading

their habitats and even get close to a real life Golden Eagle

areas, or natural swimming pools. What we shouldn’t for-

and its nest. We guarantee that your child is ready for bed

get to mention in order to make this idyllic picture perfect

after a long exciting day – and the parents too!

is the beautiful sound of the alpine cow bells, as the cattle leisurely graze on the surrounding meadows.

A healthy sleep – regeneration for mind, body and soul.

Bad Hindelang 8

Bad Hindelang’s healthy climate is responsible for a restful A paradise – especially for children

sleep. It works like a natural air conditioner. During the

The local community has spent a number of years develo-

night the fresh air from the mountains is transported into

ping a programme to help encourage children to appreciate

the valley, causing a healthy exchange of air. Even on the

the natural habitat and to motivate them to spend more

hottest of summer nights the air cools down and the next

time in the outdoors. The community has been rewarded

day you can start refreshed and fit.

Bathing in the newly renovated upland moor swimming pool in Oberjoch is especially good for the body and for the little ones there is an extra pool. The upland moor educational trail around the pool is a great activity to do on your day out. The Hornbahn cable car and the Iselerbahn chairlift take walkers and climbers to the starting point of glorious hikes and climbs. A bus service is available in the car-free valleys of Hintersteiner Tal, Bärgündletal and Obertal.

Nordic walking. Make use of the 12 Nordic Walking trails and discover the countryside on foot and with walking poles. The brochure “Heilklima – NordicFitnessPark” describes the route and the difficulty level of the trails and offers additional useful information about this type of exercise.

Cycling and mountain biking. Bad Hindelang is paradise for cyclists with over 100 km of bike paths and bike tours. The mountain bike guide book of Bad Hindelang describes 20 tours ranging from easy to difficult. There is a special park for mountain bike enthusiasts “the Bikepark Inn” located at the Hornbahn cable car. This offers challenging slopes, a 200m long wooden trail and a course for children. For those that decide to take the easier option, you can discover the countryside with an E-bike.

In the climbing park “Bergabenteuer”, daring children and adults scramble, secured and in accompaniment of a mountain guide, over stone faces, negotiate suspension bridges and deep gorges.

Sport on the ground and in the air. The wide variety of sporting activities ranges from tennis, horse-riding, canyoning and fishing to hang gliding, paragliding and onto inline skating and crazy golf.

Bad Hindelang 9

Hiking. 300 km of signposted hiking trails guide you through the scenic landscape of the Allgäuer Alps and take you past the natural spectacles of for example, the “Eisenbreche” – a gorge that is 83 m deep. Demanding hikes are explained in the hiking guide books as well as routes suitable for families and also the “slowest hiking path in the world”. This connects eleven guesthouses and alpine huts together on a stretch of just eleven kilometres. After successful completion you receive a snail soup and a certificate. Guided alpine flower and wild herb hikes are also offered.

Bathing fun. The natural swimming pool of Hindelang has a water surface of 1400 square metres, a waterfall, a wooden float for kids to play on and a rock slide. A heat pump and areas of shallow water provide a pleasant water temperature. An organic water treatment plant ensures high quality water. You can also swim in the “Kneipp Cure” garden “Prinze Gumpe”, where a sophisticated natural system provides a pleasant water temperature, too.

Climbing. The guides of the Mountain Guide Office in Hindelang introduce sporty beginners to the fascination of climbing. This could be done by conquering the moderately difficult “Salewa climb”. The “Hindelanger climb” is however only suitable for advanced climbers and takes you to the mountain named Großen Daumen (2.280m). An experience is also the spectacular “Hochvogel”, the mountain king of Allgäu (2.593m). The trail takes you past PrinzLuitpold House.

Bad Hindelang 10

The beautiful Bad Hindelang Christmas Market. Each year in the beginning of advent. Don‘t miss the musical performance of the story of the creation of the world-famous christmas song “Silent Night, Holy Night”. In September you will enjoy the „Viehscheid“ with a lot of traditions and traditional costumes.


Bad Hindelang 11

autumn Before the winter arrives the mountainous Allgäu lands-

important parts of the festivals throughout the year. The

cape demonstrates the blaze of colours that it has to offer.

highlight of every traditional festival is the “Sechsertanz”,

The mountain forests are lit up by red, yellow and gold

this dance needs intensive training and practise. There are

hues and above that it is crowned by a perfect blue sky.

two local brass bands in Bad Hindelang, the “Musikverein Unterjoch” and the “Harmoniemusik Hindelang” that

The valley is colourful too. Each year in September the

celebrated its 175th Jubilee in 2011.

festival of the valley “Viehscheid” is celebrated. This is the festival of the cows returning from mountain pastures,

Handcraft traditions, unique to the area

it is the village‘s greatest worldly celebration and attracts

The workshops where century-old handcrafts are still made

numerous visitors. The locals of Bad Hindelang are not

are a particularly special and popular attraction in the

the only ones to dress in the traditional costume but also

region; we are not talking about demonstration workshops.

the cows that have spent the summer months in the Alps

This is where handcraft traditions are still alive. In Bad

are adorned with magnificent garlands of twigs, grasses,

Hindelang you can experience how an iron frying pan is

flowers and ribbons. The sound of the cow bells which

made by experts in one of the three 500 year old

the cows carry around their necks marks the return to the

blacksmith forges or find out how the runners of a sled are

valley and when they arrive the cows are separated and are

bent. There are also shingle makers, an alphorn maker and

given back to their owners. Around one thousand cows

a wood carver that specialises in religious motives.

Bad Hindelang 12

from five Alps arrive at the “Viehscheid-Platz” next to the river Aach in the morning, at hourly intervals.

Countryside inspires – art and culture The concentration of artists in Bad Hindelang is proof

Preserving traditions

that the alpine countryside acts as inspiration. Many

In Bad Hindelang the customs and traditions are treasured

famous sculptors and artists grew up here and many artists

by both young and old. Folk dance and folk music are

reside here. You can visit their studios and exhibitions.

The lovingly assembled “Heimatmuseum” in Bad Oberdorf demonstrates how people lived in the Ostrach valley in former times.

Art. Killian Lipp displays his work as large-format paintings in the “Kunsthaus Lipp”, a 400 year old farmhouse at Gailenberg. The visual artist, Maria Profanter, presents her work in the hydroelectric power station in Hinterstein.

Wood Carver that specialises in religious motives. Popular souvenirs include the angels, cribs, religious figures and crucifixes of the wood carver Fritz Tannheimer. You can have a glance over his shoulder, whilst he produces his creative work, at his workshop in Hinterstein.

Blacksmith forge. The mercenary spears that Kaiser Maximilian Ist needed for his expeditions were made at the three blacksmith forges along the river Ostrach. Today iron frying pans and for collectors of old weapons, halberds and spears are made in the 500 years old workshops. Apart from that the iron bands for the runners of the handmade sleds that are needed by local sled builders come from these workshops.

Shingle maker. Hermann Wechs, shingle maker, produces wooden shingles that are typical of Allgäu. He explains to visitors what properties the shingle should have in order to protect a house wall over a long period of time.

Alpine horn maker. In order to make an Alpine Horn heard from Alp to Alp it has to be up to three metres long. You can watch Herbert and Stefan Wechs as they produce these instruments.

Sled builders. In the workshop of Rudolf Finkel sleds are built as they were known hundreds of years ago. They were originally used to transport hay, wood and milk from the Alps to the valley. Today sport sleds from Bad Oberdorf guarantee sledging fun.

Bad Hindelang 13

Museums. Visitors can admire historical carriages, sledges and imaginatively designed sculptures in the privately owned carriage museum “Kutschenmuseum” in the Hinterstein valley.

Cultural events. The “Kurhaus” in Bad Hindelang is a venue for various events. The original Hindelang folk theatre group performs a new play each year. Acting has a long tradition in Bad Hindelang and the folk theatre group in Hinterstein provides popular entertainment with their traditional performances. Forest festivals are celebrated on the natural stage “Im Gund” where local folk and music groups perform and you can hear traditional instruments such as the alpine horn being played.

winter The winter in Bad Hindelang is like a fairytale. Snow,

varying difficulties for skiers and snowboarders, cross-

which is guaranteed in the wintertime, transforms the

country dual ski tracks and freestyle routes, three tobog-

landscape into a snowy paradise and gives the Allgäuer

gan runs, ice-rinks for ice-skating and curling, perfectly

Alps a magical touch: vast snow covered hills with majes-

prepared footpaths for winter walks and guided snow-shoe

tic mountain summits, roofs of cosy huts and treetops

hikes. In between activities visitors can taste the regional

that are covered by a thick blanket of snow, horse-driven

specialities at one of the many alpine huts and admire

sleighs and the romantic fairy lights of the Bad Hindelang

the spectacular panoramic view. In the evening guests can

Christmas Market create a memorable experience for the

indulge in a fragrant hay bath, can stroll through the char-

whole family.

ming villages of Bad Hindelang with their festive decorations or can enjoy the Après-Ski.

A blaze of lights and fairytale magic turn Bad Hindelang into a peaceful Christmas village with concerts, readings,

A children’s paradise

the alpine Christmas nativity play and a varied programme

The “Schneekinderland” is perfect for families with young

for children prepare both young and old for the magical

children. It is an adventure park of 20.000 sqm in which

time leading up to Christmas: the time of advent.

children can learn how to ski or snowboard playfully. The

Bad Hindelang 14

little ones are cared for and taught by trained ski instIn Bad Hindelang there is something to suit everyone.

ructors. Fun is guaranteed in the enchanted forest with

Bad Hindelang is a ski area that especially caters for the

animals, two play igloos, a tubing track, and children’s play

needs of families and most of the hotels and guesthouses

hut with the mascot “Isidor”. The express engine takes

are located directly next to the ski slopes and close to the

the kids on an exciting ride through the ski area. At the

cable car station. There are great opportunites to take part

“Grenzwies” ski lift children can also ski and snowboard to

in fun wintertime activities ranging from: ski slopes of

their hearts content.

The floodlit ski run on the “Iseler” is in operation every Thursday until 9 pm. The snowboard and slope style fun park “Honeyhills” is a perfect place to practice daring jumps and acrobatic style stunts.

Cross-country skiing. There are 45 km of dual and freestyle cross-country ski tracks which connect with the tracks in the Austrian region of Tannheimer Tal / Tirol. The “Allgäuer-Latschenkiefer Ski-Trail” takes place each year in January, an event in which anyone can participate or watch.

Ice-skating and curling. Natural outdoor skating rinks are located in both the villages of Bad Hindelang and Unterjoch. These are ideal for ice-skating, curling or even an ice-hockey match, surrounded by the spectacular alpine landscape.

The Alpine Training Centre Allgäu. Bad Hindelang has become renowned for its sporting competence due to the alpine training centre being situated in Oberjoch. This is the place that the budding professional sportsmen and the talented downhill skiers train for both the slalom and the giant slalom disciplines.

Tobogganing. The enthusiastic tobogganers are carried up to the top of the mountain “Imberger Horn” by the “Hornbahn” cable car, in order to experience the thrill of sledging down one of the three natural toboggan runs, which are each 3,5 km long. There are a total of 30 Km of sledging runs in and around Bad Hindelang. Around a dozen of them lead to one of the alpine huts that are open in winter for refreshments. The rustic charm and the scrumptious snacks often end up in you taking a longer break than was originally planned.

The mountain transport system. The ski area of Bad Hindelang consists of a total of 11 lifts and a chairlift for 6 people. These include the ski lifts in Oberjoch / the Iseler lift, the Spieser lift in Unterjoch, the Sonnenhang lift in Unterjoch and the Kreuth lift in Bad Oberdorf. To reach the start of the toboggan runs and the panoramic winter walking paths there is the cable car for 8 people at the Hornbahn in Bad Hindelang.

Ski schools. Beginners, both big and small can be taught how to ski, carve and snowboard in one of the 6 ski schools. The trained and experienced instructors are also available to instruct the more advanced skiers and snowboarders how to improve their skills. The Nordic ski school “Nordic Power” teaches according to the latest concepts and techniques of the German Ski Instructors Association DSLV.

Bad Hindelang 15

Downhill skiing. There is a total of 32 km of well prepared ski-runs and 11 lifts with facilities to produce artificial snow. The runs range from easy for beginners to moderately difficult for intermediate skiers and onto challenging runs and mogul tracks for highly experienced skiers. Excellent conditions are provided for down-hill skiers, carvers and snowboarders.

Winter walking and snowshoeing. There are 50 km of specially prepared winter footpaths that take you on a tour through the snow laden mountains and valleys. Guided snowshoe hikes offer the opportunity to discover untouched snowy landscapes away from the ski-slopes and footpaths.

Bad Hindelang PLUS. My PLUS.

With the Bad Hindelang PLUS electronic guest card, guests can enjoy free recreational activities and many benefits: Free use of the mountain transport and buses and free access to various attractions. Guests can enjoy this beautiful area of Bad Hindelang, which received the Destination-Nature Award in 2010.

Bad Hindelang 16

Winter enjoyment is guaranteed with the Bad Hindelang PLUS: The PLUS guest card acts as a free ski pass and sledging pass. The following benefits are free of charge using the Bad Hindelang PLUS: • Ski region Iseler: 6-seater chairlift – also floodlit, the ski lifts Grenzwies and Wiedhag. • Ski region Oberjoch Ideal lifts: The connecting drag lifts on the Ideal slopes and Schwand lift. • Hornbahn Hindelang: 8-seater cable car with three sledge runs and winter walking trail. • Ski region Unterjoch, the Spieser lift. • Sonnenhang lift at Unterjoch.

• Ski region Bad Oberdorf, the Kreuth lift. • The natural outdoor ice-skating rink at Bad Hindelang. • The ice-rink at Unterjoch. Great benefits for children – unlimited free use at various attractions: • Free admission to the children’s winter paradise “Schneekinderland” at the Iseler region. • Free use of the children’s beginners’ area “Schneeleo” at the Grenzwies lifts. • New attractions included: Wonnemar-Adventure pool Sonthofen (4 hours entry) and ABC Alpspitz- Bade-Center Nesselwang (3 hours entry).

Spring, summer, autumn and winter – all seasons, all year round. The following benefits are free when using the Bad Hindelang PLUS guest card: Unlimited use of the mountain transport, ascent and descent with the • Iseler 6-seater chair lift in Oberjoch, taking you up to the alpine walkways. • Hornbahn Hindelang 8-seater cable car taking you up to the family friendly hiking area. The guest card acts as your free entrance ticket. You just have to hold your electronic card on the machine at the barriers and turnstiles and you gain free admission. Easy mobility – free use of the bus transport: • Bus network south Oberallgäu i.e. to Jungholz in Tyrol, Oberstdorf and Kleinwalsertal. • Guest Shuttle bus to Tannheimer Tal, Pfronten and Höfen. • The bus route from Hinter stein up to the Giebel House to the nature reserve of the Allgäu high alpine range. • Free parking with guest card on the designated areas around the municipal area.

Free play and enjoyment: Tennis, swimming, play – today, tomorrow, who knows? • Free entrance to the outdoor natural swimming lake – Naturbad Hindelang. • Free use of the Tennis and Fitness Park at Bad Hindelang. • Free use of the tennis courts at Bad Hindelang and Unterjoch. • Free admission to the indoor play arena – “Allgäulino” in Wertach – with trampolines, electric cars, climbing castle (the biggest in Germany) and lots more. How do I get the bonus guest card Bad Hindelang PLUS? Over 240 hosts in Bad Hindelang provide their customers with Bad Hindelang PLUS free of charge – you can choose between hotels of all different categories, guest houses and private bed and breakfasts, holiday apartments or a holiday on the farm. The guest card is valid for the duration of your stay. The card is activated on arrival and can be used up to your departure date. The card is not transferable. More Information about Bad Hindelang PLUS Is available over the Tourist Information Bad Hindelang: Tel. +49 8324 8920

The Perfect Place for Allergy Sufferers The natural surroundings and the local services are working together in harmony

People suffering from allergies can recuperate and improve their health when they stay in Bad Hindelang. The town’s in-

30 mm

frastructure offers various pos40 mm

sibilities for guests to relax and

50 mm

enjoy their holiday. Probably the most important fact is Bad Hindelang’s clean air. Due to the high altitude, the neighbouring districts of Oberjoch and Unterjoch have such clean air that it 18 ismm extremely low in pollen 20 mm

and 26 mm mold

spores and is free from allergen dust mites.

Bad Hindelang was the first town within the Alpine region to receive an award in 2011, 10 mm from ECARF – The European 13 mm 16 mm Centre for Allergy Research Foundation, certifying that Bad Hindelang should be given the Quality Seal for its allergy friendly services and products. There are over 80 businesses taking part in the project who have received the ECARF Quality Seal: hotels, holiday apartments, restaurants, butchers and bakeries and many other establishments. A business receives this Quality Seal when it fulfills

certain criteria, to help relieve the allergy sufferer, such as declaration of products free from gluten, lactose, nuts and eggs. Guests can appreciate allergy free menu options in certain restaurants and cafes and various retailers offer allergy free goods.

There are over 50 accommodations, of all standards, which have facilities catering for such guests, i.e. non-smoking and pet free rooms, without carpets and plants and a possibility of having mite – proof encasings for mattresses and bed clothes are just a few points to mention, which are specified in the ECARF catalogue. The ECARF Seal of Quality sign is displayed in all of the businesses which have been approved, to signify that they have orientated their services towards the needs of allergy sufferers. All you need to do is choose which accommodation suits your needs and all the other items you may have packed in the past, such as specific foodstuffs and special bed linen can all stay at home.

In addition to all these services in Bad Hindelang is the Alpine Clinic, “Santa Maria” situated on a high plateau in Oberjoch. It is the only high altitude Allergy Centre in Germany, dealing with children and youths who have medically related allergy illnesses. Adults can also be treated as an out-patient and can go through a thorough medical check-up with a lung function test and a NIOX test to help determine respiratory conditions and inflammations of the tract. The healthy climate at 1200 metres acts as a natural healing agent and guests are invited to come and be tested and to receive professional advice. (

Bad Hindelang 17

Bad Hindelang has dedicated itself to this subject and has rightly earned its title as the only allergy friendly ECARF community in Allgäu and within the complete Alpine region.




Kempten Autobahnkreuz Cross Allgäu Allgäu


Ulm/Memmingen Missen




Oberstaufen B308

Autobahnausfahrt Exit Oy-Mittelberg A7



P Friedrichshafen


Augsburg/ München Munich


Bayern (GER) (DE) Bavaria




Lindau Sonthofen

Lake Bodensee Constance




Füssen/ Reutte (A)



Bad Hindelang Bad Hindelang

Reutte/ Tannheimer Tal (A)

Fischen Hittisau

Schweiz (CH) Switzerland (CH)

Bavaria CH



B200 B19


Dornbirn (A) Vorarlberg (A) Vorarlberg (A)

Kleinwalsertal (A)

Tirol (A)(A) Tyrol


Anreise How to find us

Ob mit dem eigenen Auto, per Bus, Bahn oder Flugzeug

– soplane gelangen Whether you travel by car, train or – Sie nach Bad Hindelang: For further information and prices contact them at or hof ist Sonthofen. Mit dem Mit dem Auto erreichen Sie kostenlosen Gepäcktransport. Tel. +49 8331 9742884 or Urlaubsbus gelangen Sie komBad Hindelang entweder über Das „Komm mit“-Busreise+49 173 2475492. fortabel nach Bad Hindelang. die A980 bis Abfahrt „Waltenunternehmen bietet diesen The “Allgäu- Walser-Express” Other International Airports hofen“ und von dort über die Dienst in 50 Städten in ganz Bad HindelangOr you arrive on foot: from and to Die the aktuellen Friedrichshaare Munich, Stuttgart or Zurich B19 nach Bad Hindelang. Oder Deutschland an. Anreise ist Bahnpreise Bahnthe European longAlong fen airport, travelling toder BadDeutschen (Transfer Time approx. 2-3 h) Sie wählen die A7 bis Ausfahrt jeden Sonntag, Abreise jeden und Details distance walking trail E4, this Hindelang, leaves daily. finden The Sie unter For example,„Bad Memmingen Hindelang-Oberjoch“ Samstag. unterin Spain and follows a starts journey takes approximately Airport is served Ryanair undbyfolgen dann der B310. „Anreise“. Zugverbindunwide gen curve ending NähereinInformationen Rumania. unter 1-2 hours. The maximal from London/Stansted 6 waiting timeunter is minutes. times a week from November dertimes Bahna gelangen Sie bei starts der Gästeinformation. A section ofsowie the trail in Bookings should be made at to March andMit several nicht nur erholt und umweltLindau, at the Lake of Consleast 48 hours in advance, but week from Dublin. Mit dem Bus „Komm mit“freundlich nach Bad Hindelang TheFlugzeug. 240 km Flughäfen bookings at Busreisen short notice are Sie von tance, bringt Haus- Bodensee. Mit dem – sondern mit den eigens “Maximilian” track leads yousind Friedrichsstillfürpossible,tür onzu request. Transfer: Haustür. Ein Taxi fährt in nächster Nähe Bad Hindelang geschaffenen through the Alps to BerchtesThe bus transfer one way The “Allgäu–Airport-Express“ Sie zum Busabfahrtsplatz, von hafen und Ticket pauschalen gaden, andder along this route lies costs: from/to Allgäu Airport has a der Deutdort reisen Sie in modernen, AllgäuAirport Memmingerschen8Bahn auch vergünstigt. Unterjoch, Bad Hindelang. • Single €90,per person, for bus for maximum persons, top-ausgestatteten Bussen berg 2 persons(Küche, €45,- per personSchlafsessel, available at aIhre fixedGastgeber price of in Bad HindeKühlbar, lang bieten Ihnen dabei•einen Transfer. Another track is alongDer The„Allgäu-WalserWay Children up to 5 years €110,-. WC) weiter. besonderen Service: Sie können of St. JamesExpress“ or the sovom/zum called Bodenseereceive a 10% discount. Bookings have to be made in „Komm mit“-Pauschale Ihre Bahntickets Friedrichshafen nach Jacobs Way,Airport passing through Bookings at Die www.allgaeuwriting, 3 days prior to arrival.direkt bei nach Bad Hindelang undHindelang, zurück Vermieter Bzgl. Bad Hindelang which takes yousteht to täglich zur Bookings up Ihrem to 5 p.m. will be buchen. für 144,Euro/Person beinFahrkarten setzt sichTel. dann Eine Fahrt dauert Santiago deVerfügung. Compostela. +49 7541 398615 considered atder www.allgaeuneben dem Taxi-Transfer unser Reisebüro mit Ihnen in +49 haltet This pilgrim1-2 wayStunden. is famousDie formaximale Mobile 171 6513789. und der Busreise auch den Verbindung. Wartezeit beträgt 45 Minuten. its nature, historic buildings Bookings at Short notice Ihr Ferienzielbahn-

this is how you can reach Bad Hindelang:

By car: You can reach Bad Hindelang on the A980 up to the exit “Waltenhofen” and from there you take the B19 to Bad Hindelang. Or you can take the A7 up to the exit “Bad Hindelang-Oberjoch”, and follow the B310.

Bad Hindelang 18

By train: Your final destination by rail is Sonthofen station. The final leg of your journey to Bad Hindelang is just a short and comfortable bus ride from the train station in Sonthofen. Train times at By plane: The nearest airports are AllgäuAirport Memmingen/Munich West and Friedrichshafen (Transfer Time approx. 1-1,5 h).

168 Bad Hindelang contact: Tel.+49 8331

984200509 or + 49 176 13022352.

The CarBus Company offers an individual pick- up service from the airports to your hotel.

and art, the joy of meeting other people from across the world and finding inner peace.

Terms and Conditions

Buchungen sind bis 48 Stunden for the provision of accommodation according to the German Civil Code BGB and DEHOGA. vorher, kurzfristige Buchungen auf Anfrage möglich. Der Bustransfer kostet (einfache If you have made a reservation and you need to cancel your Strecke) booking there are certain rights and criteria subject to German law •Einzelfahrt 90,- Euro/Person which must be considered. ab 2 Personen 45,- Euro/ Person An accommodation contract is binding when made by oral procee•Kinder bis 5 Jahre dings, personally or via telephone, in writing, via post or online per 10 % Nachlass email etc. Conditions of contract can only apply when both parties Buchung: www.allgaeuhave agreed and given consent. Tel. 07541 398615 Breach of contract by: Mobil 0171 6513789

a) The proprietor or landlord: Equivalent accommodation Der Allgäu-Airport-Express must be provided and if need be, costs carried. In case of defects bietet zum Pauschalpreis von and negligence of the accommodation these must be repaired or 110,00 Euro einen Privatthe rental price reduced accordingly. Transfer mit Minibus für max. b) The recipient/guest: Is obligated to pay a percentage of the 8 Personen. Buchungen minrental price for the duration agreed upon, this is applicable if the destens 3 Tage vor Reisedatum accommodation provider is not able to relet the unused rooms. unter (This is not a form of compensation, it is due to infringement of Kurzfristige Transferwünsche contract.) unter Tel. 08331 984200 509 oder 0176 13022352. The guidelines for expenses not incurred are calculated according to that particular accommodation: Individuelle Flughafentransfers und Hotelservice bietet die Firma Saving: Car&Bus-Transfer. InformatioApartments/flats 10% nen, Preise und Buchung unter Accommodation incl. breakfast 20% und/oder Accommodation incl. half board 30% unter Tel. 08331 9742884 Accommodation incl. full board 40% oder 0173 2475492

Payment: 90% 80% 70% 60%

Entitlement is not affected by the following, according to law: a) Not using the accommodation for whatever reasons! b) Whatever time of cancellation. c) Explanation: The date or time of withdrawal from the contract is for either party irrelevant according to law. The Tourist Information laid out in this prospectus is acting as an agent and mediator and does not assume liability. The prospectus is for information only. An accommodation contract only takes place between the guest and their host.

Travel and Cancellation Insurance Have you already booked accommodation and are looking forward to your visit? But what happens if you are hindered in any way, either before or during the journey? Insure yourself against all eventualities.

Payment module for short-stay bookings The hotels and guest houses ask for your understanding that for short stay bookings the payment will be requested prior to arrival. This is due to the fact that a large percentage of short stay bookings are made at short notice and often do not arrive, leaving the proprietor with an unused accommodation. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a pleasant journey!

Oder Sie kommen zu Fuß auf dem Europäischen Fernwanderweg E4, der vom südlichen Spanien inEditor: einem großen Bogen bis nach Bad Rumänien führt. Tourismus Hindelang

87541 Bad Hindelang Ein Teilstück davon ist der Tel. +49 83weg. 24 8 92-0 240 km lange Maximilians Er beginnt in Lindau am see und führt entlang der Alpen nach Berchtesgaden. Auf dieser AllUnterjoch. information without Route liegt auch guarantee. Außerdem können Sie auch 09I13I2,5 über den Jakobsweg, der nach Santiago de Compostela führt, anreisen. Einzigartig ist hierbei die Mischung aus Naturerlebnissen, historischen Kunst- und Bauwerken, Begegnungen mit der Bevölkerung, anderen Pilgern und sich selbst. Stand Sept. 2012. Änderungen vorbehalten.

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My winter.

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Tourist Information Bad Hindelang • Unterer Buigenweg 2 • 87541 Bad Hindelang Telefon +49 83 24 8 92-0 • • Bad Hindelang • Bad Oberdorf • Hinterstein • Vorderhindelang • Oberjoch • Unterjoch

English Brochure of Bad Hindelang/Allgäu  

Time to discover! The sunniest region of southern Germany is located in the middle of the Alps, in the region of Allgäu.

English Brochure of Bad Hindelang/Allgäu  

Time to discover! The sunniest region of southern Germany is located in the middle of the Alps, in the region of Allgäu.