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18 St Dominic’s DUX Students Congratulations to the St Dominic’s School Dux students who was awarded for their academic excellence in 2017: • Daniella Lilje (Grade 8) • Gabriele Padiachy (Grade 9) • Jayde Polley (Grade 10) • Kiana de Freitas (Grade 11)

Some girls at St Dominic’s wear a white blazer, this is an Honours Blazer and in order to obtain an Honours blazer, girls have to obtain full colours in two out of three disciplines; Sport, Cultural and Academics. They should also have served a number of community service hours. White blazers are awarded at the discretion of the Honours Committee. Samantha Johnston (DUX Matric Student 2017) & Mr. Loring (Headmaster)

The Kim Bredell Floating Trophy is awarded annually to the top Matriculant. Calculations for this top award are based on her top six subjects, which include English Home Language, First Additional Language and Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy, but exclude Life Orientation. The Kim Bredell Trophy award for the DUX Matriculant was awarded to Samantha Johnston (Matric 2017). She obtained distinctions in Mathematical Literacy, Science, Accounting, Geography, English, Afrikaans and Life Orientation.

Kiana de Freitas (DUX Student) & Mrs. Fitzgerald (Principal)

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St Dominic’s Catholic School for Girls - Boksburg initiative and entrepreneurship, tech savvy and emotional intelligence.

f you were to happen upon New York’s financial district, you would come face to face with a 1.3m statue of the “Fearless Girl” erected this year in honour of World Women’s Day.


Emotional intelligence or the ability to recognize one’s own, and other people’s emotions. At its heart, it is about empathy, about something so startlingly simple, it is about human kindness and the ability to step into another’s shoes. This is something that has been central to our ethos since the Dominican Sisters founded our school nearly a hundred years ago.

“Fearless girl was an instant, viral success. Within a few weeks of her debut ... she had starred in nearly a quarter of a million Instagram posts”. From the outset, the statue invited controversy, what was a young girl doing in an apparent face-off with the statue of the Raging Bull, which has dominated Wall street since 1989?

Letitia James the Mayor of New York City said, “Fearless Girl” stands as a powerful beacon, showing women young and old - that no dream is too big and no ceiling is too high”.

The statue has invoked conversations around gender, race, the power of advertising and exploitation. For me, the statue is an important symbol inviting all young women to fulfil their potential in the workplace.

With 95 years of experience in an all-girls culture, St Dominic’s is skilled and experienced in the emotional, academic and social development of girls.

A report that appeared in 2016 in Fin24, Biz News on Gender Equality South Africa ranks 15 out of 144 countries and the best performer amongst the BRICS nations far outstripping countries like Russia. We have more women occupying important roles in Parliament, as entrepreneurs and sitting on Boards of large corporations.

As a result, St Dominic’s girls become accustomed to speaking up, and more importantly, being heard. Visit St Dominic’s School to learn more about the benefits of single gender education.

Promising as this appears, there is still a way to go, here according to the same stats women work on average 48 minutes per day longer than men, where pay is unequal and where women are woefully underrepresented in areas of STEM technology (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Extracts of this article are taken from an address by Mrs. Sharon Fitzgerald, Principal of the High School, at a recent school prize giving.

This begs the questions, how do we prepare our young women to take their place in the technological world? If you thought Apple watches the acme of hi-tech - think again! Artificial intelligence is here! Self-driving cars, drones that operate like taxis, Google translate - which can translate as you speak, 3D printers designing organs and artificial limbs, IBM’s Watson Computer which can diagnose medical conditions more accurately than trained doctors, and so much more.

Photos & information provided.

Young women of today will be entering a world of work where the jobs they will be doing have not yet been invented and solving problems we cannot imagine. Cheryl Sandberg, former COO of Facebook suggests that developing confidence in girls is critical in preparing them for the future. Research suggests that in an environment where girls have 100% opportunity of developing into leadership roles, they are more likely to champion each other and collaborate with each other.

Confident young women are more likely to embrace the skills needed for the unknown world: skills listed by futurist, Graeme Coddrington, as social diversity; problem solving; creativity; curiosity and story-telling; .

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East Rand Kids Magazine  

2018 - Volume 01

East Rand Kids Magazine  

2018 - Volume 01