Babylon x NYC exhibition, Apr 12-13, 2023

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April 12-13, 2023

Ideal Glass Studios, 9 W 8th St, NYC

Live for 24 Hours

The Home of NFT Editions

Babylon is proud to bring a live exhibition of more than 100 physical and digital artworks under one roof, here in New York City. This one-day event gives you a unique chance to explore Babylon, the Home of NFT Editions, in real life.

Babylon x NYC showcases past and upcoming drops by our 30 Founding Artists, including names like TJO, Terrell Jones, and Rik Oostenbroek, alongside two special exhibits diving into our origins and offering a glimpse of our future.

For the first time, Babylon Founder Paruyr Shahbazyan, a.k.a. P_Azuro, will share his impressive personal collection with the wider public, highlighting the passion Babylon is founded on and the very essence of our approach to art.

Completing Babylon x NYC is our exhibition of Tigran Tsitoghdzyan's work. Celebrated internationally, Tsitoghdzyan is among the foremost contemporary Armenian artists, whose conviction in the potential of NFTs led him to Babylon.

Babylon x NYC also brings our flagship raffles into real life, giving each visitor a chance to win RTFKT and Takashi Murakami’s CloneX #7937, alongside the opportunity to be whitelisted for future Babylon drops by our impressive Founding Artists.

We look forward to sharing this day with you and highlighting Babylon as the new Home of NFT Editions.

Thank you.

About Babylon

Launched in January 2023, Babylon is a Web3 gallery specializing in primary sales of NFT editions. Born out of a passion for art and a drive to see it thrive in an emerging digital revolution, Babylon is run by a consortium of 30+ digital and traditional artists and collectors.

Our mission is to make art accessible to all through unique buying mechanisms and the democratic potential of editions, all while showcasing and supporting up-and-coming artists.

For more information about Babylon and to view past and latest releases, check out our website:

Tigran Tsitoghdzyan

Exploring the Intersection of Traditional Art and NFTs


New York-based Armenian artist Tigran Tsitoghdzyan is showcasing his artwork at Babylon x NYC.

Famed for his work in traditional painting and drawing, Tsitoghdzyan has recently grown to appreciate the world of NFTs and what they can bring to the traditional art world. His first NFT drop on Ethereum, coming to Babylon by mid-2023, will again look to push boundaries in the same manner his physical works have done throughout his career.

Tsitoghdzyan's interest in NFTs began when he realized an opportunity to build communities around his artwork, along with the endless possibilities that the digital realm offers for those who become holders of his NFTs.

In the last decade, Tsitoghdzyan has become one of the most celebrated Armenian artists, working with renowned galleries, foundations, auctions, and art institutions.

In his traditional work, Tsitoghdzyan has explored themes of humanity, with the emotions and inner struggles, fears, traumas, love, and hate that people face being at the core of his oeuvre. He creates intricate portraits that blur the line between reality and fiction, using his unique style to capture the essence of his subjects.


His work is contemporary, but Tsitoghdzyan has remained loyal to classical art. His paintings draw on iconographic Renaissance paintings, multi-figure monumental works, and Hellenic reliefs depicting Gigantomachy. His more recent work looks to question our understanding of modern beauty and how social media influences perceptions, with filters becoming a mainstream way to manipulate the self we put on the internet.

As the world of NFTs continues to evolve and grow, artists like Tigran Tsitoghdzyan are leading the way by exploring how NFTs can change the art space to make it more inclusive and community-focused.

His work has been featured in top international art fairs, biennales, and festivals, and it is an honor to be unveiling his NFT collection here.

Follow Tigran Tsitoghdzyan on Twitter: @TigranTsi

Babylon’s Founding Artists

Babylon is a consortium of artists and collectors committed to growing the art market of the Web3 age via its most democratic medium – NFT editions.

Meet our Founding Artists.

ADHD (a.k.a. Space Case)

Colin Frangicetto, also known as ADHD (a.k.a. Space Case), is an American multidisciplinary artist whose work focuses on digital abstract painting, post-graffiti mark-making, and mixedmedia collages. Cheekily describing himself as “a sensitive artist,” he explores themes around interpersonal communication, mental illness, neurodivergency, and humanity's relationship to technology. Since joining the NFT space in 2021, ADHD has garnered a considerable and passionate collector base. Regardless, his primary motivation remains to create works that will outlast him. Follow ADHD (a.k.a. Space Case) on Twitter: @adhd143

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Alex Headlam, a.k.a. Aleqth, is an America-born, Jamaica-raised multidisciplinary artist whose art career began as early as his third birthday. It wasn’t until he was 15 that art started being serious for him, and this led to his first identifiable brand — “Cope.” Cope became a clothing label but also an ethos for Headlam. From play-doh to paper and pencil, a little photography, and time as a painter, minting digital artworks, and designing clothing while self-publishing an art book, Aleqth is the definition of a multidisciplinary artist. He began minting NFTs in February 2021, as he saw it as a developing community and a perfect venue for continuing to explore his practice. Follow Aleqth on @aleqth

Aleqth see this work

Ant, also known in the NFT community as Antpantone, describes his work as the user interface of his imagination. His schematic and textured compositions reconstruct his interconnected experiences and observations through fragmented photography and iconography to tell stories in a visual language that is as much personal, as universal. Despite having established a name in the NFT space, Ant continually seeks to grow as both a physical and digital artist, seeking a balance between refinement and innovation. Follow Ant on Twitter: @Antpantone

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Anton Reva is a mixed media artist, creative director, visual researcher, photographer, and explorer of the visual space on many levels. His works emerge “on their own”, as a result of his experimental creative approach and constant chaotic search. Within his 11 years of practice, he has applied his unique concepts of space and narrative visualization in hundreds of projects and collaborations. Anton’s creations are focused on the indispensable links between feelings and memories, on the finest nuances of mental vibrations, on the transformation of the images of human beings. He is always searching for a balance between creation and deconstruction. Follow Anton Reva on Twitter: @savemymindAL

Anton Reva see this work


Tokyo-based artist A-Mashiro started his creative career over 20 years ago with paintings in oil and acrylic. Painting according to his emotions in his early years, he gradually shifted his focus to composition and color balance as a means of maintaining his own emotional balance. His works blend traditional Japanese influences with the geometrics of modern art to create clean linear compositions rich in textural detail. After numerous solo and group exhibitions of his physical works, he began working in NFTs in earnest in October 2021, and currently helps Japanese artists enter the space. Follow A-Mashiro on Twitter: @A_Mashiro_nft

Amu was born in Punjab, India, immigrating to the States as a child. While trying to integrate with western culture, he turned to art and pop culture to find the keys to the world around him. Amu’s work is reflective: he sees it as a form of liberation through self-discovery, and as the only effective way he knows to communicate his feelings, identity, and relationship with the world. Through diverse mediums, including printmaking, drawing, and digital art, he translates his deepest emotions into color, texture and composition. Amu was also one of the artists selected for the NFT.NYC 2022

Diversity of NFTs Art Showcase.

Follow Amu on Twitter: @amusvision

Amu see this work see this work

Archan Nair

Archan Nair is a self-taught artist, illustrator, and creator. Inspired by various phases and forms of life, Archan creates highly intricate works that connect the various dimensions of our existence. His creations, influenced by his Indian roots, seek to take viewers on a journey through the mysteries of the universe. Archan’s lush images are layered with liquefied explosions of vibrant colors that play on the mind and occupy the brain. His work has been featured in Rolling Stone and Vogue, and has gained recognition from music artists like Kanye West. Archan has had collaborations with Lindsay Lohan and Justine Bateman, as well as brands such as Nike, Sony, Redbull, Microsoft, and Samsung. Follow Archan Nair on Twitter:

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Bruno Urli is an eighteen-year-old digital artist from Germany, known for his highly-detailed 3D works that merge architectural scenes and popular landmarks with natural elements. Often veiled in moody and gloomy lights, his pieces explore the suffering caused by isolation, juxtaposing it with the capacity of nature to reclaim lost spaces and replace fear with the hope for a new beginning.  Bruno first rose to prominence in the NFT space during the COVID-19 quarantine with his haunting yet optimistic multi-part series “A Florist’s Dream”.

Follow Bruno Urli on Twitter: @brunourIi

Bruno Urli see


CMPLX is a multidisciplinary artist working professionally in the arts since 2008. His work dwells on the everyday, bringing a crisp contemporary take on still lives, yet imbibing them with a retro and nostalgic value. With food and ordinary objects often taking center-stage, his pieces portray familiar scenes in bold colors and strong lines, at the same time evoking feelings of yesteryear and telling complex stories with multiple focal points. CMPLX’s work recently featured in The New Vanguard – Sotheby’s Hong Kong’s first Digital Art Auction for 2023.

Follow CMPLX  on Twitter: @socmplxd

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Crow is proudly abstract. His work is a juxtaposition in that it is striking but also familiar in the way it was created. Crow creates prominent color fields using unconventional materials, including lights, scanners, mirrors, and printers. It produces a sense of an analog process in the faded layers of different opacities and aged tones blended within the work. Comparisons of Crow’s work have been made with Mark Rothko’s abstract color field paintings.

Follow Crow on Twitter: @crowgmi


Dangiuz is the pseudonym of Italian artist and director Leopoldo D'Angelo. Breaking away from his background in graphic design and photography, Dangiuz uses 3D drawing to create powerful pieces narrating a fascinating dystopian future. His futuristic scenarios are born of cultural references from books, films, and comics,  materializing in an aesthetic that references outrun, retro, and cyberpunk. An early NFT adopter, Dangiuz’s sales total over $4M since he joined the space in 2021. Follow Dangiuz on Twitter: @dangiuz

Des Lucréce

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Des Lucréce is a Norwegian-born Vietnamese artist based in the United States. His work is deeply rooted in his experience as a second-generation Asian immigrant, delving into othering and the disconnect between identity and belonging under a concept he calls "No Home Center". Lucréce’s Monsters series, portraying the negative personality types he has encountered during his artistic journey, was auctioned at Sotheby’s in January 2023. Follow Des Lucréce on Twitter: @DesLucrece

coming soon


Balaclava-donning artist DotPigeon is taking flight in the NFT space with his work gracing screens at Christie’s. The 35-year-old began his work in the digital art space with the Instagram page @_dotpigeon. He says rage and annoyance inspire his work, using DotPigeon as a relief valve from his former work in a multinational advertising agency. DotPigeon operates in the now, and he says: “art must speak our language; it needs to be actual, it has to talk about nowadays.” Follow DotPigeon on Twitter: @_dotpigeon


Etiene Crauss

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Brazilian artist Etiene Crauss is defining what it means to be a Gen Z creator. At only 21, his NFT artwork has sold for a total of almost $500,000, and been exhibited at The Decentral Art Pavilion at Venice Art Biennale in 2022. Etiene’s style is fluid, but notably characterized by bold color, and expressionist and surrealist influences. A firm believer in the potential of blockchain technologies to democratize art, he says NFTs are essential to the move away from traditional fine art in that they give a new, louder voice to digital artists and allow for the growth of communities around them. Follow Etiene Crauss on Twitter: @etienecrauss



New York-based artist Gelo draws directly from his 20 years of experience in architecture, with his artwork reinterpreting architectural forms of art in different times and spaces. Gelo’s recent architectural collections have built off one another: his “Solitary” series, which always contains three skyscrapers, has a similar style, but different perspective to another series —“Floating World.” In this, he attempts to bring forgotten memories back to an iconic style by reorienting time and space in various shades of materials within a frame. Follow Gelo on Twitter: @gelo_arch

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Jesperish is a Dutch mixed-media artist whose works stem from a deep passion for culture and architecture. Very much self-trained via online courses, he has spent the last decade experimenting with digital software to find new ways to build and express his artistic talents. Jesperish’s art has found homes in games, films, books, and other multimedia, even gracing high-profile organizations such as Marvel, JerseyJackPinball, and more. Follow Jesperish on Twitter: @Jesperish

Maria Fynsk Norup

As an award-winning Danish fine art photographer, Maria primarily uses self-portraits to tell her story, which revolves around femininity and the interconnection of human nature. Her pieces are grounded in emotions and dreams, oftentimes exuding dark undertones, while at the same time incorporating touches of the natural world, inspired by her training as a classical botanist. Her digital work was recently exhibited at NFT Paris and will also be displayed in the NFT.NYC 2023 artist village. Follow Maria Fynsk Norup on Twitter: @mariafynsknorup

Mariah Veštica (meaning "witch" in her native Serbian) is a multidisciplinary artist, creative coder, and is currently enrolled in a Ph.D. of Arts, based in Milan. Her style is characterized as digital and traditional avant-garde, with touches of surrealism and postexpressionism. Satirically poking fun at the world around her, Mariah’s works explore a broad spectrum of social phenomena to reveal their political, psychological, and subversive contexts through imaginative narratives and a combination of new and traditional media. Mariah boasts 15 years of artistic practice and experience, three solo and over 20 group exhibitions. Follow Mariah on Twitter: @0xVestica

this work
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Other World

Other World is an LA-based psychedelic and surreal digital artist whose work consists of collages and illustrations mixed together. Reimagining older paintings to create new art with completely different storylines, his artwork primarily focuses on dark themes explored through bright colors. Prevalent in many of his pieces are his instantly recognizable hooded characters, called ‘fiends’. Many of Other World’s pieces look familiar from the traditional art space but, upon closer inspection, show an entirely unfamiliar setting with eyecatching colors and disturbing scenes. Follow Other World on Twitter: @otherworld_xx

coming soon


Known for his 3D warped scenes and claustrophobic perspectives, Thailandbased NFT artist Ozbren twists and wrings the familiar to offer viewers a fresh and unlikely take on the world. Completely self-taught, he worked as a teacher in the UK before going fulltime into art. He admits not having the patience for traditional mediums of painting and drawing, rather using software to create his artworks. Ozbren has followed the NFT space since Beeple was making headlines, as he now looks to make his own headlines in the industry. Follow Ozbren on Twitter: @ozbren_xyz

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Pho, who also goes as Photon Tide, is a mixed-media artist known for his psychedelic and experimental art style. Inspired by dreams, Pho uses out-ofbody experiences to explore the limits of human consciousness in his artwork. Art allows Pho to explore human consciousness and emotions, but it is also a chance to strike a chord in viewers that allows them to embrace, and not fear, what's inside them. Having been exhibited at prominent blockchain-adjacent events like NFT.NYC and Art Basel Miami, Pho has been growing rapidly to find a wide audience in Web3. Follow Pho on Twitter: @photonisdead

Pınar, also known as P1A or PIA, is a talented artist born in İzmir, Turkey, in 1997. Currently residing in Istanbul, Pia has dedicated her life to pursuing her passion for art. Her journey started at the young age of 15 when she attended fine arts high school. After graduation, she continued her education at the oldest art academy in Turkey, specializing in stage, costume design, and puppetry. Today, P1A continues to pursue her passion as an independent artist in both the traditional and crypto art spaces. She hopes to expand her reach internationally and continue to refine her understanding and conceptual approach to art. With her impressive skills and unyielding passion. Follow P1A on Twitter: @P1AbyPIA

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Provider K.A

A self-taught creative distinguished by his use of space and lively airbrush style, Toronto-based artist Provider K.A. perceives himself as “a dream architect” and seeks to create an assortment of connected universes. His works can be construed as organized chaos, with every piece materializing as a segment of a transcendental simulation. Drawing inspiration from music and film, translated through his individual perception of sound and visuals, K.A. takes the viewer to another dimension, characterized by his blend of psychedelic intermixtures. Follow Provider  K.A. on Twitter: @providerka

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Even the briefest look over RedruM’s art will show you where his inspiration comes from. The artist has a passion for all things red and teams up this bold color with an exploration of the fine line between dreams and nightmares. RedruM combines the fantastical and surreal to imagine paradoxical dystopian worlds, often filled with dark characters. Surrealist in some senses and familiar but frightening in others, RedruM’s work is designed to capture attention and draw people in. Follow RedruM on Twitter: @RedruMxNFT

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RΞY is a Mexican-Dutch painter and animator who has accumulated an impressive portfolio of varied work in the last 12 years. He has created more than 500 pieces, and been showcased at 38 solo and 68 group exhibitions. His exuberant and detailed works are instantly recognizable across the NFT space, cementing his popularity on several marketplaces. RΞY stumbled into the NFT space in February 2021 as sales and exhibitions dwindled during the Covid-19 pandemic, and has since become one of its most vibrant creators. Follow RΞY on Twitter:


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Rik Oostenbroek is a self-taught digital artist from the Netherlands whose career spans nearly 20 years and projects for clients including Mercedes-Benz, Apple, HP, and Nike. Known for his eponymous “Rik style” of bold colors, dynamic forms and unique abstract shapes, he rose to prominence in the NFT space in late 2021 with his Arcus drop. He further cemented his leading position with the 2022 project “Self”, which encouraged fellow artists to remix his original work. Considered among the most influential NFT collections, “Self” set a new, Web3-native and community-driven creative process emulated to this day. Follow Rik Oostenbroek on Twitter: @RikOostenbroek

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Soulo, also known as Soulosaint, is a Punjabi artist based in Southern California. His boldly psychedelic and notably dreamlike work is a depiction of his mind and exploration of its inner workings that follows his journey through light and dark spells alike. Soulo turned to art as a teen, as a means to deal with personal tragedy and explore the emotions and struggles of daily life. His early inspirations were surrealist and Japanese screenprinters, still clearly felt in his retro color palettes and clouded fantastical compositions. Soulo describes his work as “a higher dimension of existence where love rules and all can heal.” Follow Soulo on Twitter: @soulosaint

coming soon

Terrell Jones

Born in Ann Arbour, Michigan, Terrell Jones is not far removed from Chicago and its notorious Gangsta past, which clearly influences his work. Jones’ distinctive style captures the imagination and nostalgia of the early 20th century, with his pieces narrating contemporary stories. Jones has seen great success, with multiple pieces going through Sotheby's. He singles out American visual artist George Condo as his No. 1 influence, admitting his early work “was pretty much Condo-like copies.” Follow Terrell Jones on Twitter: @terrelldom

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TJO is a young, up-and-coming artist whose work has become a journey of self-discovery following drug abuse, leading to a deterioration of his mental health. The young Quebecer says he started TJO as a “study of my OCD and a voice for the fractured.” His works are focused on inner dialogues and use human archetypes represented as red figures in his signature BLeU environment. TJO channels his own distress in his works, creating conversation pieces in which mental health is a recurring theme. The boom of NFTs helped elevate TJO's work, and he admits that once he grasped the impact of his art on people around him, the space became easier to navigate. Follow TJO on Twitter: @0xtjo

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The First Babylonian: Paruyr Shahbazyan

NFT Collector, Enthusiast & Believer Finding Ikigai with Babylon

Paruyr Shahbazyan, a.k.a. P_Azuro, is a successful entrepreneur and art collector who has made a name for himself in the emerging world of NFTs. His passion for art and desire to see it thrive in the digital age has led him to become a key player in this new and exciting medium.

Shahbazyan's interest in NFTs began as a collector. In just over a year, he has become one of the largest and most followed independent NFT collectors, with his collection estimated at around 4,000 ETH, and featuring rare and valuable pieces such as a 3D Glass Hoodie Punk, a Spiral Fidenza, and a Red Ringer.

Not content to simply collect NFTs, Shahbazyan founded Babylon in January 2023. Babylon is a Web3 gallery specializing in primary sales of NFT editions, and run by a consortium of over 30 artists and collectors. Its mission is to make art accessible to all, amplifying the inherently democratic medium that editions are through a powerful platform and diverse mechanics.

Shahbazyan's love of art and his talent for spotting emerging trends have been instrumental in Babylon's success. But Babylon has also offered Shahbazyan a passion that gives value and joy to his life — it is his Ikigai.

He has used his expertise to build Babylon as a platform that is ahead of the curve, and he remains committed to opening the world of art to emerging and talented artists at any stage in their careers.

Despite his entrepreneurial successes, Shahbazyan remains grounded in his love for art itself. He draws on his background in business to bring a new and dynamic spin to the NFT world and is committed to furthering this industry and cementing its place in a digitalfirst world through Babylon.

Part of his personal collection of physical works by some of the NFT world’s biggest names are at Babylon x NYC,  tangibly displaying the passion that stands behind Babylon

@P_Azuro @0xBabylon

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