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Top vrou in herwinning! Frieda Willemse van plot 77, Hallgate, Nigel is vereer as 'Top Vrou in Herwinning 2018' deur PETCO op 7 Junie 2018 by die JSE-gebou in Sandton Johannesburg. Sy het 'n sertif ikaat en medalje om plastiekherwinning in Suid-Afrika te bevorder ontvang.

Douw en Frieda Willemse met haar toekenning waarmee sy vereer is as Top vrou van herwinning vir 2018.

Hierdie kategorie erken die belangrikheid van vroue in leierskap, spesifiek binne die herwinningsektor in Suid-Afrika, en beoog om die aantal vroulike rolmodelle in die sektor vir toekomstige leiers te laat groei. Frieda het in 2009 haar werk verloor en besluit om iets te doen om vir haarself asook ander ‘n inkomste te genereer. Sy het begin met basiese herwinning en herwinning van plastiek en sodoende ‘n gesonde besigheid op die been gebring en werk geskep vir ander. Sy het vir haar ‘n tweedehandse baal masjien, asook vurkhyser (forklifter) aangeskaf om beter pryse vir haar produkte te beding. Frieda het 'n spesiale lisensie om dit te bestuur en tans is daar agt mense voltyds in haar diens en voorsien sy ook werk op deeltydse basis soos verlang word aan ander. Die areas wat hul dek is Leandra, Greylingstad, Devon, Balfour, Meyerton, Heidelberg en Nigel, waar sy reeds ‘n diens lewer aan betroubare gevestigde kliënte basis. Frieda vertel dat dit harde werk en

Frieda saam personeel.

inspanning was om die besigheid te bou tot die sukses verhaal waarop sy vandag baie trots is. Sy wil haar span en elke persoon in die Heidelberg, Balfour, Devon, Nigel, Alrapark en ander gebiede bedank wat hul herwinning in ons omgewing so toegewyd bevorder. Sonder hul bydraes was dit nooit moontlik nie.

TEL: 011 100 5657 Irfaan: 083 601 5701

R254 900

R729 900 2016 MERCEDES


R409 900

2015 2017 TOYOTA Chevrolet Cruze 1.6 L Sedan Hilux 3.0D-4D Legend 45 4X4 Auto



ABS, AUX Input, Adjustable Seats & SW, AC, Airbags, Alarm, Black Cloth Seats, Bluetooth, CD Player, Central Locking, Electric Mirrors

ABS, Adjustable Seats & SW, AC, Airbags, Alarm, Auto On/Off, Black Leather Seats, Bluetooth, CD, CL, Climate Control, Electric Mirrors

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Benz CLA45 AMG 4-Matic Tiptronic TOYOTA COROLLA 1.6 PRESTIGE Volkswagen Polo GTI 1.4 TSI DSG 2x USB Input, ABS, AMG Night 6 Speed Transmission, ABS, AUX ABS, AUX Input, Adjustable Seats & Package, AMG Performance Exhaust, Input, Adjustable Seats & SW, AC, SW, AC, Airbags, Alarm, Arm Rest, Adjustable Seats & SW, AC, Airbags, Airbags, Alarm, Black Leather Seats, Black Leather with Suede Seats, CD, Alarm, Auto Lights & On/Off, CD Bluetooth , CD Player, Central Locking Central Locking, Cruise Control

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2015 V O L K S W A G E N


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ABS, AUX Input, Adjustable Seats, AC, Airbags, Alarm, Bluetooth, CD, PS, Electric Mirrors, Grey Cloth Seats,



63 Springs Rd, Nigel, 1491



12 JUNE 2018

Long waiting times cuts survival chances Long waiting times for cancer treatment at the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Hospital (CMJH) are decreasing the survival chances of patients. According to the hospital’s CEO Gladys Bogoshi, there are about 300 prostate cancer patients who will wait two years for treatment.

The waiting period for 50 breast cancer patients is between four and six months, and 150 patients for gynecological and other cancers will wait three to four months. I am pleased that these figures have finally been revealed in response to a visit last week to the hospital by the SA Human Rights Commission. Earlier this year, Gauteng Health MEC Gwen Ramokgopa covered up these disturbing f igures in response to my

C.J.J. STEEL cc. ~ STEEL MERCHANTS ~ Cnr: Grootvlei Rd, and Partridge St, Strubenvale Tel: 011 815 4700/1/2 * Fax: 086 671 7253 email: -

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with only three radiation oncologists when five are needed. I hope that the SA Human Rights Commission can exert pressure to ensure that cancer treatment in Gauteng is properly resourced to provide quality treatment.

Ambition, what is that? Maybe a strange question but what are our ambitions we live by or are we not living with ambitions in our modern age? In the years when God and Church were central to the lives of most South Africans most ambitions were in line with the Word of God. It was in knowing the Word of God we used that as the foundation or backbone for our ambitions we lived by. It was then still important to align our personal ambitions according to His teachings. How are ambitions formed today with the reading of the Bible not a daily activity as a family together around the table or the discipline of every individual? Do we still seek to please God with our lives in general and our daily activities? “Therefore we also have as our ambition, whether at home or absent, to be pleasing to Him.” 2 Corinthians 5:9 That might have been where the problem came in. In the rushed lives and high and tiring demands on our time and demand to please so many others, it became to much to please God on top of all the other demands and has put us in another frame of mind of “what must I do”. It became such an effort to continue with the pleasing of so many demanding voices and became such an effort to strive to do those things which are “good and acceptable in the sight of God”. Although it doesn’t often looks like it, most people do strive to please God in spite of the diff iculties and obstacles they encounter. To strive actually means “struggle in opposition” – in opposition to the sin in our lives and the sinful lives of others. None of us are perfect and that remains the reality of human life on earth and the “pleasing” of God will be an ongoing challenge. Although striving is important, we will find in scripture that which could help us to actually get it right and keep the balance. It is captured in Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God, . . . “ Instead of all the effort, we should rest more in Who God

From the desk of Rev Elize Goddess, Heidelberg Methodist Church 083 228 4152 is and allow ourselves to accept His Grace. Grace, a free gift that is offered to us in repentance and forgiveness of sins offered through Jesus Christ. When our faith is in Jesus we can rest in His guiding and protective presence standing between us and our Heavenly Father. Then we can replace our well-intended effort with trusting Him and the guidance He provides through the ever present Holy Spirit. Then we will discover the truth of the quote from the leadership book, Truefaced, “Effort born out of striving to please God never ceases to tire us. Effort born out of resting in His pleasure never ceases to renew us.” If we start trusting God our lives will be pleasing to God and our ambitions will be formed and build on the foundation of God’s Word and truth. Stop striving and start trusting God.

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questions, saying merely that the waiting time for treatment “varies from month to month.” She gave the same vague reply to my questions on cancer treatment at the Steve Biko Hospital. The CMJH cancer unit is also struggling

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57 Strydom Street, Heidelberg Tel: (016) 341-2437 “We exist to be like Christ, live like Christ, and share the exciting message of Christ to all people”.


The Lord is near to all who call on Him, to all who call on Him in truth. Psalm 145:18 Service times: 08h00 – Traditional Service 09h30 – Worship Service & Sunday School 18h00 – Evening Service * Mother’s Room always available*

12 JUNE 2018



Five Killed, fifteen injured in a crash

Five people were instantly killed, fifteen others critically injured on Sunday afternoon June 3. An minibus taxi and a sedan light motor vehicle crashed on Nigel road, Mapleton, Ekurhuleni. Rescue teams from both Vosloorus and Wadeville fire stations, promptly responded to the scene after receiving a distress signal at around 17:45, on Sunday afternoon. On arrival, a sedan vehicle was already burning and the driver still trapped behind the steering wheel. The minibus taxi was on its roof with multiple passengers trapped underneath wreckage. Rescuers had to battle the blaze and at the same time, used Jaws of Life to access and free the injured from the taxi wreck. All f ifteen critically injured patients received pre-hospital medical treatment on scene before being road transported to various hospitals around the City of Ekurhuleni for further care. As per information on scene, the two vehicles were driving in opposite directions before the crash. The sedan caught alight immediately after the crash and eyewitnesses couldn‘t free the driver as he was

tightly trapped behind the steering wheel. The road had to be closed for the duration of the investigations by Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Police Department‘s (EMPD) officers.

CRIME PREVENTION KEEP BURGLARS OUT (8) INSTALLING LOCKS: Duplicate keys for most types of locks can be bought over the counter at hardware shops. Certain locks are easily opened using a piece of bent wire. Deadlocks, which are usually found in flats, are also unsafe and can be opened using a steel ruler or a credit card. External doors need good, strong mortice deadlocks which cannot be forced open easily. The lock must have at least five levers, creating thousands of combinations. When replacing locks, consult the Locksmiths Association of South Africa. The can provide you with expert advice. Remember, few locks can resist the onslaught of a pick, axe or crowbar. So don‘t leave garden equipment lying around. Rather lock it away and, for greater security, use a padlock. Sliding doors, a popular choice, can be forced open with ease and therefore offer intruders easy access to your home. These types of doors should have a security lock fitted to the inside. Louvre windows are notorious in terms of safety and should be protected with burglar-proofing. REQUIREMENTS FOR GREATER SECURITY: In the average home, total security is probably not attainable. But you can do a great deal to make a burglar‘s job more difficult, or put him off. The following factors promote greater security in the home: · A sturdy fence or wall around the house, with lockable gates. · Bright outside lights controlled from inside. · External doors that are equipped with peepholes and security gates. · External doors may be fitted with safety chains. · An alarm system in good working order. · Reliable and well trained dogs. · Visibility from the street and the surrounding houses. · Good, strong locks. Next: Keep burglars out (9) – Key control, Further Measures Reference: Crime Prevention – Stop Crime / Beveiliging van huis en haard – Smith LJL van Shaik Limited, Libi Building, Church Street, Pretoria. 1989 / Beveg misdadigers effektief – Buredell Publishers, Pretoria. 1989


NIGEL/HEIDELBERG REKORD - ONLINE EDITION holds that are dependent on taxis for transport. Even when using the conservative R5 estimate by SANTACO, for a person taking two taxi journeys a day, that’s an additional Die Gemeenskap van Greylingstad het R300 per month just on taxi fare. tevergeefs besware ingedien wat die dorp This is crippling to the livelihoods of poor en sy gemeenskap raak. and working South Africans. Volgens inwoners het die Dipaleseng In addition to this, the indirect and often munisipaliteit se raadslede byeengekom hidden costs of this unprecedented fuel en die voorgestelde begroting bespreek en hike will again hit ordinary South Africans geensins gereageer op verskeie ernstige the hardest. mosies wat deur die publiek ingedien is Due to the fact that most food in South nie. Africa is transported via trucks, a fuel price Geen oplossings is die hoof gebied om die increase inevitably leads to a food price probleem areas aan te spreek nie. increase. Die aangeleenthede wat in die besware According to a report published by the voorkom, is ernstig en het betrekking tot Department of Agriculture entitled The die hele Greylingstad gemeenskap. South African Food Cost Review, food Die straatligte beïnvloed die veiligheid van accounts for 18% of household costs. inwoners, aangesien ‘n skokkende 3 van For a family with a household income of die 30 werk. R10 000, this fuel increase could result in Die paaie is in 'n gruwelike toestand, veral a R270 increase in food bills. by die plaaslike laerskool, kerk asook For the millions of families with less household income than that, or the millions with no formal income at all or who are living on grants, this fuel price is devastating. Elke 6 ure word ’n kind ontvoer! The bottom line is that South Africans are Die een minuut is jou kind nog by jou, die spending more of their hard-earned money volgende oomblik, is hy weg. on food and transport under Cyril Rama- Enige ouer se grootste nagmerrie... Om nie phosa’s ANC government and this could te weet waar jou kind is, of wat met hom be avoided. gebeur nie. Last year alone, the Road Accident Fund Dit gebeur daagliks, ook in ons eie (RAF), which brings in 99.6% of its omgewing! Is ons paraat genoeg? Is ons revenue from the fuel levy, made a loss of wakker en oplettend? Weet ons hoe om R30 billion – the biggest loss of any State- sulke tragiese situasies te voorkom? Owned Entity (SOE) for the financial year Die Suid-Afrikaanse Polisiediens se – running a deficit for five consecutive Vermiste Persone Buro, beraam dat daar, years. in Suid-Afrika, een kind elke ses ure This is down to sheer mismanagement and ontvoer word. tolerance of corruption. Die Kinderbeskermingsdienste skat dat, in In truth, ordinary South Africans are now Suid-Afrika, 1 uit elke 3 meisies, en 1 uit paying to plug this R30 billion black hole. elke 5 seuns, seksueel uitgebuit word, en President Ramaphosa must at once place dat meer as 2 000 kinders per jaar vermoor the RAF under independent and external word. Skreiend! administration in order to eradicate cor- Meeste kinders word die slagoffers van ruption, install competent and independent ontvoering en mensehandel. Erger nog is leadership, and begin the process of dat die kinders dalk as seksslawe vir tackling its R160 billion backlog in unpaid kinderpornografie gebruik word. claims. Party kinders word nooit gevind nie. Despite all the enthusiasm and expectancy Statistieke toon dat vreemdelinge ’n kind that greeted Cyril Ramaphosa when he was ontvoer vir kriminele doeleindes, ’n kind elected South African President, the eco- gesteel word, om deur die persoon wat hom nomy cannot grow under the stranglehold ontvoer het, grootgemaak te word of ’n of all of these tax increases. ouer, met of sonder wetlike toesig, hul kind This is illustrated by the Gross Domestic uit die ander ouer se sorg wegneem. Product (GDP) growth f igures for Q:1 Die Suid-Afrikaanse Instituut vir Seker2018 – which shows the economy shrunk heidstudies (ISS) het bevind, dat by 2.2% - the highest quarter-on-quarter ontvoering vir ’n losprys, kinders sowel as in almost a decade - taking us back to the volwassenes, die mees algemeenste vorm pre-Zuma era. van ontvoering is, in lande met die We are left to ask where the so-called “New volgende eienskappe: ’n hoë vlak van Dawn” is for ordinary South Africans. misdaad en korrupsie: ’n swak toegeruste It appears to be just more taxes and less polisiemag: ’n swak regstelsel:’n geskiemoney at the end of the month. denis van sosiale of politieke onstabiliteit. This shows quite clearly that talk shops, summits and PR stunts will not fix our economic mess and bring real and immediate change to South Africa. South Africa requires real change, and real change lies outside of the ANC. Mmusi Maimane Leader of the Democratic Alliance

12 JUNE 2018

Inwoners rasend

R100 more to fill up a tank of petrol The following statement was delivered on June 6, 2018 by DA Leader, Mmusi Maimane, at the Noord Taxi Rank in Johannesburg CBD. A meeting took place at the Noord Taxi Rank in Johannesburg CBD to engage with both commuters and taxi drivers as to how we can mitigate the negative effects of the astronomical fuel hike on the pockets of poor, working class, and middle class South Africans. The price petrol hit, a record high of R15.79 per litre – the highest it has been since the dawn of democracy in 1994. The DA will therefore be writing to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Baleka Mbete, to request for a debate of national importance in Parliament about the tax and levy structure of fuel in the country. Because we simply cannot tax our way to prosperity. Over the past 100 days, we’ve seen Cyril Ramaphosa’s ANC declare financial war on ordinary South Africans. Through increases in Value Added Tax (VAT), Income Tax, RAF levy, General Fuel Levy, and so-called “sin taxes” – the South African public has been strong-armed into paying for the sins of the ANC government. This is not the change we hoped for. We are here to say enough is enough to this “tax attack” aimed at the backbone of our country – the poor, working and middle classes. These are everyday South Africans who are made to pay for the shortcomings and corruption of the ANC government. When Cyril Ramaphosa was elected President of South Africa the price of petrol per litre was at R13.76 and today just over 100 days later, petrol costs R15.79 per litre which is a R2.03 per litre - or 14.75% increase. After just over 100 days of a Ramaphosa Presidency, it cost approximately R100 more to fill the tank of an average sized car. South Africans are angry – and rightly so. This fuel increase will directly affect poor and working-class South Africans through increase in the cost of taxi fares. According to the South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO), during the last fuel increase of 67c/l in September last year, the increase per journey was up to R5 – depending on distance and region. There will no doubt be an even heftier increase this time around, affecting the more than 50% of South African house-

polisiekantoor. Ten spyte van pleidooie, versoeke en beloftes deur die munisipaliteit, wat vir 'n aantal jare reeds hangend is, is tot en met hede geen vordering of oplossings en selfs aksies in plek gebring nie. Inwoners stem saam dat besware net onder die mat gevee word. Die aangeleenthede raak almal en is ernstig en die munisipaliteit se taak en verantwoordelikheid is om na sy mense om te sien en in die belang van die inwoners op te tree. Na talle korrespondensies deur middel van eposse en oproepe wat deur verskeie amptenare van die Dipaleseng Munisipalitiet ontvang en gestuur is, is die toestande steeds gehawend! Rasende inwoners Greylingstad

Onrusbarende statistieke Statistieke toon dat meer as 40% van alle kinderontvoerings eindig op die dood van die kind. Geen ouer se kind is 100% van die tyd aan sy sy nie. Daar is gelukkig maatreëls wat ouers kan volg om die kanse op so ’n tragedie te verminder. Jou beste bondgenoot; is jou kind. Dit is verregaande en vreesaanjaend om te dink dat ons as ouers sulke voorsorg moet tref net om deur ’n gewone dag te probeer kom. Verskeie sindikate is bedrywig in inkopie sentrums en waar ‘n toeloop van mense is. Talle ouers het die gewoonte om tieners by verskeie winkelsentrums te los en redeneer sodoende dat hul kinders veilig is omdat daar baie mense is, maar dis juis hier waar die meeste kinders weggelok word. Skole is ook een van die grootste geteikende areas waar kinders dikwels verdwyn en ouers dit eers agterkom wanneer hul tuis kom. Kinders is naief en vertrou vreemdelinge sonder om ingelig te wees. Meer inligting rondom die bewusmaking van die gevaar van ontvoering is nodig en skole kan hier ‘n groot rol speel. Ons lewe in ‘n tyd waar mense losbandig en roekeloos lewe en ouers nie altyd bewus is waar hul kinders hulself bevind nie. Mensehandel neem elke dag toe en ouers sowel as kinders word gemaan om oplettend en paraat te wees. Winkelsentrums is selfs nie meer veilig nie en volwassenes word hier ook geteiken. Moenie waarskuwings minag nie want dit is ‘n werklikheid wat volgens statistieke toeneem.

Spesialiseer in: Persoonlike-, kommersiële- en boerderyversekering * Professionele en vriendelike diens * Persoonlike aandag

Klippies: 083 282 7577 Wayne: 072 266 6157

TEL: 011 819 1575 / 082 690 7591

12 JUNE 2018



242 000 werkers sal staak verpleegsters en die polisie, sal nie deelneem aan die staking nie. Die onlangs verhoogte brandstofpryse het ’n impak op die pryse van ander verbruiksartikels. Die uitwerking van inflasie het nie net ’n impak op die wyer ekonomie en die regering se uitgawes nie, maar ook op staatsamptenare en enige ander werker,” sê Ivan Fredericks, hoofsekretaris van die PSA in ’n nuusbrief wat Maandag uitgereik is. Een van die PSA se eise is dat die loonooreenkomste se termyn verkort word vanaf drie jaar tot slegs een jaar. “Die tweede en derde jare van veeltermyn ooreenkomste hou gewoonlik ’n kleiner verhoging vir lede in. Die regte uitwerking van Suid-Afrika se rommelstatus sal eers gesien word in die volgende 12 maande, om nou lede te verbind tot verdere termyne, sonder om te

Land to the public Executive Mayor Cllr Mzwandile Masina said the national treasury has found Ekurhuleni to have the best management of cash resources. The national treasury found that all metros had a surplus in their budget. Ekurhuleni, however, had the highest surplus with R5.2 billion in cash amongst metros. All this means that the City is able to collect funds properly and manages the spending and payment of finances in a responsible manner. Mayor Masina said the City would be responding to Gauteng Premier David Makhura’s call for the rapid land release programme. “The CoE will release 120 farms to our farmers; we will release 40 pieces of strategic land parcels for development for those who qualify through proper and legal means; and we will release 341 council-owned shops that must be given to our people for them to upgrade and trade,” Masina said. The City will also release 89 sites to “credible churches” so that they can have land to conduct religious activity. The city is also availing land to the human settlements department to build, within the current term of government, 100 000 houses and provide 59 000 serviced stands. “We have taken a firm decision as the Ekurhuleni Council that all council-owned land in CoE must be habitable, must have all social amenities and should be given to our people free of charge,” Mayor Masina said. The Mayor said land reform must take place in an orderly and non-violent manner. Hence a bill will be tabled in Parliament to enable a constitutional and legal process of land expropriation without compensa-tion. Earlier Finance MMC Doctor Xhakaza tabled a R44.4 billion budget, the second highest budget of a metro in Gauteng which further cemented the pro-poor focus of the City. The operating budget is R37.5 billion and the capital and infrastructure budget is R6.9 billion. MMC Xhakaza said the Mayor in his state

of the city address had outlined concrete plans for the CoE. “We revealed a clear framework of sustenance and service delivery improvement; transformation of society and the City; and our ambition to be the preferred destination for investment and growth where the poor and the rich can co-exist in a mutually benef icial environment, where they are empowered to realise their dreams and aspirations. “We have tabled a very progressive budget that can only make our City a better place to live, play and invest. Our people have heard how we are going to spend their money on turning their lives around. After all the budget, as always, is informed by their views which we acquire through the IDP and Budget consultation processes,” MMC Xhakaza said.

weet wat die impak kan wees, kan nadelig vir ons lede wees,” lui ’n lys van eise deur die PSA. Verder dring die PSA aan op verskillende salarisverhogings vir onderskeie posvlakke, soos volg: • Vlak 4 tot 7: 12%-verhoging • Vlak 8 tot 10: 11%-verhoging • Vlak 11 tot 12: 10%-verhoging Daar word ook geëis dat die behuisingstoelaag vermeerder word tot R2 500. Fredericks sê in sy kennisgewing aan die departement van openbare dienste en administrasie dat die PSA steeds bereid sal wees om die loongeskil op te los deur middel van onderhandelinge om ’n staking

te voorkom. Die PSA het ander vakbonde uitgenooi om deel te neem aan die staking indien hulle ook die loonooreenkoms van die hand gewys het

JJC Kruger & Vennote Springs Parkland Kliniek Spesialiste Spreekkamer 011 812 4172 Drie Riviere - Vereeniging Umgenistraat 54, H/v Bashee Straat Drie Riviere, Vereeniging (By River Square kruising 016 423 3553

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Die Vereniging van Staatsamptenare (PSA) het ’n landwye staking vanaf gister Maandag, 11 Junie beplan, indien die regering nie gehoor sou gee aan sy eise nie. Dié vakbond het ’n kennisgewing aan die departement van openbare dienste en administrasie gestuur nadat daar nie ’n ooreenkoms getref kon word rondom loononderhandelinge op 14 Mei nie. Reuben Maleka, ’n woordvoerder vir die PSA, sê dié vakbond het sowat 242 000 lede in die openbare dienstesektor. “Die uitwerking van die staking sal enorm wees as ’n mens in ag neem dat alle grensposte gesluit gaan wees vir die dag. Boere en verbruikers sal geraak word deur onderbrekings in watertoevoer wanneer ons water en sanitasie werkers ophou werk,” sê Maleka. Hy sê egter die 110 000 werkers wat in noodsaaklike dienste werk, soos







NOAH’S ARK PET SHOP Voëls, voëlsaad, hokke, visse, viskos, akwariums. krieke, Hondekos, Avi-Plus. Bearded dragons, hamsters, spinne-koppe, meelwurms, hondehokke, honde jassies en bedjies. Honde, katte en hasies. Oop weeksdae 9:00 - 18:30, naweke en vakansiedae 09:00 - 16:00. Tel: 083 456 6601. 011 814 4514. SHOP 7, FERRYVALE SHOPPING CENTRE. NIGEL COMPUTERS / REKENAARS Matrix Warehouse Nigel. For all your computer requirements. 011 814 2156. BRIDAL / BRUIDE Wedding World Springs 011 811 5776/ 083 280 4584. GROOT BESPARINGS 20% korting op enige bestaande trou- of matriekafskeidrok - kies uit meer as 1000 plus. Skitter in die rok van jou drome! Bring idee of prentjie vir asemrowende skeppings deur Elize ontvanger van internasionale ontwerper toekenning (Parys, Frankryk) vir kreatiewe styl. Koop, huur of kies uit ons groot verskeidenheid elegante trou & aandrokke, manspakke, hemde, dasse en onderbaadjies te huur. Bespreek jou plek vir jou matriekafskeid rok nou! Betaal af tot funksie datum. Professionele vriendelike diens. H/v 3de straat & 3de laan Geduld, Springs. BUY AND SELL

MOBILE PAWNSHOP Open 7 days a week. We buy, pawn, sell. Furniture/tools/ Gold Jewellery/TVs / Fridges / Washing machines. We come to you.Otto 073 937 9710 or Vanessa 074 235 7006. SHOP 011 739 4570



Enjoy peace of mind while dealing with a tried & trusted partner. FOR THE BEST DEAL ON YOUR WHEELS! AFFORDABLE WHEELS BUY & SELL CAREL 082 4533 794 REFRIGERATION / AIRCONS NIGEL - FRENCH Refrigeration & Airconditioning. Installation, repair and services. Contact 082 701 1946. or visit us at the cnr of North Street & 6 Avenue,

Bring all your blankets, duvets, comforters, linen, curtains, clothing, etc. to us for a professional wash. We will take care of your laundry as if it is our own. Laundry can be fetched and delivered at a small fee within Nigel and Heidelberg Town areas. Contact us on 011 814 3597 / 072 511 4366


12 JUNE 2018

D.F. AIRCON Mobile Automotive Aircon & Repairs.

Aircon Repairs to Cars, Trucks, Tractors, Mining equipment, Combines “Stroopers”.

Daniel 082 348 4499/ 079 876 9896. All work guaranteed

For 3D Designer Kitchens or kitchen revamps, BIC, Bathr, Vanities, No compromise on Quality and Service. Free Quotations. Phone Andre at 082 738 1441

ANCIENT DAYS H/V HOSPITAAL & HF VERWOERDSTRAAT HEIDELBERG Skakel ons by 016 349 2175 of Wena 082 785 9108


NIGEL WOONSTEL TE HUUR - NOYCEDALE 2 Slaapkamer, sitkamer, badkamer, kombuis met afdak en eie oprit. Koopkrag beskikbaar. Dep R3 500.00 Paaiement R3 500 per maand onmiddellik beskikbaar. Kontak Petrus 084 894 1394 of Tanja 074 966 3667. NOTICE / KENNISGEWING

tt 77 Porter Rd. DUNNOTTAR


Business Notice: Transfer in terms of a contract of business 011-814-1266. 072-061-3409/076-0834449 STEVEN/LINDA. 48A Hendrik Verwoerd str. Nigel. DO YOU NEED CASH!!! We will come to you to pawn or buy almost anything. Heidelberg, Nigel & Dunnottar. Koos van Staden is opsoek na enige “scrap” om te verkoop. Beskikbaar om tuinwerk te doen. Bied dienste aan vir skoonmaak van motor-huise. Enige tyd beskikbaar. Skakel Annatjie 072 254 2945.

Notice is hereby given in terms of section 34(1) of the Insolvency Act, No. 24 of 1936, to interested parties and creditors of the intended transfer in terms of a contract of businesses, and/or goodwill, goods or property forming part of businesses. Seller: WENDY CATHARINA DAPHNE KLEINHANS Business: MULTI MECH 24 TRADING AS AUTO TECH 2011/096880/23 HEIDELBERG, Gauteng Perpose and intent: TRANSFER of 90% of members interest in Close Corporation to purchaser ROFHIWA IRENE SINGO and QUEEN KGOTHATSO POOLO at 1 HOUTPOORT, HEIDELBERG, 1435. MANONG BADENHORST INC, CASTLE WALK OFFICE PARK, 443 NOSSOB STREET, ERASMUSKLOOF, PRETORIA Tel: 010 475 0114 E-mail: Please submit any issues of concern or interest in the matter, in writing, within 30 days from publication date June 12.

Heidelberg AA Meetings Mondays & Thursdays from 19:0020:00 at the Heidelberg Methodist Church, 29 Strydom Street. Heidelberg. If you think you have a DRINKING or DRUG problem. Please come listen to the testmonies of sober recovered alcoholics and drug addicts. For any anonymous donations contact Marius. Contact Person: Marius 083 566 4569 or email

Pragtige ruim 3 slaapkamer woning te koop in Ferryvale, Nigel met 3 motorhuise en afdakke. Sitkamer, eetkamer kombuis, kantoor, 2 badkamers. Kantoor kan as ekstra slaapkamer gebruik word. Ruim kaste vir voldoende pakplek. Skitterende leefhuis. Lapa met klein swembad met verhitting en braai area. Oulike Pophuis. Groot buite geboue geskik vir werkswinkel of parkering vir boot en karavaan. Pragtige tuin goed versorgd. Beligting. Omhein rondom. Elektriese motorhek, alarmstelsel met cctv. ‘n Woning gerieflik om in te trek en te bly. Geleë naby hoër en laerskole, asook sportsgronde. Naby plaaslike sakesen-trum asook gyms.

Skakel 083 287 9289.

12 JUNE 2018


29ste Verjaardag vieringe Kriewelkousie Kleuterskool een van die bekendste kleuterskole in Nigel vier vanjaar hul 29ste bestaansjaar. Sarie Burger het hierdie kleuterskool op 1 Junie 1989 begin met ‘n paar vriende se kleuters. Vandag spog die skool met 75 kleuters soos wat hul uitgebrei en gegroei het met daardie handjievol kleuters. Alle programme en aktiwiteite van die skool word in afrikaans en engels medium aangebied. Die skool het 7 bekwame personeellede

wat passievol hul taak daagliks met alle ywer beoefen. Met hul verjaarsdag vieringe het hul die kleuters bederf met heerlike eetgoed en ‘n springkasteel. Klassies het om die beurt kans gekry om te baljaar op die springkasteel wat sonder ophou gepak was. Hulle kon raas en lawaai vir die dag en het behoorlik partytjie gehou tot die dag sy tol geeis het. Die kleuters is dit almal eens dat die skool elke dag moet verjaar.

Ontboeseming van herion verslaafde Uit die hart van ‘n gerehabiliteerde herion verslaafde word die naakte waarheid ontboot. Meeste gevalle gaan gepaard met pyn bitterheid die gevoel van verwerping en jy maak gebruik van herion wat jou slegs vir 10 minute beter laat voel. My verslawing het begin met dagga, wat my baie laat lag het en binne oomlikke was my lyf lam en kon ek geensins beweeg nie. Hierdie ervaring het my paniekerig en depressief gemaak. Meer en meer het ek met sterker middels geeksperimenteer. Dinge het so erg geword dat ek selfs ‘n ontmoeting met die duiwel gehad het, genaamd herion. Dit maak jou siel dood, jy kwyn weg jou liggaam is in ‘n doolhof van angs en vernietiging. Dit het nie net my liggaam vernietig nie maar ook alle verhoudings met my familie tot so mate gebring dat ek hul totaal en al afgeskryf het. Ek het almal besteel en belieg om net my volgende fix te kon kry. Dis ‘n wrede montster wat jou liggaam, siel en gees skreiend verwoes. Nadat jy almal en alles verloor het word jy tot stilstand gebring met die wete dat jy hulp

dringend nodig het. Tydens my rehabilitasie het ek die nodige hulp ontvang en besef dat net God alleen my kan verlos en bevry van die sataniese houvas van dwelms. Ek het ‘n pad met my Skepper begin stap en van die more tot die aand Hom bedank vir Sy groot genade en liefde wat my ‘n tweede kans gegee het. Ek vertel my verhaal omdat ek graag wil getuig dat jy kan vrykom deur die bloed van Jesus Christus. Hy maak alles weer nuut. Met die hulp van my familie en vriende wat my ondersteun sal ek oorwin. Moenie wag voordat dit te laat is voordat jy hulp soek nie. Moenie die leuens glo dat jy alleen is in jou stryd en daar geen uitkoms is nie. Ek is gelukkig vandag om my storie te vertel en wil hierdeur ander help wat in hierdie dwelmhel vasgevang is. Daar is ‘n liedjie, bekend as “Disturbed” wat presies die waarheid ontbloot en soveel hoop met die woorde onthul wat my baie gedra het tydens my ‘nuutword fase”. Don’t let hope become a memory Nicolene Haywood.

Kriewelkousie kleuters hou van partytjies!




12 JUNE 2018

Kick off at new field On June 2, 2018 at the newly renovated MacKenzieville sports stadium the MAFA junior league kicked off in fine style with teams from Alra Park age groups U/13 and U/15. After several unsuccessful attempts to have the junior league up and running it finally came to reality. Sixteen teams entered for the day and one ladies team played. The community enjoyed to observe the fine talent and skills that was displayed from the teams. One could see the excitement and joy on the youngsters faces as they walked into a beautiful and neatly cut soccer field with all the necessary equipment that was needed for the development of these youngsters. The day was filled with joy as the stadium became packed from the morning at 9 with the first match. Mr Ignatius Maphike the codinator of the MAFA junior league said the renovating of this field motivated these kids to take part in sports because of lack of facilities in the past. Due to the assistance of the MAFA committee this resulted in a dream which came true. The kids are excited to play and to develop their skills and now it is possible with the well maintained facility, however the main goal is to develop these youngsters and keep them active and away from wrong activities. We would like to thank the community for attending this event and hope to see them fill the stadium every weekend, a special thanks to the MAFA committee local business in Nigel who made time on the day to support the opening of the MAFA junior league. There will be games every Saturday from 9:00. The results on the day was as follows U/13, Peace Brothers ladies 2 Umnyovu F. C 1, Nigel Shamrocks F. C 3 Mega City F. C 2, Nigel Callies 2 VIP Stars 3, Rising stars 1 Saints 5, results for U/15 Peace brothers 1 umnyovu 7, Nigel shamrocks 5 Mega City 0, Nigel Callies 5 VIP starts 0, Nigel Saints 12 Rising Stars 0.

Peace Brothers and Umnyovu, excited about the great soccer season ahead. Ready to start a new future on the newly renovated field.

ELCO STEEL DEALERS TEL: 011 362-1551/2 FAKS: 011 815-3427 Cnr. Ermelo & Dagbreek Rds, Largo, SPRINGS



20X3 20X5 25X3 25X5 30X3 30X5 40X5 40X3 50X3 50X5

25X25X2 R 69.06 25X25X3 R 87.36 25X25X5 R 143.46 30X30X3 R 115.50 30X30X5 R 189.00 40X40X2 R 110.40 40X40X2.5 R185.76 40X40X3 R 150.84 40X40X5 R 251.70 50X50X3 R 194.16 50X50X5 R 337.92 60X60X6 R 445.08

R 42.30 R 57.42 R 50.34 R 71.70 R 61.60 R 87.30 R104.40 R 87.96 R102.66 R156.72


R67.92 R62.10 R80.58

R/BAR 6MT 6MM 8MM 10MM 12MM 16MM 20MM

R 19.38 R 31.68 R 54.12 R 76.20 R132.36 R218.76


R 80.58 R 110.40 R 90.66 R 100.80 R269.94

EXP/METAL 6320C R207.00 6320D R248.00 WHEEL KIT SETS 60MM R135.99 80MM R170.95

TEL: 016 341 2187/8 HEIDELBERG, 23 Schoeman Str. BALFOUR 93 Mury Str.

017 773 0220

SHEETS/PLATES EA 2450X1225X1.6 2450X1225X2 2450X1225X2.5 2450x1225x3 2450x1225x4 2500x1200x5 2500x1200x6

R555.45 R648.65 R823.01 R968.43 R1356.79 R1689.69 R2017.55

PALISADES PALISADE PANELS 600mm High R412.08 900mm High R505.07 1.0mt High R536.00 1.2mt High R598.06 1.5mt High R691.06 1.8mt High R784.06 2.0mt High R846.04 2.4mt High R970.04 LOOSE PANELS 600mm R15.96 900mm R21.78 1.0mt R23.71 1.2mt R28.46 1.5mt R35.58 1.8mt R42.70 2.0mt R47.44 2.4mt R54.22

CHANNEL 76X38(6.70kg/mt) R 577.20 100X50(10.73kg/m)R978.72 152X76 R2036.84 178X54 R1749.66

Valid while stocks last

RECT. TUBE 1.6MM 25X12 38X20 38X25 50X25 50X38 76X25 76X38 76X50 100X50

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19MM 25MM 32MM 38MM 42MM 50MM 76MM 100MM

R 64.38 R 86.52 R111.12 R132.42 R150.12 R187.98 R272.46

LIP CHANNEL 6MT 75X50X20X2 100X50X20X2 125X50X20X2 150X50X20X2 175X50X20X2 200X50X20X2

R276.90 R310.32 R337.02 R381.84 R445.08 R478.26

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9.1MT R421.49 R472.98 R556.47 R593.79 R667.31 R737.65

DURA SPRINT R3838 Welding Rods 2yr warranty, 2x remotes, 4mt rack 5kg 2.5mm & anti theft bracket battery R120.75

ROOF SHEETING I.B.R 0.4MM CQ R60.51 I.B.R/CORR. 0.5MM R74.13 I.B.R/CORR.0.6MM R90.33 CORR 0.3MM FH R39.24

GALV SHEETS 2450X1225X0.5 2450X1225X0.6 2450X1225X10 2450X1225X2.0 2450X1225X3.0

R227.70 R294.72 R503.27 R856.37 R1716.08

A grade prices include vat subject to availability E&OE

Rekord - Nigel & Heidelberg  

12 June 2018

Rekord - Nigel & Heidelberg  

12 June 2018