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What is so great about revenue sharing sites is not the sharing of adsense, but the seo/backlinks these sites offer, not to mention the speed in which your post is picked up by google and other search engines. If you own your own site or promoting an affiliate product, you can explode the traffic to those links through posting on these sites.

One thing to keep in mind when posting on these sites is not to use material that has been posted on another site. Most of these revenue sharing sites are very strict when it comes to duplicate information. If your new to the blogging scene you need to learn how to post for seo. Trust me on this, I started out posting content that was never picked up by googles spiders, and I spent a whole lot of time researching and writing for what turned out to be for my own entertainment. I would suggest you get a Wordpress blog and practice and learn how to quickly find the information you want and write your post. Remember to use your tags and keywords properly. There are plugins you can use to strengthen your seo like, All in one seo, seo pressor, these work really well with your blog pages and posts. For the best training on getting traffic using these methods click the picture above. I hope this is helpful in your quest for success, and remember true success comes from helping others succeed.

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