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BACK2BASICS MAGAZINE VISION Back2Basics magazine serves as a platform for youth and young adults to express, encourage and excite.

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WHAT WE OFFER Back2Basics Magazine promotes Christian values with the Word of God as its foundation. God has given us Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, the Bible.  We offer cutting-edge multimedia opportunities including print, website, digital magazine and youth events, allowing you to branch out and deliver your message to hundreds of viewers in this pilot year. Bonus online exposure, iPhone, Android and tablet compatibility.

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To inform and inspire young people in their walk with Christ.

Back2Basics Magazine aims to promote a deeper relationship with Christ while encouraging reading, writing, creativity and freshness.

For more info visit: DeVon Franklin

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Who should partner with Back2Basics Magazine? •

Churches/Advertisers who believe in the mission of the church

Churches/Advertisers who understand that the youth are our future generation of leaders

Churches/Advertisers with new products or services

Churches/Advertisers who need additional brand awareness

Retailers who need to generate or increase sales, both online and in-store

Marketers who understand the value of segmentation and target marketing

the PRODUCT/ Reached an audience of 1000+ people at the launch event in Denver, Colorado on April 19-22, 2012 Readership of 220 unique views per issue

Features national figures of influence through personal Q & A interviews Includes outstanding content for the youth, by the youth and young adults ages 16-30 Digital and print publication Published 10 times annually Subscription-based Online Presence: Website Social Media Videos Phone Apps

premier, founding, patron

sponsorships/ Sponsor Benefits:

Premier | $5,000 • Full page advertisement in all issues of Back2Basics Magazine (10 annually) • Prime ad space with logo and hotlink on for 12 months • Negotiated number of printed copies for printed issues (10 annually)

CONTACT Back2Basics Magazine Brittany N. Winkfield Founder & Publisher

Founding Partner | $2,000 • Full page ad in printed issues of Back2Basics Magazine (10 annually) • Logo and hotlink on for 12 months • Negotiated number of printed copies for printed issues Patron (Church) | $250 • Hotlink on for 12 months • 10 printed copies of printed issues (10 annually) • Listed in printed copies of the magazine. Patron (Individual) | $50+ • Listed on website • One copy of each printed issue (10 annually)

LIKE and FOLLOW @Back2BasicsMag

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Subscriber | $20 • One copy of each printed issue (10 annually)

You can support our mission and the growth of Back2Basics Magazine as we enhance our online subscriptions, produce and distribute a printed publication and support youth and young adults in their walk with Christ. Please consider making a monetary donation to this ministry. Visit for more information.

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