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ANNUALReport BACF 2021 Annual Report


Our Mission The mission statement of the Foundation shall be, “to serve the communities of southwestern Manitoba by maintaining and administering a permanent endowment fund aimed at strengthening and improving the quality of life, today and into the future”.

Brandon Area Community Foundation History On May 11, 1965 five forward thinking men petitioned for the incorporation of the Brandon Area Community Foundation, and thus assured that this community would benefit forever from their generosity and foresight. These are the men, who in so many ways, made Brandon and area history! Joseph Secter was a merchant in the city of Winnipeg in 1965, although he and his wife Gwen lived in Brandon from the time of their marriage in 1939 until 1950. Their three sons and a daughter were born in Brandon. After 25 years of marriage, Gwen and Joseph made a gift of $25,000.00 to establish the Brandon Area Community Foundation. This gift marked their anniversary in a memorable way and honoured the community where they had begun their marriage, their family and their business. Fast forward 56 years and our total assets have grown to over $20 million and granting in 2021 exceeded $900,000.


For Donors

For Advisors

For Communities

For Non-profits

We simplify the charitable giving process with straightforward fund establishment and charitable gift management.

We partner with financial and legal advisors to help individuals incorporate philanthropic goals into their estate plans.

We help communities of all sizes achieve their goals through permanently endowed funds called community funds. These funds are invested with the BACF and managed locally.

We support charitable organizations throughout Westman by offering grant opportunities, and/or establishing agency endowment funds.



Message From The Chair

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I take great pride in being a member of the BACF Board of Directors and it is an honour being in the role of Chairperson. I feel fortunate to meet and work with so many talented individuals who continually teach me about the incredible power of community giving. I’ve witnessed first-hand the impact we can all have when we take the time to give to others.

Youth in Philanthropy Scholarship ....................... 4 Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Campaign ............... 5 Crane Steel 40th Anniversary ................................... 6 Endow Manitoba .............................................................. 6 Farewell to Board Memebers Brian Cottom .................................................................. 7 Beverley Cumming .................................................... 7 Bob Patterson ................................................................. 7 New Inititives Brandon Seniors for Seniors Co-op Inc. ....... 8 Keystone Agricultural and Recreational Centre Inc. ................................ 8 RM of Pipestone/Albert Recreation Commission .......................................... 9 Virden Skate Park ......................................................... 9 ACC Prairie Innovation Centre .......................... 10 Wawanesa & District Recreation Centre Ice Plant Replacement Project ......................... 11 Valley Life Recreation .............................................. 12 The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba ...................................... 12 Legacy Funds Sylvia Barr ........................................................................ 13 McConkey ....................................................................... 14 Brandon Area REALTORS ® ................................... 15 Maintain the Glory .................................................... 16 BACF 2021 Granting Areas ........................................ 17 Investment/Financials .................................................. 18 Leadership ............................................................................ 19

Community to me describes a vibrant and alive place where everyone prospers, and support is extended to those in need. Community is a place that celebrates its history and roots, but also embraces its future potential to welcome new families and exciting opportunities. Community thrives on the wonders brought about through collective support. I was fortunate in my business career to meet incredible people who offered me guidance and support. This kind of caring and sharing mindset also makes a community stronger, and it’s something that motivates me to stay involved. Being a part of the BACF board provides me with an opportunity to be a philanthropist and contribute to a stronger community. There is a misconception that you need large sums of money to help but that is not the case. Every amount makes a difference, and the impact is incredible. The BACF’s role in creating strong communities is often understated and quiet. The BACF is responsible for managing significant capital resources. The foundation delivers community support by effectively managing these resources, distributing grant funding, and connecting donors with worthy projects and organizations. BACF plays an important part in puzzling together various parts to drive progress, improvements, and inclusivity. In this year’s annual report, I am excited to share with you some of the amazing ways BACF is making a difference. Sincerely Dan Robertson - Chair

BACF 2021 Annual Report


BACF & United Way of Brandon Youth in Philanthropy Scholarship Brandon Area Community Foundation is excited to announce our first-year recipients of the newly created BACF/United Way of Brandon, Youth in Philanthropy Scholarship! Amna Faroog will be attending Brandon University to earn a Bachelor of Science degree. Amna’s vision is to pursue a career as a surgeon helping people in less fortunate countries such as Africa, India and Pakistan. Natalie Williamson will be attending the University of Regina where she will be pursuing police studies and playing for the UR Cougars hockey team. Emma Wray will be attending Brandon University to study pre-nursing. Emma’s vision is to become a nurse and volunteer in a third world country helping people. Through their hard work and determination these three deserving recipients have proven to be students that BACF and the United Way of Brandon want to recognize and encourage to continue their educational and philanthropy efforts.


Amna Faroog

Vincent Massey High School




The YIP Scholarship Endowment Fund was established in 2020 by the following contributors: •

United Way of Brandon

Diane and Gord Peters

Tri-High Alumni Fund

Anonymous donors

This scholarship is to provide assistance to graduating Grade 12 students with acceptable academic standing, who demonstrate positive character traits, are active in school and community activities and have been accepted into a recognized post-secondary education. The four participating high schools are: •

Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School Brandon, MB

École secondaire Neelin High School Brandon, MB

Elton Collegiate Forrest, MB

Vincent Massey High School Brandon, MB

Emma Wray

Vincent Massey High School

Natalie Williamson Neelin High School

To learn more about our 2021 YIP grant recipients please visit our website at bacf.ca/youth-in-philanthropy

Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Campaign Making a difference one smile at a time is the simple, yet very powerful, goal of Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Campaign. 2021 marked the 25th anniversary of the bright signature cookies being sold to raise funds for charities, hospitals, and community programs across Canada. Since its inception, A LOT of cookies have been made and sold raising more than $60 million total, and 2021 was no exception! Within the Westman area, the Brandon Area Community Foundation was selected as the charity of choice by local Tim Hortons franchise owners and awarded a donation of over $39,000! Residents love the cookies and the impact they have within their communities.

Cheers to the beautiful power of a smile!

BACF 2021 Annual Report


Crane Steel Structures

40TH ANNIVERSARY Last year (2021) marked the 40th year in business for Crane Steel Structures, a milestone that was commemorated with the company making a $40,000 donation to local charities and organizations in Manitoba — a number that was matched by the Crane family to bring the total to $80,000. “Manitoba, and really Western Canada, has supported us all these years and we’re just delighted to be able to give back,” said Paul Crane while sitting and reminiscing about four decades in business with his two sons, PJ and Jarod, in their Brandon office. Giving back to the community is a core value at Crane Steel, instilled from Paul into PJ, who now operates the contracting side of the business, and Jarod, who runs the property management side. Crane Steel Structures and the Crane Family generously selected Brandon Area Community Foundation as one of the many local charities they supported during their 40th Anniversary celebration.




Endow Manitoba 2021 Giving Challenge $73,343 Raised In November 2021, Manitobans once again demonstrated why we achieve more when we work together by raising more than $1.5 million for community foundations during the Endow Manitoba Giving Challenge. During the 2021 Giving Challenge, each $5 gift made to a Manitoba community foundation’s undesignated/community fund was stretched by $1 from The Winnipeg Foundation (to a maximum of $2,000 per foundation) and by $1 from the Manitoba Government (to a maximum of $2,000 per foundation). Our community fund allows the BACF grant’s committee to decide where grant monies can be used most effectively each year through our grant application process. The more donations to this fund, the more granting dollars can be awarded to community projects.

Farewell Board Members

Brian Cottom

During his nine years on the BACF Board of Directors, it’s been the joy he’s witnessed in others that has kept Brian Cottom driven to stay engaged and continue helping. He saw the impact the decisions being made had on others. The BACF fills gaps in project funding to help organizations achieve their mission. The good that was generated forward was infectious and inspired Brian to keep giving of his time and energy. To Brian, community is a place where he grows as a person through knowledge and opportunities others share with him and that he, in return, shares his time and talents to grow the community. The BACF is honoured to have learnt so much from Brian and is proud of his many contributions in helping build an impactful legacy of community giving.

Over the course of her nine years on BACF’s board, Bev has taken on just about every role possible and contributed hugely to the organization’s growth. Whether it was acting as the Chair, Past Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary or a member at large, she has enjoyed every minute of contributing to something that offers so much value to her community.

Beverley Cumming

Bob Patterson

The BACF appealed to her because of its broad mandate. Coming from a career in health care, Bev liked that the BACF supported health initiatives and also provided support to other areas like education, recreation, arts and culture, social services and our environment . She saw the overall value the BACF offers. Excellence in stewardship is how Bev describes the work of the BACF, and excellence is created through volunteers like Bev. Inspirational. That’s the word Bob Patterson would use to describe the value of the BACF. It inspires the best in us to build, and contribute to a community that we all can enjoy and thrive in. As a retiring board member, Bob recommends the experience to others. He is grateful for his time spent helping allocate funds to worthy projects that enrich our community. It’s an experience he recommends to anyone because it reaffirms the importance of giving, and helping others. What Bob enjoyed most in his nine years on the BACF board, was the annual grant review process. It was the process of working through numerous worthy applications that offered a unique opportunity to connect impactful projects with financial support to bring them to life or help them get across the “finish line”. Bob has truly enjoyed working with such a talented and dedicated group of fellow board members, alongside the skilled and committed BACF staff. These countless volunteers and community-minded individuals so focused and driven to make Brandon and southwestern Manitoba an even better place to be. BACF 2021 Annual Report


NEW Initiatives BRANDON SENIORS FOR SENIORS CO-OP INC. A community is only as strong as its members’ ability to connect and communicate. This is at the heart of Brandon Seniors for Seniors’ Technology Access Program for Seniors (TAPS). TAPS is about empowering seniors with digital literacy skills. It makes technology accessible and provides hands-on training to meet the specific needs of BSFS’s membership. With the financial support of over $20,000 from the United Way of Brandon, BACF and Brockie Donovan Funeral and Creation Services, BSFS invested in 25 iPads, 2 laptops, 2 wi-fi routers and 2 Apple TVs. To help members put this technology to use, a partnership with the Youth in Philanthropy program has students from Vincent Massey High School offering bi-weekly interactive training. This inter-generational mentorship program is widely popular and expected to impact over 400 seniors by mid 2022. All involved are already greatly benefiting from the rich connections and interactions happening. BSFS was also successful in receiving a second grant of $10,000 from BACF to help modernize their building by covering much needed maintenance costs. Projects being tackled include moving towards all LED lighting, which is projected to save BSFS close to $900 annually in electrical expenses.

Keystone Agricultural and Recreational Centre Inc. Now more than ever we understand the importance of having access to safe and healthy community spaces to gather. The Keystone Centre in Brandon provides essential facilities for a range of activities. Annually, it welcomes well over a million visitors participating in social, recreational, cultural and agricultural events. A huge driver in the Brandon area’s economy, major events held at the Keystone Centre are estimated to have an annual economic impact around the $80 million mark!




Spanning over 540,000 square feet, the Keystone Centre has significant operating and maintenance costs. Committed to providing its many users and facility partners with affordable rates and fees, the Keystone Centre relies heavily on partnerships. The BACF is one of those critical partners whose continuous generous support plays a key role in helping keep the facility up and running. A recent grant from the BACF in the amount of $25,000 is being used to replace and expand security camera equipment throughout the Keystone Centre.

RM of Pipestone/Albert Recreation Commission Finding ways to keep the community connected all year-round can be a challenge. Our ever-changing weather conditions can be our best and worst enemy depending on the season! Building multi-purpose and multi-functional facilities offer the kind of flexibility rural Manitobans need to keep their neighbourhoods bustling and busy with activity. These facilities are indoor places to safely gather and spaces that take advantage of the great gifts the outdoors have to offer!

With $10,000 from the BACF, the RM of Pipestone in partnership with the Albert Recreation Commission, is getting closer to delivering exactly this to the Town of Reston. The funds are supporting the building of a new multi-use facility located on the Reston Golf Course that will be home to the Reston Golf Club in the spring through fall months, and in the winter will offer cross country skiing trails, snowshoeing adventures and public skating on the small lake on site.

Virden Skate Park What happens when a slab of concrete transforms into a paradise for athletic imagination? The answer is that community members gather in a great outdoor space to test their skills on bikes, roller blades and skateboards, all the while cheering each other on.

the funds to get the initial phase of the project complete in 2021. This included preparing the site of the park, pouring/forming the concrete and installing the pump track. Spring 2022 will see the final steps in the project completed with lighting and signage installation, in addition to landscaping.

The Virden Skate Park Committee has been working to bring an alternative sporting facility to their community since April 2016. A $25,000 grant from BACF provided them with

The Virden Skate Park, located at the corner of Lyons Street and 6th Avenue in the Town of Virden, is expected to be a hub of activity serving the over 13,000 community members in the area.

BACF 2021 Annual Report


ACC Prairie Innovation Centre Assiniboine’s Prairie Innovation Centre for Sustainable Agriculture welcomed a $500,000 donation from Gord and Diane Peters and the Brandon Area Community Foundation. The Peters’ are no strangers to Westman and are well-known for supporting various community projects. In 2009, they set up a partnership with the Brandon Area Community Foundation to facilitate longterm giving. The Centre is ACC's vision for the future of agriculture in Manitoba, and will address industry and economic needs in this important sector. In Manitoba, it’s projected that one in five jobs in agriculture will go unfilled by 2029. The Prairie Innovation Centre




is their made-in-Manitoba solution and aims to expand seats in agriculture-related programming from 300 to more than 800. This one-of-a-kind Canadian college project, to be located on ACC's historic North Hill campus, will bring together collaborative learning spaces, applied research labs and multipurpose spaces that will serve both industry and the college community.

Wawanesa & District Recreation Centre Ice Plant Replacement Project

Why do most small Manitoba towns have arenas tucked at the centre of their community? Because they’re beloved places for shared experiences. They’re facilities that pull us together – gathering and growing through all kinds of events. Keeping them operating is critical to community wellness. Their health and well being is just as important as those they serve.

Like many arenas in small towns, its health declines with increased operating costs and limited funding. Maintenance and upgrades are necessary, and they carry heavy price tags beyond the reach of local fundraising efforts. This is where the BACF offers partnership. With a commitment of $60,000, the BACF is helping the Wawanesa Arena update its aging ice plant. The current system is being replaced with an energy efficient ammonia system, which uses less energy annually and allows for heat recovered to be recirculated in the viewing areas and dressing rooms.

For the past 45 years, the residents of Wawanesa and surrounding area have shown unwavering commitment when it comes to keeping their community rink open and operational. Their hard work allows BACF is pleased to be a part of this major fundraiser for the community of Wawanesa & the building to host activities from hockey and curling, to auctions and other social District. events. In times of need, the building has housed sandbagging assembly to help its community. This space is needed. The building has importance. BACF 2021 Annual Report 11

Valley Life Recreation Why does Valley Life Recreation believe that nature is our best playground? Because the outdoors is for everyone. Natural spaces provide a range of benefits to our overall wellness and wellbeing. Whether we’re six months nestled in a parent’s carrier looking up at the trees and sky, a group of teenagers chasing each other on bikes along the trails or a retired couple enjoying an afternoon hike, we all connect with the environment in different ways, and it all has value. The Squirrel Hills Trail Park is located just west of Minnedosa off the #10 highway. This beautiful densely treed property along the Little Saskatchewan River Valley is currently connected with an 8 km trail system that is free for use. BACF’s grant of $22,500 is being used to help with the construction of another 8 kms of professionally designed and built trails, that include accessible elements. There will also be a park-style trailhead. Valley Life Recreation is committed to meeting the diverse recreational needs of users by including progressive levels of difficulty in the new trail system.

The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba Supporting the health and well-being of our children is not limited to strictly the medicine provided or medical procedures conducted. The environments we heal and recover in make a difference. The new Indigenous Community Healing Centre at the HSC Winnipeg Children’s Hospital is being created to provide a culturally sensitive patient experience for Indigenous children and their families. Approximately 50 percent of kids treated at the Children’s Hospital are Indigenous. In Manitoba, the incidence and prevalence of diseases such as diabetes, circulatory (heart), respiratory




diseases, and some cancers are increasing in Indigenous children. These diseases require long-term care with multi-disciplinary teams, which often means visiting the hospital over several years. Having a warm welcoming space that celebrates and supports Indigenous traditions and healing practices will prove valuable in reducing the anxiety and discomfort our youngest patients experience. The BACF awarded $25,000 to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba to help bring this 2,000 square foot holistic healing space to life. To date, $350,000 has been collectively raised towards the total campaign goal of $500,000.

Sylvia Barr Designated Legacy Fund

Sylvia Barr loves Brandon and all its diverse natural beauty. After choosing the community as her full-time home in retirement, Sylvia was quick to connect with likeminded outdoor enthusiasts and pursue her passion for gardening in a variety of volunteer roles. An active member of several garden clubs, this certified Master Gardener also volunteered with the Daly House Museum where she ended up leading the project team that constructed the Daly House Museum Garden. Wanting to share her passion for gardening with others, Sylvia created a lasting legacy through her fund that focuses on supporting healthy outdoor garden spaces. She believes in the importance these spaces offer people in terms of enjoying the sights, smells and sounds, while also providing learning opportunities and reinforcing healthy lifestyles and activities. The Brandon Riverbank Discovery Centre Gardens will be the future grant recipient receiving financial support from Sylvia's legacy.

I want my legacy to be associated with a healthy public outdoor garden space – a space that people can enjoy, can learn from, learn about and can participate in healthy activities. – S. Barr

BACF 2021 Annual Report


McConkey Designated Legacy Fund David and Margaret (Meg) McConkey make their home in Brandon and in 2021 celebrated their 50th anniversary. Meg is retired from her career as a registered social worker in mental health, family violence counselling and helping people with Huntington’s disease. David worked in the field of recycling and waste management. He is now semi-retired, working as a freelance writer. They have three children and one grandchild. David and Meg feel fortunate to have been involved with great people and projects over the years. They are especially fond of two local charitable organizations: the Marquis Project and The Women’s Resource Centre. David and Meg have been involved with both since their beginnings. The Marquis Project was formed in 1979 with the aim of linking Westman people with international development. The organization has two broad goals. One is to educate Manitobans about economic, political, social and environmental issues on the local and global levels. The other is to participate in initiatives to improve the quality of life in rural communities in developing countries. Projects have ranged from agricultural and environmental partnerships in Africa to school programs and fair trade public education here in Westman. The Women’s Resource Centre was established in 1992 with the aim of providing programs, services, and counselling for women and their




families. The organization encourages respect, diversity and equality with a feminist perspective. The Centre provides women and their families with information and counselling about family violence; provides information about available services; supports projects that promote women’s equality; and creates a space for women to network in a place of their own. David and Meg like that the Marquis Project and The Women’s Resource Centre are home-grown, rooted in Westman. David and Meg also like that both encompass a big vision, looking out globally and for the well-being of women and their families. As David and Meg approached the last stage of their lives, they became interested in the idea of leaving a lasting legacy. They could think of no better way than to support these two worthy organizations. As David and Meg celebrate their years together, they find comfort knowing that they have taken care of this part of their end-oflife planning. David and Meg were delighted to work with the Brandon Area Community Foundation to create an endowment fund. They liked combining Westman down-to-earth practicality with a wideopen imagination. The BACF provided them with a secure and convenient way to start a fund that will last in perpetuity. By setting up the fund now, David and Meg enjoy the satisfaction of helping out while they are still living. David and Meg invite others to consider this opportunity as a way of giving back to the community.

Designated Fund - Brandon Area REALTORS® Helping people find their perfect home is at the heart of everything Brandon Area REALTORS® does. This not-for-profit organization, incorporated in 1977, represents over 280 REALTORS® from across Western Manitoba. Its strong membership understands how important our homes are to each and everyone of us in the sanctuary and security they provide. The Brandon Area REALTORS® believes that all members of society deserve access to safe, secure and affordable housing. The intent of this fund is supporting shelter related charities. We all thrive when we’re surrounded by strong and healthy communities. The Brandon Area REALTORS® is committed to financially supporting efforts that result in real sustainable change. Real estate professionals are known for their volunteerism and philanthropy within the communities they serve. This fund builds on that generosity and provides the community of REALTORS® with an opportunity to work collectively as a larger team to have a bigger, wider reaching, and lasting impact in the entire western Manitoba region.

Why should someone Support BACF: BACF has a fiduciary responsibility to manage your funds, and to deliver the interest/earnings according to your wishes.

BACF 2021 Annual Report


Designated Fund - Maintain the Glory The iconic Display Building Number II, more commonly known as The Dome Building went through a major renewal thanks to a successful 'Restoring the Glory' fundraising campaign. Sights are now set on the next phase: Maintain the Glory, the latest campaign launched by the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba. With the support of the Provincial Government, the Maintain the Glory fundraiser will provide funds to establish The Dome Sustainability Endowment Fund. For every $2 of capital contributions donated to this fund, the Province of Manitoba will contribute an additional $1. The endowment fund will be managed in collaboration with the Brandon Area Community Foundation, with contributions from the provincial government to a maximum of $100,000. The final effort of the “Maintain the Glory” fundraiser is to “Burn the Mortgage”. With parallel support from the Provincial Government, every $2 of capital contributions donated to the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba, the Provincial Government will contribute $1 to a maximum of $400,000. For more information on how you can help support these initiatives, please contact the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba or BACF.




BACF 2021 Granting Areas RUSSELL

Riding Mountain National Park























































12% 1% Brandon


4% Brandon West to SK Border

Brandon South to U.S. Border



Brandon North to Russell

Brandon East to #5 Highway

Westman *Benefiting entire granting region BACF 2021 Annual Report



Financials 2017 - 2021 SNAPSHOT Protect



















Initial investment


Steady stream of income to support charitable causes

Growth in the fund over time

Total Assets

Total Grants











Annualized Investment Returns After investment management fees.


















Dan Robertson, Chair WCB Manitoba, Regional Director Director since 2015

Beverley Cumming, Past Chair Retired RN/Administrator, Brandon RHA Governance Director since 2013

Michelle Hood, Vice Chair RPN/BScPN/Mental Health Counsellor, All People’s Counselling, Social Services Director since 2017

Bob Patterson, Secretary Court of Queen’s Bench Director since 2013

Jaime Pugh, CPA, CA, Treasurer. MNP Business Advisor, Partner

Brian Cottom, CPA, CA, CFP Premier Financial Planning

Hope Switzer Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corp. Community Coordinator

Erin Mills Director of Recruitment & Retention, Brandon University

Andrea Epp, LL.B. Epp Law Office Lawyer,

Rick Chrest City of Brandon

Investment Director since 2013

Director since 2018

Greg Gatien Dean of Music, Brandon University. Arts & Cultural Director since 2020

Education Director since 2020

Environmental Director since 2017

Gail Cullen Brandon Friendship Centre Executive Director

Director since 2019

Ex Officio Director

Director since 2019

BACF 2021 Annual Report


Brandon Area Community Foundation respects the treaties that were made on these lands and acknowledge that we are located on Treaty 2 Lands; the traditional homelands of the Dakota, Anishinabek, Oji-Cree, Cree Dene and Métis peoples.

For more information Visit bacf.ca or call 204-571-0529

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